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Gale Dribble(tm)(c) lands in Equestria, what happens?
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0b3b6 No.163305

Mr. Rusty better know what he is doing; famous last words and all that. But he has survived so far on his wit and intuition so I have hope.
If anything happens to those fillies I will make it my life ambition to eradicate the world of Asparagus so Rusty will feel my wrath.

Take your time this story is well worth waiting for.

00ad4 No.166842

>the inside of the library looks about the same as the last time I was here
>the horse children are just sort of milling around
>most of them look like they're wondering what they're supposed to do here
>I hear the door shut behind us and the ominous sound of a bolt being drawn through the lock
"Alright, everypony. Now that we're all here, let's have a look at Ponyville's historic Golden Oak library!"
>Twilight stands in front of the door, still wearing that creepy grin
>she clears her throat and starts moving about the library, awkwardly showing off shelves of books and other things that don't really need to be explained
>the foals mostly look bored or confused
>a few of them start talking amongst themselves, ignoring Twilight, but she doesn't seem offended
>I scan the room
>so far it looks like Twilight and Cheerilee are the only adult ponies around
>no sign of Spike or any of the others I've seen
>those things can change shape though so who knows what they've got hiding in the shadows
>I start edging my way towards the little alcove that leads to the cellar
>Cheerilee is standing nearby, almost as if she's guarding it
>she notices me looking at her and narrows her eyes menacingly
>I need to get down there
>I glance across the room to where the three fillies are standing, looking nervous and uncomfortable
>Sweetie Belle notices my gaze and makes eye contact
>I give her a slight nod
>she whispers something to her two friends
>Scootaloo sort of rams her shoulder against a wooden column holding up some kind of wooden statue
>it wobbles for a second and then comes crashing down next to Sweetie Belle
"Ow! You did that on purpose!"
>Sweetie Belle yells, probably a bit louder than necessary
>several foals turn and look
"No I didn't!"
>Scootaloo yells back just as loud, shoving Sweetie Belle into Apple Bloom
"Hey! Cut it out!"
>Apple Bloom yells and shoves Sweetie Belle back at Scootaloo
>most of the class has turned towards them
>a small crowd gathers around as the three fillies yell and shove each other back and forth
>Cheerilee looks annoyed but seems to realize she's expected to intervene here
>she glances quickly at me for a second, narrows her eyes again, and stalks towards the scuffle
"Girls! Stop fighting this instant!"
>now's my chance
>I slide along the back wall of the library to the little alcove and duck down the stairs
>just like a ninja
>the cellar looks about the same
>boxes and barrels of junk all over the place
>I head straight for the door at the far end
>an ominous green glow is faintly visible through the crack at the bottom
>I try the handle
>it's unlocked
>I push it open and step into yet another narrow stairway
>that eerie green glow seems to be coming from whatever's at the bottom
>this is it
>I'm just seconds away from blowing this extraterrestrial conspiracy wide open
>I reach the bottom of the stairs
>even my experience as a professional soldier of fortune did not prepare me for this
>I step into a large subterranean chamber full of alien pods
>the translucent sacs are filled with some kind of gelatinous green ooze that glows softly in the darkness
>inside of each is one of the townsponies
>there's easily a couple hundred of them
>most of them are ponies I don't know, but I see a few that I recognize immediately
>there's Twilight, Spike, Rarity, Cheerilee, and…
>this can't be right…
"Heh. Now just what in the hay are you doin' down here, Mr. Rusty?"
>I turn turn slowly around to face her
"Applejack. Or should I say…alien doppelganger!"
>she smiles, and suddenly Applejack transforms into a tall half-bug-half-horse creature
>it looks similar to what I saw before, but this one is much bigger
>more intelligent looking
"So you're the alien queen."
>I slide an asparagus stalk out of my pack and pop it into my mouth
"That was a clever ruse, I'll give you that much. My money was on Twilight being you."
>the alien bug-horse smiles
"Oh, who's to say I wasn't? I can be whoever the moment calls for. And I was far more clever than you think."
>I hear hoofsteps on the stairs, and the alien queen smiles and steps aside
>slowly a line of terrified looking foals begin to file one by one into the chamber, flanked on either side by hovering bug-pony guards
>Sweetie Belle and her friends are pushed in by a couple of guards
>their eyes widen with terror when they notice the pods
>the alien queen cackles madly
"Do you see now? Your efforts to stop us were futile from the start. Once I seal off these foals, my minions will control this entire town! We can remain here disguised as these ponies, feeding for years upon years, and not even Celestia will ever be any the wiser!"
>she cackles again and transforms back into Applejack
"And thanks to your foolish trust in your friend, your pathetic plan to stop me is completely ruined!"
>she changes back
"You forgot one thing."
>I reach into my pocket as my body tenses for combat
"I exterminate bugs for a living. Pocket sa--"
>I hurl a handful into her eyes, but her weird, twisted horn flares up and a wind-like force blows the sand into my face instead
"Did you think I'd fall for such a foolish trick again?"
>hoisted by my own petard
>I sputter and cough
>the sand in my eyes temporarily blinds me
>somehow I spin around and lose my balance
>I'm on my knees
>I spit out a last mouthful of sand as I grope around on the floor, looking for something I can use as a weapon
>dimly I'm aware of one of the fillies calling out my name in alarm
>the alien queen is cackling behind me
>I feel that weird tingling on my skin that I've come to associate with unicorn magic since I arrived here
>it feels like something's being sucked out of me
>something like a cocoon starts wrapping around my ankles
>it can't end this way
>think, Gribble, think
>I've got nothing

