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b3bab No.212304[Last 50 Posts]

Brenton Tarrant - a shitposting god, that did some effortposting in real life.
- Remember lads, subscribe to PeweDiePie

>Do not go gentle into that good night,

>Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
>Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
>Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
>Because their words had forked no lightning they
>Do not go gentle into that good night.
>Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
>Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
>Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
>Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
>And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
>Do not go gentle into that good night.
>Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
>Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
>Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
>And you, my father, there on the sad height,
>Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears,
>I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night.
>Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Old thread >>210804

b3bab No.212306

File: 1552949293164-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 2894x2894, 1552764363371.jpg)

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b3bab No.212309

File: 1552949751758-0.mp4 (21.15 MB, 648x360, CH1.mp4)

b3bab No.212310

File: 1552949838363-0.mp4 (21.94 MB, 648x360, CH2.mp4)

b3bab No.212311

File: 1552949876855-0.mp4 (27.66 MB, 648x360, CH3.mp4)

b3bab No.212314

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b3bab No.212315

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File: 1552950738406-1.png (359.64 KB, 500x958, 41f07af861dec164a9a3564387….png)

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b3bab No.212319

File: 1552951182962-0.webm (3.76 MB, 640x360, 1552722491296.webm)

File: 1552951182962-1.webm (7.54 MB, 648x360, biegnij murzynku.webm)

File: 1552951182962-2.webm (4.09 MB, 648x360, BIG_IRON_2019.webm)

File: 1552951182962-3.webm (6.35 MB, 1920x1080, bitchlasagna.webm)

File: 1552951182962-4.webm (2.53 MB, 640x360, brap_brap.webm)

b3bab No.212323

File: 1552952110206-0.webm (2.92 MB, 640x356, Dont_Stop_Me_Now.webm)

File: 1552952110206-1.webm (13.36 MB, 852x480, eott.webm)

File: 1552952110206-2.webm (3.97 MB, 648x360, OMFGBBQWTFISGO.webm)

File: 1552952110206-3.webm (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, untitled3.webm)

fa19a No.212335

File: 1552956207266-0.webm (3.78 MB, 1280x720, _brendon boom headshot.webm)

File: 1552956207266-1.mp4 (2.17 MB, 640x360, _brendon Doom.mp4)

File: 1552956207266-2.jpg (105.46 KB, 1024x855, _brendon for pewdiepie.jpg)

File: 1552956207266-3.jpg (66.56 KB, 768x1024, _Australian Brendan bruce.jpg)

File: 1552956207266-4.png (338.93 KB, 637x356, _ A it begins.png)

fa19a No.212336

File: 1552956388357-0.jpg (519.14 KB, 1045x1175, _brendon kebab remover.jpg)

File: 1552956388357-1.png (775.91 KB, 759x522, _Brendon mag.png)

File: 1552956388357-2.png (225.46 KB, 714x401, _brendon man disarms 49 bo….png)

File: 1552956388357-3.jpg (80.77 KB, 720x620, _brendon noice.jpg)

File: 1552956388357-4.png (593.84 KB, 643x829, _brendon subscribe to pewd….png)

fa19a No.212337

File: 1552956504049-0.png (111.37 KB, 512x467, _Brendon Subscribe to pewd….png)

File: 1552956504049-1.jpg (38.07 KB, 720x402, _Brendon victory royale.jpg)

File: 1552956504049-2.jpg (104.37 KB, 718x718, _Australia kebab.jpg)

File: 1552956504049-3.png (465.89 KB, 645x360, _(((Optics))).png)

File: 1552956504049-4.png (693.87 KB, 720x718, _australia remove kebab.png)

b3bab No.212338

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File: 1552956521162-1.png (343.66 KB, 910x650, 1552724530201.png)

File: 1552956521162-2.jpg (222.05 KB, 1280x756, d4a9139e3fae8fb3967bbc5f38….jpg)

File: 1552956521162-3.jpg (330.52 KB, 1000x563, d429145affac5e87cc341e715a….jpg)

File: 1552956521162-4.png (334.94 KB, 600x739, ed7f9ec11daa4a44f52aec256a….png)

fa19a No.212340

File: 1552956745669-0.png (1.17 MB, 1912x1060, _australian man you wont d….png)

File: 1552956745669-1.jpg (64.36 KB, 1024x568, _Australian man.jpg)

File: 1552956745669-2.jpg (116.54 KB, 904x960, _brent.jpg)

File: 1552956745669-3.png (273.14 KB, 1010x1022, _Brent 2.png)

File: 1552956745669-4.webm (3.63 MB, 720x480, _Brendon.webm)

fa19a No.212342

File: 1552956876963-0.mp3 (629.42 KB, _brendon.mp3)

File: 1552956876963-1.png (95.29 KB, 587x348, _brendon.png)

File: 1552956876963-2.webm (3.8 MB, 640x356, _brenton Counter terrios….webm)

File: 1552956876963-3.jpeg (121.9 KB, 800x528, _Brenton laughing till cr….jpeg)

File: 1552956876963-4.jpg (54.12 KB, 960x876, _brenton one simple trick.jpg)

fa19a No.212343

File: 1552957000442-0.png (498.4 KB, 500x701, _Brenton pewdiepie.png)

File: 1552957000442-1.png (970.83 KB, 1305x693, _BRENTON PEWDS 25.png)

File: 1552957000442-2.png (129.54 KB, 1116x790, _brenton pewds.png)

File: 1552957000442-3.jpg (99.34 KB, 1094x1080, _brenton reversal.jpg)

File: 1552957000442-4.png (750.58 KB, 558x960, _Brenton roof smiles.png)

fa19a No.212344

File: 1552957124510-0.png (438.41 KB, 748x451, _brenton rs.png)

File: 1552957124510-1.webm (1.79 MB, 640x420, _brenton sleeps tonight.webm)

File: 1552957124510-2.jpg (31.3 KB, 540x614, _BRENTON TEEROR.jpg)

File: 1552957124510-3.jpg (31.6 KB, 720x420, _brenton victory royale.jpg)

File: 1552957124510-4.jpg (83.21 KB, 1024x762, _brenton who held the came….jpg)

fa19a No.212345

File: 1552957241334-0.png (551.84 KB, 1089x565, _brenton you cant fast tra….png)

well thats all of my rare brendons

b3bab No.212347

File: 1552957719937-0.png (82.42 KB, 700x488, 6fd0f6255183966b063f1d054a….png)

File: 1552957719937-1.png (217.43 KB, 1837x482, 4e3ab5887a78831a5023564026….png)

File: 1552957719937-2.mp4 (7.96 MB, 640x352, crusade_red.mp4)

File: 1552957719937-3.mp4 (13.12 MB, 960x540, DOOM_2019.mp4)

File: 1552957719937-4.jpg (41.97 KB, 351x1024, d45480331bf8ed6f404d69d97d….jpg)

b3bab No.212349

File: 1552958068832-0.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, 1552653813584-2.png)

File: 1552958068832-1.jpg (25.4 KB, 654x776, 013b16b0e31758d41255cd47c6….jpg)

File: 1552958068832-2.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 85e351bf5ef635e94c853365b9….png)

File: 1552958068832-3.png (217.36 KB, 420x473, 1552633054373.png)

File: 1552958068832-4.jpg (90.18 KB, 300x308, 512ba36f36d003d7038b40f6fa….jpg)

fa19a No.212351

Careful with that last one. you might anger a sub human.

a4fdb No.212364

>"If only you knew how good things could be"
>Moonman DooM meme
I love it. I love you for making a thread dedicated to these memes.

50a24 No.212370

File: 1552962407593.png (435.97 KB, 923x519, IMG_20190318_114925.png)

They're all very good memes.
This guy was a true memelord; he made a ripple.

a4fdb No.212371

I'm honestly rooting for him to make a wave within the year tbh.

a4fdb No.212372

I love how Irelandball is lighting Englandball's hat on fire. Based IRA. N-no I'm not of Irish descent and sympathetic to the IRA, what would make you think that-

b9834 No.212373

>"OK sign"
Should have done Merkel's globalist cult hand signal to send some flak their way.

50a24 No.212376

File: 1552963217310-0.png (571.71 KB, 578x673, unknown.png)

File: 1552963217310-1.jpg (45.45 KB, 720x542, FB_IMG_1552873962384.jpg)

a4fdb No.212377

I never saw that "White people: do something" billboard before. Is that a college thing?

50a24 No.212378

File: 1552963545289.jpg (53.59 KB, 640x480, white-people-art-twitter-6….jpg)

Temple University, it seems.

a4fdb No.212380

c5fd7 No.212398

Anybody got any links to the manifesto? I checked the old thread, but all the links are dead and I have a friend who wants to see it.

a4fdb No.212401

Shiiiiet. I already read it on a site before it was removed from said site, and I was going to save Kommandant's reading instead.

You could check the KiwiFarms thread, I know that Null posted both the facebook stream and the manifesto there when things first broke.

2511e No.212402

File: 1552968271914.jpeg (2.81 MB, 3523x8191, BB0C1161-2A42-457A-9F6A-3….jpeg)

I have whole thing in PNG

c5fd7 No.212405

File: 1552968339606.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.5 MB, 500x500, 1301655__explicit_artist-c….gif)

Thanks m8s, you're both awesome. Here's a payment!

a4fdb No.212406

Holy shit dude, nice. I like having these things in image format anyway, makes it easier to take a snippet for other people.


53ed5 No.212411

At Kiwi farms there is a torrent download containing both, the stream and the manifesto.

44d67 No.212422

File: 1552971246595.pdf (867.57 KB, ChristchurchManifesto.pdf)

You're welcome.

a4fdb No.212423

File: 1552971428510.jpg (101.21 KB, 1280x720, nom nom, fanksh 'non.jpg)

03758 No.212440

sauce on the fashwave?

422ed No.212445

when will we get some lewds of the pony version? I hope it is a Fillie but a Colt is fine too if you pair him with with the Mane 6 or CMC

c65e1 No.212522

File: 1553003969021-0.jpg (45.92 KB, 600x717, Saint Tarrant.jpg)

File: 1553003969021-1.png (559.31 KB, 1280x720, Tf2 Sniper Brenton Tarrant.png)

File: 1553003969021-2.png (1 MB, 4092x2893, christ church id software ….png)

File: 1553003969021-3.jpg (19.9 KB, 500x491, bruce chan.jpg)

File: 1553003969021-4.jpg (59.23 KB, 800x603, muslims ran away.jpg)

c65e1 No.212523


Randy (who made that image) is busy until end of the month, hes only putting out lineart at this time. Maybe someone else will pick it up.

c65e1 No.212524

File: 1553004322738-0.png (2.99 MB, 1195x3706, anime girl on 4chan dive i….png)

File: 1553004322738-1.png (955.4 KB, 1400x1000, dont forget.png)

File: 1553004322738-2.jpg (39.28 KB, 802x500, who would win.jpg)

File: 1553004322738-3.mp4 (10.7 MB, 320x240, Remove Kebab - Serbia Stro….mp4)

File: 1553004322738-4.jpg (96.74 KB, 749x378, gun enscriptions.jpg)

c65e1 No.212525

File: 1553004442295-0.png (2.1 MB, 1185x4073, 4chan mlp thread.png)

File: 1553004442295-1.jpg (298.71 KB, 800x528, brenton tarrant nelson man….jpg)

File: 1553004442295-2.webm (4.61 MB, 640x354, Grün ist unser Fallschirm.webm)

File: 1553004442295-3.png (593.81 KB, 1246x1488, a5387c0d81327d00e6a3a9d441….png)

File: 1553004442295-4.png (125.64 KB, 499x640, bed84d3ee3b9eb7374a87f27b4….png)

c65e1 No.212527

File: 1553004659735-0.png (75.93 KB, 1363x695, christchurch police mail.png)

File: 1553004659735-1.png (168.86 KB, 1251x683, Virgin Yang Vs the CHAD TA….png)

