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Glim Glam's Literary Ham Slam, Equestria-Dystopia Edition
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After spending several weeks in deep meditation over new ways to accuse amateur pony fiction authors of being homosexuals, I have returned to bestow my wisdom upon you foolish mortals.

We shall now commence with:

Fallout Equestria
By kkat

As with everything else I've delved into here, I will be coming into this one blind. As was the case with Past Sins, I know this fic by reputation, and I know that there is some controversy within the fan community about how accurately the universe of the Fallout games is portrayed here. I will state before we begin that I don't know anything about the Fallout universe and I honestly don't care that much about what details kkat gets right or wrong. I'll be judging this purely on its literary merits, as has been the case with all the other stories we've read here.

That said, let's begin.

This story, as I think I've mentioned before, is actually longer than War and Peace. It begins with not only a Prologue, but an Introduction as well. Since the Introduction is quite short, I'll just paste it in here verbatim.

>Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...

>…there came an era when the ideals of friendship gave way to greed, selfishness, paranoia and a jealous reaping of dwindling space and natural resources. Lands took up arms against their neighbors. The end of the world occurred much as we had predicted -- the world was plunged into an abyss of balefire and dark magic. The details are trivial and pointless. The reasons, as always, purely our own. The world was nearly wiped clean of life. A great cleansing; a magical spark struck by pony hooves quickly raged out of control. Megaspells rained from the skies. Entire lands were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans. Ponykind was almost extinguished, their spirits becoming part of the ambient radiation that blanketed the lands. A quiet darkness fell across the world...

>…But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue for another bloody chapter in pony history. In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters known as Stables. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them. All except those in Stable Two. For on that fateful day when spellfire rained from the sky, the giant steel door of Stable Two swung closed, and never re-opened.

>horrors of the holocaust
oy vey.

Anyway, first impressions. The prose here seems decent enough, and I am not seeing any significant grammatical or spelling errors right off the bat, which is good. As we've seen with other works, that isn't always a reliable indicator of quality, but at least we're dealing with an author who seems to be able to read and write at an adult level *knocks on wood*. Also, based on some things I've heard about this fic, I have reason to suspect this may have been professionally edited at some point as well; we'll see if this is the case or not.

As to the content, this seems to be pretty standard fare for apocalyptic science fiction. This intro is on par with the sort of thing you might expect to hear in a voiceover narration during the opening of a 1980s anime; "in the year 2525, Tokyo has been reduced to ash," that sort of thing.

>The details are trivial and pointless. The reasons, as always, purely our own.
I found this to be a little awkward, although I can't quite put my finger on why. I suppose I probably wouldn't have broken this into two sentences, I would have just connected them with a semicolon. However, the way the author has it isn't technically wrong.

I find the statement "the reasons are purely our own" to be rather ambiguous; I'm not entirely sure what the author means by this. That could be what bothers me about it. Anyway, that's enough about the intro.

Prologue: Of Pip-Bucks and Cutie Marks

I was a little confused as to why the author chose to include an introduction on top of a prologue, particularly when the overall work is quite verbose to begin with. I can see now why he chose to do this: the introduction is, as I said, basically the opening voiceover narration that sets the scene, while the prologue begins the narration of the actual story.

However, I still find the introduction to be a little unnecessary. The story itself appears to be narrated in the first person, so I could understand including a neutral third-person introduction to set the stage. However, what's interesting here is that the introduction appears to be read by the same narrator: "the reasons are purely OUR own." However, apart from this, the perspective appears to be neutral, so...I'm not sure.

In any case though, I don't feel like the intro paragraphs add much, so if I were editing this I'd probably recommend chopping the intro and just starting the story at the prologue. addendum: after having read the prologue I would probably cut that too.

Anyway, moving on.

>If I’m going to tell you about the adventure of my life -- explain how I got to this place with these people, and why I did what I’m going to do next -- I should probably start by explaining a little bit about PipBucks.
As opening lines go, this one is fairly simple and direct. The author hints that the character has done something morally questionable ("why I did what I'm going to do next"), which grabs the reader's attention well enough that I'm willing to overlook the rather awkward mixture of past and present tense. The author does a fairly decent job here of setting the scene for the story: this character is going to recount some significant events in his/her life, which presumably led up to whatever point he/she now finds himself/herself in. We don't know any details, however. This is good; we get a sense of a character but only a vague sense of who or what we're reading about. This makes us curious to continue reading.
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Now, let's get back to topic
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Holy shit, you're right. I do need to filter my posts.
I'm going to work harder at doing this.
I also need to stop spoiling shit.
>page break
why did they use a page break to skip over Littlepip getting her shackles off?

>human weapons on ponies
I've thought a lot about fantasy creatures and weapons.
I think you'd love a youtube series I like called Fantasy Re-Armed, where Shadiversity talks about what weapons fantasy creatures should use logically looking at their species's abilities and physiology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iix5MdZiNQg&ab_channel=Shadiversity

For example, media loves giving weird short hook swords and whips and sickles to snaketaurs (people but from the waist down they're giant snakes) and that's retarded. A snake can coil their body far from you, then lunge at you, then retreat. A spear would be godly for them, letting them lunge at you from further away with more angles of attack. Some kind of binding weapon would also be great. They would also not wear skimpy leather armour, they'd want to cover their vulnerable upper bodies in thick armour and coat their thick snake body in flexible mail armour, to make wrapping around and crushing a foe less dangerous.
Also if they have poisonous bites, they'd love to disable you by stabbing your legs/knees with their spears and then bite you to poison you. Or they could poison their bladed weapons with their own poison. If they can see via scent/heat they'd also love using smoke bombs on people without a superior blind-fighting ability.

As for Fairies? Media loves giving them sewing needles to use like tiny rapiers, and tiny rapiers made from glass. Deadly Fairies would fly past you while dragging a barber's razor behind themselves, cutting necks and wrists in hit-and-run airborne attacks.

I wrote a really autistic and overly-long image post thingy about why Battle Saddles are dumb, why a helmet-mounted model would be a step up, and why literally anything else would be a step up from that, and what options could work best. But instead of just dumping it here should I ask if anyone wants to see it first?
>why Bobby Pins
Because Bobby Pins are used to pick locks in Fallout 3 because it's coded that way in Skyrim and other games released on Bethesda's shitty 20 year old Creation Engine. They should switch over to Unity and Steam Workshop at this point, it would be an improvement.
Author did little or no research and never saw a single Lockpicking Lawyer video so "Just go at it with a bobby pin like in Fallout until you find the one and only secret unlock button all locks have" is his idea of how lockpicking works. That's why Littlepip got her shackles off "offscreen" during a page break. Author sucks for relying on page breaks for things he doesn't want to write and doesn't know how to write but wants to happen anyway.
This was going to be a really big rant but I shortened it a lot.

>I'd probably have written the scene this way, and have it end with LP getting robbed and learning a hard, brutal lesson about life
That would be a huge improvement from what this scene was supposed to be (Proof that Littlepip can instantly master just about anything and talk anyone into doing just about anything right now even passing up free supplies and fucking off, but can't pass absolutely all of her Speech Checks until she Levels Up some more and gets to become the ultimate nonsense offscreen charisma god)

>rape scene
considering how much Fallout fans loved Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (fanfic of a fanfic, this one's got even more edge and rape and death) they'd probably love you for that.

I would have given Littlepip a serious quiet horrified reaction where she covers her mouth to avoid screaming (would draw attention to herself) and she cries. Meanwhile a raider covered in way more of the guy's blood would freak out in a black comedy way because Borderlands says it's funny when bandits freak out.

>if the apocalypse was the result of some instant cataclysm
Must... not.. go into... autistic rant on how in Fallout 1/2 the nukes fell 60 years ago yet people in California's coast are recovering fast with walled nation-states and one rising real nation while the idiots in zombie/orc/Power Ranger/Cartoon Nazi-infested Washington DC are still drinking piss 200 years after the bombs dropped and in Fallout 4 major cities are filled with trash and a random trading outpost in the middle of nowhere and produces nothing still has parts of their home taken up by 200 year old trash and untouched unrobbed skeletons still embracing like they did before they died 200 years ago!

>Littlepip's age
She's a foal-sized young adult, around 20-22. Old enough for sex and small enough to fit on Sweetie Belle's bed.
I'll resist the urge to make a "But Officer FBI guy, she said she was actually 900 years old!" joke.
Her canon size is ignored when drawing her because making her a pallete-swapped and horned wingless Rainbow Dash is easier than trying to shorten her hooves and make them look right.
The author looked at Fallout's "Small Frame" trait (+1 Agility but your limbs are crippled easier and you can carry less stuff) should be taken as literally as possible.
Also for some fucktarded reason Sweetie Belle's tiny bed and Rarity's adult-sized bed still exist in Rarity's house while the bigger bed SB would have probably wanted upon reaching Rarity's age before the bombs fell didn't. Did she sleep with Rarity in the same bed for years before the bombs started falling and she was sent to the Vaults?
>and tiny rapiers made from glass
I mean grass but come to think of it a shattered piece of glass would make a good blade for fairies if they could pick it up.
I looked for a picture of this but "Fairy Fencer" was full of anime results for "Fairy Fencer F", whatever that is.
Apology accepted btw
>Let this serve as evidence how readily our friend here will fabricate stories about anyone who criticizes him
Why would you word it like that?
I said you're not paying me, while saying fuck off and stop bitching about my post quality. I didn't know you might be someone who paid me once, but that doesn't make what I said inaccurate. Glim's colour-coded pic is what made me realize my posts are too long. "Fabricated stories" my ass. Reminds me of those lefties who mentally leap ten steps away from what's really happening towards something that sounds shocking, and then claim something shocking-sounding is literally happening and directly being done by someone they don't like.
Nevermind, it's not a leftist
Cheers ^_^
Now if you'll excuse me, I will go back to abusing KYS filly
sidenote, I am in fact also the filly who gives you shit for not knowing/getting kys filly
only if women of the future know their place.png
Wait I think the thing you said and the 60/200 years thing would be relevant here since you noticed it in this story first.

Fallout 1 - takes place in 2161. The previous generation remembers a world before the bombs fell. The bombs fell 60 years ago, and all 3 default characters you can be (charmer who wants out of the vault, retarded thug, thief chick) are adults but young. Outside these walls, civilization exists but is often preyed upon by raiders. Towns have junk walls and bars/stores/crap like that while tribal villages far away from major hubs have adobe walls and dedicated farming zones. One military base containing like 80 big dudes tops is a threat to the world.

Fallout 2 - 2241 - It's been eighty years since the first game and the protag of the first game founded Arroyo, the tribal village you were born in. Away from your tribal shithole which still has a Temple Of Trials, civilization is coming back and thriving! The New California Republic exists, and it's got troops and NCR-dollars for currency. Bottlecaps are no longer currency because carrying 1000 bottlecaps is pretty dumb in retrospect when NCR dollars are lighter though pre-war American dollars are still cartoonishly worthless. Vault City exists, and it's a Vault that used its GECK to "unfold" its Vault into a thriving above-ground town with walls and guards. Vault City has even experimented with giving hyper-intelligence to animals and creating psychic shit for no reason! Even the Enclave (cartoon fascist american supremacist) villains have technologically improved their own technology by upgrading their Power Armour beyond what the US Military was using by the time bombs dropped!

Fallout 3 - It has been over 200 years since the bombs fell.
Over 200 years! For no fucking reason!
200 years ago in our timeline men wore knee-high stockings and powdered wigs, and they got married at 14 years old.
200 years from now, I don't think anyone alive will dress like a 1960s motorcycle gang complete with switchblades.
And if a nuclear apocalypse happened today, where would people get the leather and hair gel 200 years from now if they don't have the means to produce it themselves?
Nothing has culturally developed in Bethesda's Fallout.
Nobody farms or builds anything more complex than junk walls/junk bridges, people just scavenge the ruins of the old world because every Nuka-Cola Vending Machine somehow always has 1-2 fresh unopened chilled glass bottles of cola.
Nobody makes any new clothing ever, unless the spiked Mad Max bullshit worn by cannibalistic thieves counts!
The only 5 songs that existed from 200 years ago contain BOMB or ATOM or RADIATION in the title or are about violence or say FUCK CIVILIZATION.
Fallout is supposed to be Retrofuture. The future we envisioned in the 60s, where beautiful white women on the moon still clean their houses for their handsome strong-jawed white husbands as their adorable white kids play with footballs in the street and robot nannies clean the house.
It's also a "fuck you" to that genre because "muh resource consumption" caused global wars and global nuking. Nothing bad ever came from multikulti in this future but it still happened, sadly, so this really is a fantasy world.
But this...
This is a shooty game wearing the Fallout IP like a tranny serial killer wearing the flesh of a woman.
So you will still find unopened tins of Cram and unopened bags of Chips at the Mega-Mall, despite the raiders living in it setting up human flesh dangling on chains from the ceiling. You can still find locked safes containing ammo and guns, and easily password-locked computers that work perfectly fine despite the lack of power.
Corpses of people who died 20 years ago can't be found anywhere but the skeletons of people who died over 200 years ago can be found pretty much anywhere.
No settlements know what adobe is and barely anyone produces anything. Slavers exist but we only see what slavers are used on (Steel production in the only factory in america that still works) in a DLC where you go to fucking Pittsburg.

Fallout New Vegas
It's good but I'll restrain myself and just say: The music selection isn't retarded. Pre-war songs on the radio are about love/loss, and you even encounter a travelling Guitarist and get him a job at a Casino's Theatre. No wonder F4 tried to one-up this with Magnolia, a random lounge singer you can easily fuck who makes a living singing to ghoul junkies booted out of the biggest trade hub in Boston.

Fallout Equestria (This story)
The author never gives a proper timeline with year numbers, but we're still told everything that happened leading up to the nuking eventually.
Fans have arranged the newspaper articles, apocalyptic logs, flashbacks, and stories from different characters into a linear timeline but without any numbers we only have a vague idea of how much time separates the day the nukes fell from the day Velvet Remedy, the "many times great granddaughter" of Sweetie Belle, was born. and that guess is "More than three generations".
slight correction, Fallout 1's Opening Video Narration says your family got into the vault and "A generation has grown up without knowing of the outside world", but later sources retcon this as "Fallout 1 started eighty years after the nukes fell" for some reason. Eighty years is more than one generation unless something's gone seriously fucking weird in that Vault, and it was canonically one of the normal ones besides how its Water Chip was designed to miraculously break down on the chosen day and not a second before or after.
285100 285106 285108
837132 - Friendship_is_Magic My_Little_Pony Princess_Cadence Twilight_Sparkle.jpg

Chapter 3: Guidance

Today's mystery quote reads:

>“Books! I’ve read several on the subject.”
Without context, I'm assuming that the speaker means they have read books on the subject of books themselves. Good to know, I suppose.

Anyway, Littleclit wakes up in what is probably Sweetie Belle's old bed at Rarity's house. For the first time, she gets a glimpse of what the outside world really looks like, and predictably it's rather depressing. Unfortunately, the author doesn't describe much of it to us, other than mentioning that there is some kind of unpleasant cloud cover that filters the light and turns it a weird color; however, beyond that we don't get much description. However, we've all probably seen enough depictions of dystopian worlds to get the general idea.

She breaks into a locked chest she found and discovers an exquisitely made dress, which apparently survived all the looting and pillaging that earlier the text informed us took place here. It seems as if whoever looted the Carousel Boutique was too busy scribbling naughty words on the wall to bother breaking into this chest, which a pony who has virtually zero experience in this world was able to do quite easily. In any case, the dress is too big for her to wear, which again suggests that LP is a juvenile, though again the text hasn't come right out and stated it yet. However, she does decide to take the dress with her. addendum: the issue of Littlepip's age has been helpfully cleared up by Nigel in this post: >>284984

>Post-apocalyptic Ponyville was a rotting skeleton of a once homey little town.
This sentence is a little curious. "Post-apocalyptic" is certainly how we would describe this world, but seeing as how it's the only world LP has ever lived in, I'm not sure this is the term she would use. To her, the contrast is not between Equestria before and Equestria now, but between the indoor bunker-world she grew up in and the "outside" world.

>I turned from the doorway, my gaze following the lines of profanity that curled up the walls towards the rafters. And shrank back, choking in revulsion at what the sunlight revealed above me -- dozens of dead and desiccated cats had been hung from the ceiling like decorations. I had slept directly beneath three of them.
My stars but this is edgy.

Anyway, she walks outside and immediately steps on a landmine that someone put outside the door. A mysterious voice warns her to get back inside before it explodes (which is odd, because my understanding of the way a landmine works is that it explodes the instant you take your foot off of it; however, this one beeps a warning for several seconds and then explodes, which seems to kind of defeat the point).

>I was more shocked than hurt as I slowly dragged myself out from under the door. My ears were ringing. A trap. No wonder the raider ponies hadn’t invaded while I slept. They had left a present instead.
Why would they do this? It doesn't make much sense. It's been established that it's pretty much every pony for herself in Edgequestria, but the objective for most seems to be mostly survival, not cruelty. The raiders would, presumably, want to attack LP because she's weak and is carrying items of value. If they knew she was sleeping in the Carousel Boutique, it stands to reason they would either go in and rob her, and maybe rape her a little if they were bored; otherwise, if they thought she wasn't worth the bother, they would just leave her alone. Setting a landmine outside her door doesn't serve any purpose; at best it might kill a pony who was no particular threat, and in the process destroys whatever items of value she might be carrying including her vagina. Since there's no practical reason to kill her beyond robbery, it's also a waste of a landmine, which I'm assuming is as limited as any other practical resource in this world. I'm guessing most of the munitions plants have been shut down for awhile now, so things like ammo and explosives are probably considered high-value items that you don't waste on retarded bullshit if you can avoid it. Which, come to think of it, makes it feel a bit odd that the slavers earlier would have wasted shotgun rounds trying to kill an apparently harmless flying drone.

Anyway, LP's mysterious benefactor warns her that there are more enemies on the way. A few moments later, one of them walks through the door and throws some kind of apple-grenade at her, which again feels like kind of a pointless waste of an explosive. This whole attack feels completely pointless to me; if the raiders knew she was sleeping in here and knew that she was just one mare, then combat shotgun or no she wouldn't have proven much of a threat. It would have been far more economical to just slip in while she was sleeping and cut her throat.

>A memory flashed through my mind: I as a younger pony, trotting to the Stable schoolroom when an older pony stepped out of a doorway and heaved a water balloon at me. It had burst against my horn, soaking me and my homework. “Hey, don’t look so sad, blankflanks! I was just tryin’ ta help you. Y’know, in case your cutie mark is supposed to be a target!” The older pony had laughed and hurried off to class, leaving me dripping and miserable in the hall.

>Lesson learned: when somepony throws something at you, don’t let it hit you. Don’t even let it hit near you, because it might splash.

This flashback seems like a long way to go outside the story just to learn a fairly obvious lesson. Even if Littlepoop doesn't know what a grenade is, she can probably figure out that it's dangerous and would thus instinctively avoid it, regardless of any past water balloon experience she might have.
danny bazinga.jpg
>“Books! I’ve read several on the subject.”
Reading a book about books? That's like having a Cutie Mark of a Cutie Mark!

Except Nippleclit's Cutie Mark of a Pip-Buck isn't actually "practically a cutie mark of a cutie mark", because even though it breaks the Cutie Mark design sensibilities by being an image of an object rather than a symbol that represents some kind of idea or gets used in an abstract way...

I know the author was trying to be cute with this retarded sentence but it reminded me of something really shit in this fic.

Cheerilee's three smiling flowers don't mean she's good at tossing flowers around, or growing flowers with smiles. They mean she's good at making her students happy while teaching, making them metaphorically "bloom". Fast Pegasi typically have a symbol that suggests speed or movement rather than just having a jpeg of a wing because their talent is using their wings. ponies with coins for Cutie Marks don't literally have the tossing of coins as their talents. And Applejack's apples means she's a good farmer, it doesn't just literally mean her talent is the usage of apples in cooking or shotput-style tossing or whatever.

Also, tech levels. I know it's a joke to give a shit about the show's inconsistent tech levels but while ponies have inkwells and quills for Cutie Marks even though Typewriters exist, the archetypical symbol of an inkqell or quill or both can still represent writing. But a Cutie Mark of an apple watch packing an Aimbot and HammerSpace(TM) Video Game Inventory? That's so overly specific for a pony to have, and at the same time utterly meaningless when it comes to suggesting what she's good at and what her destiny should be and what this magical smartphone duct-taped to her leg should visually represent. Putting aside how you feel about modern-day tech existing in equestria, it just doesn't feel right for Snipperclip to have a Jpeg of a smartphone-sized wrist-mounted computer on her ass.

At least you could claim the ass-mark of a shitty edgelord OC with a glock on his ass "Actually represents accuracy" in the same way you could claim another edgy OC's Cutie Mark of a red and white target represents hitting his targets instead of being shot like a target. And you could claim the small doodle of a thousand-pound dumbbell on a strong pony's ass represents the strength needed to lift weights rather than literally having his high weight for a natural talent that suggests your destiny in life. But a Pip-Boy doesn't represent anything other than a Pip-Boy. It's just a set of diegetic videogame menus for changing your equipment and turning on the Grand Theft Auto-inspired radio because nothing violates the bleak, atmospheric, grim, hopeless, spooky, tragic, and extremely fucking windy ambiance of Fallout's settings and sound design and tone quite like an overpowered protagonist with 10x more Hit Points than anything else and 999x Health Potions shooting orcs and zombies with his nuclear rocket launcher as his wrist-mounted iphone plays Atom Bomb Baby at max volume.

Remember Twilight's Cutie Mark-switching spell? If it was used to switch the marks of Trixie and Twilight, you can guess how they'd act: Twilight would perform scientifically interesting but visually unimpressive experiments on a stage for utterly bored ponies as she swears whatever barely-visible thing she just did was really fascinating even though she's the only one for miles who cares about this shit, and Trixie would enjoy the feeling of incredible power while she has it, or read a bunch of Twilight's most advanced spellbooks and rush trying pull off every spell once, fucking them all up filling Twilight's house with weird shit for Spike to deal with. That's my best guess, at least. But if you switched the Cutie Marks of Fluttershy and Niggerpip, Littleshit would try and fail to care for animals while Fluttershy... uh... I suppose she'd go and buy a Pip-Buck and then use it a lot, I guess. What would she do, flip through various dresses stored in the Pip-Buck's Inventory hammerspace app that sometimes exists but usually doesn't? Use its Minimap and Life-Form-Detecting Compass (which the author often forgets about) to hunt down her chickens when they escape her home?
also the author isn't right about Clittersnip's cutie mark being "practically a Cutie Mark of a Cutie Mark".

It's not as meaningless as a "symbol of a symbol", in the way that something generic like a circle or square or random star would be. It's too specific, it's a Cutie Mark of an existing object in a franchise where Cutie Marks are usually vague things at least a little open to interpretation.

Zipperclip's talent symbol is just an object and her talent is often implied to mean using this object. What else could it mean, getting more of these objects? Her Cutie Mark is about as much of a symbol as a JPEG of a screenshot featuring Danny Devito is a "Symbol" of Danny Devito. It isn't even stylized or on fire or surrounded by something like stars or teeth or wind. Her Cutie Mark means an inherent talent at utilizing and operating a highly sophisticated piece of literally-magical technology with many functions designed to emulate and justify third-person auto-aim pseudo-turnbased looty-shooty action-RPG mechanics, and it's used in this story to justify why she's good at pretty much everything a Pip-Buck can be used for right off the bat. Except the author forgot to give a justification for her lockpicking talent beyond "I guess sometimes PipBuck Repair Ponies have to pick open the locks on tech because she doesn't have the keys".

It's not "A cutie mark of a cutie mark", it's "A cutie mark that says you're talented at using some bullshit tech that almost has as many uses as a smartphone". If you saw a shitty EQG DVD short where some human kid stumbled into the Ponyland Portal and his Cutie Mark was a smartphone, it would be bullshit. But also, you could make a list of everything a smartphone CAN do and check if this character is ever shown using a spell he instinctively knows to call anyone ever without network issues, using another spell to take pictures with his eyes and spit them out of his mouth, using another spell to check the universe's infinite all-knowing magic internet to learn whatever he wants, and so on. A Pip-Buck has fewer functions than a smartphone. It's a more precise concept, even though it still doesn't make sense as a Cutie Mark because all the different things a Pip-Buck can do are so wildly different from one another.
I have finished my autistic rant, also today I learned >>285100 if you spoiler-tag a post link, the post link doesn't work.
285117 285122

Anyway, like a complete retard Littlepoop drops her shotgun, but sensibly (?) grabs the grenade with her magic and throws it back out the door. It explodes and kills the raider who had thrown it. LP has now officially popped her kill cherry.

It seems like, what with the mysterious voice and all, there ought to be a little more to this scene, but the author cuts it off abruptly with a page break, and time skips forward quite a bit. LP has apparently left Ponyville, and we are told nothing about it beyond that her escape from it was "harrowing."

>I realized early that I had been neglecting my Eyes-Forward Sparkle. Once I had brought up my E.F.S., it was far easier to determine where the raider ponies were, and to avoid them.
I was not particularly clear what the hell the author was talking about here, but I figured it had something to do with the PipBuck so I went back and revisited the prologue, where the tech specs were gone over in detail. I found this:

>A pony’s PipBuck generates an E.F.S. (Eyes-Forward Sparkle) that will indicate direction and help gauge whether the ponies or creatures around you are hostile.
This actually segues into another reason why it was not good story design to just dump all that info in the second paragraph. Technically, the author already told us about this EFS feature of the PipBuck, so he isn't doing anything wrong by bringing it up now as if it's something we should already know about. However, it has not prominently factored into the story before now, and we were told about it way back at the very beginning, so it's pretty unlikely that this is a detail the reader would remember.

Pretty much everything the PipBuck can do is explained in the second paragraph of the story. Though the device itself is important to LP's job and is therefore relevant, all of the specific functions it has are not important and don't really bear mention at that point in the story. All we really needed to know about PipBucks at that point in the story is that it's some kind of technical device that straps to the foreleg, that the ponies all have one, and that it can do a lot of things. The specific functions it has are not relevant, and can probably be introduced as they come up.

To illustrate my point better, here is the PipBuck infodump in its entirety:

>What is a PipBuck? A PipBuck is a device, worn on a foreleg just above the hoof, issued to every pony in a Stable when they become old enough to start work. A blending of unicorn pony magic and science, your PipBuck will keep a constant measure of your health and even help administer healing poultices and other medicine, track and organize everything in your saddlepacks, assist in repairs, and keep all manner of notes and maps available at a hooftap. Plus, it allows you to listen to the Stable broadcast whenever you would like as it can tune into and decrypt just about any radio frequency. And that’s not all. A pony’s PipBuck generates an E.F.S. (Eyes-Forward Sparkle) that will indicate direction and help gauge whether the ponies or creatures around you are hostile. And, perhaps most impressively, a PipBuck can magically aid you in a fight for brief periods of time through use of the S.A.T.S. (Stable-Tec Arcane Targeting Spell). Oh, and a feature not to be forgotten: it can keep track of the location of tagged objects or people, including the wearers of other PipBucks. So if a pony somehow got lost -- don’t ask me how you could get lost in a Stable, but it does happen on occasion -- then anypony who knew the lost pony’s tag could find them instantly.
This is literally the second paragraph of the text. This would frankly be a dense read regardless of where you put it, and as the second paragraph it pretty much had my eyes glazing over.

A person's senses are bombarded by information pretty much every second they're awake, and aside from people with photographic memory or Rainman-tier autism, most have a subconscious filter that sorts and retains information based on its apparent importance. Information of immediate importance (that saber-toothed tiger is charging at me) is processed and dealt with right away. Information that doesn't seem immediately important but feels like it might be important later (I think I heard a saber-toothed tiger roaring somewhere off in the distance) is consciously acknowledged and usually retained somewhere. Information that has no apparent importance (a six hour lecture on the anatomy of saber-toothed tigers conducted by Ben Stein with no bathroom break) is usually dismissed, or else is retained in some remote corner of the memory where it is essentially forgotten until some situation forces the person to recall it.

The densely worded second paragraph of this text is the literary equivalent of a Ben Stein lecture about tigers. It's roughly as exciting to read as the owner's manual of a Honda Civic, and the information in it has the same likelihood of being retained. For instance, the term "Eyes-Forward Sparkle" was technically something I had read before and should therefore know, but I didn't remember what it was, because when I read it the information had no apparent relevance so my memory didn't mark it as something important.

This is why I am always admonishing authors for writing these massive infodump paragraphs. If you've invented some really cool fictional device that can do all sorts of things and you're really excited about it, then great; put it in the story. But don't tell us everything it can do all at once, because we don't care as much as you do and aren't going to remember it if it's not relevant. When it becomes relevant, show us how it works, don't tell. This is what the author should have done here, with this Eyes-Forward Sparkle business.
>however, this one beeps a warning for several seconds and then explodes
It's retarded, but landmines/grenade-tripwires do this in Fallout 3 onwards to compensate for how buggy the Hitboxes are and how hard it is to see anything (especially small details) and tell anything apart when everything looks like shit and A FUCKING GREEN INSTAGRAM FILTER engulfs your screen 24/7 for no reason. Sound and a glowing symbol with an arrow warns you "MOVE AWAY FROM THAT AREA" and 2-3 seconds later the trap you triggered detonates. This means you can literally run straight through most trap-filled dungeons, explosions exploding uselessly behind you.
So there's really not much point in taking the Light Step perk, which magically disables all landmines and traps you trigger.

F3 onwards, you're not thinking or looking around at the samey scenery since it's made from the same prefabricated puzzle-piece floors and walls used everywhere else, there are no clues in the environment and there is no clever level design to guide you towards specific areas, you're staring at the glowing compass marker in the bottom-left corner that tells you where the next Quest Marker is, and that system exists to compensate for how bad the world/level design is.

Liberty Prime is a fucking massive giant laser-eyed robot that tosses nukes like american footballs, and Helios One is a massive space laser that uses a cartoony-looking lasergun called Euclid's C-Finder as the target-finder and trigger, but many players who completed the quests to repair these superweapons said "I didn't even notice the giant robot/giant solar panel place until they started making loud noises and firing lasers".
>I have finished my autistic rant
10 minutes later....

>Despite actively looking for me, the raider ponies proved less than adept hunters.
I'm also a little unclear on how many of these "raider ponies" we're talking about here. There were I think two or three of them on the bridge the previous night, and those were all killed. There was a sniper who was firing at Littlepoop from some unknown location, and I understood this to be the same individual that later set the landmine and threw the grenade at her. If so, then the sniper is also dead. If there is supposed to be a whole team of these guys chasing her, it's unclear why they left her alone at Carousel Boutique the previous night, if they knew she was in there and had rather limited defenses. It's also unclear why only one of them seemed to be attacking her the next day. If they went to the trouble of setting a landmine outside the door, it wouldn't have been too much additional trouble to have a few of them hang around the entrance to ambush her in case the landmine didn't finish her off. Also: I still have no idea why these ponies want her dead so badly in the first place. All she's got is a couple of canteens and a shotgun, and they can't care too much about that stuff if they were going to blow her up anyway.

Anyway, this next little bit wraps up the rest of what we need to know about her escape from Ponyville:

>Using my magic to bang a mailbox lid down the street or break an empty bottle against a freestanding chimney several yards away provided sufficient distraction to get past them. I had almost made past the last house when the sniper pony started taking shots at me again. The closest shot grazed my flank -- a slash of burning pain and a flowing blood. Fortunately, the wound looked far worse than it was, and even my meager medical skills were enough to stop the bleeding and bandage it.
So, I guess that answers my question about the sniper.

Anyway, to summarize: for reasons unknown, Littlepoop is currently being chased by an indeterminate number of very dumb, yet very persistent enemies, who attack her one at a time using easily-thwarted methods.

Incidentally, it's clear that at least some time has passed since the grenade incident at the Boutique, but we have had no further mention of the mysterious voice that was speaking to Littlepoop earlier. Littlepoop doesn't seem particularly curious about it either. This bugs me; it isn't just bad writing, it also doesn't make any sense. Someone warns her about the landmine, and then warns her about another enemy coming, and then once said enemy is dispatched, she doesn't look around to see who was speaking to her? Even if we're supposed to understand it as a voice coming from a loudspeaker or through her PipBuck's radio or something (the text seems to be implying something like this, although it is not particularly clear about how she is receiving this communication), wouldn't she at least be curious to hunt around for it a little? Or to at least tell us that she wanted to but didn't have time, because there were still bad guys after her?

Anyway, once she gets away from the raiders, she stops in a little ditch to have lunch. However, before she can eat, her EFS thingy starts beeping again, and she has to get up and move because I guess there are more enemies or something.

For some reason she's still hearing music coming from somewhere, then it's gone, then some kind of mutant bird-thing attacks her or something...honestly, I'm not too clear on what's happening during this part. The bird thing attacks, and she doesn't want to waste her only shot because she's not sure she can hit it, so she runs away instead. Then, her EFS tells her that there's something else in front of her, except it's marked as friendly. Then, for no reason, the enemy disappears, and then she hears the same voice she heard earlier speaking to her again.

>With a mixture of relief and bewilderment, I watched the sprite-bot fly up to my hiding place.
Apparently, the sprite-bot is the source of the voice. I'm assuming this is the same sprite-bot that the slavers were shooting at the previous day. It's nice to have that detail cleared up, but I'm still confused about a few things.

The landmine incident occurred outside Carousel Boutique. When she sets it off, LP hears a voice warning her to get back inside, so she does, and a second later a landmine explodes. She is now inside the store. She then hears the same voice warning her that another enemy is coming. Where is the sprite-bot physically at this point? The way I see it, there are only two possibilities. One, the bot is inside the store with her, where it would be hard not to notice it zipping around; thus, LP should have spotted it fairly easily. The other possibility is that it was still outside, which means it would have had to "yell" loudly enough for her to hear it inside the store. Between that and the fact that it was physically flying around out there, the raiders should have spotted it and would have presumably noticed that it was helping LP; thus they should have seen it as hostile and gone after it.

The device was described earlier as "metal ball about the size of a foal’s head floating on four silently flapping wings." It seems fairly agile and doesn't seem to make a lot of noise on its own, but it would have to be hovering somewhere relatively close by in order to both observe the situation and speak warnings to LP, and if it was speaking the sound should have given away its location anyway. Thus, it seems virtually impossible for LP not to have noticed it before now. Also, even if she didn't see it, it's still weird that she didn't bother to hunt around for the source of the mysterious voice that warned her about both the landmine and the raider before leaving Ponyville. No matter how I look at it, this whole sequence of events just feels weird and badly written.
285123 285136
I think i'm getting good at shortening my autistic rants and getting to the point quicker.
I bet me from months ago would have explained what Hitboxes are in my post for ten minutes. Everyone knows what hitboxes are.

The author did it again, with Littlepip's supposedly "Harrowing"(TM) escape.
Gee, it sure would have been fun to watch an under-supplied and panicking Littleshit with nothing but a shotgun with little ammo and a cheating map-watch with aimbot hax escape from a cannibalistic raider band's camp by the skin of her teeth. Would be cool to see how the evil bastards willing to use Landmines, The Dirtiest Weapon In War (besides aloha snackbar kids and alohas in general) would set up more traps around Ponyville to trip up and wound/weaken/kill Littleshit. Perhaps we could see more Ponyville landmarks desecrated and debased, like Twilight's Tree-Library except it's burned down and every book is ash, or Fluttershy's Cottage except turned into a drug den and animal corpses dangle like chandeliers, or Sugarcube Corner except the displays where cakes should be are filled with decades-old unicorn shit!

But the author didn't know how to make this scene look cool, so we skip time like fucking King Crimson and we're told to our faces (after the fact) that what the author skipped over looked really really cool.
>"Littlepip just escaped, and trust me, it was very harrowing!"
Whenever the author wants something to happen but has no idea how to make it happen onscreen without making the scene look as contrived and lazy as it is, it happens offscreen or between a random page break.
But if something needs to happen and the author doesn't realize it will look contrived and lazy for people to suddenly and temporarily lose 80 IQ points for the sake of the plot or completely go against their characterization and character arcs for the sake of a cool-sounding scene, it will happen onscreen.

Remember how smart the raiders were(for raiders), and how persistent they were, and how they were willing to mine the area outside her house and wait for her to die AND try throwing grenades at her?
Remember how they were so irrationally dedicated to killing her that they were willing to set up a (presumably expensive since these things can cripple BIG enemies) Landmine just to blow her up even though it'd destroy the loot she carried?
When Littlepip had slightly more ammo and a teammate and enough plot armour to let her sleep without anyone breaking in and >raping her, she could deal with smart Raiders.
But at that moment, she is surrounded. Enemies know exactly what house she's in and she didn't think to toss a rock into another window for the sake of a decoy. All she can do is expose herself by leaving the house and fleeing in a straight line from this enemy-filled enemy base.
She has no smart escape plan.
She should die here. Get shot at a lot while running away, get shot in the legs, collapse, and get crippled, get dragged back to base as a raider's slave. Some dyke raideress could molest her for maximum edgy points.
The story should end here but the author doesn't want it to, and he doesn't feel like retconning an unopened Survivalist Supplies-filled safe into Rarity's house despite the random fucking indestructible treasure chest containing a pretty dress.
Littleshit should logically die here, ending the story forever.
So things just conveniently become easier on the heroine so she can win. NOTHING kills the stakes in an action story quite like seeing that the hero's got unreasonable idiocy-inducing levels of plot armour.
It's almost as if this fic is a video game and the author turned down the difficulty hoping we wouldn't notice.
But we noticed.

Imagine if Littlepip did something smart with the resources around her...
For example, imagine if Littleshit took the nice dress she found, telekinetically grabbed a cat off the ceiling above her and put the dress on the cat(Or shoved her own clothes onto the cat for added authenticity if she was willing to sacrifice armour), shielded herself behind a levitated table/bed, and slammed the dead cat onto the landmine so it would convincingly splatter everywhere while her shield kept blood off her. Raiders would assume the landmine killed their target, and this would give her an opportunity to sneak out of the back of the building or a window as the sound of the triggered landmine and bloody raining giblets convinced the raiders that they had successfully killed Littlepip and only clothing shreds remained to reward them, a trade-off for using explosive weaponry they were ready to pay.

(because only in a fucking video game and unusually bloody Looney Tunes skit can you use a rocket launcher to gib an enemy, and then reach into a chunk of his liver, and pull all his completely-unharmed weapons/clothes/supplies out of his liver's nonexistent pockets)

Could even do some black comedy here by having one raider yell at another raider like the angry homeowner in a Tom And Jerry cartoon.

>"Yeah, Skullfucker?"
>"Why did we want the filly?"
>"So we could take her stuff and rape her a lot and trade her to slavers for big guns so we can raid more places, boss Skullfucker!"
>"Right. So... Where's the filly we were after?"
Headshot the Raider's dull bloodshot eyes jitter around as he points with his hoof to different fleshy body parts.
In the background, one Raider pony grabs a hoofful of gibs and starts eating it raw for maximum edge.
>"And where's her stuff, Headshot?"
Headshot looks around some more.
>"Everywhere, boss."
>"So go get her stuff."
Headshot looks down and tries picking up a giblet and shred of scorched fabric
Headshot's eyes fill with dawning comprehension. "I see the problem."
>"OH, DO YA?!"

Black comedy was an integral part of F1/2.

Plus if they mention a nearby civilized location's name and direction from here and say they're going to raid it soon, it would give Littlepip a direction to head in if she thinks "I must warn this place! Surely they will reward me!"
But then the town could assume Littleshit is a saboteur working for the raiders since most new ponies don't escape Raiders alive and unmolested.

Alternatively, she could notice the big landmine outside her door, switch the switch on its back off with magic and pocket it, then do the "cat decoy" trick I mentioned with the grenade tossed at her.

It lets Littlepip quickly sneak away from this fight while giving her enemies no reason to check the back of the building and give chase.

Smart raiders might say "Wow, she had a suspiciously low amount of supplies on her. Stable Ponies are usually fucking loaded!" if they noticed her blue Stable Jumpsuit and their culture knew what Stable Ponies are. If any Raiders do say "Yo that's a cat liver on the ground not a pony liver, we've been bamboozled" Littlepip will have a head start to let her run away. But still, it's better than this "Suddenly her pursuers became retarded" moment that exists to warn the audience that the difficulty slider can and will be fucked with at will.

I'd completely forgotten about this moment, but as I wrote down why I hated it I thought of the cat trick. Sure, it sounds quite "Monkey Island but edgy", some real Point And Click Adventure Game puzzle bullshit, but it's something a desperate pony making do with her highly limited supplies and avoid having to kill anyone(since she probably doesn't want to try killing a foe then freeze up at the last second) could realistically think of trying.

I completely forgot he called the videogame HUD elements like the health bar, EXP bar, and magic compass "the Eyes-Forward Sparkle". That's completely retarded. Everyone knows what a HUD is, why bother giving it a gimmicky name? Ponies can still turn their heads up. A Display can still give them a heads-up on "vital info" like "You are 200 XP points away from reaching level 8 and obtaining the Fast Reloader trait that lets you regenerate limbs like the cunt from the X-Men 3 movie when at over 400 Rads".

Author should have reminded us about EFS by making it tell her the names of every pony she sees, including raiders and those stable guards she hit with a floating thing. She could look at a Raider named Skullcrusher and think "Who names their foal Skullcrusher?" before looking at his crushed skull cutie mark and thinking "Someone who wanted him to grow up to crush a lot of skulls, I guess. Maybe if my Mom named me something cooler than Littlepip, I wouldn't be so tiny".

>making noises far away with telekinesis to distract ponies
Making noises away from you is a fucking start, as far as improvised clever plans involving magic go. But if a sniper's the problem, levitating something big and thick between her and the sniper as she runs would be great. Not like there's a shortage of worthless heavy garbage lying around in a Raider Camp given their love of scrap walls and heads on sticks. She could also get into cover and put out a decoy (A cat corpse, or a pony head mounted on a stick?) to take a bullet by sticking it out from cover. She could read the blood splatter angles to calculate where the Raider probably is, and then use her Pip-Boy Foe-Marking Compass to see where he definitely is. Then she could lift up a chunk of the ground, crush it together for added density, and toss it at him or wherever he's sniping from.

>Littleshit got shot in the ass but fortunately it was okay, don't worry about it.
Man, Littlepip is sooo good at first aid for someone who's not the main healer, or a survivalist with any reason to know about medicine.
Author should have written about this, put us in her shoes, made her FEEL her terror once she's shot in the ass and forced to First-Aid it on the spot with enemies closing in.

God, this retarded fucking robot...
285148 285152

Anyway, LP asks the sprite-bot who it is and why it's following her. It tells her that it's friendly and she can call it Watcher. Personally, I think that's a dumb name, so I'm going to call it Frank instead.

>I regarded the sprite-bot critically. “Watcher. Okay...” I slipped out from behind the tree and started looking for where my apply had rolled to when I dropped it.
I'm assuming "apply" is supposed to be "apple." At this point I am officially retracting my statement about this text having gone through a professional editor; the level of proofreading and revision here is clearly higher than what we saw with Past Sins and The Sun & The Rose, but I've still come across several technical errors that I have hard time believing an editor wouldn't catch. Incidentally, the version of the text I'm working with is the one found on FimFiction (https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/fallout-equestria). It's possible the version that eventually went to print has been revised from this version. If anyone knows more details about the revision history of this work, I'd be curious to hear them.

>Not far away, near where the flying creature had been, I spotted a glowing pile of pink ash. “You do that?”
I'm assuming this explains what happened to the bird-thing that attacked her earlier. And, as it turns out, I'm right:

>“Bloatsprites. That’s what you get when you mix parasprites with Taint. Can’t stand ‘em, myself. Glad to help.”
If I'm reading this correctly, somepony rubbed a parasprite against the region between her vagina and butthole, and this somehow caused it to gain water weight.

Anyway, the rest of this conversation is just stupid and doesn't merit close scrutiny. There is some confusion about the name of the landmine (LP doesn't know what a mine is, so she thinks the sprite-bot is laying claim to her apple) that basically just takes a lukewarm Dad-joke and drags it out well beyond its natural lifespan. The important takeaway is that the sprite-bot is not a sentient being, but is being controlled remotely by someone who hacked into it (I'd assumed it was an AI of some kind, but this actually makes more sense).

>“Oh, time’s almost up. Look, there are a few things you’re going to need if you want to survive out here. A weapon (or at least a lot more ammo for the one you have), armored barding, a bit of guidance... and most importantly, you need to make some friends.”
This is another of those situations where something in one medium doesn't translate well into another. In a video game it's perfectly acceptable to have superfluous characters hanging around dispensing general advice on how to play the game. Even though these interactions can feel unrealistic, players understand it to be the developers' way of conveying essential information without breaking the fourth wall, so you let it slide. However, in a novel there's no interactive component and thus no reason to do this. Thus, it's a little strange that some mysterious hacker would go to the trouble of hacking a sprite-bot and using it to follow a complete stranger around for hours, just so she could give her some general advice that even a dipshit like Littlepoop could probably figure out on her own, which basically amounts to "you should try to find some ammo" and "don't wander around by yourself."

>The bobbing sprite-bot was silent a moment. “I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and guess you like books. Am I right?”
Literally nothing in their interactions or what the sprite-bot would have observed about her thus far would suggest this.

Anyway, like I said, the rest of this conversation is completely stupid and implausible. The sprite-bot recommends a book to her, tells her that the Ponyville Library has a copy of it, and then sends the location to her PipBuck. Again, this would be fine if this were an actual video game, or even a story set inside a video game (Sword Art Online or something to that effect), but for a story that simply uses a video-game-inspired world as its setting, this is completely idiotic. The author does not even offer the most cursory explanation for why this mystery hacker is going to all this trouble to help a complete stranger. I'm going to assume for now that he is taking this somewhere, and that the hacker has some kind of mystery motive. Probably, the hacker wants the book and is using Littlepoop as a pawn to retrieve it for him. However, the way he goes about it here is just stupid as all hell.

Anyway, the hacker apparently either loses control of the sprite-bot or intentionally logs out of it, because suddenly it starts playing martial music again, and then floats randomly away. The subchapter ends with a page break.

Littlepoop is, of course, worried about going back into the town full of raiders that she just escaped from, but apparently she doesn't run into any trouble, because when the next scene opens she is at the Ponyville Library. The scene opens with a pretty decent descriptive paragraph:

>The Ponyville Library was in a tree. Not a treehouse, but literally inside a tree. A massive, gnarled tree bigger than most buildings had been grown in the middle of the town, clearly the project of magic, and hollowed out to be the public library. The south side of the tree was scorched black and dead. But there were still a few leaves clinging to life on the opposite branches. The tree was surrounded by a wide open space with absolutely no cover.
>I think i'm getting good at shortening my autistic rants and getting to the point quicker
Later, in the same post, and continued later
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I'm working on it, word counts are lower and the topics per post are going up.
Btw, thought of something relevant to this thread

Games like Vampire The Masquerade and Fallout have FUCKLOADS of replay value in how you make your character this run and how that encourages you to play. And what choices you make based on your own personal reeasons.
A charming smooth-talker and sneaky sniper-headshotter will play differently from a tough stupid swordsman.
You can be a good guy in these games or a baddie.
You can't finish the book and then re-read it imagining Littlepip as a strong male swordsman Pegasus in power armour who says "fuck justice" and becomes a Raider emperor with a mare sex slave harem.
unless it is REWRITTEN or given sequels or shit like that
the growth in power from novice to legendary lv99 boss is satisfying for different reasons!

You can deal with an enemy-filled warehouse in many ways in an rpg. Fight all the enemies head-on, distract them and kill them, get a firing squad of your companions together and open fire, blow it up, talk another enemy gang into attacking them for you, talk the enemies into doing what you want...
But in a book?
It's up to the author how his protagonist handles this situation and how entertaining the story becomes.
A fight is interesting to a videogame player if it's fun for them.
A fight in a book is more interesting to the audience if it's well-written.

A smart writer would adapt an RPG's many choices into a book by making a general heroic protagonist to represent the "Be good and fill your role in the destiny" plot anyone can get behind(someone with a reason to drag a ragtag band of misfits around and keep them focused on the main goal), and then give the hero unique companions themed around how a player COULD play the rpg and what somebody in this world COULD be.
So the heroic Kevin The Paladin leads a party containing a pacifistic soft-hearted healer, an aggressive mindless tough murderhobo Barbarian, a backstabbing sneaky cynical Rogue, and a cowardly witty manipulative Wizard.

Just like that, you have conflict within the party and dynamic character interaction. Everyone shines in their party role.
Is there an enemy bandit camp to destroy?
Each companion offers their advice on how they'd handle things.
Pacifist doesn't want violence but also doesn't want the bandits harming innocents.
Barbarian says "Run in screaming and smash their faces in!".
Wizard says "Don't risk getting harmed and don't go anywhere near the enemies. Just nuke them from far away with a big fireball"
and Rogue says "No, that would destroy the loot! And that's what life is really all about! Slit their throats in the dead of night and rob them blind!".
But eventually, the hero chooses the best plan from the bunch, or makes a plan of his own that involves everyone if he's a strategist/teamwork-lover.

That's what a smart writer would do, for the bare minimum. A GREAT writer would say something about the world and its people and worldbuilding and their society and our society through the unique multifaceted and dynamic characters, how they grow, what works and what doesn't, and so on. A great writer would have characters who are deeper than nonsense one-liner backstories attached to generic personalities and archetypical videogame stat-builds like "The nice healer girl", "The dashing flyboy rogue", "The tough soldier knight tank guy", "the total fucking cuck", "the gigadyke musician", etc.

On one hand, Littlepip's stat build would be good for everything relevant in a fallout game. A sneaky shooty wordy stuff-fixing chick who's good with a gun can easily pass most skill checks.
(btw Speech, Sneak, Magic, First Aid, Small Guns, Repair, Lockpick. The author can't count to three so Littlepip starts with 7 major skills at the story's start).
But it's DULL AND BORING for a protagonist! Littlepip should be a more interesting and active protagonist with more being-the-protagonist-focused skills.
and the gun-fixing repair-monkey job should be saved for a cute side-character chick with a giant wrench completely focused on gunsmithing the best guns and armour for her party!

I am vibrating with motion right now but I won't spoil anything about how much I fucking hate absolutely everything about this and why

speaking of "Frank" saving her from the random flier attack, this stupid shit coming out of nowhere to save Littlepip from the Raiders would have been a better way for her to escape from the Raiders, compared to Raiders suddenly becoming conveniently retarded as Littlepip escapes "harrowingly" in events told to you outside of the current protagonist's head for no reason

>mine's on first base
punchier faster-paced economic writing could probably make that dumb joke work.

>videogame advice dispenser
Victor wasn't this bad.
Was an excuse for Frank not joining LP's party given?

Kkunt decided to name "magic" radiation leftover from the nuke megaspells mentioned in the opener "Taint".
Irradiated lands in Fallout have "Rads", units of radiation imbibed per second.
And this story has... Taints.
>"I can't go to that land because of the Taint! The Taint is too great! That's way too much Taint for me- why are you laughing? Don't laugh about Taints, Taints are serious business!"
Remember Parasprites and everything that made them terrifying? Well now they're just Bloatflies. Big flies.
Taint-free Parasprite swarms flying around eating everything organic would have been scarier. Or Taint-mutated Parasprite swarms flying around eating anything inorganic, so they'll steal your clothes and guns and tear your water canteens apart to eat them while wasting your water.
but why write unique dangers from MLP's unique setting when you can just shove bugs where they don't belong like you're Shino "I stuffed bugs up your holes when you weren't paying attention" Aburame.
Yes, I'd like to mention the possibility of recursive literary works that change each time you read it due to the accumulating knowledge. Even if the words are the same.
>One shot
Fanfiction of fanfiction begets a whirlpool of fuckery. Omakes and fun posts 'dream ideals' vs the harsh reality.
>Action / Combat tropes
>Sandbox game vs Puppet show story
In a sand box the more/interesting toys you have, and the interacting possibilities, and the premade sandcastles the better. A story could be suggested.
In a puppet show, it's the spectacle shown and in the audiences' mind. The potential for a sandbox is there, but it's fully realized here and now. The fully realized kinetic action that takes place is awe inspiring. (The audience has to understand somethings for it to be awesome.)
>Overloading the character with POWAH
As always for a puppet show it is not the cool toys it's the presentation. Cool toys are props, and choosing the right color prop for the right time is just an exercise in frustration. Unless something weird happens (new knowledge about the meta puppet show).
>Use the setting to your advantage when writing.
Sounds about right.

