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File: 1544101753895.jpg (47.41 KB, 604x404, xyzAxEjki4s.jpg)

5f6b7 No.190983[Last 50 Posts]


https://youtu.be/wVnRaI2YQqU [Embed]

>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Yemen Dec 3
>SE Syria Dec 3
>Idlib Dec 2
>Libya Nov 3
>Latakia Sep 12
>Iraq Jun 14

Devs Dec 3
>DeZ:reports that SDF entered Hajin from NW axis. No confirmation yet
>YPG claims that 11 TFSA were killed in two fresh attacks in Afrin
>Palestinian forces join SAA in Idlib province
>US led-coal:Saudi Arabia conducted second most strikes in Sy
>US-backed forces deny attack on SAA positions last night
>Israeli warplanes return to Syrian border as Damascus raises alert levels
>report:Israeli attack on Damascus did not hit Hezbollah, Iranian positions. Damasc claims to shoot down all missiles. Israel did not comment
>SAA reinforcements keep pouring into Idlib from southern Syria
>RU MOD:SAA elimated 270+ IS fighters in Al-Suwayda prov in Nov
>Lavrov: US Is working to establish quasi-state in eastern Syria
>Report:HTS is planning to capture key highway in Idlib from FSA to sabotage demilitarized zone agreement
>military source:SAA still training with S-300 air defense system
>Erdogan offers Putin new meeting on Idlib as Sochi agreement falls apart
>Saudi-led coalition allows evacuation of wounded Houthis before Sweden talks on Yemen
>UN envoy arrives in Sanaa to escort Houthi negotiators to Sweden for peace talks

Previous: >>184952

8cb4a No.190988

File: 1544102803247-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544102803247-1.gif (929.48 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 1 - Dec 5.gif)

First for Shitmaps

8cb4a No.190989

File: 1544102824151-0.png (1007.5 KB, 2510x2338, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544102824151-1.png (126.36 KB, 2000x1473, Afghanistan Districts Warm….png)

5f6b7 No.190990

>those HTS gainz in the middle of NLF controlled area.

8cb4a No.190991

File: 1544103194127-0.png (549.99 KB, 2510x2310, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

5f6b7 No.190993

Da fuck? Houthis got pushed backed from the border and Najarn surroundings? How and when?

af369 No.190997

>The start of the Yemeni peace consultations in Stockholm in the presence of pro-Hadi delegation and Houthis
Will be interesting to see what happens.

2dd63 No.191008

>has all the time he needs to bake

5a016 No.191009

File: 1544120506406.png (66.66 KB, 514x530, 1517696871187.png)

>hurr durr

b616e No.191033

>what do you think the future holds for Pakistan?
>with Iran lobbying to get India a permanent seat at the UNSC
If the Americans have been unable to get them a seat at the council as of yet what power does Iran have to get them one?
> Iran to the west that's become the de-facto leading regional power in the Middle East
They have proven themselves to be resilient and capable no matter how much they are pressured (through military action against them or their proxies or sanctions being put on them) they have saved their allies. But they are not calling the shots in the Middle East, not yet.
>Turkey being the only ME nation as the counterweight to Iranian power and influence.
They most certainly have positioned themselves to play bigger role but Qatar is their only ally in the M.E. currently, they need to do alot more to gain influence.
>What do you think Iran-Pakistan relations will look like in the future?
I would like to ask, you say they are a leading regional power and they are lobbying to get India a permanent seat in the security council where the Indians (should they succeed) will be able to veto any resolution favouring us while proposing/supporting resolutions against us, in light of this what do you think our relation will look like?
To be fair there have been several meetings lately and much talk of cooperation but nothing concrete as of yet.
> Pakistan-Turkey relations for that matter
They have been historically good and both sides intend to strengthen them further still.
>What happens for Pakistan if all goes superb and the Taliban oust NATO from Afghanistan?
Tell me first why do you think Pakistan is involved in Afghanistan and support the Talis? and I will answer your question.
>Does Pakistan just focus on India in that case since the Afghan thorn in the back of Pakistan is removed?
Well thats how the thinking goes but I have already talked to you in detail how I dont see peace coming to Afghanistan even after the Nato forces leave and the reasons for that. Focusing exclusively on India to settle Kashmir issue doesnt seem likely anytime soon.
>And Saudi power and influence waning all across the Middle East (look at Yemen for the most glaring example of their decline). What does that bode for Saudi-Pakistan relations?
More gibs for Pakistan
>There's also both countries being in SCO, a political, economic, and military alliance, pitting them against the West, at least on paper. If a hot WWIII broke out, do you think India and Pakistan would ally against a Western aggressor, or would they throw nukes at each others' faces?
If the Kashmir issue has yet to be resolved when WW3 breaks out this entire region is going to burn.

2dd63 No.191035

what is there in kashmir that makes it so important?
also why no one came with the idea of solving the issue through a referendum for the natives of kashmir?

5a016 No.191039

File: 1544137591469.jpg (4.89 KB, 254x31, 21456568678.jpg)

Gee Doc, I wonder…

2dd63 No.191040

>what is neutral observers

5a016 No.191041

Maybe, but no matter who would win, the other side will chimp out over the results.

2dd63 No.191042

File: 1544137892843.jpg (131.29 KB, 1533x961, 1523414010420.jpg)

and lose legitimacy in their clay alongside any form of political support and maybe even get sanctioned

b616e No.191043

Alot of things but most importantly fresh water source from glaciers for the subcontinent.
> why no one came with the idea of solving the issue through a referendum for the natives of kashmir?
What makes you think that nobody has come up with that idea before and who do you think is not letting a referendum happen right now especially how the way they have been treating the majority of the population there?
das right

2dd63 No.191045

>What makes you think that nobody has come up with that idea before and who do you think is not letting a referendum happen right now especially how the way they have been treating the majority of the population there?
what about tchayna doing the political pressure at the UN?

5a016 No.191047

File: 1544138526527.jpg (26.71 KB, 463x348, Pingustan_launching_the_nu….jpg)

>noot-noot, mother hubbards!

2dd63 No.191048

top kek

2dd63 No.191049

check out this polish nigga at the other place

5a016 No.191050

I wonder who this is. Maybe bolandi al-britoni is bored?

2dd63 No.191051

File: 1544140301297.png (11.16 KB, 579x84, ewige polak.png)

not his MO
*snap* yep, this one's going in my "ewige polak" compilation

5a016 No.191052

>my "ewige polak" compilation
Just put entire country there. ;^)

2dd63 No.191053

File: 1544140812203.png (22.88 KB, 300x250, 1544045457406.png)

nah some of you are alright tho

5a016 No.191054

Too few to change this hellhole tho, I am afraid.

2dd63 No.191057

redpill me about poland's demographics in terms of politics
how many (in %) and which groups (zoomers, boomers, gen x etc) are
pro russia
pro NATO/USA/we wuz EU n shit
don't really give a shit about poland is headed

8cb4a No.191074

>If the Americans have been unable to get them a seat at the council as of yet what power does Iran have to get them one?
I see.
>They have proven themselves to be resilient and capable no matter how much they are pressured (through military action against them or their proxies or sanctions being put on them) they have saved their allies. But they are not calling the shots in the Middle East, not yet.
And if/when they do? What does that bode for Pakistan?
>They most certainly have positioned themselves to play bigger role but Qatar is their only ally in the M.E. currently, they need to do alot more to gain influence.
I see. Do they have a chance of gaining influence in Pakistan or at the very least gaining an ally in Pakistan?
>I would like to ask, you say they are a leading regional power and they are lobbying to get India a permanent seat in the security council where the Indians (should they succeed) will be able to veto any resolution favouring us while proposing/supporting resolutions against us, in light of this what do you think our relation will look like?
Hah, fair enough, didn't really think that one through.
>They have been historically good and both sides intend to strengthen them further still.
I see.
>Tell me first why do you think Pakistan is involved in Afghanistan and support the Talis? and I will answer your question.
To remove a potential India ally and a potential second front in a hot war between India and Pakistan.
>Well thats how the thinking goes but I have already talked to you in detail how I dont see peace coming to Afghanistan even after the Nato forces leave and the reasons for that.
Refresh my memory, it's been shite for a long time.
>Focusing exclusively on India to settle Kashmir issue doesnt seem likely anytime soon.
And even then, the Kashmir issue is involving 3 nuclear powers bordering each other, leaving a permanent stalemate unless one/two/all decides to watch the area burn.
>More gibs for Pakistan
>If the Kashmir issue has yet to be resolved when WW3 breaks out this entire region is going to burn.
And what in your opinion is the most realistic way to resolve the Kashmir issue?
Considering India wants to keep Kashmir firmly in its grip, and has claim to relatively small areas in China and large areas of Pakistan all the way up to Afghan-China corridor.
And China's not gonna yield an inch without massive concessions, and has its own claims on parts of India, mainly eastern India.
And Pakistan has claim to all of Indian Kashmir and a very small part of China, with India and Pakistan being mortal enemies.
And all three countries involved have nukes enough to turn that area into a nuclear wasteland, especially since Pakistan's got more nukes than India and right now are set to surpass UK and France in nuclear quantity sometime in the future.
A referendum's not gonna succeed since like Lawgoy said, it'll be rigged by both sides and lead to a major shitstorm.

8cb4a No.191075

It happened back in November when Saudis went all out to try to force a military solution before Burger deadline was up.

2dd63 No.191098


2dd63 No.191100

>And what in your opinion is the most realistic way to resolve the Kashmir issue?
status quo
>but it's not a resolution
any other option will lead to more loses than gains in the region and kashmir would have no value as a nuclear wasteland, especially not it's water reserves

5a016 No.191139

2dd63 No.191145

8cb4a No.191172

File: 1544226695437.png (204.05 KB, 330x319, കളി.png)

Yeah, just chalk that one up to me being a conspiratard eager for happenings and new Shitmaps
So all sides have to end their claims? I don't see that happening any time soon. So the Kashmir issue will be permanently unresolved.

2dd63 No.191178

>So all sides have to end their claims?
nope, just keep hurling insults and sometimes artillery shell at each other till the end of human existence

8cb4a No.191197

Speaking at a NATO summit, the alliance’s chief on Thursday said that Georgia will join its ranks.

At a joint press conference in Brussels alongside Georgian President Giorgi Margverlashvili, Jens Stoltenberg said that the allied leaders reaffirmed the move on Wednesday.

Praising the progress Georgia is making on reforms, Stoltenberg said that NATO will continue to work with its government to prepare the country for membership.

Earlier, during a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Stoltenberg said that the situation in eastern Ukraine remains "serious".

"NATO is firm in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And we strongly condemn Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea," he added.

Russia’s 2014 illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region led Western powers, including the U.S., to impose sanctions on Moscow.

Along with the U.N. General Assembly, the U.S., the EU, and Turkey also do not recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

Since the annexation, Ukraine has been wracked by conflict in its eastern regions with Russian-backed separatists, leading to more than 10,000 deaths, according to the U.N.

A two-day NATO summit started on Wednesday with the attendance of 29 NATO heads of state and government to make important decisions on the future of the alliance.

The summit is discussing important decisions on the alliance’s future and other major topics, including strengthening deterrence and defense, counter-terrorism and stability, strengthening cooperation with the EU, modernization, sharing responsibility and common values, and the transatlantic union.

>Please be bullshit, because that's crossing one of Russia's red lines if NATO is actually admitting Georgia.

>Yes, Doc, I know that it's illegal for NATO to admit Georgia when there's South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but do these people seem like they're bound by law, even if it means all of NATO is directly involved in a territory dispute with Russia?

8cb4a No.191388

File: 1544312083840-0.png (1009.14 KB, 2510x2338, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544312083840-1.png (525.04 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

Afghanistan Shitmupdates
Including a new and improved Districtmap that has updated districts as well as having provincial capital cities within the provincial capital districts, and the color of those dots indicates if it's contested or controlled by a specific faction.

8cb4a No.191416

File: 1544321697425-0.png (541.4 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1544321697425-1.png (832.79 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap with Fl….png)

Added text for capital districts
Question: Do you think I should leave the map (1st pic) alone as it is, or have flags added in the contested districts (2nd pic) to show who's in said districts?

>The Nazis in Ukraine ar-


8cb4a No.191421

File: 1544323617023-0.jpg (206.07 KB, 1057x704, lavroved.jpg)

8cb4a No.191489

File: 1544379425416-0.jpg (61.07 KB, 960x720, 2286995188.jpg)

>tfw updating Afghanistan maps
>tfw with each update I finish, more Taliban gains come in

8cb4a No.191493

File: 1544380508181-0.png (1011.06 KB, 2510x2338, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544380508181-1.png (542.66 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1544380508181-2.gif (436.69 KB, 245x118, 1509041397678.gif)

>Taliban gains in NW Herat (Gulran)
>Taliban gains in Kandahar (Takhteh Pul and Spin Boldak)
>Taliban gains in Faryab (besieging Gurziwan)
>Taliban gains in Badakhshan (Kuran Wa Munjan)

48040 No.191501

you forgot to change idlibistan, the gains there aren't new anymore

2dd63 No.191506

File: 1544389228709.jpg (148.02 KB, 580x960, 1544373058158.jpg)

>taliban fighter with thermal optic with a jury rigged power system made of phone battery and usb connector
taliban with thermal optics were reported to be causing a lot of trouble to us troops

2dd63 No.191507

>be multibillion army with peak human technological advancements
>lose to DIY-tier jury rigging illiterate farmers
JUST shart my mart up pham

8cb4a No.191564

File: 1544406280553-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544406280553-1.gif (930.01 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 5 - Dec 9.gif)

Shite, I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks anon.

8cb4a No.191605

File: 1544419455623.jpg (141.95 KB, 1000x1241, 1502560388888.jpg)

I have a sinking feeling this war's gonna freeze over once ISIS pockets (not including Tanf) are kill, just like Donbass.

2dd63 No.191727

File: 1544492069796.png (168.82 KB, 367x392, 1540819190995.png)

>implying it isn't already
a-a-at l-l-least w-w-we s-s-still h-h-have f-f-france

018a1 No.191729

Lurker here with a question, any of you think you're gonna make an /fg/ thread in the same vein as /sg/ if these protests in France erupt into full-scale civil war?

ddffa No.191737

File: 1544494165093.jpg (16.59 KB, 250x238, maghreb frog.jpg)

>if these protests in France erupt into full-scale civil war?

018a1 No.191739

Yeah, I know, highly unlikely, just like a civil war 2.0 here in the States, but I do wonder about unlikely situations sometimes. Also:
>show flag

8cb4a No.191764

File: 1544500865505.jpg (59.96 KB, 706x706, 446776188.jpg)

It hurts Doc…
Not happening, people are angry, but not angry enough.
When they (the protestors) start setting up military-style checkpoints and raising flags in Paris, that's when you should start paying attention.

8cb4a No.191765

File: 1544500912872.jpg (58.32 KB, 234x327, [embed].jpg)

We need to bring this back

8cb4a No.191766

However, if it does happen by some act of God, it'll be in here since /sg/ covers geopolitics in general since Syria's really center piece of a large chess game.

8cb4a No.191770

2dd63 No.191801

if it does erupt into a civil war, then i suppose it'll be taken care of by /sg/ as the conflicts in Afghanistan and ukraine is

00490 No.191806

File: 1544526137597.jpg (374.93 KB, 1672x871, 1234565456756.jpg)

>if it does erupt into a civil war,

8cb4a No.191929

File: 1544567687050.jpg (946.06 KB, 2117x1999, 1513565337576.jpg)

Group of Israelis are suspected of running a child sex trafficking network in Colombia. According to a report by the Times of Israel the number of suspects is 14, while Haaretz claims it is 12.

The office of Colombia’s attorney general said eight of the suspects have been arrested, including six Israelis.

The video shows Colombian police carry out an arrest at one of the locations:

5/5 #ATENCIÓN 8 presuntos responsables de explotación y esclavitud sexual en #Colombia fueron capturados: 6 israelíes, entre ellos uno de los señalados cabecillas, Mor Zohar; y 2 colombianos, entre ellos un policía que presuntamente entregó información privilegiada de operativos pic.twitter.com/TpUzudDDU6

— Fiscalía Colombia (@FiscaliaCol) December 9, 2018

The alleged sex trafficking ring provided Israeli tourists with “tourism packages” which included prostitutes, some of whom were minors, who received between 200,000 pesos ($63) to 400,000 pesos ($126) in return for sexual services.

Colombian authorities said that Israeli tourists would stay at hotels and take yacht trips and go to private parties with drugs and alcohol, in which women and minors were offered as “sex slaves.”

The members of the trafficking ring will be charged with murder, conspiracy, human trafficking, trafficking in minors, drug manufacturing, providing prostitution services and money laundering. All of the suspects were wanted by international police agency Interpol on suspicion of pimping and soliciting minors for prostitution.

Authorities raided a number of properties including a spa in Santa Marta, a hostel in Bogota, and a building known as “Casa Medellin.” The suspects were arrested in a number of locations around the country, and property worth around $45,000 was seized as part of the investigation.

The Colombian Attorney General posted a video on Twitter claiming that it showed properties owned by the trafficking ring.

3/3 #ATENCIÓN Allanados bienes a nombre de presuntos proxenetas, como Balneario Benjamín(#Taganga), Hotel Casa Medellín y hostal Casa Iftach(#Bogotá). Propiedades habrían servido de hospedaje a turistas israelíes que habrían auspiciado explotación sexual y consumo estupefacientes pic.twitter.com/X4dpDAj7Yf

— Fiscalía Colombia (@FiscaliaCol) December 9, 2018

Colombian media reported that the leader of the ring is an Israeli named Mor Zohar, while one of the arrested is a Colombian police officer.

The attorney general’s office said 150 billion pesos ($47.3 million) of property has been seized during the investigation, including hotels, hostels and other tourism related businesses.

The investigation into the trafficking ring has been happening since June 2016, when an Israeli citizen – Shai Azran was murdered in Medellin. The prime suspect of the murder was Assi Ben-Mosh, a 44-yaer-old Israeli who has operated in Colombia since 2009. He was arrested in the Netherlands in 2003 on suspicions of leading an international drug trafficking network.

Authorities tracked Ben-Mosh’s activities in Colombia and found that he was the owner of a hotel in Santa Marta, Hotel Benjamin, that offered the “tourism packages.” He together with Zohar also allegedly organized parties at which drugs and sex services were sold.

Police in Colombia arrested 18 people in a raid on Hotel Benjamin hostel in Cartagena in July. The suspects are accused of running a sex ring, recruiting young girls from Colombia and Venezuela and forcing them to work as sex slaves.

The network is suspected of operating in a number of cities in Colombia, including the capital Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

8cb4a No.191931

File: 1544567918494-0.png (1011.44 KB, 2510x2338, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544567918494-1.png (542.94 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1544567918494-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 3860x2910, administrative-map-of-afgh….jpg)

Afghan Shitmupdates including a very helpful map showing province and district names

8cb4a No.191933

File: 1544569759547-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544569759547-1.gif (929.85 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 9 - Dec 11.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates, SDF retakes Baghuz and closes in on Hajin (again).

018a1 No.191940

Day of the Shoah when?

af369 No.192021

File: 1544625071020.jpg (102.82 KB, 1348x614, zzzz.jpg)

Hey Ebin, the Australian ABC aired a "comedy" sketch tonight which showed an ISIS fighter with a map in the background.
Do you know which map it is? Is it one of yours? It looks similar to some of the ones you upload to Wikipedia, but it looks like it's from 2014 - 2015, which may be before your time?
Just thought I'd check to see what you know, as I'm sure it would be nice for you to see the influence your work is having on the world.

af369 No.192022

File: 1544625243081.jpg (40.01 KB, 960x726, pie.jpg)

Not gonna lie lads, I'm getting pretty annoyed that Idlib is still on hold.
I've gone many months without the sweetness of fresh gains. I can't go on much longer.

af369 No.192023

Nice work.

af369 No.192024

File: 1544625876553.png (221.29 KB, 500x377, 1537142974699.png)

Russian Military:
>Govt. Forces, Militia Retook 96.5% Of Syria
Fucking hell Russia, why to you make these obviously bullshit claims which only serve to make the Americans laugh at us…

3d7c5 No.192048

what's up with the roaches and the turds? Been a while since last time but hoholmaps are saying roaches are mobilizing along the northern border
>New Turkish Army reinforcements continue to arrive on the Syria n border after the announcement that the operation to the East of Euphrates will start in a few days

3d7c5 No.192049


Also, https://twitter.com/jisrtv/status/1072887933340934147
>US forces set up an observation post near the town of Tel-Halaf west of Ras al-Ain
Wonder what Erdogan's reaction gonna be after all the shit he has talked about regarding US setting up observation posts.

563f0 No.192053

File: 1544642009567.jpg (363.32 KB, 1132x1062, 1519487144822.jpg)

Uh-oh, it's starting..
Assad plz halp!!!!!

563f0 No.192059

File: 1544645285635.png (555.6 KB, 794x1007, 1512466389319.png)

b616e No.192062

>#Taliban in Shib Koh district center this morning , western #Farah on the border with #Iran

>#Shibkoh district of Farah province is now completely under control of Taliban.


b616e No.192064

>#Russia has established a new base only 55 KM north of the US base in #AlTnaf south of #Syria

The Russian base is guarded by AA and EW systems

b616e No.192065

>reporter in Tell Abyad: The US forces have withdrawn from their points on the Syrian-Turkish border in Tell Abyad

8cb4a No.192080

Yeah, it's definitely not my map. It's from 2014, look at the rebel pocket surrounded by ISIS in DeZ.
I'm starting to think that partition has been agreed upon already since that area conveniently excludes Northeastern Syria.

8cb4a No.192088

File: 1544657405835-0.png (1011.67 KB, 2510x2338, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544657405835-1.png (544.87 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

With that district secured captured, the Taliban come closer to linking up with Iranian border and cutting off ANA in Nimruz, Farah, and parts of Helmand
>inb4 that strip of land to the west of Lashkar Gah isn't really Taliban-controlled

8cb4a No.192089

>New Turkish Army reinforcements continue to arrive on the Syria n border after the announcement that the operation to the East of Euphrates will start in a few days
>Also, https://twitter.com/jisrtv/status/1072887933340934147
>US forces set up an observation post near the town of Tel-Halaf west of Ras al-Ain

>reporter in Tell Abyad: The US forces have withdrawn from their points on the Syrian-Turkish border in Tell Abyad

Are the burgers scramming out of Tel Abyad because they expect an attack?

8cb4a No.192092

>FSA-led Syrian National Army Spox: "The battle of the East Euphrates against the PKK will extend to the entire area controlled by them ," states they will not attack US observation points while rejecting the justification for them to exist

Yeah, those OPs are no good by themselves. The TFSA (and SAA too for that matter) can simply go around them. The only way to protect the Kurds is to put burgers all along the Turkish border instead of grouping up in OPs.

b616e No.192101

>Sham Times: Hundreds of #SDF forces reportedly defected from SDF to the #SyrianArmy in #Aleppo province.

8cb4a No.192103

File: 1544659581743-0.gif (1.26 MB, 245x281, victory has defeated you.gif)

Wew, it seems like they think this is gonna happen for real.

8cb4a No.192107

File: 1544660084149-0.jpg (29.86 KB, 600x494, 5003945211.jpg)

>The Turkish President also criticized the US-led coalition plan to build observation posts along Syria’s border with his country. At the same time, he stressed that the Turkish military will not attack U.S. service members deployed in the region during its upcoming operation.
Cunning. The US cannot protect Kurdistan if there are no Kurds.