File: 1553004659735-2.jpg (37.85 KB, 960x696, pew die pie thoughts on ta….jpg)

File: 1553004659735-3.jpeg (412.92 KB, 1694x1305, scoreboard.jpeg)

File: 1553004659735-4.jpg (340.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1552868399153-0.jpg)

b3bab No.212529

File: 1553005321369-0.mp4 (13.68 MB, 640x360, BTCM-FALCO-Hit-Me_640x360.mp4)

File: 1553005321369-1.jpg (323.09 KB, 1600x881, 40b3f009e3cbd7e7828c8d4310….jpg)

File: 1553005321369-2.webm (2.79 MB, 854x480, bruh_look.webm)

File: 1553005321369-3.jpg (97.81 KB, 438x891, 46b19c169486d6552849d0aa34….jpg)

File: 1553005321369-4.jpg (641.59 KB, 1552x4448, 6b8b7c6061a8f7ec04c2eab5e7….jpg)

c65e1 No.212530

Also Id like to report a New Art piece for human Brenton Chan is currently in production.

b3bab No.212531


b3bab No.212533

File: 1553005771812-0.png (1.18 MB, 1735x911, 23b5477f7be4706ae9d8ffb9b0….png)

File: 1553005771812-1.png (115.93 KB, 323x373, b4c6ec55873cd92db3c3a313f0….png)

File: 1553005771812-2.mp4 (11.45 MB, 640x356, dont stop me now.mp4)

File: 1553005771812-3.jpg (36.98 KB, 395x382, ce00620f0dd9c0d5ab8326045b….jpg)

File: 1553005771812-4.png (512.16 KB, 984x731, 0587ac54a0bb4876cf94e939ba….png)

b3bab No.212534

File: 1553005896154-0.gif (55.2 KB, 640x623, 92ec17d021b593e48a552f49d6….gif)

File: 1553005896154-1.png (568.51 KB, 710x400, 1552781731196-0.png)

File: 1553005896154-2.png (556.81 KB, 1357x759, 1552665042120.png)

File: 1553005896154-3.jpg (68.04 KB, 500x481, 357b281b41296007d23ea35d41….jpg)

File: 1553005896154-4.jpg (150.08 KB, 694x658, ea5fae184328753c7b321552f5….jpg)

b3bab No.212538

File: 1553006745642-0.jpg (88.97 KB, 1024x576, af6d34f657264fc3f03261ec4e….jpg)

File: 1553006745642-1.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 4d84d5b96f6f62224d6a5a0c77….png)

File: 1553006745642-2.mp4 (12.31 MB, 320x180, final.mp4)

File: 1553006745642-3.jpg (252.76 KB, 1063x1623, e83c6f5821c8ca746544d0f19e….jpg)

File: 1553006745642-4.jpg (349.98 KB, 1366x768, 1286933db436eb954438d1980a….jpg)

b3bab No.212540

File: 1553008172405-0.jpg (89.69 KB, 960x720, 9cef816ef17d1fe7592f8c6702….jpg)

File: 1553008172405-1.png (274.9 KB, 474x500, 8e6a149d9f8a59db019ea23cab….png)

File: 1553008172405-2.png (427.6 KB, 898x484, a217661f9f7dca55ce8eaf2fdd….png)

File: 1553008172405-3.png (345.18 KB, 923x519, 0bc8e351f627c2f09a59d13158….png)

File: 1553008172406-4.mp4 (8.48 MB, 640x360, m.u.s.l.i.m.s.mp4)

50a24 No.212548

File: 1553012443411-0.png (1.11 MB, 736x1016, unknown-4.png)

File: 1553012443411-1.png (1.23 MB, 1600x881, unknown-5.png)

File: 1553012443411-2.png (418.4 KB, 1000x500, dangerous-memes-comic.png)

c65e1 No.212551

File: 1553014215347-0.png (400.93 KB, 967x619, pewdiepie boss.png)

File: 1553014215347-1.jpg (279.44 KB, 1000x1272, zero deaths.jpg)

File: 1553014215347-2.webm (3.06 MB, 640x480, Beautiful Morning in Chri….webm)

File: 1553014215347-3.jpg (322.76 KB, 2048x1764, obama roasted by muslim wo….jpg)

File: 1553014215347-4.png (861.94 KB, 768x990, heres brucie.png)

fa19a No.212571

is there a full version of the song in number 4?

b3bab No.212573

b3bab No.212580

File: 1553023628930-0.webm (1.32 MB, 648x360, straya.webm)

Good one from 8ch

fa19a No.212581

>pic 5
my German is very bad, whats it say?

fa19a No.212582

Thanks Norway. i didn't even realize that was bond singing.

c65e1 No.212583


i keep forgetting this image was in german. its an explaination of the inscription of the gun, mixed with libshit propaganda.

tldr anyone whos not a historical personality is a terrorist whos referenced there

fa19a No.212590

Fucking nice. the internet needs to be flooded with brenton-chan.

f4a4a No.212607

I have it on good authority that someone else is committing a similar hatecrime, too

f4a4a No.212619

File: 1553035589770-0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1884x1692, brenton-tan arrest source.jpg)

File: 1553035589770-1.png (648.52 KB, 1336x2048, brenton-tan arrest.png)

Actually he's done.

50a24 No.212620

Kek. Cute.

50a24 No.212621

File: 1553035843950.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1323, 1553020188945.png)

fa19a No.212623

i'd like to Detain brenton chan if you know what i mean.:3

89a12 No.212626

That's some quality image editing.

10f9a No.212627

the guy in the pic wasnt brenton

50a24 No.212638

File: 1553043715086-0.png (455.7 KB, 906x466, 1553021790759.png)

File: 1553043715086-1.png (12.07 KB, 567x80, unknown.png)

53ed5 No.212640

>Confused normie
This is what happens when normalfags browse the chans.

b3bab No.212642

Beautiful as ever.
Love it, and her.

1706e No.212643

I think it's more likely to be a deep cover anon trying to intentionally confuse normies for lulz.

464db No.212688

File: 1553061863546.jpg (46.99 KB, 450x412, 124591.jpg)

464db No.212689

sorry. that was insensitive.

e57a7 No.212694

File: 1553064778527.webm (14.76 MB, 612x340, Vegemite_Sandwich.webm)

I like the editing on that one. Here's one with the full song.

c65e1 No.212732

File: 1553086896393.png (769.98 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)


This was positively Terrific. Nice work. I am a bit sad theres no money shit here, sadly. :^)
Thank you for Posting this, fellow German Anon. /)

Also Note (since people seem to mistake this). This was not drawn by Jay, but hes very happy with It. Jay himself is currently working on an entirely different piece, i saw the outline yesterday. I think you will like it.🍆 💦💦💦

On a speculative note, According to one of the anime experts in the server Jay is in, this might be the guy who made this piece.

https://www.deviantart.com/zeckos/gallery/ - the same guy allegedly makes art for a youtube channel of a similar name

this is unconfirmed as of now.

87fb0 No.212736

I'm surprised it wasn't made by Jay since it really looks like hsi style. Also thanks for keeping us updated on the artworks.

c65e1 No.212738

File: 1553089340995-0.png (192.68 KB, 805x1491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1553089340995-1.png (82.16 KB, 602x349, ClipboardImage.png)


Update on the existing Pony Drawing on DB

It has not been deleted.
Ratings are surprisingly good, with only about 5 downvotes.
The Comment Section is mostly favourable or memes,
they are now trying to give Pony Brenton a name.
also one NZoolander appeared whos butthurt about his gubermint

b3bab No.212744

>Ratings are surprisingly good, with only about 5 downvotes.
I could not ask for a better morning than awakening to see this post.

fa19a No.212760

File: 1553092769581-0.png (140.8 KB, 600x600, _thinking eggplant.png)

File: 1553092769581-1.png (4.04 KB, 124x124, _eggplanthand.png)

>I think you will like it.🍆 💦💦💦

f4a4a No.212763

I can assure you that the pic I posted wasn't made by zeckos. You won't find him anywhere, he has no site where he posts his artwork.

fa19a No.212768

File: 1553094099783.mp4 (1.6 MB, 1280x720, navy_seal-sf6_DBqF7UQ.mp4)

Lest we forget

b3bab No.212777

File: 1553097706843-0.mp4 (11.02 MB, 1280x720, christchurch doom.mp4)

File: 1553097706843-1.png (781.17 KB, 778x441, Allah.png)

File: 1553097706843-2.png (739.72 KB, 778x441, Beatmyscore.png)

File: 1553097706843-3.png (758.11 KB, 778x441, Effortpost.png)

File: 1553097706843-4.png (737.99 KB, 778x441, Pewds.png)

b3bab No.212780

File: 1553098558129-0.mp4 (13.87 MB, 1280x720, tribute.mp4)

Beautiful tribute from 8ch

c65e1 No.212783

File: 1553099113292.gif (187.8 KB, 250x255, Riker clapping.gif)

85f86 No.212789

>Jew Tube disabled comments under every Playist's video
Can't make this shit up.

c65e1 No.212790


did they do that just now or was that related to the youtube wake up pedo drama

fa19a No.212791

I fucking love this one.

85f86 No.212793

Just past 2 days
>youtube wake up pedo drama
Quick rundown?

c65e1 No.212795

File: 1553101540991-0.jpg (229.15 KB, 750x267, President of Turkey threat….jpg)

File: 1553101540991-1.jpg (83.94 KB, 500x370, turkish embassy.jpg)

shoutout to the Anon from SG who posted this earlier. Brenton is an international Shitposting superstar up to the highest orders of command. Erdogan on genocide watch.

747e8 No.212797

File: 1553101983720.png (316.04 KB, 1280x720, baebe236-81cc-4f94-b8fe-85….png)

c65e1 No.212799

File: 1553102058132.png (337.78 KB, 822x559, ClipboardImage.png)



THis was about a month ago.

some attention whoring nobody suddenly made streams about Elsagate tier videos and how the comment sections is full of pedos posting comments where the children were crypto-sexualized (so they could jack off to it or make DVDs). He became viral due to the activism, concerntrolling and general faggotry of his watchers, several big time advertisers left youtube, including disney and Epic games, effectively causing a mini Mini-Adpocalypse.

Youtube forcefully closed hundreads of channels and deleted thousands of comments, they also handed out mass demonetizations. Later Keemstar exposed him over pedoshit he did himself, then after the fallout he made a post on leddit saying all social media is tawksick and jewtubers have no lyfe. Hes a nobody now again.

They are now trying to hold everty single youtuber accountable for his comment section. meaning they will now censor, demonetise and ban people if they dont censor or close their comments, out of fear of more loss of add revenue and bad press.

85f86 No.212801

>it's all about the money dar a dum dum du dum
Fuck this gay earth. One nuclear holocaust, please.

44d67 No.212811

File: 1553103452224.jpeg (99.76 KB, 850x400, CSLewisMoralGuardiansTyra….jpeg)

Yet another "concerned individual" who channels legitimate worry into measures that make everyone worse off. It's the same thing with anti-vaxxers and soon-to-arrive mandatory vaccination.

50a24 No.212814

File: 1553104084761.jpeg (200.32 KB, 1024x1176, ima_7bad9f5.jpeg)

c65e1 No.212817

File: 1553104752752.jpg (57.14 KB, 728x313, brenttten.JPG)


this is allegedly not a photoshop, but a physical poster

b3bab No.212818

>this is allegedly not a photoshop, but a physical poster

c65e1 No.212821

File: 1553107312736-0.png (427.14 KB, 1000x800, Christchurch_3.png)

File: 1553107312736-1.png (390.05 KB, 1000x800, Christchurch_3_alt.png)

File: 1553107312736-2.png (566.4 KB, 1000x800, Christchurch_3_censored.png)

Jay finished his new Painting.
comes in 3 versions - Bodypaint, Vanilla and NZ Censored.
He remembered rule 34 and wanted to go the extra mile to make this count.
Shoutout to Camo Dildos.

