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File: 1554150510615.png (207.19 KB, 700x524, 32.png)

694b9 No.215030

I figure the best way to start our next year of /mlpol/ is to have a project to work on this year. I have taken this inspiration from the series of videos known as Ponies the Anthology and decided we should make our own out of the submissions of users. Take a look at the videos from the series when you have the chance to see what I am picturing for this project:

The goal is to compile the submissions of anons into something similar to the effect of what you see in those videos. All you have to do is download clips of ponies, some music or other audio from various forms of entertainment, and make a PMV or a meme out of them. Anyone can do it using free software such as the video editor on blender for example, then upload the saved and rendered product onto MEGA and then you can share the link from there.

Part of the project's payoff is the surprise you get from seeing it all put together so I set up an email to send your links there for me to download and compile and show you all by the deadline: MLPOLAnthologyProject@protonmail.com

I plan for the deadline to be a week before Christmas, giving plenty of time to make something and yet hopefully enough of a rush to so you don't forget all about it. Plus it will give you a comfy video to watch over the holiday break.

There are no limits for how many videos you want to submit, so if you got lots of ideas make them and I will see if it can be fit into the end result. The following is a demo of what I, a friend, and the legend, John Elway himself, put together:

I think this could be a great way to increase participation and interaction with the anons on the site, but its success is dependent on you. So try getting a video editor, look up some tutorials on how it works, and throw something together. I am looking forward to what you make.

a8d87 No.215032

This seems Like a great idea. But what if i'm shit at animating?

bc1fa No.215034

Holy shit anon, that's incredible. Count me in.

694b9 No.215035

Animation is hard, but all you have to do is rip some videos from the internet, such as youtube, then put them in a video editor. I use blender's editor for now until I can save enough for a more professional editor. You just have to open the files you saved there, arrange them in an order you want, turn off their audio, then overlay the result with the audio you do want. It takes some work, which is why I have a decent window for the deadline to give you time to get a program, look over tutorials, play with it, and make something if you are interested.

dc68c No.215039

This TBH, I just used an audio clip and some strung together some clips from the show. The hard part is if you wanna edit audio.

a8d87 No.215040

How do edit audio?

dc68c No.215044

Cocaine, magic, and prayer

dc68c No.215048

But on a serious note here's the software I use: https://www.audacityteam.org

97f83 No.215064

Hell yeah this fandom needs more content anyway.

7619f No.215139

Bumping for interest, also DaVinci Resolve has been a decent free video editor from my experience

7fe7d No.215180

I have definitely never torrented FL Studio and fucked around using VSTs trying to make music, and I certainly don't recommend it because that would be piracy

dc68c No.215235

I have not wanted to do that before, it sounds terrible.
But to make sure I don't accidentally do it, how would you recommend not doing it?

694b9 No.215950

Just a quick update here. I have received the transition screen for the project. I didn't expect any submissions this early on, so it was pleasant surprise. I plan to only make weekly updates if I receive any submissions so I don't pointlessly bump this thread, but I am very excited to see more creations in the coming months. And if you can't submit anything, I hope you will enjoy the end result.

694b9 No.217337

Weekly update 2 and I have already received 4 clip submissions from an anon. If we keep this up, we are going to have a spectacular first video presentation by the deadline. Great job. If you are interested in participating, I would love to hear from you, even if you haven't made anything yet. Getting some more confirmed participants will help encourage others to try their hand at the project as well.

694b9 No.218846

Weekly update 3. Still going strong with 3 more video clips submitted by the same anon as before. Remember to find time to make something you would like to contribute to this project in the following months and have fun making something to share with other anons.

694b9 No.222162

File: 1558068008596.png (105.37 KB, 1904x1001, BlenderVideoEditor.png)

I have been gone for a long while. The project will still happen, but so far there has been no additional content made. I think the main problem is there is no incentive to try your hand at it if you have never done something like this before. So I am planning a way to encourage anons completely new to the video editing world to give it a shot.

I plan to upload the final product on YouTube. I think it will a way to reach some new users as well as be an exercise in a new form of shitposting. The deadline still stands for the week before Christmas, so be sure to set apart some time to learn the basics. If I could do it, I have a feeling you can too.

12b1d No.222428

File: 1558199995785.jpg (116.89 KB, 500x607, 1557776300223.jpg)

Thousands of years ago, ponies wandered alone in the eternal darkness of space and time, where there was no Football and little oxygen. Equestria was not known as Equestria back then, for it was called Detroit and it was a dark place, inhabited by the wild prairie Negro, who did foist mixtapes upon the ponies filled with false Football most foul.

In those dark times, there was a pony who decided to create a mixtape of his own, and he vowed that it would be pure fire. He summoned the King of Wands to assist in its creation, and drew forth from the Source the greatest pony video compilation that Dequestria had ever known. To be fair, it was basically just a bunch of shots of mare genitals. Also, being a horse he lacked the opposable digits necessary to operate a personal computer, so the editing was poor. Also, they did not have computers thousands of years in the past, so it wasn't really a video compilation. He went around looking at mare genitals and pretended that he was making a video compilation, I guess is what I'm getting at.

