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File: 1547263817507.png (464.54 KB, 729x425, Dat Bling Bling.png)

a9b4a No.197973

If you are a writefag or have had plans to become one, then you should participate in this event. The idea with this thread is through friendly competition encourage more writefag activity on this board but also create humble as well as great beginnings for wannabe writefags.

Here's how it will go. Participants will post before the end of this weekend that they want to join. You will have to post under a name otherwise we can't decide on a winner if all participants are anonymous. An entry must be sent in before the deadline which will be after a week from when this post was published and you can only enter one entry. All participants must give feedback to each and every one of the other competitors. Meaning: You must read the other anons entries. How the winner will be decided is still up in the air. That is a topic we could discuss along the way. I thought that the competitors could vote or decide on a jury or judge. Regardless, this is for the sake of increasing writefag activity. In the worst case scenario, we simply let the dice determine the outcome. The winner, I thought if this thread gets a good response in the form of many entries and participants, could have their story placed in a special /MLPOL/ Writefag Competition Winner's thread on /go/. Unless the mods think that it is too bold.

I think the entry part needs to be further expanded upon. Any post you make under this thread story or otherwise is not an entry unless it is written first in the post that it is. This means that you can post your entire story in the thread before posting it as an entry. When you have finished your story and think that it is time to post your entry, you first write, ”My Entry” in the post while namefagging. If your entry is too big for one post, which is very likely, you make it clear that the next post belongs in the same entry. When you have posted your entry you can't make changes to it nor can you replace it.

Your story must be at minimum 2k words and no more than 20k words.

Official thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODYYoYxOwJU ;P

a9b4a No.197974

I will obviously join aswell.

a9b4a No.197996

File: 1547272749541-0.png (729.19 KB, 900x900, large.png)

From the image and its text, he knew what type of file this was. He also knew exactly why it was on his computer. Yet, it was mere speculation. He could not be sure before he had open it. He wanted to be lucky and be wrong.
As he double-clicked the file, he was assaulted by the sound and graphic-content from the video that just started. A green filly with some stallion where in the middle of a deplorable act for a filly her age.
He quickly closed the window but what he had seen could not be unseen. He could feel his pulse increase as he walked up to the nearby window and looked out. He was calmed only slightly by seeing the absence of guard chariots because he knew that whoever put this video on his computer would not wait long before they would strike. He could only speculate why they hadn't already.
He levitated his phone over and dialed the number he had memorized. After a few tones without any response, somepony picked up.
"This is Fair Star?"
He had been a bit nervous when so many signals had gone unnoticed so he exhaled heavy in relief and got a bit less tense before he proceeded to return to the serious situation at hoof.
"They are after me now. They have hacked my computer and uploaded several gigabytes of foal pornography!" he said still in a state of panic.
Fair Star, the mare on the phone, who had been lazily laying on the couch at home, had been a bit unprepared to the sudden urgency and because of this hadn't fully comprehended the situation.
"Wait, what?" she said groggily.
Anger entered his voice due to the pressure.
"I am being framed. Somepony has put a bunch of videos with stallions having sex with underaged fillies. I saw it this morning when I went through it… Oh, my! What if I hadn't? What if I had skipped today?"
He was almost hyperventilating and even through the phone Fair could hear slam his desk with a loud thud. But she had now fully grasped the situation.
"Calm down! Nothing will get better if you panic."
With a hoof massaging his forehead, he realized that she was right and tried to take control over his breathing. Exhaling and inhaling in slow, deep breaths in a controlled pace.
"There, that's better. Is there any gauds outside now?" Fair Star asked.
He shook his head a completely unnecessary action to do since she couldn't see him through the phone.
"No, I checked the front. From my office, it is the only side of this building I can check. Unless they come from the back."
The stallion sounded a bit horrified by the prospect at first. Fair was about to tell him that it seemed unlikely but didn't manage.
"No. They wouldn't need to hide their approach. They know I cannot run." He said in a much more stable voice which Fair noticed and nodded too.
"But I can, right? That's why you called me."
"Yes, exactly. If you take my computer and go, they won't have anything on me."
"I will bring my big duffel bag." The sound of rustling from of paper was heard coming from the mare's side. "It was the chariot that was the quickest, right?"
"No, take the train. The chariot's route has been redirected due to a newly found dragons' nest on the mountains."
The sounds of things being tossed and torn down exited the phone on the stallion's side. Clearly, Fair was packing her things.
"Okay, stay put and keep your phone on and close by all the time. I will be there in about three hours."
"Thanks, sis."
Fair chuckled mirthfully.
"You don't have to thank me, bro. We are in this together remember?"
"I guess you are right."
His voice was quieter now. He had something he wanted to say but the morbid implications of the words held him back. Fair interpreted the pause correctly and knew what was on his mind Her voice also became quiet but in addition also became harsh.
"Bro… I will see you there in three hours. I leave immediately."
"Right… See you."
As the call ended the stallion slumped back into his armchair.

