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File: 1521240144192-2.png (110.64 KB, 700x525, 19403_007 - AncapLevel - (….png)

File: 1521240144192-3.png (190.27 KB, 1024x865, 19403_008 - AncapPony - (1….png)

File: 1521240144192-4.jpg (109.36 KB, 1180x720, 19403_017 - Leslie Fair - ….jpg)

619f4 No.129494[Last 50 Posts]

Found some early Leslie Fairs from April last year and thought I should share them.

619f4 No.129495

File: 1521240173618-0.jpg (12.95 KB, 222x152, 19403_021 - PicsArt_04-30-….jpg)

File: 1521240173618-1.jpg (83.21 KB, 502x600, 19403_025 - Leslie Fair 2 ….jpg)

File: 1521240173618-2.png (108.74 KB, 534x600, 19403_026 - LeslieFairSnee….png)

File: 1521240173618-3.jpg (217.47 KB, 1129x1024, 19403_029 - Leslie Fair re….jpg)

File: 1521240173618-4.png (121.21 KB, 999x799, 19403_030 - LeslieFairHorr….png)

619f4 No.129496

File: 1521240213547-0.jpg (132.29 KB, 796x1024, 19403_032 - Leslie Fair w ….jpg)

File: 1521240213547-1.jpg (73 KB, 669x600, 19403_033 - Leslie Fair ti….jpg)

File: 1521240213547-2.jpg (72.62 KB, 669x600, 19403_035 - PicsArt_05-01-….jpg)

File: 1521240213547-3.jpg (71.92 KB, 768x768, 19403_036 - Cute Leslie Fa….jpg)

File: 1521240213547-4.jpg (107.27 KB, 687x675, 19403_037 - Leslie Fair Sh….jpg)

619f4 No.129497

File: 1521240292334-0.gif (2.33 MB, 1024x736, 19403_038 - ancap_pone_in_….gif)

File: 1521240292334-1.jpg (126.6 KB, 590x675, 19403_039 - Drinking Lesli….jpg)

File: 1521240292334-2.png (392.17 KB, 1280x720, 19403_048 - commiesgetcopt….png)

File: 1521240292334-3.png (263.97 KB, 1024x841, 19403_050 - beginning_of_t….png)

File: 1521240292334-4.jpg (96.68 KB, 1024x891, 19403_055 - PicsArt_05-05-….jpg)

619f4 No.129498

File: 1521240359527-0.jpg (68.91 KB, 768x768, 19403_058 - High Leslie Fa….jpg)

File: 1521240359527-1.jpg (85.06 KB, 768x768, 19403_059 - Extra Thicc Le….jpg)

File: 1521240359527-2.jpg (252.2 KB, 2289x1288, 19403_060 - Leslie Fair me….jpg)

File: 1521240359527-3.png (106.17 KB, 1100x1000, 19403_061 - Voluntary Exch….png)

File: 1521240359527-4.jpg (89.64 KB, 768x768, 19403_062 - Leslie Fair ap….jpg)

619f4 No.129499

File: 1521240412399-0.png (660.8 KB, 1493x1300, 19403_071 - PicsArt_05-11-….png)

File: 1521240412399-1.png (4.32 MB, 1700x2275, 19403_072 - PicsArt_05-14-….png)

File: 1521240412399-2.png (3.36 MB, 1854x2429, 19403_073 - PicsArt_05-14-….png)

File: 1521240412399-3.jpeg (77.6 KB, 675x380, 19403_074 - 40k leslie - ….jpeg)

File: 1521240412399-4.jpg (89.03 KB, 1180x720, 19403_075 - Leslie Fair w ….jpg)

619f4 No.129502

File: 1521240448542-0.jpg (108.72 KB, 945x945, 19403_086 - PicsArt_05-25-….jpg)

File: 1521240448542-1.jpeg (49.39 KB, 640x597, 19403_089 - 26d3aa20a3931….jpeg)

File: 1521240448542-2.jpg (105.13 KB, 602x609, 19403_091 - EnOiCSf - (149….jpg)

File: 1521240448542-3.jpg (300.03 KB, 1536x1022, 19403_093 - PicsArt_05-28-….jpg)

File: 1521240448542-4.png (4.39 MB, 2289x2289, 19403_094 - PicsArt_05-30-….png)

92c8f No.129511

File: 1521241501989.jpg (938.08 KB, 2952x1660, image-8.jpg)

Not mine,posting for a friend

b16f4 No.129515

File: 1521242806989.gif (3.37 KB, 200x187, Heart.gif)

Truly best pony

ba8f8 No.129549

File: 1521248036604-0.png (113.88 KB, 774x1200, LeslieFaireWithMug.png)

File: 1521248036604-1.png (153.66 KB, 1440x1660, LeslieFairSunglasses.png)

File: 1521248036604-2.png (47.24 KB, 330x400, NotanArgumentLeslieFaire.png)

File: 1521248036604-3.png (263.02 KB, 1024x736, LeslieFaireSittingAtComput….png)

File: 1521248036604-4.png (59.29 KB, 600x535, LeslieFairePhysicalRemoval….png)

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads."

2d591 No.129623

File: 1521258598262-0.png (281.38 KB, 885x933, 1515712419215.png)

File: 1521258598262-1.png (29.8 KB, 640x400, 1515223530344.png)

296f1 No.129636

File: 1521259912945-0.jpg (1.16 MB, 1182x844, a n c a p a e s t h e t i ….jpg)

File: 1521259912945-1.jpg (1.23 MB, 1100x906, c r u s h t h e m o b.jpg)

File: 1521259912945-2.png (316.93 KB, 1397x786, PicsArt_10-04-09.05.14.png)

File: 1521259912945-3.jpg (183.05 KB, 1236x844, PicsArt_09-18-05.14.33.jpg)

2288d No.129729

e9a5e No.135434

File: 1522594108740.png (47.56 KB, 708x487, Wut.png)

Here's a new recoloring someone made last night

b16f4 No.135493

That was me, so gib images to recolor

5ccb7 No.135505

File: 1522603160419.png (231.92 KB, 2000x2000, 1141699__artist needed_saf….png)

If you're up for a challenge…

1397e No.135515

File: 1522603638699.png (339.81 KB, 1266x1239, 1515350861106.png)


edeb8 No.135516

What about toll roads?

1397e No.135520

File: 1522604142064.png (116.15 KB, 880x800, 1515356748817-0.png)

If they're private, pay it.

b16f4 No.135533

>Cracks knuckles
>Accidentally breaks fingers
Alright I'll get on it

380db No.135824

>image 3
lmao I can't believe someone actually saved that

002e3 No.135826

File: 1522631341100.png (78.25 KB, 775x1098, d77f4ddbed990aa3256c82aed6….png)

Leslie is not for sexual.

619f4 No.135830

Saving it all. It is part of history. Found it in an dusty folder among the other Leslies while looking through some "old" stuff.
>sometimes I think I save too much, but I'll never know because I never will have the time to sort through it all

1397e No.135831

eafea No.135848

Not without a mutually beneficial arrangement beforehand. This need not be strictly monetary; it could be a night out or even marriage.

296f1 No.135859

Does she accept belly rubs as a form of payment?

b16f4 No.136688

File: 1522803299872.png (230 KB, 2000x2000, 1522603160419.png)

Hi Anon!
I heard you needed someone to pilot the helicopters!

