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Anonfilly Thread - Reborn Edition
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>325047 →
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>Enjoy...or don't.
I did. Thank you.
And like it or not, you little faggot, you need to Twilight for discipline and Trixie for cuddling.

I think I'll continue this. Not much else going on in my life and I don't feel like socializing.

>Twilight was more forgiving than you feel you deserved.
>When she came in, you hadn't heated a frying pan yet, and so she offered to help you flip the hotcakes.
>Despite everything, you still had to swallow your pride to let her help.
>It's more than just feeling feeble and useless, but you can't think to put it into words. At least not articulately.
>The nagging thoughts are shut up temporarily as the two of you reap the fruits of your labor.
>She was even nice enough to pull out that vodka she brought home and mix it with some OJ for a screwdriver.
>God, though, your eyes still hurt a little. Having such long eyelashes makes the aftermath of every petulant cry session feel like ramming facefirst into a cactus.
>As you come down from the high of warmth that comes from the hot midday meal and gentle buzz of liquor, Pur....Twilight gives you a small pat on the back.
>"Did you want to do anything else today? I could help you find the Crusaders, or we could go to the market square. Not too much is on my agenda, for once."
"Ah...I think I'm gonna go for a walk on my own today. But thank you."
>"Of course! Do you need anything for the trip, or you just want to pack your own satchel?"
>"I'll be fine with some water."

>With that, the two of you clean up the mess, and you venture off.
>You have a pretty good idea where you want to go, and it's thankfully not very far from the castle.
>You don't even need to take a sip of water before you cross a small bridge, silently appreciating the sight of the animal nursery in all its rustic comfort.
>You smell tea from outside. Not cultured enough to guess by the scent but it seems sweet, not too bold.
>You knock, and before you even hear the mare inside respond, you see a pair of yellowed eyes appear right in the middle of the door, accented by white eyebrows.
>You hear his voice slightly muffled from the inside:
<"Ah, that was quick. I'll get the door for you, come right in."
>The door swings open, but he's not visible at the front door. You follow the scent toward the source, and you see the telltale swishing of a pink tail as the mare quietly hums to herself, dicing vegetables and preparing some salmon for her bear friend.
>All while Discord relaxes with some of that tea, naturally.
"Hey Ye--....F-Fluttershy."
>"Oh!" She turns around, cleaning off her dripping knife. "I heard Discord paid you a nice visit this morning. Did you want to follow up with him, or did you have something else on your mind?"
"I wanted to thank you. Whatever the motivation was, having him come by when he did helped a lot. And I wanted to pay you a visit instead of holing myself up in the crystal castle."
<"That's the spirit. I hope you flossed this morning though, because socializing with enough of these little ponies may risk a cavity or two."
>A little wink from the draconequus, and an encouraging smile from both hosts as Flutters gets to tossing all her ingredients into salads.
>You spot the devil-rabbit as he hops up and snags a small tomato from the bowl, seeming quite satisfied.
>"Do you like tea?"
"Oh, I'll be okay on the beverages front, had orange juice and now I got water, should keep me going till dinnertime. But thank you."
<"Am I wrong in assuming that orange juice had an extra kick added to it?"
>Your face warms up a bit at the acknowledgement, and your voice catches in your throat.
"J...just a little bit of liquid courage. Not a whole lot."
>Fluttershy seems unaware of what the two of you are referring to, but politely allows the embarrassment to subside for a moment before she speaks.
>"Whatever you need to get out there and meet some ponies is okay by me. If you ever need some...herbal remedies to relax, I do know somepony."
"Oh god, if I got hooked on the devil's lettuce too I'd probably be even more of a mess. But if if you know someone who sells tea, that'd be great. Twilight's coffee is a bit too much for me."
>"Actually, yes, Zecora has a lot of tea leaves."
"Zecora...oh, you mean the zeeb lady deeper in the woods. I guess I could pay her a visit sometime."
>"Look at you! Already full of ideas. All it took was a bit of time out of that stuffy castle and you're coming up with plans. I think you'll be making lots of friends in time, Anonymous."
>That condescending tone irks you, but you can't say no to the cute mare. You silently swallow a little more pride, trying not to notice Discord's silent chuckle at your expense.
"Ba....uh, small steps. I wanna find something I'm decent at first, instead of jumping into hijinks with the three little hellions."
>"Nothing wrong with being a utilitarian. Just remember not to strain yourself, okay? You are just--"
>She catches herself, clearing her throat.
>"I mean, your body..."
"I get it. I'm a kid."
>The mood pretty quickly dampens at that.
>"I'm sorry Anon. You know I don--"
"Don't mean it. I know. I know."
>God, not those big teal eyes...
"It's-- it's fine, seriously. I've heard it before."
>"Well...I'm still sorry."
"I should probably get going, not a lot of hours in the day. Thanks for the hospitality."
>Discord waves a white kerchief your way as though you were boarding a cruise ship, and with that you leave them to start feeding their animals.
>Despite her accommodating attitude and clearly accidental faux-pas, you still feel a little bit of resentment inside.
>If you weren't an alien or a filly, they wouldn't be tiptoeing around you and treating you like a charity case.
>You should have just practiced your hoofwriting and sent her a note. This whole trip was fubar.
>You bite your lower lip at these thoughts, shaking your head. Shut up, brain.
366429 366440
>You soon find yourself trotting through the park, spotting a mare with minty looking hair and a green coat, strumming a lyre.
>She watches birds and ponies enjoying themselves in the cool shade of a thin cloud hung above, which you imagine to be a really nice accommodation for the parkgoers.
>The bench she's on has plenty of room on it, and the ground beside her seat has a nice big jar with a small chunk of bits in them.
>It's obvious this isn't her main job, or she'd be quite poor; either that, or it's not about the money to begin with.
"Howdy, can I sit here?"
>"Of course. Want me to play anything for you?"
"I....don't know any song names."
>"That's not a problem, hun. Do you have a mood in mind?"
"I dunno. Just do what you want, no biggie, you look happy doing that."
>She stops strumming, turning her full attention to you as you climb up and sit beside her.
>"Oh this? It's just a melody I play when I've got something on my mind and need to think on it."
>"Yeah, not too fast, not too complicated or jazzy, not really sad or happy. Just, uh..."
"White noise?"
>"Yeah. That seems like a good way of putting it. What's your name?"
"Anonymous. Most ponies call me Anon."
>"Lyra Heartstrings. Lyra's good to me as well. What brings you out here, Anon?"
"I dunno. Just needed to get out."
>"Sounds like more than that, hon. Need an ear?"
"No, no, really, it's fine."
>She raises an eyebrow, not buying it, but she drops it.
>"So you said you don't know any song names. Got any melodies you can hum? Might recognize them."
"Uhhh...if you recognize them, that'd be a miracle."
"What-- no, shut up...I just come from...another place."
>"You don't sound it. No thick accents. Plus, I get around."
>You can't help but let out a small groan.
"I can whistle out some melodies, but seriously you won't recognize them."
>"You're on shortie."
>You give your best approximation of a familiar song, gently rapping your hoof on the wooden bench to keep rhythm as you whistle the basic melody of the song.
>After about 40 seconds of whistling, you look to her, and she mirrors it back with surprising precision.
>When she repeats it again, you feel a strange sort of comfort. The song certainly couldn't be explained with whistling on its own, so you couldn't get her to follow along if she tried, but the fact you got to remember a song like that is nice.
>If there's one thing you can say you were good at growing up, it's absorbing media and remembering even the smallest details.
>"You know, Anon, that's a really interesting song. Awfully short, but repeating it is relaxing in its own way. What's it called?"
"Lateralus. The song has more, but....it's a complicated song. Plays with rhythms and stuff, really isn't something I could convey with my hooves and a whistle."
>"A lot of layers, eh? Could scrounge up a band with a cellist I know providing backing, one day. She's a bit too upper crust to play on a park bench in a podunk town like this though."
"Hey, don't diss the country. The city's not all it's cracked up to be either."
>"You have experience with the city?"
"A whole lifetime of it, actually."
>"But you couldn't be older than eight."
"It's really complicated. You'd be better off asking Twilight Sparkle the mechanics of it all. I used to be a human, and you might have met me when I first arrived, but I guess this world doesn't like humans. Maybe because we're not really...magicky."
>"Not magicky?"
"Yeah, like...home's not a lot like this place. But, this is my lot in life now."
>"Actually...I think I've seen some stuff about humans before. Big tall fellas, got hands like minotaurs, not a lot of hair, right?"
"Yeah. But it's not like....the humans Twilight knows about. Most of us didn't have multicolored skin, it was usually somewhere between peachy and a really dark brown, and our hair was black, brown, red, or a sandy blonde color."
>"Fascinating! And how was life for you back there?"
"Like I said...not a fan of cities. Really didn't have anything worth a damn to give back to society though, spent most of my time playing games, avoiding the mirror, and hiding from the sun."
>"Well, the sun won't hurt you here, Anon. Maybe this is like a new start, yeah? You could pick up an instrument, share music with ponies. If you could put pen to paper on this stuff, you could be pretty popular as a composer or join the choir."
"God, in front of all those ponies? I'd be a mess on stage. I saved that kind of activity for karaoke night at the bar..."
>"Oh, so you like to sing, huh? Surprised I didn't see you busting out the singing voice during Winter Wrap-Up, hehe. A little egg-nog is all I need to enjoy myself during those festivities. Can't say whether it improves my singing, but Bonnie seems to like it."
>Shoulda known she liked girls.
>"Anyways. Nice chatting!"
"Oh, yeah. Same to you."
>She gazes out to the park, and it seems to be getting close to sunset.
>The ponies are dispersing, and the birds are returning to their nests as the sparse clouds turn a pleasant pink.
>"Before you go, do you have any songs you wanna sing? You can hum or whistle the first part, catch your breath and I can play for you."
>You think for a while, taking a sip of your water. You do actually feel like singing, even if your squeaky filly voice is a little distracting...perhaps a song that's not too dependent on vocal range?
>As she plays, you aid in keeping rhythm with your hoof again.
>It takes a little while to get up the courage or recklessness to start singing:

If my prayer goes unanswered, that's alright
If my path fills with darkness and there's no sign of light
Let me praise you for the good times, let me hold your banner high
Until the hills are flattened and the rivers all run dry

And I won't get better
But someday I'll be free
'Cause I am not this body
That imprisons me

>a Christian green
If that's what you get from it. Isaiah 45:23 as a song takes obvious inspiration, but the song is more about someone doing what they can to stay optimistic as their health deteriorates. Romans 10:9 is emblematic of that same theme. Darnielle was a victim of religious abuse as a kid.
366461 366664
>Your encounter with Lyra managed to awaken something inside you.
>Hard to say what, but it's tinged with nostalgia for the music you listened to instead of talking with classmates or listening to family arguments.
>You want to spread human music to Equestria, at least the punk and countercultural stuff that makes you feel a little less like a massive faggot.
>You've taken to helping ponies around town for chump change while Twilight does princess things, between helping Fluttershy cook (and missing the fuck out of meat) and helping the Apples sell their stuff.
>After two weeks, you can afford a quality looking acoustic guitar.
>Six strings, a little hard to handle, but if you sit on your haunches and rest the body in your lap...
>The instrument is a tad bulky for a f- person of your stature.
>But with this machine in your hooves, you have a feeling things are gonna be okay.

>A few weeks of by-ear playing later, you've translated three songs into a slightly simplified system to make up for your slower, less fancy playing.
>You revisit Lyra's park bench at dawn, same day of the week as before, and strum a few practice notes.
>A few ponies wander by, but it's not populous enough for the mason jar to be filled today.
>But it's not about the money...it's about sending a message.
I swear I'll run away
From every home I ever have
So I'll build a new house
In every town I pass
Maybe then I won't always feel lost and trapped.

When I was growing up
I was the smartest kid I knew
Maybe it's just because
I didn't know that many kids
All I know is now I feel the opposite.

>By this point ponies are actually coming around, gathered to hear your amateur fretwork.
>Of course this part isn't what you wanted to sing this for.
>Your throat tenses up, anticipating the strain that you know is coming.

Like if you don't wanna work
Then that becomes your job
There's a lot of overtime
There's not many days off
I hope you know that I'm not trying to complain
It just gets hard to explain
To people that I know
Or kids who come to shows
That I just don't wanna talk about the- OFFICE TODAYYY!