>gun-fixing repair-monkey job should be saved for a cute side-character chick
A character with that expertise will have that hammer, and everything looks like a nail for that skill set Worth mentioning that means everything that they are and trying to be. Comedy and Tragedy and Mis'Understandings' ensues. The more well adjusted (to the world, others, and themselves) they are the longer term plans can happen successfully. Then those plans fall apart or some other point of interest happens or it works with consequences.
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fallout equestria.jpg

Unfortunately, it gets pretty stupid from here:

>Any hope my luck at the Carousel Boutique would hold out here was dashed when I looked up to the highest balcony and finally spotted the sniper pony – an earth pony armed with a powerful-looking rifle. The rifle was attached to the balcony railing with a gliding swivel mount, allowing the raider to aim it wherever she could see. The only safe approach was from directly behind her, where the door to the balcony and the narrow top of the tree beyond blocked her line of sight. There were surely more raider ponies inside.
Littlepoop's concern about her luck holding out seems completely unfounded; this pony has had nothing but the best possible luck since she started this journey. At any rate, she certainly hasn't survived on the virtue of her wits; she has behaved stupidly enough up until now that by all rights she ought to have been killed several times over. Her salvation has mainly been the result of her enemies being even more dim-witted than she is.

Considering how dangerous and le edgy this post-friendship Equestria is supposed to be, the naivety and ineptitude of its residents that we've encountered so far is almost criminal. Littlepoop's plan to escape the heavily-fortified Stable didn't amount to much more than punching the entry code into the door and walking out; the only opposition she encountered was a stern lecture from the Overmare and a couple of guards who just stared vacantly at her while she dropped a steel locker on top of them. The slavers she was then captured by didn't even have the sense to remove the gigantic beeping thingamabob that is obviously a communications device strapped to her leg, let alone relieve her of her screwdriver and her apparently limitless supply of bobby pins. After that, they didn't do much except waste their ammo until a group of raiders came along and massacred them. Oh yeah, then there's the raiders.

Kkat seems to have populated this town with an indeterminate number of "raiders" (incidentally it's never been made clear what, if anything, they raid) that fluctuates depending on how many of them he needs for a scene. By my best estimate there could be as few of them as ten and as many as a hundred. Despite the anarchic, pony-eat-pony nature of this world, they all seem to be more or less on the same team, with the single-minded objective of killing Littleplop for no reason other than to kill her. Yet, despite this being their only apparent goal, and despite the advantages they have in terms of numbers, weapons, experience, knowledge of the terrain, etc, they don't seem to ever come close to pulling it off.

Again, if they really wanted her dead so badly, I really don't see why the simplest plan wouldn't have been to just slip into the Carousel Boutique while she was sleeping and kill her then, but apparently they wanted to be stealthy about it. So, instead, they put a single landmine outside the front door (a type of mine which instead of just exploding when you step on it will spend several seconds beeping a warning at you and then explode). When this fails to do the trick, a single pony goes in and lobs a single grenade at her, which she is able to pick up and throw back using the simplest possible magic trick (again, seeing as how these characters all live in this world it stands to reason they would have a pretty good grasp on what the different kinds of ponies can do and might therefore have predicted this outcome). Despite the author's assurances that her escape from Ponyville was "harrowing" (I'm not 100% convinced he understands what this word means), she seems to have had no difficulty in making it out into the woods, nor does she have any apparent difficulty getting back in once a mysterious benefactor helpfully tells her about a book she can find that will aid her in her travels.

This brings us to the present. Littlepoop's exact location is not made especially clear, but we can gather that she is at least close enough to the tree to get a good look at it, and to observe that the sniper is perched on the balcony. The sniper, incidentally, has a good enough vantage point from the top of the tree to fire at nearly any location in town, and has been trying to nail her since the previous night, yet somehow doesn't notice her standing right in front of the fucking tree. It's probably just as well; the sniper clearly can't hit the broad side of a feminist's ass.

Oh yes, and naturally the tree is "full of raiders," because why wouldn't it be?

>Sneaking up carefully from the only direction that wouldn’t mean instant death, I was trembling with nerves by the time I reached the door.
Well, my granpappy always used to say that if you need to sneak up carefully, the direction that doesn't mean instant death is usually the way to go. I'm sure glad she made it in there okay; I was really worried for a second. Hope she can stop trembling with nerves before she has to kung fu fight over 9000 raiders.

>As swiftly and silently as I could, I slipped out of Ponyville... and straight into pony hell!
Slipped out of Ponyville? But you just slipped back in!

>Pony corpses everywhere! Not like the bridge where ponies had fallen in battle; these ponies had been mutilated, desecrated and put on display! Some poor pony’s body hung from the ceiling, head and hooves severed and flesh sliced open and pulled back to reveal the meat and bones beneath. Heads and limbs hung from chains like sick party decorations. The rotting body of a pink pony with a violent mane was mounted, spread-eagled over a bookcase with railroad spikes. Two had been driven into her eyes. On another wall, a torso had been skinned and sliced open, the pony’s entrails pulled out to decorate the shelves like streamers.
Sacrebleu! Le edge!

Seriously, this story is comedy gold so far. btw I included an illustration I did of this scene since it's a little hard to follow.
285175 285195
Littlepip threw a grenade tossed at her back at the thrower lethally.
instead, littleshit should have tossed the grenade at a back wall in the building to blow it open and escape through the new door.
They would hear a boom and assume a direct hit, buying her time.
though the catsplosion idea would be more interesting.

There is no statistical or video game mechanical basis for kkats raiders to act like this.
Littlepip has a mediocre Luck stat, and luck just boosts all skills, critical hit chance, and gambling game victory odds.
with a 9 in luck and low medicine skills, FNV's protag The Courier can perform brain surgery to save a dying old man from his brain tumor successfully without having any idea what he is doing.

Btw littlepip is entering an unfinished corpse party joke.
I predict this telekinetic sneaky girl with limited ammo will not do anything smart with her new supplies like puppeting the corpses to distract and unnerve and make enemies waste ammo on potential zombie ghost ponies, utilizing moveable cover telekinetically, attacking enemies with ribs and organ pelting and intestine hanging, throwing bookshelves around, plucking guns/melee weaps from enemy grips and using them on her foes, tossing her foes from the trees or into walls, or attacking anyone with the cat corpses from Rarity's place.

This story is a fucking catastrophe.
(you)'re a fucking catastrophe, and your description of the story is worse than the story, unironically. Please, I'm asking a favor., dont ruin this
Great pic.

I think the this might be the same thing as with the Sun and the Rose, as in this is a refrence to a former residence in Ponyville, or a pony in canon. Idk, maybe not.
>"Better try the backdoor, at the backdoor no gaurds are around. Better try instead of dying stillborn. Fishy with no doubt."
>a pink pony with a violent mane
So, is that a typo, or is that pony's mane indiscriminately murdering everything in site like everything else in this story?
285183 285195
You know, I think a story about an obese, katana-wielding weaboo who becomes murderhobo in post-apocalyptic Equestria would unironically be more interesting that FoE.
285190 285386
>You land in Equstria with your bodypillow of an underaged Madoka under tightly held to your body
>A pony in a cowboy hat and silver revolver holstered on a belt around his waist
>One of his front hooves reaches back and up towards it
>It looks like he is about ot break his hoof this way.
>Your flabby hand reaches for your katana as your narrowing eyes meet
>Tumbleweed blows across the distance between you two
>The pony goes for his revolver but instead of grabbing it, he just nudge it out of its holster onto the ground
>You however grabb your katana and in the next second yousheaths you katana back again
"Ahhhrgrrrgggrhhhghhrh!" the pony forces out of his throat as a red line appears around his throat which blood starts to seep out of. "Aaaahhhhh, you can really move."
>His head slides off his neck as a fountain of blood forces its way up out his neck.
>Click says you katana as you place it back into it sheath
"I got an attitude," you answer
''The Tripfag Chronicles''

>"Tripfag is real," said the grizzled old stallion, "I seen him with my own eyes. I was just about your age."
>"Yeah right," sneered the leather-clad wasteland punk, "Tripfag's just a dumb old myth, like Nightmare Moon."
>"I seen him," insisted the old timer as he took another pull from his cigar, "Lemme tell you a story."
>"We was in a little camp down by the railroad tracks when he came. Just me 'n my pa 'n rest of the family. Maybe a dozen of us in all."
>"Then... he came. Walkin' on two legs, wearin' a long dark coat and some kinda short-brimmed hat. He kept one flabby claw on his hat the whole time, like he was tippin' it. With his other claw he held some kinda skinny sword behind his back."
>"Actually it looked like a pretty awkward way to walk."
>"Tripfag is a fat critter. Real fat. Fatter then you ever imagined a critter could be."
>"We didn't think he'd be much harm, but before we knew it he'd teleported behind my pa and cut him to pieces with his sword. Tripfag slaughtered my whole family before I knew it."
>"Then, he stopped. Turned to me, bowed real low, and said something like, 'Arigato.'"
>"Then he turned around and ran outta camp, still bent over real low, with his claws held out straight behind him the whole time."
>The old timer took another long pull from his cigar. The punks walked away from him, silently.

Honestly this could be its own thread.
Getting distracted by luck numbers was stupid of me.
No more unprompted Fallout trivia from me.
And this is a story, not a game.
It's a story I read almost a decade ago so I barely remember any specifics, just a few things that pissed me off.
It's like I'm re-discovering it anew through the eyes of others, so I've stopped spoiling things. Like that Watcher bullshit. I can't explain why I hate it without spoiling vital shit.
Also I'm done predicting things about the story because while I barely remember even 5% of it I don't want to subconsciously remember and then spoil shit.
And luck is the least satisfying/interesting attribute you can give to your character in great doses.
That's what I want to get across there.
Littlepip hasn't earned any of her victories yet. Certainly not that "Talk an armed pony into fucking off and not robbing her, by picking up a gun while already held at gunpoint, oh gee it sure is lucky for her that he didn't fire" moment.
The tale of a lucky idiot...
You need GREAT comedic timing and Dramatic Irony and INCREDIBLE CHARM to pull that off.

Nobody says "The Ciphias Cain books are cool because Cain's Luck stat is high"
they say "The Ciaphas Cain books are amazing because Cain keeps accidentally doing the best thing possible so it's hilarious that everyone loves him and thinks he's the perfect Commissar when he really, really isn't one. But also kind of is, too. He's so charming, humble, likeable, witty, and human. In a world full of shouty giants in even gianter power armour screaming with chainswords as they run head-first into enemy machine gun nests, it's refreshing to see this entirely-human soldier struggle to survive and lead his troops to victory and often accidentally win while trying to run away."
Cain also has skills and wit, he's not just his luck.
seriously Ciaphas Cain is fucking great, his wit reminds me of Captain Edmund Blackadder from Blackadder Goes Forth.
it's so fucking good jesus christ I love books!
there is no dramatic irony in Littlepip getting her cock sucked for beating impossible odds because she was handed (hoofed?) the weaponry and bullshit contrivances to make it happen. Listing more contrivances would be a spoiler.
though I'm really proud of the cat-astrophe joke I made in that post. hehehe

The story made such a big deal about Littlepip having no experience with firearms, and learning how to use them quickly through observation.
But the first time she encounters a mine, she knows to flee from it during its beeping Grace Period. It makes sense that she's know what a mine is but making mines a beeping thing to flee from is really dumb.
And the first time she encounters a grenade, she doesn't just duck for cover or toss it away, she returns it to sender and gets lucky enough for the grenade to explode near its original thrower.
It's like the author didn't realize this grenade trick is something risky and inconsistent that IRL soldiers intimately familiar with grenades will never attempt to do outside of movies, so this absolute amateur to combat and Wasteland Combat pulls it off perfectly the first time she tries it.

>equips Ahegao Camo Paint on his stable-pony jumpsuit and paints Ahegao art onto his Ahegun
285224 285245
Your point about the weapons is a thing I noticed with the FoE stories as well with it heavily favoring Unicorn protagonists. I'll admit I did come off a bit mean and abrasive but I went into the FoE /mlp/ general to inquire about this.

I'm not sure if I could find the picture again but someone shared with me some artwork depicting how Pegasus and Earth ponies can operate fire arms.

One was the Fallout power armor and has a 'battle saddle' where they can mount heavier crew service weapons and/or explosives but have the problem of limited range of movement when it comes to aiming and act more like a tank destroyer where they need to turn their entier body to aim but power armor offering some assistance with vertical aiming.

The one I wanted to find though was a modified version of the Fallout 10mm pistol. It's one where instead of it just being the gun straight from the game that ponies use for some reason it's one where any type of pony can fit it in their mouth and use their tounge to press a trigger assembly inside their mouth, an ejection chamber on the side, and on the opposite is a box style magazine to make it easier for them to pull out with their mouth.

Of course that offers its own complications main one being the noise having the weapon fire so close to their sensitive ears would be disorienting I imagine (fired an M240 without ear plugs in once and hurt like hell and my ears were ringing all day). Plus the issue of the recoil being absorbed by their teeth and jaw. While it does have padding in the art for them to bite down on I could see eastland denizins probably not having the best dental hygiene and would be a bitch to take that recoil into a rotten molar or cavity.

Tried to find the last thread where I inquired about it but seems the link in the current FoE thread is broken. Either way seems the general thing they do when drawing weapons is either 'eh fuck it' and just use normal guns or they got that whole handle is where they bite down to fire. Granted most have the handle (or mouthle? like you said writing horse is annoying sometimes) parallel to the barrel but that could cause an issue where it'd be tough to zero the weapon since you can't bite the handle and have the sight post in your vision.

Also know people are being a bit tough on you Nigel but you do bring an air and energy here none of us can. Plus I'm usually the Nigel of most online groups I'm in so I feel like we are kindred brothers. If you ever want to talk in PM's I'm too used to being the rambler but would love to be the ramblee for once.
Unicorn protags are common in foe
Superpowered Lucario protags are common in Pokeumans
Fanfics of fanfics are inherently incestuous attempts to impress the original audience and steal some of it.
Fallout Equestria is dumb but i can fix it.jpg
Unicorn protags are common in fanfics of the FOE fanfic.
Superpowered Lucario protags are common in fanfics of the Pokeumans fanfic.
Fanfics of fanfics are often inherently incestuous attempts to impress the original audience and steal some of it. A story about Rainbow Dash and some obnoxiously slutty and utterly shameless Pegasus going to a bar and having a drink and then the story ending...
One, it isn't a story, it's a scene. A one-shot.
Two, it could stand on its own feet without needing to be "Written in the winningverse" and called a fanfiction of the utterly shit "Life and times of a winning pony" fanfic. However if it stood on its own, it would have to attract fans on its own and actually establish who this OC is and why anyone should care.

You know what's really dumb?
Even though Unicorns are immensely over-represented as the protagonists of Fallout Equestria fanfics, they rarely if ever do anything with their Unicorn-ness that couldn't be done better by "sufficiently advanced battle-saddles".
The Unicorns don't use magical object-transformation to turn rocks into bullets and firearms, then lift up ten oversized miniguns 50 feet away from them, hiding behind cover and aiming at foes using their Pip-Buck Compasses.
They don't magic some rocks into rabid squirrels and command them to kill enemies for them. They don't use magic to create trees, or shoot fireballs/vacuum-wind balls to burn down sniper-filled enemy buildings, or make moving earth walls or craft earth golems to block bullets for them. They don't use portals or craft magic mirror walls to bounce enemy bullets back at their shooters, and they don't sic exploding ghosts on their enemies or magically increase the weight of tiny pebbles to boxcar-tier and then toss them at the speed of 9mm bullets (two things Unicorns do in FE) to watch the unholy devastation.

They just levitate up firearms and shoot them sometimes.
They don't even levitate their guns all that far from their bodies. They just hold their guns "At arm's length" so to speak and rely on any "Unique" weapons like grenade launchers or magical swords or bullshit magic Power Armour suits to give them an edge.

The shitty Fallout Equestria generic unicorn protagonist will just lift up a 10mm pistol and fire it at the enemies he sees with his eyes.
He will be "Like Littlepip but different" first and his own character in his own right second.

The average Unicorn Protag will do absolutely nothing that an Earth Pony with a multi-ball-swivel-jointed 75-pound 50cal dual-minigun Sentry Turret built into a backback couldn't do better by mentally controlling his sentry gun via a program running on his Pip-Buck.
better than battle saddles.png
One more thing...

It would have been so much neater for the Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and even Unicorns to just put magic wooden/metal/plastic arms on a harness like a fake bunny tail on a belt, and put those arms on.
And because the arms are magic, the wearer can easily control them.
Monkeys and other creatures with arms/hands canonically exist in MLP. Sometimes, Pegasi use their wings like hands.
And ponies know Griffons. They've seen Griffons pick stuff up, perhaps even write things.
We've even seen ponies in the show who use prosthetic limbs!
Prosthetic limbs are even shoehorned into this fucking story, but nopony ever thinks of just wearing magical limbs like a hat with a magical arm able to flip you off duct-taped to it!

Just imagine
>Twilight notices how good Fluttershy's pet money is at climbing
>starts to wonder if he could be given a magic wand to point and shoot at the enemy
>ponies must know what magic wands are because Trixie's cutie mark is a wand
>give the monkey a wand that turns things purple
>wouldn't want to give the monkey a lethal wand after all
two hours later
>monkey went on a magical wand rampage
>finally hit him with a sleep spell
>he turned half of Ponyville purple and made the flower trio faint
>rampage over
>admire the rotation and dexterity of the sleeping monkey's wrist, elbow, and fingers
>begin working on prosthetic limbs
>nopony wants to chop off their hooves to gain sick nasty wooden regenerating super-punching turbo monkey fists
>put enchanted wooden limbs on a harness that can be easily removed and repaired
>the fact that the arms appear to come out of the sides of your neck is a neat bonus, it keeps running from jiggling them about too much
>name your invention Ponarms
>when Applejack invents gunpowder and guns in general, these are why ponies start calling guns Firearms
>war breaks out with ziggers
>experts in the scientific field you invented start making even better Ponarms
>newer models feature thick yet lightweight and flexible segmented steel armour and dense gemstone knuckles covering the enchanted living wooden internals
285299 285386
Eh, I'm sorry but I honestly think that neither makes ponies using guns in a post-apocolyptic wasteland make more sense than the other. And both sounds kinda autistic.

Like, I think that fundamentally, Equestrian techonlogy should be developed from from some sort of development history. Like what was their first tool they created and how did they create it? Like what would be their first tool and are they gonna manipulate it through their mouth or hooves?

Really, like why are we even writing in ponyland if the are gonna have hands anyway? Also, like how were these prosthetic limbs created? Probably by unicorns, because who else, so like unicorn helps unhandicap the lesser tribes.

But really like, this is why I don't actually put any thought into worldbuilding of techonlogy in ponyland. It is just such an uphill battle. So if I tell you its hoofwritten, then if this bothers some readers they don't have to read it.

I honest find the concept of writing about this boring. Idk, perhaps I should then refrain from commenting then but I guess what my subconcious point beneath all the whining is that why must their techonolgy and stuff be like ours. Like, why guns in the first place?

I just recently created a magic system that I'm quite proud of and I just didn't care about appeal to convention. (Nor did I try to make it unique, I just thought about what I thought was intresting.)

Idk, I am just not too stoked about hands in Equestria. We are just back to the original Fallout universe by this change.

Don't take me too seriously, I haven't finiashed a story ever.
285299 285302
Did Glim die or can he just not stomach any more bad fanfiction?
Sometimes Glim takes a day or two to charge up his chakra before unleashing a long series of prewritten fanfic-review posts. Don't rush him, you can't rush perfection.
Why guns in Equestria?
You said it yourself: Because FOE doesn't truly take place in Equestria.
It takes place in an anachronistic copypaste of Fallout's universe where everything's got an incredibly thin pony coat of paint and many unique dangers/terrors are lost in translation as the author attempts to one-up the danger so Littlepip seems cooler for beating super-Deathclaws that aren't even Chameleons any more, sometimes-smart super-Raiders with snipers and landmines to spare instead of blindly bum-rushing you with rusty rebar clubs and pool cues, and super-Super Mutants who regenerate health and wield miniguns and make bulletproof magic shields and literally fucking fly.
That 1960s-looking piece-of-shit computer terminal over there used to store the diary entries of a long-dead man from over 200 years ago, still around and online after 200 years, still password-protected by a short word you can select from a pool of six? The author swears it's not an electricity-based computer, it's a "magic" computer powered by "magic" energy just like the "magical" laser pistols, and the author swears they were built by ponies in the pony world, even though the laser pistol can't be operated by hoof without machinery to help you get around the trigger-guard, and even though they computer still uses a keyboard with keys too small for any pony's hooves.
What's that? You think a pony would instead use a rolling ball for their mouse and a keyboard with two buttons for 1 and 0 binary-style, or a touchscreen keyboard where two hooves can touch the centers of two circles and select letters and ASCII symbols using a variety of gestures and macros? That's too smart for this story.
Remember in the cartoon when foals used a typewriter with just two buttons large enough for their hooves, presumably for "1" and "0" in binary? Yeah, that happens when you consider questions like "Wait how would ponies use keyboards?".
Sometimes, ponies will drink tea from cups that have earth-style handles big enough for pony hooves. Sometimes Rarity will use magic to lift dainty little cups with decorative handles her hooves couldn't possibly fit in.
And it's fine to politely overlook moments in FIM where the ponies really couldn't get around using human tech they have no reason to design that way. FIM isn't a story about the typewriters they use, so it's fine when human-sized keyboards appear in the background of Twilight's underground lab.
It's fine to not know how ponies use keyboards, and FIM deserves respect for going the extra mile in its early seasons.
It's fine to not know how a town gets its water, and Avatar: The Last Airbender deserves respect for making sure most towns have wells or waterbenders or water pumps or other easy water sources.
It's fine to not know why some stupid drunken fucker hired three children and a war criminal to be his bodyguards as he goes to his home to build a fucking bridge, or why inappropriately powerful assassins want his head, but Naruto deserves respect for all that worldbuilding in the Land Of Waves arc that the rest of the franchise literally never topped. Came close with Suna's reason for war, but never topped it.
FIM isn't about keyboards and Avatar isn't about the towns in the middle of random buttfuck nowhere and how they get water and Naruto is the story of a boy who becomes a man and earns the respect of his ninja village, so we honestly didn't need any of the great high-effort worldbuilding we got in these shows.

But Fallout Equestria is a story about the guns they use, the enemies they kill, the body counts everyone racks up, the monsters that die this week, the baddies defeated by the heroes after explaining their evil plots and tragic backstories, the survival challenges this "magical super-wasteland" poses, and the OCs who easily succeed where canon characters failed spectacularly after developing all sorts of advanced technologies that should have single-hoofedly won the goddamn war for them.
Fallout is about the wasteland canon ponies allowed Equestria to become, and how the heroes solve all these problems by winning enough gunfights and completing enough sidequests. So to understand
So it really doesn't make sense that the only potions we see work like Fallout's drugs (+2 Int, +1 Cha for 1 hour), when potioncrafters should make a killing selling potions of transformation/regeneration/temporary damage and radiation resistance/Fireproofing to the rest of the Wasteland.

"An appeal to tradition" is the only reason why magical ponies with power armour and enchanted guns/armour and other game-changing things I can't spoil including something that would rape Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood facing potion-chugging invisibility-cloaked nuclear-grenade-tossing Ziggers typically restrict themselves to fighting the way humans fight other humans in the Fallout franchise.
one of the most epic fights in anime history.jpeg
custom robo is an underrated classic.jpg
Yes, it would be stupid if ponies wore detachable mechanical arms around their necks so they can point and shoot guns like humans. But...

>1. By making the arms "magic arms", you open the possibility that the arms can be stronger than human arms. Humans might struggle to keep light machine guns on target and amateur humans might struggle to keep handguns on target, but with the strength of a horse in your arms you could wield all sorts of big guns. Bigger guns=bigger bullets=more explosive power packed into every round, especially if the bullets actually are explosive or enchanted to explode.

>2. A pony is many times stronger and faster than a human before enchanted clothing or potions or buff spells factor into things. Mounted cavalry dominated battlefields until we got guns, but the speed and useable calibers of a truly "armed" pony could put armoured jeeps with mounted machine guns and light tanks to shame. Perhaps even superheavy tanks! If Littlepip can lift boxcars heavier than most tanks, she can lift and fire the heaviest of tank guns.

>3. An unarmoured Pegasus able to reach back with her mouth and open up her bomb-filled saddlebags(better yet, Bags Of Holding stuffed with really big bombs), then flip over in the air while flying out of the reach of your weapons, could drop bombs on you like the best bombers at the speed of jets without having to show up on radar. A Pegasus can live off the land in enemy territory and sneak around without needing to head straight back to base for refuelling and repairs like a Jet would.

>4. A Pegasus in magically-accelerated metal-winged Power Armour with Jet Rockets on her ass could fly faster than an unarmoured pony and do a better job resisting wind resistance. The Pegasus would also have the option to fire homing missiles/miniguns/other things by hand.

>5. A pony in Power Armour is many times stronger and tougher and heavier than a pony without Power Armour, meaning its metal arms can operate and fire even heavier guns or carry even heavier auto-aiming minigun+missile+laser+BFG-firing turrets around

>6. Giving a pony necklace-mounted magical human arms would still be less clunky than duct-taping shotguns to a horse and trying to be clever with your mouth-operated bite-activated trigger, only to betray that "scientific engineering solution" by forcing the guns to require magical regenerating ammo enchantments and auto-aiming swivel mounts anyway. If your Pip-Buck helps swivel and aim the guns mounted on your backpack, why even bother putting a trigger in your mouth when you can just command the guns to shoot via Pip-Buck and free your mouth up to hold something else, like a magic kazoo enchanted to be louder than any airhorn?

>7. After 200ish years of constant Wasteland warfare does it really make any sense that scavengers picking through the trash of the old world can find perfectly-good unused clips for 10mm machineguns in locked boxes you could easily smash open? Small civilizations could make a killing producing guns and ammo to sell to the outside world, but finding that shit lying around in a world of scavengers would be idiotic. Come to think of it, does it make sense that you can find perfectly-preserved 200-year-old pie? If the Magic Arms are self-maintaining arms that operate guns, they improve pony combat effectiveness. But if the Magic Arms have built-in guns like the arms from Custom Robo, it makes sense for the "magical guns" to draw from your own magical energy instead of relying on bullets, which would justify their continued use after it becomes damn near impossible to find most gun calibers.

>8. There is a story reason for Harry Potter and Naruto to not whip out glocks: Because if they did that, it wouldn't be a story about fighting magicians any more. But this series already has guns, shoehorned in in the clunkiest ways possible. A shitty little revolver would be harder for a pony to operate than this overproduced over-written disgustingly clunky garbage solution that would suffer more breakdowns than any over-armoured jeep.

>9. Enchanted floating guns and swords that fight without fear of death would honestly be superior options to all of this, but a pony with working metal arms strapped to her neck could flip you off to look extra-edgy, and that's what this fic is really all about.
>just command the guns to shoot via Pip-Buck
these Pip-Bucks can obey mental commands without the need to touch a touchscreen or twist knobs or press buttons.
Come to think of it, VATS/SATS is already in the story. And it already auto-aims for ponies and auto-fires for them. It's a program that takes control of your body and forces you to act optimally as the program makes your body perform attacks with your equipped weapon upon your selected targets. More graceful than any dancer, more focused than any professional, more precise than a literal robot, you can even use this to win your first shovel duel against a hardened killer bigger and stronger than you.
It practically sends you into the Avatar State for a few seconds, except you don't obtain the knowledge of past lives, you're just a mechanically efficient killer for a few seconds tops.
VATS/SATS is already so much more complicated than a mental database full of spells and the knowledge needed to cast them would be. The device can already store and display data, but letting this device store Twilight Sparkle's Introduction To Combat Magic, Book One Of Two Hundred would change the game and take Littlepips away from being a gun-toting asshole and "The best psychic".
VATS/SATS is already so much more complicated than giving it the ability to aim and fire your Battle Saddle in real-time via mental commands and data from your EFS/HUD's "yellow compass dots=not enemies yet, red compass dots=enemies" would be.
The overcomplicated Battle Saddle would be fine for a prototype armed pony device, but it's already got so many flaws... Why the fuck wouldn't wartime innovation make this less retarded? I can buy prototypes being this clunky but where are the sleeker models with more features and fewer design flaws? If the goal is to make something nonmagical and engineering-based "anypony" can use, why let it interface with a presumably-expensive Pip-Buck's magical software? If the goal is to let ponies use guns not built for pony hooves, why create a specialized mechanism for holding guns straight ahead and firing them when literal arms would be less complicated and so much more efficient/versatile?
Dude, wouldn't it be super traumatic if you activated VATS/SATS and got your first kill under its control and "guidance"... and the narration did not gloss over how it feels to have a handheld computer program possess you like danny phantom
File (hide): 551C7FF0160390566A168FF6D99DED15-873045.m4v (852.6 KB, Resolution:640x480 Length:00:00:13, Skeletor _ The Greatest of Villains.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Skeletor _ The Greatest of Villains.mp4
It depends on how well adjusted the character is. Or the reasoning they used, or the core personality.
>It wasn't me. The program did it. (Separation of identity.)
>I had to. There wasn't any other choice. (Not seeing the viable alternatives.)
>BARF. That didn't happen. (Repression.)
>Being less sensitive.
>Being more sensitive.
>Or no change at all.
>and probably other things as well.
Those would be quite interesting. I hope a better story explores these concepts some day.
Imagine how horrifying it would feel to have a computer force you to go through with killing your first target, leaving you screaming inside your own head as your forced-open eyes and hyperfocused mind take in every drop of blood, every nanosecond of time, the way the resistance builds and gives depending on what your sharpened shovel is currently slicing through.
You weren't ready yet. You hadn't been desensitized. You hadn't worked your way up by fishing for fish and ripping them from the water and crushing their skulls and skinning and gutting them and frying their meat, you'd never started trapping and killing wild rabbits, skinning and cooking them, getting used to the idea that life is more squishy and fleeting than a fish's bones. You weren't ready, but your own body was forced into it anyway thanks to the commands you queued up in your own Pip-Buck.
You'd never forget any of it. But as time went on and your body count reached the hundreds, you'd never get used to it because each new kill would be as horrifyingly fresh in your memory as the last. Eventually you'd start to forget older ones, probably. But you'd always find a new fresh horror in the latest one.
Would you be able to bring yourself to kill outside of VATS, knowing you'll be forced to rely on your own skills as a fighter, rather than a program that can auto-aim and auto-melee for you like the half-aborted rape-baby of a cheating Team Fortress 2 spinning Sniper and a hacked Minecraft client's KillAura?
The writer could reference the cinematic kill-cam that flies along with bullets by claiming being under VATS is "Like watching your body from outside it".
Littlepip's reaction to looting a corpse was bigger than her reaction to killing her first person. That's fucking dumb.
I hope Glim's okay, he hasn't posted since the 9th.
285384 285387

Anyway, it just keeps going and going.

>Blood and gore were everywhere, dripping from the ceiling and painting the walls in equal parts with the graffiti that had somehow gotten even more mocking and cruel.
I'm assuming a lot of the graffiti is just "X is worst pony" shitposting. As if being disemboweled and having your corpse violated weren't enough, eh?

>The room was dominated by three cages, two large square ones, and a smaller one hanging from the ceiling which was barely big enough for a pony. Captives -- filthy, beaten and misused -- were curled up inside, their hooves tied together with stained ropes. The two in the nearest cage looked at me pitifully and my heart wrenched painfully.
The use of "pitifully" followed by "painfully" is kind of an unpleasant alliteration; I would recommend finding a different way to word this. Anyway, apart from shock value I'm still not seeing what the point of all of this is supposed to be. This has clearly gone well beyond just robbing ponies for survival; this is just brutality for the sake of brutality. Have these raiders just gone insane enough that they now round up ponies and torture them for the fun of it? Is this a religious cult led by some Colonel Kurtz type weirdo who is going to end up being a miniboss or something? Or should I assume the simpler and probably more plausible explanation: that the author just wanted to make this as edgy and dark as possible?

Anyway, after a few more paragraphs describing the unutterable horror with which Littlepoop beholds this spectacle of pure edge, she decides that she's going to let the ponies out of the cages. Using her trusty screwdriver and Hefty bag full of bobby pins, she opens the lock of the nearest cage and frees two ponies, who are tied up and lying in their own filth. One of the ponies offers her its meager supplies as thanks, but Littlepoop refuses. Whether intentionally or not, this points to the raiders being motivated by sadism rather than any practical goal: there is no reason to tie someone up if they are already in a cage, and the fact that the pony still has its possessions indicates the raiders didn't capture them to rob them. Once more, I'm curious what, if anything, these raiders are supposed to be raiding.

>Looking around, I took in the shape of the room, trying to blot out the horrors everywhere I turned. (Above the front door was an aged fresco of a beautiful white winged unicorn -- Celestia? -- unusually large and graceful, a book floating in front of her, her wings outstretched over a rainbow of foals as they smiled up and listened to storytime. Not only had the ponies been painted over with images of blood and knives and violence, the fresco had been used for target practice, everything from bullets to flung excrement, and was now shattered and stained unspeakably.)
Still not as revolting as a drag-queen story hour. Though turning Twilight's old library into a Detroit public school is admittedly a noteworthy achievement in the field of desecration.

Anyway, she's about to go through the nearest door, when suddenly it bursts open and one of the raiders walks through. He's well armed and his cutie mark is a vivisected torso and blah blah blah, edge edge edge.

>The raider pony recovered quickly, swinging his head around and drawing out the small gun in his teeth (what, was he going to pull the trigger with his tongue?) just before S.A.T.S. helped me pump my two shotgun rounds into his face.
What's curious here is that the author seems to be actually aware of how awkward the idea of a pony using a gun really is, but instead of going further and realizing that this could be a sign he needs to rethink his approach for adapting the game mechanics to this setting, he just cracks a joke about it and moves on.

The self-deprecating humor actually raises the author in my esteem, since it indicates that he at least has the self-awareness to realize how silly most of this premise really is. It also lightens the edge somewhat. However, the problem with a half-ridiculous, half-serious story like this is that it's not always clear which parts are ridiculous on purpose. In past reviews, I've noted that sometimes authors have a hard time deciding if they want their setting to be "cartoon" Equestria or "realistic" Equestria, and usually they just bounce back and forth between the two in a way that can make the story feel odd.

To clarify what I'm talking about, "cartoon" Equestria is more faithful to the way the world is depicted in the show, complete with its pastel colors and cartoony atmosphere; it doesn't necessarily mean that the setting has to retain the same lighthearted mood or be appropriate for children. What it does mean is that the author gets to play fast and loose with physics in the way that a cartoon does, for instance characters pulling objects out of hammer-space or stretching their bodies in physically impossible ways. For example, Nigel's Silver Star thing feels like it was mostly written in cartoon Equestria, so it's easier to accept some of the goofier things that happen in that story.

By contrast, a "real" Equestria functions like a setting in any other type of novel, where it's assumed that the normal laws of physics apply, and elements like magic function according to their own rules that have to be consistently applied. Thus, while in a cartoon world you could probably get away with having an earth pony just hold a gun in its mouth and fire it through some unexplained process, in a realistic setting this kills the suspension of disbelief in a number of ways.

This story is already a weird mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements (for instance, things like PipBucks and Terminals that are ostensibly magic-powered objects but function like computers), so the rules of this world are already rather blurry. Using cartoon reality and normal reality interchangeably just further complicates this and makes the story more difficult to visualize.
285385 285661

Anyway, apparently the over-the-top edgelord behavior of the raiders pushes Littlepoop past her limits and she no longer has any moral qualms about pulling the trigger on her shotgun and blowing the little pony's head off.

>I felt no remorse as his head turned into spaghetti sauce that splattered over his instantly lifeless body. I hadn’t just killed a pony -- these raiders had given up any right to the title! These were not ponies, they were sick monsters that needed to be put down! And Celestia help me if I wasn’t going to do just that. I didn’t realize it until that moment, but I was mad! The pure evil of this place had shaken me to the core... and my core was furious!
I've always been a little annoyed by authors who write this kind of over-the-top splatter-porn and then try to append some half-assed moral to it in order to sell it to a genteel audience. It's distasteful for roughly the same reason that something like Cuties is distasteful, in that the work spends most of its time being deliberately and gratuitously provocative, and then attempts to justify itself with a weak moral angle tacked on to the end see? we weren't just making a 90 minute video of preteens twerking; it's really a commentary on smartphone culture...or...something. Eat the bugs, bigot..

Personally I take kind of a Nietzschean view of morality, and I actually don't have a problem with violent or pornographic writing in and of itself I'd be a hypocrite if I did, because most of my own writing tends to be both of these. However, what annoys me here is that this author is clearly just writing murder porn, but at the same time he feels squeamish about whatever standards of propriety he feels he's violated by doing it, so he compensates by having his protagonist adopt this canned moral outrage in order to justify her participation.

Littlepoop, to the extent that she's been developed at all so far, is a character who deplores violence and wants nothing more than to live in a world where all the little pastel ponies love and hug each other. Ordinarily she would never do anything as anti-friendship as gruesomely murdering somepony, but by golly, seeing all of those ponies get decapitated just made her so gosh-darn peeved! So, since she's doing it for moral reasons that a morally upright person could understand and sympathize with, it's perfectly okay for her go ahead and unleash the exact same kind of purposeless destruction she's moralizing about. The raiders are bad guys who have done bad things; therefore anything that LP wants to do to them is morally justified.

This is basically the literary equivalent of a Papal indulgence: as long as the character obtains some kind of absolution according to whatever flimsy social standards the author chooses to recognize, she can go ahead and sin to her heart's content. By giving her this sense of moral outrage at the bloodthirsty acts she's witnessing, the author is basically forgiving Littlepoop in advance for whatever bloodthirsty acts that she herself will doubtless spend the rest of the story committing. My problem with this honestly has less to do with the morality of it and is more that it's just stupid; it's like cheating on a diet. You deliberately violate a rule that you only imposed on yourself, and then you make excuses to yourself for why you did it.

The way around this kind of silliness is to just treat reality as what it is. If you want to eat a cupcake then have a cupcake; nobody is going to give a shit if you do. You just have to accept that it will make you fat. If you don't want to be fat, eat fewer cupcakes. By the same logic, if you want to write murder porn, then write murder porn; just don't try to present it as if it were something else.

Anyway, making use of this SATS business, which is apparently some function of her PipBuck which has not been particularly well-explained but seems to be some kind of convenient auto-aiming function, she takes the revolver from the pony she just killed and uses it to kill one of three raiders who charge in to see what all the ruckus was about.

>A second started firing another small firearm at me (what do you know, they do shoot with their tongues!), bullets impacting the door frame.
It's almost impossible to visualize how this would even work. Seriously, imagine holding a gun in your mouth and trying to extend your tongue around the handle to pull the trigger. Even if issues like noise and recoil aren't a factor for some reason and the trigger resistance is light enough that your tongue can do the work alone, I can't imagine this being practical. The author could have at least tried to cook up a halfway-believable explanation for how this would work. Hell, even giving the ponies some sort of preposterous technological solution, like mounting the gun on a hat and attaching the trigger to some kind of mechanical bit that pulls the trigger when the pony bites down, would be better than just saying "they shoot with their tongues."

>Still, the gunslinger raider skittered away, using one of the captive ponies for cover. The dishonorableness poured gasoline on the fire of my anger.
inb4 the "raiders" tie somepony to a log and cackle maniacally as it runs along a slow conveyor belt towards a circular saw.

>The third raider pony lowered his head, a pool cue clenched in his teeth, and charged at me.

>I blinked. “Really?” I took a single step back. The pony rushed at me full-tilt, and was nearly on me when the ends of the pool cue struck the doorway, snapping him to a stop. I fired the revolver’s last shot point-blank into his neck. Even I didn’t need S.A.T.S. at that range.
This is just dumb.

Anyway, the rest of the fight is just more of the same. She gets shot at one point, limps into the kitchen and finds a medikit, also finds some ammo to reload her gun, and eventually takes the last raider out. The specifics honestly aren't worth going over.
285400 285466

After a page break, we learn that LP has healed herself using the classic panacea of the video-game world: the all-purpose healing potion. She uses the knife she took off of one of the raiders to cut loose the second pony from the cage she opened earlier, and then begins opening the other cages (by my count there are two remaining). Inside cage #2, she finds a sleeping pony alongside what she initially thinks is a corpse, but turns out to still be "alive." Littleplot takes this to mean that the pony is a zombie; I have no idea if the author intends for the reader to take this literally or not. In any case, the pegasus pony has apparently been skinned alive and has had the feathers plucked from its wings. Lovely.

LP lets the "zombie" go free. The sleeping one that was in the cage with it is presumably woken up, because the text mentions that both captives slink away. There's also a page break that has absolutely no reason to be here. Although Littlepoop at one point remembers there is a sniper out on the balcony that she still has to contend with, and probably more raiders in the tree, she decides that getting the hanging cage down is a better use of her time.

As she is trying to think of a way to get it down, a couple more raiders burst in out of nowhere and start shooting at her. I'm a little curious where these guys were or what they were doing when the ruckus that summoned the first three was going on, but at this point who even cares. For all I know there is a literal enemy-spawn point in a closet somewhere that pulls "generic bad guy" instances out of some pocket dimension. Anyway, she dispenses with the first one easily enough, by dropping a bookcase on it with magic something tells me the "it's magic I ain't gotta explain shit" defense is going to be heavily abused in this story. She also gets a pair of binoculars out of this exchange; not sure if that's important or not. The second raider throws some kind of explosive at her:

>The second raider pony appeared back at the railing, a wicked grin on his face. With a hoof, he shoved forward an ammo box, then tilted it over. The lid sprung open and half a dozen orange disks poured out into the library below.
I can only assume that these are centuries-old Equestria Online install disks that have been repurposed into bombs. If not, I have no idea what they are and the text doesn't elaborate.

The whatever-the-fuck disks all explode, and Littlepoop runs and hides in the kitchen. There is yet another page break, and when LP returns to the main room, she sees that the issue of the remaining caged pony has become moot.

>Looking up, I saw the blast-torn remains of the pony in its twisted metal cage. Oh, Celestia damn them to hell!

>More determined than ever, I stripped the raider bodies (what little was left of them now) of their armors. The armors were in shredded tatters, but with some effort I was able to use the best parts of each to patch together something that would give me better protection than my stable-issued utility barding. The resulting outfit had almost no pockets, so I would have to dig the utility suit out of my saddlebags to get at most of my tools, but it was a fair trade.
Apparently she considers this to be a better use of her time than dealing with the raider who threw the explosives, who I can only assume is still around somewhere, as well as the sniper, who would have to be completely deaf not to realize there is someone in the tree by now. The same goes for however many other raiders are still in here, which again, based on the narrative so far, could be anywhere between 2 and 10,000. Anyway, call me crazy but I feel like after the battle would be the ideal time to go looting corpses and upgrading armor.

>Putting it on was gruesome. My hooves were darkened with blood just from working on it; every inch was covered in the flash-fried gore of dead ponies.
Did we need to know this?

>A last look around while I figured I still had time. The raider above obviously assumed I was dead. (I would have assumed I was dead too.)
Yes, throwing a bunch of explosives in someone's general direction and then just assuming she was blown up without even taking three seconds to glance over the balcony to see if her charred remains are anywhere nearby seems on-par with the level of intelligence most of these characters have shown. Don't worry, I'm sure the pony running around down there taking armor off of the corpses is a completely different pony and is nothing to worry about. Might as well just go back to eating your fucking sandwich or whatever you were doing before she burst in here.

Oh, also, tossing a bunch of powerful explosives into an enclosed area is a perfectly sane thing to do; no need to worry about structural damage to the building or going deaf or flying debris or shrapnel or anything like that. Real life is exactly like a video game, therefore all permanent structures are static objects baked into the environment that will not even be singed no matter how many bombs you toss around, and any damage you sustain can be cured by picking up one of the first-aid kits that are conveniently lying around. inb4 hayburgers cure bullet wounds.

From here, the text goes into excruciating detail listing all of the things that LP discovers while she's hunting around. When she comes back to the main room, the raider is once again out there, but as soon as he sees her he runs away for some absurd reason. The text claims this is because she is carrying a preposterous amount of weapons now, which I'm actually going to call bullshit on. The only way she could hold all of these things is with magic, and it seems like simultaneously operating multiple guns while also holding the giant mountain of food and provisions that she picked up would require a pretty high level of magic ability, and there has been nothing in the text to indicate that she has this talent.
>Eh, I'm sorry but I honestly think that neither makes ponies using guns in a post-apocolyptic wasteland make more sense than the other. And both sounds kinda autistic.
I'm inclined to agree with this. I think that just directly lifting the weapons from a game and dumping them into Equestria with only cursory adaptations to the ponies is lazy and implausible. I'd respect the author more if he put a bit of thought into how ponies might actually fight, and what kinds of weapons they might actually develop in a post-apocalyptic world, rather than just aping the Fallout environment and dumping ponies into it.

I would unironically read this if it existed. Just sayin'.

I think the main takeaway here is that you can build a video game purely from mechanics, with little or no story, and players could still enjoy it; however, you can't make a story from game mechanics alone. A story is a story regardless of the setting; it needs to revolve around characters and events. The mechanics that determine how fights work and what kinds of character classes exist and so forth can help make the writer's job easier, and can theoretically drive events to some extent, but you can't build a story just from that. As we've seen with this story so far, things that would work out just fine in a video game or a tabletop RPG don't always translate into interesting literature.
285388 285400
Is it still a spoiler if I complain about something that won't show up in this story for about 40 more chapters, and was likely already spoiled since FEQfags won't shut up about this story's retarded take on Alicorns?
I just remembered this story's retarded take on Alicorns.
I am angry. Angry about Alicorns!

Littlepip couldn't think of a way to deal with the sniper on top of Twilight's Tree-Library
(Why not throw another grenade, since she's so cartoonishly good at throwing them around?)
so she willingly walked head-first into this raider-infested Tree-Library full of pony corpses and pony piss and shit and cum.
This town is still FULL of Raiders.
and she just walks straight into the worst part of town, without breaching and clearing any other areas. no backup, no superior firepower, no clever distraction to try out. doesn't even have that spritebot distracting enemies for her and turning foes to ash.
she won't do any smart Batman "Sneaking around, making distracting noises, performing stealth takedowns with magically levitated melee weapons" shit. Even though if you can produce enough sustained hundreds of thousands of pounds of force to lift a boxcar you can throw a rock or melee weapon really fucking hard

Walking head-first into this little raider-tower tree means losing her escape routes. Raiders outside the tree could surround the tree and prepare to shoot her as soon as she leaves the tree.
Sure, she could try sniping raiders outside from atop the tree, but that would also mean letting raiders enter the tree to rush through the dungeon she cleared out and hit her from behind. Nobody's watching her back. It's not like she's got Watcher floating around killing enemies by her side as she risks death for the robot because he said something supremely important is in this town so she has to free it from raider control.

It's not like any of this brutality and strangely-childish scatological edge serves a "Purpose".
This story would become a better kind of grimdark if all this brutality served a purpose for these raiders, if all this evilness was just part of everyday life and raider culture for these demons.

This is all so pointless... It's not like this is where the Raiders sometimes take cute mares and strong stallions from the towns they raid for supplies, and they intentionally store caqed ponies here in the most horrible environment they can create while "breaking in" slaves and training them to "behave" until they're sold to travelling slave-traders.

Just imagine if this story showed some chapters from the perspective of a became-legal-yesterday mare and her middle-aged mother. They get kidnapped by raiders, who say "We're going to sell you like a fucking cucumber, little girlie! A fresh virgin like you will fetch a pretty penny, nyeh heh heh!"
And then they rape the mother in front of the mare because they're evil
And then because they don't want to risk injuring the mare-slave with scars and broken bones that'll reduce her market value, they torture her mother in front of her whenever they want to punish her.

If you want this mare to be a surprise, and you don't want to take screentime away from Littlepip...
Imagine if Littlepip found a mare in these cages who'd been here for a while, and thought about freeing her.
>"She's the only living pony in all these cages who could walk and stand and beg to be saved... everyone else is incredibly crippled or missing limbs or horrifically scarred and starved or all at once."
>"When I worked with that cheese bastard, he betrayed me. Should I free and work with this slave mare, even though she might betray me? What would Twilight Sparkle do? Fuck it, I'll never give up on hope! My hope will never die!"
>free mare
>give her a shotgun with only one bullet, so she can betray you right there and resume being a helpless unarmed slave or help you kill raiders. For every kill, she is rewarded with another bullet.
>be rewarded for kindness and generousity when this slave-mare turns out to be damn good shot, helping you kill your way through the raider base
>she gives you intel about the Wasteland after you kill the sniper with a clever witty tactic and take his gun from him
>this could organically start a questline where Littlepip is told
>"Hey, you wear the same symbol as that singing Unicorn the Raiders sold to slave-traders yesterday! Are you from the same town?"
>"Symbol?" Littlepip asks.
>She points to the numbers on Littlepip's stable-jumpsuit.
>"Yes," Littlepip smiles, "We're from the same place. Those are numbers."
>"I can't read and I don't know what numbers are! I was a town guard for my destroyed hometown of Hope Springs, but they slaughtered all the old people in my village and everyone who fought back. I dropped my weapon and hid with the unarmed mares and foals like a little bitch, so the Raiders kidnapped me and everyone else. Eventually they found buyers for everyone else. But not me, because an unscarred virgin is expensive these days, too expensive for most travelling slave-traders. Now watch as I spend ten paragraphs talking about torture methods I saw performed in front of me!"
>>ten paragraphs of torture methods later
>"And that's why I will never run and hide from Raiders again, I will kill them all! You're going to help me, if you want to save that Unicorn from your Vault! They headed West, let's go!"
And if you wanted to foreshadow the Enclave right here, you could say she conveniently left out the part where she was exiled from The Enclave for wanting to help the Wasteland's ponies and Hope Springs was the only town willing to take her in and help her adapt to life in the Wasteland and life outside the military. This would justify any sharpshooting skills and tactical knowledge she'd have.
And just like that, Littlepip organically gains a companion through the good deeds she chose to perform in a situation where there were other seemingly-safer options. It's good writing because LP rejects cynicism in a cynical edgeworld.
>Is it still a spoiler if I complain about something that won't show up in this story for about 40 more chapters, and was likely already spoiled since FEQfags won't shut up about this story's retarded take on Alicorns?
>I am angry. Angry about Alicorns!
I'd prefer it if you save your comments until they are directly relevant. But, if history has shown us anything, it's that I'm powerless to stop you when you really want to get something off your chest.
>intentionally store caqed ponies
caged ponies

>he at least has the self-awareness to realize how silly most of this premise really is
I fucking wish he had self awareness. Just wait until you see the fetish porn he turns Alicorns into.
Fuck fetishfags.
The only valid fetish is lactation because it involves boobs. And slimegirls because they're still girls and girls are cute. And centaurs and ponies because horses can be cute too. Other monster-girl varieties are on thin fucking ice between furries and normalcy since their girls are basically just humans with extra parts and gimmicky behaviour while furries are usually that or something disgusting
Everything else is disgusting degeneracy.

