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File: 1564159157009-0.gif (181.96 KB, 890x560, Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-07….gif)

File: 1564159157009-1.jpg (63.77 KB, 640x340, UFOs.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-2.jpg (44.83 KB, 640x480, Repulsine.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-3.jpg (77.56 KB, 500x375, Skarabaeus.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-4.png (37.23 KB, 218x207, Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-07….png)

4f025 No.232662

after war, all the factorys explode or are empty.
best scientists disappear together with submarines.
now, it dont really exists a group of beings who research, test, discuss and build it!
we need that.
and what place would be better as here! YEAH LETS DO IT

i can only tell what i discover, with some help i am sure we can reach the goal.

from victor schauberger. the engine goes up because of thermodynamics! but is hard to build and the speed of rotate has to be high. eats alot of energy when you want to fly with it long distance.

another methode is to load some plastic and alufoil with High Ampere. High Voltage would work too but its to hard to isolate.
this one needs only energy to start flying, sooo long distance use is perfect.

wings from insects react strange with electromagnetic fields! someone in russia build some flying thing with it!

this only works in small distance, to hoover.
its loud… >.<

Neuschwabenland [german] ==>
Levitation stuff [english] ==>

i think the HIGH AMPERE thingy is best and most easy to build, also best use. long time ago i test a bit around but its long time ago and my thingy to make that power kills self >.<

…i also invent something, BlobBattery. a "NoSpark" electricity that can refill normal acid accumulators. it also refills from self over time.
i think thats best in use as fuel for it!

anyone else some knowledge about what the groups does? ==>
Vril, Thule?
even when you just do the carpet, every single tiny help will end in us haveing a tiny spaceship!
my server = https://discord.gg/Wj69YZj
lets talk HERE about all of that.

ab67f No.232737


4f025 No.232776

File: 1564219699674.jpg (5.65 KB, 399x288, jenseitsflugmaschiene.jpg)

i forgot the "jenseitsflugmaschiene".
2 plates with magnets rotate fast to make a antigravity field and lift up!
that one blinks rainbow coloured.

i saw this one and some white ones this year >.>

in space, you cant derive heat.
this will be a problem for long fly so its best to make the surface like a mirror! some mercury or chrome will be best.

77d4d No.232777

Oh no, not you again.

e5dd7 No.232778

4f025 No.232933

File: 1564319163790-0.gif (3.36 KB, 974x260, Vril1.gif)

File: 1564319163790-1.gif (2.91 KB, 792x261, Haunebu1.gif)

File: 1564319163790-2.gif (4.25 KB, 798x328, Haunebu2.gif)

File: 1564319163790-3.gif (3.61 KB, 933x261, Haunebu3.gif)

File: 1564319163790-4.gif (3.74 KB, 830x290, Haunebu4.gif)

i draw the sketches to look better to the things

i think it will cost maybe 5000€,
i will make more experiments on antigravity with HA in some weeks and think on everything needed.
some temperature measuring thingys to see how hot the case is as example.
i dont want to sit in a furnace when i fly to other planets.

with HV from a big coil, its possible to generate oxygen. my nose bleed as i tested it!
eh… ladidu~ bRUuu~

681a4 No.232934

File: 1564323711334.gif (109.19 KB, 420x360, ClappingOctavia.gif)

Good art work.

e3b8f No.233128

welcome back

4f025 No.233134

File: 1564415492505-0.gif (31.2 KB, 1275x831, HighAmpere Kopie.gif)

File: 1564415492505-1.gif (5.13 KB, 405x265, Needed Kopie.gif)

i plan to cast some coils and build them this way together to generate HighAmpere.
i test that some years ago and it works, only difference, i use 2 not 5.

i wrote everything needed in a checklist.
i think to build a turbine to guide THE THING because i dont know how to guide the antigravity plates. i know only how to let them fly up, yet.