Note: this will be for the time being the last Brenton-Chan picture, unless something new comes up in the future.

219e0 No.212824

File: 1553108071248.png (131.72 KB, 1103x750, 1552959521656.png)

He avenged 49 people. He's a hero.

b3bab No.212826

Beautiful, and sexy. Give Jay a big thanks.

fa19a No.212827

File: 1553108256024.jpg (45.65 KB, 700x473, _muh dick.jpg)

WEW lad

50a24 No.212832

Awesome. Looks great.

87fb0 No.212838

File: 1553110805241.jpeg (18.49 KB, 480x449, 1497973036267.jpeg)

>You are hereby notified by the right honorable prime minister Jacinda Arden (PBUH) that downloading, viewing, possessing, sharing, displaying, thinking about and/or fapping to this image is an offense under the New Zealand Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993
Kek, that's some Australian tier shitposting right here. Top quality bantz.

50a24 No.212839

File: 1553111272492-0.png (730.71 KB, 2640x2100, Brenton_thinking_transpare….png)

File: 1553111272492-1.jpg (351.56 KB, 1080x1080, trwe.jpg)

f4a4a No.212847

Imagine being Brenton, in prison with no media contact, but eventually someone slips you a bunch of printed news articles and memes. You find this in it.

6b67f No.212849

It's my greatest hope that my work will one day be brought before the the man himself. Maybe he'll mention me if he brings up the memes in his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech.

00c96 No.212850

I haven't been this aroused by a dude turned-female since Anonfilly

b3bab No.212852

8d37f No.212861

Absolute madlad
thanks for your work!

50a24 No.212913

File: 1553129287018.gif (190.45 KB, 661x800, 1553122346767.gif)

50a24 No.212916

File: 1553129677753.png (304.39 KB, 1200x663, 1553123028976.png)

a4fdb No.212921

>Simple Sweets
>Goes by SS when she's with other black sunners
>nicknames herself Blackfire when she's doing gigs in mosques

Y E S!
E ! !
S ! !
! ! !

a4fdb No.212923

8chan actually delivered on that one. I'm glad, because this needed to be made. Share it anywhere you can, goys. I know I'll be reupping it on youtube soon.

a4fdb No.212930

File: 1553132794451-0.webm (14.56 MB, 426x240, Kai Murros - Moscow Speec….webm)

File: 1553132794451-1.mp4 (12.24 MB, 426x240, Kai Murros - Moscow Speech….mp4)

Hey, since someone posted these in the investigation thread in response to the question of how Brenton's shooting could offer any kind of good PR I'll post them here too, for further discussion.


a4fdb No.212938

I've reuploaded the Kommandant's video readings of his manifesto for freeze peach, as well as both parts of the above speech, if anyone's interested in watching it on the site.

>Kai Murros:




If I get shoah'd then I'm not making another youtube account, not even a sockpuppet, out of protest. I hope that you anons feel the same way and have already sought out other places for your favorite content. I feel like dusting off my Minds and BitChute, maybe even making original content someday soon.

b3bab No.212941

I really hope The Kommandant uploads the rest of the readings in the future.

a4fdb No.212942

Oh I have little doubt he's recording or has recorded it all already and is simply uploading or editing or wiping the video files of metadata now. He seems like a very intelligent and tech-savvy person.

b3bab No.212943

His narration of the manifest is so fantastic. A treasure too good to not be completed.

a4fdb No.212944

Exactly. His voice performance really makes me imagine him as a real life Vader. Dude's really talented as a LARPing black sun operative. Maybe…HE IS ONE?

b3bab No.212949

I want to believe. And because the world is a better place with Base 211, I choose to believe it too.

a4fdb No.212954

Base 211 would be a lot of things for whites. One: evidence of Vril energy which would be incredibly powerful to harness if it's real. Two: existing research and technology based on said powerful energy. Three: something amazing for the European race to inherit after the racewar ends. and four: one hell of a morale boost.

b3bab No.212959

File: 1553136319759.jpg (74.67 KB, 482x894, Vril3.jpg)

It will be a dream come true.

a4fdb No.212962

would* sorry for raining on your parade, friend, but for the time being it's hypothetical…maybe someday we can seek out that base as we colonize the world once more.

b3bab No.212967

True. For now it has to be kept as a hope and something to seek out and strive for.

a4fdb No.212968

I agree with that one. Perhaps Vril energy could become something similar to magicks in the realm of esoteric wiccan beliefs, wherein people use it as an allegory or inspiration/motivation.

fa19a No.212972

I'm Pretty sure vril energy is just a meme.

a4fdb No.212974

Welp, I got shoah'd in under 50 minutes. Mid-video-watching in part 2 of the manifesto reading (I do enjoy his voice so I wanted to listen to it) I saw the termination notification. And since the videos are too long to upload without verification and my phone number was just used to do that on that account, either I risk getting in trouble for ban evasion and potentially even legally in trouble, or I upload them into smaller chunks on sockpuppet channels.

b3bab No.212978

>I'm Pretty sure vril energy is just a meme.
I would not rule that out. But it would be superfun if there was even a tiny bit to it.

No fun allowed at YT.

a4fdb No.212981

Oh fuck, it's worse than just banning my jewtube. I forgot, my phone is an android connected to my sockpuppet google account. So, no more google play, no more updating and managing my apps.

I'm so glad I'm getting a prepaid burner/flip phone soon. Might suck not getting to browse the chans, but I'm not going to sacrifice my security and principles for the juden.

b3bab No.212983

Fuck. They killed all accounts linked because of two videos. Talk about Google/Alphabet being in full panic mode.

b3bab No.212990

Looks like NZ just banned all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

>NZ bans types of semi-automatic weapons, high capacity magazines after mass shooting

>New Zealand will ban military style semi-automatic and assault rifles under tough new gun laws following the killing of 50 people in the country's worst mass shooting, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday.

>Ardern said she expects the new laws to be in place by April 11 and buy-back scheme will be established for banned weapons.

>"On 15 March our history changed forever. Now, our laws will too. We are announcing action today on behalf of all New Zealanders to strengthen our gun laws and make our country a safer place," Ardern said.

>“All semi-automatic weapons used during the terrorist attack on Friday 15 March will be banned."

>"I strongly believe that the vast majority of legitimate gun owners in New Zealand will understand that these moves are in the national interest, and will take these changes in their stride."

>Federated Farmers, which represent thousands of farmers, said it supported the change.

>"This will not be popular among some of our members but after a week of intense debate and careful consideration by our elected representatives and staff, we believe this is the only practicable solution," Federated Farmers Rural Security spokesman Miles Anderson said in a statement.
>New Zealand, a country of less than 5 million people, has an estimated 1.2 to 1.5 million firearms, around 13,500 of them MSSA type weapons.

I think she will find out that gun owners won't be as understanding. I hope some of them says "From my cold dead hands".

b3bab No.212992

File: 1553139510769-0.webm (11.57 MB, 320x240, TheFasterYouRunFromMe.webm)

File: 1553139510769-1.webm (10.68 MB, 640x480, HotlineChristchurch (1).webm)

Perhaps this post would be more fitting in the news thread.
So have two Brenton appreciation clips as apology.

a4fdb No.212994

File: 1553139630395-0.png (30.15 KB, 1019x253, and with this, I leave goo….png)

a2cbe No.212996

Can't seem to find that pic which showed the mosque had radicalized terrorists a couple of years ago, does anyone have it?
Also, I've got a SFW reenactment of the incident in Minecraft for your squeamish friends, but can't upload it because it's mp4. The original video without mobilefaggotry would be appreciated.

a4fdb No.212997

I know about the article that was scrubbed, but that's about it and I didn't archive it because I know it and that's all that I care about.

b3bab No.213000

a2cbe No.213002

Trips don't lie.

b3bab No.213003

I think I saved the image that was posted of it too, but I can't find it at the moment.
>one day (but if I am honest probably not) I will organize the images I save in an structured way

b3bab No.213007

Oppression has never works in the long run. The left never seam to learn this no matter how many times they use that tactic.

32677 No.213010

I didn't even start up my VPN until after sending that, logging out on my phone and laptop and downloading Brave Browser and a few other browsers. If they want me they can look for me. I won't make it piss-easy I ended the trail cold with that email just to scare the cunts, but they know where I live if they seriously think that's a personal threat and not just a prophecy for Google's future.

b3bab No.213013

File: 1553142124248.jpg (210.26 KB, 1019x631, 1486824193093_ICE.jpg)

If Google is so butthurt that they report you and the party vans actually come, just have a laugh with them and ask them to pass this note on to their ICE agents for distribution to people they plan to visit. Explaining the ten feet taller should be no problem.

32677 No.213015

At some point yesterday a coworker who's somewhat off-and-on with working at my store had a nice chat with me about games before somehow the topic of personality and millennial life came up. She said that I sounded nice and innocent and harmless.

I don't have it in me to enact a terror attack. I'd find the will to retaliate if I were the victim of one, or defend myself in a situation like that, but I don't instigate fights. I merely finish them. So, if I get party v&, I don't care. They can freak out over my belief in racewar and ethnonationalism, they can declare me a danger to everyone around me, a psychopath who shouldn't be allowed in public without a leftist chaperone, but I don't care. Nothing will change who I am at the core, and I have nothing to hide about that.

b3bab No.213018

>She said that I sounded nice and innocent and harmless.
She sounds like someone nice you could start a nuclear family with, if you aren't engaged with someone already.
Remember, subscribe to PewDiePie, and that it's about the birthrates.

32677 No.213019

I was considering asking her out when I shared that shift with her, she sounds like a fun person to at least play TF2 or CoD with. She's a beeg gurl, probably about 200 pounds, but admittedly I like that and it wouldn't exactly suck to be there as we both lose weight and become fitter. I suppose, next time she has a shift at my store I'll pop the question on lunch break.

b3bab No.213024

File: 1553143159781.png (Spoiler Image, 97.7 KB, 1067x794, 1642495__safe_artist-colon….png)

I hope she says yes.

32677 No.213025

I hope she says yes and is either libertarian or full fash

b3bab No.213030

File: 1553143712716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.57 KB, 347x504, 1493087304166.jpg)

Best of luck to you both

53ed5 No.213034

Blood lust is coming.

32677 No.213035

Oh, it's already here for me. Uniting under a common banner's already on my agenda. Who's up for that, lads?

c5fd7 No.213037

I am, just give me a little while to get the equipment necessary to Rise Up™

32677 No.213042

Honestly I'm the same way. I don't even have a nugget. Just some weight training tools, basic computer tools, and some good shoes.

I don't care though. As soon as my debts are paid off, I'm upgrading from a simple steel bat to getting that rifle, plus a pistol. Then stocking food and gardening tools for the inevitable shortages of food that a civil war would cause.

53ed5 No.213046


32677 No.213047

I completely agree. Pretty damn impressive. I'm hoping we see more like this, maybe it'll end up like Peppermint without the obnoxious BLM pandering.

53ed5 No.213049

Jewtube is out control.
All videos nuked.

32677 No.213050

Yeah I stated as such in >>212994 and >>213010 - I'll get over it, I prefer to leave these bridges burned anyway.

53ed5 No.213067

File: 1553151812829.png (559.35 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190321_025428.png)

Another take of Brenton Tarrant's actions and the coming White Revolution, this time from a kinda normie but with a very deep insight. Check this guy out.

>The Cold Civil War is Ending | Coach Red Pill


32677 No.213068

not to be a faggot, but does CRP have a non-jewtube place for his videos?

53ed5 No.213070

32677 No.213073

Thanks for the spoonfeed anon though I don't see anything about the shooting there yet. I'll just have to wait a bit.

53ed5 No.213074

Jump to around time index 8:40 where it begins with the White identity subject, to end up with White Revolution.