2f810 No.192114

File: 1544662337434.jpg (165.21 KB, 1212x1288, buyhismellons.jpg)

8cb4a No.192116

File: 1544663684712.jpg (344.78 KB, 1598x943, Lets begin.jpg)

8cb4a No.192129

>Russian military moved S-300 system near US forces in east Syria – report
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:50 P.M.) – The Russian military allegedly moved their S-300 air defense system near the front-lines of the U.S. Coalition forces in eastern Syria, Saudi-based Asharq Al-Aswat claimed, citing diplomatic sources.

“In the past days, Russia began moving some parts of the S-300 sophisticated system to Deir Ezzor, a step that would make the flyover of coalition planes (in missions) against ISIS east of the Euphrates River more difficult,” the Asharq Al-Aswat sources claimed.

The Syrian and Russian forces have not yet commented on these claims by the publication.

On October 1st of this year, the Russian Federation delivered the S-300 air defense system to Syria.

The move to deliver the S-300 system to Syria came just two-weeks after the downing of the IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft off the coast of Latakia.

Big if true.

2dd63 No.192183

File: 1544719589949.png (67.3 KB, 570x400, 1542877359221.png)

>With that district secured captured

3d7c5 No.192197

Well if they manage to block the advance on the only asphalted road in a radius of 200km, they'd slow down the (hypothetical) Turkish offense.

3d7c5 No.192199

any sign of significant/material support to the yellow vest protesters from outside France?

3896f No.192221

File: 1544738443949.jpg (232.94 KB, 620x900, 1519486376350.jpg)

8cb4a No.192238

8cb4a No.192248

File: 1544743056304-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544743056304-1.gif (930.1 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 11 - Dec 13.gif)

File: 1544743056304-2.gif (893.93 KB, 245x245, 1509040052008.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates
>tfw Wikipedia expanded Afghan Warmap and thus I have to rebuild Shitmap

8cb4a No.192308

File: 1544764278234-1.png (544.62 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

8cb4a No.192309

>for some reason, my post with text kept timing out
Phew, rebuilding Afghan Shitmap took bloody forever, but fixing district locations and researching district boundaries themselves and comparing them with the icons to create more accurate frontlines was well worth the time.

8cb4a No.192311

File: 1544764819528.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

>found mistake in Shitmap
I'm tired, I go to bed after this post.

2dd63 No.192405

nothing new
macron did a speech where he made some significant changes (increase of minimal wage by 100 euros, some things for the elderly, no taxes on extra hours worked etc)
some protester went home considering it was enough the others stayed because they think this is a scam (in the sense that overall this isn't enough changes and they're being ripped off on the long term)
it is expected to be more brutal this week end

3d7c5 No.192452

That's not what I asked tho. I wouldn't be surprised if there was covert support in one way or another from a third country to exacerbate EU chaos. But given the state of EU citizens lately with their muh dignity concerns, they hardly need much help

2dd63 No.192453

yeah i read too fast
so to answer your question
no, on the ground it looks 100% organic plus it's not like the yellow vest have TOW or pick up trucks with AA guns on the back so i really wonder what type of support could they have received if they received any

8cb4a No.192454

File: 1544831397379-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544831397379-1.gif (930.21 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 13 - Dec 14.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates
>ISIS counterattacks at Hajin and Baghuz Tahtani

2dd63 No.192455

>ISIS counterattacks at Hajin and Baghuz Tahtani
this war is starting to turn into the Lost series
more and more meaningless episodes to drag the franchise a few more years without picking anyone's interest

8cb4a No.192456

File: 1544831616036-0.jpg (33.74 KB, 960x638, slobodan growing stronger.jpg)

And yet there's just enough potential to keep us interested.

2dd63 No.192457

i want to believe but experience taught me that it's hopeless
best candidate to start shit up would be erdogan

8cb4a No.192458

Well, with TFSA being pictured on the Turkish side of the border directly across at Tel Abyad, he just might do it. even though said pictures were taken last time and nothing happened.

Also, take note of the Russian base that's right on the edge of the 55km exclusion zone at Tanf, with advanced AA and heavy rocket artillery being deployed there within the next few days.
They're gonna blow the shit outta anyone that leaves that zone - no more ISIS popping up in South Syria.
And S-300 is apparently being deployed to DeZ

2dd63 No.192460

well at least we'll get an explosive christmas so we wont go hungry on happenings

8cb4a No.192461

Speaking of, the Afghan Air Force might not even have helicopters by the end of next year at this rate

>Afghan Security Forces lost 10 helicopters this year according to pro Govt. media, claimed mostly due to "technical malfunction"#Afghanistan #ANDSF


2dd63 No.192462

>inb47 mallsharters giving them new ones as a way to "legally" divert taxpayer money into MIC lobby's pocket

8cb4a No.192463

File: 1544834157141-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

Afghan Shitmupdate (no new Districtmap since district statuses remain unchanged)
Sar-e Howz in southern Pashtun Kot District, Faryab is liberated* by the Taliban after ANA evacuates by helicopter.

2dd63 No.192464

File: 1544834303672.jpg (76.31 KB, 1024x785, 1544042700464.jpg)

white and based
also pic rel is an afghani professional football player

2dd63 No.192465

File: 1544834359125.png (564.27 KB, 719x420, 1544042797402.png)

8cb4a No.192466

File: 1544834558832-0.jpg (44.21 KB, 500x334, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

White(ish) and based.
Gov't or Taliban? :^)

>Wikipedia enlarges Yemen Warmap yet again, thus I have to rebuild it yet again

>inb4 they enlarge Afghan Warmap again like they did yesterday

2dd63 No.192467

why do you have to adapt? can't you just do your map on your own side without having to use their templates?

8cb4a No.192468

File: 1544835032562-0.jpg (23.09 KB, 500x338, 44163888.jpg)

Well, I have to use their templates so that every update, everything lines up perfectly and just looks neat in general. Plus it's much faster for future updates.
Besides, enlarging the warmaps is a good thing because it yields more detail - the more detailed a map is, the better it is, to a degree, and enlarged Yemen warmap means more detail.
The only issue I have really is the time it takes to rebuild the Shitmaps when they do this.

2dd63 No.192469

also the name is shabnam mobarez

8cb4a No.192471

>shabnam mobarez
Thanks Doc.

2dd63 No.192472

why can't you update on previous maps?

8cb4a No.192473

File: 1544835632404-0.png (280.12 KB, 1035x655, This is why.png)

Because everything is bigger/more spread out and therefore no longer lines up with previous maps.

2dd63 No.192474

what i meant was why not using previous shitmap and do the ms paint over the new gains

8cb4a No.192476

Because new icons get added
>"Just draw new icons"
Wouldn't be as precise, I would get the locations off if I did it by hand. Then there's the issue of drawing in contested icons, and then reverting them back to dots of same/different color - especially if it's right on the border, I'd have to redraw the border as well and it would get more and more messed up.
>tl;dr too much hassle in the long-term

2dd63 No.192477

>Wouldn't be as precise
but the guys at wikipedia are doing it off hand so you can be just as precise as them

48040 No.192478

Hell yeah, give us that full HD 1080p autism

8cb4a No.192479

File: 1544836400708-0.png (52.77 KB, 1149x482, 3724.png)

There's coding involved Doc.
Pic related, it's the source code for Syria
>inb4 can't view it because not editor at Wikipedia

8cb4a No.192480

>6358 lines of code for Syria detailed map
And the module's been split into two because too much detail led to crashing :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

2dd63 No.192481

>coded maps
why tho?

8cb4a No.192482

Precision (input village/district coordinates for an icon), simplicity (just change the code to change an icon), and speed (no drawing by hand).

2dd63 No.192483

ok thanks for the explanations
although i must ask
since your maps are made for a smaller audience (and thus allow for looser tolerances), why not changing the gains through ms paint brushing if it doesn't entail a major icon/borders shift instead of forcing yourself to re adapt wiki map every time they fuck with them

8cb4a No.192484

File: 1544837124968-0.jpg (27.58 KB, 486x312, 99161888.jpg)

>and thus allow for looser tolerances
Not for myself: I make a map, I make it high quality - no exceptions unless it's a shitpost map. There will be no sloppiness on my Shitmaps.

2dd63 No.192485

File: 1544837228668.jpg (56.59 KB, 640x640, 1543532795951.jpg)

someone sure has a shitload of freetime
anyways thanks for the informations

8cb4a No.192486

No problem Doc.

cad01 No.192487

New Rules Of Engagement Between Syria And Israel, As Russia Changes Its Position

According to these sources, “Russia has informed Israel that there are Russian officers present at every Syrian or Iranian military base and that any strike against Syrian or Iranian objectives would hit Russian forces as well. Putin will not allow his soldiers and officers to be struck down by Israel’s direct or indirect bombing”.

Syria will adopt a new rule of engagement with Israel now that Russia has taken a tougher and clearer stance on the conflict between Israel and the “Axis of the Resistance”.

Henceforth, Damascus will be responding to any Israeli strike. If it damages a specific military target it will reply with a strike against a similar objective in Israel. Decision makers in Damascus said “Syria will not hesitate to hit an Israeli airport if Damascus airport is targeted and hit by Israel. This will be with the consent of the Russian military based in the Levant”.

The new Syrian rule of engagement – according to the source – is now as follows: an airport will be hit if Israel hits an airport, and any attack on a barracks or command and control centre will result in an attack on similar target in Israel. It appears that the decision has been taken at the highest level and a clear “bank of objectives” has now been set in place.



2dd63 No.192488

bs with extra fries with that

8cb4a No.192489

File: 1544837497506-0.jpg (35.53 KB, 583x442, Ebin on the outside, Shitp….jpg)

8cb4a No.192490

>ejmagnier as source
I dunno, this guy is reliable. But then again, I haven't paid attention to my Syria twatter sources in months.

2dd63 No.192492

File: 1544837735779.png (104.89 KB, 386x493, fuck-outta-here-b-a-afm-ik….png)

the pragmatic reaction
the wishful reaction

>al tanf
>i sleep
>i sleep
>i sleep
>directly bombing israeli military infrastructure
>real shit

come on ebin, if he was up to start escalating with israel, he wouldn't be trying so hard to de escalate with weaker non state actors on his own territory

8cb4a No.192497

File: 1544838334171-0.jpg (20.9 KB, 228x320, It's all so tiresome.jpg)

Eh, fair enough.
>the Pragmatic Algerian vs the Overamped Burger

2dd63 No.192498

File: 1544838752226.jpg (83.71 KB, 663x534, 1543274945567.jpg)

sorry for being such a buzz-kill

8cb4a No.192501

Eh, I need the buzz-kill sometimes.

2dd63 No.192502

File: 1544839043332.jpg (97.56 KB, 1280x720, 1526762707660.jpg)


8cb4a No.192504

File: 1544839190904-0.png (666.17 KB, 3210x2767, Base Yemen Warmap.png)

Finished the basemap. Time for the hard part - coloring it in.

8cb4a No.192527

File: 1544841142427-0.jpg (158.35 KB, 805x1080, DuWlOoLWoAA5S8c.jpg)

2dd63 No.192529

File: 1544841546803.png (15.69 KB, 633x758, 1543005054144.png)

>4000 killed ANA (afghan nigger """army""") in 2 months
d-d-d-don't w-w-w-worry a-a-about a-a-afghanistan g-g-goy
i-i-it's a l-l-low i-i-intensity c-c-c-conflict
w-w-we a-a-are w-w-winning

8cb4a No.192540

File: 1544845691070-0.png (848.39 KB, 830x770, 1456789202948.png)

It's actually close to 6500 in two months

b616e No.192567

8cb4a No.192568

File: 1544852253361-0.jpg (70.16 KB, 646x720, 1502050651280.jpg)

>Since 2015, nearly 30,000 Afghan soldiers and police have been killed, President Ashraf Ghani revealed this month.
>30,000 in 3 years
>10,000 per year on average

2f810 No.192574

File: 1544853470824.png (1.91 MB, 3507x2481, 1523311710004.png)

8cb4a No.192585

>I was counting wounded as killed

8cb4a No.192587

File: 1544857649826-0.png (719.91 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

Yemen Shitmupdate.

8cb4a No.192592

File: 1544858940505-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544858940505-1.png (544.67 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

>#AlKhandaq Key CP in Mangoti area of #Jowzjan capital Shebarghan overrun last night, savage commander Gulbuddin along with 9 militiamen killed, 5 others wounded, sizable amount weapons/equipment seized.

Taliban are moving on provincial capital of Jowzjan.

2dd63 No.192606

>american reading comprehension

2dd63 No.192607

File: 1544872638850.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>Afghan and US forces say the Taliban fighters are suffering heavy casualties too.

8cb4a No.192613

File: 1544884748012-1.png (544.5 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

Taliban advance again
>Khwaja Bahawuddin in Takhar has Taliban presence
>Maywand in Kandahar is contested

8cb4a No.192614

File: 1544884976566.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)


2dd63 No.192624

File: 1544892689131.jpeg (127.01 KB, 1080x810, DucZODxWoAI8D-Q.jpg:large.jpeg)

>ywn graduate from taliban administered college
why study?

cec3a No.192628

Are credits transferrable to Burgerland? Wearing one of those you could study at the University of Hawaii convincingly.

2dd63 No.192633

ac3f1 No.192700


2f810 No.192725

File: 1544980982974.jpg (222.66 KB, 1148x1683, 1542341895908.jpg)

8cb4a No.192727

U.S. officials have threatened Free Syrian Army (FSA) against participating in the upcoming Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, the Turkish Anadolu Agency revealed on December 15.

In a message allegedly sent to different FSA factions and to the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SMDK), Washington vowed to strike any group that would participate in the attack and to end its relations with it.

“US forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are intertwined so that SDF cannot be attacked without aggression and confrontation with Coalition Forces and U.S. forces and advisers,” U.S. officials said in the message, and added: “When elephants dance, you must stay away from the dance floor.”

In its first response to Turkey’s planned attack against the SDF three days ago, the U.S. warned from “unilateral military action” into northeastern Syria without naming Turkey. The new privet messages to the FSA are much harsher.

During the last few days, opposition sources confirmed that factions of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and the Syrian National Army (SNA) will participate in the upcoming operation with more than 15,000 fighters.

The NFL and the SNA have not commented on the new U.S. threats yet. However, given the fact that these groups get their financial support from Turkey, the will likely ignore these threats.

An armed conflict between the U.S. and the Turkish-backed FSA may change the entire situation in northern Syria, as the last is relying on Washington’s support to keep Damascus government forces away from its last strongholds in the province of Idlib.

b616e No.192728

>#IEA flag on the CP overran last night north of Gizab in #Daykundi province

>Pro Govt. media confirmed that #Taliban took over several CP's in Tamazan and clashes are ongoing near Pato and on Nilli axis. Bottom line-#IEA penetrated into central parts of #Daykundi province


either im looking at it wrong or there has been a fuck up in the maps.

b616e No.192730

File: 1544985055373.png (238.88 KB, 1031x428, 156.png)

Gizab district should be in Uruzgan province[1] but this map(pic 1) is from 2014 and shows Gizab district included in Daykundi province. Or is there another town called Gizab somewhere in Chinarto or Khasuruzgan district.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gizab_District

8cb4a No.192731

File: 1544985295945.gif (386.64 KB, 310x230, sb_001.gif)

Gizab is in Daykundi Province, Daykundi Province took over some areas from Uruzgan.
>mfw the Taliban are penetrating deep into Hazara areas

8cb4a No.192732

I found the areas he's referring to - use the fork in the river as a reference point.

Basically, the Taliban are still in Gizab District, but pretty friggin' close to Nili District.

b616e No.192733

>Gizab is in Daykundi Province, Daykundi Province took over some areas from Uruzgan.
after 2006?
and what about the location Gizab in shitmaps is there another town or area named as such in Uruzgan?

8cb4a No.192734

File: 1544986284750.jpg (136.06 KB, 609x601, Gizab.jpg)

>After 2006?
It seems so.

>and what about the location Gizab in shitmaps is there another town or area named as such in Uruzgan?

Nope, it's in Daykundi, refer to the post above yours. I've pinned down the approximate location for the Taliban positions in Gizab District - they're close to Nili District.

8cb4a No.192735

File: 1544986920619.png (4.86 KB, 214x145, 3750.png)

Boom, got it pinned down and added, now to resume my updates of the Afghan Warmap on the site.

8cb4a No.192741

File: 1544988881256.png (2.41 KB, 136x50, Gazab.png)

Wait a second, there IS a Gizab in Uruzgan province, at least on the Shitmap (1st pic)
But even with a 2007 district map of Uruzgan province, there's no Gizab district
and inputting the coordinates provided here
leads to being the Gizab that I used as a point of reference to find the villages in the pic in the post above mine.

Gizab (Pashto: ګيزاب‎; Hazaragi: گیزاب‎) is the capital of Gizab District of Urozgan Province, Afghanistan.[1] It is located along the Helmand River.
>located along the Helmand River
>within Daykundi

I think Wikipedia just fucked up, and I'm gonna remove the Gizab in Uruzgan since the link in Uruzgan just leads to the Gizab in Daykundi

b616e No.192742


>The police chief for central Uruzgan province on Tuesday said Taliban militants recently attempted to capture the provincial capital, Tirinkot, and some districts but failed and sustained heavy casualties.

Brig. Gen. Rahmatullah Sidiqi said the militants once again tried to overrun Chora, Charchino, and Gizab districts and Tirinkot city, taking the advantage of winter season.
article posted on Nov 28, 2017

>Dost Mohammed Nayab, a spokesman for the governor of Oruzgan, said the biometric team had set up in the provincial capital, Tarinkot.

“The problem is that the districts are cut off from the center,” Mr. Nayab said. “We are targeting two districts now — Deh Rawood and Gizab — bringing the police by aircraft to Tarinkot for biometric and then taking them back. It is difficult, but we are committed.”
article posted on Jun 07, 2018

8cb4a No.192744

File: 1544990152326.png (312.13 KB, 658x437, This is a mess.png)

8cb4a No.192745

>Gizab district is located 70 Kilometers south of Tarinkot city. Helmand River flows in the heart of the district. Agriculture is the main occupation of the dwellers of the district. The district has vast orchards.

>pic related intensifies

8cb4a No.192746

>70km south of Tarinkot city

>leads to it being here

>within Shah Wali Kot District of Kandahar, not far from the city
>pic related intensifies

b616e No.192747

File: 1544990571646.png (571.7 KB, 600x580, 2ec.png)

>Gizab district is located 70 Kilometers south of Tarinkot city. Helmand River flows
just show it in daykundi like others mate I apologize for even bringing this shit up in the first place.

8cb4a No.192748

File: 1544990686382-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1544990686382-1.png (545.04 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

Yeah, I already did. Got coordinates and shite for it as well.
What a fucking mess, it's both in Uruzgan and Daykundi

b616e No.192749

>it's both in Uruzgan and Daykundi
that might be they thought of dividing the districts into two
>Pato was part of Gizab district of Uruzgan province before being declared an independent district and would be soon added to the organizational units of Daikundi province.

8cb4a No.192750

File: 1544991136888-0.png (408.25 KB, 459x517, 925817888.png)

The absolute fucking state. Let the Taliban come into power and rid these hopeless confusions!

8cb4a No.192751

File: 1544991437688-0.jpg (409.01 KB, 900x900, NWFP_redmap_04142008.jpg)

>pic related, from 2008
Wew, how did it get this bad? And how was the government able to restore control with a limited insurgency? I remember seeing you say something about reforms and improving general quality of life in KPK.
>inb4 "limited"

8cb4a No.192753

File: 1544994142025-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1544994142025-1.gif (930.27 KB, 2504x2184, Dec 14 - Dec 16.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates: Hajin center recaptured by SDF

3d7c5 No.192755

2dd63 No.192756

for anyone interested in old beats

8cb4a No.192810

>Sudanese President Becomes First Arab Leader To Break Diplomatic Blockade On Syria, Meet With Assad

Look at this literal nigger, he ain't even Arab.
He's just one guy who changes with the wind, and he sees the writing on the wall in Syria; Also, he's great friends with Turkey, Qatar, KSA; sent mercs to fight the Houthis in Yemen; sosts US soldiers and bases.

8cb4a No.192812


8cb4a No.192818

>U.S. Navy may stop docking in Haifa after Chinese take over port

WASHINGTON – The US Navy has acknowledged that its longstanding operations in Haifa may change once a Chinese firm takes over the civilian port in 2021, prompting Israel’s national security cabinet to revisit the arrangement, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Haifa, the nation’s largest port city, regularly hosts joint US-Israeli naval drills and visits from American vessels. But a 2015 agreement between Israel’s Transportation Ministry and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) – a company in which the Chinese government has a majority stake – has raised intelligence and security concerns that are only now prompting an interagency review.

That agreement granted SIPG control over the port for 25 years. The Chinese company has committed $2 billion to the project and, according to state-run media, plans to transform the port’s bay terminal into the largest harbor in the country.

A representative of the Sixth Fleet said the navy’s partnership with Israel remains “steadfast.”

“Our US Navy ships frequently visit Haifa, Israel, for both US-Israel bilateral military activity and port calls,” Commander Kyle Raines told the Post, when asked whether China’s coming presence might affect fleet operations in the Mediterranean city.

“For now, there are no changes to our operations in Israel,” the commander continued. “I can’t speculate on what might or might not occur in 2021.”

Three sources familiar with the matter said that due to concerns that US defense officials privately shared with their Israeli counterparts, the Israeli government has launched “a review of the agreement at a high level,” specifically among members of the inner cabinet.

According to one source, several members expressed worry that sensitive infrastructure matters have not been properly vetted by Israel’s full national security cabinet prior to approval.

“You don’t want a decision that was made ostensibly for business reasons to have an impact on Israel’s relationship with the American navy,” the source said.

The deal was signed off by Israel Katz, who was serving as transportation minister at the time and has remained in the position since. He occupies a seat in the national security cabinet.

A senior IDF officer confirmed that the review is under way. But it is unclear whether Israel has any recourse to allay US concerns with the China project, which is already sealed and in motion.

“Historically, it’s interesting to see [that] the whole awakening is now when the contract was signed in 2015 – it begs the question what the hype is all about. It’s probably more conducive now because of the US-China tensions over trade, national security and the like,” said Assaf Orion, a retired Israeli brigadier-general and expert on Israel-China relations now based at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “There is always a question of encouraging investment versus managing risk.”

“The bottom line here is that Israel will make a fatal mistake by doing either or both of the following: disregarding China’s potential to advance Israel’s economy, and doing it with our eyes shut,” Orion continued. “We must keep our eyes open, fully aware of the risk management requirements and its possible impact on the US-Israel relationship.”

Retired Israeli and American defense and intelligence officials raised concerns throughout the summer that Chinese management of the port might jeopardize America’s operations there.

The former head of Israel’s Mossad, Efraim Halevy, sounded an alarm in recent months over the security implications of China’s creeping presence across Israel’s critical infrastructure. And retired admiral Gary Roughead, ex-chief of US naval operations, warned that a Chinese-run seaport in the bay could force the navy to dock its warships elsewhere.

“The Chinese port operators will be able to monitor closely US ship movements, be aware of maintenance activity and could have access to equipment moving to and from repair sites and interact freely with our crews over protracted periods,” Roughead remarked during a conference last month at the University of Haifa.

“Significantly, the information systems and new infrastructure integral to the ports and the likelihood of information and electronic surveillance systems jeopardize US information and cybersecurity,” he added.

Israel has its own security concerns in Haifa to consider as well. The seaport in question is not far from an Israeli navy base where the country maintains its fleet of submarines, which foreign press has reported are capable of carrying and launching nuclear missiles. Domestic critics say that China’s shipping operations in close proximity to the fleet amount to an unacceptable security risk.

