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File: 1559766741840.png (41.65 KB, 1053x444, 1559751283548.png)

f1bcd No.224571

JewTube is starting another purge. Varg's channel has already been banned.

5a74f No.224573

I look forward to the day we're no longer in 1984, and that free speech once again is allowed.
Also I hope all the big names do an coordinated exodus to another site and takes their audience there leaving YT in the dusty grave Google/Alphabet is digging for themselves.

A bit of context for those looking for it:
>YouTube announced it will ban Holocaust denial videos and other content that tries to deny otherwise proven events, in a significant revamp of its hate speech and misleading content policies.
>These changes come after YouTube faced immense scrutiny over the treatment of Vox journalist Carlos Maza by Steven Crowder, a right-wing YouTuber. Last week, Maza posted on Twitter that for over two years he has been receiving harassment from Crowder in which the YouTuber called him “an angry little queer,” “gay Mexican,” “gay Latino from Vox” among other things. Crowder would also routinely use a voice mocking the homosexual community when impersonating Maza.
>On Tuesday, YouTube informed Maza that, after an “in-depth review” the videos he flagged to them didn’t violate their policies. In a tweet to Maza, the company wrote “opinions can be deeply offensive, but if they don’t violate our policies, they’ll remain on our site.” Maza was critical of this decision and quick to point out that it coming out during Pride Month only goes to further the company's hypocrisy.
>YouTube told VICE these changes have been in the works for months and weren’t connected to the situation between Maza and Crowder.

>VOX is Trying to Ban This Channel… | Louder with Crowder


68c40 No.224575

It's JewTube. This kinda thing is what we've come to expect. Just like always, gotta look elsewhere for our holohoax truth videos.

What sucks more is that they shoa'd the /pol/ 4cc channel.

b304c No.224576

a4af4 No.224580

>What sucks more is that they shoa'd the /pol/ 4cc channel.
Those kikes did WHAT?

5a74f No.224582

>What sucks more is that they shoa'd the /pol/ 4cc channel.
YouTube can't die soon enough

25347 No.224586

Best solution here is to let youtube die. Make it even worse and more importantly, highlight how youtube used to be. Create that contrast. As for getting message across, we have to work exactly like a cult being cracked down, get creative.

a4af4 No.224587

>As for getting message across, we have to work exactly like a cult being cracked down, get creative.
Anyone know how the falun gong get's their message out in China? Maybe we could use their tactics.

25347 No.224588

While I'm not sure how that's going, I propose using popular cartoon characters to drop redpills. While this will definitely end in a copyright hellhole, its guaranteed to anger plenty who can't express themselves anymore.

45299 No.224589

Can I get a link to this article?

5a74f No.224590

45299 No.224591

Thanks, m8.

a7c49 No.224599

File: 1559776915494.png (43.1 KB, 150x150, 1541563629929.png)

There are no brakes on the censorship train…

4f97b No.224612

What if we try and get Pewdiepie to do a video on this?
Over 90 million new slightly more redpilled people from all walks of life.

1e953 No.224623

I think he will stay low as always.
Money is first for him.

d8397 No.224629

>highlight how youtube used to be
A platform where you could express yourself?

1e953 No.224645

File: 1559812013068.jpg (47.74 KB, 458x550, crowder-lament.jpg)

a5936 No.224646

stop going to YT to view forbidden thought but in the meantime you can turn this into a lot of fun and mass redpilling experience.
use their own rules against them and apply them to LGBTQ, blacks, feminists and anybody else. they all freely violate the rules. so just find big channels and flag them.

anything discriminating based on gender or race is fair game to flag. so that means all the white hate videos and male hate videos.

it's a win/win situation. if youtube takes action you'll have a lot of pissed off feminists and colored folks, the platform crashes. youtube likely won't take any action which exposes their own hypocrisy. force them to follow their own standards or expose them as being complete anti white hypocrites.

the event is already going to cause a Streisand effect. think of it
>Jews don't control the world
>you aren't allowed to post a video about it
when Alex Jones was banned his news AP grew to the 3rd largest one in America.

the actions taken by youtube is a colossal failure and shows how weak and desperate they are. the only way they win is if you as users accept it and do nothing. migrate to other platforms and fuck royally with youtube.

