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File: 1548807671575.png (471.48 KB, 980x742, 1600823.png)

1a85a No.201630

It's been a while since we have had a good raid. What are some deserving targets in need of a good raiding. Preferably something full of shitlibs.

51283 No.201631

File: 1548807843948.png (24.3 KB, 358x356, android_app_icon-30dffff8f….png)

I nominate whisper. It's a faggy normie app full of shitlib groups and mods. We could download the app and troll groups like LGBT

c5726 No.201632

>I nominate whisper.
>No PC availability
Whisper compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Also, no everyponer uses smart phones.

c5726 No.201634

Granted, I am a tiny minority, but nevertheless, the choice mentioned is restricted to Apple owners.

51283 No.201635

I have a Samsung and I can use whisper. Just download bluestacks.

92635 No.201637

Hey some of us have a blackberry.
Actually its probably just me.

51283 No.201640

If it doesn't work on your phone just download bluestacks on your computer.

6ef4e No.201749

#altbrony or #rape on Rizon

6ef4e No.201750

Blackberry on V.10 are still the only good smartphones around. no botnet. no chinkness.

cabe6 No.201757

8chan /pol/.

c5726 No.201774

File: 1548870686867.png (274.6 KB, 926x457, canvas.png)

Right now there is a kinda anti brony thread at fullchan /n/.

46054 No.201860

That's a diminishing return at this point.

f3353 No.201861

Do /leftypol/ instead.
I'm in the mood for a shitstorm.

5ee08 No.201867

File: 1548909623836.jpg (45.7 KB, 583x349, 1jc4y0.jpg)

What about a nice little raid on /lgbt/ on 4chan?

f3353 No.201869

We already did that.

5ee08 No.201874

Why not do it again, then?

51283 No.201879

/leftypol/ is a lot bigger than we are.

c5726 No.201880

File: 1548912351209.png (16.59 KB, 317x296, aa.png)

I am permanently banned /lgbt/ after the last raid.
The same goes for /leftypol/.

bd616 No.201890

File: 1548915211135.gif (1.05 MB, 640x360, fat fuck wont die.gif)

They're also a lot more discredited than we are.

c5726 No.201899

The motto "Embrace infamy" ring a bell?
We are fringe and we should embrace that.

f3353 No.201915

That's kind of the point.

635fd No.202709

>not using a VPN
I don't trust nordVPN but 75% off makes it pretty piss easy to get a cheap service to get around a measly little ban. Step up your raiding game, boi.

18db9 No.202743

They can retaliate.

f3353 No.202749

We'd survive.
I welcome the shitstorm.

1a85a No.202828

Hmm it seems that /leftypol/ is raiding 4chan.

635fd No.202829

The site's about to be shut down so I'm not surprised that /leftypol/ would get into it. Either let them do that, raid the place ourselves to steal the spotlight, or just have fun raiding alongside the commies. Pick your poison really.

1a85a No.202832

What site is about to be shut down?

635fd No.202833

4chan, right? Hiro said something about it iirc. I meant to reply to your post >>202828 but I did an opsie. Frankly I couldn't be arsed to check because what kinda faggot uses that site unironically in 2019 amirite? seriously though, mlpol.net > Nanochan > 8chan > 4chan

ac62c No.202880

File: 1549341524893-0.gif (3.11 KB, 400x400, Epic_fail_guy.gif)

File: 1549341524893-1.jpg (57.09 KB, 480x360, doit.jpg)

/i/ when?

c5726 No.203375

File: 1549539724118.jpg (425.59 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180221_165211.jpg)

In half chan a pony thread have been going the whole night at /qa/, time to join poners before the mod nuke it.

9168f No.203390

sharing this video hurts the SJW

c5726 No.203426

The thread is still up.

ebf77 No.203427

>2 minutes ago
>thread is still up
>click, 404 Not Found

0a83a No.203428

That didn't last long….

693fc No.203429

It seems Lee complained to mods directly or something.

