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File: 1549644555229.jpeg (159.58 KB, 600x409, 214523634.jpeg)

d48aa No.203582[View All]


SOUTHFRONT FEB 4 & Venezuela

>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>SE Syria Feb 8
>Yemen Feb 7
>Libya Feb 6
>Iraq Feb 4
>Idlib Jan 29
>Manbij Jan 26

Devs Feb 7
>DeZ:IS leadership in Euphrates valley refuses to surrender last two vilalges it holds. IS tries to flee in Homs desert pocket
>W DeZ:SAA ambushes IS recon group in Badiya Al-Sham region, killing 6
>DeZ:SAA ambushes ISIS terrorists attempting to cross Euphrates
>SDF foil IS suicide attack on displaced civilians in Euphrates valley
>SAA unleashes large-scale retaliatory attack in northern Hama for the missiles that hit the government stronghold of Mhardeh
>Pompeo claims Hezbollah “active in Venezuela” to justify possible US intervention
>Iraqi forces launch 50 rockets at IS positions around the town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani
>Report:1500 foreign terrorists entered Sy from Turkey recently
>Report:Iranian forces are moving their supply center out from Damascus int/ airport to the T4 aibase in E Homs CS
>SDF closes al-Salihiyah crossing in DeZ gov in order to prevent civilians and former SAA soldiers to reconcile/leave to gov held areas
>Saudi-led coalition strikes Houthis training camp in central Yemen
>Houthi fighters stormed 15 positions of the Saudi military in Jizan prov. later retreated to Yemen to avoid SaudiAF who bombs position that fall to houthis

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32a3b No.205797

>mount Sinjar and the mountains up north are also present near the Iraq / Syria border. Perhaps it could be there?
You're right, but i don't think mount Sinjar is the destination (considering the huge fuzz when ISIS approached it a couple of years ago).
I'm not really sure, but i think it's mistranslated and actually means the mountainous areas of the border deserts or something like that.
>I mean, there are not too many mountains in DeZ or Anbar, right?
Not directly on the border no, there are hills, it's rough and has a ton of valleys though. Perfect hiding place.
The desert north of the Euphrates is quite mountainous (iirc still considered as part of the Anbar desert), has ISIS activity, loyal villagers etc and some fuckers could've sneaked through the Iraqi border to reach it. I dunno.
But other than that Homs, Anbar and Hasakah are my best bets.

32a3b No.205800

>inb4 "but there are SAA/SDF/Iraqi forces surrounding them"
Reminder that the middle-east is incredibly corrupt, bribery is extremely usual (wanna guess how most of the previously ISIS loyalist tribes, known for being Saddamists, suddenly switched side to the k*rds and the (((international coalition)))?).
Just a week or so ago the Shuaitat tribe caught some terrorists and their families in one of the towns in their tribal area who "managed to escape" from the pocket.
If the Shuaitat tribals didn't have a vendetta against ISIS they would've probably went through unharmed.

32a3b No.205801

Another fun anecdote, it has been reported many times that ISIS wants to go to Idlib, i read some twitter comments on such claims of people almost laughingly asking if HTS would be okay with that (because lol ISIS and HTS are enemies lol).
Just remember how HTS/FSA opened a corridor over the Salamiyah-Itriyah road when the Uqayribat pocket was almost finished and they claimed it was to "save the besieged muslim women and children from ASSad deathsquads".
Granted, it bit them in the ass, but it's not like they were friends before they got backstabbed by ISIS after the breakout.
Now imagine how many ex-ISIS grunts are now in SDF, with similar "muh ummah" ideologies, I'm sure there are tons of them who wouldn't mind helping smuggle ISIS out of the pocket.
Hell, remember when some "former" salafi FSA militia joined the battle after Hajin was captured and announced that they took the Abu Hassan village at record pace, in similar fashion to how that ex-ISIS Abu Khawra that leads the DeZ military council would tweet that they captured tens of villages per day when SAA broke the DeZ siege.
Shady shit.

