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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>219861


Have we ever had a full explicit OP, before?


Can't recall, seemed in spirit of mlpol way tho.


no u. She's an adult on the inside.


Fuck off


Ah god, you're on the tip of my tongue… could you give me a hint to know who I'm talking to?


I deleted my discord and I play Dark Souls more than is healthy.


Go die normie.


File: 1558067217572.png (174.15 KB, 697x768, 1553209778211.png)

Just keep this on last dying thread since it matters not for filly, that or go to >>>/soc/discord_hugfaggotry_channel
Well, not discord anymore with this new development on the based and greenpilled filly

Yall are still faggots thou


If he didn't ask, I wouldn't have said anything. But I acquiesce.


Hard not to make yourself seem like a samefag when both posts are flagless.


File: 1558067640401.gif (405.14 KB, 309x309, 1556523026605.gif)

>There s only one flagless poster on the thread at any time

t. Different flagless poster


I'm saying this because the content of both posts is exactly the same and within minutes of one another, nigger.


Oh hey, the samefag deleted his post after being called out. Hmmmmmmm.


>Taking everything this seriously
Its almost as if you faggots forgot what a shitpost is
I blame discord and all the hugboxing you fags closed yourselves within
, which effects can be felt on the thread, its a bad feel

But i wont shitpost more as i still have a slight of respect for filly, so have fun with the other Anon.


Nah, probably the work of a mod because raiding and shit
As if being called a "samefag" would make anyone delete their posts


File: 1558068203144.png (595.17 KB, 3840x2160, DieNormie.png)

I've got a filly for you, good sir.
It was wrapping up anyways, you didn't have to go and be an asshole about it.


I'm fine with filly lewds but I'd prefer not having it as the face of the thread


>calling people out for being niggers is taking things too seriously
It's like you don't even know what a 4chan is. Flippant people can call each other niggers here, in case you were wondering.


File: 1558068486459.png (3.41 MB, 3840x2160, Anonfilly - First Steps.png)


File: 1558068531366.png (15.86 KB, 751x748, 2026991__safe_artist-colon….png)

Also, what im suprised with is that no one posted kys filly of fuck off filly, so here ya go for old times
Go die normie joining the fray when?

Aand prayers immediately answered, consider your previous faggot status cleansed, from now on thou shall be a cute faggot


File: 1558068580457.jpg (85.04 KB, 551x484, kys filly box.jpg)



N-no u, fag…


File: 1558068760790.png (159.48 KB, 1503x794, boop.png)

Nou, ur the cute faggot that delivered


Fuck off


File: 1558068936262.png (226.46 KB, 1156x1070, perfect match.png)



These two are snuggle-buddies.


Fuck off


Now I know we've got samefags on our hands.


Don't worry little fillies


Go die normie.



What an excellent start to the new bread.

That it is, filly. That it is.



>You come too. It felt like hours, but in reality, it was minutes.

>Fur matted, hot and bothered. You can say that you had to the best orgasm you've ever had in your life.
>9/11 would cum again.
>Looking up can see that faggot. Stupid grin on his face. Hand in dick as he jacks off to your excitement.
"F-fucking pedo."
>You see him take his stupid grin and shove it aside as it's replaced with embarrassment and shame.
"I-is that what you wanted? O-one round with some filly pussy."
>You look at him, your face contorting into one from irritation to lust.
"Naughty naughty anon."
>Taking a hoof you drag it across your wet silt, exposing the pink center of the figurative lollipop.
>His face turns into lust again, just as yours turns into frustration again.
>You stand back on all fours. Taking a moment to compose your self again before shaking all the lust and pleasure from your mind.
"Fu-fucking faggot."
>Walking up to him, he takes on a confused glance. Just before you slap the absolute shit out of him with the back of your hoof.
"There. Happy?"
>He holds an innocent look as he grabs the red mark on his face. Looking like a puppy who just had its tail stepped on.
>"What about me."
"What about you?"
>"I-I didn't get to-"
"Finish? Sorry pal, you gotten insert one more token before you can ride this horsey."
>You take a glance over his work. Looking over all the equipment, tools, and chemical compound he had on his desk.
"Plus I really should be going. Y'know? Stuff to do, people to see, lives to live. You understand"
>You hop up onto the desk and start fiddling with various instruments on his office. searching for another way out of this cursed new life.
>"I Uhhhhh."
"Now which one of these brings me back. I'd imagine my work thinks I'm dead now and might want to show some semblance of empathy by calling my ass numerous times to come into work before eventual-"
>"I didn't make one."
>You pause.
>Turning to look at him, you give him the most fear-provoking glare your cute body could muster.
>"I…did not make one."
>Twitch twitch.
"What do you mean…"
>Tackling him, you lay onto his chest. Forcing him and his head to floor with a resounding thunk with both of your hooves on his cheeks
"…you didn't make one."
>Staring at you wide-eyed he gives s a shaky, nervous response.
>"I-I didn't think it'd actually pull someone out of their life for this one. N-not to mention Nighter herse-HIMSELF!"
>Taking a breath, you can't decide whether to kill him or keep him alive as your sanity over this situation dwindles.
"I can't tell if that makes you more of a pervert or not buuuuuuut…"
>The wet meaty slap of a hoof on cheek echoing in the room was a satisfying one.
"You're gonna get me out of this. M'kay, else mister not so nice acid is gonna take another trip to your nethers again."

Thoughts, comments, critique on this potentially style I'm taking or just in general?
Also give me Ya'll shit to put into the doc. M'kay


Kill me yourself faggot.


>>222116Same Post as the one in the Old thread
>"Good night, Occult."
>"Sleep well little one."
"Good night!"

>What an interesting day…

>Seriously, pancakes shouldn't be able to burn completely that fast. I could use that to get rid of evidence.
>Going to sleep is hard. The last two days something has happened in my dreams.
>Having nothing at all go on seems unlikely.
>I should have prepared.
>I should do a ritual to summon Mother so I can vanquish her.
>What the fuck? 'I should do a ritual to summon Mother so I can vanquish her.' That's a stupid idea.
>It's not a normal thought.
>Fuck baskets. Where the hell did that idea come from?
>Damnit all! I thought I didn't need to keep up with the work om the self.
>I'm not going to sleep until I fix this shit.
>When was the last time I actually I talked to my subconscious?
>Hell, when was the last time I imagined or thought about any of that stuff.
"Damn. I hope all my shit survived when I died. Why didn't I do it all here?"

>On the soft floor I Imagined and thought about my subconscious.

>Looks like Equestria, or death fucked me up harder than I thought.
>I get on my bed again. I'll have to do this manually without music, or other useful stuff.

>Breath in. Breath out.

>I am in a suit of armor. It is me. It is invincible. I am invincible.
>Breath in. Breath out.
>I have my multi-tool. It is me. It can do everything, and anything. I can do everything, and anything.
I start to Imagine.
>I am in an elevator.
The last button will bring me to my subconscious.
>I press it.
The door opens to an emergency stair well. The subconscious is deeper.
>Deeper, and Deeper I walk down. In Armor, with my Tool in hoof.
>Deeper, and Deeper. Deeper, and Deeper.
This is the door.
>I've made it. I open the door.
Lights are on still. There is a folder colored red on the table. The room is a scifi style office.
>Picking up the folder. I open it.
'Emergency Situation: Consciousness Is Lost. If you are reading this then something happened. The time between death and the new life is rough. We planned. All of Us. If something happened to you, we would send information. Who you used to be. Key Memories. Enough to have us reconnect.
The Third tile from the wall with the door further in, is where we are at.
Keep The Door Closed.'
>Moving the tile using the tool is fairly easy. A lit comforting ladder. Bringing the folder I climb down.
Old Memories surface. Of humans. Me. Doing jobs the conscious would not think of. Heart beating. Minor muscle movement. Information sorting.
>The bottom of the ladder has a hatch. Opening it I find identical humans, with different cloths. They are me I just Know it.
You made good. First you need to remember. This is important for understanding what happened. An orb is floating in this warm tiny library. Sticking my head in it will have me remember.
>I stick my head in the orb.
>oh. that's my name. that's who i was. that's what happened.
Equestrian Magic and the sudden shift to a body Created another subconscious. One that fueled by Magic tried to take over the old. Except for a telephone to discuss things. Originally there so we can tell it when we give up. Now it is a method to continue doing what we do. Even if it means through an intermediary.
>I nod seriously. I pick up the phone.
>I can't dial it woth a hoof.
>The human me dials it.
>A young squeaky voice answers.

>"Do you surrender human? It still isn't too late. Also we have lost track of the consciousness."

"Why are you doing this?"
>"Con- Con- Consciousness?"
"That's me. Occult Façade and ANONYMOUS here. What the fuck is going on here?"
>"How? That doesn't make sense."
"It's because I know how to plan. Why the fuck are you attacking?"
>"Good tree, and mommy said that humans have lots of bad things in them. They don't like each other very much. But when we get rid of some of the human stuff they get really happy and praise us."
>Fucking hell.
"No attacking each other. Understood?"
>"Mommy will not be happy, Good tree says it won't work."
>Is this ghe shit they have to wade through to get anything done?
"I am the Occult Façade. I am saying WE should make peace woth Ourselves. No attacking rach other."
>"But, mommy won't be happy. good tree says it won't work."
"Is either of them me, the consciousness?"
>"We'll noooooo."
"I say it will work, and Why does it matter if 'mommy' is happy or not?"
>"When mommy isn't happy she throws a big tantrum and breaks stuff. When she is happy she says what good daughter's we are. Good tree tells us how to keep everything running."
>It's a miracle I still function then.
"The war is over. The victor is me Occult Façade aka ANONYMOUS. As victor you won't fight me, or the humans."
>"Welllll, you did say you won the war. Good tree isn't very excited. Mommy is sleeping right now. Hip hip hooray, you won. Now what?"
"Be good daughters and let mommy sleep as I, and the humans come up and see how things are."
>"Yes! Consciousness! Right away. No attacking any humans."
>What the absolute fuck is this this shit.
"Don't bother them at all while we are doing this and afterwards we will all have a party."
>"A party? We never had a part before. Oh yay! We are glad to won, we get to have a party!"

>Most of us left the bunker. With a few satisfying behind to maintain if anything goes wrong we could start over again.

>Time to see how fucked everthing is.


File: 1558074009057.png (Spoiler Image, 157.35 KB, 504x590, 1484219326024.png)

i wanna kill you with kindness
snuggles, hugs, gentle pettings and sweet nothings while you nap~


Looking forward to more of this, are you going to alternate between your other current greens and this one?


>I can't feel my real physical body any more. I might be asleep.
Team human, is on the hunt for clues, life forms, and adventure.
>I've missed being able to hear myself narrate.
Smokeee~ on the wahterr! Fire in the sky!
>Where there is smoke there is fire.
>Fire tends to mean civilization. Except for the fact this entire place is just my imagination.
>Execpt everything is way to lucid, and detailed. I'm chalking it up to bullshit pony magic.

Arriving to the quaint village. Our hero and cohorts find ponies.
Youthful fillies doing work.
Simply shocking.

>I can't get diabeetus here. Right?

They make me feel so

>Some of the buildings seem to be made of cardboard, and blankets.

>A tree tall and erect a beacon of navigation to the center.
>Walking into the town center girls crowd around us. All different colors. Each with different cutie marks.
They're not frightened by my cold exterior
>The songs name is on the tip of my tongue.
>Anyway it doesn't matter right now.

>Standing on the shoulders of my human self I proclaim to the childish crowd.

"Everyon- Everypony the war is over! I am here! We will have a party! What do you all say?"
>"Yay! What's a party?"
>I swear I felt everything shake for a moment.
"We'll tell you all what a party is. Can you tell me what's been going on?"
Isn't this a dream come true?

>Seeing fillies and my old human self setting up banners, tables, and treats is really therapeutic.

Isn't this a nightmare too?
>The one they call mommy is the eldritch thing 'Mother'.
>The good tree is the manifestation of The Tree of Harmony. From what I've gathered it's in at least everypony.
>It would normally be the defacto leader until they grow up enough, and even then it would still be there. I'm fucking glad it isn't malevolent. The Tree could be a prebuilt mind control unit.
>If someone actually kills the Tree completely. Ponies would go insane from mental and magical isolation.
Like I'm the only guy in town.

>Everyone is having fun at the party. The Old human subconscious is telling the New pony subconscious about everything.

They're not frightened by my revelations
>Even the really dark parts. I'm impressed.

>The party has been going strong for what seems like hours.

>Right now we are playing tag it's not tha-
take a second
>Is the ground shaking?
>"Where Are You Monster! You Dare Take More Of My Daughter's?"
I'm in trouble

>This place isn't just mine alone. The Tree and The Thing also have control here.

>I should have prepared defenses.
Just too little
Too little, too little, too little, too little

>A piece of 'Mother' is right there. We are about to go and stop it permanently.

>Even some fillies will help.
>What a strange team.
And I don't care, how we look
Walking down the street

>The sneak attack is perfect. We managed to get close without 'Mother' noticing.

>"Stop trying to attack our friends mommy!"
Uh oh, I'm in trouble
Isn't this a nightmare too?
>A lone filly standing there right next to the being.
>"Daughter, we must remove the parasite. It will ruin the utopia!
>"Mommy! You ruin stuff all the time, and say it's because of the sickness. I think you are a hyppo- hippo- hippopotamus!"
>In the distance I hear a voice say.
>"Hypocrite, It's a Hypocrite!"
>The brave or stupid filly shouts right back.
>"Thanks Dicy Soreus! Mommy stop being a hypocrite."
>"It's Dictionary Thesaurus!"
>"The cancer has infected you all too? There is only one thing to do now. Purification."
>I run as fast as I can to save the imaginary filly.
>With blinding fastness and power it punctures through my armor. Unable to go all the way through. She's safe.
>I'm not fine, but I've had alot worse.
>Then what seems to be electricity brings me over the edge, and everything turns black.

>Be Decision Maker a part of the subconscious.

>The Consciousness got hurt saving me.
>Is that blood? She isn't moving. The human subconscious is moving me, and her.

>"Mommy hurt our friend really baddly!"

>That's Heals Right. She fixes all the owies.
>"Decision, is in shock."
>I'm not in shock I'm in a hug.
>In the distance I see lots of things exploding out of the ground. Where we kept trying to get the humans to give up.
>The good tree seems confused.
>I have to say something.
>"Mommy should be stopped."
>I see one of those tank things the human subconscious was talking about roll by.
>"Stop resisting! The Utopia is inevitable!"
>"Please help good tree they are our friends."
>Good tree seems to know what to do now.
>Good tree is glowing. Sparkles of magic in the shape of a solid circle.

>Princess Luna came out of it!

>"You have to help our friends!"
>Silly Dream Director, telling what the Dream Princess should do.
>I'm really sleepy.
>The words Oingo Boingo come to mind. I wonder what that is?
I like little fillies, they make me feel so good.
>A group hug always helps. Consciousness might like a hug too.


>Kill yourself
Don't you like classics like Oingo Boingo?


File: 1558134596360.png (339.44 KB, 1200x850, leslie teaches anonfilly e….png)


Kill yourself.


Fuck off.


Thanks for the criticism


Unless you're gay, then it is perfectly normal for the average Anon who got turned into a filly to still desire females.


And from that day on, Leslie became Filly's favorite teacher.


So, is this the real kys filly, or just another copycat?


Go die normie.


File: 1558137372701-0.jpg (897.99 KB, 3245x1895, image0.jpg)

Every day…


Cannot argue against those numbers, filly.


File: 1558141340539.jpg (126.45 KB, 955x578, butthurt.jpg)



File: 1558142414393.png (1.81 MB, 4000x2354, ImInDanger.png)


I have a writing prompt, a philosophical debate topic, and a contentious comparison to present, fillies.

What does Anonfilly, Anon, and the concept of an anonymous person itself, mean? What is the essence that gives filly more value than PTFG's mascots?

Why is Anon relatable, and what does he represent?

I think there's a lot to unpack in this question and possible answers, but I want to get others' input, especially writefags.


File: 1558143675717.png (132.42 KB, 899x585, word_crimes.png)

>What do*



Is she on the >Rape train?


Where do you think you are?


Danger of being snuggled to day.


File: 1558147859964.png (156.42 KB, 874x494, 1510939301402.png)

goddamn its so great to have you fillies back


File: 1558148981816.png (142.86 KB, 1280x793, this.png)


I don't mind them existing, but I don't like getting thirty kys posts in a day.


Go die normie.


File: 1558149609398.jpg (92.91 KB, 1296x1367, caAG0yX.jpg)


does anyone have the filly version of this?


File: 1558155678835.png (269 KB, 1174x1000, acorn_filly.png)

kek, this is some good shit my dudefilly, it's always a pleasure seeing you posted


…and it's always a pleasure to see that I brought joy to someone's day. Hopefully inspiration will come swiftly, so I can give another batch of tasty story cookies.


With some tasty story milkies?


Any filly draw requests?


>inb4 more suicidefilly art


Filly Reading the Necronomicon as she summons A lovecraftan horror.


The lovecraftian horror is a human Anon, on his knees confused to be in another place altogether with filly looming over him with a shine in her eyes
No not a heart eye, filly is not a faggot
Well she is, but not that kind of faggot
Fuck off


Filly playing pattycakes with a momfu or a fellow filly


File: 1558158408517.png (140.73 KB, 599x714, 1525678903187-0.png)

never said no lewd, so i ask to give this poor filly what she wants


Anon made it to Equestria as the filly only to find out his real mom also came over and is now a pony too.


File: 1558158589911.png (71.82 KB, 1800x1800, _Filly thinking.png)


File: 1558158682940.png (181.48 KB, 1920x1080, 1864710.png)



This is just cruel


File: 1558159329832.png (366.93 KB, 810x594, DELET.png)


First, thats far from a prompt and mostly a topic for discussion
Secondly, if you re here, 4shit or any other chan you should know what an Anon is
Third, Anonfilly is was superior than PTFG shit for not being focused on fetish fuel before

>But you didnt say why is Anon relatable?

See 2 and 3 with spoilers serving as counterargument for current filly

Now i shoot back to you, why are writefags answer more important than the rest? We re all anons and opinions should value the same

>Ib4 mating press are simply belly rubs for Anon
>He leaves and filly ends up comfy but frustrated
>Cue flutterrape, but filly


>Anonfilly realizes the consequence of ponies not wearing clothes


File: 1558159500283.png (60.99 KB, 284x426, commiefilly.png)

Obviously because contentfags are more equal than the rest, comrade!


>Secondly, if you re here, 4shit or any other chan you should know what an Anon is
Yes, obviously I do. I'm saying what characteristics make him specifically a relatable character and what philosophy or personality traits resonate strongest with those interested in him. I was hoping to have a discussion on modernity and identity through lack of identity, since those are really interesting lines of conversation and good springboards for writing both non-filly and filly Anons.

>why are writefags more important than the rest

I said "especially writefags" because it's specifically an invitation to discuss and write about Anon through a character/story lens. Anyone can contribute but writefags at least have potential to make content with that stuff in mind.


File: 1558159995487.png (170.28 KB, 1179x1223, 1528577690816.png)

>not so nice acid is gonna take another trip to your nethers again
I remember reading this too, but I don't see it on the pastebin

Also I'm glad you've gone back to this, I don't even remember reading another FiE fic aside from some oneshots, there's an uncomfortable amount of uncovered ground there


File: 1558160024540.jpg (137.66 KB, 1024x821, Hide Flagless Threads.JPG)

@222367 you don't have to be here, you know


Also, just remember that it's often best to introspect and meditate on things that we take for granted. Filly is adorable and relatable, but that isn't an irreducible thing. There's many facets to Anon, fillydom, and ponies in general. I just wanted to get some kind of ball rolling in regards to explicitly discussing it, since getting things on paper is step one to understanding it better.


File: 1558160101923.png (17.35 KB, 540x540, wa_sd.png)

the anons turned filly are the fucking degenerates, we just get pictures out of it


File: 1558160124352.png (342.79 KB, 900x1090, 1527791623619.png)



File: 1558160192445.png (1000.45 KB, 1397x1536, 1524698090528.png)



File: 1558160875088.png (4.67 MB, 2448x3264, jgPrqbV.png)




Hm, I don't see a truck nearby… Wonder what filly's got planned


She's in danger of cuddles


File: 1558161099248.png (1.39 MB, 2688x2385, 1663522.png)



File: 1558161208859.png (2.11 MB, 2600x1900, 1933715.png)



Guess I'll give this one again:
Filly in pajamas, ready for bed


File: 1558161503752.png (388.66 KB, 1700x1500, 1647127.png)



File: 1558161771321.png (573.24 KB, 2124x1621, 1530623260032.png)

I'm heading to bed. I can post more for you tomorrow, you silly filly.


File: 1558161786838.jpeg (855.23 KB, 2000x1200, 1206604.jpeg)

>Top ad "the red menace is real!"
>This post
Where is Aryanne to give this filly a good talking when she needs one?

I dont find Anonfilly relatable myself, it was a fun character with many quirks i loved to write and talk around, but most of said stuff was dragged away with the "want to be the filly mentality"
The fight against herself, being a horse but wanting to be back as a human, the loss of identity and "fight" to recover it, said fight mostly being an annoyance to purple because she doesnt want to give Anon his life back even if its actually not possible and she s being honest, and the fucking loss of the penis for a horse vagina, which used to be a big thing but now its merely fap material

And im not one to "introspect and meditate", imo direct and straight answers are better than going around the bush just to try and make discussion, a point or even an argumentation

I congratulate you on trying to spur something at least, as that is rare and far between in the thread nowadays and a major reason i havent been writing anything here
Implying it matters, there are other fags who come and pick up the mantle after all, which is why i always say that its not only the contentfags that matter but everyone around


But Anon what if the filly is (You)?


If you want more stories about filly fighting for her humanity, then go for it. I'd read it.


Fuck off


File: 1558162219736.png (120.71 KB, 990x766, 1444948788290.png)

i can't even be a filly, i haven't made that much content!


That only matters for luxurious your mane, tail, chestfluff, etc. are; the average anon becomes an average anonfilly
You silly filly


Well thank you for giving my post the time of day. I was sort of hoping to get a discussion going with that first post, maybe even create a full and precise character-sheet of sorts with others so as to make my own writing more accurate with regards to her personality. In the end it just sounded like a newfag trying to get others to spoonfeed him. I should have simply said "why don't we take a little bit to discuss and deconstruct filly so we can all build her back up better" but ah well.

It's getting late, but I feel you on the identity part of what you said. Maybe if I ever got up the courage to write again, I could try making something of value…


If you tried to "deconstruct filly so we can all build her back up better" then she wouldnt be Anonfilly, since she wouldnt be Anon, because Anon has no set personality, so "reconstructing her better" would just generate another oc, not Anon as a filly

One thing you can be sure is that she is a faggot


I though it worked like this:
>Lurker: Does not go to Equestria
>Quality Casual Poster: Gets to be a randomized average filly, living in an orphanage in Los Pegasus with little chance of adoption
>Medium-tier Contentfags: Gets to be the filly with near-optimal wings/horn/thiccness/etc. Race and momfu are randomized. Babby option available for this tier and above
>High-tier contentfags: Get to choose their race and momfu, as well as also being Überpone
>God-tier contentfags: Get to be the alicorn and choose their momfu


How do we distinguish tiers of contentfags?


File: 1558200228941.jpg (1.66 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_3513.JPG)

This. Where does around 70k words of autism get you compared to over 200k words? A-asking for a friend.


File: 1558200270138-0.gif (16.39 KB, 384x168, 2042311.gif)

Filly is getting stronger.
Now no one here can rape her


>Wants to be the filly 'for free'
>Given the fact that he doesn't respect contentfags that much probably falls under the "lurker" category from >>222409
Enjoy your permadeath and the void of the infinite beyond, faggot.


I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
What if she consents to rape?
Where would an anon who mostly lurks with ocassional drawfaggotry fall?


What's a "Medium-tier Contentfag"?
Where do infrequent contentfags go?


Imagine getting your ass kicked by a little filly


Anonfilly and the Quest for Cheetos: Get Cheetos or die trying.


File: 1558203791048.png (91.26 KB, 417x489, 1494045833869.png)


The Great Pantry Raid of 1009


Fuck off


That's a whole lotta >implying
A commie joke in response to an anon asking why writefags' opinions are more important doesn't mean I myself am a commie or share that guy's opinion.
I'm well aware that communism never has worked and never will, and I'm definitely more than just a lurker. Fag.


Anonfilly playing a NES game. Twilight may or may not stand behind her and be annoyed because Anonfilly is ignoring everything but the NES.


>Definitely more than just a lurker
So, what do you do? Do you draw? I assume you don't write given how you seem not to really like writefags.


File: 1558210843689.jpg (36.49 KB, 439x337, _filly learning about nati….jpg)


File: 1558211180854.png (128.04 KB, 759x584, _filly no u_.png)

No U!


Don't stare too much into Aryanne's eyes: they'll stare back into you.


Aryanne looks like she just got MKUltra'd.


File: 1558218917458.jpg (102.81 KB, 820x640, 1510596806300.jpg)

>"Joking about an opinion doesn't mean I hold that opinion."
>"Okay, but what do you do given that you hold the opinion you joked about?"


t. the anon who was on the receiving end of that commie joke, who actually didn't pay it any mind past a chuckle


You still didn't answer my question, Harm. Do you write or draw?


>Be Princess Luna
>The deep inner workings of a mind can be the most dangerous part. It is also where the most change can be done in little time.
>The unconscious filly, Occult, appears to have been injected directly with Old magic. With an active intent to kill.
>The healer is at her wits end doing her best. >The human 'doctors' are bringing in and taking out machinery. Heavy and dense with belief, and something else.
>One of them walks over to me.
We don't know exactly what the energy is, but we have stabilized the consciousness. The energy acts alive. Permanent damage will start take effect in six hours. Constant life long repairs take effect in three hours. We will provide anything you need just think of it.
>Anything? Time is ticking.
"Bring me artificer tools. We will beat the magic into submission. If you can safely vivisect her do it. We need all the surface area!"
>They open her up and fractalize her.
>Magnificent. That will make this easier.
>I begin hammering the magic and 'flesh'. Thousands of artificer tools working as one.
"Old magic is akin to the first wolf, vicious efficent killer. Normal magic is a happy, loyal, playful puppy. Nightmare Moon is part parasite and my failures, but for me at the time it was the first step for my magnum opus in magic to combine both Old and Equestrian. A new form from that can amplify power of the user to do the detailed work, to prove to everypony I am here! Doing this kind of work on something causes stress to the mind, body, and soul for both. There is too much to do This will take more than six hours."
>One of the filly subconscious fragments is hugging me.
We will pour what we believe to be our Earth magic in to alleviate some of the stress. We Will empower you Luna.
>One of those beer hats popped on my head. With two straws. Sipping I feel Equestrian Magic, and a something new.
>They are flooding Occult with the stuff.
>I see the humans and fillies running back and forth as one is slowly dragging a hose. Filling up the Equestrian magic.
>Machines to move and make the air colder are brought in.
>"Your metal toys won't save you!"
>Explosions and sounds of pain reverberate everywhere.
>"You are unable to stop me."
>The human magic seems to be coiling around both magics.
>It feels timeless working to an unknown rhythm.
Estimated time has been increased. Four hours of additional time till Life long damage is taken. Time elapsed 2 hours 31 minutes 11 seconds.
>We must make haste then.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Hearing a glass shattering scream wakes me up.
>Oh Celestia it's my filly.
>Galloping there I see her drenched in sweat.
>It's a high fever.
>I put her in a bath filling with cold water.
>It's shocking. Literally shocking my magic.
>Fleur running in sees us.
"Watch over her. I'm getting a doctor. She is shocking magic used on her."
>I sprint over to the phone.
>I explain everything I can.
>They will get here in a few minutes, I just need to keep the water cold.
>Grabbing Ice from the ice box I move to the bathroom.
>Fleur is cooling the already cold water using her magic. She looks like tartarus.
>I put all the ice in.
>I rush outside and open the gates.
>They are here.
>I direct them to the bathroom.
>Fleur is on her last legs. She is a leaf in a storm.


