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File: 1515533477532-0.png (356.78 KB, 410x545, Repel the Knuckles.png)

File: 1515533477532-1.png (173.67 KB, 220x322, Stop the Menace.png)

File: 1515533477532-2.png (678.08 KB, 1280x1883, Enlist today.png)

f75cb No.104862

VRChat has been overrun by the knuckles masses to the point of being nearly unplayable. It is time for us to fight back! Come join us and help us repel the Knuckles menace!


1d1cf No.104863

File: 1515533758385.png (487.16 KB, 3000x3525, 658209__safe_solo_oc_vecto….png)

Sieg Heil

f75cb No.104865


d4dc9 No.104866

71e10 No.104868

File: 1515534187128.jpg (50.68 KB, 800x450, ugandanknuck.jpg)

Jk, I can't help though. But best of luck to y'all

f75cb No.104870

We are Allies with the Imperial Waifu Army. We spoke with their owner this morning and mlpol will be their cavalry Division!

99758 No.104872

Why do we want to declare war against this? The media is freaking out about knuckles being a hate symbol.

58957 No.104888

File: 1515536544842.gif (307.2 KB, 307x301, A706D576-9EEB-4AA1-A193-AD….gif)

you better have some sauce with that statement.

99758 No.104889

a6d0b No.104890

a6d0b No.104891

Let's just fuck with people using nazi ponies and ignore the ugandan knuckleses.

Or we could post OP's pic 2 around.

cf5e9 No.104901

VR is an example of mankind taking a turn down the wrong path in technology and any action that makes VR less enjoyable is good. these knuckles are doing God's work.

70aee No.104906

Why do you think so?

58957 No.104907

kill yourself, go and stay go cancer.

89e92 No.104910

This kraut has never played VR Lab.

58957 No.104912

File: 1515540411334.jpeg (187.23 KB, 1000x1000, 76E67ABA-704E-48F9-AFD6-E….jpeg)

more than likely can’t afford VR.

a7e29 No.104915

File: 1515541133974.png (413.97 KB, 600x400, daWaedaTruth2.png)

do you know da Wae?

a0461 No.104921

File: 1515541613166.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.42 KB, 1228x950, 886.jpg)

71e10 No.104923

Spit on the non-believer

a7e29 No.104924

File: 1515542247031-0.png (377.25 KB, 793x673, iwtciebolachan.png)

File: 1515542247031-1.png (1.09 MB, 1418x1440, ebolachan2.png)

thtkhh PTUUu

only da qween know da wae

71e10 No.104925


a0461 No.104926

File: 1515542829266.png (189.62 KB, 588x576, ebola-dash-chan_oc only_8c….png)

Hi Anon!
Do you have Ebola?

43686 No.104927

File: 1515542907674-0.jpg (1.21 MB, 1636x900, tumblr_static_ameqsheaq6wc….jpg)

Heil da queen

a7e29 No.104928

File: 1515542909480.png (571.95 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20180108-101831.png)

you are right my brudda

you will never win unless the wae of your qween is stronger than the wae of their qween. You must find your qween to stand a chance my white devols

43686 No.104937

If y'all are going to use Discord or something, be sure to update developments here.

f2d3a No.104947

It gives humanity a chance to indulge in their favorite pleasures more vividly without working for them. It would lead to abuse and humans using the damn things 24/7.

68890 No.104953

File: 1515548361683.jpg (47.94 KB, 746x739, 1514767526408.jpg)

for once I agree with the kraut. This is cancer and it's cancer to care about this shit.

why do I get the feeling everyone here is fucking 12?

71e10 No.104957

File: 1515548790228.png (184.14 KB, 638x685, 260449__source needed_safe….png)

68890 No.104962

File: 1515549455588.jpg (7.92 KB, 250x238, 1515037687596.jpg)

>leave for a couple months because of flag faggotry
>Come back and see this thread, an undertale thread in /sp/ and get a (you) from a flagfag

fucking hell.

53b58 No.104964

/sp/ hasn't been very active lately. Make /sp/ great again. Also this thread is dildos.

8b9c1 No.104970

I wish the mods or the fag who made the thread on /qa/ already did something about it.

58957 No.104977

File: 1515552641622.gif (73.63 KB, 500x500, B168B197-EB84-4348-9668-59….gif)

>posts ebola-chan
>imblying redditors even know ebola-chan
>associating goddess with cancer
fucking disgusting, stay away from imageboards forever and fuck off back where you came from.

a7e29 No.104979

File: 1515553725278.png (414.27 KB, 1200x1172, 4d6 (1).png)

>where I came from
I came from the future to spread da wae

c9832 No.104980

File: 1515554266661.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, 1504637618003.jpg)

*da gay

aa235 No.104982

It may be normie but its still funny cancer. What's better than sending an army of knuckle niggers to disrupt some larpers in an autistic vr chat?
Though I think it would also be hilarious to witness Nazi ponies and knuckle niggers reee at each other.

b2ed0 No.104985

File: 1515556938794.jpeg (12.71 KB, 221x160, 0CB96E52-8194-443F-88AE-9….jpeg)

