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File: 1537936800228.png (236.13 KB, 768x856, 1450640779690.png)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>170187


File: 1537936968223.png (769.43 KB, 720x1280, 1449191780916.png)

This thread is claimed for the proletariat.


File: 1537937255327.jpg (59.28 KB, 600x375, 1520350746475-0.jpg)

boy if you don't take that back I swear



I bet you just saw communism and completely ignored the joke the image was making in a frothing rage.


nah, I looked at the image. it's a letter that filly forged to get Twilight in trouble for trying to instigate communism. I just didn't find it funny.
also, my own post is supposed to be a counter shitpost.


Took me a minute to see the spanked butt.

>When there is freedom there will be no State

>Under socialism all will govern

How are commies so dumb?


File: 1537937660503.png (224.69 KB, 1000x800, 1462677417555.png)

Are commies dumb, or are dumb people just attracted to communism?



Top kek


Is this OC? Never seen it before, which is surprising considering how good it is.


File: 1537950339620.png (57.89 KB, 439x600, 1520916139241.png)

>"Little Anon, do I have to re-educate you yet again?"


Why are you looking up at me? I'm like 1 foot tall now.


File: 1537969276903.png (391.02 KB, 3000x3000, 1056911__questionable_arti….png)

He's right.
This angle seems more appropriate.


>Aunt Aryanne will never drag you through town on a leash


If anonfilly was a kirin, would she be a honourary pony?


File: 1537992991760.png (158.43 KB, 764x1046, IMG_2295.PNG)

Hey Anon, can you pick up a few bottles on your way home? I'm lactating and the baby needs to eat.


Idealy, kirins would have their own nation state.


File: 1538004087222.png (77.54 KB, 450x600, medium.png)

what happens if filly becomes soldier?


She dies in her first battle.
And reincarnates as baby.


>You're spending the week with your redpilled aunt
>Unfortunately the two of you have to stop at DeTrot
>Auntie keeps you on a leash so you dont get lost and taken by ziggers


>Needs a bottle to feed the babby
"Twilight, do you know what nipples are for?"


Are we talking the Shakespearian "die"? Cuz "to die" means "to orgasm".
>inb4 filly dies many times


File: 1538007310863.png (825.94 KB, 2254x1729, fillyscarf.png)



QT guard filly

Kek. Poor filly's in for a surprise when she wakes up.


File: 1538015961803.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Day-o, we say day-ay-ay-o in Equestria
>Princess Celestia's assistant has been asked to give me a few pointers on polite etiquette for a royal.
>She's been going on for a while now, but I haven't been paying much attention.
>Something about a mare in glasses, you know?
>Certainly fueled a few furious fap sessions back when I had the equipment.
>"Miss Emerald Dawn, are you paying attention?"
"Mmmm… sure. Let's go with that."
>She stamped her hoof in frustration.
>Back when I was a giant in a world of midget horses, it would've been adorable.
>Now, she's taller than me.
>"Your mother asked me to teach you this! This is important for your future."
"Oh, I'm sure you could teach me a few things, all right…"
>"What was that? I couldn't hear you."
"Nothing important."
>"Well, that's another thing. A princess doesn't mumble. You should speak clearly and concisely. If you must consider something, do so in your head, not aloud."
>My eyes roll of their own accord.
"Is this before or after I get a stick surgically inserted in my posterior?"
>She facehooves as she sighs.
"Actually, that doesn't sound half bad. You doin' anything later?"
>I shoot her a grin as I waggle my brows.
>The door opens as she adjusts her little ascot thingie.
>Or was it a cravat?
>Rarity would kill me if she knew I couldn't tell the difference.
>"Hello again. How are things going with my little sunshine?"
>Celestia got a groan in response.
>"Not very well, Princess. No offense, but… Emerald is absolutely incorrigible."
"I never was very fond of porridge anyways."
>The mare briefly turns a flat look in my direction before continuing to speak to Celestia.
>"She doesn't listen. She doesn't try to put anything to use… and… and…"
>Her ears droop and color tints her cheeks.
>"…Sh… I think she's been ogling me for a while now."
"Well, if you didn't have your tail tied up in a bun like that, the view wouldn't be so nice."
>That tail immediately dipped as low as it could as the mare's face turned redder.
>"Yes, she certainly can be quite the hoof full. Why don't I have a talk with her? You should take the rest of the day off. Depending on how the talk goes, I might speak with you again later on the issue."
>"Thank you, Princess. I hope this won't reflect poorly on my service."
>A musical laugh from cake's natural predator.
>"No no, my little pony. I'd say it more reflects on Emerald."
"Ehh. I've always been a proponent of being true to one's nature."
>The mares cast a brief glance in my direction, then share a sigh.
"Not my fault that my nature contains significant amounts of 'f--"
>With a twinkle of gold, my mouth was zipped shut.
>"Have a good evening, Raven."
>"Thank you, Princess."
>With that, she nudged her glasses back into position and strolled out.
>Celestia shook her head, then cantered over to sit beside me and wrap me in a wing as I tried to operate the zipper pull on my mouth with fucking hooves.
>"Oh, my little pony, whatever am I going to do with you?"
>Her wing escalated by drawing me into her hooves, where she stroked my mane.
>"I'm doing my best to provide for your education, but you're simply being such a trouble."
>She swept me around to hold me dangling from her outstretched forehooves, interrupting my efforts to open my mouth.
>"Tell you what. Let's make a little deal. As I'm sure you know, the Grand Galloping Gala isn't that far away. Of course you'll be expected by everypony to attend."
>I could at least still let out a groan expressing most of my disgust.
>"Yes yes, I know. You're not fond of them. However, here is my offer. I expect you to be on your best behavior, and to be a proper lady, as befitting your new station in life."
>My eyes rolled. Like that would happen.
>"In exchange… I can arrange for the staff to be conspicuously absent from the wine cellars for half an hour on the Wednesday following it, during which there certainly wouldn't be anypony entering and making off with something."
>I paused. Okay, perhaps that had some merit.
>"Obviously, you will need to make an apology to my assistant as well. A proper apology. Well? What say you?"
>With another twinkle of her horn, my mouth was freed.
>Rubbing my mouth, I considered the offer.
"… That's just a one-time reward for something that'll take lots of my time."
>She raised a brow.
"I want a room that I don't have to worry about maids or other staff emptying out as well."
>There was a moment of consideration.
>"Hoof locker."
"Small room."
"Broom closet."
>Another moment of thought from Celestia.
>"You make a fair argument. In return, I too would like to add a small something."
>Her eyes twinkle for a moment.
>"A hug. At the Gala. And a bedtime story session that night."
>It was time for my eyes to narrow a little.
"A proper novel, and not a child's book."
>She nods in acceptance.
"… Then we've got a deal. No funny business. One broom closet sized room entirely for myself, and the time in the cellar."
>"Agreed. A perfect little filly at the gala, a hug at the gala, a bedtime story after the gala, an apology to my aide, and behaving when she is tutoring you."
>My eyes narrow a little.
"… That wasn't part of the arrangement, but I suppose it could be implied by the apology. Fine, I'll let that one slide."
>"I knew we could see eye to eye on this, Anonymous."
"Heh. No pony name?"
>"That will come with time, my little sunshine. Now, come along. The kitchens just took a batch of cookies out of the oven. … You only get one, since you misbehaved."
"… You know, Celestia, usually not giving any cookies is the punishment."
>"What sort of monster would do a thing like that?"
>With that, she led the way.
>Never change, Sunbutt. Never change.


>Celestia letting filly drink
Is this an AU, or did we not watch the same show?


Anon has been in Equestria for twelve years before his 'magical mishap'. The two knew each other for quite a while beforehand.
Also, Celestia is a proponent of the long game.


>cake's natural predator
got a chuckle from me

I liked the negotiations with Sunbutt.
inb4 the wine cellar is emptied out by the Gala, and there's nothing for filly to take.


>everyone in the palace could hear the cry of deep anguish and despair piercing the air


This is getting interesting. Nice update


It's still gonna fuck up filly's body, there's a reason we don't let kids drink.


It's maaaaagic, Anon. He'll be fine.


File: 1538026259331.png (1.12 MB, 2199x1647, bredfilly.png)


>Cartoon about Anonfilly
>Every episode ends in a Dr. Doofenshmirtz-esque "CUUUUURRRSSEEE YOOOUUU TWILIGHT!!"


File: 1538026534192.png (209.96 KB, 1045x1120, 1510699971757.png)


kek, i didnt think anybody saved that shit


File: 1538027035976.png (Spoiler Image, 156.68 KB, 1136x893, Pregnant.png)

>inb4 this has tons of plot holes
>inb4 "I want to get in filly's plot hole" reply
>Be Twilight
>You were so proud when your fillies became Junior Detectives after they located Bon-Bon's missing pie
>Unfortunately the "Junior Detective" positions were a real thing and not something cute the Royal Guard did for foals
>When the Yaks declared war, all the guards were drafted
>Even your fillies
>Unfortunately, a dozen of them had become detectives, and due to the way you brought them into Equestria, you had been their incubator
>You thought it would be nice, having children for the rest of eternity
>But you never expected they'd all die at once
>Now you had to drag around an extra 100 pounds wherever you went, and it was still your second trimester


I want to get in filly's plot hole


File: 1538028668323.png (228.07 KB, 960x1068, AnonFilly-LookingUpSmiling.png)

Recap time!

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ

>You are Anon Filly, a cute green filly who used to be human.

>You have a number of friends in the same boat as you (actually you're in a train right now) in that regard.
>Unlike them, however, you also seem to have psychic powers.
>Also unlike them, you have a clone running around Equestria who also may or may not have psychic powers.
>You're not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that there are changelings conspiring with a communist ex-human filly to take over Equestria, but it certainly seems worth investigating.
>Which brings us to why you are currently on a train.
>…in the middle of a desert
>…so you can trudge through a nearby swamp
>…to wherever the fuck this possibly dangerous psychic clone is going.
>But nevermind all of that, you have a goddamn tail!
>It's been a few weeks since you came to Equestria and you are only now giving much attention to the fact that you have a built-in fly swatter.
>And your friends are calling you a noob for not realizing this sooner.


Where's the image of angry Anonbabby when you need it?


>first deployment
>anon on patrol with squad
>civillian area, nothing happening
>lots of farms
>on a farm nearby a worker drops a tool on his hoof
>yells in pain
>anon thinks its vietnamese
>proceeds to massacre entire field
"Ha, take that Charlie!"
>it was just farmers
>there is no guerilla force in this war
>dishonorably discharged the next day


File: 1538031605370.jpg (45.99 KB, 473x500, laughing pepe.jpg)



File: 1538032283827.png (130.47 KB, 1037x867, 1516219713693.png)

Nevermind, found it.



File: 1538054512986.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2558.JPG)


>Filly's face when she finally scratches an itch she couldn't reach.


File: 1538069586277.jpg (1.68 MB, 4000x3000, 1538065206362.jpg)

Not a regular in this thread, but snakefilly is filly right? Argentinean made pic related in this thread >>175584 check it out.


Snekfilly is best filly. And snekfilly also happens to have good taste.


File: 1538075082692.png (253.69 KB, 1280x1024, 1731751__questionable_oc_o….png)

>Snekfilly is best filly.
Damn right she is.


File: 1538078465324-0.jpg (194.6 KB, 333x500, 3901874136_6ae981fab4.jpg)

Daily reminder that this is a great way to be the filly.


taking a photo shoot where you pour strawberry syrup all over your face and look at the sky?


>couldn't even spring for strawberry jam


I would roughly snug Snek-filly anywhere I could get my hands on her.


But I want to snug the Snek-filly!


Depends on who can get the rag dipped in her favorite cologne first, and get her in their car.


Scent of rabbit. Checkmate.


Scent of tendies. Checkmate.


But that violates the NAP


her own musk from heat checkmate


Trips confirm, ANCAP filly shall have her home torn down and a road built over it as punishment.


But Anon, that only works on males. Checkmate.


>Arms McSlaves with McNuke and McM-14's
Are you saying if you where the filly it wouldn't work on you? checkmate


Not of it was my own heat scent. Checkmate.


I admit defeat


Okay then.


File: 1538096293043.png (1.19 MB, 1283x855, cuddlingfillies.png)

I want to be the filly and cuddle with a fellow anonfilly


File: 1538096975939.png (2.47 MB, 2500x2500, goth.png)


They see me roll'n. they hating.


T-too lewd!


Such a lewd filly.

Of course! Cup was great, still can't believe we won.

>inb4 full body cast drinking through a straw


File: 1538100808014.jpg (1.52 MB, 3264x2448, 286.JPG)


File: 1538102834143.png (322.77 KB, 800x900, DisapprovingAnonfilly.png)

Okay, new objective. Cheerilee clearly is in heat. We sneak in her house and fill a vial with her musk.

Got a tactical plan to suggest?


File: 1538103024135.jpg (111.75 KB, 768x1024, 1530421855920.jpg)

we need to put together a team


File: 1538103490764.png (65.12 KB, 500x600, Tongue 2.png)

>"After what happened with the Hentai Heist? Hell no, my plot is STILL sore."


File: 1538103584622.png (324.32 KB, 1293x1748, 1521467495418.png)

>"Yeah…at least blue filly sorta pulled it off…who tipped Purple off to the heist, anyways?"


File: 1538103638541.jpg (754.13 KB, 3264x2448, [Anonfilly] [Incomplete] T….jpg)



You ok anon?


File: 1538104278919.png (598.08 KB, 2196x2648, Facehoof.png)

>"You haven't figured it out? Lemme give you a hint: 'If she ain't green, she ain't clean.'


This is not what I wanted



File: 1538111169442.png (195.63 KB, 1015x800, AnonFilly-SnuggledByBlosso….png)

There is no way you are going to let Blossom one-up you on bants. Like a proper older brother-type (or perhaps older sister in this body), you give her a good noogie-ing.

"1v1 me scrub, we'll see who's the noob then!"

A smug grin appears on her face and out of nowhere she places her foreleg on the seat between you as if to hoof wrestle.

>"1 2 3 4, I declare a hoof war!"

Quickly, she moves to knock your foreleg down to the ground before you can even realize what game you're playing. Unfortunately for her, you're an Earth pony, and strength is always going to be your advantage. She gets you about halfway down before you realize what she's doing and flip her hoof back around effortlessly, leaving her with a half sour look on her face.

"Now who's the noob?"

>"Alright alright, you win. Mare of steel"

"Yeah yeah, we all know I'm-"

You are interrupted by what seems to be an intercom-like system on the train. It's not digital though, as it appears to be using a system of pipes to carry a pony's voice into each of the cars.

>>"Attention passengers, this is your conductor speaking. We should be arriving at our final destination in Dodge City sometime within the next half hour. When we disembark, please make sure you have not left any items on the train, and thank you for riding the Friendship Express."


That image…
"Well, I guess we're almost there. I suuuuuuure hope nopony tries to suffocate me in their chestfluff for the next thirty minutes. Hint hint." 1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]


Tongue-twister contest, whoever wins chooses the song you'll have to sing for the next 25 minutes.
1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


establish dominance over your friend group by beating them all in hoof wars
1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


File: 1538127183534.png (264.5 KB, 1024x1024, Playtime.png)

Threadly reminder that you should be a good big sister to Anonbabby.
This only pertains to contentfags obviously.


why should they?




File: 1538140984589.png (87.06 KB, 736x600, IMG_2551.PNG)

What is a contentfag? A miserable little pile of fluff. But enough talk… have at you!


File: 1538144686250.png (175.05 KB, 919x970, 1585401.png)

Babby is for love and care.


Babby is for selling into slavery for pocket change.


>Implying poner traffickers wouldn't just take you along with her


Dafuq is wrong with that skull?


LoL graphics


File: 1538160473234.jpg (40.62 KB, 640x705, Shrug.jpg)

>Thinking slavers are gonna buy a slave who can't work or be used as a sex slave, AND need constant care for years until they can.
They're just gonna take you


This. But also,
>Not shrugging filly


File: 1538162355068.png (199.8 KB, 680x600, 1537837111257.png)

Or maybe even 3 fillies actually, have a shitty edit


File: 1538176942190.jpg (788.55 KB, 2448x3264, fillyfun.JPG)

green with green and green on green


Maxx snugg
Dude green, LMAO


Kek, I love it

That's a lot of green


File: 1538179821675.png (93.18 KB, 900x945, aryanne_disgust.png)

>Weed AND Alcohol


>clearly a gatie made out of a wine bottle
Im confused?


File: 1538182787642.png (457.86 KB, 1534x1378, kirinfilly.png)


File: 1538182893502.png (600.46 KB, 1534x1378, kirinfilly.png)

>posting for me


its happened with plenty of other images


God bless (You) as a filly.


All these invisible fillies



>tfw when none
feels bad man


I'd give an ounce or two to get a filly plush



Damn, that's cute.
inb4 Kirinfilly uses her penis-horn for something else


File: 1538191491130.jpg (167.59 KB, 926x1016, The herbal Jew.jpg)

This fucking degenerate.
The kikes got you by the balls.


File: 1538196659231.png (387.11 KB, 500x500, 1537561740940.png)

Hitler did meth dipshit jew


is the meth he smoked the same sort of meth of today?


File: 1538201379012.png (141.12 KB, 1078x1024, DaringDo-FillyLeapToAction.png)


Having no luggage to have to worry about, you figure the best way to pass the time would be with a little bit of skinship (furship? you are not certain the appropriate term for ponies) with your friends.

"Well, I guess we're almost there. I suuuuuuure hope nopony tries to SUFFOCATE me in their CHESTFLUFF for the next thirty minutes. Hint hint."

You were hoping for Blossom to be the one to respond to this, but an Australian accent out of nowhere suggests you might not get that wish.