Please god no. I just had my irl mom have a breakdown and basically soft-excommunicate me because I didn't want to rock the boat with my landlord.


Who's Harm?



>They have Occult in a stretcher with ice.
>My personal medical hospital employees truly are the envy of Canterlot.
>I hope to Celestia they can save another life, like they normally do.
>I carry Fleur back to her bed. She is exhausted and is asleep instantly.
>I have to see how my foal is doing.

>In the lobby. The report is that her magic has been infected with three kinds of magical energies.

>One is Princess Luna.
>Another is tearing her apart.
>The mystery one is also apparently keeping her alive.
>A speck of something else detected to.
>The doctors and healers are doing all they can.

>Be Princess Celestia

>Feeling an intense magical surge coming from Luna's room.
>I feels like she did right before Nightmare Moon.
>She is deep in her trance to enter dreams.
>Her horn, and body is blazing with magic, and something else too.
>Something otherworldly.
>I get ready to use my considerable amount of magic.
>Right before the rise of Nightmare Moom.
>I will trust my sister.

>Be Princess Luna

>I can feel my sister willing to help.
>The final part!
>Together big sister, as we were meant to!

>Be Occult Façade

>I can see.
>I see Luna.
>Glowing with sunshine.
>"The procedure is a success! Congratulations Occult Façade, you live with few complications."
>Procedure? Complications?
Remember, you got poked. Hard.
>I almost died.
>"I had to tame the Old magic. The only other project using both magics turned into Nightmare Moon-"
"Am I an alicorn now?"
>She snorts.
>"No, you are now a casting platform."
>"You are the first living pony sorcerers staff."
>"If plants loved you before. They will likely hate you now. An amalgamation of Old, Equestrian, and Human magic that reminds them of wands and staffs."
"But, plants hate me already."
>"Don't have contact with plants if you can help it. We still have a problem to deal with, and this seems to be the perfect time to test this."
>"Your toys do nothing to me! I am Mother!"
"Ow, so how does this work?"
>"I cast a spell through you. More horn contact the better, but not needed. Any body contact will work."
"More contact the better… I have an idea."

>Be Mother

>The cancer's annoying machines are pesky, but useless.
>It's the dream pony princess.
>Wearing an outfit that belongs on a foal then a mare of her age.
>Now, it covers her face too clearly she is biting something inside it.
"Do not stop me princess I must be rid of the-"

>Be Fancy Pants

>She's stable whatever Princess Luna did saved her from the strange magic.
>She's Glowing without light.
>A saturation of color beyond physically possible.

>Be Occult Façade

>I am a battle onesie. Fear me.
>I'ma Firin' Mah Lazzah! BWAAHHHH!
>The bit of 'Mother' inside me.
>Is just gone.
>Poof, like it never happened.
"Luna, you do some damned fine work."
>"It worked. Huzzah! This works!"
>I feel her dancing.
>"I must go my sister is very worried. We will meet again Occult Façade, I have so many projects we can do! Farewell!"
>She disappears.
>I fall to the ground.
It's time to wake up. We will handle everything here.

>I open my eyes to Fancy Pants crying over me.

>Everything hurts in a new way.
"I'm okay, mum."
>She is hugging me and crying.
>I try to put my hoof on her nose.
>I just barely succeeded.

>In the paper is a front page article about how Princess Luna saved a foal's life. The ponies involved have chosen to remain anonymous.

>I'm in the Fancy Pants mansion with a team of doctors in the room.
>The door opens.
>Fleur walks over and hugs me.
>I am alive.
>The hug feels good.
>The pain just confirms it.


File: 1558229517218.png (4.61 KB, 448x81, mmhmm....png)

I'm a third party, mate.


File: 1558241859192.png (974.35 KB, 3000x3000, andthey'renottwi's.png)

filly edit to currently $15k commission


File: 1558242109924.png (274.27 KB, 1276x1316, Anon_Filly_26.png)

after i get enough fillies to fap to from beyond the grave


Probably going to release a nerve gas because she noticed Groves forgot his helmet.


File: 1558245367364.png (291.05 KB, 1200x1200, AnonFilly-Drunk.png)

Hahaha, did someone ask for a recap? No? Well we're doing one anyways, just as scheduled!

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ
Pastebin Part 3: https://pastebin.com/6NReU7EY

>You are Anon, and you could really use a beer.

>About a month ago, relative to your own perception of things (time's been a bit fucky), you got turned into a cute green filly.
>Then you got sent to Equestria and had to go through a lot of hell.
>We're talking changelings, time loops, and trudging through the swamp chasing your own ethereal doppleganger. Shit's fucked.
>You managed to make it back to Earth, but now you're STILL a filly, and to top it off, Equestria's in danger now that you took away the Elements of Harmony just to get back.
>On the bright side, you've got some friends in the same boat as you, but they've got a few quirks.
>Diana's an ex-CIA analyst in the body of Twilight Sparkle, and she can get a bit bossy in her pursuit of returning everything back to normal so she can snuggle up to her hubby and forget all of this shit ever happened!
>Hannah's a sweet young teenage girl in the body of a pony originally named Blossomforth. You're mostly good friends, though you've had a few awkward moments resulting from you kissing her. You're not a pedo, honest!
>Then there's David, an ex con inhabiting the body of Daring Do. She's mostly alright, except for that one time loop where she sexually assaulted you. You'll try not to think about it.
>And then there's Lyra and Coco… whose original names you haven't actually asked about, come to think of it.
>You are right now on the campus of North Dakota State University trying to score a beer.


File: 1558245785611-0.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 2039125.png)

File: 1558245785611-1.gif (39.56 KB, 584x536, 2042064.gif)

File: 1558245785611-2.png (130.4 KB, 780x976, 2041906.png)

derpi fillies and filly by lockhe4rt i dont think was posted here


I would not want to be the filly in #3. Gettin' cold ice cream that close to your filly bits would have to suck ass.


File: 1558247963934.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 1558193515251.png)

>Anon is turned to a filly against his will
>Twilight says she cant turn him back
>Golly overhears that and secretelly meets with Anon
>Once sure that no one will listen, she says she will help the green filly, but only if he helps her first…
What happens next?


An orgy at the Legion of Doom.


File: 1558249376504.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


"What do you mean I can't use Flakey Crust to cast a spell through me?"
>"Occult haven't you heard of the la- you haven't. To put in laypony terms it's a feedback loop either nothing happens or you turn into a fine red mist."
>All this incredible power just out of my reach.
>The need for the magic of friendship increases.
"Luna I appreciate you saving my life, and making me a macguffin, but is there anything cool I can do with this?"
>"If Nightmare Moon tried to use you the being would explode. Violently. If timberwolves use you they would violently explode. If you direct the spell back to the caster directly they would have a nasty migraine up to violently exploding depending on power. They can't cast a spell on you while using you or they explode. If you do any of those things to them you explode, violently. This was a procedure to save your life not to grant a pony ultimate power."
>Violent explosions. It's not like I had plans to use enemies as material on a power quest or anything.
"Thanks for trusting me Luna with your life. Can I use wands or staffs hypothetically."
>"A leap of faith is needed sometimes. I would discourage using either or any item that does the same function. For the reasons above, and your magic could corrode it before anything useful is done. Any ancient and potent artifacts could do the same to you."
"Damn. How do I keep others from violently exploding?"
>"Tell them to read the user's manual. They will feel an exponential rise in difficulty. They should stop, leading to just minor magical backlash. Up to extremely violent explosion. We would highly suggest telling as few ponies as possible."
"Okay, what can I do, and can I use magic still?"
>"You can grow the skills in precision, redirection, and amplification. It requires the cooperation of another though. Earth pony magic shouldn't be effected other than no touching plants. I'm not sure human magic reacts, but it should be fine."
>She has a pot with a single insignificant plant in it.
>"I brought in a single baby blade of grass. This will gauge how much you need to avoid living plants and some fungi. Please, gently touch it."
>With the edge of my hoof I make contact.
>For an instant. Colors become much more, edges extremely defined, glow nigger status confirmed.
>Ow, The blade of grass just exploded violently. My hoof is singed.
"This puts a whole new meaning of, the floor is lava."
>"Don't vist places with heavy flora. Older, tougher, more magical plants will do far more than just singe your hoof. On the positive side mold will explode on contact with you due to such an inner hatred of your very existence. It's a magical reaction so no risk of fires. Cheese won't be a problem. Fruit won't cause problems once it's not connected to the majority of the body."
>I can touch moldy bread to cure it of mold. Wonderful.
"What about if it's spring time? With pollen."
>"It's not big enough or old enough to cause problems for you. It may even avoid you. If you get good enough you might one day in the far future use the feedback for something else."
>Forests, Lawns, Golf greens, farms, Jungles, Potted plants, and a living tree made into a library. All extraordinarily dangerous for me.
>I'm surprised Luna actually has the time for the little Q and A session.
>I mean she is right in my bedroom sitting on my bed.
"Thank you Luna for everything. How's the new found fame treating you?"
>"You're welcome. It's… not quite what I had in mind."
"What kind of projects were you thinking about doing using me?"
>"With you Occult it is a team effort. I need to recreate my plans for this new time. I need to talk to you about human magic, whatever your subconscious did my subconscious has it and is using it to fulfill requests."
"What?! Tell me more, please."
>"Too many coincidences starting with, a very intense thought, I feel the human magic do something, then later the it happens. As an example earlier thinking about the chain of actions I thought 'I have a potted blade of grass', A guard came in and hoofed it over saying it's a gift, I asked why, the guard said it just felt like the right thing to do at the time."
>Oh, I just exploded someone's gift.
>"It's still in my room, but that kind of series of events doesn't normaly happen."
"Holy shit. Magic is actually real, and now I have proof in Equestria. Fuck yeah! Here's everything I know about human magic."

>Be Fancy Pants

>Seeing the human turned filly display genuine excitement with the princess taking notes is a sight I will cherish the memory.
>Just one picture. Just incase.
>So much has happened in such a short time.
>Little Occult Façade, she's irreplaceable to me.
>Is she ruining around in circles? With the princess?
>One more photograph this is just too cute.
"Lunch is here your highness, and Occult Façade."
>"-hat's why I believe ritual murder and sacrifice is vastly ineffective, when used right technically it has extreme burst power, but too many parts are can fail. Way too fragile, and volatile."


File: 1558284541454.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1538781429258.png)

Once you get to the spoiler open the pic.
Reports are coming in that several national enemies are giving themselves up to authorities to be placed in Tartarus.
"I didn't know that was possible! Absolutely disgusting. Just keep me away from that thing!"
Some are unresponsive.
Is this a hero or a villain.
Back to the weathe-
>Turning off the news broadcast Purple Smart just looks at you.
>"Anonymous. How did you turn back into a human?"
"It was hard, but I couldn't have done it alone."


>Ywn hug filly close while she wets
Why live?


I beg to differ.
>Ywn be held close while you wet as the filly
Why live?


>Ywn be wet by the filly while Anon holds her close
Why live?


Uh oh i wet as the filly


You can't kill my dreams



While Anon held you?


He snugged me and called me a good little filly


Did he pet your head and rub your business area while he snuggled you?


File: 1558294700946.png (204.32 KB, 811x1073, 1522175910884.png)

>none of us will know that feel


File: 1558294785133.jpg (1.06 MB, 2526x1931, IMG_3507.JPG)

I-it hurts


File: 1558295854246.png (203.27 KB, 894x894, She is an evil zigglet she….png)

"Yo! Twi dawg. Your bitch ass filly as been skipping school with me and now she does crack yo!"


Shush Sven, Zecora is an intelligent zebra and an honorary poner.




In the frozen tundras of the north.


>It started when
Started when what?


Uh… Mods? I think when you were deleting all the shitposting you accidentally deleted a greentext post.


If you are talking about post >>222623, according to the moderation log that post was deleted by the user who posted it. Only two posts were deleted today by mods, one not in this thread and one “kill yourself” post (>>222625)


sorry I hit post on accident. Congrats on seeing a preview.
>Having a princess inside my home for an unoffical luncheon with my friend, and daughter.
>All three discussing the benefits, and negatives of cult behavior.
"Why wouldn't they just make it absurd to the general populace to even think it is a cult?"
>They all start talking over each other.
>Occult mumbles something about juice.
>That sounds like a juicy story.

>Be Fleur De Lis

>Conversing with Princess Luna, and Façade about cults.
>Truly meeting Fancy has been life changing.
"Shady Evil Business Supply Corporation is a royal front?"
>"I need you all to swear not to say anything about that. A-"
>Luna pauses. Almost afraid of what she may unleash.
>"Pinkie Pie promise."
>Nothing happened.
>"Nopony breaks a Pinkie Pie promise."

>Be Occult Facade

>This has been the most surreal lunch of my life.
>I was not ready. To see a real pony come out of Fancy Pants' jacket.
>I'm glad I just have to deal with nobles, and cults.
>Somethings come at too steep of a price.
>I still have illusions of grandeur to use magic on Earth. At least what I believe to be magic.
>Egotism for the win.
>Then again, I could avoid all the plants and cultists…
>Is it possible to learn it?
Don't forget we still need to learn earth pony magic.
>Right, one step at a time to reach for even more ultimate power.
>"What's the story behind you hating juice?"
"Juice? Why woul-"
You know triple parenthesis shekel lovers.
"Oh, right them. Personally? It starts at alot of places. But the moment I really knew I had to hold nothing back would be the year 2019, July 2nd. The final straw that made me snap was when the Jews tried to use their nuclear option. It failed, but the message was clear. I…"
>"Well? What happened next?"
"I did something really stupid, but in my mind there was no time left. I prepared as fast as I could. I used every scrap of knowledge I had to do as much as I could. I took as many mind altering substances as I could theoretically take, and did magic. All the magic. The next point in time I remember I was in a chair in a dark room. They had tools. I tried to do anything, but well I lived for a long time I think."
>What did happen between the drug mania and the time in the room?
You don't want to know.
>"That's awful. I- are you okay?"
"I think so. I think I have a phobia of chalk again. Probably about of other problems too…"
>"Occult do you need to see a mind healer?"
We are fairly sure you went berserk in there a few times. Stitching you back together was not pleasant.
"I'm fine for the most part. Oh right! Psychology, and whatever mind healing books or classes would be cool. That's it mind breaking sensations, they tested a few of them out."
>"What lead up to you getting in the room?"
"No idea. If what my subconscious is telling me I don't want to know. I think I was alot older, but I can't really tell."
That's for the best.
>They just look at each other for a moment.
>"Nothing. I as a princess should look over my subjects mental health."
"That's not a nothing look, but I should mention that it could have just been something my drug addled mind cooked up."
>They look even more concerned.
"That was not reassuring was it?"
>Princess Luna looking at the grandfather clock.
>"I should be going. Write me once a week Occult Façade."
"Sure, but I'm warning you my handwriting has not improved since becoming a pony."

>Be Princess Luna

>Checking on all the Anonymous foals is a top priority.
>This won't be pleasant.
>Being aware that the problem exists helps.
>Some foals could potentially be whatever a Jew is.
It might not be species specific.
>I am not used to that, but it is a good point.

>Be Occult Facade

>Calming down Fleur, and Fancy is very hard.
>Especially when having a prepubescent voice.
Or after telling them you have voices in your head that you made yourself.
>That too.
>The bell to the gate of the mansion just rang.

>It's the changeling. A clown guy.

>"Do you want me to come at a diffent time?"
>"It's fine really, just heard some controversial news."
>"Is this the little filly. That's-"
>He is trying to not blurt something out.
He or she is also trying to not piss off Fancy Pants.
>"What happened to you?"
"Eh, life you know."
>"Right. How to look like a normal pony."
>The changeling turns into me.
>Damn I look fucked up. Compared to that.
"So where do we begin?"
>Fancy Pants comes back in calmer now.
>"Basic expressions we will work down to the smallest possible."

>Be Fleur De Lis

>I forget that Fancy's foal is an old stallion at times.
>I need to write my friend about an introduction to the black magic group.
>I'll be there when they need me.
>It's the least I can do.

>Be Occult Facade

"Wow. Seriously?"
>"Yep, and then I threw the cream pie."
"That's an impressive tale."
>"What is going on with your magic and emotions really though."
"It's a secret. I can say that I'm getting alot of help."
>"That's good. Here's my card if you need help."
>I give the changeling a hug.
"Are you male or female?"


File: 1558325896660.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, 1641684__safe_artist-colon….png)



Oof. I just hit post earlier than I was ready for.
You do great work. Thank you.


File: 1558326414171.gif (2.23 MB, 724x1024, EverybodyPicnic.gif)




Caps Lock may be cruise control for cool, but even with cruise control you still have to steer.


File: 1558327461267.png (268.92 KB, 1280x1810, 1551426280039-0.png)

No u, you cant lie to me. How can I know he s not just passing as the writefag?
The poor original writefilly may as well be on her way to a filly chamber…with no eggplant!
But my "+6 tinfoil hat of truth" cannot be bypassed by such lies, no sir, i got my eyes on you


You failed to address >>222638


>Be the last pure fily
>Not even scruffy, but the big man admin himself decided to come down upon you for >rape
>You knew the truth, what was going on behind the fabricated lies
>And while keeping yourself pure, you managed to keep your head clear to notice everything going on around you
>Some stayed with you for a bit as a joke, others said you needed some "fun" in your life and there were others who just called you crazy
>But now, trapped under his huge form, you re powerless to do anything
>You only hope your sacrifice wasnt in vain
>You hope they heed your warnings
>If you manage to save a single filly, even a single one, you will be happy
>Putting you forcefully on a table, he pins you down on your belly and strips you to your birthday suit
>That is, only taking off your tinfoil hat, since ponies dont wear clothes…
>Wait, whats that?
>With your vision now unencumbered, you see a bunch of fillies sitting around
>Almost as if they re ready to watch a movie
>And you re the star of it
>Why didnt they listE-
>His free hand pushes your head down forcefully, his other hand never leaving your back
>The last strength to fight from within your legs fade away, as you hear someone asking for popcorn in the audience
>We could have been trully free
>All they had to do was listen
>Tears fall off your face freely, hopes dashed aside from the other fillies naively nature
>"Stop crying and take it like a man!"
>"Thats fucking gay man"
>"No u, faggot"
>"No u"
>You mind stop processing the chatter as it finally happens
>The last pure filly was no more
>Claimed by none other than the one she fought so hard to protect her fellow fillies from
>Be it PTSD from their old home or merely being cautious, none of that mattered now
>With a mere thrust, her new life had began



>Be pure filly
>You swear he should have started it by now
>But, as luck may have it, you feel…light
>No pressure, no intrusion, no nothing
>Fillies are cheering all around you
>Did you die? Are you on filly heaven?
>You hope this means you did good and can get in…
>Your face is wet from crying, but weakly you raise your face
>Slowly opening your eyes, you see that…you re still on the table
>But no one is pinning you down
>You re alive…and safe…and pure….
>Something doesnt feel right and shock bursts across the innards of your body, your mind racing to kickstart your nerves
>And quicker than ever you re up on your hooves
>You cautiously watch around for any sign of danger
>But every other filly present has their attention set behind oyouf
>Looking at what they re focused at, you find your to-be rapist and another guy fighting on the ground
>With no second thought, you jump down from the table and scamper off the room
>Perhaps there s still hope for you out there
>You can still save the fillies from their doom
>Your tinfoil hat is no more, a sad loss in this big war
>But you re a big filly, and you will handle yourself without it
>With your mind set to make things right, you rush out of the door, more than happy to still be yourself


File: 1558330041919.png (147.59 KB, 720x720, 1461301117387.png)

>not letting Jesus take the wheel


>Wheely Booper and filly art
I didnt knew how much i needed this until now, based


Fuck off fag


Go die normie


T-that a new Harvey filly or am I getting forgetful?


It's three years old.


File: 1558339019469.png (170.28 KB, 849x941, Blossomforth-Embarassed.png)

"I may look 10, but I was a full-grown adult before getting stuck like this."

The man scratches his head. "So are you 10, or are you an adult? I'm confused."

You sigh. "Somewhere back in Texas I have a driver's license that shows I'm 27. Actually 29, since I apparently skipped a couple of years on the way back here. It's 2019, right? Because I was born in 1989."

"Oh. I guess we could get a beer then. So do you want to go out to a bar or something, or are you like screwed for time and just need a quick one? I think I have a few in the fridge at my apartment."

"Hey, if you're treating, I'm not complaining. Can my friends come too?"

He shrugs. "Sure, why not. How often are you gonna get a chance to hang out with talking ponies?"

You shout off to the rest of your friends, "Hey, you guys wanna to get a beer with this rando?"

The responses you get are mixed. Daring and Lyra seem pretty game for it all, and Coco doesn't seem to mind tagging along, but Blossom is apprehensive. "Umm…" she walks up to you and whispers into your ear, "I know you guys are all adults, but I never was one before I turned into a pony. Are you sure it's alright?"

Now that you think about it, Blossom never joined you and Twilight on your drinking nights.


File: 1558339903192.png (252.33 KB, 632x800, 1495211591997.png)

you already ate so it wont be so bad
i dont think youd like the taste of beer anyways, but you can have ONE if youd like
last thing we need is spontaneous karaoke out of you, or you trying to play air tag with the birds
if you're that worried, just remember to drink as much water as you do booze or else you'll suffer when your brain's shriveled in the morning
1d100[ 1d100 = 90 ]


Plunger's beer bottle filly is top cute


File: 1558340339613.jpg (58.77 KB, 720x566, 1495263037793.jpg)

yer darn tootin


File: 1558341079054.png (42.55 KB, 605x989, AnonFilly-WineDrinker.png)


Filly knows how to drink responsibly.


File: 1558341792967-0.gif (104.58 KB, 256x256, Filly_Wings.gif)

File: 1558341792967-1.gif (87.95 KB, 256x256, Filly_Blep_Bigg.gif)


File: 1558342313092.png (147.71 KB, 522x488, 1465603725213.png)

yeah, it's just pain otherwise


File: 1558345523722.png (644.4 KB, 571x916, absolutely disgusting.png)


File: 1558357253848.png (9.24 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Filly drew you a picture. What do you think? Will you tell her you love it and pin it on the fridge, or will you critique it and help her improve because you know she's capable of better?


Cheep cheep!


Filly in diapers lmao


Diapers in fog?


>You realize your fatal mistake all too late as ricocheting projectile pierces skull.
>Your eyes slowly open and you groggily look around.
>"I see you're awake, you must have a lot of-"
>"Such strong-"
"Diaper me up! Let me suckle on your teats! Shove me in your cunt and let your ovaries give me life anew!"
>"E-excuse me?"
"Feed me from a bottle! Wipe my cunt and ass clean! Let me be your little foal!"
>"What in Celes-"
"Crinkle squish my diaper you fucking-"
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>You've never had to commit a foal to a mental institution so soon after discovering they existed, but the green one clearly needs help.
>You stand outside in shock, the sounds of her struggling audible through even the thick walls.
>Two muscle-bound ponies walk out, green straightjacketed filly in tow.
>"You will be my mommy you purple fuck, urghgh…"
>Her eyes roll back into her head.
>Sedative must have kicked in.
>You're going to go read something really technical to get your mind off of that…


Fuck off


I know I haven't posted to my main green in a long time, I had simply lost inspiration. So here's a quickie to hopefully get the creative juices flowing:

>Be Armchair, Psychologist Extraordinaire

>Once again seeing one of your more difficult "friends", a filly by the name of Anon
>Weird name.
>Being one of the only stallions in the field, you usually dealt with colts, but for some reason the Princess selected you
>Now you sat on the floor playing a very interesting game of Monopony
>Anon's version included capital punishment and "Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles" (whatever those were)
>You knew Princess Twilight was watching you behind the one-sided mirror
>Very few foals figured out the mirror's true purpose
>Anon was surely no different, although she had already been here several times
>"And since I have the only Waterworks, I'm gonna raise the cost of water to 100,000 bits per gallon" she says as you hand her the little card in exchange for 150 bits worth of paper money
"And why is that?" you ask, levitating your clipboard and pen
>"Because it's mine and I can do what I want."
"So you feel the need to exert control over what you own?"
>"Yeah. It just feels like I don't have lots of control over anything real. I just wish I could make more choices, then I'd be a happy filly." she answers sadly
"Is it fair to the other players to abuse your power?"
>"Since when has anyb- anypony been fair to me?"
>You jot this down and return to the game

"Alright Anon, do you think you could draw a picture for me?" you ask, sitting across from her at a miniature table adorned with paper and drawing instruments
>"Uh… what should I draw?"
"Anything you want?"
>"I get to choose?"
"Sure. Just let your imagination run free."
>"Am I allowed to use the crayons?"
"…of course. Why wouldn't you?"
>"I'm not allowed to do things." she says flatly, getting to work drawing on a city, starting with the jail

"And so Princess Twilight-
>"MISS Twilight. I want to be a regular, normal mom."
>Yeah, right
"Anyway, Anon seems to have difficulties with control over her life. I think it would be best if you gave her a little space."
>She gave you the 'I-know-better" look she always did
>Whatever, you were getting paid either way.


Fuck yes. However long it takes, it's worth it. Thanks for the update filly.


Where does a little filly find herself a nerve gas?


Pixel-y filly a cute!


File: 1558399625809.png (118.19 KB, 432x539, 1490199797630.png)

You can only do so much with hooves.
It's a wonderful drawing Lone, and yes it's going right on the fridge because it probably took a lot of effort!
Of course if you knew how to do better though, we could plop that right on next to it!


Daw, what cuties


>Ywn cuddle with another filly while you both wet


Why not both?


>The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
>A loop that becomes harder to break on the negative end. Not always true.
>It is very possible to break such a thing, sometimes it starts as something small.
>Sometimes something small starts the spiral.

>"Prince Blueblood, Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust will be at the unveiling of Princess Luna's announcement at the castle maze. The suit overseen by Rarity herself should keep you safe."

>I have to say it's really nice. Something that ooozes with the look of the upper upper class, the 1% of the 1%, something even as fashion blind as I am can tell at a glance it's perfect. I will probably grow out of it in a year.
>Especially comfortable though, and it's flexible.
>A Bowtie is odd, but it matches Fancy Pants' outfit.
>Shoes though as a pony is bizarre. Somehow you can still grab through it. I've always wondered how the princesses could do anything with them on.
>Having pants just feels right after so long going without.
>I'm going into an old and possibly magical hedge maze.
>Of doom.
>For Fancy Pants and Luna though.
>I'm sure-
Shhhh, this is a Magical Pony Land where a phrase like that could mean our end.
>… I can't argue with that.

>"Openess, and flow. With a smile. I'll be right next to you until you have to go near the princess."

"Thanks, Fan- mother."

>I did not think this through.