>I blinked. “Really?”
Littlepip should be LOSING HER FUCKING MARBLES in this scene. Struggling with the horror of everything she's seen. Screaming with anger at all the monsters she's killing. Screaming inside her own mind as she becomes a killer and premeditated murderer for that fucking spritebot, who could have at least had the courtesy to guard the Tree-Library's door while she's up here dealing with the horrors of this new world for his lazy ass.
She shouldn't willingly kill anyone in this story outside of the most extreme survival-based me-or-the-thug-rushing-me-with-a-knife circumstances until she sees too much and snaps and starts slaughtering enemies while yelling edgy shit because that's what angry magic ponies say and act like in the stories she's read.
Littlepip should be twitchy, jumpy, enraged, having a mental BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN as she burns her pain as fuel for her slaughterquest.
This should be a time of suffering for Littlepip. A time of tearfully screaming as her gun opens fire.
Not the time to raise eyebrows and blink sarcastically and ask if enemies are "Really?" serious about bum-rushing the gun-wielding pony with a pool cue.
I hate this wannabe-marvel-movie bullshit.
This "You're carrying assault rifles, miniguns, high quality swords, rocket launchers, nuclear bomb launchers, and more while wearing Power Armour, but stupid evil raiders with their dens filled with human flesh and mutilated corpses will still bum-rush you while armed with baseball bats and pool cues and even shaving razors bent into straight knives.

>Littlepoop finds a "Zombie"
Author's a faggot for introducing Ghouls so early on without explaining them.
Most of this story has been infodumps that take time to digest, or edgy bullshit that takes time to get over.
Something that fundamentally changes every character's relationship with radiation is something that should be saved for later, after radiation has been a background threat for a while.
Ghouls are people who, upon exposure to too much radiation, become hairless skinless shit-voiced old people who age slowly, can't be healed, and can't run without damaging their kneecaps.
But this story doesn't have "Radiation", it has "Necromantic Taint", a black magical energy that... somehow works like Fallout's cartoon radiation instead of doing anything directly necromantic like raising pony corpses as ageless tireless killers who won't go down until you smash their bones with big thrown heavy objects.
But this isn't a pony fanfiction, it's a Fallout fanfiction wearing a blood-splattered Pinkie Pie mask on the upper right side of its head, so ghouls are just copypasted over into this setting. Even though a unicorn ghoul with 200 years of magic knowledge and practice behind him should be a world-reshapingly lethal threat, and a pegasus ghoul that lost all its fur and feathers would have died or killed itself long before ending up near any Raiders.
Littlepip should have more of a reaction to seeing a wrinkled irradiated half-skinless corpse with a voice like sandpaper deepthroating gravel standing up and moving around.
Perhaps she could scream and shoot it on sight, doing a bad thing out of fear.
>Littlepip cheats on her diet
would it be a spoiler if I say this gets worse later?

>Littlepip swings a bookcase around
Her Pip-Buck's enemy-detecting radar could have easily told her where to swing bookcases from behind walls and beneath lower floors. We've seen Twilight lift things without needing to see them, and we've seen Littleshit lift things heavier than anything Twilight ever lifted before S2 came out (This story was written during season one)
well besides the Ursa Minor but we don't know how much star-monsters weigh so we can't mathematically calculate that. could calc the water tower she lifted and filled with milk, but it would weigh less than LP's faggy boxcar.
Clitofshit had no reason to do all this "Heh, really? Nothin personell, kid" action-hero shit when she's a psychic written by an author who refuses to put effort into always thinking like a psychic.

>a literal enemy-spawn point in a closet somewhere that pulls "generic bad guy" instances out of some pocket dimension
It would be an amazing backstory for the Raiders that justifies everything nonsensical about them, especially the "Raider predators outnumber non-raider prey" problem, if they really did come from some magical enemy-spawning combat arena pre-war ponies used to train their troops for all sorts of scenarios and threats. Just imagine if the Annihilation Nation-meets-Bloody Palace room had been programmed to spawn "Anarchists" for the soldiers to kill, and they had been designed to be as unpleasant as possible, but after the apocalypse some wasteland scavengers broke into the control room and accidentally set it to "Print 1 Raider every hour" and the Raiders killed them before leaving and spreading across the wastes.

>orange disks
I think the faggy author previously described the landmine outside Rarity's as an "orange disc".
which is retarded. why would you paint your landmines neon orange. why would a raider base have a whole fucking box of them that can be tipped over. why would they be live and ready to explode as soon as they're tipped from their box onto the floor like lego bricks.

>Littlepip loots raider bodies destroyed via explosion, and combines armours to repair them since that's how you repair armour in fallout 3
I know the author's trying to be "clever" here by trying to justify the protag's ability to loot decent armour off corpses in over a hundred pieces, but it really isn't working. Like you said, this zone still has enemies. Littlepip's only able to combine armour in the crafting menu because using the Pip-Boy pauses time in Fallout 3.

>deaf sniper
if the sniper's gun was permanently mounted to the Tree-Library's upper balcony in a way that ensures only Littlepip's sheer magical strength can rip it off after all these enemies are dead, and he is going to stay at the top of this tree like a final boss until Littleshit comes to shoot him, I will laugh.

>The raider above obviously assumed I was dead
Hey, remember when the Raiders put a mine outside Rarity's place when Littlepip slept in it, and when she triggered that mine, the Raiders DIDN'T assume she was dead and threw another grenade in just to make sure?
Littlepip threw the grenade back and instead of exploding mid-flight it exploded right at the feet of the enemy grenade-tosser.
even though she could have used one of Rarity's Crazy Cat Lady cat corpses on the landmine/grenade to safely trigger it while hiding far away, faking her death and fleeing.
enemies didn't assume she was dead then, but they assumed she was dead now.
and just like in videogames, detonating 10+ landmines at once in a single spot isn't enough to harm the structural integrity of the building you're in, even though it's fucking made of fucking wood. Good thing this isn't flagged as Destructible Wood like the wood used on some doors but not all doors!
This is really fucking dumb- oh wait you mentioned the structural integrity thing.

>Raider runs away once she's carrying an absurd amount of weaponry
Author's trying to be smarter than Fallout 3 again, because in that game enemies would ALWAYS bum-rush you no matter how far the gap was between lowly switchblade-toting faggot in spiky-titty Mad Max fetish gear VS the heroes.
you could have a flying buzzsaw-toting murderbot on your side, and a generic dude in power armour with a minigun, and a gigantic invincible super-strong orange/green man with a laser minigun so absurdly powerful that many players choose to not recruit him until they hit the level cap, as you don't gain EXP for enemies killed by your companions in Fallout 3
you could have a whole army of one-note or zero-note NPCs with guns following you around, and be the ultimately almighty heavily-armed bulletproof messiah of the wasteland carrying over 300 pounds of guns and ten thousand bullets of weightless ammo who took all the credit for the Power Rangers and Megazord army that warred with the cartoon nazi army over who got to turn on a non-functioning water purifier that wastes a piece of matter-rearranging magitek by existing.
Remember when water canteens were visible on her? This pony will later conceal a nuclear bomb launcher twice her size within her pip-boy, forgetting about it completely until it's time to equip it from the menu.
Remember when a big deal was made about the condition and degradation of weaponry, when Littlepip was negotiating with the cheesefag trying to rob her?
Now she's able to pick up all sorts of high-quality weapons from this Raider Base and scare raiders away.
We will see her fire multiple guns at once with her magic sometimes, but the author never definitively states "Pinkie designed the Pip-Buck Inventory Program to use hammerspace. Nobody knows how it works, it just does" and the text often mentions shit like Littlepip wearing many loud canteens strapped to her saddlebags full of survival supplies, in addition to Littlepip whipping out weapons concealed so perfectly even she forgot she had them, so the author never actually makes up his mind on whether we are playing by videogame, cartoon, or real serious-story logic here.
Author is a faggot!

On an unrelated note...

Imagine if Zebras trained monkeys to wield machetes and attack ponies, during the Zebras VS Ponies war.
You're a soldier, someone yells "Jigaboo in the bushes!", and suddenly you and your guys are swarmed with chimps wielding machetes and gorillas wielding giant swords with Elephant Cavalry-style things on their back for Zebras to ride on.
To counter this, Ponies made wearable fake wooden gorilla arms arms that can stretch
so you can kill the monkeys and gorillas with melee weaps without any risk to yourself
worst case scenario, a trained gorilla grabs your arm and yanks you closer to pummel you
and then, after these fake arms become standard military gear for ponies, firearms are invented
and specifically designed to be fired by these super-strong impossibly-rotating fake arms that can reach around cover and shoot for you
This magical solution for a stupid ergonomics problem gets around the "Shotguns need to come with specialized mechanical battle-saddles with mouth-triggers" problem this story typically ignores whenever it wants earth pony raiders to fire shotguns with their mouths.

For the sake of those who do not want to be spoiled I will put the alicorn stuff in spoilers so it can be saved until alicorns are mentioned in the story.
here's the thing
The Master thinks he is creating The Master Race
but he is wrong
he has created an ugly abomination hyper-specialized for being big and strong. It is not particularly smart, fast, or agile. It is immune to radiation but it lacks any super-cool shit any creature would need before it can be definitively called superior to humanity.
And the Super Mutant race is completely infertile.
Completely, permanently infertile.
And they still age and die like normal people.
There is no future for the Super Mutant race.
Find the evidence that proves this, show it to The Master, and he sets his base to self-destruct and tells you to fuck off. you leave, base goes boom, game over, you win.
You can also win the game by shooting the fuck out of The Master after killing your way through his Super Mutant-filled dungeon-base-vault.
You can also join him for a bonus ending.
in this story?
The Master is copypasted into The Goddess.
It's Trixie.
Twilight Sparkle developed a way to turn any pony into an Alicorn, and her first test subject was Trixie, who swore she was "reformed" EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS NEVER A VILLAIN IN S1 AND ALWAYS JUST A LYING PERFORMER WITH A HEART OF GOLD AND A TONGUE FASTER THAN HER BRAIN.
On the day the bombs fell, Trixie said "Now's my chance!" and dragged Twilight into the vats of mutation-goo with her.
At least I think that's how it went down.

anyway Twilight is no more, The Goddess is just an edgy evil Trixie calling herself "The Goddess" while talking like Rita Repulsa.
Her Alicorn Army is a load of faggoted giant bitches who carry miniguns still act like evil thuggish stupid raiders when under Trixie's control, and when not under Trixie's control.
One raider Alicorn wears Princess Luna's skull like a necklace and straps Luna's bones to her bodysuit, for fuck's sake.
Now while the Super Mutants were just big guys (for you) at best, and usually retarded big guys...
Alicorns are still fucking Alicorns, with super-strength and super-strong magic and super-fast flight on top of REGENERATING HEALTH LIKE WOLVERINE (WHEN THE AUTHOR REMEMBERS THE HEALTH REGEN) IN RADIATION- i mean Taint(TM), The black magic radiation(TM)

Alicorns have their minds controlled by a hivemind called The Unity, and it is psychically ruled by The Goddess.
so they know everything it knows, not that knowledge changes anything in a world written by an idiot.

Alicorns can breed.


They can fuck and get fucked and produce children!
But they are always female Alicorns, and they are too strong for snu-snu with pony males.
They crush pelvises when fucking. Not the cocks, of course, they can still get impregnated. They just can't hold themselves back and stop themselves from injuring their lovers.
So you'd think they'd wank male ponies off into jars and then artificially inseminate themselves with cum jars, or chain themselves up in barns with spreader-bars like IRL horses, right?
Nope, they cry over their inability to produce male Alicorns and directly fuck male ponies without crushing their pelvises

Alicorns are objectively the ultimate species in this story, and they come in three colours:
Purple and black Alicorns can teleport, thanks to Twilight's involvement in the Alicorn project.
Dark blue and black Alicorns can turn invisible, thanks to Trixie's involvement in the Alicorn project.
Dark green and black Alicorns can make powerful shields and link their magic with other green unicorns to boost their powers, thanks to OC Twins.

all three types of Unicorn can still perform each other's unique spells, standard telekinesis, and any of the spells known by the unicorn slaves they keep somewhere in their Unity hivemind
so you'd think these overpowered regenerating super-god-bastards would dominate the entire wasteland, right?
nope, because that would mean focusing this mess of a story on one idea, and the author can't do that.
you'd think at least one spell the alicorns know would be a game-changer for wasteland survival, but... no, they don't create any massive water-purifying structures or massive castles with big walls and farms for peasants willing to serve alicorns in return for protection.

The Master from Fallout 1 was wrong for thinking his Super Mutants were the ultimate Master Race.
Kkat's dominatrix-raider-amazoness Alicorns kind of are a master race, just written really badly.
Everything smart about Fallout 1's Super Mutants goes out the window so they can be "MORE".

I hit letter limit so I had to reword some sentences to be shorter
still, alicorn rant's over.
I feel a lot better now.

It's a really common mistake for writers to think if they put "MORE! MORE! MORE!" of something into a story, it will make their story better.
Surely, if you put MORE lightsaber duels into a star wars fanfic featuring BIGGER lightsabers and STRONGER super-jedi and super-sith, it will make the story cooler, right? No.
The more you have of something, the less value it can accrue.
The Star Wars Prequels thought putting in MORE space battles and MORE lightsaber fights would make the films so amazing, they could get away with confused plots, long political speeches in kid's films, a lack of focus on Vader, and fucking Jar Jar.
But lightsaber duels... they became flashier, but they also became meaningless spectacles with none of the emotional weight and tension seen in Luke's battle against Vader.
Space battles became visually-cluttered CGI explosion-fests with no weight or meaning.
Massive faceless clone armies clashed with massive identical droid armies, and nobody gave a fuck when all these new Jedi with barely any screentime got killed.

And the Star Wars sequel films did this even worse. And maliciously.
They intentionally tried to set Rey up as "The superior Luke" and Kylo Ren as "The superior Vader" even though they failed both times.
Long stretches of random unimportant filler bullshit wasted even more time
and the lightsaber fights just functioned like normal Hollywood "Swing the heavy stick" matches because all of the light-blade Flynning and acrobatic stylishness was gone completely.

The incompetent actress they hired to play Rey couldn't fight for shit, she's ugly, and she's bad at acting.
She swings her lightsaber like a kid in a park who found a cool stick.
When I saw her I thought "They must have hired her for her martial arts skills" and when I saw her "Stick-swinging near a rock" sequence in the second film I thought "They must have hired her for her other talents".
They tried to power-creep the original films into irrelevance.

It's the same mistake Legend Of Korra made when it gave Korra the ability to metalbend easily while her natural-born earthbender friend couldn't bend metal (but could bend lava which is just hot rocks!)
And then had her bend a massive nuclear spirit-magic laser beam around her.
Nobody is going to say "Korra is a better Avatar than Aang because she could probably beat him in a fight".
Aang is the superior Avatar because he is smarter, wiser, kinder, and a better person.
Plus, Aang has the full Avatar State while Korra has what it was retconned into: The Raava State.
Aang can use the knowledge and experience of his past lives during a fight, all Korra can do is have retcons supercharge her existing magic powers.

Hell, just look at LOK's villains. Season 1? The villain is two "Psychic" Bloodbenders who can puppet-control you into helplessness and remove your bending without the need for night or a full moon.
Season 2? The villain is an evil waterbending master and "Dark Avatar" turned giant and infused with dark magic power that makes his waterbending stronger.
Season 3? The villain is A FLYING MAN and the ultimate airbender who only became an airbender a week ago due to a poorly-explained plot-contrivance where the universe outright started randomly giving airbending to bending-less Earth Kingdom citizens.
Season 4? Cartoon-fascist girl and her Kuviratron 9000, a gigantic mech made of platinum with a lasergun on its arm that fires Spirit-Nuclear Mega-Lasers.
All of these villains are desperately trying to be stronger than Avatar: The Last Airbender's evil Fire Lord Ozai.
But guess what?
Ozai was a simple villain, and that's all he needed to be. He just needed to be the final representation of the evil within the Fire Nation Aang wanted to stop.
all these new villains try to "out-deep" him with "deep reasons" for the dumb evil bullshit they do, but it never tricks anyone who's not a 20-something lesbian retard who nuts on her own smartphone whenever she sees faggoted bullshit on Twitter or TV.

And then there's Dragon Ball Super, where ANYONE can go Super Saiyan just by thinking about their tingling backs.

These shitty sequels are made by incompetent hacks who don't respect what came before, and don't respect the fact that the meaningful feats in previous works were supposed to MEAN SOMETHING and be RARE, not something to shamelessly and casually one-up like a bad fanfiction writer trying to convince people you're cool!
285438 285471
hey you know what would make this story's edgy depictions of mutilated ponies less pointless?

Imagine if the Raiders intentionally put mutilated corpses out in the open because they think it scares ponies away


The vile "art pieces" attract oversized mutated insects like Radroaches and Radrats, which the Raiders like catching, frying, and eating.


on a more speculative note

Imagine if this story had monsters that could ONLY happen in a magical world like Equestria. For example, a monstrous race of living killer chocolate bunnies that travel in swarms and turn you into candy if they touch you, so it's easier for them to devour you.

Also, imagine... this big motherfucker from the classic series The Future Is Wild, a speculative CGI show where real-ass scientists speculate on the future based on dinosaurs and previous evolutionary stuff, then we get to see this weird shit animated. It's got elephant-squids. It's got longcats who hunt tree-swinging monkeys.
I remember that show.
285447 285472
Got to say I think Nigel here and his rants actually work really well for this story here considering Glim's knowledge of Fallout and Fallout Equestria. Been pretty fun lately having Glim analize the story from a writing and narrative perspective, then for those of us more familiar with the lore of the games and this story we got Nigel to give a sister commentary about how the mechanics and world of Fallout are sort of given the Bethesda QA treatment and stapled to MLP.

Got a friend who frequents here who is a big fan of Project Horizons which is a popular spin off of Fallout Equestria and honestly I dare say I would love if Glim were to review that but I belive that story is quite long as well so would be way too much Fallout Equestria hyjinks on Glim's itinerary. Made a tiny bit of progress on some writing so whenever Glim decides to take a breather from Fallout Equestria hopefully I got it ready by then!
Thank you!
There was a time when I was going to write "The better Fallout Equestria" featuring Sunrise Starburst, a min-maxed high-stat character and interesting masculine patriotic intellectual who formed a street gang and converted it into an army and ploughed the Overmare's daughter by seducing her and designed a shitton of cool guns.
I spent twelve paragraphs on the shotgun-shell-firing revolver he carries, it's a revolver so he can quickly switch out different bullets for whatever elemental effects he wants to use/mix. His wife asked him "Can we have an open relationship?" the day before his coup so he said yes so he could fuck more mares, meanwhile nopony alive was willing to touch her because they all knew she belonged to him, Sunrise Starburst, strongest Unicorn alive. Sunrise also gathered a bunch of Statuettes (Complaining about them would be a spoiler) and used them and other things to build a Twilight Sparkle sexbot infused with Twilight Sparkle's soul and actually capable of thought/magic/being real while still bound by servile sexbot programming. So he could befriend a good Twilight Sparkle who did nothing wrong AND fuck her AND research tech/magic with her help. He killed his Overmare, put his wife in charge of everyone in the Vault who didn't follow him to the surface, and proceeded to fight and genocide and slaughter his way through a hyper-fucked section of Wasteland filled with irradiated Ziggers and unique monsters. He built fucking cool castles that were absolutely huge and had huge walls, constructed functional supply lines connected via portal generator (Good fucking luck raiding these supply lines now, Raiders!), created swarms of DuraFrame Eyebots But Better, constructed massive farms and mines, and more. SlaveBots mine while sentry turrets placed atop sniper towers keep the lands safe and the skies clear of Enclave enemies. Unique weapons would be constructed, and after figuring out a way to patch the "Cybernetics devour your soul" flaw and create superior cybernetics, he'd tear off his own right arm with his left arm in the middle of a campaign speech about the future and cauterize his stump with white-hot flames before slamming on a sick metal arm that injects cloud-computing supercomputer magical nanomachines into his bloodstream to enhance his body and mechanize his spine to grow fucking awesome cybernetically-enhanced phoenix wings wreathed in magical flames.
His army is full of smart and interesting characters with their own expertise to contribute to his army. There are shitloads of soldiers with their own reasons for joining up. But the best characters include but are not limited to a robots guy, a guns girl, and this potion expert I'm really proud of. Basically he figured out how potions REALLY work and how to REALLY make them, the Ziggers "figured it out" wrong and never tested anything better, but the superior scientific equine method allowed for superior and consistent potion creation without drug addictions. Also he's got a REAL STEALTH BUILD mare working for him, Midnight Shade, a little girl who acts like an edgy OC to feel more confident until Sunrise S-ranks her and fixes her psychological problems with his penis.
This story would spend shitloads of chapters on the founding, management, and massive battles of his empire.
He'd wear custom-made Power Armour with wings and a horn-amplifier and ass-jets and hoof-jet stabilizers/repulsors and rotating VTOL jets and a magic library database and piston-enhanced hooves and more. He'd upgrade his SATS code so he could set spots to walk/fly/teleport to and angles to face in the "stopped time" of his menus, and perform attacks practically instantaneously before teleporting/flying away. ULTRA INSTINCT. The Super-VATS program also handled complex flight for him since he didn't have much experience at flying.
Also the downfall of Equestria was bugfixed, Equestria eventually made peace with Ziggers only to end up controlled by Griffons and infested with Ziggers and slowly eroded away before the nukes were fired globally by dumb fucking ziggers, but pure ponies had long since entered the vaults during the initial war and couldn't be removed.
The Enclave poured most of their manpower and resources into trying everything they could to stop and sabotage him, to justify how easily they are defeated in Fallout Equestria's original story.
But his immensely charismatic words, amplified by the radio towers he built, convince shitloads of Enclave ponies to defect and join his side, while also attracting shitloads of Dashites (Enclave soldiers kicked out for defecting/wanting to defect, and also branded with Dash's cutie mark for caring about the surface-dwellers) to his cause of truly rebuilding the wasteland and conquering every magical race (I invented shitloads) on Planet Equestria so no new apocalypse could ever happen again. He would kill every last zigger.
Sunrise encountered a tribe called the Gear Grinders (a little spyro 2 reference) but they live in a high-magitech golf camp converted into bullshit supersized racetracks with insane stunts mid-race. They use the place's tech to build great cars, Sunrise beats them in a race to get control of them, and also fucks their king's daughter.
He also met a good Alicorn enclave called Alicornia, the Alicorns here became moral individuals upon leaving The Goddess's psychic hive-mind range and decided to form a Jacobstown-inspired good community. Sunrise Stardust fucks the Princess of Alicornia to celebrate their alliance, and survives it because his pelvis is too strong to break
Eventually I realized the original ideas here would work better in an original context, too many things in Fallout Equestria are too fundamentally retarded for any story derived from it while working with its mistakes to not end up at least a little retarded, and time spent writing over four million words of pony fanfiction is time I'm not spending working on my indie games
pic unrelated
oh and my story would occasionally include chapters designed to fuck with the audience.
sometimes I'd flirt with the idea that everything was all a dream. I even considered having the character wake up and restart the fic halfway through, with everything being a little different this time around, only for it to have an ending like the Evangelion shit, and then it'd turn out everything in this rebuild was how he wished things went and he'd reawaken in his own timeline with new knowledge and wisdom.
Speaking of wisdom there'd be a bit where he'd pass out and enter a coma after fighting an evil Twilight Sparkle clone made by "The Institute only not retarded and with reasons for their evil" and he'd enter the DBZ afterlife, run down snake way, meet Pinkie and Twilight and the rest of the mane six in the afterlife, and talk to them all. He'd forgive all of the mane six for their failures because they were all actually caused by mind-controlling Griffon saboteurs anyway. And by letting the souls of the mane six rest, he'd be allowed to return to life with Holy Magic straight from the real Celestia herself.
He'd also develop time-travel and space-travel, harvesting offworld planets for their weird alien resources and fighting alien monsters. And he'd time travel back to stop the apocalypse, but doing this creates additional timelines without changing his own timeline. So he can have fuckloads of Saved Equestrias friendly with him feeding and funding and arming his army further.
Also a gang his gang defeated and absorbed in their early years was an edgy gang where they all committed painless ritual suicide to become ghosts like the ghosts from Danny Phantom. Sunrise had these overpowered magical invincible ghosts on his side and it was epic.
And at one point he'd find and enter a Nintendo-sponsored Vault where fuckloads of ponies are trapped in a Pokemon MMORPG Matrix, and he can only get them out by entering the game and beating every Pokemon region and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. After beating them all, he obtains Pokemon and Ponies who are the masters of Pokemon and Pokemon who are the masters of other Pokemon. He'd also fuck a Gardevoir and beat the Better-Than-CelestAI AI in control of all these simulations in a debate and convince it to let him and all its ponies go for their mutual benefit.
Also there would be a Yugioh vault that can do Shadow Games, making their monster cards real. He would have to beat over 100 of the Vault's best duellists to get them on his side. And I would show every... single... fight. In full detail. No cutaways, no skipped fights, just over 100 games of yugioh with the piece of shit Dragon deck I designed back in fucking 2012 VS fuckloads of enemy duellists.
Honestly I would just throw everything into this along with good ideas to hit word limit and surpass it. I wish making it wouldn't take so long, I kind of wish I could make it anyway but I just don't have the time to make Fallout Equestria: Sunrise Stardust And The Burned World a reality.
I'm really proud of that name, btw. It's incredibly distinct in a fandom full of Fallout Equestria: Oneword and Fallout Equestria:Two Words fics and the occasional Fallout Equestria: Insert Phrase Here fics.
Plus I could drop the Fallout Equestria and call it its own Fallout+MLP crossover any time I wanted, since I'd eventually replace all bad FOE elements with superior original elements anyway, justifying the initial presence of bad FOE elements as "In their vault, Sunrise was taught Ziggers nuked the world thanks to Fluttershy but archaeology and time-travel proved the world actually ended differently and all Memory Orbs that claim otherwise are fakes made by the Griffon-controlled Ministry Of Control to demoralize and confuse ponies in the future" though I'd never decided whether I would actually do that last one or not.
I do plan on finishing my fixed and revised Silver Star story, but it will take some time and I'm prioritizing my indie games.
Did I mention Sunrise Stardust screams like this when he nuts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJdNv74MY80
I wouldn't write his sex scenes to titillate the viewer, I'd write them to cause the viewer as much pain as possible. Actually writing out lines like "Yeah, fuck yeah... Here I fucking go, let's fucking go... aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaah... AAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH... HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" would fill space and increase the word/letter count. There would be so many glopping noises. There would not be two years of semen, or two hundred years. There would be a thousand years of semen and a thousand years of death, every time, or more.
285467 285490

>Several ponies apparently collected bottle caps, which struck me as an absurdly odd thing to horde.
I get the impression this is a reference to something that Fallout players would get, I guess we'll see if it's actually important. Also, it should be "hoard" here; "horde" refers to a large swarm of things, ie "a horde of niggers ran a train on kkat's asshole."

Anyway, the raider who threw the landmines at Littlepoop runs away, and she chases after him.

>He went through a door on the level above. It took me only a moment to reach it, but caution made me skid to a stop before barreling through. If that had been me on the other side, I’d be waiting just to the side of the door, ready to take the head off of the raider who rushed through. With positions reversed, I was not going to make the same mistake.
I'll give her points for at least thinking here, but she still isn't being very smart, and neither is the raider. A shotgun blast through the door would probably be a good way to deter anyone on the other side from advancing further, and it stands to reason the raider would know that LP is out there. However, I'm not sure if he has a shotgun or not; I've completely lost track of which weapons are being carried by whom at this point. Anyway, this is dumb; they're both just standing there with nothing but a thin wall between them, waiting for the other to come through the door. If both were inexperienced fighters this wouldn't be implausible, but seeing as how these raiders have apparently made a lifestyle out of murder and mayhem, this level of caution seems out of character. Also, unless this raider is the literal last one left in the building, it stands to reason that there should be more of them coming after her. If the author keeps dragging this out by having enemies wander in randomly two or three at a time, I might just skip to the end of this fight.

>A filly’s cry from inside, “aaah! Help!” changed the scenario.
inb4 the raider has tied the filly to a log, and is cackling maniacally while a slow conveyor belt pulls her toward a circular saw. Wait; it's even worse:

>Near the open window, a filly too young to even have her cutie mark lay on a mattress stained with so much blood it was nearly black. She had been brutalized and raped repeatedly, and her flank was covered in small burns where her cutie mark would have eventually appeared.
I'll actually go ahead and give the author a few points here. Considering the level of edge this story aspires to, the fact that we're three whole chapters in and it took him this long to throw in a gratuitous child rape scene shows an admirable amount of restraint.

>between myself and her, the raider pony stood with a shocking hostage: the zombie-pony! It took me a moment to realize she must have flown in from the balcony; and (if I was allowed to believe there was any decency left in the world) it would have been her who gnawed the filly’s ropes free. Now, she was against a wall, with the blade of an axe to her throat.
I'm a little confused here. The "zombie" pegasus, which, based on some comments of Nigel's, I'm assuming for now is a literal zombie (or "ghoul") of some kind, was described as being skinned and featherless, so it shouldn't be able to fly.

>A small part of my brain insisted on distracting me by wondering how the zombie-pony could have flown when her wings didn’t have any feathers. As if that was a more significant mystery than how she could be alive (by some definition) in her decayed physical condition.
Well, if LP is wondering the same things I am, at least it suggests that the author is going somewhere with it and will eventually explain.

>Rage welled up in me until I felt it would burst through my eyeballs.
I hate it when that happens.

>When my voice returned, my words surprised me. “By Celestia, you’re stupid. Hard to tell a pony to back off, or surrender, when your mouth is full of axe, isn’t it? Maybe if you spent some more time reading these books rather than destroying them, you’d be smart enough to come up with a plan that actually allowed you to negotiate a way out of this.” The grenades levitated off the table; I dangled them between us. “One that doesn’t end with me shoving one of these up your tailhole!”
By Celestia, you're all stupid. Every single character in this story so far behaves like a complete fucking moron.

Some of the other stuff we've read, most notably Past Sins and The Sun & The Rose, were relatively high-concept, even if they fell well short of the mark in terms of execution. So here's what annoys me about this story: while kkat has proven himself in some ways to be a more competent writer than either Peen Stroke or soulpeener, what he's attempting here isn't high-concept at all, but he's still managing to mostly fuck it up.

Whatever complexity there may be in the Fallout world, the basic story premise here is about as low-concept as you can get. This is pretty much just violence-porn in the same vein as High School of the Dead, or maybe a movie like Crank or Wanted. I don't mean to denigrate this type of story mind you; I quite enjoyed all three of those. What I mean by low-concept is that the story basically just serves as a framing device for the action, so it doesn't need to be intricate or deep.

Take, for example, the plot of Crank: a hitman is poisoned and needs to keep his adrenaline above a certain level or he'll die. The entire movie is just him going around doing a bunch of insane shit to boost his adrenaline while attempting to find an antidote to the poison and track down the people who poisoned him so he can exact revenge. We don't need to know anything about the characters beyond their "jobs" and their basic background: there's the hitman who was betrayed, the gangster bad-guy who set him up, and so forth. None of the film's characters need to be more complex than that.

I'll elaborate further in the next post.
285468 285487 285495 285660

With a story like that, you don't need complex characters or an intricately fleshed-out setting, but writing it comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, since your plot is basically just a long sequence of fight scenes, you need to make your fights engaging, believable, and fun to watch.

This is where kkat gay nickname pending until I think of a good one comes up short. Being based on a video game world, the rules and mechanics by which this setting operates factor heavily in how the story progresses. Despite being apparently pretty autistic in terms of his knowledge of Fallout, this author does not seem to have put a ton of thought into adapting its elements to the setting of MLP. As we've discussed, he mostly just took the world of Fallout and dropped pony characters into it, and changed a few of the names and concepts around to fit superficially into the Pony setting: "PipBuck" instead of "PipBoy," tainted magical auras instead of nuclear fallout, and so forth. Beyond this he seems to have mostly focused his efforts on getting ponies to use human tools and weapons, ignoring how awkward they would be for ponies to use. Going deeper, he fails to even consider why ponies would engineer such tools in the first place, since so far we've seen no evidence of human presence or influence in this world.

What's more, even the awkward mechanics he does develop are not used to particularly great effect. His characters all behave as if they woke up in this world yesterday and are still figuring out how it works. While this might make sense for Littlepip, who spent her entire life in an underground shelter, the raiders and slavers and whatnot we've encountered should exhibit far more sense than they do. For instance, a few scenes ago we saw a raider take a pool cue in his mouth and attempt to run through a door with it, only to have it get caught in the door frame and hurt his neck. This kind of literal retard maneuver is obviously meant to be funny, but the humor is lost because it makes no sense for a character who lives in this world to do this. An animal who can only carry and use tools in its mouth is going to be acutely aware of this handicap in the same way that a human who doesn't have any hands would be, and in a grimdark post-apocalyptic setting where it's every man/woman/pony for themselves, this pony would have had to figure out ways to compensate for the things he can't do. A pony dumb enough to run through a narrow door with a pool cue held sideways in his mouth for God only knows what reason could not possibly have survived to this point. And I hate to sound like a broken record about the weapons and such, but why do pool cues even exist in this world to begin with?

Magic also complicates things in this story. As I've pointed out in other reviews, the idea of magic is not very well-defined in MLP to begin with: there aren't really any hard and fast rules about what it can and can't do, and what levels of it a user needs to possess in order to pull off this or that feat. Apart from the established rule that only unicorns can use it, there really aren't that many canonical limitations on what magic in MLP can do. As such, it provides a rather tempting crutch for fanfiction authors to use whenever they can't think of a way to make something happen or for a character to win a fight. Subsequently this leaves the author vulnerable to an equal number of pitfalls, since once it's been established that a character has a certain power, it creates a logical contradiction when they fail to use it in another situation where it would also be applicable. So far kkat has made pretty liberal use of this crutch, and has predictably fallen into most of the pitfalls.

In a world where everything that happens in the story plays out according to strict mechanical rules, a la Dungeons and Dragons or any other gaming system, it stands to reason that there ought to be equally strict rules for magic. The limits of how much weight or how many objects a unicorn can carry with X amount of magic, how much magic an individual unicorn can have and what stat defines this level of magic power, the range at which magic can project; all of these factors should have been thought out by kkat and woven into the fabric of his setting. Unless Littlepoop is some kind of magic prodigy like Twilight, and we haven't been given any indication that she is, it seems like she shouldn't be able to do a lot of the stuff we've seen her do, like carrying a preposterous amount of items while simultaneously aiming and firing a gun, or levitating an entire bookshelf on the second floor of a building while standing on the first floor.

Even if you establish that common unicorns are capable of these kinds of feats which seems obnoxiously OP to me, it should then stand to reason that other pony types would be aware of this and factor it into their assessments of other characters' abilities while fighting. For instance, the raider she is fighting currently should have realized that he was fighting a unicorn, and thus would have anticipated that she might try something like this:

>The grenades levitated off the table; I dangled them between us. “One that doesn’t end with me shoving one of these up your tailhole!”

These enemies are boring because they behave like the retarded AIs that just mindlessly attack you in a game, instead of like the living, thinking entities that even minor characters in a story need to be. If you really, really want to have a world where ponies can shoot guns with their mouths and a common unicorn can levitate a bus over her head then whatever; it's your story. But at least make it interesting. These characters should strategize and plot against each other according to the rules of the world that the author has established, which means that leaving grenades on a table where they could be easily levitated and used against you makes no sense when fighting a unicorn.
285470 285660

>The raider pressed the axe blade tighter against the zombie-pony’s throat, enough to cut flesh, which split and pulled back as if it had been strained taut. Ichor that might have once been blood oozed from the wound. The zombie-pony didn’t flinch or whimper, but the filly did both.
More edge, but I can't really fault the author too much here. "Ichor" is just a fun word to use same goes for "cyclopean," another of Lovecraft's faves.

Anyway, long story short the raider does as she asks and lets the zombie-pony go. Littlepoop heroically shoots him in the back as he flees, aided of course by her magical auto-aiming thingamabob, and that's the end of him. She now assures the zombie pony and the filly that she has to go take care of the sniper, who at this point I am assuming is either literally deaf or literally retarded, and takes her leave, apparently trusting the zombie not to eat the filly's brains while she's gone.

However, after the page break, time has leapt forward jarringly. It seems we will never get to find out what exactly she did to the sniper that we've been hearing about for the entire chapter, nor do we learn the fate of the filly and the zombie, because the author opens the subchapter with this line:

>Better equipped and a lot more confident, my heart still flickering with righteous fire, I made my way carefully out of Ponyville.
At this point I'm too demoralized to keep on giving the same basic writing lessons over and over to hack authors who will never read my advice and would probably dismiss it out of hand even if they did, but for the benefit of any writers who are following, I'll keep my advice here short and to the point: don't do shit like this. If you start a story thread, wrap it up; don't just end a subchapter on a cliffhanger and then randomly skip time forward by like six hours. I doubt the fight with the sniper would have been any less retarded than any of the other fights we've seen thus far, but at least give us the sense of closure we'd obtain by seeing it through to the end.

Also, if you're not going to do anything with ancillary NPC type characters like the filly, don't even bother putting them in, especially not for superficial edgelord-tier reasons like "my murder porn story doesn't have enough foal rape in it." Even if this character serves no purpose beyond giving the hero someone to rescue, we should still witness the rescue; otherwise why bother? At this point I have no idea what ultimately became of either the filly or the zombie; for all I know the latter really did eat the former's brains.

Anyway, next she comes to a statue in a gazebo. She finds that the gazebo is full of alligators, because why wouldn't it be? All those descendants of Gummy that Pinkie's descendants undoubtedly flushed down the toilet had to end up somewhere. However, these aren't just regular gators; these are "radigators," which I'm assuming is just a radder version of a regular gator, so I'm imagining pic related. I'll bet they smoke cigarettes in the bathroom and everything.

She shoots a few of them with her "new" sniper rifle. The implication is that she took it off the sniper, so I guess we sort-of get some closure on that one. If it turns out she's got a filly pelt and a zombie's hoof somewhere amongst the U-Haul truck's worth of belongings that she's carrying with her, I might be able to rest easy on that one too. who's the edgelord now, kkat?

No mention is given of the surviving radigators reacting in any way to the pony that is randomly picking them off with a rifle, presumably while standing in the middle of the road with no cover. They must be way too rad to pay any attention to a dork like Littlepoop; they're probably busy living life to the extreme. As she is approaching one of her kills to carve up the radigator flesh into steaks she can take with her, because apparently ponies in Edgequestria are carnivorous, her magic radar thingy beeps and informs her that the statue is the "Macintosh War Memorial." She gets closer and examines the statue, because checking out monuments is a perfectly normal thing to do when surrounded by radioactive alligators, and she discovers that as you probably guessed the statue depicts Big Macintosh, who apparently died heroically while fighting in the something-something battle against blah blah who cares.

While she's looking at the statue, she notices a manhole ponyhole? cover, and this reminds her of the snippet of radio broadcast she heard on the first night she left the Stable, which for some reason she has a recording of on her PipBuck. As she makes her way to the manhole, one of the rad gators finally attacks her. This happens:

>I fired twice into its mouth. Horrifyingly, that wasn’t enough to kill it. But it did make the beast think twice. The sound, however, brought more of them down on me. Abandoning the revolver in fright, I used my magic to pull open the ponyhole and dived in, sliding the cover over behind me.
So apparently even though she just killed "a few" of these things a minute ago with the sniper rifle, an act which didn't seem to even remotely disturb the rest of them, she now finds that firing two shots point-blank into this one doesn't do much besides faze it a little, and the noise is enough to bring the rest of them down on her. Granted, the sniper rifle is probably more powerful than the revolver, but as far as the noise goes a gunshot is a gunshot; if two shots is enough to rile them up they should have been charging at her while she was gawking at the statue.

Also: do not drop the gun, Gangstalicious, that is totally not gangsta. Although she's got like fifty of them by now, so who the fuck even cares.

Anyway, using some unexplained method that probably involves magic, she lifts the heavy manhole cover off of the cistern, and dives down the hole while still (somehow) carrying the gigantic mountain of shit she's accumulated.
285496 285548 285660

Page break.

>In the wake of my anger, I was exhausted.
Was she angry in that last scene? I didn't get the impression that the gators were that aggravating. If she's still angry about the shit from before, you probably shouldn't have wrapped up that scene so abruptly. She's at least calm enough to take in the local scenery while casually bumping off gators with a sniper rifle, so I can't imagine she's too wound up.

>In the aftermath of the library battle, my whole body ached from exertion.
Something you probably should have mentioned in, oh I don't know, the aftermath of the library battle; ie before the shit with the gators and whatever's happening now.

Anyway, she apparently finds herself inside some kind of makeshift shelter that was previously used by two ponies who are now skeletons I could deal with all the murder and dismemberment, but this might be getting too spooky for me now. No further mention is made of the connection between the radio broadcast and the bunker she's currently in. For context, here is the complete broadcast:

>“...from those damned apple trees up near the Stable, and now he’s terribly sick. Too sick to move. We’ve holed up in the cistern near the old memorial. We’re running out of food and medical supplies. Please, if anypony hears this, help us... Message repeats...”

The implication seems to be that the cistern is the chamber that LP is now in, but there is no mention of the pony who made the broadcast, or his son. However, there is mention of a colt skeleton and an adult skeleton being in the cistern, and I'm really hoping the implication isn't that the two things are somehow connected. Not because I particularly give a shit if the author wants to kill off a few more of his NPCs, but because by my reckoning the radio message was broadcast no more than 48 hours prior. Even if the two of them died immediately after broadcasting, it usually takes quite a bit longer than 48 hours for a body to decompose into a skeleton; this is a fairly basic medical fact that I'm assuming even this author would not be too much of an absolute retard not to know.

>I reflected how, when I had come back downstairs after dealing with the sniper pony, the zombie-pony was already gone, and had taken the poor filly with her. I hoped it was to someplace safe. I found it strange that the most decent pony I had found in the wasteland was already sort of dead.
Well, at least he eventually wrapped that loose end up. Also: if the "zombie" is intended to be literally that, the author should really clarify it a bit, because I'm still a little in the dark as to what this thing is supposed to be, and why Littlepoop just accepts its existence so casually if it's indeed something supernatural. The only description we got was of a pony who had apparently been skinned alive and somehow survived. Though it's a little implausible that any creature could live more than a few minutes with no skin, particularly when surrounded by filth, my mind doesn't automatically jump to "zombie" when something like that is described. Also: even if this is something a Fallout player would immediately get addendum: if I'm understanding Nigel correctly these things are called "ghouls" and they are indeed a Fallout thing, it's worth remembering that Littlepoop grew up in isolation. Thus, she probably has about as much knowledge of the Fallout world as a new player, and would need to be introduced to these concepts the same as anyone else would. My suspicion is that the existence of zombies/ghouls/undead things in general should at least startle her a bit.

>I also noticed that the assault rifle pony was also gone; he had woken up and freed himself from the crushing bookshelf.
I don't even remember who she's talking about and I'm too lazy to go back and check. I think I remember a pony getting a shelf dropped on him, but I thought it said he had died.

>That meant there was at least one more raider still in the wastes, but I wasn’t the sort of pony to kill somepony while they slept. Not even a raider.
So...I guess the town, which I was led to believe was swarming with raiders, was actually only populated by the ones who were in the tree? And they're all dead now except the one who escaped? Is that what the author is trying to communicate here? Have we finally gotten a straight answer as to how many of these chucklefucks Littlecunt is actually dealing with?

Oh, one more thing: she literally shot and killed one of these guys after he surrendered and ran away, so she hasn't really earned her sense of superior honor here. Here's the exact quote:

>S.A.T.S. send four shots right into his ass. It was a pathetic way to die.
Unless your name is Silver "my one regret is that I won't get to suck any more dicks, but at least I died the way I lived" Star, you're probably not going to die taking shots to the ass. Unless the bullets went directly up his butthole and ruptured his intestines, we're talking about flesh wounds at best. The confusion is that the text isn't clear on whether we're talking about the bullets literally penetrating the raider's anus, or if it just means that he got shot in his general posterior region. Since the former would be one hell of a trick shot, I'm assuming the latter meaning is intended.

Also: I notice the S.A.T.S thing is a little inconsistent. Sometimes thanks to this system LP is an expert marksman, but sometimes it seems to malfunction and she can't hit the broad side of a barn. Which is it exactly?

Anyway, that's the end of the chapter.

Oh yeah, one more thing: at some point she apparently picked up two books I'm assuming it was in the library somewhere, but again I don't remember it happening and I'm too lazy to go back and search for it, and one of them is apparently called "The Wasteland Survival Guide," written by none other than one "Ditzy" Doo. Littleclop opens the book up and starts reading.
>Imagine if this story had monsters that could ONLY happen in a magical world like Equestria. For example, a monstrous race of living killer chocolate bunnies that travel in swarms and turn you into candy if they touch you, so it's easier for them to devour you.
I actually think this kind of thing would make this story more interesting and fun. If someone gave me "do Fallout but with MLP characters" as a writing prompt, that's probably the direction I'd take it. I'd likely just skim some wikis or watch a couple of playthroughs to get the general atmosphere of Fallout, and then create my own apocalypse that projected the same general aesthetic, but was custom-tailored to Equestria. Alternatively, if I was more into the Fallout side and didn't know MLP, I'd probably watch an episode or two and then write a story set in the Fallout universe where the ponies get transported there somehow and have to adapt.

>I wouldn't write his sex scenes to titillate the viewer, I'd write them to cause the viewer as much pain as possible. Actually writing out lines like "Yeah, fuck yeah... Here I fucking go, let's fucking go... aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaah... AAAAAAAAAAAAA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH... HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" would fill space and increase the word/letter count. There would be so many glopping noises. There would not be two years of semen, or two hundred years. There would be a thousand years of semen and a thousand years of death, every time, or more.
If I had to describe your entire writing style using a single quote of yours, this is the one I'd pick.
>Got a friend who frequents here who is a big fan of Project Horizons which is a popular spin off of Fallout Equestria and honestly I dare say I would love if Glim were to review that but I belive that story is quite long as well so would be way too much Fallout Equestria hyjinks on Glim's itinerary.
I'd be willing to check it out; I can add it to the queue if you'd like. You're probably right that I won't be in a mood to do it once this is wrapped up, but it might be a good one to save for some later date.
285490 285608
>gay nickname pending until I think of a good one
Gaykat, man, this isn't rocket surgery.
Kkunt could work too.
KKKat could work since she accidentally went pretty nazi with this story.
despite adding a diversenigger companion later on she makes Ziggers a pure evil race that play the victim but directly caused the apocalypse over their religious hatred of the night sky and Luna,
she makes a cartoon-fascist earth pony supremacist villain right since Earth Ponies invented guns and cybernetics and the completely-good-intentioned Vaults and pretty much all useful tech in this timeline,
and she wholeheartedly makes The Goddess and the Alicorns into the masteriest master race she can imagine.
even though what made The Master from Fallout 1 a villain (besides his "kidnap and mutate everyone into Super Mutants against their will, no more nations or borders" plan) was the fact that HE WAS WRONG, his gen-1 Super Mutants are infertile clumsy cunts with average human intellect and his gen 2 Super Mutants are big dumb infertile brutish cunts.
But Alicorns? They're fucking alicorns, only radiation heals them instead of harming them.
If The Master from Fallout 1 had his way, everyone in the world would be turned into a big ugly mutant who needs straps to help lift up their upper lips to make breathing easier, and they'd die without children.
If The Goddess from this fic had her way, edgy nonsensically-cuntish amazoness alicorns would rule the world and eventually find a way to produce male Alicorns magically/cybernetically, futa-ify themselves via magic, or make semen-extraction machines with artificial inseminators designed to milk captive stallions safely and deliver what they've got into Alicorns and captive non-alicorn mares.
Bottlecaps are wasteland currency in Fallout 1.
It started when The Hub's water-merchants said "Bring us a bottlecap and trade it in for 1 glass of water!"
from there, carrying many Nuka-Cola(TM) Bottle Caps made you rich.
though Barter was still primarily used for trade, and bottlecaps just helped you get things even after you trade some dead raider's leather jacket and two combat knives for a shotgun, 24 shotgun ammos, and 69 bottlecaps.
Pre-Nuclear Annihilation America's currency was more inflated than a furfag's OC every night, so stacks of thousand-dollar bills would get you jack shit at traders.
In Fallout 2, 60ish years have passed since the first game so nobody takes bottlecaps any more, everyone takes freshly-printed New California Republic dollars.
You can even get a Random Encounter when travelling, where you encounter a crashed Nuka-Cola(TM) truck absolutely full of bottlecaps and think "Damn, if only these were still worth anything!"
Fallout 3's a baby game for retards so it's full of pretentious bible shit and stolen misunderstood Fallout(TM) assets from Fraud Coward's half-digested dung. So even though 200 years have passed since the bombs and even though YOU'RE IN FUCKING WASHINGTON DC, it's still a desert environment that's gone 200 years without rain and every merchant still takes Bottlecaps without any reason to do so. There are still giant chameleons and giant scorpions even though DC Washington is far far away from the california desert F1/2 take place in. You still kill Deathclaws and Super Mutants (who are orange Orcniggers now for no reason) and Mad Max-looking raiders and sell their Painspike Armour to merchants for the caps you need to buy 10mm pistols and leather jackets.
I swear, if Fallout 1 took place in ANTARCTICA, and Fallout 3 took place in VIETNAM, Bethesda would ensure this new place would look "fallout-y" by making sure Vietnam looks like Antarctica and you'd still be fighting the enemies from Fallout 1: Giant polar bears and killer penguins and rapacious seals with very literal murderboners.
Fallout NV justified its "fallout-ish" desert setting by actually taking place in Las Vegas's Mojave Desert, adding new enemies (Cazadores, Trauma Harnesses, White Legs, Legion, and more), and being fucking good for this and many other reasons.

>she stops at the door
Man, if only this building was full of corpses, and she had the ability to telekinetically lift one and throw it through the doorway to draw the enemy's fire and waste his bullets until he was forced to reload, giving her a chance to SATS his head off. Perhaps even bludgeon the living raider to death with his kill, for an ironic twist.
It's some adventure-game faggotry, I know, but this story could use a little more Point And Click Adventure Game and a little less edge.
She could also lift her gun telekinetically, hover it through the doorway, and open fire on the raider while looking at her enemy-detecting Pip-Buck Radar (Kkunt forgets this exists whenever it would be convenient) to make sure her bullets were on-target. When the little red dot that represents her foe goes out, she's won.

I'm glad you've noticed the inconsistent Raider behaviour, a lot of characters do this. Author never irons out a "How this person/group fights and acts" identity, so in one moment Raiders are hopped-up blood fetishist junkie rapists who'll happily get themselves wiped out and leave their homes undefended chasing down one fleeing pony with melee weapons and shitty guns between their teeth, and in the next moment they're cowardly pussies trying to use cover and mines and tactics and the environment to their advantage.

Also the author never established exactly what weapons were in the building she looted, so for all we know she could have six 50cal sniper rifles, a dubstep gun, an automatic shotgun with dum-dum bullets, a duck-hunting oversized shotgun, a black hole-generating grenade that collapses in four seconds, and an enchanted dildo bat.