This would not be the first time that the Sixth Fleet altered its operations in Haifa due to security concerns. In the aftermath of the USS Cole bombing in Yemen in 2000, and during the Second Intifada, the frequency of port calls fell dramatically and USO Haifa was permanently shuttered.

But neither of those events were within Israeli government control.

The Prime Minister’s Office, Transportation Ministry and Foreign Ministry declined requests for comment on this report.

3d7c5 No.192819

>Look at this literal nigger, he ain't even Arab.
I believe "Afro-Arab" is the technical term. They still speak Arabic in Sudan. A lot of Yemenis are also half niggers.
I agree with the rest tho

a83d4 No.192821

File: 1545025980841.jpg (23.44 KB, 310x220, Consider.jpg)

>The jews back stab their "best" ally for dock fees
Never trust Jews

2dd63 No.192847

> he ain't even Arab
*autistic bongroach screeches in the distance*

2dd63 No.192872

finally it came back to me
i knew that the whole arab spring reminded me of something
dictatorships and violent repression are the only valid form of government

7bf63 No.192877

>"if you speak Arabic, you are an Arab"
t. Bongroach AKA "the sexerciser"

2dd63 No.192878

he has reached levels of civnat that shouldn't even be possible

2f810 No.192879

File: 1545066996413.jpeg (35.6 KB, 580x491, 1531414280775-0.jpeg)

8cb4a No.192926

File: 1545092264721.jpg (59.17 KB, 516x541, 93.jpg)

>According to the earliest source, Phaedrus, the story concerns a group of frogs who called on the great god Zeus to send them a king. He threw down a log, which fell in their pond with a loud splash and terrified them. Eventually one of the frogs peeped above the water and, seeing that it was no longer moving, soon all hopped upon it and made fun of their king.
>Then the frogs made a second request for a real king and were sent a water snake that started eating them. Once more the frogs appealed to Zeus, but this time he replied that they must face the consequences of their request.

>The original context of the story, as related by Phaedrus, makes it clear that people feel the need of laws but are impatient of personal restraint.

This pretty much sums up 4/pol/

8cb4a No.192933

File: 1545093089653.jpg (446.63 KB, 1000x750, sb_039.jpg)

>⏹️#Taliban offensive in central #Daykundi where local authorities are pleading for help

>"help us! "help us!"

8cb4a No.192934

File: 1545093869351.jpg (237.59 KB, 1153x865, sb_304.jpg)

>Maidan Wardak governor General Muzaffar Yameen called on his forces to halt opposition to Taliban, he accused foreigners for the bloodshed & says Taliban are our own people. we don't have any problem with them. He said this while addressing students of SyedAbad university.

Interesting. But I don't think the Taliban will welcome him with open arms since he's basically a collaborator that sees the writing on the wall and wants to join the winning team.

8cb4a No.192939

File: 1545095414266-0.png (3.18 KB, 218x108, Gainz Colors.png)

File: 1545095414266-1.png (720.04 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

File: 1545095414266-2.gif (510.02 KB, 3210x2767, Dec 15 - Dec 17.gif)

I'm implementing the gainz scheme that I use for Syria in Yemen and Afghanistan, and I'll be creating Shitgifs for Yemen and Afghanistan as well - yes, Afghanistan Shitgifs will include the Districtmap, so it'll be 4 maps for Afghanistan.

Yemen Shitmupdates - Houthis counterattack in Nihm area of east Sana'a province.

8cb4a No.192949

File: 1545101788596.png (145.16 KB, 1200x1000, second largest nationality.png)

>2nd largest nationality in European countries

8cb4a No.192951

File: 1545102923838.jpg (16.28 KB, 256x197, 008448888.jpg)

US President Donald Trump gave a positive response to Turkey’s operation east of the Euphrates, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on December 17 following a phone call with the US President, according to Turkish media.

“We can start our operation any moment now in Syrian territory at any place, especially along the 500-kilometer border, without harming U.S. soldiers,” Erdogan said at the opening ceremony at Mevlana Square in central Konya province.

Erdogan said that he had told his Trump that “terrorists” must leave the region east of the Euphrates River.

“If they don’t go, we will send them,” he said. “The terror corridor [in Syria] is disturbing us. Since we are partners with the US, we must do this.”

The Turkish President also called on the US to uphold to the Manbij deal to clear the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from the region.

“Our fight against terrorism in the Syrian territory will continue until a political solution is opened,” Erdogan said.

Last weekend, Erdogan announced that Turkey is about to launch to a military operation against the YPG in the area east of the Euphrates. According to sources in pro-Turkish militant groups, about 15,000 members of pro-Turkish militant factions are ready to participate in this attack.


Significant if verified, but I'm inclined to call bullshit.
Come on Erdogan, do it already.

018a1 No.192956

>all those Crescents and Stars in Western and Central Europe

2f810 No.192965

File: 1545105703334.png (761.01 KB, 1500x1125, canmossadtheassad.png)

Trump buying watermelons now?

8cb4a No.192967

>all those Albanians in Greece and FYROM
>Kurds get the last laugh

8cb4a No.192969

3d7c5 No.192985

All I'm saying is there is a gradient between the full nigger you see in Zimbabwe and Senegal, to the full arab you get in Libya or Syria. Sudan, Somalia, West Yemen are more or less mixed in terms of nigger/arab.

wtf I love Kurdistan now.
Also wtf is up with Kosovo? Implying it's a country is one thing. But largest minority bosnian? Where'd you get this from?

3d7c5 No.192986

Basically saudis are dominated by brits and jews?
I looked up that quote from the house of commons about the koran but couldn't find the original

8cb4a No.193087

I grabbed this off /int/.
Yeah, pretty much.

8cb4a No.193088

>Afghan Taliban agree to announce 6-month ceasefire if they are allowed to choose the leader of interim government in #Afghanistan, Taliban delegation told US envoy Khalilzad Pakistan delegation in UAE has asked Taliban to accept two US army bases in #Afghanistan #Afghanistan

Interesting. How would this affect the current politics in Afghanistan if the leader of the interim gov't is a Taliban guy?

2bbc0 No.193096

thats what the Americans have suggested to them not what the Taliban have agreed to

2bbc0 No.193097

8cb4a No.193099

I see. I was looking through my three Afghanistan sources (Drexl Spivey (looking through right now), Zabihullah, Pashtunist), and Drexl was mentioning that Talibs rejected peace talks with the gov't.

2bbc0 No.193100

File: 1545180011841-0.jpg (65.34 KB, 450x628, Dut1ZLzXcAA4HPD.jpg)

File: 1545180011841-1.jpg (84.75 KB, 451x793, DutQgnDXgAcFhwi.jpg)

here is the Taliban official statement reagarding this news and what they have demanded in the meeting

8cb4a No.193101

Yep, these talks are going nowhere.

2bbc0 No.193102

better chance of producing something than the Moscow one though

8cb4a No.193106

Btw, can you link me some more sources for Afghanistan news that are somewhat active?
I've only got the three that I mentioned. I had four but DNURPAKT(?) got shoah'd. Suprised Zabihullah hasn't already gotten shoah'd as well.

2bbc0 No.193108

2bbc0 No.193109

>Zabihullah hasn't already gotten shoah'd as well.
he has but he keeps multiple accounts

2bbc0 No.193110

8cb4a No.193111

Awesome. Thanks Pingu.
Shoah'd, here's his new acc https://twitter.com/Ahmdyarr

Jej, good for him.
Thanks Pingu

2bbc0 No.193113

>Shoah'd, here's his new acc https://twitter.com/Ahmdyarr
apologies for that forgot to update the list with the new link and remove the old ones

8cb4a No.193115

Np Pingu, this is good stuff.

8cb4a No.193117

File: 1545181971258-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1545181971258-1.gif (773.98 KB, 2810x2564, AFG Dec 16 - Dec 18.gif)

Afghan Shitmupdates - Gurziwan District center in Faryab went from siege to being contested.

8cb4a No.193129

File: 1545184322219.png (399.76 KB, 600x580, tfw retards.png)

Per Drudge, an MSM source

The absolute fucking state

2bbc0 No.193131

wonder how /ptg/ is going to spin that also why is the other place down now?

8cb4a No.193132

>wonder how /ptg/ is going to spin that
I don't know, and I don't care.
>why is the other place down now?
Maintenance from 7PM EST to 11PM EST

2bbc0 No.193133

>I don't know, and I don't care
I dont believe you

8cb4a No.193134

File: 1545184629838.png (182.65 KB, 302x299, Alpha LEL.png)

Do I look like the kind of guy that loves or hates Trump?

2bbc0 No.193140

I can see you leaning towards the latter

8cb4a No.193142

File: 1545185335461.png (163.79 KB, 500x429, thinking.png)

I can see this, but I really don't pay attention to Burger politics since it's always the same.
I just use Drudge to get MSM perspective on international news and read between the lines. Those two headlines were at the top and I just found it funny.

4c035 No.193258

File: 1545228778109.jpg (81.66 KB, 800x800, cuckistan.jpg)


45182 No.193266

File: 1545235976888.png (212.03 KB, 1305x683, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

>Trump Considering Full Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Syria

>President Trump is considering pulling 2,000 United States ground troops out of Syria in a move that would seek to describe the four-year American-led war against the Islamic State as largely won, officials said Wednesday.

>“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” the president said in a Twitter post on Wednesday morning. He offered no details on his plans for the military mission in Syria.
>A formal withdrawal announcement could come as early as Wednesday, administration officials said. But Pentagon officials were still trying to talk the president out of it, arguing that such a move would betray Kurdish allies who have fought alongside American troops in Syria and who could find themselves under attack in a military offensive now threatened by Turkey.
>”At this time, we continue to work by, with and through our partners in the region,” Col. Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a short statement on Wednesday morning.


45182 No.193267

If Trump withdraws from Syria he probably has enough finance lined up for the military and to spare to build the wall.

0f6fc No.193268

As Much as i would like for Thrackerzod to pull us out of Syria, I Don't think his isreali puppet masters will let him.

45182 No.193270

Didn't Trump, the Senate and House, recently approve a ridiculous large bulk of cash to send to Israel for their "defense". Or if he hasn't he probably will. And if there is one thing you probably can rely on it is that if you throw enough money at the Jews they will agree to almost anything.

018a1 No.193271

Unfortunately, but we can hope.

0f6fc No.193272

>Didn't Trump, the Senate and House, recently approve a ridiculous large bulk of cash to send to Israel for their "defense"
I Believe i recall something like that.

af369 No.193278

File: 1545240045190.png (350.63 KB, 1920x1198, star wars.png)

Oh fuck! I guess Assad is going to gas his own people again?

2dd63 No.193279

File: 1545240327767.png (80.97 KB, 1294x516, 1541490614051.png)

>mexico will pay for the wall
>we will pay mexico and have no wall
>ptgoy will defend this shit
america should compete in the olympics in the gymnastic category

2dd63 No.193280

>his isreali puppet masters
what if he was giving them meaningless things like recognizing jerusalem as the capital to smoothen the big swindle he was going to do to them and we all thought he was a brainlessly obeying israel

0f6fc No.193281

If something like that were to happen i would be the first one to admit I was wrong. But its Not going to.
>moving capital to Jerusalem
He's trying to Bring About Biblical Prophecy and unleash the (((anti- Christ)))

041f0 No.193282

He Cant Keep Getting Away with this!

2dd63 No.193283

>He's trying to Bring About Biblical Prophecy and unleash the (((anti- Christ)))
>thinking jew-york democrat is truly a believer of Christianity and not putting a show for his evangelitard voting base

0f6fc No.193284

I never Said i believe hes an Actual Christian. And hes not the top dog in this, that would be his (((Bosses))). He just Does what They tell him.

9203c No.193286

File: 1545241738189.png (701.58 KB, 877x621, syiriana.png)

It's a beautiful day.

8622e No.193290

File: 1545244608915.png (26.97 KB, 421x133, 214545676867.png)

Soon in Syria!
The Lion of Damascus vs Papa Roach in their race for the land of the Kurds! As Great Satan withdraws his forces of evil two dictators race for the farming land and oil!
Who will win?!
Find out soon at WACKY RACES!

1fea2 No.193293

So kurds are going to pledge allegiance to the Syrian government now?

8622e No.193299

They better, if they want to live.

1fea2 No.193301

>Kurdish forces confirm US and French forces began withdrawal from east Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 P.M.) – A Kurdish official stated on Wednesday evening that the U.S. and French forces have begun withdrawing their troops from eastern Syria.

The SDF official highlighted that the French troops were also withdrawing alongside the U.S. military, despite no official announcement from Paris about their forces leaving Syria.

2dd63 No.193302

>pledge allegiance to the Syrian government

1fea2 No.193303

They are going to try to act tough and and try to negotiate a deal, yes?

1fea2 No.193304

you never know

9203c No.193310

File: 1545250099018.jpg (250.96 KB, 1920x1080, 1520109644152.jpg)

>Farm Watermelons
>Sell to Syrians
Who needs war?

8622e No.193316

I don't belive they are in position to bargain. But yeah, they most likely will.
>tfw this will be better than Christmas of 2016.
Boy oh boy cannot wait.

2dd63 No.193320

File: 1545250645405.png (190.27 KB, 601x463, 1544127283835.png)

>they most likely will.
>you never know

>underestimating kurds stupidity

kurds have been here longer than US plans to partition ME in order to create a pro US kurdistan
this is only a temporary setback so i doubt they'll fold in a significant manner

1fea2 No.193343

>Turkish-backed rebels attack Kurdish forces in northern Aleppo

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 P.M.) – The Turkish-backed National Liberation Front (NLF) launched a new attack against the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northern countryside of Aleppo this evening.

According to a Syrian military source nearby, the National Liberation Front attacked the YPG’s positions near the Tal Rifa’at area.

The attack by the Turkish-backed rebels was reportedly conducted from their stronghold in Mare’, which is located just south of the Turkish border.

Heavy clashes are still ongoing at this time, with both sides exchanging heavy artillery and machine gun fire.

1fea2 No.193352

>Several Houthi commanders killed in Saudi airstrike in northern Yemen
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 P.M.) – Several commanders from the Houthi forces were killed in a new airstrike conducted by the Saudi-led Coalition in northern Yemen on Wednesday.

According to local reports, the Saudi-led Coalition carried out a powerful airstrike on a Houthi command meeting that was being held in the Hajjah Governorate of northwestern Yemen.

The total number of Houthi commanders killed is still unknown; however, the local reports indicate over ten casualties already.

This airstrike by the Saudi Coalition was conducted in response to the Houthi missile strikes on the Asir province of southern Saudi Arabia.https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/several-houthi-commanders-killed-in-saudi-airstrike-in-northern-yemen/

4c02a No.193366

>In Drastic Reversal, Trump Orders Full Withdrawal From Syria After "Victory Over ISIS"

8cb4a No.193370

I call bullshit on this.
He's said the same before, and went back on it.

8cb4a No.193371

File: 1545265952279.jpg (43.34 KB, 720x472, 1510592631042.jpg)

I literally made the screech and pose in pic related.

8cb4a No.193373

File: 1545266103398.png (291.26 KB, 338x448, 33872615688.png)

I'm still calling BS on this. I want to be wrong.

1fea2 No.193376

some are suggesting that the withdrawal only means shifting of forces to new base in Anbar province Iraq

8cb4a No.193379

File: 1545266392418.png (285.36 KB, 1062x706, 996187688.png)

And that would accomplish… what? A staging ground further back in the event of hot WWIII?
>new base
Probably H-3 airbase then. It's abandoned, it's in the desert, it's near the Baghdad-Damascus highway.

Sorry if I'm being bitter, I've been bamboozled by such good news before.

45182 No.193380

It will not be the first time Trump goes back on his word, so it would not surprise me.

45182 No.193382

File: 1545266741380.mp4 (2.33 MB, 640x360, After historic victories a….mp4)

On the other hand Trump is pushing it hard, so it might be true.

8cb4a No.193383

>"French forces are withdr-"
>French forces enter Hajin city

>believing anything that the king of flip-flop says

45182 No.193386

>believing anything that the king of flip-flop says
I know, I know. And it is not out of character for him to do the opposite. The chance of him turning 180 and instead of withdrawing choose to send more troops to Syria is about equal. But it is not that often he makes an edited promotion video for his policies. The reason I might think he actually wants to withdraw is because he has an election he needs to win in two years. And getting the troops home might give him an leg up in that race.

8cb4a No.193387

File: 1545267756828.jpg (23.87 KB, 506x366, 461543888.jpg)

You've got a point there, but I don't listen to words - I listen to actions.
If he actually does pull US troops out of Syria, that'll get him a few points in my book. Get US troops out of Afghanistan, and I'd even consider voting for him in 2020.

1fea2 No.193388

>And that would accomplish… what? A staging ground further back in the event of hot WWIII?
How about
-Not loosing Turkey a key NATO member and quite an important regional player by supporting the Kurds
-Even though Syria is a lost cause they still can maintain some form of control in Iraq especially if the tweet linked below is true they can involve fuck around in the so called Shia crescent.

>#Iran military withdrawal in early 2019 in #Syria if the #US &US military fulfills its withdrawal by in time.


Most likely inaccurate but these are two I can think of right now.

8cb4a No.193389

File: 1545268240709-0.jpg (178.07 KB, 1200x816, Duw8chFWsAAfxON.jpg)

File: 1545268240709-1.jpg (26.09 KB, 500x361, 5123888.jpg)

>Hezbollah-tied media releases a map purportedly showing the scope of the upcoming Turkish operation against the YPG-led SDF in Eastern #Syria
>Michael (((Horowitz)))

But if this map is true, then take note of the squiggly lines on the eastern side of Lake Assad - the area just below that has a significant Kurdish population last I checked.
>Hasakah city gets partitioned - again
>-Not loosing Turkey a key NATO member and quite an important regional player by supporting the Kurds
They seemed pretty intent on fucking Turkey over. I think the only reason for the withdrawal - if it's true - is because they don't want to get fired on by Turkish soldiers because Erdogan's actually serious about the operation.
But it's basically what you just said, just that when push came to shove the US caved in.
>-Even though Syria is a lost cause they still can maintain some form of control in Iraq especially if the tweet linked below is true they can involve fuck around in the so called Shia crescent.
Yeah, there's that, but they can only get so far until the Iraqis (gov't included) tell them to leave Iraq, "go, shoo, we don't want you anymore".
What's the US going to do then?

8cb4a No.193390

>But if this map is true

1fea2 No.193391

>#Syria #DeirEzZor #SDF vs #ISIS #ISIL #IS #Daesh
#Hajin #هجين - #Hajeen
Video allegedly from Hajin Area.

Video in link

af369 No.193392

File: 1545268545273.png (314.13 KB, 402x390, kek.png)

It begins…

8cb4a No.193393

File: 1545268560635-0.jpg (17.44 KB, 500x349, 2975537988.jpg)

I just had a thought: What if the US really is withdrawing from Syria because they intend to reignite Ukraine?
>tfw /ug/ could make a real comeback

af369 No.193395

File: 1545269253661.png (400.78 KB, 480x640, assad.png)

My ideal situation:
US pull all their troops. Turks attack
Intense fighting between Turks and Kurds in the north. Kurds are forced to limit their troops down south and move them north. Basically not caring too much about losing the south because it is Arab-dominated anyway.
Pro-government revolts everywhere along the Euphrates
Government line moves north, but the SAA don't really attack the Kurds directly, they just walk into the Arab-dominated towns and watch from afar as the Turks and Kurds (where the real fighting is) mutually genocide each other (which will be max /comfy/).
Kurds beg the SAA to help them.
>pic related.

af369 No.193396

File: 1545269420171.jpg (94.36 KB, 1280x720, 1537281041136.jpg)

Yep, basically this map (assuming green is the area reclaimed by the SAA)!
Those borders like pretty nice, desu.

8cb4a No.193397

File: 1545269520283-0.jpg (101.14 KB, 720x540, 3758156688.jpg)

>Earlier, an official told the Reuters news agency that the time-frame for U.S. troop pullout from Syria is expected to be between 60 to 100 days. The official added that all U.S. State Department personnel are being evacuated from Syria within 24 hours as a first step.
>60 to 100 days
Pay attention to this timeframe
Assuming it began right now, and assuming maximal time for withdrawal (100 days)
That means 100 days from now is March 29
>Ukrainian presidential election, 2019 is Sunday, March 31
Just in time for presidential elections.

af369 No.193399

Based Ron Paul on recent developments:

8cb4a No.193407

In past 24 hours, anti-government protests in Sudan have spread to Atbara, Al-Nehood, Port Sudan, Madani and many other cities. There are also reports of clashes between police and protesters in some areas. But the Sudanese Army is so far refusing to assault protesters.

>Regime change in Sudan underway?

af369 No.193418

File: 1545273788341.jpg (3.6 KB, 200x200, kurby.jpg)

Yay! More refugees flooding into Europe!

8cb4a No.193419

File: 1545273834069-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1545273834069-1.gif (774.22 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 18 - Dec 19.gif)

File: 1545273834069-2.png (559.51 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1545273834069-3.gif (747.75 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 16 - Dec 19.gif)

Afghan Shitmupdates
>Arghandab District in Zabul is contested

Take note, to distinguish the Shitgif and Districtgif in future archiving services if MLPOL decides to make one similar to 4plebs for 4/pol/ - I will have AFG(S) for Shitgif and AFG(D) for Districtgif.

8cb4a No.193422

>I will have AFG(S) for Shitgif and AFG(D) for Districtgif.
And I'll be having SYR in filename of Syria Shitgif, YEM in filename of Yemen Shitgif, and so forth.

af369 No.193445

File: 1545298431119.jpg (269.62 KB, 1316x1244, zzzz.jpg)

Guys, is anyone else able to access 4chn?
It seems I might be b&, but there are things that don't make sense, see pic related.
Maybe the site is down again…

2dd63 No.193457

1fea2 No.193458

>US former ally #Kurdish-led Syrian democratic forces #SDF are now holding a meeting with an #Assad regime delegation in Qamishli to discuss the handover of oil fields in NE #Syria & the much-anticipated #Turkey offensive

1fea2 No.193459

>France to remain in Syria despite US withdrawal
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:40 A.M.) – The French military will remain inside of Syria despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement that his forces would be returning home, the AFP reported this morning.

Citing France’s Euphrates Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau, the French military will continue to fight the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) inside Syria until they are fully defeated.

“For now of course we remain in Syria,” Loiseau told CNews TV, adding “the fight against terrorism is not over.”

The French military has been active participant in the U.S. Coalition’s ongoing fight against the Islamic State forces inside Syria and Iraq.

France currently has no diplomatic ties with the Syrian government, but they are allied with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who control at least a quarter of the country.

1fea2 No.193460

>Turkish MoD says Kurdish forces will be ‘buried’ in northern Syria
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – The Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar stated during his visit in Qatar on Thursday that his armed forces are preparing to kickoff their long-awaited military operation east of the Euphrates.

“We have Manbij and east of the Euphrates ahead of us right now. We’re working intensely in this regard,” he said, as quoted by the Anadolu News Agency.

The Turkish Minister of Defense then threatened to bury the Kurdish forces inside their trenches that have been recently dug along the Syrian border.

According to Akar, the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG), who he has labeled as ‘terrorists’, is said to be “digging some trenches and tunnels in Manbij and east of the Euphrates. Whatever they dig, trenches or tunnels … when the time comes they will be buried in the trenches that they dig. Of this there should be no doubt.”

Akar added, “We are following developments closely. Operational and intelligence units of the Turkish Republic have been making every kind of effort that they can and continuing to work night and day to discharge their duties in the best way.”

1fea2 No.193461

File: 1545314654023-0.jpg (77.18 KB, 1199x576, Du3AZ_SWoAYP9VX.jpg)

File: 1545314654023-1.jpg (76.71 KB, 1134x586, Du3AZpsW4AA2E1i.jpg)

>#US troops packing in northern #Syria to withdraw from the areas.