002e3 No.136691

File: 1522803472568.png (185.8 KB, 1164x718, IMG_0928.PNG)

e9889 No.136694

Cute also nice digits, it means the time is coming so helicopter lesson sounds like a good idea

b16f4 No.136728

File: 1522808934590-0.png (91 KB, 613x643, Hug.png)

File: 1522808934590-1.png (68.35 KB, 470x600, SittingLeslie.png)

Have some more edits

002e3 No.136732

File: 1522809264213.png (102.53 KB, 512x512, 1518336604433-1.png)

You are doing God's work, Anon.

7d9a6 No.136994

File: 1522873886388.jpg (75.59 KB, 574x832, Leslie high impact physica….jpg)

Something new

e9889 No.136996

File: 1522874184197.jpeg (27.5 KB, 480x452, B0F308F3-E5C5-4576-B559-6….jpeg)

37b9e No.137167

File: 1522899650294-0.jpg (175.56 KB, 720x1220, leslie.jpg)

a8a1c No.137350

photoshop has gay

a8a1c No.137351

File: 1522913626338-0.png (170.7 KB, 920x966, ancap eww.png)

b16f4 No.138146

Alright, someone give me something to edit.

edeb8 No.138150

File: 1523151155160-0.jpg (34.84 KB, 500x500, 1481349087736.jpg)

File: 1523151155160-1.png (399.38 KB, 900x900, 1464200763075.png)

File: 1523151155160-2.png (631.01 KB, 2679x1439, 1514675166193.png)

3a100 No.138152

File: 1523151417373.png (127.88 KB, 453x373, 1522222618761.png)

yelling at roads

47edb No.138160

Edit Leslie Fair to be a "Landing pony" fucking Twilight's ass

296f1 No.138174

File: 1523153659319-0.png (347.69 KB, 1600x1484, iwtcird.png)

File: 1523153659319-1.png (142.85 KB, 900x897, so awesome.png)

File: 1523153659319-2.png (572.04 KB, 5000x4485, RD reading.png)

File: 1523153659319-3.png (121.75 KB, 1024x784, boop scrunch.png)

Here are some you could do.
The text on Leslie's hat should say "Physical Removal" in my opinion.

619f4 No.138186

File: 1523154729888-0.png (100.61 KB, 640x494, 1507840322416.png)

File: 1523154729888-1.png (246.56 KB, 2879x2727, 1500326900734.png)

Can you make some filly Leslies

619f4 No.138188

kek I like this idea

b16f4 No.138191

File: 1523154981881-0.png (477.22 KB, 5000x4485, DemocracyTheGodThatFailed.png)

File: 1523154981881-1.png (84.81 KB, 900x897, 1523153659319-1.png)

Progress report
Alright give me a minute

b16f4 No.138198

File: 1523155902420-0.png (159.18 KB, 2879x2727, LeslieFilly.png)

Filly Leslie is a cute!


619f4 No.138203


296f1 No.138212

File: 1523156683025-0.gif (667.47 KB, 640x360, hnnng.gif)

296f1 No.141639

File: 1523992161348.png (150.72 KB, 1700x1400, Leslie Fair Enjoying a Nap.png)

071eb No.141641

How much would she pay for me to not wake her?

619f4 No.141642

Love the drawing. She looks so happy.

380db No.141665

That's a nice nap she's taking there.

Hope nobody…VIOLATES IT

b16f4 No.141667

File: 1523997676172.gif (510.19 KB, 500x500, FREEMARKET.gif)

I hope you know what to expect if you violate her nap

70b88 No.142624

File: 1524482375110.png (209.94 KB, 1580x858, screenshot.png)

Hello fagets, Leslie's creator here.
I just wanted to state that I'm a lazy faggot and I didn't even finish the pic that's shown here.
Gimme motivation and maybe I'll finish this one and additionally make a refference sheet in the future.

619f4 No.142625

File: 1524482902967.png (162.07 KB, 865x439, cheerleader_twins___sunlig….png)

WOW! That is beautiful.

>You can do it you're the man

>Unfinished Leslies violates NAP

But seriously that drawing is awesome and deserves to be completed.

70b88 No.142626

File: 1524484163240.png (117.15 KB, 1280x960, dab.png)

That's very nice from you. Although I gotta say that I'm having a lot of exams soon, therefore I need to be prepared for them.

Meanwhile have a shitty recolor I made in 5 minutes just for a Discord server emote.

619f4 No.142629

Fully understandable, concentrate on the exams first. Thanks for the recolor, and I hope you will do well on the exams.

b16f4 No.142641

I'm using my meme status to demand you finish it.

444e7 No.142642

>meme status
>just has an ancap flag
>doesn't argue in favor of anarcho-capitalism nearly as much as me and probably isn't as well-read in economics
>is essentially a forced meme

dcbba No.142643

e7346 No.142648

AnCap is a meme ideology

15e63 No.142915

File: 1524573906595.png (100.35 KB, 554x636, leslie_triggered.png)

Hello, it's me again. Made a reaction image, have fun.

619f4 No.142918


5ccb7 No.142919

>tfw roads

619f4 No.142923

15e63 No.142946

File: 1524577970144.jpg (54.58 KB, 700x1000, leslie_ultratriggered2.jpg)

Made a shitty maymay out of it

0fba9 No.142948

I want to draw Futa Leslie Fair referring to her marecock as a "Recreational Nuke"

Is that cool?

071eb No.142950

That is fucking degenerate even for /mlpol/ Mohammed.

15e63 No.142951

5ccb7 No.142952

5ccb7 No.142953


A strap-on might be okay though.

15e63 No.142955

Or r63, if he wants to draw dicks so badly

071eb No.142959

File: 1524581344306.png (528.6 KB, 1191x670, Removal_Imminent.png)

Spent way too much time on this.

15e63 No.142961


071eb No.142962

File: 1524581789471.png (527.23 KB, 1191x670, Removal_Imminent_Smaller.png)

Deleted post due to autism. Here is "fixed" version.

3f725 No.145955

>imminent death

1a353 No.145960

I like

296f1 No.147119

File: 1526273138938.jpg (338.99 KB, 640x1920, AnCap brain meme.jpg)

6c8c4 No.147141

Question for ancaps: does planned obsolescence break the NAP? Why or why not?

dd25a No.147144

Breaks the NAP only if the manufacturer forbids you from fixing your stuff or modifying in general (in USA Apple bribes senators and judges to lock up people who offer unauthorized repairs and stuff). But in general planned obsolence is a gay shit and no self-respecting company should practice that. Just boycott them.

4e60a No.147166

This. Things can be scummy without being illegal, and still lose popularity in a market economy.

And fuck apple. Shitstains on the face of tech. $600 to repair the cable between the RAM and mohtherboard because muh lawgick bord!

6c8c4 No.147175

Is using metadata to manipulate public opinion violating the NAP?

0bada No.147238

Might depend on how the metadata is obtained

296f1 No.148932

File: 1527199068027.png (110.46 KB, 251x233, Hoppe pink.png)

What gun is the most AnCap?

2864a No.148933

compound sling-shot

1397e No.148934

AR-15's, assuming you don't count the McNukes tm.

296f1 No.149658

File: 1527361301271.jpg (585.08 KB, 1440x2560, Leslie Hugging a Nuke.jpg)

6ff4a No.150354

Daily reminder to everypony that (((taxes))) are a punishment for working.

