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File: 1544069199768.png (209.4 KB, 1024x1026, Starlight_glimmer_vector_b….png)

af7f8 No.190940

Be honest she's the best pony
who else is trying to achieve total equality?
no one is better than anyone else!

705ea No.190941

She was better as a villain.
Her haircut too.

b2c04 No.190942

>Zero Casualties
She's bretty gud for a commie

af7f8 No.190943


communism is the only way to be
good on you comrade

1e9fa No.190948

File: 1544072674552.png (160.14 KB, 1000x1000, wtf.png)

>who else is trying to achieve total equality?
Is the stench of subversion is poking out?

af7f8 No.190949

File: 1544072818537.png (171.21 KB, 786x1857, 1491159601939 (1).png)

what's wrong with communism comrade don't you want everyone equal?
it's the jews who hate communism

65401 No.190950

File: 1544073231443.png (163.97 KB, 1997x1689, _aryyanne anger.png)

The Jews ARE communism and so are(you) glimmer

af7f8 No.190952

File: 1544073332304.png (73.56 KB, 500x539, 1491153577578.png)

that's just the jews talking
love yourself and join the community
we are all one here!

83fb2 No.190955

Her Cutie Mark wall had over 80 Cutie Marks and her town had 20 citizens tops.

af7f8 No.190956

File: 1544073564323.png (155.45 KB, 707x1131, mlp_vector___starlight_gli….png)

this is lies there was no secret underground gulag
capitalist propaganda

1e9fa No.190957

File: 1544073800939.png (22.09 KB, 642x980, 1523203684506.png)


f2a53 No.190958

File: 1544073992210.gif (954.11 KB, 517x381, 9BA6FF99-10B7-463B-99F8-0D….gif)

>no one better than anyone else
>best pony
Logic bomb

I do find her a bit more relatable in constant concern over past wrongs, feeling there isn’t a real way to be forgiven suffering.jpeg. It can be a relatable emotion to kids and adults alike, but it comes of as an annoying recollection instead of a dread or a consuming thought. It needed to be more than Spike saying that she did a thing, remember?

Her design is nice, slightly intimidating while still being cute, her voice actor fits well… but those magical powers. Ok, so her cutiemark must be magic talent, correct? So is Twilight’s. Is Starlight’s cutiemark the talent of better magic than others, or is alicorn magic really weaker when up against a unicorn of comparable skill. But then again, how did Starlight train in magic? It is shown that she always teamed up with Sunburst to do magic, which might be that she learns and improves on magic that she sees or studies, like the time scroll she used in the season finale. So, when Starburst left, where did she go to learn all of this magic to become Twilight’s rival? It would make a good backstory, but we just didn’t get it.

But you have to admit, her instant conversion, turning away from her, although pathetic, mission of revenge, was a huge waste. How much more could the show have developed a lasting acceptance and appreciation of the character, especially with the goal to replace original twilight’s place for story telling, if they just gave one extra episode of her acting like a villain or struggling to overcome it.

Why would someone dedicated to wiping out a perceived harm to society, and then dedicated to wiping out the people that ruined your regime, suddenly say it’s just not worth the struggle? Surely her thought to herself the very things twilight offered as she went down the road to becoming communist supreme, just make other friends and stop mindwashing. But this either never came to mind or she ignored it, only to change her stance when confronting Twilight, who was at the mercy of Starlight throughout the episode.

I’m not against Starlight because I don’t want her to work, she had lots of potential, but unless she becomes the surprise villain in an greatly satisfying finale battle, then she wouldn’t have been much of a villain, except in concept.

However, the prospect of Starlight being the returning villain interests me. Starlight has befriended a former threat to Ponyville, Trixie, a skittle bug ruler with a massively liberal society, and the rulers of Equestria, direct access to power. She then influenced Twilight, rather forcefully to abandon the EEA, the educational guidelines to children, limited even Celestia’s control over classroom educational material. With the rules gone, anything can be written into the new guidelines, made up by Twilight and friends, including agenda later down the line. The desperate bid to make up for what she did was only a ploy to gain trust and power, striking when no one is expecting, even us, thinking she is clearly reformed and incapable of such an act. I hope to be surprised by this coming true, but I highly doubt it can.