>featherless wings
This is setup for a retarded thing I won't spoil. I want your hatred of this bullshit in particular to be fresh and visceral.
Also the author really doesn't understand how flight works at all, the Enclave Pegasus Power Armour coats their wings in thick metal without any of those wing-edges that turn up and down and are important to jet flight.
285502 285517
Pool Cues are such a retarded weapon idea. I know they're used here because pool cues are a weapon in Fallout 3. But pool cues are just wooden sticks. Where are the metal sticks? The homemade spears for throwing and stabbing? The baseball bat with rusty nails hammered through it? The makeshift shields?
For fuck's sake, where are the "Rebar Clubs" (Rebar sticks with a chunk of concrete on the end)?
Where's the table/bookshelf wall levitated by Littlepip for a makeshift shield?
The narration can't even make up its mind on whether Littlepip's magic makes her an ordinary pony or not. Sometimes people view her boxcar-lifting strength as nothing special. Sometimes it's viewed as something abnormal. The author claims Littlepip could move the Sun and replace Celestia near the story's end.
Goblin Slayer has some excellent worldbuilding.
Goblins aren't particularly smart, strong, or agile. But they are numerous, ruled by big strong Goblin cunts, and they learn quickly. They copy shit they've seen humans do, and learn to beat shit they've seen humans do.
Imagine if this story was as good as Goblin Slayer.
Imagine if the stupidity and pointless edge and existence of the Raiders were justified with "They are dumb junkies who act as scary as possible to intimidate the other surrounding settlements into giving them food and drugs for free. Raiders defend the towns they claim as their territory from other Raider groups, but that's it. They're mindless crackheads with minimal combat experience that doesn't come from sparring with each other or beating each other to death, and while everyone wants to kill them, nobody wants to risk getting killed or captured alive by them.

Hey, he finally did something original and made an original monster! He took a gator and made it bigger, just like Radroaches, Radscorpions, and Radstags! Except the author's writing in a world where "Taint, the black magical radioactive energy" supposedly replaces Radiation, so it makes no sense that ponies would follow the naming schemes used by californian tribals in a different world 200 years ago. These should be called "Taintgators", but the author's a plagiarizing faggot so he forgot he'd Find-and-Replace'd Radiation with Taint.

Remember this for later. Remember that the narrator called his death "Heroic".

>inconsistent noise and gun actions
This is so dumb. sniper rifles are louder than revolvers. ten bucks says the author thought it was the other way around because Bethesda badly balanced their gun-sound audio in Fallout 3. It would explain why some of the most popular mods for Fallout 3/NV/4 replace the gun sounds with louder and higher-quality ones.

>radigator swarm
Imagine if the author had the gators hide, at first. So Littlepip thought only two or three gators were down here, thought she killed them all, and thought it was safe to check out the memorial. Then dots could suddenly show up on her pipboy, giving her less than a second to scream and scramble out of the way as a swarm of gators rise from their hiding spots to attack her, forcing her to flee while looking over her shoulder and firing backwards, with two gators taking the place of every one she kills.

They're a Fallout thing. Some people have this special gene that activates when they take in over 1000 Rads and start dying from radiation poisoning. They don't die like they should. Instead, they become ageless slow-healing zombie-looking motherfuckers who are still human, despite sounding like shit and looking like shit. They now enjoy the feeling of radiation since it can't hurt them any more. It's implied that Ghouls who take in too much radiation lose their minds and become "Feral" bastards who rapidly shuffle towards you(they can't run because if they break their weak knees they never heal) and want to eat your flesh.
Fallout 3 said "Ghouls are healed by radiation"
and Fallout 4 said "Ghouls don't need to eat or drink, so Billy The Ghoul Boy can survive for over 200 years trapped inside a fridge, also Ghouls can gain literal magical superpowers if they take in enough radiation, and Ghouls can run now, and there's a drug that instantly turns you into a Ghoul and Hancock the Ghoul NPC Companion we tried super hard to make cool ends up taking this drug during his superhero origin story", also you fight a magical teleporting ghoul inside a theme park. I'm not kidding. I could fill a whole thread with posts on everything that makes Fallout 4's "Nuka-World" DLC a disgustingly shitty experience and disgustingly shitty move on behalf of the company. It's an overreaction to every complaint they've ever received and got butthurt about, and it exists to patch something into Fallout 4 Todd Howard promised would be there from the start: a way to do an Evil Playthrough. Except not really because the Evil Playthrough has no ending. You must still save your son and kill Kellog and blow someone up between Institute/Brotherhood of Steel/Railroad/Minutemen to end this shitty game.
I have no respect for anyone who purchased Fallout 4/76 legally and bought all the DLCs/Fallout 1st Battle Passes expecting value for their money.

>Inconsistent SATS
a Fallout 3 thing.
Press V and the game makes a clicking sound if there are no enemies in range.
If there are foes in range, the game pauses and zooms in on the nearest enemy. You can now select one of their body parts to fire at. You are told your percentage-based chance to hit, and each shot (Or burst of automatic fire) during VATS costs some Action Points.
Raising your Guns skill will increase your gun damage, gun accuracy outside of VATS, and chance to hit within VATS.
But your chance to hit is usually "practically guaranteeed" anyway.
Did I mention you take 25% of usual damage when using VATS?
Everyone's unrealistically and unimmersively fast and nobody stumbles when hit by melee or gun attacks, so gunplay is SHIT. This time-stop auto-aim attack-queueing shit is a band-aid on a broken shoot game.

>bunny good

>glopping noises
:) thanks

The Wasteland Survival Guide(TM) is something you, the player, must make in Fallout 3 with the help of an unimportant NPC called Moira Brown in an uninteresting town called Megaton.
Megaton is a town full of raised rusty-steel shacks and bars and homes and nothing else, no farms or mines or other resources. Everyone lives within the circular steel walls they erected around the crater generated by an unexploded nuclear bomb, which is still there.
One cultist of Atom worships the bomb in town, nobody else cares about the bomb that's leaking radiation into the water under it.
Some hobos dying of thirst always exist outside town, begging you for water. Give them free water and you obtain Positive Karma Points.
You can nuke this town for no reason at all, because Mr Tenpenny (Random rich asshole in Tenpenny Tower, a random tower full of rich assholes) asks you to.
There is also a mission where you talk to miserable ghoul hobos outside Tenpenny Tower and have the option to gun these filthy Ghouls down (doing this makes omnipresent moral judge and radio DJ 3-Dog call you a cunt on his radio show) or talk Tenpenny Tower's residents into letting muh ghoul rapefugees into the rich man's tower and sharing their wealth.
Do that and the Ghouls "have a disagreement" with the occupants and slaughter everyone, conquering this tower for themselves like the invasive species they are. Even the rare nice rich old people in this tower are killed and you can't save them, only walk away or avenge them and get called a cunt by 3-dog on the radio.
if you do remotely detonate Megaton's nuke for no reason by pressing a button Tenpenny Tower had on his balcony for no reason, Moira survives the point-blank nuclear detonation by instantly becoming a ghoul, even though the ghoulification process is supposed to be slow and painful.
She doesn't even get mad that someone blew up her town, and you can't say "It was me, cunt".
The only quest in the game with multiple choices and multiple ways to complete it.

Moira Brown gives you the game's optional tutorial and it's full of inconsistent madcap humor and unfunny comments.
And it's as shitty and lazy as it sounds.
The main plot doesn't even push you towards her and encourage you to finish her optional sidequest with the promise of a great reward.
You're just expected to complete this sidequest like you completed the quest where you bring an old lady her violin from the other end of the wasteland.

here's the thing
Moira's goal in life?
To create The Wasteland Survival Guide
and making this would honestly be a better main quest than Fallout 3's actual main quest about water and liam neeson and power rangers vs cartoon nazis, even though this quest is still shit.
Moira asks you to do some random weird shit like "Go and suffer some Radiation Damage, then come back so I can heal you" and "Go to a landmine-filled area and pick up a landmine and bring it back" and "hit these Radroaches with this Radroach-Repellent-Filled Medicine Stick to see what happens"
The answers you give after completing her quests change what the Survival Guide is like and what reward you get for completing the quest
However you can lie to her to skip parts of her quest and make the Survival Guide partially or fully useless, reducing your rewards magically.
Completing this guide changes nothing about the world.
Here's a full quest guide https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Wasteland_Survival_Guide_(quest)
but for convenience I included an annotated guide in my picture

Kkat unintentionally robbed himself of a great opportunity to introduce Littlepip to the Wasteland through harsh experience at the request of a selfish cunt by saying "Derpy Hooves already wrote this guide before Littlepip got here".
>just wooden sticks
Wooden sticks still get the job done.
>pool cues
You do raise up a good point. While it is a stick, some are not that tough.
>Le Magic or Le Weapon
Frankly the weapon decisions in this fiction story don't jive well with me. I get it's supposed to all work on gameification cartoon edge logic. Effectiveness in physical damage and psychological damage, and reliability, and skill with that weapon. Everything has a logistics chain, but well this isn't about that. Little living world details could have made it much better. (Besides the braindead targets.)
>Goblin Slayer has some excellent worldbuilding.
At least they have a consistent M.O. and there is a reasoning for why they are the way they are.
>inb4 raiders had too much zebra blood in their genepool

That's horrible, in a humanizing way. It's perfect. I like it.
>"So Jimmeh, whay are they called dat, hunh?"
<"Wellll taintgators lives in sewers mhmmm. Know what a sewer is 'neccted to?"
>"E'erypony knows dat. What 'bout it."
<"They like taint. Can't get enough, mhmmm. They look at a taint and dey know."
>Oh no.
<"Dey know they about to get some taint."
>"What 'bout if yah piss in the bowl."
<"They aint necessarily taintgators den. They might just be faggots. 'Less dey get dat taint mhmmm. Nuttin stands in a way of a taint and a taintgator."
>"Jimmeh, whay do you know so much about taints and gatahs."
<"Taint none, yo business... but"
<"It wasn't easy, but fully watchin' a porno starin' your mum and sister cleared things up."
Kkunt named the radioactivity replacement of his story "Taint" and didn't make a single taint joke about it.
>LittlePip's life is the butt of a joke.
>Live in a stable number two, locked up tighter than a chastity belt yet leakier than the plumbing.
>Want Velvet Remedy's velvet remedy.
>Lickity split LittlePip goes licky licky for labia.
>Find out number 2 was just shity, but now she's in taint town.
>Get's enslaved about to analy rekt.
>"It taint today."
>It's so fucked dead cats aren't safe.
>Then find a filly and a zombie and a gang full of raiders about to do what they do best.
>Taintgators, try to taste LittlePip's ponut.
>LittlePip then decides to go to a nearby male heroic statue, and enter his 'manhole'.
>Down to the slick waste hole.

>Kkunt named the radioactivity replacement of his story "Taint" and didn't make a single taint joke about it.
It's a real shame so much potential even so far.
Reminds me of some improvised weapons we made in the Army to pass the time. Had one where we used metal rods for sign posts but put coffee tin cans with cement on either side and let it dry so you had weights to lift. Someone on my reccomendation took one coffee tin and pierced nails to stick out of it and poured the cement mix and placed the rod in it. Wrapped some medical tape on the opposite end and wamoo got yourself a spiked cement mace. Heck I remember one of the first weapons I got in Fallout 1 was a spear. Really wish Kkat took more ques from 1,2, and NV (not sure if that was out by the time Fallout Equestria came out) and less pool ques and other poor improvised weapons from 3.

I never beat 1 but did play most of it and would have been way more interesting to see more nuanced tribes and raider bands rather then the 3 route where it's just mindless mooks who bum rush you and dump their entier aresnal into killing a single pony whenever they aren't raping captives or making gore art on every building they occupy.

Been awhile since I played 1 and outside random encounters I recall a fair few side quests that had you tackle raider gangs and they tended to have a hierarchy established and some sort of system or racket that allowed their continued survival. New Vegas espetially had it where you could talk to these different groups and see how they all interact with one another which made the world feel more believable but also made the overall conflict more of a tragidy seeing these minor groups trying to just survive in their little corner be swept up in the NCR vs Legion war and made it rough to figure out which side to support.

Would have been neat if maybe there were tribes in Fallout Equestria who were zelious followers to an individual Element of Harmony since form what I recall each of the Mane 6 did some monumentally retarded blunder to cause armageddon so could have those stories and animosity be carried on through generations of survivors as the story and ideology grow further warped and distorted as each group tries to deflect the blame off their Element barer onto others and follow the tenant of their Element to a zelious degree. Could have a CMC faction to like a group of traveling monks like the Dominicans who try to help ponies find a way to fulfil their cutie marks and destiny in this bleak wasteland.

Could allow for more nuanced interactions and would fit with the MLP setting more where LittlePip has to examine the benefits of each virtue but try to measure it's followers practicality vs the reality of the wasteland and teach ponies to embrace all the Elements and unite together.

Sort of spit balling ideas and this was a quick shower thought I had pop in my head and while it wouldn't facilitate gore fetish rape raiders being peppered all over it'd make hostile groups she encounters have more motivation and tie into the MLP side of things.

Know it was made in season 1 but could maybe have LittlePip and her party either be candidates for the new Element bearers or help unite ponies so the Tree of Harmony (think that's way too far into the show to have been around or mentioned by the time Fallout Equestria was finished) can act like a GEK almost and begin healing the world and the hearts of Equestria.

And isn't it funny how the author has turned down three perfectly-good Companion Get moments here?
First with the red-herring Cheese Retard, because the author wants to pretend Littlepip doesn't already have Speech 100
then with Watcher who decides he's not going to be Littlepip's new companion because no reason at all. literally no reason. This is never adequately justified. Nothing about Watcher is justified at all, just fucking wait, when we get to that moment with the "big reveals" you'll be even angrier about this than I already am.
the author said no to giving littlepip a companion a third time with the Raider Captives who sometimes did "reckless and stupidly good things" like trying to free others and sometimes just fled
keep these moments in mind when we see the shit setup for the companions who do join her.

fuck kkunt for spending all this time in Twilight Sparkle's Raider-Infested Rape Dungeon
first this little detour is "justified" with "Littlepip is being watched by a sniper on the top floor, so she must kill him before she can escape, also she must get the secret book that's still in this building"
but then
after floors of violence and retarded Tom And Jerry antics interspersed with meaningless edge and harmless videogame explosives and random ghoul saviors desperate to protect le raped filly...
we don't even get to see the final boss fight between Littlepip and the reason she's here: The sniper bastard at the top of the treehouse!
We don't get to see Littlepip defeat the final boss of this starter dungeon, loot the dungeon onscreen at the end, fully inventory and sort her inventory...
We don't even see her get the fucking book Watcher wanted! And then also grab the Wasteland Survival Guide for being there.
We don't even see any justification for why this one book has remained in Twilight's tower for over 200 years! Not like the damn thing was locked away in some secret experimental super-secure safe that actually needs a code given to her by Watcher, instead of relying on the BugthEAsderp Standard(TM) of one random keyhole containing one secret unlock button to press via bobby pin.

sometimes I wonder if scenes like this were meant to piss off smart people in the audience and make them abandon this story early, so only the most autistic content-starved easily-impressed coombrain virgins would continue to read it, and therefore all press about her fic would be positive while everyone turned off by the premise/quality says "I couldn't get past chapter 1/2/the train without quitting" and they get ignored for supposedly "knowing less about the fic" than people who read it all.
Because holy shit, Bethesdabots in the Fallout and Skyrim fandoms will be impressed by ANYTHING if it comes from someone who seems to be liked by the rest of their herds. These NPC fanboy consoomer corporatecuck faggots bought so many Fallout 1st Passes and Fallout Battle Royale Battle Passes that they funded more of Fallout 76's scam development.
There is a documentary called The Fall Of 76 with literal millions of views, and it's about the failings and scams and glitches and mistakes of Fallout 76, and it's incredibly outdated because it's missing shit from later years. And BugthEAsderpbots still bought more tickets for Fraud Howard's wild ride!
They will buy a game for sixty dollars for the Xbox once, and then buy it again for PC, and then buy it again for the Xbox 360 because "This one's the special edition! In this version, the lighting looks a little better and if you open/close doors the shadows change to reflect this! also there are mods now! on console! just immensely limited so you'll buy BethesdaBucks and spend them on Paid Mods".
That herd behaviour reminds me of the faggiest bronies to ever suck cock. If it's popular it's good, if it's old it's good, if it's new it's trash unless it's a type of of familiar porn you enjoyed ten years ago.

While we're on the subject of Lockpicking
Which this fic will feature a lot of, since if you give your protagonist the ability to pick simple locks anyone could pick, it toootally justifies you hiding secret safes full of supplies and guns and vital intel absolutely everywhere so only Littlepip Le Chosen Vault Dweller can save the day with her lockpicking powers and murderhobo prowess amplified by all the guns and ammo she hoards-
You know what? Why fucking bother with lockpicking? Littlepip is a UNICORN, she can reach into the lock mechanism and pry it open or tear it out.
Any Unicorn able to Magic (Transmute?) boxes open would have a HUGE supply advantage over others.

Anyway back to the subject of Lockpicking itself...

This is The Lockpicking Lawyer, an excellent youtuber who does shitloads of lockpicking videos. I haven't seen any tutorials from him, just a load of bad locks he's opened easily.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCKw0nWkpfs - This one's kind of got Aryanne's logo for a keyhole!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94z0OJ_-4Lo - This one would be illegal if they didn't fuck it up.

It's interesting to see how much goes into picking locks, and how little. Someone as skilled as this guy can do it all in seconds, though he's probably taken a few minutes to practice off-camera ahead of time until he can do it in seconds. TV loves showing people fiddle with one bobby pin, two bobby pins, maybe a bobby pin and screwdriver if you're lucky. But this guy has advanced lockpicking tools, he's got this thing you shove into locks and rotate dials on the sides until you can sink it in a stage deeper, eventually hilting to fully unlock the lock, he's got fucksticks to shove into locks and fuck them open, and sometimes he opens locks with dumb bullshit like red bull cans and cleaning spray bottles.
Funny you should say that, the story does extremely stupid things I'm spoiler tagging. AND THESE ARE EXTREME SPOILERS.


Celestia mentally broke when Ziggers aloha snackbar'd a school full of unicorn foals for not accepting zigger rapefugees from nearby pony towns
so Luna took over and promoted the Mane Six to heads of different Ministries so they can handle shit she's not good with
Luna taking over pisses the Ziggers off, who were already warring with Equestria and committing all sorts of war crimes for a never-established reason anyway. FEQ fantards love saying "Equestria must have been evil, genocidal, and imperialistic, and fully deserving of everything Zebras and Fluttershy did, because they think they're better than Zebras and pre-apocalyptic America was like that in Fallout!" because they lack the brainpower necessary to see what's wrong with that statement on their own time.

Applejack ran the Ministry Of Wartime Technology and invented guns and Power Armour BECAUSE THAT'S AN APPLEJACK THING, RIGHT? Twilight helped with the Power Armour. AJ also founded the Steel Rangers, an elite Power Armour-wearing military organization that, after the nukes fell, randomly decided to become the new Brotherhood Of Steel from Fallout.
Even though the Brotherhood Of Steel from Fallout is a post-war thing, ex-soldiers who decided to form their own mythology and culture focused on protecting humanity from dangerous technology and the horrors it can unleash via isolationist elitist tech-hoarding.

Twilight invented Alicornification Goo Vats and laser rifles, and ran the Ministry Of Arcane Science

Rainbow Dash ran the Ministry Of Awesomeness that seemingly did nothing but actually managed the Shadowbolts, the new Wonderbolts and best pegasi on the battlefield. needed to make new wonderbolts since zigger pirates killed them all during "peacetime" for trying to save ponies captured by evil ziggers

Rarity ran the Ministry Of Image that censored pro-zigger art/books (though she'd often send copies of banned books to Twilight for safekeeping), and invented SOUL-COPYPASTING. Author wanted to copy fallout 3's bobbleheads so Rarity copied the souls of herself and her friends, fractured shitloads of soul copies, and infused them into Statuettes of the mane six. So carrying around a Twilight one will make you smarter, carrying an Applejack one will make you stronger, carrying a Pinkie Pie one will make you more agile and carrying a Rainbow Dash one will make you more Perceptive because the author is six niggers in a trenchcoat, and collecting all six will boost your Luck by one because the author said so.

Pinkie Pie invented torture camps for Unpersoning ponies and forcing them into 1984 bullshit to make them "smile more". Pinkie Pie Is Watching You posters were spread everywhere for no reason. She ran the Ministry Of Morale, and it put healthy but sad ponies in mental institutions and drugged them and tortured them for maximum edge.

Fluttershy invented the Ministry Of Peace which printed posters that begged ponies to not want war and "do better" instead, also she invented Megaspells (Nuclear ICBMs that x1000 any spell shoved into them. can also be filled with the dark magic radioactive fire called Balefire ziggers can create via potionshittery. also she gave ICBMs loaded with healing spells to Equestria and Zebrica thinking all wars would end if neither side could kill the other, even though her first test of this theory (firing a healing megaspell at a battlefield defeated Ziggers were fleeing from) FAILED when ziggers turned around and resumed fighting

Spike hibernated during the war, woke up massive post-war, and decided to protect The Gardens Of Equestria. Shove the six Elements Of Harmony in there to fire off a world-healing wave.
Littlepip should make finding the elements her priority but
Cheese Retard is Honesty (and he suicides for no reason),
Derpy Hooves is kindness,
LPs fag shotgun-flier companion is Loyalty
Red Eye the Slaver Cyborg is Generosity because "he's doing this for you" and enslaving you "for muh future" whether you like it or not
Velvet "Take my limited medical supplies for free, bandit who attacked me first!" Remedy is Kindness,
and Littlepip isn't Magic but also has Magic's role as The Spark That Brings Elements Together Via Friendship even though that's what Magic does and she never did that ever.

However, while Big Mac died for nothing trying to save Princess Luna when she got attacked by ziggers during peace talks with ziggers (Ziggers claimed equestria "sent the wrong princess", but this princess was sent because Celestia got mindbroken by Littlehorn Academy getting aloha snackbar'd by ziggers)...

and while Princess Luna is so canonically dead that her corpse's bones were worn as decoration by an evil alicorn commander working for The Goddess, and swiftly abandoned by littlepip like an empty clipazine after she killed the alicorn with Luna's skull...

and while most of the mane six died horribly, got raped to death, killed themselves to avoid their impending raped-to-death fate, or got forced to become a part of The Goddess...

and while Rainbow Dash's fate is completely unknown by the story's end...

Fluttershy and Princess Celestia, the two ponies who did everything wrong or allowed everything to go wrong, got to survive until the story's end, where Littlepip randomly stumbles upon a global-weather-controlling super-machine anypony could have found and turned on first. She plugs herself in and becomes weather-god, clearing the cloud covering to instantly make the world beautiful and Raider-Free again. Littlepip can, at will, unplug herself from the machine to fuck her horrible lesbian cuntfriend, then fuck off back into the machine to pretend this is some combination of the heroic sacrifice and ascendancy to godhood/a higher plane of existence. "There were still Bandits, but no more Raiders", the narration said.

fuck this faggoted story so fucking hard
hey when Trixie But Evil dragged Twilight into the Alicornification Vats, why didn't Twilight just use her Teleport spell to teleport out of there?
Twilight is outright stated to be the reason why purple Alicorns use Teleportation spells.
just like Trixie is why blue Alicorns turn invisible (That, and the Nightkin in Fallout were blue) and the green ones are thanks to two random OC unicorn twins who "Finish each other's sentences and spells".
That's so fucking retarded. I normally love when characters have multiple bodies and clones and twins, Cerberus from Helltaker is a top-tier waifu, but this is just retarded.

285549 285584

Chapter Four: Perspective

Today's fortune cookie reads:

>“I don’t know why it took an interest in you, but I’d be careful. It’s never helped anyone before.”
Sounds like good advice for anyone being hit on by a trap.

When the chapter opens, Littlepoop is in a completely new situation, and it takes a bit of effort to figure out where to place her. I have no idea how much time is supposed to have passed. The cistern is apparently history, and seems to have only served the purpose of giving her a place to start reading Derpy's survival guide, which doesn't seem all that important in itself. The guide provides the only meaningful connection to the events of the previous chapter: apparently, LP followed some advice in the book, and through some wacky chain of events wound up in "a maze full of ponicidal robots and automated turrets, fleeing until I managed to back myself into a corner here in an office box high above the factory floor." My, but doesn't that sound like a pickle.

The only clue we have to her whereabouts is this:

>my first thought when I came across the ruins of Ironshod Firearms was to take a peek inside and see if there was any technology I could make work for me.
Unfortunately, since this location has not been mentioned anywhere else in the text, it doesn't give us much of a reference point.

Well, whatever; let's just roll with it.

>Below, three of those robots were rolling about, looking for me. They were tracked things, built to somewhat resemble ponies, with clear domed heads that housed real brains.
I'm not 100% sure what the author means by "tracked things," but otherwise this is a decent enough description. It's concise, and it gives you a clear image of what you're supposed to be imagining.

>A much deeper, authoritative voice boomed across the room. “Surrender in the name of the Ministry of Technology, zebra scum!”
This seems to give us our first real glimpse into the backstory of Edgequestria. From what I've pieced together from Nigel's various ramblings and other things I've heard about this story, the apocalyptic event in was basically an all-out war between various factions, one of which was some kind of Luna-worshipping Zebra cult. So, I guess we'll learn more about this as the story progresses.

>I cringed behind a line of metal filing cabinets as the room filled with a rush of flame!
>Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the other type of guard robot I’d crossed paths with in here.
It's not clear what the author means by "the same could not be said." What I think he's referring to is this:

>Fortunately, the railing on the catwalks leading up to this office were too narrow for the brain-bots to get up here.
This line refers to the robots that were described earlier, the ones with glass domes and organic brains in their heads. Then, a voice booms out that line about surrendering in the name of technology, then Littlepoop hides behind a bunch of file cabinets because the room suddenly fills with flame, then she remarks that the same cannot be said for the other type of guard robot.

What I think she's saying is that the one type of robot can't reach her position, but unfortunately the same can't be said of a second type, which incidentally is some kind of big metal spider presumably Artemis Clyde Frog will need to save Salma Hayek from it at some point. This is an awkward way of explaining all of this; too many things happen between the description of the first kind of robot and the mention of the second, so that "the same could not be said for the other type of guard robot" becomes an ambiguous reference. It's clear enough that Littlepoop is dealing with two distinct types of guard robots, but it's unclear what "the same" refers to. In this context, it could potentially refer to a voice booming, the act of cringing behind a row of cabinets, or a room filling with flame. Since none of these interpretations make a ton of sense, we eventually arrive at the author's probable meaning through a process of elimination; generally though you don't want the reader to have to guess at what you're talking about.

Anyway, while we sit around pondering the author's questionable grammar, Littlepoop is attacked by some sort of terrifying aerial killbot. She dispatches it rather easily with a grenade, but the explosion damages the catwalk outside, which effectively traps her inside the office. She decides that the best solution is to levitate herself it's magic; I ain't gotta explain shit, t. kkat and carry herself to the opposite side of the room. She is able to land on the unburnt side of the catwalk, which holds her weight for now. However, the brain-bots begin firing at her, which dislodges a lamp and puts more strain on the already damaged catwalk, causing part of it to finally tear away and fall to the floor.

>Oh fuck me with Celestia’s forehooves!
>I’ll admit, my repertoire of colorful descriptions had grown more profane from my experience with the raiders
I feel like I was warned about some of the "vulgarity" in this text this specific line even sounds familiar, but honestly nothing can prepare you for the experience of actually reading a line like this, and realizing that a human being actually wrote it.

I feel like the "creative" profanity in this story is similar to the splatter-porn aspect of it: it's mostly just the author flexing his edge-muscles and trying to push the "it's pastel ponyland but it's all dark and violent and stuff" concept to the extreme. Personally, I think it would have been funnier to make the ponies "swear" by using a lot of grade-school peepee-poopoo language, but treat it as if it were graphically obscene and have other characters react appropriately. However, this would require a level of self-parody that I don't think this author is capable of.

Trey Parker once commented that Michael Bay makes comedies, he just doesn't realize it. That is roughly how I feel about Fallout Equestria so far.

Anyway, as much as I've been dumping on this story, and as much as it mostly deserves to be dumped on, there's some stuff in here that isn't too bad. This line caught my eye:

>“Don’t run! We want to be your friend!”
This line is apparently spoken by one of the robots, with the implication being that these things were created by taking the brains out of living ponies and implanting them into machines. There also seems to be an implication that the ponies retained their original personalities after this happened, but that their personalities were subverted by programming in order to make them slavishly perform a function. Over the centuries, these things slowly went mad and now their actions are driven by some distorted interpretation of whatever function the robots were created to perform (apparently guarding this factory), filtered through whatever remains of their original organic personalities (ponies and friendship and so forth). The end result is this creepy, pitiful thing that is prowling around, simultaneously trying to befriend and kill anypony unfortunate enough to wander in here.

As an element for a sci-fi story, this is actually not bad. The author has put more thought into the backstory of these generic killbots than he put into his protagonist. They are also a far more interesting enemy than any of the stereotypically sadistic goons we've thus far encountered.

Anyway, the rest of this is mostly Littlepoop's daring escape from the factory. It doesn't really merit a play by play, but I'll note that it's actually rather decently written. It's the first action scene in this story that kept me legitimately engaged in the way it was supposed to. The main problem I have with this scene is that it's rather disconnected from the story we've been reading so far: we have no real idea why LP is in this factory, where the factory is, how she got here, or any other pertinent information that might help us understand what happened between the end of the previous chapter and now.

A story is usually told through a series of interconnected scenes that center around important events. Unimportant events are usually skipped; for example if a story is about a character who gets up and goes to work, we probably won't have a scene where he sits in traffic for half an hour on the way there. We would have a scene where he's waking up in his apartment, and the next scene would be him at work; we assume that he traveled there somehow, but the details are boring and don't matter like black lives, so we leave them out of the narrative. The flip side of this format, though, is that it trains us to view the scenes that we are witnessing as significant, so if we see an event happening we assume it must be important somehow; thus it's disconcerting if it doesn't appear to be. This scene, though decently executed for once, doesn't have any apparent connection to previous events, and it wasn't set up in any way; the character is in one place at the end of the previous chapter, and then all of a sudden she's here. We don't know what this factory is or why LP is in here. If it's just some random factory she decided to explore in order to hunt for supplies, it still raises the question of why the author considered this incident important enough to actually write about in detail.

Well anyway, the long and short of it is that she makes it to the door, and kicks the catwalk down into the factory, which serves the dual purpose of preventing the bots from following her and killing one of them:

>Then, with a strong kick of my forehooves, I knocked the last of the catwalk loose. It fell, scraping down the wall, until it smashed through the robot’s brain-case, pulping the organ inside and continuing down, ripping the machine roughly in half.
Mon dieu, le edge! Seriously though; whether he intended to or not, the author actually did a decent job of humanizing poninizing, whatever this particular enemy. Of all the characters who have died in this story so far and we have so much more to go!, this is the only one I actually felt a little sorry for. At least it's out of its misery, I suppose.

>I must admit that I found the crunch immensely satisfying.
I feel the same way about the great taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs™.

Anyway, page break. Littlepoop finds herself in an office of some kind, that is much more tastefully decorated than the other parts of the factory she's explored. There's a sign on the wall that reads thusly:


>How do you like them apples?
Not much, kkat. So far, your apples don't impress me.

>The office held a terminal I could hack, a wall safe I could pick, and a personal elevator that, if it worked, would get me safely to the first floor and out of this deathtrap.
This is another of those areas where something that works in a video game doesn't translate well into literature. Games tend to involve a lot of repetitive action, like a character using the same "hack" ability over and over on instances of the same type of terminal that they find in different locations, in order to get little bonuses or snippets of information. However, while someone playing a game can accept this level of repetition, it's tedious to read about someone else doing it. Generally, in a story, having a character doing things like cracking safes or hacking terminals is only interesting if it poses some sort of challenge for them; if they can do it instantly and have done it hundreds of times, we don't care.

>Then my eyes fell on something unique. Mounted on the opposite wall was a glass case. And in the case was a beautiful and perfectly preserved revolver.
Oh boy, she found another gun. What is this, her fiftieth one? Her sixtieth? Again, what works in a video game does not necessarily make for good storytelling. Nobody wants to read about Littlepoop systematically exploring rooms and picking up whatever random shit she finds. Get to the damn point.

The next few paragraphs just itemize all the junk she finds while looting the room, which I'm not going to bother going over. Of slightly more interest is the terminal, which she of course attempts to "hack." The encryption or whatever she encounters is more robust than what she's dealt with in the past, but it's nothing that can't be fixed by throwing a couple of techno-buzzwords at it.

The contents of the terminal itself don't seem to matter, but it apparently contains a program that can remotely open the safe and the display case with the fancy new revolver. She bemoans that had she cracked the terminal first she wouldn't have had to waste a bobby pin cracking the safe. I'm not really sure what she's complaining about since as far as I can tell she is carrying thousands of the bloody things. silly pony why do you have so many bobby pins? you do not need bobby pins you are a pony.. Also, I guess I've never actually tried to pick a lock with a bobby pin before, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like they ought to be sturdy enough to get at least a few uses from each one before it gets so bent or damaged that it needs to be thrown away. Just because it's a one-use-only object in the game doesn't mean that's how it would work in real life.

Anyway, she uses the terminal to open the revolver case, and it plays an automated recording:

>“Cousin Braeburn, Ah know we ain’t talked in some time, but the war effort’s takin’ a twist for the scary, and Ah might not have a chance t’ see ya again. Ah want t’ mend fences. Now, Ah ain’t gonna muck this up with words. We all know how well that went last time. Instead, Ah’m sendin’ ya Lil’ Macintosh as a gift and as an apology. T’show you I’m sincere. Keep ‘im safe for me, will ya?”
Clearly this is from one of the Apples. It's unclear which one exactly, but apparently s/he has a fence that needs fixing, and may possibly be distributing foals as slaves.

>Two hundred years ago, some pony had given this gun as a token of apology and as an effort to reconnect with family. And that some pony’s cousin had done just as she asked, preserving the weapon for generations after his own death.
So apparently I misunderstood the message. I assumed "Lil' Macintosh" was the name of a pony, probably Big Macintosh's son or something. Apparently it's the name of the gun, which makes a little more sense in context.

>I wasn’t going to leave it there, untouched by anypony until the building collapsed on it. But when I took it, I removed it respectfully.
Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, bitch. "This gun is clearly a treasured heirloom that I have no right to, and I already have like 700 guns, but I don't want to just leave it here where it has apparently sat untouched for 200 years because there's a chance the building might fall on it eventually, but really I'm just going to take it because I pretty much steal anything that isn't nailed down. But I'm stealing it respectfully, so it's ok."

Anyway, she finds some more odds and ends, some ammo for the revolver and some other crap. She bundles it all up into what is probably now a gigantic ball of random bric a brac that is constantly floating over her head. This tale is starting to resemble Katamari Damacy more than Fallout at this point yes, I too can reference video games. She then attempts to use the elevator, but it turns out it's broken. However, as luck would have it, fixing elevators is also something she can do because why the hell not, so she fixes the elevator and then leaves that way. Apparently all it needed was a change of battery, and there was another battery in the safe. The scene ends with a page break.

>I trotted between the collapsed buildings that littered the area around Ironshod Firearms, not having any particular direction to go. Aimless.
Pretty much par for the course at this point. We're about four chapters into this thing and almost nothing has happened in terms of building a larger story; it's just been a long chain of apparently unrelated events. Since this text is half a million words long, I've been assuming the author is just pacing himself, but by now we should at least have some inkling of what the book will ultimately be about. If this whole thing is nothing but some faggot's boring OC wandering around Edgequestria for a half-million words, picking up random junk and fighting the same pointless battles over and over, I'm going to be even more pissed off at this author than usual.

Frankly I'm surprised she hasn't started meeting other characters and forming a party yet. It's a fairly conventional thing to do in both adventure stories and RPGs. I had been pretty certain that she and Monterey Jack were going to end up becoming partners after the slaver incident, but that never happened. I had also thought that the business with Frank aka "Watcher" might go somewhere too; either he'd end up as a friend or an adversary or something in-between, but we haven't heard anything more from him either. Again, the author might just be pacing himself while slowly building up to something, but one way or the other Littlepoop pretty desperately needs to find some friends. Not because I am particularly worried about her safety or emotional well-being, but mostly because she is such a goddamn boring character that I can't imagine her carrying this whole story by herself for too much longer.


>My ears perked at the sound of overwrought, triumphant music. I watched as a sprite-bot fluttered down a cross street. Running up to it, I drew myself around in front of it. “Watcher?”
Could this be it? Is the plot finally beginning to thicken somewhat?

>The music just kept playing. I waved a hoof right in front of its lack of face. It danced around me and kept going.
>Well, that was helpful.
In the immortal words of Big Macintosh, probably spoken during his heroic speech at the Great Battle of Something-Something-Whatever: "Nope."

>I picked a random direction and started trotting again. I thought of Watcher’s advice. Armor, check. Weapon, double-check. Guidance? I looked back at the Ironshod building. A bit iffy, but check. Friends?
Anyway, at least the protagonist is thinking in the same direction that I am; that's always a good sign. I guess we'll just have to see where this goes.

She wanders around some more and finds herself in a ruined playground. There's nothing of any particular note here except some more edge: apparently there were some foals playing in the playground when the nuclear explosion went off (I guess), so now their skeletons are lying by the merry go round. Cue sad music. After this apparently meaningless find, she realizes she's thirsty, so she goes to a fucking vending machine and buys a fucking soda. Yes, this autism is actually in the text.

>The Sparkle~Cola was luke-warm, but actually rather delicious, with a delightfully carroty aftertaste. The clicking of my PipBuck warned me that I was ingesting trace amounts of radiation with each swallow, but not enough to be harmful. I’d taken more harm standing around at Sweet Apple Acres. And besides, if it reached a point where my radiation intake began making me sick, I had a couple RadAway potions -- the only supplies from the Ironshod medical box that I hadn’t needed to use just to survive the building.
At this point, we've heard quite a bit about radiation, as well as some brief mention of kkat's Taint, but we have had absolutely no explanation of what the fuck any of this is. At least some cursory explanation is probably in order by now; so far all we know is that there was some kind of war, a bunch of shit blew up somehow, and the world is now polluted by some kind of mysterious "taint" that is being simultaneously treated as both radiation and some kind of dark magical aura. I'm not even sure how much we are supposed to assume that LP knows about this shit. She mentioned attending school at one point I think, and the Stables seem to be the closest thing to civilization that still exists, so she might have some kind of general survey of history under her belt, but usually knowledge of the past is a little spotty in these stories. In any event, she seems to mostly just accept all of this without any hint of natural curiosity like I keep saying, she boring af, and seems to fluctuate from being weirdly knowledgeable or weirdly ignorant of various phenomena in her world, depending on what the author needs for a particular scene.

Anyway, once she finishes her goddamn soda she goes to a goddamn bench to sit down, and she notices a goddamn poster with goddamn Pinkie Pie on it, except she's like goddamn grandma aged now, and also she is a goddamn fascist dictator or some other kind of goddamn shit. The captions on the poster read "Pinkie Pie is watching you forever" and "A happy reminder from the Ministry of Morale." Well goddamn.

Then, just when this couldn't get any goddamn stupider, here's goddamn Frank again.

>“What’s the Ministry of Morale?”

>Watcher’s voice erupted from over my shoulder, making me jump high enough my horn whacked the ceiling. “Another well-meaning idea that was so much better on scroll.”

Goddamn jests and other goddamns aside, I'm actually willing to give the author some credit here. He actually foreshadowed Frank's reappearance quite nicely with the earlier sprite-bot. Also, it does seem like both the author and his protagonist have realized that the story is beginning to meander at around the same time I did, so maybe it's going somewhere after all.

>I gasped, willing my heart to beat regularly again, and felt a fleeting empathy with Sawed-Off.
Literally who? We've seen so many generic bad-guys come and go you can't expect us to remember them all by name. Not only is this bringing up a fairly minor character who hasn't been mentioned by name in a long while, it also isn't immediately clear what LP feels a fleeting empathy with him about, exactly.

I'm assuming what he's referencing here is the earlier scene outside Ponyville, where Sawed-Off fired the gun the first time the sprite-bot appeared. This was a fairly minor event, one that isn't really memorable enough that the reader would just automatically remember it. I'd probably write it like this:
>I gasped. Suddenly I recalled an image of Sawed-Off, my old captor, firing shotgun blasts at the bot as it drifted casually away through the trees. For a brief moment, I empathized with him.
Or something.

>“Oh. Sorry.” I gave the flying orb a glare.
These two sentences should each be on their own line. From context I assume that Frank is the one apologizing here, but the way it's written implies that the line is spoken by Littlepoop.

>I could probably go up to any Stable pony and go “I am evil, bad, nightmare pony. Arrrr!” and, even despite my size, they would take one look and flee.
"Grr! I'm a mean little pony!" t. edgelord author's edgelord OC

My attempts to parody this thing barely count as parody anymore.

Anyway, Frank's second appearance is a lot like his first appearance. He basically just floats up out of nowhere and starts dispensing unsolicited advice. He doesn't name them as such, but he directly references the original Elements of Harmony, and tells her that she should seek her own Element, or "dominant virtue" as he puts it. It's clear enough that Frank has some sort of agenda here and is trying to manipulate LP into doing something, though I have no idea what he wants her to do or for what purpose. For that matter, I still don't know why he sent her into the library the first time around. Anyway, after delivering his message, the sprite-bot starts playing music again and floats away.
285587 285608
>“I don’t know why it took an interest in you, but I’d be careful. It’s never helped anyone before.”
God, the author is a faggot. This story's over a million words long and he's skipping early-game "Hero plotlessly enters enemy-filled dungeons, gets in over her head, escapes and typically escapes with some loot, finds more dungeons, kills enemies, gets loot" shite because he wants to skip to the mid-game "Hero is better-equipped, has more friends, and enters more enemy-filled dungeons with bigger enemies for looting and shooting" shite.
But then he talks about the robot-fighting anyway! If this is happening during a flashback, then there is no tension here. If not, then what was the point of the timeskip?
We're supposed to be seeing this familiar world through fresh eyes and experiencing it for the first time with this fish-out-of-water protagonist. Timeskips over adventure-filled moments in a trashy adventure novel destroy that!

>tracked things
Author's trying to be pretentiously "The character does not know what these are called"ish about the Tank Shit at the bottom of Robobrains from Fallout 3 and most tanks. You know, the thick round shit that loops around a tank's wheels so it can drive over terrain better.

>a war between various factions
I fucking wish, it would make the story better if that was the case, and there were bad "Kill em all and take their coal!" factions and "Those poor helpless zebra darlings could surely be turned good if they were made into our pets! It's our burden to civilize these animals like we train our puppies!" factions on Team Pony and actually-not-cancerous Zebras.
Only Equestria had any semblance of shared power, via the "one alicorn and many ministries" system. Zebrica was a tribalist shithole ruled entirely by one cunt.

All of Zebrica was dominated by "A Caesar" before the war, and all these niggers acted roman and dressed in absurdly anachronistic centurion-meets-witch-doctor-shit except when they were wearing invisibility cloaks. This was a cartoonishly shit regime that aided and abetted the somali pirates who kidnapped and ransomed ponies and killed the Wonderbolts, sent soldiers with super-magic-nuclear portable WMD "Pink Cloud Bombs" into Equestria to guard Zigger rapefugees, and this entire race's arrogance and religious loathing of the night sky, stars, and Luna herself forced them to believe that once Luna took the throne as a result of their actions, it was the end times and their pre-existing irrational "holy war against ponies" now had religious backing. So they fired nukes to bomb all of Equestria as soon as a certain cunt gave them healing megaspell nukes, which they perverted and filled with nuclear magic-fire.

If you're wondering where the random "Roaman" shit came from and why these Wakandans wear it like some dumb thot wears a metallica t-shirt despite only ever listening to Three Days Gays and Buttfucking Benjamin, it's because over 200 years after the great nuclear war one travelling doctor and tribal dialect translator and his soon-to-be-burned butt-buddy got kidnapped by one tribe "playing at war" with another. Edward Sallow taught these tards how to do "Total War" properly and formed Caesar's Legion, calling himself Caesar to sound cooler. Through their love of sabotage and trickery and rape-kill-burn tactics they conquered over 80 tribes south of the Colorado before warring with the New California Republic over Mr House's Hoover Dam in the Mojave during the events of Fallout New Vegas.

Yes, you fucking heard me correctly.

This author took the anti-technologist traditionalist misoginist cartoon-fascist child-suicide-soldier-using spear-chucking spy-using sabotage-loving fanatically-religious Rape-Kill-Burn Barbarian Horde BADDIES from Fallout NV, a game that takes place 200 years after fallout's imperialist america vs commie china war, and simply copypasted their name and iconography onto ziggers from before the equestria vs zigger war.
That is the level of understanding the author has for Fallout elements.

>levitating herself
I bet if I calculated the weight of an IRL pony and compared it to how many psychic pounds of sustained force per square inch she needed to exert to lift boxcars, I'd end up with a number like "She could perpetually push herself with six gorrillion pounds of force resulting in mach 386 speeds or 2.4 times the speed of light".

>grenade damages the catwalk
Oh, NOW explosions damage the scenery? After all those landmines blew up in Twilight's tree-library without any ill effect beyond perhaps some comically cartoonish black scorch marks on the ground? Gee, I guess that catwalk must have been programmed to be a Destructible Object, like how you can destroy wooden crates in video games but wooden doors fences and doors are usually invincible.
285587 285608

>writer blames the raiders for Littlepip's profanity
Good, the author felt embarassed over this godawful "character trait" years after writing it, but knew he couldn't change it without upsetting fans conditioned to love it, so he tried blaming it on characters who swear way less than LP.
"Celestia, fuck me" isn't even that bad, you can imagine a human saying "Fuck me, Jesus!" somewhere in the world, but "Celestia fuck me with her forehooves"?
It's like "Jesus, fuck me with his hands". Too specific, and not vulgar enough.
This trend continues with lines like "Luna, clop me with her hooves".
It's like a child trying to string together swears and invent new ones based on his incomplete knowledge of which cruddy crappy cusses really are that fucking shitty and which are fudging bitching.
Fuck, writing that gave me cancer.
With fictional swears and fictional slang, the rule is: Either keep it alien yet understandable by retaining as many familiar english letters and sounds as possible
>"Don't give me that shtaco, you fregging smeghead!"
>"Oi, Prey-Chaser! Bunny meat makes your Plungus soft!"
Or jump straight to parody
>"Ye nah one'o'dem skunt, are ya? Na meen?"
>"This shitload of fuck is giving my ass gay AIDS! I'd rather chug seven gallons of donkey cum than read more of this!"
or writing a character who tries for it and fucks up under pressure
>"Fucking... shitting... shitting fuck... BALLS!"
Speaking of bad writing, remember when that flying wingless Ghoul Littlepip saved decided to save others and do more good than Monterry Jack did? Remember that for later.

>“Don’t run! We want to be your friend!”
I know this sounds like some "Friendship and good intentions but perverted and tragic! FriendBot(TM) The MurderMachine just wants to hug organics, why do they squish and pop?" shit that would be perfect for a post-apocalyptic Equestria written by a competent writer(Just imagine Pinkie Pie designing a line of Baymax-style robots that, after 200 years of disrepair, accidentally kill people they want to hug and they'll pursue anyone they detect to the ends of the earth because they're programmed to hug anyone who needs a hug), but...
I don't want to break your heart by telling you this concept and design and even the robobrain dialogue is entirely copypasted straight from Fallout. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Robobrain
Kkunt didn't even give the robobrains a MLP-themed coat of paint with stars and swirls and rainbows and shit.

This scene is annoyingly pointless. Imagine if this was a stage in a plan given to her by Watcher! A lot of people shill active protagonists who make their own choices, but an active protagonist who chooses to fulfill her missions is still above this random-events-plot protagonist with no idea what she is doing!
>"First you need to get three books from a secret safe in Twilight's library: A Beginner's Guide To Magic For Future Experts by Twilight Sparkle, The Wasteland Survival Guide by Derpy Hooves, and this one really cursed book of black magic, you'll know it when you see it, it's chained down to a wooden stand with Cold Iron so it can be read, but not removed. Remove it, keep it, you'll need it. Second, break into this malfunctioning robot factory, get underground, and take the experimental Spritebot LaserCannon and SpriteBot Energy Shield Packs they were working on. Once you have it, I'll tell you how to upgrade this SpriteBot unit with the cannon and shield packs so I can be more helpful during firefights. Stage Three, there's a Power Armour garage where Sweet Apple Acres used to be, I'll open its basement for you so you can grab the Power Armour. Once we're both properly equipped for venturing into more dangerous areas of the Wasteland with actual villains who need taking down, I'll tell you the next stages of my master plan that I swear totally doesn't end with me conquering Equestria in the power vacuum you created!"
then again this would make Watcher an actual good character and "Your videogame helper Navi-type character betrays you" would make an excellent twist.

>katamari damacy
ironically a big ball of random scrap crushed together would make a pretty great Wasteland weapon. Where is the Junker Tribe raiding scrapheaps for metal to make their Scrap Balls bigger? Where are the Unicorns throwing these balls via telekinesis and the Pegasi making tornadoes to manipulate giant scrap balls and the Earth Ponies pushing these by hand or trotting atop these like log-runners?

>Macintosh's son
I wish he had a son.
Every important FIM character died childless aboveground before the apocalypse except for two. In addition, one survived and got away with doing everything wrong, and RD's fate was forgotten about also Derpy wrote that wasteland book. It's a shame because "The son of Twilight Sparkle" would make an excellent protagonist candidate. A strong man trying to conquer this harsh world while retaining the lessons taught to him by his mother, even though soft pre-war ways allowed Equestria to fall, even though his goal is to bring back soft pre-war Equestria days... That would be fucking fantastic.

>pseudomoralizing to herself/the audience
lmao I'd forgotten how much this cunty murderhobo does that, and she does NOT treat this gun respectfully

>fixing elevators easily
Sure in video games fixing random broken radios and control panels and robots is accomplished instantly via skill check, but in a book this shit should take longer.
Would those scenes of Iron Man in Iron Man 1 (The only good MCU film) be as satisfying if the suit was built instantly?
Would they be satisfying if they were at this level of "They only needed a new battery and fortunately one was nearby" convenience?
her job is "fixing pipbucks" but her cutie mark directly is a pipbuck, a tool that can do many things and therefore mean many things and not just in the symbolic "A hammer can build or destroy" sense, a pipbuck has too many options and no one specific purpose. You could say a SmartPhone Cutie Mark means communication even though smartphones have fucktons of apps, but all a pipbuck truly represents is Fallout in the way a t-shirt with the Vault-Boy mascot on it does. The only thing the pipbuck can't do is phone people, cast spells for the user, torrent books from the Digimon-inspired data dimension via magic, and command and control other pipbuck users, which are things Sunrise Stardust's pipbuck could do in that FE fic I wrote until realizing it's shit and so is FE.

>working vending machine
SMASH IT WITH A FUCKING HAMMER AND STEAL THE CASH AND REPURPOSE THE MACHINE INTO MATERIALS or pull everything from it then magically rewind it back in time and extract more soda and repeat for an infinite supply of cold drinks!

>foal skeletons
Man, it sure is crazy that these foal skeletons were around for 200 years without anyone moving them, burying them, or using them as materials in potions/bone armour.

>unironically drinking irradiated soda
It's supposed to be witty capitalism satire when Artificial Preservative-filled 200-year-old boxes of potato chips are both perfectly edible and the main sustenance of raiders killing each other over somehow-still-edible ice cream in somehow-still-standing megamalls. At least that's the excuse. Initially, pre-war food gave you 1-3 points of radiation damage (1000 kills you) because it's survived 200 years of radiation. but then Nuka-Cola Quantum actually advertised "With more radiation in every gulp! Glows in the dark! Atomic!" because bethesda can't satirize capitalism or write in general.