>"I gotcha mate."

Daring's surprisingly strong forelegs wrap around you from behind into a crushing bear hug. You would never believe a filly could be so strong, let alone a pegasus, and yet had you been facing her, you're pretty sure she actually could have suffocated you. Out of pure curiosity, you turn around to nuzzle her chest fluff, and sure enough, she is pretty soft for an outdoorspony. It almost makes you forget that she took advantage of you in another timeline.


The rest of the train ride, you are plagued with thoughts over what to think of this pony. When you first met her, she was unfriendly, and drugged you to try and kick you out of her house to leave her alone. When you offered her sex while on said drugs, she took your offer way too far and unleashed some pretty sick - and painful - fetishes on you. And in this timeline… she went from asocial and answering the door with a crossbow to super friendly and affectionate in way too short of time. Was the version of Daring you met in the previous timeline a changeling? Does she have multiple personalities or some other fucked up mental illness? Were you just cursed?

Okay, you were literally cursed at the time, but were you also just cursed to receive the worse possible outcome of this situation? Everything is way too confusing for your filly brain to comprehend and…

Oh hey, the train's stopped. And for some reason you never left Daring's embrace. You make a silent prayer that this isn't Stockholm Syndrome.


File: 1538207224087.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, cute kirin hugger.png)

Praise it, filly.


File: 1538207237796.jpg (79.81 KB, 1205x633, sdwxw8e678711.jpg)

Yeah, and Hitler ruined white nationalism.




File: 1538210257917.mp3 (34.41 KB, get that ass banned ltg.mp3)


File: 1538210841112.png (130.78 KB, 1026x660, Screenshot_20180929_044214.png)

Why this thread lost the IDs?


that's an option that can be selected before creating a thread.




to be honest that option should be removed, it enables faggotry. either we turn ids off sitewide or not. not inbetween.


stfu, vril.


stfu (((anon)))


File: 1538211520384.webm (169.97 KB, 472x352, shut the fuck up.webm)


File: 1538211603647.png (861.32 KB, 896x1024, Anonfilly REEE.png)


no u


File: 1538211693075.gif (3.76 MB, 344x499, _texas pepe.gif)


File: 1538211883723.jpeg (104.39 KB, 640x673, AnonfilliesHug.jpeg)


File: 1538214985700.png (230.17 KB, 880x645, hug.png)


File: 1538217290646.png (Spoiler Image, 223.44 KB, 1156x1070, 1513021820393-1.png)

fine…it's not like I wanted a hug, or something…


Don't worry filly, it's just Daring's pheromones. You are now officially her property. Now let's find that faker. 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


Daring Do is a textbook psychopath and has no qualms about changing her personality to suit whatever she considers positive for herself. This means you have to be careful but she's also useful to use against enemies, not to mention a potential sexual partner since Twilight is too tight-laced and Blossom too innocent.
Just expect a stab in the back whenever going gets tough.
1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


File: 1538252769971.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, _filly pat.png)


Can you delay it by 5, kraft?


File: 1538258273207.png (184.52 KB, 1091x1024, angery.png)

>"Anonymous! Open the apartment door right now, I know Emerald's in there! As her legal guardian, I DEMAND you let me in!"


fuck you purple drank im just naked and jerking off, there's no fillies


File: 1538259810392.png (1.41 MB, 2000x2000, 1844039__safe_artist-colon….png)

Oh wow


holy shit
that is a very snuggly looking filly


Damn that looks nice


>bolt out the back door



Well this is a little chaotic.



God that's cute. Would snuggle


filly is for snuggles roll to the max 1d100[ 1d100 = 71 ]


File: 1538271926544.png (140.7 KB, 1140x1115, 1481412590407.png)

>r filly
>celeste is not even thinking of giving you a break
>you are a gorwn up filly who knows responsibiletyy
>Princess Luna is of making appearance in your ..mind..?
>You are not ready for such confusionn
>However you're autistic as all hell so you notice celeste competing for you attention
>Damn fagolas is going do shit
>white horse is FUCKING GOD
>blue is secondary FUCKING GOD
>don't know
>you are tiny filly of little importance in a castle of two FUCKING GODS OF THIS REALM?!?
>these bitches better make peace while your sane
>you sit up as you listen to all noises of fighting as these young alicorns are fighting
>luna is throwing all kinds of tentaccle at celeste
>you've seen enough anime to see where this go
>soon all of you three are capptured in a mess of tentacle who does not let you do what you want to do.
>celeste is do magic
>supa wizzard!?
>is not very effective
>well she IS the prinzez of this place so you do as you are asked
>bite into vine so hard
>is seems like give up
>you see as white and blue hors is dropped to ground
>rape vine is retreating to wait for better times to rape
>wow lucky
>they better give you amazing sex and stuff
>and so, the little anonfilly made friends wiht lots of ponies and castle staffs


Can't say no to that scrunch.

Does Evening Star still make MLP music and does he know of the existence of Anonfilly?


File: 1538273810007.gif (1.11 MB, 355x259, Seinfeld Nice.gif)


>"Open the apartment door"
>*pops a dab as he jumps from the third floor
>*pops open his wallet to pay his medical expenses (plus tip)


File: 1538286299605.jpg (1.02 MB, 1400x860, Map_of_Equestria_2015.jpg)


You make your way off of the train with your friends, staying somewhat quiet the whole time as you contemplate Daring just a bit more. Eventually, you come to the simple conclusion that she is a psychopath - able to change her personality to suit whatever she feels she needs, and not particularly having much actual concern for anyone. She may prove useful despite these qualities, especially if you can turn her and her rope and assorted weapon skills against your enemies… just as long as you can make sure she doesn't find a reason to put a knife in your back. Yes, that's the explanation you'll use.

As you finally step outside the train, you get the sense that Dodge is a bit warmer than Ponyville, though you're not quite sure why that is. If ponies control the weather, and Celestia controls the sun, why are there deserts to the south and tundras to the north? Moreover, how is there a swamp on the other side of town? From what you remember from the show, there was supposed to be just hills and desert here.

"Hey Twi, this is Dodge Junction, right?"

>"This is Dodge City. I think the junction was a while back."

"So we passed her?"

>"Didn't you say she was in the swamp by now? We just caught up."

"I know, but Pinkie said she'd be in Dodge Junction…"

>"That was a day ago."

"Fuck she moves fast."

>"Well, with any luck, she's going to get tired and crash soon. Did she seem sleepless in your vision?"

"I… maybe? She seemed like she was trying to get somewhere at all costs, and was weathering through a lot of bullshit."

>"Well then, we've got a good night's rest and she doesn't. We just have to show as much tenacity as she did and we'll catch up in no time."


So after looking around, different wikis and maps sometimes consider Dodge Junction and Dodge City to be two different places or the same place in Equestria. To make things seem more sane, I am letting them be two different places in this story. Dodge Junction is located North of Appleloosa. Dodge City is located West of Dodge Junction. The area seen in the show is Dodge Junction, which is a relatively small town that is a junction of two main rail lines. Dodge City is a slightly larger town that borders the Hayseed Swamps.

Equestrian Geography is weird.


File: 1538290703368.jpg (985.63 KB, 2612x2136, 296.JPG)

Update is in the works, sorta. Have another shitty c o l o r e d filly in the meantime. I am still a writefag, I am still a writefag, I am still a writefag…


Hey, at least you've had the time to update recently. That said, I'm still working and I think I'm getting pretty close to done with another one.


File: 1538311682567.png (525.82 KB, 1812x2091, 1523592252480.png)

You are a great writefag.


newfag memefilly that sucks


File: 1538323662758.png (206.83 KB, 1280x1500, bored_aryanne_by_aryanneho….png)

Anon, please



File: 1538337847253.png (232.65 KB, 1234x966, lullaby_a.png)



File: 1538344953764.png (396.12 KB, 1193x896, 1552507.png)


Looking forward to it


"What are we waiting for? Let's get the heck out of Dodge." 1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


File: 1538364680132.jpg (48.66 KB, 1300x863, 14237465-bar-of-soap.jpg)

Young fillies shouldn't say heck. 1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


Drop the soap. 1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]


Looks like a happy filly with a candy bar wrote this.


File: 1538377087967.png (100.87 KB, 524x600, AnonFilly-Optimism.png)


"Alright, that's a good point. I've had my breakfast and a very long sleep, so let's get the heck out of Dodge."

For some reason you're not quite sure of, Daring starts staring daggers at you.

"Uh… something the matter?"

>"Language, missy."

"Oh, right. 'Scuse me. Let's get the FUCK out of Dodge."


You walk at a brisk pace through the city, trying not to get too distracted by sightseeing. Despite this, the city does appear rather beautiful, with brightly colored buildings that make it seem almost as "homey" as Ponyville. Had you not been in a hurry to track down your clone, perhaps your choice of colloquialisms would not have been as apt. But alas, you hardly have time (or the funds) to even stop for lunch. At least you had the foresight to bring a survivalist along for the trip.

In spite of your fast pace, it actually takes a couple of hours to reach the edge of the swamp, which actually looks more like a normal forest on its outskirts. You can definitely tell it is the right place, however, because the landscape is dotted with dreadlocks-shaped foliage of willow trees.

Faced with the massive behemoth that is the Hayseed Swamp before you, you suddenly find yourself with a conundrum - you have no idea which direction your clone is heading.


tap in to whatever latent knowledge we may have from spending time on /k/ or /out/ to figure out what direction she was heading
1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


Educated guess: it's likely in the general direction of "deeper". Since we have both Daring and Blossom with us, we should ask them to periodically fly above the treetops to help us navigate. 1d100[ 1d100 = 34 ]


Wherever it is, it's probably right in the middle. That's how it is in movies and books.
1d100[ 1d100 = 36 ]


"I-I think I could use… brushies?"
>You would smack yourself with your hoof if you could for using that word.
>"Oh, my… your mane is a bit of a mess."
>"Um, Ms. Shy? Anything I can do?"
>You're so worthless.
>Can't save your friend.
>Can't take care of yourself.
>This just cements it further.
"League, end me."
"I really don't care how you go about it just so long as I don't cause anypony to be harmed further."
>"No. Do you know what a friend of mine once told me? Never give up, no matter how hard the going gets. We had been out all day throwing balls, and I hadn't hit a single shot. My jaw hurt, my hooves were cracked, and I wanted nothing more but to go home and feel like crap. But my friend wouldn't let me. He showed me the proper form, the 'technique' as he called it. Told me to keep my eyes on it, and eventually I got it. Sure, it went all of five feet, but I couldn't have been happier. As time went on, I learned better how to actually get a consistent rhythm down."
"Why are you telling me this? I'm the one-"
>League slaps you. It isn't hard, but it's enough to get your attention.
>"Yeah, I'm telling you to get your fucking act together Anon. Like it or not, things happen for a reason here. Twilight will fix you, you'll move on with your life like nothing happened, and we'll get our happy ending. There is no happy ending for me without you. You can call me selfish if you want to, but you'd be far more selfish to take yourself away from all the ponies who care about you."
>You just lie there in silence, which is pretty much half of what your body's outer limits are capable of now.
>Fluttershy pulls a brush out of her saddlebags.
>"So… um…"
"Yeah, that sounds nice…"
>As you feel your mane tugged into place, you reflect on League's words.
>I mean sure, it's pretty basic shit.
>It's also basic shit you didn't want to consider.
"Please don't tell Twilight I said those things."
>"Well, I can't exactly promise that…"
>"She specifically told me to tell her if you started acting out of the norm…"
>You look over at League who simply shrugs, clearly still angry at you.
>"I brought scrabble…"
>You resign yourself to the game as you try to stave off dread.
>Unfortunately, 'mankind' and 'navy' aren't words familiar to either of your opponents, so you end up losing bitterly.
>It's times like these that you wish DVDs weren't kill.
>The hours tick by excruciatingly slowly.
>League is still standoffish.
>Fluttershy is still an unengaging pushover.
>You're still paralyzed from the neck down.
>Before long League just kind or resigns herself to watching you while Fluttershy spoonfeeds you and presumably changes you.
>You can't feel dick down there, but you do hear the crinkling of plastic at one point.
>With how red your face probably is you'll be giving 8chan a run for their money.
>Even with the inevitable, you can't help wishing there was a clock in your room so you could see when Twilight is coming back.
>You honestly feel like complete shit, and as much as you'd hate to admit it she does always make you feel a bit better.
>You don't know if it's Stockholm or what, but you don't currently have the energy to care.
>You assume you fell asleep, because the next thing you know a very frazzled and pissed looking Twilight is slapping your face and everyone else is presumably gone.
>"The fuck are you playing, Anon?"
>Inpu action.


Dice rollRolled 37

"Pls no bully Twilight, I've been a good filly."


"Nothing right now, but we played Scrabble earlier"
1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


File: 1538442628153.png (310.28 KB, 680x635, [Anonfilly] [Emerald Dawn]….png)



Nice. But it's weird how the eyes are darker than the rest, esp. in the middle pick.



File: 1538445007665.png (4.34 MB, 1224x1632, DewFilly.png)

ded, have a drink


File: 1538445121716.jpg (60.61 KB, 522x582, 1456764.jpg)

That didn't last long. Rip


File: 1538445678820.png (35.9 KB, 427x395, angryfilly.png)

Dangit, I just barely missed it before it was ded



File: 1538446193794.png (292.47 KB, 1646x1672, fillyheadpat.png)

Thanks anon


File: 1538448553256.png (1.11 MB, 1884x2473, raped1.png)



File: 1538448709236.png (809.09 KB, 1600x1200, 992291.png)

>Tfw purple wont let you talk with your old Anons anymore after being redpilled


File: 1538449227165.png (356.54 KB, 929x859, birome_by_pridark-d65ievf.png)

I hope someday you can stay with us again or at least stay for a whole day without the mod ruining the fun


Yeah, that would be nice Anon…
I don't see it happening any time soon though.


I hope one day /mlp/ gets deleted entirely and you can all come here where the mods aren't trash and are actually fun to post with.


File: 1538450351651.png (124.51 KB, 367x478, birthday hat filly.png)

Thread's been ded since about half an hour ago, but at least we got some posts in there and filly wearing the hat


Now all she needs is one of those paper horns to doot with and she'll be ready to par-tay.


File: 1538450657336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.28 KB, 739x970, duncefilly.jpg)

>mfw the auto-update doesn't work and I don't think to refresh the page to be sure


File: 1538450925501.png (41.15 KB, 459x492, fillysmile.png)

That would be nice…
I'm glad we've at least got a place to stay though, the mods here are the best


Just a theoretical question: should 4/mlp/ be suddenly purged of cancer mods, would the majority of you stay here, return to 4/mlp/, or keep a presence in both?


I'd stay here.
God-tier mods are better than no mods at all


This place of nazis, horsefuckers and nazi horsefuckers is home. Even without the cancer mods, you've still got that hook nosed chink squeezing every yen out of the site he can to pay off the yakuza so they don't put his head on a pike.


I started here, I'm staying here.


>4chan purged of cancer mods
Sounds more like a trick question


File: 1538453449323.jpg (2.46 MB, 4160x2340, 20181002_000627.jpg)


She's so fluffy. I want to cuddle with her


File: 1538453636914.png (6.94 MB, 4000x10000, 1506449536823 (2).png)

nice dub trips, would snuggle the fluffy qt filly
but that's not how hooves normally work


We may not have any idea, but we have an Aussie with us
What could ever go wrong?
1d100[ 1d100 = 78 ]


So is that after filly was redpilled?
Also check'd


>Be Anonfilly
>Standing in a large, empty auditorium, the lacquered wooden floor making squeaking noises if you pushed your hoof against it just right
>You gulp in a large breath of air and blow into your tuba with as much force as possible
>"BRRRUUMP!" the instrument sang crudely, as if tortured by your complete disregard for it
>"Anon, you can't just blow it as hard as possible and expect it to come out right" said the pompous gray mare instructing you
>Heh, blow
"Sure I can. It's post-neoliberealism. Get with the times."
>"You can't just make up-" Octavia started indignantly
>BRAAMMFF!! you blare deeply, the single note booming through the acousticly-designed room
"You see that? That was a derivative minimalistic l'aria drawing inspiration from Romare choral medleys, used to reflect on the singular nature of the pony condition."
>"Why you little-" she starts in her haughty tone before quickly silencing herself
>"Look, I'm charging a lot of bits here, and I want-"
>"Stop that!"
"Make me."
>"I can't. I can't make you listen, or obey, or even learn how to play the tuba."
>Ah, victo-
>"Buuuut, I imagine Miss Twilight won't be pleased if she comes to your recital next month only to find out you wasted MY time and HER money."
>Wait… recital?


File: 1538461291707.png (67.88 KB, 900x600, DaringDo-FillyNoHat.png)


Before continuing any further, you decide to sit down for a bit to try and think about which way your clone was going. Thinking back to the memory, you realize the sky was dark, and there were too many trees obstructing your view of the sky, so using the sun for direction sense would not be possible. Instead, you consider the trees. Moss always grows on the north side of trees, right? So if that were the case, she might be heading… North East? Probably better to double check with your friends.

"Hey guys, moss grows on the North side of trees, right?"

Daring shakes her head.

>"Nah, it grows in the South."

Blossom bursts into laughter.

>"Maybe in Australia. Equestria was designed by Americans and Canadians, so it should be in the North."

>"The fuck do you mean designed by Americans and Canadians?"

>"You know, the show it's from?"

>"What show?"

>"My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic?"

>"Holy shit, I'm in a little girl's cartoon? Piss, shit, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits! If this shit is airing on television somewhere, tell all the little girls I'm gonna rape their mothers, because this shit ain't right."


