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File: 1568202051440.png (100.7 KB, 1024x1024, 1550338188217.png)

05a79 No.242291

As a American, 9/11 is treated like how the Jews treat the holocaust, Why is that? Pic kind of related.

f31e0 No.242293

Well, jews are involved in creating both so …

e7906 No.242294

Because it was the only time you guys were actually attacked unprovoked on a wide scale

78802 No.242299

US national identity is centered around two major events: 1. “We beat those evil nazis” and 2. “They did 9/11 because they hate us for our freedoms”.
As >>242293 said, they’re both Jewish lies. Unfortunately, it is far more preferable to believe the lies than to learn the truth, and both events have become an authoritarian construct, where the simplest among us can hurrr at and ‘be right about’ without any time/mental expenditure.

ae99a No.242300

I'd say "unprovoked" is debatable, given the US's long history of interference in the Middle East leading up to the attacks. Of course, the average person didn't really think about that at the time, so in their mind it would make sense to consider it "unprovoked."

f42a1 No.242301

Tragedy is easily exploitable to control large groups of people, most of the time the tragedy itself is enough to cloud their judgement and stop them from asking real questions when emotions are in play

49328 No.242324

What did we ever do to Israel?

f31e0 No.242326

You weren't obedient enough when they needed someone to fight in their stead in the middle-east.
That was very mean, goyim.

b2e7c No.242332

Was big and splashy so that's pretty much all there is to imprint it into the memory plus most americans only really care about america.

a7660 No.242336

>Why is that?
To find out go back to the origins.
Who told you what happened?
Who told how to feel?
Who told you who did it?
Who told how to unleash retribution?
Yup, most people (NPCs) awaits instructions from their televisor. Think about that.

fbe1b No.242342

Unfortunately simply to suggest an alternative to the official narrative of 9/11 is to reveal one's power level, so we must be quiet for now.

a7660 No.242343

File: 1568258530001.mp4 (15.76 MB, 854x480, 911 (((Cohencidences))).mp4)

911 (((Cohencidences))).

a7660 No.242353

File: 1568263557219.mp4 (8.16 MB, 854x480, They Can Dance.mp4)

The dancing Israelis.

ef84b No.242366

Tell me about the Israelis,why do they dance?

21b85 No.242369


85661 No.242391

File: 1568302974168.jpg (31.52 KB, 640x400, NEOCON.jpg)

9/11 was done by the Muzzies so we must fight back and never forget!
We must bomb Iran because they're getting nukes!
We must maintain the safety of America by supporting our greatest allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia!
G-d save the chosen people!

a7660 No.242480

File: 1568339323033.png (456.74 KB, 767x2858, 48404480048.png)

>Some of the Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11
>The “Dancing Israelis” who turned out to be Israeli Mossad agents caught filming and celebrating the destruction of the twin towers. Arrested by police and released without investigation, they were not mentioned in the 911 Commission Report. Later on Israeli TV they said they were sent to New York to film the destruction of the twin towers. Allegedly, there was no advance warning of the event, but obviously the Israelis knew.
>The alleged fundamentalist orthodox fanatical Muslims who were prepared to die to be martyrs, but who drank, drugged, and lived with strippers and prostitutes in Florida. They were the patsies paraded through flight schools and left a highly visible public record. They all flunked out and could not even fly small planes, but performed miraculous flight feats in their attacks on the WTC towers and Pentagon that military and civilian airline pilots say are beyond their own skills. These Saudi Arabians were being operated by US or Israeli intelligence to create a record to serve as a parallel patsy operation that could be used to cover up the false flag attack.
>Numerous video cameras recorded whatever exploded at the Pentagon, but the FBI has refused to release them for 18 years. Clearly, the videos do not support the official story.

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