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File: 1564288514388.png (23.78 KB, 602x828, pomfpuff.png)

46379 No.232884

what is everyone here doing to preserve the white race? have you engaged an aryan yet? plans to make white babies?

f9c20 No.232890

File: 1564291190147.jpg (31.39 KB, 683x403, lebensborn-s-okraji.jpg)

A race cannot survive mixed with others.
Cleaning the homeland is a requirement for a healthy and prosperous future.
To catch up with millions of babies killed by their own mothers and overcome their corruption, I am afraid that baby farms are the most viable solution for re-population.

b1463 No.232897

How would you build "baby farms" without being in control? And if you are in control, why would you create them rather than simply separate out non-whites? There is not yet an urgent need for "re-population."

That's not to mention moral considerations. Lebensborn is one of the few programs of the national socialists that I can say I totally disagree with.

Low-quality thread. Asking people "Whatcha doing?" with just one line belongs better on /üb/.

6245a No.232899

The Spanish wikipedia article seems to be ok about Lebensborn.
>Belongs better on /üb/.


f9c20 No.232902

File: 1564295743774.mp4 (34.62 MB, 1280x720, White Women on a Black Pil….mp4)

>why would you create them rather than simply separate out non-whites? There is not yet an urgent need for "re-population."
Mainly because the wombs available are limited and they must increase output to not less than 7 babies for the future defense of the Ethno-State.

19d66 No.232904

Your sperm belongs to 2D ponies.

f9c20 No.232905

Not anymore, this is real life.
The time for romantic bullshit is over; now women are volk's resources.

57739 No.232906

can I be one of the guys who dies heroically in the war instead? I'm pretty sure that would suit me better.

19d66 No.232909

File: 1564300222197.jpg (208.87 KB, 1024x1365, 1.jpg)

57739 No.232911

>that belly button
I'm interested, and so is my dick

f9c20 No.232913

File: 1564301455732.jpg (369.93 KB, 2048x1536, 54166327951454.jpg)

>Heilig soll uns sein jede Mutter guten Blutes
"Holy to us every mother of good blood".

a8d50 No.232930

>That's not to mention moral considerations.
We are way beyond morality, it is about survival. And the only roadblock that I see is the (((System)).

b1463 No.232936

>Future Defense
America is unassailable except from the North and the South. We're not surrounded by enemies unlike what the Neocons believe.

I'd agree with you except that Lebensborn necessarily entails overthrowing the System as a prerequisite. At that point our triumphant culture would celebrate our race to the point that Lebensborn is completely unnecessary.

Also, "baby farms" are immoral partly because it's a terrible setting for childrearing. The traditional family is the single best way to raise children. Robbing them of a father that they can know and raising them through the State will permanently damage them, as will natural discrimination from those in better surroundings. It's simply a more refined and less dysgenic version of "welfare queens."

2c9b4 No.232937

File: 1564324986947.png (311.32 KB, 3267x2532, popest2016_nonmetronhwloss….png)

Move to one of the green areas here. It may increase your chances of finding an uncucked aryan soulmate.

75203 No.233006

pick one
The Purpose of a Man:
Men going evil's way:
Victory is showing up for the future:

6235b No.233013

>We're not surrounded by enemies unlike what the Neocons believe
Do you realize that around 40% of America is non White?
What do you think it would happen after the separation? Right now every non White resent us and many hate us, if we leave they won't leave us alone, on the contrary, they will come after us with still more spite and frustration.

f9c20 No.233039

>The traditional family is the single best way to raise children.
I agree with this.
>Also, "baby farms" are immoral partly because it's a terrible setting for childrearing.
I believe you don't have the full understanding of Lebensborn. Under that program babies were meant to be adopted by selected SS families to be raised as anyone else.
The problem now and then is that civilized and cosmopolitan women refuse to fulfill their natural function, and many settle just for 1 child. To keep the population stable, meaning the same numbers, every woman has to give birth to 2.1 children, and for to duplicate it in one generation, the number has to be 4.2. The number 2.1 is based in the fundamental fact that every woman has to replace herself and her man after their death.
And going back to the baby farm subject. It is unrealistic to rely in women's freedom and hollow sense of duty, so a program to save the race needs to be in place to reach the targeted baby output, by any means.
I hope you realize by now that it makes no sense to talk about morality and child-rearing if that entails the miserable numbers produced by modern cunts and our imminent extinction.

