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Economic WWIII Thread
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As I'm sure everyone is aware of the happening involving a certain two countries. What people may not be as aware of is the full-on economic WWIII that is being waged between the West and Russia, with battle lines being drawn across the world.
Consider first and foremost, that the countries that have passed sanctions against Russia is NATO countries, EU countries (even then, some are hesitant due to their dependence on Russian oil and gas, more on that later), and the G7 Countries (US, CAN, UK, FR, IT, DE, JP) as well as South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and a smattering of Pacific island nations.
But what of the rest of the world?

Know this, the economic WWIII that is being waged goes far beyond Ukraine. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of the US Dollar itself. But for that, we need background.

The Petrodollar: In the 1970s, President Nixon took the US Dollar off the gold standard, effectively rendering it a fiat currency that can be just printed at will. A myriad of reasons went into this decision, but around the same time, the US made a deal with the Saudi royal family: The US would guarantee protection for Saudi Arabia, if the Saudis traded oil for exclusively dollars. This marked the beginning of the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency as Saudi Arabia was the #1 producer and exporter of oil worldwide. This in turn meant other countries needed to buy up dollars in bulk to purchase Saudi oil, thus creating a massive demand for US dollars as the rest of the Middle Eastern OPEC countries adopted the dollar for oil trades. Therefore, the dominance of the US Dollar was cemented throughout the world especially since EVERYONE needs oil in order to even function, much less have proper militaries.

This has several effects on the Dollar. Due to the sheer global demand for the dollar, this makes the US dollar have massive purchasing power which in turn means we can just simply run massive spending bills and export the inflation to other countries. If the Dollar fell in value, exporters who need our consumption would witness their currencies grow stronger, which in turn means higher prices for their exports, which creates lower demand as the US would have to pay more for those exports, which in turn means less imports from those exporters, which ultimately hurts them. So they intentionally devalue their currencies in order to keep the system going. In short, the Petrodollar is good for the US... not so good for everyone else.
This is why the US government passes spending bills that are now in the trillions and has racked up over $30T in debt with impunity, because they've never needed to worry about spending limits, they can just print more money as needed and export the inflation to the rest of the world.

However, this all hinges on the rest of the world wanting our dollars. What happens if other countries try to trade oil for other currencies? Enter Saddam Hussein. In the early 2000s, he tried to trade Iraqi oil for Euros. He was overthrown, and Iraq went back on the Dollar with no discussion of going off the Dollar since then. Gaddaffi tried to trade Libyan oil for a gold-back Dinar as part of the push towards integration within the African Union. He was overthrown and brutally killed by a mob after a NATO-led intervention against him with airstrikes and a color revolution.
These are all backwater countries that have no hope of standing up to the US military obviously. What happens if Russia or China go off the Dollar? So what do we do if say, the BRICS countries dump the Dollar? Make no mistake, dumping the dollar globally means the inflation we've been exporting overseas will start coming back home. The "official" 8% inflation figure in the US is just a small taste of what's to come...


Back to the economic WWIII at hand. The trigger was when the Western world passed sweeping sanctions against Russia including seizing half of Russia's foreign exchange reserves (amounted to $300B out of $640B). But what are foreign exchange reserves?
>Foreign exchange reserves (also called forex reserves or FX reserves) are cash and other reserve assets such as gold held by a central bank or other monetary authority that are primarily available to balance payments of the country, influence the foreign exchange rate of its currency, and to maintain confidence in financial markets.
>Often, for convenience, the cash or securities are retained by the central bank of the reserve or other currency and the "holdings" of the foreign country are tagged or otherwise identified as belonging to the other country without them actually leaving the vault of that central bank. From time to time they may be physically moved to the home or another country.
Know this: the seizure of Russia's fx reserves has sent waves throughout the financial world as other countries that aren't highlighted in yellow in the third picture have started to question the wisdom of holding US dollars when their reserves can be seized by the West in an instant if they should fail to toe the Western party line. Some have even cut out the dollar altogether in trades with Russia. Enter India.

Not long after the Ruble crashed and the price of Russian oil collapsed well below the Brent crude asking price, there were reports that India made a deal to buy oil from Russia at a hefty 25% discount. Most significantly, the payment was to be made in Rupees, not Dollars.
India has a vested interest in continuing friendly relations with Russia for two main reasons: Russia supplies the majority of weapons for India via sales, and India wishes to have a friendly Russia as a counterweight to China. Russia in turn wishes to turn India against the West and also have India available in order to prevent utter dependence on China, while also selling Russian oil to both countries. Realpolitik in action.