>Ponies jump back at the shouting of the last line.
>Only to be expected; most pony music isn't like this, even the rare rock-type songs utilizing tabletop steel guitars. In your fleeting research it seems this place is stuck in the vaudeville era with little hints of rockabilly and disco.
>You focus on the strings for a bit, but as you prepare to sing the next verse, you spot a few familiar faces in the small crowd you gathered.
>One is minty-fresh Lyra, looking quite pleasantly surprised to see you in her spot; the other is Fluttershy, saddlebags full of groceries and ears folded down in worry as she keeps to the back of the crowd.
>You keep singing, knowing that a good chunk of the human euphamisms to drugs or household names won't make much sense to any ponies here.
>You close your eyes, relying on muscle memory to guide you along the fretboard.
>You hear concerned murmuring and comiserating among them, but you are more concerned with finishing your song.
>The vulgarity of the end certainly puts a few ponies off, but a few stick around, including the mares you know.
>After some bits clink into your jar, you take a break to drink some water and clear your eyes.
>Fuck, did you just cry a little?
>Lyra comes up and sits beside you, smiling.
>"More human music? Sounded good, definitely emotive."
"Yeah, I ah...felt that would be a good debut to folk punk."
>"Folk punk, huh? Interesting. But what the hay's a stay-at-home archaeologist?"
>Oh dear, this might get hard to explain.
"Uhh...do ponies have opioids?"
"Like...in the hospital do you have pain relievers that go in your veins to put you under?"
>"Ohhh...so, what's the archaeology part mean?"
"Well...they dig skin deep to find a vein, inject the stuff, and spend their time, uh...zombied out."
>"I...think I get it. Why would anyhuman do that though?"
"Well, same reason I drank, I guess..."
>A long silence passes, and you look outward to spot a few stragglers chattering between each other. Fluttershy seems intent on listening from a respectful distance now that she knows you're socializing with somepony in a positive way.
>It's like she's cheering you on, despite being a wallflower herself. It's...comforting.
"Hey Heartstrings?"
"Thanks for giving me ideas last month. Not to sound sappy but being here almost let me forget this music. Happy to have some way to get my blood pumping."
>"You were certainly...animated."
"One might say singing like that is enough to make anyone aaaa........."
>You keep your mouth open, having a hard time keeping from laughing.
"A little hoarse?"
>She seems not to get it at first, but when she does a snort escapes her and she turns her red face away.
"Still got it, hehehe."
Had this idea of Anonfilly starting off with angry music just as a vent and tie to home but indirectly leading ponies astray from magic, because the spread of this music ends up tainting them with chaos.
But I would be at this for far too long just establishing the bits of that, and I'm already so off the reservation it would be a mess anyway. Another green left out to dry. What else is new.
>Be me
>Anonymous horsfucker innaquestria
>Twilight didn't do the thing it was the buggo
>Screaming about horrific daydreams or something.
>Turned into a smoll faggit.
>Twilight almost figured out a counter spell, but it's only temporary.
>She has three options, one of them needs to be picked so the proper counter spell can be made.
<1) Filly Plug, put it in and that contains the inner Filly for a time, needs to recharge in the sunlight for at least two hours. Can be you for every two hours spent in the sun or full autonomy as a filly for every half hour.
<2) Filly Friens, hanging out with friends adds time you could spend not as a Filly. Needs a 'special' chocky milky or else that day doesn't count.
<3) Filly Fever, become lost in the maddness of Filly completely. Every two days out of three you get to be you, but don't remember what The Filly did on that third day.
<The Filly that Buggo Queen put in is adversarial but still a cute Pone and a filly.
<The Filly knows what you know.
<Can suppress some actions because Filly is a little fag, prepare for the reprisal though.
<Can nudge some actions towards things, but anything too obvious (for a cartoon Pony) sometimes backfires.
>PSSST, hey faggot. If you let me loose with no oversight I'll be out of here in two or three years instead of five or seven those other options take. Just don't be surprised when you wake up a wanted man, in debt and with questionable deeds.
Option #3
That's like the Incredible Hulk, only with Filly, and probably somehow more destructive too. Makes sense since filly is green.
>Be me
>Camera zooms in from above and focuses on a green bush.
"Rainbro that's the Bush."
>Refocusing on a horsfucker of a man.
>Pink blur right at wizing level doing the woodpecker.
>"Haha, we sure got him this time Pinks."
>The pink blur in question pulled a sign out of her mane. Although the shaking of the camera makes it hard to make out some details, but feminine moans are recorded.
<9969 - 701
>He starts glowing ever increasing and the camera sees the long grass looking at a pink flank.
>"Mmmm yummy!"
"Ha! I'm out early, yo Pank Po I'll get you sumthin nice from-Mmf!"
>The horsfucker of a man now a fuckedhosr got snowballed by Pinkie Pie.
>She pulls one more sign out of her mane.
<9969 - 702
>A suspiciously purple voice comes from the bush.
>"Well done girls, now let's get to the operating room."
>Pony flank flanks the smoll hosr forced into the tree library still being aggressively kissed by Pinkie Pie.
>All the ponies gone and the door closes.
>The ambience of Ponyville as yet another Thursday passes by.
>Eventually Twilight Sparkle purple unicorn with a satisfied smile turns off the camera.

366665 366668 366684
>Be the filly.
>Whatever you say, boss...your eyes are stuck shut with the glue of puffy eyes and eyelash-sand.
>You shift your leaden skull off of the surface that it was resting on, only to hear a few quiet 'pings' from your sideways movement.
>Your neck hurts, and your flank feels like you've been sitting pretty on concrete for days.
>Your eyes tear right open as you realize where you're seated.
>You had been up late into the night practicing on a few new instruments.....and perhaps drinking a few pints...
>...of vodka.
>Turns out, with a few vigilant talent-seekers coming through Ponyville and talking between each other the last few months, you've actually been picked up!
>Part of you is excited to
>While Pur....Twilight is more than proud of you being able to make money, she still insists that you avoid touring and keep living with her, for the time being.
>Hey, it's free rent.
>That stray thought makes you feel pangs of guilt, starting from the tip of your useless little horn and shivering its way to your flanks.
>You hear the intrusive thoughts getting louder: 'She's not just your landlord, she's your friend. Even if she is a little pushy about getting you to socialize. She cares. You piece of shit. You owe her the company at least. Drink some water, you shitfaced horse.'
>Shit, yeah, now you're awake.
>You bop yourself on the side of your snout, before you sit upright and blink the mismatches out of your crossed eyes.
>You shakily manage to nudge yourself off the piano bench and land on all fours, though not without a stumble and a sickly belch.
>Tomorrow night you'll be playing with a small band for a club a few hundred strong. You don't even remember the name of the joint, but you did put a post-it on the vanity in your room. You spare a glance and-
>Let's not look at the vanity again until the show.
>You contemplate a little hair of the dog, but a gentle knock on the door startles you.
>"Anon? You didn't talk or eat dinner last night. Are you alright?"
>Your lips move before you can stop them:
"I'm not a kid. I didn't have dinner OR breakfast back-"
>Your words catch in your throat when you realize you're raising your voice.
>Best to rip off that band-aid and just open the door.
>"It's alright. With the stuff you've been recomposing for Ponyville...I can understand the...aggression coming out sometimes."
>You can't tell her the music isn't at fault, because that might open you up to further questions. So you accept her excuse and nod.
"I'm still sorry. But anyway, I'll be alright with what I dra--eh, ate last night."
>Nice save, dickhead.
>"Well...apology accepted. Do you feel like talki-"
>She stops mid-word, her head dipping down.
>Your heart aches a little.
>Don't be an ass. At least come up with an excuse.
"I-- I mean, no, like, there's nothing really to talk about. I just felt like a drink."
>She looks over your shoulder.
>You are nowhere near tall enough to conceal the interior from her.
>The floor is littered with bottles. She counts at least five bottles beside your piano itself, and a small pile of malt drinks next to your bed.
>You got a magically-sealed cooler and used it to stuff...liter-bottles of vodka and cheap mixers in.
"Perhaps I get a bit....in-character, when I play."
>"Uhhh, huh..."
>You don't know how to feel about this tone, but it's not deadpan or angry.
>She doesn't say anything for a few seconds, but when you look up at her, her horn lights up and you can hear glass clinking.
>"Well, Anon. Why don't we go do something today? I've finished my paperwork for the mayor's office and the stuff left over from this morning can be taken care of by Spike if you want to go anywhere."
>You hum to yourself. You've been able to at least convince one bartender in Creatureville that you're not just a little filly.
>Problem is, he's a griffin, and most of his clientele aren't exactly as calm and kindly as Twilight would appreciate.
>She clearly doesn't like the company you keep, but she keeps her lips sealed about it.
>Let's not...frazzle her too much today.
"Well. We could...go for a little hike in the Everfree. It shouldn't be overly dangerous these days, right?"
>She claps her hooves together with a dull 'clop clop,' wings splayed and her face shining with excitement.
>"Great! I'll pack snacks."
>Your stomach rumbles mere seconds after she's teleported out of earshot.
>You're not sure if you're hungry or you need to find the castle lavatory...
>You stumble out of your room and place all chips on brown.
>Suggesting a hike in your state might have been a mistake.
>Nothing you can do about it now but clean yourself up...
>Part of you is excited to
>Part of you is excited to become the rockstar, but the rest of you is getting hard to silence.
366680 366686
>As you trot along the trail Twilight had paved around the castle's front entrance, the two of you get to lighthearted small-talk about your job.
>There's a lot of budgeting and paperwork, and you're paid based on how much you make for the agency.
>Really, this isn't much different from being a cut rate country musician back home, but despite the snooty Manehattan attitude of your 'guy,' you do appreciate having things to do.
>After some walking, the two of you eat egg-and-daisy sandwiches beside a quietly-roaring rapid, and you enjoy the feeling of mist sometimes brushing your ear while you eat.
>You couldn't tell her what you think of the crowds at this point.
>By now, there's a decent chunk of the Ponyville populace who attend most of your concerts in town.
>You're okay with a few ponies around the park bench, but some of these clubs are really seedy and your tiny filly body simply wasn't made for biker-club looking minotaur or griffin hangouts.
>There seems to be a fair bit of...instability in the audience too, when you play.
>The few who are persistent enough to ask probing questions about you usually get a boilerplate response.
>You don't like to get too personal. This is all just music from back home. Even if...some of it kind of is personal in nature.
>Okay, most of it is.
>You visited a studio the previous day before you came home; you picked out a band of two ponies to work the drums and piano, who are at the moment disposable.
>You silently kick yourself for thinking that thought. They're not disposable. They got horse taxes to deal with too.
>But...it is true, they're only showing up for a couple concerts because the agent wants the accompaniment for some of the songs.
>Otherwise you're mostly stuck to the solo guitar act right now.
>You're getting sick of the guitar.
>You love the sounds it can make...when played right. And you are quite adept at it now.
>But you also feel like a massive tool, even if what you're doing isn't that pretentious.
>Or is it?
"Agh. Shut the fuck uuuup..."
>"Oh, sorry. I'll just..."
"What!? Nonono, sorry, I didn't mean--"
>She quickly shifts from flustered to a more passive concern.
>"Anon....what were you thinking about?"
"Nothing, really. It's stupid."
>"It's not stupid if you're entertaining it in the first place. And especially if you're sounding that angry about it."
>She's got you.
"I don't know. I guess I just wanna do better and I'm not sure I know how. The money's not really that big of a deal even though my agent keeps pushing me to consider money important. At the least, I've paid off the stuff I owe you, at least aside from paying rent--"
>"And you will never, ever have to pay rent around me. Just keep me company once in a while and the debt's zeroed out. Okay?"
"I will, I will."
>Part of you doesn't like the answer you just gave. You don't know why.
>"That tone of voice says more than the words, you know."
>You glance up at her face, and her stern, yet slightly downtrodden gaze meets yours.
>You feel yourself shrink a little involuntarily.
>"Am I a bad friend?"
>Panic sets in.
"No I--! Twilight you're great, really! You're doing great, and you are great. You've stuck your neck out for me how many times now? You care, and that's more than I can say for most of the audience at those shows."
>She softens up a little, but seems discontent as she looks forward again.
>"I wish I could get in your head, Anon..."
>You've got to make it up to her. You don't know how but you just do.
>You don't speak for a few minutes. You're simply trying to put how you feel into the right words.
>She's done so much for you.
>You really never deserved her help since going filly. You've been a brat, and an unstable mess at that.
>But she can get so pushy! Sometimes you just wanna stay inside and read some comics, or listen to your home-brewed vinyl records thinking back on your life. Is that so much to ask?
>Thinking back on your life doesn't require half a handle of tequila. She's concerned for you.
>You know what to do.
"I've got a song I wanna share with you. Personally. No crowd, no record label, just us. I hope that's alright."
>"Of course. Want to head back and 'jam' while we sift through my mail?"
"Sounds perfect. But you'll have to bring it to my room, if that's okay."
>"Why's that?"
"Well I can't rightly carry a piano through that castle, can I? Your paperwork's lighter anyway."
>She chuckles, a wing placed on your back.
>"Alright, fair. But I'm picking up your trash first."
"Oh, alright mom."
>She lets out a little bashful titter, her wing tousling your mane.
>You really don't deserve her.
366683 366687
>You enter the castle behind Twilight and quickly prepare for your music, allowing the princess to grab her paperwork.
>She seems hesitant to let you go, like the second she rounds a corner you'll disappear on her or do something dangerous.
>Despite this, you make it to your room and pick songs out from your mental library.
>Something softer, that much is a given.
>Your eyes pan across your room, and immediately regret it.
>Maybe this room was a little bit plain when you moved in with the princess, but now...
>Setting aside the bottles and trash, this place has seen better days.
>You haven't opened the blinds in weeks. There's dust on the windowsill and the top of the headboard. The little sunlight that makes it inside shows that the dust isn't localized to those places either, but floating around freely.
>Your bed hasn't been made since the sheets were washed a month ago. The topsheet is all you really use, especially with summer being the way it is.
>Not wanting your room to worsen Twilight's mood, you decide to change this.
>Pulling the bottom sheet from your bed with your teeth is a frustrating ordeal, but you've done it a few times by now.
>You decide to fold the covers and put them atop the stripped bed for now, and you set the bunched up sheets on the bottle-less side of your bed.
>Knocking some of the dust off the windowsill makes you regret your decisions a little, but after a quick sneeze and dusting off your fetlock with your other hoof, you pull the blinds open.
>The sky is gorgeous and brightly lit with only a few thin clouds in sight. Although...your eyes do ache a little, especially after your hung-over hike.
>Note to self: buy shades for future shows.
>It seems that she's surprised to see you in the sunlight.
>You don't quite understand why, until you glance toward the reflection in your vanity:
>You're a fucking mess.
>You didn't even shower before that hike. Gross.
"Sorry for the mess. If it makes you feel better...I'll keep the blinds open. And...I'll get a bigger wastebasket."
>She lets out a little sigh, approaching your side and resting her wing on your back again.
>She lifts up your vanity and sets it down to her side so she can use it as a desk for her paperwork.
>The sound of her heavy stack of bills and treatises on the thin, simple space makes you jump.
"Goddamn. Er, anyway. There are a lot of songs that popped into my memory the last few months. And...I'm not used to having a band with me, so some of them don't quite translate as well as the folk punk stuff I started with."
>She doesn't reply, simply following along with you as you come to rest on your piano bench.
>Her wing doesn't leave your spine for a single second.
>"Did you have something specific to share with me?"
"Actually...yeah. This one might be easier to understand if I share a few things with you, so feel free to do what you wanna do."
>She doesn't waste a moment, her magic encompassing every remaining bottle in your room. She lifts her other wing, revealing a trash bag.
>The clanking of glass is...distracting. But in a way it also reminds you why you want to play this song for her.
"There's this film back home. It's called...Willard. The main character is a man in a big, worn down home with his mother. He doesn't...have a lot of friends."
>She listens intently, still maintaining the contact and even leaning a bit closer to you.
"His mom gives him a surprise birthday party, and all the guests are her friends. I hope I don't have to explain that it doesn't feel great. So...he leaves. And he feeds bits of his birthday cake to some rats that he finds there. But his mom just sees rats in the house and tells him to take them away and drown them."
>"That doesn't sound like a story with a happy ending."
"Well...this is merely a small portion of the setup. He hears them squeaking and crying and can't bring himself to do it. He keeps these rats as pets instead. And they are his closest friends."
>She smiles gently, hopefully.
>"Does he learn something about finding friendship from..."
>Her words trail off.
>You shake your head, avoiding her gaze.
"No....no. The story gets...grim. But, one of these rats is named after a philosopher from ancient Greece. Socrates."
>She seems to light up, although it's tempered by her misgivings about this story of yours.
"He was a great man. One of the things he is known for is an allegory. Think of a bunch of ponies, who were from a young age, but not from birth, chained to a wall inside of a deep, dark cave. The only things they can see are shadows from the light outside. But, one day, someone manages to escape their restraints and see the outside world. But they can't understand what he's trying to explain..."
>You chuckle slightly at the schizophrenic ramble you feel like you're on.
"But...another time I could give the whole lesson."
>"Of course, Anon. But, what does all of this have to do with this film? And....how does this relate to the song you wanted to play?"
>You wish you could get into it with this cute mare, but...unfortunately, you're a little low on energy today, especially after going on that hike.
"Maybe I should just skip the preamble and get to the song, huh?"
>"Alright. I understand."
>As you begin to tap at the piano to set the rhythm, you glance around the room, to see almost the entire space is cleared.
>Even your sheets have been teleported out, presumably to the laundry room...
"Thanks again Twilight. For the pickup, for accompanying me...for everything."