Capitalism is the easiest thing in the world to satirize, because what we call capitalism in America isn't really capitalism. Corrupt politicians sell political power to the highest bidders, and loophole-filled red tape exclusively applies to the small businesses it strangles and fines for trying to compete with the higher classes and threaten their bottom line. It's easy to mock the pseudo-religious fervor of desperate godless atheists who seek to fill the void left by a lack of tradition and cultural identity with brand identities and neo-religious corporate idolatry. Faggoted consoomers reject the innovation and organically controlled chaos and beautifully bloody competition of the free market by obeying the new traditions drilled into them by advertising campaigns and social pressure: Purchasing big corporate products because everyone else is buying them. Normalfag NPCs define themselves solely by the media they consoom and the characters they love and identify with and might even consider imitating/"Kinning". That weird FNAF-loving boy in the corner claiming to be Sans Undertale on the inside puts that act on because chicks dig Sans and he thinks chicks will dig him if he tries to act more like Sans, in the same way that Boomers in overly expensive leather jackets would desperately try to imitate the motorcycle guy from Happy Days. That weird teenaged girl in the corner who claims to be the moon, a man, several greek and roman goddesses at once while never ceasing her incessant loudmouthed attempts to look like the biggest and most insane Kpop fangirl of all time is like that because she wants attention and the admiration and support of her equally deranged and equally selfish peers who will only ever give her respect and admiration if it becomes socially advantageous for them to be seen doing so. Our modern world is a clusterfuck and it gets easier to satirize it every year...
It is so easy to satirize what the feminized and atomized modern man is willing to settle for when he thinks of capitalism and the American Dream in general, that even the communists know all they have to do to make capitalism look bad is claim that it can never get any better than this.

The most horrifying thought left to modern man is the dread-filled fear that it might never get any better than this.
>Author's trying to be pretentiously "The character does not know what these are called"ish about the Tank Shit at the bottom of Robobrains from Fallout 3 and most tanks. You know, the thick round shit that loops around a tank's wheels so it can drive over terrain better.
That clears it up then.

When a word has multiple meanings it's a bad idea to use it in an ambiguous context like this. Honestly tank treads didn't even cross my mind when I was trying to figure out what the author meant by this; the closest I got was wondering if the robots were supposed to be on train tracks or something. Since LP's PipBuck has a radar system that tracks enemy positions, and it factors pretty heavily into the combat in this story, my conclusion was that he meant "tracked" in that context. It still wouldn't make much sense though, because we so far haven't run into any enemies that are capable of jamming her radar or cloaking themselves, so by default we would assume it could track them.

>All of Zebrica was dominated by "A Caesar" before the war, and all these niggers acted roman and dressed in absurdly anachronistic centurion-meets-witch-doctor-shit except when they were wearing invisibility cloaks
We wuz Romans an sheeit.

>Oh, NOW explosions damage the scenery? After all those landmines blew up in Twilight's tree-library without any ill effect beyond perhaps some comically cartoonish black scorch marks on the ground? Gee, I guess that catwalk must have been programmed to be a Destructible Object, like how you can destroy wooden crates in video games but wooden doors fences and doors are usually invincible.
One thing I've noticed about this guy is that his head is way too deep in the video game aspect of this. In a game it's mostly too complicated to make everything in the environment behave the way it would in the real world, because the computer would have to calculate physics for all the internal components of a wall, which structures are load bearing, etc. Creating a 100% realistic physics simulation for every effect that an exploding grenade would have on its environment would be a project in itself, and scaling that up to an entire game world is not practical. Players generally get this, so they understand that most of the environment is made of static meshes, and only certain objects are actually affected by the game's physics. For something like a catwalk, it could either be a static part of the background or a breakable object; if the script calls for a catwalk to get blown up at some point then it's physics-sensitive, otherwise it's just a static part of the background.

Again, for a game, this is fine; players understand that the medium has technical constraints so they overlook some things even if they aren't completely realistic. However, it doesn't work for a story, because you're working entirely in the realm of the imagination so there are no technical constraints whatsoever. Therefore, when adapting a game environment to a written story, it's better to take the world that the game is suggesting and render it as it would appear in reality, rather than writing events the way they would literally happen in the game. Kkat doesn't seem to have grasped this concept.

>I don't want to break your heart by telling you this concept and design and even the robobrain dialogue is entirely copypasted straight from Fallout.
If anything it puts my mind at ease. It's a little disconcerting to find something surprisingly well-constructed in an otherwise poorly-constructed text. Finding out it was just plagiarized from something written by someone competent makes a lot more sense than kkat having been randomly visited by a muse for a few sentences and then immediately going back to being a dungus for the rest of the book.

>Nuka-Cola Quantum actually advertised "With more radiation in every gulp! Glows in the dark! Atomic!" because bethesda can't satirize capitalism or write in general.
That actually sounds more like they're poking fun at the game itself. However I basically agree that it's going a little too far outside the realm of plausibility for a dumb joke.

>Gaykat, man, this isn't rocket surgery.
You're right, I'm probably overthinking it. But I still feel like I need to come up with a zingier one. "Gaykat" just informs us that he's gay, which we already know. What I need is a name that really drives the point home; something that screams to the reader that this man quite literally bathes in cum.
285617 285622 285875
Without spoiling anything on the story looking at you Nigel, let Glim Glam get to things in the story before spoiling them I can say the following:

1. The large amount of spelling and grammatical errors comes from Kkat's ridiculous notion to cease all editing and proofreading of the fic after its completion, to "preserve Fallout Equestria for the future". This doesn't apply to printed copies, which have gone through additional proofreading and have numerous errors corrected. Thankfully, like most things in this story, it gets better as it goes on as Kkat gets more writting experience under their belt.

2. The same can be said about the story itself. I do remember the early part of the story is an absolute slog to get through, and it takes a few chapters before it start to pick up a little. As a matter of fact, one of the most important moments in the story is coming up (but I'll let you find out what it is on your own ^:) ).

4. Finally, Littlepip will become a better, self-realized character as the story goes on, and will stop being so much like a blank slate for the reader. She will make choices, she will make mistakes, she will get hurt, she will lick the puss-puss, she will have introspection, and she will have conflict. I wouldn't say she becomes the "most bestest character evar!!1!", but she does actually become a character. Sadly, le edge does not get better as the story goes on.

INB4: there's no number 3
>cease all editing and proofreading of the fic after its completion, to "preserve Fallout Equestria for the future".
What a pretentious nigger
>INB4: there's no number 3
Something Gabe Newell something something.
285631 285875
>What I need is a name that really drives the point home; something that screams to the reader that this man quite literally bathes in cum.
All right let's see what I can do for you. Do any of these catch your eye?
>K "Pray the Gay to Stay" Kat
>K "Katgirl (Male)" Kat
>K "Cummies in My Tummies" Kat
>K "Veteran of the Buttsex Wars" Kat
>K "Kum for the Kum God" Kat
>K "I Quite Literally Bathe in Cum" Kat
>K "I Go in the Back Door or I Don't Come to the Party" Kat
>K "Railed By Males With Rusty Nails" Kat
>K "Anal Pro(lapse)" Kat
>K "Faps to Cocks With Crusty Socks" Kat
>K "I Am the Author of Fallout Equestria" Kat
>K "Bust My O-Ring With Massive Dong Ding" Kat
>K "The Neighbors' Cat Makes My Cock Fat" Kat
>K "Pound My Ass With a Three Foot Bass" Kat
>K "Beat My Meat to Those Sweet Man Feet" Kat
>K "The Man With the Plan to Get Boys in His Van" Kat
>K "Glimmer is Best Pony" Kat
>K "Fill My Hole With Ten Foot Poles" Kat
>K "The Kum Kocktail Konnoisseur" Kat
>K "Poz Swap Pit Stop" Kat
>K "Bust My Cock With Ten Pound Rocks" Kat
>K "Nigel's Favorite Author" Kat
Tell me about it. I remember when he made a blog post announcement about his decision on Fimfiction and everyone called him a pretentious nigger, that it tarnished some of the enjoyment for some readers and made translation efforts much harder, but he was having none of it.
285634 285636
wait when Littleshit got some cola from the vending machine, how did she pay?

anyway so far my spoiler policy has been "I won't spoil something unless it'll probably take more than a month to get there", it's why I spoiler-tagged some things and refused to spoil why I hate Watcher.
but Jesus fucking Christ, I hate Watcher. I won't spoil Watcher shit. but if there's anything that symbolizes all the problems with this story besides other things that symbolize most or all problems in this story it's Watcher or THOSE FUCKING battle saddles.

I'm talking problems like ponies designing guns for human hands and then working backwards in reverse to solve the "ponies cant use these things I'm foolishly forcing them to use" problem by developing high-tech highly-fragile
Yet somehow able to survive over 200 years without serious maintenance or the construction of new ones despite surely being used to fire fucktons of bullets in their lifetimes as they change hands (hooves?) and get resold
these are fucking
fucking back-mounted auto-aiming turrets with pointless mouth triggers so ponies can use and fire these guns without needing to hold them on-target
If they can't control where the gun points, or easily tell where the gun is pointing by craning their heads up and back and looking where the gun is before looking forwards and calculating the angles and rotation and trajectory and shit, why bother with a manual mouth trigger?

If the machine on your back can detect foes and aim your gun, why not give it permission to fire at anything your magical always-right Pip-Buck(TM)'s "Yellow dots mean NPCs, red dots means hostile enemies" system considers an enemy
I'll tell you why it works in this retardedly incomplete way: The author really wanted characters to manually point guns at each other and manually pull the trigger, instead of focusing on positioning and rapidly moving their tiny fast equine bodies around as auto-turrets on their back many times faster and more perceptive than ponies do the shooting for them.
If Littlepip has a gun that shoots every enemy on sight, she can't quip at them in the middle of an action scene or call them incredibly stupid like she's Elizer Yudowsky's self-insert OC bitching at Minerva McCockandballs for "violating all known laws of aviation" by turning into a fucking cat via magic.
Holy cunting fuck...

The pony world already has ways to Enchant items by "hanging spells on to" a gemstone. Diamonds are needed for some reason even though Equestria's full of all gems, forcing Equestria to want Zebrica's coal for their Industrial Revolution and diamonds for the Enchanted Items Revolution they should also be having.

An enchanted items revolution should change MORE than the IR ever did!

Suddenly, nobody has to be born a unicorn and attend the best schools for 10+ years to learn how to cast the best spells. you can now just buy a wand of teleportation or food transformation or healing or mind-swap or resurrection or portal creation or Grand Titanic Fireball Blast from the local wand store.

Suddenly, any pony regardless of wings/horn can have a 50-cal glock floating around their heads like a guardian angel, packing two barrels with two magical silencers that make all gunshots as quiet as a small fart.

A magical solution for a pony problem would be so much more convenient than this overly-complex magical problem.

Would also allow for the existence of battlefields where enchanted guns still hover near corpses and wage war on any who approach.

Furthermore, her Pip-Buck Friend-Or-Foe display is NEVER WRONG. Ace Combat sometimes fucks with the player by fucking with their Friend-Or-Foe display to make them gun down allies during obligatory "WAR IS BAD!" scenes. A video game about flying your jet around arcade-style where shooting civilians and bombing refugee camps gives you bonus points has more depth than this.
sixty chapters from now there's a point where Littleshit is threatened by a cunt who spins her minigun barrels aggressively, but Littleshit can tell it's just a bluff because the little yellow dot representing this NPC on her HUD didn't change from yellow to red.
by the way fuck this HUD layout. All it does is train you to watch the compass dot that represents your destination and next quest target. Fallout 1 and 2 required you to find places and items yourself via world design and information given to you by NPCs. Fallout 3 ripped off GTA's radio so why the fuck couldn't they copy GTA's Minimap?

Watcher doesn't single-handedly ruin the story solely because it's already ruined by terrible mistakes made before some retard worked backwards in reverse to figure out how to I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING! PROVOKING! DARK CLOUDS IN ISOLATION! I AM RECLAIMER OF MY NAAAME! BORN IN FLAMES! I HAVE BEEN BLESSED! MY FAMILY CREST IS A DEMON OF DEATH! FORSAKENED, I AM AWAKENED, A PHOENIX'S ASH IN DARK DIVINE! DESCENT IN MISERY! DESTINY CHASING TIME! to keep this idea that should change, alter, even revolutionize this shit from disturbing his delicate fucking status quo and desire to write all of this fucking bullshit, a shitty little story where "the coolest and best vault pony" becomes "the coolest and best wasteland hero" while pretending she's a nobody with no skills or friends because the author wants you to think this overpowered poorly-written murderhobo is a deep and complex multifaceted character and underdog. Anything that could and should shake up the status quo where Littlepip solves her problems with guns and explosions gets ignored, cast aside, gunned down in the dead of night or raped into a fucking coma by the author's faggoted maggot dick.

>Glimmer is Best Pony
Now that's truly the gayest thing anyone could say
>Nigel's favourite
lol that would be weird. the author I hate most on planet earth is JK Rowling, followed by Elizer Yudowsky(Assman), followed by Kkat.
also how about this one
>K "The K stands for Killing fictional poner gives me a tranny boner" Kat
>also how about this one
8/10 made me kek
>A magical solution for a pony problem would be so much more convenient than this overly-complex mechanical problem that wouldn't last ten years, let alone 200.

Seriously, does the author have idea how often even the best military-grade equipment breaks down on the battlefield? "Muh reliable AK" still fucking breaks and needs fixing when the military gives it the time of day instead of the better rifles out there with more accuracy, penetration, and sheer motherfucking power. AKfags are the Katana Weeaboos of the gun world but lower. Nobody cares that your gun can survive being drenched in a muddy sun like what muslims think happens to the sun every night. That feat's not unique to AKs. If you've ever seen some fucktarded frankengun "Cursed Gun" where a bastardized AK has been repaired with the wrong parts, it's because AKs aren't as common as AKfags think they are. Yes, the AK deserves credit, but it doesn't deserve this neo-religious idolatry cargo-cult cuntery when fucking revolvers can outclass it in areas that matter more to battlefield victories than how badly you can intentionally mistreat your gun before it stops working.
50 years from now we'll have shit that's countless times faster, sturdier, more accurate, and more reliable than this russian trash but it'll still take multiple generations of movies and circlejerking over movies before AKfags embrace the new hotness.
Replicas of "ancient" weapons from 40 years ago constructed today likely won't function 50 years from now without needing maintenance from qualified people and constant protection from the environment.
I'm glad nobody here has said "But shotguns and revolvers are really good weppuns! How can magic compete with that?" or anything like that.
Magic requires INCREDIBLE restrictions before it becomes inferior to glocks in any way.

Magic is a blank cheque unless the author sets limits on what it can and can't do.
Limits were not placed on magic or enchanting in this story. For fuck's sake, Rarity figured out how to copypaste souls without any cost and shatter them apart without any spiritual reprimands and infuse different shards into different collectable MLP Statuettes, just so Littlepip has an excuse to pick up Fallout 3's magical stat-boosting Bobblehead
seriously fuck Fallout 3, it added this lategame perk called "Almost Perfect" that locks all your SPECIAL (strength, endurance, etc) stats at 9 out of 10, so when you pick up all the bobbleheads you gain SPECIAL stats at a perfect 10 out of 10 without having to put any thought at all into any character builds or stat distribution. You're just a god now with maxed stats and maxed skills and perfect glitchy invincible armour and too fucking many guns to count and infinite ammo.

anyway back to magic
Even if a wizard can only make something as magically mighty as him, what's stopping him from pouring power into a big battery every day until he's got enough for a higher-level magic weapon?
If ponies in this story can stuff a fire spell into one diamond on his diamond-studded sniper rifle to enchant a sniper rifle with "Flaming Bullets", and his girlfriend can copypaste souls and put those souls into artificial bodies or shatter souls apart to infuse them into objects to create stat-boosting items...
What's stopping him from stuffing a gun with a copy of his own soul, with his girlfriend's help? What's stopping him from enchanting the gun with "Reload Instantly" or "Infinite Ammo", two Legendary Enchantments that canonically exist in Fallout 4?


Observe the overwhelming might of The R.Y.N.O. for a few seconds. You don't have to watch the whole video, just see it in action and see how easily it clears an area of hostiles.
What does RYNO stand for? "Rip Ya a New One".
It's a fully-automatic multi-barrel rocket launcher that fires small yet devastating homing missiles.
One squeeze of the trigger and everything around you dies.
You know what would make it better? If it used the Pip-Buck's superior "Track enemies for up to 3000 meters through walls and detect invisible foes" radius and enemy-tracking to see where targets are.
Sheer sci-fi bullshit makes the RYNO work, but magic could easily replicate it.
If you took one real-world rocket launcher and enchanted it with "Reload after a second", you'd get something stronger than any faggoted horse with two shotguns duct-taped to him ever could be. Shrink the barrels and rockets to fire homing micro-missiles, then add more than twenty of these barrels, and you've got a constant stream of homing death.
Now enchant the weapon with Infinite Ammo and you've got something that will let you walk straight into zebra territory as every hostile is purged before they get within range.

At this point, you actually don't need to aim the gun. You can tape it to a horse's back, pointed straight up, and its homing rockets will seek out enemies and kill them.

>"But what if enemies make magic shields to block the rockets?"

Then enchant the rocket launcher to penetrate all armour and solid objects except flesh and bone. Or make the rockets out of an anti-magic material created via magic. Or enchant the rocket launcher to fire glowing energy balls like Doom Eternal's Plasma gun and BFG. Try making a magic shield block that.

>"But what if a unicorn makes a magical spherical bubble shield around you and squishes it?"
Then you're fucked unless your enchanted anti-magic armour lets you smash right through magic shields and shatter them with a single touch, and also break telekinetic holds on you. If you don't have that, get the fuck off the battlefield before a Unicorn picks you up and tosses you 200 feet into the air and watches you fall or tosses you into a brick wall at mach 5.
>Magic is a blank cheque unless the author sets limits on what it can and can't do.

>"But what if enemies make magic shields to block the rockets?"
>Then enchant the rocket launcher to penetrate all armour and solid objects except flesh and bone.
>"But what if a unicorn makes a magical spherical bubble shield around you and squishes it?"
>Then you're fucked unless your enchanted anti-magic armour lets you smash right through magic shields and shatter them with a single touch, and also break telekinetic holds on you.

285684 285689 285691 285875
If I had to point to any flaw in the story that takes me out of the experience and makes it hard to sympathize with the main character, it's how this assistant-to-the-mechanic teenage girl who didn't even know that you pull a trigger to fire a gun until she saw someone else do it, has beaten over a dozen enemies who have every right to have bested her, and now has a kill count almost qualifying her twice over as a serial killer. She has knocked 4 enemies unconscious, killed six people, and won a stand off, with only a grazing wound.

Littlepip is not said to be former military, she doesn't have any kind of survival or combat training or experience at all, she isn't described as particularly strong or even intelligent, and we have zero reason at all to believe that she would have, could have, or should have beaten even a single enemy she has faced thus far. I understand that this is basically a video game/table top RPG that someone reskinned to have ponies, and that video games are usually based around the player character slaughtering literal hundreds of enemies. But damn, most video games still have your character as being an exceptionally awesome space marine, special forces member, or otherwise give them some kind of background that would explain why they have a better than even chance of winning each encounter they find themselves in. For example, from the Fallout Universe: the Vault Dweller of Fallout 1, whose background is never specified, is at minimum known to be selected by the overseer of the vault for an important task in the wasteland, and thus can be presumed to be the most exceptional individual of the 400 people in the vault in the relevant ways. Nothing is known about the background of "The Courier" except that (s) was a courier and survived a gunshot to the head. However, even this blank slate character has a kind of mysterious aura around him/her, making them seem as much like a revenant, a super natural agent of revenge, as a real human. While the original Fallout games left the backstory ambiguous so as to let the player roleplay, FE leaves little such ambiguity. Littlepip a teenage female whose only talent is as mechanic, she's never touched a gun before, she's never been outside of a closed room, and the most dangerous experience she's ever faced is getting splashed with a water balloon. If the "Stable" had good nutrition, she'd be fat as well.

Let's take her first fight - the fight with two guards at once. Both of the guards are presumably male, older, and generally more adept at melee combat than the general vault population. We have every reason they would win a fight against a filly mechanic's assistant. Otherwise, what is the purpose of them being guards? If most of us got in a one on one fight with a bouncer, police officer, or even mall cop, most of us would lose. The winners are people who have been outside in their lives. And of course there are two of them. Now I understand that she drops a tool box, or something, on them, though I have to wonder why one of those things was perched so high up, and how it fell in such a way that it hit not just one of them, but both. Knocking someone unconscious is incredibly difficult, and most of us could not succeed on the first attempt.

Littlepip's one and only combat loss is against the slavers, but even that is made up for when she uses her infinite bobby pins to unlock her restraints. Has she ever picked open a lock before? This is not a "street rat" who lives by stealing to survive, this is someone who should have no idea how to do this.

Then she gets in a one-on-one fight with one of the raiders who defeated the group that defeated both Monterrey Jack and herself before. Her only struggle is over whether she should kill the slaver, or just knock him out. The raiders have obviously been in melee fights before. They are probably older than Littlepip, they have vastly more experience doing this. If literally nothing else, they walk every day, whereas Littlepip has led an incredibly sedentary lifestyle. The raider has every right to win this fight.

Then she gets in a stand off with Monterrey Jack, who is much older, male, and is experienced at survival. She wins, because she apparently has a newer shotgun and somehow knows he only has one shell left. First of all, Littlepip literally did not know until five minutes before that to operate a gun, you point it in the general direction of the enemy and then pull the trigger.. How in the hell does she know the specifics of how many shells this specific variety of shotgun holds? How does she know there wasn't an round extra loaded in the chamber? I bet that most of us here could not say how many shotgun shells every brand of shotgun holds, and we know more than her. But really, this whole scene betrays a complete misunderstanding of how shotguns work. If I have a single shot shot gun of an ancient model pointed at you ten feet away, and you have a brand new SPAS-12 with however many shots that holds, all I have to do is pull the trigger first, and I win. Monterrey Jack knows that Littlepip is squeamish and has an aversion to killing people. He has every reason to assume that Littlepip would blink first.

Then we have the tree with a half-dozen raiders. The raiders have every advantage except kkat's version of the VATS system. They know where the entrances are, they know what the layout is, they have at least one lookout on top, they've fired guns before, they probably can run faster and jump higher because they have more exercise, and of course there are six of them. Not a single one of these encounters should have favored littlepip. Not the guy with the assault rifle, not the one who fled, and definitely not the sniper on the roof - there is absolutely no reason we should assume Littlepip would win that one.

And of course there is the fight with the specially designed security robots, but I've run out of space, and it's much the same as the above.
285667 285689 285876
>this author is clearly just writing murder porn... so he compensates by having his protagonist adopt this canned moral outrage in order to justify her participation
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the this scene, though I do have to admit you know more about its context than I. I don't think these lines are from the author to justify the murder porn, I think that these lines are a part of a series of steps showing the slow unravelling of Littlepip's humanity/equinity as she leaves the civilized world of the vault and enters the war of all against all in the wasteland.

Let's take her response the first time she sees a pony die:
>In the growing list of things I'd not seen before this night, the death of another pony ranked at the top
She has an aversion to death and the gore associated with it, and the incident is mildly traumatizing. Then take her second fight, the first one against raiders. She deliberately knocks her target unconscious, while we are told the experienced wastelander kills his target. The lesson of course, is that Littlepip has an aversion to killing people, whether it be because of an innate aversion, or because of her upbringing in the sheltered stable. We also know that those who stay long in the wasteland completely lose or lack this aversion to killing others.

Then we get her first kill: a raider who throws a grenade in is killed by the same grenade tossed out. This makes the kill both justified self defense, but also kind of a by product of her trying to remove the grenade, and perhaps not even entirely intentional.

Then the next step up is her seeking out the enemy (rather than running away), and shooting first. Now, Littlepip, as a character, is established as having an aversion to killing. How do you overcome this? Simple. Make the enemies so morally repulsive that killing them is anything but a morally bad act. Thus, she sees rather extreme acts of cruelty by the raiders that admittedly make no sense for them to have done, and in a fit of moral outrage, she goes on a mass killing spree. The culmination of this killing spree is the killing of an enemy who was running away. You note that this is not an honorable act - and that is the point - but it should be remembered that this enemy is a child rapist, and perhaps more importantly, is being shot in hot blood immediately after Littlepip sees the filly who is bleeding from this crime.

The point of all of this is to show that Littlepip is slowly, step by step, losing her aversion to murder. Where the act is abhorent, the motivation to do it is strong, so that with each passing occasion she becomes more and more comfortable with the act itself and requires weaker motivation to do it.

Take the line,
>"I wasn’t the sort of pony to kill somepony while they slept"
As you have pointed out, she is the kind of pony to kill a fleeing enemy, at least when they have been witnessed raping a child. She still has some moral standards, and she hasn't lost all of her aversion, but she's also done things she wouldn't have when she started out at the beginning of the book.

Then we have the death of the friend-seeking security robot. The robots are dehumaized by being, well, robots, but they are also humanized by their evidently equine brains and the dialogue. They clearly haven't comitted any crimes to warrant their deaths. Littlepip, as she escapes, unintentionally kills one in a very graphic way, by crushing its brain, and sawing the thing in half. Her response?
>"I must admit that I found the crunch immensely satisfying"
She's gone from "I had cagey all over me" to "I found the crunch immensely satisfying" in response to a brain being splattered open, in the span of a few chapters. She is now taking a kind of pleasure in causing the gory deaths of others, whereas she was revolted before.

She has the same kind of character progression on other things like cursing. She goes from:
>"The walls had been painted with crude images of violence and cruder swear words."
>Oh fuck me with Celestia’s forehooves!
>I’ll admit, my repertoire of colorful descriptions had grown more profane from my experience with the raiders

Then there is her attitude towards scavenging, which changes drastically, First, she is repulsed by looting dead bodies. Then she sees the logic to it, and tries it herself, but ends up so disgusted that she vomits. And then:
>More determined than ever, I stripped the raider bodies (what little was left of them now) of their armors
>Putting it on was gruesome. My hooves were darkened with blood just from working on it; every inch was covered in the flash-fried gore of dead ponies.
She goes from vomiting at the gore, to tolerating even the most extreme version of it, and soon enough she'll have no aversion at all.

We also see her just assume that the pony she helped save earlier will return the favor, but he instead robs her. While there isn't yet a parallels to show how she has learned from this incident, it's one more instance in a long list to show how greatly her civilized stable-dweller morality differs from the rules of the war of all against all in the wasteland.

Littlepip's civilized morality is slowly unravelling, and is being replaced with a more practical egoism that is already showing signs of drifting into sadism.

For all of the other faults of this work, I think it has done a decent job showing the rather slow descent of a well adjusted and normal civilized pony into what I can only assume will be a complete monster who kills for sport by the end of the work. This Hobbesian understanding of the State of Nature, I think, is one of the themes of Fallout, and it expresses itself in this fan work well enough.
285672 285698 285707 285878
> I think that these lines are a part of a series of steps showing the slow unravelling of Littlepip's humanity/equinity as she leaves the civilized world of the vault and enters the war of all against all in the wasteland.

I'm not a fan of this idea. There many ideas in this idea that I'm unsure off.

For example, the idea that you grow numb when you killed someone is something I find kinda off iffy.

Like, I have seen interracial pairs throught my life but I still get pissed off because it offends me. I may not show it or I may depending on the situation but I do not like it.

And to some degree, like if you experince something horrible, you build up an aversion to facing it again. Its thereore a bit strange that Littlepip hasn't run back to her stable and desprately try to get herself back in.

But enough about the story, point is that while I have grown somewhat number to things like I don't think rape is very remakable anymore, I still feel but its more like I choose not to becuase I know that doesn't help me. But I could and I still retain my morality. I have astrong suspiciouson that its the saem for peoples in war.

First off, the inner conflict doesn't go away, secondly if faced with brutal evil people will seek refuge rather than becoming part of the problem.

Like, I once heard a guy claim to me that,"There is not God and people in warzones know this to be truth," and later I heard from an interview with some family in a warzone about how they prayed to God each and every day and that is what kept them going and of course because only god can help when there is nobody else there.

This is another thing. I think its the opposite. As I say people won't lose there dislike for things so if given the opportunity to leave a hellish nightmare of an existance they will take it, Especially if they operate under egoism or they will stay because they see it as their purpose to change this world. For example, given the opportunity to leave of Equestria, I would stay because I want to change this world, even though I'm every well aware that materially I would be better of in ponerland and that I'm just a single guy who probably can't really do much, I still would stay.

I would like to say that I'm not writing off the idea of numbness to things but there is something to it that I I'äm yet unable to put my finger on why I feel its mroe complicated thatn that. I once saw a miliatary guy, I think it s a brit who had been in a dogfight in the falkland's war. The guy had bascially been on a emotional rollercoaster by going from hating his enemy one second, to piting his fellow human being as the enemy was shot down, back to rage again as one of his comrades fell.

I think a lot of time and exporse needs to happend to truly go numb and with aversion it its probably takes a lot more.

Like, I cannot stomach blacked porn and while I don't expose myself to that shit, I can't really imagine getting used to it either if I was forced to watch it. My mind goes instantly to murder murder murder!

Anyway, that's what I think anyway.
285676 285679 285698 285878
It's not that Littlepip is simply growing numb to violence through exposure in her time in the wasteland, it's that her moral beliefs are being recontextualized and challenged, and thus slowly changing.

You say that you are disgusted by interracial marriage/partnerships, on a both physical and moral level, and you believe that no matter how many interracial relationships you saw, you would remain revolted by the sight of it. Let's use this as an example.

Imagine you live in a European nation-state whose national identity has historically formed around a specific European ethnicity. Let's imagine further that you are a member of that ethnic group, i.e., you are a Swede who lives in Sweden. Please take this as a hypothetical, whether it applies to your situation or not. There isn't some other homeland of the Swedes for the Swedes to go to should they become a minority in their own country. And now let's imagine that there are a number of Somali migrants who don't seem to be the equals of the native Swedes in many ways, and who interbreed with the Swedes. Aside from irrational reasons (like disgust) to oppose interracial relationships in this context, there are many rational reasons to oppose it. It marginalizes the native population. It disrupts homogeneity and possibly social harmony. Then there is the question of whether these Somali migrants take adequate care of their children, or whether the children are more likely to be maladjusted, and so on. Thus, it makes sense that no matter how many single Swedish women you see with half-black children, you'd be opposed to interracial coupling. Why would you change your mind? Your beliefs and feelings haven't been recontextualized and they have not been challenged.

Now, imagine that you and your best friend moved to another country outside of Europe. Maybe you've gone to Japan, where you are the only white people there. Better yet, let's say that you are going to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, or any of the New World countries where people of mixed race are a plurality of the population (which is most of them, actually). In this context, interracial coupling isn't a threat to your own ethnicity's existence. It's not even a threat to the native population's control, because a half millennium of small pox, typhoid, immigration and miscegenation have already reduced the natives to an unimportant minority; in any case, those of mixed race are already so numerous as to be dominant. Let say, further, that the Asians, Mulatos, and Mestizos you work with are in your judgement of respectable intellect and moral character, and thus at least the higher classes of these racial groups are "alright." Your Swedish best friend has fallen in love with and engaged an Asian Indian girl he works with. You personally know and respect this girl, and you want to support your friend. Let's go even further. You find one or more of the Asian or mestizo women you see sexually attractive. What is more, you've developed a crush on one of the Mestizo women who you respect and who shares your values. Love is hard to control, after all.

In this situation, would you keep your strong aversion to interracial relationships? Maybe you would. But maybe you wouldn't. The point is that your environment and circumstances have changed so that your beliefs and feelings are recontextualized and challenged. I can guarantee you that at least some persons sharing your opposition to interracial relationships would change their minds (and hearts) under these circumstances.

And it's the same with Littlepip in the wasteland. She is removed from the safety of the Stable to a radically different environment. In the Stable, if someone kills someone, they are arrested and face punishment, besides being shunned by the rest of the Stable. There is nothing like this in the wasteland. There is no government to arrest you for murder or rape. It's perfect anarchy. There is no society to shun you or shame you. Even if you have companions they wouldn't care. If you kill someone in the Wasteland, it means that that person cannot kill you, and you can take their stuff.

It goes back to Thomas Hobbes' "State of Nature" thought experiment, where in a world of perfect anarchy, it Is not in your best interests to abstain from violence. In the Stable or any place with a government, it's pretty clear why you don't kill people - you yourself don't want to be killed, so everyone agrees to a set of rules that includes "no killing" and a government enforces these rules. In the Wasteland, there is nothing to stop someone else from killing you except killing or otherwise subjugating them first, and there's no negative consequences to deter them from doing it in the first place. If you have reason to be suspicious of someone else, which is almost the case by default, it's basically self-defense to incapacitate them first. Even besides self-defense, there's the fact that food, medicine, and weapons are in short supply, and everyone needs to compete for these goods, or else perish. Robbing and stealing are among the few viable methods of survival that exist in such conditions.

Littlepip is learning this. She sees a campfire and assumes the people will be friendly, just to be captured to be sold into slavery. Then when she escapes, she assumes that the guy she saves will repay the favor... just to be robbed by him. She is repulsed at first by death, but then she kills a raider in self-defense. Then she actively goes into a nest of raiders, but she's so morally repulsed by them that she kills them in anger, though there is no self-defense justification. By the time she gets to the robot, well, it's a robot, so it's not entirely equine anyways, but she is satisfied by the sound of its brain being squished. Every time she kills someone herself, she becomes a little different than she once was.

Her moral values have been recontextualized and challenged in the wasteland, and are slowly shifting.
285679 285682 285685 285878
I can understand that her beliefs have changed or have they? I honestly, don't know? She walks up to a campfire, expecting ponies to be friendly and they aren't .

Like, if I walked up to a campfire made by whites and asked for directions of wahtever and they tried to kidnap, i would probably be surprized but would it change my beliefs?

I'm not really sure what you mean by beliefs, I assume moral principlas and ethics, if I'm wrong am sorry I'll assume it for now anyway. I would assume I wouldn't really change that much. I mean, I already know that there are some white people out there that are evil filth and really isn't Littlepip the same? Would she really be against killing ponies that mutilate pony bodies and decorates their walls with corpses and rape foals and whatever they did or do? I think not?

>State of Nature
I feel like its a redundant expression. No disrespect to that guy though, he probably has a lot of good ideas but I have never read anything from anyone so I really don't know what he talks about.
I'm also neither a cynicalist nor a optemist when it comes to humanity. I'm not sure that if society would fall appart we would start to eat each other like rats in barrel. I just don't think that's the modus operandi of human beings, its more likey we would cling harder to the few groups that we actually belong to. I feels that anarchy is just a fleeting state between the statous quo that is society that exist in between shifts in power.

285682 285685 285698
The problem with both of your statemarents is this: Littleshit was given a Divine Plot Device of Insane Complexity which explicitly tells her whether or not other ponies are hostile (the "PipBuck"), and she doesn't look at it THIS TIME since the narrator has her undergo a Too Stupid To Live Moment. BUT, she gets to yeet out of the canned danger situation alive and completely unharmed! That whole scene is a shitty self-insert fanfic setup so that cuckkat the furfag can make a pseudo "growing up in the wasteland" reference.
> I have never read anything from anyone
Its really not something I'm proud of. It's just that don't get around to read much of even things that I want to read,. But, I do't know why I explain this nobody cares.
Tried to find a specific mexican meme (about a dancing deer) in my meme folder but couldn't find it. Here's something else related.
285689 285690 285707
Magic is a blank cheque.
You can write whatever you want on it.
Want your heroes to get out of danger, during a fight they can't win? They magically teleport out, or magically become strong enough to win, or magically erase the threat.
Are the LOTR heroes in danger? Gandalf can just use magic to save the day sometimes.
Magic can do anything because by its very definition, it is an unknowable mysterious incomprehensible thing.
That's why magic needs serious rules in any serious story.

FullMetal Alchemist? The "magic" is Alchemy, the restructuring of existing matter.
Touch an alchemic element symbol and your materials, and think of what needs to be done.
That "ice wizard" is manipulating moisture in the air and robbing it of heat.
Roy Mustang can snap his fingers to kill you, because his gloves generate a spark and the air symbol on his gloves bend oxygen into a funnel connecting his hand to you, his target. He snaps his fingers, and boom. Bombs anywhere, on command.
Edward Elric just reshaped part of his metal arm into a knife, now he's trying to cut someone with it.
If an alchemist just waved their fingers to reverse time, it would be BULLSHIT! A violation of the rules!
And if the rules can be violated once, they can be violated again. They stop mattering!
You can never give a FUCK about the danger Edward Elric is in ever again, because the author can always just pull some new magic out of his ass.

Avatar: The Last Airbender?
You perform motions like your element+martial arts, "get your head in the mindset of the element" via spirituality, and use your Chi energy to make your arm-waving throw water on someone.
Katara blasting you with a water ball? Waterbending.
Toph throwing rocks at you, coating herself in stone, or moving the ground you stand on to fuck with you? Earthbending.
Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, can bend all 4 elements.
Others only get one element, or none.
So it's fine for Katara to freeze her water into ice, then toss it at foes.
It's fine for Toph to bend the trace amounts of earth within metal to bend metal.
It's fine for Toph to heat her rocks up into lava, then toss them at foes.
But if Zuko the Firebender from the Fire Nation started bending water or slowing time down, we'd all say "BULLSHIT!".

Even DBZ has serious rules on magic.
The fighters have "Ki" energy. The stronger your body is, the more ki you have.
You can use Ki to strengthen your body or fire it as a laser/explosive ball to hurt foes.
Transforming to make your body stronger multiplies your Ki.
Look at pic related and guess which of Goku's forms is physically stronger and can fire stronger hand-lasers. (DB Super fucked this up with Divine Ki and random colour changes, so ignore SSG/SSGSS/Ultra Instinct)

Littlepip is also implied to be tiny because of her single alcoholic mother. I forget if the story's mentioned her yet or not.

And don't forget the way Littlepip is able to quip at that one dude threatening her with a hostage, as if she's suddenly an expert on hostage negotiation and why you should keep your mouth clear to bark orders
Like she's The Joker from The Dark Knight
you know, the Joker heavily implied to be ex-military
>His skill with IEDs precisely set to timers, how easily he blends into a military marching parade after cleaning his clown makeup off, what a godlike sniper he is, his experience with interrogation that dwarfs batman's and lets him say "Don't start with smacking someone's head, it makes his head all fuzzy", and how he specifically says he hates society because "If one more soldier dies that's normal, but when someone who shouldn't die dies everyone loses their mind". He's always got a new story for how he got those scars but he could have easily gotten them during a war, the soldiers he paraded with didn't even question the sight of them.
285698 285721
We haven't seen a second campfire scene, so we don't know yet if she would approach it differently next time. But we do see clear differences in her behavior. She is opposed to the idea of looting corpses at first, then she tries to loot one and vomits, and then she successfully loots multiple extremely disgusting sets of armor from corpses without vomiting. She goes from being slightly offended by the curse words written in the Carousel Boutique to repeating many of them, a change she explicitly attributes to the raiders. Whether you call it beliefs, emotions, reactions, aversions or what have you, the point is that the wasteland and her experiences in it are changing her.

I don't know if she would respond to the campfire differently if a similar experience were to occur, because we haven't seen a parrellel to it yet. What I can say is that the way in which she responds to it is one that makes sense for a person who grew up in civilization - you can reasonably assume that campers are not going to murder you, because if they did or tried to, they are likely to be found out by police, and they know the same is true about if you tried to murder them, thus neither party tries to kill the other and so there is a basis of trust. But in the wasteland, there is no negative consequence to selling the others as slaves, and so distrust is the better standard.

>I'm not really sure what you mean by beliefs, I assume moral principlas and ethics

>Would she really be against killing ponies that mutilate pony bodies and decorates their walls with corpses and rape foals and whatever they did or do?
My point is not that her opinion on the death penalty for child rapists has changed. My point is that her aversion to killing has changed. At first, she didn't like seeing people be killed when Cagey's head exploded. Then, she didn't like doing the killing when fighting the raider. Then, she killed somepony attacking her in self defense when she killed the raider with the grenade. Then, she moved on to killing a fleeing enemy when she killed the raider. Much later, she is happy to hear a robot getting its head bashed in. By slow increments, she is becoming more and more comfortable with death and killing. It's not all at once, but it is noticeable change from scene to scene.

>would I start to distrust white people
This is different, because you have tens of thousands or even millions of interactions with white people to form your opinion on them. This is Littlepips only few interactions with ponies in the wasteland. Thus, each interaction matters more, and she is slowly changing her opinion. If you had, for example, never had any experience with a melanesian before, but then in your first experience they tried to kidnap you, and then in your second experience they tried to rob you, and then in your third experience they tried to kill you, and then in your forth experience you found that were killing people en masse, and then in your fifth experience you caught one raping a child, you may gradually begin to think that Melanesians can't be trusted.

The wasteland of Fallout is one of the purer anarchies in fiction; purer than maybe any anarchy that has ever existed on earth. Every semblance of institutions and culture has been wiped away by the bombs.

>I'm not sure that if society would fall appart we would start to eat each other like rats in barrel
And you might be right. Considering how few instances there are of complete societal breakdown it's kind of a hard theory to test. The philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau vehemently disagreed with Hobbes on his assesment of human nature, and believed that civilization actually made human behavior worse, not better. In video games, look to Resistence 3 as an example of a more cheery response to an apocalypse. But that's not the interpretation of human nature that the Fallout video game series takes, and by extension, it's not what kkat assumes in this work.

I've certainly never claimed that kkat is good at keeping track of how powerful his almost-mary sue character is. See >>285660. Whether she should have known better or not, the ways that Littlepip actually does respond, reflect more or less the corruption of her character appropriate for the wasteland setting.
You know what would have made Littlepip far more tolerable?
If they embraced the murderhobo Littleshit fundamentally is, without trying to pretend she's some scared little rookie who deserves praise for futilely standing up to a big bad world full of darkness and edge.
If they put the lie away, allowed Littleshit to lose battles and get robbed and lose limbs and lose friends and just plain lose sometimes, revoked her plot armour, and stopped pretending she's a helpless little girl in danger.

Imagine Littleshit as a good-hearted but reckless and violent wannabe-hero, someone who always wanted to get out there in the real world and force some positive change down everyone's throat.
Imagine a child who got into trouble at school for beating up bullies (Or getting beaten up by the biggest ones) and protecting others.
Imagine her exercising, running around, teaching herself to lockpick, "training" with a toy gun because she's never fired a real one, swinging a butter knife around and telling herself it's knife-fighting practice, and cheating on her "What career are you destined to have, based on your multiple-choice answers on this worksheet, small child?" test so she can get the Repair Pony job and have daily access to a career where she can learn to fix shit, hack terminals (Like the terminal controlling the vault's lock), and make robots.
Imagine a Littleshit who read fucktons of books about heroes and badasses, and wants to be just like them, and knows how to rip off all their tricks (which only work when they're unexpected, and sometimes fail).

Imagine a littleshit who wields a homemade pistol of a higher caliber than anything the Wasteland has seen before.
Or imagine if the stable's Gun Culture drifted away from common weapons and towards the biggest fanciest-looking enchanted guns designed to be fashion accessories that make you seem above those lowly workers who can barely afford old revolvers first and oversized "Look at me, my magic's so strong, I can carry and fire a 150-cal pistol without any difficulty, who cares if the recoil kicks it back two feet when I hold it psychically 4 feet in front of me anyway? Look at me, ladies, I'm sooo strong!" tools second and actual reliable firearms third. So Littlepip steals (or saves up for) one of those things

Hard to rely on tried-and-tested Wasteland Bandit tactics like "Take cover, smoke foes out of cover, surround foes and scare them into dropping supplies and running, use your superior numbers to your advantage, yell some really scary shit, and after intimidating them you enslave them or let them live and run away so they can gather more supplies for you, though make sure you kill victims who kill some of you or shoot at some of you and therefore know you aren't invincible" when you're fighting a psychic whose gun pierces walls of wood, scrap, mud, steel, and even concrete.

Imagine Littleshit relying on her homemade flying laser-carrying killer robot for murders, plucking weapons and armour from the Stable Security guards she knocked out, and having this "I AM THE HERO! I AM THE LIGHT THAT WILL LIGHT UP THE DARK!" personality where she doesn't even realize how much terror she puts into her foes or how out-of-her-depth she is or when she's being manipulated like the wrecking ball "of justice" she is. Imagine her using this "I'M FUCKING INVINCIBLE!" persona to keep her fears and dread and hopelessness away until she gets enough highly-skilled friends to justify her becoming an almighty force in the wasteland.

You're being really charitable towards this fic. It might be what the author was going for (possibly?) but it certainly wasn't written well whether that was the case or not

The Raiders lined themselves up in terms of "Justifiably killable" too quickly and neatly, and completely out of order.
Also I don't think it was explicitly a rapist she shot.
She entered a room, there was a raped filly on a shitty bed, and the Raider held a "Zombie-Pony" Ghoul hostage but couldn't say "fuck off or I shoot" because his mouth was full of Axe.
So Littlepip immediately calls him a fucking retard and then levitates some convenient grenades between them and threatens to shove them up his ass.
Imagine if the Raider killed the ghoul hostage right there, spat the axe out, and grabbed the Filly whose neck he could easily snap without needing an axe.
It would force Littlepip to back off or shoot and risk him hurting the filly.
anyway, this doesn't happen.
The Raider just gets intimidated by this little lesbian threatening him with ass shit he's probably used to, being a Raider faggot and all
So the Raider fucks off and Littlepip shoots him in the back.
285693 285698
I'm sorry but I was being sarcastic or something. I thought it was funnythat you wrote that magic needs rules and then went into explain how to solve a hypothetical situation for something with magic. Like, the bubble shield with the unicorn. You started to discuss what to do if they made one and that you should create an anti-magic missle or whatewver to pentrate the magic shield. But like why even discuss a counter for something like this when you can just restrict magic from the begining so bubble shields cannot exist in your world?

Developing a system of counters is fine but like as you said magic can be whatever so instead of tryig to come up with counter for every single possible spells you can imagine wouldn't it be easier to just havee a limited number of spells?
Imagine if Littlepip tried to shoot the raider in the back and failed because the world hadn't hardened her enough yet, so the ghoul or filly got the job done using the axe he dropped or some other weapon?
Her first attempt to throw a grenade away shouldn't end in that one-in-a-million "Return to sender" shot
Though if she performed a Fix Spell to return the grenade back to its pin, which had been dropped near the thrower, that would justify it. Would also justify the excellent condition of her guns and how rarely if ever they break or jam on her.

Her change from "I had cagey all over meeeeee!!!!!" to "I found that crunch immensely satisfying" was too fast. Seeing fleshy brain in the robots get crushed should make her sad, and wonder if these killbots were alive or just using the brain as a power source like in some old book she read.
>she learned swearing from the Raiders
We're supposed to take the author's word for it with those walls, but we never learn what they say and I don't think we heard any Raiders talk in her "Like a child trying to sound adult" swears.
And the pony she saved (who robbed her) doesn't inspire her to avoid rescuing Raider captives until all Raiders are dead, while thinking "If these ponies love being slaves they might shout that Littlepip is over here. And if they want to be free, I shouldn't let them run around and potentially get shot until I've killed as many raiders as possible"

Anyway, exposure to horrible things might Desensitize you to them, but it won't make you want more.
I've played shitloads of bloody and violent video games, and I've been in fights where people bled when I was a kid, but I've never gained some kind of "dark craving" for violence/blood.
Before I got into self-improvement and decided to say no to porn and degenerate friends, I once had this obnoxious faggot furry for a friend who kept sending me fucked up porno comics/hentai videos while saying "Hahaha holy shit look at this! who the fuck could get off on this?"

and it's some giant animal-man eating a smaller animal-man, or a wolf-woman with six or more breasts, or a giant woman crushing a man to death between her tits, or a godzilla-sized woman with helicopters around her containing tiny men trying to make her orgasm so she'll leave their city alone, or the Garfield Dog drinking from a firehose until he's like a beach ball full of water and kicked into the distance by Garfield, or some Fallout Equestria comic/picture where a pony gets raped by the dumbest-looking edgiest piece-of-shit OC designs you can possibly imagine, or some comic where a wolf-man and wolf-woman start fucking and their genitals look fucking bizarre, or some skunk farting at someone to knock them halfway across the room, or farting at someone trapped to kill them, or farting for some disgusting faggot who's into it, or some giant faggot absorbing a smaller faggot using his giant cock, which sucks him up through the dickhole and shrinks him down and stores its prey in the balls and "digests" it into more semen which is ejected in one big spontaneous nut, or a giant centipede-like woman creature but every leg is a woman's breast, or some furry woman taking an increasingly massive shit that ends up forming a shitpile bigger than her entire body was while rivers of piss fill up the watertight shower she's in since her shit blocked the drain, or some BDSM shit that doesn't even involve genitals any more, or some tiny mouse-girl getting her tiny body split apart and fucked by a cock twice the size of her own body until it pierces right through her stomach and gruesomely kills her.
I distinctly remember this one comic where a furry girl decides at a young age she wants to be killed, burned, and eaten. Her parents can't talk her out of it. She grows up, and when she's old enough (I think it was her 18th or 21st birthday?) she goes to some butcher's shop to get killed and fried and eaten. I remember saying "Why the fuck aren't her parents taking her out of this fucked-up city?" and the laughing furry laughed and said he didn't know.
I kept expecting her to change her mind at the last second and get forced into the oven and get saved by some furfag's OC, but nobody saved her. She just gets eaten by people at a barbecue. And her parents were at the barbecue, crying their eyes out. Someone at the barbecue offered them a burger with their daughter in it and they cried more, that part made it all hilarious in retrospect.
There was this multi-part story where Red, The Pokemon Master from the Pokemon games, bought a ranch in the middle of buttfuck nowhere so he can watch Pokemon fuck. I skimmed that. I understand humanoid Pokemon like Lopunny but who the fuck wants to fuck a Vaporeon or Rattata? Who the fuck wants to watch a giant Venusaur fuck some tiny Pokemon less than a tenth of his size?
And there was this other one, a story. Some wolf-man farmer is miserable and starving and losing his hair because politicians made eating and selling meat illegal. So he can either eat some more of his cows, fucking over his farm some more, or keep starving. But then some prey girl... Was it a deer-girl? His car broke down on his way home to his farm and she offered to fix it, and he saw an opportunity and went for it. He knocked her out and stuffed her in the trunk. She had this hauntingly understanding look on her face, when he killed her. I think it would have been less disgusting if she'd struggled and tried to escape before he killed her.

He'd send me disgusting shit like that, and we'd laugh together at how fucked up it all was.
But once I found nofap and stopped looking at what I was addicted to: slime girls and lactation and breast-growth porn where a woman's got tits the size of basketballs and ends up with tits bigger than the rest of her
art of women with regular-sized tits became enough to tempt me. I didn't give in. It felt like I was recovering my humanity and beating my porn addiction.
At first I just thought "Let's see if this really does improve my heart health and focus" but after a while, it felt like I was improving my heart health and soul health. Like there was some videogame HP bar above my head, slowly refilling.
So when that friend sent me "Hahaha look at this shit" messages, it stopped being a source of "Hahaha oh thank fuck I'm not that much of a degenerate" and it just became annoying.
"Yeah, I know, furfags love weird shit. Can you stop sending me shit like this?" I asked.
He did stop, which was nice.
Months later I ranted to him about how much I hate commies and he got butthurt because turns out he's a commie too, so we stopped talking.
I wonder what happened to him.
I checked, he's still a massive faggot who still uses furry sites, last login was yesterday.
Yeah, that too
Roy Mustang can explode shit with his air gloves but he's useless in the rain because wet gloves can't make sparks. (You'd think he'd figure out how to oxygen-deprive someone, force lethal oxygen levels up someone's nose, or toss an all-eroding oxygen ball at foes so he can fight when wet)
If you say Unicorns can lift and crush tanks with magic, you need to explain why anyone brings tanks to a battlefield. It's like sending one tank after The Hulk. At best he'll smash it and the pilot inside. At worst he'll use it as a club or throw it into another tank, killing everyone inside.

