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File: 1523839729811.jpg (90.42 KB, 728x482, bronycon.jpg)

cbfdf No.141070

>your country
>have you ever been to a brony convention?

a48db No.141074

>this level of autism
>non-anonymous public interaction

OP's pic is a perfect reason not to go.

ee999 No.141082

Yeah…. no.
There's liking the show. A lot. And joking about horsefuckery and looking at horse pussy once in a while.
Then there's this.

96db2 No.141085

Fuck no. I'll never go to one of these autism fests. While they sound fun, the brony orgies that have happened there have really turned me off.

276c6 No.141088

thats true. but still, it's tempting for me to go once, just for the spectacle. Maybe it's still surreal for me that people take it so seriously. It's a physical manifestion of a meme that was taken too far.

891a9 No.141090

Yes, I went to two, although I missed most of the days at both of them. They were actually extremely fun, and I enjoyed the merchandise I was able to buy

276c6 No.141094

any particularly autistic events worth sharing?

a5b93 No.141155

File: 1523867761908.jpg (87.97 KB, 736x1247, 2b6a5c81038285b6069a620c7e….jpg)

I go to a lot of anime conventions and there's usually at least some brony presence at those, so it wasn't a huge leap to attend a pony-exclusive convention. I went last year on kind of a whim because I was all high on ponies due to /mlpol/. It was actually a lot of fun, I'm going again this year. I was surprised at how little autism I encountered; most of the people there were quite nice. It may be different at other cons, but the one I was at didn't have the kinds of things you see in the 4chan cringe threads, with the weird fedora guys being all creepy and sexual. A lot of people bring their kids, so they keep it pretty family-friendly and tasteful. If anything I'd say the autism levels were lower than at a typical anime con.

d3e24 No.141172

File: 1523884849638.jpg (67.9 KB, 1152x693, 1520376306094.jpg)

Legitimately surprising. Was it a big con or a small one?

542be No.141175

I've never been to one and I'm terrified that I'll never get to go to one before the show ends and becomes Gen 5 and Gen5shit plasters the walls of every convention from then on.

a27f9 No.141242

It's getting harder and harder to do those videos every year.

591f2 No.141251

Check the flag

>brony con?

No. Here usually fall in the anime/comic con, and i'm not interested in those.
They look like they have fun tho. A guy in my highschool went to those and uploaded videos in his fb

a5b93 No.141285

I'd call it a small con, but I'm basing that on comparisons to anime cons I've attended, which tend to be pretty large scale events. I'm guessing since pony is a fairly specific fandom the cons will probably be smaller compared to something more general like anime or comics. I also get the impression the pony craze has died down considerably in the last couple of years, so I'm guessing it's smaller than if I'd gone in say 2012 or 2013. I don't know how the one I attended ranks against other brony cons though.
I would actually say the pony fans at the ponies-only convention were quite a bit less obnoxious than the pony fans I've encountered at anime cons. This might have something to do with the fandom dying down and people who were just on board for the fad moving on to other things, though. A couple of cons I went to when the pony thing was just getting started the fans would show up wearing pony costumes and shirts and spouting memes from the show, and just generally behaving like annoying squeeing teenagers. The behavior of the fans in public combined with all the pony-related autism happening on 4chan at the time was one of the things that put me off and made me steer clear of anything related to MLP for several years. Bronies were basically the Juggalos of the internet. Sadly now that I've gotten into it at the tail end of the fandom I regret not looking past this and at least giving the show a chance, but what are you going to do I suppose.

9dfc1 No.141531

Never because there's no pony convention in my country or around. Not a furry one either.

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