Lol, i realised that this was proabably a more fitting theme for this thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onsWOo2gKh0 but eh, it was only a joke anyway

4e585 No.198001

File: 1547274542837.gif (325.8 KB, 1250x960, a51.gif)

Do you mind to explain the medal?

04ac0 No.198020

Count me in, if i manage to finish this piece.
It's been a long while since i write, don't expect something superb.

78ab3 No.198070

File: 1547319337769-0.png (108.15 KB, 504x566, Oy caw Imeanveydammit.png)

File: 1547319337769-1.png (1 MB, 5314x5699, _boop ponk.png)

Family heirloom.
Glad to have you.
Its one-hundred percent okay. I took a serious idea that I had been thinking about for a while now. I almost regret that now. The idea that came to me this morning might be more fun to write: Anon LARPing bloodborne in Equestria using Pinkie as a sword and Twilight as his gun.

With a mighty swing Pinkie's neck clashed with Guts' Dragon Carver. It sliced right through it cutting the Dragon Carver into two pieces.
Guts fell on his knees as tears ran down his cheeks.
He was now looking straight into the Eyes of Twilight Sparkle because he didn't dare to look away. The purple light from her horn was reflected on Guts' tear soaked cheeks.

27322 No.198120


78ab3 No.198136

What does this questionmark mean? Are you unsure if the OP is too long?
Honestly, I think it is quite concise. I guess i can cut out everything that isn't the OP's base components.
The thread: Competition in writting. Post that you want to paricipate in this weekend. Post your entry in thread before the end of the set deadline. The deadline is a week from when the OP was posted.
Maybe, I am bit sassy now. But honestly if you think that this OP was too long. Maybe this thread isn't for you.

27322 No.198147

Any limitations on what to write?

78ab3 No.198150

No, I don't think that is necessary. At first i was think that it had to do with something related to ideas around /MLPOL/ like ponies and politics. Then I realised that anons on this board won't write something else anyway. Anyone, can write anything they want.

27322 No.198151

I have an idea for some edgy shit that is not directly linked to pony or politics

78ab3 No.198159

If it is too graphical and disgusting then I won't read it. However, so long as the mods don't have a problem with it I don't. So long as you write, I don't care.

78ab3 No.198200

File: 1547362910089-0.jpg (83.43 KB, 850x594, sample_24622c1e76484e49a94….jpg)

This is my progress so far. I can't say I am satisfied with what I have written. I will anyway edit everything later on. Feel free to comment on it.

She closed the metal door behind her and turned the key. A pulse of electricity sparkled around its edges and spread from it around her cloud home. It changed color from grey-blue to grey-dark clearly indicating that locked and loaded. Now it didn't stand out in being the only one home not being locked right now.
This was one of the reasons many pegasi preferred homes on the ground. Their locks could be used while they were inside their homes and thieves didn't benefit from using binoculars to check which color one's house was.
The key to her home went down in a letter she had prepared and on her way down she put it in the mailbox next to the reception's desk.
With that out of the way, she began her descent down to the nearby town below. While Cloudsdale drifted across Equestria in accordance with Cloudsdale tradition, they usually tried to avoid staying over any dense residential area for too long. They didn't want to block out the sun for the residence below. Therefore Silent Thunder couldn't just dive down to it she had to fly a distance too.
It was raining from Cloudsdale when she left it but she knew that in Los Pegasus it nearly never rained, they were ruled by bureaucrats that acted under the banner of anti-tradition. That is also why Trottingham and Los Pegasus where two major great cities next to each other and sometimes even overlapping because Los pegasus did not move from its geographical position. Sometimes ponies used them interchangeably.
That's where she was heading to the new job and home.
She sighed and landed at the train station. The sun was usually raised here at this time of the day but due to the foggy rainclouds from Cloudsdale covering up the east. The wind blew the rain onto the station. It formed puddles and darken the ground. Luckily, she had brought her bright yellow earth pony raincoat with her.
It was funny to contemplate: Earth ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi handled rain differently. Earth ponies who had mostly been all about hard manual labor had always favored raincoats while Unicorns who focused mostly on magical or intellectual pursuits had always favored umbrellas because if they were out in the rain it wouldn't be for long. Pegasi, who were above the clouds when they began raining had towels for mischievious foals.
Silent had brought the raincoat out from her backpack before she went down from Cloudsdale.
Walking around on the platform, Silent noticed that she was still had twenty minutes before the train would leave so she walked to the nearby shop to buy a newspaper.