>Here goes nothing...
366690 366882

You know I couldn't hurt a fly, my friend
I'm not the type to step on ants.
I've nearly cried for moths that die at porchlight lamps,
More for the plight of mice than men.

See, I myself have been stepped on so many times,
It's started to feel like my place.
I failed to fit into those nests that scrape the sky.
Is there room for me in your cave?

>You swallow slightly, steeling yourself a little.
>You don't want to fuck this up, not in front of Twilight.
>So you play a brief reprise of the notes to work away the welling of emotions inside you.
>It only takes that verse for her to understand what you're getting at.
>However, the show must go on.

Animals are people too, but these people are animals.
Hunt in packs and act as though it proves they can't survive alone.
And I guess wе just evolved disgust for prevention of infection, though
Shame was an invention made for prisons, pales, and pest control.
Yeah, sure, thumbs are great and all...

But I just get bare necessities,
Hakuna matatas and c'est-la-vies.
Que sera sera's, what a crock, I mean
Big talk for a chimpanzee!

You might seem behind bars, but friend, this cage is inside oouuuut...
It's awful out here, Socrates.

>You can't quite stop yourself from tearing up a little.
>You can't just stop now. There's so much more to say, and you won't accept this private performance unless it's perfect.
>This has been on your chest for far too long.

I've never understood what humans do and want;
It's quite confusing to me to try to connect.
Never learned how I should feel, instincts somehow stunted,
Just seem haunted by my stupid urge to protect.

Until frustration makes me wish my teeth were sharp as yours,
Chew through their garage doors, these carnivores will no more use my heart!
They'll call me crazy but their words all seem made-up to me.
Maybe they just need more friendship like yours!

So gather 'round Pandora's Skinner's Box, look through the one-way mirror.
If you can see in shades of gray the colors are much clearer!
Oh, my friend, you've got a friend in me.
Let's go and make more enemies.
Although my eyes face forward, climb up on my shoulder,
Sure you'll see my point of view, I'd bring you with me

To the office in my pocket, but the world would put us down,
Lock me up and toss the keeee-eeeyyy...
You might seem behind bars, but friend, this cage is inside oooouuut...

It's dangerous out here, Socrates.
It's lonely out here, So-cra-tes...

>You breathe heavily as you play out the small melody at its end, eyes shut and tears streaming down your cheeks.
>Your voice is a lot more ragged than you expected it to get.
>You can't stop a hiccup from coming out, and with that the dam bursts.
>You don't sob loudly. You manage at least a quiet cry, for what that's worth.
>She hugs you closely from your side, gently hushing you.
>She...starts rocking you back and forth in your seat.
>Your eyes open as you stabilize enough for only the occasional shiver.
>"You weren't a pony before. You used to be a human, but you didn't belong there."
>You slowly, reluctantly nod, burying your face in her shoulder.
>"When you came out here, and saw everypony so...peaceful, even sometimes placid and simple, you thought you were...Willard, peering in from the outside, with all the knowledge we lacked. But now, as a unicorn with no magic and no conception of Friendship...you feel as ignorant and lost as the rat must have been. Maybe even moreso."
>You don't respond, simply staying wrapped up in her wings, trying not to make any more of a scene than you already have.
>"I think I understand everything I need to know, Anon. And I hope you know that whatever troubles you, I'll be here to help. Alright?"
>You peer up into her eyes, catching that gentle, sympathetic smile on her face.
>You stay nuzzled up against her for what must have been hours.
>By the time you disconnect, the sun is nearly completely hidden, and the castle and its surrounding clearing is blanketed with an eerie white glow from the moon.
"Thanks Twilight."
>"No, thank you. This is more than you've opened up in a long time...and I think I learned more from that song than from the last year living with you. Let's go out for a bite, how's that sound? Your choice where."
"You know what? Sure. Just...let me take a bath and clean up. I feel even grimier than I did this morning."
>She reaches her hoof over your neck, hugging you tight and squeezing like a heartbeat before she lets you scurry off to the bathroom.
Have read this part so far. Rockstar filly is neat. ^^
Thank you, and thank you as well for the oekaki.
Np. ^^ Hopefully it's the thought that counts even if the I'm not delusional about the qaulity of my drawings ^^I also don't have many fitting pictures for what I wanna express.
Now I have read this part.
Read this so far.
Now, I have read this.
Thank you for the draws, fren. It is indeed the thought that counts ^^
Filly power move: Bump!
There's really no point to bumping a thread that's on page 1 of its board as well as the overboard.
Yeah, I just wanted to type something with the picture I drew. ^^
Great read
Here's my weekly filly tribute.

Filly is sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
What spooked our gal, fellas?
Most likely? Niggel's plebbit furry futa history.

Slightly less likely? Unsolicited opinions on pissrahell by mason lodge police officer/alphagoy soup shills.
Can we NOT bring him up in every thread, please?
367002 367014
Bit disingenuous to complain about that when nigey is shitting everywhere else. Have (you) ever tard wrangle him before?
I remember nige only posts here to tell you how he's too much of a Chad for this "tranny isekai" thread.
I am well aware of him. That's besides the point. This thread is about Anon Filly.
367009 367014
Which filly r u? I think I'm the left one.
Right one without any doubt.
367015 367016
I did that dozens of times. All I got from it was a couple of butthurt mods that wouldn't do the right fucking thing.

Left, but it needs pineapple and hot sauce. Maybe some fried rice.
>hot sauce
>fried rice
367017 367018 367020
Anyone of you own any filly merch? I don't even own a pony plush. The only thing I own is an old pinkie pie plastic figure I got from buying a girl's magazine.
Ouch. Dat memory. ^^

As excepted by a burger? ^^

D: R u using a vpn?

R peetzer horse? ^^ >>366747 →
>As excepted by a burger? ^^
Shouldn't be a "?" here.
367019 367229
>Anyone of you own any filly merch?
Got the V1 and V2 Anonfilly plush what was sold in the /mppp/ threads on /mlp/. Other then that I have a Filly Patch.
>then that
than that....? Glim Glam probably know the right grammar here.
>As excepted by a burger? ^^
As gimma all that meat.
Burgers are the true food. Pizza.... nah.
Anonfilly and Trixie - I ain't scared.png

I need moar of this
Trixie leading the anonfilly army.
Big Filly
367038 367084
<Image because I can't find a better one for what I'm writing here.

