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File: 1565444682984.jpg (32.57 KB, 960x540, 960x0.jpg)

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>Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced billionaire, was found dead in his cell in prison in New York, ABC News reported.

>Epstein, 66, had been charged with sex trafficking underage girls.

>The New York Times reported that Epstein hung himself.

>Epstein was being held at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

>At 7.30am a gurney carrying a man who looked like Epstein was wheeled out of the jail, the New York Post reported.

>Epstein had faced a trial on the sex trafficking charges next year, with a possible 45-year prison sentence if convicted.

>Yesterday, after months of legal wrangling, a Manhattan court had released 1,200 pages of documents detailing lurid claims of the alleged abuse carried out by Jeffrey Epstein on teenage girls.

>The files related to the separate civil case of Giuffre v Maxwell, in which Virginia Giuffre, claimed to have been the US ­businessman’s teenage “sex slave”.

>Last month Epstein had been found unconscious in his cell in what appeared to have been a suicide attempt.
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9b3bf No.238981

File: 1566220080010.png (1.95 MB, 2036x3604, Fetish for Ohio.png)

I hate to destroy your fantasy, but Q was outed as some idiot from Ohio well over a year ago.

440f9 No.238983

Q might be a larp, but he is at least a fun larp so I don't mind. Great green.

a83bd No.238985

That's something just about everyone can agree on. The basic fact that an idiot literally shitposting nonsense has the media and several governments running scared is downright hilarious.

24aa4 No.238987

This is where I'm at. I don't follow Q and I don't buy into the plan, but I'm totally down with how bad they're fucking with the media and liberals. We can all pretty much agree that one or both of the recent shooters were false-flag, MKUltra, or some other sheisty shit, and for them to try and flag the Qanon people only tells me that whether true or false (or both), more than one 'someone' out there is scared of them.

65fe7 No.239031

I was 50/50 on Q last time I bothered keeping up with him, but I find it more than a little suspicious that the left hates him and everyone who believes him with such a burning passion. If it were only a larp, surely they wouldn't bother complaining about it so much?

65fe7 No.239033

Whoops, didn't meant to sage.

f3129 No.239037

the left is stupid and ignorant so it wouldn't be surprising if it is all just a larp that the left gets angry over because of how quick they are to be believe something

b4e88 No.239042

>Modeling agency provided Jeffrey Epstein with over 1000 underage girls - report

>Millionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly provided with underage girls ages 12 and up through a French modeling agency, new reports reveal.

>One of Epstein's partners, Jean-Luc Bruno, was suspected of providing the pedophile with minors for the purpose of sexually assaulting them. Bruno opened an international modeling agency by the name of MC2 through which he managed to collect approximately 1000 teenage girls for Epstein.

According to testimony's by some of Bruno's previous employees, he would obtain visas for the girls into the United States and would even join some of Epstein's journeys around the world.

>The Jewish millionaire was arrested in July in an airport in New Jersey after leaving Paris where he stayed for three weeks. Epstein stayed in Paris 11 times throughout the last year before his arrest, reports claim.


Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory?

402e6 No.239045

Thank god we have at least some kind of lead in this case despite (((invested parties))) shutting Epstein up.

b4e88 No.239053

Jeffrey Epstein signed will just two days before suicide

By Priscilla DeGregory and Kate Sheehy
August 19, 2019 | 3:40pm | Updated

Jeffrey Epstein’s will has been filed in the US Virgin Islands, and it shows that he signed it Aug. 8 — two days before he hanged himself in his Manhattan jail cell, according to court papers exclusively obtained by The Post on Monday.
The multimillionaire convicted pedophile was worth $577,672,654, or about $18 million more than he previously stated in court papers when futilely trying to land bail on federal sex-trafficking charges, the new documents show.
The former hedge-fund manager put all of his holdings in a trust, called The 1953 Trust in court papers, after the year he was born.
The 21-page filing includes a copy of Epstein’s death certificate from Aug. 15, five days after his suicide — and lists “Immediate Cause: Pending Further Study.” The city Medical Examiner’s Office has since ruled that he killed himself.
The 66-year-old bachelor’s will was filed with court officials in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein owned two islands worth a total of more than $86 million.

There are no details on the trust’s beneficiaries. The court papers note that Epstein’s only potential heir was his brother, Mark Epstein. But the will adds that Mark only had a claim to his brother’s extensive holdings if Jeffrey hadn’t left behind the document.

I wont be surprised if he did commit suicide. He did lose every single thing in his life. I have read that ex-"suicide watch" people get put in a cell with another probably to watch them. This results in there being bunk beds.

