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File: 1549830832055-0.png (288.66 KB, 676x676, 991348__solo_oc_explicit_n….png)

File: 1549830832055-1.png (1.93 MB, 3000x3200, 988864__solo_oc_explicit_n….png)

File: 1549830832055-2.gif (982 KB, 1024x1024, siegheart.gif)

d8b40 No.203950

Anyone thought about making a political party call the National Pony Socialist Party? A.K.A The Horse Reich and have Aryanne's cutie mark as the symbol? I would like to think it could actually work especially with the shit Zionism does in this country that causes problems. I am actually trying to see if there would be support for one.

d2b51 No.203951

I'd support it because memes.
Idk about showing up to any rallies though.

61df4 No.203961

File: 1549833111862-0.png (314.81 KB, 1000x1200, 1767906.png)

File: 1549833111862-1.png (408.36 KB, 1000x874, fff.png)

My first reaction is a paper bag on my head, but after thinking the meltdown might cause, it is worth to give it a try just for fun.

646b6 No.203964

It would make it a bit hard for the SJW to shame the party. Whenever they try to sling shit just ask them what they have against Ponies?
>could be fun (if we got an extrovert to front it)

61df4 No.204001

File: 1549845224748.jpg (37.37 KB, 800x773, my-little-pony-iron-on-my-….jpg)

>The Horse Reich
This one sounds catchy, and you know, it is just an ironic party just for fun.
And no doubts will we attract heavy fire from every corner of the political spectrum.

7ef60 No.204002

If you're looking for serious systemic change, this is not the way to go

61df4 No.204005

File: 1549845910266.png (77.37 KB, 707x600, Woops.png)

You are right.
There are no doubts, the slander, harassment, and shaming against the poners will be off the charts.
It would used as a distraction by the jews and a vector for discrediting and defuse the White Revolution.

7ef60 No.204007

Exactly. If we ever want to make real change we need to hide the pony aspect of that change. "National Socialist Party" could work.

8ddd5 No.204008

I promise you, any party entitled a “National Socialist” Party will receive ten times the hate of a “Pony” party

61df4 No.204009

True, deprogramming an NPC is not an easy task and it takes a lot time.

7ef60 No.204012

Drop the "national" then, become a true socialist vanguard.

61df4 No.204014

File: 1549852401576.gif (1.28 MB, 1024x1024, 1374883.gif)

Do you mean to hijack the socialist brand and to redirect it towards an all revamped IV Reich?

7ef60 No.204034


ec32b No.204036

I think you're drastically overestimating the appeal of both ponies and national socialism, let alone both combined

61df4 No.204037

File: 1549861468056.jpg (112.12 KB, 900x900, 837a3a29ec0d73b32750e7420b….jpg)

We are cursed and blessed at the same time.
I can live with that.

37b76 No.204044

File: 1549865551037.png (203.96 KB, 1280x714, latest.png)

It will be fun as fuck, it will be epic as fuck, but i think >>204005 is right, we'll get a way too big to handle shitstorm over ourselves.

9e52b No.204073

>using parties
Parties are powerless, special interest groups and NGOs have the power. If you want to bring about change you need to build a network behind the scenes.

5be4d No.204090

File: 1549908703871-0.png (1.3 MB, 1954x2250, 1506992275876-2.png)

File: 1549908703871-1.jpeg (2.64 MB, 5000x3827, evola guide.jpeg)

File: 1549908703871-2.png (29.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1000px-Knights_Templar_Cro….png)

I think it would be an amusing statement but I don't see much point in it. At the height of the pony fandom we might have made a minor splash, but at this point we're pretty much the fringe of the fringe; best case scenario we end up with a cringier version of Kekistan, more likely we just end up looking like complete faggots to no good purpose.

However, I have been reading a lot of Julius Evola lately, and in my opinion what the West needs more than a new political party is a new Holy Order, along the lines of the Teutonic Knights or the Templars, an esoteric quasi-warlike fraternity of redpilled individuals dedicated to preserving Western culture and tradition through what is shaping up to be a pretty dark century. I think we are just the right amount of fringe to get something like that rolling, since publicity wouldn't really be the goal and the weirdness of it would ensure that we only draw dedicated people.

