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File: 1560728428506.png (37.42 KB, 1253x905, Aquilla Snowstorm.png)

1f9c2 No.225941

This is Aquilla Snowstorm.

d0847 No.225942

Looks pretty good, but you might want to change your background so we can see it more clearly.

1f9c2 No.225944

File: 1560729428712.png (38.27 KB, 1253x905, Aquilla Snowstorm - Copy.png)

Good idea!

346d5 No.225946

d0847 No.225947

Much better, although it could be even darker.
It looks pretty interesting. I'm no expert on (((Griffin))) OCs, but the vector looks pretty nice.
The front claws look kind of big compared to the rest of the body though.

a1e6c No.225948

Much better, and I agree with >>225947, a little darker background helps.

1f9c2 No.225951

File: 1560734465025.png (38.27 KB, 1253x905, Aquilla Snowstorm - Copy -….png)

Thanks, I'll try out some redesigns for her claws.
Her backstory is:
>be abandoned as an egg
>be left on doorstep of rich family's seaside holiday home
>be given away to normal family in that seaside town
>have normal childhood
>be raised on stories of cool heroic griffons and heroic rebels and heroic self-sacrificing good guy griffons
>turn 13 and tell parents you want to go north and reconnect with cultural heritage and see the awesome north for yourself
>parents admit they sanitized the fuck out of griffon history, there are no griffon heroes
>wait until age 16 then go north, realize Griffonia really is a shithole
>head home, take the scenic route and travel the world along the way
>become a Daring Do Villain's hired henchpony
>have fun pretending to be the edgiest coolest motherfucker
>get in epic fights with heroes
>sabotage the rare villains and death traps that almost become successful
>meet Silver Star Apple when buying rib enchant from him, get hired as his bodyguard while "get hired as my secretary and maid" is the cover story
>pay's good so fuck it

342f5 No.225952

when did you make her?

72706 No.225982

File: 1560778697350-0.png (130.09 KB, 475x500, 0330_OAT_Misc_MLPOL_Meme_D….png)

File: 1560778697350-1.png (291.75 KB, 936x768, The Nigel Cycle.png)

File: 1560778697350-2.png (1.13 MB, 928x768, Murdoch Murdoch Sargon Deb….png)

Jason, you are probably the only person on this entire site who would unironically create a (((gryphon OC))) and post it here in a single thread on the main board on a white background.

d0847 No.225984

File: 1560780506369-0.png (109.22 KB, 364x364, 2004643.png)

Let's not be fags about it, please.
I'd rather keep all of this flagfag drama off of the overboard.

b715a No.225988

No matter how many times you try and repackage, or reintroduce your shitty Fic, no one cares except to make fun of you and it
She's part of the Silver Cocksucking Star Fic, so take a guess

1f9c2 No.225996

Over five years ago, right after I made Silver Star. All cartoony villains need a cool henchpony with some kind of gimmick, so it suits the "Looks like a Villain but isn't one, is a really brutal and vicious hero instead, and becomes nicer through exposure to the mane six" thing I was going for with those two at first. Her original design had her as a combo Peregrine Falcon and Lion, but when actually getting around to drawing her I decided a fully-white Owl-WhiteLion look with white hair would suit her better.
Maybe if we ignore him he'll get tired of the two-year-long anti-Silver vendetta he's been on and find something new to obsess about

b715a No.225997

>ignore him
We tried that. With you. His activity is on your hands.

1f9c2 No.225998

Lolwut? I'm the guy who stopped his raid on this site two years ago. Why am I responsible for how he still hasn't gotten over that? Is he some underage baby who "Can't help himself" or something? It's not like I post pro-Silver Star art/comments in every Glimmer thread, to make up for how he makes anti-Silver Star comments in every Silver thread.
By the way, did you like how the Griffon OC hates Griffon land? It's symbolism because fuck Griffons.

b715a No.225999

Sell your snake-oil stories elsewhere. I've been here the whole time, and I have access to the post histories. Your interpretation of what happened is a blatant, self-serving, narcissistic lie. Fuck off with that shit.
Also, check 'em

1f9c2 No.226002

Dubs and trips! Nice!
Not sure what you could see in the history that would give you that impression though. Did you stop looking when you saw the thread about my fic that went to shit for a bit, then got better? Go further back to the Glimmer Raids of 2017, when they brought the boring old "Step-1, flood the board with Glimmer threads and ironically call her the best thing ever. Step 2, continue pretending to be retarded and pretend everyone who has a problem with your behaviour just really hates glimmer. Step 3, get really fucking mad and throw shit around and demand whoever disrespects glimmer be silenced." routine that killed non-general activity on 4/mlp/ here.

