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Some /hope/ for y'all
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The biggest abusers of power are people who are the most-afraid of losing it. Remember, the power-mongers really are no different than wife-beating ghetto or trailer trash. They just do it in a velvet-lined room instead of out in the middle of driveway.

Most of this is theory based on what I've learned about the subjects from /pol/boards, so take from it what you will.

The plandemic wasn't as well-planned as they think

If anything, my observations about the plandemic is that they seem to be made-up on the fly at best, and a ploy to 'take credit' for something they didn't do.

Power-addicts think any power is good power- even if it's illusion. Some of the worst of the worst criminals are proud of their crimes, and think of them as achievements.

Criminals plagiarise too, the idea of having "cause of a global pandemic" gives them a twisted thrill, even if they never did it in the first place. Sounds crazy? If you think it's crazy, you're right, it is crazy because no sane person would think this is a good idea.

These people aren't sane. The reality of taking credit for a global crime is a thrill to them because crime is an achievement and a source of illusionous-power to them.

Gaslighting is the only thing they have left now

I remember hearing about how SJWs are comparable to mother-in-laws. It's amazing how accurate this is.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Obligation. Guilt. Shame. Distraction.
Those are their weapons, their drugs, and their way of life. It's all they have left and all they try to force on people.

Gaslighting is one of the most prevalent and ever-used tools of these people. All they do is spew noise in the hope that people don't understand the truth. It's their last weapon, and it's last weapon of a cornered, weak creature.

Most normalfags I talk to about current events think the media is a joke, the others are gaslit so hard they're useful idiots.

The sane normalfags? They're just scared.

This entire powergrab's conspiracy is not 4D chess, it's a tyrannical temper tantrum

People who have real power exercise it swiftly, simply, and put it away as quick as possible. People with no power scream and shout that they do and then whip it around like an untrained fool with a sword.

Why would the eye-wide-shut cults turn out to not only have been thorourghly documented by the CIA (Source: 4/x/ synchonicity thread) but it turns out they're no better than their hipster grandchilden when it comes to the occult?

These people don't even realize they're just a gilded, religious version of the charles manson cult, being ruled by their own demons, be it inner or those they have summoned.

If they run to china, they're fucked

If they run to china and get their world war, they'll end up in the epicenter of one huge fuckfest. China has been invaded and buttfucked for centuries, it's why China built the great wall, because they have no tactical warfare advantage on their own damn homeground.

As for armies, An army is only as good as it's individual soldiers are. Quality-of-life, and quality-of-food has been ever-important for quality-of-soldiers since the beginning of mankind. The thing about this front, is that this part of war must be won during times of peace, else they cannot keep it in times of war.

Eating insects, gutter oil, pigs who are rife with superdiseases, dogs, whatever-the-fuck-is-in-chinese MREs? Not conclusive to quality of life. It's also the reason there's been so much genetically-modified-meatless-trash-pushing; they don't want us to be strong and would rather do the crabs-in-a-buy.

Furthermore, china is just as rife with the insane shit that the power-mongers have done to themselves. Maoist china's policies were balls-to-the-wall psycho, because they'd rather take a sledgehammer to a problem that needs a drill.

So that begs the question: why would they run to a vulnerable country they're not only actively backstabbing, but they're trying to make an enemy out of their old country in the first place?

I can think of three reasons:

1. The descision isn't based at all in sanity.
2. They've literally run out of all other options.
3. Both the above.

What sane arsonist would set a fire, and then run downwind where it's going to spread? One who thinks that's his only avenue of escape and he's running from people out to get him, or he's just insane.

So what's gonna happen if they do run to china? From my observations with in abusive relationships, it's one of the following:

1. It's a silent relationship where they basically hold each other hostage with their own killswitches. (Quiet, yuppie-style-abuser couple)
2. It's a fuckfest of violence and insanity. (Trailer/Ghetto trash couple)

What you can do in a time when you can't figure out the truth

Get a spiritual hobby, get others into spiritual hobbies too. Meditation, prayer, whatever you want.

Pick your faith, ask for help, but also take your time to rest and listen to what they have to say to you.

You'll make it.

In Conclusion

The shills want you to think this is their 1984-level-opus. The reality of this, is that it's a freak-out, the freak out of a bunch tyrannical, wannabe-king oligarchs who are losing control and are utterly terrified of losing said power.

People make mistakes when lose control of their emotions, how many mistakes have we seen (((them))) make?