File: 1538461785012.png (172.73 KB, 625x437, 1531787083362.png)

That's an adorable fluffy filly


File: 1538461944301.png (170.16 KB, 500x489, 1523858627175.png)

She is right, it does grow in the south side though, watch northern fillies get btfo by this rolle
And after Blossom loses attention on us, if she ever ends up losing, be sure to tell Daring how, probably, there will be a bunch of grown ass men wanting to fug her, just like she did with the mini kangaroo
1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


You dun goofed, filly.


well, nobody's beating that…


If Equestria had a Surgeon General he'd probably would say that you are not supposed to tumble dry fillies even thou it makes them extremely adorable.


File: 1538462370510.png (96.47 KB, 450x533, wut anonfilly.png)

Rip filly.



Yeah, but you can add onto it, so long as it doesn't contradict it.


Alright, building off >>176705 .
I suggest that as a plan B in case plan A fails we decide to do some aerial surveillance, and should we find the imposter, do a couple of airstrikes to incapacitate her.
Basically, the two wingless ones ride around on the ones with wings until we find the douche and then if we find her, jump off of daring/blossom and land on top of her. Precautionary agility roll: 1d20[ 1d20 = 14 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


Any good ideas for Halloween filly?


File: 1538467774367.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, ConfusedFilly.png)

You do realize that fillies have just learned to fly and are nowhere near strong enough to carry the equivalent of their own body weight, right?


you act like cartoon physics wouldn't apply in a cartoon world.


You act like Twilight has entirely forgotten the moth spell.


you act like it wouldn't be fun and look badass to flying-tackle our clone from 30 feet in the air.


1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


Filly getting spooked at a haunted house


File: 1538476015057.png (33.26 KB, 498x421, 1519097304598.png)



File: 1538476413530.gif (22.52 KB, 128x87, 40920018516875674712345.gif)


BOOOOOOOOST 1d100[ 1d100 = 18 ]


File: 1538487659491.jpg (90.99 KB, 500x360, 1455687119943.jpg)

we need more scrunching fillies


Twilight taking filly trick-or-treating


A Skeletonfilly or Ghostfilly.


File: 1538501789997.png (403.63 KB, 800x1159, 1459788386313.png)


File: 1538502854464.png (558.77 KB, 500x636, angry cute faggot.png)


File: 1538503380304.png (125.95 KB, 572x720, 1456545698648.png)

>4chan dies after filly's visit





File: 1538511257351.png (324.88 KB, 1602x1700, 1477962705685 anonfilly.png)


Holy shit
>Ghost becomes the filly
>Wreaks havoc on Ponyville


File: 1538513051296-0.jpeg (130.32 KB, 960x769, 1846415__suggestive_limes….jpeg)

>Found it in my fb feed. Apparently this is some "arcade game of chance" common in latin american low-income neighborhoods. This one, it seems, uses ponies without license. Tagged questionable due to the ahegao oc.


That can't be real.


My sides.
I saw something similar here too, without the ahgao.
But its gone because these machines are illegal now.


File: 1538513858508.png (57.95 KB, 819x763, 1529630529399-0.png)

You Latinos are fuckin' weird.


Thanks for going on gaybook to find this mate, I know I never would've.


I don't think he went there himself, it looks like he just quoted the image description from derpi


No fucking way. That's hilarious


Top fucking kek!


File: 1538517991378.jpg (89.12 KB, 675x1200, 1535223970345.jpg)

our spread slowly gets wider and wider every day
isnt it glorious


Glorious? Maybe. Concerning? Definitely. Friendly reminder that with every step we take into the normiescape, the more we put ourselves at risk of bringing them here.


File: 1538518634470.jpeg (277.61 KB, 2048x1536, 1495840424091.jpeg)

fair enough, but visiting or no, i dont think many normies would be able to drop in without recoiling right back out of here

takes a certain kind of faggot to want to be the filly


File: 1538519417910.png (39.53 KB, 1488x264, 1528249359489.png)

>tfw the target demographic finds this place


Okay, this is quite cringy.


this is what i would've posted if i had the pic, though
when was that, anyways?


Now it would've been red alert if he had posted the print in here. Even if the kid menace is all around us, they don't post among us.


im twevle and whta is this?!!!1


File: 1538520842760.png (214.74 KB, 964x1368, 1516646501298.png)



File: 1538521009785.jpeg (398.08 KB, 540x720, Destello magico.jpeg)

We just like to make bootlegs


Sounds like every 3rd world country to me.


They picked an awfully lewd image



File: 1538528578747.png (121.56 KB, 1450x825, 1533089550088.png)

already taken down


I was in the middle of clicking on the link and then you posted that. Damn. Hopes: dashed.



One day…
We'll be back.


File: 1538530795703.png (244.39 KB, 3500x3000, 062.png)

*pets the filly*
You can't go back, you can only go forward. Until the anti-fillies are gone (which probably includes gookmoot) 4chan is hostile. Try to make the best of what you have, rather than what you had.


What's best is the random Hispanic kid next to Anonfilly.


File: 1538531565419.png (132.28 KB, 715x538, Conception (S).png)

Embryo here. Do any of you guys like Fortnite?


File: 1538531814341.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

Filly, I eat and breathe Fortnite. I pay my monthly expenses in V-bucks; still haven't figured why they shut off my water but hey.
t. AN-M


>Bringing your plush out in public
The autism is real.


File: 1538533297565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 2681x1881, 308.JPG)

>"It's 'Peanut' from Sugarcube Corner."
>"I need you to make a delivery to the Sparkle residence, can't miss it."
>"Don't worry about the extra icing, we'll send by someone to clean up after them."


File: 1538533454552.png (376.61 KB, 1779x1353, ear baiting fillies.png)


>ywn have another filly bite your ear while you cuddle
why live
and thanks anon, holy shit we've needed more filly cuddling for a long time


Nice! Filly's gonna get lots of candy this year.

God that's cute. Filly cuddling is the best.


Filly cuddling is my favorite
I wanna cuddle another filly as the filly


You only post about it every other thread…


This right here is the pinnacle reason of being the filly
I'd cuddle you.


File: 1538535078341.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, AnonFilly-AwkwardBlush.png)

I just really want to have filly snuggles…
also it's every single thread


File: 1538535814473.png (13.99 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon2.png)

>Morning in Equestria
>I shuffle into the dining room and climb into my usual seat.
>"Good morning, my little sunshine! Did you sleep well?"
>A grumble is the response Celestia gets.
>"I see. It seems somepony takes after their aunt a little."
>Luna let out a grumble and hucked a muffin at her sister.
"Yeah yeah… didn't sleep well because of all this racket going on."
>She gave me a puzzled look as I loaded up my plate with fruit.
>"All of… what racket?"
>I finished off the chunk of cantaloupe I'd snatched, then turned toward her.
"You know. The whole music shtick. I mean, it was okay for a while, but it's a bit long for a joke now, isn't it?"
>The room froze.
>"There… isn't any music playing right now."
"Bullshit. Yes there is."
>Luna picked her head up and looked at me, then over toward her sister.
>A slight look of concern sneaks its way onto Celestia's face.
>"Emerald… how long have you been hearing this… music?"
"Iunno. A few days, maybe?"
>One of the maids gasps, her tray of glassware tumbling to crash to the ground.
>Celestia stands up quick enough to knock her chair over.
>"And what was happening when it started? Do you remember?"
"I dunno. Maybe? It was a few days ago."
>Ponies start scrambling at top speed as Celestia snaps her head back toward me.
>"And you didn't start SINGING??"
"Pff. What kind of faggot do you take me for? Besides, you know I can't sing for shit."
>Suddenly, I'm wrapped up in fluff. Some white, some dark blue.
>"Fret not, dearest An—err… Emerald dawn. We shall see to thy predicament with great haste."
>Luna was even petting my mane.
>"You're a pony now! You're a little filly, with everything that comes with that!"
>Sunbutt's looking unusually frazzled.
"What's the big deal? It's just some music."
>She shakes me hard enough it almost feels like the horn's going to fall off my head.
>"Just some music! Anonymous, you know how we ponies break into song over everything, right? It's not for nothing!"
>Just then, the doors slam open and a full medical team barrels in on a magically propelled gurney.
>"How long has the patient been like this?"
>I'm practically slammed onto the gurney as this is asked.
"Hey! Watch it! What the hell do you th-mrfmlfmrfrrf!"
>Some sort of device is crammed in my mouth.
>"She said it's been DAYS, doctor! DAYS!"
>I don't think I've ever seen Celestia do the panicky prance in place before.
>The doctor rushes immediately to my side and gives a reassuring pat.
>"You're being a very brave little filly. Now, I'm going to need you to keep being brave for just a little more, okay?"
>One of the nurses yanks the device out of my mouth.
>"Doctor! Her harmonic thaumium levels are higher than Cloudsdale!"
"What the fuck is going ON??"
>"Holy Tartarus, that's almost off the scale! Hold on, everypony!"
>The medical team piled on top of the gurney with me and with the hum of magic, we shot out into the halls as they did various examinations on me.
>More than one group of ponies had to throw themselves against the walls to avoid being run over.
>I could hear Celestia galloping along behind, alternating between shouting assurances that everything was going to be okay and asking the doctor if everything was going to be okay.
"Fucking hell…"
>Suddenly, my vision was filled with a worried looking nurse trying (and failing) to give a reassuring smile.
>"Now, everything's going to be just fine, you hear me? You're going to be okay! Don't panic! You're going to feel a slight pinch in a little bit, okay? Stop panicking! Don't panic!"
>I raised a brow at her.
"Who's panicking? What're you talking abouuuuuu-whoa…"
>I felt a sharp jab at the base of a wing.
>For a few moments, everything felt absolutely awesome before the world tilted and I fell into the inky void of unconsciousness.

>I woke to the beeping of machines and the unholy stench of too many flowers in one place.

>Prying my eyes open revealed a glut of gift baskets and balloons.
"…fucking ponies…
>A pamphlet with smiling ponies and brightly colored music notes was sitting on my chest.
>Music and You! How to Not Literally Explode In Song!
>Also nearby was what looked like a children's book titled "Penny Whistle's Very Bad Day".
>At least whatever they did stopped that music.
>Fucking weird ponies and their weird biology.


File: 1538536601781.jpg (264.33 KB, 1292x734, AnonfilliesLaugh.jpg)



What the buck


if this is an actual medical thing that the horses have to deal with, I hope there are ways to work around it or at the very least, not have to sing in public.


This is kinda epic.


File: 1538537765281-0.jpg (1.41 MB, 2340x4160, inktober2~2.jpg)


Oh my god, that's so cute. Great work!


They should make a second one. Maybe where Vin Diesel is working with the Rock in some fashion, then gets betrayed.
Great work, you should do a colored version.


File: 1538540926612.png (13.81 KB, 300x500, goog jog anonfilly.png)


File: 1538541005585.png (895.31 KB, 3840x2160, swampfilly_dark.png)


This explains so much.
Fucking ponies, man.


>"Come join the filly, Anon. You'll float down here. We all float down here."


File: 1538550468677.gif (88.84 KB, 650x450, Twilight-Words.gif)


"You know what? Fuck it. Daring, you're right, it is on the south side. Let's just go south. Well, southwest, seeing as I was originally thinking it was northeast.

Your friends are all staring at you.


Twilight places a hoof on your shoulder.

>"We just came from the west."

"So southeast?"

>"Look, you're trying to navigate by the moss you saw in your vision, right?"


>"And if you originally thought it was in the northeast, that would mean that the direction she's headed in is the same direction as would be faced by the right part of the mossy side of the tree, right?"

"Uh… yes?"

>"Well then by deduction, if the moss was growing on the south side, the right part of the moss would point west, causing her to head back in the direction of Dodge. So logically, this would mean…"

"That she's headed back to Dodge?"

Twilight plants her hoof into her face and you can see Blossom becoming visibly annoyed with this silliness.

>"Oh my god guys, can we just check the trees already? They're right fucking there!"

You look to the sky and check the sun to get a good sense of where north is, and then walk up to a tree. The moss on most of the trees appears to be on the northern side.


Wonder out loud why we're all so autistic that we didn't think of checking the sun in the first place. Oh, and travel south-southeast, I guess. 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


File: 1538586413526.jpg (490.21 KB, 1984x1404, 1826216 red.jpg)

Don't jump in the bed with these hooves.


What are shadows?
Also good job with the regular updates


1d100[ 1d100 = 21 ]


>Check the sun to have a sense where north is
>In a place where the sun is controlled by a creature so those rules dont really apply
Good job Twilight, who s to say you havent been reading the maps all wrong either, what with that sense of directions of yours?~
And this isnt earth, it shouldnt matter if on the other side its made by people on the north, this is EQUESTRIA(make sure to make something grand here, an explosion, an eagle screech, something big) , right Daring? What do you say?
But whatever, boosting >>176972 as well before Reuben has a chance to Meta aboos and we lose ourselves in the forest

[1d100 = 21] on older post>>177103, fixed grammar and stuff



Technically Twilight never told you to go by the sun, that was something you did on your own instinctively. She did tell you that Dodge was to the west of you, but that could be known from basic Equestrian geography.

Incidentally, just because Celestia doesn't HAVE to obey the same rules doesn't mean she's not going to make the sun rise and set the same way every day out of habit.


File: 1538623996514.png (1001.49 KB, 2620x2080, 1847556.png)


So cute. I want to fall asleep next to her.


File: 1538625353643.jpg (931.27 KB, 2289x2617, 20181003_235250~2.jpg)


So this is how Twilight gets the fillies to put up with each other.
Nice work!


File: 1538629691940.png (155.25 KB, 1278x1691, AnonFilly-Listening.png)


"Well fuck, why didn't I just check the sun in the first place? Alright, she's this way."

You point your hoof in the general direction of south, and slightly to the east. Twilight tilts her head like a kirin in response.

>"Are you… sure about that? I mean, you seemed to imply the opposite a little bit ago."

"Well, if I'm remembering my vision properly, the direction she was headed in was actually on the other side of the moss, now that I think about it. I mean, I shouldn't have been even able to see the moss if I was facing its opposite end, right?"

>"Well it's not uniform, so you can see it partially from the other side of the tree in some areas, but if you're saying you were facing it, I guess it would make sense to go in that direction."

You are, of course, lying through your teeth. The reason you were able to see the moss was because you saw it from the side. When you looked forward, you typically saw the non-mossy side of trees. Nevertheless, your gut is telling you that it's a good idea to get lost in the woods right now, and you trust your gut, so you do just that.

For the next half a day or so, you trudge through a woodland that becomes increasingly wetter and more resembling a swamp with each hour that passes. Dirt paths become mud, and mud in turn becomes deep puddles that in some areas ride all the way up to the lower part of your flank. You make a silent prayer thanking whatever god that put you here that the swamp is not magically enchanted to make you depressed, and that you are not Artax about to die. It is nonetheless very cold, but not freezing.

Eventually, you come to a small, run-down village with wooden walkways that run between raised houses. It seems familiar, though many of the ponies there do not. You are starting to get hungry.


File: 1538630672973.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.



You're late bro. Been busy?


Yea, as a matter of fact. I promise I won't miss anymore threads, though.


File: 1538640715103.png (Spoiler Image, 84.87 KB, 536x623, 1271554.png)

I hope not. It isn't the same without you


Limp-dicked pussy.


So many cute fillies!
"I think we're going the right way. Let's see if the locals are of any help, but be careful." 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


File: 1538677501059.png (126.07 KB, 597x1000, 1516257071929.png)

Wrote for a mulp thread, probably going to be delet there but reposting here

>>Your waifu browses through every picture of her you have, including suggestive and lewd
>>What does she say to you?

>"So many fags to show up with…"
>"So many degenerates to choose from…
>"And fate had to choose you for me to live with"
>"I swear Anon, really? Not a single lewd?"
>"Heck I wouldnt mind if it were other mares either but fucking hell"
>"Will you at least-"
"No, ponies are not for sexual"
>"Fuck you, they are, at least download some so i can use for myself you idiot"
"You better stop that Anon?"
>"Or what, you re the faggot who cant even appreciate ponies rig-"
>A hand flew to the filly's flank and slapped it hard
"Ponies are pure and deserve respect! You should live by that too now that you re one"
>Anonfilly face turned into a smirk as a plan formed in her mind
>"Slap me again~" she said in a sing song voice
>"Slap me harder daddy~"
"Oh fuck just, ugh, go to your room you fucking faggot"
>"No you, be a man and take care of your filly"
"Im not lewding you fag"
>"Well, then maybe Im the one who s going to need to take the reins then, what do you sa-aay-hey!"
>Swiftly you shoved her out of your bedroom door
>And then, quickly you grabbed the key and locked it
>Just in time too, as she finally recovered and tried to get back in
>"Hey, let me in, i m not done yet"
"Well, I am, come back when you calmed back down"
>"But…you..Fuck you faggot, reeeee…"
>Slowly her screeching died down, as she moved somewhere else in the house
>First heat a shit…


Pretty good.


Kek, nice.


File: 1538680468318.png (5.88 KB, 273x387, 1516960591696.png)

Sparkle residence, huh?
Filly contract killer is a pretty awesome thing to think about, thanks for this, Anon.


heh, thanks for this anon, this is pretty great


Can't hurt to check with these ponies if the clone/changeling went this way. I wouldn't 100% trust food from them without seeing it cooked, though. 1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


Is it possible to mod a Hotline Miami game and add a Filly mask?


File: 1538691270274.png (18.11 KB, 719x806, 1455082028103.png)

>ywn tuck filly in
>ywn give her a boop goodnight
>ywn read her a bedtime story
>ywn make a blanket fort with her when she can't fall asleep
>ywn stay up watching movies or cartoons with her when she can't fall asleep
>ywn hold her close and comfort her when she has a bad dream


File: 1538691444188.png (179.76 KB, 1280x720, 1444278804600.png)



There's a way to mod everything, Anon. All it'd really need is a pixel filly, I imagine.