b715a No.226004

72706 No.226005

File: 1560792308142.webm (1011.43 KB, 360x360, why the fuck you lyin, wh….webm)

91983 No.226007

File: 1560793888708.jpg (269.98 KB, 800x800, 1560776141726.jpg)

e4cac No.226071

File: 1560829549482.png (98.44 KB, 349x642, OnlyPretendingNihil.png)

Made this today because of a faggot on another chan.

Not a pony, sorry

e1aef No.226314

File: 1560984529102-0.png (203.82 KB, 1428x1567, 1134180.png)

File: 1560984529102-1.png (44.26 KB, 1600x900, D3oLWbsWwAAhbkP.png)

File: 1560984529102-2.png (208.46 KB, 500x500, 1342270.png)

File: 1560984529102-3.png (2.09 MB, 3200x3000, 1403769.png)

Well, now that I have the chance, I will remind everyone of the OCs we had made/adopted in 4chan (besides Aryanne, Kyrie, Franziska and Luftkrieg of course).


A communist Earth pony mare. Usually used as Aryanne's main rival and antagonist.
She is cold with people, barely showing feelings to people who are really close to her. Tends to do innawoods activities with her Mosin Nagant of her family, which is a bit rusty but is still functional and never got jammed or missed a shot. Her main accesories are usually a black ushanka with a red star and a large weapon body strap.
As a side note, while she is the antagonist, most writefags turned her in a small russian village mare who fights because she is told, not because she truly believes in communism.

>Lorelei Kernav

The mare at the far left. Another "main villain" in Aryanne's story. At difference of Veronika, who wants to put the world under a red equal blanket, Lorelei wants to control the world the same way we read in 1984, V for Vendetta, The Prisoner, Fahrenheit 451, and whatever dystopian future is reserved for England.
She is perhaps the most mysterious rival to date, since the city she controls (Industria) is almost unnaccesible due to be blocked by 4 giant cement walls, and any intruder or spy who manages to get in gets brainwashed and put into the local population without any resistance.
She is more machine oriented, and her weaponry rivals the ones in present day.
Her main clothing is a big black trenchcoat with a red piramid pin.

>George W Griffon

A parody of America's self absorbed lifestyle. He mocks Aryanne about triple-teamed her (not sex, but the Allies attacking Germaneigh), and following defeat in WWII.
He is egoist, self-absorbed in his victory days, and how he is still the baddest #1 around, even though he got fat, slow, and stupidier.
He is a griffon, and his main accesories are a pair of dark sunglasses to show off how cool he is, a mandatory US flag, and a Star of David pendant (this is optional, but it helps to show how jews finally got away with taking him over by inflating his ego).

>Amber and Maple

Amber Grain (left, pegasu) and Maple Leaf (right, unicorn) are the pony equivalent of USA and Canada respectively.
Amber is a more grounded version of the classic americana lifestyle (a conservative lifestyle where everyman and woman is free to decide their paths, with apple pies and baseball games), as Maple is a softer exageration of the canadian lifestyle (apologist, nice, and chill, with lots of milk bags, ketchup chips, hockey and marshmallow pancakes with maple syrup)
Amber's accesories are either an Air Force jacket with golden aviator sunglasses, and Maple's accesories are her red booties, a red and white scarf, and a stripped red and white winter cap (leaf optional).

Well, next: some of out ponies.

94c2a No.226319

File: 1560985842893-0.png (244.99 KB, 500x750, 1288746.png)

File: 1560985842893-1.png (182.14 KB, 1280x720, 1287605.png)

File: 1560985842893-2.png (419.23 KB, 3000x2551, 1288744.png)

File: 1560985842893-3.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1784x2504, 1261251.jpeg)



The representative of Neighpon's Rising Celestial Empire. Just as self-sacrificed as the japanese, with the only difference she isn't as eager to harakiri herself after a defeat.
While she is supposed to be thw representative of the old emperial ideology, she is usually written more as a ronin who is learning about life beyond the customs of her culture, and following life lessons.
She is Aryanne's best friend thanks to her small studies in Neighpon, but she is in good terms with Veronika as well since she shared their paths for a while during WWII.
As for accesories, only a little pinkish hair tie to make her hair in a bun. She sometimes wears a kimono.