32677 No.213076

I was talking about waiting until he uploads the video on BC, you silly. I gotta shlep anyway.

c65e1 No.213096

File: 1553172376810-0.png (919.75 KB, 1254x1771, __himesaka_noa_watashi_ni_….png)

File: 1553172376810-1.gif (368.64 KB, 1100x600, accelerate.gif)

File: 1553172376810-2.webm (713.71 KB, 480x360, bird bird christchurch.webm)

File: 1553172376811-3.jpg (104.85 KB, 744x853, Brenton Tarrant 8chan post….jpg)

File: 1553172376811-4.png (118.16 KB, 975x925, Counter Strike GO Rifle.png)

c65e1 No.213097

File: 1553172474443-0.jpg (609.17 KB, 1088x8192, Brenton Tarrant Facebook b….jpg)

File: 1553172474443-1.jpg (46.42 KB, 1181x480, chad tarrant v3.jpg)

File: 1553172474443-2.png (169.24 KB, 500x622, hamster muslim sweden.png)

File: 1553172474443-3.jpg (150.06 KB, 694x658, my only regret is.jpg)

File: 1553172474443-4.jpg (201.23 KB, 798x740, NZ PM VS Tarrant - 0 - 50.jpg)

c65e1 No.213098

File: 1553172931371-0.jpg (103.6 KB, 510x499, it scares me.jpg)

File: 1553172931371-1.jpg (188.11 KB, 1024x1365, board owner of 8chan v fac….jpg)

File: 1553172931371-2.jpg (309.96 KB, 1111x1457, hitler with birds.jpg)

File: 1553172931371-3.png (726.87 KB, 576x960, Tarrant Supreme.png)

threadly reminder that the board owner of 8/v/ - (((Mark))) - is neither baste or red pilled. hes a self admitted hebrew swine who showed his anus on screen and does not support /pol/ or our cause.

c65e1 No.213099

File: 1553173250366-0.mp4 (2.26 MB, 640x360, HONK HONK.mp4)

File: 1553173250366-1.png (333.49 KB, 542x768, NZ revoked gun license 01 ….png)

File: 1553173250366-2.png (122.15 KB, 600x448, the future is so bright i ….png)

File: 1553173250366-3.png (117.69 KB, 480x538, swastika anime girl.png)

File: 1553173250366-4.jpg (47.82 KB, 913x633, remove kebab trend.jpg)

c65e1 No.213100

File: 1553173824495-0.png (612.38 KB, 1346x1862, zerohedge NZ gun ban.png)

File: 1553173824495-1.png (45.8 KB, 609x492, punch a commie.png)

File: 1553173824495-2.png (1.94 MB, 1201x2070, dead counter terrorist.png)

File: 1553173824495-3.jpg (321.92 KB, 1000x563, addeda7395f1e8f0a1d31c1342….jpg)

File: 1553173824495-4.png (1.84 MB, 1834x794, isis rapefugee terrorist b….png)


Reminder Saint Tarrant put an unironic Counter Strike Pro Gaymer into the ground. Proof being good at FPS games doesnt do shit irl.

b742b No.213101

File: 1553174342663-0.jpg (76.31 KB, 854x480, Remember lads, subscribe t….jpg)

File: 1553174342663-1.png (371.56 KB, 1668x2500, The_absolute_STATE_of_infa….png)

Another meme, and the absolute state of 4chan's general boards, although some would say /vg/ was a disaster from the start.

c65e1 No.213102

File: 1553174628207.png (614.16 KB, 1012x1140, board owner of 8chan v cuc….png)


for some reason the system did not post Marks cuck post.

c65e1 No.213106

File: 1553177599659.png (533.71 KB, 1188x3241, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-21_….png)

>Original Link




Someone uploaded Jay's first Brenton-Chan picture to Danbooru, a big and famous anime site infamous for its picky moderation with hundreds of thousands of art pieces. Ultimately, The picture was not approved and will not be going into the regular image pool. Foul Play and Political Bias are suspected. Archived as memorabilia and for the drama in the comments.

c65e1 No.213111

File: 1553178714468.png (940.22 KB, 1188x1863, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-21_….png)

Brenton-CHan V3 Upload

As of the writing of this post, none of the images have been removed from DA.
V3 may or may not get taken down for violating rules on sexual content. (da has weird rules in regards to nude art)





a749c No.213112

He removed the uncensored stuff from stash and put it on mega so we're fine now I think

ce367 No.213218

fa19a No.213222

Faggots,Faggots everywhere.

50a24 No.213237

File: 1553217471184.png (84.27 KB, 261x223, a5cb0345dfce6a19f71fc80bf0….png)

50a24 No.213238

File: 1553219771297.jpg (3.74 MB, 4160x1746, DSC_0054.jpg)

a749c No.213254

File: 1553229118290.png (141.58 KB, 853x931, gigglefilly.png)

>taking a picture on a phone camera of something that you can literally screencap on your phone

fa19a No.213255

>i will be forgotten quickly
Well that's the only thing he has been wrong about so far.

a749c No.213258

I hope his name is never forgotten. I hope generations after he dies of old age, because he doesn't deserve any punishment for his act of vigilante justice, we retell stories of the mad lad who left the entire internet in shambles to be reborn from its ashes again.

53ed5 No.213260

>Well that's the only thing he has been wrong about so far.
You are right. Brenton Tarrant memed himself beyond anyone's imagination.
Now the cat is out the bag and the (((governments))) are in damage control mode to contain it.

44d67 No.213293

File: 1553237703894.jpg (92.44 KB, 1024x724, Stolen_Uneaten_Horse.jpg)

Chinese Poll: 81% Sympathize with Brenton Tarrant


>A survey of over 2000 Chinese people was done on WeChat, the most popular Chinese social media app, and found that after reading the manifesto, 81% sympathized with Brenton Tarrant.

>Do you have sympathy after reading the gunman's essay?

Very much sympathy - 56%
A little sympathy - 25%
No strong feelings - 13%
I hate him - 4%

>A further 61% said that it wasn't terrorism, but an act of revenge.

>14% saying he was just defending himself is hilarious.

I've been spreading this on WeChat along with the manifesto. I think that it's evidence of how powerful the manifesto is, regardless of whether it's "legit" or flawed. It's no wonder it's censored online because it's capable of convincing people the attack is entirely justified.

For this reason I recommend sharing it to anyone you know who already dislikes Muslims and doesn't already think you're some sort of extremist. As a precautionary measure it's better to take the stance, "I cannot approve of any sort of violence, but if violence is to be prevented it's necessary to know what caused it. Reading this is probably a good way to learn about his motivations."

a749c No.213301

File: 1553240558269.mp3 (6.41 MB, 05. Today's Generation.mp3)

Holy fucking shit dude. Based.

Have some music off hammerstorm.org's front page based on Brenton Tarrant. If you goys like the musical style I can post the rest of this glorious Oi!fest.

764fd No.213302

You realise they're obligated to answer the way they have because if they don't, they get a black mark on their social credit system for appearing to support islam, right? I mean, they're not wrong to answer that way, but the Chinese are doing it with Xi Jinping's gun to their collective head.

a749c No.213303

Normally I'd agree that the Chinese govt is corrupt and disgusting but here's the thing: Chinese people as a whole aren't bluepilled as fuck on race like the west is. They know what's up, no matter what their social credit says.

53ed5 No.213305

>You realise they're obligated to answer the way they have because if they don't, they get a black mark on their social credit system for appearing to support islam, right?
Perhaps you are right, but most Chinese are ethnic Han and they really dislike those mixed race Uyghurs, which have committed many terrorist acts against Hans.

764fd No.213306

They do, however, the existence of the social credit system and Beijing's authoritarianism makes any attempt at polling inherently untrustworthy. When you get people who are too stupid to tell the difference between anal and vaginal sex, you're bound to have some bluepills among the population who express redpilled opinions simply because they get stuffed into a re-education camp if they don't.

a749c No.213310

Fair enough.

aea38 No.213347

>When you get people who are too stupid to tell the difference between anal and vaginal sex
Eh? Source?

>the social credit system and Beijing's authoritarianism makes any attempt at polling inherently untrustworthy

Anyone have a source on the PRC's official stance on this? I'd imagine they don't have public stances on everything.

c65e1 No.213370

File: 1553270124208-0.jpg (591.99 KB, 1200x791, 73788679_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1553270124208-1.png (791.77 KB, 1188x2308, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-22_….png)

Idependently designed Anime girl version of Brenton Tarrant for the game KEBAB SHOOTER PRO 2019.
Made by lolipantherwww, allegedly a japanese Artist specialised in military themed art
A fan on pixiv send this to Jay via a DM, with a translation of the description attached.




translation of the description

"Invested by Karadzic Beverage Co., Ltd., the two-year 3A immersive shooting game masterpiece "KebabShooter: Pro" was finally broadcast live on the trailer. Players can play 21st Century Evangelion, try different custom weapons, remove roast meat rolls and their Hate Pig Temple in Christchurch. At the same time, the game official also announced the game's first free OST for the first time. A total of 5 different styles of popular Internet meme songs were added to add a dynamic game. To learn more about the game, subscribe to and follow the PewDiePie channel!

Personal thoughts about the event

First of all, I am not interested in strange religions. Please don't come again. (Close the door.) I watched the whole video in this incident. The impact is great, but I don’t have any religious positions. I will not stand in this incident. On either side. What I want to say is that this time the gunman was very good at aiming at the meme, the strongest weapon on the network, to publicize his actions and thoughts. There are already 5 songs familiar to netizens, 1 YouTuber, and countless historical events on his guns, which have been contaminated by the memes caused by this incident. The shooting itself itself has become a meme, merged with other contaminated memes, and then spread and redistribute. Although the New Zealand official appealed to everyone not to pay attention to the gunmen to pay attention to the injured, although the major online media in the West have also controlled the contaminated meme media, it is undoubted that the cause of the shooting is still fermenting. Those who understand the memetic culture should have already seen it here… knowing how to manipulate the meme, using memes, and the illegal elements of pollution memes are looking up. Will there be more similar incidents in the future, slowly infiltrating into our ideology?"

50a24 No.213382

This just keeps getting better and better.

b3bab No.213388

All my love to the artist. Brenton truly brings honor to Australian shitposters, and brings out the best in all shitposters all around the world.

50a24 No.213407

File: 1553283033724.jpg (205.21 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20190322-143750….jpg)

8161c No.213417

someone make a shirt with a design like that skirt. now.

8712d No.213420

File: 1553290084357.png (1.17 MB, 7015x4960, BrentonTarrant.png)

c65e1 No.213422


What a fine lass. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Did you draw that yourself or did you find it somewhere, Anon?

8712d No.213424

it was I

c65e1 No.213428


tell I he draws some fine peaches.

53ed5 No.213504

File: 1553321180508.png (2.48 MB, 1238x2429, canvas.png)

fa19a No.213526

Fuck, I love the Japanese so much!

4b0e7 No.213562

All the descriptions and comments he writes are in Chinese

c65e1 No.213565

File: 1553357572444.jpg (87.04 KB, 300x493, Chiang Wei-kuo with hat.jpg)


I was not sure if Lolipanther actually was japanese, there was no country mark in his profile. thats why i wrote "allegedly japanese". Thank You for the clarification.

da16c No.213567

File: 1553359435034.jpg (286.83 KB, 887x899, 124546787978.jpg)


53ed5 No.213572

File: 1553362074061.png (182.95 KB, 1255x637, _mlp_vector__twilight_spar….png)

>Prepare for war

e4317 No.213580

And that's what /ub/ is for. Now drop and give me twenty motherfuckers!

da16c No.213581

Sir, yes sir!

da16c No.213583

Done, shit I need to work on triceps more.

e4317 No.213589

It is okay, friend. I admit being unfit myself. I was exaggerating the number but you are more fit than I.

