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File: 1543641510383.jpg (17.86 KB, 193x300, MyNatPoCoverFinal-193x300.jpg)

20c9c No.190116

Congrats guys your autism has now bleeded into serious WN websites and you are officially published.


8cd55 No.190130

Don't now how to feel about that.

c5bbc No.190132

File: 1543646707806.png (61.19 KB, 653x496, MLPIsFascist.png)

The author is legit. buttercupdew.tumblr.com

Kek,I guess this is what Tumblr would be like if it didn't end up pozzed. We should invite him here if he doesn't already know of us (which, given his research on MLP, should at least make him aware).

f1265 No.190134

File: 1543647210688.jpg (66.39 KB, 667x647, 343a0bf05e43c79bdfb07124dd….jpg)

e5247 No.190138

File: 1543648494016.png (91.66 KB, 455x340, seeekrettt.png)

6ae67 No.190145

I've never once watched MLP but I'm open to new experiences. Is it worth it? I'm not really interested in joining a cult at this stage in my life…

f1265 No.190147

File: 1543650402079.png (780.96 KB, 1024x768, large2.png)

>joining a cult

058e2 No.190154

That's pretty much how I felt on on april fool's day 2017. IMO it's worth giving it a watch. I personally found the season 1 pilot a bit meh, but the rest of the season put the hook in me to watch the rest of the seasons.

5a7b5 No.190162

I am not familiar with thevery author, his works of his political standing. But considering our place and how specific this book is, this comes as close today a Mlpol bible as it gets. Maybe worth a purchase. We could get some content our OF this. @-}--

033b2 No.190163

Absolutely. A half dozen episodes of Season 1 couldn't hurt, and you won't do anything you don't want to afterwards

b705f No.190174

Buttercup Dew, if you're here, stamp your hoof twice

edcf5 No.190180

It's a bit shit

2e86d No.190184

Here to remind me you. If you are a nationalist of any sorts, you have already been inducted. You're welcome to buy the complimentary robes!

453dd No.190189

It is definitely worth a watch.
Also I agree with >>190154

ebf41 No.190273

You don't have to watch it, maybe just the first season to fit in here. Tbh I only watched it when it came out so I dont even understand half the new season references here but Ive been here since day one.

a43cf No.190276

I might actually get it just to see what it says.

ce96a No.190318

Anyone getting the book?

f1265 No.190321

File: 1543748962201.png (169.6 KB, 788x1014, my_little_ponyes_applejack….png)

Not sure yet.
Perhaps when I watch more shows I will.

20c9c No.190516

tbh it would be nice if one of you did buy the book because it might be embarrassing for buttercup if nobody bought his book after the editor stuck his neck out for him. Dr. Johnson truly enough believes in his strategy of appealing to all sections of the White population in order to push WN into the mainstream. You can search for Buttercup's work on the site if you want or read his tumblr to get a feel for it.

Um. Hail victory.

2a6f0 No.190532

File: 1543848596633.jpg (125.28 KB, 1600x1280, 72433 - applejack artist s….jpg)


Ordered a copy.

f1265 No.190771

File: 1543986387785.png (97.04 KB, 775x459, buttercup.png)

I found this pic related to the author and the book's topic.

138d8 No.190774

File: 1543987115736.png (2.4 KB, 1200x1200, 1521158484859.png)

>gay fruit bats

f1265 No.191499

File: 1544383984931-0.png (1.44 MB, 1366x768, aaaaaaa.png)

File: 1544383984931-1.png (398.51 KB, 1366x768, bbbbbb.png)

Not related to the OP's book, but to /mlpol/.
In video just released by VertigoPolitix, at time 8:41 /our pony/ shows up.
The video warns us that a change of tactics is needed.
- The Alt-Right Reformation Against Liberal Theocracy

a5f45 No.191509

Nice video. Subscribed to them the other day. Basically he said we were at the forefront of the shock value front, we're too weird for normals obviously.
Anyone here have the mind of Alexander the Great? I just want be apart of some massive conquest man.

d3fe1 No.191607

The very first episode i watched was a Season's 5 one so.

d3fe1 No.191608

Also in one about meme magic.

d3fe1 No.191609

Also in one about meme magic around the start.

cf3b4 No.198744


Thanks bud.

Two more books in the works.

f1265 No.198750

File: 1547677861754.gif (64.02 KB, 565x499, 1508125377750.gif)

>Two more books in the works.
Which ones?

1ff06 No.198823

>we're too weird for normals obviously.
No such thing.
Conquest all the women, the nu-males will convert to the right in search for pussy, convert the nu-males and make them improve (don't forget we are a pool of slime)
Basically what we need is to conquer the women (seize the means of reproduction). Women act on feeling rather than logic, so we can't just make propaganda and expect them to fall on our lap. Ironically our biggest treat right now is not politics or nu-males, it is feminism.

b705f No.198840

Feminism will burn itself out eventually one way or the other. It's predicated on the flawed idea that women can survive on their own without the support and attention of men, and that they can attain personal fulfillment by assuming masculine roles. Both of these ideas are proving to be false and feminism is subsequently already unraveling. The irony of feminism is that its failure is the direct result of its success: basically, it achieved what it set out to do, which was to free women from dependence on men so that they would be free to achieve on their own merits. Now that they have this freedom, they don't know what to do with it, all they can think of to do with it is have sex with random strangers and continue to compete with each other for male attention. The minority that actually can succeed in male occupations usually end up feeling miserable and unfulfilled, secretly wishing they'd chosen to have a family instead of a career.