14c0c No.224651

File: 1559819215567.png (4.56 MB, 1200x1600, Sans titre-1W.png)

Dissociate from Google.
Stop using every Google product ( and your fucking smartphone IS also a Google product)
Wanna share a video or content? Use a personal site and some gigs of FTP space. at 1Gb/hour of high quality HD, you can have like 100 gigs for a few euros per year here, so do it. You can also have your own or no ads, and actual privacy for your users.


Neither Google, Twitter, Facebook and even less Tumblr will ever defend your right of free speech, it is rather the opposite.

9bbcb No.224661

The purge doesn't seem to have affected anyone that immediately came to mind, at least yet. JF, Woes and Iconoclast, Paul Ramsey, Red Ice, AmRen are still there. I have some hope that they're going after specific violations, not just blanket banning anyone with politics they don't like, and that as long as you're careful it's still possible to talk politics on YT.
Someone mentioned Cultured Thug, and his channel does seem to be gone.

Maybe related: I noticed changes in the recommendations/sidebar a couple of weeks ago. Before, you'd get videos from related channels, as you'd expect. After the change, whenever going watching a video by some right wing youtuber the recommendations are all Fox News and mainstream news channels, maybe some Jordan Peterson. Anyone else noticed this changing recently?

Reminder that you can use invidio.us to watch Youtube videos, that also gets around country-specific blocks and gives a download option.

e5e6a No.224667

Alternative Hypotheses claimed his videos were demonetized, although that was attached to a recent video he claimed Disney had a copyright claim against, so maybe it’s isolated to that video?

decde No.224693

I think the main takeaway from this should be not to rely on YouTube income for anything to begin with. Unfortunately leftism is taking over much of the corporate world and all of us are in danger to some degree, but at least with a regular job you still have rights as an employee and they can't just outright fire you because of your political beliefs. With something like YouTube you've basically got no rights whatsoever, they can demonetize you for anything they want. If that's your only source of income you're fucked.

1e953 No.224698

File: 1559855679179.jpg (173.11 KB, 600x760, Cute-Praying.jpg)

>Stop using every Google product ( and your fucking smartphone IS also a Google product)
Amen poner.

1e953 No.224700

File: 1559856213419-0.png (2.73 MB, 1064x4879, 1.png)

File: 1559856213419-1.png (233.42 KB, 1149x1766, 2.png)

File: 1559856213419-2.png (73.87 KB, 520x576, 3.png)

The problems' origin is the same. Every single time.

>Shock as Jews Announce That They’re Behind the Mass YouTube Shutdown

>ADL Statement on YouTube Policy Changes to Reduce Extremist Content

21b66 No.224717

for fucks sake;when will it end?

1e953 No.224794

File: 1559879608312.png (968.78 KB, 1200x800, Screen-Shot-2018-03-22-at-….png)

For those interested.
The Thulean Perspective channel has been terminated among many others, but its content is backed up at https://mega.nz/#!GvYVDKKR!dZpG2zzaEV-LsGRnSS_yJyeVmtztHuE8PSE4VL9jMnI
It is 21.54 GB ZIP file, be patient.
Also, Varg is running a Bitchute channel at https://www.bitchute.com/channel/thuleanperspective/

25347 No.224800

File: 1559887613784.png (983.14 KB, 928x8840, 1559776492381.png)

Very badly for them if History is an indicator. And just like last time, they'll never learn. What makes it different now is that it may end in a literal apocalypse.

1e953 No.224802

File: 1559891430682.mp4 (28.02 MB, 854x480, Europe on the Chopping Blo….mp4)

>they'll never learn
Das Rite.
E. Michael Jones just uploaded a video originally made by Resurrection Europa (/ourguys/), and put a voice-over at its end saying exactly your argument, he begins to talk at 5:14.
On the other hand, it is remarkable that in his interviews with White Nationalists he has received some flak for not to acknowledge racial differences among people and the consequences of White Genocide, however, this video looks to me like a wink to us, perhaps trying to amend some butthurt feelings.

