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File: 1549821426642.jpg (45.41 KB, 692x960, 1549819737340.jpg)

cfb0b No.203918












55232 No.203920

The good part about this cunt is that she's so insane that her ideals have very little chance of actually becoming policy.
If she were any less insane, she'd be something to worry about, since then she could force (((compromises))).

451fd No.203935

File: 1549825831888.png (894.07 KB, 4827x4999, post-7348-0-29971100-13675….png)

The best one IMHO is "to build bridges on the oceans for trains".
Only a visionary and superior mind could come with something like that. /s

55232 No.203936

>Ocean trains
… Does she not know about boats?

befe7 No.203938


>… Does she not know about boats?
The scary answer to that is that she actually might not do that.

cfb0b No.203939

fuck, I knew there was one I forgot

fee22 No.203960

File: 1549832904804.png (300.23 KB, 507x393, 1522548415101.png)

If you think about it. the jew run Fed dollar is worthless and all nations will default on their currencies. The problem is what the U.S. has in gold to start its own currency backed with gold. The jews stole all the shit out of Fort Knox for Israel. We are broke no matter what we do, Unless.

451fd No.203963

File: 1549833611744.png (541.5 KB, 4000x4000, Blank _ed39b273af7f1c85722….png)

Does anyponer see a pattern here?
The jüdenpresse is giving prime time and full coverage to the most crazy candidate, even if it is at this point irrelevant.
2016 -→ Trump
2020 -→ Mestizo Cortez

befe7 No.203965

It is a bit scary, and the press is probably grooming her for a place in the spotlight. But I think Cortez will be more successful splitting the Democratic party than winning the presidency. But if she wins there I think there is a high chance for a purge of communists, and free helicopter rides, when she is replaced in the next election.

f7061 No.203982

This cunt is too young to be president.

5ec8f No.203985

This. AOC scares alot of Democrats. She thinks cuz she won a seat in congress that 'the majority' is behind her, and the (((MSM))) keeps supporting her so that means a majority of the people will. But she's the definition of wet-behind-the-ears, and otherwise incompetent. Most of congress is staffed with literal working professionals in law, real estate, finance, etc., while she was a bar tender. Yeah she won her seat because of a primary battle, but she'll never win a presidency especially after her green new deal.

042b6 No.203989

I just copied your thread on to 4chan and I got warned for it. Funny how making fun of AOC gets me warned, but blacked threads stay up for hours at a time.

e3823 No.204041

File: 1549863646880.png (790.19 KB, 1280x720, 1545231024920.png)

Yeah, i find weird how they're pushing their worst ones like Clinton in the last elections, it's almost like, they want Trump to win.

451fd No.204042

File: 1549864504970.gif (213.2 KB, 540x500, 32eb448b6.gif)

>they want Trump to win.
It makes sense. ZOG has Trump in its pocket now, to gamble with unknown and difficult to control characters is risky.

caeda No.204081

If she at least said to go to Europe via the north pole, it might be vaguely possible. It would be way too much fucking money. It would also have major problems like everyone on the train dies of exposure if it breaks down and there can be a lot of volcanic activity up there.

But build a bridge over the ocean? WTF? I mean shit, you can't even get a fast train anywhere outside of the NY-DC corridor.

I think at this point, she's doing the whole PT Barnum thing. "Say what you will about me, but spell my name right." If you look at it like that, she's doing an amazing job for a first year congressman, most of which are completely obscure. But really, she is also a complete fucking idiot who is out of her depth.

Can't happen, it's in the constitution that you MUST be 35 years or older to be president. So at least there's that. She could be in play for 2024 though.

Your fault for going there. 4/pol/ is lost. 8/pol/ is in the process.

9878e No.204091

>it's in the constitution that you MUST be 35 years or older to be president.
It's also in there that the citizenry has a right to form militias and own guns. And yet many states have passed laws saying they can take away your guns without even a trial, as long as they can get someone to accuse you of being "unsafe". As for "militia", they've been doing quite a job turning that into a dirty word too.
The constitution is worthless against enemies who don't want to follow it. Worse than that, it's just fodder for pilpul to keep people in line.

96d02 No.204098

I just want to say that this type of post exemplifies what I dislike about Paul Joseph Watson. It makes it look like we're trying to twist what our opponents say into a strawman, or make fun of the way that they say things as an ad hominim.

Their policies are so flawed that we don't need to stoop to such levels, and it makes us look bad.

fee22 No.204105

File: 1549919954927.png (289.25 KB, 2656x3000, 1522502014378.png)

one problem
We should be encouraging work. even the disabled can contribute to the national spirit. The rest of what this crazy wants should only supplied to the tax payer. To the worker be free.

aac66 No.204129

>Trump in its pocket now

451fd No.204131

File: 1549931046514.jpeg (327.61 KB, 711x600, fvvSDS.jpeg)

>and it makes us look bad.
So? We are monsters for them and nothing we can say or do will change that.
The moment we change ourselves to conform with normie standards we will cease to exist as NatSoc poners. Self taming is worst than suicide.
And badmouthing the enemy is part of the everyday fun, for now.

eb21e No.204148

File: 1549941475248.jpg (199.8 KB, 680x1252, 582e19f0937b5.jpeg.jpg)

>even the disabled can contribute
A just societ has a place for everyone

f7061 No.204149

Doesn't this stupid bitch want to get rid of all nuclear power plants?

e3823 No.204157

Are we playing the wrong way there with AOC?


b5d32 No.204266

What's wrong with infantry protection? Its not like they're just gonna stand there while the enemy puts a shaped charge on them, they shoot anyone approaching to apply a shaped charge.

ff1aa No.204271

I hate that bitch. But acting like the OP makes it look like we have no arguments and are resorting to acting like children

022fe No.204449

Brainlet strawman. None of this is about gibs, it's about making living cheaper for everybody by buying the shit everybody needs like infrastructure. In your ancap utopia who would pay for the roads? Would you like to put a quarter in a slot to use the privately owned sidewalk? How about tolls every 10 meters? If there were no taxes you would be objectively paying out the ass for this kind of stuff making everybody way poorer unless you think you will somehow be in the group that actually owns shit (you won't).

5f6a3 No.204466

File: 1550090182317.png (216 KB, 810x672, AnonfillyHoldingTwicane.png)

>but without government, who would pay for the roads?
>brainlet strawman
Projecting much? This reminds me of the time Sargon was asking over and over how an ethno-nationalist society would work. People who live in a time that has codified a societal structure tend to think only within that structure and cannot imagine anything else.

e3823 No.204504

File: 1550101274121.jpg (54.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

Don't forget the way some people have been paying so much fucking attention at her, it's almost backfiring the same way it backfired with Trump and She knows it, constantly signalling how obsessed with her are MAGA-tards.

b586f No.204505

I think they're trying to mock her like they mocked Hillary.

e3823 No.204664

Yeah, have you seen the video?

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