2dd63 No.193462

is tanf included in the withdrawal or is it only for SDF territory?

1fea2 No.193463

>#US will also end airstrikes against #ISIS in #Syria: US officials.

1fea2 No.193464

well they have said they withdrawing syria from entirely

> US Senator Lindsey Graham said in a statement that the Trump administration’s reported plan to withdraw all military service members from Syria would be a big mistake and put the United States’ allies in the region at risk.


2dd63 No.193465

official troops yes
but what about cia operatives training jihadis?

1fea2 No.193466

>but what about cia operatives training jihadis?
would they ever admit to doing that?

2dd63 No.193467

no, but do you think they'll be leaving too?

1fea2 No.193468

withdrawing operatives specifically sent for training jihadis thats quite possible but leaving Syria without any operatives ready to spy and flip people thats never going to happen.

2dd63 No.193469

thanks m8

1fea2 No.193472

f3623 No.193476

File: 1545318462596.jpg (16.96 KB, 459x278, 1245467867876.jpg)

SOHR: after the US decision to withdraw. SDF leadership and the Syrian government are holding a high-level meeting to discuss the handover of the oil fields in the east of the Euphrates

45182 No.193477

File: 1545318814453.png (889.08 KB, 2141x3439, 1502066694377.png)

LOL, that didn't take long.

1fea2 No.193479

>SDF command also meeting with US Military officials in Ain Issa.

af369 No.193480

File: 1545320933988.png (692 KB, 1080x610, inches.png)

>when your ally unexpectedly leaves the server and you are now in a losing position.
Assad shouldn't accept anything less than this pic>>193389
The rest can be claimed by Turkey. It's nice that the good guys have the bargaining power now.

f3623 No.193481

File: 1545321816841.jpg (32.03 KB, 550x445, 12344567686.jpg)

>The rest can be claimed by Turkey
NO! Every fucking inch!
Farmlands are important too.

af369 No.193482

File: 1545321988592.png (452.18 KB, 640x360, Battle of Daraa, colourise….png)

You are right, forgive me. I did not see.

1fea2 No.193483


60029 No.193484

File: 1545322694431.jpg (37.4 KB, 650x650, classic-sad-frog.jpg)

is doc here? I have medical issue

1fea2 No.193485

>Putin: Taliban must be taken into account at Afghan peace talks
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the Taliban should be taken into account at peace talks on Afghanistan because of the amount of territory they control.

Speaking at his annual news conference, Putin also said that Russia needed to beef up its military base in neighboring Tajikistan due the situation in Afghanistan.

0f6fc No.193488

Im Not Doc, But you should change your socks and drink some water.

60029 No.193490

Same thing happened to me yesterday, I was warned for a post I didn't make
weird stuff

f3623 No.193491

File: 1545326549476.jpg (54.59 KB, 969x565, 12436554756756.jpg)

Toot toot root toot toot toot toot tooooot!

1fea2 No.193496

>While #USAF was absent, #Armee_de_lair carried-out armed patrols over #Hajin & #DeirEzzor today. French Air Force's Rafale B/Cs on deployment at Prince Hassan Air Base have carried-out 5 airstrikes against #ISIL at #Hajin, #Syria within past 10 days.

2dd63 No.193505

>still trying to get her (you)
cringe and cringepilled

2dd63 No.193509

>russia claims
>oy vey african states, remember me in syria? pls gib military bases
it's not new that ISIS is shifting toward africa with Libya, Mali and Nigeria being targets number 1
wait n see i suppose, considering it is still uncertain if they'll have to wrestle power away from AQ and engage in infights (see somalia) or get massive numbers of recruits from AQ groups
plus they'll also have to deal with non jihadis militant groups
all in all i doubt we'll see much of a big show in the region

1fea2 No.193510

>Reports of the arrival of 'large' SAA reinforcements to the northwest of Aleppo.

>SAA units reportedly entered some YPG sites in northwestern Aleppo (Tell Rifaat area.)


1fea2 No.193511

>The two co-presidents of the Council of Democratic Syria, "Elham Ahmed and Riad Darrar in a visit to the Elysee Palace tomorrow in the French capital Paris

2dd63 No.193512

>because of the amount of territory they control.
at this rate we'll soon hear him say "Afghan government must be taken into account at afghan peace talks"

1fea2 No.193518

>pro-militant Step agency claims the SAA has entered Maaratah Umm Hawsh and Harbul, SW of Tell Rifaat.

1fea2 No.193532

File: 1545338611706.jpg (85.74 KB, 949x710, Du4xecNW0AAnHjU.jpg)

>Sudanese capital Khartoum now. From what started as soaring bread prices protest they're now calling for president Omar Al Bashir to step down

1fea2 No.193534

>Pro-YPG Sources say Turkish army & backed fighters attacked their positions in North of #Manbij.

1fea2 No.193536

>Saudi Coalition launches heavy attack on Houthi positions in Hodeidah
BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – Not long after accusing the Houthi forces of violating the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah, the Saudi Coalition unleashed a big assault against the Yemeni group inside the province.

According to report from western Yemen, the Saudi Coalition launched at least thirteen anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and four dozen artillery shells towards the Houthi positions in and around Hodeidah.

The Saudi Coalition attack concentrated on the area near the Hodeidah Airport and the strategic Hays District in the western part of the province.

Since the establishment of the U.N.-sponsored ceasefire, both sides have repeatedly violated the agreement with opportunistic attacks against one another.

1fea2 No.193539

>Several reports confirm that Turkish offensive against PKK/PYD will begin in hours.

1fea2 No.193540

>Several reports and commanders from #FSA National Army say that the planned military operation to the East of #Euphrates of the #Turkish Army will start in the next hours

1fea2 No.193546

>Putin says Turkey and Russia reached compromise on Syria
Moscow and Ankara have been able to reach a compromise on resolving the Syrian crisis despite the divergence of opinion on some issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at his annual news conference.

“We should be satisfied with the development of Russian-Turkish relations in the economy and security spheres. Although our interests do not coincide sometimes, we do find compromise solutions on resolving the Syrian crisis. We respect the Turkish people’s national interests in this direction. We see that our Turkish partners are likewise ready to seek a compromise and reach that compromise with us for the good of the situation in Syria, for the good of the fight against terrorism and for the benefit of strengthening our relations,” the Russian leader said.

Putin noted that ties between Russia and Turkey were expanding. “In spite of the fact that Turkey is a NATO member-country and honors its commitments as a member of the alliance, it pursues an independent foreign policy.” “We appreciate that very much, this creates the conditions for predictability and stability of our relations,” he stressed.

The Russian president pointed to the Turkish president’s role in cementing bilateral relations. “We hope the same trend will continue under the leadership of Mr. [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan,” he added.

Answering a question about the role of founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Putin said, “Ataturk was certainly an outstanding figure in Turkish history. He added a new bright chapter to the preservation and restoration of the Turkish statehood and did a lot for that.”
“He was a great friend of Russia, cooperated with Russia, worked together with it, and we appreciate that very much,” the president said. “Ataturk created the modern Turkish state and laid the foundation for it.”.

1fea2 No.193547

>Multiple administration sources tell CNN they are concerned and convinced that the president may make a similar announcement about US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and soon.

1fea2 No.193548

>Trump Administration Is Considering Substantial Afghan Troop Drawdown
Drawdown could begin in several weeks, officials say
Breaking News

*Administration Considering Substantial Reduction of Troops in Afghanistan

*Drawdown Could Begin in Several Weeks, Officials Say

*Word of Troop Cut Comes a Day After Syria Withdrawal Order

*U.S. Currently Has More Than 14,000 Troops in Afghanistan

1fea2 No.193549

>Two U.S. officials confirm that the United States is considering removing thousands of troops from Afghanistan.

1fea2 No.193551

>General Jim Mattis will be retiring, with distinction, at the end of February, after having served my Administration as Secretary of Defense for the past two years. During Jim’s tenure, tremendous progress has been made, especially with respect to the purchase of new fighting….

>….equipment. General Mattis was a great help to me in getting allies and other countries to pay their share of military obligations. A new Secretary of Defense will be named shortly. I greatly thank Jim for his service!


The fuck is going in the US?

45182 No.193553

lol, hope it is a sign of things to come.

018a1 No.193554

>The fuck is going in the US?

2dd63 No.193555

>The fuck is going in the US?
mattis is pro SDF
guess who's stopped being useful now that SDF is thrown under the bus

1fea2 No.193562

I see. Also you need to bake fresh bread at the other with a trump with Bane mask with title crashing the empire with no survivours

05ee2 No.193563

File: 1545348066684.jpg (51.27 KB, 550x550, 1234657567556.jpg)

>From a senior U.S. official: "Mattis isn't the only one leaving." - Which shoe drops next?

1fea2 No.193564

File: 1545348276675.jpg (40.94 KB, 600x477, 32.jpg)

fucking hell

1fea2 No.193567

>JUST IN: White House has ordered the Pentagon to draw up plans for a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, 2 defense officials and a person briefed on the matter tell @NBCNews.

8cb4a No.193570

File: 1545350374034.jpg (4.09 KB, 250x193, 2297567188.jpg)

No, it's not enough Doc. But I'll read what the thread has to say first before passing final judgement.
Ok, that's good but I'll stay skeptical until the last official soldier is pulled out.
>cia operatives
Soon to be buried by Assad if Turkey pulls out after the Kurds are dealt with.
>The rest can be claimed by Turkey
I know you realized your mistake, but I'll still pile on for kicks and jejs
Ok, I believe it now.
>pic related
SAA preparing to sandwich SDF with Turkey?
I called it, I bloody called it
>inb4 no you didn't
see >>193407


2dd63 No.193572

File: 1545350418158.jpg (51.45 KB, 546x550, 1406595666610.jpg)

>trump pulling out of syria
>trump starting to pull out from afghanistan
>it ACTUALLY was 4D chess all along

2dd63 No.193573

the astronomical assblastedness of the neocons political figures we see lately on twitter and MSM is proof enough that trump is for real

1fea2 No.193574

>the cheeto man is bringing down the empire because he didnt get his wall
Crazy fucking times we live in huh doc?

8cb4a No.193575

File: 1545350839326.jpg (57.74 KB, 283x357, 51235888.jpg)

05ee2 No.193576

File: 1545350851481.jpg (11.78 KB, 174x240, 123434567575665.jpg)


8cb4a No.193577

File: 1545351207437.png (442.7 KB, 799x1024, 1488477342915.png)

>Turkey is set to begin operations on the 21st

2dd63 No.193579

File: 1545351257880.jpg (1.16 MB, 4032x3024, 1527448279436.jpg)

bit more complicated than that IMO
>be trump
>care for internal policies and see no reason for foreign involvement (he said in old interviews before he was a candidate that he aw iraq invasion as a big mistake)
>try to ally with republican figures in order to get traction for your expensive wall and do them a favor by reluctantly going their way in terms of FP thinking they'll scratch your back in return
>said political allies only care for more interventionism and keep cockblocking you for your main political goals
imagine being trump and having to wake up every day and listen to boltoid asking you why you haven't invaded iran yet and boomer muttis crying about muh byutfool feminist rote of all civilizashun
>realize you're two years late on your schedule for the wall and other internal policies
>say fuck it and pull the plug on these useless niggers

8cb4a No.193580

>inb4 JFK'd

05ee2 No.193581

File: 1545351415103.png (281.75 KB, 400x400, 1244565756756.png)


8cb4a No.193582

File: 1545351472853.jpg (94.8 KB, 900x554, Have a drink.jpg)

2dd63 No.193583

>check clock
>it's already the 21st

18cf3 No.193584

File: 1545351520019.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1699x1014, 1344667__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

He's getting the wall, too.

1fea2 No.193586

makes sense but wont there be blowback from others though? also >>193562


1fea2 No.193589

>The PKK/YPG terror organizations covered the streets of Ras Al Ain on the #Turkish border with blue tents as a measure against Turkish drones during the the operation to the #East of #Euphrates

Video in link

0f6fc No.193590

Orange man good?

2dd63 No.193591

>but wont there be blowback from others though?
as in getting JFK'D? maybe, we'll see

1fea2 No.193592

not necessarily assassination but impeachment or other such methods?

f35f2 No.193593

This, Trump just fucking snapped

1fea2 No.193594

also thanks for using the suggestion at the other place mate

05ee2 No.193595

2dd63 No.193596

>be constantly the target of muh impeach and a target of MSM
>still here
>a-a-a-a-any s-s-s-second f-f-f-fellow l-l-l-l-liberals
the only way to stop him is for CIA to put a bullet through his head
this guy is scandal/impeach proof

8cb4a No.193597

Exactly. If there was actually something that they could get on him, it would've already been revealed in two years of Muellering.

Decent thread.

1fea2 No.193598

I see.

2dd63 No.193599

>good old trump going back to OG trump quality shitpost tweets
yeah i can confirm, it's still the good ol' trump

2dd63 No.193602

1fea2 No.193605

>The Trump administration has given verbal orders to start planning to withdraw more than 5,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan as early as in the coming weeks or months, official says.

interesting thanks

2dd63 No.193606

>taliban wont even have to attend any peace talks

8cb4a No.193607

File: 1545354916357.jpg (93.51 KB, 640x480, 0001667488.jpg)

8cb4a No.193610

Doc, can you make a meme with the Taliban writing America on a tombstone labled "Empires"?

2dd63 No.193611

will try but tomorrow

8cb4a No.193612

Alright. Thanks Doc.

05ee2 No.193614

File: 1545356026387.png (87.17 KB, 1183x295, 12344656768768.png)

Speaking of OCs…
Work in progress…

8cb4a No.193615

File: 1545356092520.png (71.2 KB, 817x493, sg tan approves.png)

>We need more /sg/-tan

8cb4a No.193617

File: 1545356127200-0.png (787.58 KB, 4410x3000, mlsg flag.png)

File: 1545356127200-1.png (566.93 KB, 4419x3000, Official MLSG Flag (Alpha).png)

File: 1545356127200-2.png (684.65 KB, 4410x3000, Official MLSG Flag (No Alp….png)

File: 1545356127200-3.png (285.3 KB, 1000x1000, Official MLSG Logo.png)

It's been a while since I posted this stuff.

0f6fc No.193618

Looking good pole anon

05ee2 No.193619

The hommie that drawn her was scared off by the futa redrawings. Can't blame him…

8cb4a No.193620

File: 1545356368500-0.png (43.66 KB, 817x493, sg-tan disgusted.png)

Press F for him.
Press S to spit on the futafags.

05ee2 No.193621

Heh, wasn't edgy Hans one of the dudes that were making those edits?

2dd63 No.193622

>just realized that other place's links for maps have been changed for isreali thots by sakike larping as a turk 28 hours ago
fucking subhumans newfags can't be trusted with anything

8cb4a No.193623

I think so, but it's been a long time ago…
Jej, the absolute fucking state.

8cb4a No.193636

File: 1545362902817.jpg (36.35 KB, 632x334, 1511811511375.jpg)

>November 2, 2018 : War Secretary Mattis Says Assad Must Go
>December 21, 2018 : U.S. DEFENSE MINISTER RESIGNS

8cb4a No.193637

File: 1545363501554.png (760.52 KB, 637x480, we could have prevented th….png)

Ukraine is preparing for another war provocation in the Kerch Strait area in an attempt to instigate military tensions in the region.

On December 19th, Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukrainian Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said that the Ukrainian Navy is planning to send ships to pass through the Kerch Strait, with officials from the OSCE and other international organizations on board.

“We are systematically working on strengthening the coastal defense of the Black and Azov seas. To this end, new and upgraded missile systems will be involved. This will allow us not only to effectively counteract any landing operations but also to destroy any ship threatening our country at a 300 km distance even when it is located at the home port, – he pointed out. – We must prove to the whole world that Ukraine has not lost its positions in the Sea of Azov and that this is a sea where international law is in force, and both Ukrainian and foreign ships can stay there,” Turchynov said in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

Furthermore, he claimed that the Ukrainian warships would continue to pass through the Kerch Strait.

“This is a matter of principle for us. If we stop and yield, Russia will actually fulfill its task of seizing the Sea of Azov and present new self-defined sea borders in the Black Sea to the world, de facto legalizing the occupation of the Crimea.”

He also said that international representatives from the OSCE and other organizations had been invited to take part in the passage from the Ukrainian Black Sea ports to the Ukrainian ports on the Sea of Azov coast.

“We will invite representatives of the OSCE and other international organizations to visit our ships in order to prove to the whole world that Ukraine and its sailors do not violate any laws and international rules. We have no alternative to such actions.”

When Turchynov was asked what would happen if Russia would for some reason detain the international representatives from the OSCE and possibly NATO, Turchynov claimed that Russia would be wary of the international community’s focus on this issue and not “risk acting aggressively.”

But, “if the Kerch Strait incident is left unattended, if the Ukrainian sailors are not immediately released, then the civilized world will in fact recognize that Russia has the right to any aggression, to any changes in borders it wishes, and will not bear responsibility for any of it!”

Then he continued by saying:

“Let’s be honest; the Russian Federation was condemned not punished. After such an act of aggression, the sanctions against Russia should be strengthened significantly, and appropriate measures should be taken against the Russian fleet around the world, otherwise the consequences would be more bloody and dangerous, not only for Ukraine, but for other countries.”

He was also asked regarding the imposition of martial law. Turchynov said that when the Ukrainian ships were seized and there were injuries, that was unwarranted aggression and that required a response.

Russia has maintained that it does not wish for and will not initiate a military escalation with Ukraine and there is no evidence to back-up any of the Kiev government’s claims of the allegedly Russian preparations for a full-scale invasion. However, Moscow will be forced to respond if the Kiev government stage another provocation near the Kerch Strait. There are no doubts that the Kiev government understands this well and is intentionally working to escalate the situation in the region.

1a03b No.193645

File: 1545367798240-0.jpg (64.24 KB, 696x344, 1534596267041.jpg)

Henlo frens, nice to see you all and this place so active.
Might migrate and post here instead of that shithole.

1a03b No.193646

8cb4a No.193647

File: 1545368530324.jpg (414.42 KB, 800x800, 1491063427888.jpg)


1a03b No.193648

File: 1545368930711-0.jpg (113.08 KB, 1072x776, 1507210854696.jpg)

Long time no see

8cb4a No.193649

File: 1545369059590.jpg (426.55 KB, 1212x1048, WEW.jpg)

YEAH, IT'S BEEN TOO LONG. Been doing well for yourself?
What finally drove you out? It was the atrocious burgeroids that drove me out back in March, especially since they flooded in at the times I got on /sg/ + it was also the times the good posters went to bed.

1a03b No.193650

File: 1545369380934-0.jpg (53.25 KB, 639x770, 1543657495212.jpg)

Threads going too fast, jihadi larpers, jewish false flaggers, balkan and commie autism etc etc
I also figured i didn't want to be around when the t*rkish arrive in force during the probable t*rk-SDF conflict.
I just want the comfy.

8cb4a No.193651

File: 1545369713465.png (222.08 KB, 2075x1064, 604888.png)

Oh shidd, I forgot that the t(fu)rks come in force whenever a major happening involving Turkey comes along.
>Threads going too fast, jihadi larpers, jewish false flaggers, balkan and commie autism etc etc
Yeah, and I can imagine it's only gotten worse since I left.
>I just want the comfy.
You came to the right place lad! Sure there are a few ponies posted here and there, but it's not the entire thread. I'd say it's like 95% comfy /sg/ and 5% /mlsg/, and that's being generous to the /ml/ aspect.

But I digress. Welcome home Snus.

8cb4a No.193652

File: 1545369864858-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1545369864858-1.gif (930.13 KB, 2504x2184, SYR Dec 16 - Dec 20.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates, I expect BIG changes to make when I get back home from work tomorrow.
>SDF advance in Euphrates

1a03b No.193653

File: 1545370261305-0.jpg (170.5 KB, 750x1059, 1544626822725.jpg)

It's gonna drown any and all rational discussion and be even more cancerous than it already is.
I don't mind the pony autism as long as there's no horsefucking.
Thanks Ebin, i'll do my best to liven up the place.

8cb4a No.193654

File: 1545370382363-0.jpg (140.16 KB, 620x387, 1512172151535.jpg)

Btw, you been paying attention to Afghanistan? It's been heating up, see >>193419
for maps.

1a03b No.193655

I don't pay too much attention to what's happening on the ground really because ultimately what matters is whether or not Washington decides to stay around.
From what i've seen it's looking dark for the Kabul gov though, hopefully the burgers abandons their autistic endeavor and Kabul settles for what they're worth in peace agreements.
Peace can't come soon enough.

8cb4a No.193656

File: 1545371244835-0.png (252.76 KB, 2152x680, chadiban.png)

>I don't pay too much attention to what's happening on the ground really because ultimately what matters is whether or not Washington decides to stay around.
At the rate the ANA is disintegrating due to KIA, desertions, defections, there won't even be an ANA by 2022.
>From what i've seen it's looking dark for the Kabul gov though, hopefully the burgers abandons their autistic endeavor
Trump's apparently given the order to pull 7,000 out of 14,000 US soldiers from Afghanistan "within the coming weeks and months".
>and Kabul settles for what they're worth in peace agreements.
Kabul gov't won't last. The Taliban won't even look at them, and refused to talk to them in the latest round of negotiations. The Taliban want the Kabul gov't gone.
>Peace can't come soon enough.

1a03b No.193657

I also noticed the Taliban being friendly towards the Hazari shias, another good development showing the Taliban are maturing.

8cb4a No.193659

File: 1545371584602-0.jpg (901.2 KB, 1484x1184, taliban.jpg)

>I also noticed the Taliban being friendly towards the Hazari shias, another good development showing the Taliban are maturing.
Yeah, the Taliban of today are nothing like the Taliban of 2001, they've become more pragmatic, allowed a higher quality of life including internet penetration into Afghanistan - while keeping the Western (((degeneracy))) in check ofc. Doc can fill you in on the details of their changes.
Speaking of Hazaras, the Taliban are penetrating deep into Hazara areas and I've seen pics of Hazara among Taliban ranks.

8cb4a No.193660

File: 1545371667212-0.jpg (11.63 KB, 235x413, erdogan-turk-flag-devil-ho….jpg)

File: 1545371667212-1.gif (416.79 KB, 600x600, Release Kraken.gif)

>tfw my "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" shitpost might actually come true

1a03b No.193661

Top jej
Good stuff.

2dd63 No.193667

>Press S to spit on the futafags.
>t. footfag

2dd63 No.193668

> this place so active
don't get fooled, it's only temporary
usually it's very slow but that's better since quality>quantity

2dd63 No.193670

>I also noticed the Taliban being friendly towards the Hazari shias,
not quite
the hazara are pro kabul regime loyalist so they end up clashing with taliban
best bets is IS-K starts slaughtering them because "muh shias" so they find a common enemy with taliban
but as long as they'll suck US dicks, then they wont be in great terms with taliban

1a03b No.193672

>don't get fooled, it's only temporary
I've been here before and this is fantastic compared to then. With recent and upcoming events unfolding i hope it doesn't die again, atleast for a while. I'll contribute what i can.
From what i can tell they're already getting slaughtered by IS-K. If Kabul can't provide security and Taliban continues to tolerate them for their religion there could be greater sways towards the Taliban, which seems to be their plan.

1a03b No.193673

File: 1545379668275-0.png (2.69 MB, 1180x1200, Du6WLjyXgAAyfrn.png)

524da No.193674

The Taliban is a Sunni fundamentalist group with (at least former) ties to al-Qaeda. Any Afghan Shia would be retarded if he has no suspicions of them.
Unless IS-K is the only alternative to the Taliban, it makes sense for them to support Kabul.