File: 1538699201791.png (263 B, 13x15, pxlfly.png)

Did somebody say pixel filly?


What is this, a filly for ants?


No, the filly IS ants!


>Be Anonfilly
>Scooping yourself a big bowl of ice cream using your mouth
>You were starting to get good at this
>Normally Twiggles would only let you have ice cream as dessert (and only if you ate all your vegetables), but she was gone
>Wait, what if she had memorized how much was left in the container?
>Eh, too late now.
>You manage to carry you bowl to the couch, a pile of unread Sunday funnies resting on the coffee table
>Perfect for a rainy Saturday
>The rain was barely short of torrential, with large drops banging against the crystal windows of the castle
>The sky was nearly black, the thick, dark clouds blotting out every square inch of the sky
>Not even Twiggles would force you outside
>Whatever, time for ice cream
>But right as you get /comfy/ on the couch, you hear the magical doorbell ring
>These better not be Mormares
>You gently place the bowl on the table and waddle over to the door
"I'm coming, I'm coming!"
"…faggot" you mumble to yourself
>You struggle with the doorknob, not bothering to rush yourself
>Derpy probably lost one of your letters again
>Eventually you manage to swing the door open, starting your dialogue before seeing your visitor.
"Look Derpy, maybe-"
>Your blood froze when your gaze was no longer blocked by the crystal door
>On the porch stood a mint-green mare, her mane a bluer shade of mint, with a white streak running though it
>Although you couldn't see it at the moment, you knew she was sporting a Lyre for an Cutie Mark
>Lyra was soaking from head to tail, barrel heaving with every breath
>Her eyes were wild, in a way reserved for the unhinged, bearing so much focus that confirmed an unhealthy obsession
>Even dampened by the rain, you could tell that Lyra's coat and mane hadn't been cleaned in a long time
>"Hello, Anon."


File: 1538701202876.png (80.38 KB, 450x533, 19598290.png)

Oh shit, I thought you had forgotten about her.
Can't wait to see where this goes…


File: 1538702215303.png (168 B, 12x12, fillyforants.png)

Pixel fillies unite!
Lets overthrow all the absurd res fillies and take their oversized lunch money- i mean, get the respect we rightfully deserve from them, yes… and maybe take their large money afterwards


Surprised there's no replies with such a wonderfully arousing piece of art
Brb gonna masturbate


File: 1538709064911.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, fillyshrug.png)

Well, it was already posted last thread
I'd also personally find it much more arousing if it was vaginal instead of anal


This tbh

I mean, the artistic technique is exceptional, but it has implied futa and Twilight instead of a deserving colt. The subject matter doesn't appeal.

Now these are good. There's a sense of mystery to it. If I had to suggest anything to AF it would be a specification of how Lyra says "Hello, Anon." It's easy to imagine any of a dozen ways that she says this, but her wild look implies either shouting or an exhausted wheeze.
Also, >waddle
Anonfilly confirmed obese or a duck


File: 1538712764947.jpg (956.72 KB, 2340x2556, 20181005_000542~2.jpg)


>"It's not a phase, mo-, I mean, Purple!"




File: 1538715640313.png (255.79 KB, 1116x1024, it's not a phase, twiggles.png)

>tfw it's absolutely, positively, definitely not "just a phase" this time


I pronounce myself spookiest writefag. All shall bow before me.
"Nothing right now, but we did play Scrabble earlier."
>Her face is bright red, and you can almost see her straining to hold back laughter.
>"That isn't funny, missy."
"Your face says otherwise."
>"Do you really want to kill yourself?"
"In this state that I will undoubtedly be stuck in for the remainder of my short sad-"
>"I found a solution, you insufferable cunt."
>Your ears perk up at that.
>"Sure as the sun rises every morning. Would I fuck with you about something this serious?"
>She pauses.
>"Don't answer that."
>Before you can say anything, you're being carried over to the bathtub.
"Hey! What gives?"
>"You don't exactly smell… pleasant. "
"Well neither do you, you stinky nerd!"
>"Please, I bathed as soon as I got home. Little. Fillies. That. Don't. Bathe. Don't. Smell. Great."
>She punctuates each word with a tap on your snoot.
"Fine… get it over with."
>The bath goes by with no issues that you can see.
>You hope that Twilight isn't touching your bits, but you couldn't tell either way.
>You do notice that her drain of the tub is rather hasty though, the potential evidence having long been washed down the drain by the time she lifts you out.
>After toweling you off, Purple carries you into one of the many laboratories.
>"I need to ensure everything is normal for this to work, hold still."
"I don't have much of a-"
>"Your head, Starswirl."
>As multiple electrodes are attached to your face with some sort of adhesive, you watch yourself being turned over.
>You don't feel anything, but you do hear the sound of some sort of drill, a wet sort of contact and quite a bit of cursing.
>Eventually the sound of the machinery connected to your head dies down and you hear something turning.
>"Alright, if you don't feel anything within the hour tell me. It should take time, but not that long."
>Twilight quietly sits by the table-side, flipping through some undecipherable ancient tome of knowledge.
>The first thing that comes back is your tail.
>You can almost feel each individual follicle of hair, and it relieves you greatly.
>Next are your hooves.
>Then your legs.
>Finally, the tingling works its way up your barrel and into your neck.
"Damn, it's good to be back."
>You attempt to hop up from the table, but end up just weakly pushing at the surface instead.
>No biggie, you'll try again.
>The second attempt yields the same result.
>As does the fifth.
>And the twenty-sixth.
"Um, Purple?"
"I-I think I have a problem…"
>"Shit… what's going on?"
>Input action.


I was trying to keep it open-ended for the "tune in next week". I couldn't think of a way to convey her tone. The best I can think of is "seemingly emotionless, but with a slightly excited undertone." I'm sure I'll think of a better adjective later, and will add it to the pastebin.

And yeah, I'm trying to show that Anon has put on a little weight. Foreshadowing and all that.


"I can certainly feel again, but I can't move and I don't think I've been immobile for enough time to experience THIS much atrophy."
1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]


This. Ask if it's normal. 1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]


>"…it's a good idea to get lost in the woods right now, and you trust your gut, so you do just that"
QM aboos ree
Boop the closest pony to you to discharge from being lost in the woods
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]

Just to be clear, not mad from any this, if there s any doubt, just fun and banter


This and ask what crazy stuff she did on us this time
1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


File: 1538719250180.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, thumbsup.png)

kek'd and check'd


Rather than being a completely paralyzed cripple, I'm now an extremely immobilized cripple. I would call this progress baby steps if I could actually make baby steps.
1d100[ 1d100 = 63 ]


What's next in the list of spoopy pons? "ASSFAGGHOST"?


Fuck, I'm retarded.


File: 1538724256893.png (75.24 KB, 538x650, AnonFilly-SurpriseBoop.png)


You walk up to the first pony you see, a sort of middle-aged mare with dreadlocks. She seems a little surprised to see you and your friends, and you get the sense that this village might not receive that many visitors.

"Hey, this may seem strange, but have you seen a filly that looks just like me passing through here, possibly acting suspicious like she might be a clone or a changeling?"

There's a brief pause before you get any sort of response, and as soon as the mare opens her mouth, you get the sense that she's not all that… there.

<"Dude… what's a changeling?"

"Uh, it's a bug-like pony that can turn into other ponies?"

<"Whoa. That's pretty awesome."

"They're also incredibly warlike and plan on taking over Equestria."

<"Okay, never mind, not awesome. Totally bogus."

"Yeah, and I think one of them might've come through here. Have you seen any?"

<"Nah, nopony comes through here. It's hard enough to get supply carts coming in. I think you've probably seen first-hand what the area around here's like. Say, do you want to come in to dry off and have some brownies?"


"I'd love to dry off, but unfortunately I'm not some kind of degenerate."
1d100[ 1d100 = 47 ]


Sure, you love brownies.
1d100[ 1d100 = 53 ]


Someone mod the filly over hammer in HM2 and make a crystal palace map, stat!


"Fine, ill stick around for a brownie and a couple of cones"
1d100[ 1d100 = 90 ]


dude weed lmao 1d100[ 1d100 = 61 ]


File: 1538739737002.png (66.87 KB, 511x511, ClipboardImage.png)

just gonna leave it here


Filly looks like she's done something stupid and is trying to act natural.



File: 1538746843069.png (1.88 MB, 2500x2500, petfilly.png)


>tfw your filly will never win the Ponyville championship for lasting the longest without orgasming
>tfw she won't be, because of this, ranked the most attractive in marriage material
>tfw she won't be shaking uncontrollably for an hour afterward, unable to stand

why live?

Why does this creep me out and why does she look like Dolan?


Edit out the hand and it's a 10/10.
Replace the hand with Twilight's hoof and it'll be an 11/10.


>Filly after accidentally ripping a page out of one of Twilight's books



puff puff pass 1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]


File: 1538771129839-0.png (2.94 MB, 2800x2800, [Anonfilly] Blowjob 01 (St….png)

File: 1538771129839-1.png (2.95 MB, 2800x2800, [Anonfilly] Blowjob 01 (Cu….png)



Fucking gay.


But Anon, the Filly IS gay.


Only if YOU are the filly AND gay.


No Anon, the Filly will always be gay regardless. I didn't decide it, but them's the rules.


Without speech and context, it's ambiguous whether it's vaginal or anal.


>ywn join a gang or "run away" for Twilight's attention


File: 1538789438233.png (16.71 MB, 4960x3508, 1826212.png)

Well, to be fair, the first version of it I've seen was the full version


>Into the filly
Still the best part


File: 1538791639585.png (61.8 KB, 900x945, 1531469436884.png)

Yes, filly is intrinsically gay, but that doesnt mean that she would just accept a dick to be shoved inside her. With marevag it's still straight for him, even if it isnt for the transformed body, afterall she is still a grown ass man in the body of a filly, relenting to dicks is the worse she could succumb to, which would also mean literally giving up any kind of hope of being transformed back

And seriously, what faggot in their right mind would suck a dick? Could use a excuse about heat season and shit affecting his mind to be fucked silly, but sucking and by choice noneless then that's fucking degenerate


>You head back to your room and plop down on your bed
>Nothing like a lazy morning
>You nearly drift off when there's a knock at your door
>Must be Spike. About time
>"Breakfast is ready"
"Great, bring it in."
"Not getting any younger here"
>"Uh. Twilight says you have to come down if you want any."
>Damn it Purple
>You groan, rolling out of bed and pushing open the door
"Thanks for nothing, faggot"
>You hear him grumble to himself as he follows you downstairs


File: 1538803718539.png (11.6 KB, 521x405, Naptime(S)[wT].png)

Anyone else here want to be the babby?
The idea of being completely helpless and entirely dependent on a woman who loves me unconditionally and asks for nothing in return. Cuddles, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and lots of other skin-on-skin contact really appeals to me. I was never really cared for beyond the bare minimum, and I go to TVTropes to pick my next game/anime whatever with some sort of mother/son relationship element.
It's really the highest level of mommy issue.


File: 1538804866727.png (1.97 MB, 2500x2500, bedfilly.png)


File: 1538805327717.png (108.4 KB, 800x641, FillyGriffin.png)



File: 1538805656266.png (185.4 KB, 707x444, 200%peeved.png)

You'd better be


File: 1538805673530.png (54.58 KB, 1500x1514, AnonFilly-Stoned.png)


"Alright, sure. I'll stick around for a brownie and a couple of cones."

The mare looks at you somewhat confused.

<"Cones? We don't have any ice cream here. Besides, isn't it cold out?"

What is she, dense? Or do not all weed terms translate over to Equestria properly?

"Uh, forget I said that. Say, do you have any spliffs or blunts?"

<"Well I've got a pretty blunt kitchen knife that needs sharpening…"

Okay, she is clueless.

"Nevermind. Do you mind if I bring my friends too? I'm pretty sure they're all just as cold and wet, and also hungry."

<"Sure, go ahead. I've got plenty."

You quickly round up your friends, who seem to have wandered around the town to check the place out. Though Twilight did seem to be engaged in another conversation with a local, it isn't hard to pull her focus away with just the words, "scored us some brownies."

Soon, you find yourself inside a surprisingly cozy shack. The mare who invited you, properly introduces herself to you as "Baked Goods," and tells you she is the town chef. The whole place is a sort of commune, so everyone has a job, and the resources get shared so long as everyone pitches in their labor. As she passes you a plate of some of the most delicious brownies you've ever tasted, she laments that her own daughter, Brownie Bun, will probably not be able to take over her job, as she is terrible at cooking.

As soon as said daughter walks into the room and takes a brownie for herself, you realize there probably isn't any weed in Baked Goods' baked goods.


I'd rather be a filly, but I'd be okay with being the babby. Lots of affection and care sounds really nice, and I'd want that as the filly too.


>Filly has her way with you, using you for cuddles and ear scritches

What have you done


File: 1538806821362.jpg (82.13 KB, 572x923, PinkiePiePuzzledDetective.jpg)

It's a natural and noble sentiment to treasure and idealize the sanctity of motherhood. However, perverting this into fantasizing about shirking all the responsibilities of manhood and becoming helpless is a dangerous proposition. Watch yourself, lest you descend into becoming a diaperfag or, the horror, a diaperfur.

Quietly complain that even the degenerates and bohemians of Equestrian society are wholesome folk by our standards.

…or maybe not. Covertly strike up a bet with your peers on whether Baked Goods is a single mother and whether the commune practices free love, then inquire (innocuously) about their family and their community

1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]


That's pretty much the entire point of Anonfilly threads. Become a child, have a momfu, etc. Babyfags are just a step above (below?)


I'd also be okay with it. You'd eventually grow up to be a filly anyway, and then a mare.


Explain to Baked Goods the concept of smoking marijuana. 1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


File: 1538839544515.png (792.61 KB, 1144x1024, 1351561.png)


Was it? Imo the point was about the struggle and dealing with becoming a pony, being forced into a child body of the oposite sex on top of that and having to deal with the culture shock from what others would expect from you as such, which is what makes it entertaining for me at least

Of course, with the direction the thread been going now its far more about accepting such changes than struggling against it and finding a way back i guess, though i do prefeer the later


File: 1538854746462.png (26.73 KB, 466x417, IMG_2472.PNG)

God, my heart…


Hey Bwilight!


The filly is not for sexual, stop forcing this shit on the thread Andrew.


But is the filly for hoof holding?


File: 1538861522177.png (89.28 KB, 839x928, 1353623.png)

Absolutely degenerate


>little league story
>but another anon is the cock-crazed filly
that'd be interesting

>you notice filly is not in the room, god only knows what she's doing

>go into the kitchen to make some bomb ass eggs
>Filly is on your table, on top of this huge platter
>she's spreading her legs out and now pouring whip cream on herself
>she sees you
>"Oh, hi Anon… You like?"
"You wasting my goddamn whipped cream? No I don't like."
>ignore her and go for fridge
>"Fuck you you faggot, if it's so fuckin precious to you then come lick it off!"
"Off of THAT? No thanks, God only knows where it's been."
>"H-HEY! I told you I'm a virgin, you fucking faggot!"
"…That cucumber under your side of the bed begged to differ."
>she goes beet red while you pull out eggs and butter
>you pause and drop the stuff on the counter
>going towards the bathroom, you first stop and throw her tail over her naughty bits
"Horny faggot."


File: 1538862105308.png (467.54 KB, 1280x853, grown-ass anonfilly.png)


File: 1538862626744.png (295.42 KB, 1155x1014, SadFilly.png)

>ywn snuggle and hold the filly
>ywn hug the fluffy filly
>ywn be the fluffy filly who gets hugged
>ywn be the little filly
>ywn have horse momfus fight over you


Now THIS is a top tier story my friends.


>ywn have horse momfus fight over you
I want to be the filly and star in The Bachelorette: Momfu Edition


File: 1538869822132.jpg (662.85 KB, 2989x3791, 543254365.jpg)

I created a cryptofilly thread.
Any fillies up for a raid/fishing effort?


File: 1538876615975.png (790.08 KB, 3500x3000, Filly 01.png)

You're right, filly isn't for sexual.
Filly is for super sexual.


Why are you here?


File: 1538877337452-0.png (10.45 MB, 2779x3998, 1850144__safe_artist-colon….png)

Totally not anonfilly OC


I'll post a filly filly


Whoever posted the link, the spoiler broke it


Do it, faget.


File: 1538882222513.gif (830.67 KB, 3500x3000, [Anonfilly] Lipstick Meme ….gif)

Was done long ago.


File: 1538882273831-0.jpg (2.45 MB, 4048x3036, 1850151.jpg)

File: 1538882273831-1.jpg (2.44 MB, 4048x3036, 1850152.jpg)

Tiny angry filly


Dammit, why do I always miss the fun stuff!?
Filly is angry. Angry about (((banks))).


>"Fucking quarters, reeeee!"


IIrc the faggot didn't even really take suggestions, just did it all.


>>177788 (checkaroo'd)
That makes me feel a little better, actually.