7d9b1 No.166848


7a904 No.166868

File: 1534798563466-0.png (120.29 KB, 388x400, 1290562__safe_edit_edited ….png)

Changelings will not replace us!

Thanks for the update anon.

6f7c8 No.166953


d8275 No.166957

File: 1534835557789.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.56 MB, 444x400, 1530084721926.gif)

Woahh… This is really escalating.
>okay Mr. Rusty the only thing you should keep in your mind right now is pic related

695c8 No.169760

It's pure cruelty to leave us on a cliffhanger like this.

00ad4 No.169780

I'm sorry, I genuinely do intend to get back to this soon. I actually meant to write it a week or so ago but I've since gotten diverted by a large side project. I promise I haven't abandoned thread though.

d8275 No.169782

Happy to hear, and thank God

00ad4 No.171905

I am very sorry about the length of time it's taken me to get back to this. you can literally blame Nigel

>I look up

>there's a pod in front of me
>if I stretch my arm I might be able to reach it
>I can't see who it is in there
>but it's my only hope
>I pull forward
>the stuff that's wrapping around my ankles pulls back, but I can reach the pod
>I punch the pod as hard as I can
>the membrane breaks easily
>the alien creature behind me howls in frustration
>looks like ET had no idea who she was dealing with
>I feel myself being pulled back but I'm able to grab the membrane of the pod
>it tears as I slide down
>whoever's inside the pod begins to stir as soon as the green ooze starts leaking out
>I struggle forward once more
>I can see a purple leg
>all right, looks like I got Twilight
>she has freaky alien powers
>maybe she can turn the tables here
>I plunge my hand back into the ooze and grab the purple limb
>I pull hard as the thing that has my leg starts tugging me down again
>something long and purple begins to emerge from inside the ooze
>I tug harder, and slowly I manage to pull out……..
>what I thought was Twilight's leg turned out to be Spike's tail
"W…wha…what's going on?"
>the little dragon is confused and disoriented
>behind me I can hear the alien queen laughing
>wait, maybe I can make this work
>it worked before, kind of
>summoning all my strength, I pull myself back up onto my hands and knees
>I grab Spike's tail again
"Wha…wait a minute! Wha--"
>I fling him as hard as I possibly can
>direct hit
>he smacks the alien queen directly in the face before she has time to react
>it knocks her off balance and she and Spike go tumbling backward
>they roll to where the smaller alien bugs have herded the foals
>tiny horses go scrambling in every direction as the queen hits the guards
>they crash like bowling pins
>take that you aliens
>I reach down and pull at the silky membrane she managed to wrap around my ankles
>it tears off easily
>I toss it to the side and scramble to my feet
>I run to the nearest pod, punch through the membrane and tear
>Applejack is inside
"W…what in the hay…?"
"Your planet needs you!"
>I don't know if she comprehends but I don't have time to walk her through it
>I run to the next pod and tear it open
"Don't just stand there! Help him!"
>I hear Sweetie Belle's voice somewhere behind me
>she runs to the nearest pod and pierces it with her horn, and struggles to pull it apart with front her legs
>the rest of the foals hesitate for a second, watching her
>then they all start running to the pods and opening them
>meanwhile the pony inside the one I just opened is coughing and sputtering
>it's Twilight
>she looks up at me