1a03b No.193676

>There are several sources as well stating the relationship between the Taliban and Iran in recent years. This said to occur from leadership change in the Taliban itself. Pro-Iran media outlets have also reported that the Taliban has included Shia Hazara fighters into its ranks. The Taliban have also condemned ISIS linked attacks on the Hazara Shia minority.

1fea2 No.193677

more like opportunists.
>IS-K starts slaughtering them because "muh shias" so they find a common enemy with taliban
They have been getting the shit bombed out of them(in Kabul mostly) by IS-K yet their militias have never fought against them.
>The Taliban is a Sunni fundamentalist group with (at least former) ties to al-Qaeda. Any Afghan Shia would be retarded if he has no suspicions of them
True but then again
>For nearly 18 years, Afghanistan’s hard-line Islamist Taliban movement largely refrained from attacking the country’s predominately Shi’ite Hazara minority.

But the Taliban recently began targeting Hazara-inhabited regions in the central provinces of Uruzgan and Ghazni. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced by the fighting, which began in late October.

The fighting was apparently provoked by the breakdown of a longstanding agreement between the two, according to former Taliban members and Ghazni locals. Hazara leaders, for their part, deny they had engaged in any written or verbal understanding with the insurgents. The Taliban regime is accused of harshly persecuting the beleaguered minority during its stint in power in the 1990s.

Nazar Muhammad Mutmaeen, a Kabul-based former Taliban official, says both the Taliban and Hazara community -- which is spread over several provinces in central Afghanistan -- largely respected an understanding that required them to keep out of each other’s affairs.

“The understanding was that the Taliban will not be harmed by the Hazaras while members of Hazara militias, too, will refrain from traveling to regions controlled by the Taliban,” Mutmaeen told Radio Free Afghanistan.

He says an increase in the number of rural territories controlled by the Taliban has prompted authorities across the country to engage in secret local deals. “The Hazaras concluded the most deals,” he said.

He says this agreement collapsed after fighting broke out between Hazara commander Abdul Hakim Shujae and the Taliban in Uruzgan Province in October.

“Shujae had gone into the areas the Taliban had banned him from traveling to. This is why the Taliban first attacked Shujae and then extended their fighting into Malistan and Jaghori districts in [neighboring Ghazni Province],” he said.

1fea2 No.193678

>This said to occur from leadership change in the Taliban itself.
Half true. Relationship between them started growing after it became apparent to Iran that their Northern Alliance proxies have mostly been subverted by US after helping them invade Afghanistan. They setup up the Mashad Shura and have been working with since them.

1a03b No.193679

1a03b No.193680

There's so much disinformation about the burgers pull out of Syria.
The burgers are saying they'll fuck off from Syria in 60-100 days.
Can't remember who, but some source said they'll leave the northwestern part of the SDF territory first (i guess Manbij, Ayn-el-arab(Kobane), Tel Abyad) and continue fighting in Hajin before pulling out.
Some sources are saying they have stopped the airstrikes completely, certainly meaning they'll fuck off instantly. It corroborates with Trumps statement of letting Syria/Iran/Russia handle ISIS, but not the 60-100 day statement.
Is there a clear story on this?
The SDF has to be quick with letting SAA take over the burgers position in the northwest, if not it does seem like TFSA/t*rks will strike the moment the burgers leave.
The least the SAA has to take (if it is true that the burgers will gradually leave) is the M-4 highway from Manbij to Qamishli (or the Lafarge cement plant military base, judging on what parts the burgers leave from).

1a03b No.193681

File: 1545389372423.jpg (73.22 KB, 800x445, masdar2_0.jpg)

It's gonna be a nailbiter lads

2dd63 No.193682

>Any Afghan Shia would be retarded if he has no suspicions of them.
AQ and other Sunni radicals have been here waaaaay before 2001 yet they didn't get the ISIS treatment
Hazaras are just the opportunistic shabbos of afghanistan

1a03b No.193683

>from Hajin :
>ISIS is launching huge attack, heavy clashes are taking place there.
>only 35% percent from Hajin is liberated by our forces.
>we think that ISIS will keep launching attacks in the future.
>everybody should be aware that #ISIS is still strong
This is confusing, 35%?
Surely they must mean 35% of the entire pocket and not just the town?
Sounds mostly like they're just trying to plead for the burgers to stay forever.

2dd63 No.193684

>I've seen pics of Hazara among Taliban ranks.

1a03b No.193685

I haven't seen it, but i've seen pictures of Taliban being friendly with Hazara villagers, so it's not too far fetched.

1a03b No.193686

File: 1545391712457-0.jpg (65.39 KB, 960x467, Du78SN5XgAE2ZgG.jpg)

File: 1545391712457-1.jpg (66.46 KB, 685x538, Du78S0DXgAA89cU.jpg)

File: 1545391712457-2.jpg (66.55 KB, 701x538, Du78TfdX0AALStI.jpg)

>Sheikhs and tribal leaders in the province of Al-Hasaka issued a statement on the Turkish threats to launch aggression on Syrian territory.

2dd63 No.193687

>i've seen pictures of Taliban being friendly with Hazara villagers
nothing new
taliban has always restrained from pointlessly making enemies
the point is if hazaras are being introduced into taliban ranks it'll be quite new and odd
it's not taliban plans to create a multireligious group especially considering the AQ recruits that already fight with them in their ranks
during sov-afg war shia militias and sunnis mujahedin (although friendly to each other) didn't make a merged group and tended to fight in their separate organizations
so I highly doubt that taliban would include hazaras in their ranks

2dd63 No.193688

File: 1545392042263.png (1 MB, 1920x1080, melon.png)

>america bow to the watermelon seller
>taliban protect their watermelon supply from invaders
>watermelon are vital for the survival of 13% of the american population
really makes you think

1a03b No.193689

>The HTS break into the Joint Operations Room of Faylaq al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Ahrar in the village of Barissa in the south-eastern Idlib countryside and seized all existing weapons and equipment.
Not sure which one it is.

2dd63 No.193691

1a03b No.193692

>A report 14 hours ago by a militant belonging to Zinki&friends camp:
>The HTS surrounds Al-Atareb #Aleppo and arrests anyone who belongs to Zinki.

1a03b No.193693

Heavy fog incoming in the Hajin pocket.

2dd63 No.193694

>taliban celebrating US withdrawal from afghanistan

1a03b No.193695

Didn't they say they were Hezb-e Islami?

2dd63 No.193696

some groups shown yes

1a03b No.193697

Despite it's age an interesting docu, thanks for sharing.
It's obvious to see even back then that the ANDSF are too incompetent/corrupt/unreliable to maintain control.

1a03b No.193698

File: 1545396884245.jpg (152.16 KB, 1200x900, Du8Rok9WkAAytPI.jpg)

>morning on the front of Hama - Idlib

1a03b No.193699

>In order to confront the Turkish threats to northeastern Syria, and to counter any attack from ISIS positions in eastern Euphrates or the Homs desert, the Tiger Forces are being redeployed from Hama to the western bank of the Euphrates River.
>During the last meetings between #Damascus representatives and #Kurds from al-Hasaka, the Kurds no longer requested a federation but centralised governorship. This means the differences are not significant and can be solved, particularly with the US withdrawal & Turkish threat.

2dd63 No.193700

>It's obvious to see even back then that the ANDSF are too incompetent/corrupt/unreliable to maintain control
you have no idea how broken they are
i was discussing with an amerimutt vet who served to train afghan troops during his deployment
he told me the group he was in charge was hopeless from day one since the government policy completely ignores the ethnic diversity of the country and end up making squad with half of them speaking only pashto and other half only speaking dari so half of the team can't understand the orders and can't communicate with the other half of the team to coordinate during operations all for the sake of utopian ideal that because they fight under the same flag then they are all the same

1fea2 No.193701

>Afghan government says US withdrawal will not affect security
need a kabulbob
kek these nigga are in Pul-e-Charki prison and were dancing when Raziq was killed.

1a03b No.193702

File: 1545397265975.jpg (355.59 KB, 1015x852, 1544639355057.jpg)

>all for the sake of utopian ideal that because they fight under the same flag then they are all the same
dog bless america

1a03b No.193704

File: 1545397860893.jpg (133.06 KB, 720x960, Du8UNDRXQAAG7nD.jpg)

los tigros with field reporters heading east

1a03b No.193705

>BREAKING — Turkey postpones a military operation on North Eastern Syria against US partner SDF following Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from this country, Erdogan announces
>Turkey will be working on a new operational plan to eliminate remaining ISIS pockets and YPG militants in Syria, in line with his conversation with Trump, Erdogan says

1a03b No.193706

2dd63 No.193707

1fea2 No.193708

not taliban its ahmed shah masood fighting najibullah to take over kabul then with hekmatyar to keep control

1a03b No.193709

Reminds me of SAA shelling Damascus from the mountains. Cool stuff.

2dd63 No.193710

File: 1545399707895.png (287.56 KB, 301x552, ok.png)

my mistake

1fea2 No.193712

somehow the picture makes me think the post is not an admission of a mistake but more in line with the phrase "up yours".

also thoughts

1fea2 No.193714

>Taliban to Kabul: Scrap security pact with Washington
The Taliban say the Afghan government if it is really interested in peace parleys with the insurgent movement, should immediately scrap a security pact with the United States.

President Ashraf Ghani’s administration had signed the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the US in 2014 -- three days after the national unity government came into being.

For months, the international community has been stressing the need for face-to-face talks between Kabul and Taliban representatives on a negotiated end to the 17-year-old conflict.

But the Taliban have refused meeting Afghan leaders, saying the government in Kabul does not have the power to take important decisions. Therefore, the rebel group argues, it wants to negotiate Afghanistan’s future with the US.

On Friday, a statement on Taliban’s website explained why they had declined a meeting with the Afghan government delegation in the UAE capital two days back.

The main agenda item, the insurgents said, pertained to the US pullout from Afghanistan. A possible threat to the US-led Western world from Afghanistan was another American concern that the Taliban addressed.

In return, the US should set free Taliban prisoners, remove names of militant leaders from the blacklist and recognise their political office to build confidence and take forward the nascent dialogue, the statement added.

The Taliban explained they did not meet the Afghan delegation, because Kabul was not empowered to address the issues discussed at the UAE meeting.

The statement said Kabul, it was still interested in reaching an understanding with the Taliban, should immediately walk out of BSA and tell US troops to leave the country.

2dd63 No.193715

>somehow the picture makes me think the post is not an admission of a mistake but more in line with the phrase "up yours".
why the fuck would i say so? if i'm wrong then i really don't see the point of saying so
poe's law or paranoia?
>also thoughts
well they seems like submitting but i wouldn't rule out some internal fights with more hardline pro kurdistan elements trying to secede from sdf

1fea2 No.193717

>why the fuck would i say so? if i'm wrong then i really don't see the point of saying so poe's law or paranoia?
nigga im trying to make a joke you could have just replied with a "lel no" and what is this poe's law?
>well they seems like submitting but i wouldn't rule out some internal fights with more hardline pro kurdistan elements trying to secede from sdf
what do you think of this >>193705 and what kind of a new operation would this be?

0f6fc No.193720

FutaFags get the Gas, while FootFags Get minor Electric Shocks.

1fea2 No.193722

>US military sends large convoy to eastern Syria despite withdrawal announcement – report
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:35 A.M.) – The U.S. military sent a large convoy of reinforcements and equipment to the eastern region of Syria on Friday, despite Donald Trump’s withdrawal announcement on Wednesday.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), “despite the American decision to withdraw, tens of trucks loaded with reinforcements and equipment head towards east of Euphrates.”

The decision to send these reinforcements to eastern Deir Ezzor comes after the SOHR reported that the U.S. Coalition constructed a new military base in the former Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) stronghold of Hajin.

On Friday morning, the U.S. continued their daily airstrikes over eastern Deir Ezzor, paving the way for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to score a new advance east of the Euphrates River.

1fea2 No.193723

>Greece threatens NATO ally Turkey over Aegean islets
Greece’s top military brass have fired off a set of unusually stern warnings to Turkey, threatening to crush its troops if they dare to land on any disputed islet in the Aegean Sea – but Ankara didn’t mince its words either.
Reacting to violations of Greek airspace by Turkish jets over the Aegean, Defense Minister Panos Kammenos warned that Ankara would pay a price.
“If they make the slightest move, we will crush them,” Kammenos threatened. Athens wants peace and harmony, he said, but it won’t “concede a single centimeter” of its land.
The minister was visiting a military outpost on the small Aegean island of Leros, so the bellicose rhetoric could be explained by his desire to raise the troops’ morale. But it was also echoed by Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, chief of the Hellenic General Staff.
“If the Turks land on a rocky islet, we will raze it to the ground. That is a red line that is espoused by the government,” Apostolakis declared. He suggested that a military confrontation with Turkey is a possibility, but said “along with the US and the European Union, we want to ensure that the Turks do not reach that point.”
It comes after Greece’s military said that a pair of Turkish F-16s made a flyover of the island of Kastelorizo in the eastern Aegean on Thursday, minutes after a helicopter carrying Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos traveled through the area en route to Athens.
Turkey, however, will not allow “any fait accompli in the Aegean and the

Mediterranean,” according to Gen. Hulusi Akar, chief of its General Staff. There is no way that Turkey will back down “from the rights of our country and our people,” he said.

Despite formally being NATO allies, Greece and Turkey share an uneasy history. The modern-day Turkish Republic was founded after a bloody war with Greece and Western powers back in 1923.

Hostility between Athens and Ankara persisted throughout several decades, reaching its peak during the Cyprus Crisis, which almost erupted into full-scale war after Turkish troops invaded the north of the island in 1974.

At times, both countries have tried to come to an agreement over the issue, but to no avail so far.Currently, Greece and Turkey have several disputes over the Aegean.

The sea is dotted with dozens of small islets, making delimitation of the maritime border especially challenging.

Several clashes between both countries’ warships have taken place over the last few years, along with numerous mid-air encounters of Turkish and Greek jets.

1a03b No.193724

File: 1545404637389.jpg (81.69 KB, 783x590, 1544780863259.jpg)

>U.S. Coalition constructed a new military base in the former Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) stronghold of Hajin.
Having a rough time believing they'd build a base in a contested town in mortar range tbqh.

0f6fc No.193725

Why wouldn't (((they)))? it would only be Non jews dieing to the mortars.

1a03b No.193726

File: 1545405557498.jpg (43.9 KB, 483x358, 1541891163846.jpg)

The commanders in the field aren't rabbis my dude.

0f6fc No.193728

The commanders Back home are though. and thats who the commanders in the field take their orders from.

1a03b No.193732

You have an extreme image of how your military operates, friend.

0f6fc No.193733

i've seen how they operate.

05ee2 No.193734

File: 1545406750308.jpg (130.42 KB, 607x673, 21456757567655.jpg)

It keeps getting better and better.
I hope Junior has a plan after Haftar wins.

2dd63 No.193738

File: 1545409862376.jpg (98.07 KB, 981x691, 1495616550720.jpg)

lEl nO
that good enough?
> what is this poe's law?
i_t's when you can misinterpret someone's tone (ironic, angry, joking etc) when he's writing because you can't see his facial expression

2dd63 No.193739

>they still haven't fixed the map links
that's it, i'm done with them

1a03b No.193747

>Private sources: President Bashar al Assad has rejected the Kurdish proposal while Turkey is gathering forces (Euphrates Shield et al)to attack the Kurdish controlled area north of #Syria.
>#Russia seems holding back president Erdogan for a while. A lot of pressure
>Details of the Kurdish offer and the Details of the Dyrian answer will be shared tomorrow evening local time.#Syria
>Private sources strongly believe that the #USA is willing to deliver the northeast of Syria to #Turkey.
>I just heard the Tigers are going to be deployed to NW Hasaka CS. (YPG agreed to hand over some areas).
>The sources, TF, that I follow, say TF is not going to fight Daesh east of the Euphrates.

1a03b No.193765

>Update: Tiger Forces to begin offensive against ISIS in east Deir Ezzor
On Friday, the elite Tiger Forces branch of the Syrian military was given orders to redeploy to eastern Syria, where they will post up along the eastern countryside of the Deir Ezzor Governorate.
According to a military source in Damascus, the reason for the redeployment is due to the growing Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) that is posed by the upcoming Turkish Army offensive east of the Euphrates.
The source said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are fighting ISIS right now, will be forced to redeploy much of their troops to northern Syria as they attempt to deal with the looming Turkish Army threat.
The Tiger Forces are expected to clear a small Islamic State pocket that has remained near the border-city of Albukamal.
ISIS has launched several attacks on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions from this pocket near Albukamal; it has become a major issue due to the constant shelling from the terrorist group on the city.

1a03b No.193766

File: 1545418769594.jpg (18.12 KB, 307x309, 1542825596534.jpg)

Masdar are such shitters, do they mean something on the west (i.e the desert) or east side of the Euphrates (Hajin) when they say "small Islamic State pocket that has remained near the border-city of Albukamal"??

1a03b No.193767

File: 1545419031972.jpg (79.88 KB, 604x604, 1543214463181.jpg)

and don't me started on them click baiting artillery fire as "assaults".

1a03b No.193768

File: 1545419771510-0.jpg (53.92 KB, 1200x675, Du9nHYsW0AA73oD.jpg)

File: 1545419771510-1.jpg (103.55 KB, 1200x675, Du9noE0XcAESgMN.jpg)

File: 1545419771510-2.jpg (56.59 KB, 1200x675, Du9noEUWsAEuRdY.jpg)

Photoset of technicals and machine gun fire towards SDF in the Hajin pocket, looks like farmlands around Hajin town and probably outskirts of a Hajin neighborhood/suburb. Nothing fancy.

1a03b No.193769

>Daesh raids against SDF positions in the desert took place during the morning. SDF regained lost points in Abu al Khatir. Ash Shafah has been bombed several times.

2dd63 No.193776

2dd63 No.193783

File: 1545428588174-1.png (1.63 MB, 540x3428, 1545425635413.png)

File: 1545428588174-2.jpg (66.84 KB, 635x680, 1545424853770.jpg)

>roasties go on sex tourism tour in muttrocco
>get beheaded

05ee2 No.193785

File: 1545429583139.jpg (35.22 KB, 600x600, 123423544654.jpg)


45182 No.193786

Is this the video of the beheading of the Norwegian and Danish tourist?

48040 No.193787

Is there a link to a version of the beheading I can watch with sound? I want to know because of reasons

2dd63 No.193790

2dd63 No.193792

48040 No.193796

doesn't work

48040 No.193797

doesn't work

2dd63 No.193798

works for me
i'm on a computer btw

48040 No.193799

me too, it still doesn't work, you got another link?

2dd63 No.193801

yeah it stopped working for me too
fortunately i did download it with sound but don't know where to upload

48040 No.193802


2dd63 No.193803

2dd63 No.193804

>mlpol allows mp4
this site is a thousand times better than 4chinks
friendship ended with 4/sg
mlpol/sg is my new friend now

48040 No.193805

thot patrol in action

2dd63 No.193807

save it quick because honestly i don't feel too keen on uploading shit like that
i could get sued on the basis of spreading ISIS propaganda

48040 No.193808

ah fuck too late

05ee2 No.193810

File: 1545434361207.jpg (78.85 KB, 600x600, 154367768.jpg)

>Suheil "Tiger" Al-Hassan has joined the match

0f6fc No.193812

Syria Hitler seems pretty cool.

8cb4a No.193817

Yeah, it was a memory error on my part. I saw Hazaras with Taliban and assumed ("ass out of u and me" as we say in the South) they were among Taliban ranks.
They were just being friendly.
The Kurds are bloody desperate now.
>>Afghan government says US withdrawal will not affect security

05ee2 No.193818

File: 1545436029914.jpg (202.49 KB, 1000x799, 1502975270355.jpg)

Damn right.

8cb4a No.193820

Ah, good, they're talking.
Another foothold across the Euphrates and get a buffer zone from Abu Kamal.
I don't follow Masdar unless I'm bloody desperate for news.
Ye, I saw this yesterday.
>sex tourism in m*Rocco of all fucking places
They kinda deserved that.

8cb4a No.193821

File: 1545436227494.jpg (53.08 KB, 342x336, 99801871.jpg)

>Notorious commander of the Tiger Forces Suheil Al-Hasan has arrived to Deir Ez Zor City

8cb4a No.193824

File: 1545437736200-0.png (1.41 MB, 2504x2184, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1545437736200-1.gif (930.27 KB, 2504x2184, SYR Dec 20 - Dec 21.gif)

A draft resolution calling for the declaration of war with Russia was introduced to the Ukrainian Parliament on December 21.

The full title of the document is “Draft Resolution on the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Parliament] to the President of Ukraine regarding the declaration of war, the breakdown of diplomatic relations and the cessation of transport links with the Russian Federation”.

The document was introduced by a member of parliament Kupriy Nikolaevich.

It’s unclear when the Ukrainian Parliament is going to vote on the proposed declaration of war.

On December 20, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov revealed that the Kiev government is to stage a new provocation against Russia by sending another naval group with so-called “international observers” through the the Kerch Strait.

On December 19, a resolution was introduced in the US Senate called for a international freedom of navigation military operation in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov.

Meanwhile, the US and other NATO member states have increased their intelligence activity across the Russian borders. Washington is also withdrawing combat-ready troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Some sources say that these forces could be needed for the US in case of participation in some “new” military conflict.

Syria Shitmupdates, advances against the ISIS pocket in Euphrates.

1a03b No.193827

>UNCONFIRMED Reports spreading tonight all over Syrian Pages
>"There has been an agreement between SAA and SDF following the handing over of manbij to the SAA tomorrow morninh"
>4 HOURS AGO: Aleppo is getting brighter. We're heading to manbij tomorrow morning pray for us

8cb4a No.193828

File: 1545438833205-0.jpg (28.12 KB, 480x360, 51647888.jpg)

Huge if true

1a03b No.193829

>Tiger_Forces Soldier: "arus alfurat we will start destroying and purifying our lands in the beloved north from terrorists and takfiris"
>Operation name is Arus Alfurat
>Arut is someone who's newly married
>#Tiger_Forces Taha Regiment says Military operations will began soon and one Soldier Confirms its Deir Ez Zor Region against

2dd63 No.193831

don't you guys have the feeling that this war is ending like a bad movie? with the end rushed and lots of steps towards it skipped?

05ee2 No.193832

File: 1545439095167.png (1.08 MB, 5119x1500, 1234576876876.png)

Just like my favourite space opera…

8cb4a No.193833

Time to break out the red paint and get it ready.
At least it's ending and not like Donbass - so far.

0f6fc No.193834

File: 1545439422011.jpg (76.8 KB, 805x805, _sad appul.jpg)

1a03b No.193835

>Militants at Al-Tanf are preparing for settlement under the wing of the SAA
>The #SyrianArmy carries out a sophisticated military operation against #Turkistani terrorists the #Uyghur in the town of #Najiah near #Jisr_alshugour in #Idlib province
>Video from 14 hours ago from a Tiger Forces Soldier whose Unit is travelling towards Manbij. Video is titled "Tigers Men To Manbij"

1a03b No.193836

File: 1545439556926-0.png (229.23 KB, 790x837, 1542925427266.png)

>Time to break out the red paint and get it ready.
It has been a long time

05ee2 No.193837

Too long.