238a5 No.233058

File: 1564363958927.jpeg (14.32 KB, 338x254, HaveSex2.jpeg)

>come after us
And utterly fail. Well-organized whites can take on far greater numbers of non-white (and non-Asian) troops and win. Even border patrols and militias would be sufficient protection.
Also, being forced in proximity is what generates resentment. Separate ethnostates lack the excuse of "muh oppression."

>meant to be adopted by selected SS families
The logic was that because millions of soldiers in WW1 had been killed, a pure (traditional) monogamous generation would lead to declining demographics. Therefore they believed an ambitious breeding program was needed. To some extent I can see where they were coming from; Russia has over 10 million fewer people now due to losses in WW2.

The problem is that there's no such gender disparity in the U.S., nor even in most European countries. Therefore, rather than have artificial "baby farms" we need to get people to marry and have kids. What makes this unappealing to statists is that the government cannot do this. We need to have a cultural (and probably religious) transformation that occurs organically. It's not at all easy to accomplish simply because anti-family propaganda has been ramping up for five generations, and it may take as many to fix it. However, ending social security, taxation, and the national debt alone would go a long way.

>full understanding

It's rarely talked about (seems that even committed NatSocs get embarrassed about it) except by the Jew media. Do you have a reasonably unbiased overview of the entire program? Also, I have never seen debunkings of (((portrayals))) of Lebensborn. Can you start with this? https://archive.fo/IuiXW

f9c20 No.233061

>Separate ethnostates lack the excuse of "muh oppression."
Remember Rhodesia.

a3c74 No.233062

>Also, I have never seen debunkings of (((portrayals))) of Lebensborn. Can you start with this? https://archive.fo/IuiXW
I read it. Can you tell me what is wrong about it? Because it looks to me like the buzzword "racism" but very few can tell why racism would be wrong.

f9c20 No.233063

>seems that even committed NatSocs get embarrassed about it
Not at all. It is to be emulated.

238a5 No.233068

File: 1564368645619.png (122.57 KB, 631x564, ReallyDisappointedTwilight….png)

So you admit to and don't care about the fact that the program promoted illegitimacy and loosened rules on divorce, and eventually kidnapped white European children? Said children had worse lives as a result and this only perpetuated part of the sexual libertinism Jews had encouraged. Also, it had zero benefit to Germany during the War because even the oldest children were too young to fight, and instead became another example with which to vilify the nation.


This is why people hate Nazis. Because you refuse to offer any counter-narrative, I must take the consensus at face value. And because you cannot acknowledge it as a "mistake," instead saying it should be "emulated" according to a twisted morality, I must reject it wholeheartedly.

325f0 No.233070

File: 1564369087104-0.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080, Dororo - 01 - Large 12.jpg)

File: 1564369087104-1.jpg (58.89 KB, 1366x768, 30-2.jpg)

>Therefore, rather than have artificial "baby farms" we need to get people to marry and have kids.
C'mon fren. Have you looked outside?
The degeneracy is prevalent and the maternal instinct in women is almost gone. I doubt that the marriage institution can last for long. Women already have the highest agency ever conceded to them and they blew it, now the consequences are coming to bite them in the ass. Perhaps in the future some men will take care of a few whores, but I think to survive as a race we cannot depend any longer on the women's whims and their unending bullshit and bargaining. A industrial scale solution is the way forward in which women will have no say neither chance to kill the children.