>Arrive in Equestria.
>Be filly.
>Big filly.
>You're a green filly with black mane and question mark for cutie mark as per standard, however...
>You're not a normal pony.
>You're race is that of the mythical Trojan Horses, far in the eastern realms of Equestria.
>You're told that they grow to rival even ancient dragons in size.
>Their hooves grow to be the length and width of redwood trees.
>However, you're still a filly, with the hormones of a filly and mood swings of one.
>You're past life seems so distant these days and your more fillish for every day that passes.
>You live in the crystal tree palace with Princess Twilight Sparkle as your guardian.
>Today is friday and a school day.
>As other fillies and colts enter the classroom almost two at time, you have to squeeze and duck through the door frame.
>When you last wisited Canterlot with mommy Twilight, you had meet the first pony you didn't need to look down to talk to: Princess Celestia.
>However, you'r body was much chunkier than hers, and more filly.
>You navigate carefully as not to bump into any desk.
>You sit down into the costume-made chair and desk that the Apples made especially for you.
>It's a lot bigger than the other ones in the classroom and holds your weight.
>During Cheerlee's lecture, you feel something hit your back.
>You look down and see a small crumpled up piece of paper.
>You look back and as expected find Diamond Tiara looking at you meanly.
>She stick her tongue out at you.
>You're angry but you ignore her; mommy Twilight told you that, "they are just doing it to get a reaction from you, if you ignore them, they'll get bored and stop".
>You turn away and focus on the lesson.
>Your mommy is very smart but you're starting to doubt her words; Tiara has been doing this for a while now.
>During recess you just wander around aimlessly.
>There are a very few games you can do due to your size.
>You can't swing on the swing set because last time you did you broke not only your seat but toppled over the whole set.
>You suck at hide and seek because last pony found gets to seek next game so if you don't get it first time, your not gonna get it.
>Jumping-rope is literally impossible because they don't have big enough ropes for you.
>The other foals complain if you join them in football or soccer, especially if you're the goalkeep.
>It's always that either you're too big or things are too small for you.
>Inside activity is more fun: Drawing, reading and other such stuff.
>There are activities which you are proficent in or that you find found but other foals don't do those outdoor activities either because you're overpowered in them or because you they prefer other things.
>It's fine though: Copium (kappa).
>You just wander around the schoolyard most of the time.
>It's kinda peaceful if nothing else.
>However, a certain someone has lately decided to follow you around to make your life a livving hell.
>Today is not different.
367080 367082 367084
>"Hey, fatso," you hear the voice of Diamond Tiara say from behind you.
>You look back and see that she's not alone, Silver Sppon is tagging along behind her.
>You know you shouldn't reply but you can't help yourself.
"I'm not fat."
>"Oh, sorry. I meant, hey freak."
>She grins a wicked smile at you.
>You turn away from her.
>You're unfortunetly on the backside of the school where few other students are.
>Tiara probably followed her in her aimless wandering and started harassing her here were there basically no witnesses.
>You start to increase your pace to get out of her but despite her short legs, Tiara easily keeps pace with you by lightly jogging.
>She was lighter as well afterall.
>She steps in front of you.
>"What's the rush, huh? Need to pee?" she asks.
"No," you answer back.
>You try to step around her but she moves into the way.
>You stop again as she bodyblocks you again.
>You glare at her for a moment but you look down as you face her gaze.
>"Tiara, let's go a rope-jumping, this is boring," says Silver Spoon as she walk over to Tiara lightly tugging her tail.
>"What? No, rope jumping is lame besides..." Tiara says but trails off as she notices that you have moved passed her while she was distracted.
>She quickly catches up to you.
>Where are you going, huh?" she asks and then punches your barrel right next to where it connects to your hindleg.
>She has been hitting you for so long that she has found your body's weakpoints and has beens tartign to exploit them.
>It really hurts.
"Argghh!" you yell and suddenly you see red.
>Your yell comes out like a booming roar.
>You turn on Tiara and shove her with one hoof.
>She rolls a few feet across the grass.
>You step over her and hoist one of your front hooves into the air, its ready to punch the filly below you.
>Tiara's eyes are wide and her pupilsare pinpricks.
>Her mouth hang slackjawed as she lays on her back.
>You eyes are filled with hate but soon they are filled with uncertainty.
>You just hold your hoof in the air.
>"Anonymous! Don't you dare!"
>You look up and find an angry Cheerilee running over towards the two of you.
>You start to walk away in the opposite direction from your teacher, along the shool building's backside wall.
>"Oh, you don't walk away from me missy. Anonymous stop!" she shouts after you .
>You're anger reignite again.
>Tiara started it.
>You clench your face into a point in subdued rage but your head hangs low.
>"Anonymous, I know you can hear me. Stop right there."
>You anger flares up again and you deliever a punch with all your might into the school building.
>Wood snap and crack.
>Vertical wood ledges and wooden boards shatter and just fall off.
>A spiderweb of crack and dangling wood surrounded crater that you made upon impact.
>As you pull back your hoof, isolating matter that itch but look a bit like yellow cotton falls out of the hoof-sized hole in the wall you created.
>Nopony says anything for a moment.
>The rage is gone now.
>It's almost peaceful after you let it all out but you can feel a dread creeping into your heart.
>You dare yourself to peek over at Cheerilee.
>You find her standing nearby, staring at you in shock.
>Then she gethers herself and says in a quiet voice.
>"I'm gonna call Princess Twilight. We need to discuss this. Until then, I want you to stay in my office."
>You look away.
>That was the one things you didn't wanna hear.
>"Uhh, look dude. It's not gay. We're wrestling."
>You're hurting her. Stahp!

This has a continuation. I will eventually write it.
Those are really neat Fillies.
Ty c:
^^ bretty acurate
Is this the end of the line for filly?
>Be Copper Top
>You have a frowny disappointed face.
>It's not usually like that,
>Some boozed up street punk filly just sleeping on the bench with four bits had to be dumb.
>That by itself wouldn't get the scruncher all twisted up.
>It's what she's sleep talking.
>"-mnm hores lan-"
>She might be in the pleasure industry without a license, or worse.
>A question mark for questionable choices.
>You can feel the reporters and your boss's boss's boss going to grill this 'young mare'.
"Time to wake up."
>"g'way no hoofs."
>I'm going to need backup to safely move this foal.
367190 367196 367197
<"-mnm hores lan-"
Sadly, I haven't followed the 4chan cup so I don't follow u on that one.

>Still be Copper Top.
>You ended up taking the foal into custody, literally.
>Now, you're her guardian.
>The higher up thought that since she's still so young, it wouldn't be good to bring her to a prison.
>It also helped her case that a cutie mark was consulted to give her opinion on the filly's mark.
>It could mean, as first was assumed, to make a destined for quiestionable choices -- about a third of the inmates in Equestria's prisons have a cuite mark relating to crimal activity.
>This expert thought differently:
>"Ah, tink e coud b a mak four snoopin'," she said and tipped fedora.
>In other words, if her moral compass was improved upon, she might become an asset to the force by becoming a great detective one day.
>The higher up then decided that (you) should be the one to foster this talent due to squeaky clean and reform this young, and probably criminal, young lady's life.
>So that's the backstory why you're now letting this filly into your apartment in one of the skyscrapers in Manehatten.
>And why she wears a magical collar around her neck.
>his talent due to squeaky clean
Due to your squeaky clean record
<mnm hores lan
Drunk sleepy for I'm in horse land.
<tfw Anonfilly is now detective Conan or Sherlock because not blinded by horsery.
>You're still Copper Top
>Your record is skyrocketing even further.
>Because of one pain in the flank and over all headache, that drunk bench filly.
>Schooling is a disaster.
>A social pariah, menace, chocolate dealer and homework fixer.
>She only covers enough so the school can't catch it, but enough clues to train a whole forensics division in her ways.
>Because you asked her to make a promise to do that.
>Behind all that she's out of her element with Equestrian social cues.
>Her heart right there for everypony to see, yet a whirlwind of contradictions.
>On the streets she's too aware of the most heinous aspects of society.
>Now she's walking with you back to your home after school.
>Usually she mouths off at everypony and everything, typically in high risk cases like hers cracking down on everything is done.
>She's atypical.
>"Keep your eyes up popo pony, some dealer will be up ahead. Just roast me over some school thing she'll be in a drooping saddle bag. Yellow with a black mane. I'm pretty sure her cutie mark is poppy seeds but she deals the hard stuff that's laced with something extra."
>There's an understanding.
>But that also means a bit of fun very light ribbing.
"Anon I can't believe you barely got a D in history. Especially about hoofball."
>Behind those jaded, darkened eyes, is a heart that cares a bit too much.
>Yammering about grades and homework and reports and how important it is, you see the suspect from the edge of your vision.
>Yet again Anon picked out the training mare.
>Merry Poppy manages to be just unhinged enough to scare most foals, mares and stallions straight when deployed to an area.
>More than that Merry blends right in when she wants to.
>Passing by far enough you ask the question needed for the report.
"Why do you suppose she is one?"
>"Her eyes aren't as bright. But not that dark so she's actually someone posing as a dealer for this test. It's how she moves its practiced. The bags being different tells the modification she has is different. But above everything all you ponies just aren't good at deception."
"Let's get you that raise so I can invest it."
>Thankfully she more than did so.
This image makes me think of Rollercoaster Tycoon when you pick up visitors in ur park with pincher and drop them off somewhere else.^^

Took me a few reads to understand this one, so I know who wrote it. I don't even have to use my knowledge of the ocult. ^^
367208 367210
>"Fluttershy, are you sure abbout this? I don't think that's an animal you tame."
>being pampered by Flutters and away from Purple
Filly best wish.
>:anonfilly:Stop trying to tame me!
>The whole town was startled by a loud "REEEEEEEEEE"
Yeah, that is what happned in Assfaggot's story so I'd say it's canon.^^
I was looking for a specific image where a robot-pony hugs an anonfilly and says, "You are appriciated, autism support horse soft toy." on my computer but couldn't find it so you get this instead lol.
Pick ur mom.
>You arrive to the castle late at night
>Berry may not have wanted to give you any drinks
>But drunken Berry didn't have nearly as many reservations about a drinking buddy
>Even if said buddy was underage
>On the outside, of course
>You're a grown man...
>But fuck, what do these horses put in these drinks?
>That was just a cup of cider
>Cider! For Celestia sake...
>Fucks sake
>And even your humanity is slipping with this swayed mind
>"Anon? Is that you?"
>Fuck, can't let purple see you like this
>You try and turn to get on the first room to your right
>But your mind immediately nopes away, keeping momentum forward and falling on your sides
>You hear a flap of wings coming from the stairs
>Why is the ground so close, everything is spinning...
>A large purple hoof picks your face, lifting you to look at your face
>"What happened? Are your hurt? What's this smell?"
>Oh, you can answer that last one
>You vomit all over her belly, the quick pull of your face disturbing everything inside you just enough
>Twilight meanwhile is so shocked she can only stand there as you finish emptying your stomach
>...that's a lot for one cup
>Eh, at least it should have cleared the alcohol stench from your mouth
>Now she will never know~
>"You went drinking, didn't you?"
>Your features don't show your shock, still groggy and a light headache slowly making itself known
>But your eyes do manage to focus on her face for once
>And especially her glowing horn
>Fuck magic
"Fuck ma-"
>As you open your mouth for the A, your body feels like it's the perfect time for a second round
>But before anything comes out, you feel your world blink away, changed from her embrace into a cold bathtub
>Shit man, this shit is gonna stick into your fur if you don't get out quick
>You get on the opposite side of the tub, dragging yourself across the white ground
>Not long after, the door to the bathroom opens
>And almost immediately the water starts filling the tub
>Wo- wha-
>Your state makes you slow to react to the raising water
>You do manage to raise your head above the water despite everything at least
>And the a large purple mass joins you in the tub
>"What am I gonna do to you?"
>Oh, it's Twilight
>You try saying as cutely as possible, mares can't resist cute fillies
>Unless said filly literally barfed on them not even 5 minutes ago, you think to yourself
>Twilight unceremoniously shoves a potion to your face, levitating away the grime
>As the water keeps raising, she places you on her belly so you don't get drowned
>Finally, as it gets to her neck, she shuts it off
>Soaking with you in her embrace under the warm water
>You almost feel like this is some sorta reward with the comfy
>Until you open your eyes and look at her face
>You immediately look away, trying to recover the comfy imagery your mind had printed
>You're not in Twilight's hooves
>This is some sort of beast thinking what it will do with her prey in its clutches
>Ignoring the visage, her hooves cleaning your coat do feel nice
>And as much shit you give her, you know Twilight is trying her best
>"Hold your breath"
>Her words come as a surprise, breaking the silence
>Booping your nose, her large hoof leaves some dripping water, forcing you to hold your breath for a second
>You think about shaking your head to clear it, but you don't get a chance as she forcefully dips your head down
>She brushes your face with her fetlocks before releasing you
>And you promptly come back up with a gasp
>Things are clearer and not spinning as much and you almost dare to speak up to Twilight
>But laying on top of a larger mare as she looks down so sternly like this shuts you up immediately
>Specially since you know you fucked up
>But you did what had to be done for a man to get his godly beverage dammit
>Even if it wasn't even 10% alcohol and just a cup
>So all you do is scrunch and look to the side
>She goes on to clean herself, her movements surprisingly calming under the water
>Despite the storm going on above in her head
>She finishes with a sigh, likely coming to a conclusion
>"You're grounded"
>No shit sherlock
>What you dread is whatever she says next
>So you just wait for it
>And wait, as both of you just soak in the warm water for a bit longer
>Finally she does something
>Which is to get both of you out, still no words spoken
>She materializes two towels, cleaning you with one while draping herself on the other
>All in silence
>You feel much better already, whatever that potion she gave you was revitalized you right up
>Maybe not as new, but you can certainly stand up and look around with no issues
>Finishing cleaning you, she turns to dry herself out
>Still not saying a word
>Okay what the fuck is going on?
"Cmon Twilight, spit it out. What is my punishment? What the fuck do you want me to do?"
"Because I'll say this was...was more than..." - You actually want to say it was worth it, but staring at her just leaves you at a loss of words
>She just stares down at you, her eyes stoic, looking down at your form
>"I'm disappointed"
>With that she merely walks past you, both towels levitating in her magic and not looking back
>You almost feel the entire world breaking down around you
>Two words...
>You...you needed that fix goddamit...
>To feel that sweet nectar burning down your throat
>Especially ever since you forcelly became a filly, lost your humanity...
>You just wanted to forget it all, get back to old times...
>You fucked up
>You plop your rear on the ground, wondering if it was all worth it
>You really don't deserve Twilight
>The one mare who fucked everything up
>But the one mare who's been trying her best to help you acclimate to the new world
>Hell, since forever even
>And now you...
>Your mind throws a blank, those two words echoing in your mind
>I'm disappointed, you keep hearing, even though she's long gone
>The grounding doesn't even matter anymore
>You just hope you can make it up to her somehow...
Top tier filly. This story has a great mix of almost all anonfilly elements: Cute, comfy, mischievious, stern motherly twi and filly wanting her old man body back.
>Be Anonfilly.
>But sharkfilly.
>Swim around in the depths below.
>Feel the splashing of hooves on the surface.
>See purple rump.
367274 367291
>I honestly don't know what you were expecting
This, perhaps?
Filly rules over the ball.
>Small horses wants the meat.
Beware of Piranhafilly.
367284 367291
>This is Anonymous
>He used to be a human man
>Now for complicated reasons he is now a gril smol hors
>because of magic and plot reasons, Anon now a Filly must flirt with every living being that is capable of speech.
>However, Anon is a shitposter probably and can misconstrue words to get through the day. Some day with practice.
>What do?