05ee2 No.193839

File: 1545439712439.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.35 KB, 800x450, 124356575675.jpg)

1a03b No.193840

>One of the #SDF soldiers in Hajin front said "that there are no soldiers like bashar's brave soldiers. Wait and see how everyone will say the same thing. The days are coming"
lmao saw this untranslated the day before the burger pullout announcement, what a weird timing

8cb4a No.193841

File: 1545439821287-0.png (141.88 KB, 2124x1854, Technicolor Syria Road Map….png)

>>Militants at Al-Tanf are preparing for settlement under the wing of the SAA
Can't wait to wipe out that pocket from my Shitmap and update my Roadmap
>>The #SyrianArmy carries out a sophisticated military operation against #Turkistani terrorists the #Uyghur in the town of #Najiah near #Jisr_alshugour in #Idlib province
That's pretty far behind enemy lines.

1a03b No.193842

>Can't wait to wipe out that pocket from my Shitmap and update my Roadmap
Feels good man
>That's pretty far behind enemy lines.
My guess is shelling

1a03b No.193843

>Female Syrian Activist said couple hours ago: Large military reinforcements of the SAA heading to enter manbij and extra soldiers getting sent to Tabqa
>The SAA continues sending reinforcements to Deir Ez Zor governatorate to eliminate daesh. It is expected to send the tiger forces within the following days to start the operation east of the river and in the pocket south of al mayadeen and east to sukhnah

8cb4a No.193844

>Female Syrian Activist said couple hours ago: Large military reinforcements of the SAA heading to enter manbij and extra soldiers getting sent to Tabqa
Tabqa too?! That's bloody huge!
>>The SAA continues sending reinforcements to Deir Ez Zor governatorate to eliminate daesh. It is expected to send the tiger forces within the following days to start the operation east of the river and in the pocket south of al mayadeen and east to sukhnah
SAA got tired of waiting around for Kurds to do shit agains that pocket and decided "Watch and learn".

1a03b No.193845

>Tabqa too?!
Won't be long before Raqqa is handed over too IMO
>SAA got tired of waiting around for Kurds to do shit agains that pocket and decided "Watch and learn".
To be honest i'm kind of impressed that SDF even managed to capture Hajin, that pocket is filled with a fuckhuge amount of veteran ISIS fighters and legitimately resisting unlike so many areas they captured before.

1a03b No.193891

File: 1545455690403.jpg (86.14 KB, 704x960, Du_nX5pXQAEu2lV.jpg)

>Convoy that Arrived in the #DeirEzZor #Bukamal #Salihiyah Region Yesterday
>5th Corps
Hmm, 5th corps are on Russian payroll, so it's not far fetched to imagine Russian military being around.
With that in mind, A pontoon bridge like the one at DeZ-Khasham being deployed is not far fetched either.

1a03b No.193913

>Manbij being handed over is not true for now
>Deir Ezzor oil fields, Qamishly, and Hasaka are going to be the first zones of deployment of the Syrian Army

1a03b No.193921

>Amaq reports about #IS IED attack in Hawayij yesterday. They also claimed another IED blast in vicinity of Busayrah from 2 days ago
Seemingly daily IED attacks against SDF in this area.
I wonder if mukhabarat will be able to catch the perps once it's handed over to the SAA.

1a03b No.193926

>Reliable Tiger Forces reporter: East of the Euphrates and up to Tal Tamr on the banks of the Khabour River, Syrian land .. and will remain Until eternity ..
Corroborates with the report of Tigers heading to northwestern Hasakah.
The town is on the M-4 aswell, neat.

1a03b No.193927

>Unconfirmed reports that the #Syrian Army amasses its troops in Albu Kamal & Mayadin in order to launch a new offensive against #ISIS east of the Eupharates. Reports also suggests that SAA officials met with Iraqi army & PMU officials close to the border to Syria's #Baghuz town

1a03b No.193929

File: 1545480600810.jpg (77.21 KB, 720x960, DvBPgsyXgAAwdOa.jpg)

>Al-Jazeera: Sudanese Army intervened in support of the protesters against pro-gov paramilitary Rapid Support Forces

5d0be No.193930

>another /sg/ but this time Sudan
Just send a token force of Houthis to wipe sudaniggers clean. Clay can be given to Ethiopians.

1a03b No.193931

File: 1545483820744.jpg (42.67 KB, 446x456, 1497706708596.jpg)

>Qatar/Iran/T*rkey using Houthis as mercenaries in Sudan to get back at Saudi Arabia

5d0be No.193932

They will do this for free and the lulz ;^)

8cb4a No.193938

Doc, Pingu, your thoughts on this?
>Maidan Wardak governor General Muzaffar Yameen called on his forces to halt opposition to Taliban, he accused foreigners for the bloodshed & says Taliban are our own people. we don't have any problem with them. He said this while addressing students of SyedAbad university.

It's a repost, but I want your thoughts on this.
Personally, I don't think the Taliban will welcome him with open arms since he's basically a collaborator that sees the writing on the wall and wants to join the winning team.

af369 No.193940

File: 1545491956865.gif (235.31 KB, 384x288, hug.gif)

It is good to see you again!

5d0be No.193941

File: 1545492442415.png (127.37 KB, 785x757, 1504037058060.png)

af369 No.193942

File: 1545492543027.jpg (93.29 KB, 480x640, zzzz.jpg)

>away from thread for 2 days
>hundreds of new replies
Have our 3-month-long threads finally kicked up a gear?
This is a good development, if so. Week-long threads are maximum /comfy/.

af369 No.193943

Libya's been static too long for my liking. Some gains there will be nice!

af369 No.193944

File: 1545492928561.jpg (56.28 KB, 720x631, Im fed up with this world.jpg)

>Not Idlib
I thought they were going to move in when the Turks started their offensive?
I guess if they attack the Kurds, it will be okay, but I doubt it will happen soon since I fear America will keep giving them air support (even though they are pulling ground troops)

8cb4a No.193945

File: 1545493055873-0.png (719.9 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

File: 1545493055873-1.gif (511.21 KB, 3210x2767, YEM Dec 17 - Dec 22.gif)

Yemen Shitmupdates

>2. Jawf:

>Reclaiming Al Qa’if and Tawanitha areas and Mahwar heights in AnsarAllah recent operation.

>3. Sanaa:

>Heavy engagements between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition led troops in Nihm front northeast of Sanaa.

>Saudi Coalition attacked were defended so far.


af369 No.193946

File: 1545493193072.jpg (1.73 MB, 1203x10000, refugee2.jpg)

Reminds me of this.
It's so bad, but you can't go through this without at least grinning

5d0be No.193948

File: 1545493416826.jpg (24.38 KB, 400x400, 1445388389822.jpg)

af369 No.193949

File: 1545493420108.jpg (181.87 KB, 713x611, 1520946517303.jpg)

Thank you m'Lord.
All your map making effort is very much appreciated.

8cb4a No.193951

Thanks Lanka.
>I thought they were going to move in when the Turks started their offensive?
Why wait? Especially since the Kurds are desperate enough for protection that they're willing to turn to Assad and drop demands for federal Syria, including conceding oilfields to Assad.
>I guess if they attack the Kurds, it will be okay, but I doubt it will happen soon since I fear America will keep giving them air support (even though they are pulling ground troops)
Nah, it'd be horrific PR for Trump to airstrike Assad for fighting ISIS, especially since the US has said that they will stop airstrikes.
Besides, 5th Corps is being deployed there and that means it's not too farfetched to presume that Russians will be among the SAA advancing into SDF areas.

af369 No.193953

File: 1545494497300.jpg (45.17 KB, 1024x1024, wantingshittyebinbread.jpg)

>Thanks Lanka
You had a 50/50 shot, and you guessed wrong. haha

>Why wait?…

Sorry, I think I was unclear. I mean their attack on Idlib, not the Kurds. I agree that Assad should try to make a deal with them, seeing as he holds the position of power, the second thing I said was just me reminiscing over the possibility that the Kurds refuse to negotiate, but yeah, I agree with you that a deal would be better.

af369 No.193954

File: 1545494575517.jpg (56.92 KB, 650x626, 1534599569847.jpg)


…Maybe I should stop posting anime, so as to remove any future confusion. But I like posting anime so nah…

8cb4a No.193955

Eh, I've been up for about 27 hours now.
>Sorry, I think I was unclear. I mean their attack on Idlib, not the Kurds.
Bigger fish to fry. A small shithole full of Jihadis with not that many resources < Everything past the Euphrates river with Syria's biggest oilfields.
> the second thing I said was just me reminiscing over the possibility that the Kurds refuse to negotiate
They'll get sandwiched, and even the Kurds know this. Hence, the desperate bids for diplomacy.
Bah, I'll just pay closer attention to IDs

af369 No.193956

File: 1545495170025.jpg (388.17 KB, 1803x1351, sleepies2.jpg)

>27 hours
You should get some sleep, Ebin…

8cb4a No.193957

File: 1545495384203-0.png (1.88 MB, 880x1024, Maximilien Robeslel.png)

I've gone over 48hr without sleep before, I'll be fine.

2dd63 No.193972

interesting vid
it could come in handy to deal with leftover IED's in syria

2dd63 No.193973

unless he switch sides before the conflict is over, his chances of being pardoned are slim

e6a10 No.194006

Go to bed.

2dd63 No.194016

0f6fc No.194020

Guillotine when?

2dd63 No.194026

af369 No.194050

>Kurdish forces request long term French air support after American withdrawal.
Oh God, please no!
Your post gave me a heart attack, desu. Thought he was saying "yes" to them…

af369 No.194058

File: 1545537237639.jpg (34.34 KB, 655x527, reading.jpg)

The whole war is one bad movie. Think of all the plot holes. America bombs Syria for using chemical weapons, even after the "victims" in the video came out and said it was fake. That makes no sense at all! Writer oversight maybe? Also, what ever happened to the tension between Russia and Turkey? They shoot down a Russian plane, they hate each other, then the writers seem to forget everything that happened and just make them friends out of nowhere? Strange.
Poor character development: It's nice that they have a gay character (Suheil) but his whole identity is based on being gay and raping rebel POWs. This is lazy writing. Not to mention that this "Trump" character is totally unrealistic in so many ways.
Poor plot arch: I hated the way that they killed off Zahreddine. Firstly, if it had to be done, it would have been better to do it just before the siege was broken (more dramatic). Secondly, when you only have 4 or so main characters, killing off one of them will negatively effect the story unless you introduce new ones which they haven't really done.
Also, we were building to a climax at Idlib but then it just stops - so what was the point on building that up???
Very bad writing!

0f6fc No.194059

When Does my self insert nazi oc show up?

926e0 No.194074

File: 1545544179855.webm (1.61 MB, 400x224, Houthi translated speech.webm)

I disagree with your take on beard Druze man, Zahreddine's death was almost a masterpiece. His death being just after the end of all those years besieged was if anything uplifting and hopeful, I would of changed it to be after the full capturing of the city however.

Imagine how shitty it would of felt to know that he never saw the people of the city free

8cb4a No.194091

File: 1545557544317-0.png (720.61 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

File: 1545557544317-1.gif (511.42 KB, 3210x2767, YEM Dec 22 - Dec 23.gif)

Yemen Shitmupdates
>KSA/Hadi advances in NW Hajjah province
>Houthis make large gainz in Sirwah district of Marib province

1a03b No.194094

File: 1545567133409-0.jpg (144.97 KB, 1200x900, DvGUR0mWwAAw7n6.jpg)

File: 1545567133409-1.jpg (200.05 KB, 1199x654, DvGUR1dX4AAbEL0.jpg)

Deconfliction zone in northern Hama is working great.

1a03b No.194095

1a03b No.194096

>Pro-opposition sources claim a Turkish convoy including tanks and armored troop carriers crossed into #Syria through the al-Rai border crossing and moved towards Manbij
>Update: most of the Tiger Forces to remain in their positions around Idlib
Uhh… the deal is bust?

2dd63 No.194109

8545a No.194110

>Taliban captured Shibkoh district in Farah province. Farah as whole remains on the verge of collapse as Taliban controls more than 80% of it already.

doesn't seem like to he is trying to join, more like trying to cut a deal and the possibility of him getting his way appears to be low.
>wants to join the winning team.
you are going to see alot of these for example

20945 No.194114

Look at this duuude, oh nononoononononono…
By the way Doc, got a Turk now as a distant relavite - dude married to one of the cousin. Had an interesting talk with him, confirmed my suspicions- King Roach only cares about money now. Lad himself is alright. Strays from politics mostly and is focusing on the job.

8cb4a No.194116

Already marked as capped for a while now
>80% control of Farah
Seems that their strategy is capping Helmand and Farah to cut off Nimruz province, then move in on Nimruz province and capping it as well, thus shortening the frontlines and controlling a solid corner of Afghanistan as a launching pad for attacks north and east.
>doesn't seem like to he is trying to join, more like trying to cut a deal and the possibility of him getting his way appears to be low.
>you are going to see alot of these for example
Jej, fucking parasites, may the Taliban put them 6ft under the ground.
Thanks for the insights Pingu.
I see

2dd63 No.194117

> got a Turk now as a distant relavite
>friendship ended with lawgoy

20945 No.194118

Trust me, he's not that bad.

8cb4a No.194119

>inb4 lives a double life as a Turkish shitposter on /pol/ and /sg/

8545a No.194120

> Turk now as a distant relative
You are KARA BOGA by family relation now, yes?
>Already marked as capped for a while now
should have checked the map before posting, my bad.

20945 No.194121

Kek, hardly. But on the other hand.. he has autistic brother, so…. you will never know.

20945 No.194122

Das rite!

8cb4a No.194123

File: 1545598885253.jpg (52.18 KB, 550x640, 55123665388.jpg)

Eh, it's no big deal. I dunno why Pashtunist is "breaking the news" that Shibkoh is capped when it's been that way for a while.
>inb4 it's Onur
>pic semi-related

20945 No.194124

Nah, saw the pics from their wedding, def. not Onur.

2dd63 No.194125

File: 1545600827175.png (15.04 KB, 452x262, when your friend is losing….png)

we had a good run

8cb4a No.194127

File: 1545601080983.jpg (32.12 KB, 612x612, sb_234.jpg)

*links Lawgoy in all Shitmupdates and posts of news and discussions of said news*
What now Doc?

20945 No.194128

u jelly m8?

20945 No.194129

Oh and no worries, they leaving for Turkey in 3 days.

2dd63 No.194130

>they leaving for Turkey in 3 days
yeah i already heard that a lot
then his wife will come to home after a few years and realize that "going to turkey" really meant joining the rebels in syria

32ef1 No.194139

It is official.

>Order to withdraw US forces from Syria signed

>The order to withdraw US forces from Syria has been signed.
>A US defense official confirmed to CNN that "the execute order for Syria has been signed," while a second defense official told CNN that outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis signed it.

>The execute order spells out how and when the withdrawal of US forces from Syria will take place, but the official would not provide any additional operational details. The order begins to pave the way for exactly how and when US troops will be withdrawn from Syria, of which there are currently about 2,600 servicemembers in the country.

>The drawdown is expected to begin in the next several weeks and could take several weeks to finish.


c5d62 No.194165

File: 1545626862425.jpg (99.98 KB, 540x540, Homesick.jpg)

Truediltom broke the mold and published a video about the Syria withdrawal. Rather interesting philosophical perspective if you're into that sort of thing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRDsbx7v-sk

af369 No.194167

File: 1545627476180-0.gif (77.17 KB, 300x186, sb.gif)

File: 1545627476180-1.jpg (195.18 KB, 798x770, 1501853072591.jpg)

And remember, it's not just SDF-controlled areas that American troops are withdrawing from
>Pic of one of the 100 or so Al Tanf rebels in a week's time when Syrian troops start massing on their frontlines.

af369 No.194168

File: 1545627641078-0.jpg (80.66 KB, 400x400, 1544452994867.jpg)

>"National Liberation Army" announced the full readiness to launch operation against YPG in Manbij and areas east of the Euphrates River.
Here we go boys!

af369 No.194177

File: 1545632141913-0.jpg (366.24 KB, 457x1922, zzzz.jpg)

New meme

1a03b No.194178

File: 1545632420930-0.png (2.5 MB, 1180x1200, DvI87IZWkAEsJ5Q.png)

File: 1545632420930-1.jpg (1.6 MB, 2645x1746, shady.jpg)

>SDF entered Abu Hasan and control most of it, after days of clashes at the entrance
>Much of Abu Khatir is captured, IS are retreating through tunnels
>Fighting on the vicinity of Susah, Shafah, Baghuz
>huge exodus of civilians from the Hajin area
Shady stuff happening.
I haven't seen any reports of fighting in Abu Hassan from Amaq so it looks like SDF made a deal with the locals and ISIS retreated as SDF entered from the oil station.
I don't believe they'd stay in Abu Khatir so i assume it's been handed over aswell and the talk about tunnels are just bs.
>claim by Amaq: Attack on the member of #Syria Mukhabarat near Shaddadi, southern #Hasakah province

bb5b3 No.194188

File: 1545649537616-0.jpg (120.7 KB, 1200x800, DvLTwj7W0AAPTzO.jpg)

File: 1545649537616-1.jpg (116.86 KB, 1200x800, DvLTwy4WkAAl3dZ.jpg)

File: 1545649537616-2.jpg (131.15 KB, 1200x787, DvLUz_qWwAEx-pm.jpg)

File: 1545649537616-3.jpg (146.09 KB, 1200x742, DvLUzt8XQAA_jNZ.jpg)

>TSK 203mm M110A2 heavy howitzers and Kirpi MRAPs are on the way to border with #Syria. TSK's deployment still continues since 3 days.

1a03b No.194190

File: 1545650181331-0.jpg (305.52 KB, 800x586, 1545008828169.jpg)

>Turkish backed fighters in Syria preparing for battle in Tal Abyad and Manbij whilst apparently listening to an ISIS nasheed

2dd63 No.194194

some footage of ANA fights against taliban

bb5b3 No.194210

>Turkish forces given ‘green light’ to launch Manbij offensive: report

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:45 P.M.) – The Turkish military and their rebel allies have been given the “green light” to begin their offensive to capture the key town of Manbij in northern Aleppo, the Yeni Safak publication reported on Monday.

According to the Yeni Safak report, more than 8,000 Turkish soldiers and Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters were deployed to the Manbij front to capture the town from the “Kurdistan Workers Party” (PKK).

The PKK reference is for the Syrian Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People’s Protection Units (YPG), who are considered terrorist groups by Turkey.

The Yeni Safak report claims that the primary purpose of this Manbij operation is to eliminate the “PKK’s supply line from the Assad regime.”

The YPG and SDF troops in northern Syria were embedded with the U.S. Coalition and do not have any military ties with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Manbij.

In response to the buildup of Turkish forces in Manbij, the Syrian Arab Army has begun amassing troops to the south of the town in order to prevent any advance into their areas.

bb5b3 No.194211

>Algeria blasts Turkey over alleged arms shipment to Libya
BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:15 P.M.) – An Algerian official told the Saudi-owned Al-Watan publication on Monday that the allege Turkish arms shipment to Libya has threatened the stability of the region.

According to Al-Watan, the unnamed Algerian official claimed that the alleged Turkish arms was “a real declaration of war against us,” as rockets and 48 million rounds of ammunition were recently discovered along the Algerian-Libyan border.

“The military and security forces are on highest alert to confront any attempt to undermine our security,” he added.

Libyan officials in Benghazi have also heavily criticized the alleged arms shipment, while the Turkish Foreign Ministry has denied any role in its delivery to the war-torn North African nation.

bb5b3 No.194212

>Saudi Coalition troops retake 15 districts from Al-Qaeda in southern Yemen
BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:10 P.M.) – The Saudi Coalition and their Yemeni allies managed to retake several districts from the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the southern region of Yemen on Monday.

According to the military commander of the pro-government Yemeni Army, their troops and the Saudi Coalition captured 15 districts that were occupied by the Al-Qaeda forces in the Shabwah Governorate of southern Yemen.

The Yemeni Army said that their forces eliminated a large number of Al-Qaeda fighters during this cleansing operation.

Al-Qaeda has been active in the Shabwah Governorate for much of the war; this has prompted the pro-government forces in southern Yemen to take action against the terrorist group.

af369 No.194218

File: 1545665961094-0.png (214.62 KB, 432x616, angry.png)

>France plans to replace American forces in Syria.
But surely it won't be enough to stop Erdogan…?

2dd63 No.194222

guess erdoggo is having delusions of grandeur now that he got his green light over kurdoids
the memes about maps of ottoman empire seen in the hands of TFSA seems to be more than just memes

bb5b3 No.194223

>US Coalition bombs bridge being reconstructed by Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor
BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:10 P.M.) – The U.S. Coalition carried out a new airstrike in the Euphrates River Valley region of Deir Ezzor, today, targeting an area near the front-lines of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to a military source in Damascus, the U.S. Coalition bombed the Halbiyah-Zalbiyah Bridge that links the territories controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and Syrian Arab Army in western Deir Ezzor.

The source said that the Syrian Arab Army was recently reconstructing this bridge and was nearly finished until it was bombed by the U.S. Coalition.

The U.S. Coalition has not issued any statement about this bombing.

Al-Masdar’s source in Damascus said that the Syrian Arab Army believes the reason for the bombing was to prevent them from being able to cross the Euphrates and enter the SDF’s territory.

any other source reported this?

bb5b3 No.194224

>Battle for northern Yemen intensifies as Saudi Coalition attempts to advance in key district
BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:15 P.M.) – The Saudi Coalition resumed their offensive in the strategic Nihm District of the Sana’a Governorate, today, targeting the several hilltops that are currently under the control of the Houthi forces.

Backed by heavy airstrikes, the Saudi Coalition and the pro-government Yemeni Army troops began their attack on Monday by storming the Houthi defenses at the eastern sector of the Nihm District.

The Houthi forces said they were able to repel the Saudi Coalition’s attack on the Nihm District, adding that they killed several enemy fighters in the process.

However, pro-government media channels contrasted the Houthi reports, stating that their troops managed to capture several points inside the Nihm District on Monday.

The Nihm District is imperative to both sides as it is the gateway to the provincial capital of the Sana’a Governorate.

bb5b3 No.194227

>Clashes between #Taliban and Govt. forces supported by local militia in Khost Wa Fereng district in eastern #Baghlan

bb5b3 No.194229

>Ali Mamluk, head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, made an official visit to Egypt to discuss political and security issues, according to the SANA

>During the visit, Mamluk met with Abbas Kamel, director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate. This is the first time Damascus announces a security visit and describe it as "official."


>1-The Syrian Al-Watan newspaper released an article today revealing some details of General Ali Mamluk’s official visit to Egypt:


>2-The newspaper said, citing Syrian official, that the visit was a part of ongoing efforts to "unify Arab ranks" and to "face new challenges."


>3-The official told the newspaper that Egyptian officials will soon visit Syria in order to restore Syrian-Egyptian relations, then Syrian-Arab relations. According to the newspaper, Egypt is playing a key role in the efforts to restore Syria's relations with Arab countries.


bb5b3 No.194235

>Gun battles erupted in Gurziwan district in SE #Faryab as Govt. units attacked #Taliban positions on CP lost 2 weeks ago

bb5b3 No.194243

>#Iraq ‘s prime minister says his government could deploy troops inside #Syria . Adel Abdul-Mahdi says his government is "considering all the options" to protect Iraq from threats across its borders.

bb5b3 No.194245

>Trump is leaving behind a trap for Russia, Turkey and Iran in Syria

bb5b3 No.194249

>Militants storm government building in Afghan capital, take hostages

>At least 18 people killed. We have also taken out a number of wounded. Clearance operation still underway, a member of Crisis Response Unit ( CRU) tells me.


bb5b3 No.194250

>Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States. See? Isn’t it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country, the U.S., that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!

bb5b3 No.194254

>25 killed and 20 others wounded after the attackers stormed government buildings in #Kabul, 350 employees were rescued. No claims from Taliban. #AFG #KabulAttack

bb5b3 No.194255

>#Syria: past 24h there were largest #TSK & #FSA deployments on border & in #EuphratesShield area since #Afrin Offensive. Movements continue tonight.

bb5b3 No.194256

File: 1545681744213-0.jpg (101.62 KB, 960x720, DvNMhUEWsAAPKTz.jpg)

File: 1545681744213-1.jpg (92.91 KB, 960x720, DvNMiLlW0AA9spO.jpg)

File: 1545681744213-2.jpg (105.09 KB, 960x720, DvNMjACX0AAImXH.jpg)

>S. #Syria: Assad forces preparing to head to Al-Tanf area.

bb5b3 No.194257

>Video claims that the US convoy on the road between Rimeylan-Tal Ades and leaving towards Semelka border crossing to enter Iraqi territory.