238a5 No.233072

Bring back masculine virtues and emphasize the dominant role of the man in the household (in particular custody rights), and make childbearing popular again.
"Industrial scale solutions" are flailing solutions by modernity to problems it created. I can guarantee "Lebensborn" caused dysgenic effects, as even if the progeny was high-IQ they would have been less likely to reproduce. It was a crime against the white race.

325f0 No.233074

File: 1564371132955-0.jpg (149.1 KB, 1056x777, Selective Breeding in Dogs.jpg)

>I can guarantee "Lebensborn" caused dysgenic effects
Fren, Lebensborn was like to breed dogs, the most desirable specimens were selected. How can that be inferior to the random breeding which indeed tends to miscegenation?
A chihuahua differs from a German shepherd, and both are dogs; the big difference is in the refined genes of every race and its specialization. It is curious how every human can understand and accept that, but recoils in panic when applied in humans. Fear perhaps? What is wrong with improving ourselves? And If we are wrong, how it affects the critics?

e2521 No.233075

The problem isn't the expanded agency that was granted to them, Anon, it's what they were encouraged to do with it. The flaw in your logic is that you think women were somehow omnipresently oppressed and cajoled into the feminine role throughout human history when that isn't true at all, women have always had agency, and they chose the role they've shed in recent years, it's not impossible to encourage them to choose it again and indeed there are many women who do, they're just not as loud about it as the ones who don't. It's not a problem you can solve with brute force, use your brain.

325f0 No.233076

>It's not a problem you can solve with brute force, use your brain.
Point taken.

f9c20 No.233081

>It's not a problem you can solve with brute force
I have to disagree. It isn't possible to induce a modern woman to pop 7 or 8 children just talking and bribing her. To my knowledge is only possible in African countries with illiterate women and no health services available, then we are stuck in the problem without solution at sight if we count on women's free will.

9e02d No.233087

>What makes this unappealing to statists is that the government cannot do this. We need to have a cultural (and probably religious) transformation that occurs organically.

So, the idea is to make the environment appealing to have kids.
There is a few problems in the way.

>Government side. (Very Difficult)

Lower Taxes.
Less free gibs out side.
Having a non corrupt government (really long shot atm, but is technically possible)

>Religious/Spiritual movement.

Getting good parents, and good people together in a community.
Educational resources for being a parent, and what child rearing takes. Sharing useful connections to people, information, or ideas.

People will want a reason why. Provide that in terms of the past (lesson: Fulfilling lives), present (current crisis), and future (highest potential good), and the failure unable to bring about the future (terrible tragedy).

>Large Cultural revolution.

Envy, Conformity (Safety, repercussions), and Fear. Drives normies. (Not all the drivers, and not for everyone, but broad strokes)
If the initial religious/spiritual movement is successful, and has positive publicity (the fastest way is through their basic needs, food, shelter, sex/porn, security, opportunity, community)
Almost any kind of publicity is better than no publicity.

What needs to happen is a viral meme like situation that needed to change the landscape. Also one to maintain the idealized one as well. Also one to show the horrors of the world.

Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this.

What is needed is a complete mythology of the world, a set of stories that show everything.
All the good.
All the bad.
Where a healthy balance is required.

e2521 No.233091

It's only possible in African countries because of all the aid efforts, the fact of the matter is that you're not supposed to have 7-8 children in a family unit. It was only done in the past because the child mortality rate was higher, which medicinal advances fixed. 3-4 is an ideal growth rate, any higher causes the many of the same problems as immigration and lowers the quality of upbringing due to both parents being stretched thin between all 7-8 children, unless you think the state should have a hand in raising children which is a really bad idea right now for obvious reasons. This isn't purely the numbers game you've reduced it to, it's actually a lot more complex than that.