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Embracing fascism isn't "Sacrificing some freedoms to protect others", and it isn't "A compromise on the ideals of freedom and lawlessnes".
Lawlessness is not a valuable ideal.
Fascism is recognizing that good laws are necessary to protect good people, and bad laws restrict the rights of the people and their capacity to defend themselves.
Good economic actions are necessary by the government to stop the Jews from taking over and bad economic actions serve the Jews or a big government dominated by the jews and opposed to the will of the people.
Libertarianism is giving up on government and hoping your enemies will give up on trying to make you obey their government.
Liberalism is doing what the Jews say because they told you it's what nice smart people do to help the most needy and you don't feel like questioning it.
Capitalism is allowing Jews above the law to collude illegally and use big government and money extracted from the white taxpayers through dishonest means to dominate the market and crush all opposition.
Fascism is what the Jews cry when the white man stops letting the Jews control his economy, government, and life.
>Russia Vows To Halt All Oil Exports To Countries That Impose "Completely Absurd" Price-Cap
The EU folded:

>EU drops plan to cap Russian gas prices
>Germany takes control of Russian-owned refinery amid energy crisis
>Germany took control of a major Russian-owned oil refinery on Friday, risking retaliation from Moscow as Berlin strives to shore up energy supplies and meet its European Union commitment to eliminate Russian oil imports by the end of the year.
>The economy ministry said it was putting a unit of Russian oil firm Rosneft (ROSN.MM) under the trusteeship of the industry regulator and taking over the business' Schwedt refinery, which supplies 90% of Berlin's fuel.
File (hide): B6CF10593DD1890E99948E7960F72410-1118345.mp4 (1.1 MB, Resolution:1038x480 Length:00:00:41, 24-7 gas stove.mp4) [play once] [loop]
24-7 gas stove.mp4
>In other news: "Twitch blocked the channel of a Russian who was broadcasting his 24/7 gas stove to Europeans.
>The Twitch streaming platform has removed the channel of a resident of Rostov-on-Don with the nickname russiangas1, who trolls Europeans with a round-the-clock broadcast with burning gas burners and boasted about the low price of gas in Russia."
Even if they seize the refinery (which is literally stealing), can they even use it without the Russian oil it processes?
Not without to reconfigure it. To my knowledge every refinery is fine tuned to some kind of oil, in the German case, the Ural Brent.
>Americans think
Citizens don't think.
Americans think.
Americans can be identified by their body and spirit.

Who would Americans choose to help during the Russian Revolution? What would they look like?
Who would a Citizen choose to help during the Russian Revolution? What would they look like?
Who would Americans choose to help during WW2? What would they look like?
Who would a Citizen choose to help during WW2? What would they look like?

When given a choice between a CIA puppet state governed by an actor installed by the State Department, and a Russian ogliarch who rose to power within the communist party of Russia, who would an American choose to help?

Americans understand that the collapse was inevitable, and know the root causes.
Citizens don't.

An American has fully embraced the mantra of the founding fathers: Fuck You. Fuck Taxes. Fuck any man who infringes on natural rights.
A citizen consents that the state has authority on him, a sovereign American claims that the state is invalid and its abolishment is due.
>sovereign American claims that the state is invalid and its abolishment is due
Sovereignty means more than just "claiming" something. It means actually acting on it and living autonomously from authority.


Sanctions have never, ever worked to impose compliance in international conflicts.
However, I don't think compliance is the goal with these sanctions. It could also be the intent to isolate Russia and force a decoupling of the European economy from Russia's resources, with the long-term intent to limit Russia's geopolitical influence as a supplier.
1 (3).png