"M-Mr. Rusty? What in Equestria is going on?"
"You were captured by the alien queen. There's no time to explain. Hurry up and get out here."
>she extends her hoof to me and I pull her out of the ooze
>all around us is chaos
>the queen has recovered and is on her feet, howling and cursing and firing blue lasers out of her horn
>there's about five of the guards buzzing this way and that trying to round up foals
>the foals meanwhile keep opening pods
>more and more ponies are emerging from the ooze, blinking and disoriented
>most of them figure out the situation quickly enough and help the foals open pods
>a few make a run for the door
>I see the teacher, Cheerilee, being helped out by Apple Bloom and that little cyborg
>Rarity and a few others I recognize are also free
>Twilight's voice makes me turn my head sharply
>the little dragon has been cornered by one of the bug creatures
>Twilight fires a laser blast from that weird horn of hers and it knocks the bug out of the air
>it falls limply to the floor and rolls around, stunned
"Can you do that to the rest of them?"
>she turns to me
"I think so, if I can manage to hit them all."
"Do it. I'll get everyone out of here."
>she nods, and turns her attention to the bugs
>I look around at the pods
>there's only a couple of them that haven't been opened yet
>Sweetie Belle goes running past my legs
>I stop her
"I'll take care of the last ones, get all your friends out of here and back upstairs."
>she nods
"Everypony! Back upstairs!"
>foals and ponies start scrambling towards the stairs
"Noooo! Stop them!"
>the alien queen howls in frustration
>she takes aim at the doorway
>suddenly a burst of green flame explodes in her face, throwing off her aim
>the laser fires over the ponies' heads into the wall on the other side
>looks like Spike is good for something besides being a projectile after all
>I turn my attention to the last two pods
>I don't recognize the ponies inside, but I tear them open and help them out
>they run for the door
"Mr. Rusty! Hurry!"
>I hear Twilight's voice
>the bug guards are all lying on the floor, groaning and buzzing helplessly
>all the ponies are out
>I make a run for the door
"Oh no you don't!"
>the queen lunges out of nowhere and blocks my path
"No you don't!"
>a pair of powerful hind legs buck her from the side and she goes tumbling head over hooves until she collides with the wall
"Uh, you comin' Mr. Rusty?"
>Applejack stands by the door
>I run for the door
>the queen is beginning to recover as I cross the basement floor
>I dive through the entrance just as she makes it to her feet
>a hot searing blast of laser just barely misses me as I dive through the opening
>I scramble up the stairs after Applejack
>almost there
>the alien queen is hot on my heels, I can feel her breath on my back
>Twilight is standing in the entrance at the top
>I barrel past her, trip over my own feet and somersault into the library
>I'm lying on my back, staring up at the ceiling
>I hear the door slam and the muffled sounds of the alien queen cursing

896f6 No.172042


I'm impressed you still remember the "ponies confuse Rusty's first and last names" tip I gave a long while back.

403ef No.172107

File: 1537256064938.png (43.53 KB, 250x250, 1508215377075.png)

I never lost faith in you Mr. Rusty. I knew you would figure our something.

cdbca No.176419

File: 1538322049929.png (Spoiler Image, 1008.23 KB, 2958x3264, 1490488__safe_artist-colon….png)

I always check this thread when I visit /mlpol/ can't wait for the next update.