Consider first a small town, population of a few thousand proper, hard working white people consisting of a majority of average family units of husband, wife and two children. This is, on paper, the ideal replacement rate barring death by circumstance and is also a stable replacement rate for a workforce undergoing little to no growth. Throw in a third child for slow and steady growth and/or accounting for factors such as individuals withdrawing from society, because there are always some no matter what you do.

Next, consider the addition of a fourth child to every family unit, the time of the parents begins to be stretched thin between their responsibilities and upbringing quality begins to degrade a little as they cut corners. Society at large can sustain population growth like this by creating new jobs and exploiting new resources. In the extreme long term, it's not too bad and is what we've mostly been doing up to the modern age.

Continuing on with a fifth and maybe sixth child, both parents now must either pay little attention to their children as a whole, ignore some but not others or get assistance from the community to maintain the quality of upbringing. Anyone here who was raised in a large family will know what I'm talking about here. Society will need some pretty rapid and active expansion to sustain a population like this at an acceptable quality of life or sacrifice the quality of life for less strain on increasingly limited resources. There's less to go around for the rapidly expanding population.

Let's try not to think about what would happen in the long term if you had seven to eight children per family unit, let alone if you sustained that rate of growth. Hint hint, those idiots after the war tried this with the baby boomers and look where it landed us not even a century later.

The solution to a problem like this isn't to just make more people and hope for the best, that's worse than kicking the can down the road.

1, Immigration must be slowed, preferably halted altogether, and awareness spread about the unsustainability of this kind of population growth, as it strains limited and ever decreasing resources between greater and greater amounts of people.

2, Ethnic and cultural blocs need to be separated and reconsolidated, and not by force, this was one of Hitler's mistakes, he tried to accomplish this too fast and got his ass handed to him because of it.

3, The quality of upbringing needs to be addressed, 'modern' behaviour needs to be studied and dissected with the cause and effect chains of each and every facet of it taught in excruciating detail to the current and all further generations. Focus must be placed on the importance of the social contract, in which preceeding generations act in the interests, and to the benefit, of successive generations. Deviation from this must be ostracised at all costs as it is the Jew's primary means of undermining us.

4, Economic planning needs to take into account the availability of resources, population growth and other factors, usury needs to be abolished with debt being taken on and paid off purely at a 1:1 rate. A focus must be placed on producing and maintaining a surplus of goods to keep living costs low while avoiding oversaturation of the market. Unfortunately, this isn't compatible with a free market, I don't think.

5, This is the point where we can begin considering careful expansion, try it too quickly and you wind up with an ageing workforce and crumbling infrastructure after a generation or two. A given population's size must be extrapolated and/or incentivised and then plan infrastructure and manufacturing around that number.

This is why you can't just shackle a girl to a bed and use her as a baby factory until her baby factory don't work no more, it causes more damage in the long run than it fixes. Our population problems are somewhat of our own making because like the shortsighted idiots we are, we let the Jews talk us into abandoning the social contract. This is what we must work to fix and work to maintain. Just churning out more people willy nilly is going to create a generation of neglected kids whom are easy for outside forces to manipulate into their way of thinking. The worst part is, this has happened before.

9e02d No.233094

File: 1564378809954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.69 KB, 709x585, 1557201019721.jpg)

All of this.

0cefa No.233095

Yup. This is a good analysis anchored to real life. But also I have to give credit to the baby factory meme, it may be the only solution in the times ahead.

f9c20 No.233100

File: 1564382523696-0.png (1.37 MB, 902x1063, 1748724528.png)

I missed this post.

