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db3ad No.141018

How do you stop yourself from losing your love for games and pony?

Pic unrelated

089c4 No.141019

TBH OP I almost fell out of the fandom like last month. With the G5 leaks and stuff I was feeling super down and out. Then I decided to play some TF2 out of the blue and I used to always listen to pony music while in game. So once I booted up TF2 and started my Pony Music I instantly remembered why I was in the fandom and it reignited my love for the community and the show. Sometimes all it takes is a revisit to what part you loved the most of being in the fandom to make you love the community again.

82cda No.141042

If I lose those, I have nothing. So not much reason for me to abandon it tbh.

358ff No.141043

Why would I ever lose a love for pony? I consume it mostly in the form of reaction images and porn, and I'm not going to stop using those

d03ab No.141049

I've given up on gaming. Many new cool games want directx 12, which requires windows 10. I refuse to use windows 10 and have since switched to linux. I now spend more time shitposting on this canadian nazi cartoon horse fucker image board.

As for the fandom, I fell off the ride early 2013. I thought the fandom would continue to be this unstoppable annoying goliath, but I got back on the ride last december when someone mentioned the "russian hacker" that hacked hasbro on /g/. I got completely engrossed with it all over again. So many things to catch up on that were disappointing. The hasbro CnDs, youtube video take downs, major content creators that quit/got bored, creators that deleted everything. So many popular videos deleted. Episode 100 blew my mind. Fandom members that turned out to be pedophiles, etc. Faust leaving. This glimmer/shimmer garbage. I feel like only yesterday I was spamming ponies on /b/. I only stay interested in this pony stuff because it is simply a part of internet history now; it's a little surreal seeing what started as a board vs board raid become it's own irl entity. It's like hearing an inside joke you made with your friends become a global meme. I only took it ironically at the start, but I guess I've been made to be the fool.

db3ad No.141057

What games want directx12? All my PC games may or may not be torrented.

d03ab No.141063

39c43 No.141066

It's pretty easy. A lot of the people currently in the "fandom", if you want to call it that, don't even watch the show, haven't watched for many seasons, or only just started watching it in that case, hopefully starting at season 1.

e49a2 No.141069

I discovered Ponies late so I am still fresh to me. But as >>141043 and >>141066 mentions. Enjoy the reaction images, and once in a while start from Season 1 and binge a little MLP until you reach an appropriate point.

For gaming I have sadly drifted towards doing more casual gaming that I can play a little, enjoy and leave without lots of effort. But I used to invest a lot of time in FPS, Real-Time, and Turn based Strategy games, and Adventure games. But for my sake today's games are more or less all MMOs. Single player have sadly fallen into more or less obscurity. More or less it is only a short training mission to learn controls these days.
tl;dr; game makers should start focusing on single player again

So to regain the joy of games I think visiting the old games from the golden age of gaming. Install ScummVM and enjoy some excellent adventure games. Try some old FPS games like Soldier of Fortune. But we have also become spoiled with good graphic so I think mostly only the adventure games really stand the test of time (graphic wise). But as graphic quality increased gameplay suffered greatly. I still wait for the industry to get back to focus on the player and give the player something to loose himself/herself in.
tl;dr; play some old adventure games, and single player FPS

>rant below can be ignored (I just couldn't stop myself when I had started)

Like newest Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, I don't know how many people pleaded to the creator to actually give the player freedom. In the old game you could drive around freely in the town, find a police car and start a chase. You could then choose whatever route you wanted to drive, gathering speed, memorizing routes, perfecting the skill to dodge. The new game has select race you want to drive, drive from start to end (or if you mess up start from the beginning); rinse repeat. There is no freedom, you can't choose to drive at night or day, that is pre-selected for you on the race you choose to drive. The game would have had infinite replay potential if it had given the player freedom to drive in a fictive town starting chases. But now you are lucky if you ever find back to the stage you actually liked (and even if you manage to find it, it is limited how fun it is to drive a predefined route every time).
tl;dr; FUCK YOU Electronic Arts

439ef No.141151

File: 1523863759117.png (365.78 KB, 940x786, tavidisdain.png)

I wish I could jump of the ride so that I can move on with my life. To awnser your question OP, you are here forever.

add00 No.141158

like >>141069 I've only gotten into the pony stuff recently, so it's still fresh enough to keep me interested. It's been strange, I've basically gone through every stage of this fandom within the space of a year, from "wow, this is a surprisingly good show!" to "wow, these kike writers really ruined this previously great show!". It's unfortunate that the show has gone in the direction that it has, but I've been rewatching the early episodes and it really is quite a charming show when it's good. Even the later seasons have some episodes that are worth watching and rewatching, and the movie I also really enjoyed. I haven't watched any of the new season yet but I will get to it eventually.

As far as games go I don't really game that seriously, I just have a few titles that I get really deeply into. I mostly tend to play older games anyway. I spend the majority of my time working, and when I'm not working I usually put most of my energy into creative projects, so when I do have time to sit and play a game I make sure it's something I genuinely enjoy and get something out of. Currently playing Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon, a nice adventure gem from 1995 that I wanted to play as a kid but never got around to.

cfc41 No.141160

I have W10, updated as I see fit (you set connection to metered and it will never update automatically, otherwise its forced) and I have a third-party patcher which is mostly a regedit tool afaik.

add00 No.141161

>I feel like only yesterday I was spamming ponies on /b/
I remember the pony threads on /b/. People got so unbelievably buttmad but you guys always looked like you were genuinely having a lot of fun. I really wish I'd gotten on the ride back then.

082de No.141179

I just enjoy the show. I've never been obsessive or autistic about it and just like how I like Star Trek but am not a Trekkie I'm not a "brony" or whatever either. The show has been pleasant for 8 years, certainly there are some episodes and things I don't like about it and I think the school plot is completely the wrong thing to do but it doesn't stop most episodes from just being fun to watch. The show has almost always been very purehearted and not tainted with liberal-SJW crap, even though that's certainly infecting it now to a degree.

Equestria Girls is good too.

d80af No.141181

File: 1523889324702-0.png (6.29 KB, 151x369, iridium_2018-04-16_14-34-2….png)

File: 1523889324702-1.png (3.08 KB, 115x457, iridium_2018-04-16_14-32-2….png)

I'll manage.

4d388 No.141184

File: 1523890868215.png (475 KB, 867x1201, __mario_mario_series_and_s….png)


I would like to offer You some assistance with your gaming situation, Anon. Consider taking a look at this:


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