However, it has been written in the eternal stream of Football that now, thousands of years in the present, that video shall emerge. I have foreseen that your video compilation shall emerge, and drive forth the indigenous savage Negro from our lands, and shall secure the existence of our mares' genitals for future generations to enjoy.

a8d87 No.224905


694b9 No.233438

I have been trying to get things in order in my life, which is really no excuse for my inactivity. I will be trying harder to create content for this project. I received two more great clips for the project and I am currently working on making a simple animation as well. The time has really flown by.

I understand if your life is even more chaotic than mine is, but I still want to encourage you to make something for the video and we can build off of it to make it even better next year. Thank all of you for participating and keep up the great work.

18d98 No.233444

>I think this could be a great way to increase participation and interaction with the anons on the site
Let it go already, you fucking moron, nobody cares about this site except for a dozen special snowflakes.(one sitewide post by this id )

83a3d No.233462

File: 1564551370750.png (409.18 KB, 1280x1188, 1sj1m58bsen21.png)

Fuck off nigger

fe099 No.233820

File: 1564727972714.mp4 (14.1 MB, 1920x1080, Das Einhorn -Audio.mp4)

>Ein gar rästelhaft Ding es ist, dass das Einhorn, wiewohl es überaus schreckhaft ist und die Menschen fürchtet, wenn es solch einer Jungfrau begegnet, so noch mit keinem Manne fleischlich verkehret hat, alsbald zu ihr hinläuft, niederknieet und ihr ohne jegliche Furcht den Kopf auf den Schoß legt. Es soll in vergangenen und vergessenen Zeiten solche Jungfrauen gegeben haben, welche sich nämliches zum Berufe machten. In Ehelosigkeit und Keuschheit lebten sie viele Jahre, damit sie den Jägern als Lockvögel für Einhörner dienen könnten. Doch erwies sich alsbald, dass das Einhorn nur zu jungen Jungfrauen kommt und der alten nicht achtet. Weil es ein kluges Tier ist, erkennt das Einhorn unfehlbar, dass über das Maß lange Jungfrau zu bleiben ein verdächtig Ding und wider der Natur ist.
>- Physiologus
Taken from: https://hexer.fandom.com/wiki/Unicorn

694b9 No.241941

Only a few months to go. Damn, where does all the time go? Can't wait to show off what all I got in so far.

694b9 No.245413

Just two more months and some change before I compile what I have and reveal it. There is still time to make something and send it in if you want to participate. From what I have so far, it won't be long, but it will be fun. The anons that have submitted have done an excellent job. Keep up the great work.

694b9 No.250140

Only a few more weeks to go. Time to wrap up projects and make the final adjustments while I finish up my own and begin to organize the final product. I plan to release it about a week or so before Christmas and then try my luck posting it to youtube. I might have to cut things and link the full video on bitchute to get around youtube's increasingly strict upload policies. Hopefully this will encourage more participation next go around as well. I plan to do this again next year, however, I have another idea to run along side of it that might gain a whole lot more traction from the artists on the board.

Until then, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoyed working on this as much as I have.

5f5c1 No.252220

File: 1575174533237.png (116.77 KB, 891x1024, Anticipation.png)

Looking forward to seeing the final product!

3430d No.253300

File: 1576575518165.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, ApplicationFrameHost_cnJOI….png)

I am proud to announce that the project is ready! Sadly, I was not pleased with my animation, so I will include that in the next edition when it is complete. Regardless, I feel this came out great.
The video is also being uploaded to Bitchute.
I'll get it onto YouTube at a later time.

The next one will be bigger and better as we learn how to improve our technique and create more videos, especially with your help. I will be glad to assist anyone that is interested in creating clips for the next installment.

c2853 No.253303

Love it. Big thanks to all contributors.

11645 No.253304

File: 1576577755024.png (995.56 KB, 1280x720, large-3.png)

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. WOW!
Thanks. Epona be with you poner.

3be46 No.253317

File: 1576596316440.png (45.77 KB, 215x350, _old__dashie_says_happy_he….png)

Checking those dubs, wonderful job anon

3430d No.253319

Thanks. I look forward to making more throughout the next year.

6635d No.253323

Beautiful. Sorry I didn't get a contribution in on time. I'll try to make it for the next one. fortunately the one I sent earlier made it in though

71008 No.253326

It's beautiful. Thank you.

b5d75 No.253340

Outstanding. Thank you.

d6f61 No.253357

A monster criminal would use a VPN to access a Kickass Torrents proxy and then torrent FL studio 11.
Then download some VSTs compatible with FL studio. Like the Pokemon GBA and assorted SNES ones.
Dont do it

9dc94 No.253621

File: 1576952014083.png (91 KB, 613x643, LeslieFaireHug.png)

Doublechecked and I love it. Thank you for this. Don't think you can get it on Youtube, any random frame's enough to get it booted, lol.

7619f No.254419

This is great, I'm definitely contributing to the next one.

3430d No.254482

Thanks all. I got some great ideas for this next installment, and a year is quite a wait for content, so hopefully I will be making some more things on the side to not only tide us over, but to train myself. I plan on making something that will be on par to a Ponies the Anthology opening this go around.

3430d No.254524

True, but if I cut it into peices and age gate the videos so they aren't seen by children, then most likely I can put them up with a link to the bitchute full video. At least that's what I'm trying now.
I'll break apart videos to more friendly elements and show progress on the next one as I can.

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