Yes, I responded to bait with a huge rant, but it was fun.

c6343 No.190971

File: 1544085640957.png (217.39 KB, 350x324, image.png)

Gas chambers are that way, pinko

cdb54 No.190978

File: 1544093501943.jpg (692.45 KB, 1280x800, shut the fuck up egalitari….jpg)

83fb2 No.190985

Remember how she was just another evil Unicorn in her introductory episode, unable to beat Twilight in a fight unless she got lucky with a surprise attack…
And then, when she came back, she was a perpetually-flying edo tensei god with infinite chakra and infinity in all stats, able to fly around and talk athletic bullies, one athletic competitive victim, and Fluttershy into forgetting the past and giving up on competition and becoming friends just like that? Remember how she also magically made Twilight stupid enough to try and say "But bullying is good!" instead of "I'm an alicorn sent from the ruined future to stop this lying pony! Dash, do the sonic rainboom or bad stuff happens to everypony you know and love!"

85f6c No.190999

Oh Nigel, go back to your containment thread.

4234d No.191012

Regardless, you do have some knowledge, you have successfully used Twilight to bring down the EEA education ethnic focused program that only allowed pony-only education with different programs for each race of ponies.


4234d No.191013

So you have taken over education! And that Cozy Glow almost ruined it huh?

65401 No.191014

File: 1544125581731.jpg (169.33 KB, 716x708, _czech em.jpg)


83fb2 No.191016

What, am I not allowed to criticize shit horses in shit horse threads?
You go back to your hugbox site.

fe3c8 No.191018

File: 1544128403681.jpg (65.25 KB, 720x960, Dude n doge.jpg)

c8693 No.191090

She is worst horse.
She is a hypocrite.
The majority of her fans are legitimately diagnosed with autism.

4234d No.191230

They're like, But She is dope cause she either does not worship celestia, she goes straight to the point, she's more powerful than discord. Your favorite pony sucks.
Sorry but i get mad when people shit's on starlight for no reason.

And then faggots come: yes he is right, thanks for defending glimm glamm.

Also did you noticed the clusterfuck? Discord fanboys who think that he is unbeatable and even dumber Glimm faggots got rushed each other with that time where Starlight vanishes Discord.

91aba No.191231

>not being shimmie theocratic fascists
>not being trixie fascist republic
Why even live Glimmerbros?

83fb2 No.191818

Ever notice how her faggot fans only ever "Apologize" for their behaviour when they're blaming you for it, and ORDERING YOU to stop doing something?
Our Town was a satire of Communism. Glimmer was a weakling and liar whose Cutie Mark, a falling star, meant that her only magical abilities were to push ponies away, steal, and destroy.
…Then some faggot writer fell in love with her and made her the "le smug god waifu" of his dreams, multiplying her stats by infinity so Twilight would "Have" to "Redeem" Glimmer because she's too powerful to kill or disarm, so that left controling her as the only way to stop her evil.
I wish Twilight had thought of trying to find filly Glimmer in ruined Equestria number whatever and raising her right/whisking her away and leaving her with Filly Twilight's parents. Glimmer getting new memories of a happy foalhood with "Momma Twilight" would be the only real way to redeem "Monster who kills billions and laughs about it" into "Natural asshole who feels guilty over her monster timeline self killing billions and forcing Twilight's hoof".

6af0e No.191820

I have nothing to add to either side except to say whoever made that image is a fucking legend.

1deef No.191855

File: 1544537692663.jpeg (73.53 KB, 1280x720, 1537647116088.jpeg)

>Our Town was not communist.
Alright lets see about that.
>Communism is a mode of production and distribution characterized by common ownership
Okay brainlet, explain why there was no private property in Our Town?
>means of production and free access to the articles of consumption.
Mane 6 didn't pay for their muffins, so they have free access and I assume that the means of production follow.

>It is not about equality or anything like that; in fact Marx and Engels stated in Critique of the Gotha Programme

Sure, smart commies might accept equality as a pursuit in itself is bad (or at least Marx and Engels argued this based on the Hegelian notion of what we know as equality) but most of what draws in new Marxists isn't economic equality through distribution of the means of production, but equality as and ends into itself. That is more or less what Our Town is made to satirize.

89662 No.191861

There was private property in Our Town, actually. The bakery for instance.

89662 No.191863

File: 1544538543261.gif (302.31 KB, 512x512, 1850780__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Also, if Our Town is a satirization of equality rhetoric, it's not a good satirization and actually a dishonest one at that. As Lily Peet proposed, one should attack the steal-man argument for a position, not the straw-man argument. She said that had Our Town instead had a community bank of cutie marks that everyone could pull from at any time (which would better represent communism), that would be a steal-man position. It's pretty difficult to argue against that, huh? It would definitely increase productivity.

