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File: 1562025270663.png (1005.39 KB, 1688x1192, 2076895__source needed_exp….png)

b6a64 No.229049

When it comes to fan-made elaborations on Twilight Sparkle's backstory for the sake of fanfics that feature her, which take on Twilight's life do you prefer?

>Twilight's a genius but she came from barely anything, it was a scholarship based solely on her own smarts and magical potential that got her into Celestia's school and she was resented by many for not buying her way in like most of the other schoolfillies. Her brother Shining was the only one with a high-paying job before he married a nopony mare who ended up becoming royalty, her mom writes romance novels and her dad inherited a big too-expensive maidless house and a sum of money that dried up two decades ago thanks to bad business decisions. Celestia has high hopes for Twilight as her replacement/greatest pawn or whatever but she won't bend over backwards for Twilight's sake or bend the rules for her. Some teachers didn't even like Twilight for being poor, so they made learning from them a pain wherever they could while still trying to get away with it. Twilight's Canterlot home and books are a gift from Celestia because she pitied how hard her actual Canterlot home sucked, and while her parents tried their hardest to help their daughter wherever they could, they could barely do anything and it was Twilight herself who got herself where she is today.

>Twilight's parents are infinitely rich and world-renowned gods of skill and talent who have gone beyond the top of their respective crafts, literal gods and mafia bosses are afraid of upsetting these absolute powerhouses who were the only families that mattered in Canterlot before they got together and became the only family that matters. The only thing keeping Twilight's dad from fucking every bitch in every reality at the same time is his devotion to his wife and the fact that he already did that sixty nine times a day before meeting her. Shining's powerwanked to infinity and he's the general in chief and captain of hardcore squad one and megaboss and commander and fifty other cool-sounding military terms and ranks because he makes shonen anime protagonists weep with jealousy, and her parents are powerwanked even further than that. It's a miracle that Twilight isn't a spoilt brat with how amazing her family is, and her tastes for the simple things in life come from being overexposed to the biggest and grandest bullshit this planet has to offer her family in an attempt to impress them. Twilight spent her life surrounded by the best tutors and the most expensive books and the best everything Celestia and the Sparkle family's money (Mostly the latter since the family's just that big a deal) combined can buy. The only reason Twilight is still a virgin is because every single stallion on planet equestria knows better than to risk pissing off Celestia or the rest of Twilight's family by disappointing them or failing to live up to their standards or pissing Twilight off in any way. Hell, Twilight might even be Celestia's secret daughter crafted through Alicorn mitosis and sent in secret to live with the greatest and richest family in all of Equestria. Celestia's the ultimate god of planning and she's set up Canterlot to run independently of her while still granting her the final say on anything and the ultimate veto power(Controlling all suns and heat on a divine mega-conceptual level tends to give you the latter) and she spends her free time trying to think of bullshit ways to make the Sparkle Family the best Sims family she's ever fucked with and made better. Twilight's whole life has been a fuckton of magical study and practice controlling excessive power, followed by a few years of personal growth and mastery of Plotforce: Power Of Friendship Flavour so she can become infinitely beyond the concept of infinite power. One day, Celestia took the SSS+ Tier Omnimultiversal power she never truly exerts for fear of destroying everything(She fakes going down easy because she wants Twilight to gain the EXP) and used a tiny fraction of it to dream the Cadence into existing just so a sufficiently powerful and cool babysitter could be near filly Twilight when her parents and six hundred tutors couldn't be, and when Shining Armor got a childish crush on her, Celestia invented the Crystal Empre just so she could be worthy of him. Celestia breaks the rules and bends over backwards for the sake of Twilight so hard, it would make Uchiha haters burst into flames if they cared about any of this fanfic bullshit. At birth, Twilight wasn't assigned a gender, she was assigned the career of "New Main Character of our planet" because Celestia and Sparkle's family were getting lonely at the absolute pinnacle of fictional power. She also wasn't assigned a gender because gender is a bullshit concept that never darkened equestria's doorstep. Every single coincidence and event in general that ever happened in Twilight's life happened because Celestia planned it all that way, reality is Celestia's favourite RPG and Twilight is her latest min-maxed character. All of Twilight's old friends from Canterlot are also gods at the top of their game but not as high as Twilight is because she is the strongest high. Twilight was practically born a god with the path to unlimited power made so easy for her the red carpet practically has a softer carpet on top of it.

4f85a No.229050

File: 1562027480510.png (139.58 KB, 1039x1000, red anon wtf.png)

i would prefer a middle class back story or no backstory at all but if i was to choose which of the 2 options you gave me it would be the first option
also why do you care about any of this?

74489 No.229052


How did I know what it would be just by reading the first few sentences?

e6f2e No.229053

Does her backstory matter for the plot?
If the answer Is yes, it Is subjective.
If the answer Is no, who carnes, its unecessary.

4f85a No.229054

basically this

0a561 No.229061

All hail plot demands!

Quick Run Down: It's your story do what you need to do.

People will infer the background, and circumstances as needed.
It's minor details, thoughts and actions. Depending on who the character is changes how (and why) effected they are by the wealth, personal resources, and influence they have (or lack of).

If it's interesting, and doesn't conflict with the story (and the established personality you made/recreated) you can do it.
Flaws in either can sometimes be too jarring to read. Where an Original Character just looks, like (im this case) Twilight Sparkle. Unless you need to remove that character from the story, then do it.

Also suspension of disbelief works to patch some holes. It isn't the Original Twilight in your story, it's the one inside your story. A distinction that the reader makes.
Not everyone likes that, or wants that all the time.