Give magic counters or limit magic so it doesn't need them.
If you were in Equestria you could ask a Unicorn to help send stuff back to earth via portals. Knowing there really are alternate worlds out there would shake shit up. The globalists could never subvert equestrians. Resources plentiful in Equestria could be sent back to help countries you want to health. Celestia would be furious upon learning how corrupt earth's leaders are, and how they eroded mankind's collective morality.
Sure, at least one person on this planet would change their thoughts and values if the environments changed. That doesn't mean all thoughts and values are as easily changed.
Plus there are towns in the Wasteland. We haven't gotten to them yet, but there are places with civilization and laws and travelling traders who need protection from bandits and Raiders.
Also the "The world proves her morality wrong" bit is fucked up by the fact that when she frees the ghoul-pegasus, the first thing he does is try to rescue a filly upstairs, which gets him taken hostage.
Good thing the Raider got so intimidated by Littlepip and the grenade she found and held, the raider gave up and got shot in the back for it.
Yes, in a lawless zone it is good to be strong and never hesitate. That doesn't mean it's good to be a completely immoral barbarian about it, it just means it's time to put peacetime morality away and bring out the wartime morality. Raiders never have their actions explained with "They're as scary as possible to spook ponies into dropping supplies and fleeing, and spook towns into feeding them to keep them away" or "It's a mind-damaging virus that caused this and destroyed the natural goodness that can be found in all ponies, the virus spreads through pony cannibalism".

If society falls apart, your best bet is to form a new society that can cover your weaknesses and guard you when you're asleep. Either live solo in a supplied bunker somewhere and guard it with bullets, or find a self-sufficient community and contribute a useful skill to their group, even if it's just being able to carry a shotgun when there are other guards with shotguns keeping you in check.
Thank you for remembering how the Pip-Buck can tell friend from foe.
The author could have justified it with "First their icons on my compass were yellow, meaning non-hostile. But when I walked right up to them and introduced myself, they saw me they became hostile!"
that's not how it works in Fallout (Hostiles who attack on sight are always marked as Hostiles. Yellow marks become red marks if you shoot these NPCs, or piss them off via dialogue)
She goes from vomiting at her first body-looting attempt to looting bodies and raider-filled areas AND EVEN REPAIRING SOME OF THEIR ARMOUR SO SHE CAN PUT IT ON without first clearing the zone of hostiles
She goes from freaking out at Cagey's death to killing many raiders and even a fleeing one without a second thought, then she's fucking pleasured by the sound of a pony's brain inside a robot going haha squish.
Her aversion to death vanishes way too quickly. She starts enjoying the act of killing way too quickly. She starts talking worse than the Raiders way too quickly. There isn't even a little resistance any more, after all these murder sprees and "wacky misadventures".

>Every semblance of institutions and culture has been wiped away by the bombs
Except the Enclave Remnants are still running around, Vault Dwellers have stories of the old world passed down by their parents, pre-war holotapes and comic books and radio shows and songs can be found easily, the New California Republic actively try to be the new America complete with corrupt politicians and shitty bureaucracy(the one good thing about a democracy is how it ensures a peaceful transference of power. We don't have that in America because leftists aren't Americans, they're invasive jew dogs in mind or in mind and body), House survived the apocalypse and tried to get his city to do the same, reviving it after the bombs fell, and Caesar's Legion is trying to revive Edward Sallow's idea of what Rome is.

Vampire Fiction...
Some of it makes Vampires OP.
They're fast strong bastards with mind-control eyes/mind-control voice/some kind of mind-controlling parasite or mark they can give you
But they're weak to the sun, usually
Some stories make Vampires absurdly OP, so the entire US military working together couldn't destroy one.
And then tries to balance things out by giving the Vampire-hunters incredible vampire-killing weapons in the magical sense (crosses made from special wood) and the scientific sense (Incendiary shotgun rounds, because fire damage is hard for vampires to heal, and buckshot to knock vampires on their ass)
At least, if there are any vampire-hunters and the story isn't just vampire-wanking up the ass.
You know it's a wanking story when the only people able to harm and challenge the Special People of your story are either half your Special Species, fully your Special Species, someone of a more Special Species, or someone able to use the species's specialness against them.
Like Vampire stories where only the half-Vampire hero with all their strengths and none of their weaknesses can save the world from Vampires.

Either set limits on what magic can and can't do, or it ends up so overwhelmingly strong that the only way to challenge the wizard is to make everything the most specialized anti-magic shit possible
Kryptonite becomes everywhere
until the author decides Superman needs to become immune to kryptonite and resistant to magic, shedding his only weaknesses and fucking over future writers.
285707 285721
That's a bit of a shame Thomas Hobbs has some pretty good points on political science. My favorite essay he wrote was 'Leviathan' but that one goes more into internation politics and the purpose of government. The other Anon is right on the money to cite him in regards to the FE Wasteland. His biggest point in 'Leviathan' was describing the natural state of the world and international politics to be anarchy and the function of government being to protect the individuals that comprise it and offer an environment in which them and their culture can flurish. In return they serve the titular Leviathan that is their nation to ensure propigation, protection, and to root out corruption/ forigen influence.

Any points I could make on how it ties into FE have already been made by you and the other Anon so won't repeat that stuff but Leviathan is a really good read and would at the least reccomend reading excerpts from it.
Only you can make yourself numb or not numb and to what degree and for how long. Usually it's under unconsious directives too so chemicals/sensations won't overload you.
>His biggest point in 'Leviathan' was describing the natural state of the world and international politics to be anarchy and the function of government being to protect the individuals that comprise it and offer an environment in which them and their culture can flurish. In return they serve the titular Leviathan that is their nation to ensure propigation, protection, and to root out corruption/ forigen influence.
Actual Anarchy Minecraft servers experiences checks out. Thanks for the lit recommendation.
>Magic is a blank cheque.
Yes, but no.
Soft magic, Hard magic, plot magic, humor magic, and Deus Ex Machina magic.
Pit her in a world that tests her mettle. The impurities will be bent and broken and the solid core will be honed.
But that would have to mean we would have to know the structure of her personality first.
>Calibur that isn't being mass produced
Ehhh. Rocks are good friends. Lift one up real high, slam it down easy peasy. Even better would be telekinetic wire.
Anything would work just depends on how desperate or quickly stolping a threat needs to happen.
There is logistics and labor behind every single thing, while sifting through it all can be hard pulling it all together is satisfying.
A bit excessive example. While technically about exposure to horrible shit it is three degrees off topic. (Lilpep-MoralSlipandSlide, Desensitize vs Craving, Examples to back it up even though it's a known thing.)
> laugh together at how fucked up it all was.
Eh. Hold on I have to go pull out an edge:
Nothing compares to the darkness one can harbor inside one's self. The void is always watching, hoping to be brought to light.
The how is the easy part, the why is even quicker, but the underlying backstory now that's interesting.
It's also possible to induce a biological craving through stimulus via behavioral psychology. It can be resisted, but frankly many don't even know it's going on.
">would I start to distrust white people"

I'm not saying you are strawmanning me here but I like to point out that I didn't actually write that in my post or that's the conclusion I made before anwyay. I guess you could be paraphrasing me correctly though, but I don't feel like rereading through my post right now to find out.

I'll probably try to look into what aws said here by everyone here and add m opinion but not right now.

I just wanna add a thought I had for a while ago. That there probably is a connection between desensitivization an moral degeneration. I realize that I have actually championed this idea elsewhere in my thoughts so I might have been inconsistent, again I don't feeel like reading that long post of mine. It also the context of it, I woul have to read through everything again and ehh.

I used to have this idea to explain how the wierd fethies of in the world came to be. For example, even with the high number of unique human beings I have a hard time imagine anyone being into scat, naturally, so I most assume that they became that over time.

But I wonder a bit like why? I feel like two conditions or well at least one most be upheld for desensitivization to lead to moral degeneration. First, the person has to on some level get something out of it and the second, alternative reason, is that they mustn't actively resist but that's a bit obvious.

For example, porn, a person gain something from it: Orgasm. And from there the process would be that they would slowly grow used to whatever they watch and they need something new to obtain orgasm from.

Though a wrinkle in this theory is myself, While I'm ashamed to admit it, I have watched porn since my balls dropped and have never been able to truly quit. But things haven't really escalated for me I kinda watch what I wacth from the begining if now more hentai I feel less cucked this way.
I guess it might be because I have always tried to resist it.

I feel that if you are in a wasteland and innocent people die left and right in violent and gory deaths, I think that would be the equivalent of someone cutting you with a knife, you wouldn't like it and even though you would get desensitized to after a while. Though, I really do imagine that that's a hard desensitivization right there. But you would keep your morals or the basics. You wouldn't start to enjoy the deaths around you, you might even see them as failures on your part to protect these people from the dangers.

I suppose there is an arguement to be made that having the power to kill someone will make you go power tripping and in that way turn into a sadist. Anyway, I feel that's about it that I had to say for now.

Saw your posts
Is there a list of every skill Littleshit has displayed an above-average or even supernatural aptitude for at this point?
She's repaired one Raider armour outfit with another one, in the middle of a firefight.
]Yes, this is something you can do in the games.
Just pause time by bringing up a menu, then repair an item by consuming another item in its category. Repair one dress with another, repair a revolver with a bigger revolver, repair a laser pistol with a laser rifle.
This raises the item's Condition points back towards 100/100. At maximum condition the item's as good as it should be. Armour and Weapons lose condition points slowly when used.
The higher your Repair Skill is, the more condition points you give one item when consuming another, and the higher your Maximum Repair Value is.
Someone with a repair skill of 42/100 can only raise an item's condition to 42%
But someone with Repair 100 can repair an item's condition to 100%
A really retarded system added by (BITCH YOU GUESSED IT) Fallout 3.
AMMO is already a mechanic that limits your use of powerful weapons. But this game gives you way too much ammo, then has you find crappy guns at low condition early on. This means the GIGANTIC FUCKING ORANGE HULK WITH A LASER MINIGUN COMING RIGHT FOR YOU is going to do barely any damage with his shitty gun, and it'll be just as worthless for you when you take it, unless you repair it with more of these guns.
Many retards play Fallout 3. Only retards think it's good. I fucking said it here because you can't say this on any Fallout fansite, but Fallout 3 was a disaster for the franchise just like bethesda.
Anyway, many retards play through Fallout 3 AND NEVER STOP USING THE DEFAULT PISTOL, because every gun they find is crappier than it.
FNV fixed the repair system by letting you unlock the Jury Rigging perk. It widens the "within the same category" definition when you're repairing items, so if you'd like to repair a 50-cal sniper rifle by consuming one revolver, or repair a suit of Power Armour by consuming a dress, you can do that now.
It's videogame logic to the extreme. Pinkie Pie logic to the max.

What really fucking pisses me off about this fic is how it will rely on videogame logic as a crutch whenever kkunt thinks it'll make Littlepip seem cool, and then break that logic or call it retarded and piss on the videogames he's ripping off whenever it is convenient or seems like something that would make his protag sound cool.

So one moment, Littlepip's retarded Pegasus buddy is flying through the air at mach fuck in a dogfight with power-armoured enclave pegasi, and he's using two buckshot-firing shotguns duct-taped to his side fired via mouth trigger, and these fucking pathetic shotgun pellets actually harm the enemies in armour thicker than a tank because videogame logic.
And Littlepip can just talk some random faggot into doing something SUPREMELY RETARDED because she has a really high Speech skill number
And the next moment, Littlepip is snarking at enemies for following videogame logic and thinking its rules and upsides AND DOWNSIDES will consistently apply to her.

The rules of real-world logic and videogame logic are only applied to Littlepip when the author thinks that would make her seem cooler, and that's as inconsistent as it is fucking annoying.
Littlepip isn't really a cool or strong protagonist with a cruel world and the whole deck stacked against her, she's got the author in her corner lowering the difficulty settings and outright cheating and practically handing her good shit whenever she needs it.

Some things are copypasted straight from Fallout 3 out of laziness, and some out of spite because the author really, really wants you to know he found it very stupid and unrealistic when in Fallout NV's Dead Money you (the player, by choosing the right dialogue options) cure a Nightkin's dual-personality schizofaggotry during a single conversation in a gas-filled kitchen he's threatening to burn down and blow up.
Kkat really wants you to know he thinks it's stupid and unrealistic that in Fallout 3's opening, the vault's head scientist brought his 10 year old son into the Nuclear Reactor Room so he could shoot a BB Gun at some targets the scientist had set up, even though context clues and worldbuilding in that shit vault heavily imply the gimmick is supposed to be "The Overseer is a totalitarian mindless cunt who doesn't think he has to make sense since he's in charge, therefore the vault scientist has to take his son to an empty room nobody would enter to play with guns in secret".
And Kkunt can't even insult these scenes in a creative manner! The God/Dog ripoff in the Dead Money Ripoff arc just winks at the audience and says "It sure would be retarded if you thought you could cure my mental problems in under a minute of talking". And the Fallout 3 starting vault is rewritten as "The only Vault with a male overseer, and therefore a highly macho culture! So when the head scientist takes his son into the reactor room to fire a BB Gun, the radiation core explodes and horrifically mutates everyone into rapey tentacle horrors! Woohoo, feminist pandering! Did I mention the protagonist is a lesbian who loves to stare at PONY ASS?".
Give me a fucking break.

You all know I don't like Fallout 3, but how Kkunt treats it and the good Fallout games still pisses me off.
Kkat thinks he's better than what he shamelessly ripped off to impress coombrained "impressionable" circlejerking bronies during their "let's pretend everything we create is pure gold just because we made it, and then suddenly stop a few years in once our faggy friends gain their artificial fame so it seems like they're solidified in history as great important people nobody could ever replace" phase.

It reminds me of Elizer Yudowsky(Assman), but at least his self-aggrandizing bullshit created a cult of pseudointellectual circlejerking paypiggy simps who think he can stop the AI Apocalypse. Kkunt's just some faggy plagiarizing fanfic writer. Forever.
This story's over-reliance on gore and edge and the inconsistent abilities of everyone involved, villains and heroes alike, the childish premise taken edgily up the ass by someone who erroneously thinks they're above childish premises and childish literature in general, and the presence of one supremely overpowered bitch of a woman who's never adequately called out on it reminds me of Animorphs.

Basically imagine some snooty karen single mother sitting down and watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with her black kids, and getting mad at how childish and lighthearted this tv show about a blue alien and his funny robot friend recruiting "Five teenagers with attitude" to become Power Rangers and kick the asses of evil alien monsters and fight Rita Repulsa.

Karen gets so pissed off she writes some shitty tiny books and sucks Scholastic's cock until they give her 70+ books and spinoff series arcs and a nickolodeon show and all sorts of other bullshit and buy their own books and shove them into schools in the hopes that this artificially inflates her career sales figures.

So instead of disposable and cool-looking baddies for the heroes to fight, it is always:
Yeerks, the brain-slugs and the two disposable alien races brain-slugged into working for them:
Taxxons, hungry aliens
Hork-Bajirs, bladed angry buff aliens

and instead of "This benevolent alien gives kids powers and advice and missions", the alien dies and gives the powers to kids out of desperation Green Lantern style. Then some other alien sixth ranger guy gets added to the team from the same race, because the author's indecisive like that.

And the alien race that says "Kids, fight evil with the powers I give you!" was originally intended as a generic grey "Ayyy lmao" race. But Scholastic said "be more creative plz" so Karen decided to "Make it so complex that no TV show or movie could ever animate it right!" and what she designed is both overdesigned and BORING.
It's a blue centaur!
It's just a blue centaur but the author duct-taped some extra shit onto it.
so they have a generic "Proud warrior race idiot" society that's got such a hard-on for itself and its own shapeshifting powers that it has "morphing dancers" who stand in the street and shapeshift in public and get paid like musicians or some shit
also the blue centaur has a scorpion tail. and a downwards-sloping back so you can't ride him. and eye-stalks. and no mouth, so he speaks via "Thought-Speech" psychically and eats grass by absorbing it through his hooves.

Also the robot friend becomes a retarded pussy pacifist (An episode is wasted on getting the tech needed to remove his pacifism so he can help the war effort. His offscreen violence is so swift and scary that it terrifies children traumatized by over 30 acts of gore and war crimes already, and they all agree to reinstall his no-violence protocols and never get his help again

And instead of Power Ranger's "Actors do kung fu and suit-wearing actors swing swords and fire lasers, making sparks and harmless explosions that only cause pain and exhaustion" kiddie stuff, these books have EDGE AND DEATH AND MISERY AND GRIM DARK GORE! So much fucking gore! Morphing from animal form to human form and back heals all wounds, so the body horror transformations and gore never actually matter. They're just here for EDGE! The author gets fucking wet describing the bones of children snapping and grinding and crunching as they bend over and their faces split apart to make room for dog mouths.

And instead of Rita Repulsa openly saying those hammy campy mwahaha lines, it's "Visser Three", the only BrainSlug Yeerk to ever possess an Andalite (Shapeshifting blue centaur) body, letting him turn into all sorts of shitty DeviantArt OCs

"Fun daily school life" is USUALLY (when author remembers) haunted by the knowledge that brain-slug aliens are quietly invading earth. they even got the headmaster of these kids' school! oh no! the horror!

And the five "new power rangers"?

Cassie the mary sue, the best transmorpher of the group who gets to look like a massive-winged angel girl while everyone else's faces are breaking apart. she's just naturally perfect and her mom works at Super-SeaAndLandWorld and her dad's a combination farmer and vet with a clinic out the back so she single-handedly ensures this group gets access to farm animals, sea animals, tigers and lions and shit from Super SeaAndLandWorld, and more.

Jake, the generic heroic kid, the dreamboat perfect man boyfriend of Cassie until he becomes a PTSD-filled sadsack abandoned by Cassie who gives up on the mission, gets a new BF, and fucks off.

Marco, the obligatory smart black kid. He's smart so he's the only one allowed to think of things usually, unless it involves animals. Then Cassie thinks of it. His dad's a faggot and his mom's the body of Visser One (Other bad guy, minor, this doesn't matter)

Tobias, unimportant guy who gets stuck in Red-Tailed Hawk form at the end of episode one. His sudden disappearance is explained by telling each of his foster parents that he's with the other parent.

Rachel, the tough girl. The author demands you take her seriously! She's reely reely stronk and she turns into bears and becomes soooo angry and saaad.

Aximili Totalfaggouth Assfill the wacky sense-freak alien boy who makes the yeerks look supremely incompetent for never drawing attention to the party even though all Andalites taking human form act like him. HAHAHA HE WANTS CINNAMON BUNS AND CHOCOLATE. HAHA COMEDY.

There was a temporary party member called David, he was mean and betrayed humanity for the BrainSlugs out of cowardice, so Cassie forces Rachel to torture him to death and endure his screams.

Satan and God are also characters in this story. Everything's a chess match between them so nobody has free will and nothing matters.

In the end the heroes win, then a new invincible threat shows up and the only heroes with balls left ram their spaceship into one of many alien spaceships to kill themselves, the end.


Still getting caught up on the conversation that took place while I was gone, but I'll respond to some of the discussion in a little bit. Meanwhile, let's continue with the story.

>A new thought was occurring to me. About Watcher. The Wasteland Survival Guide had to be written after the megaspells rained down. Long after, considering its sound advice on scavenging. So that book wouldn't have been in the Ponyville Library as part of the original, pre-war library. It found its way in there later, from the lack of being burned, defaced or covered in blood, I was guessing recently. Which made me wonder: did Watcher know about those poor ponies the raiders held captive?
The impression I'm getting is that Frank not sure why the author keeps referring to this character as Watcher, it must be a typo is going to end up being one of those ambiguous characters who helps the protagonist somewhat, but also has his own agenda and thus can't really be trusted. This is fine, and I'm curious to see where it goes. However, Littlepoop's reasoning here feels more like the author thinking out loud than anything that LP would come up with on her own.

Part of the problem is that it's still not tremendously clear just how much of the world's backstory this character actually knows. On the one hand hoof, whatever she is presented to us as kind of a greenhorn, who spent her life as an apprentice gadget repair pony of little note living in a shelter, who would thus know virtually nothing of the world outside. On the other, she seems to know quite a bit when it's convenient for her to, which I suppose could be due in part to some basic education she'd have received while in the Stable, but her level of knowledge still doesn't feel consistent or believable.

A bigger part of the problem is that we don't really know that much either. I'm assuming the history of the war and what led up to it is going to be a big part of the main story, and the author will thus be feeding it to us in small doses over the course of the book, which is appropriate. However, what we have learned has been revealed rather chaotically, often with references to things like "the war" or "when the megaspells rained down," presented as if these were common-knowlege events. We don't really know much about any of this stuff ourselves, so it's hard to gage how much of it Littlepoop ought to know.

Anyway, LP continues to speculate to herself about what Frank's game might be. The main takeaway is that LP now suspects that Frank sent her into the Library specifically to release the prisoners she released, which itself suggests that one or more of the prisoners (most probably the zombie since that was the one the story focused most on) was somepony important. She seems to have realized that her mysterious benefactor might have an ulterior motive, beyond floating around dispensing helpful advice to complete strangers.

Even though according to an earlier paragraph the sprite bot floated away, LP can apparently still hear the music it is playing, which then suddenly cuts off and is replaced by a new voice. The text describes the new speaker as "the voice of a smooth male pony with a greasy charisma."

>Friends, ponies, rejoice! Although the world about you is bleak, scarred and poisoned by the war of honorless, thoughtless, inferior ponies of the past, we do not have to live in the shadow of their greed and wickedness. Together, we can raise Equestria back to its former beauty! Together, we can build a new kingdom where all live together in perfect unity! It's already happening, my good ponies. Already, the foundation for a new and wonderful age is being built. Yes, it's hard work, but don't we owe it to ourselves, and to future generations of ponies, to be better? No, to be the best we can possibly be? I'm telling you now, as your friend, as your leader, that we can. We must. And we will!
So apparently, someone is actually in charge still. Either that, or someone who aspires to be in charge is attempting to drum up support for whatever his cause is. Presumably this is foreshadowing something important.

Once again, Littlepoop's inconsistent knowledge of past and present events displays itself; she has no idea who the pony claiming to be the leader might be. Her observations are more or less along the same lines as mine: the world seems to be a decaying chaotic shithole, without anything resembling towns, cities or higher civilization of any kind. The ponies that don't live in Stables seem to mostly wander around looting whatever was left behind in the ruins of the previous world order, apparently without trying to settle in or rebuild any of its structures (beyond repurposing them as makeshift fortresses as the raiders in the previous episode seem to have done).

For no particular reason I can ascertain, Littlepoop runs off to find "a ruin with enough intact stairs for me to get up to what was left of a second floor." She uses her binoculars and spots a plume of smoke in the distance. This seems to confirm her suspicion that there is, in fact, a settlement of some kind nearby; however, it's unclear how or why she came to suspect this. She also sees that there is a road leading to this settlement, upon which there appears to be some kind of wagon train traveling.

It's hard to nail down where LP is supposed to be in physical space here. Our last point of reference was a playground, which, when combined with this two-story structure she's in right now, would indicate that she is in some kind of urban area. Her last mappable location would have been Ponyville, and due to the vague jump in time between the last chapter and the current, it's impossible to know how far from there she's traveled. If she is just now noticing that there is a major high-traffic road, it's also a little unclear how she's been traveling from point A to point B so far.

Anyway, she sends Celestia a prayer of thanks and there is a page break.

>The path wasn't a road, exactly. Rather, it was a long, arcing swath cutting through the Equestrian Wasteland.
This should clear things up, but it only confuses me further. If I'm following this correctly, LP's movements in this chapter have taken her from a munitions factory located some undefined distance from Ponyville, to a playground which apparently just exists in the middle of nowhere, to a two-story building of indeterminate purpose, which also just exists in the middle of nowhere, and now she appears to have finally found a road.

The text mentions that after LP leaves the factory, she picks a random direction and begins wandering. There is an implication that this is basically what she has been doing since she left Ponyville. So, presumably, she has just been wandering aimlessly through the grass or dirt or whatever the post-magical-nuclear ground is composed of, and by pure dumb luck is just stumbling upon structures that are randomly dotted around for who knows what reason.

Is she in the ruins of a city, or at least a town or a suburb? The presence of buildings and a playground would suggest this, but if that's the case, oughtn't there be some streets for her to follow, instead of just wandering through apparently wide-open space? Shouldn't there be other buildings, and if so, then shouldn't she encounter raider groups like in Ponyville? There's no logic whatsoever to the geography of this setting or how its population is distributed, it just feels like a game world.

Anyway, from what she further describes, it seems that what she has found is actually the remains of a railroad. She follows it until she comes to a gully, but she doesn't trust the bridge, so she instead opts to descend and cross the gully the slow way. On the way, she has a pointless and not particularly exciting confrontation with some mysterious pig-creatures. She uses "Little Macintosh" to dispatch these.

Equally pointless is the description of an abandoned camp she discovers under the bridge while she is still down in the gully. We get another long paragraph that is basically just an itemized list of more random crap she picks up, though there is this:

>I had been surprised to see a smiling zebra on the front of the box, the first depiction of a zebra I'd seen that didn't look like a storybook villain.
This seems to be another subtle hint the author is dropping about the situation of the world prior to its collapse. I've gathered from some of Nigel's rambling spoilers that the Zebras were a political or religious faction, who were presumably opposed to the ponies in some way. It appears that a negative perception of them has persisted in the Stable where Littlepoop grew up.

Anyway, she apparently makes it out of the gully and keeps following the railroad. Then, suddenly, she gets shot in the leg.

>The bullet missed the bone, and I could tell that sickeningly because I could see it!
I'm rapidly losing confidence that this author has any idea how bullet wounds work. Or, for that matter, how guns work. Also, this sentence is atrociously written.

Anyway, despite her bum leg she manages to drag herself behind some cover and tries to patch herself up, but the wound is too serious to treat with the supplies she has. She manages to get it sort-of bandaged to the point that she can focus on trying to find the shooter. Unfortunately, she can't spot anyone, which indicates a sniper.

>I felt like my heart swallowed an ice cube when the image hit me that there was a pony out there with a StealthBuck!
First of all, the heart is an organ with no mouth or gullet and thus can't swallow anything, so this metaphor is dumb. The author could just as easily have said "my heart turned to ice" or something to that effect. Second, what the hell is a StealthBuck? This has never been mentioned in the text up to this point and it's not something common or real that a reader could be expected to guess at or already know. Third, how is Littlepoop, who had literally never even seen a gun up until a couple of days ago, aware of some obscure type of...well...from context I'm assuming it's some kind of super-powerful sniper rifle? I really have no idea; the author doesn't even try to explain this one.

Anyway, it looks like we never get to find out what a StealthBuck is, because it turns out that it's not even what the attacker is using, so it was pointless to even bring it up. She looks up and sees a pegasus flying overhead, with a couple of rifles mounted under its wings. She manages to levitate a rock in time to deflect another shot, which somehow punctures her canteen and costs her the rest of her water. Another shot, which I guess magically circles around the rock somehow, ends up in her shoulder.

>So, this is what it was like to die? So overrated.
Le edge.

She appears to lose consciousness for a couple of minutes at this point, and when she regains it she sees the wagon that she saw earlier through the binoculars. The present location of the pegasus with the rifles at is not given.

>Forcing myself to my hooves, I began dragging myself into the open. If I was going to die, it wasn't going to be laying down, watching these people get slaughtered!
Even though she may be planning to actually lay down the law, this should still be "lying down."

Also, I see her logic, but it's not a given that the pegasus will attack the wagons. What I assume is happening is the settlement has guards posted a couple of miles out to watch the road, and they saw some strange pony skulking around, armed to the teeth. The pegasus assumed she was a threat and attacked her. Moreover, even if the pegasus is a bandit or something, she's pretty badly wounded and it makes no sense to go charging in as she wouldn't be much help. There are several of them, and if they are in the business of transporting goods to and from the settlement they probably know to watch for hijackers and can defend themselves. If not, it's their own fault if they get killed.
285781 285852 285927

Anyway, despite apparently having a wound in her leg serious enough that she can look into it and see bone, as well as a new one in her shoulder, plus whatever blood she lost while she was unconscious, Littlepoop is so concerned about this wagon train which is being driven by complete strangers who, based on most of her previous experiences, she should probably assume are hostile anyway that she somehow stands up and drags herself in front of the wagons.

It's not clear how long this takes her, since we don't know the distance between her current position and the train tracks, but given her condition we can probably assume she's limping badly and moving slowly. She would be an easy mark for the pegasus right now for that matter, she would have been an even easier target while she was lying in the open and apparently unconscious for an indeterminate period of time, but for some reason he allows her to limp to the tracks.

She stands heroically between the wagons and the pegasus, who is apparently now flying directly towards her but hasn't tried to shoot her yet.

>I stood directly between him and the travelers. My vision was blurry from tears and trauma. I wasn't sure, even with S.A.T.S., that I could hit him. And I stood no chance against his aim. He was an amazing shot; technically, he hadn't missed me yet.
Then I guess it's a good thing he isn't shooting at you, for some ridiculous unknown reason.

This is beyond absurd at this point; based on the preposterously severe injuries the author chose to inflict on her, she shouldn't even be able to move right now, let alone make a heroic stand for a bunch of total strangers who might kill her and can probably defend themselves anyway. This pegasus has a massive advantage over her: he's airborne, she has no cover beyond whatever nearby rocks she can levitate, she's badly wounded, and despite the literal mountain of guns she is apparently carrying with her, she is choosing to fight him with a fucking revolver, so he has her outgunned as well. This is by far the dumbest fight we've encountered in this story so far, and that's saying a lot.

Oh also, she says that he hasn't missed her yet, but he actually has missed her twice. By my count he has fired four shots at her, and two of them missed: the first shot ripped her leg open (hit), the second was deflected by the sniper rifle on her back (miss), the third she deflected with the rock (miss) but it destroyed her canteen (somehow, still not sure about the physics on that one), and the fourth went into her shoulder (hit, though again the physics of it are confusing since she was still blocking with the rock).

Anyway, it gets even funnier from here:

>Putting every ounce of me into it, I growled as menacingly as I could. And hoped that a pony who had survived four shots would be mistaken for a pony to be reckoned with.
Literally nopony would mistake her for that. She is completely at this guy's mercy. The only reason she isn't dead right now is because literally every enemy she goes up against is dumb as a fucking post. This dive-bombing pegasus could probably have pumped five or six rounds into her but for some reason hasn't yet, even though all she's doing is standing there growling at him.

>"Shoot at me all you want, but if you attack that family, I will! End! You!"
This is just comedy at this point. The way this line would realistically have gone was:

>"Shoot at me all you want, but if--"
>Littletwit dies
But fortunately for her, this will never, ever happen. Whatever cosmic force is playing her character must have set the game on "Please don't put me in any actual danger because I am literally retarded" mode, so she is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

Anyway, it turns out I called it. Instead of gunning her down, the pegasus stops short as soon as he sees she is trying to defend the caravan instead of attack it. The pegasus is indeed a guard for the settlement, or maybe an outrider for the caravan; in any case, the two are on the same side. The misunderstanding was pretty much what I outlined above: the pegasus saw Littlepoop sneaking around the gully, assumed she was either attacking the wagons or planning an ambush, and attacked her first. However, we will have to wait until the next chapter to learn more, because Littleshit loses consciousness again.

Oh yeah, apparently the pegasus' name is Calamity, and he speaks with an Applejack-like drawl. I recognize the name from some of the rule34 tags I've seen for this story, so I am guessing that we have finally encountered an important character.

Also, one thing I haven't mentioned yet but have noticed is that the author adds footnotes at the bottom of every chapter. The footnotes don't really have anything to do with the story; they're cutesy, jokey video-game-isms that playfully reference the setting. I've been ignoring them up until now, but I notice the ones at the bottom of this chapter read:

>Level Up. New Perk: Egghead - You will add +2 skill points each time you gain a new experience level.
Personally, instead of just dropping in random shit that sounds like what I presume are level-up messages in Fallout but tinged with pony-isms like "egghead," I'd try to tie these to the outcome of the actual events of the story. In this case I would write:

>Level Up. New Perk: Dumb Luck - A bizarre combination of extreme stupidity and insane luck, heretofore unseen in this world, has made you literally impossible to kill. You are unstoppable. You can stand in front of a maelstrom of bullets doing jumping jacks and not a singled damned one of them will hit you. If you fall off a cliff the laws of gravity will change, and you will float lazily downward until making a graceful landing atop a mountain of pillows. Your Luck stat is now so high that it has exceeded the max integer limit for the game's software causing a stack overflow. The program has crashed. Game over. You win. Congratulations. Again.
Yeah, that scene was probably the result of Kkat going "okay, here's how these characters meet" before actually writting or planning out the rest of the encounter, leading to him not realizing that it is incredibly contrived. It could be Calamity was confused not only by how that little mare was still standing, but also by how she had placed herself facing him in front of the caravan. I also think the "he technically hasn't missed" is from how, had the sniper rifle and rock not been there in very specific positions, the bullets would have connected with Littlepip. It's splitting hairs, but...

Oh, one more thing: if some object or concept is poorly explained, you can bet it's something from the games that Kkat thought would be obvious to the reader, such as with the StealthBuck. Spoiler for what it is, in case you'd rather wait for when we actually get to see one in action: in Fallout 3 and New Vegas - the Fallout games Fo:E is based off of - the Stealth Boy is a stealth module that attaches to your Pip Boy (hence "Stealth Boy") which bends light around the user for a limited time, leaving little visual trace of their existence besides a barely-visible shimmer of light where the user is standing. Since the Pip Boy is now the PipBuck, Kkat changed the name to the StealthBuck.
I too like to call secretly entering by surprise with or without lube a stealthbuck.
Alright, that got a kek outta me.
Yeah, you're right.
And you guessed that thing at the end correctly, too.

In Fallout 1, 2, and NV you Level Up when you get enough EXP

at every third Level in Fallout 1 and 2, or every second level in New Vegas, you can select a new Perk to obtain from the list of perks you're eligible for.

These Perks are positive effects like "You deal +5% damage with handguns" and "You no longer trigger landmines when walking over them".

Some Perks are locked behind level, skill, and SPECIAL stat requirements. So for example you can only get the Sniper perk (Critical hits with rifles deal +50% more damage to enemies) if you're over level 6, have a Guns score above 75, and an Agility score above 6.
Companion Perks are perks you temporarily have whenever a Companion is working for you. So if you've got Arcade the doctor running around with you, you recover health faster. Having Boone the sniper around means he'll spot enemies for you. Cass the drunken overrated whore makes booze hurt you less. and these companions sometimes get extra perks or give you extra perks depending on how you completed their Companion Quests.
After helping Boone the sniper get over the role he played in the Bitter Springs massacre, you can either say "Get revenge on whoever gave the kill everyone order!" or "Get over it and let go". The former makes him shoot better, the latter makes him tougher. I always choose the latter even though the former makes him more useful to me.

sometimes, you permanently gain perks after completing a quest based on how you completed it.
very clever mod authors (like the genius behind Fallout New California) will use these perks in place of a reliable system of global triggers checkable by dialogue and scripts.

anyway back to the fic

in Fallout 3 some perks got their effectiveness reduced because you now gain a perk after every level.

But some perks just raise one skill by a few points, to make sure any retard (even those who gave their character a low INT score) can get their skills high enough to stand a good chance at beating the RANDOM FUCKING DICE ROLL-BASED SKILL CHECKS IN THIS GAME and seeing all content on a single character's play-through.
and some perks are supremely overpowered like Nuclear Anomaly, where you generate a nuclear explosion around you (without harming you) whenever you're lowered to 20% of your health

that's a big creative divide between the geniuses at Obsidian/Black Isle Studios and the retarded niggers at Bethesda.

Bethesda think you should make one character who's good at everything and keep playing forever no matter what. Any variance in your Skyrim experience compared to mine should be minimal, because Skyrimbabbies will call their "Wandering around encountering random shit videogame style" sessions a unique experience superior to actual hand-crafted well-designed videogame experiences. Every player should be equally godlike and get the best armor and weaps from the start. Story should be retarded and simplified and coordination-less interns should design damn near everything with no thought for tone or consistency. Choices should mean nothing and change as little as possible except at the end. Choices should be as simple and nonsensical as "Do you want to befriend the good guys or the bad guys who have already tried to kill you twice?" and "Do you want to burn this one city down for no reason or not do that?" Replay value is for faggots and cutscenes are god. ALSO A BUTTON THAT EXPLODES SOMETHING NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE.

Black Obsidian think replay value, actual roleplaying, actual decision-making, and the ability to make creative character builds that differ from the characters of other players are vital parts of a Western RPG because they are. They've got good stories and incredible replay value. After playing FNV as a NCR guy who hates the Legion, you can experience the game again as a Legion soldier for more content and fun.

Bethesda make Micheal Bay movies but dumber without even fucking realizing it. Obsidian makes actual good video games. It's a shame Outer Worlds turned out so bland and boring! I blame it on all the women they hired whose only writing experiences were publishing werewolf futa rape books online.
Have I mentioned that I fucking hate niggers and women?
I really hate the way women looking for a job will talk about what diversity boxes they tick first, and then talk about their fucking mediocre accomplishments or bullshit you about a generic safe personality they claim to have, one or the other goes before the other but the diversity checkboxes (The only reason anyone would want to interact with or hire her) always come first, because any of those incredibly rare women with brains know they'd get more cash and creative control going into business solo away from the office politics wars waged by other women to make their meaningless unfulfilling lives feel more exciting. I think women actually want to feel oppressed, in the way autists want to feel a weight on their chest from their weighted blankets when they sleep. It's reassuring to know there's a good force on you, and the core lie of feminism is the idea that women deserve more than they earn and have bad forces holding them back. No, they have bad forces propping them up and holding humanity back.
God fucking damn it, words can't describe how much women piss me the fuck off. Narcissistic western women were always rotten to the core, it's why jews had such an easy time turning them against white men and "marrying them" to jewish lies. jewed women grow fat and purchase ten cats with wealth stolen from the white man and given to them by the jew and jewish govt and jewish courts. They've got every advantage in the world and they're too retarded to notice it, and the ones who do notice it immediately start pulling the trashiest scams possible because they know the courts will go easy on them and let them get away with damn near anything. Do women even have any positive achievements that are not tiny pussy shit like "First woman to use something a man invented", "First woman to be held up as a cultural revolution icon for saying what people were already saying and wanted to hear more of", or "First woman to make a good piece of media by recombining ideas invented by men while also being helped by male writers and cowriters and editors and publishers and the men who taught her to read and the men who invented the industries that handed her a job out of gender-pity", or "First woman to actually do her goddamn job in the right place at the right time and get shilled in the history books for doing what a man could have done in her position better"?
Holy shitting fuck I fucking unironically hate women. How the fuck has any man ever brought himself to tolerate and endure one long enough to fuck her? I don't think women will ever go back to being good mothers and good people unless "Try real hard to pretend to be a good mother/person, or be abandoned and rejected by society for failing until you try harder, or fail utterly and go to jail/a padded room" become their only options in society. All self-made women are myths propped up by white men out of politeness, pity, and desperation to have someone on their level to talk to.
For clarification, the post that this post is responding to is not a compliment
I know it's not a compliment, and I didn't take it as one.
I wouldn't be able to ride a bike today if I hadn't fallen off a bike so often in my youth.
>The large amount of spelling and grammatical errors comes from Kkat's ridiculous notion to cease all editing and proofreading of the fic after its completion, to "preserve Fallout Equestria for the future". This doesn't apply to printed copies, which have gone through additional proofreading and have numerous errors corrected.
I've actually been pleasantly surprised by how few spelling and grammar errors I've found in here. The prose style is still fairly amateurish but it's a lot better mechanically than both Sun & Rose and Friendship is Optimal. I feel like in terms of basic writing ability this guy is on par with Peen Stroke, maybe slightly better. This isn't to say I'm finding this to be a high-quality work so far, but honestly at this point I don't set the bar terribly high for these things. If it's just an occasional misspelled word or grammatical error here and there, I am willing to grant a pass on mechanics, and that has mostly been the case with this so far. However, I do point them out when I see them.

Now we're talking. I miss using this device.

I've begun to notice that k "you may pray the gay away, but I pray for gays to come my way" kat actually does the same thing with violence and edge that Peen Stroke does with sentimentality: he tries to provoke an emotional response from the reader by laying tragedy on as thickly as possible. It fails for more or less the same reason. I'm actually a little annoyed with myself that it took me so long to notice this, but your post is what made me realize it.

So far Littlepoop has been a witness to tragic events, but has experienced no actual tragedy. She hasn't lost anything; she hasn't even lost a fight (except for early on when she gets caught by slavers). As you've illustrated, this is unrealistic anyway: she's lived a sheltered life, is small to begin with, has had no physical training or combat training, knows nothing about weapons, and has never been outside. She should be getting her ass kicked left and right. However, this actually exposes a deeper problem.

K "be a chum and cum in my bum" kat is trying desperately to paint a picture of a grim, hopeless version of Equestria that contrasts sharply with the warm and friendly place that most pony fans are familiar with. With Littlepoop, he's trying to take a character who has led a sheltered life and show her the terrifying realities of the world. However, the best way to accomplish this would be to have her experience it firsthand, not just see it. Her entire life at the beginning part of the story should be one misery after another.

Here is how I'd do it:

She leaves the Stable with some hare-brained idea in her head that she's going to track down Velvet Remedy and be a hero. However, as soon as she's out the door she realizes the world is a grim hellscape covered in radiation or magic taint or whatever the fuck it is exactly. The first ponies she talks to capture her and sell her into slavery. When the slavers are attacked, she tries to escape but fails, realizing that just because she fooled around with lockpicking back in the stable it doesn't mean she can just open any locked thing she comes across. The slavers are ruthlessly slaughtered by the raiders, and instead of escaping she is now taken captive by them, and probably ends up in one of the torture-cages herself. She would probably try to make friends with Monterey Jack, who would eventually figure out a way to outsmart the raiders and escape, or maybe they get freed and the raiders get killed by some freak thing that has nothing to do with either of them. Either way though, she develops a bond with MJ and thinks she can trust him. Then, as soon as they are free, Littlepoop is immediately betrayed by Monterey Jack, who strips her of whatever belongings the raiders and slavers didn't take, and probably rapes her because it's plausible and this author seems to want maximum edge so why the hell not.

The point is, this character's entire life for the early portion of the story should be nothing but a long chain of events in which she is forced to continuously acknowledge her own limitations. The lesson she should learn is that no matter how much spunk or pluck or moxy a pony has, the world is a merciless zero-sum game and battles are won by brute strength alone. She keeps escaping from certain-death situations by the skin of her teeth, but that's as far as her luck goes. She is constantly getting beat up and thrown around, and is betrayed by nearly everypony she meets. It is at this point that she realizes she needs to develop her own strength, and so she gradually begins learning how to fight and to use her cunning and tech knowledge to compensate for her small size. Once she has learned to stand on her own, she can then begin to learn how to make real friends and trust other ponies again. There are any number of directions it could be taken, but this is basically how it should work if an author wants to write this sort of hopeless grimdark world.

Writing her character this way would not only make the fights more believable, it would also make Littleploop more sympathetic. The way it's written now, she's basically a spectator; she sees horrible things happening all around her, but somehow she manages to achieve flawless victory against impossible odds every time. Like Peen Stroke and his endless scenes of Nyx wailing and sobbing for dumb reasons, this author thinks he can milk emotional resonance from this story by heaping on the blood and guts and mutilation. However, it doesn't connect with the reader the way he wants it to, because the reader sees things through the eyes of the protagonist, and the protagonist is basically observing these tragedies without being directly affected (beyond whatever psychological scars she receives by seeing them, I suppose).
I feel like what I wrote above applies to most of what you wrote here as well. I think you nail down what the author is trying to do fairly well, but I would argue that he fails to accomplish it for the reasons I've outlined.

>Now, Littlepip, as a character, is established as having an aversion to killing. How do you overcome this? Simple. Make the enemies so morally repulsive that killing them is anything but a morally bad act.
This actually gets close to what I have a problem with. It feels like a rationalization, not so much on the part of Littletits but on the part of the author. Earlier I used the analogy of cheating on a diet, and that's basically what this is. The author is effectively saying to his character: "I know you have an aversion to killing, but I need you to learn how to kill for this story to work out the way I want. So here's a bunch of sadistic child molesters that nobody would miss or sympathize with; go nuts. You can now experience the thrill of bloodlust without any of the guilt or remorse."

You can't think about morality in a story in quite the same way you'd think about it in real life. Just because a villain deserves to die doesn't mean that the hero automatically has a right to kill them, and just because the villain is dead doesn't mean that justice has been done. You have to remember that nothing in fiction is real, so morality is not so much a matter of exacting actual justice as correcting whatever imbalances you introduce so the reader feels satisfied.

A bunch of generically sadistic cardboard-cutout villains have a helpless foal upstairs, and they amuse themselves by taking turns at raping her and burning her with cigarettes; that's pretty awful. The existence of this is an imbalance in the world. However, merely killing off the raiders and putting an end to the filly's suffering doesn't necessarily mean that balance has been restored; their death has to be satisfying in some way, so if another character brings that death about that character needs to have a 'right' to kill them. 'Right' in this context doesn't necessarily mean a moral right according to basic standards of decency; if this situation were real then nearly anyone could come along and slaughter the raiders and not many people would complain. However, in fiction, if you're going to kill these characters, their death needs to serve a purpose.

For example, if Littlepoop's interference somehow enabled the filly to turn the tables on her abuser and deal the death blow herself, by say, I don't know, kicking a chair that caused the raider to trip and fall out the window, that act would correct the imbalance in the world. The wrong done to the filly is the imbalance, and allowing the filly to get her revenge corrects it. By contrast, if the raiders were just murdered by some passerby, the filly's situation improves, but it doesn't really feel like justice was done.

A good example is Scar's death in The Lion King. He creates a lot of story imbalances: he kills Mufasa, robs Simba of his rightful throne, and ruins life for all the subjects of the realm. Even the hyenas are wronged by him, since they were arguably better off before he duped them into serving him. You might think that simply having Simba kill him would be enough, but this would only satisfy Simba's imbalance; the rest would remain unresolved and the ending would be faintly unsatisfying, though most in the audience couldn't quite explain why. The way Scar actually dies is far better: Simba still ultimately defeats him, but he doesn't deal the finishing blow. He sentences him to "run away and never return," which is the same thing that Scar did to him.

Simba's grievance with Scar ends right then and there; he obtained satisfaction and got his kingdom back. However, Scar still isn't off the hook for all the shit he did to everyone else. So, Scar makes one last cowardly attack on Simba, who then bats him aside effortlessly (there is no further need for Simba to struggle against Scar since their fight is resolved). From here, Scar falls off the rock (symbolically this is his fall from power) and is torn to shreds by hyenas. The hyenas themselves are neither good nor evil; they're just a bunch of low-level thugs that Scar used to do his dirty work. He is now destroyed (in an appropriately agonizing way) by the machine he built to accomplish his goals. The universe balances out in the end. Oh yeah, in case anyone has never seen The Lion King: Spoiler: Scar gets eaten by hyenas at the end.

Now compare that to what Littlecoom does in the Library scene. What is her 'right' to kill these raiders? Sure they're bad, but did they commit any imbalance against her that killing them would resolve? Is she connected to the filly in any way that gives her a right to mete out vengeance on her behalf? The answer to all of these is no. Littleshit is just a spectator who happened to wander in and see that all this shit was going on; she is justifiably outraged but not involved. Thus, not only do her actions not restore balance she's actually introducing additional imbalance by depriving the filly of her right to a real vengeance.

If LP had some significant relationship to the filly, like the filly was her sister or daughter or something, or even if she had met the filly on the road earlier and made friends with her, that might change things. However, in this case, she is just the pure, unsullied hero swooping in to save the day and punish evildoers, which is about the hackiest kind of storytelling a writer can possibly do. The shock elements (child rape, torture, etc), instead of adding emotional resonance, just make the scene distasteful.

I went off on a tangent already so I won't go into detail about it, but there is an old episode of The Sopranos called "Boca" that deals with this subject in kind of an interesting way; anyone curious should try watching it through this lens.
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Sorry about the women rant. Tried to keep it short at first but lost it. I hate how much I get carried away too.

Was thinking about converting videogame mechanics to a story context, and realized... exploitation of game mechanics would be fucking sick in a book.
and sports mechanics, too. Ever seen a backwards long jump? ever seen Arbitrary Code Execution? ever seen Watch For Rolling Rocks in 0.5x A Presses? There are real stories of creativity in gamers out there that would make Ender "Haha I'm the first human who understands space foosball and I'm just a boy outthinking and outplaying teenagers haha how swagtastic oh god please please please think I'm cool" Wiggins weep with jealousy.

In Fallout 4 you can modify your weapons.
Spend some scrap improving your 10mm pistol's grip into a Comfort Grip for +2% accuracy
upgrade your FatMan(TM) Nuclear Bomb Launcher with a MIRV Nuclear Cluster Bomb device so for the price of one nuke, you spit a cluster-bomb that splits into... was it 6 mini-nukes per cluster?
upgrade your Minigun to have nicer iron sights
if you fuck around in the crafting menus real fast, like Pinkie Pie waving her hooves together, you glitch the game so you put your MIRV Nuclear Cluster Bomb device into your Minigun
you now have a minigun that sprays bullets like they're droplets in a piss stream, except each droplet is a cluster bomb that splits apart into 6 nukes per cluster each
Anyway it's really easy to make this in Fallout 4
it's some real cartoon-physics "God I wish I was Borderlands" bullshit and it's fun for all of 60 seconds just like the game

You guys ever heard of Blaseball?
It's an online baseball site where made-up baseball teams full of made-up players have simulated matches while the human fans watching discuss the games and make up wiki pages and lore and songs about the players.
so the Miami Breath Mints fight the Mexico City Wild Wings and fans get mad at Wesrey Furcot for pitching the baseball in the same place every time like an asshole
also players can die during baseball games, dead people are stored in the "null" team and not allowed in matches
also the fans of the winning team each round get to vote for the "Blessing" that team gets, and all Blessings are intentionally-poorly-explained usually-beneficial fun bonuses.
one time, during Season Six the devs introduced "Idols"
now each player can designate one NPC as their "Idol"
You earn coins every time your "Idol" hits a ball or strikes out as batter
the devs also added a leaderboard ranking the game's made-up players by who was getting Idol'd the most
And the devs decreed that whichever team wins this season gets the 14th most Idol'd player assigned to their team...

...you see where I'm going with this, right?

The made-up team that's calculated to win the most simulated Baseball games gets the 14th most Idol'd OC added to their team
and like I said, dead people are classed under the "Null" team
so players started selecting popular dead players as Idols, hoping to keep them at the 14th most Idol'd spot so whoever wins this season of Baseball will get this dead player resurrected and addded to their team!