>Belly sliding to the kitchen because you're hungry but you see Purple Horse
>Oh no, magic tism
"Heey hot stuff what other kind of magic will you stuff inside me, then we'll talk about what a naughty naughty filly you've been."
>Twilight with all the grace of a hormonal hungry baby bursts into tears and tries to babble apologies.
"Oh baby momma is it you're looking so fine I could sink my theeth into you. How about we make for chow time, you make the noodles and I do the slurping."
>Twilight crys harder.
>Sliding like the childish retarded horse without a horse childhood you are to reach something you can eat.
"I know I'm so pretty it puts you to tears, but before we comfort each other let's put sweet stuff in each other's mouths. You know a way to a man's mare's heart is through her stomach."
>Twilight doing an impression of that kid from Ghost Stories talks mysteries then runs out.
>The problem with Twilight's tree library house is that she cleans everything and closes everything.
>Your body doesn't cooperate and it won't for another few days, but it's good the wood is so slick.
>Trying to kick and push at the cupboard, and just sliding away.
>Instead you think about better times.
>Then less than better times.
>"I-I'm back I brought fast food."
"Whoa sweet cheeks I'm so stunned by your cute brains I lost all bodily control, how about you feed me like one of your French Prench mares."
>She magic's food into your mouth through the air.
>Your fries are not crispy because of the waterworks
>It's salty though.
>how about you feed me like one of your French Prench mares."
>She magic's food into your mouth through the air.
Da fuck anon. You are so spoiled by those mares.
Whos the artist?
>Eat ur dinner, then dessert.
Here's his artist page on ponerpics:
Proof its the right guy:
Ponny is the name it seems, which now when I think of it is the swedish word for pony, or ponnyhäst Ponnyhäst=Ponyhorse but still. Probably, just a coincidence though. Like, people like misspelling things for kicks, like pone or hoers.
>"All fillies stand up for the horse anthem."

Hehe, but why is purps cruing? Who wouldn't like a filly to charm them. The most common sexual fantasy for most afterall is to be raped and dominated by filly.
Nice read.^^
I'm not touching that I don't wanna derail the thread. Globetarts^^
~Shoobido shoob-shoobido. Call upon the seafillies when your in success. Unhelpful as can be ponies, you soon send out and S.O.S.
Shoobido shoob-shoobido.~

Yeah, I didn't think about that.
I have seen piranha's in a tank once. I don't think they can be fillifed. ^^
I think bubblebutt would make for a great mom too. ^^
inb4 dark interpretation of image: Filly 'removed' Dinky and replaced her while Derpy is none the wiser cuz bad eyes.
File (hide): 52AF913C26A8E52010B6008A7D9872DD-8510358.mp4 (8.1 MB, Resolution:720x720 Length:00:00:16, zigger.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Filly showing contempt for the Equestria's flag
>Be Queen Chryssalis.
>Your body is mostly cole-black but parts of it is transparent smile green.
>For example, your mane and tail.
>Also, your wings are blueish insect wings wtih holes like cheese.
>Doesn't stop you from flying tho.
>Your hooves and horn have the same high amount of number of holes.
>Anyway, the lower part of your abdomen have pugdey bands of transparent green smile going across it.
>You rub it with a hoof and look at it with a pleased smile.
>You can see your entrails through the bands but you don't focus on that.
>It's the things that are inside of the bands that you look at.
>Changelings eggs in different colors; most are green, some black and a few a white as far as you can see from the outside.
>Bit like apples.
>It makes your look a bit obese.
>Your on your way to the brood chambers.
>You walk though stoney passages and enter a cavern with about a hundred similar green eggs but covered in a round slime cacoons attached to the floor.
>You walk pass the eggs through a tight path between them.
>You find a suitable free surface.
>You massage your green belly until your hooves are covered in green slime.
>You knead it a like dough before you spread it by tucking it like baker across the surface.
>Then squat down, spread your hindlegs far apart, and press out the eggs through your snatch onto the smile bed you made.
>The first are green; Nothing special: They will hatch in a month become drones.
>Drones were the grunts of changeling hierachy.
>They were the dumbest, basically animals, that just followed orders from greater changelings.
>They were one of four types you as the queen could produce on your own without help from any breederbug.
>You produced new ones around every full moon.
>They died early too; either by just working with hasardous and dangerous task, or by old age which for them was around five years at most.
>They would be hatched in about a month from now.
>There were cacoons in the chamber with you that had now small transprent bubbles with sleeping drone foals with in them, ready to hatch any day soon.
>The eggs you laid, you quickly packaged with the smile from the bed of it you made into small cacoons and then kneaded some of it at its base to attached them to the stone ground.
>After a several green ones you lay a few black eggs.
>You packaged them as well but your didn't fasten them to the floor.
>The black ones became brutes.
>Drones could be used for anything, including military matters but brutes were specifically made to defend the and fight for the hive.
>They were big and their only purpose was to fight things.
>The things changelings was that longer they stayed incubated for the smarter and the greater their lifespan.
>They grew to have more of an individuality too.
>The drones were all the same as far as anyone could tell but the higher tiers of changelings became more and more personally diversity.
>The black eggs would take about three months before they hatch.
>You didn't stick them to the ground here because you liked to keep it organized.
>You have a different chamber adjacent and short distance to this one where you put the brutes in.
>It doesn't much time to wrap green eggs in to nurising cacoons neither did it take much smile from your stomach folds but again as with everything: the higher tier of eggs the more of you need but the more you also got back.
>But the higher tier changelings were also more rare, in fact their rarity increased the better they were.
>You wrapped the eggs in more goo than the green ones to form their cacoons.
>When you finally finished wrapping these black and green eggs you hada few dozens of them and few hours had passed.
>You would move the black ones soon but you felt the familar pressure of more eggs pushing their way out.
>Next out was few white eggs.
>You lick you mouth.
>These were breederbugs.
>These were your concorts, they gave you pleasureful night and chance to lay eggs of even higher sophistication then what you could on your own, except for one type of egg.
>That egg was also something you'd lay on your own when the time came.
>You made thicker cacoons for the white seeds than the previous ones.
>They incubated for five months.
>You soon felt more more eggs pushing themselves out.
>The next eggs you lay were all of the higher quality and rarity than then ones before.
>You lay eight yellow ones, five orange ones, three red ones, and one teal one.
>You gasp and blink at the collection of eggs before you.
>What a day!
>What a brood!
>So many rare eggs, one of each type.
>You grin.
>You're giddy even.
>The yellow ones are the hive flying ace and leaders on the battlefield, they refered to as Aces.
>These ones would incubated for seven months
>The orange ones, were the infiltrators.
>They infiltrated pony society and ponynapped them back to the hive mostly but could do other things such as spying.
>These would take about nine months to hatch.
>They were similar to the average pony in terms of mental capabilities and individuality too.
>The red ones, were the nobles, her adviser and the changelings she delicated ruling tasks to.
>The incubated for eleven months.
>The teal one...
>She smiled at that one.
>Was the Magus, a rare and powerful spellcaster changeling.
>It would take thirtheen months for this one.
>She would be sore and dry in her belly folds after she finished the large cacoons that would be needed for some of these, especially the magus one.
>However, it would be well worth it
>She would just have to feast later on to regain it, was all.
>Then she felt it.
>There was an egg left.
>But it felt like it was stuck somehow
>You "grr" and sigh.
>You just kinda wanna be done with this at this point.
>You force it loose.
>It hurts for a moment but then you feel it sliding towards your snatch.
>Even thogh you feel like you just won the lottery you want more.
>You lay it and swing around.
>Couldn't be aother teal right?
>You blink a few times.
>Then your eyes widen.
>It's purple.
>You never got that before.
>But there is only one type left.
filly soon
367386 367387
>Still be Chryssalis.
>You let out a hiss.
>Its like something clutches your heart.
>You feel it in in your hooves; the blood in your vein are eitehr ice cold or boiling hot.
>You can't tell but its uncomfortable.
>Your hissing turns into panting.
>You breath heavy.
>You put a hoof to your forehead.
>Its like you have feber and your usually long, straight neck can't seem to support the weight of your head.
>You look.
>You look away.
>You look back again.
>The color remains distincly purple.
>Your horns lits up in arcane green light at its tip.
>The light shone doesn't change it.
>It's still clearly purple.
>Maybe it was miscolor.
>You don't know.
>It could happen.
>You look over at the rest of the eggs and back at the purple one.
>You always felt this way when you with unwrapped eggs; they were meant to be cacooned.
>However, the conpulsion to take care of the purple one was increadiblely strong.
>It would have to take priority.
>It was probably just because you were curious about and nothing more.
>So you dressed the other eggs up in temporal slim webbed shells for now, just keep them from getting too dry.
>They would have to be replanted into proper cacoons later.
>You web up the purple egg wtih care.
>Fasten it with sticky substance into your embrace and took flight.
>You fly through many pipe-like tunnels over large abyssal caverns and pass by many changelings.
>They salute you but you don't give them any attention.
>Only thing you care about is getting to your own private chamber and without having anyone see what you're carrying.
>Not that ayone could object to whateever you decide to do but because...
>You don't want anyone else to come with crazy early assumptions.
>You enter your private chambers through the balcony.
>Inside you find a handsome changeling, with a particularly tasteful jawline, laying on the a green slime bed.
>He's a relatively new breederbug and your current favourite lover.
>But now he's liability, or well he could serve a usage for yet again.
>With a posion joke in his mouth he looks flirtily at you.
>You put down the cacooned egg on the bed in.front of him.
>"Wos tis?" he asks. "Wasy purpel?"
>He doesn't get an answer as your horn lits up in green again and his neck cracks as it fold in on itself.
>You never like killing your changelings, not even the expendable drones.
>You don't feel bad but just wasteful.
>However, he'd serve a new purpose.
>You gurgle for a brief moment before spitting up acid onto him.
>After a while, you start to munch up the changeling remains of your previous night's lover.
>Your gonna need the sustenance to produce more goo and webbing for the cacoon.
>You can see the grandios shape and size of the cacoon the egg will need in your mind's eye.
>How, you don't know but the image is stuck in your mind.
>The cacoon has to be made so.
>You hear whining comming from the corner of the room.
>Upside done inside a green tube of slime hanging from the ceiling, is a pony mare.
>She has small inward bending area over her hooves, like the surface collapsed there and gave away.
>Kinda like if one has a fruit with a rotten area of it, one can presss into it make it bend inwards.
>The mare was brought back after a successful raid on a pony hamlet out in the nowwhere.
>You were informed by some infiltrators that she has a foal but he hasn't turned up.
>It's believe that she lured the drones away from her foal using herself as bait.
>The foal probably died by wandering alone in the wilderness in the end anyway.
>Foolish mare.
>So now she was here.
>You consume her love for her colt daily.
>When fully drained, she'll turn into a mindless drone that can serve the hive for a while if a bit shorter than a normal born drone.
>If she had been a male, maybe you'd considered turning her into a breeding bug instead if he had characterstics you sought for the hive.
>She looks at you in dread.
>Probably because you just eat the breeder bug she witness you having coitus with last night.
>You just grin at her.
>Your attention shifts back to the purple egg.
>You set about to work to create this masterpiece cacoon.
>It takes you the whole day.
>In the end, you don't wanna leave it for the other eggs.
>Usually, you just wrap it and its done but you keep getting caught up staring at every minute detail.
>For some reason,everything has to be perfect.
>Finally you force yourself away and back into the brood chambers at night and finished up the other eggs.
>You slump into your slime bed and wrap yourself in it and fall into a deep slumber.
>Next evening, you wake up and feel extreme pain and dryness in your abdomen.
>Dizzy and wobbling, you leave your chambers to seek out water and food.
>One of your adviser changelings asks you how you feel.
>You have half a mind to tell her to mind her own business but you don't wanna raise suspicion so you tell a half-truth: You laid good eggs yesterday and now you're dried up from all the cacoons you made.
>She pities you but is also slightly excited and bothered.
>Nobles see newborn nobles as both as an opportuinty to strengthen their standing in the hive among other nobles but also as a potential threat.
>You tell her that there will be three new nobles and leave her to her own thoughts.
>You return to your private chamber.
>You suddenly feel very paranoid and wonder if anyone else has been in here.
>You shake your head.
>Why would they?
>You look over to the cacoon your made for your purple egg and do a double take.
>What?! Is that? You think.
>A perfect green sphere with super smooth surfaces hangs in the air by a spider web of green slime attached to the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.
>The sphere is a giant.
>The largest cacoon, you'd ever made by far.
>In the very center of it, is a purple unmoving gas spreading out in all directions.
>It must be the purple egg that has reacted to the sensation of being in a cacoon.
>You have seen the process before.
>You walk over and touch the smooth surface.
"Could you really be..?" you ask aloud.
>"Could you really be..?" you ask aloud.
I felt the need to threw in a useless cliffhanger here, lol.
>You have canceled whatever plans you had that were agrresive.
>Any plans of explanding your hives territory but also plans that mean holding onto newly won territory.
>The nobles accept the your decision but with some resitance.
>They question why you have changed your tune to most plans.
>You give them no answer but placate them by delcating a lot of your own tasks onto them.
>They love feeling powerful afterall.
>You delegate most of your royal duties the more the days pass.
>After few months you no longer show up at certain meetings or courts.
>Most of your time is spent looking over the big cacoon in your bed chamber.
>You do wander to the brood chamber at least a few times a day to check on the other cacoons, especially the ones mades from the rare eggs but soon find yourself drawn back to check on the one in your bedroom.
>Everyday, you find yourself polishing it.
>Checking on it.
>You usually spend a lot of time wandering around your cacoons in the brood chamber to see that all is well but you almost have to force yourself there every day.
>It came natrually for you to check on them, to be intrested in checking on them but it's hard now to summon up that intrest when ever waken thought is focused on the cacoon in your bedroom.
>You have stopped breeding with the breeder bugs too.
>Something tells you not to breed now.
>You only lay green, black, and white eggs now.
>They take no time to wrap and the you have more important things to care for right now.
>Or do you?
>You go through a cycle everyday: You wake up inspect the cacoon in your bedroom over and over and over and over again, before your grow so hungry you have to leave for food.
>While your away from the cacoon you check on the other cacoons in the brood chamber before returning to stare at the big cacoon again until you fall asleep till next so you can do it all over again.
>However, there is also another cycle happening to you.
>A cycle of the mind.
>Should you kill it now?
>You know what happens if you let it grow?
>Although, do you and besides you don't even know what it is yet?
>For all you know, you went through all this work drone...
>No, that was what you said first couple of weeks but now it's been months and the cacoon is still filled with thick impenetrable green soup of somekind.
>The cacoon isn't due for a lone while yet.
>But it could be anything, couldn't it?
>You cringe.
>If this is not it, what is it like then?
>That thought made your hollow heart feel like someone wringed it like they would a wet rag.
>No no, it's fine. As I said before, if and only if it has a it will I accept it and then I can ponder what to do.
>The months pass like this.
>At a certain point, you began to read into your changelings behavior.
>They probably suspect what was going on.
>Though, they didn't bring it up but that was also why it was so suspicious behavior.
>They had stopped asking question on what you were doing in your bedroom all day.
>Maybe they given up on getting an answer since they got none but it seemed more like they knew what was going on.
>Or maybe it was just your crazy paranoia you'd gotten since you started to take care of the cacoon that no longer was a cacoon.
>A smol pitch black filly with with green mane like yours and bluish wings had formed in the cacoon.
>She floated in the center of the green soap, which strong green color had fallen off lately.
>A transparent mouthpiece that covered the filly's mouth but also her nostrils shoot out and spread out into many tendrils that went on to touch the inner surface of the sphere she rested in.
>It kinda looked like somone took a squid made out of bubbles and smeared its body over the mouth and nose and the let it's infinite tentacles spread out like plasma globe.
>You had seen this foal grow from a tiny black figure or speck into what it was now almost entirely.
>What set your head into chaos was the small bump on her head behind her horn that stood up through her mane.
>A black bump.
>It could be anything.
>The weeks passed though and everyday it grew to a familar shape.
>The day came when you couldn't make up excuses anymore.
>That's when rage came.
"Why did you come now, huh?" You stomp you hoof. "I'm only two centuries old."
>You have many times wondered if you somehow could have held back one laying this egg over the course of these many months but never as much has now.
>It did feel as if you forced it out.
>Perhaps, it was a choice thing.
>Perhaps you could have kept it inside you for a some decades more or a century perhaps.
>You look back at your foal.
>The tiny protrusion that sticks up out of her mane slightly ahead of her ears.
>A black pencil that breaks into four inwards bending tendrills with green orbs topping them off.
>Her crown indicated her as hive's leader.
>She was a changeling princess.
>This filly would one day take over the hive.
>Just like you had from your own mother.
>You thought you had it in you to kill it when you had confirmed your suspicions but now that you looked at her, you knew you couldn't.
>But you force yourself and hit the sphere regardless.
>Immidately, guilt wrecks your heart as the sphere shakes the hit is translated into it.
>The filly... You filly shut eyes become even more shut and cringled in fear.
>"Sorry sorry. Don't worry mommy is here," exits your mouth before you can stop it.
>It's been twenty-one months since you first laid the egg and now the cacoon is filled with nothing but a filly and water.
>It's like she's floating in a bubble.
>Suddenly, the mouthpiece falls out and the filly blinks awake.
>The sensation of drowning forces her hooves into failining action.
>That's when you notice how she's been floating all this time.
>Invisible organic string hold her up but her moving hooves tear through them with ease.
>Without their support, she sinks and lands on the spheres bottom that also doesn't support her weight anymore.
Yeah, in the end I hit the character limit so that was my solution.
What is new post? kek