4f025 No.233165

File: 1564428383789-0.gif (1.08 KB, 81x77, Needed.gif)

File: 1564428383789-1.gif (5.19 KB, 398x255, Console.gif)

oh, it needs a console, some lights and of course a railgun.
best way for me to fly it whould be with a controller i guess

the turquoise button is to generate oxygen.
the red button is to fire the railgun.
the red arrows are to aim the railgun.
the purple arrows are to fly up and down.
the blue button is to make the lights on and off.
the yellow button is to refill the acid batterys.
the green arrows are to move forward, backwards and sidewards.

4f025 No.233228

File: 1564437472297.gif (12 KB, 959x455, TheThing.gif)

this is how THE THING looks that i want to build

c9f3a No.233242

This is my favourite fun thing about this site.

c9f3a No.233244

Wait a fucking second, Discord? Discord is for faggots! It sucks away all the life, activity, and fun from the site by putting it in a meaningless high-speed void where your contributions are rapidly erased by someone else's "wow" post and no consistent threads to discuss multiple topics exist!

e5dd7 No.233421

>i think to build a turbine to guide THE THING because i dont know how to guide the antigravity plates. i know only how to let them fly up, yet.

According to the rumours this was a standard problem. The rumours state that additional engines of one sort or another were arranged around the hull. This isn't to different from what airships went through, they had to add propellers to the balloons.

47bee No.233450

File: 1564546237633-0.jpg (131.24 KB, 1024x674, 64301160_118735069138038_8….jpg)

File: 1564546237633-1.png (346.19 KB, 1500x1300, serveimage (4).png)

File: 1564546237633-2.png (214.43 KB, 1182x1024, large (4).png)

File: 1564546237633-3.png (32.24 KB, 742x314, 1759134.png)


similar minds think alike. i was vrilTwilight in other places
and there was a guy called vril in mlpol

Think about zeppelins, you can add flotation in air by adding helium or hydrogen or vaccum

yes this sound weird, but i know what i am saying. search those.

i have a theory that Haunebus worked with hydrogen speheres inside and magnetic fields, but they called the energy "vril" because it was similar to electromagnetism

47bee No.233453

File: 1564546701196-0.jpg (152.74 KB, 896x740, 2bf2dd12-31c7-4c22-a768-8f….jpg)

266f7 No.233454

File: 1564547803550.jpg (135.26 KB, 700x510, _Die Glocke.jpg)

What is this a Die Glocke Thread?

47bee No.233458

File: 1564551009355-0.mp4 (10.12 MB, 540x360, MAGIC.MOV MUSTA-KRAKISH.mp4)


yes OP, check that

4f025 No.233537

File: 1564596745275-0.gif (3.15 KB, 245x305, LevitateTests.gif)

File: 1564596745275-1.gif (4.35 KB, 270x330, AntigravityPlate.gif)

first image was the experiment i done last years.
materials with this effect ==> Ash, Phosphorus, Rust, Salt;
funny thing is, the effect needs only a loaded coil! when you short circuit it, the effect disappears.

second image is what i plan to build in 2 weeks.
ash mixed with epoxy resin to a plate and under it a fractal antenna.
when it works great, i test a bit around to rotate/move it!

4f025 No.235951

File: 1565288212575.gif (2.61 KB, 500x180, Puls.gif)

i need some quick strong pulses, i think to buy some welding machine. does a welding machine puls the DC or not? i need to know!
or something else that makes THAT frequent!

suffer! muahaha!




to form a research group!

but propellers look stupid on ufos and needs lot of energy

that sounds to explosive




ba966 No.236017

I think a decent TIG welder will give you an option of pulsed DC, but not at very high frequency, maybe 200Hz or so. Not a welder, that's just what I've noticed from watching other people's videos.

A random thought: Could you make coils from bent copper pipes? I saw this mentioned somewhere, where you'd make a regular primary winding, and then put it inside the secondary, which was a pipe in a circular shape. An advantage would be that the magnetic field is contained inside the pipe, and it's supposedly very efficient. Apparently there was a patent issued in Australia in the 1980s or something.
It's only good for things like welding transformers where you want high ampere since you only get one turn of the secondary.

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