>completely unrelated and arbitrary pic

Btw, are you going to participate?

ca005 No.198239

What ever Im in

eda3d No.198446

I'm in.

04ac0 No.198460

File: 1547494080982.png (101.98 KB, 900x506, stares.png)

Wouldn't it be bad if someone were to post his or her story this early?
Like, if you finish the story tomorrow and post it, won't that give some kind of advantage?

14960 No.198537

bitch you ain't me!

14960 No.198549

Might as well enter to get an idea in my head out, at least partially.

62250 No.198579

File: 1547577332026-0.jpg (389.58 KB, 2208x1578, Kanna.Kamui.full.2269846.jpg)

Great to have you. I changed my mind about the edgy stuff. I got on board this ship at the airing of the season 2 premire so like I have read all the old edge stories. Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory and such. I don't like them personally but it would be hypocritical of me not to read yours when I said that we should read eachothers just because I don't like the type. I guess this means that if I am not telling you that your story is garbage in the end, you are doing something wrong.

Eh, maybe. I don't really know how you would go about using that information though. It is also not the most serious of competitions. It is still a competition and we will have a winner but like how does one measure the quality of stories and compare them to each other fairly? I won't reall regret it if I give some anon in the competition an advice the end up using to beat me either.

>Her story

>Implying femanons on mlpol

Great to hear friend. Btw I have finished your detective novel. Really enjoyed it man. Will actually post a semi-review of it soon.

62250 No.198581

"Young Lady, watch your language. Or do you want me to make an appointment with Mr. Soap when we come home?"

62250 No.198582

File: 1547577666501.png (586.49 KB, 5004x3408, Twi will give iit to ya.png)

ee967 No.198604

File: 1547588244129.pdf (30.16 KB, psychokek.pdf)

Just a shitty start

14960 No.198680

You can't stop me from putting as much profanity in my stories as I want, sven!

9e991 No.198681

>Her story
>Implying femanons on mlpol
i wish

36aa3 No.198686

It is hard for them to accept their inferiority to horses.