296f1 No.150765

File: 1527871502147.jpg (325.37 KB, 1440x1440, Leslie Sketch 6-01.jpg)

296f1 No.152264

What would Leslie do if you told her she was a cute?

d0ffa No.152266

offer to have consensual private entertainment in her bedroom for a reasonable fee

296f1 No.155016

File: 1529817044360.jpg (160.11 KB, 1250x1000, Petting Leslie.jpg)

Bumping and petting

619f4 No.155060

Looks like she enjoys it, but don't know if it violates the NAP.
>mind blown

296f1 No.155082

That' pretty much what I was going for.
>Anon? W-what are you doing?
>Hey! You're violating the NAP! Don't touch-
>Oh, wow
>Okay, Anon, I'll let it slide this once.

dac84 No.155105

File: 1529866015523.png (33.74 KB, 1212x882, ClipboardImage.png)

63bd2 No.155106

What a cute little pony.

4e260 No.155107

Cute PixelArt Leslie.

296f1 No.155141

Very cute!

6f2ea No.155205

Redpill me on keynesian economics

296f1 No.155209

File: 1529932214895.png (947.23 KB, 964x1015, Keynesian Dad.png)

Pic related basically nails it, but you should read Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson and Bastiat's Economic Sophisms, they're pretty good entry-level economics books.

05989 No.155232

the fourth row in the picture.
Oy oy oy, who is this nice fellow?

6f2ea No.155266

And the keynesian bubble?

296f1 No.155286

That would be Murray Rothbard, one of the most important contributors to libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism of the 20th century.

296f1 No.155287

Economic "bubbles" are caused when the Federal Reserve expands credit by inflating currency and lowering interest rates, to put it simply.

296f1 No.156131

File: 1530249813241.jpg (441.34 KB, 1440x1920, Leslie Selling Fireworks.jpg)

Leslie selling fireworks, just in time for the Fourth of July (or whatever the Equestrian equivalent is).

f1dc9 No.157457

File: 1530786838460.png (351.27 KB, 1500x1131, lurker_leslie_fair.png)

Sketch of our cute angel, made by Lurker.

88b9e No.157459

lol, kinky

0afcc No.157683

File: 1530932431074.png (172.13 KB, 560x850, 1530930910883.png)

Have a bump with content

380db No.157721

I really really really like this image.

bd204 No.157978

File: 1531062780744-0.png (321.11 KB, 1692x951, leslie meme.png)

File: 1531062780744-1.png (573.11 KB, 900x681, ClipboardImage.png)

I made a meme

5ccb7 No.157979

I love this one.

296f1 No.157981

I like it

619f4 No.157982


6f2ea No.158031

Okay here is something that I do not understand. There was some talk of some respected economic fag and he said that it is fine if someone buys a steak and the seller uses the money to get a haircut and the barber uses the money to buy some logs … and basically the whole hive starts buzzing but there is there is a problem with competition and stuff.
Can someone dumb this down for me?

bd204 No.158036

He must've used an oversimplified model to explain the situation.

2af7b No.158225

File: 1531165816879-0.png (102.82 KB, 621x809, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1531165816879-1.png (86.38 KB, 692x746, ClipboardImage.png)

My attempt on drawing a ref sheet. I didn't really like what came out of my sketch. Help anons.

619f4 No.158228

I think she looks beautiful.

5c88f No.158229

File: 1531166362062.gif (442.67 KB, 550x400, 1496444959452.gif)

91499 No.158230

Excellent work, will save.

2af7b No.158231

Yeah looks like a filly imho. But we didn't really have pics of her younger, so why not.

5ccb7 No.158232


5ccb7 No.158233

I like how her mane has a generally-rounded shape, like a memeball.

619f4 No.158234

Yes. Filly or perhaps on the side of young adult going to graduation party.

2af7b No.158235


619f4 No.158236

File: 1531168139947.jpg (415.49 KB, 1440x1920, 1530078344516.jpg)

Sure. She is young, also she is probably going to sell some drinks she has made herself to fill a need in the market.
>also how is she going to become a late night statistician if she don't mingle?

296f1 No.158237

I love it

296f1 No.158468

File: 1531235884237.jpg (466.67 KB, 2340x1350, Leslie Fair Scarface.jpg)

619f4 No.158470

It is beautiful

0f331 No.158897

how do you guys feel about cosplaying leslie?

f3c95 No.158989

296f1 No.159037

File: 1531495362585.png (99.54 KB, 200x250, Horrible.png)

b16f4 No.159134

I'll take whatever he's having

a8e7b No.159140

>not bitcoin

2f925 No.159147

>Not diversifying your savings

6f2ea No.159466

File: 1531698310431.png (227.97 KB, 395x575, roads.png)

c6ed8 No.159507

I don't have a suitable delet this that features Leslie.

296f1 No.159779

File: 1531756627496.gif (3.48 MB, 1000x1000, GIF-180716_113600.gif)


0050a No.159780

Top cute

88b9e No.159781

Love it, love her

baf80 No.159793

What happened to her hair?

296f1 No.159797

I don't know, I didn't spend much time on the hair.

baf80 No.159925

Too bad

fd4be No.163066

File: 1533229058898.png (93.74 KB, 549x591, leslie_fair_boop.png)

Selfboop Leslie (totally not previous pic edited)

014e5 No.163069

Absolutely adorable

ad877 No.163070


296f1 No.165010

File: 1533874165201-0.png (92.6 KB, 750x1000, Leslie with Pistol Sidevie….png)

File: 1533874165201-1.jpg (178.65 KB, 800x600, what is necessary.jpg)

New stuff for Leslie

fbb97 No.165026

Wow, simply Wow, It looks Superb.
[gigaton recreational nuke]/10

296f1 No.165340

File: 1534047927979.jpg (808.09 KB, 1077x1280, Leslie Fair Ahegao.jpg)

2288d No.165343

NAP (No Anal Principle) Status: VIOLATED

b233b No.165995

File: 1534279301865.png (131.8 KB, 1135x774, ClipboardImage.png)

Leslie trading crypto and getting bogged

9fb33 No.165998

I hope she managed to buy at least one recreational nuke before the crash.

014e5 No.166000

This is great.

296f1 No.166006

At least she still has her gold and guns.

8c91e No.166098

296f1 No.166442

File: 1534573608852.png (260.79 KB, 1117x1280, Leslie on egalitarianism.png)

2376e No.166473

File: 1534599423679.png (72.66 KB, 759x660, ClipboardImage.png)

Much better, BUT… The ears are supposed to have holes in them like shown here.

014e5 No.166475

I love her expression.

9fb33 No.166477

Love it and her.

6125c No.166543

Reminder that Ancaps aren't anarchists, because these is still violence inherent in the system through the use of a private police. Wake up sheeples

4e60a No.166550

If protecting yourself is the same as unprovoked violence, then there's no way to be a statist even if you do your own security/policing. Fuck off with that big brain shit.

296f1 No.166554

File: 1534637161979.png (212.63 KB, 565x485, PicsArt_11-07-12.46.23.png)

Violence against commies and other transgressors against private property and the natural order is not violence at all.

4e60a No.166566

no way to avoid being*
Oops. But yeah, seriously, that's such a horribly broad way of defining violence and a state that it's hardly even capable of differentiating, well, any idea.

c6ed8 No.166570

An honest question for any Ancaps who feel so inclined as to answer it: if a nation suddenly went full Ancap, what would happen to the public property owned by the former government?