d6e9e No.178262

>I lie on my back for a few moments, panting
>God, I need a smoke
>a real one
>not an option though
>I settle for the next best thing
>I slide an asparagus stalk out of my pack and pop it into my mouth
>crap, I've only got a few of them left
>oh well
>I think the danger is basically over for now
>I can probably get more later
"Uh, Mr. Shackleford? Are you okay?"
>I turn my head to see Sweetie Belle and her friends crouched next to me
"I'm fine."
>I sit up and look around
>the alien queen is still pounding against the door, but Twilight's sealed it with some kind of magic
>the other ponies are milling around the library, looking confused and disoriented
>missing time is always the hardest part to get over
>I remember that from my own alien abduction
"Are you three okay?"
>the three fillies nod
"Alright then."
>I stand up
"Um, Mr. Rusty?"
>I turn around to see Diamond Tiara and her little cyborg friend standing there
>they both look a little reluctant and the cyborg is avoiding eye contact
>Diamond Tiara clears her throat and looks up at me
"Um, we just wanted to say thank you for saving us."
>she nudges her friend
"Yeah, thank you."
>Silver Spoon still doesn't quite want to make eye contact but they both seem sincere enough
>I still don't trust them, but I suspect fighting against a common foe has neutralized our conflict
>I nod
"No problem. So long as we have an understanding that there will be no more transmission of sensitive information about me to your overlords."
>I pat the magnet that I'm still carrying in my pocket
>the threat could not be clearer
>they give each other a long, nervous, very confused look
"Uh….sure Mr. Rusty."
"Yeah…anyway, thanks."
>they trot quickly away
>ponies are beginning to disperse
>I follow Twilight and the others outside
>the town is still overrun with clones that are going to need to be rooted out
>but once the queen is contained its only a matter of time before the colony falls
>I learned that from fire ants
>I'm about to approach Twilight to discuss our next move when suddenly a pony I've never seen before swoops down out of the sky
>this one is enormous, more like a horse than a pony
>she's bright white, and has wings and a unicorn horn
>her mane is translucent and is doing some kind of weird sparkly flowing thing that is clearly the work of technology beyond human comprehension
>I know who she is even before Twilight says her name
"Princess Celestia!"
>the ponies around all perk up at the sound of the name
>all of them, including Twilight, kneel down in a gesture of submission to their overlord
>so this is the Empress of the alien horse world
"Twilight, my student. What has happened here?"
>Twilight explains the situation briefly
>Princess Celestia listens with concern on her face
"And who is this newcomer?"
>she turns to me
>Twilight interjects quickly
"Princess, this is Shackleford Rusty. He's from…Okrahoma…? We couldn't have won without his help."
>the Princess looks me up and down
>she doesn't look surprised to see me
>she knows something
>finally she gives me a graceful bow
"We owe you our thanks. If there is anything we can do for you in return, please let us know."
>all the ponies are looking at me expectantly
>this alien horse is clearly more powerful than the others
>better to heel and be submissive for now
>I throw myself prostrate on the grass
"Your Majesty! I thank you for your generosity. I ask only that you spare my home planet from the wrath of your mighty Galactic Empire, and allow us to live in peace!"
"Er……very well. I shall…………..do that."
>she gives me a long, confused look and then turns her attention to Twilight
"Twilight, if you would please come with me. There is still much work to do."
>Twilight nods soberly and the two of them wander off
>I should have asked her how to get home
>a few hours later, I'm sitting on top of a hill near the school
>behind me, in the town, Twilight and the Princess are still rooting out the last of the alien doppelgangers
>the queen is still trapped in the basement as far as I know
>I'm not sure what they plan on doing with her
>if this 'Princess Celestia' is anything like the last alien ruler I dealt with, I'm guessing she'll extract information from her via mind control and then grind her body into a nutrient-rich paste
>the paste will then be consumed by her subjects in a ritualistic feast
>I don't really want to be around for that part
>too many bad memories
>I sit watching the sun slowly set behind the hills
>the natural beauty of this world just makes me remember how far away I am from my own
>I take an asparagus stalk out of my pack and put it in my mouth
>the vegetable tar goes down smooth
>there's nothing quite like having a nice long smoke after foiling an alien scheme
"Um, can I try one of those?"
>I turn my head to see Sweetie Belle, standing timidly off to the side
"They'll stunt your growth."
>she shrugs and trots over to where I'm sitting
>I pull the last one out of the pack and she grabs it with her mouth
>I make a lighting motion with my thumb and light it for her
"How is it?"
"Um….it tastes like asparagus."
"Real smokes are better."
"Maybe I could try one some time."
"Yeah, maybe."
>we sit quietly for a bit
"Um, Mr. Shackleford? Are you going to keep living in Ponyville?"
>I turn my head to her again
>she's looking at me a little anxiously
"I thought I might stick around for a bit."
>her face brightens, then she looks quickly away
>she looks like she's about to say something, then changes her mind
>we sit in silence
>slowly the sun dips down behind the hills in the distance
>the sky of the planet Equestria darkens from orange to red to purple
>I puff on my asparagus stalk
>it's not quite the same thing as a real smoke, but it's close enough
>Sweetie Belle chews and swallows hers

* end of part 2 *

d6e9e No.178263

Ignore the ID change, I moved recently.