This, but imagine if we combined our autism’s together. It be like /mlpol/ all over

aa235 No.104988

>>104985 I agree, just read the article and you'll see that they want to shut it down for being waycist. >>104889

58957 No.104997

File: 1515558775111.jpeg (55.52 KB, 552x543, 821B8CAF-81F3-445F-9B9D-9….jpeg)

epic idea you should post that on their reddit xd /mlpol/ does not associate with redditors, or at least thats what i thought until some of these comments, downvoted.

f17ad No.104999

Should play Moon Man music and talk about enslaving the Ugandan Knuckles Niggers

aa235 No.105003

Is there an aryanne skin?

fb3a7 No.105006

>WAAAAAAAAA! I can't afford it so it's bad!

cf5e9 No.105010


i could buy a new VR-Capable system and a VR goggle almost every week and not diminish my standard of living.

but why would i want to invest in such cancerous shit?

58957 No.105016

File: 1515563345969.jpeg (89.76 KB, 938x1200, CC639AB3-324D-41E4-B052-6….jpeg)

fix your reddit spacing before replying to me faggot.

aa235 No.105017

File: 1515563660047.jpg (4.56 KB, 273x185, images (39).jpg)

H-ho looks like we got ourselves an internet fight boys.

58957 No.105020

File: 1515563815564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 227.58 KB, 677x800, B60C8629-B1FB-42EA-B3E9-B….jpeg)

there is room for one more

7e1d2 No.105071

y dey no de wé

1be74 No.105370

File: 1515652336745.png (49.3 KB, 300x300, De way.png)

Uganda neva freez, that's a fact.

f97e1 No.105466


He's on to us!

7e9a6 No.105520

File: 1515707667342.png (1.48 MB, 1174x882, oyvey.png)

Ok I have an idea. How about we go around using nosepass avatars wearing yarmulkes and yell "Oy vey dat's hate speach at the knuckles"

1c9b2 No.105534

I'd ratherhave there be an Ebola Chan resistance tqh. Hopefully there might be pony mode of her.

43686 No.105535

File: 1515709538819-0.jpg (698.59 KB, 2196x1648, DLKFOQa.jpg)

Any excuse to worship Ebola is a good one.

be89d No.106004

File: 1515789476770.png (1.05 MB, 1418x1440, 703102__oc_ponified_filly_….png)

3a3e1 No.106055

File: 1515806107599.jpg (175.07 KB, 818x503, 45415644.jpg)

You don't understand how memes work. The more you hate and fight against this, the stronger it's going to get. Ponies, Trump's election, both are things that people fought against tooth and nail and lost against, the only way to fight a meme is to deny it attention. This one specifically is a quick burn and will be completely dead in another month, if not before then.

cbffc No.106091

Because we're all fillies

a0461 No.106113

Any of you fags responsible for this?

4b89c No.106115

Thats absolutely beautiful anon.

a0461 No.106118

File: 1515823112599.png (329.65 KB, 945x945, e68.png)

You don't get it do you? Of all the things to hate MLP is the most naturally hateable thing on the internet. Modern MLP has been around for almost a decade and the hatred still burns bright. This retarded knuckles shit will pale in comparison to the fully mobilized autism that MLP can bring to bear.

a0461 No.106120

3a3e1 No.106142

The existence of this board alone is proof that it's not as strong as it used to be, no one really cares about it anymore except for an increasingly dwindling number of turbo autists. That's not the point anyway, trying to fight the Ugandan Knuckles meme is just going to extend its shelf life, not shorten it.

But by all means, go ahead, the longer this is floating around, the more leftists it will trigger.

efe50 No.106146

File: 1515826049880.gif (16.12 KB, 352x485, 1515768660358.gif)

Fucking kek /mlpol/ tank when?

8b383 No.106199

Holy fucking kek

89e92 No.106203

File: 1515841447474.gif (109.19 KB, 420x360, ClappingOctavia.gif)

Anonfilly at 0:50

It's amazing! Who specifically organized this and how many were involved? We could join them and introduce the good word of gassing griffons.

a0461 No.106216

File: 1515849325889.jpg (34.22 KB, 775x616, IMG_20180113_071255.jpg)

Again you do not understand. Let me show you what I mean.

6a8bf No.106369

File: 1515879580207-0.jpg (79.38 KB, 1025x714, Step1.jpg)

File: 1515879580207-1.jpg (70.76 KB, 1410x647, Step2.jpg)

File: 1515879580207-2.jpg (49.67 KB, 967x677, Step3.jpg)

There is a thread on /3/ about this, too.
One of the anons there made a "sequel" to the model.

efe50 No.107148

File: 1516084884016.png (685.45 KB, 800x450, 1515725395517.png)

6c620 No.107150

>Cuckstate rifle
How does that huge dick in your ass feel, anon?

efe50 No.107158

File: 1516094847189.jpg (119.05 KB, 1024x768, 1515951420975m.jpg)

Not mine and my state doesn't even require permit for concealed carry. Just found it funny.

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