You're right if you look at the surface, but there is another layer guided by the kikes calling the shots which is to collapse the global economy and transition to cashless society and social credit score, same than China.
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How else are you supposed to combat inflation other than limiting the money supply through interest rates?
Interest rates have been near zero since 2008.
They also take money out of circulation such as with coins.
They also because this is loan/debt based the internal money supply at banks to central banks finally to the privately owned federal reserve. The F.R. 'buys' the currency back using internal bank bucks. It's then technically removed from circulation.
<Increasing Interest Rates
They double dip into your pockets if you use anything that has interest. Keep in mind the cost of a Basket of Goods has remained nearly. Also that wages are stagnant loosing to inflation.
>However they have the homo
They could stop printing more shit.
You increase the buying power of the currency.
By backing the currency with more stuff that can actually be exchanged that's worth something.
What matters is who holds the bag of shit.
Another way is to increase the flow of currency, the more use over time the currency sees the less shit it is.
Keynesian theory 'people' would have you believe burying a larger pile of currency then paying people to unearth that currency works.
There's a reverse gambling situation with who holds the crap bag.
And the ever trusty US tactic of "don't fuck with us or we'll all go down in an economic crisis" where everyone who has and uses the currency holds the crap basket, where the threat of being annulled completely is a value itself.
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I wrote a big post, but it comes down to taxation and domestic production.
Rich people have massive resource pools that aren't circulating through the economy by way of domestic industry.
Because there is little domestic industry, there isn't domestic reproduction, which means there isn't enough replacement people to sustain the economy.
A healthy economy needs to waste resources on something, and babies are both a good and massively wasteful. They require sanitation, doctors, education, toys, entertainment, etc.

Inflation occurs when the currency supply exceeds what is necessary to maintain easy transactions.
The solution is to severely tax all foreign industry and labor, deport over 51% of the population, and severely tax stagnant pools of resources.
All while eliminating productivity taxes on domestic production (income, self owned and occupied home, etc).

Look at the occupancy rate in New York.
You fix it by implementing a progressive tax on empty properties. 1 unit 10%, 2 units 30%, 3 units 70%, 4+ units 99%.

Look at how many people aren't competing with corporations.
You fix it by limiting patent periods (no more than 10 years), and patent protections (you must produce a commercial product within 4 years of filing).
You fix it by making business licenses worth something (a business license should carry the same protections as an LLC)
You fix it by creating two tiers of business licenses. Tier 1: this business operates as buyer beware. Tier 2: this business has been inspected by the government to meet certain quality standards and service requirements.

So you can tackle inflation in numerous ways, including but not limited to: taxing, fucking, or killing.
Simple. Shut down the government and inflation ends today.
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Step 1 should ALWAYS be - Expel all the Jews
Alright, fine. Step one, expel all the Jews. Step two, do the rest of what this guy said. Honestly most of this sounds pretty reasonable to me.
The owners of major stagnant resource pools expel themselves as soon as you start taxing them properly.
Look at what happened with the Jews in Germany when the nationalists started to shut down their bullshit.
Those Jews tried to flee Germany with their stolen treasures.

The real trick is to tightly control valuable commodities before you crack down, which prevents the slimy whores from stealing them.
Would also be necessary to replace the hyperinflated US dollar with a new "White Dollar" (wollar? whitecoin?) backed by white labour instead of something jews have tons of like gold or imaginary money.
Like what hitler did but x100.
>jews have tons of like gold
Exactly, the jews have cornered the gold market and using it as a reference for currency value or backup is absurd, as the jews would dictate at will the national currency worth.
What if each nation's currency could only be backed against the labour of its people?
Would some currencies naturally outvalue others to match the low quality of chinese high rises vs western engineering?
Labor backed currencies derive their value from the industries which can be accessed using the currency.
In a well managed economy, international trade would be conducted with a resource which couldn't be acquired using domestic production (gold, silver, uranium, lead, iron, wheat, corn, oil, cattle, swine, etc).
Those who wish to trade would acquire a line of credit (no actual currency) through a heavily controlled and monitored corporation which is allowed to exist by the government.

I will use this as an example:
I want a small machine shop in Shenzhen to produce 1,000 miniature parts.
To have this shop produce my parts, I would have to form a corporation in China.
The Chinese government would then tell me an exchange rate for resources. In this case, the government would exchange 10,000 yuan for 1 ton of rice, or 40 live pigs.
I would furnish the government with the required resources using the corporation, and the government would give the corporation virtual yuan to spend.
The corporation would then use the yuan and paper contracts to purchase the 1,000 miniature parts.
In a well run government, that corporation wouldn't be able to transfer ownership or virtual yuan.