>This is why people hate Nazis

Nope. NPC hate us because they will never ever dig for truth; they just accept the canned lies served by the kikes and that is fine for them. We are used to it and hardly bother us, we positively know that those NPCs will parrot our narrative when that be convenient for them.
>Because you refuse to offer any counter-narrative
Sorry, but there's none, Himmler was right and a gentleman, and even way too gentle and considerate to please the ladies. Let us take in count that Himmler was a dedicated family man.

b8e82 No.233108

File: 1564392770085.jpg (134.14 KB, 1484x1109, himmler.jpg)

>Himmler was a family man

b1463 No.233117

>they just accept the canned lies
You don't get it. If someone DOES dig for truth then Lebensborn presents a significant obstacle to supporting the Third Reich. Regardless of whether the Holohoax is a lie, good luck convincing someone of this, let alone the Reich being the "good guys," when this colossal mistake exists. "Six million didn't die. Okay, okay, that PBS documentary was actually accurate about white children being kidnapped from their families, but almost everything else was made up."
When a relative told me about how the Nazis promoted promiscuity in camps I wanted to refute her and asked about it here, but was surprised to find out, lo and behold, the Jews are actually right about it for once! This is why I'm not a NatSoc.

>dedicated family man

Irrelevant to one's moral dealings outside his own family.

ceda7 No.233121

File: 1564406106391-0.jpg (161.67 KB, 724x1024, 55_weak horse versus stron….jpg)

File: 1564406106391-1.png (633.83 KB, 1080x1370, 0311_OAT_Misc_Rescue_Hitle….png)


>Hey, I am outrageously offended by selective breeding programs involving humans before the discoverey of genes. Lets question the entirety of the National Socialist believe system while i repeatedly preach how proud I am not being a Natsoc on Natsoc Horsefucker site.

Go protest your local sperm bank Mister Moral Man.

8a7e4 No.233122

>This is why I'm not a NatSoc.
Anon, it Is alright if you do not wish to be a natsoc, but please think for yourself instead of looking for someone else to convince you.
Like really, just think about every political movement in the next 30 years; What would happen if Ancaps win? And Communism? Naturalism? Natsoc?
Think about it really hard, and think about the world you want to live in which one of the political movements facilitates your goals?
Now take into account the current political climate, what would happen if your chosen political movement promotes a campaing, would it be alright? Would war break out?

Think about it anon, you are important, do not Let other tell you what you're supposed to do.

483f8 No.233127

>meet girl
>was already pregnant or had an abortion or doesn't want kids
fucking dropped

87d12 No.233129

Turning 29 today.
Have yet to meet a proper candidate for a gf and then wife.
Wish me fucking luck.

90a2f No.233147

Good luck, my dude.

f9c20 No.233159

File: 1564424822299.jpg (190.27 KB, 1538x1523, 5842371095048317.jpg)

>when this colossal mistake exists
How so?
It was a superb enterprise in the quest for the Übermensch.
>This is why I'm not a NatSoc.
And you never will, I can tell.

fd99f No.233182

Good Luck polen

fd99f No.233183

So you Aren't a natsoc because the nazi dared to make white babies? seems rather backwards to me.

ff2ab No.233184

Shit nigga you need to find one quick. Start using dating apps and sites. You will have to sift through a lot of shit, but that's how you meet people these days.

317f0 No.233185

Best of luck to you friend, and I hope you find true love.

ff2ab No.233191

I started dating a girl. She is on board with my plan to buy a farm some day.

babf9 No.233198

Good luck fren
Wasn't Nietzsche a Judeophile?

87d12 No.233202

>Shit nigga you need to find one quick.
Nygga plz. I still look like I just hit 20, so no worries.

87d12 No.233203

Oh and just noticed
>Start using dating apps and sites
If you want me to have AIDS/any other STD just say so.

b1463 No.233229

File: 1564437542913.png (599.19 KB, 1186x958, MAGApedesRuinEverything.png)

>selective breeding programs involving humans
That's what I have objection to, as humans are categorically different compared to animals. You can selectively breed horses to serve Man as they are perfectly happy being kept in stables and cared for. Once you do the same to a human, you have not created Übermensch but a slave. Eugenics is entirely possible without central planning authorities; humans have self-selected for the most advantageous traits for millennia and we can return to that with a reawakening.