Fine you little shit, I'll switch the servers over to FillyOS
No choice, I guess,

>t. the average filly enjoyer.
Writefag_Roulette posted his final story https://ponepaste.org/9354. Looking forward to reading it, I really really like the rest of his works.
AI MLPOL Pizza Party 2.jpg
Do fillies prefer their Suou diet or regular?
My money is on regular for extra fun and energy.
Now u know. ^^
Did they become friends?
367997 368013
>Did they become friends?

>Be Anon.
>The danger noodle hisses at you.
>He is coiled right in the middle of the path you take to school.
>You try to sho him with a hoof but he snaps at you.
>In the end you decides to go around him.
>Next day, he is still blocking your path in the same spot.
>This continues for a weeks.
>You walk home with youtt friend Aryanne.
>She is like, "Oh my gosh, can't even with this snake blocking the road. What douche."
>But you kindly inform her that you defend his NAP and that obviously he's not a fan of roads and therefore he is blocking this forest path in protest.
>You have created your onw private road around the snek that you lead Aryanne through.
>Another day you are surrounded by a foreigner gang of a zebra filly, a yak female? and a griffin bulldyke.
>They attempt to bully you of your lunch money.
>You fight them but they are too many.
>However, suddenly snek!
>He falls down on the yak from the trees and chase the bullies away.
>Now he hangs coiled around your neck like scarf wherever you go.
A-are you sure Filly?
"A-are yo sure, mah filly," you ask.
>Be Zala the filly zebra.
>You moved in with your aunt Zecora to explore the wonders of pony society.
>Equestrian culture has improved the living standard of the whole Savannah.
>Yet, the ponies asked for nothing back.
>You were one of the few whose entire family was brought out of poverty because the greatness of ponies.
>You decided to dedicate your life to repay your debt.
>...You also might have a slave/master fetish that you wanna experince here...
>But that's for another story, right now you're finally in the room of your best friend in Equestria, Anonymous Filly.
>And her snake.
>Her giant Everfree Python, that was coiled up on the floor, bathing in the afternoon sunlight commin in from the window.
"Are you sure it's- uhhh... safe?" you ask and gesture towards the snake.
>Anon looks in the direction of your hoof but not at the snake before looking back at you.
>"Whyyy wouldn't it be? See anything here that's gonna hurt you?" she asks with a goofy grin on her face.
>You blink.
"Uhh, the snake?"
>She smiles.
>She then walks over to the snake and pushes her face into the coil of the snake and under before pulling the whole snake up by her neck.
>The snake hisses a bit at this but still lets it happen.
>The snake is so big that Anon staggers to the side for a moment before regining balance again.
>You take a step back as she you see Anon trot over to you.
"Ah-ah p-p-please stay back a lil'-hmmm."
>"See, his harmless. Why don't you say hello, Nibble? This is my friend from school. She's a zebrapony. Her name is a Zala."
>The snake extends it's head like branch from a tree towards you as you back and back but sadly back into one of the room's corners.
>You find yourself face to face with giant snake.
>His cloven tongue quickly dart out and slap against your mouth before going back in again.
>"Aww, a lil kiss. I think he likes you," Anon says as she shuts her eyes in joy.
>But you barely notice, all your attention is on the snake in front of you.
>The rest of the visit ia rather snake free.
>Nibble slithers away somewhere in the house.
>However, he returns later in the evening when your gonna sleep.
>This is suppose to be a sleepover and you're dressed in your black and white striped pyjamas.
>Anon wears a pair boxers?
>You're gonna sleep in the lower bed in the bunkbed that's in Anon's room.
>Usually, Dinky, Anon's sister sleep in the bed below but she is staying over at another firends house.
>"Well, goodnight Zala. Sweet dreams," Anon says as she carries Nibble coiled around her neck up the ladder to the top bed.
"Uhh, you too but- but- don't you have like a box or something for- uhh... Nibble?" you ask.
>"Yeah, I do but I can't sleep without him anymore. I don't feel safe," she says, blushes, and pulls some black mane behind her ear. "I kinda use him as a bodypillow. WEll goodnight."
>About a half an hour later your start to hear snoring comming from the bed above you.
>You smile glad to know that Anon is still alive.
>You roll over-
>-And find Nibble slithering down the ladder.
>He's red eyes glow in the darkness with rest of his body is only seen like silhoute.
>Please don't come here. Please don't come here. Please don't come here. Please do-
>The snake dips his head underneath your cover near your hooves.
>Soon you find his tongue tickling the frog of your hoof.
>You force yourself not to move a muscle.
>Soon the unbearable tickling stops and he slithers further towards you, up between your legs.
>Soon you find his snout at your unmentionable ebony horsepussy lips.
>His body is writhing as he seems deterimne to burrow into you.
>You hold a hoof to your mouth to cover your incomming moans.
"No, please... haa. I'm... a-aaah. Saving... huh-uuuh. For Anon."
>The snake stopped.
>He slithered up your belly, soon he started to coil around you.
>When he was satisfied in his wrapping up of you, her put his head right under your chin, on your throat.
>There you lied for the rest night in the darkness but periodically feeling a cloven tongue lick your throat and scaly rope of about two-hundred pounds of pure muscles squeezing your from time to time.
>You didn't sleep that night.
>Anon climbed down the ladder.
>She wipes out the crust in her eyes and then they go wide.
>"Oh, htere you are Nibble. Aww, you're so kind keeping Zala company. You seelp well Zala."
>You nod at your friend with broken eyes.
>Next time, the two of your will have a sleep over at your place.
>In the everfree...
>What was the snake called again?
Ahem... We have a green troublemaker around.
Y u like this? When I get bad eqg bitches on mah diiiiick!
Anon is a faggot.
I hate how fast time passes, doesn't feel like this was 3 months ago. I still would like to do all of these things, but of course I have classes now and there's not much time, you've heard it all before. I'm sorry.
Filly Ham [⧸mlp⧸ The Antithology 2.0 submission].mp4
Bad anon.
That was rude but at least Filly got the ham.

368733 368734 368737 368756
Not a Anon filly poster but I'm suprised non of you here have been talking about this game https://store.steampowered.com/app/2602780/Filly_Astray/
WOW. Thanks poner.
because its made by a furfag tranoid. also heard it was a really short game.
Looks cool.
Any magnets?
nice thanks poner ^^
do you.png


I've eaten ants before, not really intentionally but they were on my slice of perfectly good pizza and I wasn't about to toss it. It really isn't bad unless they're the stinging sort
have a tija
>Dragon in the filly thread
>AI image I could've just generated myself
>Mane not even black
>Missing limbs
You're a nigger
for some reason I thought there was tija in here, thought I saw her in this thread in the past.
however the color is correct except for the eyes, thought they were brown for some reason.
Tija is commonly found around caves hissing at ponies that happen to be close, or stalking anon, and sometimes raiding an icecream truck that happens to get close to her stalking grounds.
You're free to make a Tija thread, if you wish.