14960 No.198842

Alright, here's part 1/fuckifIknow of my 1st entry

>Be Anonymous, Brother-Sargeant of the Imperial Fists' Second Company

>Be in the Battle Barge Dorn's First Light, mid-warp
>You and your company are heading back to Holy Terra now that your previous mission is finished
>You'll have to report to the captain about what you and your squad did eventually, but in the meantime, your weapons need cleaning
>No, you're not having a techmarine do it
>At this point, you can do in 10 minutes what it would take him 10 days to do
>No offense to him, he's still the go-to for anything larger than a standard-issue bolter
>You just like having your equipment ready for the next mission as soon as possible, and asap is what happens when you cut out all the extra Mechanicus-required BS from maintenance
>Tech-Heresy, what's that?
>Anyway, you're reassembling your bolter when you hear an alarm go off
>You also hear what sounds like shit hitting the fan when you get hit by a very distinct feeling of dread
>Did the Gellar Field Generator just fail?
>You put your helmet back on and grab your weapons to go see what just happened
>Judging by the fact that there are a lot more tentacles in this hall than you remember there being, the Gellar Field Generator did indeed fail
>Well, at least things physically can't get worse from here
>You go back inside your quarters to grab your chainsword, then start cutting your way towards the sound of fighting
>After several minutes of combatting assorted warpspawns and a major warp-induced headache, you hear a distinctly non-daemonic sound behind you
>"Sargeant, over here! We require your assistance in the hold!"
>Good, some of your men are still around
>You charge over to them to see that they built a barricade in front of an accessway
>That accessway also holds much of the sounds of fighting
"What's the situation?"
>"A portal opened up in here as soon as the field went down, luckily there were still a few of us around to sound the alarms and build up defenses."
"Any idea of what caused the field's failure yet?"
>"There are no leads as of yet but we suspect tampering from a possible traitor in the ranks!"
"Are there any Librarians around to close the portal?"
>"We sent a call, but last we heard they were protecting the Navigator and Astropath."
"Then it appears up to us for now."
>The two other marines step aside as you move out of the makeshift bunker and over to a door on the other side of the accessway
>You cautiously open the door, only to have it blown off its hinges by a ball of warpfire
>Across the entire room, all you can see are marines and daemons fighting
>Bloodletters, Horrors, even a few plaguebearers and daemonettes
>Most of the marines you see have managed to convert much of the cargo in the hold into a form of cover, but a few are attempting to press forward into the rest of the hold
>You decide that you're more needed in helping to press enemy lines than in helping your own lines remain unpressed
>After all, there's no objective the Imperial Fists can't hold!
>Why else would Holy Terra remain untouched by heretics and xenos?
>Without further ado, you draw your bolter and begin firing into the assaulting hordes of chaos, hoping to open a path to this 'portal'
>Seeing you leading a charge, many more marines begin pressing out of fortifications and aiding with the assault
>Soon enough, this full-scale attack breaks the disorganized enemy lines and gives you an opening to move farther into the hold
>This repeats until you finally make it back to the center of the room, past multiple stacks of crates and many of the slain hordes of the Ruinous Powers
>Once you get there, you see it
>An unmistakable portal, with a dead marine next to it and daemons pouring out of it
>Emperor save us

14960 No.198843


>You begin thinking to yourself about a way to deal with this problem while the rest of your squad and everyone else nearby begin setting up proper defenses around it

>The hordes are still pouring through while this happens, but it all grows easier to keep at bay as time goes on
>This slight reprieve even gives you an opportunity to look at the body of the fallen marine from afar
>Blood-soaked mono-knife in hand, a slit throat and an 8-pointed star carved onto his forehead
>That nigga definitely chaos
>Your thoughts are briefly interrupted by some commotion from the other side of the portal
>It seems the first greater daemon has arrived and threatens to breach your circle
>This portal needs to be closed before any more get through!
>You find someone with a walkie-talkie and get his attention
"You! If you haven't already, send for a librarian!"
>"I already have, sir; nothing but static came back!"
>Then the battle is already lost
>Without a psyker to close this portal, it will keep spitting out bigger and bigger daemons until the entire ship is overrun
>Perhaps there is another solution, but it will take time to think of
>Time you may not have
>Regardless, you have to try
>Eventually the greater daemon is felled, but it is replaced by two more as soon as it falls
>Not all is bad though, as you've just gotten an idea!
>If one traitor sacrificed himself to open this portal, maybe one brother can sacrifice himself to close it?
>That may be, but you shall not allow any but yourself to make this sacrifice
>If your guess is wrong, none should bear the consequences but you
>You reach into the ammo crate next to you, grab out as many bolt rounds as you can reasonably carry along with a krak grenade, and steel yourself for what comes next
>Without any warning, you leap over what's left of the barrier surrounding the portal, charge past the two greater daemons, and surprise everything in the room by leaping inside the portal
>Whatever steeling you did, it certainly didn't prepare you for this
>You're instantly hit with a wave of pain and fatigue as the raw energy of the warp begins gnawing at your psyche
>Despite this, you stay upright and see many things before you
>The beginning of the universe, the end of time, the faces of at least two of the four chaos gods, and something that looks important
>Keeping hold of every ounce of willpower you can, you shut out all the voices now screaming at you from inside your head and run over to the important-looking thing
>As you get closer, you feel this mental assault increase in power
>Still, you charge boldly forward to this object with all your might and courage, shooting or cutting down anything that gets too close
>When you finally reach the base of this object, you can see that it's some sort of a pylon directing energy into the portal
>As you begin falling from consciousness, you use the last of your strength to arm the krak
>With the destruction of this pylon hopefully secured, you finally allow yourself to drift
>The last thing you remember is a deafening explosion being cut short, followed by all the pent-up warp energy being released in a blinding flash

eda3d No.198911

Cool, happy to hear it. I'm actually working on a revision of it now, not sure what I will do with it. Also, sorry I never reviewed yours, I got caught up in other things after November. I will get to it, I promise.

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