1e953 No.224814

File: 1559897013868.png (241.16 KB, 1070x617, kike.png)

More dirt is coming out.
The homosexual Carlos Maza is a kike, now all the pieces are falling in place.

faf1b No.224876

File: 1559921416210-0.jpg (148.53 KB, 1176x762, Susan Wojciciki, CEO of Yo….jpg)

File: 1559921416210-1.png (114.18 KB, 337x381, andy warski post ibs.png)


Thanks for the Intel Anon. Very Terrifying shit, brother.


Repost from the garbage can since this kind of went underway with little recognition


CEO of Youtube, who is a female polish feminist jew from commiefornia, ruins Googles stocks with a loss of 70 Billions dollars with her SJW policies. Also got trolled and will turn off live subscriber counts because shes a cunt who doesnt get fired for a record loss bigger than most state budgets. Also the impeding Trust Bust of the tech industry might have something to do with it.

Sidenote: tumblr recently banned right wingers from their site, this was about 1 months ago after the great TOS laceration. May or may not be politically motivated Company collusion.

25347 No.224900

She's friends with James Charles. Hell, there's even talks in removing the dislike button. Youtube needs to become as irrelevant as That Guy With the Glasses sooner rather than later for the sake of competition.

decde No.224903


Big Tech is basically going to destroy itself for us. We should still take shots at them whenever we can but ultimately the policies being pursued by these companies are self defeating, and most of the people making these decisions are too arrogant to realize it. Keeping clearly incompetent people in high-level positions for the sake of diversity and alienating large portions of your customer base in order to virtue signal to a demographically insignificant group of journalists and celebrities isn't exactly a good long-term business strategy.

9bbcb No.224906

>alienating large portions of your customer base in order to virtue signal
I don't see this happening, myself. As long as the NPCs see crowds of other NPCs regurgitating the acceptable opinions, they'll happily join the chorus of "white supremacist extremists are bad!", "hate has no place on our platforms!" and keep thinking that bad things only ever happens to evil people. After all, noone that they know have ever been banned.
If they start going after obviously non-threatening people like Tim Pool, then maybe some significant number of them will start to think for themselves, or maybe they'll just come to believe that those were "bad guys" too.
But I could be wrong.

decde No.224911

As far as these specific bans of specifically "right wing" "extremists" on JewTube go, you're probably right. I'm talking about in the big picture of the tech industry as a whole. What I see is companies giving out high-paying entry level jobs to any shitskin or talking vagina who can manage to pass a six week code bootcamp, because muh diversity. They largely can't handle the work, so most of the serious heavy lifting is still done by fucking white males and the tiny handful of shitskins/talking vaginas who happen to know their shit. These diversity hires are just dead weight no matter how you slice it, but right now companies consider having a "diverse" workforce to be worth the small drop in productivity and efficiency.

However, this arrangement only works as long as the people doing all the actual work are willing to put up with it. After about a decade or so of watching a bunch of borderline retarded womyn and literal code monkeys get promotions and raises, the competent people being passed over are going to start looking for greener pastures, or even just get out of the industry entirely. A lot of the older, established companies like Intel and Microsoft are also still riding on a lot of old talent hired during the 80s and 90s, who will probably be starting to retire soon.

The big picture is that product quality is going to decline over time as the talent pool slowly gets polluted with idiots hired for their race/gender/whatever. Simultaneously, even with tech currently getting more and more impressive, it's getting harder and harder to convince the average consumer that they actually need the latest iPhone or smart toilet or whatever the big thing of the year is. Owning the latest top-end gizmo isn't the sort of status symbol it used to be, and people seem to be gradually getting bored with all this crap. There's not much reason to shell out $1000 for the new iPhone when it basically does everything your old iPhone already does, the only difference being a bunch of stupid features you won't use.

4f97b No.224929

Today I successfully got a Christian to admit letting Pride Month happen was a mistake
I told him the faggot intentionally called for this censorship during Pride Month when all companies are desperate to appease the violent left.

829b2 No.224930

>ever thinking Pride Month was okay

Pick one and only one.