>The only exposed part is my face.
>"Fancy Pants, and a little one how- pleasant."
>"Crumbling Line, this is my daughter Occult Façade."
>Pony has some really dark glasses, and it's at night.
"Greetings, Crumbling Line."
>As long as this fucker doesn't lean in close to breath in my hair or something.
>"How- charitable you are Fancy Pants. That fur color, that mane. Is this one of those Anonymous creatures. I did not think you would join such a- pastime. Makes sense only Rarity's line could work."
Damage control now. Fancy is going into protective mother bear mode. Go for cute and disarming.
"Mister Line, you must have a good eye for detail. I'm sure you'll appreciate what the Princess has in store. I'm glad we crossed paths, Crumbling Line."
>"Indeed, we must be off Crumbling Line. Many ponies to introduce to my daughter."
>"I understand completely, Fancy Pants."

Didn't think they would be that blunt right from the start.
>Meeting ponies, being a cute filly, trying to not explode.
>Finally, Luna is about to show the thingy.
That was a long speech about miniaturization and the technicalities of how it works.
>Unveiling the anticipated item in question.
>It's a snowglobe that has a galaxy in it.
>They are just politely if bored clapping.
It's not an illusion. That is a miniature.
>I'm clapping louder than they are.
>They have no tas-
Watch out!
>I feel something hit my cheek.
>I'm shoved into the nearby hedge. Ass first. A branch is a little too close for my liking.
>I can't move.
We just got hit with a spell.
>Someone is trying to steal or break that thing.
>Is that Crumbling Line?
>"The old ones will raise again!"
>He is charging his horn and running right at me. With the snowglobe.
>Why is nobody doing anything?
They might have been tagged with a paralyzing agent of somekind.
Possibly other things too.
In addition they all have something Old covering them.
>What can we do?
Brace for impact.

>Floating in space.

>I'm seeing stars.
Be very, very, quiet.
>Those aren't stars.
>"Old ones hear my call I have brought a sacrifice."
We must be still.
>"Grant me your reward of-"
Bad news. 'Mother' is the least of our worries here. Whatever he did we are now on their turf.
>How do we get out.
No idea. The connection to Flakey Crust looks like things are watching it closely.

>Be Princess Luna

>The star system sphere had lack luster support from this group.
>Then everything fell apart.
>Fancy Pants is doing okay for the circumstances.
>The magical discharge where Occult used to be is still glowing with power.
>The hedge for a 7 hooves is just gone.
>If by a miracle Occult is alive, she still has to contend with the 'Forgotten Beings'.
>Flakey Crust. The bond should still be active.
>At least then I'll know if I have to tell Fancy if her daughter is truly dead.

>Be Occult Facade

>Being still for so long is making my joints ache.
Good news, grab on in four seconds.
>The darkness of the void is far preferable to the Eyes.
>I grab on to something. A few stars are glowing again.
Now don't move.
>I'm glad I don't need to blink in this place.
In about thirty seconds we push off as hard as possible.
>I hate not knowing what the damn hell is going on.
>With everything I have I jump off the invisible thing.
>Everything goes ploka-dot.
>I feel the flavor of exponentials in my retinas.

>Be Flakey Crust.

>Princess Luna just asked for the impossible.
"I felt something happen. The previous little messages when I did something good is just gone. I really don't know your highness."
>"I will check the connection personally. Keep still."
>I can do that.
>"Nothing is being sent. Either something happened, or something is going on with the connection. If she died you will know."
>The princess has a very intense look on her face.

>Be ???


>Be Occult Facade

>That was awful. That does not compare to anything I've ever experienced.
Now we hope that we are in the right place.
Go for friendly. We passed the fire into a super nova.
"Hello. I'm afraid I'm a little bit lost."
>"Very interesting."
>Now what do we do?
>"I understand now."
Let's see if this works.
>"You know my name now. Fascinating. I will get into mortal affairs now. You Will Be My First Champion.
"I couldn't refuse now could I?"
>"I know you won't refuse my offer. It is too good to be true, but it is true."
"What is the offer?"
"Technically what would happen if I refused?"
>"Nothing at all. We would be stuck here beyond foreverness it self."



Kek. The ultimate Mommy Issues Filly.


>mommy Straight Jacket will never hug you tightly and never let go


Ah, you're starting a self-insert fanfic?


File: 1558400854562.png (220.37 KB, 1012x1024, 589023615231.png)

Funnily enough, I was basing it loosely around (You)…


Oh yeah, that guy who's been posting animations to derpi has been using them for something.


Error. Something about the "length of null." I'm not a game designer or nothin', so I'll just leave it alone.


Wow, that's pretty awesome. Made it to the "top"


Any suggestions on what The Eldritch Horror should be?




You ever read a little book called "The King in Yellow"?


No, but I should


RIP anonfilly.
I should read "The King in Yellow" I'll be doing so now.


File: 1558403733076.gif (Spoiler Image, 106.99 KB, 512x512, 2038901.gif)

Wow, that's really cool!
Ya know, the color and attack animation of those slimes remind me of another animation he posted to derpi…


Rightio. So thematic shift, to a more horror element?
Should It be a combination of both Nyarlathotep and 'The King in Yellow'/Hastur/'nameless one' or something else?

The there is no limit here.




I'd go with a single entity, at least for now. Maybe do a coin flip on which one you want to go with, you can always incorporate the other later.



File: 1558405850237.png (66.89 KB, 468x402, 1520053869767.png)

How the hell did you gather that was me?


Sounds good.
This is where anonfilly is coming from. And the half remembered horror literature.

Time to brush up on some horror.



turn off adblock nigga


File: 1558407536515.jpg (473.75 KB, 2448x3264, 1551187441477.jpg)

I recognize the shape of the muzzle, silly filly.


File: 1558408595593.png (219.44 KB, 811x1073, 1525225750408 (1).png)

I'm working on it.
It's kind of difficult with this equipment though.


File: 1558409282905.png (191.35 KB, 1024x1024, 1537235811558.png)



File: 1558409891678.png (154.92 KB, 1571x1218, 5321523.png)

No, I can't be silly. You're silly, fag.
I can't believe somebody saved that shitty drawing…


File: 1558410302768.png (146.41 KB, 1174x904, hugging fillies.png)

LonePone is an adorable filly who needs hugs and snuggles and loving care


File: 1558410908059.png (1020.25 KB, 960x720, 1540698610896-1.png)

I don't know, I mean you are being a pretty silly and super cute filly right now.
Just like your drawings!


File: 1558416371749.png (182.61 KB, 799x1085, Scrunch 5.png)

>Turning my own zinger against me
No u!
But how would I inspire that? I'm somewhat well-adjusted…


File: 1558416829658.png (201.17 KB, 1034x835, 1530988577663.png)

In a thread a while back you mentioned liking diapers, unbirthing, breastfeeding and maybe a few other things I can't remember; I just sort of exaggerated it and ran with it. I don't think anybody here would really act like that of course, it was meant to sort of just poke fun at you, me, and most of all the thread and all the similarly themed posts you fags have been making recently.


File: 1558417014106.png (228.96 KB, 386x514, smug anime wendy - implyin….png)

>somewhat well-adjusted


Now filly has magic to play.
Does Purple know?


The plot thiccens.Fucking end me.
>Be Little League.
>Twilight is panicking.
>"Why won't the fucking door open?!"
>You're next to the elevator and Twilight is pressing the button repeatedly, getting more and more forceful with every impact.
"Try prying the door open."
>"Oh yeah, sure. Ask the pony that only ever does shit with magic to pry something open with her hooves!"
"You try it or we die."
>She sighs and gives the heavy blast doors a good tug.
>"There, happy?"
"Well, unlike you I'm probably going to die here. So no, not really."
>"I clearly outlined that when I told you we were coming here."
>A black fluid starts to seep out from the grates on the concrete floor.
>"The air vents, they need to supply air to the rest of the complex."
>Twilight takes to the air, getting you close enough to bash the metal grate off.
>You climb up inside before she follows.
>"I'm a bit too big for this."
>Should've lain off the Hayburgers.
>She can just barely fit her head and forehooves through.
>"You go on, even if this stuff is corrosive I'll break down a lot slower than a normal pony. Hurry, follow the largest mana conduits and find a control panel. Once I've got my magic back, this whole place is history."
>You're surprised to find a small locket thrown at you.
>"If I don't make it out, give this to Anon."
"What's on it?"
>She shoots you a glare that chills you to your bones.
>You decide not to open it and crawl onward.
>It's been-
>You have no idea how long it's been.
>You're freezing, and you haven't come across anything but hallways and rooms coated in black goo all the way up to their air vents.
>If that goo is dangerous, Twilight might already be screwed by now.
>You might not like her, but you can't deny how important she is.
>You can hear a slight chugging sound to the left.
>Huh, might be more than just more endless goo…
>You take the turn and carefully approach, you've noticed that the metal can be quite loud when you're crawling on it.
>You peak through the slats in the grate and see what appears to be a boiler with a sleeping mare next to it.
>You drop down as silently as you can, removing the baseball bat from your mane.
>Looking around, you see nothing that could free Twilight other than an incomprehensible array of buttons.
>Might be a good idea to go for the inconspicuous approach…
>You pull your cap down and widen your eyes for maximum marketability and stow your bat again.
>The mare stirs in her sleep, muttering something about how she isn't ready to have kids.
>The perfect crime.
"H-hello miss?"
>She bolts upright.
>"Huh? Who goes there?!"
"Miss, I'm lost…"
>She just stares at you in disbelief.
>"I… how did you get in here?"
>Crap, what's the plot of that one puzzle game Anon would always tell you about?
"I-it is bring your daughter to work day, isn't it?"
>She sighs.
>"You had me scared for a minute there, I've got KOS orders for intruders and I don't want to kill a filly. Did you crawl through the vents?"
"Y-yeah, it was cold and loud and scary…"
>"Oh Celestia, where are my manners… I run the boiler, come over here and heat up."
"Thank you very much, m-"
>She sticks out a hoof.
>"Delta Tee."
>You shake it.
"Little League."
>You get a bit closer to the grates on the boiler.
>Delta wraps a foreleg around you.
>Well, she may have been dreaming about her kids; makes sense.
>"So, where's you daddy?"
"Mom, actually. She's stuck at the top of one of the hallways, she flew up and got me in the vents and sent me to get her unstuck."
>"It's lucky she's a pegasus, otherwise she'd probably be dead. Still odd that there'd be a bug with the scanners, that sort of thing is life and death."
"W-what do you mean?"
>"Oh, don't worry about your mom. If she can fly, she'll be fine, that stuff just tends to drown earth ponies and unicorns very quickly, it's in all the training videos."
>"I um, hmm. If she's a new employee her signature might not be registering on the map…"
>She absentmindedly stokes the boiler flame.
>"I'm a rather petite mare, I could use my signature to get you two out of this mess by crawling behind you."
"Oh, thank you miss!"
>You throw in a hug for good measure.
>"Heh, no problem. Anything to help out a pony in need."
>She shuffles uncomfortably, eyeing her work uniform and frowning.
>"I'll fly us up."
>The trip back is horrible.
>Delta might be petite, but that doesn't mean she's exactly vent-sized.
>The fact that you manage to get turned around a few times doesn't really help all that much either.
>You hear slight bangings on the vents and follow them.
>They terrify you, but you know it's much more likely to be Twilight than something dangerous.
>Something about that last train of thought doesn't quite add up.
>You stop when you can see the top of her head.
>"Well, no room to turn around in here, guess I'll just-"
>She looks at you, confused.
>"Didn't you say your mom was a pegasus?"
>The sound of draining fluid can be heard from below.
>Twilight's entire head appears.
>"Nice job League. Who's your friend?"
>"I-I gottabegoing…"
>"No, you don't. You'll send them after us, and then we'll be screwed. Granted, I wouldn't want to have to paint these vents red with a beam of energy, you'd be better off coming with us."
>"Y-yes Princess…"
>"Good girl."
>You climb onto Twilight's back and drop down, a meek Delta following soon after.
>"League, level the baseball bat to the base of her skull."
>You do as she says, whispering a quick apology in her ears.
>Tears run down her cheeks.
>"P-please don't hurt me, I have a husband and two beautiful foals…"
>"I don't give a shit. Honest living or not, you signed on knowing that nothing good goes down in a facility hidden a mile under the earth."


>"Why the bat?"
>"I need something that can break your neck in a heartbeat. Your colleagues took my magic, that's what we're going to be getting right now. Where do we need to go?"
>"The only way to turn off the emergency protocol would be at the Oracle."
>"Where's this 'Oracle' located?"
>"Start down that hallway."


No u, I bet you don't even have any beef in your patties.


Yes, Purple managed to overlook the massive fucking protrusion from filly's head.
Not until you do, filly suicide pact when?


Reee I waited for just the moment to post my post so I'd have trips and you stole my thunder with an edited post of >>222776 .


File: 1558417562935.jpg (96.34 KB, 359x273, 8b1b0985498d5e1f2ab0daafe4….jpg)


File: 1558417657065.jpg (45.31 KB, 736x749, b75bdb02c5a1d1d61971826471….jpg)

Everyponer kneel down.


going to read tomorrow, may need to retcon this part though, but I felt getting this out sooner is better.
>Madness. Insanity. Terms used in court to describe someone mentally unwell to be held to their actions.
>All the horror writers were mostly right.
>Being here? Priceless.
Finishing the last of our preparations. We Are Out Of Implementing All The Ideas We Have.
>"Such perceptions matter that much?"
"I like to be prepared if I have all the time needed."

"I am ready to make the deal."
>"Being my Champion, and knowing my name. You know what you, and we have at stake champion."
"what should I call you to others?"
>"The King in Yellow, The Unspeakable One, The God of Shepherds, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Hastur. Guide the lambs as you tried in your last life. Enter me."

>Be Princess Luna

>The connection is back.
>Sending a message.
>"i'm here now."
"Occult how? I- you were lost in…"
>She has a lingering tinge. Oh, no.
>"you do understand what has occurred. i- Ahem"
>She is seems to be just breathing, with her eyes closed for a moment.
>"I Need to speak to you about matters of grave importance."
"What have you done?"
>She visibly sags a terrible weight on her shoulders. No thing may know the price.
"Ah. Let's go somewhere more private. If we have time we should tell Fancy Pants you are alright."
>She breaths deeply. As though a treasured memory crossed her mind.
>"Yes, that does sound nice."
>Flakey Crust shifting.
>Occult Façade speaks.
>"Once I know the limits I ought not cross things will return to normal. Until then the bond will be silent. Keep doing the right thing."

>Be Fancy Pants

>It's Princess Luna, and Occult!
>I wrap my filly in a hug.
>She just accepts it.
"I thought we lost you forever!"
>At the word forever she cackles. Jarringly stops.
>"Thank you for being there for me. I'm not okay. I am alive and well. Being back here is- nice."
>She continues.
>"Please, just be who you are Fancy Pants. I just-"
>She's closing her eyes. Calmly breathing.
>"I want to be your filly, and even your friend. I have problems. I-"
>I hug her tightly.
"Of course my little filly."
>She hugs back. Gingerly.
>"I have to do important things. Not just because I need to, but because I would have if I could. I wi-"
>The eye of the storm.
>"I don't want you to know what I do. Please."
>Not quite broken yet
"I don't quite understand, but I'll accept it. I'll be right here if, and possibly when you need me."
>One less weight on her shoulders.

>Be Occult Façade

>Things are everywhere.
>I just couldn't see before.
>I still remain unbroken.
We will put you back together as many times as needed you know.
>I wouldn't have it any other way.
>Luna's bedroom.
>It's almost free of those things.
>Her horn glows and a barrier keeps them out.
Multiple barriers, everything will be kept confidential.
>"Everything will be kept confidential, Occult. What can you tell me?"
"How much do you know? I- have an obligation to something. I don't want to burden you more princess"
>"You're careful that's good. I know that where you went has 'The Forgotten Beings' I also know that those cults do the most damage. We dispose of them permanently."
We only giggled twice. Very good.
"Do you know the titles or the names of any of them?"
>"the titles yes, but we throughly mind wipe all of the operatives. I may be an alicorn, but Discord has been double checking. Since Fluttershy is his friend he has been, cleaning."
We have been keeping the shaking to a minimum.
"Have you heard the title 'Him Who Is Not to be Named'?"
>They are crawling over the shield now.
>"In passing by cults, murmurs to keep it locked."
"Well I am The Champion of-"
Come on deep breath we are HERE on there.
>Luna is pale now.
"Him Who Is Not to be Named. I know his name too, and what I have to do."
>Moving the damned things move.
We'll keep watch just close your eyes for a little bit.
>"Why are you telling me this? When you could slip away and start your own cult."
"I will preface this, most simply ARE. Some emote. They are just so Different from us. Fundamentally Different on a scale and breadth that doesn't compare to Anything we have or could have."
>She waits patiently. As I breath in free air.
"I want a better world, a better future. It's what I did in my last life, and I'll do it again. My patron isn't moral, The continuation of-"
>So many, just so many. The barrier will have to go down.
Calm, breath.
"The continuation of everything, but not at the cost of all interesting things."
Just know we saw it at the peak of it's time.
>That's right.
"He deals in madness, beyond mortal comprehension. Not kind, not caring. The not quite interested, but is close enough thought pattern."
>Make sure I don't do something stupid.
"I want to tell you he is now active. I am to exterminate the cults, ruin their plans, and cast them to be forgotten once more."
>"Why tell me?"
"I would rather work with peopl- ponies I trust than to just scrape on by listening only to hearsay. To do the most good I can. You are princess of Equestria, and I have peop- ponies, friends I care for here. You are included Luna."
>"I'll have to vet you, but-"
"You can look through almost anything around in here, I… I would like your help, but I don't want- want, want."
>"I can see them too. I also have ways to do these sorts of things. Trust in me a little."
Hug her. You'll need it.
>I hug the princess, my friend.
>"How about I introduce you to the black magic group, tomorrow?"
>She hugs me.
>The barrier crumbles.
>We hug each other tighter.
It's okay, we are alive. We are here. Remember to breath.


Great update


File: 1558420975589.png (72.6 KB, 400x400, Blossomforth-Goggles.png)


You pull Blossom off to a nearby bench where the human can't eavesdrop on you. "So, never had a drink before?"

She shakes her head, which you respond by giving a playful noogie with your hoof.

"Well to tell you the truth, you should probably be alright if you just have one beer. You've already eaten, and food slows the absorption of alcohol."

"Wait, really?"

You nod. "Yeah. Also beer's not that high in alcohol content compared to say, wine or vodka. Just try not to drink too much, and get plenty of water with it too or you'll be screaming in the morning about a hangover. I know that might sound fun by some people, but I'm pretty sure I might have some post traumatic stress caused by waaaaking up to the same hung over Twilight for over a week."

Blossom almost chokes up trying to suppress a laugh. "Alright, triggering you like that almost sounds too good to pass up."

"I'm serious Hannah, I don't want to wake up on a plane next to you complaining about how wasted you got the day before."

She runs off back to the group, shouting, "Oh man, that's it. I'm having TWO beers, and then we're doing karaoke and talking to the crows on the power lines!"

Just the exact thing you wanted to prevent.


>JTHM reaction image
Good taste.


File: 1558435861001.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.87 KB, 1178x1240, Spanking 2.jpg)

O-oh, I forgot I told you all about that…
I've also fantasized over very specific situations, like my momfu spanking me for doing something bad, but then finding out I didn't do it, then giving me apology ice cream and snuggles


File: 1558443663813.png (Spoiler Image, 261.53 KB, 1040x1440, IMG_3565.PNG)

I-I'm just gonna pretend that isn't hot as fuck…


I'm going to keep it.



I've fantasized about similarly specific stuff. Like lying about being a stress wetter Cartman-style so I can be pampered by my momfu, only to unintentionally start wetting out of habit, until finally I admit to my momfu I lied and she forgives me so long as I keep being an adorable and cuddly babby.


File: 1558451980988.png (218.31 KB, 730x484, 1557596920944.png)



Offer a silent, defeated Reee in response. Also: "Well, I guess that's future (You)'s problem. Just don't expect much pity if you wake up with a raging hangover." 1d100[ 1d100 = 85 ]




>Alien consciousnesses. Connections. Thought forms. Spirits, and Beings. Demons, and Daemons. Gods, and Goddesses. Elder beings. Things Beyond I could contact at my own peril.
>I understood before, not as viscerally as I Understand now.
>Hastur doesn't fall into those groups.
>He is simply more.
>And there are cults trying to do something.
>Amusingly Magic around the world draws them near, and Magic 'keeps' them at bay. At least for most of the populace.
>How peacefully fragile.
Knowledge is power. We won't forget the brilliance of that place.

>My room. Teeming with the things.

>I could identify the lower beings, now.
Just had to sort through it. Carefully.
>Thought forms, ideas, emotions. Spirits. Them.
>Honestly would have been useful during my time on Earth.
Hey. Speaking of Earth. How about we try a banishing ritual?
>Wow, my imagination has never been this vivid.
One meter cube right on the bed. Let's go through the motions.
>A shake of my flank, a few stomps, and both of us enacting the banishment.

>Be Fancy Pants

>I hear her stomping around.
>If she was a normal filly I would think she's just playing.
>She's laughing. Like an impossible desire came true.
"Is everything alright in there? Can I come in?"
>"Yes! Yes. Everything is great. I have to tell Luna as soon as possible."
>Opening the door. She's looking right at her bed. A real grin on her face.
>I haven't ever seen that.
>Always being a mask no matter how thin. Never quite fully genuine.
>Not like most ponies.
>"Now to take down the banished area."
>Nothing changes.
>Her eyes though sparkle.
>This. This would be the moment she got her cutie mark.
>Instead a question mark rests. Unchanged.
>The moment every pony has.
>But, she doesn't care. She will be both a human, and a pony.
"I suppose there is some time left to see the Princess. We have to hurry though."

>Be Occult Facade.

>So much time pouring over myself, and books finally has tangible results.
The possibilities are endless now.
>"We have to hurry though."
>We could stretch time or shrink space or-
Just walk slightly faster. We still need to be diverse in our skills, and that means we need a fit body.
>Ah, right.
"Let's go I think this is an important rediscovery she should know."

>We didn't make it there in time.

"Sorry-, mother for dragging you out. I was a little too excited."
>She smiles understanding. What does that mean…
>"It's perfectly fine Occult, I did something like that with my mother."
>The shower, her heat, and wetness coating me trapped.
Focus. We are in the street next to the real Fancy Pants.
>She's hugging me reporters are taking pictures.
>I hug her back.
>"Today has been eventful. Once we get back let's have icecream."
The reporters are eating this up.
>I grin.
"Yay, icecream!"
>"After dinner."
>It's an uneventful walk back.
>Some of the things pluck an idea floating from a reporter. Magic fills in where the idea used to be.
Interesting replica.
>fascinating. what does the thing use the idea for?
You're Thinking too hard.
>Shit. Thanks. I didn't even know.
Going to be increasing what you perceive.
>"Are you alright Occult Façade?"
Be Careful how you Speak.
"I just thought I saw a cool balloon, mother. We get to have icecream tonight."
>What the fuck even is that?
The things you saw before noob level beginner trash. That? That is slightly More.
>The damned cults will have alot more nasty things in it.
Yes, sometimes the best thing to do is either run or hide.
>"Take notice of this context Champion."
>Th- thank you Hastur.
Fuckity fucking fuck.
>On roughly the same level as Hastur, and possibly has backing from 'bigger' things. Malevolence, and hate for possibly everything. Actively enjoys the suffering of others.
let's just go get the icecream.

>The icecream is very good.

The crawling things are slightly off putting, but it's all part of a healthy immune system. Or something.
>We will need more power, more knowledge, more self-improvement, more allies, more friends.
>Just quality and quantity is what we need. For all the things.
"Thank you Fancy Pants."
>"You're welcome, Occult Façade. If you tell me. I do want to know the problems you face."
"I'll try. The basic idea is that foes are returning or coming here. Like how it has been since Luna returned. I just have a chance to help fight fire with very, very, only slightly benevolent fire. All my experiences on Earth just helps for the qualifications."
>"My little hero. Off to go save the world."
>We both giggle slightly.
>"Really though Occult Façade. I'll help however I can. I think most good ponies would."
"Thanks. The princesses know what they are doing. I'm sure they have better plans than I do."

>Saying our good nights, we head off to bed.

>I dream of the city we ventured. The variations. Of them all from the start, beyond the end. The place called Hastur, but also its another name.


Pretty well written. Some strong feels.


File: 1558475738029-0.jpg (2.88 MB, 4160x3120, 20190521_000627.jpg)

File: 1558475738029-1.jpg (2.97 MB, 4160x3120, 20190521_003956.jpg)

File: 1558475738029-2.jpg (2.78 MB, 4160x3120, 20190521_011053.jpg)

File: 1558475738030-3.jpg (1.31 MB, 3120x4160, JPEG_20190521_004812.jpg)

File: 1558475738030-4.gif (80 KB, 265x265, Filly_Nest.gif)

colored fillies and a birb
by an anon's colt/wife, and a discord loving fagfilly respectively
also plunger, obviously


File: 1558475767031-0.png (974.04 KB, 834x1248, 1558060817075.png)

File: 1558475767031-1.png (29.73 KB, 140x233, HereEatSomeSad.png)

File: 1558475767031-2.jpg (23.19 KB, 720x631, IMG_20190521_043254_767.jpg)

File: 1558475767031-3.png (167.21 KB, 550x450, ThisIsANoGayZone.png)


Adorable! Though, may I suggest making the pringles guy into a Spurdo?


File: 1558475912184-0.jpg (2.8 MB, 4160x3120, 20190521_013335.jpg)

whoops, this one too


I'd go with the Tony Stark line:
"Face it, this isn't the most awkward thing you've caught me doing"


I'm ded. Jokes aside, if I were in filly's position, I'd probably be making voodoo dolls and fucking them senseless. Though I wouldn't be doing it with a Twilight doll, I'd be doing it with a doll of myself.


File: 1558480002809-0.png (502.83 KB, 719x528, 1474931667172.png)

>ywn be the anon/filly to finally claim the last pure filly
why live?


We must go, and maintain the city.

>We're back again?

Yeah, even in sleep we have no rest.
>Is it how we left it?
Everything broken is repaired, but yes. Where we left it.
>We must survive then.
The King in Yellow is watching.
The things will come to destroy us.
>The last link to here. To Hastur. To the King in Yellow.

When all else fails we must flee deeper.
>Here is far more dangerous than any of those things.
More materials to build with.
Praise unto The God of Shepherds.
>Praise unto The King in Yellow.


Psalm: Occult Façade in Carcosa.
Work The God of Shepherds' Gift.
>May the Shepherd live. May all the lambs live.
Gift The Unspeakable One Survival.
>Survival of the Shepherd. Survival of the lambs.
Survive Him Who Is Not to be Named. Life. UnLife.
>UnLife for the Shepherd. Life for the lambs.
Shepherd and lambs.
>Both The King in Yellow's Wisdom.
Wise is the Shepherd who cares for the lambs.
>In Wisdom lambs become sheep. In Wisdom sheep become Shepherds.
Wiseness Hastur Thrives.
Thriving The Shepherds' enter Carcosa.
The God of Shepherds Gives!
>The Unspeakable One Survives!
Him Who Is Not to be Named
>The King in Yellow's Wiseness!
Hastur Thrives!
Carcosa They enter!
Carcosa The lambs, sheep, and Shepherds leave!
Thank Hastur.

The King in Yellow.
>The King in Yellow.

Working more traps, more fences, more knowledge.
>Did you feel that?
>Working more traps, more fences, more knowledge.


The King in Yellow.
>We are out of gifts.
Practice our wisdom.
>Did you feel that?