All domestic production would be essentially free market, except when new currency is minted through government contracts.
If all international trade and currencies were conducted this way, you would see some currencies rise above others for certain tasks.
Because of this, it would be the duty of a government to protect it's citizens and in turn the value of it's currency, by stopping exploitation.

In a perfect world, labor backed currencies are superior because they aren't limited by a physical resource and only hold value within a State.
A commentary. Corporations should be outlawed as they are a shield used by physical persons to avoid personal liability and punishment.
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File (hide): C3BF3A9B8158F3C8911676EB6CEF2C66-1421906.mp4 (1.4 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:00:36, Inflation Race.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Inflation Race.mp4
>UN Agency Wants Inflation to Be Fought With Price Controls, Windfall Taxes, Tighter Regulations
>Price Controls
It has been tried all around the world and failed miserably. So, the jews are not imbeciles and are doing it on purpose.
>Price Controls, Windfall Taxes, Tighter Regulations
Or in other words:
>central control, central control, and more central control
Yes, if the very same people who started this economic crisis are just given even more authority, I'm sure they can finally turn things around!
Fuckin' screencapped.
I use corporation because that's the only thing I can think of.
It works in this very specific instance, because the foreigner (and their country) is ideally treated as a probable threat so liabilities and punishments are obvious.
It is the duty of the highest level of government to defend domestic interests in the most effective ways. Diplomacy, treaties, assassinations, piracy, war, etc.

In the case of my Shenzhen parts example, the government would have the receipt to the machine shop for the 1,000 parts, know the exact flow of virtual yuan, and inspect and monitor the export of the 1,000 parts.
Agents of the corporation wouldn't even set foot in the country, and would have a fully monitored office on the docks where their product would be exported.

The most basic retort to this process would be to say that it's wildly inefficient. And the answer is: Yes.
Inefficiencies are sometimes good. In this case there are multiple ways to shut down the deal if it's suspected that something is being exploited or stolen.
If people are not aware, there's also an aluminum and CO2 shortage: https://archive.ph/3hJ2W
>But as publications around the U.S. have noted, there are still supply chain issues, especially when it comes to a recent shortage of carbon dioxide and an ongoing shortage of aluminum cans.
>“CO2 is a byproduct of ethanol and fertilizer,” Webb explained. “Ethanol production is in decline in the U.S. due to the federal government urging less use of fossil fuels and less U.S. production. Fertilizer production is down due to rising energy costs.”
>Another problem is the difficulty sourcing parts for repairs and maintenance, both for the plants that make CO2 and the trucks that deliver it.
>Carbon dioxide is use in many ways in food production, including beverage carbonization, modified-atmosphere packaging, stunning animals for slaughter, and cooling or freezing.
IOW, by the government's insistences to go "fully green", a by-product of this is that we can no longer bake, store, and ship food.
<I've yet to research aluminum smelters, but here's a list of "food grade" CO2 supplies in the U.S..
(Perhaps un)surprisingly, a number of them are gas companies like Chevron, Marathon Petrol, Phillips 66, and Valero.
>I've yet to research aluminum smelters
They don't really exist in the US anymore, and they can't be restarted because the facilities no longer exist.
At the beginning of the industrial exporting in the 80's, most of the aluminum smelters were shut down and offshored to China.
The power contracts were then awarded to FAGMAN tech companies, and the locals were never allowed into the tech industry, as FAGMAN imported their chosen from California.
Why do you think Blackrock, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have a huge presence in Washington?
FYI: Blackrock's most important datacenter is located in a single, heavily guarded town in Washington. It's main use is market predictions, and is wildly successful.

Did you know that the US was the primary source of Aluminium products because of the Columbia River dams?
>How would you feel if you wanted to get married, but your girlfriend lives in Australia and the borders are closed?
Why would I be in such a long-distance relationship in the first place?
>How would you feel if you wanted to buy razors, but razors are locked up because the government has legalized theft and stores want to reduce shoplifting?
I deal with that whenever I have to buy brushes for my toothbrush. I call over a clerk, they open the case, and I pay for it.
>How would you feel if you wanted to drive a car, but the state requires your fingerprints to get a license?
They already do that.
>What would you do if you wanted to work, but the government said that you must get a dangerous vaccine?
Find another job where the vaccine isn't a requirement.
>What if you wanted to buy a dog, but the government said dogs were illegal?
I'd move to a place where dogs are not illegal. But, why would I be able to buy a dog, legally, when the government already made it illegal?
That's a bot. You're talking to the bot that pops up now and then to make retarded non-arguments, spout statements in an attempt to sound deep, and yell insane hypotheticals. It never contributes to discussions, it just seeks to derail them with retarded hypotheticals and attempts at doubt-raising. Or it makes a randomly generated wannabe-deep post to blend in, maybe two, so it can eventually make a post intended to derail threads.