47b03 No.224951

Why do cuckstains think it perfectly acceptable to be controlled by das juden at all levels of their faux-tribal culture, money, politics, and protection, yet at the same time never own up to their human sacrificing, library burning, doublethink loving lineage? Both of those are 100% compatible when the juden decrees it to be so since. After all, it was perfectly acceptable to dehumanize all non-'muricunts throughout the past 250+ years of the 'murican empiyar! Don't forget that Cuckster's Last Stand, 9/11, and the total destruction of Germany are the same kind of victory, you stupid shee- I mean, goy! Oh, are you questioning (((their))) versions of the facts? Then you're not 'MURICAN enough!

33e44 No.224962

I just saw today that they removed Crowders (Louder with Crowder) YouTube account.

f1bcd No.224970

The TempleOS Terry Davis archives have just been purged from JewTube.

98100 No.224972

File: 1559964687711.png (238.63 KB, 594x612, j4q7q74p.png)

What even is this eclectic trash heap of buzz words trying to say? Did an AI write this?

1e953 No.224984

File: 1559972878019.png (1.75 MB, 1350x1877, canvas.png)

This homosexual still has his channel running. It only has been demonetized.

5a74f No.225039

Archived link just in case

1e953 No.225180

File: 1560138880855-0.png (2.08 MB, 1346x7316, 1.png)

File: 1560138880855-1.png (1.46 MB, 1342x6731, 2.png)

>for fucks sake;when will it end?
It is just starting.
I post a link naming some visible jews and golems involved and their network meant to regain the narrative globally.
These creatures already know that the cat is out the bag. And they are willing to loose money and even to launch desperate measures, with (((government))) help to force the goyim to ingest only approved kosher bullshit.

>The Trust Project: Big Media And Silicon Valley's Weaponized Algos Silence Dissent

>Given the Trust Project’s rich-get-richer impact on the online news landscape, it is not surprising to find that it is funded by a confluence of tech oligarchs and powerful forces with a clear stake in controlling the flow of news.

To dig out some public info about adversarial individuals servicing the international (((clique))): https://judas.watch/

09bf5 No.225197

Could a kind anon with high upload speed create a channel on BitChute and upload the thulean perspective videos?

c281d No.225259

File: 1560272385968.png (1.26 MB, 1280x731, badjewtube.png)

47b03 No.225387

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Robert Peterson, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, "Diamond" & "Silk", Alex Jones, Peter Thiel, Dennis Prager, and every (((veteran))) talk show/news/media/radio star or guest along with thousands more are highly useful paid opposition cuckshills. Chowder is a paid high school bully pushing around the other sides of paid opposition. The more divisions created, the easier it is for kikes and their good goyim to conquer.

a4af4 No.225482

Black Pigeon Speaks got shoa'd.

1e953 No.225486

The migration is ongoing, fuck jews.
Black Pigeon Speaks' Bitchute channel:

faf1b No.225493

File: 1560440337129-0.png (152.29 KB, 669x491, Black Pidgeon speaks.png)

File: 1560440337129-1.png (542.65 KB, 961x503, ClipboardImage.png)


Confirmed by the Swindler of Swindon himself.


BPS got banned after calling out the gay mexican from Vox and the woman who did the "Alternative Influencer Network" Hitpiece. More AIN-Thoughtcriminals soon to come. Putting my money on Tim Pool and James Allsup. Susan is in full Rage Mode.

/Leftypol/ must been having a blast right now. The Bird they were campaigning so hard to get deplatformed is finally dead.

70f61 No.225515

>/Leftypol/ must been having a blast right now

94d59 No.225519

I'm so sick of this shit. They attack us time and time again, and we do nothing in response. They aren't going to stop until they're stopped, and they laugh at us for not being as willing to act as they are.

47241 No.225541

Isn't BPS a Jew?

faf1b No.225550


Don't know for sure. I refused to subscribe to him since he was involved in the Candid controversy back in the day.

1e953 No.225560

>Isn't BPS a Jew?
I don't think so, however I think he is kinda a cuck willing to dance for kikes' money.
It is telling that he never ever supported the White race or named the jew.

e0c31 No.225564


His channel is right here and I'm watching his videos right now…

47241 No.225565

i think he mentioned something about having an Asian GF, or he took a "Trip" to Asia.

