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File: 1546493970365-0.png (608.62 KB, 1600x900, Flam_brother_S2E15.png)

File: 1546493970365-1.png (45.08 KB, 250x212, Leslie Fair.png)

be2b1 No.195979

It is quite an odd circumstance that I ask you of all people, why these two, Flam and Leslie should not be shipped. I mean, both love capitalism, both support the big business, and no intervention. I mean, to be honest, it would be a match made in heaven (assuming you aren't atheist. in that case just say a good match) I mean truly, if these two were to meet up, they could start an Ancap revolution in Las Pegasus. (and flim would be there too) this ship is something that must be done, and I am inclined to say that it would be the best ship.

688cb No.195982

But…. Why Flam, and not Flim? Why not all three as three consenting adults?

be2b1 No.195984

true, but flam has a mustache, while flim does not. flam is that much better.

be2b1 No.195986

but you are right, maybe a three was relationship? I am still only liking one on one, and flim and flam, in my opinion, are not the type to have open relationships. they tend to secure deals, and would be the types to do marriage rather than sex before hand.

688cb No.195995

This is true. They don't seem like the types to share

be2b1 No.195998

File: 1546496566776.png (1.37 MB, 1500x1500, flim and flam.png)

yeah, added to that, It is also important to note that flim and flam are very loyal to each other. Even though viva las Pegasus seems to dispute this, it is obvious that after that incident was settled, the brothers have become very close to one another. (though not in the sexual sense) I would even say that if rainbow dash was somehow gone, the brothers would make good elements of harmony, as they always are loyal to their word.

d939b No.196025

Leslie Fair is my waifu, so me shipping her wouldn't make sense.

d939b No.196026

Perhaps they could be business partners though.

cfe2b No.196027

I like the idea of these two competing for leslies heart in increasingly hilarious and hijack inducing feats of capitalistic one upsmanship and cunning.

79078 No.196029

Flim and Flam consistently break the NAP. That's why.

5973c No.196038

File: 1546528768792.png (171.95 KB, 560x850, lesliegun.png)

Flam: stop posting, stop calling. You had your chance and you blew it. And for the record that mustache makes you look like a faggot. Flim has a bigger dick, too

c05fb No.196056

File: 1546536297036.png (93.62 KB, 800x471, booped by aryanne.png)

2d185 No.196068

Oy vey that is the only way to play he capitalists game goy.

ed4e3 No.196069

Your drawings are incredibly cute for some reason anon.

466bc No.196073

This. I love seeing them.

be2b1 No.196101

File: 1546553040153-0.jpg (16.73 KB, 224x266, 1278322565577.jpg)

anon, that… would be the greatest greentext ever. you gave me inspiration, and now, your kindness will lead to a greentext so extraordinary, you will not regret it. I will work on it soon.

be2b1 No.196105

File: 1546556298524-0.png (891.8 KB, 1781x1553, 45146__safe_flim_flam_arti….png)

The city of las Pegasus shone brightly, as towers, recently polished, revealing a almost blinding shine stood out in the city center. ponies walked among the many buildings, and some were in the amusement park, enjoying their selves. But the majority of the ponies who lived there, were in the mayoral building, where a debate was being held.
An aging stallion stood at one podium, his wrinkled lips, crusty with the age, though he attempted to make himself as presentable as the old stallion could. he glanced to the other side, where his rival was. The Flim Flam brothers were running mates, Flim competing for the mayoral position, while flam attempting to take the vice mayor in their running.
He looked at them. He was the incumbent. He had the advantage here… He then looked toward the audience, the voters who would be voting for either side in this intense debate. he straighted himself, as best he could considering his age.
"Mares and Gentlecolts of Las Pegasus, I wish to welcome you to this debate. I am glad you all are here, and I will urge you to take a moment to think about who you vote for. I am a pony, much like you, and I have led las Pegasus to earning the most money in equestrian out of all cities! Crime is down 50 percent, and businesses have been greatly welcomed in our town. however, as we have seen with the corruption scandal in Manehatten, businesses are growing substantially, and with that, comes the corrupt politicians like those of Manehatten, caught being funded by rarities boutique.
I can assure you that I have had no such position, and have been a voice for you. look at all the services I have provided! none of it is good for business, but it is good for you! I can assure you, that the goodness of this city will not be tarnished by our massive business attitude.
Now, I will allow my opponent to speak, but I assure you, the brothers over there are not for your voice. many times they have sold bad products, and they have been known to only benefit themselves rather their customers. their products are faulty, and so we can only assume that they will do the same to our city! so I urge you, vote for the pony who will help you, rather than shrug your needs off."