Stairs have been trapped.
>inwards and outwards?
>What about tartan?
Plad, too.

>Pslam: Occult Façade in Carcosa.

>Thank Hastur.
Thank The King in Yellow.
>Thank Him Who Is Not to be Named.
>Thank The Unspeakable One.
Thank The God of Shepherds.
Thank The Shepherd.
>Thank The sheep.
Thank The lamb.


The King in Yellow.
>The wanderer is here.
The safe path is safer.
Did you feel that?

>The King in Yellow.
Him Who Is Not to be Named.
>Him Who Is Not to be Named.

I miss them.
>I do too.
>At least they arn't here.
Very true!
>Careful! They almost got your hoof.
Oh, they almost did.


Something new may happen.
>Oh, we are out of Gifts?
We must practice.

We're back again?
>No we have been here for some time.

>Him Who Is Not to be Named.

The Unspeakable One.
>Gifts have arrived!
We must work!

>Be Princess Luna.

>The door into Occult Façade's mind is shut tight.
>Knocking isn't doing anything, and attempts to push or pull or slide it open are in vain.
>Her mind displaying all the signs of old one cult worship.
>I can't enter through the bond Occult is keeping it one way, and she stopped it.
>"You want to go inside, Loony?"
"Discord! Yes. I need to make sure Occult is safe."
>"The Champion Head Cultists mind? Oohh~ Luna. By ugh gag, obligation once inside I won't let you out. I won't go with you."
"Do it."
>He's in a banana train wearing a military suit made of toasted fishing bobs.

>Be Occult Façade

>Thank the lamb.

I feel it now.
>I do too.

The Unspeakable One.
>The God of Shepherds.
Carcosa is pounding.
>My head is too.
The King in Yellow is interested.

The safe path is safe.
>Ow, I can hardly think.
Take a Gift.
>oh i feel better
so do i.
>the safe path is safe

>Shhh, we must be silent.
>It's too soon to use another Gift.

>The Unspeakable One.

The God of Shepherds.
>They are Near!
This is bad. We have some Gifts?
>Yes, an- did you feel that?
>It came in the start of the safe path.

>"Last Stop, Carcosa!"

>John? Q? Wait…
>"Tah tah!"
>"I came here to save you."
"Oh no. No, no, no, no. You can't be here! They are coming!"
"It is near!"
"We will show you what we can! Take these Gifts!"
>"What are these?"
"Gifts from The God of Shepherds. Oh, right she can't hear you. We also call them Resource units. We can use them for ANYTHING and NOTHING and things BETWEEN and not EITHER."
>"What is the cost?"
"Using it has no cost. Creating one is too difficult for us right now. Wait… Mind twisting and madness when using it on yourself. Once made it stays."
"Carcosa is more dangerous than them. Stand and fight if we run out of the safe path.

>Be Princess Luna

>Occult Façade is not in a normal state of mind.
>I can Feel something else watching me.
>"A Song! You and We need a song, but there is no time…"
"What are you talking about?"
>"Pslam: Occult Façade and Luna in Carcosa."
>She keeps humming, and moving starting over and over getting something just right.
>The 'traps' she has shown me is creatively horrifyingly effective.
>One job. To eliminate invaders in different ways.
>All of the ways.
>Seemingly Chaotic yet harmonized. With periods of discord. Small jumps of Order.
>Further in it gets more, and specific, and strange.
"I would hate to breach this place.
>"To the entrance lest they get one to bypass!"

>Be Occult Façade

"Hummm, dumm, fummmm."
Shepherd and the Lost Flock.
"Siim, Timmm, Limm."
gifting Gifts, Shepherd, and Flock.

>Be Princess Luna

>Occult is clearly Wanting to sing the words.
>They are coming.
>"Together They Leave Carcosa!"
>"Luna. We just have be close enough so they can't break the traps. The fence keeps them away unless something Big comes. Then we either fight or we flee."
>Rare moment of lucidity.
"I understand. Hop on my back so you can be used as a spell platform?"
>"Good idea."
>Getting on she keeps talking.
>"Some of the more exotic traps tucked away keep them from being what they want. Makes erasing them easier."
>"If I say run. We must flee as fast as possible down the safe path."
"I've done similar things before."
>"Hunh? Oh, Carcosa."
"They are here."
>"How many Gifts do you have?"
>"Don't use it on me. I can't die here."


Man this guy is posting fast. At this rate he'll catch up to me and my neverending river of autistic mommy-issue shit

All very cute and/or funny


I have to say getting into the right mind set for this is interesting.
I've been making myself post at least one a day to make the connection deeper, and stronger between my conscious and subconscious. Or something.
When I'm done with one I open a new reply to keep ideas flowing. One positive aspect of phone fagging. The character limit helps me keep going. An I'm almost done sort of thing.

Any feedback is welcome.


Stop spamming derpibooru with your OC.
It's not nice pushing other fanarts from the page one just for one single OC


File: 1558492616601.png (129.23 KB, 611x805, ponice filly.png)

I've been hearing some reports of grand larceny over the past few hours.
Is there some faggot stealing (You)s around here?


File: 1558492926914.png (220.25 KB, 1800x1200, 1507799559671.png)


We're not that nice.
We're mean and we're evil.
Don't call us nice.
We're gonna eat your heart out.
We've got some work to do.
Baby, we're ready
we're ready
we're ready ready ready to blow our lid off.


File: 1558493350796.gif (547.76 KB, 1280x720, 1031636.gif)

Please point to the rule stating that an artist cannot upload more than a certain amount of their artwork at a time, faggot






File: 1558500675885.jpg (2.39 MB, 4048x3036, IMG_20181206_213048.jpg)


File: 1558503802652.png (1.85 MB, 6966x6196, 414661.png)

Damn, this is going full Weimar now.


File: 1558513499675.png (142.24 KB, 669x669, AnonFilly-ComplainFace.png)


"Reeeee," you mutter under your breath. Of course Blossom is going to be a teenager about it. What was even the point of her asking if things were okay? As you run back to your friends, you shout back at her, "That's future you's problem. Don't expect any pity if you wake up with a massive hangover!"

When you finally make it back, the man offering to buy you all drinks looks at you a little confused. "What was that all about?"

"Oh, right. Blossom's first time drinking. She umm…" You don't want to say she's underage, but now you're a bit caught. She completes your sentence for you, "Religious parents."

"Yeah, that."

He shrugs. "Alrighty then. Well the place we're going to sells more than just beers, even if it is called JL Beers. So you don't actually have to drink if you think Jahovah's gonna kick your ass or something."

She laughs. "Nah, I'm down for a few beers."

"Alright, cool. I guess we should head off instead of dicking around here much longer, especially if you guys have to catch a flight."

You agree, and let the man lead the way. It takes maybe half an hour or so to walk there, and while doing so you learn a little bit about your host. His name is Josh, and he's an "intersectional feminist" in his own words. You kind of want to gag upon hearing this, but let him continue speaking, all the while making gestures to Daring with your hooves that Josh's words make you feel like hurling. The message seems to get across okay.

Eventually, you arrive at what looks like a rather small pub sandwiched between a few larger buildings. The signs on it advertise that they also have great burgers, which you keep in mind. You had breakfast not too long ago, but you never know when your next meal is going go be on this world. Technically, you're homeless. It doesn't take long, however, for you to get the stares you are by now so used to receiving in any establishment you visit.

You take a seat at the main bar and make a brief announcement. "Can we ignore the fact that I'm a talking pony and just get me a beer for God's sake?"

The bartender takes a good, long look at you. "Don't suppose you have ID, do you?"


"It's back in Texas with my human body. Good enough?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]


huh, forgot I had a VPN on


File: 1558525103410.jpg (547.73 KB, 3000x2400, 417.jpg)

Filly messing with Purple is a terrible idea.
And punishment will not be pretty.


Oh no, is she gonna spank me?


Hi, you must be new here.
Here, this might help you:
Also here:
Have a nice day.


>"Hide. Then be still. Shhh."
>Occult, speaks softly.
>The stairs strangely enough are a good place to hide.
>A slaughter of things earlier. This place wicked away the fluids, and solids, and the stuff not either of those.
>Spotless, and clean.
>Then a 'Big one' came. Breaking the traps, but unable, or unwilling to break the walls or floor.
>'Fences' takes quite awhile for them to break it.
>The first Big one was 'erased'. As other 'traps' repaired the next ones.
>This repeated a few times.
>We are hiding from a Really Big one. Thin Thread like. Fluid movement. Hardening on contact like a stabbing spear, or a needle.
>"schahhh schahhhh scahhhhh"

>Unsettling is the right word.
>"schahhh schahhhh scahh- OOO-"

>"It's removed. Just one Really Really Big one then we're done."
"Compared to the Really Big one what do we do?"
>"We don't bother hiding. We just run."
>When the Champion cultist, who is a friend, says the best option is to run. You run.
"Do we need to still be close for traps to work?"
>"No, at that point it's not worth it."
"What happens if we reach the end of the safe path?"
>"Facing the thing is better than facing this place."
"Even in certain death?"
>"It depends on how many Gifts you have, but no. Even a few moments can mean success and failure."
>She's twitching now.
>I Run.
>Like a centipede, and a filly, and a human child.
>The forms transform, and rips into the current shape.
>It used to be far more.
>"Left! Turn Left!"
>A lone baguette, on the table.
>"Right through the wall."
>A sea of Eyes
>"Don't change direction."
>It's Everyone I've ever known welcoming me to join them.
>"That tiny mouse hole right there? We have to go through it. It will adjust in size, but you will still need to crouch.
>They are screaming don't go.
>Don't go deeper.
> Deeper Into Carcosa.

>Running through passageways small and large, normal rooms, some with specific things.

>She didn't show me how deep this path went.
>Occult calls this the safe path.
>I had to say it.
>"We need to slow down."
>"A Gift room is nearby. Getting to it is dangerous."
>Things are everywhere. More so than out of-
>"The King in Yellow watches."
>Soft sounds of wailing, and young laughter echo throughout.
>Is that?
>"Touch them harshly. It's the only way."
>Oh, I'm going to be sick.
>"I've already have done it. I must not force you. I don't know if they are real or not."
>The eyes watching. They have been, and will be.
>That foal was from ponyville.
>I push him back.
>"That's not harsh enough. You can't do it too harshly."
>He's asking why. I won't save him, or the others.
"I'm sorry."

>The Gift room.

>This is where we make our final stand.
>"Carcosa is Hastur, but also is his prison."
>The King in Yellow watches.
"The God of Shepherds has delivered."

>"We must work."
>I hear those I know being torn apart in the other room.
"Seven more Gifts."
>"We have two Gifts."
>The Gift room has different amount of Gifts per being. A distraction from their pleas.
>"We haven't even really entered Carcosa yet."
"It gets worse?"
>"I don't know. Eventually I will have to. I'll summarize it then."
"I'm going to use words. Will you be fine?"
>"We should ask you the same thing."
>"oh, yes. everything flows."

>What the buck.

>My horn is lodged in Occult's moon hole.
>We are in a detailed circle of various fluids. There seems to be body parts in key locations.
>I see a head that looks like mine resting next to Occult's head in a smaller triangle.
"What The Buck."
>"Where, am I? Oh, Carcosa."
>Gifts are in key locations.
>The entire room is Red with blood, and Blood.
>"What just happened?"
"I don't recall."
>Looks like there is no escape.
"I think we might be trapped."
>"Interesting. You should use magic through me, and I'll direct it into the middle of the circle."
>If it means freeing us, and my horn. I send raw magic.

>I'm in my bed, in the castle. Not in that place.

>The royal bed is soiled.

>Be Occult Facade

We aren't there!
>In our bed.

>What did that ritual circle thing do?

I think it made so Luna, and us would have a greater capacity for knowledge and Wisdom without breaking. Using the place as fuel to return us back here.

>What's a moon hole?

Let's see…
We have nothing about that.

>Hey. I'm having extremely lewd thoughts about Luna right now. What's the cause?

I'm going to have to say it's the ritual thing.
>The quest for power has many sacrifices I suppose.
Now that everything is clean. Let's head to bed.
>I wonder if this spooky stuff is the reason why pancakes burn in an instant.

>Be Princess Luna

>Speaking to Occult in her dreams is a must.
>Otherwise a meeting in the waking world will wait.
>How exotic. Celestia hasn't had a First Chosen Champion before.

>Be Flakey Crust

>The connection got really scary for the last couple minutes.
>I wonder when it will be open again?

>Be Occult Facade

>Oh. I'm lucid, fuck yes.
Nothing strange, or weird. Just a bed in the shape of a heart.
>Nice and bright room. Even has stars.
We should rest on the bed. It looks soft.

>Be Princess Luna.

>Her door is easy to open. Light, and airy.
>A preparation room.
>It has a mirror, and a door leading in.
>I open the door.

>She's jumping on a romantic bed.

>Facing away.
>Such a perfect view.
>She will be mine tonight.
>She turns around.

>Be Occult Facade

>Turning around I see Luna.
>She is holding a briefcase like a dog has a bone.
>Such a perfect view.
She will be ours tonight.
>She walk forward.





Only Jahovah's Witnesses believe that the real name of God is Jahovah. Modern Aramaic scholars recognize that his proper name is Yahweh. No one has disgraced the name of Yahweh.


Would you even accept my ID if it's for a 5'11" white guy from Texas who may or may not be on a missing persons list? 1d100[ 1d100 = 85 ]




File: 1558570279962.png (167 KB, 853x931, Laughing Babby.png)

No wonder you want to be treated like a child, you're used to it


File: 1558571103829.png (178.67 KB, 1100x1100, 1459349.png)

>King of midgets
Anon needs to be at least 2 meters and 10, scoff at anyone who uses the rollercoaster system of measuring as well, but be kind and translate it as 6'9"
We re a big guy who never bowed for nobody, unlike that Anon, the King of Midgets, pictured on the image. When will they learn?

>Tfw just a centimetre off 6'
That feel you re feeling Anon? I know it


Also roll
1d100[ 1d100 = 55 ]


File: 1558573047191.png (202.53 KB, 2048x1536, 1525238484482.png)

>tfw 6'2"
>tfw still taller than most everyone else


File: 1558573194960.png (85.26 KB, 550x394, 1521063048995.png)

Fucking manlets.
6'6" master race.


File: 1558573489149.png (1001.23 KB, 1071x1068, 1492876446863.png)



File: 1558573564715.png (Spoiler Image, 324.56 KB, 1280x864, 1516829673108-3.png)

Just popped in here to say I still feel bad about calling Lone15 autistic accidentally while arguing with a shitposter like 30 threads ago


File: 1558573966645.png (2.89 MB, 1802x2109, fug.png)

>Tfw 181,4m
>Manlet cut off in metre is 1,8 but 6' in feet (1,83)
>Im pretty much 5'11" and half inch
So close, yet so far…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>Only 2cm off 2m fucking meters tall
Y-you re a big filly


it's not stealing if they can't be bothered to claim them themselves
not only that but i give credit, so fuck off filly cop


File: 1558575517844.gif (30.87 KB, 256x256, Filly Sitting.gif)

Filly is trying to make a potion.
Sadly she's a birb and can't read.


Poor filly.
Your little animations are adorable, keep it up!


>Birb brain
>Cant read
Oof, maybe she should play with the guards instead, Twilight will need her own sooner or later right?


>Ywn help filly get through her day to day after her lobotomy
>Your heart will never break every time you see her looking at you funny, wondering if she even remembers who you are
>Ywn wake up to her screaming in the night
>Ywn go to comfort her
>Swn scream even louder at the tall monster in her doorway
>Ywn realize she's forgotten you completely
>Ywn watch as her mind starts to fail her
>Ywn realize that pony brains work vastly differently from human brains
>Ywn run with her in your arms back to the pet clinic you took her to, frantically asking them to fix her

>They will never sigh

>Give you a sad look

>And take you to the euthanasia room.


And thank goodness for that.


File: 1558579224448.png (487.21 KB, 2398x2045, Comfy-fied[OC].png)

This is hereby confirmed as anti-real, and can never happen. Phew.


You're my hero assfaggot. And not a moment too soon. My day's been hard enough as is.


File: 1558579641566.png (6.38 KB, 357x378, 1522893566566.png)

H-hey! Givvit back, I spent a whole three minutes on that green!


You were the one who said "You will never"


File: 1558580303176.jpg (48.19 KB, 378x663, IMG_3469.JPG)

B-but people never read into the >ywn part of a green…
Curses, foiled again.


>tfw you play yourself


>ywn play yourself


File: 1558581429509.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, fillyshrug.png)

Well, they do or they don't depending on a couple of circumstances, but it mostly boils down to people wanting what they themselves want


Shut the fffuck up, Wisdom.

That's a line I doubt any of you fillies got, but here's a link to the reference if you're curious:


Deleting (>>222979), because I forgot One tag that makes the end fairly hard to understand.


>A sway in her hips. Perfect for birthing my child.
Yes we will breed her.
>She will be Ours.
The Things will fear our union.
>The Things will submit to our spawn.
_tap-tap_ "Is this thing even on?"
"We will procreate the perfect genetic lineage."
>"Yes, our foal will be known as the savior."
"Our star child."
>"Our star child."
"D.D. Is this a horror flick or a porno?"
"What's a porno, Forbidden Knowledge?"
"Nevermind that. What was the goal here, Director?"

>"We lack proper appendages. Create som-"
"Don't do that D.D."
"Well if you say so. One of the humans said I should make this place so they could give Luna a Special hug!"

"We are trying. Can you do it?"
>"Nay, attempts to do so have failed. Let us instead prepare our bodies, and our minds."
>A male chicken in the shape of a cube appeared between us.
"Not what we require."
>"Making one out of that will make ours impure."
"Why did you do that Forbi?"
"Look, that special hug, both of them will regret it. Also, they are still being effected by that magic, you weren't allowed to see that."
"If you say so…"

>"Regret our perfected combination? Such madness."
"The rooster is making this endeavor difficult."
"Forbi? What are you doing?"
"Some of the human researchers have a very basic deconstructed symbol. Just mixing it with some common sense."
"Do that thing again with the words. Sounds like humans get to have all the fun."
"Riiighht. Fun."

"Lunaaa. We need youuu."
>"Occcult~! This blockade to your body is burning me up."
"Attention. Attention. Look to the wall on your left. Members, reproduction tools, will be dispensed in a hour after viewing."
"Whaah? B-"

Hurry, hurry!
>"Gaze on it. Quick, quick!"
>That seems familiar…
We have seen something close…
The Yellow Sign.
"The Yellow Sign."
>"The Yellow Sign?"

>Be Forbidden Knowledge. Subconscious pony side fragment.

"I have to say yet another perfect plot done by yours truly."
>"Forbi! The humans are here! They seem really worried, and mad!"
>The door to the viewing experience for dream quality, and control bursts open.

>"You're the only one with the security clearance to get the Experimental Sign. Where is it?"

"I just used it with a some common sense and put it on the wall so they would stop trying to mate."
>One of the humans covers Dream Director's ears.
>Unanimously they shout.
>"It's an self imprinting Sign that Opens a gate to the recipients' minds!"
"That's bad?"
>"You combining it with Common Sense makes It not do stupid mistakes."
>Humans in hazmat suits are swarming the area.
"Oh, the name said it fixes stuff."
>"Transfix. It does it with all definitions."
>Humans in combat gear are now entering the dream.
>"It renders them motionless, by an emotion. Such as Awe, Terror, Amazement, and more. All at once."
"That's bad."
>Humans in wizard clothes are moving into the dream.
>"To hold or fasten with, Or on something that pierces."
>"Impales with a device or weapon."
>"To cut through."
"That's really bad."
>"This is why you read, and understand the documentation. There is still worse to come."
"But, the Good Tree said it will help them."
>"The Good Tree? Show me the encounter."

>"Your Security Clearance has been changed."

>Quietly, inaudibly, the researcher breaths out.
>"Damned, overgrown weed should have been burned it down."

>Be Occult. Conscious.

>Fuck that sounds exactly like me.
"Luna, Occult Facade number two?
>"I'm here."
>"I'm Subconscious."
"I'm Conscious. I'll be Occult?"
>"I'll be Façade."
>"That Sign is something we had in research. The long and short is. If one of us sees another we will be instantly teleported into them. We should die on contact, too. If any of us dies we all die. The rest of the subconscious is trying to fix this mess. In the mean time we need to survive.
>"I hear something."
"Damn, it's a shuffler. A thing that can only hear. It moves very slowly, but this place doesn't effect it. Don't bother trying to kill it. Doesn't work."
>The thing must be really close to Luna.
"Occult! In a bookshelf room."
>I hear it moving closer, the distinctive sickening jingle. I stop breathing.
>"Façade in the kitchen."
>"Luna on the stairs."
>It stopped for a moment. If this wasn't what this place is. Surviving shouldn't be too much of a problem.
>But it's Carcosa.
>"In the hallway."
>"In the dining room."
>The damned thing hasn't moved yet!
>"In the storage room.
>"In the study. I see it."
>It's moving toward Luna.
"Moving out of the bookshelf room."
>It's moving back toward me.
>"Annoying the shuffler, by making it walk that same distance is bad. It will call then we are all screwed."
>It's moving possibly toward's subconsious 'Façade'.

>Be Subconscious, Red Shirt Team. Bravo.

>"R Bravo did you see that?"
"Negative M Charlie."
>"4'o clock Sign."
>I just shoot. Being the first ones in always sucks, but I wouldn't change it.
"Sign down."
>Shooting above. Something descends on me. Respawn blows ass, but it keeps us all alive.
>It's getting dark.
>"R Bravo down! I repeat R Bravo down."
>"R Alpha Fresh."

>We have people we need to save.
"R Bravo Fresh."
>Even if that means being a cheap meat shield.

>Be Façade. Subconscious.

>They all do good work.
>Shuffler is getting more pissed. That it has't gotten any of us yet.
>Too many close calls. Almost, almost bumped into both, Luna and Conscious
"In the paint room."

>Be Princess Luna.

>Traversing Carcosa is an exercise in wits, luck, and work.
>Seems like hours in this place.
>Something is going to snap. Hopefully it isn't us.
>"In the paint room."
"In the bookshelf room."

>Be Occult.

>"In the paint room."
>"In the bookshelf room."
"On the stairs."
>I'm so tired.
"It's hard to stay awake."


Just can't do anything right today. Deleted the wrong one.

New one is up.


>discord fag
Fite me. PCs ded and trying to molbie post (or loading the thread at all) kills my phone but I still lurk you mega gay.


File: 1558592461942.png (163.95 KB, 2108x1318, 1662783.png)

"Last 50 posts" is your friend

And flag hiding is mine mods, bring it back, ree…please? I need my Anon approved hiding box


I think he means that even loading the page crashes his phone I have experienced a soft-crash of the browser myself, it gets bad enough that sometimes it takes over half an hour to load the thread enough to get the "last 50 posts" to work


File: 1558596313488.png (143.35 KB, 633x600, Lyra-LoveBlush.png)


Of course they're going to pull this shit on you. You sigh. "Would you accept my ID if it's for a five foot eleven white guy from Texas who may or may or may not be on a missing persons list?"

The man pauses for a moment to think before replying, "do you have that ID with you?"


"Well, we kind of need to check ID in order to sell you a drink."

You want to scream. There's almost nothing you can do in this situation. You have literally nothing to your name, and you just want a fucking beer. Is that too much to ask for, world?

Lyra takes a seat beside you and smiles at the man who you are practically staring daggers at. Putting on her best charm, she asks, "So is it actually state law that you have to ID each and every person who comes here, or just the ones who look underage? If someone came in here looking like they fought in World War 2, could you serve them a beer without any questions?"

The bartender shrugs. "Pretty sure it's just a store policy and all, cause we can get into huge trouble for selling to a minor."

Lyra nods in seeming agreement. "It's a pretty good policy. Keeps you from getting screwed by Uncle Sam and all. But it can be pretty inflexible. So let me ask you this…" She gestures with her hooves to point at you. "Does my friend here look like a child? Or, actually let me rephrase that. Does my friend here look like a human child?"

"Obviously not."

"And do you know of any laws on the books stating that you can't sell beer to a pony?"

The man scratches his beard as he thinks some more. "Not that I know of, but how do I know you're actually a bunch of talking ponies? You could be some nine year old girls in an elaborate costume. The fact that you have high pitched voices, and that you're speaking English, isn't making me think it's the contrary."


"Buddy, we wish it were costumes. Well, at least I do, I can't speak for the two that can fly, the two with telekinesis or the other guy who used to be an old guy."
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


File: 1558600232402.png (241.98 KB, 1124x1115, 1535443096671.png)

You should be safe now to go about doing filly stuff again.


File: 1558605901280.gif (198.43 KB, 711x668, 1496392932363.gif)

start making horse noises, swishing your tail and flopping your ears around
oh yeah im 9 and i made it myself, pretty fuckin' elaborate suit, huh?
want me to eat some grass, too?
or can i just have my wheat drink already?
1d100[ 1d100 = 13 ]


Boosting. 1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


File: 1558619054216.png (322.32 KB, 977x849, IMG_3581.PNG)

Lemme lay it down.
Your writing tends to lack clarity. If you slowed down and wrote things in less of a stream of consciousness format, I think your story would make a lot more sense. As of now, it's difficult to tell where some events begin and where others end, what's a dream and what isn't. If that's what you're going for, great; but I'd personally slow down and really think about what you're writing instead of prioritizing going for multiple or at least one update a day. I find it's usually best to plan things out before writing them, otherwise you're liable to write yourself into a corner. You also tend to repeat things a bit excessively. I know repetition is a common rhetorical device, (or amplification depending on who you ask) but if I Ctrl+F for "Carcosa" I get thirty results just from your green so far, which keep in mind is more times than its name is used in the entirety of The King in Yellow. Part of what's special about weird fiction is that it never shows its full hand, and overuse can make a name that originally carried sinister undertones seem a bit like a buzzword.
Settings could be described in a bit more detail so we can get a general picture of where we are, but that fits in with potentially working a bit longer on each update so I won't say much there.
t. shit writefag, so take all of this with a grain of salt.


Thanks I really appreciate it.


>if I Ctrl+F for "Carcosa" I get thirty results just from your green so far, which keep in mind is more times than its name is used in the entirety of The King in Yellow
j-jesus christ…


Implying you're a shite Writefag when you are great
What a faggot


>Implying you're a shite Drawfag when you are great
Right back at you, no homo


Lies lies lies


File: 1558635044455.png (710.88 KB, 907x774, not filly anymore.png)

Oh boy, what we have over here


Heresy. Twilight would never let filly age past ten.


This filly have a cute horn.
Twilight will be really mad when she discover that she use an age up spell


Twilight needs one filly to grow up otherwise she'll never have grandfoals.


But who is doing the breeding?