4e60a No.166572

A fair question; transitioning would likely either be slow or sloppy. I would think government programs, licenses, and other things could/should be shrunk down to nothing over time or nullified by the removal of infrastructure. Ownership of pulbic roads could either be left public in the same fashion un-claimed land used to be, or demolished/renovated depending on how much space or resource is used on it. They could also be bought or auctioned to the highest bidder if things go the diplomatic/gradual route.

I'm no expert on the topic of transitioning into ancapistan or really an ancap but those seem like moderately reasonable courses of action to take.

296f1 No.167687

File: 1535210483024.png (148.02 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie Fair the NAP.png)

296f1 No.167856

File: 1535236726402.png (158.18 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie Fair the NAP.png)

Improved version with better mane

296f1 No.171527

File: 1537032724430.png (173.89 KB, 1200x900, Leslie vs Road.png)

380db No.171593

I like it.

2e56f No.171597

File: 1537042946600.png (533.71 KB, 600x600, greedy cat.png)


not bad

c7a51 No.171709

Love it

296f1 No.178636

File: 1539405224017.png (125.71 KB, 1080x1080, Smol Leslie.png)

Cute filly is cute

296f1 No.179018

File: 1539659903615.png (177.07 KB, 1080x900, Aryanne Leslie cunnilingus.png)

296f1 No.188624

File: 1542958729357-0.png (156.12 KB, 1000x1000, Leslie sketch.png)

File: 1542958729357-1.jpg (401.33 KB, 1280x720, 20181123_023016.jpg)

923bd No.188644

Beautiful, love it.

014e5 No.188651


bf74b No.192212

File: 1544737150001.png (213.03 KB, 1000x1000, Leslie Enjoying a Candy Ca….png)

014e5 No.192214

>Lewd ponies with candy canes
Oh boy! It's that time of year again.

c6ed8 No.192216

Let's be honest, we would find some other excuse to lewd ponies with phallic object.

67b84 No.192219

I start to lean towards ancap

bf74b No.192223

I can provide you with some entry-level books on anarcho-capitalism if you want.

67b84 No.192228

I may have a couple thousand pages to study but that wont stop me from learning more about how the world works instead of being part of the pack that destroys it
So please go ahead

On a different matter: what does an ancap think about the natsoc world view ?
The official definition of natsoc and fash in my country
is evil so I am still trying to learn

bf74b No.192233

File: 1544741360362-0.pdf (1.5 MB, The Private Production of ….pdf)

File: 1544741360362-1.pdf (2.78 MB, What Has Government Done t….pdf)

File: 1544741360362-2.pdf (458.43 KB, Nations by Consent.pdf)

Attached are three books which might help you understand anarcho-capitalism a bit better. The first is one of the earliest works written on the idea of governance not based in coercion, and it was written in the 19th century by the French economist Gustave de Molinari. I would also recommend The Law by Frederic Bastiat, a friend of Molinari who was very influential in libertarianism. I have also attached two articles by Murray Rothbard, a 20th century American author who is ethnically Jewish but strongly criticized Israel, cultural Marxism, and banks during his life. The first deals with monetary policy and the second reconciles libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism with nationalism.
>what does an ancap think about the natsoc world view ?
It will vary from one ancap to another. Many will dismiss natsoc/fascism as just another "evil collectivist statist idealogy", but personally, I don't mind working with NatSocs against our common enemies.

bf74b No.192235

File: 1544741552250-0.jpg (1.83 MB, 1728x4608, 9db26ea4253c29c8c82595516c….jpg)

Many of the books listed in this image are also good.

c6ed8 No.192240

>but personally, I don't mind working with NatSocs against our common enemies
As a National Socialist, I share this sentiment. We can wait to iron out the details of our state/non-state until AFTER the DotR.

67b84 No.192241

thank you for sharing

67b84 No.192244

Would you mind explaining the differences from your POW

67b84 No.192246


c6ed8 No.192251

>that typo, tho
Many Ancaps can bring great arguments and points to debates, and are fairly even-keeled. Though I've viewed the ideology mostly as overly-optimistic, self-centered, and entitled. To explain all three in a little more detail:
I've seen a lot of Ancaps place emphasis on the inherent good of mankind, and that when one is allowed to achieve his fullest unhindered and unburdened by intervention by a governmental institution, his efforts to improve his own standing in life will come also as a benefit to the community. I wish it was like that, but I've had too many experiences with people both as a collective and individually to believe in that.
Somewhat of an addition to the last point. Anarcho-Capitalism's obsession with individual enterprise seems selfish to me at times. That it treats those who don't succeed, whether it was within their power to do so or not, as 100% at fault for their own shortcomings. And that, when one has the option of helping themselves become very wealthy or helping those around them to being a little wealthy, it is always in a person's best interest to take the former.
I lot of the ideology, I think, can be boiled down with a metaphor: it's like wanting to stay at a 3-star luxury resort with all of the perks staying at such a luxurious place entails, and then complaining when the owner of the resort hands you the bill. It promotes getting all of the benefits of living in a civilized, 1st-world country without paying anything to those running the country to help them actually maintain it all.
I might be completely wrong on all points, and I fully expect for it to be pointed out by someone, but that's just my two-cents from listening to Ancap talking points.

bf74b No.192285

Maybe you're right, to a certain extent. That's why I believe that a high-trust community, which would most likely be homogenous and definitely with a high degree of cultural cohesion, is an important prerequisite to founding and maintaining a libertarian society. It reminds me of the quote from one of the founding fathers, I think Washington or Jefferson, about how a free society must be a virtuous one too. This point also reminds me of something Bastiat said, "Do not legislators and agents belong to mankind? Or do they believe themselves made of a finer clay?" His point being that if man is by his nature bad then then mustn't state, consisting of men, also be bad?
Many anarcho-capitalists do seem a bit too individualistic, turning their nose at any show of concern for the tribe. Really, the only sort of individualism that is necessary for liberty is legal individualism, the idea that each agent has total authority over how their property is used, including selling or destroying it, with the exception being that a person can not sell their own bodies, only rent them for labor.
The difference is that with a hotel there is competition, and no coercion. If someone in a libertarian society found that the prices they were being charged by their protection firm for ensuring their house was safe from burglary were too high, they would have the option to seek a different provider, ask the firm to reduce its price to a more tolerable level, or forego the service. And if a hotel company forced you to stay at their hotel and shut down all nearby competitors, and then charged you the price it saw fitting, would you be an ingrate to resent them?

c6ed8 No.192286

One could argue there is also competition between countries for immigrants, especially if you're an upstanding person with skills that would be valuable to the nation. One could also argue that you aren't forced to stay in one nation. Unless you live in a totalitarian state with completely closed borders in both directions, you are free to leave whenever you wish, provided you have a mode of transportation out of the country.

61e39 No.192304

File: 1544762153603.jpg (755.85 KB, 1280x800, RothbardonHitler.jpg)

I've met based ancaps and cucked ancaps and it really depends on how redpilled they are about the social condition of society. I personally am leaning towards (paradoxically) "anarcho-fascism," which isn't a real ideology. I feel that anarcho-capitalism is objectively correct on economic and long-term political matters but needs to be melded with the understanding of social cohesion from fascism.

I believe that open dialogue and pairing of philosophies is necessary to have an agreed-upon worldview ready for the DotR. The problem is that ancaps (and libertarians in general) don't want to be any more socially unacceptable than they already are and scare away their niche audience, while many fascists believe capitalism is a Jewish invention. Therefore it's nigh-impossible to have prominent thinkers other than some e-celebs conduct an honest discussion.