Might work on something else for a bit after the next few…
"You tell me. What the fuck did you do to me, exactly?"
>"I implanted a small strip of magically conductive material where I severed the connection before. Here, give me a second…"
>Her horn glows faintly as you feel her lift up different parts of your body.
>"No atrophy, just as I expected. The only other thing I can think if is the material not being sensitive enough…"
>Before you can get a word in edgewise, she's already galloped off to some other part of the castle.
>It doesn't take long for her to return with a hammer, about fifty different bottles of some sort of unknown substance, and a comically small anvil.
>You would probably laugh if not for the grim expression she bore.
>"Alright, let me give this a shot…"
>You lose all feeling below your neck once again after a few minutes of turning screwdrivers.
>When you regain it, what little movements you can do are the polar opposite of what you intended.
>More screwdriver.
>Your body is back in a state of excruciating pain.
>More screwdriver, a damp paper towel wipes away your tears.
>Your entire body feels wonderful. You still can't move much, but you almost don't care about that.
>Twilight lifts up your chest and displays worry.
>The screwdriver is much faster this time around.
>By the end of it all, the table is covered in vaginal fluids, blood, piss, and mucus.
>You're panting at this point, as one more sample is screwed in.
"I feel fine, but still just as weak."
>"That was the first one."
>You feel a hoof on your back as you begin to sob.
>"Look, this isn't hopeless."
"Yeah, it is. Rather than being a completely paralyzed cripple, I'm a completely immobilized cripple. I would call this baby steps if I were even capable of baby steps."
>"Okay… how far would you be willing to go to regain-"
"That's a stupid fucking question and you know it. Whatever it takes."
>"If you insist."
>A bright flash of light later and you're standing in a dark area.
>There is just enough illumination to see a stairwell and a large slab of material closing the area between you and the stairwell. Two pathways branch off just above the beginning of it.
>You find that you can move normally after lifting a hoof.
>The first hallway is marked 'familiarity' and the second is marked 'a new face.'
>Input action.


I want to be a FemAnon and shove the tiny filly between my breasts and make them her new home.


Threadly update, asking everyone and anyone who needs changes, additions, and more done to the Doc or Dropbox, to make them known to me now or suffer forever.

>tfw you have to make legal shit for site cuz gdpr.
>tfw you have little to no time to work on server cuz full-time work and school take so much time you lose sleep most days.

Why do people make websites by the way?


Why not just block anyone from the EU?


Well, we have EU fillies here, but I'd assume they have VPNs. So yeah
Block those shits.


Being an EU filly must suck since you get fucked way more by Merkel than Anon.


File: 1538894661797.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, AnonFilly-TeaDrinker.png)


"Hey Baked Goods, these brownies wouldn't happen to have any marijuana in them, would they?"

Twilight shoots you an odd glance that seemingly asks if you really just asked that question.

<"No, what's marijuana?"

"It's uh… it's a plant. Normally you smoke it and it makes you relax and feel kinda funny, but it's also sometimes processed into an oil and made into brownies."

<"Haha, sorry dude, nothing like that here. If I find anything like that around the swamp I'll have to try it out though. My husband often comes home waaaaaay exhausted from chopping wood and could use some relaxation."

"Oh definitely. You know, if you could get me a piece of paper and something to write with, I could show you what the leaves look like so you could know what to look for."

<"Sure thing. I should have some around here somewhere."

She walks off into another room, so you decide to pitch an idea to your friends while her back is turned.

"So, what do you guys think are the odds that these ponies are the free love types?"

Twilight rolls her eyes.

<"Well, you're zero for one on casting her as a stoner, so I'm going to guess zilch. Say, why are you trying to bring drugs into an otherwise peaceful village anyways?"


File: 1538894744321.png (44.58 KB, 202x202, Yell.png)

"ur mom gay!"
>"Anon, we have the same mom."
"Your birth mom!"
"Your FIRST birth mom!"



Note for future self when copying to pastebin: replace last line's < with >. Accidentally made Twilight use pink text.


"You act like I'm trying to get them all hooked on cocaine or something actually dangerous like that." 1d100[ 1d100 = 3 ]


That's a really good question. 1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


File: 1538895837570.png (354.29 KB, 823x1083, AnonfillyAnnoyedDisdainful.png)

I am impressed by your ability to make fine details. Now draw filly on a grain of rice.

New face.
1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]

Weed isn't degenerate, ask Elon Musk. And it was fairly obvious they didn't have any anyway, but I'm not going to make a bet around them. Free love existed long before weed was discovered and ten caps say it still exists here.
1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]


"Same reason the CIA brought crack to the inner cities. You remember the reason for that, don't you?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]


File: 1538896805008-0.png (194.55 KB, 1139x837, unknown (1).png)

File: 1538896805008-1.png (302.79 KB, 1539x783, unknown (2).png)

File: 1538896805008-2.png (118.27 KB, 1057x787, unknown (3).png)

File: 1538896805008-3.png (161.27 KB, 829x813, unknown.png)

File: 1538896805008-4.png (188.84 KB, 739x829, download.png)


What will that be?

New face, why not. 1d100[ 1d100 = 16 ]


Shark filly a cute


>Mares all over Equestria enters the show
>Who is most suited to be Anonfilly's stepmother?
>Who? WHO?!?
I would totally watch that show.


"Hey, maybe they're short on textiles, it is a very useful crop after all."
1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


File: 1538929727958.jpg (71.5 KB, 480x480, image.jpg)

Dude, I'm seeing fillies!


Wait, wouldn't that mean filly has a dadfu?


This is illegal.


top cute


I probably could, but I’m too nice. Plus some companies will create one for you, for a cost though.

I already block China cause they keep spamming the server with telnet and SSH requests into root


>not wanting a dadfu
But Anon, having a father figure in a young foal's life is key to childhood development.


And you think any of the writefags are well-developed individuals?


File: 1538947478881-0.jpeg (87.66 KB, 1024x1024, large.jpeg)


Reuben seems fairly even-keeled.


Can't you just not comply with gdpr?
Unless you or the servers are in the EU, what are those eurofags gonna do?


Don't forget the most important role of a dadfu: vetting all of the colts his little filly brings home.


From my understanding, the EU can submit legal fines and requests to the origin nation for handling and carrying out. It’s ultimately up to the origin nation to decide on the matter. I’d rather not take that chance.


File: 1538957879104.png (222.01 KB, 1600x833, 1481447117967.png)

if you were the filly, would you be manipulative?
like, calling purple "mom" to get what you want, puppy eyes and all?


>Green sclera
>That blonde stripe in the mane
This was an Aryanne pic. Could be redone.


I don't think I would. I wouldn't cause too much trouble. If I do call her mom it would probably be genuine


File: 1538958580651-0.png (Spoiler Image, 286.15 KB, 3573x1861, 941307__safe_artist-colon-….png)

File: 1538958580651-1.png (Spoiler Image, 263.45 KB, 3562x1851, 950777__safe_artist-colon-….png)


File: 1538958814914.png (350.32 KB, 3573x1861, 1481447150373.png)

It got fixed some time ago, but wasn't updated on Derpibooru.


File: 1538958892642.png (1.29 MB, 1024x1024, Blossomforth.png)

>Day Not-Alicorn-Story in Equestria
>Seriously, what kind of writefag writes something else in the middle of another story?
>Somehow, you wound up getting turned into a filly.
>You suspect either Twilight or Discord is to blame.
>After much discussion, they decided you needed a pony to look after you, despite your objections.
>Twilight and her friends all already had a lot on their plates, so they asked around Ponyville.
>Eventually, you were handed off to Blossomforth, who apparently had a spare room and a decent enough income.
>Plus, bendy pony was kinda hot, so you didn't object.
>Too bad for you.
"Hey, mom! I'm heading out to meet my friends at Sugarcube Corner!"
>"Now, hold on, little missy!"
>Apparently, Blossomforth had certain views on what was important for a child's health.
>She fluttered over and landed.
>"You know the rule."
"Ugh. Fine. What is it today?"
>She tapped her chin and then nodded as she decided.
>"You've gotta touch your hind hooves."
>Well, that isn't too bad.
>You start sitting down to just that.
>She shakes her head.
>"Not that way."
"Oh come on! You know I can't do that."
>"Well, you'll never do it if you don't try! At least give it a try, Anon!"
"Ugh. Fffffine."
>The things you do for being able to check out that flower ass on the sly.
>You flop over onto your back and wiggle around.
>You can hear Blossomforth holding back a titter at the sounds of your struggle.
>Eventually, you manage to arch your back a bit, but you were a bit lost after that.
>"Here, let me give you a helping hoof!"
>With an oof, you were pushed over.
>You felt her hooves on your hind legs, and she started to pull.
>"Oh don't be such a foal! Just relax and feel the stretch."
>You try and scrabble your hooves on the floor to get away, but it was no use.
>She had taken a seat on your back to get a bit more leverage.
>"Just a little more…"
>You felt your spine crackle like a bowl of rice krispies.
>"…oopsie. That didn't sound right."
>She dropped your hooves and turned around to check on you.
"I think something's gotta be broken… doctor… get a doctor…"
>She prodded your twitching form in a few places, then gave a hard yank on your hindquarters.
>You felt another hard pop and let out a yelp.
>"You'll be fiiiiine. It was just a slight dislocation."
>She wrapped you up in a hug, rubbing her cheek into your mane.
>"Okay. Have fun with your friends, sweetie!"
>She passed a decent amount of bits into your hooves, then shoved you out the door.
>Climbing to your hooves, you stumbled down the road toward Sugarcube Corner.
>Your tail hung low to hide the confusing winking that bits of your anatomy were doing.
>It felt like this was a milkshake AND a cupcake kind of day…


Probably wouldn't be that manipulative, but I might call purplesmart mom. Depends if she acts more like a mom or a purplesmart.


Kek, that was great. Hadn't thought of Blossomforth as a mother before.


>implying I'm not gonna call her mom all the time
>implying I'm not gonna pretend to have frequent nightmares so she'll cuddle me to sleep



I kek'd, this was great.


Glad you enjoyed it. Just a fun idea that popped in my head that had to be shared.


File: 1538965777459.jpg (53.89 KB, 720x566, 1456762.jpg)

Thanks for sharing


File: 1538974546515-0.jpg (614.32 KB, 2024x1518, IMG_20181007_013556.jpg)

File: 1538974546515-1.jpg (522.23 KB, 2024x1518, IMG_20181007_023325.jpg)

File: 1538974546515-2.jpg (573.95 KB, 2024x1518, IMG_20181007_122317.jpg)

File: 1538974546515-3.jpg (417.13 KB, 2024x1518, IMG_20181007_201450.jpg)

File: 1538974546515-4.jpg (497.27 KB, 2024x1518, IMG_20181007_202008.jpg)


The Adventures of Tiny Filly



That sure is a smol filly.


File: 1538979471318.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1808x1752, Twilicorn-StonedInAHoodie.jpeg)


"Same reason the CIA brought crack to the inner cities. You remember the reason for that, don't you?"

>"If you're referring to the CIA contra affair, I was in middle school when that happened, so I couldn't have overseen it to have first-hand knowledge of the situation. And even if I was, it wouldn't be in my department. The Contras were involved in Nicaragua, and my field of work was in the Korean peninsula."

"Nice excuse, spook."

>"Well at least I have an excuse. You, on the other hand, presumably believe that the CIA had malicious intents with their drug smuggling, and yet say you have the same intentions with them with this village. Can you just leave them alone?"

"How about YOU leave them alone? It's not like I'm trying to get them on some sort of dangerous drug. It's just pot! Besides, maybe they're short on textiles and could use some hemp or something."

>"And hemp is a completely different plant from pot. If you tried to smoke it, the only thing you'd accomplish is giving yourself an increased chance of lung cancer. Which by the way, they have similar looking leaves."

"Why do you hate pot anyways?"

>"To be honest, I don't. Hell, half my office gets stoned when they get home from work despite the fact that the agency frowns heavily on it, because of all of the stress. I just don't think our host needs to gets any more baked than she is now, don't you agree?"


tiny filly a cute!


>You try to slam the door in Lyra's face, but her hoof manages to keep it open with greater force, and it eventually caves inwards
>You try to blitz your way inside, but mint pone uses her magic to pull on your legs, tripping you in the process
"H-hey, you can't come in, that violates the NAP!" you meme reflexively, mind being overrun by instinct
>Seriously tho, ancaps are retarded
>"Kid, let's sit down." she says, her tone not angry, but still aggressive
> You shamble to the couch, not wanting to invoke Lyra's wrath
>Maybe if you played nice now you could escape later
>You had no idea where m- Purple was, as the note she left was quite vague
>She probably had some sort of magic tripwire set up, so you only needed to last a few minutes
>Instead of immediately joining you, Lyra turns around, looking for something
>Apparently she finds it, and saunters forward to her target: the kitchen
>You keep your eye on her, watching her walk in as if she owned the place
>Lyra mutters something to herself as she randomly opens and closes cupboards with no rhyme or reason
>With a face coated in a perverse glee, she turns to rejoin you, her horn aglow and levitating the item she had been looking for
>A Chef's Knife.


>Wants to destroy the traditional family unit
Nice VPN (((Anon))).

Haha, of course not. Reuben maybe? I think a couple of us said they were well-adjusted and had healthy relationships with their mothers.
I wasn't one of them.


"Twi, literally the only thing 'baked' about her is her name." 1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


well im a hippie faggot voice, and i dont find any reason why this mare's wife cant come home and just relax with a bowl
not only that, but holy shit, you dont even know how good the lewd stuff is on that, mate
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


whoops, husband


File: 1539003996457.jpeg (36.99 KB, 758x420, ThisIsSomeGoodWeedBilbo.jpeg)

If they like getting high, that's their prerogative. Weed is no more harmful than alcohol, and I don't see you complaining about a certain someone carrying a flask everywhere. THC even has medical benefits that may be unknown to ponykind. And before you tell me that it's the corruption of an innocent fantasy setting, hobbits in Middle Earth smoke weed too.
1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]

Apparently the I Spy authors, with their obsession with dollhouses and miniature toys, like Anonfilly too. Proof that /mlpol/ brings together autists of all stripes.

Will the theme song to the next part be a hybrid of Cupcakes and Anthropology?


Well, it was nice knowing this filly.


>>"And hemp is a completely different plant from pot. If you tried to smoke it, the only thing you'd accomplish is giving yourself an increased chance of lung cancer. Which by the way, they have similar looking leaves."
Twilight/Reuben confirmed botanical retard
ALL species of cannabis are adequate for hemp production, be it savitia and indicia (reefer species), or ruderalis (commercial hemp species). all of these species contain Tetrahydrocannibinol although in varying amounts.
tl;dr all cannabis is good for both, just some are better for each.


>implying any non-stoner would know this, or at least more than that they're somewhat similar


rip filly


well you'd figure that any writefag would do their research beforehand before posting like that


Spooky Halloween music intensifies?


Probably Reuben tbh, but you know he'll pin it on Twi.


File: 1539034857396.png (252 KB, 1000x800, 1539031959041.png)

"Hi Anon, why dont you take a seat over here?"


File: 1539035172751.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 1444273420920.png)

okay, what are we gonna do today, auntie glimmer?


File: 1539043157268.gif (27.39 KB, 456x474, mlem.gif)

more recolor


fuck yes
thanks anon


File: 1539044963181.png (142.24 KB, 669x669, AnonFilly-ComplainFace.png)


I did some research for this, but I can't claim to be an expert on plants. From what I have found, industrial hemp tends to have an amount of THC equal to about 0.3% of dry weight, while recreational marijuana can have a THC content from a low of 3.5% to an upwards of 25%. I would therefore consider industrial hemp to be very bad for getting high, as you would need to smoke 11 times as much of it to get as high as very weak marijuana would.

As for Twilight, while she did work for an intelligence agency and would pick up bits and pieces of knowledge from other subjects over the course of her life (whether or not it's correct), her primary fields of expertise are psychology and geopolitics. While she has read a fair bit in the two years she's spent in Equestria (much like the Twilight of the show), she is not an expert on everything, even if she tries to present herself as one.


File: 1539045696592.png (561.89 KB, 764x846, 1449145394726.png)

nah nigga you don't know nothin' about anything
that shit could unlock crazy recipes and shit, and the dude could get some use out of knocking out in a great ass sleep
shit's cash yo, you don't even know, bro
1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]


File: 1539046919660.jpg (100.02 KB, 1117x740, 1512074763477.jpg)

Fine, but you re buying everyone icecream when we re back 1d100[ 1d100 = 78 ]


Was meant as a command for >>178009
I wonder what made that post break so badly


Licky filly


The keyword there is INDUSTRIAL hemp. Cannabis can be bred to have varying levels of THC, which is why for example Purple Haze has more THC than Bush Kush. Industrial textile growers breed their cannabis plants to have as little THC in them as possible mostly to deter reefer addicts from robbing their crops




>mostly to deter reefer addicts from robbing their crops

Well, actually it's because the government tells them that if they have a THC content of more than 0.3%, it's an illegal marijuana crop and they have to torch their entire field.

Twilight, being naturally inclined to believe that Uncle Sam is always right, would probably think that this is how hemp is supposed to grow in the wild.


File: 1539060001455.png (18.27 KB, 460x460, DELETGun.png)

>Have a unique setting
>Involved ethical debate over giving marijuana to ponies
>Was about to make the story much more interesting
>Day after last update high roll by 4 gives up the fun possibilities
>Asks for ice cream which we'll get anyway or forget about entirely

Are you trying to ruin this CYOA?


File: 1539061051710.png (202.53 KB, 2048x1536, 1513200.png)

Well first of all, we may had gotten ice cream either way, but now purple is paying it so we can spend the bits elsewhere
Secondly i would rather not have any drugged ponies in my filly conscience, Ajna is still watching from somewhere
Lastly: fuck drugs

Rolling to dab in the green(if roll >= 90), just because
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]
If roll is lower or equal to 10 then discard my other post and go the druggie route, so the discard chance is equal as the dab


We don't even know what effect magic would have on something like marijuana since there are plants with fuckin' wack properties, like those ones that turn ponies into trees, or poison joke. Who knows what effect magic marijuana would have.