>not being a Natsoc on Natsoc Horsefucker site

/mlpol/ is the fusion of /mlp/ and /pol/. /pol/ is most well-known for NatSocs, but they have never been the entirety of contributors. Generally speaking, you need to be a white nationalist to fit in, and to me WN is incompatible with kidnapping white children from their natural families (a point which you have repeatedly failed to address). Certain modern States are now kidnapping white children from their natural families if their parents oppose Islam or homosexuality, which is something that ought to never happen.

I am not a NatSoc, but as there is flexibility of thought in any ideology it ought to be entirely possible to support National Socialism and oppose the immoral aspects of Lebensborn (particularly as it was kept secret even from its supporters). Just because your all-too-human heroes had instituted a particular (secret) policy doesn't mean it was right. If anything, wanting to bring it back necessitates learning from past mistakes. To do otherwise is reenactment.

I have thought of these questions and plan to eventually write about them. That's more of a philosophical issue which demands its owns thread at least.

As for reproduction, I currently live in a non-white country so the pool's small and scattered. I might strike luck but it'll probably be a few years before I have a family of over half a dozen.

550e6 No.233241

>That's more of a philosophical issue
A philosophical question is also politics; Of course, it has nothing to do with saving the white race, but it is an important point to address when discussing one's political stance.

62724 No.233258

And that video’s supposed to make us want to procreate?? Those statistics are disgusting.

f9c20 No.233268

The video makes the point for White Sharia and Baby Farms. We cannot depend any longer on liberated women.

98653 No.233279

I wish we could just freaking undo feminism. Everything started going to shit when we gave them the vote.

1fdaa No.233329

Feminism could be undone if enough men were redpilled on it
Already we're seeing "TradThots" desperate to attract alpha male attention from anti-feminist men instead of their usual betabux providers, that's a good sign
What if we redpilled a faggy incel community on the jewish question and how badly they've been feminized, then betrayed, by feminism?

f9c20 No.233333

File: 1564491550108.png (190.11 KB, 548x702, 1854999.png)

>What if we redpilled a faggy incel community on the jewish question and how badly they've been feminized, then betrayed, by feminism?
This has potential if done right.

19d66 No.233335

File: 1564494990390.jpg (9.42 KB, 224x224, checked-tick.jpg)

Checked. Don't forget to offer a free pony body pillow to each new member. And explain that pony sex is better than Western women sex!

Give the despondent additional reasons to be despondent in an effort to raise the post count on a NPF board. Will they arrive pre-black pilled?

b1463 No.233336

So basically Dr. Pierce's idea but less violent?

1fdaa No.233337

Sorry, what?

b1463 No.233338

File: 1564498456500.png (792.33 KB, 1468x7317, Lemmings.png)

His idea was that middle-class whites are too attached to the System to cause any instability, so it is better to reach out to the most disaffected white youths. He wanted to cause mass unrest from the bottom class. Hence why he made bootleg video games and such.

f9c20 No.233369

File: 1564511688775.png (95.81 KB, 600x701, 0000136752572791.png)

I just heard an interesting comment about the baby factories.
>As the far left wants to seize the means of production, the far right wants to seize the means of reproduction.