>Breitseite von Puttkamer

Breta for short. She is Aryanne's First Admiral in her Kriegsmarine forces.
Loves anything related with the sea life, and will do anything to get a bigger to command. She is mostly known to piss off and fuck Franziska because she always sends blueprints to make a bigger boat.
She dreams of conquer a country with a big and wide enough port so she finally gets to make her giant battle vessel.
Her main accesory is her Admiral cap.

>Lina Guerra

She is the representation of Fascist Italy. She is italian, she is fascist.
That's it.
No, really. That's it. We never got around to build a proper character to her. Maybe she likes spaghetti and pizzas? I got nothing.
Her main accesory is her black fez

>Eleonore Daimler

Leonie for short. Aryanne's lead maschinenbauingenieur. She is in charge of the design, build, and test of the aryan army.
Prefers her own company most of the time, with a bowl of bananas and really hard lagger to wet her gut. She is very mature for someone who is just 16, presenting traits like patience, advanced intelligence and quite the mechanical skill.
Still, this is sometimes blocked due to being lazy (she is sleep deprived most of the time, so if she falls asleep you just won't wake her up), and her general dislike for animals (they distract her) and jokes (thinks they are dull humor).
She likes anything related to machines, and she always changelles herself to make a better design, just after she finishes the first draft!
Her main accesories are her working clothes, a wrench, and her working googles.

Well, that should be enough. For now.

1f9c2 No.226351

72706 No.226359

File: 1561031042721-0.png (439.02 KB, 588x731, Chris Chan OC Transformati….png)

File: 1561031042721-1.png (918.79 KB, 1366x768, chris chan red engineer tf….png)

File: 1561031042721-2.png (211.34 KB, 471x505, chris chan snapchat woman ….png)

File: 1561031042721-3.png (243.26 KB, 703x472, chris chan write positive ….png)

Some Contributions on behalf of Jasons spiritual Stepfather Christian Weston Chandler.

1f9c2 No.226364


e9c17 No.226575

File: 1561168533905.png (102.9 KB, 449x308, BrenSub2pewdiepie.png)

Made this meme today.

1f9c2 No.226619

I like this meme!
I meant OC as in original character rather than original content, but this thread can have both.
God knows the board could use more original content.

094f7 No.228236

File: 1561873727865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.9 KB, 1339x1289, IMG_6690.JPG)

What of Aryanne’s satyr child?

00ff7 No.228247

File: 1561893002108.png (14.54 KB, 1280x740, aryan spurdo.png)


ive never seen this picture before. are you sure this is hers?
Ive hardly (if ever) seen Aryanne art presented in a relation to Christianity.
then again theres little art for this character as it is and i dont know what the satyr people are doing on /trash/.

7b0b6 No.228883

File: 1561954032083.jpg (485.79 KB, 1456x2592, IMG_6711.JPG)

Found it on the Booru. Wonder how this would fit in canon. Seems she has been around for about five years.

81c18 No.228902

File: 1561964190215.png (132.53 KB, 800x800, 6C575.PNG)

Pro judeo-cathocuck shit.

bc809 No.229145

The hat is exxtended like Goofy's hat. I'm not a fan of that, but the rest of the art looks ok.

bc809 No.230557

You know what I'm sick of?

Wow, look! An Original Character! And she’s female! I wonder if she’ll have any sort of original personality traits- Nope, she’s just a generic vaguely-cheery girl. And her personality traits are… She likes nice ponies and good things, and does not like mean ponies and bad things. Maybe if we’re lucky, she’ll have a slightly more advanced character trait such as ’Likes X’ or ’Does not like X’. This character likes this particular food, this character likes snow, this character likes NSFW stuff, this character likes video games, this character likes being easy, this character likes art/writing because it’s the artist only with all rough edges sanded off to leave nothing behind, this character likes the colour green.

It’s like the artist is so afraid of colouring outside the lines, the artist chooses to never colour the picture at all. So we just end up with another cookie-cutter character indistinguishable from every other character just like this. Which is a cleverly ironic statement, considering how the different colours used to colour in these same old factory-default lines and what character gets its mane and tail ripped off tends to be the only thing that distinguishes these characters from each other. You could put five or twenty or two hundred even ten thousand of these generic OCs in a room, swap their minds around with a spell, erase everyone’s memories of what they’re supposed to look like and nothing else with a different spell, and you’d be left completely unable to match the names and personalities to the bodies and so would every single one of those OCs.