Video in link

bb5b3 No.194258

>#NLF issued a statement requesting #Turkey to deploy their troops in #Idlib and Western #Aleppo to resist #HTS terrorists

>Heavy clashes are now occurring between #ISIS and #SDF in Abu Khater villager near #Hajin in #DeirEzzor.


bb5b3 No.194260

File: 1545683167124-0.jpg (29.16 KB, 640x519, 1471851030292.jpg)

>The #Iran/ian forces are withdrawing from #DerEzzor east #Syria towards the borders with #Iraq and some groups went back to Iraq.

>#Turkey ordered it’s backed militias in Idlib to attack the #SAA positions in south #Idlib in attempt to slow down SAA deployments to Manbij and the east

A (not confirmed tip) within 48 hours #Manbij and its CS will be handed over to the SAA

bb5b3 No.194262

File: 1545683584575-0.jpg (57.86 KB, 540x960, DvNSg5BX4AEe2YM.jpg)

File: 1545683584575-1.jpg (62.05 KB, 540x960, DvNSoTiWkAEYeii.jpg)

File: 1545683584575-2.jpg (53.11 KB, 960x540, DvNSqRxW0AENT8o.jpg)

>Ongoing maintenance of the UAE's embassy in Damascus.

2dd63 No.194279

Big think
>During the vote, Netanyahu is hoping to expand his coalition’s razor-thin one-vote majority in the legislative body (various member parties control 61 of 120 votes), which would (in theory) allow him to pass a bill aimed at making it easier to draft ultra-orthodox Israeli’s into the Israeli Defense Force, which has been struggling in recent years with a shortage of man power.
any word on that JJ?

8cb4a No.194301

File: 1545696670129-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1545696670129-1.gif (773.96 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 19 - Dec 24.gif)

File: 1545696670129-2.png (559.51 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1545696670129-3.gif (755.97 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 19 - Dec 24.gif)

Merry Christmas everyone.
Shitmupdates - Christmas edition

8cb4a No.194302

File: 1545698301174-0.png (1.67 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1545698301174-1.gif (992.36 KB, 2504x2184, SYR Dec 21 - Dec 24.gif)

File: 1545698301174-2.gif (1.05 MB, 2510x2186, Dec 24 2017-2018.gif)

Syria "Shitmupdates"
Bonus map: A Shitgif showing changes over the course of one year from this day last year.

8cb4a No.194304

File: 1545698517781-0.png (582.17 KB, 600x580, I don't need a head to LEL.png)

>take over a full year to clear out a city despite coalition artillery, ground, and air support
>SAA clears out cities double the size in less than a month

8cb4a No.194305

File: 1545698642521-0.gif (195.86 KB, 264x269, 167234588.gif)

Also, I realized something today: it's already been almost two years since I came to /sg/.

2dd63 No.194308

and almost three since you used to lurk on /b/

1a03b No.194364

File: 1545734614404-0.jpg (126.8 KB, 900x1200, DvQVLHfUcAEOdzc.jpg)

File: 1545734614404-1.jpg (53.44 KB, 960x640, DvQVLHfUcAAUa44.jpg)

File: 1545734614404-2.jpg (143.87 KB, 893x1200, DvQG4VJV4AAT7SV.jpg)

>In an interesting development for the first time in Al-Arima village in Manbij CS, there is a joint check-point belonging to #SAA and SDF on the highway.
Also, muh freedom activist is moaning about villagers in Houtah and Hara (guess it's Qarah due to the close proximity and similar name):
Possibly the checkpoint: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=36.483369&lon=37.766485&z=18&m=bs&show=/35833154/Arima-M4-checkpoint
Ivan discovered the bricks on the side of the road in recently uploaded pics of Tigers in "northern Aleppo" has the same patterns as a road in the outskirts of Manbij:
>New photo uploaded 7 Minutes Ago (1 hour now) from a Air Force Intelligence Soldier with the message Good Morning, Victory Morning. Heading to Northern Aleppo Countryside
>another Activist this morning: “the implementation of the agreement will start by SDF handing over the region of Al-Arima(العريمة) entirely and returning it to the motherland Syria, as a goodwill gesture from SDF.”

1a03b No.194365

SAA busted a weapons smuggler in Daraa, trying to hide the weapons under vegetables:

1a03b No.194366

>SDF arrested Shawish al-Batahawi of the dignitaries of Tell Abyad after saluting the Syrian army and President Bashar al-Assad in the presence of YPG / SDF leaders and US soldiers during a meeting in Tell Abyad condemning the gathering of the Turkish army in front of the city on the Turkish side
top jej, right in front of SDF and burgers

bb5b3 No.194370

>It is reported that SDF arrested him afterwards.

bb5b3 No.194371

>Big! Syrian army entered Arimah in #Manbij region, which could become a protecting shield for YPG against a Turkish offensive.

bb5b3 No.194372

File: 1545745762368-0.jpg (44.08 KB, 706x431, DvQ3b5cXQAAij2S.jpg)

File: 1545745762368-1.jpg (31.9 KB, 712x534, DvQ3b5YW0AE23my.jpg)

File: 1545745762368-2.jpg (34.9 KB, 440x293, DvQ3b_vXcAE128r.jpg)

>SBIED /Suicide attackers hit #Libya’s foreign ministry in Tripoli. At least three dead.

bb5b3 No.194375

>The 1st Armored Division was reportedly deployed west of Manbij.

>reliable source: Russian army forces established an installation point inside the village of Al-Arima west of Manbij after entered it earlier today.


af369 No.194376

File: 1545747543623.jpg (117.69 KB, 908x630, zzzz.jpg)

Based Kurds making gains against ISIS before they're eventually forced to give the land to the SAA.

20945 No.194377

File: 1545748711589.jpg (59.8 KB, 800x450, 21314323453.jpg)

>before they're eventually forced to give the land to the SAA.

3c94c No.194378

File: 1545748838947-0.jpg (57.5 KB, 964x526, DvROUtEWoAAD8m5.jpg)

af369 No.194379

File: 1545748981620.png (30.64 KB, 974x522, violin.png)

Ya just gotta have faith, faith faith!

20945 No.194380

File: 1545749186367.jpg (286.79 KB, 785x757, 1500429153008.jpg)

Ok fren.

3c94c No.194384

>A field reporter affiliated with Tiger Forces:

Very rapid developments are now taking place on the front of Manbij.

Crowds of the Syrian Arab Army prepare to enter the city. And the crowds of the Turkish occupier and his mercenaries also prepare to enter the city.

2dd63 No.194387

been a long fucking time since the last SBIED i can remember happening in the maghreb
thanks shartistan

2dd63 No.194388

or maybe hezbollah larping with russian flags (especially by the looks of uniforms)

8cb4a No.194406

File: 1545759716777-0.png (1.67 MB, 2510x2186, Techincolor Syria Warmap.png)

File: 1545759716777-1.gif (1.03 MB, 2510x2186, SYR Dec 24 - Dec 25.gif)

Syria Shitmupdates - Idlib Christmas is best Christmas indeed

8cb4a No.194408

>Although they announced the start of Manbij offensive seems that now #Turkey backed factions postponed it
Delayed because SAA is taking over?

3c94c No.194409

14 CPs overrun last night in Nawaqilo, Daga, Lachpur, Anbar Khani, Meshwanho & Garhabawi areas of Bati Kot #Nangarhar, 2 commanders (Jannat Gulab & Qasim) along with 18 militiamen killed, 13 wounded & another detained; large amount weapons/equip seized.

8cb4a No.194411

Already working on editing the Warmap, I just need coordinates for Bati Kot District, which is proving harder to find than it should be.

3c94c No.194412

why is khot wa fereng coloued as IS-K territory in shitmaps?

8cb4a No.194414

Shite, I just realized how similar Taliban gainz color looks to IS-K territory control color.
It's not IS-K color, it's Taliban gainz color.

3c94c No.194415

File: 1545761139738-0.jpg (31.77 KB, 611x351, DvRyQs2XgAALIuZ.jpg)

>#Syria #منبج #Manbij #Aleppo #NorthAleppo #NorthernAleppo
Activist :

3c94c No.194416

File: 1545761178307-0.jpg (28.76 KB, 441x157, DvR7nYfWsAAIskL.jpg)

>#Syria #DeirEzZor From bo Kamal #Bukamal leader of the 5th corps "be ready" Major General Zaid Ali Saleh made several meetings with military leaders and fighters to study & observe there combat readiness. talked about the deployment of SAA on the Frontline from Bukamal till tanaf

3c94c No.194417

File: 1545761236292-0.jpg (25.55 KB, 436x150, DvR-tJKWoAAKLYP.jpg)

>#Syria #منبج #Manbij #Aleppo #NorthAleppo #NorthernAleppo : New Report :
SAA is enforcing it's presence in the village of Al tahya with the continuous arriving of extra forces ready to be deployed on the Frontline with FSA militias.

3c94c No.194418

>#Syria #منبج #Manbij #Aleppo #NorthAleppo #NorthernAleppo A Manbij Activist posted just Now :
The First Division in addition to other groups are now heading towards the city of Manbij and are now on the road connecting Aleppo to Al Zakeya

3c94c No.194419

Footage of Taliban ambush on ANSDF patrol

3c94c No.194420

>SAA soldier says, if God willing, tommorow at dawn we will enter it (Manbij).. And further he says, to prepare on war .. all fronts could be opened ..

2dd63 No.194422

>can clearly see a taliban fighter filming with an Iphone on vid 2
>the footage we get is from potato nokia

3c94c No.194423

3c94c No.194424

File: 1545762907853-0.jpg (65.53 KB, 781x439, Saddam-In-Anbar.jpg)

>Iraqi university expels three students for holding up picture of Saddam Hussein

8cb4a No.194425

On December 24th, leaked plans for possible provocations in Donbass by Ukraine were posted on the hacker website Cyber Berkut. After this, the website came under attack after the information was posted, however there is a mirror provided.

According to the Cyber Berkut report, over the last few days the hacker group received information from completely different sources on possible dates for Ukrainian (and thus US and NATO) provocations against the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and Russia. The report provided an overview of alleged goals and objectives as well as the dates for possible provocations:

The direct leadership and the “curation” of the entire political and military life in Ukraine is exercised by its “Western partners” in the face of the US and the UK. A conglomerate of official staff, security and intelligence officers operate a sort of “operational headquarters.” It has four primary tasks:

Provision of direct assistance and overseeing the development of strategic plans for the defense of Ukraine from external threats (Russia more than anything);
Developing plans for land and naval offensive operations by the Ukrainian Navy and Armed Forces. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is allegedly obliged to take these plans into account;
Controlling the process of re-equipping, re-arming and training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Creating a “new” Ukrainian army that will counter Russia in the possible upcoming war;
Ensuring the activities and management of the Information and Psychological Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is to be used in the possible escalation scenario;

The fourth point of the tasks is significant, since it is common for the US in recent years to begin conflicts with “information warfare” operations.
Hacker Group Reveals Scenarios Of Possible Ukrainian Provocations Against DPR, LPR And Russia

Finally, a list of possible provocations on the territory of Ukraine or along the border with the DPR/LPR and Russia, which could take place between December 24th and January 7th:

A “breakthrough” of Ukrainian Navy warships through the Kerch Strait into the Sea of Azov. Unlike the November 25th incident, this time it would supposedly be larger and heavily armed so that the warships manage to actually break through. The provocation will be larger, should include usage of weapons in the conflict and must necessarily end up with a significant number of casualties;

Organization of provocations along the contact line between Ukraine and DPR/LPR with a requirement of civilian casualties, as well as military personnel deaths for Ukraine. According to the information, the most likely scenario is an imitation of artillery shelling from the DPR, during which a large number of Ukrainian civilians and military personnel are struck. For the purpose, he Ukrainian side has already manufactured unguided rocket and artillery shells similar to DPR/LPR ones, which will be used in the provocation;

Similarly to the second scenario, this one would happen along the contact line and would again involve Ukrainian civilian and military casualties. The DPR/LPR will allegedly employ chemical weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces, killing a large number of civilians and military personnel. To implement the plan, the “operational headquarters” and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense collected fragments of shells from beyond the withdrawal lines, which will be treated with chemical warfare agents. After imitating the use of chemical weapons by DPR/LPR it will present evidence of Russian chemical weapon’s use in the form of fragments of shells with traces of toxic substances;

Finally, the Ukrainian special services will carry out several sabotage operations in the government-controlled territories and blame the special services of the DPR/LPR and Russia. According to the information, sabotage operations can happen on the territory of several enterprises which use chlorine, ammonia and other hazardous substances in their manufacturing process:

Severodonetsk Azot Association, Severodonetsk;
Konstantinovsky Chemical Plant, Konstantinovka;
Avdiivka Coke Plant, Avdiivka;
Dzerzhinsky phenol plant, urban-type settlement Novgorod;
Kharkov Chemical reagents plant, Kharkov;
Azovstal iron and steel works.

It is yet to be seen if any of these plans are true and will be implemented.


puts on tinfoil hat

2dd63 No.194426

>Freedom and Democracy™**
>(** free speech not included)

8cb4a No.194427

File: 1545764434417-0.png (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, Technicolor Afghan Warmap.png)

File: 1545764434418-1.gif (773.3 KB, 2810x2564, AFG(S) Dec 24 - Dec 25.gif)

File: 1545764434418-2.png (559.67 KB, 5792x3664, Afghan Districtmap.png)

File: 1545764434418-3.gif (748.43 KB, 5792x3664, AFG(D) Dec 24 - Dec 25.gif)

Changed around the district locations on the Warmap since most of them were wrong (jej)
IS-K in Nangarhar is a bigger problem than I thought.

2dd63 No.194428

think you can do a 2 pic gif between the first map you made of afghanistan and today?

8cb4a No.194429

Hmm, maybe.
I've also got Yemen and Libya(!) to update.

8cb4a No.194430

File: 1545765229901-0.gif (720.43 KB, 2510x2394, AFG Aug 18 2017 - Dec 25 2….gif)

Wew, this Shitmap is already over a year and 4 months old.
Also, take note of that expansion.
>dat ugly bright green for Pakistan

8cb4a No.194435

File: 1545765965110-0.png (720.47 KB, 3210x2767, Technicolor Yemen Warmap.png)

File: 1545765965110-1.gif (509.6 KB, 3210x2767, YEM Dec 23 - Dec 25.gif)

Yemen Shitmupdates - Sirwah area in west Marib province heats up with Hadi/KSA counteroffensive

2dd63 No.194436

lot more of back and forth between ANA and taliban than i'd have expected
>dat broke ass scaling

8cb4a No.194437

Yeah, but the Taliban made big gains in the north and south.
>dat broke ass scaling
Expect the same for Yemen if you want a gif from first Yemen Shitmap to today.

8cb4a No.194438

File: 1545767192001-0.png (384.05 KB, 1610x2392, Technicolor Libya Warmap.png)

File: 1545767192001-1.gif (285.51 KB, 1610x2392, LIB Aug 18 - Dec 25.gif)

Libya Shitgif makes an entrance!

8cb4a No.194439

Note about the ISIS icons: They show presence, not actual control. Furthermore, on the Libya maps that I've looked through on occasion, it distinctly states that ISIS has presence, nothing more.

3c94c No.194441

>Breaking: Syrian Air Defense Forces are launching missiles at unidentified aerial objects over Damascus, updates to follow

>Update1: reports of several S-200 missiles launched at targets over the Syrian-Lebanese border.


3c94c No.194442

>Update2: several eyewitness told me that they'v seen aerial objects been hit by Syrian surface to air missile. However, the situation is not clear yet.

8cb4a No.194443

Israel trying again it seems.

8cb4a No.194444

Quads for 2019 happenings!

3c94c No.194445

>Air defence currently in action #Damascus

Video in link

3c94c No.194446

>#IAF jets at very low altitude over southern #Lebanon right now! Awesome sounds

cf03b No.194447


8cb4a No.194448

File: 1545768437753-0.png (159.26 KB, 467x468, Check these digits and LEL.png)

You all thought other sites were a big threat to gets, but it was actually me.
What the bloody are they doing? Are they actually trying to test the new upgrades to SyAD?

3c94c No.194449

>Update3: as for now, there is no reports of any explosion on the ground around or inside Damascus, just like the last two incidents.

8cb4a No.194450

This begs the question again: 100% interception rate on a standard raid or a half-hearted raid that was bloody easy to counter?

3c94c No.194451

>Alleged footage of an 'hostile target' over Damascus.

Video in link

3c94c No.194452

>Update4: the unidentified aerial objects were detected over Qatana and al-Dimass west of the city of Damascus. However, this don't mean that the target was in these two districts.

2dd63 No.194453

give me the two separate maps i'll try to fix it

3c94c No.194454

>#Syria #Damascus
Sky over Beirut (Lebanon) as alleged #IAF warplanes come back to their base after a raid against targets in #Damascus.

Video in link

8cb4a No.194455

File: 1545769258691-0.png (291.68 KB, 1564x938, 1497545830746.png)

Lol, this is back when I would crop out all that shite at the bottom.
See >>194435
for updated map.

3c94c No.194456

>multiple explosions heard tonight as air defenses are activated over W. #Damascus (area of Qatana). http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.429722&lon=36.093521&z=11&m

video in link

3c94c No.194459

>Update5: Israeli warplanes were seen over southern Syria flying at low level and dropping flares.

2dd63 No.194460

ok working on it meanwhile can you give me the first afghan one

3c94c No.194461

>@syriahr reports that #IAF warplanes have targeted an #Iran|ian weapon warehouse near #Damascus.

8cb4a No.194462

File: 1545769957257-0.png (685.79 KB, 2510x2394, First Afghan Shitmap.png)

File: 1545769957257-1.jpg (43.56 KB, 479x328, ronpaul2.jpg)

Here you go Doc
>dropping flares
But no missiles?
>this comes after the Russians warned that Iranian/Syrian bases will have Russians deployed at them
2nd pic related

3c94c No.194463

>The Syrian Army is heavily shelling the Golan Heights right now.

8cb4a No.194464

File: 1545770115340-0.gif (1.82 MB, 1280x714, 1516453809123.gif)

2dd63 No.194465

File: 1545770392773.gif (731.51 KB, 3210x2767, 1545765965110-0.gif)

looks ugly but up to scale so easier to ID the changes which is all that matters for such gifs

3c94c No.194466

no such report on this place though

8cb4a No.194467

Neat. Thanks Doc!
Only time will tell.
>Israeli warships off the coast of Lebanon per same source

3c94c No.194468

> IDF activated anti aircraft missiles against Syrian anti aircraft missiles. No damage or injuries reported in #Israel.

8cb4a No.194470

>Update7: SANA is saying that Israel warplanes launch several missiles from the Lebanese aerospace at positions in Syria. The missiles were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces.
inb4 Pingu and I post this source at the same time

3c94c No.194471

>#BREAKING: Reports of a second wave of strikes in #Syria

8cb4a No.194473

File: 1545771184138-0.webm (1.34 MB, 324x640, 3NX2QwSX2wEyqmBK.webm)

>Kikes claiming this is one strike, but it's just AA missile malfunctioning like Patriots malfunctioned in KSA and boomeranged back to launcher last year

Mystery webm? O_o

8cb4a No.194474

>>last year
Ok, not quite last year for another 6 days, but still pretty funny to see

3c94c No.194475

> video showing Pantsir-S2 SAM system of #Syria Arab Air Defense Force launching eight 57E6-E surface to air missiles at Delilah cruise missiles launched by F-16Is of 107sq "Knights of the Orange Tail Squadron" flying from #Hatzerim AB.

Video in link

3c94c No.194476

> Initial airstrike of #Israel Air Force's 107sq was not successful, following to the plan second round of the airstrikes is now taking place by more F-16Is coming from #Hatzerim and escorted by F-35i Adir interceptors from #Nevatim.

3c94c No.194477

>2nd wave of strikes in #Syria by #IAF warplanes.

Video in link

2dd63 No.194478

File: 1545772035200-0.gif (1.07 MB, 2810x2564, 1545764434417-01.gif)

File: 1545772035201-1.gif (1.13 MB, 2810x2564, 1545764434417-2.gif)

done and done two version
one with 1s delay other with 2s delay

3c94c No.194479

Air Defenses

video in link

3c94c No.194480

>video evidence that Pantsir-S2 SAM systems managed to shoot down Delilah cruise missiles during first round of #Israel Air Force airstrikes against a #Syrian weapon factory near #Damascus.

3c94c No.194482

Al Aoun checkpoint
The FSA forces at Al Aoun checkpoint said that the operation was postponed till tomorrow

2dd63 No.194484

File: 1545772526876-0.gif (1.06 MB, 2810x2564, 1545764434417-01.gif)

File: 1545772526876-1.gif (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, 1545764434417-2.gif)

and now without the eye rape color of pakistan

8cb4a No.194486

Uh… Doc. The second one has 1s delay instead of 2s delay

2dd63 No.194487

File: 1545773153239-0.gif (1.11 MB, 2810x2564, 1545764434417-2.gif)

8cb4a No.194489

Epic. Thanks Doc.

8cb4a No.194490

>#BREAKING: This is the largest and most intense strikes #Israel has launched on targets in #Syria since the downing of the Russian jet

2dd63 No.194491

8cb4a No.194492

>George Stoltenberg donated $100

2dd63 No.194493

8cb4a No.194494

Dunno, somebody that's anon to me, but has a (((Jewish))) name.

2dd63 No.194495

you think they'll make the 1 b goal?

60029 No.194498

Yeah, it's been brewing up for a while. bibi said he waited until Lebanon tunnel op was over. core issue is haredi IDF recruitment. it's been a nonsolvable issue for years since haredi parties won't budge over it.
polls show bibi winning again, perhaps with a smaller margin and coalition but he has no real threat. prosecutor also said they will delay indictment charges until the election is over, so all in all the whole thing is pretty retarded, bibi will be re-elected and then it's all up to the police decision.

also, did you see
i think my right is ded

2dd63 No.194500

>also, did you see
yeah but assumed it was troll since no flag
>i think my right is ded
right what?

2dd63 No.194501

btw what's the point of conscripting haredi? you know very well they'll be constantly rioting/deserting/disobeying orders just to not do the service so what's the purpose of using the least motivated troops when you know they'll be more of a hindrance than a plus? surely bibi isn't oblivious to that?