**I really love you mlpol, It's nice to get my shit out and not have it drowned out by conspiratards, spammers and shills.**
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anon, and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that we love you too. Also, if I may, I'd like to add one more idea to your three reasons: they're stupid. Think about it, all of their best psyops have been defeated by literal basement-dwellers on the spectrum. Even now, when all the /pol/s that I can think of (except here) are either drowning in shills, redditors, glowniggers or some combination, those same autists are still putting up enough of a fight to warrant the continued presence of those glowniggers/shills (and the redditors are kinda sitting around shitting everywhere, not really helping any side.) We're stronger than we think, we're smarter than we think, and they know we have them beaten in those areas. We just need to press our advantages when the opportunities arise. One final thing, and it's just a small criticism: mind the reddit spacing, it's pretty glaring here.
Thank you anon. I was looking for someone to logically put things down into simple terms you are right about the gaslighting. It seems the only way they keep control is through obfuscation of the truth.
A good post this is, anon. Another thing is, 1984 is rife with corruption. The perspective of the story we see of it is someone who got caught.
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Good post worthy of a cap. Can someone cap it? I don't know how to capture such a large post in one pic. Go ahead make fun of me for it
You forgot, you are fren.
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Should I tell him?
Is it better to give a man a fish, or is it better to teach a man to fish?
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Please do. Pretty please.
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There is plugins for browsers that you can use to save entire pages as images. You can also print/save page to PDF if you want that format. Easiest is looking for a browser plugin for "full page screeshot" or similar. Made a screencap for you of OP text.
Thanks anon. This is cool.
Good post, have some more Rara ass.
Bump with coot poners to further raise spirits.
Up until now I'd just used the Print Screen key so I can paste screenshots of my monitor into Paint.Net.
If it's too big for one screencap I take multiple screencaps and combine them in Paint.net.
If you use the key combination Win+PrtScr the screenshot is automatically saved to your Pictures\Screeshots folder, and then you can crop. Usually the way I do it when the browserplugin is having problems due to how webpages are coded.
keep holding /hope/. it's still far from over.
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Remember, the night is darkest before the dawn

With the inauguration, here's what the normalfags think that restrictions are going to lift, now that it feels like the US's political fiascos are more-or-less over.

I know you're feeling down, so here's another moralepost for you guys.

Normalfags are getting ansty against the restrictions and lockdowns, it's approaching a year since this shitshow started. Local governments are defying lockdowns, reopening things so people can get back to their jobs. The more restrictions are imposed, the more people will fight back against it because their livelihoods are on the line.

The people who have rigged the game are narcissists, flagrant narcissists who lack empathy and basic human decency. Looking at advice for dealing with narcissists often entails trying to run away from them, but it's hard to do that when a narcissist follows you or sends their enabler-minions after you.

Instead of running away, how do you fight back against a narcissist?

Narcissists are eternally-defensive. Basically, imagine a boss that is stacked with health regen, percent-defense, a high health-pool, and a thorns aura, but with a downside that it only activates if they're struck with a direct attack.

So how do you fight that?

Assert you are in control

Encourage and send positivity to your local counties that are defying unreasonable lockdown measures. Send thank-you-letters and/or emails to people to ensure that they're doing the right thing.

If you're in a particularly pozzed state of the US, then you ABSOLUTELY should do this. Small victories can encourage a landslide of unexpected change, and actually make the tyrants experience real fear, and show the people that they have no need to fear their government.

Nothing infuriates a tyrant more than people who buzzkill a fresh power-high, and right now is the perfect time to start buzzkilliung. Angry tyrants make more flagrant mistakes, anger means when they are losing control, panic means they have lost it.

Shut off the Gaslighting

Encourage friends and family to change their news outlets, have them watch the weather channel or use online sources instead of using the television.

Send letters and emails to local news stations, express not that your angry, but that you're __sad__ that you cannot watch the weather or get real local news without getting drowned in know-nothing 'current events'. Let them know that you're dissatisfied with the state of news media.

Pull a gamergate against the old media: Email and/or snail-mail companies advertising on national news stations that you don't want to support products with people that willfully lie to the public. Email the FCC about fake news and that political bias should not be allowed on a news station.

Even if you feel like this will do nothing, remember: __water doesn't break rocks through force, but through persistance__.

Train the angry idiots to go after the medic instead of the heavy

Conspirafags are always on the warpath about the government, and reason that "the corporations are bankrolling the government, therefore, it's the government's fault".

That level of thinking directly plays into the corporate neo-feudalists' hands because they're the ones making the power grabs in the first place.

"Governments are nothing more than puppets and strings" (-Yehven, The Italian Job '03)

Whenever idiots scream about the government, guide them to who they should __really__ be attacking; the ones actually causing real damage instead of the easiest target.