But to push yourself further every day must never be forgotten. We have a civilization to save, and not through petty politics, but through the only language that humanity has ever truly known: warfare.

b3bab No.213611

The censorship of wrongthink continues. Allowing people to read texts and learn the truth has always been the enemy of the left.

>New Zealand bans terror suspect's racist manifesto; citizens told to 'destroy any copies'

>New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification issued a statement officially classifying the manifesto – titled "The Great Replacement" and authored by the alleged 28-year-old shooter – "objectionable" under the country's law.

>“There is an important distinction to be made between ‘hate speech’, which may be rejected by many right-thinking people but which is legal to express, and this type of publication, which is deliberately constructed to inspire further murder and terrorism," New Zealand's Chief Censor David Shanks said in a statement.

>The country's government banned the reported gunman's 17-minute video earlier in the week as well as semi-automatic rifles.

>Officials say both the manifesto and video qualify as objectionable under a 1993 New Zealand law that gives the government discretion to ban certain materials for the public good.
>An objectionable classification in this particular case is considered to be a justifiable limit on freedom of expression under New Zealand's Bill of Rights.

>Under the New Zealand law, it is considered an offense to "posses or distribute" objectionable materials such as the manifesto. People who have downloaded the document, or printed it out, should "destroy any copies," officials said.

>"New Zealanders can all play a part in denying those who exhort hatred, killing and terror. If you have a copy of this publication, delete or destroy it," Shanks said. "If you see it, report it. Do not support the murderous objectives of its author by republishing or distributing it.”

>“Real care needs to be taken around reporting on this publication, given that widespread media reporting on this material was clearly what the author was banking on, in order to spread their message," he said.

>Reporters, academics and others can apply for an exemption from the government to obtain a copy if the reason is deemed for "legitimate purposes, including education, analysis and in-depth reporting."

53ed5 No.213626

File: 1553385751557.png (470.51 KB, 720x724, 20180609_000659.png)

da16c No.213636

074e5 No.213638

Fuck, so simple, so spicy. Not many people would get it, but some would.

/ub/ was dead last I checked. I'll check again.

b3bab No.213639

>/ub/ was dead last I checked. I'll check again.
I usually use the >>>/overboard/ to see all the latest posts from all the boards. This way I will not miss anything (hopefully).

8712d No.213694

File: 1553450033521-0.png (403.71 KB, 4092x2893, BrentonTarrant2.png)

File: 1553450033521-1.png (356.96 KB, 4092x2893, BrentonTarrant2nsfw.png)

my 2nd attempt

b3bab No.213696

Top notch.
B-but why is Brenton-san sad? Brenton-san did nothing wrong.

c65e1 No.213704

File: 1553454970343.png (516.01 KB, 762x960, 1553399314023.png)


Looks good Anon, Jay approves.


must be the settling in regret over not burning down the Mosque

50a24 No.213724

File: 1553461605225-0.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 1553452211125.jpg)

File: 1553461605225-1.png (631.17 KB, 1423x1566, 1553452280764.png)

f4a4a No.213726

oh lawd. Sauce please.

50a24 No.213727

I found them on a discord server. I'll post them if I find out.

50a24 No.213728

File: 1553463050176-0.jpg (89.01 KB, 1024x860, 1553452759123m.jpg)

File: 1553463050176-1.jpg (86.5 KB, 826x1024, 1553452934085.jpg)

File: 1553463050176-2.jpg (72.69 KB, 1024x674, 1553452546809m.jpg)

File: 1553463050176-3.jpg (219.53 KB, 792x1024, 1553453156638m.jpg)

File: 1553463050176-4.jpg (83.06 KB, 683x1024, 1553453247462m.jpg)

50a24 No.213729

Damn, I hate how my phone saves compressed images when I use 4cuck…

50a24 No.213733

Just posting this here for later reference.

f4a4a No.213734

>stay still while I help you
top kek

fa19a No.213735

File: 1553466570370.png (3.31 MB, 2268x3000, _Brenton chan anon help.png)

87fb0 No.213736

There was also this previous art thread that came before that one

I haven't had the time to go through the two threads yet but it's still good to have both for future refrence.

fa19a No.213737

There are so many shills there. it reminds me of why i left 4/pol/

87fb0 No.213738

That's always going to be the downside of faster, more active boards. The more well known you are the more cancer and shills you attract.

I mean I sometimes wish /mlpol/ was a bit more active but I'd definitely rather take a slow, comfy board like this to the complete turbo autism you find in the big 4chan boards.

8712d No.213759

File: 1553480195713.webm (544.99 KB, 1920x1080, CCanimation.webm)

fa19a No.213761

Good Stuff anon, moar?

53ed5 No.213768

Yes, moar.

e67d6 No.213772

Fuck I wanna honk that horn with her

e67d6 No.213773

D'awww. Well she did her best and that's what matters.

94474 No.213777

>must be the settling in regret over not burning down the Mosque
Better to let them keep the building that they were slaughtered in.

e67d6 No.213781

Godly trips declares this post to be the truth!

Jokes aside, I mean, that's kinda true too. The mosque will never be clean again! The Muslims in there will live in fear. As they should.

b3bab No.213790

WOW. That looks awesome.
More please.

a1989 No.213801

Good shit right there anon.

00c96 No.213802

My only question abt Brenton chan is why does have a cowlick?

53ed5 No.213810

File: 1553496167887.mp4 (6.67 MB, 854x480, Saint Neo Brenden - Matrix….mp4)

e67d6 No.213813

Because cowlicks are fucking adorable that's why

e67d6 No.213816

That song reminds me of this song.


inb4 uncultured swine comments for not recognizing the Matrix before a Sonic game

50a24 No.213848

Because she's the protagonist of the story.

5af4b No.213849

File: 1553516468502.png (24.41 KB, 94x98, 11aas.png)

This kind of thing makes me wonder if i should just put my life to good use, travel to some country and kill a bunch of "people"
I'm sure i can get a 100 killstreak with the right gun and some preparations (explosives that is.
I wonder, i wonder.

c65e1 No.213850

File: 1553518921489-0.png (67.34 KB, 607x380, What is an Ahoge.png)

File: 1553518921489-1.png (252.29 KB, 2500x3301, 0233_OAT_Vectors_smiling_c….png)

File: 1553518921489-2.pdf (1.12 MB, _mlpol_ - HELP!.pdf)


Ahoges are an anime design meme for quirky characters. Considered who Brenton is and how he did it, i think this was a fitting design choice from Jay. Rule of thumb is, the anime girls with the ahoge are usually the fun ones. See pic 1 and 2.


You are late, but not too late. We already had the pleasure here. See file 3. Also no thats not me. (or is it ^;) )

c65e1 No.213852

File: 1553520856299.png (41.73 KB, 874x664, burenton.png)

Shoutout to the Anons who have been monitoring the art threads on 4/pol/. Jay is currently taking a look at them himself.

c65e1 No.213853

File: 1553520976341.png (318.87 KB, 910x650, brenton-chan_edit.png)

clean fix of the black camo edit made by Anonymous

5af4b No.213855

I don't think luzi will do anything, fuckbird has a lot of energy but it's always jumping from one thing to another.

e67d6 No.213862

Don't waste a perfectly good soldier on a lone-gunman shooting when you've got allies willing to back you up in the near future. Live, love, lift, organize. I want to meet you fuckers on the other side damnit, you hear?

e67d6 No.213863

The pic that started it all, perfected. Love it!

c65e1 No.213867

File: 1553526328632-0.pdf (1.28 MB, _pol_ - Tarrant-chan Threa….pdf)

File: 1553526328633-1.png (558.26 KB, 1187x1509, Muslim_Slayer.png)

File: 1553526328633-2.jpg (17.13 KB, 479x120, fap.jpg)

File: 1553526328633-3.jpg (15.15 KB, 477x88, highest_honor.jpg)

File: 1553526328633-4.jpg (11.75 KB, 481x75, official_artist.jpg)


one of several Tarrant Art threads, see also File 1


c65e1 No.213888

File: 1553537409367.jpg (185.42 KB, 997x1301, glass_ya.jpg)

c65e1 No.213893

File: 1553538652010.jpg (33.84 KB, 1354x106, eurofag_support.jpg)

87fb0 No.213897

Where were you when cute anime grills redpilled the masses and saved the white race

c65e1 No.213899

File: 1553539333603-0.jpg (2 MB, 2359x3000, anime hitler mosaic.jpg)

File: 1553539333603-1.jpg (370.23 KB, 1181x1691, anime-hitler_o_1750331.jpg)

File: 1553539333603-2.jpg (239.21 KB, 850x1081, 45_anime_girl_bikini_Adolf….jpg)

File: 1553539333603-3.jpg (528.42 KB, 1280x1821, 46.jpg)

c65e1 No.213910

File: 1553543729641.png (1.76 MB, 2024x2628, Tarrant_chan_lewd.png)

87fb0 No.213922

File: 1553546414434-0.jpg (936.68 KB, 3500x3000, 1553544781189.jpg)

File: 1553546414434-1.png (327.65 KB, 709x793, 1553545095459.png)

Brenton chan really seems to be catching on with the 4/pol/ crowd. The last couple times I checked the catalog there were always one or two threads just dedicated to it and I think most of them reached their bump limit.
I only have the current one http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/207753738
Even Jay is there, he seems to be getting quite popular.

c09f4 No.213923

File: 1553546467974.jpg (83.19 KB, 643x485, ScrewYourOptics.jpg)

Pic #2 gave me an idea, so have a shitty edit.

b3bab No.213924

c65e1 No.213928

File: 1553547253654-0.pdf (1.21 MB, _pol_ - Who else agrees wi….pdf)

File: 1553547253654-1.png (182.94 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)

f4a4a No.213932

Reading through that reminds me of why I fucked off from that place.
The things you do for OC…
Also it just got shoa'd

b3bab No.213938

>Also it just got shoa'd
Jesus Christ they shoaed Brenton-Chan.?!?!
…After looking at it.. to defend the mods over there a little (God knows there is much to criticize them for), but it could be the bump limit that pushed the thread into the archives.
>Reading through that reminds me of why I fucked off from that place.
Even though what I wrote above. This, so much this.

00c96 No.213944

Imagine thinking that will work to stop this

95e9b No.213946

File: 1553551384894.png (300.86 KB, 800x640, 1553544925271.png)

It just hit the bump limit. It was fun anyway. The one guy maybe loved tarrant chan a little too much, but he and most people were supportive.

Here's a new edit of round 3

00c96 No.213952

File: 1553553153765.png (129.63 KB, 375x383, not_bc.png)

I'll just leave this here for now

8a24d No.213954

89452 No.213995

File: 1553569596091.mp4 (5.81 MB, 648x360, oblivion_christchurch.mp4)

Kek should we send this to Todd Howard for future dlc ideas.

50a24 No.213998

It could only do good.

50a24 No.214003

Trying to suppress a meme is like trying to catch a fart in a jar.

bc2be No.214008

"Vril energy" is most certainly not meant to be taken literally. When you look at what it is described as doing, it's basically a white version of Mana, part-magical force and part-allegory for the power of compelling leadership and self-assuredness. The superpowers one gets from Vril are not the spoonbending type, but the type that lets you go around the Maginot and conquer France in just over a month.
That said, it is a grade-A-plus LARP and I will be watching eagerly.

bc2be No.214013

File: 1553576941650.png (439.52 KB, 901x843, 1529900581328.png)

>Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Dragonborn expansion
>New daedric quest added in update
>Quest: A Little Push, given by a priest of Mephala in Raven Rock
>Objective: Survive the Morrowind court system until Dunmer nationalists can break you out after Mephala told you to wipe out a Redguard cult on Solstheim
>Reward is leveled amount of gold, and new NPC who will inscribe the Ebony Blade artifact with runes to do extra damage to Redguards
>Note that this is a great place to feed the Ebony Blade to maximum health drain, as the Redguards will see you walking up with a sword drawn and assume you're on their side

0ba22 No.214014

That was what I was getting at basically. Just another way of describing high thumos folks in the movement, basically.