7c0d2 No.178264

File: 1539189917625.png (236.03 KB, 1280x832, sweetie_belle_sleeping_by_….png)

If I knew the words to describe how serene and comfy I found the end to part 2 was I would convey them in an elegant way. Thank you.
Looking forward to part 3

a6288 No.178299

Beautiful, thank you for tying up loose ends!

13b12 No.178374

File: 1539276989036.gif (222.27 KB, 295x308, 1520345__safe_screencap_ap….gif)

>Well done Mr.Anon

92011 No.178841

fucking loses it

d6e9e No.188687

author bump. I plan to get back to this at some point, I just have some other writing projects I need to finish up first.

19180 No.188747

cant wait to see what Rusty will do next

3e503 No.188749

Same here. Looking forward to the continuing saga.

ece73 No.189386

I know its been half a year from when you started, but i just now read it and its really good fam. enjoyed the story so far, will check for updates

24da7 No.189871

I had a good time. Id like to see mr rusty tackle the tau-tier job structure. Now that youve made me think about it, it does feel very wagecage. Children are indoctrinated into the workforce, they even lust for the moment their whole lives are chosen out for them. Happily working for the elite because "its destiny", and passively shunning those who dont have cutie marks through self consciousness. Magical destiny? Hah! Whos running this branding ministry? I want answers! You cant hide the truth from free thinkers REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

4e7da No.198260

File: 1547410081340.gif (980 KB, 193x145, 8244e1fc452cfea87567cbdbf7….gif)

I really hope for a continuation :/

d6e9e No.198443

Writefag here, I'm planning to continue it, I've just got it on the back burner for the moment. Thank you for rescuing the thread btw.

940b4 No.203506

File: 1549600136163.gif (176.49 KB, 387x362, 66f30ca8-382a-45ce-927d-b0….gif)


ac0a1 No.203554

Just so y'all know, some fag posted this thread on 4/mlp/

940b4 No.203559

I hope they at least gave credit to the real creator and origin.

355fd No.203561

940b4 No.203563

That is nice. I am happy they did now.
>I read the "some fag" in a negative way - my bad.

355fd No.203576

I'm just surprised the link hasn't been deleted by the mods yet. Figured they'd be a lot more anal about /mlpol/ links.

ea375 No.209623

Bumping so a quality threat won't die

c55ca No.209624

File: 1552172961496-0.jpg (24.55 KB, 500x457, 1506288895837.jpg)

>Bumping so a quality threat won't die
Thanks. My body is yearning and ready for more of Mr. Rusty.

11b56 No.209628

Mr.Rusty is one of the best fan fictions.

7d223 No.214249


b0d88 No.214279

This is my favorite thread in mlpol and I was overjoyed to see it still around. Thank you Anon, you have made this silly concept into a legitimately heart-pounding adventure!

940b4 No.218403

File: 1555766240916.png (633.92 KB, 1125x1200, 1507076072921.png)


d6e9e No.223317

File: 1558851052571.png (652.94 KB, 1280x720, 1523897084044.png)

Hi all, I'm back. Going to tripfag from now on since my ID changes throughout the thread. Thank you all for being patient, I know I haven't updated this story in a long ass time. Hopefully people are still interested and I haven't lost my mojo.

>it's been three months since I first came to the strange planet known as Equestria