And the same goes for a whole lot of male OCs, too. Way too many are just "Guy". Might be somewhere between 1 and 10 on the fag to manly scale, like how the girl OCs might be ranked somewhere on the 1-10 dyke to girly scale. But that’s it. Girly stallions, manly stallions, girly mares, and stallionly mares. SPECIAL character builds have more variation to them than this. Who decided these four archetypes are the beginner-tier OC archetypes everyone should make to try and practice making a more original OC? He was smarter than whoever decided these are the only four acceptable OC types out there due to being sufficiently inoffensive and bland. It’s like someone told these people "Don’t make your OCs unique for the sake of being unique, no weird dragon eyes on ponies or random cyborg limbs" and thought "I must be hearing this advice because making unique OCs is bad". Overly-unique characters don’t suck because their uniqueness score is too high, they suck because the uniqueness is so goddamn inauthentic. You’ve taken whatever mismatched ideas you could think of, then thrown them onto your template OC to try and spice him up and make him seem more appealing. Your subconscious knows the character inside the body is too bland, so instead of trying to flesh the character out and add layers of depth, you mess around in the character creation menu until you have some Randomize-Button-looking monstrosity.

Look at the mane six. Bring up a list of activities you could invite them to, in your mind. You can see each of the different mane six ponies loving some, mildly enjoying others, hating others, and outright refusing to even try others. Rainbow Dash would enjoy rock climbing a lot more than Twilight would, and while Applejack and Fluttershy would both enjoy gardening, neither would enjoy being taken to a library as much as Twilight would. Bring up that same list of activities, remove all NSFW Activities and whatever the OC’s Cutie Mark is in from the list, and then ask yourself which activities the OC would enjoy more than others. Behold, one of many of the questions character creators can ask themselves to flesh out their characters before just yelling "Done! Wow, I made that in under a minute! Time to make another one!"

00ff7 No.230566

File: 1562861912530-0.png (7.84 KB, 295x171, ebin fat spurdo.png)

File: 1562861912530-1.jpg (186.94 KB, 800x645, Glimmernigel Jason Austic ….jpg)

7cb05 No.230596

File: 1562880464637.png (37.38 KB, 250x203, glimmy.png)

Literally, no one has or ever will ask your opinion on anything, except for me ironically.

4ba04 No.230618

And what is "coloring outside the lines" for you? What is your revolutionary idea?

bc809 No.230637

What if there was a female OC who represented something, like a concept or ideal?
That's revolutionary compared to all these "Me with the rough edges and serial numbers filed off" OCs out there.

4ba04 No.230648

So, Aryanne?

e188f No.230651

Leslie Fair?

7cb05 No.230652

Tracy Cage? Mitsuko? Or better yet, Sgt. Reckless.
By "me with all the rough edges…", surely you're not referring to Silver "All these penises and me without a dental dam" Star

00ff7 No.230715

File: 1562960605081-0.jpeg (1.31 MB, 4000x5000, 2089929__grimdark_artist-….jpeg)

File: 1562960605081-1.png (678.11 KB, 2053x1808, 2089937__grotesque_artist-….png)

File: 1562960605081-2.png (378.01 KB, 1806x1380, 2089939__grotesque_artist-….png)

File: 1562960605081-3.png (1020.38 KB, 779x1035, 2089940__grotesque_artist-….png)

File: 1562960605081-4.png (149.43 KB, 512x512, 2089951__grotesque_artist-….png)

I have just become witness to an oddity, at pure Random.
i was just trying to look up art for a unicorn character i am archiving
accidently clicked wrongly, ended up on the home page of DB
there, i found this:


00ff7 No.230718


i should mention that this account was registered less than 24 hours ago as of the making of this post.

da340 No.230719

File: 1562960915970.png (441.85 KB, 600x528, 1488 keks.png)

a fucking gryphon, the swastika is censored and it was posted on derpibooru

3fa89 No.230720


00ff7 No.230765


i actually dont think the artwork is bad. quite on the contrary. I would say its really good. especially #1 and 5.

I dont know if the alleged commissioner was aware of the gryphon meme or made this on purpose for trolling. What is a real letdown tho is that he decided to censor it. Some Dodgy business but lets see if and how this evolves.

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