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File: 1533673438812.jpg (58.05 KB, 1858x1394, serveimage.jpg)

97cdf No.164410

If any of you still use Jewgle, Kikebook,or Twatter now is the time to start switching to alternatives like startpage, duckduckgo, minds, bitchute, and gab. Don't let big tech shit on you. Post alt-tech websites and channels.

527d5 No.164414

I wonder how long until TPTB will come after alt-tech. Not sure this is anything but a temporary solution.

97cdf No.164417

>Not sure this is anything but a temporary solution.
Maybe it is a temporary solution, but I don't want to give the kikes one more shekel.

7dbf7 No.164449

the bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, high tech style, it is wasting megawatts worldwide into nothingness.
it is replacing a problem, fiat currency by more fiat currency, this is what is killing capitalism and free trade.
instead of mining nothing, use your GPUs power for something useful or something? math maybe.
only intresting stuff is the blockchain - can be useful for all kind of transfer and trust.
(i've been thinking of building a mmorpg working on a p2p network with something, no centralised server)

still, bitcoin is nothing but pure speculation. you wanna generate a value? create, build stuff, draw, compose, write. this is what creates a value.

8fe1d No.164476

File: 1533696946612.gif (998.09 KB, 500x368, thisisourfate.gif)

Also made my PC cost 500 dollars more than it should have been reeeee.

32aed No.164503

Stop talking about things you don't understand. You sound like a leftist trying to shutdown the second amendment.

5cf77 No.164507

That's wrong, but this isn't a thread about crypto currencies. It's a thread about alternative social media and web services.

22a1d No.164519

>bitcoin is a ponzi scheme
You first better learn what a Ponzi scheme is. Bitcoin is nothing but an investment. It's just like investing in shares in a company or in gold. It would be a ponzi scheme if some dude promised shit for giving him cash.

>wasting power

We produce enough power to afford that. + the miners pay for the power.

>use your GPU power for math

Pretty sure that calculating blockchains is an actual math.

66029 No.164541

File: 1533738124317.jpg (171.55 KB, 1132x1600, Krieg Kommissar on Horse.jpg)

I just reactivated my gab account today, also made a bitchute account and changed to a new browser. Getting ready for the Free Speech Apocalypse in the Alt Tech Bunker.

7c1f4 No.164554

whats a good email service to use?

791c6 No.164555

File: 1533747184213.png (337.98 KB, 1075x1874, Opera Snapshot_2018-08-08_….png)


i cant speak fully educated on the matter, but i discovered a nice looking service today while signing up for kiwifarms:


Custom Anonymous E-Mail service for and by chan posters.

791c6 No.164557

also on the whole subject of switching internet services, i strongly suggest we add some decent uncompromised browser alternatives here as well.

7c1f4 No.164558

i love brave. its pretty dank

cfdfb No.164561

Brave master race reporting in.

e373a No.164580

I think someone on this board recommended Brave to me. I've been pretty satisfied with it.

9f826 No.164724

File: 1533779596734.jpg (3.59 MB, 3720x2800, 1520185877467.jpg)

>falling for the brave meme

d7cc8 No.164729

So far the only response I've gotten about Brave is that there's some flaw in its security, but I've not figured that flaw out. Explain what's wrong with Brave, lest ye be dismissed.

7c1f4 No.164732

whats wrong with brave?

9f826 No.164736

>replacing ads with its own ads
>chromium based
>encouraging tor use on non-secure platforms
>mixpanel user tracking

d7cc8 No.164752

Gonna have to be specific on that, because I don't know anything about Chromium. Also Icefox is Firefox based but people seem to like that for privacy too despite Firefox having bad privacy defaults.

>replacing ads with its own ads

I don't even remember the last time I saw an ad anywhere without lowering my shields. What are you talking about?

>encouraging tor use on non-secure platforms

Kike memes aside, what exactly is wrong with Tor and what did they do to encourage its use?

>mixpanel user tracking

No hablo señor.

94fc7 No.164887

File: 1533829146988.jpg (93.01 KB, 866x1024, 1533823637724m.jpg)


52749 No.164889

What were the posts?

fd855 No.164894

I wonder what the "Phishing URLs" were.
If they deem the gab.ai links listed below as Phishing URLs the idividual(s) at Safeguard Team at Azure that flagged it as Phishing URLs need to be fired for incompetence and not knowing anything about Phishing - one of the most simple concepts in data security.

Also this

fd855 No.164896

Think I found them

I have no idea how they can be viewed as "Phising URLs"

791c6 No.164897


if there is no crime, it will be fabricated

791c6 No.164898

File: 1533830611386.jpg (99.33 KB, 580x501, stalin fackelmannbefehl.jpg)

i have issues posting images since yesterday, sometimes the site forgets to uploads it after posting

e373a No.164900

File: 1533830938886.jpg (18.77 KB, 220x300, Edward_James_Olmos_March_2….jpg)

That is a known issue with the javascript, where the image you selected doesn't actually get selected. Our codefags are trying to figure it out.

fd855 No.164901

I think they will find is extremely difficult to fabricate those into "Phishing URL". With both pages archived and all.
Also I have better faith in MS, despite what all the comments on the gab post says. I think that MS will resolve this without Gab going down. i.e. remove the warning they gave out. Bing is the most neutral searchengine out there and don't do shit like Google which is part of the reason I think this. Also if Gab goes down because of those posts there is no denying gab was taken down because they wanted to censor Gab.
If it was posts with actual phishing links in them I would understand why MS Azure might want them removed (perhaps only the links).

cdab8 No.165025

Both of these are great websites created from a project at 8/tech/. They can help you decide on browsers, messaging clients, email providers, search engines, etc.
Brave is spyware. Read the article if you want more details.

791c6 No.165058

The Attempted Deplatforming of Gab.ai by the Legacy Media Using Microsoft Azure
Gab-Ai gets threatened to get deplatformed by Microsoft over 2 Messages from Patrick Little.

791c6 No.165059

File: 1533912096322.png (529.9 KB, 667x1000, __kneesocks_and_scanty_pan….png)

d382e No.165062

13d8a No.165187

The other day I visitid some workshop and I came to realize that with limited ressources you can build a lot of stuff.
A bench, a sander, a tower drill, a small lathe and maybe a welder plus some hand tools. That is enough to cover almost the entirety of wood metal and electronics.
Add a PC for almost umlimited knowledge and CAD.
With some 3D printer in the mix you can build almost anything and most things can be better than industry standard.

Thinking of the possibilities of biohacking and chemistry…

137a3 No.165189

>only intresting stuff is the blockchain
Sadly, it is the wasted megawatts that make the blockchain possible.

>How can I trust you?
>You can't.
I like this guy. Most people would just try to dazzle users with phrases like "military grade encryption" and similar, but the truth is that email just isn't secure.

I imagine an email address from the domains hosted there is going to be an automatic red flag for signing up to any "non-alt" sites unfortunately.

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