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Ideas for things to implement to fix America for Flappy's Room
build wall, stop all immigration except for whites, use lethal force at border on sight

police do not have quotas and do not have business type obligations, they are a service and do not exist for profit

prisons cannot be privately run or owned and do not exist for profit, they are a service not a business

end birthright citizenship, make citizenship test harder

revoke wrongfully granted citizenship (i.e. hart-celler act, citizenship through government work) they can live here but not be citizens

non-citizens cannot vote, own land, have insurance, receive benfits of any sort, own stocks, have deeds, or have any position of authority or be public servants(government work of any sort)

seamless transfer of assets for former-citizens to migrate out, let them pick country of origin and bring their stuff

mandate employment for non-citizen inhabitants and non-compliance will result in forced deportation to either country of their choice or if they take too long to pick then enslave them until they choose, and they will be subject to revocation of their assets upon arrest or deportation

dual citizenship prohibits you from public service (any government work)

firearm rights are non-negotiable and cannot be stripped due to crime and they cannot be confiscated because of domestic abuse

reverse all name and iconography changes made to remove Confederate influence

internet is a common carrier

only whites may be refugees

refugees receive no benefits, only expedited citizenship testing

all congress members who've used their position to commit insider trading will be executed, and congressional insider trading will be punishable by execution

accusers who fail to prove guilt of the accused must pay legal fees of those they accused

reform education to hihlight the negatives of the civil rights movement and suffragettes

false sexual assault allegations carry a minimum prison sentence and result in accuser being registered as a sex offender

to be recognized as transgender you must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and it will be treated as mental illness

reinstitute insane asylums

reform education to hihlight the dangers of lgbt lifestyles amd its community and highlight the debauched nature of it and highlight the negatives of its past

all ambulances will have dashcams and cameras in the patient bay, and first responders, even those who aren't police, will have a bodycam constantly recording as a livestream while on duty and all footage and audio will be backed up to a publicly accessible cloud system as it records

end the precedent that companies by law must only serve the financial interests of shareholders

forbid banks closing accounts for any reason other than the death of the account holder

no longer hold banks accountable for criminal transactions through them

abolish child support and unless proven unfit a child of divorce should be in the custody of whichever parent can raise them with less or no government assistance

much more strict evidence required for rape allegations, claims mean nothing, consent for sex cannot be retroactively revoked, and being under the influence does not make it nonconsensual

pharmaceutical companies can no longer pay the fda to speed up the approval process of their products

no income, property, or inheritance taxes

you are not taxed until you become a registered voter

all citizens must provide ID and have taken an IQ test demonstrating an IQ of at least 100 to have 1 full vote, anyone with an IQ of 95 to 99 gets 1 half of a vote, 90 to 94 gets 1 quarter, 85 to 90 get 1 eighth, and anything lower may not vote

all traitors, I.E. george soros, will have all of their assets seized and they will be permanently exiled from the U.S. and have their citizenship stripped, yet they will still have to pay U.S. taxes the same way expats used to have to

expats will no longer have to pay taxes to the U.S.

those undeniably verifiably guarunteedly guilty of murder or child rape can legally be used for scientific experimentation

those considered mentally incompetent to stand trial will be sterilized and any serious violent crime will mandate their execution because they are literally fundamentally on a biological level incapable of functioning in society

for a citizen to commit a crime that only victimizes an illegal migrant in the country not in the custody of the government is not a crime, they can be hunted for sport or killed with total impunity

animal cruelty and intentional killing of pets, your own or others, is punishable by death, only medical professional approved euthanasia is allowed

hate speech is no longer a thing and cannot be a reason for firing someone

vexatious litigants must pay the court a fee before they can put forth any civil filings

mandatory DNA testing of everyone born to have paternity known

exonerate and pardon all J6 protestors and reimburse their legal fees and compensate them generously for time incarcerated, benefits for life for the living direct family members of those who committed suicide while unjustifiably held in captivity and Ashley Babbit, execute all insider agents

all members of aipac hanged for treason due to dual loyalties

sperm donors cannot be held responsible for children their sperm was used to make
circumstances are no longer a thing, you cannot face harsher punishment for crime due to it being targeted against any certain group

no matter how insulting or scandalous, the truth can never be slander

you will be released from custody and the infraction(s) removed from your record if what you were charged for or found guilty of is legalized or decriminalized

federal law will only be proffered to the states, and it will be up to each to determine its acceptance in their jurisdiction, the only federal law which trumps state law is the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which can under no circumstances be unenforced

no federal law can contradict or overrule state law unless said state law is contradictory to the Constitution or Bill of Rights

illegally obtained evidence only applies to law enforcement, if the illegally obtained evidence causes a conviction and was brought forth by someone not in law enforcement it is valid and there are no charges against those who obtained it

non-citizen residents will be forbidden from various forms of work including but not limited to caretaking and medical work of any kind

make churches housing and caring for the homeless NOT illegal

repeal nfa, gun control act, undetectable firearms act

abolish cia, fbi, atf

trim the fuck out of taxes, get rid of income, inheritance, property, and business taxes as a start

no more social security

DEI is forbidden and any company employing it is to be seized by the state

retroactively sue those who push woke ideology as it damaged companies and thus clearly wasn't in the best interest of shareholders
*aggravating* circumstances for the first point on the second post I meant
Very comprehensive, These are some great ideas.