That being said…I don't know what to believe if Operation Highjump was legit.

a997d No.214039

Ho boy. Brenton is now shitposting from behind bars.
He donated money to the Identitarian Movement (who hate him, but obviously didn't know him before) which caused the leader of the IB, Martin Sellner, to get raided.

b3bab No.214040

The acceleration continues.

50a24 No.214041

Kek. I hope he had a chance to see some memes.

0ba22 No.214042

You know, I remember when the Charlottesville driver made like one reference to being a member of Vanguard America and so the site was blamed entirely for motivating him to do it. Now we're gonna see something much more shitstormy happen, methinks.

9d139 No.214047

Pretty sure he's being kept in isolation. They are trying to break him.

c65e1 No.214056

Anyone keeping tabs on the Tarrant-chan threads on 4/pol/? are those still up or are they getting deleted now? Any new content?

b3735 No.214073

lol no matter how good a thread on 4/pol/ or 8/pol/ is, I ain't goin' there and refreshing every ten minutes to hopefully get a five second flash of non-shilled content.

50a24 No.214084

For what cause? He's already in prison for life.

47860 No.214089

>implying he won't be released in 27 years and given a Nobel Peace Prize

c65e1 No.214105

File: 1553634696415.jpg (31.42 KB, 640x480, loli_assault.jpg)


I just asked Jay whats wrong with the sudden content drought, he said he ckecked 4pol a couple times himself but did not really see any new art content. this is strange. cant tell if this is purely foul play or if people are just moving over to other topics.

29589 No.214172

>[💀💀💀💀💀💀 /// ASSAULT IN PROGRESS] meme
As a massive nerd who licks his computer screen every time he hears Simon Viklund playing on his computer, I like this.

6422d No.214198

So he can't enjoy the press and accolades he is getting.

c65e1 No.214200

File: 1553693951711-0.pdf (1.42 MB, _pol_ - Tarrant-chan - Pol….pdf)

File: 1553693951711-1.png (200.66 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)

Ive been informed detractors on 4pol are now running counter ops against the Tarrant-chan threads, detailing them and posting detractor art. Heres a sample.


Also Jay made some Art for the Article 13 controversy, which you can found in the other thread here on the main board.

f4a4a No.214253

Aaaaand here's more:
The sum Brenton donates was, according to media, 1500€.
Who's willing to bet that this report uses a somewhat rounded sum?

b3bab No.214256

They are really scared of the acceleration. The only way their plan of eradicating Europe is going to succeed is by doing it slowly enough.

c65e1 No.214263

File: 1553716729581.png (102.09 KB, 834x1276, i_want_you.png)

Jay found this new piece just now.

528ec No.214357

This is why we need to act faster and harder. If we keep nudging and tickling at them they won't act. Boil them slowly enough and they won't move until their skin's melted off. I completely agree with the acceleration.

528ec No.214358

b3bab No.214360

87ef9 No.214756

File: 1554017629173.webm (4 MB, 648x360, SKRRRRAT.webm)

Oi cunts, don't forget about our favorite knight templar!

37aa4 No.215062

File: 1554163093784.gif (55.29 KB, 245x309, Vinns.gif)

87ef9 No.215081

>Windows Movie Maker
>trial version
You may as well just make the video by making frame-by-frame pictures in Microsoft Paint, for all the worth you put into that.

Try harder/10

37aa4 No.215085

File: 1554170568975.png (359.76 KB, 1600x1668, t3.png)

When I got it it said it was a full version of it. I plan on making a few videos and remaking the older ones later. Hence the TEST and all

87ef9 No.215098

How have I only just now noticed how wonderfully bushy her eyebrows are, now I want this pony to be mine

c65e1 No.215140

File: 1554213554858-0.png (158.18 KB, 600x913, TarrantChan3.png)

File: 1554213554858-1.jpg (139.36 KB, 1103x1200, D3H7V5lXgAEDrFk.jpg)

File: 1554213554858-2.png (456.81 KB, 415x556, ClipboardImage.png)

New Art/ Artist Links

Artwork by Manon Caroni, More coming by tmr.


Disclaimer: As of the writing of this post the gender of this artist is unconfirmed. Jay is leaning towards biological female, but it might actually be an unironic right wing trap. See picture 3. Manon is on the right. The other person is presumed to be her(?) brother on the left.

87ef9 No.215162

>unironic right wing trap
Ah, the most fleeting of the right's temptations. But hey, they are cute, and I would still watch the super bowl with a trap or two.

fa19a No.215207

Looks like a biological female

71965 No.215210

Yeah me too. Her titties are smol, but her heart is big. Would fug to test it, but my money is on gurl. Nyan cosplay was said to be a dude, but that was wrong too

50a24 No.215212

File: 1554251077758.jpg (26.79 KB, 539x469, nook.jpg)

Hail Saint Tarrant

c65e1 No.215270

File: 1554305582039.png (151.67 KB, 600x722, SAINT Tarrant-Chan.png)


Full Body Saint Version is now available.

c65e1 No.215292

File: 1554322367535.jpeg (923.73 KB, 1920x1080, ee2d971ff6bf165ecde99aecd….jpeg)

Ubie just found this one on Gelbooru.

Its an edit of an identical picture, minus the background and a special effect on the armor insignia. Artist sadly still unknown as of the writing of this post.

87fb0 No.215689

File: 1554549971013-0.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 1554490308921.png)

File: 1554549971013-1.jpg (1.61 MB, 1583x2048, 1554490360064.jpg)

Found a couple more pictures and edits in a 4/pol/ thread. Don't know about the artists though.

53ed5 No.215692

File: 1554550583892.png (161.96 KB, 995x803, mlp_star_twinkle_by_silver….png)


c4cba No.215701

File: 1554555741955.png (76.08 KB, 1200x1171, recycle_black_sun3.png)

In honor of St Tarrant and eco-fascists everywhere.

b6af2 No.215806

File: 1554629873543.jpg (148.21 KB, 1200x825, D3cqe7SU4AEt4ag.jpg)

https://twitter.com/manoncaroniart/status/1114406593678823424?s=09 a

honk honk 🤡🌎

another one from that possibly French maybe girl fan of Tarrant Chan

a5134 No.215889

A cute!

a4fdb No.216017

File: 1554793293388.webm (15.19 MB, 320x240, Aryan anger.webm)

I admit stealing this from the comments section on (((CBS)))'s "Cartoon Nazi Frog" comments section. But it's just too good not to share to you lovelies. Enjoy it, especially the music of course.

53ed5 No.216019

File: 1554794455878.png (198.4 KB, 1024x1395, caramel_is_still_excited_b….png)

This is one of the best edits I've seen.

b3bab No.216023

WOW. Thank you so much. That was an awesome edit.

dbdd0 No.216052

Oops. "comments section on the comments section" - whaddya expect from a drunk at 10PM or later though, amirite?

Glad you all enjoyed! I'm loving it too.

f4a4a No.216137

File: 1554906061596.mp4 (1.38 MB, 648x360, brenton tarrant down under.mp4)

Found this little thing here. Shame it's not longer.

6304c No.216166

This one down under is not the right way up but it's longer.

b268f No.216175

File: 1554930828678.png (123.19 KB, 184x280, ClipboardImage.png)

Anna Kushina from K

b3bab No.216296

File: 1555007955780-0.webm (7.8 MB, 640x360, 2.webm)

File: 1555007955780-1.webm (9.39 MB, 426x240, Untitled_project.webm)

File: 1555007955780-2.jpg (62.04 KB, 720x255, c350f5f17fa640d27c2b0c8223….jpg)

File: 1555007955780-3.png (713.86 KB, 563x838, 7d02d6293f4ad3f942bc63fe8a….png)

File: 1555007955780-4.png (407.62 KB, 563x838, 5efe0d893537437f488a68c621….png)

A few more grabbed from 8ch

b3bab No.216298

File: 1555008033452-0.png (341.93 KB, 1200x1200, 72c2f12f66f6425b3a94162a03….png)

File: 1555008033452-1.jpg (327.4 KB, 1574x1562, cca874d52ae7a930c9e7ac6b03….jpg)

File: 1555008033452-2.jpg (74.13 KB, 526x567, d414f5ec19ea9e9862d5403de7….jpg)

File: 1555008033452-3.png (145.72 KB, 1280x1920, db962f123f3f96d0ad5289d9a8….png)

File: 1555008033452-4.png (43.15 KB, 2970x2100, DINa4 Brenton Tarrant graf….png)

b3bab No.216300

File: 1555008116099-0.webm (8.9 MB, 1280x720, everyoneLovesTarrant.webm)

And lets not forget this absolutely adorable video

b3bab No.216301

File: 1555009876853-0.mp4 (7.8 MB, 1280x720, Everybody loves Br3nton Ta….mp4)

Better quality

53ed5 No.216338

File: 1555029740442.png (280.87 KB, 1000x768, dc4L9ezce.png)

Impressive. Moar.

50a24 No.216363

File: 1555036512226.jpg (66.16 KB, 649x487, PicsArt_04-11-03.08.05.jpg)

bdfdf No.216366

File: 1555037034908.jpg (64.97 KB, 1280x720, PonyLaughing.jpg)

You pull that one off JewChan?

e4317 No.216367

Holy fucking shit.

Those could be my kids one day.

Fuck I'm gushing with pride right now I need a minute, I love you so much zoomers

5efdf No.216618

File: 1555179726354.jpg (1012.56 KB, 1920x1080, 213456786867.jpg)

________ ____, _________ __ _________!

9264b No.216670

i'm a girl :)(one sitewide post by this user)

5efdf No.216685

You know the rules…

0b8a6 No.216786

…and that's how /mlpol/ got shut down for CP.

6f581 No.216797

If you are who you claim to be - a dubious claim at best, no offense - then you must appreciate how easily it is to claim that on an anon-board, outside a timestamp picture posted to twitter or some such.
Having said, Manon's artwork is extremely appreciated on Mlpol, and we hope it continues.

e4317 No.216809

I would but the shooting got me shoah'd from youtube so I can't really subscribe, can I

9264b No.216840

File: 1555226752946.jpg (61.42 KB, 640x480, WIN_20190414_00_23_04_Pro.jpg)


b3bab No.216841

>new things will be out soon

e4317 No.216844

File: 1555228083775.jpeg (66.7 KB, 745x428, O K T O B E.jpeg)

>the Brenton fan club is meeting with even the smallest /pol/ and chan splinter sites
>imageboard culture is branching out
>more relevant and edgy content is coming to /mlpol/

God I love the current year, and I love /mlpol/ and the people who inhabit it.

c5fd7 No.216845

And we love you too, Anon! We'd love you a bit more if you had a flag, but if you have good reason, then it can be overlooked.

71965 No.216847

File: 1555230374953.png (147.13 KB, 400x267, holyfuk.png)

Fucking based.

5c38d No.216850

File: 1555232091575.png (866.32 KB, 1354x1500, e92.png)

53ed5 No.216851

File: 1555233023479.png (204.41 KB, 631x622, Holy this is true for my l….png)

Well poners, this is a fucking surprise and I don't know what to do.
Do we kick her to the curb? And if we do, how?

c5fd7 No.216852

If she's still making good content, then she still has a use. If she still has a use, she gets kept around. Simple enough, right?