37bdd No.239055

>If it were only a larp, surely they wouldn't bother complaining about it so much?
Anon, they treat a bunch of gamers telling baizuo to piss off like it's a second Holocaust: https://web.archive.org/web/20190815230123/https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/15/opinion/gamergate-zoe-quinn.html
>New York Times: Everything is Gamergate

21046 No.239056

File: 1566265834104.jpg (291.62 KB, 1216x937, 1234567890.jpg)

>Everything is Gamergate
I just wanted to Play Video games.

402e6 No.239062

>"it was a manic, all-caps rant made to go viral"
>curious about whether I recalled it right, skim over two thirds of the thing
>one single all-caps statement, and it's an edit decrying harassment

>"old nude photos from a past relationship"

>She literally published her own nudes to an artsy porn studio, and then complained that people connected the dots

I fucking hate Zoe Quinn and Literally Who. The most obnoxious, pernicious little boils on the face of journalism, whose public platform via news outlets is only further proof of her pussy-pass

21046 No.239070

File: 1566273276106.png (579.21 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_.png)

>Small Skulls & Bones Found Around Epstein Island [Oh Boy]

Beware, the video creator is a believer on Trump as the "savior" and perhaps also the Qanon psyop.

b4e88 No.239072

21046 No.239074

That is what I thought, the creator pulled that crap from his ass as bait for clicks.

402e6 No.239079

>American oligarchs

b4e88 No.239086

>Next Top Model scout Jean-Luc Brunel flew poor 12-year-old triplets in from France as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse, unsealed documents claim
>High-profile Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre described the sadistic birthday present in unsealed court documents from a 2015 lawsuit
>She said the millionaire bragged about paying to have the 12-year-old girls, believed to be sisters, flown in from France for one day
>The gift allegedly came from Epstein's longtime friend Jean-Luc Brunel
>Epstein invested $1million to help launch Brunel's Miami-based modeling firm MC2, in return for a 'supply of girls on tap', the suit claims
>Brunel allegedly supplied illegitimate visas for underage girls from foreign countries and Epstein housed them at his brother's apartment in Manhattan
>The model scout, 72, has denied all involvement in Epstein's alleged crimes


440f9 No.239087

>Epstein housed them at his brother's apartment in Manhattan
We probably don't have to wait long until we get reports that Epstein's brother died in planecrash or accidentally committed suicide.

I hope we get to see the whole will and who the benefactor, benefactors, of the will was.

b4e88 No.239088

File: 1566278776186.jpg (91.37 KB, 665x1040, Donald Barr - Space Relati….jpg)

Some weirdness.


Donald Barr’s son, US Attorney General William Barr is currently investigating the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

In 1973, Donald Barr, hired a young 20 year old college dropout named Jeffrey E. Epstein to teach math at the Dalton School. Epstein taught at the school between 1974 and 1976.*

Donald Barr also wrote this sci-fi novel, Space Relations, about sex slavery in space.

Epstein went on to build a career in finance and became a multimillionaire. He served time in 2008 as a sex offender for having molested 36 girls, some as young as 14.

In July 2019, Epstein was arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. Epstein committed suicide while being held in US Federal custody on August 10, 2019.

US Attorney General William Barr was appointed by the Trump administration in February 2019.

From the back cover: "ON A DISTANT PLANET IN THE DISTANT FUTURE. When all the galaxies are colonized, John Craig, a young space diplomat, is captured by interplanetary pirates and sold into slavery. On Kossar, where boredom and absolute power have driven the rulers to a special kind of madness, Craig is auctioned off to the exquisite Lady Morgan Sidney, a beautiful, sensual woman. He soon makes his way from the hellish slave mines into her bed in the tower of her castle. And it is here, under the strange castle, that he finds the secret that may bring about the end of man in the galaxy. SPACE RELATIONS—A bizzare, fascinating tale of a Feudal Age of the Future"

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Epstein#Teaching

b4e88 No.239089

>How Prince Andrew shared a room at Epstein's Caribbean hideaway with a busty blonde who claimed she was a brain surgeon (2011)

>But 24 hours after his arrest in July 2006, a visibly pale and shell-shocked Epstein stood in his designer kitchen complaining to the South African couple who had run his island paradise since 1999 that he was a victim of entrapment.