Might I suggest: The Order of Epona?

f9371 No.204100

Would support just for the memes

>inb4 v& because germanistan

d8b40 No.204103

File: 1549919537415.png (37.34 KB, 678x678, ponethinking.png)

Wasn't there for a moment a party based on ponies in some European parliament?

d8b40 No.204104

File: 1549919688791.png (392.82 KB, 2758x4068, 1512158305182.png)

At a certain point you have to not obey the governments oppression on speech like that. At some point you have to start to stand up for yourself else you turn into a shithole where you are burning wheel barrels of money just to have heating fuel. Don't let Zionism take over Germany and cuck everyone like they did here in Burgerland.

7a6a2 No.204130

d8b40 No.204139

File: 1549936936231.png (339.01 KB, 673x578, thonkkkkk.png)

Thanks Anon. It is possible and they way jews control the major parties in the U.S. people will look for other options. Just putting that out on the table.

37b76 No.204145

File: 1549938098736.jpg (63.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

It'll make it rain anon.

61df4 No.204165

>The Order of Epona?
Not bad.
Perhaps to meme it a little to see how it goes may help.

0c34b No.204176

File: 1549957964101.png (156.68 KB, 1500x1024, Aryannesexy.png)

I like it. It rolls off the tongue. But how to incorporate Aryanne's cutie mark into it all?

61df4 No.204179

File: 1549961295120.png (1.35 MB, 3000x2000, Black Sun cutie mark.png)

>Aryanne's cutie mark into it all?
MLP Epona already has one.
Aryanne also has hers.
Perhaps a new pony needs to be created, for example one with the Black Sun.

61df4 No.204180

File: 1549961875838.jpg (519.31 KB, 1565x1565, 5b0.jpg)

d76cf No.204222

Tbh not really, SJWs would just call us incels with fantasies to fuck ponies.

If we start building more ties between national socialism and MLP, there will be more pressure on Hasbro to make more shitty episodes just to counter signal us. Even though the cartoon may be dead, we dont need more shitty episodes that could mistakingly represent us.

59deb No.204225

Is there any more intellectual depth to "National Socialism" than hating jews and thinking the jews are behind some conspiracy to kill off Western Civilization? I know that most people who take the title hold vaguely nationalist-populist views in other matters, but this doesn't really seem essential

5be4d No.204236

File: 1549998927712-0.png (5.89 KB, 240x210, le 56.png)

File: 1549998927712-1.png (24.71 KB, 367x378, DenverDupdate.png)

File: 1549998927712-2.pdf (1.12 MB, Julius-Evola-Meditation-on….pdf)

File: 1549998927712-3.pdf (672.85 KB, Metaphysics-of-War-Evola-J….pdf)

File: 1549998927712-4.pdf (7.04 MB, Julius-Evola-The-Mystery-o….pdf)


I'd recommend reading Evola's books to get a sense of the kind of thing I'm talking about, as I probably can't explain it very well. I'm honestly still working my way through the guide I posted here >>204090. I've attached the first three books on the list, these are the ones I've gotten through so far. I'm starting the Hermetic Tradition next week.

Basically though what I was thinking is we create a super-sekrit internet club that aspires to preserve Western traditionalism by living it and encouraging others to do the same. Anyone who aspires to the ideals of the Order of Epona and makes a legitimate effort to live them can consider themselves as belonging to it. The ideals I'd suggest we adopt and adhere to would be:

>spiritual development and self discipline

>physical fitness/proper eating
>arms training, willingness to go to war if necessary (bear in mind this doesn't mean we should be trying to start some Siege-tier bullshit, just make an effort to be prepared in case shit jumps off)
>restraint of base impulses (if you have a porn addiction stop, nofap optional but encouraged, absolutely no hookups or participation in degenerate sex culture, no drugs, abstinence from alcohol/cigarettes optional but encouraged)
>intellectual self-betterment (read as many books as you can, also make an effort to collect and preserve important titles in case the commies start aggressively trying to memory-hole Western history and literature)
>no blacks and no Jews (you must be at least as white as pic #1 related)

Basically, the goal is to become 100% /fartsprinkles/. Bear in mind this is all pretty much stuff we can do on our own, and is as simple as going to the gym, buying a gun and learning to use it (if legal in your country, if not at least learn some hand to hand combat skills), at least making an honest effort to be less of a horny degenerate, eating better, reading more, and not being a nigger. So, we wouldn't necessarily need to organize anything irl or even have any formal organization at all if we don't want to, although if this eventually became big enough we certainly could. We would spread our culture by coming up with a short list of symbols which we would adopt and bury into esoteric memes that would make no immediate sense but would provoke curiosity and hopefully lead people back here. The memes would then be disseminated throughout the /pol/sphere.