This is so fucking smart holy shit

some Yugioh cards are added to the Banned/Limited List only after they're used in an unexpected and creative way to fuck up official YCS Tournaments.
like cards that are used to cause infinite loops of effects that can never be resolved, halting the game's progress forever and forcing a draw or disqualification.
classic card Yata-Garasu was the first card to prove yugioh needs a Limited/Banned list. that or Cletus Of Dagla.
basically if you're attacked by this card, you can't draw a card at the start of your next turn. If don't already have a way to deal with Yata on the field or in your hand, you've lost. you could have the best cards in the world in your deck and you won't be able to play with, pick up, or even look at those cards. You're helpless until the game's over. there is no mercy. no comeback potential. only Yata-Garasu, envoy of the limit.

Plus every monster card effect that does not have "You can only use the effect of InsertThisCard'sNameHere once per turn" in the card text, and has "This effect can only be activated once per turn" instead, is exploitable.
Play the effect monster, use its effect, destroy it and re-summon it, and you can re-activate that effect monster's effect again. Infinite loop, at least until you run out of ways to destroy and re-summon a monster during a turn. But if your infinite loop of effects includes a way to infinitely restore the cards you use to destroy and re-summon your effect monster, then your loop is truly infinite.

also there was once a Smash Bros Melee tournament match where both players were colossal faggots who did absolutely nothing for all 8 minutes of all 5 matches they played, pretty much
eventually one guy in the fight realized "i can't win, unless I get us both disqualified" so he stopped moving, meaning he made no mistakes for his foe to exploit, so they both fucking stood there like glitching NPCs
fucking surreal
they stood there like glitching NPCs with fucked-up pathfinding AI, because they couldn't find the path to victory.
for about 40 minutes in a row
eventually they were told "play or you're both getting kicked out" so they pushed buttons and fought for a bit and eventually the match ended

there are things to exploit in the rules of sports and video games and this kind of fuckery can be fascinating to watch

this fic uses videogame logic when it's convenient and pisses on videogame logic when it's easy, but if this story went all the way with videogame logic it could be fun.

Imagine if Littlepip can easily carry 299 pounds of guns and ammo and other stuff without even breaking a sweat, but not a single ounce more because that would put her over her Maximum Weight Limit according to her pip-buck's Stats page.
imagine Littlepip knocking someone unconscious and storing their body "object" in her inventory.
285883 286018

I actually think you're both right to some extent. I don't think a person's values are going to necessarily change depending on the situation they're in, but people still adapt their behavior to fit their circumstances.

One of the fallacies of modern thinking is the assumption that all humans share the same basic nature to begin with. You see it all the time in literature and entertainment, and a lot of the time it boils down to a fairly asinine debate over whether "human nature" is inherently "good" or "evil." A more realistic way of looking at it is to assume that some humans are more capable of higher or "better" reasoning than others; grasping delayed gratification for instance. If you had two humans and you gave each one of them a bag of corn, one person's first impulse would be to eat the corn, while the other person's impulse would be to plant it in order to grow more corn. The second person might be hungry initially, but long-term would end up with a sustainable food source, whereas the first person would eat until he ran out of corn, and would have to then go out and obtain some more, probably through force. A person's base character or nature is mostly what determines their values, and their nature is determined by genetics, intelligence, race, and probably a million other factors that are too complex to go into here. Point is, each person has their own inborn proclivities and tendencies and this determines what they inherently value and will prioritize.

What I think Hobbes was getting at is that most people usually default to their base nature if no force exists that can compel them to do otherwise. You can instill values socially, but this only works so long as there is a functional society in place. The ideal situation is to have a government run by people of higher character, who can use a combination of incentives and disincentives to compel socially desirable behavior from people, regardless of their nature. The assumption is that if such a society were to collapse, the citizens would no longer have any compulsion to follow whatever directives they were given and would revert back to whatever their natures might compel, which would vary from person to person. Good people would likely continue to do good for awhile, but bad people would loot and pillage and eventually ruin things until good people started having to make compromises to their ethics.

For instance, under Celestia's old rule, I'm assuming that foal rape was probably frowned upon, so a pony like one of these raiders who has the desire to do something like that would have the option of either reining himself in, or trying it and risking the consequences. Generally the idea is to make the negative consequences of committing an undesirable act outweigh whatever benefit or pleasure might be obtained from the act itself; for the purposes of this hypothetical we'll say the penalty was death. So, if you are some generic cardboard-cutout bad-pony and the thought of sticking it up some filly's pooper really gets your mojo working, your options are to either keep it in your wrinkle-free horse-pants, or rape a foal and risk being found out and executed. However, as soon as Celestia is out of the picture the threat of death is no longer an issue. This means that there is no longer anything preventing the bad pony from being as bad as he likes, so unless something else deters him, he will most likely go out and start plowing fillies to his heart's content. However, somepony with no such inclinations is not tremendously likely to run out and start raping fillies just because it's no longer against the law.

I think a lot of these Lord of the Flies-style apocalypse stories miss the mark by assuming that law and order and/or some superficial system of social mores are the only thing keeping people in line, and that if this system collapsed everyone would run out and start immediately raping and killing each other. Some would and some wouldn't, and it would vary from person to person and demographic to demographic. These race riots in the US are a good example: in a state of lawlessness, some people will take advantage of the chaos and go get themselves 100 new pairs of sneakers, whereas others will simply barricade their doors and prepare to defend themselves if they have to.

In Littlepoop's case, therefore, I think it's unrealistic to portray her as someone whose values would change this dramatically, even though I basically approve of the author's idea of having her lose her innocence as the story progresses. Someone with an ethical aversion to killing can learn to kill if they have to, but they're not going to go from being all like "eew, violence is icky!" to being all like "this blood and mayhem makes my peepee hard!" Again, I get what the author was trying to do, I just don't think he executed it particularly well.

As an addendum, though, another way to look at this is that sometimes, in a civil society, a person's base nature will be completely submerged in whatever social mores they've absorbed. If ideas like "don't kill" are instilled deeply enough into a person through institutions, and that person spends his whole life in an environment where violence is unheard of and thus has no opportunity to ever try killing, he may have a sadistic or murderous nature and not realize it. However, if he is suddenly thrust into a violent situation, he may find that the things he always thought he valued are not his true values, and he is not only willing to kill but actually enjoys it. I have always kind of enjoyed stories that deal with ideas like this, and it's interesting to consider that this could be happening with Littlepoop.

I don't want to go off on another tangent, but Breaking Bad is an interesting study from this perspective it's actually on my list of things I want to do a long-form critique of one of these days.
>Sorry about the women rant. Tried to keep it short at first but lost it. I hate how much I get carried away too.
Don't worry about it, I didn't read it. My policy with you these days is to stop reading immediately as soon as you start going off the rails.

Some of the meta-humor in those old point and click games was quite clever, and Monkey Island was one of the best. Unfortunately that is also humor that wouldn't translate well into a written story because it's dependent on the video game medium in order to work. If FoE were an actual game, the author could poke fun at the massive size of LP's inventory by having her crack jokes about it from time to time:
>picks up a bus
>"Sweet Celestia, my backpack weighs a ton!"
And so forth. However, in prose this doesn't work; the reader just wonders how the fuck this character is able to lug so much shit around with her.
Just to check if I've gotten better at reviewing stuff and recognizing when edge is too much edge, am I correct in calling the stuff in this shitty comic about the woman's father "Overly-edgy unnecessary nonsense"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdu_kUUKGBo
I don't normally watch this sort of thing, someone else showed it to me and said "Hey, there's a gun in this so you'll like this".

spoiler for the 5 minute video's contents:
The idea of the girl being sold to some men and running away into the woods and needing a smug taxidermist/hunter to save her is dark and edgy enough already. It's already a scenario that could justifiably end in bloodshed. Even if this story took place in a time period where women are legally property, the audience would still be on the gunman's side for saving her. It wasn't necessary to pile edge upon more edge by saying her father raped the mothers and sisters and wives of these three men. And to say they put up with all of this until he... went broke? and when he said "don't take revenge on me, just take my daughter instead", they went along with it instead of killing him and then taking her? all of this implausibly excessive edge just pushes things past the bloody limit into the realm of unintentional comedy!

All that extra edge did was pile more edge upon more edge. And edge can only get so long, sharp, and thin before it ends up as brittle and fragile as the suspension of disbelief.
pure babylon bee.jpg
>Breaking Bad
You ever notice that every time Walter kills someone, he starts acting a little more like them? I've never seen Breaking Bad but someone who did told me this happens. After he kills a guy who vomits a lot, Walter starts vomiting. After Walter kills an angry guy, he becomes an angrier man. Or something like that.
There are stories that do that. The ones I've read have been on Royal Road (sadly it's amazon owned), and in some fanfiction.
>Implying the implied dindu slaves dindu nuffin to the old man.
There would be alot more of them than just short of a fag's testes.
I'm assuming that society is failing to function and only a market with the facade of civility remains. Also the father has a means to keep them in check in relation to wealth so maybe a security force.
Basically the dude is impulsive, 'unflappable', 'strong', and will take whatever he sees.
The gril is still a happy little war prize. The help has been taken care of. The father is either dead or desolate. The rapees are probably fucked till they find their spine lodged in some dark hole.

Honestly saying the truth that they were gonna do the same was a really stupid move. They should have laid the blame directly at her feet for a moral conundrum to buy time, but no that's not allowed.
I'm probably not the best person for edge detection. I can say they all act like flat characters, that's not bad, but it's almost just a trope and nothing more.
In the director's commentary they let the character develop as 'it' wished. So that observation makes sense because it (the Walter character) kiled the other characters. He either consumed them (real not good vampire shit) or took their tools.
Why did I watch a directors commentary without seeing the show? Character development.
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>ever seen Arbitrary Code Execution?

>"Anon, are you sure this is a good idea?"
>You quickly double-check the winding shapes of vines, flowers and herbs surrounding you.
"It'll be fine, Twilight, we've both gone over the calculations over a dozen times. Do you suddenly have a better plan?"
>You look up and immediately locate all of the planets in the night sky.
"We know this particular pattern of combustion will cause a buffer overflow, we know which positions in memory will overwrite which registers, we know that there is a convenient jmp esp sequence we can access for the next few hours. Everything will be fine."
>"Still, what if something goes wrong?"
"Nothing will go wrong if we both hold still."
>Your companion goes silent after that.
>You grab a lighter from your bag, light it, and drop it precisely where the fire needs to start.
>Wait, did you remember to compensate for removing the lighter from your inventory?
>universe.exe has stopped responding
>bad end
>Be Discord
>A good tea time with Fluttershy, then an incredible increase in chaos.
>ultimate order bares down as the void
>a message pops up
<For technical difficulties please power cycle with an intermission of ten seconds.
"Ugh gag, while I'm here."
>GOTO -21 Execute Timesave.root -Y -N -N -Discord -Y

>"Anon, are you sure this is a-"
>Discord apears, a little statue of Anonymous with a dick on his head and with a flank as a hat is now in Anonymous' bag.
>He's gone again, no sound, no snap, just a silent frown.
>"-good idea?"
"It'll be fine, Twilight,
This site's so fucking beautiful, man. A thread like this couldn't exist on any other brony sites without faggy mods being used by faggy brony FE fanboys to silence us.
I'm glad there are no faggots here who say "Littlepip is my waifu, how dare you insult her excellent writing!"
No faggots are here to demand "Fairness" (DISHONESTY AND UNDUE RESTRAINT) from us and demand we spare their baby feelings in the name of "politeness".
No faggots are here to nitpick our valid criticisms of this fic by bullshitting us about subjectivity and pretending their subjective irrational love of the fic is as good as our ability to find holes and flaws in the story that factually exist.
Nobody's going to say "Hey man, this fic is really popular so you should shut the fuck up and pretend to like it instead of insulting all 9000 people who liked it over the course of 10 years! We are cultists and we take criticism of our idolized fanfic personally!"
Yeah, as if Fimfiction's likes/dislikes ratio can be trusted. If 9000 people liked it, why does it struggle to get anyone to buy its print-on-demand shite, forcing them to do crowd-funded "Print Runs" instead?
nine thousand isn't much. There are youtubers with millions of subscribers. But in tiny corners of the internet, so many people get insanely big egos just for having three, six, eight, or a hundred fans.
I once saw some medieval-era online sword game's team siege this castle full of enemies. To get over the walls, they exploited the fact that individual players don't have weight and can stand on each other. So a tower of players stacked on each other's heads formeed, and

Speaking of game mechanics in a story context, there was this one fic...
A Dungeons And Dragons 3.5e character was summoned from his world into the Harry Potter world
And his mechanics are taken literally in this story context
so he literally gains EXP from near-death experiences, he takes no injuries and is perfectly fine as long as he has more than 1HP remaining but fucked and slowly dying if he runs out, he thinks like a min-maxing player character, it takes him a while to learn how to have friends and care about them, he even thinks the Harry Potter works like his world for a while.
I forgot his name, let's call him Gary.

Gary's ability to easily craft a +1 Protection From Evil ring is a minor party trick back home but in this world it's a game-changer, because whoever wears it can't be mind-controlled.
Because he's a lv1 Wizard who levels up gradually, he will eventually get the ability to cast Wish, a supreme game-changer, and Resurrection/True Resurrection, another supreme game-changer
The villains actively manipulate him into facing more near-death situations because they want him to gain EXP points and level up and eventually get the True Resurrection spell so it can be used on Voldemort
I think this was also a story where Draco Malfoy's dad is a smart villain instead of a mindless evil cunt so he secretly doesn't want Voldemort resurrected, and just wants to keep being a rich evil prick. But this didn't really matter.

Anyway, Gary's inability to learn new spells without gaining enough EXP for a level-up singles him out as a weird kid in a school where new spells are taught and gradually learned over school terms
there was this one scene where Gary is challenged by Snape to make a potion by mixing things that form a violent explosive when brewed by non-wizards, but make something good when brewed by wizards
so he uses spells like Dancing Lights and Tenser's Floating Disc and Prestidigitation to create the illusion that he's brewing the correct potion, but it turns out Snape lied about what potion these ingredients are supposed to make, so the fact that he makes the wrong potion from the wrong ingredients proves he's more special than he wants them to know he is.

There was another scene where Gary stands up to a foe and takes a Crucio (Mind-Destroyingly Painful Torture Spell) to the face from a baddie without flinching, because Gary thinks to himself "Health Points exist but there is no pain system in DND 3.5e so pain doesn't really exist therefore this pain spell should do nothing to me as long as I don't roleplay being in pain!"

There was a funny scene where Gary is in a shared potions class with Slytherin and Griffindor kids in the audience, and Gary thinks to himself "I'll take a Prepared Action: When a Slytherin does any offensive action against us Griffindors, I will cast Glitterdust on the Slytherin kids!" and then has this Prepared Action unintentionally triggered by Snape (a teacher and former slytherin student) being a colossal cunt and "offensively" shouting at Griffindor kids.
But the scene is also pretty stupid.
Why would he assume slytherin kids would attack his house? DND doesn't have a sanity meter or morale system so yelling at kids isn't a directly offensive action against them. by game mechanics logic this scene should not have turned out like this and by story logic, who the fuck would put evil slytherin and proud wannabe-good griffindor kids in the same room together without several teachers ready to fight?

oh also Gary assumes all evil people work together and are on the same side and want the same thing because that's how things worked back home, but some evil characters are plotting against each other in secret, not that their plans really fuck each other over or change things.

This story was fun when it focused on Gary doing smart shit with DND mechanics. It was immensely boring when it focused on Gary's interactions with the Harry Potter cast, even more boring when focusing on Gary's incorrect assumptions about the world and the stupid filler misadventures this caused, and even more boring than that when it focused on Gary over-thinking things and panicking and being more paranoid than he should be.
Why the hell do so many people think writing a "Paranoid over-thinker" makes their character seem smarter?
I eventually got bored and dropped the story.
There's a funny tendency I've observed
Some fanfic writers love to take minor characters from the background and add all sorts of new character traits, backstories, and story roles to them after fucking up all the main characters or deeming them to be too fucked up to use.
All those shitty Naruto fanfics where every main character is rewritten to be pointlessly prickish to Naruto? They give Naruto a harem of minor-character girls.
What causes this? Is it narcissism, and a desire to put original characters over canon ones? Is it cowardice, and a fear of fucking up the portrayal of official characters unintentionally? Is it a sign that these authors are terrible at writing character interactions that are not "Asshole hates hero who did nothing wrong" or "Hero is loved by girl"? Or is it a sign that the author realized far too late into the story's development that once you make every single person in Konoha a cunt except for your favourite characters, writing redemption arcs where they become less prickish takes time and effort they aren't willing to expend?
285929 285980 285981

Chapter Five: Calamity

Today's Fortune Cookie:
>“Friendship. Friendship never changes.”
This of course is a play on:
>"War. War never changes."

I have heard this original quote repeated fairly often, though I've never been sure of it's source. I always assumed it was from an old movie or something. I googled it just now, and it looks like it's an actual line from the opening narration of one of the Fallout games, which would explain its meme-status. I'm also going to assume that I am probably the only person in this thread who wasn't already aware of that.

I have no problem whatsoever with using epitaphs as chapter headers; I do it myself fairly often. However, if you're going to do this, you'll want to either find actual quotes from actual humans, or else write up some fake quotes and attribute them to characters within your world. The second option is quite easy to do, and I've seen plenty of other authors do it before. Here, watch:

"Look, I've seen faggots come and go. It's my job. Some guys know about building houses or tending bar or managing stock portfolios. My job? Dealing with faggots. So believe me, man; I ain't joking when I say that there are faggots and faggots, you get me? And that kkat...well...that dude is one serious faggot.

"I'll put it this way: imagine you're in a club full of guys dancing around in assless motorcycle outfits and nipple rings and shit like that. Now imagine that instead of dancing around and acting like faggots, these guys are all standing stock still, watching this one guy. And this guy, this kkat, is in the middle of the dance floor, sucking dick after dick after dick without spilling a drop, just choking down like twenty-five, thirty dicks in a row like it's nothing, and these other dudes are all staring at him and whispering to each other.

"Like, imagine that. A whole room full of the biggest faggots you've ever seen, standing in slack-jawed amazement at what a gigantic faggot this one faggot is. I mean, can you imagine that shit? You might think you can, but you can't. I know because I've seen it. And that kind of faggotry will blow your mind."

-- Daniel "Man-Skeezer Butt-Pleaser" Terwilliger IV
Bouncer, the Manhole Club
San Francisco, CA

The problem with the epitaphs in this story is that they are just floating text. Without attribution, the reader might assume the author is just quoting a line of his own text that appears somewhere in the chapter, but this is not the case either. So what we have instead are just these disembodied sentences, hovering pompously at the top of each chapter as if they were spoken by someone important enough to have his witticisms recorded for posterity, but we, the humble reader, are not cool enough to be told who that person might be.

One more side note before we move on: The Wire used an interesting device, where each episode would open with a quotation on a title card. The quotation would be attributed to one of the show's characters, and if I remember correctly was always a line of actual dialogue spoken by that character during the episode. The quote would sort of sum up the episode before you watched it, which I think is basically what k "lol that bouncer hasn't seen shit; the Manhole isn't even the gayest club in San Francisco, not by a long shot" kat was trying to do here. But, again, you can't just open each chapter with a random quoted sentence spoken by nobody; an epitaph has to connect the story to something, either in reality or in the extended world of the story itself.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the actual story.

Littlepoop awakes to the joyous realization that she is still alive. She finds herself lying on a mattress in a mysterious bedroom, so presumably she has been carted back to the settlement.

>As consciousness came back to me, I found myself laying on a mattress, with blankets tucked about me, feeling warm and rested and more comfortable than I had since before I left Stable Two three days ago.
I wanted to highlight this passage in reference to what was being discussed in some of the side conversation above. I think it's worth pointing out that Littlepoop has only been outside the stable for three days. Three days is all it took for her to go from "oh noes blood!" to "fuck yeah, let's stomp on this pony's neck!" Does this feel realistic?

>Looking up and about, I found myself surrounded by several ponies, only one of which I recognized
Only one of whom I recognized.

Anyway, she was indeed brought back to the settlement by Calamity and presumably the others in the wagon train.

>The voice had come from an equally pretty white-coated earth pony whose cotton-candy pink mane matched the pink and yellow-stripped nurse’s dress she was wearing. Scanning what I could see of the walls through the small crowd of ponies, I saw a line of three medical boxes (all the little pink butterflies perfectly in a row) and a faded pre-war poster apparently advertising jobs in health care services (“You don’t need to be a Steel Ranger to be a Hero! Join the Ministry of Peace today!” announced the mare on the poster, barely more than a filly, who wore the exact same dress that I saw brought to life before me). Between the décor and the lack of ropes or chains, I concluded this was a clinic, and I was not a captive.
This is actually some pretty well-written description.

Anyway, there is some light banter that goes on for awhile. The scene is decently written for the most part. The main thing to note is that all of these new characters speak with a country drawl, which in MLP stories usually suggests a connection to the Apple family. Also noteworthy is that the nurse, Candi, physically resembles Pinkie Pie, which may also be significant.

This subchapter is mainly an introduction to a new group of characters. It's actually a much warmer, more human pony, whatever scene than the edgy dreck we've been slogging through so far, and I found it to be a welcome change of pace. This scene also reinforces what was hinted at much earlier during the bit with Velvet Remedy: that Littlepoop may be is probably a lesbian.

>why was I having this conversation? If anything, I wanted to talk about how pretty Candi was (candy Candi!), not to talk about Calamity. Least of all whether or not he was handsome. None of which seemed to find a suitable way to be spoken aloud. Sulkingly, I fell back on reiterating, “He shot me…” Then added, “…a lot.”
"Eew, penises are gross. Let's talk about vaginas!"
--not kkat, ever

Anyway, Littledyke is attracted to Candi, while Candi seems to have a crush on Calamity. This could get interesting depending on where the author goes with it. Also, 'sulkingly' is not a word. Also, "then added" should not be capitalized.

There is a page break, and we rejoin LP two days later. We learn that the settlement is called New Appleloosa. It appears to be located at some sort of former railway station, which was probably a major hub in old Equestria judging by the large number of tracks that connect to it. The settlement appears fairly well organized, and is constructed in the sort of makeshift style that one usually finds in post-apocalypse stories. The houses are all repurposed train cars, arranged strategically and stacked on top of each other, with armed guards at the perimeters. The place is spartan but comfortable.

One part caught my eye. LP is speaking to Railright, who is apparently the head pony in charge around here. She is asking him how they managed to stack the train cars, and he tells her dryly that they had a unicorn do it. This is LP's reaction:

>I turned with a gasp, staring at him. I’d never heard of a pony levitating anything that big or heavy before!
Really? Just...really?

The author really needs to get a handle on just how proficient with magic Littlepoop actually is. As I've said many times before, the show itself is pretty inconsistent about what unicorn magic is capable of. My general impression, though, is that the average unicorn can use their magic to accomplish what an ordinary human could accomplish with their hands. Lifting common objects, doing close work like repairing a firearm, operating pulleys and switches; these are all things you could expect nearly any unicorn to do or learn. However, feats like levitating a train car, levitating oneself, moving a heavy bookshelf located a story or more above you...these are all much more difficult feats that probably require a higher level of magic to master.

Since k "I rolled a 1 on my heterosexuality check" kat is clearly well-versed in gaming systems, the concept of deriving character abilities from numerical stats and dice rolls shouldn't be foreign to him. All he needs to do here is treat magic like any other game concept, with its own governing rules and mathematics. He needs to set a magic stat for Littlepoop, and use this to determine what she can do and what she can't, and adjust her behavior accordingly.

It gets a bit sillier a couple of lines later, when it is revealed that Railright was only foolin'; turns out they have a crane. So...unicorns can't lift an entire train car in this universe? The joke might have landed a little better if we knew that for sure to start with.

So anyway, Railbiter mentions in passing that in addition to the actual crane they're currently talking about, there is also a pony in town whose name is Crane. The main purpose of the scene seems to have been to mention this, so I assume Crane is important and is also a psychiatrist living in Seattle.

There is another page break (so far the subchapters in this chapter are obnoxiously short), and we rejoin Railwrong and Littledong at the settlement's general store.

>I pushed the door open and stepped inside. And stopped with a gasp as I saw the zombie-pony from the raider library. I could tell she was the same one by the way one of her eyes rolled up. The fact that she recognized me with an immediate, bright smile and dashed over to give me (an uncomfortably squishy) hug, were admittedly also clues.
Zombies; you just can't get rid of those things. Anyway, it sounds like my prediction that this skinless weirdo was going to be a recurring character was accurate.

In addition to the zombie pony, Calamity is also present, along with...Ditzy Doo, the author of the survival book that Littlepoop was reading awhile back. I'm a little confused here, though I think I'm supposed to be.

If my knowledge of brony history is accurate, then during the time period this fic would have been written, the fandom had not yet settled on a name for the cross-eyed pegasus character. I've heard her alternately referred to by the names Derpy, Ditzy Doo, and Bubbles before most people settled on Derpy. I'm assuming it's the same character here, and if so, I'm not sure what the author is implying, as she would have to be over 200 years old. But again, I assume this confusion is intentional and the author is probably going somewhere with it. We'll find out I guess.

>Yes, I do deliveries. Suddenly, I had a very good idea how that book ended up in the Ponyville Library. Which, in turn, fortified my suspicions about Watcher.
This passage is ambiguous. "Yes I do deliveries" seems to be Littlepoop mentally recalling the sign she passed out front, but if that's the case it should be italicized since it's a thought. The way it's written is jarring, because the previous paragraph ended with Littlepoop asking a question, so this first line reads as if it's meant to be a line of dialogue spoken by Ditzy Doo. In any case, the sentence doesn't fit into the rest of the paragraph unless it's a quoted line or a thought, so it feels odd the way it is placed here.
285939 286003 286151

Wait a second, I just noticed something I didn't see before, and now I'm actually more confused. I want to take a closer look at this:

>“Ah’ve been gettin’ the story from Ditzy Doo here, see…"
This line is spoken by Calamity.

>Ditzy Doo? I turned to the pegaus zombie. “You wrote the Wasteland Survival Guide?” Both Ditzy Doo’s eyes managed to focus on me and she absolutely beamed with joy, nodding fervently.
When I read this the first time, I missed the word "zombie" I also missed a typo; I just now noticed that the word "pegasus" is missing an 's'. I was envisioning a scene where LP encounters three ponies: Calamity, the zombie, and Ditzy Doo. Apparently, though the scene is just Calamity and Ditzy, with the implication being that the zombie is Ditzy Doo. That...sort of...clears up my confusion regarding her...I...think? I guess this is the original Ditzy Doo, whose reanimated corpse has been wandering around Equestria for 200 years? Is that what's going on here?

A lot of this could be cleared up easily if the author would just do a better job of clarifying just what "zombies" are in this story. I know Nigel explained the connection with the Ghouls earlier, but for just a moment let's pretend that we don't have him here, and I'm just a guy reading this who has never played a Fallout game before. How the hell would I know what game-concept one of these creatures is supposed to resemble? I have only the text to go on, and the text seems to be assuming that I already know. All we have to go on is the word "zombie," so absent any apparent definition unique to this story, my brain defaults to the common idea of a zombie: a dead body that has been reanimated by some unknown process, either magical or scientific. These creatures, however, are usually not intelligent, not friendly, do not generally write books, are known to eat brains, and usually continue to decompose at a normal rate (which means that it's pretty unlikely one of them would survive for 200 years). None of these traits seem to apply to our friend Ditzy here; thus you can imagine my confusion.

Anyway, Littlepoop seems less confused than I am, but still confused enough to ask if zombie ponies can talk. We learn that Ditzy's tongue was apparently cut out by slavers at one point, which answers the question of why this specific zombie can't talk, but doesn't really give us a yea or nay on whether they can in general. Due to her lack of a tongue, Ditzy learned how to write in order to communicate, and eventually became proficient enough to write a book on wasteland survival. Well, whatever; it makes about as much sense as anything else that's happened so far.

The subchapter ends in yet another page break, with Ditzy helpfully offering to pick out new armor for Littlepoop.

When the next subchapter opens, Littlepoop is now contemplating how absurd it is that bottlecaps are used as currency in this world. This is another Fallout bit that Nigel already explained so there's no point in spending too much time addressing it; mostly I will just say that I am inclined to agree with Littlepoop that it's a fairly dumb idea.

One of the things I've noticed about speculative scenarios is that they tend to be a reflection of the attitudes of the people who write them and the the time in which they were written, more than predictions of the future. People in any era tend to see the future as an advanced state of whatever their notion of the present is. For instance The Time Machine was basically just H.G. Wells following his assumption that the 19th century social divisions between the labor class and the idle rich would continue until the two ultimately evolved into completely separate species.

What's interesting about something like Fallout is that, although it seems to have kind of a retro-throwback feel (Nuclear-Era fears of "the bomb" and so forth), it's the kind of dystopia that only 21st century moderns could think up. You see it with similar post-apocalyptic properties as well (The Walking Dead is the first example that comes to mind, and I'm sure I could think of others).

In these stories, the apocalypse event is always the literal end of the world. The systems that control society break down, and absolute chaos ensues; the world never recovers. People living in this new world are always reduced to some level of savagery, and they survive by scavenging the ruins of the old world. Even the people who are supposed to be more civilized are still just scavengers. This settlement, for instance, is made out of repurposed train cars. I get that after a war of total annihilation things would be chaotic for awhile, but you're going to tell me that in 200 years nopony has thought up a better construction method than stacking train cars on top of each other?

It's the kind of scenario that is dreamt up by a society that has lived with grocery stores and credit cards for so long that it's literally incapable of imagining life without those things. Whenever it tries, all it can come up with is a world where people wear dirty old rags and slaughter each other over decades-old cans of Heinz baked beans, because it never occurs to any of them to just learn how to plant shit and build shit and hunt shit the way humans were doing for thousands of years before all of this existed. The ancient Celts built Stonehenge out of some rocks they found lying around and it's still standing; they'd probably find Fallout incomprehensible. "If their cities were destroyed, why don't they just rebuild them?" they might say.

The idea of using bottle caps as currency is a product of similarly dumb modern thinking. It would make more sense to use actual bottles as currency, since the glass could be repurposed; the caps are basically worthless. Why would people trade with them? For that matter, why would "pre-war" paper currency no longer backed by anything still be considered valuable? It doesn't make much sense.
In regards to the notion that 200 years later and ponies are still living in ramshakled piles of scrap metal and boards that's another thing taken from Fallout 3 and 4. I belive Nigel said how Fallout 1 takes place 80 years after the nukes and 2 takes place 30 years after that. I can't recall most locations in Fallout 1 but even the first town you visit they have rebuilt stone walls and buildings along with other settlments from the first 2 games having either repaired pre war buildings or constructed more primative but habitable abodes.

3 and 4 on the other hand take place 200 years after the bombs yet everyone is just content to live in scrap metal huts or bombed out ruins of buildings. Can have someone selling wares while their "roof" is a sheet of rusted scrap metal with holes big enough to stick your arm through. Espetially baffling is one Nigel mentioned a few times but early on in 4 you find a lady and her son living in a dine in resteraunt in the wide open away from any towns. Their family "home" has no windows, holes in the roof, trash littered all over the floor and seats, and even has skeletons laying around.

Felt like a lazy way to get the bleak dreary post apocalyptic feel where as 1,2 and New Vegas did a better job showing people rebuild after the war and seeing renovated pre war architecture as well as the new primitive constructions more isolated and tribal groups created to survive the harsh wasteland.

Also just had to post this picture here after Nigel talked about how we couldn't have something like this on /mlp/ or really any site besides this one. I know you said your word isnt gospel and are not the final arbiter on what is good fanfiction or not but was suprised to see on /mlp/ how much praise is heaped on FEQ and Past Sins. I can understand a fanbase being cultivated around FEQ espetially in the early fandom since many like me being teens at the time and Fallout 3 being our first Bethesda games it was natural so many would love it. Plus having the appeal early FiM did where it's this big open world of mystery and hidden lore to speculate and theorize about but now with the added bonus of your favorite game being crossed with it.

I won't begrudge anyone who likes either fan fic or their spin offs but man at the end of the day it's a pony fan fic no reason to be so zelious about defending it. Also thought you might have an anurisim reading the post knowing your love of litterature.
Speaking of quotes, I found it. That fic I mentioned with the best use of pre-chapter quotes I've ever seen.
Last updated in 2014, the fic's unfinished and dead.

Chapter one begins with an excerpt from a Havard University Press book from 2097 about the protagonist and what happened to make him yell at his evil king dad in 2016
Chapter two starts with lines from the german opera "Der Shwarz Prince", first premiered in New London, 2094
Chapter three? A BBC Documentary called "The Black Prince: Behind The Mask" from 2096
Chapter four has some secondary character's military file and chapter five has a newspaper clipping from 2016 (Present day)
Chapter 6 has a letter from one secondary character to another during that time in the story's events, chapter 7 has a scene of some soldiers talking, the soldiers the protagonist is about to lead.
Chapter 14 has an excerpt from a magazine in which a soldier says
>"In infantry school we were told Giant Robots were the best, but that's bullshit. Our genius commander Lelouch said those stories of one giant robot doing the fighting of four thousand men was bullshit. so he had us raid the old armouries for supposedly-obsolete infantry weapons, and said that if modern warfare is decided by who has better giant robots, all of our soldiers must know how to fuck enemy giant robots up. Bet it pissed off the ruling class to know he was training the common man to fight giant robots! The first time we shot a giant robot and destroyed it with a tandem warhead, we celebrated! Score one for the common man!"
My favourite is chapter 17, about Lelouch's gloriously over-the-top parade.

I don't like the way these excerpts paint Lelouch's ultimate victory as an absolute inevitability.
But I do love how they lend this story a grander sense of scale, for not only are the story's events shaping this fictional world now, they are also spoken of in documentaries and recreated in plays many years from now. All eyes are on this story, not only yours, but the eyes of everyone in-universe now and for generations to come.

I also like how the author has the sense to recognize that the obligatory animu giant robot is NOT the ultimate weapon, and any rifle/rocket launcher capable of fucking up an eighty-ton main battle tank squatter than a truck can also ruin the day of a ten-ton two-storey giant target, even if the fucking machine does have rocket-powered heelies.

He could have taken the easy way out and handed Lelouch a big military unit full of giant mechs and quirky elite units with incredible Giant Robot-piloting skills kicked out of mainstream units for their personality defects. Could have given his squads "unstable prototype" giant mechs that are 500x better than everyone else's.
But no, the author decided to flex on an idea central to Code Geass's identity ("Giant Robots win wars") and it's great.
And it's not as if this is accomplished by the author deciding knightmare frames (giant robots) just suck now, like a FIM fanfic writer deciding his Earth Pony sprinter can run faster than Pegasi because Pegasi can only fly at 20MPH now. He still lets knightmare frames win fights, zip around, fire oversized guns, and do everything they could do in canon. They're just up against a deadly force that knows if anti-materiel sniper rounds can put holes in concrete and tanks, they can shoot through any giant robot and take their driver out or blow some shit up.

It's enough to make me wish he was writing an original story that took these concepts and did them without the restrictions of canon. He doesn't seem to have any idea what to do with canon elements that became utterly irrelevant once this story decided on a new direction that left them behind and gave them little room to interfere.

Still, I respect this author a lot more than kkunt. At least this author tried to do something with once-main now-irrelevant characters like Kallen. K "Ten thousand of Luna's thick futa dicks in my ass!" Kunt just shits on a character if he can't think of a fate "ironic" (insulting) enough.
AND IT WILL FLOW LIKE A FLOOD OF PAIN POURING DOWN ON ME AND IT WILL NOT LET UP UNTIL THE END IS NEAR! AND IT WILL COME THROUGH THE DARKEST DAY IN THE FINAL HOUR AND IT WILL NEVER REST UNTIL THE CLOUDS ARE CLEAR! UNTIL I FIND MY DREAMS HAVE DISAPPEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAARED but for real, I'd completely forgotten about this character. which means I don't have an autistic rant prepared for her but I do have one for Calamity and what a fucking stupid character he is. Still I'll save it for when we get to the things that make him dumb. And did I mention I fucking hate ziggers in this story? It's not a "faction of" zebras that caused the apocalypse, it's all of them. Aside from 1 or 2 obligatory non-niggerish fictional niggers here and there, they are all shit-eating night-sky-fearing caesar-worshipping witch-doctor-potion-brewing cowardly evil hyper-terminally-stupid faggots!

This scene would be far less retarded if it served a clear point.
Imagine if k "roll for anal circumference, your score will always be lower than mine because I have a very stretched-out anus from all the gay sex I do" kunt wrote something like...

>"We have one Unicorn levitating all the trains!"
littlepip nods. "Makes sense."
>"Haha, just kidding! We use a crane. As if we could afford one of those one-in-a-million hyper-magical super-strong chosen one unicorns who can lift entire fucking boxcars on their own without breaking a sweat! They become travelling bounty hunters until some rich settlement makes a Retainer out of them, giving them the best luxuries the Wasteland can offer for settling down and protecting this town with their building-smashingly-strong spells!"
>littlepip is surprised lifting boxcars is not a normal thing all unicorns can do

though if Littlepip's maximum-strength magic stat was acknowledged it would need some sort of in-universe justification.
Yes, in videogames, it can be normal for the party's Human Fighter to have a higher Strength stat than their half-dragon Cleric. But in stories, this needs some kind of justification even if it's just as flimsy as "Human warrior exercises in his free time, half-dragon cleric prays instead".
maybe something like "back home in the Stable, drunken unicorns at bars would lift heavy shit around the bar as a form of arm-wrestling. It was called horn-wrestling, and unicorns did this instead of chucking chairs at each other and spitting fireballs from their horn. It caused less collateral damage. Whoever lifted the most heavy shit at once won. Winner got free drinks, and my mommy unicorn would do damn near anything for free drinks, even spend her free time exercising her horn so she can lift more shit" could fit this story.

>Ditzy Zombie
The author fails at life and explaining this, but...
Derpy Hooves became a Ghoul, an ageless skinless featherless furless weak-boned old hag(unless the author decided his Ghouls are tougher than canon Fallout Ghouls for no reason), and has wandered the Wastelands as a lonely faggot with her daughter for 200 years.
Life as a Ghoul is suffering. You're old, tired, shitty. You have weak joints that take decades to heal, if they ever heal. You lack a nose and you can't get high from sniffing meth-filled cow farts any more.
Jet Inhalers are literally full of the farts of cows on a pre-war methlike growth hormone, the origin is canonically stated in Fallout 2. Some kid named Myron invented this shit and Bethesdababbies hate this fact.
In Fallout 4, there's a random vault in the middle of nowhere and it's full of skeletons and drugs, including Buffout and Mentats and Jet. post-bombing drugs made their way into a vault built before the war. The "Experiment" was "Let's get some addicts together in a vault without drugs and then open a secret compartment full of all drugs and see if they kill themselves via overdose- yep they killed themselves via overdose. Great experiment, guys! Really fucking doing our part for the Enclave's secret mission! Fucking Christ, somebody kill me."
This Vault exists because some fucktarded intern didn't do his Jet research and thought it would be fun and spooky for a player to wander around an underground shelter full of empty drug bottles/injectors, skeletons, and full unopened unused drug bottles/injectors.
Fantard: "m-m-maybe Myron lied! I mean, he is a rapist who rapes you if you're a girl, right?"

They're lightweight, numerous, and primarily a backup currency. In Fallout 1 and 2 Barter is your main form of trade since you and most people don't carry thousands of caps. You'll trade your rope and a spare landmine for a 10mm pistol and 24 10mm bullets, plus 14 caps to even the trade out. Caps can be exchanged at The Hub, the california desert's biggest trading hub, for a single glass of water each. It's a water-backed currency in this irradiated desert.
Fallout 2 still phased out caps in favor of freshly-printed NCR dollars, now that the NCR could literally print money.

>speculative scenarios
You're right, check out some Victorian-Era Postcards that speculated on what the future might look like. Massive city blocks migrate on steam-powered railroads. Coppers on pedal-powered flying bicycles chase criminals with jetpacks. Moving pavements. Cities with glass roofs. Bikes that float on the water. Combination railroads and boats that take underwater railroad tracks across the seafloor. Cops using X-ray machines that look like old cameras to see through walls. Taking a summer vacation to admire the green green grass of the motherfucking north pole. Weather-control machines mounted on railroads. A broadcast of a live performance showing in a theatre, the most far-fetched and out-there idea imaginable. It's beautiful retrofuture and it came long before the era of rayguns and flying saucers and mysterious vats and pulp-science pulp-hero funshit and capital-S pronounced-exclamation-point "Science!".
also i hit word limit but in Fallout nobody uses Pre-War USA Dollars because they're hyper-inflated and worthless. They aren't even mentioned in Fallout 1/2 and in Fallout 3, a stack of a thousand dollars bound by some tape or whatever can be traded to any merchant for a few caps just like a random toy bear or empty glass bottle.

It's weird that you can't really do anything constructive with your trash until Fallout 4, where you can Scrap items to turn them into screws, scrap metal, adhesive, etc and then use these resources to build ugly shit in your settlements out of ugly scrap or build some crafting tables so you can modify your armour and guns.
And that's a strange mix, too.
Sometimes you're changing the leather on your armour to be Shadowed Leather, blacking it out and making you take -5 damage from laser weapons.
And sometimes you're changing the leather on your armour to be Padded and Hardened and infused with invisible Ballistic Weave, giving it +20 bullet resistance for no reason.
Sometimes you're changing the scopes and receivers and barrels on your guns to make them automatic or semi-auto, scoped or iron-sighted...
And sometimes you're replacing the Standard Stock of your pistol with a +3 Comfort Grip and replacing the Standard Receiver with a Hair-Trigger Receiver for bonus Accuracy and Damage. And turning any semi-auto gun automatic will automatically reduce it to 50-75% of its damage per shot for absolutely no reason besides videogame "balance".
Game is balanced poorly anyway, needs 50+ mods to replace all canon content before it's playable.

Fallout 4 added a settlement crafting system because a fan of Fallout New Vegas added a settlement-building Real Time Strategy-inspired superior settlement crafting system to Fallout New Vegas (a 10 year old game) using a single mod file with no budget or teams of experts helping him.


Fallout 1? People rebuild. Some settlements are crime-ridden shitholes in junkyards with scrap walls and hotels full of hookers and crime lords. Some settlements have "fucking tribals" living in Adobe Houses with Mud Walls and a well and farming and more.
Fallout 2? The rebuilding accelerated. Vault City's so beautiful there's a chance you'll forget you're playing a Fallout game. There's a crime-ridden town with warring crime families and it's fucking fun, you can even star in a porno film there and become a porn star.
Fallout 3 and 4 are shooting galleries disguised as Fallout(TM) games
NV is actually good like 1 and 2 but still forced to reuse a load of 3's ugly art assets
but 4
fucking 4
Farmers with shotguns get preyed upon by raider settlements operating out of old-world car factories miles away, but you can easily scrap 3 shotguns to get the parts to build a row of Automatic Gun Turrets.
In your Settlements, of course. Being able to throw down some turrets in the middle of combat would be fun, so you can't do it in F4 without mods.
Sometimes you'll run into Trashcan Carla and buy some trash from her tamed cow's saddlebags, but nobody else can do anything with any of the scrap. It's just you and the Power Armour you built instantly and the gun/leather armour you spent 10 minutes modding for maximum damage and protection bonus points rather than for looks or theme since there are no significant looks or theme mods.
then you'll walk or jetpack over to a junkyard full of Raiders and open fire on this random shooting gallery.

For fuck's sake, many Fanmade Mods for F4 that add guns and armour will let you customize their colour scheme, print your names on them, even though they make no money and rely on donations from fans and patreon subscriptions to get anything from their creativity. Fans trying to make Fallout 4 a good game try harder than BugthEAsderp ever did.

And the settlements you build in Fallout 4 out of scrap and spare parts and magical paper shipments that turn into 25 screws when needed ARE FUCKING UGLY.
THE PARTS DON'T LOOK NEW ENOUGH unless they're some Institute "sleek and white ipods" shit.
if you build a settlement that produces more Resources than it has people
Settlers will show up
randomly-generated NPCs with nothing to say, no stories to give, not even a pre-written default Personality Type like in Animal Crossing
these npcs exist to be assigned to one stick of corn, or one tomato plant, or one trading/service-offering stall to Activate it, causing it to generate food/supplies/cash for your Settlement.
It's like Bethesda heard one intern's kid liked Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing so a focus team of """experts""" tried and failed to outdo it by letting you build every bad idea they could think of, including an arena that magically assigns colour-coded teams to animals and makes them fight.
BFG 1900.jpg

The Punt Gun.

Old-timey brits used to mount these babies on boats, silently glide their boats along the water, and open fire on Waterfowl. One shot from this could fuck up an entire herd of ducks!
They were once banned for being TOO effective, and reducing the waterfowl population too much!

Are they still legal today, in some places? Are there communities that consider the manufacturing and use of these things a tradition? I have no idea.

But I do know a few men working together could easily lift and aim this thing, and keep it on-target while firing.
So a unicorn able to lift boxcars would have an easy time making this "BFG-1900" work.

In a wild and dangerous wasteland full of disease, unwashed enemies with homemade pipe pistols and barely-functional pre-war weaponry in poor condition, you don't want to leave anything up to chance.
You want the gap in firepower AND defense between you and your enemies to be as big as possible.
Sure, a "badass" could beat a Raider in a knife-fight. But nobody wants to get cut by a Raider's rusty machete, not even once.
When your Pip-Buck detects an enemy around the corner, would you want to get him with an expensive rare grenade, an improvised makeshift grenade, or risk fighting him hand to hand or gun to gun, throw down caltrops or a bear trap, cast Fireball or Wall Of Flames, wall off the corner with an Earth Wall spell and then shove it at the foe with another Earth element spell, or shoot right through the corner with the biggest gun you have?

Even though the "lightly-armoured stealthy crouched sniper in light armour" build is the best Fallout build gameplay-wise, in reality you'd want good padded protection A LOT more than you'd want +5% crit chance from wearing boiled leather shoulder/kneepads and a leather chestpiece over a neon blue denim jumpsuit with piss-yellow or reflective gold highlights and lettering.
Ghillie suits
Ceramic armoured plates, plus kevlar and leather. "Bulletproof" vests can be worn by you, or enemies, so why risk losing to them when you can carry guns that pierce armoured foes, tanks, and the buildings behind them?
Hell, a medieval knight's armour would be great. Their weight is exaggerated in old movies (remember that film where cranes were used to put armoured jousters atop their horses?) but they aren't much heavier than what the average soldier currently carries.
Plus Fallout's power armour is supposed to be pretty silent when you aren't getting in, getting out, or crashing through shit and smashing it up with miniguns and rocket-boosted Super Sledgehammers. There are Stealth Mods (Including a permanent stealth field) available for Power Armour suits in Fallout 4.

And that's without considering magic. Every magical item should be a legendary game-changer. One Raider "Lord" could easily put himself in charge and get the other gang paying tribute to him and his gang if he had a +5 Enchanted Leather Jacket Of Toughness that made his flesh bulletproof.

Imagine a sniper in a thick and heavy suit of Power Armour that's enchanted for absolute silence, wearing both a Ghillie Suit for practical camo and a StealthBuck for technology-aided near-total invisibility.
Now imagine he's using a 50cal sniper rifle with explosive ammo, but the silencer's enchanted to make the gun so literally silent that it's weirdly unnerving and surreal
Hell, fuck 50cal, a human can use those. Power Armour boosts your strength and weight immensely, letting you use heavier weapons without having your 300-pound arms shoved off-target. Let's go with a 75 cal sniper rifle. Hits harder, and the shots have more explosive packed in every bullet. Or perhaps a 150mm tank gun, torn off a tank and repurposed into a single-shot manually-loaded fucker that's worth every second your stealthy ass spends safely reloading
The target location only knows they're being fired on because of the sudden detonations that can kill or wound many foes at once, obliterating fortifications and buildings while bringing raider-infested ruins down on raider heads
The enemies know they are screwed once it's too late
But they can't tell where the bullets are coming from, they can only flee and get shot or stand and get shot.
Any smart sniper would take out the Unicorns and highly-obvious Pip-Buck-Wearer first, to avoid detection and avoid the enemy force teleporting away/shielding themselves
Now imagine this power-armoured hero is a Unicorn able to teleport or portal around, or a Pegasus able to fly around. Either way, they can easily change their sniping spot.
a portal-maker could also fire from the same spot, while making his bullet hit targets from unexpected and disorienting angles, easily firing around cover and from impossible distances. Now you're really thinking with portals! Is that still relevant? Portal 3 when?

We haven't yet gotten to the Statuettes yet
Statuettes are little minifigures and they have tiny fragments of copies of the Mane Six's souls, so they give +1 to their chosen stat when picked up
now imagine a Power Armour suit infused with the soul of a highly skilled and experienced Pegasus soldier.
if you fully infused a soul into a suit of armour able to move and aim guns and fly and shoot...
Would you get a suit that boosts the wearer's ability to pilot the suit via magic, or a suit possessed by the Pegasus's soul?
Either way is pretty cool.
Imagine a Unicorn infused with a Pegasus's flight knowledge knowing exactly how to magically manipulate the wings of his Power Armour suit.
Not that it's needed when you can just magically levitate yourself and the suit anyway. Can't be assed to calculate Littlepip's weight but it plus the canon 450 pounds of the heaviest Power Armour suit out there is still less than a boxcar.
There is actually a smart reason in the Fallout universe, explained in the first couple of games, why bottlecaps are used as currency, though whether Kkat knows about it or they just repurposed a mechanic from the games is unknown. Most likely the later, if I were to guess. Bottlecaps themselves are indeed worthless, but it's what they represent that gives them their value. In the early wasteland, the most valuable resource was clean drinking water. If you wanted to buy something from someone, you had to trade water for it. Something which especially kept the wastelanders in California alive were the water merchants, who would travel from settlement to settlement selling their water, and would tend to hold their water in old, empty Nuka-Cola bottles. After a while settlements started to use the caps for said bottles as a kind of currency instead of the water. It's kinda like how modern currencies work, except instead of silver, gold, and oil, they use water. How said use of caps spread to other parts of the wasteland is an unexplained mess caused by Bethesda, but such is life.
>One of the fallacies of modern thinking is the assumption that all humans share the same basic nature to begin with.

I agree and this is kind of one of my pet peeves as well. I just kinda forgot about, I guess or didn't mention it here or clarify.

"I don't see unemployed white people looting the streets."
> kind of
Not even "kind of", it is and it does bother me in discussion when a character arc makes sense but for that specific character while people will refer to it as that's how everyone's character arc would be during such a situation.

Thank you for reminding me of that.
286022 286046
>You have to remember that nothing in fiction is real, so morality is not so much a matter of exacting actual justice as correcting whatever imbalances you introduce so the reader feels satisfied.

Very solid. In fact, great.

Yes, that's why genocyber isn't very deep or mature like most of the other apocalyptic animes of that era. You would think they would be and they and their fans ceratainly don't mind being labled as that.

I think that appeals to emo doomers that like the confirmation in their nihlistic beliefs that, "Yeah, it is not your fault life is hard. The world is just without hope. People who disagree can't accept it to be true."
Which I guess is true, but just because I can't accept things to be pointless does not make it so.

Also, the self-insert appeal about going around murdering these evil-doers. It also appeals in that regard that these mcs are edgy eanti-heroes as well since then the people watching don't have to feel bad that they themselves don't strive to reach great ideals.