Know your enemy

Cluster B personality disorders comprise the major-pathology of the so-called-elite:

>Narcissistic Personality Disorder
>Paranoid Personality Disorder
>Histronic Personality Disorder
>Antisocial Personality Disorder

Learning about these disorders will go a long way into explaining not only the pathology of these kinds of people, but how you can educate others on how they operate. The more people that know about this, the more that they learn just how much it affects your life.

Evil isn't ambiguous, or a selection of moral codes that work against society.

__Evil is the want to cause suffering for the sake of power and amusement, plain and simple.__

Evil wants to whitewash and make itself ambiguous because it knows it will become a target when it's exposed. This entire mess is not our fault, the evil of our world threw the first punch.

Know your enemy, and you have insight on their patterns.

Know yourself

Look up jungian psychology, the shadow, anima, animus, and try to treat your inner self as a hurting child. Be the parent to your inner self that your parents were not. In my experience, people who complain about "all women" or "all men" are talking about "mom/sisters" or "dad/brothers". Try to hunt through your horrible memories and heal them

Conspirafags always whine about people who are asleep. The reality is, these people have been awake for so long they're sleep deprived. The conspirafags? They're the most-sleep-deprived of them all.

Remember to get your rest too, meditate, get a nap, disconnect from the noise. When you wake up, you're refreshed and ready to fight evil.

Know yourself, heal yourself, and you realize just how weak evil really is.
How do you heal bad memories?
I know of four distinct methods of mental and emotional healing yourself.

All four of these methods can be performed anywhere, anytime, but you get the best results by going into a meditative state, and emotionally hyping yourself up that what is happening is real.

The most important thing to know about this: Your subconscious cannot tell what is real and what is delusion, this is why people repress memories and why triggers cause people to panic. This is also what we are going to exploit to make the healing effective.

The basic gist of these is that you're hacking these memories to point towards good energy instead of bad energy.

The sole catch about these, is that you need to directly confront these memories in order to heal them.

It will hurt, but you'll feel better after it. You'll make it.

The Ho'oppono

This is a Hawaiian prayer, this is the most simple and straightforward method I know.

First, imagine yourself in the throes of your hard moment, then imagine the moment stopping and everyone stops speaking.

Tell the person associated with that memory the following:

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Emotional Metadata Overwriting

This one I learned from a /fringe/ wizard named "khan".

First you need to learn to cultivate love. You do this by imagining getting everything you want. Really hype this up and get into it. Imagine your biggest physical wishes, no strings, no monkey's paw, no bullshit, your wildest dreams, you want it you got it. Also, imagine your biggest emotional wants too, imagine the partner of your dreams, any and all the kids you want, a parent you can hug, a television showing positive news and corrupt assholes in jail. Anything and everything.

Once you get this feeling, remember it, find something to associate it so you can learn to "tap into" that feeling. Now that we understand love, now we get to the weird part, this is why meditation is recommended.

Find an emotionally painful moment for you. Once you get yourself properly hyped into that moment, tap into that love feeling, and then imagine it as a beam of green healing energy, flooding that memory.

smother that memory's bad energy with love

Confession and Forgiveness Exercise

This one is similar to the above one.

Imagine yourself in the throes of a bad memory. then mentally, freeze the moment and transport yourself to a neutral space.

There you and the person you have issues with will confess to each other. Imagine that person confess to and apologize to every single emotionall-bad thing they did to you. After that, accept their apology and hug them.

Then, you do the same thing for them, apologize for anything you feel guilty about, ask for forgiveness and then imagine hugging them.

Memory Desaturation

This is my adaptation of an exercise from Swamij.com, a web 1.0-era website with loads of information, but it gets wordwordswords as hell at points.

What we're going to do here is "decolor" your memories.

First, once you're in the throes of that bad memory, imagine it turning black and white. Then, imagine a colored, shining starburst that represents the energy of this memory. imagine touching the starburst, and with each touch it drains of the color, turning greyscale.

My original version of this exercise ended at this point, but I'm continuing it.

At this point, find a color or set of colors associated with the emotion of love, and saturate it with that.
Here's another bit of whitepilling for you lads. Donald Trump was not the last hope for the West and the American People, he was actually the last hope for the ruling class. As much as they didn't like him, they could've still worked with him, allowed some of his agenda to go through, they could've thrown him a few bones, so to speak. But alas, they were either too spiteful, or just too shortsighted to make any sorts of deals with the Orange man, and now the people see plain and simple that they can't be reasoned with, negotiated with, or trusted.

On top of that, with the National Guard being stationed in DC for the inauguration, with all the walls, barricades and barbed wire being deployed to protect the Dementia Patient, it is being overtly communicated with us that they have an antagonistic relationship with the people over which they rule. Even the biggest stooge has to see that at this point.