>Speaking at their home in South Africa, where they live in semi-retirement, the Alexanders reveal they had watched with increasing concern the beautiful girls who paraded about the house topless or naked whenever their boss was in residence – until Cathy became so disturbed that she insisted they part company with Epstein in 2007, a year before he was sentenced to 18 months in jail for solicitation of prostitution.


b4e88 No.239090

>Lord Justice Fulford was named last year as an adviser to the Queen
>He was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange
>Police suspect the group of abusing children on an 'industrial scale'
>He is revealed as a founder member of campaign to defend PIE
>At the time it was calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four


Why is this being pushed so much? Is it to actually normalise it via continuous shock?

bdc22 No.239091

File: 1566280209986.gif (579.54 KB, 1054x1080, twi thinking.gif)

Do you see the pattern?
Some Jews jewing other Jews, interesting.
I wonder if the rift between the Soros' faction and the Israel's, has something to do with these fireworks.

b4e88 No.239094

How is Soros related to any of them? Citation?

b4e88 No.239097

File: 1566280683630.png (324.95 KB, 830x644, ule0yyrhxhh31.png)

b9174 No.239098

And who feeds info to an UK newspaper better than the judenpresse in America?
I think the answer is to look at who Soros was and is backing; because all the important people named are pawns in a big game, being Soros just a visible face financing and giving instructions at both sides of the Atlantic.

b4e88 No.239100

Zorro Ranch Drone footage

440f9 No.239105

I wonder if once again the drone guy was there before the FBI bothered to take a look.

70cb5 No.239106

>How is Soros related to any of them?
It looks like Epstein was running a blackmail operation to entrap important leaders and alike, so, who was his boss? Was he working for more than one boss and one of them found out? Did one of his bosses try to blackmail the wrong guy, at the wrong time, and the order to arrest Epstein was issued?
This is not a pimp with some little whores running a high level brothel, but an operation to control world leaders. Here, laws are are just a detail to show to the plebs and nothing more.

b4e88 No.239108

I have a theory. The Brits are covering up there own pedos by endlessly pushing the USA pedo.

f2d9f No.239109

>The Brits
The Queen is all about globalism and the genocide of her people, on the other side is the Trump's faction trying to derail that plan (but not White Genocide) and to retain some control over the world economy.

b4e88 No.239111

File: 1566284169696.png (67.57 KB, 1306x1472, Screen-Shot-2019-08-01-at-….png)

White "genocide" is being done by the Pill. What should Trump be doing about the Pill?


21046 No.239113

You are confusing low birth rates with physical replacement and ethnic cleansing.

b4e88 No.239114

File: 1566284583838.jpg (61.01 KB, 564x423, 2.jpg)

Not really. Reserve Banking and interest require continuous economic growth, that requires continuous growth of the population. Whites WANT to be below replacement rate (fun>work>babies). Solution import people to fill in for the missing white babies.

Whites want to be replaced.

21046 No.239119

>continuous economic growth
For the oligarchs' gain. You are confusing people' sovereignty with overlords' desires. If the population shrinks, the obvious outcome will be economical contraction, no question about that. And this is the key factor, Whites didn't agree to give up their land to foreigners.
>Whites want to be replaced.
An untruthful statement. So false that millions of corpses will cover European lands in the next decades.

48ae4 No.239120

File: 1566285945527.jpg (748.62 KB, 1500x1419, europe.jpg)

>Whites want to be replaced.
There is a bigger game at play here.

b4e88 No.239121

>For the oligarchs' gain. You are confusing people' sovereignty with overlords' desires.
And while that is unchanged it is de facto agreed to.

>If the population shrinks, the obvious outcome will be economical contraction, no question about that. And this is the key factor, Whites didn't agree to give up their land to foreigners.

A better description is abdicated.

>>Whites want to be replaced.

>An untruthful statement.
Actions say otherwise.

>So false that millions of dead bodies will cover European lands in the next decades.

Of all colours if any.

21046 No.239122

>Of all colours if any.
In White lands, only European blood matters.

b4e88 No.239123

Citation needed. But anyway, the reason why is unimportant. If whites agree to go along with it, they agree with it, de facto or not.

b4e88 No.239124

When whites start having babies above replacement numbers, only then, will I agree that whites, en mass, care. Otherwise maths makes them a dwindling group. Maths doesn't care what your feelings are.

21046 No.239127

File: 1566288547401.mp4 (8.07 MB, 480x360, Nicolas Sarkozy - The Chal….mp4)

>Citation needed.
Here one of many: Nicolas Sarkozy, a jew - The Challenge of the 21st Century. Racial-Interbreeding - (2008.12.17)
And also innumerable quotes from oligarchs, kikes, and golems. I believe you are not a normalfag and you are well aware of it.

b4e88 No.239234

Epstein's Former Cellmate Begs Judge For Transfer To Another Jail
Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:05

Jeffrey Epstein's former cellmate has asked a New York judge to move him to a new prison after he says prison guards have been threatening him in the wake of the registered sex offender's death, according to the New York Post.

>Hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione — who briefly bunked with Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Center — has been told by various guards there to “shut up,” “stop talking” and “stop complaining,” as questions swirled about how the accused sex trafficker was able to commit suicide in federal custody, Tartaglione attorney Bruce Barket says in a letter to White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas.

>Tartaglione was sharing a cell with Epstein during what’s believed to have been the 66-year-old’s first suicide attempt, on July 23. The two were separated before Epstein hanged himself on Aug. 10.
-New York Post

Epstein told his lawyers that Tartaglione had "roughed him up" according to a previous report by the Post. The ex-cop's lawyer, Bruce Barket said in response "I do know that Nick was not brought up on any charges at all in the institution, so they cleared him."

In his request for transfer, the 51-year-old Tartaglione said he was told there would be a "price to pay" if he talks about Epstein's death.
"The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay," reads the letter from Barket.

"Whether or not the investigators into the suicide chose to interview Mr. Tartaglione about the attempted suicide to which he was witness or about how the facility is run and the conditions under which the inmates are forced to live, the correction officers know he has information potentially very damaging to the very people now charged with guarding him or their coworkers."
Barket also decried the "deplorable" conditions at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), including "a serious rodent and insect infestation."

Tartaglione faces the death penalty for his alleged involvement in four drug-related murders. Feds claim the ex-cop and an accomplice lured Martin Luna to a Chester, NY lounge to find stolen cocaine money and instead ended up killing Luna and three other men he had brought for protection.

Looks like the prison is in CYA mode. Less chance any facts will be given out.

b4e88 No.239236

I'm of the opinion that conspirators ride the wave rather than make the wave. No conspiracy forced women to pay for the Pill, in fact women wanted freedom from unwanted pregnancies and the health and economic risks (back in the 20s). Later conspirators see an opportunity from those circumstances. Wave first, exploitation second.

Put another way, the surfer at the beach did not make the wave.

114a4 No.239242

Well now you're suggesting that there's an underlying problem in NYC correctional facilities, which I must say is dowright preposterous. Isn't DeBlazio mayor of NY? He dindu nuffin.

b4e88 No.239244

File: 1566342440472.jpg (96.16 KB, 400x400, 4.jpg)

Video about the history of sexually blackmailing politicians.

402e6 No.239247

>the Franklin cover-up story
JESUS. I'm drinkin' here. I don't need to get acid reflux from this level of degeneracy.

d3115 No.239269

File: 1566351149682.webm (22.24 MB, 1280x720, The Last Sheep.webm)

>But anyway, the reason why is unimportant.
Greater Israel rings a bell?
Video attached.

>muh evil women
Women are just women, they cannot escape their nature. But your logic is based in a fallacy, you are ignoring the in plain sight White land's invasion, while masquerading it with women's unwillingness to bear children.

d3115 No.239272

File: 1566352537186.png (419.25 KB, 1366x768, s.png)

It is like the pieces begin to fall into place.

b4e88 No.239274

Cause comes before effect. There is no Western incentive for immigration if the population is growing sufficiently to keep the economic central banking ponzi going.

If the population number will fall then the central banking ponzi will go pro immigration. Other conspirators then pile on.

The European "invasion" started when Syria was being fucked over by the West and then Russia said screw this shit and fought back in Syria. That spiralled out into everyone becoming a "refugee". Blow back is a bitch. Europe actually deserves the blow back for continually fucking over the Middle East. Europe should be pissed at the USA. "Thank you for your service."

It's just global thugs all around, including the West. No group is innocent.

b4e88 No.239294

File: 1566367764497.jpeg (76.34 KB, 768x959, 463657415eeb133f0893e7a12….jpeg)

>A former [Australian] prime minister's [Paul Keating] daughter was just the sort of social credentials Katherine Keating needed to gain entry to the inner sanctum of one of New York's richest and most controversial men.

>But 24 hours after the globe-trotting 37-year-old was dragged into the scandal surrounding the now-deceased billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Keating's friends in Sydney were not overly surprised by her indirect association with such a controversial figure.

>Keating moved to the United States in 2010, relocating there with her sister Alexandra when she began dating US hotelier and playboy Andre Balazs, owner of the New York's Standard hotel* and Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont.


>Mystery brunette who Prince Andrew waved goodbye to from Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile lair is the philanthropist daughter of former Australian prime minister Paul Keating


* Standard Hotel: https://qmap.pub/read/657

The elites don't have to follow the rules of law or decency. Just one big, do anything you want, party.^ Why have power if you can't exploit it to do whatever your feelings want?

^ May include blackmail.

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