Any :anonfilly: stories you guys would recommend to read in the doc? Any favs or something like that?
Depends on what you're looking for. Anything in particular? What have you already read?
369615 369638
I'm not looking for anything in particular. Anything you think is neat, I'll give a try.
I've read some stuff here and there by just lurking the thread. I remember I read assfaggot's green from the doc and one about Anonfilly being a feral everfree creature.
369625 369632
Both of those are on my list of personal favorites. Have you read any of the Writefag Roulette stories? They're all very well-written, though I'd recommend staying clear of Reckoning if you don't like really graphic content.
369627 369635 369638
Ty fren^^
Have read first ch of filly princess now. Am enjoying lots
369635 369638
Have read ch 2 now and on 3. Realized that I remember when this came out. Didn't really read it then and I have some vague memory that I thought it was so-so or something, tho I don't remember. But if I did, I couldn't have been more wrong. It focking great man. And I dread the fact that it only has six ch.
I <3 it. thanks again for the recomendation.
369635 369638
ch 3 is done^^
369635 369638
ch4 progress: 100%^^
369635 369638
I thought the whole shadow ponies would be a bit of detour but that was a nice twist and ending. (A+)!

That was great gonna continue reading the rest of this gentlemen's stuff. ^^

Here's an extra (you) again for that rec.^^
369675 369679
Awesome! Yeah, I'm kinda sad Writefag Roulette isn't around the filly thread anymore. I hope he's doing well for himself now, all of his stories are really high quality.
369665 369822
>Trust Once Lost [Chapter 23] (Fanfic Reading - Anon/Dramatic MLP)
369673 369805
Protagonist wasn't even anonfilly to begin with, author just set her as anonfilly for extra (You)s. I guess she's filly in a very loose sense, but not /mlp/ or /mlpol/ filly
my little pony - anonfilly - leaving - angry.gif
>author just set her as anonfilly for extra (You)s.
What a nigger.
Have read the spotted snek one now. The end:Filly is fine. She got this.^^
Spoopy for sure. Imo something like=(+)(-)(+) is my rating.

What even makes an anonfilly? Is it his tendency to spout channer lingo? Or is it the filly's endearingly brash demeanor thats there to compensate for loss of cock? Is it the background of anon being transformed by twilight? What if anon just became a filly upon arrival but still retained the token filly attitude and character? What if the filly overuses american contractions? What if he has odd mannerisms stemming from his past or upbringing?
How far can the filly stretch before it is no longer "Anon"?
That story has none of aforementioned Anonymous traits, it is just an OC wearing Anonfilly skin. But what traits make an Anonfilly an Anonfilly? And how much of those have to be lost before he is no longer Anonfilly?
I see a lot of modern fillies be portrayed as a completely different character than the nascent Anonfilly. It saddens me.
I think what makes anonfilly anonfilly is the presence of certain asocial characteristics be they actual autism-induced isolation, a depressive state that isolated Anon from interaction prior to being somehow brought to Equestria, or some form of schizophrenia that forces him to live away from society. Anonfilly by definition has to be a fish out of water, and I think that Trust Once Lost sort of tries to get at this, but from what I've read it falls flat. The character of "Green" is generally just a limp-dicked noodle, he lets his leg get broken by being an idiot, lets himself get rescued, lets himself be adopted off to applejack, lets Granny Smith soap his mouth for saying something vulgar with little protest... anonfilly absolutely would swear and get her mouth soaped by Granny Smith in the same situation, but Anonfilly would be incredibly angry or seething with resentment over it. I wouldn't put it past Anonfilly to push her over in the dead of night when she's walking to the outhouse and just stand over her with her hoof covering the old mare's mouth for over an hour in a bid to show she's not to be trifled with, then deny the whole thing later should Granny bring it up.
>>40617761 (replying to your post in the filly thread, I realized most of the way through writing this that it was a bad idea to post on /mlp/ as it discusses mlpol somewhat heavily and /mlp/ has been in a strange state lately)
Old anonfilly culture is effectively dead, the majority of the people left who've been around long enough to give a shit about filly culture are lurkers on the mlpol thread or have moved on to other threads/gone off /mlp/ during the time posting filly there was an instant ban. It makes me sad, but I'm too tired and busy to write the stories I used to. I wouldn't necessarily say that she always has to hate being Twilight's charge, that's a very solid source of conflict but there are other good ones out there that don't undermine her intelligence or make her no longer be anonfilly. She can be a schemer who begrudgingly enjoys the physical comforts Twilight provides while outwardly being coldly aloof towards her, a broken Anon who is desperate for physical contact and changes somewhat to appeal to Twilight's whims so she can get the support she craves but never stops being a little shitposting faggot, etc.
I kinda wonder if the mlpol thread should be somehow brought up more often on /mlp/, I'm generally the person who remakes this thread when it dies, and since nobody ever changes the OP (myself included) it seems like a somewhat bad idea to just slap the current mlpol thread link as the "sister thread" as offboarder weirdos who are just passing by are now going to be exposed to this little community, and might even go and try to whine about the content on the site. I don't want that, but since this place is the last bastion of true anonfilly culture as I see it, I don't just want it to die off while the /mlp/ Anons parade around filly's corpse. Curious what you think, but I have to go work on final preparations for this semester now so I'll be a while replying
369827 369966
I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly sure Trust Once Lost was written here.
It's not the oldschool anonfilly because that's the point. At that point in time purple has been done to death as is Filly Anon classic.
A permutation of how far would changing the body change the mind.
Trying to branch out to cover different flavors what what anonfilly could be.
It was fun while it lasted. We all miss the orginal raw unfiltered first rough Anon turned into a filly for shits and giggles.
At that point in time it's been done for so long and so much it's hard to keep making it fresh and new.
After a long break in content of anonfilly classic, and specific anon turned filly there's a demand for it once more.
For what it is and the (heh) time period it arised in its a nifty time stamp of a different style of what is anonfilly.

In this Trust Once Lost hits a little differently because it's not about old school anonfilly, it's the anonfilly who because of the body can't quite have that rough edge desperately craved along with everything else.
Just like Orange, Green, Blue Teal ect. I too wouldn't consider them to be the same, but I also think that's the point.
A branch of experimentation a different variant, a new genetic offshoot.
So should it be called anonfilly?
I don't know, but as a writing convention it's a useful tool.
369828 369966
>I'm fairly sure Trust Once Lost was written here.
It wasn't, it was just posted here months after it had already started. The original design for the filly in the story actually had a brown mane, I have an image of her saved somewhere but I can't for the life of me recall where, sorry. It was rather crudely drawn by the author himself and her hair almost looks like sticks, if that makes sense.
>because it's not about old school anonfilly, it's the anonfilly who because of the body can't quite have that rough edge desperately craved along with everything else.
The author stated at one point (I don't recall where) that Green of his story is a direct self-insert. She's literally just him as a filly with a "new" mind that's conveniently selective about what it has issues doing so that nothing can ever happen in the plot.
Ah, thanks fren.
369852 369854 369866 369867 369875
>Be filly.
>"Wait what? Anon, no please tell me you're joking," one filly in your group of filly friends nearly shouts at you.
>Her name is Moss Mix.
>Your three other friends in the group range from pale to livid.
>You get the feeling you should get out of this by claiming to be joking but then again, how bad could it really be?
>You invited these ponies over to stay with you and your mom, Fluer De Lis, at you summer place during the break.
>Three months, but it felt like you known these ponies forever, you might as well tell them the truth about yourself.
"Welp, didn't know it was such a big deal, but yeah, I'm attracted to filles not colts," you say. "I guess, I'm what they call a fillyfooler."
>"What?!" three of the shouts in unison except for the last one, the only pegasus filly in the group.
>Instead she pounce on you.
>"You bucking bastard," she yells before tipping you over on your back.
>But you retaliate, you grab her and roll over so you get on top of her.
>You grin at her as she squirms beneath you.
"Air Dip, I know you love me but you gotta calm down.
369854 369867
Lol, good to see you're around still Occult. At least I think you're Occult.
Not me this time fren.
Yay green
File (hide): 2856A74FB4B69DB45A196B0DE0742503-11465455.webm (10.9 MB, Resolution:1134x1080 Length:00:01:30, a7673c.webm) [play once] [loop]
369875 369952
>You boop her on the snout.
>Her face flush up like tomato.
"Guys, are mare to stallion ratios are literally four to one what does it matter if I'm a homo? Isn't it just more stallions for you guys?" you ask.
>"Eww, you even gotta ask. Celestia hates fags," the pegasus beneath you answers and make a disgusted face.
>The other fillies also don't seem too thrilled with what you're saying.
"What are you even thinking?" another of your friends says, a unicorn filly with the name Thaumatic Grapes. "It's because we're four to one that we even have herds to begin with."
>You stepped away from your pegasus friend as to give her room to claim up.
>It's hard.
>Despite being in the body of a filly your human male mind is still very much the same.
>You just can't get excited over colts like the other fillies.
>Knowing that the phrase, 'fine, but I'm not taking any dick' isn't going to do you any favors in this situation you go for the next best thing.
"Guys, I promise I won't molest you... Much." You let you tongue waggle about as you wink your eye.
>Moss Mix, your green green earth pony filly rolls her eyes.
>"Yeah yeah, Anon. You're so funny. But you don't seem to get what the problem is. You can molest me to the end of days if you wish...," Moss says.
"Wha-?" You do the cat turn around twitch emote.
>"If you were my alpha, but if you're gonna be a total faggot, then of course that won't be the case will it?" She glares at you.
>You look up at the ceiling, taking in this information.
>Right, when you got here you noticed, things were a bit different here than back on sweet home earth.
>Basically, stallions were this world's woman and mares were men.
"Each herd consists of one alpha and the rest are betas, right?"
>"YES!" the fillies shouts in unison.
>You drill your hoof into your ear at that.
"I... I'm still not following this. When did we ever talk about forming a herd together Moss?"
>Moss Blinks and looks a bit hurt.
>"Are we not friends?" she asks.
"Yes, of course we're are friends," you answer back.
>It's funny.
>When you got here and got adopted by Fleur, you were pretty anti-social but with some prodding and some luck, you got your four friends here.
>That you have grown attached to.
>You really didn't think you'd connect to little fillies but then again, here they were just young men.
>You smile warmly at you friends.
>They share look between them that says, 'Uhhh.'
"I still don't see what being friends has to do with forming a herd together," you say.
>"Ugh!" Air Dip groans. "Who do you think form herds? Obviously, mares that are friends and that have known each other for a while, that then decide to find a stallion to complete the herd."
Well, you certainly makes me feel appreciated. It's just something thrown together tho so don't expect too much.
369915 369952
neat idea
<Finding dick for my friends: an Equestrian pimp story
Thanks, fren.
Tho, it's taking a bit different route.
"Oh," you say.
>In this moment, you realize again, that this world is similar but different from yours.
>But to you it does seem to make sense.
>A group of friends probably would make a good family unit if there is suppose to be polygamy here.
>You hadn't put much thought into it before because at home you were adopted into the family and the your brothers and sisters were just toddlers crying in cribs all day.
>So the only thing that stood out was that Fluer, your mother, shared the house with Fancy Pants, your dad, and two other mares, Chastity Strumpet and Sassy Saddles.
>And also, that there was always one mare at home taking care of the foals upstairs.
>But one things is still a bit strange about all this.
"Okay, I see. But... Uhm... Why me? I clearly don't know much about all this herd stuff so why do you guys think I'd be a good alpha for our herd, if we have one?" you ask.
>"How do you not know about this? Isn't your mom the alpha in your home," Air Dip ask.
"Probably, but they have never talked about it with me but maybe that's because I was adopted and I'm, basically, the only child of the household considering my siblings are all still toddlers."

Tho, now when I think about it. Youmight be more right than I'm actually. I'll let you decide when Or if I finish this.

>At that point in time purple has been done to death as is Filly Anon classic.
Oldschool Anonfilly isn't a premise, but a character. You don’t see people writing anonfilly as a villain or a business advisor, but you can quite easily write situations that have him end up in those positions while still retaining his personality. It's only the premise and story trajectory that's been done to death.
As >>369821 and >>369827 point out, Green isn't Anonfilly, but a direct self-insert wearing his skin in a generic TF woobie story. You wouldn't call every story that has a dude turned into a filly an Anonfilly story.
> I wouldn't put it past Anonfilly to push her over in the dead of night when she's walking to the outhouse and just stand over her with her hoof covering the old mare's mouth for over an hour in a bid to show she's not to be trifled with, then deny the whole thing later should Granny bring it up.
This just makes me want a villy filly story lol. I liked that Villainanon story when it was being written; a compelling villain anon that's not just written for gags is a rare sight but always fun to behold. Less explicit Anon villains such as Obsession's even less so.
>Old anonfilly culture is effectively dead
You hate to see it.
Admittedly I actually joined the ride relatively late tail end of 2020 but I was hooked on it in the first place through someone recommending a green to me. First thing I did after that was read as many of them as I could get my hands on, old and new, searching Desu after the generals' paste archives ran dry. After doing so, it comes off as extremely bizarre seeing people in the filly thread posting him as gay, or comfortable with being a little girl. You can tell it's just become blatant wish-fulfillment and self-insertion, and that they're more interested in being Anonfilly than they are the character, with destructive results on his portrayal.
>there are other good ones out there that don't undermine her intelligence or make her no longer be anonfilly.
More often than not she usually wants to turn back into a human, though. The "I'd like to enjoy my childhood again" angle definitely exists, but I've never seen it done organically in a short span of words or without significant development that involves her initially wanting to be turned back before being made to get over it.
>I kinda wonder if the mlpol thread should be somehow brought up more often on /mlp/
I believe that slapping a directory to this thread on the general would only serve to direct anons here who would inject this place with /mlp/s version of anonfilly - not true anonfilly culture - diluting what we have here and turning it into a second version of what's on the board. We would get more people, maybe, but the quality may take a hit. I don't really want the weirdos on there coming over here, honestly, though the whole nazi angle might serve as a filter of sorts. I would say that you should only mention /mlpol/ or advertise it if you want more people up in here while being conscious of the potential quality degradation.
I made a list of common Anonfilly traits found throughout his various works and saved it as a .txt file – the things that make Anonfilly Anonfilly. I’d be glad if you told me of anything on there you’d like to add, remove, or change.