File: 1539061964121.png (788.04 KB, 3053x3460, AnonFilly-MLPScarf.png)


Clearly, Twilight must have literally smoked rope in college if she thinks that hemp grown in the wild can't get a pony high. But you'll let that slide, lest her ego be totally shattered.

"Alright fine, but you're gonna buy us all ice cream when we get back home."

She rolls her eyes and smiles.

>"I can live with that."

Baked Goods shows up shortly afterwards, empty-hooved and slightly dispirited.

<"Well, I don't know what to tell you, but I think we're all out of paper."

"That's alright. I'm pretty sure marijuana doesn't grow in swamps anyways, at least not natively."

<"Bummer. I'll have to ask about it next time a trade caravan comes through."

And thus Twilight's desire to keep the town off of drugs was ultimately defeated by the free market. You sit smugly and enjoy the rest of your brownie, knowing full well that she still owes you some ice cream.

<"So you mentioned earlier that you were looking for a changeling. Do you need to do that now, or can you spend the night and continue your search tomorrow?"


>When the player tries to DM
Doesn't work that way filly.


These are the best thing


File: 1539091337723.png (508.13 KB, 3666x3328, 1716764__artist needed_saf….png)

>mfw no microfilly of my own


Sure, if i had said anything lower than higher roll to be accounted for, as is with that defined roll it still would be the highest one
The discard option was just so you could have your /r/ at a minimal chance along with the meem, but i see you d rather ree for not getting your thing than even consider it being there


File: 1539101101130.png (1.12 MB, 1610x1380, helloween filly.png)



File: 1539102474547.gif (663.01 KB, 640x360, ScaredPinkiePieShivering.gif)

TOP UNF if you don't look at those eyes

Though clearly painted, it resembles SFM so much (looks like PS2 graphics on the wings and rear/tail) that this style is quite unique.

Thank you for putting in drawing time for our little thread.


File: 1539103006865.png (1.11 MB, 1610x1380, helloween filly less eyes.png)



W-wew. That's pretty amazing, Anon. Thanks!

I think that helps


We don't have enough filly in lingerie.
Good job.


File: 1539105253634.png (398.13 KB, 920x789, ghost filly.png)


Forelegs looks pretty darn thick, perfect for >hape


File: 1539105625912.png (232.65 KB, 500x344, fc6.png)

Heh, forelegs actually seems fine in this one
Thats a pretty spoopy filly


File: 1539106384537.png (2.89 MB, 1802x2109, 1388945.png)

Oh fuck, sexy spoopy ghost!


Check the time. If it's getting late, it might not to be a bad idea to ask if we can stay for the night. 1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


File: 1539107951169.png (96.99 KB, 560x408, unknown.png)


Plush update:
>so we're looking at approx 2 to 3 more weeks before she is about finished!

Heh, only took like this entire year.
No pics, but we'll see what happens.


Cool, hopefully she comes out great


I've been wondering about something recently…
If you got turned into a filly, Twilight would most likely have you go to school like other young ponies, right? How would you all react to being sent back to school again?

Would you perform your best and have the others think you're a genius, even though you just happen to be an adult in the body of a filly?
Would you become a bully for reasons? Maybe one who bullies the bullies?
Try and convince the teacher or the students that you're not actually a filly?

What would you do?


I'd probably be very bored with subjects I'd already know (math, language assuming it's the same) but interested in some of the new stuff like history or "science".

I would do well, but not make a scene or rub it in.
I wouldn't bully anyone. Maybe protect some other foals if they're getting picked on. Try to make some friends.
I think trying to convince them of that would just make me look crazy.


Cute! But what does tomato heart mean?
I'd be the class genius, but not so smart where they try to send me to high school or something. I want to be in elementary school, and Twiggles probably doesn't want me calling attention to myself.


File: 1539118328189.png (230.64 KB, 720x798, 1460316260009.png)

Honestly, since season 8 exists now, she'd probably just send you to her Friendship School Playset since most of it's classes seem to be designed for non-ponies and retards. In that case, I'd definitely mess with her in class. Nothing mean or excessive, just a little prank here and there and maybe get Dash or Pinkie to help out too. It'd be worth whatever extra homework, grounding, or embarrassing stories she'd tell everyone. That school may suck, but it's got potential for some fun filly shenanigans.


File: 1539127335922.gif (255.65 KB, 1416x1421, lightning_sketch_clap_by_m….gif)

Eyes are less bulging but still creepy. The way her rear curves abruptly to a flat line on top seems bizarre. Also, the thick but low-res strands of her tail can't stop reminding me of old console systems. Not to mention, her impish face, blunt snout and thick eyebrows (yes, they're supposed to be eyelashes but they're so T H I C C they look like eyebrows) make her resemble a colt more than a filly.

But hey, I'm excessively critical for someone who can't even draw. This is perfect for Halloween.


You're in a rush and should probably find the changeling now. If you get tired you can always return, right?
1d100[ 1d100 = 25 ]

I would ace everything and teach others the dark secrets of life.


File: 1539128128790.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 2526x2301, 319.JPG)

Stronger thongs.



There is an image of Starlight Glimmer here with a sort of crazed look in her eyes and some subtitled text, but if I try to open it, I get a 404. I suspect my browser may have cached the thumbnail. Would you be able to re-upload it?


Poor Fileven


File: 1539129209886.png (1.61 MB, 2989x3791, 1512340725932.png)

You're not gonna bitch if I give you a bit of criticism, are you?


Nah. Please, I am trying to be less shit after all. That being said I probably won't go back to that image to correct anything, but I'll keep what you say in mind.


Not >>178195 , but Protip: you're drawing ont the special sketchpad paper, but you can't do small images on that because it'll look messed up. See hoe you can see the erased lines? If you're doing an image <6"x6", use normal paper. If you won't, then try to use markers or thick pens to draw over your completed sketch's lines and fill them in.


It means she likes tomato soup you dingus


File: 1539144078128.jpeg (78.86 KB, 610x445, 1534980170044-0.jpeg)

Would you feed filly a non-sentient pizza bite by bite while rubbing her hooves?



File: 1539147140281.png (136.76 KB, 350x400, cryingfilly.png)

>tfw Twilight will never make you hot chocolate with her breastmilk



File: 1539147769537.png (229.82 KB, 1476x1432, 1428894.png)

The real question is: does she produce the milk then add chocolate, or magically turn it to chocolate milk before it comes out?


File: 1539147937152.jpg (100.02 KB, 1117x740, 1512074763477.jpg)

Been trying to remember what it was since it doesnt show here, it may be this one from the filename


I don't know about you, but I'm not trusting purple with chocolate milk given her track record with it. I'll stick to hot chocolate made with water as a result. fite mi.


File: 1539149102363.png (128.18 KB, 541x500, AnonfillySpilledDrink.png)

The creaminess and texture, though, is worth risking life and limb for.


your life, my dude. Do what you will, but I might say 'I told you so'.


I would assume she extracts the milk then adds the chocolate mix. Warm chocolate milk isn't the same.



This is the exact file that I saw originally. Thank you.

I like her yandere face.


Warm chocolate milk is alright. Wouldn't want filly to burn herself.


>implying Purple isn't giving you a sippy cup


File: 1539152867411.png (517.1 KB, 1261x891, AnonFilly-UnwantedTwiSnugg….png)


You take a look out the window. It's starting to get dark out, and you know full well that the swamp outside is cold. You'd like to think you'll have an advantage over your clone for not being dumb enough to stay up all night walking, or sleeping in the wilderness.

"Uhh, if you're offering, I think I'll have to take it."

<"Well of course I'm offering. What kind of pony do you think I'd be to let you sleep out there in the cold?"

"Obviously not the same kind of pony that took in a couple of strangers and offers them brownies. Do you have a guest room?"

<"Nah, but I can put you guys up in the living room if you don't mind."

"Hey, a roof's a roof."

<"Good. I don't want to seem like a bad host or anything. We don't tend to see a lot of strangers around these parts."

Around this time the door bursts open to reveal a very burly cream-colored stallion wearing a red plaid jacket and carrying an axe in his teeth. He has two saddlebags on either side of him, each overfilled with firewood. He sets them down and throws his hooves around Baked Goods and Brownie Bun, lifting them into a crushing bear hug. After he sets them down, he turns to you and your friends with a jolly smile on his face.

>>"Well who are these cute little fillies? I haven't seen you in the village before?"


Wouldn't put it past her


To be fair, you just got hooves, so you're like to spill things.

The high chair, on the other hand…


We run a specialized extermination service. We got a tip of a particularly nasty bug in the area and were hoping to catch it before it becomes a problem. 1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


"FBI, we're here on reports of some 463,000 images of foal porn"
1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]
<s>i legitimatly hope i get a low roll</s>


You of all people should know better than to taunt Aussie meme magic.

Boosting for >>178235 1d100[ 1d100 = 17 ]


Boosting harder 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


Good point.

Maybe filly's too small to reach the table


Im scared to ask what other helpful ideas she has for us


Well, perhaps she's worried you might cold at night…
maybe a cozy onesie would be in order while she snuggles you into the sheets?


We're here to study the local wildlife, namely giant shape-shifting bug-horses.
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]


File: 1539195616712.png (510.97 KB, 1684x1605, 1317368.png)

That actually sounds nice


File: 1539197647060.png (84.59 KB, 742x579, 1509842280836.png)

Okay then, here goes it.
>flank is a closed off shape
>mare proportions are not in sync with filly's (leg size, size of flanks)
>neck is attached in the middle of the head
You ever seen a horse before mate? Ponies are more human-like in their actions, but they're still ponies.
>Twilight's head isn't rounded like filly's
>head circles are closed off
Now, I'm also not a fan of showing eyes under the mane, but that's a stylistic thing, really. I tend to make the mane after the eyes, so that I know where to avoid them.
>horn and muzzle are too close to each other
If poor Twilight actually had her horn between her eyes like that, the show would be a very different one. Keep its position in mind when adding it. Look at the full picture, don't focus on making the details so much.

Do with it what you will


File: 1539197840306.png (263.64 KB, 1045x1115, unknown (2).png)


File: 1539198116105.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, 1342445.png)

Fuck, that's cute


arent we going to get to warm in a onesie wrapped in blankets all whilst twiggles snuggles us?


That's so adorable


That's kinda the point.


File: 1539203911192.png (330.32 KB, 1182x1101, unknown (4).png)


File: 1539203960950-0.png (38.48 KB, 297x298, unknown (2).png)

File: 1539203960950-1.png (80.51 KB, 526x603, unknown (3).png)


Why is filly such a cute?


File: 1539204469711-0.png (Spoiler Image, 148.63 KB, 648x482, 1508638498195.png)

because ur a cute


File: 1539204587311.png (Spoiler Image, 506.63 KB, 842x1300, 1517803961818.png)

y-you too


I mean, I'd rather be nice and cozy than be all cold and sad.

Bring on the blankets!


I just wanna be cozy and sad.
All the time.


This. Sheets make it much easier to curl up into a ball, get warm, and cry yourself to sleep.


File: 1539206286257.png (139.46 KB, 1664x937, 1751296.png)


I mean if you're gonna cry, might as well be comfortable, thanks for the tip.


File: 1539207914338.png (20.8 KB, 486x444, boopmedaddy.png)

Do it.


File: 1539213573909-0.png (Spoiler Image, 449.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1456193191603.png)

you asked for it!



>"No, Daddy, whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…"


>"Okay, if your mother asks what happened, you tripped down the stairs, okay?"


File: 1539222230689.png (16.3 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

O-on one condition…


File: 1539223270134.png (105 KB, 763x934, 1773819.png)



File: 1539233938647.png (164.98 KB, 744x960, random anonfilly.png)


Not bad, junglefilly.


Damn, what a qt


File: 1539237185621.png (3.8 MB, 2160x1215, 1460260551718.png)

I always love seeing the different styles of filly you make
I've enjoyed your art for 3 years but I don't think I've ever said thank you
I'm glad you've been with us for so long, and thanks for using your damn awesome talent to bring us hundreds of fillies to see


Same here. Thank you for all the awesome stuff you've done!


>3 years
Thanks for the support.


File: 1539241403821.png (186.75 KB, 1421x2008, AnonFilly-SmugUrAFaget.png)


"Alright, down on the ground, this is the FBI. We're here on reports of some 463,000 images of foal porn!"

Daring bursts into laughter.

>"What in the hell was that, mate?"

"No, nothing?"

The stallion shrugs.

>>"Sorry, haven't heard of this 'FBI' you're talking about."

Blossom jumps in before you can come up with a response.

>"Filly Bully Insurance. We're here to insure your house against being bullied by fillies into giving away your sweets."

>>"So you're saying you can keep Brownie Bun from stealing from the cookie jar?"

>"Yes, absolutely. That is our entire purpose in being here. We will distract her all night if we have to, to keep your cookies safe."

>>"Well, okay then. And I take it you'll be needing some cookies yourself as payment?"

<"Nah dude. I already gave them some brownies and let them stay the night. They're some pretty cool travelers and I think one of them might be a botanist or something. She's green, so she knows a lot about plants. Told me about one that could make it easier for you to relax. We might be able to get some off of the trade caravans next time they're in town."

That logic makes perfect sense.

>>"Aww, now that sounds pretty nice. So you're travelers? Where are you headed?"

"We're tracking down a changeling. It's like a sort of bug pony that turns into other ponies"

>>"Yeah, I've heard of 'em. Saw one in the woods when I was a colt, damn near scared me half to death. So there's one around here now?"

"Well, it's somewhere in the swamp, and it's taken my form, so I'm bound to track it down."

>>"Just don't invite it into town. And if it does come, let me know. This axe ain't just good for trees, you know."


File: 1539243163980.png (397.04 KB, 1600x1835, Look.png)

Anonfilly, what happened to your snoot? Did something happen?


Spike did it!


File: 1539271229255.png (39.91 KB, 1085x973, 1458739320429.png)


File: 1539272876376.png (170.84 KB, 903x874, anonfilly shadding butt pr….png)

Y'all cute fillies.


File: 1539273468261.png (575.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1504074787601.png)

Filly has a very nice butt


Wow, fantastic! Brazil is rising up in the world.


N-no u
Cutie booty


File: 1539280481533.png (1.16 MB, 3943x3827, 1506449536823.png)


File: 1539293592836.png (24.73 KB, 486x444, itsnotlikeimdoingthisfor(Y….png)

"If you manage to find them first, then, please leave enough of them alive for us. I've got a few questions for it I want answers to." 1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]

N-no u.


File: 1539310156916.png (281.37 KB, 1154x834, 1393664.png)

If dates are the same, would you celebrate mlp's anniversary in Equestria?

And how confused would the other ponies be?


Anyfilly know where the rusky drawfag is? It'd be nice to get a spooky filly or two outta him.


>You decide to go with 'a new face.'
>As you walk down the hallway, all semblance of time fades away as the clopping of your hooves echo in the darkness.
>Your eyes begin to adjust.
>Yep, seemingly infinite.
>Just as you're about to give up, a mirror comes into view.
>Looking back at you is… you.
>Well, almost.
>Your near mirror's fur leaves a bit to be desired, and it sports the saddest little horn you've ever seen.
>"67 Latitude, -55.8 Longitude. Be there or be square."
>"Be. There. Or. Be. Square."
>Weak signal, attempting to reconnect.


>Session found. Establishing connection…

>The floor is cold, and the small blanket provided barely helps.

>Your patchy fur also provides little to no protection.
>You chose to cover yourself instead of the bottom of the cage, so the metal bars dig into your side.
>Normally it wouldn't bother you but tonight she left the door open exposing you to the elements.
>It was your own fault, you shouldn't have called her 'mom.'
>Spike's old bed was a privilege, after all.
>Today had been rough.
>Well, the last six months had been.
>She was testing a new round of potions for everything from burns to resetting bones.
>You look down at your legs, riddled with hundreds of scars.
>The potions only accelerated and improved the natural healing process, they didn't make the scar tissue any less prominant.
>When you first started noticing the scars, you knew she'd never let you go.
>At least not as yourself.
>If you were lucky, she'd wipe your mind and send you off to some orphanage.
>With that many scars, foal services would be on her ass faster than a shitty writefag on a prompt.
>You've started talking to yourself to stave off the pangs of loneliness.
>You haven't been able to visualize a form yet, but any companion is welcome.
>'So, rough day?'
'Yeah, she fucked up another of the chemical burn potions. My hoof was half gone before she decided it was worth using anesthesia.'
>It almost scares you how casually that came out sounding.
>'You need to get out of here. You realize she's only pretending to be attached to you so you won't try to escape.'
>When Twilight finishes up testing a potion on you, she'll go out with a bunch of shareholders and celebrate.
>If you're a good filly and don't touch anything while she's gone, she'll play a board game with you and let you sleep in the bed with her.
>Every time you consider just taking a swig of whatever she pours on your fur, you think of those nights, your head buried in the soft down on her wings…
>'You're losing it.'
'I don't know what you're talking about.'
>Oh, right. It can access your thoughts just as well as you can.
>And you're not crazy.
>Twilight just…
>You pull the blanket up over your ears to try to block out the voice.
>It doesn't work.
>You don't know why you expected it to.
>It never does.
>You think back to the first days.
>Back then, you would cry when she started her tests.
>It wasn't even that bad, just rubbing shampoo in your eyes and observing the effects.
>Your left eye is still a bit cloudy to this day, not that you need to see much anyways.
>But her words still stuck with you.
>"Someday you'll be out of here. Until then, I need you to bite the bullet and be silent. I can't write with that racket you're making."
>And silent you were.
>You hadn't spoken in almost a year if your estimate is correct.
>You pull the blanket over your body, trying to visualize Twilight's massive purple wings.
>Over the rustling of your covering, you hear something that almost sounds like sobbing.
>No, it couldn't possibly-
>Your ears perk up and swivel around.
>It is.
>You feel excited for the first time in a while.
>Maybe it's another filly!
>The diet of tasteless nutrient broth Twilight feeds you isn't rich in mana like most other foods are, but you know the spell Twilight uses to lock you in every night.
>Now if you could just…
>Your horn sparks a few times, trying to draw from the mana pool in your appendix.
>After a few tries, you finally get it right and the door is pushed open by your panting muzzle.
>If you had expected that kind of challenge, you wouldn't have attempted it in the first place.
>Forcing yourself up onto your hooves, you walk onto the laboratory floor.
>Everything is kept spotless; every beaker without a fleck of residue and every burner without a spot of soot.