53ed5 No.216853

File: 1555233615625.jpeg (80.6 KB, 1174x969, my-little-pony-mane-6-мил….jpeg)

>then she still has a use.
She is of no use if she is NOT an anon.
A female presence will turn the board upside down. She broke the chan number one rule about anonymity in her quest for attention. It is obvious that this is because her brain cannot operate like a man.
I say exterminatus without recurse.

c5fd7 No.216854

She's still following contentfag rules though, to my knowledge. If you contribute things such as writing or drawings, is it not appropriate to give yourself a name to be remembered by, and in the case of a female, prove their existence at the behest of others? No rules have been violated, and as long as that remains so, why not let her keep giving us those dank Brentons?

b268f No.216855

File: 1555234344040-0.jpg (366.75 KB, 1564x1564, happy frog.jpg)

File: 1555234344040-1.mp4 (321.14 KB, 640x480, Does spider have pusspuss.mp4)

File: 1555234344040-2.jpg (1.18 MB, 1457x2064, __astolfo_fate_grand_order….jpg)


Thank You for your Tarrant-Chan Artwork, Manon. I am sure the entirety of the /pol/ sphere is grateful for the content.

Looking forward to your new works.

b268f No.216856

File: 1555235770480.jpg (3.63 MB, 2125x2970, 1770715 - Ork Painboy Rule….jpg)



>nonhumanoid xeno
>uses magic as a ultra marine
>preaching about codex astartes violations

my shark was imagined

c5fd7 No.216857

File: 1555236852115.jpg (67.63 KB, 750x761, 1489466704771.jpg)

>female ork
>rule 63 ork
>implying orks are male to begin with
>implying the big angry mushrooms are anything but smooth down there
>implying rule 63 can apply to that which doesn't have a gender to be swapped
Slaaneshi detected, exercising full lethal potential to purge filth

b268f No.216860

File: 1555240054840-0.png (Spoiler Image, 811.57 KB, 2000x2829, 5583c7325b4601b506769a2ddf….png)

File: 1555240054840-1.png (Spoiler Image, 155.57 KB, 274x333, DSP Goofy Face Crop.png)

oh my god!
8chan is a detractor d00d!

e4317 No.216871

Er, it's unintentional. Some reason I still don't know, when I use Cyberghost it disables my flag on random posts. And I don't want to turn off my VPN these days. I'm an American from SoCal if it matters.

e4317 No.216873

>keep diapers white
>based and redpilled stance on pullups
>safety pin
?Loss on belt buckle

It had to happen eventually now I want moar diapered Brenton-chan

3935e No.216938

71965 No.216944

File: 1555269047457.png (456.16 KB, 630x558, twilight_sparkle__rage_mod….png)

You shut your whore mouth!

afdd9 No.216999

File: 1555280894739.jpg (81.55 KB, 1125x690, HandsTouching.jpg)

Oh shit. I think the internet just broke. This can't be possible. Have we made first contact?

53ed5 No.217001

File: 1555281362109.jpg (1.45 MB, 3080x2481, fluttershy_as_a_space_mari….jpg)

Damn! I love those numbers and some truth can have. However, we are dealing with a woman who blew her anonymity for fame, which is widely known as not compatible with chan culture.
The answer posted by >>216944 gives a sample of what is ahead is this heresy is tolerated.
My opinion is this shameless woman must go back into the cover of anonymity and play by the rules. We are all poners, but also anons.

afdd9 No.217058

>>217001 is right. Don't white knight >>216944

If anyone didn't get it, my post >>216999 was a joke. The picture is Michelangelo's "the creation of adam" and has man touching god. Clearly ironic. Looked for a version with ponies, somehow hasn't been made.

bc2be No.217059

Hey, drawgirl, if you're still here I think we've got something new for you to try out.

afdd9 No.217079

>welcome to /mlpol/. Now get to work.

e4317 No.217081

I mean, male or female, this is pretty much the philosophy for namefags.

bc2be No.217084

File: 1555292845225.jpg (20.08 KB, 500x323, 1532429767332.jpg)

Arbeit macht frei and all, right?

53ed5 No.217101

File: 1555297226408.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1200, Shes_My_Little_Pony_by_Gam….png)

A welcome good enough for any anon.

9264b No.217179

who is drawgirl ?

7dc26 No.217276

If the name-fagging went on outside the thread I would agree, but since its topical and relevant to some of the OC that's present, quit being a faggot

689a9 No.217287

File: 1555330457864.jpg (17.95 KB, 500x500, happysyriana.jpg)

that made my day

d47a5 No.217547

KUSI News in Chula Vista, CA has a story of a viral video with minorities viciously beating another kid. Race was not mentioned, but I find it funny that it's immediately followed by a puff piece announcing an influx of migrants seeking (((asylum))) from a Jewish immigrant housing group who's been around for a hundred years, allegedly created to give Jews a place to live as asylum seekers in California.

Can we racewar yet?

d47a5 No.217549

Oh, to add onto this, there's two more stories following THOSE. They're saying that there's a proposition for two years of free community college tuition free. Of course they're offering "free" education for illegals and nonwhites.

Speaking of education and nonwhites, there's a "hate crime" vandalism case for San Diego State University. $400 of equipment in the African American resource center was destroyed overnight with no camera footage or anything, and their first guess is that it's a hate crime. After Smollett, I'm not ready to trust any claims of hatecrimes. But even if this is all legit, I'm done sympathizing.

59e89 No.217554

> But even if this is all legit, I'm done sympathizing.
Better late than never I suppose.

d47a5 No.217559

I mean sympathy for Jihadists and communists disappeared long, long ago. But Mexicans and nigs at large I still had some level of sympathy for.

42072 No.217738

first img is from manoncaroni a poland anon erased the watermark

d47a5 No.217742

I don't get why people erase watermarks unless they're really intrusive. Seems scummy if you're distributing art that's owned by a single person who makes that art for a living.

b3bab No.217979

File: 1555551497532.webm (7.58 MB, 1280x720, A_L_L_T_H_E_G_I_R_L_S_L0V….webm)

Another adorable video

53ed5 No.217981

File: 1555553242440.png (841.04 KB, 1366x768, 8ee.png)

b6350 No.218163

File: 1555645631889-0.jpg (16.75 KB, 500x500, serveimage (6).jpg)

File: 1555645631889-1.png (3.6 KB, 225x224, serveimage (2).png)


the taiwanese recycle symbol used in coffe cups is better than that one that resempble a David star

a4fdb No.218164

That's actually a good point. Didn't even know that was a thing, but I'm glad I do now.

b6350 No.218167

File: 1555647835320.jpg (145.4 KB, 1046x700, serveimage (7).jpg)

when yu see the kike star you can´t unsee it anymore.

b6350 No.218172

File: 1555648808325.jpg (15.82 KB, 253x199, descarga.jpg)


remembered i had this

b6350 No.218176

File: 1555649155433.jpg (109.39 KB, 733x1091, serveimage (8).jpg)


hey gurl. just beware of our waifus.

88b75 No.218224

Ha! I knew it! SAVED!

6e474 No.219083

File: 1556148260661.jpg (94.86 KB, 1116x1152, bt.jpg)

3e509 No.219119

you're all pieces of shit

48a9c No.219120

File: 1556169824057.png (426 KB, 900x681, Goals!.png)

>preferring invaders over those who expel them from their lands
No u faget

9631a No.219129

File: 1556174717297.jpg (29.42 KB, 426x481, 1555653222647.jpg)

>mlpol newfag
>this is the first thread i see

Just passing by to pay respects.

Tarrant was beyond baste

48a9c No.219132

File: 1556174983828.png (1.14 MB, 1921x1080, 1407837__safe_twilight spa….png)

Welcome to the board of our people, anon.

b3bab No.219140

File: 1556194424006.png (565.47 KB, 1024x768, 1503860299377-1.png)

Welcome anon

98e91 No.219202

1) What pony is that, if not a generic one?
2) Is this an edit of an existing piece or original? I'm in love with it.

b3bab No.219232

I have to admit I don't know the answers to those questions. I think it is an original work due to the consistency in artstyle and coloring. And I concur I love it too.

c5fd7 No.219268

it looks like Sweetie Belle to me, but that's just my assumption from the mane and tail shape.
>edit or original
no clue either

d50db No.219281

File: 1556273397260.gif (1.58 MB, 625x570, 1518207025628.gif)

I made you guys a thing, idk where to put it.

53ed5 No.219285

File: 1556277052810.png (1.05 MB, 3208x3342, 684.png)

It is very good. To add a bit of sound would be nicer.

e61c3 No.219345

109d2 No.219441

Recognised it straight of as one of Rainbow's pieces. God damn, I miss them.
I'd assume an all original, Rainbow certainly had the chops for it.
As for the pony, looks a bit like Sweety Bell but it seems like that was left ambiguous.
Noice. Like >>219285 said, I think some slightly creepy synth music would give it an authentic retro end logo feel.

40dd6 No.219449

>let twilight deal with it

d50db No.219505

Ok, i added some audio.
The original plan was to make a whole movie out of it, but i couldn't think of anything as of yet.

53ed5 No.219533


2647d No.219536

>an entire movie produced under the /mlpol/ name
The very concept makes me silently weep manly tears of pride. Keep up the good work.

3b3e8 No.220135

Bump because good song

b268f No.220265

File: 1556911107714-0.png (187 KB, 1188x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1556911107714-1.jpg (299.23 KB, 1129x2048, Manon with Tarrant Shirt.jpg)

File: 1556911107714-2.png (58.25 KB, 816x551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1556911107714-3.png (524.47 KB, 743x555, Opera Snapshot_2019-05-03_….png)

File: 1556911107714-4.png (2.57 MB, 2923x2067, 428270bcfc5a3dd4aa9bad2685….png)

Shoutout to Otherdrawfag and Jay156 who supplied me with Intel on these events.

Tarrant-Chan used as board-tan for 8chan /Adult Baby Diaper Lover/ Board.

Manon Caroni's SaintTarrant selfie featured on Leddits "Im a total piece of shit subreddit"

b268f No.220266

File: 1556911133317-0.pdf (801.22 KB, Manon Caroni with Tarrant ….pdf)

File: 1556911133317-1.pdf (897.96 KB, _abdl_ - Board Tan - Tarra….pdf)

3b3e8 No.220343

That Subreddit is… I can't describe it. It's like it's hate that can't even be bothered to disguise itself as pissy piss-weak libtard passive aggressiveness. "This is the I am a fucking poopyhead subreddit where I post people I fucking hate". Just… Christ, Leftists really are hate-driven zombies with rotting minds and no souls.

bc2be No.220350

Back in my day we were just quietly bitter when we didn't like someone. Nowadays, you whippersnappers create your own forums where you can rake in fake internet points by getting together with people you don't know and complaining about people who also none of you know. It's a triangle of anonymity and pettyness. Let me tell you, it was far better back before all these smartphones because everybody read the newspaper. We still didn't talk to anyone because fuck that shit, but all the petty complaining flowed directly from the news to the target and back, one line, no third party, just one annoying faggot to another.

5c38d No.220361

This, but it should be noted that it only works when newspapers aren't subversive propaganda rags owned and controlled by Jews.

b268f No.220401

File: 1556956943576.png (1.02 MB, 804x624, cwc thinking autism Chris ….png)

its a cheap lolcow-wiki esque ripoff for normie libcucks to complain about people who dont agree with current year thoughtpolicing.

so much for that. any opinions on the 8chan Diaper Incidents?

9898b No.220414

Not much to say really, except based and whitepadded needs to be their new tagline.

6c04f No.221055

File: 1557418491544.png (9.31 KB, 270x187, 1504454479911.png)

If you're going to bump a thread, at least post something to it

00bce No.221612

File: 1557788180476.jpg (213.34 KB, 1620x1680, _Boys locker room.jpg)

50a24 No.222716

File: 1558398650176-0.png (1.13 MB, 900x675, 1558320308405.png)

50a24 No.224219

File: 1559573329089-0.png (551.46 KB, 1200x800, 1559341190192-0.png)

File: 1559573329089-1.png (251.62 KB, 600x839, 1559341138420-3.png)

File: 1559573329089-2.jpg (2.79 MB, 2850x3525, 1559341138420-2.jpg)

File: 1559573329089-3.png (392 KB, 1000x1206, 1559341138420-1.png)

File: 1559573329089-4.png (248.84 KB, 768x926, 1559341138420-0.png)

May as well repost these Tarrant-chans from the Aryanne thread.