1deef No.191864

Guess I'll have to re-watch it, I don't recall her ever having private ownership over it or the goods of in it.

89662 No.191865

File: 1544538919542.png (34.14 KB, 356x225, unknowsgsn.png)

In Marxist theory, private property essentially means effective control. What evidence was there to suggest that the means of production were effectively controlled by the community at large? Only one pony was operating the bakery and it seems to have been that way before the equalist society was established and continued to be that way after it was dismantled. There's nothing to suggest property relations changed. Also, there's a scene in which someone offers the Mane Six clothing for bits.

Quote's from The Violence of Abstraction: The Analytic Foundations of Historical Materialism by Derek Sayer.

1deef No.191866

>Also, if Our Town is a satirization of equality rhetoric, it's not a good satirization and actually a dishonest one at that
Satire is in essence a strawman, not meant to make an argument but to poke fun at the stupidity of something taken to point. Its why late night comedians attempting to blur the line between simple satire and reality is bad, but satire in its own right not as an argument is fine.
>community bank of cutie marks
Same as above, no one besides actual communists view it as that, accuracy doesn't matter in satire.

89662 No.191867

Accuracy does matter if one is to make effective satire.

1deef No.191868

>before the equalist society was established
Glimmer didn't take over Our Town, she made it, so she accordingly let each to their own needs each to their own ability an shiet. Which means that everyone was doing the job they wanted to. Also there were other poners down in the bakery, so I assume she wasn't the only one.
What is the USSR implementation of communism.

89662 No.191869

File: 1544539523176.jpg (71.05 KB, 640x430, 12lzzy.jpg)

Communist economies are planned economies with highly evolved forces of production, something that Our Town did not have.

1deef No.191870

File: 1544539689883.gif (331.15 KB, 512x474, 1515794628601.gif)

We don't know, they never go into depth about Our Town's economic polices (let alone Equestrias) about it, leave (you) to assume, which means at the end of the day, its very very likely that it is. But if you want to claim not real communism, then fine go for it.

89662 No.191871

45a90 No.191876

Lily Peet is clearly a guy and not a girl. Also, I am not a monster for believing in culture marxism.

89662 No.191877

File: 1544542076156.png (310.68 KB, 940x786, 03e78bb97abac3d5b7339aeea5….png)

Imagine not responding to the underlying thesis of a post while opting instead for an over-emotional knee-jerk response with no productive content.

45a90 No.191881

I have really no stakes in this debate. I am not so intrested in economic systems. Whatever works works fine for me.
Also, I am not even remotely emotional right now. I just wanted to point out my opinion on the things you posted.

89662 No.191882

"I am not a monster"

89662 No.191884

As for your reaction regarding the pronoun thing, I'm just going to post this and not respond to anything afterward regarding it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bbINLWtMKI

ddfc6 No.191885

Lily Peet is a cowardly man dressing as a woman for the Trans Badge. It has +100 armour and -500 Dignity.
A "Communal Tool Shed" is the best allegory for Communism, because tools wear out and break. Nobody feels any responsibility to repair or replace communally-owned tools, but Cutie Marks are magic. They never wear out or require replacing. It would paint the place as a magic utopia where Communists really are robots who can have Farming Skills one week, and then swap them out for Baking Skills the next.

89662 No.191895

To remove cutie marks altogether would be to insinuate that communist societies would not value skill and talent, which is absolutely false. The community ownership of cutie marks is a better comparison.

4d9ad No.191897

It's more like wishing to keep your individual cutie mark because it makes you unique and you've earned it would be strictly forbidden and punished.

This still does the trick because Glimmer kept hers secretly, an accurate analogy of the hypocrisy of the Communist vanguard and of the quote "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

ddfc6 No.191930

They don't.
1. Why would any consumers want to try harder at their job, or even get a job, when it won't increase how good your food is or how good your house can be? Why break your back working for someone other lazy asshole when he wouldn't do the same for you? Sure, people might willingly give up their free time to grow food on communal farms (These do exist, right?) but the bigger the society gets and the less family-like it becomes, the harder it will be for any typical Communist to feel any love for his equally selfish neighbour.
2. How does Intellectual Property function in a state with no private property rights?

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