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File: 1547239805760.png (258.56 KB, 720x600, medium (2).png)

a4fa4 No.197823

We don't argue enough here. Are you for or against the legalization of marijuana and why?

34da7 No.197826

Weeds a weak babby tier drug. PCP for combat use and a real mans psychoactive for meditation or whatever.

Also methamphetamines for pilots nurses and other people who have to stay awake for days. Better living through chemistry.

7a7b8 No.197830

I don't condone recreational drug use, but the war on drugs is a massive waste of resources which has accomplished nothing but pushing serious criminals out of prisons to make room for drug offenders, and creating a massive market in the US for violent gangs to sell harmful drugs in underground markets. To effectively reduce drug use, attack the social conditions which lead to this behavior, i.e. those that raise time preference and/or reduce social trust.

1019c No.197833

File: 1547240581780.png (1.2 MB, 1334x750, 1470295793685.png)

Well it's already legalized here, so…

b06d9 No.197836

I approve of this post.

a4fa4 No.197839

Didn't Mexico legalize it too?

1019c No.197843

Not really. It's only legalized for medical usage, and the THC content of said medical stuff can't exceed 1%, though it is de facto legal for personal growing and use as well because of some court case that laid a precedent for it. So it's not a hard legalization, per se.
Canada's been legal on medical stuff for over a decade, and went legal on the recreational stuff last year. No societal collapse so far.

2bef3 No.197855

>no societal collapse so far
What a fucking pity.

8ece8 No.197899

It Should be treated like any other plant.

1019c No.197903

File: 1547249729167.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1018, trudeau actor.png)

It's gonna take more than a plant and some self-styled cuck prince to kill your best neighbour.

3b070 No.197904

This, pretty much.

69655 No.197938

Legalize weed at the age of 21
There is literally no downside

69655 No.197941

This shit will fuck you up
Just don't

a0707 No.197958

File: 1547261087996.png (83.82 KB, 639x530, 42_O.png)

Any substance that changes your mind perceptions is degenerate, specially when no other purpose than hedonism.
Semite depravity must be fought.
Junkies get the gas.

a4fa4 No.197966

How is it any worse than alcohol?

a0707 No.197968

Alcohol is bad too.

8ece8 No.197969

Alcohol is a part of white culture.

a0707 No.197972

File: 1547263253938.jpg (53.25 KB, 466x347, Inquisition.jpg)

I know. A truly disgrace.
Disclaimer: I am a teetotaler.

90dfe No.197976

>Mehr Moral, aber weniger Moralin

27b0e No.197977

File: 1547264285267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.13 KB, 1024x768, f605ea_6286018.jpg)

>a true disgrace
But he is our friend.
He has been for us since thousands of years.
Can you really abandon him?

ea01a No.197997

Legal in my country already.
Personally i'm not into drugs, so i don't smoke it, but it's a good way to make some quick cash, to plant some weed and sell it on the plaza.
A lot of people are doing exactly this, the impact i can see in this particular case is a new way of making money.

a0707 No.197998

File: 1547273660038.png (4.67 MB, 4098x2302, pony-4426042.png)

This not matter of cheap morality but a public health concern and social cohesion.
Vices go hand in hand with degradation, crime, and social decay.
Tolerance have been the slippery slope followed by the Western World and the catastrophic results can be seen in plain view.
A hard reset is due.

e8e21 No.198028

All drugs should be either not used or limited to a state where it doesn't alter your behavior. That isn't to say I want to legislate anything, but I don't want to associate with anyone who does.

7e179 No.198079

I smoke weed everyday and I think it gets more shit than it deserves. All mind altering substances are degenerate, including caffine.

b06d9 No.198081

Caffine makes you jittery. Weed makes you stupid and unproductive. In my mind, they're on two different levels of degeneracy.

6cd4f No.198090


Just moved to a legal recreational state. Weed is fine and doesn't do shit to society. There are still plenty of people that don't partake and that's fine, plenty that do and that's fine. Sometimes I go to school high and it's fine. Went to the gym high the other day for the first time and it was fucking great. I could feel my back muscles connecting more and got a great pump on bis.

One difference between illegal states I noticed. No fucking potholes and really good infastructure.
If anyone suggests weed Is a problem before gutting our military protection of Afghan opium production and big pharma is not based and very bluepilled.

I haven't changed personalities or some shit after smoking. It can make me lazy but some strans can get me hyped. One side effect I noticed is sometimes it messes with my apitite. This has generally resulted in me consuming less alcohol, especially less beer.

Overall I like weed now and after partaking in Jazz cigarettes my life has improved. It's at the point that you can come and take it just like my guns. You'll have to take my bullets first though.

2efbb No.198091

I'm gonna have to contest that point. I don't contest that undisciplined individuals will display a lack of discipline when high, but emphasize that weed is not the obvious cause of a lack of the symptoms you mention. 1. People ARE stupid, and 2. People ARE lazy/unproductive. One could even make a strong case that such people gravitate toward weed culture, but there are plenty of people who are perfectly articulate, intelligent, self-motivated, and personally driven who are baked AF while they're doing it.
>t. Baked AF while doing it

6cd4f No.198098

I agree with that. Everyone reacts differently and there's also a certain mental health in the mind needed to have good highs. Just like I know my limit when drinking I know I'm not productive when I get high too high. Gotta save it for after work and the weekend.
I'm getting better at doing things while stoned but I'm still Spacy.
I've always been spacy

1019c No.198099

I'll echo these sentiments on the societal impact, or lack thereof. Honestly, after the brief buzz during the day it became legal, it bled into the background as it is wont to do. It'll be interesting to see the figures released after about a year or so of being legalized.
If anything, I'm more disappointed that the limited selection I've tried hasn't had the brain-bending meme powers it was supposed to.
Going to school high is pretty degenerate though mane

6cd4f No.198101

Just wait till your dispensarys have been around long enough and have to start competition like a normal market. Your prices are going to drop and the quality is going to spike up.

Mandatory classes and try it with coffee fam

1019c No.198110

>Just wait till your dispensarys have been around long enough become legal to operate and have to start competition like a normal market with the government.
Canuckistan and Burgerland are quite different in that regard, I'm afraid. Dispensaries aren't completely legal and are subject to the occasional raid, though they're generally left alone nowadays and I expect them to become properly legalized in the future, maybe a few years time.
As for the part about competing with the government, any libertarians in the audience may wish to check their blood pressure for this part. Liquor and weed are licensed and sold nearly exclusively through these nice entities called "Crown corporations", which are government-run companies legislated into existence for the express purpose of bypassing provincial (read: state) legislation that would otherwise ban their sale by private entities. In the few instances where they do have to compete with real private entities, they enjoy a near total monopoly on both sales, open locations, and often are the exclusive avenues through which restaurants and bars can be licensed to sell booze. At least you don't pay sales tax, amirite?

6cd4f No.198124

This is familiar actually. Some states are real faggots about alcohol still and have sate run liquor stores. The fact that the no alcohol sold until after 2pm on Sundays is still a thing says as much.

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