50a24 No.224232

File: 1559578497030-0.gif (1012.27 KB, 661x800, 1559525723507.gif)

File: 1559578497030-1.jpg (2.17 MB, 2000x3000, 1553446604702.jpg)

File: 1559578497030-2.jpg (103.54 KB, 761x519, 1559526392097.jpg)

File: 1559578497030-3.jpg (143.34 KB, 640x640, 1559526811806.jpg)

File: 1559578497030-4.png (1.23 MB, 1020x717, 1559531839086.png)

50a24 No.224233

File: 1559578678852-0.jpg (56.96 KB, 1024x727, 1559522607145.jpg)

File: 1559578678852-1.png (237.03 KB, 647x648, 1559522391964.png)

File: 1559578678852-2.jpg (151.42 KB, 688x561, 1559522132324.jpg)

File: 1559578678853-3.jpg (144.56 KB, 688x561, 1559524674605.jpg)

File: 1559578678853-4.png (258.2 KB, 1080x439, 1559525329396.png)

87fb0 No.224255

Nice to see that there ist still Tarrant-chan artwork being made considering how niche it is.

50a24 No.224256

It's a fun meme.

f2b3a No.224755

File: 1559871671896.png (436.09 KB, 956x650, Brenton-Chan by Jay 156 - ….png)

it's good because it supports him and makes people laugh

50a24 No.224777

Being made into an anime girl by 4chan is the highest honor known to man.

53ed5 No.224813

File: 1559896658906.jpg (87.88 KB, 634x837, brenton-tarrant-23.jpg)

>New Zealand Lifts Brenton Tarrant’s “Face Ban”
God bless this rightful man and concede his rescue from ZOG.

d2971 No.224843

d2971 No.224844

it makes me want to kms

60cbc No.224878

They're only lifting the ban because his anime girl face is more destructive to them.

b268f No.224882

File: 1559924357740-0.png (12.97 KB, 964x135, Alternate_History_1.png)

File: 1559924357740-1.jpg (421.9 KB, 1388x627, Screenshot_20190520-075951….jpg)

Jay is still getting hatemail for his Tarrant-Chan Art on DA to this day. Heres 2 samples he sent me recently.

One of them claims to be related to one of the shitskins Tarrant put down, goes on a rant how all nonwhite people are portrayed as evil in the public.

473d4 No.224940

File: 1559949813649.jpg (33.94 KB, 446x329, unnamed.jpg)

Holy fuck, the hypocrisy in the second pic.
Are we even talking about the same dimension?

2c0e5 No.224960

Why would they be? Emotions are easy to control since one doesn't "need" facts, logic, or reason. This dimension rests its case.

fa19a No.224961

Dune coons aren't human
Can you stop the dimension? i'm ready to get off.

87fb0 No.224999

>As a white guy, get fucked you racist homophobe piece of shit.
lol, this screams of typical (((fellow white man))) behavior.

8dcb5 No.225001

MSM/SJW/(Jew)s are a natural barometer. If you piss them off you’re doing something right. The angrier they get the better you’re doing it.
Incandescent rage and daily doxxing attempts is an employee of the month award in my book.

2f3f8 No.225200

Holding out for a Tarrant By Mr. Bond

b268f No.225202

File: 1560172375183-0.png (155.76 KB, 850x400, göbbels on virtue.png)

File: 1560172375183-1.gif (1.63 KB, 140x88, 1491086694701.gif)


Dr. Göbbels happens to be one of Jays favourite Philosophers.


Pretty nice. Liked and shared.

50a24 No.225203

Based Göbbels.

2f3f8 No.225204

File: 1560173139082.jpg (51.67 KB, 600x575, goebbels on the jew.jpg)

Heil The Doctor.

53ed5 No.225233

File: 1560223326435-0.png (797.16 KB, 2546x1800, Tarrant Chan - Pamper - Wh….png)

File: 1560223326435-1.png (1004.36 KB, 2000x2829, Tarrant Chan - Pamper.png)

Brenton Chan with diapers.

50a24 No.225234


Decent lineart though…

b268f No.225269

File: 1560280954094-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 3500x3500, 2061249.png)

File: 1560280954094-1.png (Spoiler Image, 126.82 KB, 510x529, ClipboardImage.png)


if i had not seen that thread on /abdl/ i would think this is a misguided attempt at trolling. but after this and people in the diaper community raging at this now i am seeing a theme here. Ive said pretty much all i have to say above. I am not convinced theres a group of unironic right wing diaper fetishists.

2f3f8 No.225279

This is 100% a kike Psyop.

50a24 No.225282

What would kikes have to gain from this nonsense though?

c09f4 No.225287

There are no words.

53ed5 No.225289

File: 1560293828344.png (928.23 KB, 2000x2829, 5583c7325b4601b506769a2ddf….png)

I don't think so.
The answer is pretty simple and straightforward, the redpilling is already spilling to the fetishists.

2f3f8 No.225291

They Would Gain the degeneration of a Powerful Symbol.

53ed5 No.225294

That degeneration is confined to the /abdl/ board, and I posted them here just as a sample of the Tarrant Chan meme spreading far.

53ed5 No.225295

File: 1560295374659-0.png (3.39 MB, 1160x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1560295374659-1.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 1553452211125.png)

0cc4f No.229107

Bumping a legendary thread

b05d6 No.229707

All these months later and I just noticed the belt buckle…

f24ef No.229708

File: 1562403772149-0.jpg (270.9 KB, 1855x630, m1.jpg)

File: 1562403772149-1.png (264.98 KB, 1080x439, m2.png)

File: 1562403772149-2.jpg (277.51 KB, 1486x408, four.jpg)

Hail Brenton. /)

50303 No.230374

HaHA, gotteeeeeeem

a9426 No.230411

I don't get it, what's the wierd symbol?

50303 No.230490

2d5d7 No.230516

File: 1562838255663.mp4 (10.98 MB, 854x480, I Need a Tarrant.mp4)

I need a Tarrant.

e55cb No.232218

File: 1563771661735.mp4 (18.04 MB, 854x480, Rest in Peace Ebba Akerlun….mp4)

Rest in Peace Ebba Akerlund.

cc557 No.232219

File: 1563771908715.jpg (157.98 KB, 859x1280, for akerlund.jpg)

RIP Akerlund

14cdb No.232226

Still trying to companre cock.sizes. Either you are just some nonce from the home office or a twat. Go visit your family on the fraggle wing see if they can apple.g.gs for anal raping you as a child.

cc557 No.232230

File: 1563778615887.jpg (148.96 KB, 1028x741, 1559396564709.jpg)

i don't want to argue so can you just stop because i don't see the purpose in you insulting me because it won't lead to anything important for either of us i respect you and i don't want that opinion to change. okay?

14cdb No.232231

In terms you might understand. This place is for people to be open. It survives because it does not cause too much trouble to the outside world. Constant posting on an event that will attract attention will do nothing but get this place removed from the internet. It is bad enough that facebook and twitter have caused governments to start hard.core legislation. Your post is cancer to mlpol and you should be inteligent enough to know that. Stick to pony race hate. Leave the promotion of terrorism for 8chan.

c5fd7 No.232233

you do realize that the whole 'board of peace' thing is a meme, right?

14cdb No.232234

You do realize that the meme was invented by man who thought a little bit of kiidy fiddling at school gave you charactor. I am not concerned about people wanting to be violent or planning for violence. I am concerned that every pixel of that incident is on an AI databse which trolls the internet and flags up to the alpha.bets. As said the image is cancer to mlpol.

57319 No.232235

Fuck off nigger

14cdb No.232236

Yeeeeessssssss. Thats much, much better. Have a gold star.

2d5d7 No.232237

File: 1563780319984.jpg (72.9 KB, 561x720, jude rat.jpg)

Clearly you are a faggot and an outsider with no business here.
Your tiresome and useless mantra about consequences (threats) against dissenters of foreign overlords is out of order.
Do yourself a favor, swallow stricnina which is the medicine needed for your biology.

14cdb No.232238

You can lead a pony to the promissed land but you can not force it to think.

2d5d7 No.232239

File: 1563780903518.png (153.63 KB, 700x777, squeekie_belle.png)

Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

57319 No.232241

File: 1563781614578.png (183.86 KB, 757x615, _clown pepe dab.png)

1e8c1 No.232242

>In terms you might understand…
>your post is cancer…
You have no idea about chan culture.
>Leave the promotion of terrorism for 8chan
It looks like you overdosed with (((establishment))) propaganda.
Yup, clearly you are an NPC spouting the program loaded by the media.
Lurk moar, but not here, please.

14cdb No.232249

I have been around the chans for a long, long time. I have been on.off mlpol from the beiginning. I was the original slapped about Jap. Just because I don`t green text, meme my way like cut.cocks should not make you think my nappy still needs changing. I am not media fed I am breast fed.

283d5 No.232250

File: 1563788227627.gif (630.02 KB, 480x480, wouldbe.gif)


4c219 No.232251

File: 1563788773141-0.jpg (138.06 KB, 948x946, a2.jpg)

File: 1563788773141-1.jpg (114.73 KB, 1000x563, a3.jpg)

File: 1563788773141-2.jpg (72.12 KB, 1024x1001, a4.jpg)

File: 1563788773141-3.jpg (418.24 KB, 1920x1079, a5.jpg)

6856a No.232252

File: 1563790802484-0.jpg (289.53 KB, 1855x630, 1154465441515.jpg)

File: 1563790802484-1.jpg (804.91 KB, 1920x1080, 58419494229.jpg)

File: 1563790802484-2.jpg (2.21 MB, 3024x3024, 92605383653460.jpg)

Brenton Tarrant.
Respect and hope for his rescue.

50303 No.232281

File: 1563813823443.jpg (87.75 KB, 580x673, slappu.jpg)

e55cb No.232305

File: 1563832678376.gif (66.44 KB, 500x500, pressure.gif)

>I have been around the chans for a long, long time.
You look tensed. Who hurt you?

cbf76 No.232316

File: 1563839019533.mp4 (3.26 MB, 270x480, 5484118411941.mp4)

One way or another, they have to vacate White land.

facce No.232376


2d5d7 No.232385

File: 1563921825077.jpg (60.54 KB, 850x400, 1514411846154151351.jpg)

We know.

738c7 No.239950

this is all good stuff but i have something better so far as portability goes. subscribe to pewdiepie-lol


2d5d7 No.239963

File: 1566715674954.png (295.63 KB, 1042x663, Screenshot_.png)

Ain't clicking that shit, kike.

63e8f No.243312

I'm sure this safe looking link isn't bait. No sir.

2d5d7 No.243349

File: 1569183102815-0.mp4 (12.12 MB, 646x480, NZ.mp4)

File: 1569183102816-1.jpg (180.27 KB, 962x716, 1.jpg)

Traitors and evil gunmen are key for White Genocide.

b5f56 No.247491

>first image

what is it?

b5f56 No.247503

what is this?

d7fe8 No.247505

I believe an email to a kiwi mercenary working for the cabal.

a907c No.249297

>nobody called out the TRSodomite lingo, not even 8 months later
So much for a glownigger-free board.

53b82 No.249344

File: 1572709667556.jpg (16.61 KB, 498x329, 1531953295077.jpg)

>It's another "My standards are opaque, draconian, and nonsensical and I will berate you for not having similar ones" poster

e8a6e No.249345

Nice attempt at a D&C.

301ce No.249793

Wtf are you talking about?

eca0a No.249794

File: 1573068681476.mp4 (591.57 KB, 862x480, 089044982498.mp4)

>Treasure found.

b8f6a No.249800

Where do you see the aidsbog logo at?

a907c No.250007

If the blatant invader of an OP wants to defend himself, I welcome it.

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