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File: 1528177883923.png (2.34 MB, 1283x678, 1491831922556-0.png)

47234 No.151454

At the risk of this becoming a e-celeb thread (and thus against the rules) I'm interested in compiling a list of youtubers, bitchuters, steemit profiles, (etc) that you faggots approve of on a individual basis. Preferably ones which give or tell their sources in one way or another within either the video, links, or in its description so that I can see for myself where they are getting their ideas from. (though its not required to post them) This is literally just for my own interests and to possibly discover new channels to watch.

>inb4 /mlpol/ is one person

>inb4 Shareblue

My infotainment choices
>Freedomtoons (this is debatable at times)
>Murdoch Murdoch (more just entertainment)

I don't have a long list but like I said I'm looking for more.

6b4b7 No.151457

>Arch Warhammer
nice taste, listening to some 40K lore stuff right now.

47234 No.151464

I like his lore stuff, its originally how I heard of him. Imagine that. I grew quite fond of his casual redpills throughout almost all of his videos that aren't strictly lore. and even then he still gets a few in.

3707b No.151470

File: 1528182765479.png (316.93 KB, 1397x786, LeslieFaireDoNotGiveInToEv….png)

Here are some channels which provide excellent discussion, especially from an "alt-libertarian" mindset:

Alternative Hypothesis
Jean-Francois Gariepy
Banned from Facebook (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIJ1SZOrhtKMZTDo10ySNXg)

For those "Christcucks" out there, I recommend watching TFP Student action, which is a Catholic activist group that fights cultural marxism.

8145c No.151519

I'll have to give them a look. I haven't heard of them before

47234 No.151538

Nice, thank you.

8d113 No.151670

American Rennaisance
Hoppean Snake Memes
Property and Freedom Society

63961 No.151715

67712 No.151718

Millennial woes
Way of the world (bitChute)

282af No.151723

Angry Foreigner
Practical Engineering

e28f3 No.151811

I haven't watched angry foreigner for like a year but isn't he super bluepilled. I remember him being one of those "the left is the real racists" guys. Has he changed and become more redpilled or is he still the same.

9bb59 No.152241

File: 1528478521727.jpg (51.34 KB, 900x900, 1487446144658.jpg)

c98f3 No.152249

The Distributist
Fritz Imperial
Mauritian Struggle

79278 No.153959

File: 1529249892939.jpg (396.03 KB, 900x1200, __colonel_pale_original_dr….jpg)

Ringht Wing Gaming & News

Commentary, Anime & Video Game political analsis, Character Profiles & Lolcows

Tyrant Fashister
The Right Stuff, Merchant Minute and Music covers

/b/ the Youtube CHannel

Mumkey Jones
"Anime Reviews" of anything, Independent Movies, Elliot Rodger in-depth, "Activism"

Sassy and Opinionated
Chan Sphere News and Media coverage, Anime, Excessive Red pill videos that almost get him banned every once ina while

Emp Lemon
Former Youtube Pooper, Anti E-Celeb Activist, Anti Corporatist, Independent Memer.

EmptyHero aka Smegma King
Selfmade Professional Shitlord, Game Reviews, Storyteller, Book Author, Notorius SJW STalker and lolcowboy, recently dipped his toe into IBS streaming

The Bad Guys
Association of Second Life Trolls, Notable memembers are Sebastian Brightbottom, Rippahar and Scandinavian Prince. But out troll videos every once ina while. Have feudes with other second life youtubers.

Most of the IBS Librarian Channels
Kronos, American Pride, Murdochian Archiver, Teaclips etc

8f6af No.153966

Patrician choice.

4d24e No.154019

I watch Computing Forever as he reviews news and loses a little of faith in humanity for each video.

I also follow a number of local commentators such as "Contracultura" and "Que No Piensen por Ti"

29a62 No.154142

Not a die hard Murdoch Murdoch fan mainly because I was too lazy to leave my youtube but this last AMA has inspired me so much. Check it out even if youre not a fan I think it was great.


0eb74 No.154199

File: 1529363041200.jpg (89.05 KB, 676x676, 14235649785454879851.jpg)

Aarvoll is a seriously underrated redpilled youtuber IMO. He just started a show called the Perennial Podcast recently that has been very interesting. The first episode was kind of ruined by doospook's near incoherent rambling, but overall he and his cohost Ken seem to be showing promise for upcoming quality content.


54828 No.154625

Change him for Alternative Hypothesis.