>The tables tower over you, so you can only gawk in awe at the beauty of it all from your position on the ground.
>You inch closer to the noise.
>No point in being afraid now.
>Okay, maybe a little.
>You peek your head around the corner to see a cage about your size with another green filly in it.
>You dare not move, hoping that she doesn't notice you as you attempt to slow your breathing as much as possible.
>The sobbing quiets down to soft sniffles, and then just snorts as she tries to swallow the excess mucous.
>"Next time you try to hide, make sure your mane isn't falling out all over the floor in front of you."
>You look back to see a trail of black hair behind you.

>You pull your head back behind the table.

>"Wait! Don't go."
>You hear a bit of rustling.
>Curious, you take another look.
>She's produced something from her mane and is holding it out to you.
>You can't see what it is, so you slowly inch towards her.
>It might be a trap.
>You hold your head low as you approach her.
>You deserve this.
>You begin to quiver as you plant your plot down next to the cage.
>You're ready.
>You feel… a hoof on your shoulder?
>"It's okay… I can't imagine the horrible things she must have done to you. I'm here now."
>You feel something brush against your cheek and you open your right eye to see a candy bar.
>"I nabbed it earlier when she wasn't looking. Eat up, you could use it more than I could."
>You have some trouble with the packaging with your magic reserves all but depleted, but you finally manage to get it open with your teeth.
>Biting into it hungrily, you immediately begin to feel tears stream down your face.
>You haven't tasted anything this good since you were human.
>The hoof on your shoulder begins to stroke your back and you melt upon its contact, allowing your mouth to hang wide open as you recieve the first non-malicious physical contact in months.
>You nudge the remainder of the bar over to her, you wouldn't want to deny her what would likely be the only candy she would be able to have in a long time.
>"Done already? I can save the rest for you tomorrow."
>You shake your head and gesture to her.
>She shakes her head back. "You need this much more than I do. I won't let you deny yourself the pleasure of it just because you're too kind. Please… I didn't even ask your name, what should I call you?"
>You take a deep breath, clearing your throat a bit.
>After that, everything is silent for a good while.
>There aren't any clocks in here, and the windows show the same dark shade of concealment they always do.
>If it weren't for the slight routine shifting of the building, you would assume you were inside of Twilight's castle.
>From what you know of the structural integrity of buildings, that would mean you're very high up.
>But maybe if…
>You look up at the other filly.
>Nope, still an earth pony.
>You're not even sure a small pegasus could carry you safely to the ground, though.
>Gotta get a grip!
>Twilight needs you, and you don't know what you'd do without her.
>You love her, and family members don't abandon each other.
>But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this other filly's company.
>The tears are streaming down your face harder than ever now.
>Even after all of the pain, the thing you yearned for the most was the loving embrace of another pony.
>Maybe if you could just…
>You feel a slight pain as your horn sparks to life.
>You force the spell onto the door, panting and writhing as it clicks open.
"Please… come closer."
>She obliges, first tenderly checking for injuries, and, finding none, nestling herself into you.
>You try to fight off the fatigue, but you eventually fall victim to the the other filly's warm fluffy body.
>None of your other dreams are of any significance.
>You force your eyes open just like every other morning, your internal clock accurately set to… whatever time it is in the morning.
>The cold bars of the cage dig into your side just like any other morning.
>Looking at the closed cage door makes you want to weep.
>It was just a dream after all, then.
>But as you hang your head dejectedly, something catches your eye.
>A strand of black hair resting on the otherwise clean floor.
>It took all fucking night, but you did it.
>You managed to clean up every spare strand of the other filly's mane off of the floor.
>The process was made even more difficult with your lack of a horn, but you felt like you owed it to her in a way.
>That look she gave you when she was falling asleep alone made you want to cry your eyes out again.
>You don't even want to think about what she's been through, but you know you'll end up in much the same situation if you stay here long enough.
>You need to get out of here.
>You have no idea how, but you do know one thing.
>That filly is the key to your escape, your sanity, and your life.
>You wince as you buck the aluminum cage with your hind legs.
>You can't let her take the blame for this, you can take more of a beating than she can.
>By the time you've made an impression at all in the lock, you're a sniveling mess again.
>You can't let her see this, you have to be the strong one.
>After all, you're intact.
>The perfect little filly form, and you're not going to let it be ruined by that bitch.
>Your ears perk up.
>Speak of the devil.
>It's the same dream again.
>The one with the shouting.
>Luna never answered your cries for help, so you've learned to endure the nightmares and accept the fact that your only source of warmth will be cold and clammy in the morning.
>The voice is different.
>You're not asleep.
>Letting a scraggly ear shoot up, you recognize that voice.
>"You worthless piece of shit."
>Hooves stomp loudly on the linoleum, closer and closer to you.
>You put on the same deadpan look you always do and look up at Twilight quizzically.
>There's a filly scruff in her teeth.
>A pack of crayons and a piece of paper are both set down inside your cage.


>"I'm going to return in ten minutes. If I like what I see on that paper, I'll do that to this little filly and you can spend the night with me. If I don't, I'll punish you both equally."


File: 1539317524079.png (Spoiler Image, 247.08 KB, 594x260, 1539233426474.png)

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a rehash in part. I never shared the pastebin around; so sue me. https://pastebin.com/4eHzcKy7
Also, obligatory shitty drawing.


Thought it seemed familiar. Interested in where this is going.


File: 1539319245975.jpeg (195.67 KB, 2000x1566, 1509638839509.jpeg)

I am officially lost
but that's not necessarily a bad thing


Drat, I made the wrong choice (figured familiarity would just have more paralysis).

Draw >>178519
1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ]


File: 1539328512781.png (581.74 KB, 2580x1587, AnonFilly-SleepingInBasket.png)


"I'm gonna have to say thanks, but no thanks on killing it with that axe. I have some questions I need to ask it first, so I'm gonna need it alive."

>>"Sounds dangerous. Do try to be careful, because those things are dangerous."

"Trust me, I am well aware. But I don't think this one's going to try to hurt me. Actually, it's running away. Where it's going, I'm not quite sure, so that's why I'm tracking it."

>>"Do you normally look for trouble, or does trouble just happen to find you?"

"The latter, but sometimes you have to seek out trouble before it finds you later. What would you do if someone was walking around with your name and face?"

He pauses, staring off into space for a bit.

>>"Hope that they never talk to anyone who comes to my village."

"Well my village is a little bit bigger than this one, and it's bound to blow up in size."

>>"Then I guess you have to do what you have to do. Stay safe, little filly."

The stallion leaves you and your friends in the living room to crash out as he retreats to the master bedroom with his wife. Once alone, you look out the window and see that it is starting to become dark. Though it is perhaps possible for you to stay up for a few more hours, Twilight recommends against this, noting that the best course of action would be to sleep early and leave early to maximize your time on the road. Not wanting to argue with this, you crash out on the couch and drift off to sleep.

. . .

The ground beneath you is hard and uncomfortable, and seems to rock gently back and forth. You're not quite sure where you are, but when you try to open your eyes, a force instinctively reacts to keep you from doing so.

"Why do you even bother? Just leave me alone."

>>"Who ye talking to, lassie?"

"A ghost."

Your vision fades.

. . .

It is the crack of dawn, and Twilight has nudged you awake.

>"You ready to get going?"


File: 1539331006131.png (39.03 KB, 340x420, Angery Pirate.png)

This had better be a dream.


Yeah, that faggot's taking a ride so we've got a lot of ground to cover!


1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]


Who that writefag who dead? He hasnt posted in so long that i legit forgot his name


Hory shet i wasted trips on a question i immediately answered with the fycking pastebin


"Fuck. Just had another vision of whatever this thing is we're chasing. She's on a pirate ship of some sort, and still knows we're chasing her." 1d100[ 1d100 = 53 ]


I think his name was eatcrabs?






File: 1539384459424.png (246.31 KB, 1600x1200, bottlefeeding.png)

Twilight offers you $10/hr to watch the babby for the night. Would you do it? And if so, how good a job would you do?


That $10 better include a pizza. I'd do $10 worth of work.


Couldn't be too hard. Ten dollars to rewatch Akira and change a few diapers.


ITT: anons not knowing what $10/hr means


…Does that include the hours overnight? Either way, sure.


Shit, read that as ten dollars for the night for some reason.


Missed the second part. I think I'd do well, unless the babby is an asshole and makes it a hard time.


>Babby starts crying.
>Look her dead in her big eyes.
"You're sitting in that diaper until the morning if you don't shut the fuck up."
>Problem solved.


File: 1539390098759.png (30.96 KB, 421x380, nowbacktome.png)

Purple offers a whooping 10$/hours for some random neckbeard to watch you. What should he expect?


Kek. That works


around 100 replies to spook thread.
Get hype?


I'd assume it's something like 5-10, maybe 10:30.


Shitposting, but without the posting. If he turns on something good (preferably non-Twiggles approved), we'll have a pretty good arrangement.
Feeding from a bottle just isn't the same though.
I know that Anon is the ideal babbysitter since I'll get to watch Die Hard with him. He knows that this is the easiest job he's ever gonna get, and I can make it go away, so it's mutually beneficial for us to be nice.


I would ask her how the hell she got ahold of human currency, and why I would accept something that has absolutely no value in Equestria.


Because it's hard to quantify the value of labor in imaginary currency?
>"What if Rufus paid you 27 gil to eat a raw chocobo breast?"
See? It's easier to understand the sum of $10/hr compared to (x)gil/hr because you already understand the purchasing value of the currency.

Or maybe there's a door between dimensions you can use to buy vidya and dragon dildos.


>She walks off, leaving you to your implements.
>Grabbing a green crayon, you expertly scribble out a crude filly getting a hug from an even cruder mare.
>You doubt it'll work.
>It's worth a shot.
>The seconds tick by as you watch the wall.
>You've become very good at waiting.
>Your internal clock tells you five minutes have passed.
>A bead of sweat forms on your brow.
>You wipe it with a grimy hoof.
>A shower would be heavenly.
>Seven minutes.
>A spider lands on your hoof.
>You lie very still as it crawls all over your face.
>There's a one in two chance that it's dangerously venomous.
>You don't want to think about the other half.
>9 minutes; it's gone.
>Watching the purple pony across from you grin like that has not aided your skill in relaxation.
>The constant casual conversation is also slightly unnerving, though most of it does go over your head.
>Technicalities of research, something about an electric collar…
>You tune her out as best you can.
>Eventually she picks you up again, your body going limp as the scruff of your neck is firmly grasped in her teeth.
>You feel nothing but dread.
>What if the unicorn sold you out?
>So, she didn't seem like the type…
>But what if?
>You keep this up until the door creaks open in front of you.
>"Let's see what we have here…"
>Rustling of paper.
>"You must be kidding."
>No response.
>"Alright, it's both of you then."
>As the cage is unlocked, you watch the horned filly simply sheepishly follow.
>No resistance, just acceptance of it all.
>As Twilight leads you into some sort of matter transport grid, you find yourself in front of a door simply marked 'Pet Project 1.'
>"You two be good and wait outside while I get everything ready."
>Crunching. A spattering of fluid on the tinted glass.
>Well, that kills two birds with one stone.
>Now to just get the other…
>You stare at the door in shock.
>You know you should be relieved, but all you feel is pain.
>Despite her shortcomings, Twilight was all you had.
>Just as you begin to lay your head down to weep, you feel a hoof on your wither.
>"Look, we talk later. Right now we're the next target for whatever is in there. Let's move."
>You nos slightly as you dejectedly get to your hooves.
>"Let's try that grid she-"
>The low hum of power gives way to complete silence as the hallway becomes enveloped in darkness.
>"And I suppose it got the power grid as well."
>You hear a slight click.
>That's enough to get you galloping.
>You didn't think a power outage would impact the door locks.
>And she's off.
>Of course you can't see her, but you can assume.
>"H-hey! Wait!"
>The door creaks open.
>You hear something very fuzzy brush past you and then retreat back into the darkness.
>You gallop off in the same direction.

Okay, a little bit of how rolling works from here on out with this one. You must specify which character you wish to preform which action, i.e. Unicorn: Execute order 66. If you wish for a character to say something, use quotations. If no role is specified for a character; they will take no significant action other than they would normally take. Important: Main Characters can die permanently in this. I will not make it piss-easy to do so, but if you all fuck up big time there will be consequences instead of Alt endings. That being said, happy rolling.
>Unicorn: You see nothing in the darkness but you can hear hoofsteps and breathing about fifteen meters behind you.
>Earth pony: You see nothing in the darkness but you can hear hoofsteps and breathing about fifteen meters ahead.
>Input actions.


There are no dreams here, only nightmares.


I'm still very lost, do we know what happened to our original Anon yet?


Not yet. For now, it's probably best to treat this as a separate story in your mind until the connections are fully revealed.


alright, I'll follow as best I can.


File: 1539412452122.png (108.03 KB, 973x837, acute filly.png)

Filly acute!


shhhhhh is spook horas


File: 1539413125015.png (48.95 KB, 1220x651, AnonFilly-WrongHoleJoke.png)


"Yeah, gimme a second to wake myself up. Fuck we've got a lot of ground to cover."

You stretch yourself out a bit to snap yourself awake. Waking up at the crack of dawn really isn't your style, even if you are an Earth pony. But given your current situation, sleeping in probably would not be the smartest move.

>"Am I to take it you have a clue as to where she is?"

"Sort of. She's hitched a ride somewhere. Couldn't see shit though, she kept her eyes closed the entire time."

>"So you're seeing her through her eyes, rather than from some sort of third person view?"

"Yeah. Didn't stop her from telling another pony that she was talking to a ghost when she started talking to me though."

>"Okay, so there's other ponies there. What kind of ride was it, a train? A carriage?"

"Well, it was sort of rocking back and forth. Maybe a pirate ship? The pony she was talking to kinda sounded like a sailor of some sort."

>"Hmm… if she's all the way out to sea, she could be anywhere by the time we get to her. Do you think it was a large ship, or a smaller one, meant for a river or a lake?"

"Uh… I'm not sure?"

>"Well, then that leaves us three possibilities. One is that she's already made it out to sea, and we can't catch up to her at all. Two is that she's on the river to the north, and we could possibly cut her off at Baltimare if we hurry. Three is that she's crossing lake to the south and going who knows where. Do you have any idea where she might want to be heading other than just away from you?"


I won't lie, I'm superconfused. The protaganist is a unicorn filly, and she sneaks out of her cage to talk to the newbie, then the perspective swaps to the earth pony, who is told to draw a picture, and now the two of them are standing outside a door where a filly was just killed? Are they waiting for Twilight to come out and punish them, or did she die in there, or…?


This is a Gone15 story, it's supposed to be confusing.


As far as I can gather the ellipses are perspective swaps, so the unicorn was told to draw the picture. Knowing Lone shit will be revealed later with more cryptic writing, so for now you're probably better off just rolling and letting it play out.


Listen to
>>178672, guy has the right idea. I'm also trying to do nightly updates with this one at least, which means two things.
1. You'll find out shit much more quickly.
2. If you don't want horses to be injured, you should probably roll lest I be forced to have them take no action.


File: 1539503779963.png (141.29 KB, 832x749, About to Cry.png)

Filly is ded



Shall we hold a funeral?


I want to tickle the fuck out of her until she forgets she's meant to be a 30 something year old crab complaining about children's cartoons on a mongolian basket weaving forum.


Both: keep moving down the hallway
1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ]


This, then cuddles


Sounds kinda gay.


And yet, still not as gay as Sweden.


Wrong. It's gayer.
You want to be with a pony, we all do, right? But what's the point of being with a mare if it's actually a full-grown dude? Why not just date a normal mare? Is it because you want to be with the dude?
Unless that Anon is secretly gay, then it's hard to imagine an Anon who got turned into a filly to suddenly be okay with cuddling with other adult men just like that. Or an Anon to suddenly be okay with cuddling a filly he knows is actually an adult just like him.
If I turned into a filly, then I'd sure as shit give you a kick to the nuts if you ever tried touching me.


File: 1539513486912.jpg (26.82 KB, 335x294, 1473186831829.jpg)

>t. Never-been-starved-for-physical-affection
Wanna know how I know you're new to this thread?


File: 1539513890223.png (825.7 KB, 1116x1024, the filly over the sea.png)

>I'd sure as shit give you a kick to the nuts if you ever tried touching me.
Good, I love it when the filly fights back.


File: 1539520392121.png (85.26 KB, 550x394, 1521202120935723.png)

>I'm starving for physical affection, so that means everyone else here is like me
Wanna know how I know you have some form of autism?


Filly is merely pretending just to try and get away from cleaning her room.


Oh Sweden, you've never understood the fucking point of this thread. Trying to shoehorn Eqg shit into it, saying you wouldn't willingly be someone's platonic snugglebuddy if you suddenly became the filly… shits like you should go back to /mlp/.