>while I am still no closer to discovering the truth about why they've brought me here, the sentient ponies of this world seem to have accepted me as one of their own
>I still don't trust their leader, a large flying horse with mysterious powers known only as "Princess Celestia"
>I've only met her once, but I know that "Twilight Sparkle", a fake name if ever I've heard one, regularly sends her messages
>she uses that dragon of hers as some kind of transmission device
>I'm assuming there is a lot of Gribble-related information in their correspondence
>can't really be helped, but by helping them fight off an alien invasion I think I've gained a bit of their trust
>hopefully they're not still planning to dissect me
>for now I've decided to lay low and pretend to live peacefully among them
>not really much of a choice, since I don't know how to get home
>my wife and son have got to be getting pretty worried by now, but Nancy knew what she was signing on for when she married a licensed bounty hunter
>good thing I can trust my friend John Redcorn to look after them while I'm away
"This meeting of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is now called to order!"
>the voice of the little horse named Apple Bloom brings me out of my meditation
>I'm sitting in the small treehouse where I spend many of my afternoons
>a local organization called the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" has accepted me as one of their own
"Uh, any new business?"
>Apple Bloom looks out from her makeshift podium
>the other two, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, look a little bored
>the weather's been hot lately
>it's probably hard to find motivation to do stuff
"Sweetie Belle?"
>the little marshmallow colored pony looks up when she hears her name called
>Apple Bloom is looking expectantly at her
"We're kind of running out of stuff to do."
>Sweetie Belle finally says after a few awkward moments
>Scootaloo nods in agreement
"Yeah, it seems like we've tried just about everything, and we still haven't gotten our cutie marks."
>Apple Bloom sighs reluctantly
"Yeah, I guess we are starting to run out of new activities to try."
>she looks at me hopefully
"Mr. Shackleford? Do you have any ideas on how we can get our cutie marks?"
>the three of them are looking at me expectantly
>I clear my throat and grind out the stump of my asparagus stalk
"Back in Arl-I mean, Oklahoma, I was President of the Gun Club."
"What did you do there?"
>Scootaloo seems curious
"Mostly we shot guns, talked about guns, talked about shooting guns. One time we had a yard sale to raise money to buy some more ammunition, since we tend to go through a lot of it."
"Was being in the gun club anything like being a crusader?"
>Sweetie Belle looks genuinely interested
"Pretty much the same thing. Except instead of cutie marks, we were crusaders for freedom."
>Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle look at each other
"I guess we haven't tried that yet."
>Sweetie Belle rubs a foreleg against her chin
>Apple Bloom shrugs in response
>she turns to me
"Uh, Mr. Shackleford? What are guns and how do you shoot them?"
>I'm so startled I drop the asparagus stalk I was in the process of lighting
"You don't have any guns?"
>the three little ponies shake their heads
"What about your parents?"
>Scootaloo and Apple Bloom look uncomfortable all of a sudden
"Uh, they don't have any guns either."
>Sweetie Belle interjects quickly
>I stare at them in disbelief for a moment
"Wait, do ponies in Equestria not own guns?"
>the three of them look at each other again, and they all shake their heads
"Then how do you defend yourselves against a hostile and oppressive government?"
>they just stare at me
>foals in the woods they are
>they don't even understand the danger they're in
>Celestia's mighty armies could roll in here at any moment and they wouldn't even have a well-regulated militia to defend themselves
>these ponies have taken me into their home and accepted me as one of their own
>it wouldn't be right to just stand aside and do nothing
"I've got an idea."
"Really? That's great Mr. Shackleford!"
>the three of them lean in excitedly
"What this town needs is a well-regulated citizens' militia. And we're gonna be the ones to form it."
>the three of them glance back and forth at each other in confusion for a moment
"Uh, what does that…"
>Apple bloom starts to ask a question, but Sweetie Belle cuts her off
"That sounds like fun!"
>the other two look at her, then back at each other
>Scootaloo makes a confused face
>Apple Bloom shrugs
"Yeah, I guess it's something we've never tried before."
>the three of them put their hooves together and shout in unison
"Cutie Mark Crusaders Citizens' Militia!"

d1e06 No.223318

My body is ready.
This is a great story. Good to have you back.

940b4 No.223320

File: 1558852441619.jpg (28.12 KB, 845x634, 1497305527126.jpg)

Yessss! More Mr. Rusty story!!!

2dcb0 No.223322

File: 1558856705994.png (9.97 KB, 361x309, unf.png)

Got my hit

74521 No.223326

Thank you for continuing on! I can't wait to see where this shenanigans leads them

53604 No.223338

File: 1558886662498.gif (576.86 KB, 600x600, 1553237396903.gif)


d6e9e No.235187

Preservation bump because we're getting more traffic with all the refugees. Also this reminds me I need to get back to this again.

d106e No.235196

Cant Wait for more mr.rusty.

d1e06 No.235205

Fuck yeah! I'm hyped.

f400f No.242595

File: 1568470943562.png (242.26 KB, 999x799, 1491625491152.png)

Bump praying for more

c1b44 No.250124

File: 1573385976741.png (113.76 KB, 500x413, 1504545053105.png)

A bump for Mr. Rusty

c1b44 No.260212

>page 10 bump

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