Anarcho-capitalists believe societies organize organically as they have for thousands of years; state interventions are the exception rather than the rule and tend to cause one or more major flaws. Society obviously won't be perfect and individuals definitely aren't perfect but as an aggregate they will behave more rationally than conscious planning.

Also, the free-market system probably exercises more natural selection than any other system. Obviously individual merit isn't 100% responsible for performance but even other indicators are affected by natural selection. Since the Agricultural Revolution society has looked down upon single motherhood because, besides sexual impurity, it implies economic hardship and poorer performance from offspring. When the government provided free handouts single motherhood exploded and now it is no longer such a taboo. We like to make fun of blacks for this propensity but the truth is before the "Great Society" they generally had more-or-less functioning families.

To keep up the hotel metaphor, government is essentially forcing you to stay at a 3-star luxury resort with the price of a 5-star resort and terrible service. Anarcho-capitalists want the freedom to shop around for resorts and pick the one that best fits their needs and budget.

Probably a poor argument to use with a NatSoc tbh. To clarify, in an ancap society the only ways to immigrate would be to purchase property (from someone who is willing to sell to you) or be sponsored by someone who would pick up all the costs you impose on his neighbors. Society would also be perfectly free to discriminate against you as long as they do not harm you physically.

b16f4 No.192494

File: 1544837947101.png (191.04 KB, 900x979, MerryLittleNAP.png)

Merry early Christmas

b2e2b No.192499

ad4a0 No.192519

Merry Christmas Leslie

1225b No.192608

It is really a tough thing.
Ancap has really good points, the science makes sense but theories are just theories.
The most important thing is that it stands for freedom. I don't like to be told what to think.
The natsoc ideology has the strong point of living like an athlete and working for the people, strife and self -sacrifice.

It is hart to choose really

b63c8 No.192721

Why we don't make an alliance to bring the establishment down and any of their zombies both left and right, until that, they'll not allow us to achieve anything worth the effort.

67761 No.192723

The only problem is that was essentially the Alt-Right was and we never got anywhere politically due to counter-signalling and a general disagreement on strategies and goals. Adolf Hitler said that political alliances are always harmful and it is better for a movement to go it alone due to these reasons. I believe that anarcho-capitalism and national-socialism are each presently insufficient alternatives and we need to create a new ideology based on everything we've learned.

b63c8 No.192811

Can't we side both part of the left and right understanding that the whole global establishment is fucked, that they're just playing by hijacking the group that best fits them in a determined moment? That's just my idea it might just be stupid but after seeing Antifa and Identity Evropa side by side with the yellow vest thing, sound kind of possible.


1275b No.198594

Any anons have Leslie-related ideas they want drawn?

b318a No.198596

Something with Flim and/or Flam, please. Cuddling, courting, scheming, arguing, anything you think will look good.

e7346 No.198647

I want Leslie throwing alunya (/leftypol/'s cat girl) out of a helicopter.

1b4d4 No.199219

File: 1547868818364.png (138.4 KB, 800x1000, Leslie dropping Alunya.png)

Here you go.

4d804 No.199220

This is great.

7d120 No.202877

File: 1549340475552.png (632.11 KB, 2000x1000, Leslie cigar.png)

619f4 No.202906

Stunningly beautiful and serene drawing of Leslie.

7d120 No.202916


1cf3a No.203756

What about cartells?

b206f No.203761

What do you mean?

1cf3a No.203762

They fuck with the free market and cause large damage.
What can you do about them in an ancap nation?
I have heard that they will eventually fall because of reasons. What are these reasons?

b206f No.203770

File: 1549745042764.pdf (1.07 MB, DEVELOPMENT OF THE BELL SY….pdf)

Well, if a group of corporations agree to set their prices at an unfair level in a society without a state, it will generally be quite easy for a competitor to come about and sell the same (or a similar) good or service, especially since there wouldn't be so much bureaucracy and taxes involved in entering the market. The longer a monopoly or oligopoly lasts, the more likely it is it's being protected by the state. An interesting historical example of this is AT&T's state granted monopoly on telephone services (in the attached pdf). I hope you find this answer at least somewhat satisfying, I'm not always great at explaining ideas.

b16f4 No.203812

File: 1549764289828.png (1.12 MB, 4000x4000, c1d79909-004a-4ae6-8db5-02….png)

Forgive me, for I have sinned

b206f No.203825

That's not on the list of things I was expecting to see today. Would fuck.

11910 No.203876

File: 1549798385591.gif (557.73 KB, 600x600, blinking.gif)

A blank filly is super cute.

bae8b No.203889

>"you can't give up guns because you're afraid of a few shootings"

46087 No.204531

Thank you for your explaination.
Lately I read up on the damage they do and how hard it is toll bust them.
In theory your explaination makes sense but I wonder. After all they are setting up a position of power and will try to defend it with all means necessary.
If there are hundreds of millions at stake they won't shy away from manipulation and murder.

e3b1f No.204543

File: 1550109561021.png (160.5 KB, 1200x1050, Leslie Fair Molon Labe.png)

In a theoretical libertarian society, people would be well armed, and if a corporation started acting more like a violent gang and violating the NAP, they would most likely be stopped pretty quickly.

b9dbd No.204725

File: 1550194199805.png (452.17 KB, 1000x1000, Leslie heart.png)

619f4 No.204727

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day Leslie.
Beautiful drawing.

bae8b No.210237

the virgin contentless bump

e765e No.210250

e765e No.210251

The Chad blankpost

f5b13 No.210596

File: 1552505560585.png (342.6 KB, 2161x1210, 1984573.png)

Moonatik just drew some cute art of Leslie (and a few other anarchopones). Not really how I imagine Leslie's backstory, but it's very cute. Also, it reminds me I need to draw more Leslie.

55a5d No.210796

File: 1552615188949.png (240.93 KB, 1280x960, the guns remain.png)

619f4 No.210797

Awesome. We can never have enough Leslie's.

4560a No.210802

>Pony memri
I strongly approve of this post.

2a66a No.211198


i dont have a high opinion of Moonatik, hes a communist from finland and draws all kinds of degenerate shit for money, including detractor content.


looks really good. Avowed.

296f1 No.214365

File: 1553729606717.png (305.63 KB, 900x1100, Leslie Fair riding human.png)

4560a No.214368

39705 No.217061

File: 1555290251654.png (161.8 KB, 1200x1000, Leslie Fair holding pistol.png)

>when the ziggers start rioting
>when Starlight keeps blabbering about equality
>when the gryphs try to start a central bank

1d112 No.217237

- minarchist
- only tax payers vote
- rules of debate in goverment
- longer presidential term
- petition statted referendi can change politics/remove politicians
- state: military, basic law, printing of money, courts, laws of contract
- solidarity program if you are sol
- if your company is a monopoly, you can be instructed by the goverment, until a competitor arises.
- children, mothers of young children, pregnant women and the elderly can get special care.
- veterans have a lower voting hurdle.
- possibly a monarch with veto right only.
- basic health and environmental program
- propaganda for solidarity and self improvement and against slave or king morality
- the rest is hands of

1d112 No.217242

- strong boarders
- absolute free speech
- right of defense for you and kin
- everybody can sell stuff (declare your buisness if you want to vote).
- no value added tax, but transaction tax (prevents to risky financial markket behavior, funds the small goverment)
- full reserve banking, speculation on your acvount is voluntary
- no bans on home production, home selling, own repair, etc.
- for the people that are inherently herd animals: simple trad/fururism propaganda.