I'd recommend symbols like:
>the triforce
simple, recognizable, and has the benefit of being something that already means something in normalfag culture, but would mean something separate to us. the Templars used the Christian cross in a similar way.
>Celtic mandalas and imagery
In particular anything we can find related to Epona worship.
>horse imagery in general
particularly mares with foals, and other imagery related to the cult of Epona
>Aryanne's cutie mark (swastika in a heart)
have to be a little careful with this one when posting on 4chan, but I think if we're subtle about it we could sneak quite a bit past rule 15
>the Denver Broncos logo
because why the hell not, also it works the same way as the triforce in that it means one thing to normies but something else to us. I'd recommend the older style logo in pic #2 because it's less commonly used and more a e s t h e t i c imo.

It goes without saying that we could also symbolically adopt the Epona character from Zelda as well as the MLP-style variants. I would also suggest incorporating things like the Black Sun that would already be recognizable to /pol/acks.

Anyway, that's my basic idea.

I really really like these images.

07608 No.204241

File: 1550001499170-0.jpg (23 KB, 480x368, 1a635bed00f88b0091e7f2b684….jpg)

File: 1550001499170-1.jpg (157.32 KB, 708x928, 2b7.jpg)

File: 1550001499170-2.jpeg (3.83 MB, 4500x4602, f0ecc4e3449d0f6540f8bc74f….jpeg)

File: 1550001499170-3.jpg (56.45 KB, 462x582, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_ho….jpg)

>I haven't actually looked into the matter at all, but I know that jews did nothing wrong and that everyone who dislikes them is just a silly poopyhead.
Sadly, I don't have a prepared set of material for newbies, but here's a few relevant things I was able to find on short notice.
Importantly, I've only been reading about this stuff for less than a year, so anyone who's actually been around a while can likely make a much more detailed case than I can. But if you're actually asking a sincere question, this should be enough to at least give you the gist of it.
Also, your question is really more suited to >>189059 or something, rather than posting it in this thread.

07608 No.204243

File: 1550001746745.png (1.14 MB, 1978x1080, 1810402.png)

And I fucked up the spelling. That should be "willkommen".

59deb No.204244

How is asking what the ideological basis of the party not relevant to this thread? Every party should know what it believes in, have a defined set of principles, and preferably (though perhaps not necessarily) have a platform with a set of policies

59deb No.204246

This is an interesting set of ethical principles, and I can see how it would play out in the life of an individual (at least, sort of), but what does this mean in the political sphere?

61df4 No.204247

File: 1550002543167.jpg (49.75 KB, 1280x720, boop.jpg)

>How is asking what the ideological basis of the party not relevant to this thread?
Cos' this thread is addressed to full redpilled poners, and obviously you're not.
Therefore you should abstain to get involved with matters beyond your grasp.
Lurk two years before to post again.
-→ /reddit/

59deb No.204249

File: 1550002949671.png (163.95 KB, 461x418, 372D363E-7F98-4673-9D9D-3D….png)

Do you have a set of principles on issues ranging from econimics to the environment to foreign wars, yes or no?

>not made for people who don’t already believe

What is the purpose of a political party except to persuade others to come closer to your own position?

I’ve heard all of this about Jews for a while now, I’m asking if there is anything else besides Jews that forms an ideological core

61df4 No.204250

File: 1550003165786.jpg (97.43 KB, 1024x983, sig-4297608.boop_by_otakua….jpg)

If you insist then please, by all means post any question at >>189059

59deb No.204251

File: 1550003260356.png (314.61 KB, 800x450, E2F5D44C-3262-4ED4-AEF5-A7….png)

Why is asking the position of any new party on the Environment not relevant to the thread on the new party? If anything, that’s worthy of a thread all of its own

5be4d No.204252

Nothing significant as of yet, although that's not to say we couldn't eventually become politically influential. The key idea is that the salvation of the white race has to start within the soul and mind of the individual white man or else there's no point. Read Evola.

59deb No.204253

I started on “The Magic of the Grail.” Which works?

5be4d No.204254

I've personally just been following the reading guide I posted in >>204090. I just finished Meditations on the Peaks starting Hermetic Tradition this week. From what I've heard Ride the Tiger and Men Among the Ruins deal most with his post WWII reflections and how to survive as a Traditionalist in the modern world, but so far reading them in the order suggested by the infographic has been working for me, his views are really changing my way of looking at life. The order I have read them in so far has been Mystery of the Grail -> Metaphysics of War -> Meditations on the Peaks -> Hermetic Tradition.

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