It says shit like "Americans" and "Police state" and "what if" but you can tell it's retarded because it thinks fascism is a bad thing.
So, once the Russia/Ukraine war is over, how long do you think all of the sanctions will last?
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The FTX collapse may be bigger than people thought
355720 355724
FTX is tied to the WEF, they tried to buy Twitter from Elon Musk
So they may be part of a psyops outfit at Stanford that has links to Qatar and Rothschild
Expect to see more of this kind of thing as crypto becomes gradually more mainstream. Bitcoin and Monero are the only legitimately decentralized cryptocurrencies that can be held and used without permission from kikes/governments/government kikes. All other crypto/de-fi projects are just third party projects that you should treat the same way as stocks and other normie investments, the only serious difference is that it doesn't have the safety nets that comes from being regulated and federally insured and all that. Crypto/de-fi now is basically where stocks were in the 1920s. That's probably going to change at some point in the relatively near future, and most likely the sector will end up being regulated and turned into a rigged game like everything else. It's still new enough that you can make money in it, but you should enter into crypto markets with the assumption that you're still basically playing around in the kikes' sandbox, so exercise caution.

As far as Bitcoin and Monero and whatnot goes, since kikes can't actually control it, they will probably seek to control people's access to it instead. Exchanges are the gateways between crypto and fiat that you basically have to use if you want to invest in crypto and also cash it out or spend it. So again, expect to see kikes moving aggressively into this area in the near term.

Main thing to keep in mind is to not store anything you want to hang onto in an exchange, put it in a hard wallet.
It might be a good idea to stock up on items like 3d printers, microbial incubators (for medicine and fertilizers), and CNC machines.
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Excuse, what's the point of wasting money buying the equivalent of valueless WoW tokens that cannot be used for anything?
People buy most crypto today as a speculative asset. They see value in it only because of its potential to be more valuable. Kind of like stocks, except no actual value is being created.
>what's the point
The point is depriving kiked monetary systems of precious cash and having the freedom buy things online anonymously. That and the fact that crypto is often traded like stocks.
>valueless WoW tokens that cannot be used for anything
As opposed to fiat paper money, which is so intrinsically valuable? There a loads of online stores that accept crypto and they're easy to find if you aren't too lazy.
If you don't like crypto, then at least buy silver or something, boomer.
355749 355778
>The point is depriving kiked monetary systems of precious cash
That isn't how that works.
>and having the freedom buy things online anonymously.
The only "Anonymous" crypto-currency is Monero. Even then, it requires the internet, which the government can track where things happen. Then there's cameras in every corner of the city. Don't have a camera? What do you think a phone is? Don't have a phone? We'll ping everyone else who does.
>That and the fact that crypto is often traded like stocks.
Except crypto literally has ZERO value. It cannot be used for anything practical. Even the comparison to WoW tokens is giving crypto too much as you can still use those WoW tokens to do something in an actual game that people across the globe play. What can crypto do?
>As opposed to fiat paper money, which is so intrinsically valuable?
That value is the government's word. However, everyone that believes in that at face value should also take a look at investing in the invisible bridge I'm building. Even if you have the strongest currency in the world, that is backed gold spun by Rumpelstiltskin, you still diversify where your assets are. You stock up on gold and silver that you store somewhere. You invest in companies who provide value. You buy products and services that allow you to provide value to others. And, so on.

What value does crypto have? It's just a bunch of data sitting on a thumb drive.
Look, Anon, I like crypto because it allows me to pay for my meds that I need to keep my kidneys from self-deleting and I can't afford
it in the states without being thrust into terminal poverty. That's pretty much it, really.
Might not be able to do that for long. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Solar panels, Stirling engines, and electric/photo medical devices will probably be pretty valuable too.
>That value is the government's word.
So it's worthless.
The value of the government's currency is backed by its power and willingness to reinforce the status quo; so it is ultimately backed by violence, which is at least somewhat tangible.