- nobody cares for your delusion of gender, but you do you. if you harm our children, you are dead.

- imigration by merrit and strive. asylum for those who know how to behave.

- healthy patriotism
- tolerance, but with limits

d503f No.218824

File: 1555949077851-0.png (367.48 KB, 900x1000, Leslie in hoodie.png)

File: 1555949077851-1.png (370.64 KB, 900x1000, Leslie in hoodie 2.png)

8b4d8 No.218825

-Only good as transition to ancap.

a3df3 No.218831

the minimal state is a voluntary institution to unify laws and border security. it is also there to give the people a headstart in preventing monopolistic takeovers or socialist subversion.

4a79d No.218838

The early United States were minarchist. Any government (de facto a monopoly) is bound to find excuses and loopholes to expand its jurisdiction, either slowly or rapidly. It's the biggest Jew there is.

a3df3 No.218841

- let only net tax payers vote: its their money, so they want the gouverment to be small
- rules of debate are always helpfull
- anchor the minarchist elements in the constitution
- give the voters the ability to start referendi

4a79d No.218851

The system is only as good as the culture. The expansion of government could not have happened without the Progressive Movement which saw intervention as the solution to every problem.

It doesn't matter how you structure a government; as long as the people are comfortable with its existence then eventually a very vocal group will want to expand it. It doesn't matter how they word the constitution, they'll use the "living document" BS and use referendi to their advantage. Also guilt/self-satisfaction can overpower self-interest; well-to-do whites tend to be the most socialist.

Rejecting Enlightenment principles and returning to tradition as a guideline for society is key.

6a214 No.221467

File: 1557686482981.png (365.15 KB, 1800x900, Leslie Fair machine gun.png)

619f4 No.221474

Awesome. Looks like she is having a really satisfying time.

b16f4 No.223623

File: 1559091599331.png (424.91 KB, 2200x2172, FreeBalloonRides.png)

4560a No.223627


c6ed8 No.223646

Damn Commicorns, they're ruining everything!

619f4 No.223667

kek. Fantastic drawing.

f5cc8 No.223898

File: 1559316985922-0.jpg (398.34 KB, 1560x3160, 2019-05-24_1_3_NT.jpg)

File: 1559316985922-1.jpg (463.35 KB, 1560x3160, 2019-05-24_1_3.jpg)

2c853 No.223900


06698 No.223948

File: 1559353036671.jpg (52.8 KB, 1280x720, xa3slulp6uchuq7ffpwh.jpg)

a35ce No.223968

>"Leslie, are you sure zis is safe?"
>"Und how do you know zis?"
"I bought enough helium to support two ponies and enough ballons to hold it all."
>"But dropping me isn't somezing to vorry about?"
"It was either blowing my weed budget on a harness or buying weed, what did you expect?"
>"More from you."
"I'd be offended, but I'm too high to care."
>*sigh* "Just don't drop me."

2c853 No.224046

File: 1559450234461.png (189.12 KB, 800x1050, shutupkeynesian.png)

11910 No.224053

File: 1559454346796.png (84.78 KB, 841x949, pony_filly_pegasus_base_by….png)

I'm impressed.

c50a7 No.227203

File: 1561429785768.png (207.11 KB, 1066x1200, leslie plot.png)

c6ed8 No.227204

Good plot. Front legs seem a bit wide, and the back isn't perfectly aligned with the ass, but good.

Does it violate the NAP to spread those cheeks?

d0974 No.227205

Can we get a pic of Leslie recreationally nuking commies?

4560a No.227207

Nice butt.

296f1 No.227512

File: 1561658447174.png (371.02 KB, 1200x675, leslie_fair_nuke.png)

Thanks, I hadn't drawn a pony from that angle before, so I'm glad it came out looking reasonably decent.
>Does it violate the NAP to spread those cheeks?
Only one way to find out.
Here it is

6268c No.227889

File: 1561748228843-0.jpg (65.36 KB, 480x392, Duke-Nukem-Time-to-Kill-48….jpg)

File: 1561748228843-1.jpg (32.86 KB, 500x370, e2m10_08_small.jpg)


da48f No.227900


00f55 No.230149

File: 1562610938091.png (396.54 KB, 1200x1500, Leslie Dressed as Recette.png)

Here's Leslie dressed as Recette from Recettear (a game about capitalism)

d7bab No.230160

File: 1562613474638.png (556.51 KB, 998x564, you have nice balls.png)


nice work on the clothes there!

619f4 No.230199

Love it

c6ed8 No.230204

Don't know anything about Recettear, but I like the steampunk vibes coming off of that. Well done!

c9435 No.230213

File: 1562646710572-0.png (204.45 KB, 440x488, 1284049017351.png)

File: 1562646710572-1.png (161.76 KB, 482x600, mmuy4aolbt1soyd6xo4_500.png)

b528b No.230360

1275b No.233190

File: 1564432026518.png (260.52 KB, 1200x800, Leslie Looking at City.png)

a35ce No.233299

nice aesthetic, looks good

1275b No.233321


73556 No.233324

Lovely drawing

1275b No.233326

Thank you

4db5f No.233858

In an AnCap society, did Epstein do nothing wrong?

4db5f No.233859

Did you know…

>Leslie Fair – Canadian politician


f7993 No.233861

that's not the glorious "state" of Ancapistan

992ee No.233873

>Leslie is a fucking leaf
Someone is asking for the rope. This is why we can't have nice things.

992ee No.233874

1de84 No.233875

This Vozilux is also a contributor to a fan-made holocaust page, which is a bad FiM fic teir story about how they banned people that abused some kind of system and made it a canonical holocaust in which Leslie was killed.
This is a disgrace.

4bd9f No.233876

/mlpol/ crusade when?

992ee No.233878

It appears to be some sort of Political game set up by a dude, with 7 total iterations with varying levels of failure. It doesn't appear to be a factual representation of Leslie, rather it is a player choosing to operate ish in concert with Leslie as an OC in the context of the game (which is based on the real world, which players have to choose a country to operate out of, which leads me to think that Leslie's portrayal is more accurate than I initially recognized, but not without criticism).
The page uses Mlpol original images, and the edits about Leslie took place on Apr '18 (just after our 1 year) so the user is probably authentic, if misguided (I get Leslie Fair is based on Laissez Faire, but French Canadian?).

4544a No.233879

What the fuck
No, p*dos would be unwelcome in pretty much any libertarian social order outside of sandnigger shitholes like Saudi Arabia, which will probably never see liberty anyway, at least for as long as Islam is the dominant religion. Any attempts to engage in perverted activities with a child would automatically (and justifiably) be seen as coercive by almost all defense agencies and people, and no one would want to live near or pay a business that would help a kid fiddler, so even if they weren't given a helicopter ride, they'd probably be homeless, foodless, and unprotected. Of course, there might be a few who go uncaught, but that will happen under any system.

211bf No.234242

Here's an article concisely explaining the reason why groups like the "Libertarian" Party and Cato are egalitarian-sympathizing moderate fags in contrast with the diehard, unapologetically unegalitarian views expressed at the Mises Institute, the Property & Freedom Society, lewrockwell.com and so on.

73e15 No.238434

File: 1565981812708.png (203.93 KB, 1000x800, Leslie Reading.png)

83be2 No.238438

Ancap is a shitty meme.