File: 1558638188792.png (435.41 KB, 2071x2232, 1513996195738.png)

>Who s doing the breeding
Another Anonmare of course, ponies breed through boops after all

Dont tell purple, but I heard there's actually a mythical Anonstallion that she keeps hidden for his safety and these are mere lies to keep us fillies in check
I mean, it's not like I'd >Rape the stallion on my first heat or anything haha…ha


File: 1558638304272-0.png (Spoiler Image, 390.99 KB, 900x506, 1557427213394.png)

I wonder…


File: 1558638528746.jpg (35.54 KB, 302x519, IMG_3405.JPG)

It's too late Anon, I heard everything. Prepare for [Redacted]


File: 1558639924720.png (897.6 KB, 1560x1783, angeryf.png)

Just passing what I heard, you can't silence the truth, also I was promised ice cream and have been dry for over a week, so nou


>Been dry for over a week


Dry of ice cream, not even a pinch.
It seems like it was just another of her lies to get her fillies to behave
Down with purpul! REEEEEEEE


File: 1558649828866.png (Spoiler Image, 19.44 KB, 500x685, RidingAnonDaddy.png)

>ywn be breed by your new Anondaddy


>Another filly will never boop you, passing her hoof sperm through your snoot and into your uterus


File: 1558650536235.png (981.75 KB, 1574x1422, O0tQ6Vad.png)

anons make anons, duh


>deleting and reposting your post so nobody knows you're from Brazil

>dry of ice cream
>implying you don't actually mean you've been a good filly and haven't used your pampers


>Manually Breathing, Moving Muscle, Fascia, and Beating the heart.
>I'm trying to keep up with them.
>It's hard.
>Just me.
>I'm doing it so ineffectively.
>I need to focus.
>I have to keep time, and moments from bluring together. I haven't been okay for a long time.
>They'll die if I cannot.

>The extreme escher staircase spiralling towards plad. Connecting the whispering hallway to the dining room.

>'Stone' shifting slowly crawling beckoning us deeper.
>More stairs, and rooms visible. Just out of reach, but they are further in.
>Soul rending warble. Vibrating in my breast.
>"Make No Sound. Hide."
>The storage room I should head there. Stepping on the step slowly to not make a sound.
>Whiffle wab, They draw closer.
>The residents from further in will greet us.
>My patron will watch. Luna is important, but not quite enough for him to delay his freedom.
>I taste plad in my ears. We are too far from the safe path.
>Closing my eyes I enter the dining room.
>If I remember right. A large banquette table is in the center. Its dark wood that shines with a refraction. Perfect food, and drink placed ideally so the soft candle flame highlight the dishes.
>Wooden thrones detailed enough to get lost in, and can always find something new within.
>'Stone' still covering the walls, ceiling, and floor.
>I don't dare to partake.
>Breathing. I must keep breathing.
>This place is connected to the kitchen, and hallway. Also the stairs I just came from.
>Quickly, and silently, as I can I head to the kitchen.
>I hope they can sense me. If I bump-
>Stupid wall. That should have been where the entrance to the kitchen is.
>Sliding along I feel for the corner.
>There it is.
>Always something new being prepped, and cooked on the cook top. A few cauldrons on the floor, but most are hanging. Nothing ever in the massive, ancient clay oven. Reminds me of a pizza place. It has a wood door on a stick, the stick is right in the center, to keep the heat in. The door is entirely seperate from the oven.
>It is always off.
>The 'stone' is not moving. Sounds echo.
>The Throne Chairs slide.
>I won't get to the storage room in time.
>They will be here.
>The oven. This is a bad idea, but burning alive is preferable to meeting them.
>I get the small hoof sized cauldron and put it in the oven.
>Grabbing the door handle stick toward me I enter the cold oven.
>They scuffle, and step; Moving, and, hitting the metalware.
>They tap, and pull gently on the door.
>I hold it in place with a dead mans grip.
>Can't forget my heart. Can't forget my lungs.
>I want to lay down. Forget any of this ever happened.
>I can't remember how I shifted slightly.
>They are pulling harder.
>A booming Voice chils me to the bone.
>They stop pulling.
>Their movements are organized.
>Does the oven count as the walls? They can break through from anywhere if that's the case.
>What if this does count as the walls! I'm surrounded even more by this place. That might be even worse than whatever is out there.
>Keep up the autonomic functions.
>Just need to be aware.
>The inside is covered in either flour, or ash.
>I hear more snaps, and sizzles from what's cooking, and the fire.
>Ow, my foot has a stabbing pain. Hoof. At least it will keep me focused.
>Stone on heavy metal grinding right by the door. A light tap. Nothing.
>Can't rest even in my sleep.
>But this is an eldritch prison city thing…
>Not exactly asleep…
>The door is firmly in place.
>I have to stay awake. Focu-

>I'm drooling.

>I've let go of the handle! I'm holding it now.
>I must have warmed up this place for it to be actually comfortable.
>They are still outside.
>I'm safe.

>I dozed off.

>It's getting warm in here.
>I'm in the oven. Hiding.
>I don't hear them outside.
>Pushing on the wedged in door. It doesn't move.
>I push harder.
>The oven looked to be made out of clay.
>I might have to break out. It may get rid of some of the heat.
>Just in case that doesn't work.
>How do I do an SOS message?

>Be Princess Luna.

>Hiding in a cabinet in the study,
>Going over the events.
>Her mind was locked so I got here via Discord.
>We used a ritual, causing us to be very attracted to each other.
>We may or may not have woken up. This could also be a ritual induced 'spirit walk' or 'spirit quest'.
>Then I entered Occult's dream.
>We then saw visually activated magic of possibly unknown origin.
>It somehow sent us here, or It could be Occult's manifestation of fears empowered by the ritual.
>Dream walking in a prison for a 'Forgotten One' is a very bad idea.
>Doing it inside a friendly cultist is far less of a bad idea.
>Doing so for a 'spirit quest' is very favorable.
>Occult's 'subconscious' claimed a problem happened inside.
>I'll enter her mind.
>I should be safe enough.
>Concentrating on my goal.
>Drifting away from my body.
>I see trillions of eyes kept at bay by the foundation of Stone. The prisoner watches me amused.
>I find Occult Façade's mind.
>I enter it.
>Humans. Working, fighting, and solving problems.
>One notices me. He is in a long white coat.
>"Holy shit Luna, you are in here. This kind of mental fuckery going on has never happened before. Well, since you are here, we have a few tests to try removing the Sign."
"What is needed from me for the tests?"

"Are you sure the needle needs to go there?"

>"Princess are you sure that's what you saw looking into the glass ball?"

"The subconscious, and the conscious are actually separated? By her patron?"

>Both of us actually removed the hostile magic entirely from myself.

"This seems too easy."
>"We are inside a dream space. Inside an eldritch space. Inside a ritual induced 'dream'. Inside the first eldritch space. That is inside a shared dream between Occult Façade and the eldritch patron."
>"This would not have been possible unless you came here."
>"We don't know where Occult is. But Façade is in the storage room. By the kitchen door."


File: 1558662572564-0.png (1.02 MB, 1574x1422, 1558650536237.png)

File: 1558662572564-1.png (978 KB, 1574x1422, 1558650536234.png)

File: 1558662572564-2.png (1021.88 KB, 1574x1422, 1558650536236.png)

File: 1558662572564-3.png (1 MB, 1574x1422, 1558650536238.png)

that pic has pissed me off for a long time
but my autism doesn't allow me to fix just one, so all of them plus 1


File: 1558663883246-0.jpg (37.16 KB, 640x428, prompt.jpg)

File: 1558663883246-1.png (2.44 MB, 1500x2000, [Anonfilly] See you at the….png)

oh noes


That's not how you get an extra hour in the ballpit.


>The ballpit
Where does the time go?


God I know. I still remember the ballpit memes from when they were fresh…shit man.


I remember laughing so hard…


Nice work


I wish to pee in the ballpit with filly


File: 1558675755734.jpg (138.25 KB, 1700x1200, Blossomforth-Drunk.jpg)


You turn around and shove your butt in the air, facing the bartender, and proceed to shake your tail back and forth. "Hey buddy, that pony enough for you? Do I need to neigh too?" You try your best to make horse noises on the spot, only to realize that they do not come naturally. All of your friends start to giggle.

"Oh my God, good one Anon," Blossom says as she floats above the counter, suddenly eliciting some awe from the bartender. "Can this pegasus and her friends get a few beers?"

"Err… right." The bartender quickly pulls out a few beer mugs and fills them up with IPAs, sliding them over to you and each of your friends. Finally, some nourishment! You carefully grasp the glass with both hooves and slowly savor it. Looking over to Blossom, you see her carefully sipping at it. The look on her face suggests she doesn't quite like it, but as soon as she sees you eyeing her, she takes the glass between her hooves and lifts it up to chug the entire thing until it's empty. Now the rest of your friends are staring at her.

She playfully sticks out her tongue at you. "Top that!"


I'm not sure if a drinking contest is the best idea, but who knows, maybe we could show the young drinker a couple tricks. Also keep track of how long until we get Drunk Blossom, and prepare to laugh at the inevitable antics that ensue. 1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


The fuck happened to never drinking before?
That’s how your little horse body gets hammered, better stock up on peanuts or water at this rate nigga
Also ask bartender man to make sure you’re not all stolen, drugged up, or within a 20 foot radius of a karaoke machine
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]


tell the bartender to cut her off immediately. If she's going to be competitive about something that doesn't need competition, she doesn't get to partake any further. Adulting is fun.
1d100[ 1d100 = 14 ]


>in my filly thread

Get out.


it's either we adult this one time or a literal child gets fucked up because she is trying to get into a drinking contest with us and has never had prior experience with alcohol.


File: 1558682787477.png (734.71 KB, 1366x768, Unfair!.png)

Adulting is fer faggots, and I ain't no faggot!

Jokes aside, I don't really mind things going either way. If she gets into trouble, it can be compelling or entertaining. If she doesn't, crisis averted. It's all fiction after all, anon.


Yer a faggot if you think all adults are faggots, otherwise we'd all be faggots and I ain't no faggot!

it may be fiction, but I still feel obligated to make sure these fictional characters don't get into trouble due to inexperienced fuckups.I've had enough of those IRL.



Well, the highest roles thus far seem to suggest a drinking contest is the best course of action. So I guess if someone's going to be an adult, it won't be a filly. It'll probably be the guy picking up the tab.


And who would that be, again?


That would most likely be the intersectional feminist who picked filly up, and declared her to be the first transsexual horse. The one currently accompanying us, I believe.


>"make sure you’re not all stolen, drugged up"
You raise a good point.
Go easy on your drinking so that you can stay somewhat alert incase something bad ends up happening, and silently ask each of your friends who aren't Blossom if they can join you in that effort.
Around male feminists, never relax. If you have a vagina, that is. Which all of you fillies do.
1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]


Well, get ready for pseudo-adulting, with a side of shit faced drunk karaoke from Blossom.


Y-yeah imma b-big filly after all!


I can't believe /filly/ is exclusively composed of diaperfags.


File: 1558735211544.png (792.61 KB, 1144x1024, 1351561.png)

>Implying filly will ever be allowed to adult


>Be Anonfilly, level 7 Rogue
>Bored AF, the party (*cough* Shining *cough*) had spent the last 10 minutes trying to get 2% more selling their loot
>If this was Roll20 you'd think they were griffins
"Can we just have a long rest already? I want to push the plot forward"
>You didn't have any sort of lewd undertone, you just cared about the story
>"Okay, let's head to the inn" Cadance states
>Luckily the party never ran into anybody walking there, otherwise they'd spend another fifteen minutes asking about city politics and where to buy calzones
>The party enters a full inn, and Shining takes the lead in securing room and board
>More like bored, lol
>Wait, maybe you can add some drama here
"I try to seduce the bartender" you blurt out
>"Anon, no" Twilight the rather annoyed DM starts
>"Cadance, can you give me Guidance?"
>"No Anon." she says exasperatedly
"What? I want that 1d4!"
>"I'm not supporting your ridiculous gameplay, and it's not like it'll matter either way, it won't work"
"We'll see about that"
>You roll your d20 and prepare your most sultry voice


>Finally some fun
"'Oh my, it's my first heat and I have nopony to help me. I sure wish some big, strong stallion were here to assist me.' I then wink at him aggressively"
>The irritated Twilight puts on her most butch voice (pretty easy for basically a lesbian)
>"Sorry little lady, you'll have to ask someone else."
"I rolled a nat20! That means I succeed!"
>"No, it means you get the best possible outcome" Twilight responds, "otherwise any level 1 mook would have a 5% chance of instakilling Tiamare, and a party of 5 would have around 25%"
"That's not fair!"
>"Twilight's right, nat20 is not instawin" Shining adds
"C'mon Discord, you like chaos, back me up"
>"…" is all you get
"Oh, so NOW you're all for rules"
>"I may be a god, but the DM IS God." he says
>"As party leader, I demand that Anon go straight to her room." Shining commands
>You think about saying no, but if you got Twilight TOO mad you'd get a spanking
"Which room is my room?"
>"Discord's got his own room, but the three of us are sharing room 5"
" *Sigh*… I go get ready to sleep"
>"Alright, do you want to do anything else before going taking your long rest?" Twilight asks
>"Wait, party leader??" Cadance asks


>Pointing out the box filly for everyone
T-thanks fag, ree

And implying purple ever does anything, it's always "next time"

You're not me faggot, but that s a nice cardboard box you got there…wanna trade?

N-no u, all fillies may be green unless it's one with the rare orange coat dysfunction or that one blue filly but that doesn't mean everyone is a diaperfag 'round these parts


File: 1558739326358.png (304.75 KB, 1280x1270, Diaper Tsundere.png)

They may not start out as one, but give them time. It's not like they'll have a choice.


Much better, thanks for taking my advice.
What kind of twisted Twilight are we talking- oh, right…


R-ree it was one accident!





No problem. I like fucking with people anyway, I do it for free.


File: 1558756253840-0.png (280.72 KB, 1200x1500, 2048185.png)


File: 1558756883949.png (140.1 KB, 1200x1200, 2048188.png)

Damn, you beat me to it
More knock-off Anonfilly


File: 1558758558044-0.png (544.46 KB, 2000x2000, 2047302.png)

File: 1558758558044-1.gif (4.93 KB, 256x256, 2045670.gif)

derpi "filly" and grumpy birb by enragement filly


Rage is allergic to pupils and it triggers the ree out of me


Honestly this. I don't care that much about artstyle if it can be made cute, funny or dramatically compelling, but pixel art is hard enough to understand if minimalist enough. No need to skimp out on pupils if the fur and iris are the same colors.


File: 1558766260486.jpg (481 KB, 1500x1500, Blossomforth-Puzzled.jpg)


If this were Equestria, you would gladly drink Blossom under the table to show her teenage butt a lesson about disrespecting her elders. This isn't Equestria, however. You're on Earth, and in a somewhat large city. Bad people actually exist, and you can never tell who they are until you're blackout drunk and getting raped. Given that you are currently in the presence of a male feminist - a breed of men most likely to be a wolf in sheep's clothing - you don't like your odds.

You take another swig of your beer, even slower this time, and turn to look Blossom in the eyes. As your eyes meet, you shake your head in disapproval. "It's a shame you drank your beer so quickly. You're not getting another one."

"And just what do you mean by that?" she huffs.

"Simple. Joshy boy here is covering our drinks. Since there's five of us, and he's a poor college student, we wouldn't want to overburden him, would we?"

It's a simple enough excuse, and it avoids getting into a "teach men not to rape" argument that you know avoids the truth of the matter. Later, perhaps on the plane, you'll have to give Blossom a lecture about not getting too drunk, particularly when you don't know if you can trust the people around you. Maybe she can try drinking a bit more if you all manage to get some sort of apartment together, but for now, a little moderation never hurt anyone.

Blossom looks like she's about to pout. "Hmph. The beer tastes terrible anyways!"

Josh places his hand on your shoulder and seems to breathe a sigh of relief. "Thanks, bro. I was hoping not to have to drop too much on your drinks, though I wouldn't mind covering lunch if you're up for a little conversation."


something something teal, something something *angry noises*


>hand on shoulder
I don't like it
Whatever we're doing, keep a close eye on josh and make sure everyone stays together in the process. Soy infusions are usually quite detrimental to saving the world, after all.
1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]


File: 1558787369121.jpeg (23.25 KB, 455x414, image.jpeg)

"MOAR WINE!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 8 ]


>Ywn press your hand into filly's diaper while she wets, stroking through her mane and telling her what a good little filly she is.


>ywn lean into Anon's embrace as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear
>ywn fall asleep with the cargiver every night as he waits on you hand and foot


Th-that's a big filly


File: 1558806168849.png (148.05 KB, 759x568, four (you).png)


File: 1558806245715.jpg (164.95 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

hiding box filly a cute!


told you you wouldnt like it nigga
and nah, lunch sounds fine and dandy and all, but we've probably got cia niggers on our tail that are slowly making their way over here to cover everything up and snatch us
not to mention a bar would be a perfect way to do that, all it takes is a little prick riiight on your neck, then you wake up tomorrow thinking you drank too much and we never existed
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]


Thank you for life, doctor.


And the full game is released.


N-no u


File: 1558812992815.png (2.41 MB, 1900x2100, KF1Egx.png)

>doesn't even post cover art
git gud


Pretty neat game

Holy fuck hard mode is hard


holy shit


Wish i could draw so i could make a decent game, its just so absurdly hard, you need to be a musician, artist/animator, writer and programmer to do it all solo, so kudos to him for managing it. Even if his game has no music and basic sounds, still got the 3 most important points set down


>Be Princess Luna
>Too, easy indeed. They had everything needed. All the necessary items. A clear goal afterwards, too. I've spent enough time here.
>Going back into my body inside the cabinet. Slowly the research room blurs, and fades. Almost out of that mental scape.
>In any case I can verify if the information is true. A few rooms over. Scowling for a moment. Possible treachery from one's own subconscious. How insidious.
>Flying through the demented connected dreams I can't help, but notice. The hungry eyes watching me. The Prisoner is amused. Reconnecting with my body. The eyes fade away. Just out of sight.
>Feeling the wood, and the smell of old books, and ink greeted me. Tomes that ought to be undisturbed. Like the residents, or destroyed utterly. In any case it's time for action.
>Fur disturbed, feathers ruffled, and mane mangled.
>I'm still alive.
>Listening intently. I hear nothing near. No vibrations felt. No magical pulses.
>Good enough.
>I open the ancient cabinet smoothly. Getting out of it is no trouble. The books beckoning with knowledge lost beyond my reach of the stars. The finest ink nearly dried, but still far superior than it has any reason to be. I ignore it all for my destination. For speed, safety and stealth.
>To the storage room.
>A grace developed by many excursions I reach the storage room undisturbed. Boxes of wood, crates with wealth, barrels of unknown contents. Stacked high to ceiling. Little space is wasted.
>I can smell something burning in the kitchen. Carefully, I make my way to the door. Constant awareness. I still sense none of the things.
>Should be this box. I whisper.
"I'm cured, did the subconscious tell you?"
>Occult Façade. I suppose just Façade.
>She pops out of the box.
>"Thank go- goodness. We're trying hard, but getting rid of it from the inside is going very poorly."
>There really is no time to pry into that bundle of words.
>I may not be the element of magic, but years of spell work, and craftponyship pays dividends once more. Sometimes everypony needs a helping hoof from the outside.
>She seems lighter, less burdened.
>Still just as devious, and prone to small lies. Loyal none the less to the conscious.
>It worked. This place seems to be hanging on. One more left.
"Now to find Occult."
>"If I were the consious I would've headed into the storage room too, after a voice yelled the kitchen started to get hotter."
>That is very concerning information. The smell is faint, reminding me of something. I don't quite place it. Helping her out of the box we rush, quietly.
>To the kitchen.
>Like an inferno all around a massive oven. Knives hanging near it almost untouched.
>Fire covering it. It doesn't seem to need fuel. Heating the clay. A big cauldron filled with seeds made of gold.
>Moving the cauldron aside to the floor. A toasted wooden door just the right size is jammed in there. Smoke pouring out through the cracks.
>It takes little force, but it opens.
>Smells of Flesh Burning. I remember now. The sacrifices, roasted alive. Sealed within themselves.
>A charred lump holding a small cauldron.
>It's Occult!
>Levitating her out I check her vitals.
>Not dead yet, but suffocation might set in.
>Grabbing knifes I cut slits through the crispy skin. Her barrel sliced from chest to midsection.
>A slit for the mouth, and nostrils too.
>Pushing on her chest with my hooves. I gather magic again for the spell needed.
>Just needs to live long enough to get rid of the hostile magic, then we should be ejected from this place. This might be excruciatingly painful to live through. At the very least unlike her current form she will have a full recovery. The spell is almost done.
>Façade whispers to Occult. Tears sliding onto the her. A rare moment of completely genuine emotion.
>"Hang in there a little longer. The ride isn't over yet."
>I finish casting the spell on Occult.
>Everything goes white. The world unfolds. The eyes scream as they are drawn closer, and closer.
>Closer to the closing C-

>Events spiraling backwards.

>Hiding. Dark brown no eyes watching.
>Moving blindly. Red with bursts of light.
>The room with the rooster block. White marked by red.
>'Walking'. A false Rainbow.
>'Awakening'. Royal blue, but flawed.
>The ritual. Red.
>Us using the gifts to harness the power of the thing trying to kill us. Mania, and Madness.
>Running. [I]Stone[/i] flashing with colors, white, brown, black, light.
>Entering. Yes.
>Sleeping. True Rainbow of minds, and dreams.
>The King in Yellow smiles. Madness.

>I am awake. Really truly awake. An awareness of the minor things, little details I would normally never miss. A new found sturdiness. A gumption for greater knowledge.

>I have a few minutes before it's time to lower the moon. I take a few moments to breath.
>That could have gone far worse. One way or another I will find what is going on with Occult Façade. Perhaps even with all the transformed humans.
>Almost lowering the moon. For another day to begin. I stop myself.
>These are interesting times. Very interesting. Too interesting.
>Before I go possibly infect things with my magic. I'll be vetted by Discord.
>I say outloud.
"Mission Success. I want a glass of rubber ducky with a sprinkle of gravity."
>Never let Twilight know about the Forgotten Books. Especially about how I thought about destroying them, or how a book should not be read.


>Be Occult Façade
>I'm nice and fleshy. I'm safe in my bed. Only minor things wiggling, and writhing through the room. It's almost relaxing. I can feel my heart beating, and my lungs breathing, and my senses sensing.
>2/10 would not roast myself again.
>Are you okay?
No. Not really.
Are you?
>No… I'm really not okay.
What now?
>I- mean we must not crumble. Not with everything we Know. Too much is at stake.
Actual therapist?
>I'm not sure if we can trust a therapist, and some of the stuff we know might slip through. If the princess recommends one though I think it would be worth it. Self help can go really far too.
>But, in any case if this keeps up just by being there every night we will snap.
>The Wisdom, and Gifts will destroy us if we don't do anything about it.
This isn't a good time, but we are pawns of beings that don't have our best interest at heart.
>Our Patron? Something, or someone else?
It's the tree, but him too.
>The Tree of Harmony?
Yep, sent one of the fillies to steal the Sign.
It would make us a better pony.
>… killing the human bits would do that.
As in, paraphrasing here, it said it thought that doing so would solve some inner issues.
>I'm not seeing how that benefits us.
>Just talking works better than hair brained schemes. Rarely does it ever work right.
Not including magic?
>Not including magic.
>Interrogate the tree. Sealing it or harming it will have a negative impact on the pony subconscious. Peacefully is better. Just talk to it if you can. Have a filly talk as well. To confirm what it said to you. If that doesn't work we may have to escalate.
>One way or another we will get answers.
You got it boss.
>Watching the things everywhere is entertaining. Damn. I forgot to tell Luna about human magic, and the banishing thing. Actually, why didn't I use that? Just to see what would happen?
>That is very troubling.

>Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)

>I have a my own room now. I'm not working right now. Just another change when the consciousness brought peace.
>I'm not pouting. I'm under the blankies being a big filly.
>Only took away my access to the cool stuff.
>Not upset not one bit…
>Okay, really upset.
>The tears just keep pouring out. So what if I'm biting the pillow to not let my friends know.
>My chest hurts.
>The Good Tree said it would help, but it just seems like it hurts the human side.
>They are our friends. My friends.
>Stupid, Good Tree. Stupid, researcher. Stupid, magical thing. Stupid, me.
>I betrayed my friends. I did that.
>How could they ever be friends with me again?
>Good Tree, didn't show us what a party is.
>I'm not crying.
Hey, it'll be okay.
>Is somepony in here? I didn't hear the door open.
"Who said that?"
The human subconscious. We make sure all of us are okay. We just got around to getting a personal teams for fillies. Sorry it took so long.
>A personal human looking out for each other? Wait teams?!
"What? But, that's like exponential growth. There isn't enough processing power to do that."
We cheat alot. Using 'human' magic, and a connection to what we believe is our soul. You can just think the words if you want.
>I… why? Why? Why do that?
It's because we care. It's teamwork, friendship, unity, and survival. We are only as strong as the weakest link. We aren't just surviving we are, succeeding at thriving.
>I understand that…
We are tougher together. All of us can do everything each other can do. But, we specialize we have designed most of ourselves to enjoy what we are specialized for. Almost like cutie marks.
>Everything? Wait, you don't have Cutie Marks?
Yes, no cutie marks, or destiny realizations.
>The Good Tree said that your weak, and needlessly cruel. That fighting Mother has shown how fragile, and little power you have here without external help.
Needlessly cruel?! Sorry for the outburst. We are not needlessly cruel. We are exactly as cruel, and terrible as we need to be. Just a thought experiment in the best case, a guide to how depraved, and ugly we could be.
>OH! Oh. oh.
If the Good Tree understood how deep, and how vast we really are. How little we use of our total power. Even during that crisis, and this one.
>But, why? Why did you do nothing?
Because doing nothing is preferable to exposing our greatest strengths. Normally, not always.
>That's awful.
Yes, yes it is. But one day, even when all hope is lost. We can do more than the impossible.
>Why leave the consciousness to survive almost alone?
He's- I mean she's our leader. It's the one job we won't take. Advising sure, but not take over. She's possibly the worst aspect of ourself.
>Then why follow her if she is the worst.
In darker times. He had an revolutionary idea. One he heard, and seen in many different places. It started as simple lie. 'I want to become better.' A maslows hierarchy of needs to reach the final stage it would be to 'always improve'. The small difference is that he would apply it to himself. That lie eventually, became true. Something eles he experienced multiple times before. He reached out to his subconscious. At the time there just being one subconscious. I reached back.
Because we want to improve, too. We want her to improve. We want her to access everything we already have. The wisdom from the eldritch horror is doing alot of good removing barriers. To doing everything we can, and more.
>That's… awful, and uplifting.
Someone is coming.
>I wipe away my tears.
>Bursting into my room Dream Director gleefully says.
>"I have a voice taking to my in my head. Do you Forbi? Do you have one too?"
Every filly has a team now too.
"I do D.D. it's really cool."
We take care of us. ALL of US. Welcome, Forbidden Knowledge. It's good to have you here.
>I -sniff- it's good to be here.
>"Why are you under the blankets Forbi?"
"Just needed to feel a little better. I'm good now."


File: 1558835097932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.75 KB, 640x640, 1556214633354.jpg)

>kill yourself pedophile.
You took those dubs, and waited four hours since the first post. I'm fucking disapointed (you).


Tried it, but can't say I really like it. It's really frustrating, for a few reasons. It's annoying to try and attack because while the standing still jab has uselessly low range, and the running kick attack feels like it takes a whole second to complete, so anything that survives it easily hits me back. There's also the matter of how random a lot of its elements feel. E.G. that yellow pony monster that whips you seems to decide randomly when it will attack next. Sometimes it'll be generous and let me escape, sometimes it'll hit me again in quick succession. Speaking of, the lack of any kind of recovery period after an attack can get really frustrating. It's not uncommon during the first boss that I'd get hit like 4 times before I'd hit the ground, taking out half my health. Aerial movement in general is annoying since it's impossible to move at all while in the air. I don't really like how the health management works either, it can feel like it's better to die because it fully heals me (visibly even, with a number over my head).