0a561 No.229062

You did a good choice for thread picture. Well done.

b6a64 No.229146

I'm writing a story with Twilight in it, and there's a scene where she takes her new boyfriend to see her family.
So I have to decide who they should be before I can figure out what they'd likely think of her boyfriend.
Personally I'm kind of sick of the whole "Everyone's a god" powerwanking. It's okay for Fluttershy to just care for animals because she likes them, she doesn't have to be the reincarnation of some nature god. Even though that would be pretty cool.

65156 No.229160

Is her 'boyfriend' going to stop marathon dick-sucking before they go? It could be awkward otherwise.

9bd15 No.229209

First one seems more realistic. Second one is too Mary Sue.

b6a64 No.229916

It's a lot funnier when you think of a new way to say it that hasn't been said before
I agree.
Do you think it's weird how so many fanfic writers show so much bias when it comes to certain characters? The writer starts writing about their favourite characters and gets carried away, and suddenly Twilight could solo every other fictional verse in existence and Spike's a reincarnated Dragon god and legendary chosen one of the dragon race and Fluttershy's been using less than a tenth of her power the whole time and when she actually tries, The Stare can obliterate planets.
It wasn't the big power level that made you fall in love with these characters. What, does the writer feel compelled to "Reward" the characters with retcons?

7785d No.230218

First one is more realistic and makes her feel more real than not.

Second one seems like someone fucking around with story just to make a comedy, or someone so horrible with writing that they only know how to Mary Sue.

Kinda makes me wonder though, fan fics aside, what is Twilight's backstory? I know a few things but not much about her upbringing and family.

ceec4 No.230233

File: 1562655875672.jpg (156.05 KB, 1280x800, TwilightSparkleReclingReal….jpg)

I prefer the following backstory which is a compromise of the two:

>Twilight is a member of an unlanded Canterlot noble house. Her lineage consists largely of scholars and soldiers; her father, Night Light was exceptional at magic and used his skills, as well as hard work and determination, to rise to the captaincy of the prestigious Royal Guard. Once he grew older he became a professor to pass on his discoveries. His son Shining Armor, whom Night Light has trained since a young age, has sought to fill his father's horseshoes. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle, although studious, had not shown much latent talent until she received her cutie mark. Nonetheless, her parents were hopeful and used their influence to obtain an introductory test for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. The miracle that let her enter was a true relief, as it secured the family's honor in a way. Twilight's diligent and inquisitive nature, as well as abnormal powers, allowed her to compete with and even excel some of Equestria's brightest and most talented young minds. Celestia is most pleased by such promise but insists on constantly testing her potential and expanding upon her personality, in order to create a right-hand mare she could absolutely trust. Despite her rather prominent upbringing, which became even closer to royalty with her brother's engagement with a full-fledged alicorn, Twilight has remained humble, partly out of a focus on pursuits of the mind and partly out of naïveté. Although her family is quite rich and she has lived in the lap of luxury, she is not at all spoiled, perhaps because of a modest allowance or perhaps because of a secluded nature. This is despite being naturally skilled with accounting since it is a manipulation of numbers. Or, perhaps it is because she has been engaged in a continual mental arms race with the other students (some from even more prominent noble houses) and cannot bear to disappoint her Princess.

61894 No.230256

I suppose I could prefer a backstory because one of them is more likely to explore a theme that I enjoy than the other but it comes down to the whole, "All premises can be made into something good, it all depends on the excution of that premise."

38262 No.230349

Come on, this isn't 4pol. adapt

b6a64 No.230355

This is a good compromise but what do you mean by Unlanded Noble?
And when it comes to Celestia's school, do you think the foals at the school should mainly be annoying spoilt rich cunts who bought their way in, or genuine geniuses and overworked child prodigies? The latter is more reasonable (true cuntiness is rare in ponies and Celestia herself owns this school/whoever runs it) but the former allows for more conflict in her backstory. I can't see Twilight being bullied by the local obligatory high school bullies or anything, but my current idea for that is "She tried very hard to fit in and ace every test, and this made her come across as a smartass tryhard many but not all resented. Some nice ponies tried to make efforts to befriend her and do stuff with her but she very frequently declined to study instead".

2eeaf No.230363

>what do you mean by Unlanded Noble?
If I were to guess from what I already know what Landed means, he would be referring to a Noble who does not own land.

b6a64 No.230392

But Twilight's family still has a house, right? It's just not a mansion/big stone castle on a massive plot of land outside Canterlot.

2eeaf No.230422

They own a home, yes, but they don't own land, aren't aristocrats, and are thus considered "Unlanded".

b6a64 No.230532

Got it.
Nobility works differently in different countries and at different points in time, how do you think nobility should work in Equestria?
I was thinking "If you died sacrificing yourself for others/the world during a pretty early part of Equestria's history, your family is made noble and paid to exist.".

17df4 No.230601

Whatever you decide to do, try to remember one thing.
Its going to be shit, and no one is going to like it.

b6a64 No.230683

For real?
Well in that case, I'd better not try.
I already know how my story's going to turn out, so there's not really much point in me sharing it with others. I'm not paid to do this, and it isn't my only hobby. It isn't my most rewarding or enjoyable hobby, either.

872fb No.230732

No one said "don't try", that would be defeatist. I'm just warning you ahead of time what the result will be if/when you post the finished product on the site, expecting fanfare and what-not.

2812b No.230759

Do try please, I always like unique and interesting takes on characters' backstories.

b6a64 No.230895


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