The old stallion looked at flim, who nodded, and began nto sing in a quick beat song. "
Mares and Gentlecolts,
foals and fillies,
today is an important date,
for today you vote for a mayor,
not one who supports the state,
this mayor right here has supported celestia as she tried to stop our lives
by implementing a law that steals money, and giving it for her cake.
Truly citezens, you are tired of this no?
your bits not giving you more.
so I propose a new law! helping create a great leap!
Where the taxes are small, and you will get more to keep.
Me and my brother will vow to this for you, And our wonderful city will be great very soon!
truly you know the wonderful things me and my brother have done,
we have brough great wealth here, and our city has is now almost one! everypony i urge you, before the day is through,
vote Flim and Flam, the right choice for you!"

flim bowed slightly, and ponied clopped their hooves in extatic joy. it was seen here that the mayor looked at them. he had the slight lead, but you never knew what would push it over the edge…

527be No.196149

Please don't. Have mercy.

be2b1 No.196154


sorry, but as you very well know, OP is a fag.

d5107 No.196157

As long as she ends up rejecting both, maybe while taking their money (without violating the NAP of course)

503ea No.196160

File: 1546579813882.gif (153.01 KB, 1200x357, 2018-04-24.gif)

Have a free benis Garfield

98a62 No.196228

be2b1 No.197388

File: 1547083181864.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, Flim_and_Flam_introducing_….png)

(Writefag here, I apologise for my delay, it is due to the fact that I couldn't pay bills for a bit, but thanks to the glories of capitalism, I have been able to. anyways here we go. by the way, I cannot art, so I cannot make the photos needed. I apologise in advance. >>196228 )

A mare in the audience saw the two sales ponies. She raised a brow of interest toward them, though it was clear through all the ponies in the room that they did not see her.

She took to them with interest. They stood up against the monarchy! The last pony that denied Celestia the income for her cake was forced to resign… she wondered how the brothers would fare in their political standoff… it also came to her realization that Celestia would heavily fund their opposition… Bill Law.
She would throw every resource at them, to try and force them to capitulate… and that would mean the taxes would be increased again, the flimflam corporation would be restricted, and the many parks rides would be shuttered, like the wild blue yonder, which was credited for being one of the best attractions in the park… it would lead to economic collapse!
of course she thought all this through before hand. she was simply trying to look at the opposition. She didn't want them to have the same faults as Bill did… it was apparent to her that they, were business ponies, and as business ponies, they would have the knowledge of how a business operates, and how it would work in a realistic sense. she clopped her hooves, as the brothers trotted off the stage. she noticed a couple of familiar ponies in the crowd… though she couldn't put a name to them, she knew they weren't going to let Flim win due to their competing businesses… however she refocused her attention to the brothers. it would be a few weeks before the elections would be held, and a small majority was predicted to vote for Bill.
Once Everypony began to leave, she began to sneak behind the curtain. the odor reeks of elder stallion, and it was quite evident why. an old janitor was mopping the floor of the building. she was not clear if what he was mopping with was terrible soap, or his own urine, but she tried to disregard it.
She trotted toward the back, where she could hear the two brothers chatting. "Why brother! I think they loved us out there!" Flam could be heard saying. "I do agree! though I recall seeing applejack out there in the crowds… do you think she will try to get bill to win?" flim responded "no doubt about it, she has done that for every exhibition we have done. a shame really, I thought we had an understanding after she helped us gain control over the amusement park."
she drew a breath, then opened the door. "I can assure you that is exactly what she is going to do." she said, almost interrupting them.
This caught the brothers off guard. flim looked toward her. "Sorry, but we aren't accepting interviews at this time." he said, looking at her.
"what? I am not a journalist! those commies can kiss my plot! I am Leslie Fair, and I think I may be the pony to get you to the top of the ballot…"

63677 No.197597

I like where this is going.
Also good job on the committing capitalism so as to pay your bills. Very nice.

88d8f No.197676

88d8f No.197677

not on the actual site, it's just a copypasted version of the story there
so shit on the story here

ed945 No.197694

The only point that actually critiques Harry Potter instead of libertarians is the bit about selling potions. Snape is a genius potion maker and has made improvements on nearly every potion in the standard repertoire. He ought to be raking in money from wizard patents or, at the very least, have published his own potion-making book.

As for the story itself, it presents about a dozen different arguments that are clearly all meant to be "bad", to make the reader lump them all together, even though they have no necessary connection. E.G. Opposing compulsory education or supporting individual rights means you are a soulless miser with no concept of family. I know this tactic has a name, but I can't think of it at the moment.

0e957 No.197735

You mean strawman?

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