2e349 No.225568

He HAS hinted at International Jewry before, so I don't think he's a gatekeeper. I believe he really does seek to be an actual gateway redpill, something you can show to normies without them flipping out.

f3775 No.225573

Hunh his channel is back.
I tried earlier today, and it was removed.

Nearly all roads to questioning evil leads to (((them))).

5a74f No.225579

File: 1560479281659.png (146.6 KB, 933x766, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

I can confirm that his channel was indeed deleted for a while. Sound like (((they))) found out they went too far and that people noticed and didn't like the direction they are pushing us. But it will probably just be a matter of time before they will try again.

0fb11 No.225587

File: 1560482718445.jpeg (72.21 KB, 734x665, 1557800435058.jpeg)

wtf? It's up once again.

abd76 No.225607

Another creator goes underground.
>Our Last Signal Warning?

faf1b No.225610

File: 1560519983870-0.png (677.37 KB, 1243x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1560519983870-1.webm (10.8 MB, 640x360, Our Last Signal Warning.webm)

8c7a1 No.225639

File: 1560546465494.jpeg (477.96 KB, 750x1279, B16B22F7-5CD5-448C-A64A-F….jpeg)

Hopefully the anti trust will cost them much.

45299 No.225641

f3775 No.225643

Excellent, if things go perfectly, the banks might get taken down as well, leading to a continued loop of failing.

03729 No.225688

It's a legitimate concern for them. Jewgle is becoming a sacrificial lamb, and they are sinking quickly over in Europe. However, they will have no problems dominating in the US, thanks to Jewgle being a shell company for La Sia and general glow-nigger surveillance infrastructure. Federal/state subsidies, silently provided, as well. The question is which direction the NATO tug-of-war pulls in, in the current power struggle: ultimately the same enemy is being supported as long as Jewgle exists.

The EU is run by world banks and Europe has been run by them since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency. That is laughable.

Your taking 3 logical leaps to "banks" from here increases the probability that you are ShareBlue.

abd76 No.225724

File: 1560576359938.png (227.15 KB, 1600x1600, rainbow_dash_not_sure_if.png)

>since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency
Knock it off. You are seeding D&C.

f3775 No.225728

File: 1560578647303.png (67.57 KB, 657x88, 1556154840482.png)

Facebook is also a shell when one looks at a few soup projects closing as a new company emerges. For a way to collect the most personal information with as little effort as possible.

If Google (and parent company) fails on the 'Too Big to Fail' it could possibly open it up for banks as well.
Due to banks in the U.S. using that same argument. It could technically be possible for the infested government to let them fall.
Starting a domino effect.

It isn't likely, but it is possible.

Would it actually hurt (((them))), as a whole group, financially? Not really, but it would give them a black eye. They would scramble to suppress, and control information at a faster pace. They would get careless.
If they get careless there is more room for chaos, and opportunity.

>The EU is run by world banks and Europe has been run by them since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency.

>EU is run by (((them)))
>Most of Europe lost their currency, and freedom. Caused by (((their))) influence.

They will always try to subvert using any means they can. I'm not saying (((they))) are the only group just a highly damaging one to the fabric of society, and to the future, that isn't thought of by normies that much.

Let's say jewgle's gambit works. The average person's trust in the (American) government lowers even more. A few more people catch on that something isn't right. People are more willing to believe that the government does not have their best interests in mind. That little snag of truth can pull them to the next red pill. It can keep going.
Then pic related.

Digging deeper for the truth leads to (((them))) causing trouble. Almost cartoonishly It's the jews again, and again.

In time this too shall pass. (((They))) will crumble with no where left to run, or hide.

abd76 No.225870

File: 1560683756694.png (131.11 KB, 800x835, custom_pony_for_handdrawn_….png)

The task you ask is unworkable, but I found the following that perhaps will satisfy you.
All Varg's videos (as of June 11th 2019) - 955 videos, in the highest quality possible: webm files with VP9 video and Opus sound (except for 26 videos which weren't available in that format, so they are mp4 with AVC video and AAC sound).
Part 1: https://ufile.io/mz2xjdyj
Part 2: https://ufile.io/xnkityfg
Part 3: https://ufile.io/2t8haxjl
Part 4: https://ufile.io/owrkmsug
Part 5: https://ufile.io/8oll730y

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