30d89 No.238440

File: 1565983150470-0.png (1.43 MB, 3840x2160, 2019-07-24_lc-faire_argume….png)

File: 1565983150470-1.png (961.73 KB, 2373x1977, 2019-07-24_lc-faire_argume….png)

File: 1565983150470-2.png (253.3 KB, 697x849, EXPAND_ARGUMENT.png)

File: 1565983150470-3.png (108.1 KB, 523x492, BODY_BAG.png)

73e15 No.238442

edef7 No.238470

File: 1565993536115-0.png (4.22 MB, 2289x2289, 1471740.png)

File: 1565993536115-1.jpg (40.58 KB, 604x570, 00aa2ecd7f.jpg)

Wrong move, zigger.
Butthurt perhaps?

b16f4 No.241856

File: 1567834026167.png (961.12 KB, 1734x1911, leslie.png)

>no bump in three weeks
This is a violation of the NAP, have some content.

46db3 No.241860

File: 1567839932198-0.jpg (15.34 KB, 152x254, tumblr_pq5d3q3Tbz1u1zaqfo1….jpg)

File: 1567839932198-1.webm (1.04 MB, 640x360, STEFAN MOLYNEUX GETS BLOW….webm)

NAP: protected. Nice work!

4da1a No.241862

Love the drawing, superb.

f4874 No.241901

Awesome. I've been planning to draw Leslie for a while now, but haven't had much time or ideas.

c6ed8 No.241902

I would violate her "NAP", if you know what I'm sayin'.

e470e No.242564

File: 1568433846723.png (422.23 KB, 800x800, leslie_w_bat.png)


a46df No.242585

File: 1568458598397.webm (295.06 KB, 640x360, Seinfield Laugh Track Hig….webm)

46a83 No.242971

File: 1568865247884.jpg (198.97 KB, 1024x768, 1530045414699.jpg)

Depends on how exactly the nation went Ancap. If it was planned, it probably gets auctioned off. If not, it gets claimed by various parties and traded/stolen until it's all in the hands of those who can have it.

d5240 No.243325

File: 1569171106355.png (1.95 MB, 1762x2250, 46.png)

Commissioned this.

c6ed8 No.243326

Oh shid, a commission from MrScroup. It's an amazing look for Leslie.

fe81d No.243327

Stunningly beautiful.

0435c No.243328

File: 1569175118951-0.png (460.57 KB, 1085x1243, 57fb3d70c5d507d2a8747e489e….png)

0435c No.243330

Whoops, wrong thread

1cf9c No.243333

That's amazing

edef7 No.243336

Wow, wow, wow; this is a totally new level.

cbb45 No.243337

File: 1569178088235.jpg (50.41 KB, 500x500, maccheck.jpg)

Quads of truth

65807 No.243378

A cuuuuuute!

508c7 No.243407

Can't believe my daughter is so qt

508c7 No.243408

By the way I thought of redesigning Leslie again. She'd be unicorn instead of a mudpone.

Ignore the Swedish flag btw I'm typing from my work network.

cbb45 No.243419

A little late for that don't you think?

f4bd4 No.243434

I don't know about making her a unicorn, having her as an earth pony makes her seem like more of an underdog, with the businessmare thing and all. If you want to redesign her, maybe try a different cutie mark? An M16 sillouette might be fitting.

65807 No.243466

This. Leslie is simply a resourceful mare with humble beginnings who rose through the ranks and followed Robert Kiyosaki's advice on becoming rich.

bd278 No.243917

File: 1569455548019.jpg (100.16 KB, 640x960, 1501426425589.jpg)

I was thinking about volunteer work in the context of market theory today.
Is helping the poor/sick/starving/injured really something that helps in the end or do you actually make it worse by delaying the problems and the fatality of incorrect behaviors in the "market" of behavior?
Like if you stop some people from starving you allow the system and behaviors that allow people get in such a position to continue. If you let the catastrophe happen on the other hand it might change the peoples mind to prevent such things in the first place rather than deal with the fallout.
Not sure what to make of this.

9d417 No.244075

There's really no objective answer to this, it's really a matter of cultural preference. I say, if someone wants to work for a living but can't find work, I'd prefer to live in a society charitable enough to help him find work, and that children and the ill/disabled and the elderly being at least be provided with some basic necessities when their families can't would also be something I'd want, although I'd moreso want for a strong family unit, like we had before fiat money and the welfare state, to keep the young, sick, and old from relying on charity. As for people who simply want to have fun all the time and not work for a living, I say let them starve.

b4e3d No.244092

It depends on many factors.
Just giving for free can result in a situation like Africa and it's warlords.
By doing so exploitive corporations would continue and possibly ramping up. Like you said.

Doing so in conjunction by targeting their money (let's say in this case the consumers) (unless they have a different agenda, and goal then that get's messy.)
By offering the free service one needs to also bring attention to those consumers (a moral argument) to redirect funds elsewhere.
If nobody cares for that, then you can use those desperate people for your own competing business (they have an axe to grind).
You can also show the corporation a more, or cost effective solution that solves the problem. They can also market it to gain an economic edge (this also comes at the cost of when it is solved the corporation might not want to let go of it's edge.)
The value of reciprocity can be a force of nature. But not everyone reciprocates it's a social and biological problem. Lack of reciprocity and goodwill deteriorates society, but finding out when, where, and how to measure it is difficult.

Inside the economic system long term goals (and really long term goals) vs short term goals. The workers can work at your business at less than the competition, because they are scumbags.

The gilded age of America and it's monopolies shows what happens when capitalism turns into cronyism. No free market, no options, no escape.
This tends to have people look outside the broken system. (Speakeasies and the alcohol prohibition.)

Sometimes the problem stems from phantom forces (misunderstandings, communication errors, ect.)

b9dbd No.248227

It's too bad I didn't have more time to produce content this month. Hopefully I can finish something for Leslie soon.

2dc82 No.248524

Why is pony butt best butt?

16d58 No.248525

Because pony butt involves posture that emphasizes the butt in a manner similar to a hooman female when bent over in a submissive and/or sexual position, except that's their natural position.
Additionally, they spend all their time that way, so there is unavoidably greater development in the posterior than you would find in a hoomun.

6c424 No.248526

Loyalty, and no STDs?

679d6 No.248626

File: 1572068975387.png (1.19 MB, 800x1132, Fluttershy-felynea_flower_….png)

Mainly because of this >>248525 and because it's not in any obscure place but on the same level as the barrel, making it the most distinctive part of the pony (aside from the tail) when viewed from behind. Looking at a hooman's butt is creepy because it's in a direction away from the rest of the body, but at a pony's is natural because it's meant to be looked at.

b16f4 No.248656

File: 1572107480448.png (1.04 MB, 2522x3648, LeslieSuit.png)

>You'll never be as pimp as this mare

4da1a No.248657


f01ad No.248666

Top hat cute!

b2e2b No.248669


252f4 No.248671

File: 1572118238872.jpg (39.99 KB, 416x416, 1441808724403.jpg)

Dapper AF

6c424 No.248683

7e1a0 No.249043

File: 1572465821842.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Henlo, what is it going to be?

22436 No.249047

File: 1572466794911.gif (932.25 KB, 253x197, 9ea8b7e7c984c2dbd143bd98f0….gif)

Is it going to be Battletoads?

7e1a0 No.249050

try again

97d61 No.249051

a dog?

44ffe No.249122

Is it a large pony-shaped dildo, you flaming homosexual?