32a3b No.205804

File: 1550596515327-0.jpg (27.69 KB, 450x410, 1491764912482.jpg)

>SOHR also reports the SDF will carry out a military operation against remaining ISIS fighters within next few hours/days
>within next few hours/days

32a3b No.205806

>Today I was able to photograph (film) ISIS elements, #SDF , my report on k24
I might be entirely wrong but the filming seems to imply ISIS still holds the easternmost part of Shaykh Hamad (at the base of the Baghuz cliffs)…
Haven't seen any footage from the supposedly captured Baghuz Tahtani either so uhhh, who knows.

32a3b No.205807

Updates from Idlib 19/02/2018
>- In the Idlib governorate, SAA and allies shelled Khan Shaykhun (pictured) (5 dead, 5 wounded), Maraat al-Numan, Sukayk, Tamanah, Hish, Basidah, and Maar Hatat.
>- In the Hama countryside, SAA and allies shelled Lataminah (1 dead, several wounded), Kafr Zayta, Husariya, Sayad, Arbain, Sakhr, Habit, Janabira, Shariah, Hawijah, Tuwaynah, Bab al-Taqah, Qahira, Khirbat al-Naqus, and Ziyarah.
>- In the Aleppo countryside, SAA shelled Haritan, Rashidin, and Layramun.
>- In the Hama countryside, rebels shelled Masasinah, Salhab, and Muhradah.
>- In the Latakia countryside, rebels shelled Ayn al-Bayda.

ee523 No.205808

ironically enough if he goes back to sweden he'll singlehandedly raise birthrates for ethnic swedes

32a3b No.205809

File: 1550598039879-0.png (895.25 KB, 800x600, 1492419778625.png)

He's ethnically Norwegian and is into brown pussy.

ee523 No.205812

>He's ethnically Norwegian
tomato tomato
>into brown pussy
*halal pussy

32a3b No.205814

File: 1550598574594-0.jpg (44.15 KB, 600x791, 1492104804261.jpg)

You won't find alot of halal arische pussy over here fren.

78749 No.205816

damn, they're going all out with that artillery.
Thanks for the updates Snus.

32a3b No.205817

SAA went 99/99 in the soviet artillery tech tree and it's really starting to show now that there's no other pockets left to bombard and the blyatskis are around.

32a3b No.205818

>BREAKING Leading opposition candidate in #Israel Gantz says PM Netanyahu one-man rule has come to its end

32a3b No.205823

File: 1550602934489-0.png (15.26 KB, 446x153, DzykrXmWwAA_SAp.png)


32a3b No.205824

>ITV News learns Shamima Begum has been deprived of British citizenship
>Decision made be the Home Secretary today
Allahu Akbar

32a3b No.205825

File: 1550604320627-0.jpg (71.22 KB, 480x473, 1495456384260.jpg)

>According to Sputnik HTS leader Al Julani is heavily injured and now being medical treated in Turkey
I don't believe it but we'll see.

1796b No.205835

someone tell maghrejew to check his messages

ee523 No.205836

File: 1550608254495.png (174.56 KB, 295x366, 1522250882501.png)

>still trying to get attention

1796b No.205837

FFS I am not him, but believe whatever you want bro.

1796b No.205838

I am banned on the other place btw.

78749 No.205839

File: 1550608500870.jpg (4.04 KB, 160x160, 55321.jpg)


ee523 No.205840

File: 1550608596697.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, 1455891929353.png)

>pls just one (you) that's all i'm asking for

1796b No.205841

OK fren, I understand, but I just wanted someone to tell him something that's all.
Anyways, gn.

ee523 No.205842

>not /lgbt/
this gay shit is getting tiring

44b8f No.205844

File: 1550610037340.jpg (311.78 KB, 800x1082, 800px-Chaplin_The_Kid.jpg)

Lost his 3rd hand and 5th leg again? :DD

44b8f No.205846

File: 1550610291352.jpg (20.97 KB, 450x253, ISIS-kid-taught-to-behead-….jpg)

Just execute the fucks, they won't suddenly rejoin the society and be secular again, fuck they've made their kids so indoctrinated it's pointless to let them live.