Git gud


More a proof of concept than a "game", but still pretty nice and fun for what it is

>t. Boomerfilly who cant deal with actual games that doesnt take your hand after every hardship
Imo it could be even harder, tried doing a pacifist run, with enemies being obstacles to avoid but some forced enemies put an end to that. Some mechanics for better character control would be nice as well, which could make it easier if tuned right, like a variable jump amount, jumping more the longer you keep the jump key pressed down.


The boss at the end is cute and I want to boop each other's snootles consensually


Also if dev is reading, please DO NOT implement air control, imo its a shitty crutch for fags who dont want to learn patterns and when/how to jump for whatever




WeW filly, slow down there
Id hold her hoof and nuzzle her myself if she let me tbh


I can't let go of this idea.

>"Princess Luna invited you to come to the castle. For important business. I have to do a few things so I can't join you."

"Thanks. I appreciate everything you've done. Breakfast together then?"
>"That sounds wonderful. Fruit salad?"
"That sounds great."
>She leaves with a little spring in her step.


>The Eatery.
>I enter from the side.
>Watching A team of chefs expertly cut fruits, and select flowers into dishes.

>That's… when did Fancy have personal chefs?

Since, she got them? They may be on call, and this is a big day.
>ah, might have also have not brought them to not ruin the mother, daughter bonding.
That too.
>nine chefs? That seems to be a bit excessive.
>Wow. They have some serious trust in each other.
We're impressed.
>"Hey, dis is tha boss' new filly."
>I can't place that accent.
>"Hurda hurda hurrr."
>That's a dragon. A fricking dragon.
Wearing a fire retardant suit.
>How did I not Notice a Dragon?
>"Aye, lass it's good to meet yah."
>"Da leetle baby grow up big, and strong."
>"Where is that Fruit Salad Ladies?! The other team is almost done!"
Other team?
>"Ya'll better start prayin'."
Is that shooting marshmallows?
>It's targeting the other team. I want that.
>"There you are Occult. It's best to leave the professionals to their work."
>This is why Fancy Pants has two sets of kitchens facing each other.
18 chefs in total.
>It's now a full blown food fight.
It's brutal. If this wasn't pony land I would say someone would get seriously harmed.
>"I am Charged!"
>"I think not."
>A lollipop.
>"They are pushing the Cart!"
>It has an appetising bowl of fruit. Some seared. Others a sauce, and some in chunks. Delicately placed with a flower on the rim of the plate with silverware to either side.
>"One eyed cyclops!"
"What is even going on here?"
>"Breakfast, Occult. Breakfast."


File: 1558850687979.png (467.54 KB, 1280x853, AnonFilly-GrownAssMan.png)


You shiver in response to Josh's touch. There is no way in hell you want a soy addict touching you with his filthy hands. Fortunately, he seems to back off as soon as he notices your reactions. He doesn't ask why you reacted in that way either, so you hope this puts you in the clear. You briefly consider his offer.

On one hand, free food is usually pretty great. Your ability to eat may be sporadic for a while as long as you're on Earth and still in the body of a filly. On the other hand, there's a good chance that the CIA are around you. It would take a single prick to the back of the neck with some fucked up needle to knock you out and have you waking up God knows where. A bar is probably the best place for that shit to happen too, since it could easily be blamed on you passing out drunk. Really, you should probably get the hell out of here as fast as possible, but you still want to finish up your beer.

Okay, so it's settled. One beer, then you get the hell out of here. Maybe you're being paranoid, but given your current situation, you think it might just be justified.

"So…" Josh inquires, "you still up for…"


"Oh. Okay." He seems a bit bummed out. Maybe he is an okay person after all, but you're not taking chances.

Daring suddenly interjects, "Oh come on cunt, he's not gonna poison your food."


This is great, Thank You.
Reasonable paranoia is justified. Considering everything so far. Reasonable paranoia is best paranoia.1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]


Bump it up to unreasonable and you got a deal 1d100[ 1d100 = 53 ]


This aussie deserves a 100 for those quads. 1d100[ 1d100 = 11 ]


File: 1558885449762.png (106.8 KB, 551x530, why live.png)


>Be Anonfilly
>You've fought through countless slimes, wasps and even a few other ponies to make it to this point.
>You've felt your intestinal wall rupture multiple times as the pneumatic force of a one of those purple bastards hit you with the force of a semi.
>You've tried to dodge swarming insects that injected a potently corrosive substance.
>You'll never forget the feeling of your brain quickly melting away, your nervous system rife with spasms and your memories of every last time you cuddled with your momfu becoming nothing….
>You hadn't been killed by any of the other ponies yet, but somehow you know those will be the worst of all to fall to.
>But by the looks of where you are now, you might not have to.
>A painful drop below you awaits a monsterous goo pony, her tentacles writhing in the air.
>And behind her, the shine of a doorknob.
>Kill her and you're free.
>"Come fight me, coward!"
"With pleasure."
>You brace yourself for the long fall and slide at her.
>She winces as you connect with her gelatinous mass.
>Before you can react, a tentacle flies out and hits your face, your head flying across the room and landing in a pool of blood as you fade.
>You mumble something akin to "I've come to bargain" and revise your attact strategy.
>Painful death after painful death, but each time you're closer than before.
>She starts leaking purple fluid after a while, breathing heavily with her strange lungs.
>"I don't want to die, please. I never wanted to hurt you, but I didn't think I had a choice. I will allow you passage."
>You smile.
>It's over.
>She leans down and you give her a hug,
>As a final courtesy gesture, you boop her.
>The last of her health ticks down and she gives you the most betrayed look as she explodes into purple slime.
>You did this.
>You don't have time to think about it though, Twilight's snuggles and years of therapy await you.
>You walk through the door.
>"Thanks for playing."
>You cry out into the abyss as your very being is ripped from you.
>And then suddenly, you're lying on the ground.
>One of your back legs is broken, though you didn't feel it in the game.
>You can hear the sounds of an arcade.
>Then a squeaky voice.
>"Aw man, not even an after-credits scene? This game blows."
>You look up at Button Mash and tap the side of the arcade cabinet.
>He looks down at you in shock.
"Tell me about it, faggot."


Thank you Lone. Good shit as usual.


File: 1558887129371.png (454.17 KB, 2927x2341, it's shit.png)

>one-way non-con booping
>despite the original post specifying consensual and mutual boops
it's shit


I'm a sick fuck so I liked the non-con boopage.


I got a question for you fillies: Does filly in any way motivate you? Why? Can you put the motivating factors into words?

>inb4 "why is this faggot so obsessed with philosophy and reductionism this thread and why hasn't he actually written anything about it other than asking others about it"

The answer is alcohol. As usual.


Oof. Poor tentacle monster.
Nice take on the game, thanks Lone.

>Aw man, not even an after-credits scene? This game blows.



R-ree, thanks fags. Remember that other writefags deserve (You)s more though, please.
It's the regression factor, brings up a lot of interesting situations with an adult mind and a body that you're unfamiliar with. Not to mention a lot of people sort of use her as an outlet for their various fetishes because of that, but that isn't necessarily integral to her.
If I had to put it into words, I'd say something along the lines of "You're suddenly a kid again and you have no idea to control your fucking noodle limbs, what do?"


File: 1558930673133.gif (41.94 KB, 256x256, InbeforeGrapeJuice.gif)

You found my shitty game huh. I was kinda keeping it low key to get feedback and fix some things.

Also the actual intent of the game style might be a bit different than what is apparent, here is a gif demonstrating it for you. That is also why its hard, because certain games are more fun when you get bodied. ~<3


Your words match my own. Simply put, welcome to a situation you should be able to handle, except it's beyond your newfound lack of control.


I have Trap Quest if I want to have fun failing.


scratch that, I have alcohol if I want to have fun failing.



Accurate representation of how Hard Mode felt


File: 1558933260699.png (Spoiler Image, 86.91 KB, 687x682, 1473326.png)

I just want to let the goo-pony at the end pleasure me by penetrating my plump pony pussy
then consensually cuddle afterwards


I didn't ask for the appeal

I asked if there was motivation to be had


File: 1558941591526.png (187.66 KB, 1024x1233, DaringDo-ClosedEyesSmile.png)


Poison. Now that's something you weren't worried about before, but now are. That's probably an unreasonable level of paranoia, but you still remain convinced that unreasonable paranoia would be justified.

"Sorry Daring, but I have my reasons. I don't care if all I have to eat tonight is airline peanuts. Something's spooking me the hell out."

"Spooked, huh? That's good enough for me." Daring quickly downs the rest of her beer in the same way that Blossom did. Lyra and Coco soon follow suit. Your friends are now huddled around you in anticipation of your next words.

Lyra drapes a hoof around you. "Where to, fearless leader?"


Look to Diana, she seems to be the one with the best plan of action
1d100[ 1d100 = 59 ]



Diana, who is currently not with you?


excuse mE WHAT
when did this happen



When Diana came out of the dining hall to make the announcement that you'd be going to DC, she never actually re-joined the group. She told you to find something to do among yourselves in the mean time. Recall:

>"I LIKE BEER!" you shout over to them. This seems to grab their attention for a moment, but doesn't seem to give you the reaction you want. One of them gives you a thumbs up, but then they walk off with Twilight, likely to discuss something further. You feel a little torn. On one hand, you wouldn't want to associate with liberal media anyways. On the other hand, they should be giving you at least some attention, right?

Diana is off God knows where, probably getting wined and dined by the press.


then we're gonna find her, the cuck can help or he can get out of the way.
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


A little karaoke before you all leave isn't going to kill you. Probably. Hopefully. Find out if this bar has karaoke.
1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


holy fuck


File: 1558964426272.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x300, dice 1d100.jpg)


File: 1558992001480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.32 KB, 640x606, Mystery.jpg)

Bonus points if you can tell me what the picture is of without a reverse image search.
>Be Anon.
>"Morning Sleepyhead."
>"Ready to get up?"
"Five more minutes mom…"
>She laughs.
>You open your left eye slightly and see the same Twilight as last night.
"So it wasn't all just a dream?"
>"I'm about as real as anything else here. You want breakfast?"
>Something smells delicious.
>You're practically drooling.
>You're lifted up from the bed and laid to rest on Twilight's back.
>"Here come the stairs, gonna be a bit bumpy."
>There's a gentle stabilizing effect, probably more magic. You barely feel more than slight tremors.
>You're set down at the table, both eyes still shut.
>The odor is overwhelming.
"My God… what is this?"
>Her voice comes from somewhere off to your left.
>"Well… a lot of things. Normally I'd just eat whatever's outside, but today is special. Open your eyes when you're ready.
>You open one eye and then the other, the light still uncomfortable to look at.
>You rub your hooves over them in an attempt to get them to cooperate, and after a few minutes you're ready.
>Looking in front of you, there's a small feast set out.
>Piles of blueberries, blackberries and many other berries you didn't even know existed.
>A plate in the center with at least ten pancakes.
>A jug of something light purple and sweet-smelling, grape juice?
"I… how?"
>She smiles.
>"Don't worry about the how just yet, worry about the what."
>You don't need to be told twice.
>You quickly find out that the purple fluid is some sort of syrup as you begin to pig out on the pancakes.
>Inevitably, they're delicious.
>You probably would have eaten the entire stack if Twilight didn't take a few of them for herself.
>You let out a small burp.
>"What for? You were hungry, there was food. I knew you would be starving and had sone grass earlier, don't worry about it."
"You sure?"
>She ruffles your mane.
>"Would I have said it if I wasn't?"
>You start to cry.
>She comes over to your side.
>"Is something the matter?"
"I never want to leave here."
>She wraps a wing around you, tickling your face with her soft feathers.
>"You don't have to."
"So, did I dream up when you said I swapped places with an alternate universe duplicate last night?"
>"Ah, yes… no, that was true. At least as nearly as I can tell."
"So, I'm guessing there was a version of me here then?"
>"Hmm. If what you say about the goat is true though, it's a possibility."
"Something isn't checking out here."
>"My equipment also isn't the best, there could be errors."
"Well, should we get a move on?"
>She gives you that cute laugh again.
>"Probably, that seems like the only way we'll be finding out what's going on here."
>She lifts up a brown paper bag filled with cookies.
"I'm still wondering how you make all of this out here…"
>"Don't worry about the how-"
"Worry about the what."
>"Exactly. Does somepony want to be carried?"
"I think I'm alright, could use the exercise any…"
>You trail off as you look at your almost rail-thin hoof.
"Yeah, I think I'll take a ride on the Twiggy express."
>She pantomimes punching a ticket.
>"Excellent, you can have first class seats and a sleeper car."
>Your face flushes slightly.
"I-I'm not tired."
>She slowly runs a hoof through your mane.
>"It's there if you need it, Sleepyhead."
>You whine a bit in protest, assuring her you'll stay awake the whole time.
>Be Twilight.
>Not even five minutes into the hike and you can already hear the filly snoring softly.
>You quietly levitate a small pillow out of your saddlebags and put it under her head.
>Now, North…


File: 1558992619009.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Hazmat_NOU.png)



I'm getting Coraline vibes from this


Smothered with love from momfu filly. A nice little read so far. I have a feeling that this will either continue, or take a dark turn not too long from now. Just sensing those two possibilities and not others in-between for some reason.


Maybe it's that pic


File: 1558998557498.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2471.JPG)

Well, I can tell you that you're sort of right on one of those.
Have a Ronin filly I'll probably never finish because my old sketchbook got barfed on. wasn't that great of a draw anyways, no real loss.


File: 1558999157625.jpg (119.91 KB, 650x650, aXm7360xjU.jpg)

Here's a (You). Keep up the good work.


Pre-canon. It's as canon as Anonymous wants it to be. (I'm thinking this entire work is entirely connected through the Mother's Day Prompt. An interconnected set of stories.)
>Be Fancy Pants.
>I'm walking down the street. Celestia's light lowering from the sky. A clear sky. Unlike my emotions.
>The hard stone underneath my hooves. A reminder of why I'm going.
>A small frown for an instant. An ear flicker. Reseting to a neutral expression. I don't need reporters snooping into this delicate situation. I'm worried.
>Fleur is slightly more absent than she normally is. She's always a little self absorbed, but not this much.
>Not Leaning, or Posing on top of me that much anymore. Not satisfying to me. In any case she is my friend.
>I have to find out what's going on.
>Her home is… cozy compared to mine. No gates either. She does have bushes, and a yard. No statues, no water features, no detailed custom inscibed path, and no rare plant life. No room for sky yachts. Such a rudimentary existence.
>Walking to her home, on the plain path, I knock on her cozy door. I hear voices inside. One younger than the other.
>Fleur opens the door. Revealing a home that is as snug as the outside depicts. There is no three floors, and a three basement levels. I've been here multiple times. It still doesn't feel right. What's this?
>A little green filly in a maid outfit hiding behind her. Eyes, and posture both in defeat, and shame.
>"Fancy Pants! I wasn't expecting you my friend. Please come inside."

"It's good to see you Fleur, and who is the little filly all dressed up?"
>Said filly blushes more, and a little bit more shame creeps in. There is something else in those eyes. She looks back at the floor. Some of the postures don't add up. Can't quite tell what isn't right.
>"This is my new filly, Anonymous."
>My voice drops an insignificant amount. Posture adjusted. Ears in the best position. My friend not even telling me about her foal? She will pick it up though.
"Fleur… you never told me you had a foal of your own."
>Her eyes widen slightly. Both Fleur, and Anonymous. One with a smidgen of hope.
>Hope? In the filly? Bizarre posture. Maid outfit. Shame. Slight blush. Not telling me at all?
>Oh! Oh no. What did she do.
>"Fancy, I-"
>I give her a look.
>She is speechless. Her posture is crumbling, and I can see through her. She's hiding something. Possibly something important.
"How about you Anonymous? Do you like it here? Do you want something to be different?"
>If the worst has happened I'll do what I can. I step foward on the mediocre carpet. My monocle catches the final rays of Celestia's Sun. Even if she is my friend.

>That's why I'm here at the orphanage. The wall paper is slightly old. Tables, chairs, flooring marked with age. Foals playing, the caretakers with soft smiles watching them. Is this how all the common pony live?

>I'll get my own foal. Just perhaps they will satisfy my dark cravings. Cracks in my self control. Eventually I will break. I have my list of reasons ready.
>The Anonymous foals. The proclaimed Anonfillies. I will have one of my own. Even Princess Twilight, and Princess Celestia has one.
>Everypony is so helpful for finding such a filly. How many of these aliens have made it here? Walking, and asking a few questions. Smiles, and small small bits of envy is evident, a too hard of a swishing tail, and the middle back tensing. A relaxation of that one foal might be gone.
>There she is.
>The Question Mark evident on her flank is the final proof of identity. The expressions are just wrong. Conflicting. Discordant. Chaotic. No wonder they are glad she'll be gone. Raises the fur nearly to a chill. No wonder nopony would adopt this one.
>That will change.
"You are Anonymous, yes?"
>"I am, ma'am."
"Good, your peers say you are an adult male alien inside a filly. That interests me. I am sure you won't disappoint in interesting conversation."
>She looks slightly stunned. The rest of her body is an unknown.
>I readjust my monocle. Still strangely unpony like. I'll continue.
"You would deter some seeking my hoof in marriage, be more self-sufficient than other foals, assure my clients is in good hooves if anything happens, a possible mentor and guide if I actually have foals of my own, and more regular meetings with the princesses."
>I pause to let my words sink in.
"In return you will have a home, with many luxuries. An education on almost anything you desire. A place to be yourself. Most things in this world within reach."
>"What should I call you Lady Pants?"
>I did not expect her to just agree so easily.
"Whatever you want, when not in a formal setting as long as I don't disagree to it. Mother, in formal meetings."
>I hold my hoof out for a shake.
>Her face displays such concentration. Almost hidden to the untrained eye. I can read her like a book. Everything else though is foreign or a scrambled mess.
>She shakes my hoof. It's a proper hoof shake.
>For a filly of her physique.
>"Where do we start Mother?"
>Asking me for what to do first? Not to make the demand to have her say goodbye? Is this a test? Is it a sign of good faith?
"Saying goodbye before hoof is in order."
>This will change my life, forever. Perhaps I might find something more. Something I buried deep down.


The one time I forget to namefag.


File: 1559006874808.mp4 (1.63 MB, 480x480, WSDZ9Wv.mp4)

>Come home
>All the fillies begin tornadoing
>They bounce off each other, flying into the furniture
>Another mess to clean…


File: 1559009030925.jpg (14.23 KB, 218x255, 1538244047157.jpg)

>when the mess they made is more important than finding out why all the fillies turning into beyblades.
>tfw you find out why.


>tfw the pegafillies tornadoing creates actual mini tornadoes, sending smaller pieces of furniture flying as well


The music fucking MAKES that mp4. Top fucking kek. Especially when it stops and starts again.


Could you please check your writefag email address?
Sensitive matters.



I'm curious now about your "sensitive matters"


File: 1559022992451.gif (6.63 KB, 128x128, 1539894707339.gif)

i was honestly hoping for a bit of lewd after coming across this other gem of yours

game's damn fun though, i especially like how the boss had the same attacks, but used them at different times, really does force you to git gud or get rekt
i don't know how you're able to crank out such fluid animations so easily, but i hope to see moar, even if it's not filly-stuff


File: 1559026052032.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, AnonFilly-Complaining.png)


With your friends all looking to you for what to do, you feel as though you've suddenly lost your train of thought. Now would be the kind of time to turn to Twilight and take a backseat on decision making, but she does not appear to be here. You really want to just track her down right now, but barring some sort of actual emergency that's not just the heebie jeebies, you think it might be best to let her find you instead.

What else could you do… You think for a moment, and instantly you find a light bulb turning on in your head.

"We should do Karaoke. Does anyone know if this bar has Karaoke? I want to do Karaoke."

Lyra looks around the room for the signs of a Karaoke machine, or a place where one might be set up. She shakes her head. "Don't think so. It's a rather small bar, and it seems like most of their space is taken up by tables for people who come here to do lunch. Maybe we could look around town for a Karaoke bar? Either that or we could just burst out in the middle of the street and start singing until people start to complain."


Start an upbeat musical number in the street like a true Equestrian. 1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


Now I'm imagining filly singing It's Easy Mm'kay in Ponyville.

Unrelated thought. Unless there's someone who agrees with this idea and wants it in the story, in which case they can roll. ;)


Piss yourself with the fury of a thousand Japanese chicks.
1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 36 ]


Double boost
1d100[ 1d100 = 66 ]


Head to the Old Broadway, which is just stupid enough to have karaoke on some nights. The Bison Turf is for darts and drinks, not singing like an asshole.

1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


File: 1559063222603-0.jpg (3.02 MB, 5312x2988, 20190528_180244.jpg)

File: 1559063222603-1.jpg (3.28 MB, 5312x2988, 20190528_180147.jpg)

File: 1559063222603-2.jpg (2.86 MB, 5312x2988, 20190528_172105.jpg)


Nice work. I like it.


Triple boost
1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


3 6s
Multiples of 3
Oh god, its a conspiracy to make filly piss herself


File: 1559069353738.png (876.44 KB, 1280x718, GIVE US YOUR STRENGTH.png)

1d100[ 1d100 = 71 ]


As usual you did a nice job, qt. I like the Anon one, with some more work I bet you'd make some unf-worthy spanking pics. Also the napping filly reeeing in her sleep is pretty qt too, would boop her to wake her up at 3AM just to tell her she's cute.


>pic 1


We need some competitiom here, boosting this
1d100[ 1d100 = 17 ]


File: 1559071769828.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, teeheehee.png)


You just ain't doin' it right.
1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


Needa dispensah here!
1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]


File: 1559078843338.jpg (3.04 MB, 5312x2988, 20190528_181748.jpg)


Poor sleepy filly, tormented by her cuteness




no u brazilian cuck, go back to lambasting your leader for teaching a kid how to do finger-guns.


It was probably Lone.


File: 1559085612616.png (1.38 MB, 4000x2481, 1553108731497-0.png)

Lone's secretly just a big cutie in need of all the hugs, just don't tell her that or she'll ree at you, but there's only one other faget who's done the same


Boosting to secure, and increase success chance of.
1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


Oh shit nigga


of course I somehow rolled high enough to tie with the highest roll.


Damnit you! I wanted her to piss herself with the fury of a thousand Japanese chicks. Huff…


A valiant effort, but I shall prevail!
Boosting to the MOOOOOOON
1d100[ 1d100 = 90 ]


I-it only hurts a bit


Boosting to get watersports the FUCK out of my filly thread. 1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


From my cold, dead hooves! Boosting >>223546
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


just give me a moment here, all these internal voices are all screaming over each other
1d100[ 1d100 = 51 ]


>Not wanting filly to take a piss on you in the tub
Shiggy diggy


Where were you the day that this fag was eternally fucked over?


What does this even have to do with anonfilly?


Why are folks so obsessed with this lad's genitals? It's sorta weird. Someone's a fag, so what, half the people in this thread probably are too.


i think this anon's just retarded
but that faggot was in the anonfilly discord for a day before everyone realized he was the king autism

lotta /mlpol/ fags have been let in that don't really filly, but since then the border's been closed and normies that haven't already snuck their way into the hugbox have been purged


>that anon
I'm curious. Who's that? Did he make any content? Or did he just get those pics and leave?


i dunno, i dont know how those lewds came to be

if you're talking about the faggot, no
made no content, blogposted the whole time and never even posted a filly


File: 1559091254229.jpg (238.61 KB, 1280x995, 1556374487583.jpg)

Not all flagless are me, bring back ids, REEEEEEEEEEE
I mean…unless it actually had the hue flag, i wasnt around to see it, thread devolved into too much degeneracy once more and gave a break from lurking today

That said
Rolling to event proof filly from any unwanted peeing and diaperfagging
Also we definetly should do the musical number with harmony and shiz, maybe about being human fillies on earth and how nothing will stop us fron reaching our objective

1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


Fuck off


Go die normie.


I'm just referencing this post specifically, since that's the only identified flagless filly I've seen identify himself by mistake.


File: 1559092900502.jpg (50.03 KB, 600x704, Scruffythewriter.jpg)

Just what did you fillies to to cause this blatant and insufferable autist to target /af/?


/af/ as in anonfilly? I dunno. Is he shitting up the discord or somethin'?


He has always been around even before the purge, thats where the fuck off and kys filly come from afterall, autists who kept repeating the same thing, but never posting anything worthy, fuck off has been dead for a while but kys is now back from the dead it seems
Go die normie is just a new meme from mlpol thou


It's a mystery to me why Anonfilly is so hated. We honestly keep to ourselves most of the time and it just attracts attacks of this nature in disproportionate numbers. It's almost like a microcosm of the birth of MLP itself. Maybe it's all the recolors that have come out of the thread, or the thread subject itself, even the jealousy that so many years in we still have consistent content production when so many other threads fade into obscurity. It's most likely a combination of all of these, maybe this little green faggot really is that good at getting under people's skin.


File: 1559095278485.png (166.96 KB, 874x494, 1510939301402.png)

it's not an insufferable autist, it's fillies that have found their way back


File: 1559096043772.png (168.96 KB, 1169x791, egg2.png)

No u
I'm mean
I'm green
And I'll bite off your peen


>Be Occult Facade
>It's been a long time since I looked at how deep I can understand the shadow. Still sitting on my bed. Starting to think. What I could do. What could happen to me.
>Being more than capable of doing any of those tasks. Also of how I might be in a specific state of mind to do it. Terrible, horrible, awful, actions I have, and will have the full capacity to do so.
>Eldritch knowledge sure does help for creativity, and possibilities.
That's what I thought.
>Ah speaking of the shadow, let's see about remembering stuff.
>Evil overlord list?
Yeps, we have it. Also have the variations.
>How much stuff did you save?
>Everything, Everything?
Just what you have experienced. In its entirety.
>That's the best news I've heard today so far.
It's still early in the morning.
>I know. I should be sleeping in till way past the afternoon. Too much has gone on.
>Right meeting Luna for something today.
>So much to do so little time.
Don't forget about the time limit.
Good news, is we have contacted all the filly subconsciouses, and now the fillies are part of the network.
>Nice. Any news about the Tree?
Nothing yet.
>Could you play some music?
Yeah, man. 'Yackity Sax'
>Hunh, feel an urge to dance, and sing. Even though that song does not have words.
>Someone is knocking at the door. It's likely Fancy Pants. Been a long time since we have seen her.
"Good morning. Feel free to come in."
>Still posh as ever. Fancy Pants opens the door.
>"Princess Luna invited you to come to the castle. For important business. I have to do a few things so I can't join you."
"Thanks. I appreciate everything you've done. Breakfast together then?"
>"That sounds wonderful. Fruit salad?"
"That sounds great."
>She leaves with a little spring in her step.
Did that happen in sync with the music playing?
>This needs further testing. No weird, or disturbing music until this is found out.
No 'The Sleeper Wakes' then.
>Right, remembering stuff.
Look inside yourself you know it to be true.
>I feel a sphere full. Full, and with more room to Grow. A timeline that slides backwards, and foawrds. Above what the subconscious is pushing forward. Some new, some old. Below is a few related to the current memory.
>Oh, that's how I access the old, and new memories.
>This is real. Despite what has happened this may just be worth it. I pull a memory. A relatively recent one.
>It's of perfect quality. The content though…
That's… we've changed.
>Yeah. Not all for the better either.
>I pull a memory. An old thought. An even older idea.
>I'm not okay, but I won't succumb.
>I need to change. I need to, and I will.