7e1a0 No.249503

File: 1572830669431-0.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1572830669431-1.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry retards, but you're all wrong. It's a poney

7e1a0 No.249504

I played that game with friends a while ago. We BTFO'd liberals from Canada and made it an ultracapitalist paradise where poor couldn't vote.

132cd No.249506

Absolute madlad

6c424 No.249508

File: 1572832469494.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage3.png)

You Go Poner!
And before you go any further, that fold, or break between the body and the leg might need attention.

a4ea9 No.249509

Based. Make sure to cuddle and read to her.

144e5 No.249510

no, that's a mountain dew

7e1a0 No.249567

That fold exists because the plush is not supposed to be placed on a flat surface

12123 No.249596

Do you have the embroidery files for her eyes?

7e1a0 No.249611

No and I don't even own an embroidery machine.

7e1a0 No.249620

File: 1572907139231-0.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1572907139231-1.png (2.6 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

update on plush

7e1a0 No.250912

File: 1573936432404.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Update on the plush. Sorry for the felt eyes, but the prices of embroidery machines put me off.

b4e3d No.250914

Very nice looks like the poner is coming along well.

7e1a0 No.250929

File: 1573955380286-0.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1573955380287-1.png (2.83 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Cutie mark added

b4e3d No.250932

Looking good!

81de5 No.250954

The NAP never truly existed before this day.

7e1a0 No.251058

File: 1574029784256-0.png (2.49 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1574029784256-1.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1574029784256-2.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Gave her a bowtie.

9d417 No.251061

She's looking lovely

6c424 No.251062

File: 1574033025101.png (1.63 MB, 1280x2044, my-little-pony-mlp-art-App….png)

Good idea.

7e1a0 No.251063

Thinking of making a hat for her, too, since I don't feel like making the goddamn hair right now.

6c424 No.251070

File: 1574035660890.png (149.64 KB, 900x742, t6428a8_winking_fluttershy….png)

>I don't feel like making the goddamn hair right now.
>I don't feel like
WARNING! Time to pause poner.
Nothing good comes from something forced or rushed.
I think you would agree that Leslie needs inspiration and patience.

7e1a0 No.251071

File: 1574035985530.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

2 l8, I already started working on the mane pattern

7e1a0 No.251315

File: 1574289473177-0.png (2.8 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1574289473177-1.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1574289473177-2.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Plush update. Working on the hat.

18beb No.251318


22819 No.251320


6c424 No.251329

A beauty.

b16f4 No.252180

File: 1575140048105.png (1.92 MB, 4000x3864, HowVeryEconomical.png)

b528b No.252392

Got something comfy in the works for December.
Nice, I like it.

6c424 No.252394

Well done. Saved.

0e11a No.252592

File: 1575592327031.png (269.53 KB, 1000x750, leslie_anon_comfy_winter.png)

376d5 No.253802

File: 1577081378700-0.png (249.77 KB, 1000x750, leslie_anon_comfy_winter2.png)

File: 1577081378700-1.png (258.71 KB, 1000x750, leslie_anon_comfy_winter2h….png)

Have a merry Christmas/Hearth's Warming

6c424 No.253803

File: 1577083344564.jpg (105.09 KB, 900x900, mcp.jpg)

Merry Christmas poner.

bf35a No.253927

File: 1577231361707.png (223.55 KB, 828x1024, large (4).png)

Hope y'all have a cozy time everyponer.

c6ed8 No.253930

File: 1577233509619.png (626.5 KB, 750x1051, 2229185__explicit_artist-c….png)

I hope y'all have a very nice and lewd Hearthswarming.

b4e3d No.253932

Have a Merry Christmas!

22819 No.253933

File: 1577235665945.png (601.55 KB, 1022x778, 104117 - adorable artist t….png)

ffe30 No.253935

File: 1577236336759.jpg (85.15 KB, 800x665, royal christmas present.jpg)

Have a very happy Hearthswarming
y-you too.

7bbaf No.254685

Pardon, but didn't someone post an ancap Discord link a week ago? I get it's >Discord but random ideas pop up about economics that don't merit their own thread but need to be discussed with some random bloke who's not an idiot.

04c82 No.254696

File: 1578081178288.jpg (46.66 KB, 540x629, ChiropracticGore.jpg)

There was one made by that coleslaw guy but he deleted (along with the advertising post) it in a day. Ragequit the Aryanne discord too, I think.

51ecb No.254699

In the interest of transparency, I deleted that post. It was posted without any information or explanation, and since staff can't be bothered to infiltrate every discord, website, link, etc. that is posted (to verify legitimacy or eliminate overt/covert honeypots) it was deleted. OP was notified when the post was deleted that transparency on his end would make the post permissible.

7bbaf No.254700

File: 1578081998665.png (2.35 MB, 1550x2006, DiscordIsUnhealthy.png)

Fair point. I ought to have joined at that point but I was busy and didn't have the time to make a new >Discord account that has no connection to personal emails (I don't trust those trannies an inch).

51ecb No.254701

Neither do we

209ab No.254755

File: 1578097655318.png (98.35 KB, 850x600, private-military-comic.png)

If you want a place to discuss matters of economics that wouldn't merit much interest here, I recommend julay.world's /liberty/ board. Alternatively, you can create an economics thread here, or more broadly, a QTDDTOT thread. You could also post economic questions in this thread. I don't think Discord is the best place for discussing those kinds of matters for anyways, risk of doxxing aside.

6c424 No.254775

>(I don't trust those trannies an inch).
Checked and this!

93306 No.256102

Feel like drawfagging. Anyone have any Leslie related ideas I can draw?

6c424 No.256104

Leslie licking ice cream.
Leslie protesting with signs.
Leslie stepping on jews
Leslie looking herself in the mirror
Leslie smug
Leslie panic
Leslie evil

6c424 No.256105

Leslie momfu

d5240 No.256271

File: 1579369603878.png (2.37 MB, 2000x1961, TotallyOriginalLeslie.png)

Totally original, pls donut steel.

bc48f No.256277

Now this is quality!

6c424 No.256281

I love it.
Top work.

22819 No.256286

WOW. Stunningly Beautiful.
Would give recreational nukes to pet.

4999a No.256291

File: 1579391095414.gif (24.51 KB, 480x600, QT.gif)

Absolutely QT.

cc677 No.256294

You aren’t fooling anybody

93306 No.256300

File: 1579402487460.png (136.65 KB, 900x600, Leslie Enjoys a Frozen Tre….png)

Here's Leslie licking an ice cream. I may do more of these as time allows.

93306 No.256301

I don't know why it didn't reply properly

a9713 No.256311

File: 1579418916839.png (240.01 KB, 814x1081, s1200.png)

6c2e1 No.259330

File: 1581622019889.jpg (168.21 KB, 700x555, leslie_agorism.jpg)

Found this on a Russian ancap aesthetic page.
Also, I should find time to draw Leslie before the month is over.

22819 No.259332

File: 1581623466345.png (142.05 KB, 720x960, 1506473945851-0.png)

Old Leslie I found in one of my folders

22819 No.259333

File: 1581623631714.jpg (159.01 KB, 1250x1000, 1529817044360.jpg)

>Found this on a Russian ancap aesthetic page.

6c2e1 No.259334

I actually drew this, interesting to see how my drawing abilities have developed.

22819 No.259335

>I really should get back to practicing drawing ponies myself.

22f39 No.259380

Great find.

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