>This just makes me want a villy filly story lol. I liked that Villainanon story when it was being written; a compelling villain anon that's not just written for gags is a rare sight but always fun to behold.
Yeah, it's certainly a treat. Nobody really thinks of himself as the villain (fillian) of his own story, but there are certainly more villainous seeming actions one can take even if it's arguably for the greater good
>I was hooked on it in the first place through someone recommending a green to me
Curious what green that was, that may have been me honestly. I've recommended a lot of greens from here to people over the years
>searching Desu after the generals' paste archives ran dry
I've been meaning to do that for years, but haven't gotten around to it yet. There are so many little stories that never got binned or were never completed, but combing through every single filly thread before the exodus from /mlp/ for green is such a huge undertaking. Someday I'd like to do it and properly bin all that I can, preserve what can be of filly history.
>You can tell it's just become blatant wish-fulfillment and self-insertion, and that they're more interested in being Anonfilly than they are the character, with destructive results on his portrayal.
It's the ptfg interpretation of anonfilly really, the idea that becoming a pony is some sort of holy grail. "How could you ever be unhappy if you were a pony?" and all that I guess. It's sad that filly's original purpose has been degraded, the ptfg guy who always posts about filly being a part of ptfg has more ammunition than ever for modern /mlp/ filly, although back in the day he was clearly just seething.
>I believe that slapping a directory to this thread on the general would only serve to direct anons here who would inject this place with /mlp/s version of anonfilly
I agree, best not to do so. I don't want the culture to further degrade on /mlp/, but I don't really know what's to be done. I guess mlpol is still filly's home after all this time, it's kinda poetic
>Text file
This is without a doubt one of the most impressive condensed summarizations of Anonfilly's culture and mannerisms that I've ever seen. Do you mind if I add this to the anonfilly archive ponepaste account and put it in the word doc as a sort of rule of thumb guide for writing anonfilly?
>combing through every single filly thread before the exodus from /mlp/ for green is such a huge undertaking.
Oh yeah, doing so would be crazy unless you have a really good method of going about it. I just go to the earlier years of /mlp/ when greens were as common as grass and pick a tripcode to follow. The poneb.in archive search system also digs up some good stories that aren't on ponepaste yet.
>It's the ptfg interpretation of anonfilly really
Transformation to the average person is body horror, even without impact is has on the mind - on (You). ptfg somehow shamelessly fetishizes it and attempts to take the moral high ground in doing so, all without producing a single story of quality to show for it in the process. It just comes off as the same brand of mental illness that unironic trannies have. No surprise that a large number of their stories have them change sex as well.
>I don't want the culture to further degrade on /mlp/
Yeah, I don't really know how to remedy that. I think a large part of the problem is that green culture has largely declined, and people don't read about who Anonfilly is supposed to be a result. Its been ages since the fabled "fat fucking walls of green text" has graced the filly thread. People are more interested in other things.
>Do you mind if I add this to the anonfilly archive ponepaste account and put it in the word doc as a sort of rule of thumb guide for writing anonfilly?
Not at all, I'd be grateful if you did!
370006 370011
>I just go to the earlier years of /mlp/ when greens were as common as grass and pick a tripcode to follow.
The good old days... feels like just yesterday, but I was an underageb& in my second year of high school when I discovered filly, and now I'm in my final year of university. How time flies.
>all without producing a single story of quality to show for it in the process
I like a few of them, of them a lot of those are just anonfilly stories that were also posted there. They aren't all blatant wish-fulfillment at least, and some of them avoid sex change as a central theme
>Its been ages since the fabled "fat fucking walls of green text" has graced the filly thread.
I feel partially responsible for that, given I'm a greentext writer myself. Arguable whether I'm a good one, but I certainly should've written more filly than I have in the past few years. I have been busy with coursework, but I could've made time instead of wasting it playing video games
>Not at all, I'd be grateful if you did!
Alright, I'll add it to the doc if you're happy with the title and blurb I put at the top. I plan to put this at the very top of the document underneath the Dropbox and Backup Text Documents links, I think having it near the top would help as it's easily accessible from the document itself. I don't expect the improvement to be immediate of course, but I've noticed that a bunch of lurkers tend to comb over the word doc and click on the links contained in it, in three years alone the archival account has attained over 10000 views on its text documents. When you're happy with it I'll also list the paste as "public", unlisted is just so it isn't immediately shown to random passerby before you're happy with it.
370002 370003

>Filly just woke up

>I feel partially responsible for that, given I'm a greentext writer myself.
Don't be. My belief is that filly should be fun and so should writing(storytelling).

<"fat fucking walls of green text"
How about instead of doing that, you just post an image of anonfilly with just a few sentences of greentext to it. Like this:
>Be filly.
>Huff Puff.
"I say ma'am, this is quite the bomb-ass tea, mistress Purps."

Just to invigorate the passion for filly green-texting again, no guilt. c:
>They aren't all blatant wish-fulfillment at least, and some of them avoid sex change as a central theme
Huh, I haven’t seen any. I’ll take your word for it.
>I feel partially responsible for that, given I'm a greentext writer myself.
You’ve done a lot more than is required for the filly. Its fine if you don’t want him to become spoiled :^).
But yeah I feel you. Getting off your ass and creating is hard. I used to drawfag but doing so now always feels like a chore. I quit playing videogames somewhere down the line but now I just waste my time reading, surfing the boards, or studying art rather than actually doing it.
>Alright, I'll add it to the doc
The title and blurb look good, you can go ahead and unlist it. All those views on the doc is surprising.

>Be Filly
>Suddenly, moonhorse
>"U no niktmares? Y am here?" she asks
>You shrug shoulders
>Proseed to frolick in flower field
>You’ve done a lot more than is required for the filly. Its fine if you don’t want him to become spoiled :^).
Lmao, true
>I quit playing videogames somewhere down the line but now I just waste my time reading, surfing the boards, or studying art rather than actually doing it.
Reading is never a waste of time, even a bad story can provide you with examples on what not to do without having to fuck up there yourself. Studying art is cool too, though yeah it's important to create. I used to draw some too, was never very good but I have a few pieces I was proud of.
>The title and blurb look good, you can go ahead and unlist it. All those views on the doc is surprising.
Alright, added it to the doc. Some of the views might just be bots, but every once in a while I'll encounter /mlp/ lurkers in the wild and they'll mention having read something I wrote. Small world.


That's some nice hips on this Anonfilly.
ty ^^

>Be filly.
>Purps is like, "Who wants pancakes?"
>How smol does she think u r?
"Nuh uh."
>"Are u certain?" she asks before setting down a tower of them bathed in delicious jam.
"Obviously purps," you say and then proceed to stuff as many pancake into your mouth as you can fit.

>Chug Jug With You (Anonfilly)

<Set in RGRE="Reverse Gender Roles Equestria"
>Be filly.
>Midnight Blossom, a colt from class, taps you on your shoulder on your way home from school.
>"Uhh, mmm, ehh. Hi, Anon," he says and then looks away, blushing.
"Uhh, sup?" you ask, tilting your head at the colt. "Do you need something Midnight?"
>"Well, uhm, I mean if you don't mind..." He stammers.
"Oi, speak man!" You told the other foals at school that 'man' just meant mare from where you came from.
>He jumps and his eyes go wide.

>Be Midnight Blossom.
>You just asked out the most marely filly in school.
>Your heart just wants to leap out of your chest.
>Anon looks puzzled.
>"Heh heh. Take a deep breath," she says and place a firm, and save hoof, on your shoulder. "And take it one step at a time, we got time, bro."
>She gives you that reassuring but also somewhat knowing smile, though you both fear and hope that she doesn't know, you know?
>You inhale and exhale.
>Then you face Anon with a determine look.
>"On Saturday, how about we visit the cinema. There's this new movie that I'd like to see. I'd lo- Eh, like you to come with, if you're free."
>"Ah." Her face shines up in realization. "I can make time for it. Sounds fun."
>She reaches out and tussles you mane with her hoof.
>You can't help but to enjoy her touch, however, this is what how you feared it might turn out.
>Anon doesn't see you as a, well stallion, but more like a little brother-type colt, that she feels needs to protected.
>While you enjoy her giving you attention, what you really wanted was something more, well, lewd.
>Your heart aches with nervousness as you decide to follow through with your friends advice.

>Be Anon.
>You pet Midnight's soft, white mane.
>So cozy.
>This guy really need someone to take him under their wing, how else would he be able to catch a mare in the future?
>Maybe he lacked a father-figure at home, after all he mentioned how his mom cooked for a high-class restaurant as their top chef, or something, but nothing about what his dad did for a living.
>And from your experience in Equestria thus far, it was clear that the females in this world were way tougher than the woman back home.
>So you couldn't help but to worry for him a bit, mannerbund-style.
>Suddenly, he pulls away from your hoof.
>He looks at you with, somewhat, angry eyes.
>"No," he says and stomps his hoof. "You don't get it."
>You blink.
>Ugh, another tantrum. Maybe you'd spoiled him to much. Don't spare the rod after all.^^
"Get what?"
>He goes low on his front hooves.
>Then he creeps forward with his hips swaying from side to side with each step.
>He pulls up again.
>Pulling his face closer to yours with half-lid eyes and an open maw.
>He release his breath that hits your face like a pancake of smell.
>It smells...
>Good actually.
>You sniff and feel something far back in your body jerk or throb or something.
>You look back at him and he looks happily surprised for a moment before his eyes turn coy.
>He leans in, at first you think his gonna kiss you and so does he it seems but hesitates and leaves a peck on your cheek before, pulling back.
>He smacks his lips.
>His gaze lingers on you and your wide eyes.
>He seems satisfied before turning around.
>As he struts away, he pulls his tail to the side... Revealing his asshole?!(copy+paste=uncensored)
>...And his flaccid cock, swinging like a grandfather clock's pendulum with his steps and the invigorated swings of his hips.
>Woah. He's a straight up fag.

Style practice:
Turning "be-verbs" into other verbs, mostly.
actually no
It's just my theme
Kek, I "made" that. Any questions?
It's exquisite. Thank you.
You're very welcome!

Silly billy cookie filly.png
Silly billy cookie filly.jpg


371262 371277
>Be filly.
>Yes, ur the chosen one!
>But a twist... of the knife.
>Ur a zebra.
Oekaki (1).png
Forgot the stripes.
>You're Anon in Equestria.
>Bad news you're a zigger.
>You also somehow lost all your stripes.
>Don't even look like a pony, but a zebra.
>As a freak show it falls to you with massive autism to be the change you want to see.
>Be me, the royal jester.
>Shitposting, insulting, mocking and advising.
>It's like image boards but pays well with room and board.
>Be Anon
>Day: too many to count but definitely more than four
>Twilight that big nerd owes me my money and my human body back.
>I've been the perfect filly
>Sure the broken cups and plates and bowls when I couldn't grab things just happens as a part of life.
>Even if it's the fine china passed from generation to generation.
>Can't even make my own meals or get any snacks so constantly having to go to her to get anything done is what a big mare puuuurple has to deal with.
>It's not like she can hold me accountable for being unable to grab books notmally and that the pages in books for some reason taste pretty decent.
>Maybe I shouldn't have pranked her by trolling and falling into her cooch with a book in mouth giving her a new found fetish to enjoy.
>It only happened once.
>Okay alot of times and sometimes the mug of whatever at the time too.
>Maybe shit talking about how the human form solves most of a ponies problems is something I should have toned down.
>"Anonymous! I finished the spell. Check out how cute and functional I look now."
>Nearing the curtains dread itches up my spine. I bite the bullet.
>She's using her hands and fingers on me-heee-heee. Save me friendship pones you're my only hope!

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