1fdaa No.233383

Maybe if we did, our birth rates wouldn't be so low.
The left already siezed the means of education, policing, and a good portion of the means of governmenting.
"Siezing the means of production" and being the only people in your country allowed to make anything and sell it to your trapped citizens… That's the left's endgame. The death of freedom and dominance of leftists.
That sounds reasonable.
Most of the normies I've redpilled weren't swayed with "They want to destroy our higher ideals", they were swayed with "Vote Nationalist because the Globalists want to censor your comic books and smash up your toys and take your decadent luxuries away until we're all living like rats" or "You have been wronged by those evil fucking leftists who want to wrong you more in the future, get angry".
There are a lot of people out there who are white, unemployed/in dead-end jobs, betrayed by or cast aside by the globalist system in some way, and unable to satisfy their dreams and needs through playing by the rules. Deep down they know the system's shit and the world's shit and they've got a spiritually-unfulfilling and loveless life full of ever-worsening vidya in front of them… But if you tell them why the world's so shit (jews) and how much better things could be they start to become truly redpilled. That's how I redpilled my best friends.
A while ago, I saw a video for a Skyrim mod. It added Diversity to Skyrim by turning random Nord NPCs into Elves, Cats, Blacks, Women, and so on. The comment section was full of highly-upvoted posts cracking jokes about the leftist scam of diversity.
People who play tons of video games are so much better at holding onto their ideals than people who have some other distraction like music or cartoons or toys. Why do you think that is?
I reckon it's because in a lot of games, you can be the hero. You can be straight, white, male, and a fucking hero. You can slay evil with your bare fists or a big sword or a big gun or an army of chesspiece people, and you can crush evil in the name of justice. You can save the good kingdom from the evil black dragons and black demons and fucking foreigners and dark mages and fuck knows what else.

7b31d No.233423

Literally nothing, at least consciously and intentionally.
I don't view the mixing of races as a bad thing. From a purely eugenic stand-point, I see it as a plus. Trying to keep a race pure results in genetic defects over time(as we've seen in dogs >>233074 ), whereas cross breeding seems to result in less genetic and hereditary defects, and more hereditary positives. The best of both worlds, with less of the bad.
If one's goal is really to foster a master race, why wouldn't they advocate for race mixing?
The meshing of different cultures is another matter, however.
Also, instead of baby farms, what about pushing for artificial wombs? Then you don't need to "seize the means of reproduction" from anyone, at least not from women who are unwilling to bare children, or who fervently advocate for women having the right to expel the gestating fetus from their bodies at their sole discretion-at the government's expense, of course.

b9efd No.233424

Gas yourself faggot

b1463 No.233426

File: 1564533552593.pdf (39.41 MB, the-bell-curve.pdf)

The mongrelization of humans is not at all eugenic. Intelligence is the single most important factor for a productive and safe society, and intelligence is hereditary by at least 50%. When you mix a population of higher intelligence with one of lower intelligence, you will wind up with an averaged intelligence regardless of policy. Whites have a relatively high IQ at 100 and have therefore been highly successful.
"In-breeding" is so factually wrong yet I keep seeing it brought up as an argument. You need a population of at least 10,000 to avoid the effects of in-breeding, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot more whites than that. Even small European ethnicities have more than that. A tiny marginal reduction in "genetic defects" would be greatly outweighed by a loss of intelligence and genetic memory.

65a32 No.233446

I'm there. Make a new thread so we can strategize on messaging and coordinate raids. I have been wanting to do this for years.

c045b No.233448

>I'm there.
I want to take a look and get familiar with the faggots.
Post the link.

fffe1 No.233477

File: 1564555517588.jpg (132.71 KB, 500x780, vyfftfkufyfkddtfyjfreesduy….jpg)

>I don't view the mixing of races as a bad thing.
>Then you don't need to "seize the means of reproduction" from anyone, at least not from women who are unwilling to bare children, or who fervently advocate for women having the right to expel the gestating fetus from their bodies
I assume you have a grasp of what you are saying.

d308c No.233478

File: 1564555576329.png (620.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1668528.png)

There are rather extremely small pros and cons to it.


>The meshing of different cultures is another matter.

Genetics and culture are so related that they mutually influence each other.

Scientifically it all points at race-mixing as NOT being the natural way to go anyways.(link)

>Intelligence is the single most important factor for a productive and safe society.

It outweights physical characteristics as tech is introduced, Man is not on top because he's stronger, tougher or faster than every other animal.

But we must be clear that intelligence is not all what is about, it is about our love and drive to protect our culture which has plasmated our genes as much as our genes have plasmated our culture for thousands of years and which must not perish from earth, otherwise we should just mix with East Asians to increase our IQ.