8cb4a No.194505

File: 1545776163369-0.gif (3.06 MB, 480x360, 1512798150663.gif)

I managed to redpill my mother on current-day Israel:
Its connections to Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, how it always airstrikes the Syrian Army but never the Rebels or ISIS, the fact that ISIS was present on Israeli border for 4 years without a peep from the IDF, the time ISIS attacked Israel and then later apologized to Israel, their extreme hate for Jesus Christ to the point of removing the bottom of the "+" sign because it looked too much like a cross, the fact that the Israeli flag isn't the Star of David (there was never a Star of David) and that if you look at it in a certain way it has six 6s, but the Star of Molech and that Israelis protested against the adoption of the current Israeli flag (they wanted a menorah instead of that star), the Oded Yinon plan and how the Kurds play very well into that plan, how ISIS played well into Israeli plans to balkanize the Middle East and provide a pretext for Israel to intervene with boots on the ground and march all the way up to the Euphrates river, that ISIS is convenient for Israeli plans to oppose Iran, how Hezbollah btfo'd Israel back in 2006 using hugging-the-enemy tactics, how Israel and Russia set up a hotline to prevent Il-20 incidents but Israel hardly ever uses said hotline, and most importantly - the dual-citizenship with Israel that almost every single member of Congress has along with other high-ranking members of US gov't, leading to divided loyalties (John Bolton - she hates this fucker and blames him for getting us into Iraq, Diane Feinstein to name just two).
But what really turned her against Israel was that she was redpilled on Assad ("He protects the Christians in Syria") from the beginning, and I pointed out to her that Israel wants Assad gone at all costs, even to the point of arming ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria - thus making Israel an Antichristian nation (Syria and Egypt has more Christians than Israel does).

She's still not a Jew-hater, but fuck it: redpilling her on Israel is huge on its own since she believed Israel was the good guy for about 50 years until I provided mountains of evidence to change her mind - this took about a year of weekly efforts.
It's a big enough win for me and she wants America to cut off support to Israel, gtfo of the world and retreat back to the 50 states.

I also redpilled her on Afghanistan, but it really wasn't that much trouble since she'd done her own research on the Taliban.
She wants the Taliban to take down the gov't for one reason only: Bacha Bazi was punishable by death under Taliban rule, but has made a huge comeback under Kabul gov't rule.

Now she's working on redpilling others and spreading what's really happening in the Middle East.
>Assad wins again

Have YOU redpilled people that you thought were unredpillable, /sg/?

8cb4a No.194506

Slow but steady Doc. I think they might actually make it

2dd63 No.194509

>I managed to redpill my mother
no offense but i cringed a lot reading that
gave me flashbacks of them 12 yo magapedes "btfoing le libtards by prasing kek"

8cb4a No.194512

She knows a lot of people m8 and can spread information like a venereal disease in a Turkish harem. And besides, what other wording can I use?
>yes, this post is serious, I welcome wording other than "redpilled".

32ef1 No.194513

God bless you and your mother.

Never underestimate the power of mothers, they have reach beyond our imagination.
>still had same thought, a shame the kids have ruined it for us

>what other wording can I use?
I wish we had other words to use too. "Turn someone to the right side" perhaps, but I don't know.

2dd63 No.194516

dunno, having normies trying to go on a redpill crusade by themselves is dangerous in the sense that they don't have all the infos to be able to defend said POV and if they end up arguing with someone who actually has the material to debate, they might end up in quite the trouble
that and the fact that you're marking yourself and your family as "these weird people supporting this group unlike the average normie"
also supporting publicly assad is easy, but going for taliban is sketchy as fuck (especially in the country where half the population legit think that pashto farmers literally flew those planes)
I myself don't deny that they are far too intertwined with AQ elements that will try to use afghanistan as a launching pad for attacks outside of afghanistan and considering the minarchist nature of taliban government it'll be hard to get rid of them even if they want to (which i doubt they will since they'l try to repay the favor of sending foreign fighter in afghanistan)
so ultimately you can see that there isn't a clear good and bad side in afghanistan in the sense that even /ourguys/ have some problems so taking a position of support is something to be left to the people with all the tools for argumentation

8cb4a No.194517

>dunno, having normies trying to go on a redpill crusade by themselves is dangerous in the sense that they don't have all the infos to be able to defend said POV and if they end up arguing with someone who actually has the material to debate, they might end up in quite the trouble
Yeah, it's up to them to do their own research, not me.
>that and the fact that you're marking yourself and your family as "these weird people supporting this group unlike the average normie"
Eh, they've always been weird.
>also supporting publicly assad is easy, but going for taliban is sketchy as fuck (especially in the country where half the population legit think that pashto farmers literally flew those planes)
Again, they'd have to do their own research and provide sources. But people are easier to convince than one'd think, especially if the person doing the convincing is a trusted and knowledgable person that isn't known to go off the deep end.
>I myself don't deny that they are far too intertwined with AQ elements that will try to use afghanistan as a launching pad for attacks outside of afghanistan and considering the minarchist nature of taliban government it'll be hard to get rid of them even if they want to (which i doubt they will since they'l try to repay the favor of sending foreign fighter in afghanistan)
>so ultimately you can see that there isn't a clear good and bad side in afghanistan in the sense that even /ourguys/ have some problems so taking a position of support is something to be left to the people with all the tools for argumentation
Yeah, my mother just wants the US to get out of Afghanistan and let the Afghanis sort their shit alone. She's not so much pro-Taliban now as she is anti-gov't (the Bacha Bazi).

2dd63 No.194522

for those that haven't seen it already

60029 No.194524

whoops, my bad. meant my right ear**. 2 weeks ago I had a cold and sharp pain in my right ear and since then can barely hear anything in my right ear. bought some eardrops and it eased the pain but i still can't really hear in that ear.
am i going deaf or what?
problem is i can't see an ENT until next weer or so.

Oh I know, it's the principal of the thing. people are upset that have to do 3 years in the army with shit pay while they don't do shit and gov still pays them to do nothing and read torah all day. it's useless to actually conscript them, but they should be judged as all others. If your'e secular and refuse to enlist you go to jail, that's the law. but they have different rules. they don't go to prison. so a lot of people are upset about it and what equal judgment.
but it won't happen, the haredi lobby is too strong and it's been tried numerous times before and always fails.

2dd63 No.194526

> had a cold and sharp pain in my right ear
were you doing anything that could have provoked it?
how many instance of sharp pain did you have?
how long did it last?
> since then can barely hear anything in my right ear.
but you still can hear yes or no?
also do you still have pain?
do you have pain when cleaning your ear with Q tips?
any bleeding happened?
does the interior of your ear feels hot or burning?
was there any secretion of pus?

>problem is i can't see an ENT until next weer or so.

>lives in the country with most doc per capita
>can't go to one

>but they have different rules

so haredi managed to be diaspora in a jewish country, worse even, they manage to be the jewish diaspora of a jewish majority country
> the haredi lobby is too strong
how the fuck do they do it? i assume most of them only do religious affiliated jobs and have revenues from the state so what leverage could these gibsmedats leeches hold?
threatening to close all kosher grocery shops?

60029 No.194530

>were you doing anything that could have provoked it?
mm, don't think so.

>how many instance of sharp pain did you have?

it was constant pain in my right ear and right side of the face.

>how long did it last?

until i put the eardrops.

>but you still can hear yes or no?

very very weakly, not properly.

>also do you still have pain?

no, paing is gone, i think eardrops help with this.

>do you have pain when cleaning your ear with Q tips?

>does the interior of your ear feels hot or burning?
mmm not exactly, it just feels clogged? sometimes also hearing rustling/pulses/air popping. but there's no wax or anything when i try to dig in with q-tips.

>any bleeding happened?

thankfully no.

thanks for the help.

>lives in the country with most doc per capita

>can't go to one
Wait, is it really? all I know is that the medical services here are constantly overloaded and hospitals are in full occupancy all the time. always hearing stories of doctors working 20 hour shifts and people sleeping in the hospital corridors.

>so haredi managed to be diaspora in a jewish country, worse even, they manage to be the jewish diaspora of a jewish majority country

Yep. most rules don't apply to them. no army service, less taxes, welfare leeches, own courts etc.

>how the fuck do they do it?

they have a large enough population. currently it's 12%, or around a million people. by 2030 the projection is 16% and growing rapidly. an they all live in their own neighborhoods/ghettos where the police is afraid to even go into. ambulances often gets pelted with eggs and rocks when they enter too. truly a no go zone inside the country.
the shekels they have from rich hasidic jews in Europe/usa with endless donations.

>threatening to close all kosher grocery shops?

most shops are kosher by default, even the non haredi ones. the only ones who aren't are the Russian shops. that's where you can get bacon and all the other good stuff.

2dd63 No.194532

try pulling on your ear lobe and on the small flap that close it as if you're trying to make the orifice become wider and tell me if you have pain
also do you feel like something's moving inside your ear when you tilt your head from a downward position (looking at your feet) to an upward position (looking at the sky)
do you feel pressure when you rest your head on the ear that is clogged

> all I know is that the medical services here are constantly overloaded and hospitals are in full occupancy all the time. always hearing stories of doctors working 20 hour shifts and people sleeping in the hospital corridors.

that's the same shit for every hospitals in the world, but i was referring to doctors operating outside of hospitals (because that's where the shekels are)

>most rules don't apply to them. no army service, less taxes, welfare leeches, own courts etc.

>they all live in their own neighborhoods/ghettos where the police is afraid to even go into. ambulances often gets pelted with eggs and rocks when they enter too. truly a no go zone inside the country.
holy shit that sounds exactly like muslim immigrants in europe

60029 No.194546

>try pulling on your ear lobe and on the small flap that close it as if you're trying to make the orifice become wider and tell me if you have pain
hmmm, nope, no pain. but still clogged.

>do you feel like something's moving inside your ear when you tilt your head from a downward position (looking at your feet) to an upward position

hard to say, i have those weird vibrations inside it, like someone's knocking on it lightly. hard to explain, like spasms inside the ear.

>do you feel pressure when you rest your head on the ear that is clogged

nope, it's just feels mute. when it started i put pressure on it and unclogged for a few seconds and then blocked again.

> but i was referring to doctors operating outside of hospitals (because that's where the shekels are)

oh right. i have insurance so im waiting for the local doc office which costs me almost nothing. but it's always busy. for family doctor you can see pretty quickly but for expert there's always long queue. i can go to a private doctor and then have to pay up some shekels. maybe if it won't get better till next week ill have to do it.

>holy shit that sounds exactly like muslim immigrants in europe

Yah, the resemblance is uncanny. they have their own tiny pseudo-state inside the country with their own people and rules.

2dd63 No.194547

do you feel pain when you open/clos your mouth or chew something
did you try to yawn in order to unclog your ear? if yes did it have any effect (pain or improvement of hearing)
when you had your flu was your throat infected? (as in did you have symptoms of pharyngitis?)

2dd63 No.194548

almost forgot
when you had the flu was your nose runny?

32ef1 No.194550

If it is air-pressure holding your nose, closing mouth and swallowing can help (a trick often used by divers).

2dd63 No.194551

highly doubt it's that
i'm 95% sure it's an infection of the middle ear due to pathogens from his respiratory infection

32ef1 No.194556

I just thought of the "yawn trick", and remembered from diving course that equalizing pressure is easier by swallowing than moving jaw.

60029 No.194557

>do you feel pain when you open/clos your mouth or chew something
yeah I did in the beginning, but after i put the eardrops(Otidin) the pain stopped.

>did you try to yawn in order to unclog your ear?

yep, didn't help.

>when you had your flu was your throat infected? (

I think not, i always get a cold when the winter starts.
>it started getting cold and rainy about the same time.
>when you had the flu was your nose runny?
aye, just the standard runny nose and slight fever. but it's gone, only my ear is fucked now.

I tried the close all ears(except the clogged one)/nose/mouth and blow out air and it didn't help.

>i'm 95% sure it's an infection of the middle ear due to pathogens from his respiratory infection

antibiotics/solvable? man I really like music, going mono would be très terrible.

2dd63 No.194565

you most likely have acute otitis media
antibiotics should do the trick but you still need to see a doc so he can visually check with an otoscope your tympanic membrane to give the final diagnostic
also if there is pus coming out of your ear or if you lose hearing then you must go to emergency service in hospital because it could be a rupture of tympanic membrane
two last questions
is it the first time it happen to you?
how many days precisely do you have this condition?

60029 No.194569

File: 1545786612304.jpg (38.78 KB, 400x400, iFIeNPqI_400x400.jpg)

>is it the first time it happen to you?
yes definitely.

>how many days precisely do you have this condition?

i think exactly 2 weeks ago it started.

>antibiotics should do the trick but you still need to see a doc so he can visually check with an otoscope your tympanic membrane to give the final diagnostic

I see. thank you for the assistance greatest ally.

2dd63 No.194571

>i think exactly 2 weeks ago it started.
odd tho since most of the time it goes away in 1 week or so
btw are you still ill from flu?
and before i forget
your eardrops are only to treat the pain and have no use against the infection in itself
i'd recommend you to buy some Amoxicillin from pharmacy (check if you don't have allergies toward Amoxicillin or any other penicillin) i think it should be 750mg to 1 g every 12 hours for 10 days
ask the pharmacist

2dd63 No.194572

also avoid smoking or vaping if you do, it's bad for the infection

60029 No.194573

>btw are you still ill from flu?
most symptoms are gone. a bit chilly but no fever. don't get along with winters. such is life being a desertnibba.

>'d recommend you to buy some Amoxicillin from pharmacy

hmm, seems I can't buy it without prescription.

>also avoid smoking or vaping if you do, it's bad for the infection
nope, never smoked or vaped. can't even if I wanted to, had spontaneous pneumothorax twice when i was younger, docs told me to never smoke (or scuba dive).

2dd63 No.194576

>seems I can't buy it without prescription
odd, you can here
try fluoroquinolones then but beware, they're more powerful and thus have higher risk of causing diarrhea
>be jew
>have no doc in your distant/close family
>not even any pharmacist
> had spontaneous pneumothorax twice when i was younger
was it due to trauma, disease or is it something that runs in the family?

2dd63 No.194577

your thoughts on recent bombings?
is bibi trying something new to make up for US withdrawal?
is there talks of more intervention in the medias?

60029 No.194578

>odd, you can here
>try fluoroquinolones
yep, prescription as well. most medicine here is regulated, can't get any of the good stuff without RX.

>>have no doc in your distant/close family

I have distant 2nd cousin who is but our family never stayed in touch and i never really talked to him.

>>not even any pharmacist

heh, 90% of the pharmacists here are Arab, the rest are Russians. in my local clinic there's 3, Saeed, Amjad, and Natalya. barely and jews for some reason take it.

>was it due to trauma, disease or is it something that runs in the family?

Nope, just happened out of the blue. shit sucked. that hookah they put in your lungs is pretty funny tho.

>your thoughts on recent bombings?
so far seems business as usual. talking about high target officials but I don't believe it.

>is bibi trying something new to make up for US withdrawal?

possible, wouldn't surprise me if he's trying to be sneaky. could also be a good start to his Election campaign.

>is there talks of more intervention in the medias?

all sorts of rumors, i don't buy anything yet. too early to know before the Americans actually withdraw, then all hell can break loose.

2dd63 No.194582

>yep, prescription as well. most medicine here is regulated, can't get any of the good stuff without RX.
try bribing a pharmacist, can legit work sometimes
otherwise ask what can you get without prescription in term of antibiotics
>that hookah they put in your lungs
top kek, first time i hear someone call it like this
>talking about high target officials but I don't believe it.
yeah, 20th time that qaseim is totally legit dead
> could also be a good start to his Election campaign.
big doubt that a war of even an escalation causing iranian to actually fire them missiles would be good for his popularity

60029 No.194587

>try bribing a pharmacist, can legit work sometimes
ehhh, i rather wait, it it's serious he'll put me on something. maybe if i knew Arabic i could get away with it.

>yeah, 20th time that qaseim is totally legit dead

guy is unkillable, they should know by now.

>big doubt that a war of even an escalation causing iranian to actually fire them missiles would be good for his popularity

no, but memestrikes that make everyone go "bibi stronk, look how he confronts iran/syria/hizb" is. on rotter(popular israeli forum) every time a memestrike takes place everyone jizzes as if we conquered Damascus, it's ridiculous.

2dd63 No.194588

>"bibi stronk, look how he confronts iran/syria/hizb"
do people legit believe that 6 ammo boxes and 3 ak destroyed every air sortie is making iran finished?
is everyone playing dumb to avoid confronting reality or is the MSM really putting on as much as possible the propaganda kool aid?

60029 No.194589

>do people legit believe that 6 ammo boxes and 3 ak destroyed every air sortie is making iran finished?
They are actually that retarded. every time they go "haha where's the S-300 now/iran btfo bla bla". they can't think long term or have a strategic view. 200 strikes later and what exactly did it stop? needle in a haystack, but they can't accept that its useless because bibi isn't doing anything else.

>is everyone playing dumb to avoid confronting reality or is the MSM really putting on as much as possible the propaganda kool aid?

generally israeli msm doesn't like bibi, because hes crooked as shit, but when it comes to iran/hizb/syria everyone stands behind the gov/army automatically. it's taboo to question the effectivity of their actions or you'll be branded as unpatriotic/traitor etc.

2dd63 No.194594

> or you'll be branded as unpatriotic/traitor etc
how bad is it, considering naturei karta type of antizionists and haredis in general are allowed to live even though they don't seem to pull their weight

60029 No.194595

>, considering naturei karta type of antizionists and haredis in general are allowed to live even though they don't seem to pull their weight
heh, they're a different level of insanity. neturi karta are against the state itself. they don't pay taxes and i have no idea why they're still getting protection from the gov.

Haredi aren't against the army, theyr'e against being in it. they think prayer is the answer to everything and doing something else is beyond gods will.

but if your'e secular and don't support the army you will be branded as a extremist leftist sjw or an Islamist supporter. no room for nuisance, blind support or nothing else.

2dd63 No.194596

so only religious nutjobs get a freepass and the rest is on a kool aid diet
wew lad, and here i thought life in israel was better than it's neighbors (as in europe tier quality of life)

af369 No.194600

File: 1545796888792.gif (763.94 KB, 1500x1105, zzzz.gif)

Nice work mate!
Here it is when you keep the same aspect ratio for each frame.

af369 No.194601

File: 1545797238657.png (7.93 KB, 225x225, concerned.png)

Alroighty then, I see that you have already done this…

60029 No.194604

>so only religious nutjobs get a freepass and the rest is on a kool aid diet
yep, sounds about right.

>and here i thought life in israel was better than it's neighbors (as in europe tier quality of life)

eh, marginally better than *some* neighbors , but definitely not Europe tier (aside from a few rich neighborhoods in tel aviv).

60029 No.194605

and even there, I assure you it's worse than any mid tier café in France that it's trying to imitate.

2dd63 No.194612

i see
thanks for the insights
btw any funny story of dealing with haredi?
also which ones are worse palestinians or haredi?

60029 No.194627

>btw any funny story of dealing with haredi?
I live in a pretty secular area, not many haredis around. sometimes you see em on the train, I had a nice chat with one haredi guy that turned out to be an engineer, it was quite bizarre since most of them don't go to the academia and pursue higher education.

>also which ones are worse palestinians or haredi?

both wants us gone and end this entity and build something else in its place in their own worse way, so i'd say they're equally bad. same difference really.

How's the pally diaspora in France? as bad as the maghrebis?

50a75 No.194649

>pressure and deafness in an ear during a flu
I just had the flu with a very runny nose and I had essentially the same problem aside from the pain. I was worried it wouldn't drain on its own but it's gone away now. However, if you're having an earache you absolutely should get that looked at.

2dd63 No.194656

>How's the pally diaspora in France?
haven't met a single one
quite frankly, haven't met any arab not from maghreb except for a few lebanese
i think most palestinian diaspora tend to be in USA

2dd63 No.194657

af369 No.194662

File: 1545832149195.png (187.5 KB, 500x492, goodfather.png)

>Arab league set to readmit Syria eight years after expulsion
Sorry, I can;t be bothered archiving. Only a few of you will read it anyway.


1a03b No.194665

File: 1545835437821.jpg (236.88 KB, 683x626, 1494551114850.jpg)

Hezboshaytan doesn't have BTR's.

2dd63 No.194667

look at the foreground
you see the yellow flag?
doubt russians tag along hezbollah patrols

1a03b No.194671

It's the ypg flag.

2dd63 No.194672

i thought ypg stopped larping as russians

1a03b No.194673

File: 1545837340820.jpg (73.5 KB, 640x480, 1493758231249.jpg)

It's Russians at YPG positions ya doofus

2dd63 No.194674

since when do they intermingle?

1a03b No.194675

No clue, they did in Afrin atleast.

1a03b No.194680

File: 1545841009093.png (158.25 KB, 666x607, 1492825594375.png)

>Manbij Activist: Rally by SDF forces in the city chanting: One One One! The Syrian people are one!
>Strange movements by SDF inside of Manbij. The main square has been emptied and vehicles are heading towards Al-Taiha????!!!!!
Ivans translators are pretty bad so can't say for sure, but Taiha is described as "Taiha crossing between the town of Manbij and the city of Aleppo".
>Now The Syrian Arab Army is entering Arima in large numbers and heading through the old road to Manbij and arrived now to Um Addasah
Again with the translation…
Closest thing on the road to Manbij i can find is this:

1a03b No.194681

0f6fc No.194682

His taste was pretty good. i would like to know what hentai games he was playing though.

9203c No.194694

File: 1545845953358.png (96.85 KB, 344x194, coward.png)

1a03b No.194703

Putin and Assad inspecting recently acquired positions in Arima, Aleppo

1a03b No.194723

2dd63 No.194724

60029 No.194730

thanks bruh.

interesting. thought they're everywhere.

2dd63 No.194731

people mainly flock to countries to which they have some history
paki in uk, lebs and syrian and maghrebi to france etc
btw do haredi and palestinians get along or at least the religious pally since they tend to share a lot of common values

60029 No.194733

in Jerusalem yes, for the most part, since they've been living together for quite a while. in the settlements not so much as you can imagine.

2dd63 No.194734

i really struggle to understand how the average israeli (assuming the majority is secuar or at least pro zionist) can put up so long with this 5th column without trying to lynch them or give them the apartheid treatment

60029 No.194736

there isn't much that can be done, realistically speaking. the ship has sailed. can't expel, can't can't annex, can't really do anything. so stuck in this status quo until something will blow up eventually.

2dd63 No.194737

>inb4 hezbollah starts recruiting them

60029 No.194741

I think they tried in the WB. probably have some sleeper cells for the next war.

2dd63 No.194744

>apartheid ethnostate vs leftist aligned multicultural, multi ethnic movement supported by lgbtq+ friendly state
>trying to keep good optics in the eyes leftist/liberal western allies
good luck explaining to the world powers that they're evil if they refuse to support israel

2dd63 No.194745

wait a sec
i think there's a quid pro quo here
i was referring to haredi when i was talking about 5th column and hezbollah recruiting them (since they share the same hatred for israel as a state)

60029 No.194750

>>trying to keep good optics in the eyes leftist/liberal western allies
Well, not just optics. mainly U.S support which without the whole Zionist project collapses. don't forget we're just a vassal state despite the ebin memes on /pol/ claiming it's the other way around.

Oh, lel. Eh, maybe neturi karta, they're crazy enough. regular haredi are only interested in torah and shekels. they cbb about anything else.

2dd63 No.194751

so to reiterate my question
how come there haven't been violent clashes between seculars and haredim or attempts to revoke their citizenship or put them in apartheid?
this is literally germany in the 30's with haredim being the jews and seculars being the germans yet you people don't seem to snap

60029 No.194752

File: 1545867755132.jpg (544.35 KB, 1440x810, a42ead92-17e6-11e8-9e9c-25….jpg)

>how come there haven't been violent clashes between seculars and haredim
Mmm, it's been brewing up, some protests, some anti-haredi political parties and such. but Jews have bad history and trauma with internal infighting.

so small chance for a violent clash or civil war. at least for now. most people don't realize the threat yet. maybe in 30 years when they reach 30-40% of the population and start taking over government positions and impose their religious laws upon everyone. by then Arabs will also more than multiply and it's gonna be a complete shitfest.
hopefully I'm retired in valletta by then.