The Orange Man may be gone, but we're not going anywhere.
You live in a dictatorship now.
>Look up jungian psychology, the shadow, anima, animus, and try to treat your inner self as a hurting child. Be the parent to your inner self that your parents were not. In my experience, people who complain about "all women" or "all men" are talking about "mom/sisters" or "dad/brothers". Try to hunt through your horrible memories and heal them
Not sure if this is something you're referencing, but there are 12 step programs out there for people living with family dysfunction that deals directly with these kinds of techniques. Unlike therapy, it's free, and as well people will actually STFU and you can speak your mind without someone trying to interject. You don't have to perpetuate the cycle to heal.
Thanks OP, wish more people would see and read this.
>last hope for the ruling class
if you got the impression that after that shit show the ruling class isnt in an even better position (politically) then youre a retard. they are only doing worse popularly.
Ok doomer.

But in all seriousness, of course they have full control of the reigns of power, both in name and in practice. But that whole "shit show" showed everyone that the people in Washington are scared. And when you're scared, you tend to make mistakes.

>they are only doing worse popularly.

And that's the whole point. You don't seem to understand that there has never been a better time for dissident politics than now. People are looking for answers, and they're going to be much more receptive to what we have to say. While the people that rule over us don't need our consent to govern, the costs of governance have gone up. It's going to be our job to keep driving up those costs.

Is the road ahead going to be easy? Fuck no. Will it be sexy and exciting like an actual guerrilla war? Absolutely not. But despairing about it isn't going to help.
I'm Back for some more moraleblogposting for you glorious little-horse-fuckers.

Seeing the absolute mess that has resulted from the gamestop short squeeze, emotions have run very high as a result of this. Big money has put itself in a vulnerable position and the hedgefunds who put all their eggs into one basket are freaking the fuck out. However, many of you are concerned that something is happening behind the scenes- media coverage always comes with ulterior motive, otherwise All lives matter wouldn't have been slandered once and then they immediately ghosted after.

You're right to be suspicious, there is a catch, there always is, but the catches are much more simple than you think it is.

First Catch: The banks might not suffer the damage /biz/ is expecting. Banks have absolutely insane levels of capital nowadays, even a short squeeze as huge as this won't hurt their bottom line. upside, they think they are literally untouchable, if the banks DO end up bailing out the hedgefunds, this will spark a very real fear in them.

Second Catch: GME-buying anons are not alone in this fight when it comes to squeezing the gamestop short. There is big money at play AGAINST the hedgefunds, and many anons are suspicious about people with lots of money. Keep in mind, good guys do exist that have big money, you just don't hear about them because evil prefers the limelight.

The third Catch- and this is a good catch: The damage from the short squeeze is real and the breadth is wider than you think it is. Sadly, I don't have details, and I probably cannot ever come up with the details. But when I got into a conversation with some friends who play the stock game as a job, I got the impression from the conversation I have with them that this short squeeze is making waves across the industry.

When whales die, sharks and seagulls alike become well fed, and are much less aggressive than during times when they starve.

So what about all the stock apps and platforms that are denying people the ability to engage in the squeeze? The basic fault of them, is their inability to communicate to their customers AS IF THEY WERE PEOPLE instead of a bunch of emotionally-unstable cunts. Robinhood's CEO lied and weasel-worded his way into a loop on CNBC about the fact that they literally ran out of liquidity that they could use to give stocks to people. If you suspect collusion, then you are absolutely in the right to be suspect, even if the truth is different. These are times where people are in low-trust in regards to business, globalists think they are literally-untouchable, and the onion has become the standard for news quality.

In fact, the entire corona virus pandemic is the result of a bunch of assholes in suits, deciding that they would not talk to people about a dangerous situation because they thought they knew better, and that the common man was too stupid to decide for themself how they should protect themself from the flu. Instead, they revealed not only how stupid THEY were, but they revealed how little control they have over their own faculties.

Right now? Stock platforms that manipulate their clients portfolios without their permission are losing big. Stock platforms that had an entry fee, and are letting people buy the shorted stocks like GME and AMC are winning out big because they have the capital, management and incentive to not do stupid shit.

The hedgefunds are employing all their tactics: running smears through CNBC and the new-york media outlets, bots, shills, (((connections))), delaying the inevitable as much as they can. They are trying their damnedest to gaslight and shut it down, even pulling tactics that would normally get people jail time just to save their money. They are so desperate for their power that they are going full-retard, and both anons and reddit alike are holding fast against this shit.

This level of desperation is how you know you found their weakpoint; keep the heat on that tender little weakpoint.