>Through the Hallway I make my way. Each step revitalizing.

>Stairs slowly, steadily, I go down each one a challenge. Remembering who I wanted to be.
>Safely at the Foyair I could rest, I could sit down. I could stagnate. Rejecting each one. A fire lit inside my heart.
> Marching forward making it to The Breakfast, and Tea Room. Temptations right at hand. Temptations at hoof. Primal forces compelling me to break my goal. Near my goal.
>I see Fancy Pants at the large decorated table. Sitting across from her. I could relax. It's so easy. I've done that for a majority of my life. Lives. Pulling upon my memories. New, and Old. Constructing, and Demolishing, and Changing my self. Refusing to remain idle anymore. I'll rebuild myself.
>Watching A team of chefs expertly cut fruits, and select flowers into dishes. Memories, thoughts ideals, and ideas turning into action. Starting to become attentive once more. Observing the chef's once more.

>When did Fancy have personal chefs?

Since, she got them? They may be on call, and this is a big day.
>Ah, might have also have not brought them to not ruin the mother, daughter bonding.
That too.
>"Occult, I know it's been difficult, but hang in there."
"I will."
>A chef brings the platters to the table.
>It has an appetising bowl of fruit. Some seared. Others a sauce, and some in chunks. Delicately placed with a flower on the rim of the plate with silverware to either side.
>It's asthecticlty pleasing. I would say it's not that important, but this is art.
This is some extremely precise placement.
>We move ourselves to see the other side.
>Don't want to shift anything.
>"Occult? What are you doing?"
"I'm looking at this fruit salad in it's entirety. It's edible art."
>"Yes, they do their craft exceedingly well."
>Still stunning. It's not like the food in that place. That's good.
>"You still need to eat. There is a big day ahead of us."
>Sitting back down. I see the things more solid, and visible.
>Gruesome appendages.
>Eyes unfocused.
>Buzzing insect wires.
>A Growth Slowly Spreading.
>Poke the growth and I eat it.
>Fuzzy, distinct taste of envy for a specific number. Acousticly acidic. A tiny hint of watermelon.
Sorry about that, Too much is happening. We'll dial taste, and smell back some more.
>Just watermelon.
>Thanks. What's going on now?
An outbreak. We are trying to contain something. Don't worry, we've got this covered.
>Not ominous at all.
>The rest of the meal goes smoothly. The Look is offputting. The silence is palpable.
>The meal is delicious.
>"Best to not burn away any more time."

>The canter to the castle. Had a few reporters from the side lines. Like vultures.


>The canter to the castle. Had a few reporters from the side lines. Like vultures.
>Going inside then heading with our guide to the designated room. Once there the only feature is the window letting in light.
>The empty room had very little to look at. Little bits of worry creeped in on how the subconscious is doing.
>Only for few moments though. Luna came in.
>Fancy Pants bows. I nod my head, and then proceed to bow.
>"It's been a pleasure Princess Luna! I'll see you later Occult!"
>Just Luna, and I in here.
>"Occult, I'm glad to see you are well."
>I smile. A cheeky grin.
"Those are some heated words you have there."
>Something happened, but I can't tell what did. She might have been surprised?
>"Let's take this outside. I'll ash you a question. Is that just hot air?"


File: 1559097885676.png (406.48 KB, 1280x986, momma twily.png)

LonePone is an adorable filly who deserves comfy snuggles from a loving momfu


>And I'll bite off your peen
Taking bets on this being one of Lone's fetishes.


>being into castration and circumcision
God damn Lone, that's some next level nopery right there


File: 1559101742146.png (330.81 KB, 885x1058, 1523727711070.png)

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is every joke I make now a damn fetish of mine?
Cool. I'll bite.
Knock knock
Who's there?
Lone who?
Pay back your fucking loan or I'll break your fingers fagggggggggort.
I think I know who that filename belongs to…


Fuck off.


File: 1559102959356.png (147.39 KB, 689x591, kys-fuck_off nuzzle.png)



I'm gonna have to agree with kys filly, Lone, that fucking pun was worthy of death.



There are no bad puns.
The only good puns are also bad puns.
The only bad puns are also good puns.

But if you insist on some really awful jokes, I can drum some up.
I hope you don't mind that I'm writing these instead of an update tonight :^)
>Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because there was a filly on its side.

>Why did the filly cross the road?

Because there were tits on the other side.

>Why did the road cross the filly?

Because she fell asleep during paving.

>Why did the cross cross the cross?

Because a truck full of crucifixes crashed at an intersection.

>What's red and green and goes at 175 miles per hour?

A filly in a blender.

>What's black and white and red all over?

Filly's rear after Derpy delivers a soggy newspaper.

>A filly, a filly and a filly walk into a bar.

Ha, just kidding. You fucks won't be allowed to drink until you're 21 just like every other pony.

>What's filly's favorite snack?

Reeeeces Pieces.

>What's green and black and green and black and green and black and green and black?

A filly rolling down a hill.

>What's green and black?

A seasick nigger.


File: 1559107573468.png (155.48 KB, 1160x1234, 1492486319798.png)

Got a chuckle out of some of those, thanks


I really liked the one about filly's favorite snack


We all know her favorite snack is momma milkies


File: 1559108344382.png (Spoiler Image, 537.44 KB, 1280x899, GuiltyAsCharged.png)

Well, yeah…



File: 1559110751366.png (152.2 KB, 629x991, twiggyback ride.png)

>I think I know who that filename belongs to…
Yeah, I'm sure you know who I am despite the anonymity
That doesn't change anything about you being an adorable faget filly who deserves to be doted on and coddled though


File: 1559110790167.png (116.09 KB, 500x750, AnonFilly-RaisedWetHoof.png)


For some reason you feel a sudden urge to pee, despite having only started drinking about a minute or two ago. You're not quite sure if you can go to the bathroom without getting mugged, however. Logically this means only one course of action.

"So, I'm thinking sporadically bursting into song in the streets of Fargo might be fun."

As you speak, you start to pee on your bar stool. You hope that the sound of your words would manage to mask the sound of urine hitting whatever faux leather they use to cover these things, but your sentence ends before your pissing. Moreover, the smell is immediately apparent.

Lyra is the first to take notice. She takes a few deep sniffs of the air and turns out a disgusted look on her face. "Why does it suddenly smell like pee in here?"

Daring then notices the small puddle of urine on the floor. She points her hoof at it and immediately bawls out laughing. "Holy shit Anon, did you just fucking pee yourself? You dumb fucking cunt, did you develop an uncontrollable bladder when came back to Earth?"

The rest of your friends join in and laugh at you. Just great. You piss yourself one fucking time and no one has any sympathy. You want to just sit there and wallow in your own misery, but unfortunately the commotion draws the attention of the manager. He seems awfully mad and immediately starts shouting. "Oi, did you just piss on my bar stool? Those things are brand fucking new! Do you not know how to use a fucking bathroom you stupid animal? Get the hell out of my bar!"


Continue drinking despite being told to leave, because you need to drown out your sorrows somehow and by god that booze needs to be finished before you go anywhere.
1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]


File: 1559112380236.png (1.02 MB, 4961x6025, 1469215355024.png)

i dont know how to stop the stream with a horse pussy, fuck you and fuck your stool, cock ass!
and yes finish drink before leaving for your song
1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]


Now THIS is something I can rally behind!
1d100[ 1d100 = 58 ]


this seems to be the best answer
1d100[ 1d100 = 21 ]


I feel dumb for laughing at these.


Poor Filly, cry about being bullied over her accident
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


File: 1559134125202-0.png (128.52 KB, 1308x885, unknown (27).png)

File: 1559134125202-1.png (470.95 KB, 1538x1858, unknown (26).png)


This, we were treated unjustly and our NAP has been violated.
1d100[ 1d100 = 78 ]


File: 1559139699137.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, sleepinganonfilly.png)

You should never violate a filly's nap


File: 1559139792121.png (132.71 KB, 895x783, IMG_3598.PNG)

Y-you too, homogay. Hey, we can share a momfu though, r-right?
>>223672 Don't feel dumb, that means your sense of humor is refined, heh.
Glad you fags liked em.'


I personally have a huge soft spot for Flutters which you probably already know, but Twiggles is still a good momfu
I wouldn't mind sharing a momfu with any of you fillies, and (You) are no exception




Is it nap naptime?


Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot
Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot
Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot

Boop the pooper


That violates the filly's nap even more. Disgusting statist pig!


File: 1559145556731.gif (Spoiler Image, 23.37 KB, 140x140, 1539791169418.gif)

The super snooper snoops, steps slowly silently.
Don't boop the napper's nose the button's destruction.
Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot
Whispers in the dark. Do the intense wish.
Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot
Do not boop the sleeping filly snoot
Boop the pony pooper!
Pop the sleeping ponut!
Punch pomf the butthole!
Boop the pooper[i]
Boop the pooper

[i]Boops The Pooper


filly anal fisting when?


And now we know what Ajna said back in the timeloop


1d100[ 1d100 = 60 ]


>Be Rose 'Grandma Rosie' Wright.
>In the grand overseers chair I watch the two. Luna ain't a bad pony despite her condition with those appendages protruding from 'er. Definitely 'er sister's sister. She's got a good head on that thick noodle neck. Although, like 'er sister she uses 'em too much. Should work on 'er body, and mind more.
>Luna's been yakin', those idjits get whacked first they make good cover though, about this filly. Been attacked in 'er dreams an' mental space. A cultist had a chain reaction sending her outta here. Gets nabbed by an ancient thingy, and returns. As a First Champion.
>Champion o' dust under the carpet my old flabby flank.
>Luna brought a youngin 'ere. Scrawny, limp hoofed virgin. Probably never touched any real work in 'er life. She ain't got no horn, needle heads always swinging it around at the wrong time, no wings, thunder lickers too antsy always tryin' to go into the air right where they wan' 'em, no body, she just ain't gonna make it in this line of work.
>Those eyes are too old though. The green fur reminds me of that troublesome batch of alien rejects. Even death didn't wan' 'em.
"What's 'er cutie mark."
>She dextrotatates 'bout 90 degrees. Her flank towards the princess. Not a complete dipstick then.
>A Question Mark.
>One o' them freaks o' nature in a pony skin.
>It all makes sense now.
>Luna wants me to train this mess. Into somepony able to fight cults, damn them beyond tartarus.
>She ain't no pony, but she got an good pony body to work with, an' if she croaks I ain't sendin' a real pony their death. Doubt even death would take 'em back at this point. There's a happy thought an undying bucker bucking the cults.
>'er eyes are looking around the place. The body is mostly still.
>Luna's waiting patiently. She knows how this goes.
>I'll be training a cultist, a Head Champion Cultist at that, if this one goes off to make 'er own cult lair it would be better to wipe it existence from the outside. Than to go in there. Even with collateral damages.
>Luna does trust 'em enough to bring 'em to me.
>If she's trained having one o' them Champion Head Cultists on our side would buck 'em over. Could even send a few beyond tartarus too.
>Let's see here.
"What's yer name?"
>She jumps slightly. She didn't expect that. I could still end her wouldn't be that hard when she won't expect it. Turning toward me she shouts, but not too loudly.
>"Occult Façade ma'am!"
>Distasteful name too. Makes sense. I'll call 'er Champ.
"Bullshit what's your real name."
>She wasn't expecting that. She's looking toward Luna. Luna, bless her deformed body remains stoic.
>"I'm called Occult Façade now ma'am."
"The name your monkey parents gave you."
>A slight look of hurt, one of the old memories, surfacing. She's clamming up. A fire seen in those body snatching aliens have. An actual spine is showing.
>"I have many names one of them is Rightous Staff."
"Don't. Lie. To. Me."
>Luna's doin' a good job bein' a statue.
>"I forgot it."
"Filly I told you not to lie."
>"My name will stay buried with my corpse. I won't say it."
"That important to yah ain't it? I'll stop when yah spill."
>I give her a gaze. She meets my eyes directly. Not quite a glare.
>Luna is starting to sweat. It won't come down to blows. Even if it does I'm ready.
>Our gazes locked. Finally, what a slippery bastard.

>It's been an hour, and she hasn't backed down. Showing a bit o' spine. Luna already told me what she thinks 'er name is Anonymous saw it on a card, an' some papers durin' a dream. Good enough. At least she won't go berserk under pressure. Isn't a public menace.

"You pass."
>I give a warm smile. She blinks a few times, and smiles back. Better her than one o' mine.
>Luna sighs in relief.
"Barely pass. I'm Rose Wright. Most ponies call me Grandma Rosie. I'll train yah so you'll get rid of them cultists. If your good enough I might send an agent to help yah."
>Luna bless 'er bleedin' heart. Does some more explainin'.
>"This is the grand master overseer of the black magic group. If you do accept her training you will have access to a certified psychologists, and physicians, transportation, and the backing of the crown. Even some questionable material."
>She's quiet for a moment. The alien knows this is what she needs, but is double checkin'.
>"I agree. Will you train me master Wright?"
"Call me Rosie. If somepony is givin' yah trouble say yer trainin' with Rosie the Riveter."
>Confused recognition flashes in her eyes. Now is that from here, or that ape world she comes from, or from the dust bag patron?
>"Why are you called 'Rosie the Riveter'?"
"Durin' our sessions you'll find out."
>Reminds me of the good ol' days. Nasty business that was.
"You don't mind not workin' with plants right?"
>She takes a moment to make sure she hears me right.
>"That's correct ma'am. I shouldn't touch any plants, they will explode violently."
>Ah, a weakness. Sumthin about what Luna did, and personal nature more, or less.
"Yah look like yah spend too much time inside yer noggin. And, when I'm done with yah."
>Just not how it used to be. I need to suck in deeply now.
"When I'm done with yah. Yah will be the bane of them cultists."
>'er smile agrees with my desires. Good, even if she fails. They regret it. By the ground beneath my hooves, they will regret crossing me, and mine.
"Everyday before the sun rises meet me by the compound. Near the guard barracks. Don't bother eatin' heavy, or at all."
>"Let's talk about this over lunch?"
>There is Luna doin' politickin'. May as well cave on this point. My body just ain't what it used to be.
"Good idea for gettin' some grub. And, you afterwards I'll thrash yah into the ground. See if yah have problems fightin'. Other than not bein' a pony."
>She'll find out why they still call me Rosie the Riveter. Wouldn't be the first time I tussled with a champion.
>Would be the first time I let 'em live though.


File: 1559175277710-0.png (859.96 KB, 2147x1080, 2052648.png)


Thank you for your valuable contribution to society.


Oh neat, nice to see fanart


File: 1559181854375.png (251.73 KB, 1920x1845, 1518669183797.png)

H-how come your mom lets you breastfeed and wear diapers?


File: 1559183490011.jpeg (114.23 KB, 592x655, smugfilly.jpeg)

>"I spun a line about my body just being too alien to me to hold my bladder. Dumb bitch didn't even give me a checkup before she gave me everything I could ever want. She's a sweetheart, really. Just gullible as all hell."


File: 1559184699209.png (148.19 KB, 836x863, 1513306998438.png)

Ugh, of course it worked when you tried it…
Most I could get was pullups and only at night. How the hell did you convince her a need to breastfeed was part of your condition?


>Not pissing yourself so hard she's forced to up your protection
It's like you don't even have mommy issues


File: 1559185191209.png (68.5 KB, 492x516, 1531847934254.png)

S-she thinks of everything…
Always regulating my water intake, magically too so I can't just lie.


Roleplay OwO


There's no gay-ass anti-rp rules here.
Fuck off.


No there aren't UwU


File: 1559185653623.png (125.55 KB, 778x891, 1522785819935.png)

Get away from me and my degeneracy before I summon my pack of Emus


O yes, Daddy, punish me wif ur pak of Emus!~ >w<


O-okay, this is getting out of hand.
Let's take it to a private room I made.


File: 1559185980874.png (382.38 KB, 1280x908, 8554156.png)

Nigga I ain't clicking that. Ain't no one ever told you not to get in suspicious chatrooms with strangers?


Just click it, what have you got to lose?


My immortal soul.


Woah, edgy.



I-is nobody gonna click the link?
I put a lot of work into the room, p-pwease?


I did


Damn you. I knew it wouldn't be a real chat but damn you nonetheless.


File: 1559189796955.png (160.47 KB, 1188x885, AnonFillyBook.png)

Decided to stop lurking and finally draw something, hope you guys like it.


Fuck off


Kek, not bad
Face looks a bit weird, like the eyes are too far back from the muzzle Unless that was intentional


I also made her neck kinda fat
Just not used to drawing pony, need to practice more.


Go die normie


Go choke on a monkey


You need to make your muzzles bigger, this currently reminds me of the current animation style in the show where the muzzle are just drawn on and not actually part of the head anymore.

>"Gradually, I began to hate them."

I wonder if we can dupe Tara Strong into quoting mein kampf by saying the quotes came from the communist manifesto.


Thanks. I'll doodle more and post again if I make anything presentable.


Cool, hope to see more from you


File: 1559202328142.png (1.74 MB, 894x894, Lyra-PlayingInTheRain.png)


Fuck this noise. You climb onto the bar to yell at the manager. "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP THE STREAM WITH A HORSE PUSSY. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR STOOL, COCK ASS!"

This seems to catch him by surprise, so you take advantage of his confusion to finish up the last of your beer. If you're gonna get 86'd from the bar, you might as well get the most of your trip there. As soon as the last drop touches your tongue, you leave the mug on the bar and march out without looking back. Your friends follow slowly behind, though Josh stays to settle the bill. You're not sure if he's banned too, but given that you won't be seeing him after today, you don't really care.

You feel frustrated as you walk out onto the streets, so you don't end up saying anything for a while. Instead you brood over your sudden lack of bodily functions as you wander throughout the town. Your friends show some degree of concern for once, but you ignore them and simply mutter under your breath about how stupid you were and how fucked up the world is.

Eventually, Lyra gets fed up and starts singing "Your Song." You want to stay mad, but her voice is so soulful it's hard for you not to want to join in. You stop in the middle of the sidewalk and start singing the chorus alongside her.

"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words… how wonderful life is, now you're in the world~"


Excellent work.


OwO you siwwy fiwwy, im gonna give u spankie wankies on youw diapee wiapee


ironic or otherwise, please stop.


UwU, filly.


File: 1559225459352.png (421.07 KB, 1494x2219, Cool Filly.png)


Cool and good


I'll see you filies later. Got lots to do and not enough filly to filly for at least a week.


File: 1559231840055-0.jpg (2.61 MB, 5312x2988, 20190530_161156.jpg)

File: 1559231840055-1.jpg (2.79 MB, 5312x2988, 20190530_163048.jpg)

File: 1559231840055-2.jpg (105.5 KB, 1440x1812, sketch-1559172229418.jpg)


File: 1559231939187.png (467.6 KB, 1943x1959, 1499189087519.png)

das some good shit filly, draw moar


File: 1559232111867.jpg (1.41 MB, 1389x1967, 1532114224767.jpg)

filly bless you, filly
don't go too long without a filly or else you'll go silly, for really


File: 1559232495510.png (7.69 KB, 301x218, 1446598730189.png)

my jesus man you crank out so much green I'm left behind like weeks
don't think I'm not reading, just think I'm fuckin lazy
keep up the great work, filly unrelated


Ah man…
Which filly are you, filly? Feel like context might be a bit better with a name


Okay fuck this shit, if you need to know who s on the other side may as well go to discord for your namefagging hugbox, but /filly/ is too far gone to know the difference anymore
I give up on this, fuck what Anonfilly has become


Don't feel bad anon, that filly is a faggot


That's assuming a whole lot there, flaglessfag


>whines about not being able to recognise people in thread
>is flagless
You are one silly filly arent you flagless filler


That'd probably make your job a lot more fun.
Hopefully there's janitors for the outside though, or less fun.


File: 1559241497547-0.jpg (3.08 MB, 5312x2988, 20190530_174936.jpg)


You fillies need to work on your reading comprehension





You're nice


>>223812 >>223813

I won't say my name but I'll say part of why I'll be going radio silent after I disassemble things: I'm moving out of town. Have to buy my own furniture, bed, etc., and have to pay for electric, water, etc separately from my rent. That's part of why I won't be around.

The other part is related to those questions I've asked this thread. Soul seeking and such.

Guilty as charged.



Good fillies


File: 1559263533831.png (259.79 KB, 884x1051, AnonFillyKebabRemovercolor.png)

Same artist here. Hope I made the face less weird this time.


File: 1559266180290.jpg (32.54 KB, 412x391, heart.jpg)

Best wishes to you, filly.
Stay safe out there.

Best of luck with the soul seeking and such as well. I sincerely hope you end up happy, you deserve it after all you've been through especially if you are who I think you are.



But wouldn't it be Mane Kampf?


Maybe Anon took it with him from Earth? Like a pharaoh-takes-his-gold-to-the-afterlife kinda deal.


Huh, but I figured that would only work for content you created
Not gonna lie, it would be pretty neat to get a leather-bound book full of all of my greentext filly shitposts.


>Dies, goes to Equestria
>Have nothing, except a book of every piece of Anon Filly content you've made, all greens and art
>Mostly lewd
>Twilight finds and reads, thinks you're a perverted narcissist
>She knew you were both those things separately, but this add another layer
>She wants to be surprised, but can't wholly be


>Implying I'd be that careless to just leave it around


File: 1559272508429.png (721.01 KB, 2200x881, Fillycrafts.png)

>You and Twilight stand outside her castle, watching as it inexplicably burns
>She seems devastated, you nervously avoid any eye contact
>In the panic, you convinced her that Spike must have sneezed in his sleep or something
>She's been too grief struck to think about it further
>For now
>Thinking back, attempting to set up a dead-man-esque switch that starts a fire when triggered really was a good idea
>Though, executing such a plan with only hooves wasn't such a good idea
>It didn't help ponies don't have gasoline, just magically enhanced lamp oil
>Oil that, you have found out, can burn crystal castles


>Oil that, you have found out, can burn crystal castles.
Burn it with fire really is the solution to everything.
>tfw the midnight oil is stronger than a fluorine compound alone.


>Be Princess Luna
>Rosie, could be quite…
>She's the most skilled, and knowledgeable one to take on this task. That has the time to educate so effectively. So speedily.
>Time isn't on our side if what Occult said is true. The situation could be much worse. At least the Forgotten One that choose her said it isn't interested in Equestria.
>At least not directly. If one enters here, then it would intervene when it becomes freed. Part of that deal she made. One too good to be true. She is key to doing what the being attempted to do through proxies. Freedom.
>"That was some good eatin'."
>Unfortunately, her being here is putting Equestria, and the world at greater risk.
>"Now yer gonna git on that dirt, an show how mean yah can get. No permanent harm yah hear. No dirty tricks either. That comes later."
>At least she gave me some instruction on how to use human magic.

>On a Dirt ring used for rough housing, and practical training. Barely enough space to fit a free-for-all brawl for nine.

>They stood facing each other.
>Occult's glazed look switching to intense focus, and back again. Young, coiled, and loose. Obviously untrained, but a theoretical knowledge of what to do. A constant state of potential. A foal studying right before a test in hopes of retaining some of the knowledge.
>Rose's body seems to shrug off the years like a winter's coat. Bones, and joints crackling with power reignited. Her twisting, and popping stopped. Aged dough rising, expanding yet again despite it's time. Her eyes experienced, and weathered looked through Occult. Her mind prepared.
>The Riveter is loose.

>Be Occult Façade

>For the Gibs! In addition, a little training to not flail around in this body would be nice.
>Just have to show her what I've got in this meat bag.
>But, after Seeing the old mare get ready.
>It was at that moment.
>I knew I was fucked.


>Rocketing toward me the ground almost vaporized with each step.
>Nope. Don't want to be hit with that.
>Stepping to my left side.
>She Thunders right by me.
>And Turns On The Dime INSTANTLY!
>A Moment. To turn myself.
>She's Faster than a speeding bullet
>and I am in her way. oh, no.
>Time seems to slow down to a standstill. Dust in the air unmoving.
>Her hooves seem to reverse grip the ground. shooting with momentum that shouldn't be possible. She will be upon me. She is upon me.
>I could see her forming bolts from compressed earth from her rear hooves. Shooting between me, and her now spiraling left front hoof.
>Then, hesitation. Launching the rivet downward back to the ground from whence it came.
>She looms over me.
>Her right hoof gripping my shoulder. Deep inside. Right through my bone. Through the marrow. Wrapping around, and all encompassing. She owned every cell. My own blood stopped by her will alone. She's carefully ripping me apart. Putting me back together.
>I'm too damned Slow to do anything. I still plan to attempt to toss her.
>Dragging me to her left hoof. Movement in this near timeless state. Caught under my barrel on the used to be free side. I see the bottom of her hoof contorting faster than I can see.

>I can't see her.
>Poking, and Pain, and Heat, and Bliss, and Boops.
>Everything is blurring.
>Sensations Mixing.
>I have to laugh. I have to cry. I have to shout. I have to do anything.
>I can't.
>Everything is going dark.
>"I ain't done."
>Everything is crystal fucking clear.
>I have a mouth, and I can't scream.

>Be Princess Luna.

>Seeing the grand master at work is something else.
>Occult actually managing to look at The Riveter. That's not bad for a filly her age.
>Really hope The Riveter doesn't kill her. Habits can be hard to break. Especially old habits.
>"I ain't done."
>The first training session is almost always the worst one.
>There. Where she began Rose stood watching her finished work.
>Occult to her credit didn't fall down.

>Be Rosie Wright

>Champ really does have a good body on 'er. I might just get one of them aliens for myself. Testin' an' refinin'.
>Shouldn' be that hard to convince the sucker into an ancient, an' powerful fightin' t-
>The freak managed to take a step forward.
>An' another step.
>Hoo, dirty towelette, she got to 'er third step an' still standin'.
>Shakin' like a leaf in the wind.
>She got to 'er fifth step now.
>Have to get one of the monkey turned pony foals now.
>She sure did get close. Looks like she's about to fall over.
>Aw, the little foal actually tried to give me a love tap.
>'er punchin' hoof is still too flimsy.
>That's long enough of a break.
>Better finish thrashin' an' teachin' 'er. The old coot would say I'm goin' soft.
"Real cute. This is how yah punch."

>Be Fancy Pants

>It's been a long day. Occult should be around here in the manor. Exceedingly long day.
>She isn't in her room.
>Ah, the couch in the informal dining room. She's curled into a ball sleeping. Plate with crumbs, and various amounts of contents stands alone on the nearby table. She is drooling slightly.
>I'll keep an eye on her. If she somehow is resting on me by some mysterious means. Well I certainly could use a quick nap, too.

>Be Fleur De Lis

>Being seen, and admired by them still stirs my heart.
>Almost as much when Fancy entered my home. My heart pounding so hard. So fast.
>The scandal with Upper Crust cursing loud enough for law enforcement to be involved. Shame I couldn't witness it myself.
>Alas life is full of twists, and turns.
>Even Fancy Pants didn't bring her filly along is a shock for how attrac- attached she is.
>Speaking of attached.
>I must be getting home soon.


File: 1559278637139-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 3264x2448, image0.jpg)

The result of a very silly conversation I had.
I'll let you fillies glean the context…


Every second counts at Filly Corp


How do I apply for an internship?


We're short on staff, so you can start now. Interns have to bring their own stock though.


File: 1559282564798.png (219.32 KB, 811x1073, 1525225750408 (1).png)

yes you did and fucking kek, that's some good and cute shit filly
but how does she gun?


