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File: 1518525820454.png (479.9 KB, 720x1116, triangular leafs.png)

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38860 No.117662

File: 1518527199518.png (180.79 KB, 1201x2201, 1461349772356.png)

pls do

77339 No.117665

The Illuminati is just a meme pushed by kikes so that people who point out their Jewry are viewed in the same light as those who think the earth is flat or that other countries don't exist.

bf29d No.117672

A govt official calling out the illuminati? Now the tinfoil tards have a further reason to rant about conspiracies. Thanks daily mail.

d1eb2 No.117674

Someone needs to tell that fucker about the Jews, he's close, but did not hit the nail on the head.

72875 No.117675

The Illuminati was a real organization made by jews, so yeah, close.

10099 No.117717

FORMER government official, considering when he served he's probably quite old. For all we know they could be on their death bed, saying shit that they're not going to be alive to take shit for later when their claims are found to be unsubstantiated at best, like that Lockheed engineer that claimed they had contact with an ayy at Area 51 (or something like that, I can't remember the whole story)

Also, what is this technology that could reverse climate change? If it would hurt the oil industry I'd imagine it was a way to generate energy. If it's something that could repair the environment or control weather then how would that hurt the oil industry? We'd be able engage in any kind of industry however we wanted and suffer no consequences. I really wish they specified in the article.

91b07 No.117718

Yeah, nah. The Illuminati is just a cover, everyone here should know by now that it's just the kikes up to their normal tricks again.

3cd3e No.117924

He's saying global warming is real, so no.

da179 No.117959

This guy also believes in aliens:
He is VERY open minded.

07bdf No.118004

File: 1518590059262.gif (297.73 KB, 308x373, 637163743.gif)

Jokes on you I never did in the first place and I don't see myself doing it in the future.

a1354 No.118017

5a50f No.118039

File: 1518598798957.jpeg (71.76 KB, 596x463, D00C4917-46B0-4CCA-ACF7-6….jpeg)

He’s almost there

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