9168f No.203430

Seriously I have redpilled 6 anime fans on the SJW menace today using this fucking video, share it
Remember, it starts with hating SJWs, then SJW beliefs, then noticing SJW is something leftists call themselves, then hating leftists and understanding what they did to society.

c5726 No.203431

File: 1549562442575.png (1.24 MB, 1346x5631, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-02….png)

I posted anonfilly at 12:37 and it was nuked.

ebf77 No.203433

with all the mlpol name dropping, I'm surprised it took this long really.

c5726 No.203435

File: 1549563019492.gif (277.07 KB, 530x494, 22116C6D-2758-4854-9184-32….gif)

>with all the mlpol name dropping
It was me.

ebf77 No.203437


I'm kidding. I don't care too much, but if you're gonna raid in such a simple way, one namedrop is enough.

693fc No.203439

File: 1549564911060.png (691.51 KB, 1214x1024, kirin_tilted_head.png)

Thanks AJ. What would we do without you.

ebf77 No.203441

Hey, even if she's a background pony, she's a good one. And good waifu material too.

f08e1 No.203444

I tried posting to that thread, but my ISP uses dynamic IPs, which I have yet to find one that hasn't already been banned for something.
It was fun to watch for a while though, good show

cc4a6 No.203445

File: 1549566808430.png (242.88 KB, 1256x1044, 1669271__safe_artist-colon….png)

>background pony

ebf77 No.203449

I refuse. She gets no direct spotlight in the whole damn show. I still love her, but she's no more relevant to the show than Derpy.

60615 No.203474

That's actually an exaggeration, Derpy dosen't get episodes for herself, AJ just gets far less spotlight than any of the mane 5.

ebf77 No.203536

Did I say I was being straight-faced and literal, m9

c5726 No.203549

File: 1549627553525.png (192.85 KB, 1346x823, -Firefox_Screenshot_2019-0….png)

New thread is up, a bit late and probably the mod is going to wake up soon.
Let us see how long it will last.

c5726 No.203617

File: 1549654574030.gif (1.04 MB, 700x540, 1498689546441.gif)

Almost 8 hours and the thread is still up.

32029 No.203621

>faggot gommie rats us out
>thread's still up
Feels good man.

01cc2 No.203624

Lee was just summoned.

32029 No.203630

Was he? Thread's still up.

7b27a No.203673

awwwh, mods shut it down right after some fashwave was posted.

c5726 No.203676

File: 1549679902641.png (2.89 MB, 1346x14177, qa ahem Question ….png)

Yes, I was the last poster.

c5726 No.203678

File: 1549679999228.jpg (650.68 KB, 1200x800, 20181123_142653.jpg)

Is fashwave bannable in cuckchan?

e07ff No.203681

I wouldn't know, but I also wouldn't be surprised

0a83a No.203683

049ae No.203820

Active raid on 4/pol/ RIGHT FUCKING NOW

049ae No.203821

>Pony Raid
>Mods respond in 10 minutes
>Every Other Raid, especially BLACKED
>Mods respond in two fucking hours.

0a83a No.203822

It is a shame they already have started purging. But at least from the few posts people seam to think of it fondly (except Lee).

be5d5 No.203823

File: 1549770384819.gif (723.46 KB, 640x360, 1545100569508.gif)

And the guy who thinks we work for the IDF and says Israel will be destroyed in 2 days.

c0fa7 No.203824

Go away CIA.

64e2b No.207209

Hey guys just saw someone shilling their new chan on 4/pol/. They have a few boards with little content. Cianigferglowops or not, I might claim a few gets if anyone else wants in on the fun. Already claimed 7 on the anime board.

635fd No.208189

NeinChan seems alright in terms of what's posted - I got 3 threads open in my browser that I've liked - but it seems a bit too slow for me. I'll be a (((Dual Citizen))) for the time being.

ca201 No.208237

i was in, and got re-banned. Google is really a bitch. Even with wi-fi jumping it knows your location thanks to the >mobile users using your hotspot.
IP bans are no longer a thing, even a dynamic ip can have a trigger " this guy post from this location." and the 4chan or any site using Google's API get the info.

635fd No.208548

Big Brother is watching, goy.

ff3b6 No.210427

With all the Yang shills now might be a good time to start fishing on 4chan and 8chan.

c0f74 No.210432

Bump, also has /pol/ been deleted from 4chan?

db9da No.210433

>Bumping a thread on the front page
A 20 second search reveals that /pol/ is indeed still there. In name only, of course.

4b2ef No.217556


i took that photo :D

1a85a No.217562

Are there any small liberal/leftwing sites we could pick a fight with and win? Maybe bunkerchan?

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