44b8f No.205847

File: 1550610377504.jpg (118.83 KB, 1024x683, 107mm rocket art on humvee.jpg)

>SAA went 99/99 in the soviet artillery tech tree
Interestingly, it's also Finnish doctrine nowadays. I believe for countries like Finland, Syria, Poland it's the best one, artillery is perfect for prolonging the defence if necessary.

03c2b No.205849

Rumors that Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed to launch a joint military operation against HTS in Idlib.


03c2b No.205850

File: 1550611787685.jpg (222.58 KB, 1280x720, DzxqNVfXcAAseGQ.jpg)

>#ISI Assesses: Three #Syrian #S300 launchers (out of four) are probably #operational. What about the fourth launcher?


32a3b No.205853

File: 1550612480109-0.jpg (43.9 KB, 483x358, 1541891163846.jpg)

Basically, T*rkey wants to launch a mock offensive with TFSA against HTS.

32a3b No.205854

>Last transports are exiting Baghuz now…
>Something is wrong. I’m not sure what’s going on but people are unhappy about something.

78749 No.205855

Man, that's so blurry how can they make out that it's an S-300?

32a3b No.205856

>The evacuation is not complete. This is what I’m hearing.

fd04e No.205864

wtf I love Syria now

32a3b No.205867

File: 1550617338303-0.jpg (136.58 KB, 1200x675, DzylnDlW0AAYNqy.jpg)

File: 1550617338303-1.jpg (211.27 KB, 1200x797, Dzylnw9WsAI4EdN.jpg)

44b8f No.205870

44b8f No.205872

44b8f No.205874

RIA confirmed that Joulani was wounded (they say heavy wound) and is being treated in a Turkish hospital
Why tho?

32a3b No.205875

Last two are al-Tanf/Rukban humanitarian "corridor" right?
Looks like they're inside the 55km zone.
Sounds like bs to me since there are hospitals in Idlib but if it is bs why would Russian media "slander" T*rkey this way? 🤔

32a3b No.205877

File: 1550618450712-0.jpg (302.56 KB, 2672x1524, 1.jpg)

File: 1550618450712-1.jpg (254.94 KB, 2626x1524, 2.jpg)

File: 1550618450712-2.jpg (1.02 MB, 2700x1469, 3.jpg)

years old

32a3b No.205880

File: 1550619517607-0.jpg (304.28 KB, 2596x1110, uh.jpg)

File: 1550619517607-1.jpg (360.41 KB, 2559x1300, uhh.jpg)

File: 1550619517607-2.jpg (559.55 KB, 2249x1376, uhhh.jpg)

44b8f No.205882

>Last two are al-Tanf/Rukban humanitarian "corridor" right?
> if it is bs why would Russian media "slander" T*rkey this way?
Wondering the same thing, RIA is usually pretty reliable.

32a3b No.205883

Corridor doesn't look too busy, has there been any numbers report yet?

d55b7 No.205884

File: 1550620623182.png (248.32 KB, 960x756, z3.png)

44b8f No.205886

44b8f No.205888

44b8f No.205890

44b8f No.205892

They've said 222 383 people came back on 18/2
But it's silent about the corridors other than they've been opened, here http://syria.mil.ru/news/more.htm?id=12218127@egNews
As far as I know there's ~50 000 people in Rukban camp

32a3b No.205897

>silent about the corridors other than they've been opened
If it was just set up then it's understandable.
>As far as I know there's ~50 000 people in Rukban camp
Yeah it's freaking massive, more people than Mayadin and Bukamal…

32a3b No.205956

[08:22] SAA stationed in Shughaydilah targeted Zitan in Aleppo countryside with heavy artillery.
[10:35] Rebels claimed to snipe two SAA soldiers in Masasinah in Hama countryside.
[10:36] SAA bombarded Khalasah in Aleppo countryside.
[10:49] SAA shelled Lataminah city in the northern Hama countryside.
[11:30] SAA shelled Maraat al-Artiq in Aleppo countryside from their positions in Zahraa district.
[12:31] SAA targeted Jazraya in Aleppo countryside with artillery shelling.

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