>You had just gotten home from your job at the local supermarket with a couple cartons of ice cream.
>Friday was behind you, and the weekend was ahead of you.
>Setting the bag on the table absentmindedly, you hear the tinkling of broken glass.
>Oh shit.
>You run into your room, looking everywhere for her.
>If something happened to the filly…
>Glancing over at the bed, you sigh in relief.
>She's looking over at you sleepily.
>"Don't just stand there you faggot, call 911."
>You nod, fumbling to get your cheap flip phone out of your pocket.
>Damn thing takes forever to turn on.
"What happened?"
>"Some fucking druggie broke the window and started stealing shit. When I tried to stop him…"
>As she trails off, you see that the sheets are stained with blood.
>Your phone finally on, you dial 911 and mumble something about paramedics and a break-in.
>You rush into the bathroom, grabbing a large adhesive bandage and some rubbing alcohol.
"Can you lift up you hoof?"
>She winces in pain but obliges, allowing you to lift the sheets.
>The motherfucker stabbed her, and it was a deep wound.
>You swallow your anger and focus on your friend's predicament, carefully applying the rubbing alcohol with the sheet.
>You know the bandage won't be nearly enough, but you stick it on anyway.
>She gives you a small smile. "Thanks."
"A-anything for my filly."
>You didn't notice the tears streaming down your face.
>"Hey, you're killing the mood. I know you brought home some ice cream."
>You force a smile, grabbing the two cartons of Ben and Jerry's along with a couple of spoons, not even bothering with bowls.
>By the time you're back, she's already put in your 'Classy music Vol. I' cassette tape.
"Very funny."
>She grins, taking the carton and popping the top off with her teeth.
>The blood-loss has fucked with her hoof-eye coordination, so you just wrap you arms around her and start feeding her.
>"Ya'know this is pretty gay, right?" She giggles.
"If this is gay, I don't want to be straight."
>You can feel her labored heartbet through her chest.
>Come on… the first responders should be here by now.
>"Look, if I die…"
"You're not going to die here."
>"But if I do, I wanted to thank you. No snarky bullshit, no sexual jokes, you're the only reason being the filly has been halfway enjoyable."
>You run your fingers through her mane.
"You don't need to thank me. How often do you get the chance to care for best OC?"
>She smiles, eyes fluttering.
>"See you in Equestria."
>You just hold her, ignoring the blood getting all over your supermarket uniform as her heartbeat slows, and then stops.
>The paramedics knock on the door moments later.


File: 1539530708409-0.png (2.15 MB, 2724x3739, 1856284.png)


>Trying to shoehorn Eqg shit into it
>Bringing up Eqg even though it has not been brought up by anyone here
And you're insulting me?

>saying you wouldn't willingly be someone's platonic snugglebuddy if you suddenly became the filly

>"I'd be willing to go gay and snuggle another Anon even though there are plenty of cute ponies to snuggle, so that means everyone who hangs out here is like me"
Again with that thing? Are you and Australia BFF or something?

>shits like you should go back to /mlp/.

I wish we could. At least then everyone who likes Anonfilly could talk about everything Anonfilly, even if it's EqG or whatever, without the likes of you going nuts and insulting others.
Anonfilly as a snake and other things is perfectly okay to you. But one merely whispering about humanized Anonfilly seems to trigger people like you. Why is that?


File: 1539535874779.png (30.78 KB, 373x326, IWTCIAF.png)


So you reveal yourself for sure as the humanizing filly faggot. There are plenty of anime lolis for you to beat your Swedish dick to, again let me ask you why the fuck you're here?


You do realise you didnt even cover any of the swede points, right?
Stop being so tsundere and ask him out already


>So you reveal yourself for sure as the humanizing filly faggot
By pointing out that you were the one who brought up EqG in the first place here?
>let me ask you why the fuck you're here?
Gosh, I don't know. Maybe because I, like many others here, wants to be the filly? What a stupid question. But what else to expect from an American?


File: 1539538098618.png (234.39 KB, 2024x1379, 1500015531962.png)

Fuck Earth

No chill Swede


Sounds like filly's been getting lessons from Candyass.

Filly stretching those glutes


Which ponies do you think would take a sneak peek at your no-no zone if you were to stretch like that in public?
Would you tease those ponies if you caught them looking? Or only tease a certain one?


Well, considering where we are i feel like she either crossed the lake or went to Baltimore
From the two locations going away from ponykind makes sense, heading to who knows where and off, though that s south and like the moss argument she d be going back from where she was going at first, instead of not going thru the swamp, cutting ground and going straight there
So i say we keep going south-southeast to Baltimore to cut her off, unless she went south to make us lose her trace and like was said before, going away from ponykind makes more sense

Tl;dr rolling for Baltimore
1d100[ 1d100 = 3 ]

Easy way to tell the reader about the perspective is a simple ">Be Anon" / ">You are Twilight" / etc, its one line but helps a lot with that problem for the reader

Also Erf filly is the one who s in better conditions right? Rolling ftoor her to carry the uni filly like a sack of potatoes on her back1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]

If unifilly is the better conditioned one then dont change for her to carry, i imagine erf ones being stronger so she d be able to do it herself, but unifilly would be weaker and have more trouble. Also erf ones could be heavier so it d be bad for unifilly stamina in the long run

Unifilly can light up her horn so there s at least some light to see around 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]

So are rolls per character or per post?


File: 1539539786036.png (1.53 MB, 1280x723, 1441394074761.png)

Pinkie would definetly be one to stare, maybe RD as well but she d try to hide it, Berry Punch could give a quick look in her drunken stupor but mean nothing
Cant think on many other ponies who d care to look at fillybits, and stallions would be scared of jailbait so would probably stay away…?

Dunno, but still i wouldnt go around flasing myself at anyone on purpose tbh


Would Pinkie be staring in a lewd way, or just being Pinkie?
Dash I could see. She's surrounded by filly fans.

And same, not really my thing.


See Twilight ?
Listen to the one who has been on the male side.


File: 1539541161539.png (1006.97 KB, 4000x2552, 1538017860399.png)

Pinkie being Pinkie = >Rape
She is the Anonfilly rappist afterall, so depends of the amount of ponies around to define if she ll just watch lewdly or go for it


>She is the Anonfilly rappist afterall
I didn't know Pinkie and Anonfilly did rap.


I find ellipses to be a less jarring method of character transition, not to mention I'll be keeping it to just these two so it should be easy to tell who's perspective you're in. Rolls are per character.


It works okay when it's just swapping between two, but it's very hard to follow if you go back to re-read something and don't know whose perspective you're currently in. All the ellipsis does is say "switch", not who it is switching to, so you can't get a starting point.


Well, she is the show token rapper

Cue Pank x Anonfilly rap battle scene to survive rape

Flipped a coin since i didnt remember if it had double p's in the word, never trusting a coin again in my life

Its more about helping the reader position himself in the green than breaking the flow of the history, which happens if the reader gets confused anyway
I like skipping a line and using that method myself, could be the elipses followed by it in yours, i use it here even if its just a one time thing where i want to tell something from another character perspective and then get back
Still do what you think is best thou


File: 1539542536671.gif (2.78 MB, 547x459, 596559.gif)

>Pinkie does a rap song about Anonfilly


File: 1539542856575.png (60.43 KB, 1765x1200, 1497451380574.png)

Wonder how bad it'd be if she got the opportunity to babysit Anonfilly.


File: 1539543634529.png (394.73 KB, 1600x1200, AnonFilly-ScrunchOff.png)


>keep going south-southeast to Baltimare

Baltimare is northeast of you. Do you wish to go south-southeast or in the direction of Baltimare?


>Baltimare is northeast of you
That s the joke >>176972


File: 1539545457377.png (216.99 KB, 1414x1000, AnonfillyD&DGame.png)

Favelanon is autistic, I'm giving him my rolls.

Reuben: 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]

Erf filly: 1d100[ 1d100 = 50 ]
Unifilly: 1d100[ 1d100 = 61 ]

Sometimes I get the feeling Lone wants to punish us for not participating in his CYOA enough

Also, we used to have very creative pictures all the time, did we lose enthusiasm?


File: 1539546590590.jpg (50.47 KB, 514x346, 1449085952271.jpg)





File: 1539551875852.png (236.23 KB, 900x935, 1504839393330.png)

Be Cum Inside Of As


File: 1539554522993.png (214.82 KB, 846x1024, fillyahegao2.png)


File: 1539560092028.png (392.81 KB, 3000x2977, totally not a secret agent….png)

Alright, fillies, I'm your new teacher Ms. Bon. Before we get started on your lessons, I'd like to get to know you. We're going to play a game called "Who is my Daddy and What Does He Do"?


File: 1539560433637.png (938.09 KB, 3189x2753, PersistentPleadingAnonfill….png)

>tfw you're raised by a single mom and can't play


File: 1539560761524.jpg (108.17 KB, 521x636, Disgruntled.jpg)

>Try to say your dad is Bon-Bon's husband
>tfw she's a lesbian


File: 1539564442575.png (192.7 KB, 1082x1063, 1094656.png)

"Is your daddy a secret agent like you?"


File: 1539566095620.jpg (39.63 KB, 905x598, image0.jpg)

I still make them, most of what I've produced as of late isn't really worth showing off though. Here's one of them, not my best work as you can see.


Just draw bigger and go over the lines with a sharpie, it'll look 3x better. If you insist on drawing small, stop using that pad paper, it makes little sketches look awful if you have to erase anything.


File: 1539577407623-0.png (754.77 KB, 2089x1368, filly1.png)

File: 1539577407623-1.png (853.14 KB, 2089x1368, filly2.png)

File: 1539577407623-2.png (829.95 KB, 2089x1368, filly3.png)

File: 1539577407623-3.png (928.05 KB, 2089x1368, filly4.png)


File: 1539580264635.png (5.95 KB, 350x350, Tammavarsa.png)

I haven't seen this be done before, so have this masterpiece.


That's no fun.
My daddy spends all day in the dark, sometimes we go to visit him and mommy gets out the funny purple bottle from the high cabinet and lets me play with my toys for a while. I miss daddy…


File: 1539581088390.png (99.71 KB, 873x915, SpurdoFilly.png)

There's also this version


Turns out, years ago, Twilight asked her old friend Lyra to help out with some new spells. One thing led to another and, before long, Anonfilly was born. And that's why she's green and contains the soul of a pony loving human.


>Something slams into your hindquarters, knocking you off center.
>"It's okay, just me. Hold still."
>You nod, not that she'd be able to see it.
>It seemingly doesn't matter as you're hoisted onto her back.
>"If how hard you're panting right now is any indication, you aren't exactly the ideal physical specimen. Let's work out a deal; I'll carry your skinny flank and you light the way."
>As you get comfortable on her back, you start trying to remember how to cast an illumination spell.
>Twilight's words echo in your mind…
>'Think of a small dark orb. In your mind's eye, strain yourself until that orb is lit up like the streets on Hearth'swarming.'
>You never did figure out what Hearth'swarming was, but the process seemed to work as the dim corridor came into view once more.
>You glance back nervously, seeing nothing but darkness.
>You don't want wounds that won't heal.
>The small pony on your back has slumped over, head resting comfortably on your neck.
>You would think it's cute if not for the light not reaching as much of the floor anymore.
"Could you point your head down just a bit?"
>No verbal response, but she does it.
>You notice a few doors as you walk.
>Moving up to them, you can just make out signs reading 'Medical Bay' 'Chemical Storage #57' and 'Extra Militant Supplies.
>The latter door is secured via a keycard lock, but maybe the unicorn could pick the lock for you…
>Unicorn: you are slightly exhausted and currently on the back of the Earth Pony. If you were to cancel your illumination spell right now, you may have enough energy to open one of the locks.
>Earth pony: you can hear some sort of commotion down the hallway to your left.
>Input actions.


twilight gib back benis :DDDDDD


>The question is a test to see if Lyra has been cheating
>Miss Cherilee isn't sick, she's in a SCP holding cell, to be released with amnesiacs


File: 1539586805565.png (7.94 KB, 333x380, 1506761843901.png)

Not like there s any need to indicate which green ill be continuing later thanks to the flag but eh, just for now

Selected a pic but dont remember what it was…curious what it may be…
Gonna try something bigger for once, since there s so little discussion nowadays it makes original one shot ideas incredibly hard to come by, lets see how bad i screw this up
Also just an intro since im kinda tired atm, but dont want to back off so posting what i got

>Its a new day in Ponyville
>A new morning, a new day at school
>And the sun isnt even out yet
>Sure, this town uses Earth pony traditions, but its not like everyone need to wake this early
>Finally the bell rings, 5am on the dot, and you go inside
>Zombie fillies all around you file in, giving half awake hugs to their zombie relatives before moving inside
>You have no doubt the older lads will go back to bed as soon they get back home
>Twilight doesnt even care enough to bring you, but you ll be damned if she finds you in bed after waking up
>You dont remember what happened the last time, but you shiver everytime you try to
>No doubt this is some mercy shown by purple with her magic, making you forget…it
>You shiver involuntary before noticing that most fillies already made their way inside
>So you decide its been long enough that you wont need to socialize with dumb fillies while waiting for the class to begin
>Not like you ever watch either, Cheerilee gave up waking you up in class after you gave perfect scores in the first tests
>But apparently she isnt here yet, maybe you should wait more next time
>You sit on your desk and start dozing off
>Sure, you dont know if today will be one of the few topics you actually need to learn like Magic Theory I
>Yet you re too tired to care
>But just when you were getting comfy something small hits your head hard
>Rubbing the spot you open your eye and…a chalk?
>"Rule number one: no sleeping in class"
>Aand there s a substitute
>Looking up, you groan as you see the new horse
>Fuck this, you know Bon Bon doesnt take things lightly, but maybe she ll be lenient enough for you to sleep for a bit?
>Slowly you try to lean your head upon your hooves once more
>But as soon as they touch, another chalk hits you harder in the forehead
"Ouch, fuck off!"
>The entire class is now just watching you in horror
>But Bon-Bon calmly takes another chalk in her mouth, before throwing it up
>"Rule 2: no talking, raise your hoof for questions"
>Right after finishing the chalk falls low enough for her to kick it at you
>This time it hits you hard enough that you almost get knocked over
>"Here s your first lesson: dont say swears fillies, no one likes potty mouths"
>Rubbing the spot you got hit trice in a row, you stare at the mare indignantly
"Ouch, what s your problem Sweetie Dr-"
>You dont get to finish as your instincts scream for you to duck
>And duck is what you do, as the huge blackboard eraser flies over your head with a whoosh
>You hear it hitting Diamond Tiara loudly, who sits right behind you, before something grabs you by your midriff
>Almost instantly you find yourself outside, eyes closed but feeling the morning chill making itself present on your coat
>Afterwards you re thrown at a wall, your whole body in pain from being thrown around so much
>But there s no rest for you, as a hoof presses your head to the wall hard
>"How do you know it?
>You finally open your eyes to see Bon Bon standing menacingly in front of you
>"I gonna ask one more time, and I better like the answer, how do you know it?"
"What..?" - is all you can say in all the confusion
>Bon Bon stares at you for a short while expecting more
>But seeing how you wouldnt say anything else, she moved her other hoof to her ear and put something
>"HQ this is agent 0, theres a breach and im taking in a filly, over"
"Woa wait-"
>You cant say anything else as her hoof is already by your neck, being the last thing you see before getting knocked out


File: 1539588926291.png (94.85 KB, 1046x1055, AnonFilly-AnonBoop.png)


"Hrm, that's a tough one. Getting away from pony civilization would probably be the smart thing for her to do, so we should probably just keep going south south east and cut her off before she reaches Baltimare."

Twilight blinks.

>"So wait, are we going to Baltimare or are we not?"

"We are definitely going to Baltimare."

>"Then we should be going north east."

"No, we should be heading south east."

>"Well which is it, are we heading to Baltimare, or are we going south east?"

"Both. We're headed south east to Baltimare."

>"Do you intend to wrap around the planet once before we reach there? Because Baltimare's to the north."

"Nonsense, it's to the south. This is the direction I sensed civilization in."

>"Civilization you suggested it would be smart for your clone to be running away from. So we should be heading north east, in the direction of Baltimare."

"I… fuck."

>"Alright, north east it is."

<"Hey, I couldn't help but overhear…"

You turn around to see a very tired-looking Baked Goods craning her head out from her door.

<"Are you dudes headed to Baltimare? Because we've got a caravan headed in that direction with a shipment of Bog Iron. If you're willing to wait until noon, you could probably make it there much faster. And without uh… needing to argue over which direction it's in."


Be vigilant. You never know when tentacles will strike.



Can you please start indicating who's perspective it is? Preferably for each change, but at the very least for the first in each post.

>one of the locks.

Thought only the last door was locked.

Both go into medical bay and stock up on supplies, just in case. 1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


Good start. Looking forward to more


Filly gonna get waterboarded.


collapse asleep instantly right then and there, maybe twi wakes us up maybe not
1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


nat fucking 100 i knew i should've done something better


expanding on this, use this sleep like a surprise attack to figure out where that bastard of a clone is headed.
1d100[ 1d100 = 43 ]


File: 1539596131992.jpeg (429.93 KB, 1850x1053, image.jpeg)

Am i seeing faces in the toast or am i onto something


File: 1539601109509.jpg (117.29 KB, 900x1214, CadanceSittingOnThroneGame….jpg)

Enter Chemical Storage and hide in the most unpredictable hiding spot you can think of.

Earth filly: make sure unifilly doesn't make a sound by covering her mouth.
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


I headcanon it. There's gotta be a crossover fic somewhere. I wonder what the reaction of a diehard GoT fan would be to this.


>>178888 (checked)
B O O S T 1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]
This is now my headcanon.


Meant to indicate that the other doors were secured via a conventional lock as opposed to a keycard. It's fixed in the pastebin.


File: 1539618322380.png (688.84 KB, 1280x1474, _rarara hmmmmm.png)

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