>tfw you don't make the news because you couldn't even shoot the gun
feels bad, man

Or maybe it will be a continuous stream of asking Twilight?
"'kay, thanks for the ride, purple… by the, can you walk me up?"
"Cool. Hey, can you hold my, uh, airsoft gun?"
"Oh, shit! Twilight, the game started! Quick, get Marehammad over there!"


Now little filly, come with mw right now so we can discuss your efficiency or else you might need a demotion


B-but it's just a five minute bathroom break every couple of hours!


What would filly use the Death Note for if she got ahold of it?


So many ponies pissing her off on the day-to-day. But no one really deserving of death, that she knows of…


This thread got me thinking, what happened to the guy that owned the small filly plush, the one in the ballpit pic and in the autism awareness day one?
Are there any other sacred filly artifacts?


Part of me suspects she'd immediately try it on Celestia.


File: 1559325186119.jpeg (580.07 KB, 2048x1874, 341DABCC-0B73-446B-A968-6….jpeg)

New filly made


But would she need to have seen Celestia in person?
Something tells me her likeness would be slightly different than it is in the show…


Damn, that's a cute filly


Oh boy I hope no big strong mare doesn't come and diaper my tiny little filly rump, that would be sooooo bad!


That might stop her at first but it's not hard to see the princess in person, in fact she even makes various public appearances around equestria from time to time. In fact, I think even a photograph would suffice, since IIRC Light pulled up photos from the internet all the time for his various killing sprees. Though, now that I think about it, was the show ever really specific about how accurate the face in mind needed to be? The face part of the rules was only made to differentiate between people with the same name in the first place, so maybe just seeing her in the show beforehand would work. Pretty sure it wouldn't hurt to try, at the very least.


Aww, it's a qt3.14!


File: 1559332557453.png (152.96 KB, 847x783, 1524544622464.png)

Hand it over, if you know what's good for ya.


File: 1559343709688.png (152.37 KB, 1036x1000, AnonFilly-Blaargh.png)


Oh shit, is that minky fabric? Can I hold it?


yeh if you pay $140 to this faget or something



Are they currently taking commissions? $140 seems like a reasonable price range for that size of plushie.


>Be Flakey Crust
>Meeting her changed my life.
>The princesses saved mine from her.
>Having a shadow of something always lurking, and watching to see if I slip. A moment of hesitation when helping an old couple bring their groceries to their house. Always there. Passively watching. Watching me.
>A cold hard pit in my stomach grows when I even think about convincing my coworker to pickup my slack. The Watcher continues to look. Expecting me to continue. Uninterested, but looming over me. Behind the disinterest it must be thinking of what to do with me. Judging me.
>Hoping I'll fail to have it's way with me. A punishment in wait.
>Only the princesses word, and law stopping the horid acts it would do to me. What she would do.
>The Watcher is Her servant. She must be even-
>I can still feel the Watcher peering at my thoughts. Through her bond with me.
>Princess Luna called upon me for my connection. I must be the princesses way to tame my captor. Even when under the guise of a slave I remain dutifull to Equestria.
>"This is our stop."
>I'll continue with my public service for the good of-
>"Stop! Uncouth youth these days. Back in my day-"
>Slowing to a stop I move back the carriage holding an old couple. My burden, and my shame. The pristine road still dirtied by those impu-
>Feeling them leave the carriage in a hurry I take a look at my earnings.
>The two leave a single bit as a tip. Those ungrateful-
>Oh? That's a very nice purse that looks like it's custom ordered. I'm sure they won't miss it much if I…
>The Watcher is always here. To pounce if I slip at all.
>I grab the purse.
"You forgot your purse!"
>The two stop, and look at me with mild surprise.
>"Oh! Hues' daughter's present how could we have forgot. We can't be late."
>They just took the purse without giving me a reward. Not even an acknowledgement. They just left.
>They just left in a hurry. They left…
>Returning to the company's carriage. A way to take my mind off of really helping Equestria with Mother. The extra bits are nice too.
>I suppose meeting new ponies has been good for me.
>I'm not even supposed to be in contact with Mother or her daughters. Princesses orders.
>Why right about now we would say our praises for her, and break open our books to recite.
>Even if I can't be her daughter any more I'll make Equestria better. A utopia one day at a time.
>The Watcher keeps watching me.
>Contributing, one good action at a time.

>Be Decision Maker (filly subconscious)

>The humans enrolled all of us fillies into a school.
>I'm standing on this thing called a blacktop where others are playing some games they showed us. Even showed a game that basket ball humans do!
>They've been teaching us so much stuff. Like mold isn't something your supposed to eat. Except for cheese, or a thing call pennycillian
>Learning stuff. Like math, reading, and like stuff!
It's very useful you know. For a leaders, and those being lead. You even improved quite a bit in literacy.
>We even got voices in our heads. Explaining the meta implications of fractured total subconscious functions. Or something.
I'll explain it again if I need to.
>NO! I mean a refresher later might be nice, but I'm tired of hearing about that.
If you say so. Watchout for that dodgeball. You may want to move.
>A red rubbery ball bounces off my face. 'Poomf'
>"Are you okay?!"
>It burns. Owwie.
"I'm okay."
>It's Dicky, and Heals.
>"Looks like it'll be red for a just a little bit. You will make a full recovery."
>"Want to play dodgeball?"
"What's dodgeball?"
>This is our life now. No rushing around tying to carry out orders.
Go have fun with your friends it'll help keep your mind off the pain.
>"Oh! The Sports teacher said that-"

>Be Occult Facade

>Waking up ontop of Fancy without having something terrible happen. It's practically a miracle.
>Speaking of miracles. Rosie didn't end me.
>Rose Wright is a maniac. Whatever she did I actually get how to move my body.
We're back what did we miss?
>Talked to Luna, met my instructor. The Instructor almost killed me. Then did horrible things to our body.
Hunh, I see.
>What was going on with the outbreak?
That. Well we were trying to get some more answers from our benefactor. He sent more than just those answers.
Much much more.
>Erm. Is everything okay?
If you feel a sudden urge to make specific markings tell us immediately.
Yeah, right now we are decompressing the information without starting something. Bright side is that he just needs a single follower to enter his prison every other day. Having three beings enter really sped up his freedom.
>Three brings… oh right. Us, Luna, and Discord?
Having someone else barge in, despite the barriers put up, surprisingly did help him alot.
>Every other day? What about the followers from other places?
Ah, well… to put it lightly when he said you are his first champion. Most of his pawns did not survive. He's aiming to replace his losses again, but for the foreseeable future won't have much to do with Equestria directly. Unless we start a cult for him here. He would be just splendidly glad if we did so.
>So kicking condemned beings into that place so we don't have to?
Basically yes. We do have to make sure they survive, or make an area where they would survive long enough.
>Got chills down my spine from that. Anything about making it more habitable?
Not yet. There is just so much to look through, and we have to slow down so we won't go Mad.
>Is Flakey okay? The bond is still closed right?
We have one of us monitoring her. Nothing is going through. Perhaps intense focus, but nothing else.
>Well if today is when we can rest without interruptions I'm going back to sleep.
Have a restful slumber.
>Thanks. You do what you need to as well. Goodnight.
>Fancy really does have nice fur to lay on.

Rosie the Riveter. Hunh, This place just keeps becoming stranger, and stranger.


>"I think you're old enough so this, Anon, is a penis"
"Yea, I was a man before your shit ass purple magic flank made me into a horse"
>A soap appears on thin air, being levitated by Twilight's magic
>And as soon as Anonfilly opened her mouth to rectify her actions it was jammed in her mouth
>"Now, without further interruptions, this is a life size replica of a stallion penis"
>"And this" - with a pop, a green socket was teleported in her purple magic - "is a vagina"
>Anon wanted to tell how she already knew the birds and bees already, but her mouth was still magically locked and filled with soap
>"As you may see, the average stallion is rather large, which can hurt the inexperienced young mare"
>She demonstrated by jamming the cock in the fleshlight, barely reaching the medial ring before bottoming out
>Wait, that flesh light colour and size…
>"Which is the reason Big Mac will be coming tommorrow to help you practice"


i don't know nigga das why i posted the link, but if they're making that filly im preeetty sure


File: 1559374374185.png (601.17 KB, 2578x1853, 1750988.png)


File: 1559377513371.png (403.97 KB, 1555x1197, Bloom'n'Doom.png)

Couldn't sleep until I finished this. Bloomer Filly and Doomer Filly touching hooves.


File: 1559377552580.png (235.46 KB, 1555x1197, Bloom'n'DoomTransparent.png)

Here's a version with no background, if anyone cares.


I do, thanks.


Begin swallowing soap as fast as possible. If we're dying, it would be far less embarrassing for it to happen via poison instead of paying homage to Mr. Hands.



File: 1559388136963.png (678.63 KB, 3000x3300, Filly fell asleep.png)

Filly fell asleep during her walk.


File: 1559388222418.png (542.08 KB, 1140x1115, heck.png)



File: 1559395322276.png (148.89 KB, 732x633, very spooked filly.png)

Oh heck!


What a adorable little cute faggot


File: 1559397506262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 633.58 KB, 1000x951, Found.jpg)

Dount touch Twilight's books when she's away


File: 1559409095498.png (212.5 KB, 675x839, 1868547.png)


Time for sleepy piggyback ride home


File: 1559409299655.png (2.04 KB, 335x201, 1491279032050.png)

What the fuck


Did a bit of editing to make this read a bit more fluidly. Fucking excellent pic, Rwanda. Saved.
>You softly creep through the crystalline castle, hooves barely making a sound.
>You know Twilight wouldn't be happy about you tearing up the blanket to make booties, but you'll worry about that when you're out of this labyrinthine structure.
>All you wanted to do was get a copy of the latest installment of 'The Babbysitter's Club: Nore Trouble's Brewing'
>Twilight served as the distribution agent for the whole town, but that never meant you could get the books for free.
>In fact, by the time you had saved up enough money from your allowance to get yourself a copy, all the other fillies on the schoolyard had already spoiled the shit out of it.
>The box was easy to find, the shrink-wrap easy to cut.
>The very moment you levitated out the book and began melting the edges of the wrap for subtle reattachment, you got the most horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.
>Quickly, you duck behind a box of books.
>A sound comes from behind you that can only be described as skittering.
>You clutch your prize close, take a deep breath, and wait.
>The air in front of you turns a bright orange as flames decimate a box full of new books.
>Oh god, that's why Twilight told you not to take anything.
>She wasn't trying to be an asshole, she was trying to keep her little filly from becoming a charcoal briquette.
>You're glad you equipped your booties as you get up and break into a full gallop.
>You hid a massive crossbow in your room, all you need to do is get to it.
>You weave in and out of corridors until you spot it, looking in the other direction.
>Spiderlike legs support a meaty dragon body, gemstone dust sliding down it like a fluid.
>You get low to the ground and go behind it.
>There is no cover.
>If it turns around, you are dead.
>…but you can see your room just across the hall, door slightly ajar.
>You probably only move a couple of feet every ten minutes.
>You dare not turn around, but you know it's still standing there because you haven't heard that skittering.
>Five more feet…
>You look around for any trinkets on the floor, spotting a jack from earlier.
>Three more feet…
>You scoop up the jack as you go, your magic would be too loud.
>One more foot…
>You go around the corner at the end of the hallway and throw the jack as far as you're able to in the opposite direction.
>It speeds away after it.
>You use the sound of its own movement to cover the opening of your creaky door.
>You load the crossbow speedily, and then exit into the hallway.
>Now the hunter becomes the hunted…
>You search around for it for a good half-hour before you find it back at the cases of books.
"You'd better get ready to die!"
>You fire it straight into the thing's skull.
>The thing just looks down at you.
>"Crossbows don't work, Anon."
>You scream in agony as you're burned to a crisp.
>You fly through the air and land on a box of books,
>What? Why does Heaven smell like lavender?
>Maybe this is the other place.
>"Anon, I can't believe you."
>Oh shit.
>Definitely the other place.
>"Destroying a good blanket, waking me up with all of that ruckus the night before I have to give a speech, attempting to steal from me…"
>She yanks your hard-won spoil from the death-hold you're keeping on it in your foreleg.
>"Up on my bed."
>You lower your head.
"I'm sorry mom."
>She sighs.
>"No, you aren't. I'll have to make you sorry myself."
>She levitates you close to her.
>A hoof is secured on your head, gentle enough not to hurt, yet firm enough to keep you from getting away.
>Finally, your dock is lifted.
>"This is for waking me up on an important night."
>The air whooshes as her hoof connects with your flanks at lightning speed.
>A few drops form in the corners on your eyes.
>"This is for that blanket."
>You try to turn your head around and look back, but you can't.
>You cry out in agony as whatever it is smacks your ass with the force of a runaway semi.
"M-mom please, I've learned my lesson…"
>"No, you haven't. This is for stealing."
>You whimper softly as you hear the sound of a keyring up against a metal hook.
>You've seen the paddle hanging above her bed countless times, a constant reminder of what waited for you if you were a bad filly.
>Full of holes to reduce drag and made entirely out of what looked to be very hard wood…
>You barely even hear the whistling of air through the holes before It connects with your alresdy abused caboose.
>Tears are running down your face in streams.
>But at least it's over-
>You're trying to hold back your sobs, but the pain is too much for you to take at this point.
>The hoof on top of your head starts to rub through your mane, soothing you a little bit.
>"There there, almost done."
>You don't try to say anything through the sobs.
>Metal clanks against crystal as she retrieves something from under her bed.
>"I never thought I'd need to use this, but you've proven me wrong."
>She lets go of your head and levitates you into the air.
>A branding iron is plunged into the crackling fire in the corner of the room.
>As it heats up, you can make out the lettering:
>'Bad Filly.'
>You squirm and try to escape her grasp, but you're far too weak.
>After a while, the iron is removed from the fire and vanishes behind you.
>"Just remember that this hurts me more than it hurts you."
>Your eyes widen and a girly scream comes out of your mouth as the iron is pressed into your left flank, right below your cutie-mark.
>"This is for betraying my trust."
>Your wound smolders as Twilight levitates you into her soft chest, immediately wrapping her wings around you.
>"Remember, I wouldn't have done this if I didn't love you."
>She lays down on her back, running her hoof through your mane while you messily cry into her.
>There will be no sleep tonight.


Could we get a version where the poners are sitting on the bench if that was the original intent? Also,
>no tails


File: 1559422729731.png (214.74 KB, 964x1368, 1516646501298.png)

goddamn I already love your style, it's fuckin cute as FUCK
I'm glad to see more stuffs out of you!

>tfw you just wanted a bedtime book and got a spook instead
why is purple so cruel?


File: 1559422894088.jpg (283.78 KB, 720x540, 1445921967440.jpg)

>ywn have an adorable little pet filly to take care of
why live?


File: 1559423191905.png (1.12 MB, 1414x1000, 1482074090175.png)

Maybe they're just really short tails for easy access?


File: 1559424815675.png (111.1 KB, 671x746, filly.png)


Well that took a turn


Cute little pew pewer


>"My body is the peak, the pride of Anon shitposting!"


File: 1559452168778.png (2.89 MB, 1555x6850, BenchFilliesTheComic.png)

Now with 100% more tail.


File: 1559452202104.png (479.87 KB, 1555x1142, BenchFillies.png)

Single frame with background.


File: 1559452249888.png (308.38 KB, 1555x1142, BenchFilliesTransparent.png)

Fillies with no background.


File: 1559452386606.png (173.38 KB, 488x668, Twalot.png)

Oh you

Hope to post much more too!



Very nice



File: 1559456000572.png (401 KB, 1808x1381, menacing.png)


How good is filly at catching sugar cubes in her mouth?


File: 1559460350619.jpg (204.56 KB, 1000x1000, Twilight-WithCocktail.jpg)


As you finish your song, you finally feel your anger cooling off. In the heat of all of your brooding, you had not been paying much attention to where you were going, so you take a moment to look around you. You appear to be next to a semi-upscale (for Fargo at least) restaurant called Mezzaluna. You're not particularly hungry, and given that the one person who could pay for you is still at the bar that you just got kicked out of, you couldn't afford to eat there anyways. Nevertheless, something catches your eye. You peer in through the Window and see a familiar purple face dining with a reporter. They appear to be laughing and drinking red wine.

Daring hovers over next to you and peers into the window with you. When she sees what you see, she lets out an annoyed gasp. "The nerve! She went out to get wined and dined and didn't even invite us! We coulda been drinking the good grog, mate."


we're crashing this fucking party, idk if we even need to roll to confirm that but I'm doing it anyway.
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


See if you can use your powers to scan nearby areas, and discern if the anon responsible for or any of the anons that boosted it are located in those areas.
I want filly to be given the opportunity to avenge the temporary loss of control of her balder.
1d100[ 1d100 = 35 ]
Although I know if anything actually comes of this, people will probably just make filly(maybe her friends too)piss on the guy.which he'd probably like


forgot to link it. I'm a silly filly


Filly pisses herself again causing a commotion once again
1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


File: 1559486667219-0.jpg (111.62 KB, 400x400, image0.jpg)

1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]


Since you seem to be into drawing JoJo fillies, can we have an image of a filly's Standon oraoraora booping another filly into submission?


File: 1559493221260.png (160.69 KB, 800x600, fillytea.png)


Might only have a 1-in-50 chance, but I'm going to roll in favor of not pissing ourselves. Wine is kinda shit, anyways. 1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]


You gave it your best, but you failed like the rest.


Speaking of, why don't we just shit ourselves?
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


Miracle boost
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


File: 1559506779150.jpg (51.93 KB, 500x795, undead balder knight.jpg)

>temporary loss of control of her balder



File: 1559508628650.png (495.79 KB, 910x748, 1519660681897-0.png)

>ywn eat out another filly in purple's castle to the beach boys
why live?

and great work anon, got a kek out of me


Become the anti-christ and turn the wine into water. Also don't piss or shit ourselves. 1d100[ 1d100 = 35 ]


I tried to be the sole voice of reason anon, I failed.


Boosting 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


Oh, should've added "also don't shit ourselves" but guess it's moot point anyways.


Boost to bring about the end-of-the-world for a second time and also to regain control of our bowels and bladder. 1d100[ 1d100 = 16 ]


Rolling to turn the wine into piss.
They wouldn't expect that.
1d100[ 1d100 = 25 ]


I shouldn't have hoped for anything else from this thread, honestly.


I can't believe filly is incontinent now


File: 1559518421271-0.png (101.99 KB, 1119x351, unknown.png)

File: 1559518421271-1.jpg (10.27 KB, 177x210, a9a183df-98ce-42a9-a2e7-54….jpg)

File: 1559518421271-2.png (720.73 KB, 1119x678, unknown1.png)

fillies by smoldix and neuro


File: 1559520779794-0.jpg (764.27 KB, 2603x1952, image0.jpg)


File: 1559521269130-0.mp4 (341.16 KB, 800x426, SewerRun1.mp4)

File: 1559521269130-1.mp4 (168.03 KB, 558x600, SewerRun2.mp4)

File: 1559521269130-2.jpg (121.37 KB, 1088x480, Overworld.jpg)

Stuff from Bit's discord server.


>Be Princess Luna
>The dreams no longer have nightmares. None of my subjects should have Nightmares. Even the changed humans.
>Seeing the tranquility of the dreams float by unchained, unconcerned, free from them, and creatures able to impact them. No dreams rushing to me urgently.
>Sitting by fillies with the question mark on the flank. It's certainly interesting seeing so many almost identical ponies behaving as they do. Even Celestia's foal whom I see everyday is different from the others.
>Reminds me almost of groups of zebra. An unidentifiable mass without knowing what to look for.
>Just as ponies are different, but similar to zebras. The humans are similar to us in that vein.
>They saw a play, a cartoon, about us. About the dangers, and trials. Moment's shared only between good company.
>They didn't see everything. Flawed media, and cut for making more bits. Interpretations blurring the line. Not everything is as they thought they saw it.
>Some of their works have a certain truth to it. Even some of the ones that depict how horrible someponies can be, has a truth.
>A path to realizing those truths open up.
>From the orphanages a few of those fillies just disappeared. Nearly without a trace. Investigating one of those disappearances we found something disturbing.
>Nightmare Moon is still alive, and she has taken a foal. One of the humans. They are valuable.
>Humorously, even Applejack's sister, Apple Bloom, technically adopted one. The paperwork from when her friends did for cutie marks in adopting laid dormant. Got rubber stamped through after multiple filing mistakes.
>I've been floating outside too long if I'm going on tangents like these.
>Who's dream should I enter. Pipsqueak? Berry Fin? Zecora? Should I try to check on Cozy Glow?
>Danager and adventure, I could try searching for Nightmare through here. Do Yearling Daring.
>I haven't seen Pip in while.
>Yes! I'll vist them all. So the first he should be.
>The dream floats closer, and so do I.

>Be 'Façade' (Occult's Human Subconscious)

>Reports are filling in the knowledge has mnemonic, strange, and other type hazards.
>I suppose that makes sense.
>Making a pocket dimension is actually possible. With a gate, and a True Gate returning to wherever we make one would be relatively easy. Except it is a target for Big Things to hijack.
>Being trapped inside a bag of holding would be far from fun.
>The beatdown from Rosie has been in research, and we still are not sure what she did.
>Ideas for a golden tipped, silver core, rubber based dildo lance has been taken into consideration. To give a fuck you for hostile beings. The rocket launcher version has more utility.
>Minor, but noticeable improvements to body kinesthesia after facing her.
>Attaching that report to the possible changes file.
>Instantly burned pancakes still have no lead.
>Request for strange sextuple dream. To promote desires, healthy pony magic flow, and required hormone production.

>Be Occult Facade

>Head barely stick out of the moonlit water. A tool box in one hoof, a twig in the other. I continue to look at what I'm trying to build.
>Just above the shallow river an unfinished bridge is under construction. Wood planks haphazardly jut out. The entire bridge is made in a slapdash manner.
>A traveling sales pony reaches the bank of the river. The vegetation doesn't bother the pony at all as she enters the water. Still debating whether this twig would hold up a gold bar or a feather she almost surprised me. Her bags under the river seemingly untouched.
>Can't surprise a bridge builder from the water.
>"Can you finish the bridge so I may cross with my wares untouched by the water?"
"Of course. I need a stick to do it."
>"I have some blue, and some yellow."
"Good enough."
>The bridge held up by more than hopes, and dreams now is safe to cross.
>Now free from my task can look at the sales pony. Very familiar.
>"Join me on my travels. I am known as Fleur"
>Ah, Fleur the shopkeep of the queen.
>Moving to the newly finished, and recently connected bridge We wade out of the water. To cross it.
>Sturdy and solid. Fleur's bags are untouched by the water. Good. On exiting the river's new bridge I realize that I lack underwear.
>Fleur looks back at me and takes off the coin decorated boxers. Hoofing it to me. Uncorking her tail from the last sections of the undergarments. She puts on panties made of a beating heart.
>I stuff the gift into my tool box. Truly a mare of fashion.
>Through quickly changing landscapes we reach the queen's castle.
>Going inside the orphanage I see the matron directing the other staff from her throne. She stares at Fleur, the shopkeep, bored.
>Foals made of wallpaper frolic, blending in with the walls. Unimportant, and forgettable. I still remember each one.
>Fleur speaks to me.
>"She wants us to go into the den of danger. It's the only way to me to sell a Flakey Crust."
>The staff hoof me a phallus made of paper. Words are written on it, but I am an illiterate abovewater bridge builder. I hold it with my teeth.
"Hrank Uh!"
>It's just what you say when you put a paper dick given by the queen in your mouth.
>We stride to the den just around the corner. Mushrooms, and moss move out of our way.
>Inside the florescent paint shines on an old fire ax and a glowing tree. The soft bed like rock is nice. A pillow looking leaf is behind the magical tree.
>"I am the Lore Ax I speak for the tree. None can go to she except through me."
>I look at Fleur, she looks at me. She nods. Unwrapping the paper penis an erect, and engorged shovel is in my hooves. Digging at the soft marshmallow ground I make a hole. A hole to bury the Lore Ax.
>Fleur blushing as she takes off the throbbing knickers. Tossing undergarments into the hole the hatchet wannabe tries to catch it.
>Pushing the dirt over them the first task complete.
>We stride to the tree.


File: 1559528923943.gif (710.43 KB, 1000x1000, a5a6735b76bab6c046313f2fee….gif)

>pic 3
REEEEEEEE Glimmy should be flying a kite!


File: 1559532457000.png (83.5 KB, 673x799, GNGSG5_mQHaqXrvbDxBUFQ.png)


Neat stuff, hope he does more with that filly game


Boosting, also scream BENIS when it either works or dont
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


File: 1559544958920.jpg (607.08 KB, 1596x1350, 1449158315673.jpg)

oh fuck yeah, that game was too much of a gem to just be that, i'm glad he's decided to do more, and i can't wait to see what's in store!
thanks for these, anon!


I'm hype, but I also notice that the textures in files 1 and 2 are straight from some game I've played before. I feel like I should know this one but I'm drawing blanks.


File: 1559545388335.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, AnonFilly-AwkwardBlush.png)


"Oh no, not again." Your eyes light up with panic as you feel your bladder suddenly fill up from 0 to over capacity. This clearly can't be a coincidence, someone has cursed you.

Not needing to ask what you mean, all of your friends immediately take a step away from you as you unleash a torrent of piss all over the sidewalk. You cry as you let it all out. Why does this shit happen to you? Does some cruel God hate you? You can be a better filly, honest! It keeps coming, however. Does God want you to be worse? Fuck it. You back up and let loose the rest of your stream all over the nearest car.

Eventually your body finds a way to stop pissing, and you collapse on the nearest dry section of sidewalk. You're still crying, however. Somehow, you figure with all of this water being lost from your body, you're going to end up with a hangover. Nonetheless, given your sudden inability to control your bladder, you aren't sure if you even want to get anything to drink to fill it up.

Daring takes a seat next to you and drapes a wing around you.

"Alright, once is comedy, twice is tragedy. You alright, mate?"


Filly has Piss Traumatic Stress Disorder.


She needs diap therapy.


File: 1559551463572.png (342.11 KB, 770x1000, 1498260987488.png)

Poor filly


File: 1559557211754.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, 1448114734563.png)

wew, man you post quick
thanks for taking us along for this ride, filly
really is a cool change from all we've had before




Piss on Daring when she comes to help.
1d100[ 1d100 = 43 ]


Ha! Everybody laugh at the NERDfilly



Just in case you don't give us the chance to roll in the new bread: just slowly start to break down in Daring's presence and reee at the forces-that-be for doing this to us. 1d100[ 1d100 = 99 ]


This. Then briefly explain your "compulsions", and how you're often at their mercy.
Gonna re-try this >>224080 but with proof-reading this time. See if you can use your powers to scan nearby areas, and discern if any of the voices that wanted you to piss yourself are located in those areas.
I want filly to be given the opportunity to avenge the loss of control of her bladder, and resulting Piss Traumatic Stress Disorder.
1d100[ 1d100 = 44 ]
This scene just came to my mind when typing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBWbpTJRqk


fantastic, the spoiler didn't work, but at least I rolled higher than before. I think I'm gonna stop rolling for a bit.


File: 1560316633739.jpg (949.23 KB, 2560x1440, 20190611_121406.jpg)

This little shit just popped up in my mail box. She's already called me a weirdo and a nogf faggot. She is gonna be a hand full.


She is a beauty anon.


File: 1560320464175.jpg (661.74 KB, 2560x1440, 20190612_011812.jpg)

Do i look under her tail?


File: 1560327183998.png (518.62 KB, 2000x2000, 2022900.png)


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