54828 No.154637

Any Eastern Orthodox Channels?

f01d7 No.154705

Brother Nathaniel

f2b8d No.155005

File: 1529814677358.mp4 (19.14 MB, 1280x720, Halal Souls 3.mp4)

both are more entertainment memes than politics but defiantly red pilled

Albino [RIP]
fast paced entertaining videos, think MLG but more refined
the mp4’s are his and have been struck down from his now politically castrated channel

Bill Nye Saves the Spectrum

f2b8d No.155007

File: 1529814720918.mp4 (44.4 MB, 1280x720, Miramar in a nutshell.mp4)

the other vid

b11b4 No.155463


You truly have good taste.
>So we are three swedes on this site. >>151723

f35d1 No.156545

What Murdoch Murdoch shirt should I buy? I was thinking Galaxy m88 so I can wear it in public without attracting faggots but give a nod to those who know.

3146f No.156691

File: 1530487361789.jpg (121.18 KB, 850x638, 5ac832696d000.jpg)

I've seen a lot of your suggestions. Can't say I am impressed. I'm a tad disappointed, but that's probably due to the limited selection all of you seem to have had.

(The best I can describe the name behind this channel Varg Vikernes is a Pagan cynic. Former Burzum-Mayhem band member turned self-defence/"murder" case pariah, survivalist, permaculture farmer, father of 6, etc…)

Cultured Thug
(A bonafide fascist channel that details the philosophy of the ideology as well finer details like economics. He also covers some other lesser known ideologies like Juche for example.)

Ryan Dawson
(Libertarian. Most known for his anti-war, anti Zionist stance and being a hobby historian.)

Piero San Giorgio
(Author of How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse. "Far right activist" and networker.)

Social-Nationalist Meme Network
(Strasserist and leftwing oriented third position-ist channel.)

The Impartial Truth
(Third Reich and WW2 focused channel. Cache of good propaganda and archived footage.)

The Iconoclast
(Eurocentric news aggregate about the crisis of Western Europe, especially Britain. I think this channel is involved with a podcast.)

Dr. Layman
("alt-centrist". Primarily explains academic subjects to people, but he seems to have a political leaning more towards the alt-right sort of.)

Mimir's Head
(Pagan and fascist. A philosopher of sorts that regular hosts streams.)

Survive the Jive
(Pagan historian and researcher. Also holds documentaries sometimes)

Find Your Love in Japan
(Trying to explain this person's position is a bit odd. He doesn't seem like a nationalist, he doesn't seem like a traditionalist, and he doesn't seem like any kind of radical. But, you can sense some of these elements in him. I'd say he's an average Japanese person communicating their values to a Western audience. He frequently reports the average Japanese person's opinion and a range of other sorts.)

Richard Perkins
(Expert on Permaculture)

Gregory Malchuk
(Anti circumcision activist)

Sean Last
(Friend to Alt-Hyp and race realist)

(A channel that follows the various populous movements throughout Europe with commentary on recent events.)

(Exploring nuclear power and thorium energy solutions)

f8c40 No.156697

File: 1530487907036.jpeg (75.47 KB, 900x900, FF440F5A-7765-4460-AEAC-9….jpeg)

What about No Bullshit?

3146f No.156702

File: 1530490573601.jpg (98.42 KB, 680x531, Momilovejapanyoudontgetme_….jpg)

Weak link to be honest. He's a step above most anti-sjws, but still isn't high up there.

92d5f No.156739

He's alright for introducing new people to the red pill but that's it, introducing the red pill. He just doesn't quite get it I feel. He consumes the leftist media still despite arguing against it and doesn't really decide to take initiative and cut it out like a mold on bread which could set in motion in others cutting the shit out. Also some subjects he says is just downright wrong, I remember when he was taking about the new Battlefront game, he unironically said Battlefield 1, the ww1 game with black Germans and everyone on the field has submachine guns that were prototypes at the time irl and other shit, as "realistic".

He needs alot more work before he can be recommended as a red pilled youtuber.

3f386 No.156848

I like Vertigo Politics. We were actually featured for a moment in his latest video.


3f386 No.156850

Meant to type VertigoPolitix

26026 No.156865

Pewdiepie. Although he's a bit more incognito/centerist in public since he was caught saying nigger.

9658c No.158748

>(Exploring nuclear power and thorium energy solutions)

Surprising pick, but seconded. Nuclear energy isn't everyone's number one pick for energy or interesting video, but I'd recommend that people (especially Americans) at least check out what Jim Kennedy has to say about the issue of rare earths and US and world dependence on China.

First four minutes of this video gives the basic gestalt of the issue:

Rare Earth Elements & Thorium Legislative Efforts

The quick rundown of the basic gestalt is that nuclear regulations have opened the door for China to come in and dominate the market, effectively giving them a veto on huge sections of industry worldwide, worth 7 trillion dollars (in 2015) as well as technology critical for the rest of the economy. I suspect not much has changed since then.

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