The natural order will restore itself eventually, it always does.

b705f No.198841

I also went ahead and ordered a copy. Keep up the good work, Buttercup, assuming that's you.

f1265 No.198847

File: 1547716961020.jpg (97.03 KB, 654x839, 61360c79dda85ede92b986cd0a….jpg)

>Ironically our biggest treat right now is not politics or nu-males, it is feminism.
If we keep playing the kike's game called (((democracy))) you might be right. Because flipping women against their current controllers is crucial.
However it looks like economical hardship and unrest are ahead, meaning that accelerationism is coming, and somehow might be the window of opportunity to momentarily skip the women question and go straight for the enemy's jugular vein.

a9281 No.198850

File: 1547729117200.jpg (186.17 KB, 1630x570, sneek - Copy.jpg)


Thanks very much. I'm not often here but occassionally tune in.

Like pretty much everyone else here, I had no idea that this whole pony thing would turn out this way. It's been a fun ride

2404b No.198855

File: 1547733417502.jpg (83.76 KB, 630x630, 2328028_0.jpg)


Looking forward to reading your analysis of MLP from a nationalist viewpoint. Now I'm just waiting for the book to arrive, think the date of arrival was set at 02/02 - 19.

54c6b No.198908

Feminists love to say men will die old and alone without women, but marrying a woman doesn't guarantee that she'll die old at your side. It guarantees she'll gain a financial inventive to take your money and leave you, because she keeps all her stuff and your stuff if you leave and she gets all your stuff if she leaves.
Men will have the camaraderie, loyalty, and friendship of their friends for life. Women will never have that, because all women secretly resent each other and only want to use each other.

f1265 No.205572

File: 1550510627407.png (1.68 MB, 1019x3662, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-02….png)

>Available today 18/02/19.
>Now Available from Counter-Currents!
>My Nationalist Pony

b705f No.205579

Did anyone else order this early and get an email saying their order was marked complete well before the release date? I haven't gotten any shipping details or anything either, I'm slightly worried they might have messed up my order.

a7d76 No.205584

File: 1550517595284.jpg (7.51 KB, 236x171, 51c97af04a16f4b2596ac59af3….jpg)


Thanks, I've received a mail the 13/02 (If I remember the date correctly) and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the book. Another curious addition to my library.

5efac No.205639

File: 1550533840960.jpg (460.49 KB, 1280x714, IMG_20190216_232046.jpg)

Since it has been bumped already.
It definately has been awesome, i started watching the show in 2017, and i noticed the cutie-marks resemblance with the genetic predisposition fact irl, race-segregation, etc.
And i though to myself; i can't be the only one who noticed this, and then i found /mlpol/.

ec3b3 No.205781

File: 1550585245669.png (1.33 MB, 695x900, 1505346134473-4.png)


Noticed this as well, and that the Equestrian society is a ridiculous copy-paste of what is an essentially White society. How this could have escaped the writers, director, producers, Hasbro, critics, the left, and a large part of the viewers is somewhat a lucky happenstance.

5efac No.205909

File: 1550637623944.jpg (198.94 KB, 1060x1562, 3677e10d4da0261618bf354ea0….jpg)

Indeed, a fortunate outcome.

f92b7 No.210041

File: 1552316364791.png (145.89 KB, 1023x584, AibbbrB4T.png)


About fortunate outcomes: I just received my copy of My Nationalist Pony.

f1265 No.210160

File: 1552345194846.png (222.03 KB, 1024x831, unicorn_reading_time__base….png)

To buy it soon is on my wish list.

b705f No.211825

File: 1552827691508.jpg (56.86 KB, 679x507, Capture.JPG)

I also received mine.

a7d76 No.211996

File: 1552855307154.jpg (92.91 KB, 893x893, applejack___cider_by_mysti….jpg)


Have fun. For me at least this book is comfy as wrapping myself with a thick blanket, crawling up in the best seat on my sofa, hot chocolate close by, and it is snowing outside.

19ec9 No.216188

bump, because i got a copy recently

ec3b3 No.216242

File: 1554982474701.png (48.51 KB, 458x454, happy_applejack_by_aerofly….png)



19ec9 No.216312

Not sure if buttercup dew watches this thread but i want to ask if you are planning on releasing a full version after S9 ends to cover the remaining seasons.
It feels kind of incomplete considering the amount of seasons that have been aired.

b433d No.217550

#ALTBRONY started sharing Buttercupdew tumblr and interviews and other works in twitter in 2015.
then /mlpol/ appeared in the april fools day
Now you discover him ..

great day for völkisch iron pilled bronies

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