1304a No.233555

>I'm there
I meant "I'm with you on this."

Targets would obviously include wizchan and other places. Just search for "incel forum".

b8e82 No.233560

File: 1564608449843.gif (223.12 KB, 500x522, wizard posting.gif)

they are a bunch of places like this i'll give the links to the one's i know
i'll tell you about the places too
this place is full of underage fags and niggers and tons of fags and complete degenerates and some normalfags too it is also one of the hardest places to interact with "incels" because of how blackpilled it is and is one of the most worst places on the internet to go to next to reddit
8/r9k/ is a better "incel" forum with more intelligent posters who will interact with you and has decent discussion sometimes it also has a comfy feel to it like old /r9k/ had
this is a hive of scum with a style of posting like reddit it's also full of commies too it's basically leftypol's place to circlejerk eachother also the mods are total redditfags
this is basically the main forum for blackpills and this is where lot's of redditfags went after r/incel got deleted
these people already have a hate for the world so it would be easy to redpill them and the intelligent one's know that women didn't use to be like this but i think these people know deep down that it isn't all women they hate and that it's something else so they already know there is something wrong about the world it's just they need a helping hand and i do think this would work because i used to browse some of the places before i started to get redpilled so it's not impossible to do it.
The main question is how do we propose this to these people? if we are serious about this we would need a lot more people on board with this than 3 people

e2132 No.233561

>literally incels.net
>literally incels.co

63067 No.233869

File: 1564743826855.png (392.81 KB, 1600x900, galton.png)

Racial hygiene is the upmost important element in eugenics.

19d66 No.233885

File: 1564756601042-0.png (102.09 KB, 1306x1472, ce3f387e5e2f4470bd2081c2d3….png)

File: 1564756601042-1.png (144.72 KB, 1038x1298, 339ee69c248de00dfac14a1a4a….png)

From now and for 30 year a huge amount of white boomers will retire and change from making the economy into wanting pensions. 20 from that they start dying of for about 30 years until they are gone. Their assets move to kids and grand kids who won't then need to buy a house or many other items that they inherit for free. This slows down the economy.

Pics from:

You have 10 years to start a baby boom.

8caa8 No.236899

A baby farm would increase the likelihood of inbreeding.
We need to defend white civilization through propping up the population to ensure economic stability. This requires legal immigration of white people from places like Venezuela and Mexico.

f9c20 No.236901

Lurk moar.

d130f No.236906

The most obvious problem with a planned human breeding program is the question of its sustainability. The goal of such a program would no doubt be to create men as strong, intelligent, and high test as possible. In other words, to create chads. Well what do you think Chad is gonna do when you tell him he can't fuck the chick he wants to fuck? He's sure as shit not gonna let some manlet in a labcoat keep him from getting what he wants. Thus, the first generation of strong healthy men produced by the program would be the first ones to overthrow it.

0458f No.236907

Please anon, use your mind before posting, i would rather believe this is bait than assume you're serious.

Men (no chad meme ffs) created in labs would obviously be educated from a young age just like a family does. Also high testosterone can have some unwanted effects that would require some extra education to polish.

7b8cd No.236921

>State ran by the people institutes a policy to take care of the children of that people
>This includes the poor, who cannot take care of children themselves
>This is seen to be evil
It's kind of a big government thing, and certainly sounds like it cuts out the role of the family.

The thing is, if you can pull off Nazism, then the state IS your family. They are your cousins, your brothers, your mothers, your fathers. Would you refuse to help the child of your sister? Would you refuse to care for your cousin?

It is not twisted, it's simply another way to look at the situation. Normies are only turned off by the whole "What color is the baby?" answer toward abortion.

76cc4 No.236934

Country-side there are still some whites in Mexico, bur they aren't a whole lot, dunno about venezuela, but Chile and Brazil on the other hand do have a significant amount.

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