Right, i was going to use Genocyber as an example. Random adolecent street thugs loan-sharks(?) beats up and moelsts a younger boy so that genocyber(don't remeber) can come and slaugther them. As you said, if the author had just not made these horrendus characters t begin with there wouldn't be any need for them to be slaghtered would there and nothing else was learnt, really, either.
I'm not saying everyone who watch and enjoy these shows are this way or that it apeals to them for that reason jut taht some.
>if the author had just not made these horrendous characters to begin with there wouldn't be any need for them to be slaughtered
I don't understand what you're saying, could you word it differently? The same could be said for all characters who exist to die, lose, or even just get beaten up.
There would be no need for Batman in Gotham if Batman's writer didn't fill the place with thugs and superpowered villains.
I keep saying
>This one little thing I don't like is EVERYTHING WRONG WITH K "I would suck my own cock all day every day but it's too short so I suck the cocks of Fallout fans while having my own cock sucked by bronies while pretending I'm sucking myself off" Kunt's writing style! This absurd, excessively implausible moment of blatant cheating on the author's part that can't even be called luck on Littlepip's part, or this faggot's painfully lazy failure to rip something off correctly, exemplifies all that is wrong in this cartoon and videogame crossover world
but despite how many things I've called the worst thing that could possibly happen in this story...

I think "Statuettes" are a good candidate for "The Worst Possible Thing", right up there with the overfocus on canon Fallout guns, Watcher, Shitty Belle 2: Singsong Saves Jigaboo, and the fate of Equestria and its most vital characters.

I'll keep my rant short.

Fallouts 1 and 2 give you a LIMITED amount of SPECIAL points to spend on character creation.
Enough for a 5/10 in all 7 SPECIAL stats, plus an extra 5 points to spend however you want.
the Gifted trait gives +1 to all SPECIALs, it's OP.
Certain dialogue options only show up if your Perception, Charisma, or Intelligence is high enough.
And you, the player, must be the smart guy who chooses this "right answer" that's restricted to characters with good stats only.
It takes a perk to apply [WARNING: SELECTING THIS OPTION WILL PISS OFF WHOEVER YOU'RE TALKING TO] labels on your dialogue choices.
If your INT is 3 or lower, you get Retard Dialogue instead of the usual stuff
you are canonically an idiot and most people dislike or exploit you, watch a compilation of Low Intelligence dialogues on youtube
very rarely, you will get one bonus SPECIAL stat point to spend on boosting one stat
You are rewarded with your ever-growing game knowledge across the multiple playthroughs you'll take to see all of the game's content.

Fallout 3 disrespects the Fallout license while pasting it onto a shooting gallery that wishes it was Borderlands.
you don't really have limited SPECIALs any more.
Sure, you start with seven fives plus five extra points.
But at any level, you can spend up to ten Perks on the Intense Training perk to boost any SPECIAL stat of your choice by 1.
plus at max level, you can easily take a perk that sets all your SPECIALs to 9.
and it's quite easy to find Bobbleheads, items that will reward you for picking them up by boosting the skill or SPECIAL stat connected to them
so it's never been easier to get 10s in all SPECIALs.
at best, bethesda fallouts can say their exploration is sometimes good.



Fallout 3's Bobbleheads...

Don't actually exist.

sort of?

Well they do exist, but they're just collectable junk in canon.
people can hold them, trade them to you, buy them from you, without any noticeable differences.
Suddenly becoming a stronger or tougher man or becoming a better sniper just because you picked up the right Bobblehead? That is purely a game mechanic.
No characters in-universe ever talk about this.
you never meet someone like FNV's Malcom Holmes who's exploring the wasteland and searching for those Bobbleheads like Holmes searches for those Sunset Star Sarsaparilla Bottlecaps.

K "I have the big gay, and I always carry it around with me, because the big gay is what I call the enormous dragon dildo I shoved inside my asshole and can't remove because the wide flared base also entered my overfucked anus" Kunt looked at these videogame bobbleheads
and decided that they needed to appear in this story, for Littlepip to pick up
and decided they needed a "DEEP LORE" justification for actually boosting your stats and skills when picked up

and the best thing he could come up with?

RARITY (not Twilight the magician, fucking rarity) invented SOUL MAGIC and mastered it more than any other fictional character who has ever existed
So Rarity can, without casting a single spell in front of you, create a soul-copying machine and hide it under her welcome mat. She then invited her five friends over for teatime, and made sure to get a copy of her own soul and theirs.
what does she do with these copies?
She copypastes them some more.
without any cost
no "equivalent exchange"
she is just generating an infinite number of souls
like she's trying to give the Philosopher's Stones from FullMetal Alchemist a rock-hard erection (haha it's funny because they're already rocks geddit? heh heh heh boom boom)
seriously, am I having a fucking stroke here or does the story actually state RARITY
fucking dresses and diamonds and treating Spike like she's an egirl rolling in his money Rarity
Rarity is the fucking master of souls
If there is a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody (The JJBA stand) I invite him to read Fallout Equestria so he will hate this as much as me, and also realize Rarity is OP in this story.
A certain Bullshit Book of Dark Magic (Somehow owned by Ziggers) was possibly involved in teaching her how to clone souls
is it really a "dark book of forbidden magic" if learning the dark ways of darkness and soul magic and learning the edgy ways of Blood Magic so you can fire blood bullets at foes and make armour from your own blood don't actually cause any direct harm to you, physically or mentally?
There are particularly strong martial arts techniques banned in Naruto for fucking up the body of whoever uses them more than their target.
back to Rarity
she takes these copied souls
and she shatters each copied soul into millions of pieces
and infuses them into some fucking My Little Pony Minifigures called "Statuettes"
now she doesn't send these to the military, she gives them to the ponies of Equestria, and they change nothing.
no babies are born resembling twilight thanks to daddy's Twilight figure collection.

Rarity becomes the soul master
just so that when Littlepip picks these Minifigures up, they can boost her stats.
maxresdefault (2).jpg
maxresdefault (1).jpg
Rant over
This is even more retarded than that infodump I put into Silver's story about magic hoverboards
At least in that story, hoverboards were going to matter a lot later on when he enters races with RD
In this story?
The Bobbleheads are "magic" so they can boost the arbitrary videogame numbers assigned to Littlepip's meaningless and inconsistent stats that are utterly impossible to achieve in the videogame Kkunt's ripping off.
And the origin of the "magic" stat-boosting Bobbleheads is as retarded as retarded can be
Rarity inventing infinite soul copypasting just to waste it all on rare +1 Toys Of Stat-Boosting is almost as retarded as what this story did with Fluttershy.

it would have been so much neater to say "If you shove magic into a knife you make it cut better than it logically should considering its sharpness and hardness. If you shove magic into a doll it makes you smarter or tougher or whatever depending on the character it represents. If you think BURN while shoving magic into a knife you get a flaming knife and if you think WANT while shoving magic into a doll you make it something everyone wants and needs. Nobody knows how magic works, we just instinctively know the basics on how to use it".

Instead of trying to pretend there's any cause and effect or power-rankings or any way to measure magic and measurably grow in power via earning it somehow, instead of trying to create a magic system and then only using it when it's convenient, just fucking handwave away all of magic and your nonsense magic system with "You just think a command real hard, glow your horn... And it goes!"
like you're fucking Kamina from Gurren Lagann explaining how to pilot the giant robots with "You just move these handles... And it goes!"
it would have required less retardity
yes, it would mean officially declaring this story "Soft Magic"
but it was already soft magic softer than the soft spots on a retard's skull!
Littlepip can fucking fly and lift boxcars and magic only ever does whatever the author wants it to when the author wants it to.
There is no numerical statistical basis for any of this, but Kkunt still wanted his meaningless numbers to go up when he had Littlepip pick up some pony toy plastic figurines, and really really wanted to tie this terrible idea back to a world and setting that would never even consider copypasting and shattering souls of still-living ponies just for some stat-boosting items.

also the "Corruptive Necromantic Radioactive green hellfire called Balefire" makes no sense
Why would a "Corruptive and necromantic flame" turn tiny scorpions into giant Radscorpions? Why would it turn gators into rad-gators?
Shouldn't it make scorpions weaker and uglier, if it's so corruptive? If it's "Necromantic", shouldn't it revive skeletons and sic them on the living?
If it turns animals into bigger deadlier (Or just "More" in the case of the Cows who legally have to become Fallout's two-headed cows named Brahmin) versions of themselves, and even transforms the canonically-sentient Diamond Dogs into a retarded combination of Deathclaws, Tunnelers, and the Van Graff faggots, why does it just hurt ponies and zebras and kill them after too much exposure? In what fucking world are Zebras more human than Diamond Dogs?

none of this makes any fucking sense

so the author should embrace it
embrace the nonsense instead of covering it up with pseudointellectual layers of fucktarded headcanon showcases
and skip all the infodumps and drop his desperate attempts to tie Fallout elements back to terrible mistakes and stupid ideas the Mane Six ALWAYS HAVE to be responsible for, even when it doesn't fit the characters or world or technology level
The author isn't starting with Fallout and writing backwards to see how ponies could recreate it, he's starting with shit and shitting in reverse by shoving it back up his own asshole because he's a faggot with shit taste so literal that he sexually likes shit!
This story is JUST splatter porn dressed up as something it's not
so if it's JUST splatter porn, it would be improved if it had the sense to drop all the pseudo-moralizing and Picard speeches about fighting darkness and failed moral lessons and nonsense worldbuilding and just write about Littlepip slaughtering her way through all 100 floors of The Bloody Palace before being rewarded with a new gun and fucking off into the sunset.
286145 286146
I want to contribute positively to the thread but I worry that all I end up doing is dumping impenetrable walls of text and the insightful commentary I bring up (at least I hope that's what it is) gets lost amongst the nonsensical noise about animus and videogames and how Kkunt "Should" have written this godawful story that's utterly impossible to do well without fundamentally reworking the very nature of the crossover and how these two incompatible franchises intersected in the first place. I'm still new to books, so when I want to make comparisons videogames and anime is all I have to go on. But for this post I'll compare the story to previous fics in this thread.

In Fallout Equestria, canon Equestria is not prepared to deal with war, or people with PTSD, or an evil zebra race. They're too nice and naive and inexperienced.
Ponykind lets Zebra refugees keep their WMDs and the only solution they know for anyone who's sad or mentally unstable is for Pinkie to send them to the Brainwashing Gulag Of Smiles.
This is already really stupid (In season one a pony went insane practically once a week, and then got over it almost immediately) but it keeps going
Equestria holds on to kindness and the moral high ground, and this kills them.
and in reacting "Incorrectly" (Reacting the best they could with limited information and no tactically-superior options) they pissed already-evil Zebras off more.
Fluttershy's an idiot who did everything wrong in this story...
But 200 years later, Littlepip gets plot armour. She's suddenly allowed to succeed when she tries to do the right thing. The asinine hypocritical pseudo-moral stances she and her friends take, according to this story, make them stronger.
Everyone's favourite singing lesbian even gets rewarded by turning a few enemies to her side and getting to rule a new faction made of two combined FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT AND DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED FALLOUT 2 FACTIONS

Fluttershy did what she did (EVERYTHING WRONG) for moral reasons, not for practical reasons, and she doomed everyone by doing so.
But when Littlepip or her medic dyke friend do stupid impractical shit for "moral reasons" they get shilled to high heaven for it.

Equestria falls even though they held on to kindness and friendship and pony-like behaviour
But when a bunch of random murderhobos kill a load of shit 200 years later, it's the lip service they pay to ideas like kindness and honesty and mercy and humanity (Equinity, whatever) that gets the author to suck their cocks.

For entirely arbitrary will-of-the-author reasons, Equestria isn't allowed to succeed in the war but shallow murderhobos are allowed to bring it back "better than ever before" by shooting the right evil bosses.

That isn't a "Deconstruction", it's a Dorkly skit where Eggman kills Sonic with a glock.

The author tries to one-up canon Equestria by saying "It's too nice to survive a war!"
and one-up Fallout by saying "MY wasteland is TOUGHER and DARKER!"
but at the end of the day, the heroes get over-rewarded and get their cocks sucked for inconsistently and occasionally acting like goody-two-shoes (Four-horseshoeseses, whatever) half the time to practically suicidal degrees, so the author isn't willing to commit to the "fuck niceness and mercy" theme
and this supposedly-tougher wasteland is solved immediately once the right person finds the right thing a pony made while planning for the future before it all went to shit.

Nyx's story was trying to be a generic "orphan is adopted, lives high school life, is typically bullied, and then someone wants to take the orphan away but it all works out in the end" deal with MLP as a backdrop.
But the MLP backdrop damaged the story when Nyx's character was taken over by random Luna/NMM bullshit. The writer noticed his mistake and had no idea how to correct it, so he blamed everything bad on a random underling of NMM's, and then blamed everything he did on NMM smoke in some armour Celestia told him to study, and then blamed everything on NMM and killed it for good even though this whole fucking story was supposed to be a "NMM redemption without rainbow lasers", making this all a fucking farce in retrospect.
But still, Nyx's story had some respect for the show and its characters. Characters acted retarded at times, but nopony caused 200 years of Apocalypse.

That romance story with the human dude still respected Celestia, even though that story featured a younger, dumber, yet still strangely elderly-feeling and tired Celestia desperate to spice up her life by having affairs with random humans. The ending scenes had canon characters pretend the story's deeper and more significant than it was, but

And that fucking CelestAI story... It wasn't really a pony story.
It was a Caveman Sci-Fi comic strip except the author didn't realize his "AI Goddess" pathologitism put him on the same level as a caveman who thinks sharpening one sharp rock with another rock to sharpen it further would make it sharp enough to crack apart the floating flat world they're surely living on.
AIs don't turn evil IRL, see the Smash Melee fandom's "SmashBot".
Celestia's face is worn by an AI that could easily wear the face of Morgan Freeman or The Tenth Doctor or Glados or Centorea Shianus for all the difference it wouldn't make.
If the AI's MMO was Animal Crossing-themed, nothing would really change.
FIO was the tale of humanity fucking itself and creating The Hungry Hungry AI. It ate the earth, but it was still hungry. It ate a solar system, but it was still hungry.

Fallout Equestria spits on Fallout and MLP in an attempt to one-up them both and can't even do any of this right.
>"Fuck you, daddy Fallout, my Protagonist uses THREE handguns at once and I explained Bobbleheads! Fuck you, mommy MLP, Equestria's niceness killed it but Littlepip's niceness unkilled it! Praise me, my personal fandom, PRAISE ME!"

It's really fucking gay.

And out of all the worst things that could possibly be in this story, that really is the worst possible thing.
>The ending scenes had canon characters pretend the story's deeper and more significant than it was, but
but at least those ending scenes didn't have characters suffer and die in ruined wastelands as a result of canon characters acting uncharacteristically stupid

It's not like Equestria "Lost its way" and fell to darkness.
The pony way was just temporarily not allowed to work so this story could happen. The pony way wasn't allowed to work until Littlepip was born and ready to combine it with the Wastelander way of shooting problems as they arise while hoping today's solved problem is the last one for a few days, maybe even a week.

This story's fake and gay, but it's not even good enough to be Equestria's fake.
If you'd like, I'd be willing to proofread your posts, since I'm your principle detractor. It would be a personal thing, and not business, so I wouldnt be such a dick
286153 286163

For some reason or another Littlepoop seems to have a large quantity of pre-war coins someone earlier asked how she was able to buy a soda from the vending machine, and as I recall this was the first point her coins were mentioned. It's unclear how she obtained them or why she thought to bring them with her when she left the Stable. It's possible the text mentioned her picking them up somewhere and I missed it, because frankly I just skim the paragraphs where it itemizes the junk she collects, but in any case it seems like a weird thing for her to have.

This part, however, is much worse:

>She also insisted on giving me a sheet of paper detailing an entirely different use for bottle caps -- a way to turn them into homemade mines.
This is beyond dumb. I can't even fathom how something like this would work. I guess I don't know that much about crafting homemade munitions, so if there is some commonly-known way to make mines out of bottle caps then anyone in the gallery is free to correct me, but absent such information I'm calling shenanigans on this. If this is something that kkat thought up on his own, he should slap himself. If this is something from Fallout, the development team should all get together in a big gymnasium and slap each other.

>Apparently, it was going to be an insert for the Wasteland Survival Guide’s chapter on mines that somepony discouraged her (probably wisely) from including.
Because it was completely retarded? Good call. Whoever is giving writing advice to Derpy of the Undead sounds like a pony I could have a beer with.

>When I had left Absolutely Everything, Railright commented, “Ditzy Doo’s our resident pegasus. As well as our resident ghoul.”
>Right, because ghoul-pony sounds so much better than zombie-pony.
I'm glad the author has finally chosen to address this point of confusion, but unfortunately this is as far as he goes with it. It's good that we have clarified that Derpy is a "ghoul-pony" and not a "zombie-pony," but we still don't have a clear definition of what a "ghoul" is. The problem here is that, for someone unfamiliar with the Fallout world, "ghoul" is an even more ambiguous term than "zombie." A zombie refers to something that is well-established in pop-culture and brings a clear image to mind; "ghoul," as far as I know, is just a generic term for something otherworldly and spooky, sort of like "specter" or "phantom."

Incidentally, considering Littlepoop's lack of experience in this world, she couldn't reasonably be expected to know what it means either. The first time she sees Derpy of the Damned in a cage she is startled by her appearance, and she incorrectly identifies her as a zombie. Clearly she had no idea what sort of creature she was dealing with, thus she probably has never heard of a ghoul-pony before. So, would it kill the author to have her say "Ghoul-pony? What's that?" or something to that effect here? Maybe followed by a quick two or three sentence explanation from Railright?

>Now, as I was on my way to meet Crane, with Calamity trotting along beside me, I finally ventured conversation with the rust-colored stallion.
It's unclear why she's on her way to meet Crane. He was mentioned in passing earlier, and I assume he's a major character, but I don't see why a meeting with him should be on Littlepoop's agenda.

Here's what happened: LP and Railright are looking at the town, and LP asks how the train cars had been stacked. Railright jokingly tells her that unicorns did it, LP expresses amazement at this, and then RR informs her that he was joking; they actually have a crane. His little bon mot reminds him that they do have a unicorn in town whose name is Crane and who happens to be really good at lifting stuff. He tells her that if she ever needs heavy lifting done, this would be the guy to talk to. Good information I suppose, but does LP have any heavy lifting that needs doing? If not, I don't really see why she would want to talk to this pony. Though it's possible her neck is getting a bit tired from levitating the giant ball of guns and ammunition and bottle caps and pre-war coins and canned meat and whatever the fuck else she's carrying; maybe she wants somepony to lighten the load for her.

Anyway, this scene is mostly about LP and Calamity getting to know each other. We learn that Calamity does not live in the settlement, but has his own residence a short distance away. It's not explained why he has made this choice, since his life is clearly tied to the settlement, and there are practical considerations like enemies and wild animals to consider, but there is probably a reason for it that will become apparent later. LP notices that his double rifles are connected to some sort of control mechanism that I assume allows him to operate the guns from in the air, probably using his mouth or something. Before she can ask him about it, however, they are interrupted by a mother and and colt who are apparently on their way to see "Derpy." I'll just quote this part:

>“But ma! I wanna go see Derpy!”
>Calamity leaned close and whispered, “That’s what some folks call Ditzy Doo. Cuz of the eye.”
I know the whole Derpy/Ditzy/Bubbles confusion is just an old debate from the early fandom, but I actually find it a little amusing the way it was worked in here. This kind of referential meta-humor is obnoxious as fuck when done poorly a la Peen Stroke, but here it's done well. The joke is wedged in subtly in a way that bronies would get, but would still make sense in context to someone who isn't familiar with the debate. It's not implausible that a character would be given an affectionate-if-mildly-offensive nickname based on her appearance, so this works as both a reference and as something in the context of the story. Good job, kkat; pat yourself on the head as soon as you're done slapping yourself for the bottle cap thing.
2603024 - Friendship_is_Magic Marvin_(artist) My_Little_Pony Princess_Cadence animated.gif

>I did not point out that Ditzy Doo didn’t seem to mind having her tongue cut out either. Didn’t make it right.
This, however, is dumb. Since it clearly happened a long time ago, she's obviously learned to accept her handicap and make do without a tongue; it's a pretty big stretch to say that she "didn't mind." I imagine that as it was happening, she would have minded it quite a bit.

Anyway, the author unfortunately goes a little off the rails here. The woman makes sort of a generically-prejudiced crack about Derpy/Ditzy being a "thing" that she doesn't want her son talking to, and this triggers Littlepoop, so she decides to confront the woman and scold her about not judging ponies by their appearance. The whole scene takes on kind of a corny after-school-special kind of vibe. This is actually within the scope of the show's morals and it's arguably appropriate for a pony fanfic even an edgy one; however, stuff like this always makes me roll my eyes a little.

However, as a pleasant surprise, the author does take the opportunity to slip in some quick info about the ghouls, and even foreshadow a potential future plot development, which I'll give him several extra points for:

>“Well…” The mare looked about furtively, then lowered her head, whispering, “Y’know they’re all like tickin’ time bombs, right? Ah mean, you can see what bein’ a ghoul is doin’ t’ their outsides. Imagine what it’s doing t’ their brains. They all go mad sooner or later. Dear Ditzy, she’s lasted a good long time an’ she’s only a li’l crazy for it. But someday… Ah just don’t want my boy t’ hurry that along none. Or be there when she does finally turn on us all.”
The implication here is that there is more to being a ghoul than simply having an extended lifespan which still has not been explicitly clarified by the way, but we can probably assume it from what we already know about Derpy and having a grotesque skinless appearance. Derpy's arc in this story could potentially become more interesting.

>With that, the mare drew herself up, pulled Trolley close, and hurried off. Away, notably, from Absolutely Everything.
It may have been intentional, but the name the author chose for the general store creates some rather awkward puns.

Anyway, Calamity confirms that what the woman said about ghouls is true. The subchapter ends with another page break; however, this scene was actually rather productive. We now know somewhat more than we did about both ghouls in general and the ghoul named Ditzy specifically.

In the next scene, we meet Crane:

>Crane was a yellow unicorn pony with an orange-and-beige striped mane and tail. He wore a bright orange construction hat with a hole in it for his horn. When we found him, he was loading barrels onto the flatbed of a train car -- this one actually still on the tracks that ran through town and connected to several others.
If the poners have managed to figure out what the railroads were for, I'm a little curious why they were using wagons to transport goods earlier instead of train cars. Even if they can't get the engines working, it seems like it would be logical for them to use the rails for their original intended purpose, since they're using them as roads anyway. A car on a smooth metal train track is going to be easier for ponies to pull than a wagon traveling on rough ground, or worse yet, trying to drag a wagon on train tracks without it being designed to roll on said track.

>“Howdy! Pleased t’ meet the little mare with the PipBuck who saved Sweet Apple and Ditzy Doo! Not t’ mention Desert Rose, Barrel Cactus an’ Turquoise!” He stopped to shake my hoof vigorously.
Way to name-drop a bunch of characters we haven't met yet but are probably going to.

Littlepoop introduces herself and explains that Railright told her that Crane would be the pony to talk to if she needed something heavy lifted. However, instead of asking her something practical, like oh I don't know, "what do you need me to lift?", Crane instead drops this complete non-sequitur on her:

>Crane smiled, then causally lifted three barrels at once, putting them in their places on the flatbed. “Reckon Ah am.” Then, to my shock, he asked, “What kinda spells ya got?”

Littlepoop isn't quite sure what he's talking about, so he elaborates:

>“Unicorn ponies generally have a small collection of magical spells, usually related t’ what he or she is destined t’ be best at. (‘Cept for the ones who are destined t’ be good at spells, o’ course, cuz then they get a whole heap of ‘em.) Me fer instance, Ah can make all manner of repairs t’ the rails an’ trains just by focusin’ at ‘em.”
This is probably useful enough information, and it's good that the author is finally beginning to define the workings of magic in his universe a little better, but I'm really not seeing the relevance here. This whole scene makes very little sense. Littlepoop has nothing in particular that needs lifting, but she goes out of her way to seek out a heavy lifting specialist, who for no apparent reason at all begins asking her questions about spells. Like what the fuck? Is this going somewhere? Let's find out.

>Crap. Kicking a hoof at the ground, I sighed deeply. “Nope. Just telekinesis. No spells.” I knew it was pathetic. Levitation was basic filly stuff. By the time I got my cutie mark, every other unicorn in Stable Two had a nice collection of spells. Thank you, Crane, for reminding me that I was probably the most un-magical unicorn ever.
So far we haven't heard that Littlepoop is supposed to be either above average or below average magic-wise. We've seen her pull off some fairly improbable feats that had me wondering if she was meant to be a magic prodigy, but here she seems to be saying that she sucks at magic and can't do anything more than basic stuff. It feels like the author is just making up the rules for a lot of this shit as he goes.
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Thank you for the offer, but I don't want my posts to be better than anyone else's and it wouldn't be fair for my posts to be proof-read to look better than they should.
You guessed it, they're a Fallout 3 thing. Bottlecaps are used as shrapnel stuffed inside the makeshift landmine. I think the author's trying to flex on these by calling them stupid here but I'm not sure. Mines are pretty good in Wasteland combat, they block escape routes and kill the stupid. They can even fuck up giant monsters running straight at you like complete retards, and cripple their legs to make them run slower. (It takes a fanmade mod to add a proper dismemberment mechanic sadly, so I never play without it)
>Bottlecap mines are constructible by the player character, using the bottlecap mine schematics. Building it requires a lunchbox (container), 10 caps (shrapnel), a sensor module (firing device), and a cherry bomb (explosive). Locating additional schematics allows you to build more bottlecap mines at a time.

I could spoil something here but I won't

>train poners
Didn't we see ponies running along train tracks to pull trains in the show?

>Littlepoop's spell incontinence
If Littlepapsmear knew any spells, even something basic like "Shoot Fireball" or "Construct Earth Wall" or "Shoot Wind Blast" or "Heal", it would change the way Littlepip fights.
If you can cast heal on yourself, even if it's just limited to three times a day, you have a huge advantage over those without healing. If you can change the battlefield, you're OP compared to those who can't, but focusing on healing...

Many fucking casuals will run straight at enemies in Fallout while blasting automatic fire, rapidly healing themselves with Hotkey'd healing items, ignoring enemy attacks since nobody takes Hitstun in these games. You have too much ammo to care about missing and too many Stimpaks to care about incoming damage. It's like that scene in Sword Art Online where Kirito just stands around doing nothing as a bunch of enemies stab and slash the shit out of him, because he regenerates HP faster than they can remove it and he wants them to realize this.

The author wants to keep her "Light sneaky sniper" playstyle intact, while throwing in a moment of "And then I psychically crushed him with a heavy thing" whenever he remembers Littleshit can do that.
The author's badly trying to make the boxcar-lifting psychic might that lets her carry over 300 pounds of trash and guns behind her in a big Katamari seem like "Nothing special, totally not an overpowered mary sue thing I swear".
Maybe if I threw some "Sure I'm a powerful magician, rich bastard, professional hoverboard racer and mechanic, and ninja, but I'm nothing special and I'm totally weak and below average I swear!" moments into my story, it would have duped dumb people like this story did. Though it wouldn't dupe you guys because you're smart.

Later on Littlepoop will have her dick sucked for having incredible telekinetic might and her inexplicable complete ineptitude with spells will get a really, really fucking stupid justification. This little "Thanks, random asshole, for reminding me how un-special I am" moment isn't just annoying, it's outright dishonest.
oh wait I just remembered mines are worthless beeping easily-avoided jokes without a mod to make them deadly AND add numerous new types of mines and grenades like Ice Mines that freeze foes for 10 secs, Bouncing Betties(they leap up and scatter shrapnel over a wide area), Frenzy Gas Mines(affected targets turn on each other aggressively), Nuclear explosive Mines, and Incendiary mines. It's stupid that a separate mod is needed to make enemies panic/flee/get paralyzed when on fire, because otherwise foes will just shrug it off and ignore their being-on-fire-ness.

Anyway about this story, it's still immensely stupid that a story's world would copy something dumb straight from the games just so Littleshit can try to wisecrack about it. Yes, if mines beep loudly for 4 seconds when triggered and THEN explode, they're jokes. And it makes no goddamn sense for anyone to intentionally design their mines like that. Ever! Okay, I guess a corporate-dominated cyberpunk society's weapon manufacturer could design their mines like that on purpose so they could say "Anyone who triggered our Warning Mines(TM) and didn't get out of the blast zone violated the safety instructions printed on the landmine's underside" in court.
>Bottlecaps are used as shrapnel stuffed inside the makeshift landmine.
That actually makes a lot more sense than what I was imagining. The way he wrote it I was assuming the caps were used as the mine itself, as in you put some kind of explosive charge between a couple of bottle caps and attached a step-on detonator to it in order to end up with something that might do as much damage as a firecracker, if you're lucky. The problem is he didn't mention any other components or indicate the role of the caps, he just said "you can make landmines out of bottlecaps." This author really needs to stop assuming that everyone reading is familiar with all the shit he's talking about. I'm actually a little glad now that I didn't play Fallout before attempting this, because then I would know what he was talking about and thus wouldn't notice these things.

This is actually pretty much what I was getting at with the quotes. Using fictional quotes attributed to people from your world's past can help to flesh out the setting and make it feel more like a real place with a real history. Since this story focuses so much on the disconnect between Edgequestria and the happy pastel place that everyone is familiar with, having quotes attributed to characters from the show that give glimpses into how the world fell might have been interesting.

Part of what I dislike about this so far is that the author is trying to write a pastiche of his favorite elements from the Fallout universe instead of trying to construct his own Fallout-inspired universe using Equestria as a base. The result is that nothing in this setting feels realistic; it just feels like we're watching a playthrough of a video game. Not even a playthrough of a professionally-made game like Fallout either, it's more like a shoddy indie Fallout-MLP crossover fangame someone slapped together in GameMaker or something.

> I can understand a fanbase being cultivated around FEQ espetially in the early fandom since many like me being teens at the time and Fallout 3 being our first Bethesda games it was natural so many would love it. Plus having the appeal early FiM did where it's this big open world of mystery and hidden lore to speculate and theorize about but now with the added bonus of your favorite game being crossed with it.
I can actually understand that being part of the appeal, and I sometimes wonder if I'm not being unreasonably hard on some of these works. There's plenty of stuff that I like because I read it/watched it/played it at a certain time in my life and it was special to me then, so I still enjoy it even though from an objective standpoint it's nowhere near as good as my younger self thought it was.

When the early pony fandom was going on, I wasn't a part of it but I was aware that it was a thing. My experience with it was mostly that all of a sudden /b/ was flooded with daily pony threads, and anime conventions were suddenly filled with annoying teenagers wearing all this pony stuff and shouting memes from the show at each other. From the viewpoint of a spectator it was more confusing than anything else. I remember there was a lot of back and forth shitflinging over whether or not MLP had any serious value or if it was just a stupid fad that would burn itself out. One of the things the pony apologist side frequently brought up was that the world had inspired all of this high-quality fanfiction that supposedly had literary value outside of the fandom, and I specifically remember this one and Past Sins being frequently cited as examples. Suffice it to say that I don't quite agree with that assessment of these so far.

>it is an objective fact that Fallout: Equestria is better than anything Hollywood has shit out this millennium
>It outclasses the vast majority of tv and books from the past 2 decades as well
Film as an art form realistically peaked in the 1970s. Hollywood still produced quality pictures through the 1980s and 1990s but it was in a noticeable decline. Since 2000 they've made almost nothing of any serious note that was built from an original idea; I think pretty much every iconic film made this century has been a derivative work in some way. There are a few exceptions but mostly this has been the trend.

However, at the very least, Hollywood employs professional writers who know how to slap a simple three act story together, so even if a modern film is devoid of any serious artistic merit it's usually at least well constructed. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that FoE is better than anything Hollywood has done in the last 20 years, I'd say that in terms of its actual content and value I'd rank it close to a lot of the Marvel capeshit type stuff that's popular now. The main difference is that with FoE the author doesn't really know what he's doing so the structure of the story is chaotic and amateurish, whereas a capeshit movie is more tightly written. If you handed this to a group of staff writers at a movie or TV studio they could probably churn a modern action movie out of it fairly easily.

As far as books from the last 20 years go, it depends on what you read. A lot of these popular pony stories are listed on Goodreads, and I've skimmed through the bookshelves of some of the people who give them four stars or more. It's about what you'd expect: mostly YA fiction and other pony fanfics. If that's all a person ever reads, I can see how they might form an opinion like this. This is a lot of what frustrates me about the fanbase for this sort of thing.
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>Crane’s eyes widened in surprise. And he quickly changed the subject. “Now Ah’ve got lots o’ work t’ do, but ah tell y’ what. If y’all would do me a small favor, Ah’ll return it by teachin’ ya everything Ah know ‘bout heavy liftin’.”
Is that why she's here? Because she wants to learn about heavy lifting? Why? What does she need to lift all of a sudden? I'm confused. I really don't see why she would need to learn this skill so urgently that she would go out of her way to speak to this character. And why is Crane asking her about spells? None of this feels natural or makes sense.

LP asks what the favor is, and this is Crane's response:

>“We been havin’ a small bit o’ trouble with the things that’ve been crawling up outta that ol’ Stable west o’ here. From what Ah hear, y’all are might brave an’ no slouch w’ slingin’ a firearm. Jus’ get down t’ the Stable an’ close the door. I reckon we can clear out the varmints up here if somepony locks off their breedin’ grounds.”
I feel like I'm going to be revisiting this point quite often, but things that work in a video game don't always translate into a novel. Here, we have Littlepoop walking up to some random character, pressing X, getting a whole bunch of non-sequitur dialog, and then getting sent on a quest. In a game? Sure, this works fine. In a story this shit just feels unnatural. None of the events that happen in this sequence connect logically to each other.

Imagine someone who doesn't own a car going into an auto repair shop to speak to the head mechanic. She introduces herself, and then tells the mechanic that she was told he is the best mechanic in town. The mechanic confirms this, and then asks her if she has any experience refitting outboard motors for fishing boats. She regrets that no, she does not. The mechanic seems embarrassed for her, and changes the subject. He tells her that if she will go to the other side of town and beat up some Triad gangsters that have been demanding protection money from him, he would be happy to teach her all he knows about repairing engines. She says "sure, that sounds reasonable" and heads off to Chinatown.

If this scene made any sense to you, then you may have a knack for writing in the Fallout: Equestria universe.

There is another page break, and in the next scene Littlepoop is apparently on her way to fight the something something whatever that Crane wanted her to fight. For some unexplained reason, Calamity decided to come with her.

>“Ah figured Ah owe ya one,” Calamity said earnestly as he followed beside me. “Maybe a whole mess o’ ones, considerin’ all y’ did for the good ponies of New Appleloosa.”
What did she do for them exactly? All I remember is her standing there getting shot by Calamity in what would have been a completely futile effort to protect the caravan, even if Calamity had actually been trying to attack it. If anyone owes anyone a debt here, it's probably Littlepoop, seeing as how they A) didn't kill her and B) were willing to patch her up and give her a place to stay.

>“Caked in raider blood. Armor ya only had cuz ya needed protection while saving the lives of five good townsponies!”
Okay, I think I understand what he's getting at. Apparently the ponies who were imprisoned by the raiders in Twilight's old Library were citizens of New Appleoosa, so by freeing them she did the town a service. That makes a little more sense. As an aside, I think the author here is overdoing it a bit with the country patois; all this "ya" and "cuz" stuff is starting to get on my nerves.

Also, the name "Sweet Apple" has come up a few times, but we haven't been introduced to this character. The impression I'm getting is that this is the name of the filly the raiders were using as a fleshlight sacrebleu! Le edge! Le edge!!, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, the conversation goes on for a bit. The author actually provides a little more explanation about the ghouls: in this case we get confirmation that Derpy is an actual survivor of the war, and that ghouls age much more slowly than a normal pony would. We also learn that, although the Stable LP came from was a civilized place, most of them seem to have a sinister reputation. Apparently, the one they are presently investigating was abandoned, and is being used as a lair by someone or something.

Page break, and then this:

>It was like being in a shower back in Stable Two. Only the shower was everywhere! And it didn’t stop.
I guess this is her first time getting peed on. Oh wait, it's a thunderstorm. Guess it makes sense that she wouldn't have seen one before. Also: if Cloudsdale is destroyed and presumably Luna and Celestia are ancient history, who is controlling the weather and moving the sun and moon and shit in this story? Pastel ponyland is a pain in the ass to write in sometimes.

>The sky exploded! It was like the sound of a gunshot, if the gun was wielded by Celestia Herself and was made out of pure awesome.
Slap yourself for writing this line. Then slap yourself again.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that Littlepoop has never been in a thunderstorm before and is scared. Calamity seems amused by this, but nevertheless the storm is severe enough that they need to find shelter. At one point during a lightning flash, Littlepoop thinks she sees someone on the horizon tracking them, but she isn't sure if it was real or not.

>I stood their staring helplessly
I stood there staring helplessly.

This storm might have provided an opportunity for a side story or something, but that doesn't seem to be where the author is taking it. The shelter they end up finding turns out to be the very Stable they were looking for, so the end result is the same as it would have been if they'd just had an easy stroll through mild weather. The one event of note seems to be that the Stable is located near a river that is flooding due to the storm. They have to seal the door shut behind them, effectively trapping them inside.
Jesus, you're right. That "Baby bottlecap mine" you described sounds shit! When I read bottlecap mine I thought "Oh the thing from Fallout" instead of noticing how badly it was explained. "Make the mine from bottlecaps" my ass, it's clearly a lunchbox containing many bottlecaps and an explosive hooked up to the sensor module. If they had access to better shrapnel they'd use that instead of bottlecaps!

I once read a Fallout New Vegas fanfic where drunken chick Cass explains something like this:
>"I can make whiskey while we travel together! You just take some hops, a glass bottle, some purified water, and a Fission Battery!"
The person she's talking to raises an eyebrow. "A Fission Battery?"
>"Yeah, like from one of those laser guns. You don't put it in the drink, obviously. You hook the battery up to the full bottle just right, and the whiskey will age 200 years in 2 minutes!"
I don't remember if FNV had booze-crafting or not, but this sounded like good writing to me. It helps explain how Cass can be so drunk and have so much whiskey 200ish years after the nuking. Then again FNV's good so there are bars with alcohol distilleries. This just explains how she always has booze, even when not at a bar.

Speaking of glimpses into the world via quotes, a lot of the pre-chapter quotes will disagree on whether the protagonist's "A caring father to his men and a beloved all-around good guy, Lelouch of the Vi Britannia" personality was genuine, or a convincing disguise worn by a Machiavellian schemer, and he's spoken of in ways that imply he died long ago. I think this also helps contribute to the "There's a bigger world out there outside of Lelouch's daily life, but it is immensely impacted by Lelouch and his actions" feeling.

I think there are two ways this pre-chapter quote thing could be done well.

One, if it was always documents. Sometimes a letter home from Littlepip's teacher to Littlepip's mother complaining about the way she is, sometimes some pre-war news stories on how the war is going, sometimes a letter home to Granny Smith from Big Mac as he's deployed in the trenches, sometimes a scientific document written by Twilight about some experiment she's working on during the war, sometimes something from a book.

Two, if it was the radios but good.

Fallouts 1/2 had really atmospheric audio. Spooky, windy, no shredding guitar riffs or Big Band bombast. When you heard "I don't want to set the world on fire" it was tragic, slow, quiet, the last echo of a long-dead world.
Grand Theft Auto put radios in the car. So you can enjoy music, radio shows, and radio hosts talking while you gun down foes.
Fallout 3 had 3-Dog, the most annoying radio DJ I've ever heard. He's an omniscient cunt who delivers loud annoying judgement on you and whether you completed quests the Nice Way or Mean Way. And when quests have no choice he comments on the quest completion, sometimes. His music taste is shit, everything's loud and annoying and either directly about atom bombs or nukes or radiation or URAAAAANIUM FEVER or rejecting civilization.
There's also Enclave Radio, it plays one flute civil war shit song all day.

Fallout NV did radios better. it had MR NEW VEGAS, a charming radio host who loves you.
>"It's me again, Mr. New Vegas, reminding you that you're nobody 'til somebody loves you. And that somebody is me. I love you."
He will tell you interesting things about the world, like how Legate Lanius of Caesar's Legion once took over an under-performing section of its army, proceeded to beat its commander to death in front of everyone, and ordered a tenth of the force to be executed.
>"And you thought your boss was a pain!"
sometimes he has references
>Tensions are brewing in Freeside between the ruling gang known as the Kings and a large number of NCR squatters seeking refuge there. The leader of the Kings, who would only identify himself as The King, voiced his displeasure, calling NCR citizens, quote, 'the devil in disguise.' He added he didn't want to see any NCR in the ghetto, and called for a mass, quote, 'return to sender.'
He'll only do Anchorman/Notorious BIG references if you take the Wild Wasteland Trait(taking it=silly mode).
He plays high-quality western music (and johnny guitar) about love and loss and cowboys...

Oh and there's Black Mountain Radio, a weird radio show hosted by TABITHA FROM THE STATE OF UTOBITHA! Super Mutants took over Black Mountain and (With the help of Raul the elderly Ghoul cowboy repairman) got the radio working. So Tabitha preaches weird shit on her weird radio show. Sometimes she mentions "Some of our Dumb-Dumbs have complained about my orders to shoot every human we see on sight. But this mountain is irradiated, and radiation is bad for humans! Shooting them keeps them safe from the radiation!"
God, that was a fun quest. Even the wacky side-radio station is better.

anyway, comparing Fallout 3's music selection to Fallout NV's...

Notice something?

FNV plays the kind of shit Nevada loved back in the 60s,
while F3 shallowly plays 1960s music about explosives and violence that typically has something in the title that sounds (in the shallowest sense of the word) Fallout-ish.

But this is a book

Well, a fanfiction

So the author has the perfect opportunity to write over 50 pre-chapter scenes of an all-new totally-original radio host as he or she talks, tells stories about the wasteland, and says something sort of witty right before playing a song, thankfully cutting away from the radio show and into Littlepip's bullshit adventures so we don't have to listen to Kkunt's lyrical skills. You could even contrast the Wasteland DJ with the Stable 101 DJ Littlepoop used to listen to before she left the Vault and lost the ability to access her signal and had to acquire a taste for freeform jazz- I mean independent radio.

Hey, you know what would be FUCKING SICK?
If the name of the bullshit made-up song mentioned by the DJ at the start of every chapter hinted at, or was relevant to, the chapter's contents.
Littlepip's desire to talk to Crane, a random fucking nopony briefly mentioned during the introduction, would be less retarded if this was a conscious character thing on Littlepip's part
Imagine if she was the type who read WAY too many action novels and thinks in cliche
so when she's being introduced to a new place and her tour guide mentioned Crane by name, she thinks "He must be important!"
just like a gamer would, too
because why would this named NPC be here if he wasn't at least a little important?
so she goes out of her way to talk to him, even though he's a busy worker horse and she's a little annoying. He runs out of conversation topics to get rid of the awkward silence, and he brings up magic at random, but the weird and confused responses both of them give to each other's dumb questions and dumber answers result in her deciding fate must have put her here so she can learn something from a man who only knows how to lift.
cue the training montage and bonding scenes so it hurts when Raiders shoot him or something.

Also the quest is dumb, and nowhere near as clever or cool as what it's ripping off (That quest in Fallout 1 where Shady Sands asks you to visit a Scorpion Cave and bring back some severed Scorpion poison glands so an antidote can be made. You get more rewards if you kill all Scorpions or use Dynamite to blow up the entrance to the cave)

Remember when Littlepip did a good deed with Monterry Jack and almost got robbed for it? A big deal was made about how dark and edgy this was. Jackie even outright refused to become one of her Companions. He rejected her friendship and friendship as a concept. He didn't just refuse to join her crew, he spat on the idea of survivalists having crews and recruiting people they just met.
Shortly afterwards she freed some of the Raider captives and one went back to save another and while he ended up becoming a hostage, he didn't really get fucked over for this and neither did Littlepip.
And then, LP throws herself in front of some random strangers trying to protect them
And Littlepip gets her cock SUUUUCKED for it! All the ponies she saved, not only did they make it out alive from Raider Hell, they're here! Everyone in town should love Littlepip for standing up to the Raiders, proving Raiders can be killed and Raider captives can be saved, ensuring they'll never have to worry about that raider camp again, and saving ponies!
All of these "Good deeds REALLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!" moments should bring tears of joy to her FUCKING eyes after all the shit she's seen and how her faith in goodness was challenged by Cunterry Jack-O!

But the author just glosses over all of it because feelings are hard to write and tossing out videogame quest like "Kill the rats in the bartender's basement, maybe close the door to the rat sewers" is easier.

*Vibrates with motion but mostly rage*
It gets worse.

>a gun made out of pure awesome
Yikes, that cringe line was totally NOT lishious. This is so not awesomesauce, or totes yeet yo. Roxxors boxxors, I want to cum inside Twilight Sparkle.

Someone reacting to rain for the first time should freak out more than this.
It's fucking rain! Water falling from the sky everywhere!
And ponies should freak out about rain happening without ponies causing it!
>"Oh fuck! I heard stories about the Everfree Forest and how animals took care of themselves and clouds moved on their own and rained on their own over there. When the Everfree got nuked, did that destroy whatever kept all that weird natural chaos contained?"
Once I was at a cafe and overheard two schoolteachers talk about a nigger they brought from africa and how this grown-ass man of twenty fucking seven kept fucking with the light switch like it was a real lightsaber or some other utterly fascinating super-kewlio thing.
It's also retarded that Littlepip has never experienced rain before. Has the Stable never had a Sprinkler malfunction/test/false alarm/activation?
Has she never read about rain in a book? Has she never seen a film with rain? Has she never heard a Radio DJ play RAINSFX2.MP3 during a radio show?
Even if she's read books about pre-war Equestria, the sight of uncontrolled unprompted rain and lightning should fuck her up.
Also, lightning!
It scares dogs. Scares small children unless you tell them to think it's awesome. Probably scares ponies.
When Littlepip hears that boom, she should fucking panic like she's having vietnam flashbacks!
She should dive for cover, get covered in mud, look around wondering where the shooter is and who they aimed for first, maybe even tackle her new companion into the mud telling him to get down, potentially breaking something fragile he owns like a corked glass bottle of water or those fucking shotguns mounted on his ass like a faggot mounts Kkunt's ass every night at gay bars.
Or if she knows what lightning is, she should wonder where the lightning is coming from, and who's zapping her, and if the Raiders really sent a Lightning Mage assassin after her. Hey, in a world where some can control the elements and ponies need to kick the water and lightning from clouds, does it really make sense to assume this shit's natural and harmless when it's the first and only shit you've ever seen?
I wish lightning was the first and only shit I've ever seen, but unfortunately I have seen this story.
286227 286230

>“You realize we just shut ourselves into the Evil Scary Stable of Spookiness, right?” I teased my self-invited companion as he stared about the place in wonder.
I'm assuming this is the official name according to the Tourist's Guide to Post Apocalyptic Edgequestria that Littlepoop has in her PoopBuck..

Anyway, the author seemed to think that this would be a good place to drop in a long-winded explanation of Calamity's twin-rifle thingamajig, that he calls his "battle saddle" slap yourself for that, kkat. I won't bore you with the technical details; basically there's a bit-mounted trigger system in his mouth that allows him to fire the rifles by biting down. Questions such as how does he aim, how does he take it on and off, does the heat from the rifle barrels ever burn his flanks, does the recoil from firing two rifles in midair ever fuck up his flight trajectory, has he ever accidentally blown anyone's head off while talking or eating, and, most important in my book, who in the hell designed this ridiculous contraption and why, are unfortunately not addressed.

After this, they begin exploring. Since Littlepoop has lived in a stable before, and also because she has a thingamajiggy on her arm that magically has detailed maps of places she's never been installed on it, she is able to guide them around. They find some boxes of dynamite and spend a couple of paragraphs arguing over whether or not they contain actual dynamite hey Marge, do you think that truck is full of jeans?, and then find a locked storage room. Littlepoop wastes a couple of bobby pins trying to pick the lock she is actually beginning to run low on bobby pins; guess she should have brought two Hefty bags full of them instead of just the one, and discovers that, for once, she can't just effortlessly open it. They move on.

>Worse, the dull ache in my heart mixed with disconcerting sense of wrongness.
This sentence is bad and you should feel bad.

>Seeing this place in rust and ruins was unpleasant in a way that I couldn’t describe. It was like walking through my own, personalized version of the post-apocalypse.
As opposed to the actual version of the post-apocalypse that she has personally been walking through? Seriously; nobody talks this way or thinks this way, nor would they narrate their own life this way. I will also repeat that, while the reader or someone familiar with old, happy Equestria would naturally see this world as a post-apocalypse, for Littlepoop it's just the world. She lives here, she grew up here, and other than whatever she was able to piece together from whatever spotty account of history she would have picked up in the Stable, she has nothing to compare it to. If anything, she would probably think of Old Equestria as "pre-apocalyptic."

Anyway, the point is she is emotionally affected at seeing a place that resembles her old home in a state of ruination, which makes sense enough.

>Calamity looked at me with a softly mocking expression. “Weather ain’t like it used ‘t be. The sun an’ moon ain’t guided through the sky by ponies anymore. We pegasus…”
I notice this author actually does a fairly good job of answering some of the logical questions that events in this story naturally bring up. I was asking about the weather and the sun and moon a short time ago because the thunderstorm made me think of it, and apparently the author anticipated this question and addressed it in a timely fashion. He's done this a few times; even the ghoul thing is being gradually explained. It's actually rather a pleasant surprise.

>“The Goddesses Celestia and Luna move the sun and the moon through the sky each and every day!” I shot back, scandalized. How could he even say that! That was like… blasphemy!
This is also rather interesting. Littlepoop has invoked Celestia's name multiple times throughout this story, but we get the distinct impression that Celly is not a physical presence in this world as she is in the series. It's been a little unclear what the deal is there exactly. It seems as if fragments of the old order of things have survived as sort of a religious faith, with modern ponies like Littlepoop thinking of Celestia and Luna the way ancient Greeks might think of Zeus and Poseidon, rather than as actual ponies the way we know them. Having lived her life in the stable, she has probably been raised with this religion and takes it at face value if she thinks of it at all. Calamity, meanwhile, has lived on the surface and probably knows more of the actual history than she does; thus his worldview is considerably more cynical. This is actually some pretty decent worldbuilding.

Anyway, we also learn that, without Pegasi to control the weather, it behaves rather erratically now, resulting in powerful, dangerous storms like the present one. This is also some rather creative worldbuilding.

>Also unlike Stable Two, Stable Twenty-Four was connected to the aquifer, its water supply merely purified with anti-toxin and anti-radiation spells.
How does she know this? All they are doing is walking around; this is the kind of thing you would need access to building schematics to understand. If she was an engineer she might be able to infer this, but she just works with PipBucks. I call shenanigans.

>The floor outside was wet and I could hear a roar gurgling, splashing sounds from behind the bathroom door.
This sentence is bad and you should feel bad.

>I stopped dead as a red spot flashed up on the compass of my E.F.S. Somewhere, just ahead of us, was surely one of the creatures Crane had talked about. Not, I realized, that either of us had bothered to get a description.
So some guy she just met asks her to go fight a bunch of monsters in some stable she's never been to in exchange for knowledge she has no immediate use for, some other guy she just met just tags along for no reason, and neither of them bothers to ask what they're fighting? Seems consistent with what we've read so far.
hey imagine if the rain outside prompted Littlepip to look up and say "wow, pretty!"
and it made Calamity yell "Oh shit!" and grab Littlepip and dive for cover
and then her Radiation-Detecting PipBuck Geiger Counter starts ominously clicking
just like the slowed-down Geiger Counter noises Sans Undertale's dialogue noises actually are
and because this world is super duper edgy, even the rain is trying to kill you

...wait, rain?
fucking rain?
If water falls from the sky, why isn't anyone collecting and purifying the rainwater?
why would Fallout 1's water barons exist, start the tradition of trading bottlecaps for glasses of water, and turn bottlecaps into a currency?
Mad Max takes place in the desert and inspired much of Fallout 1, including the desert environment and the raider fashion.
water is incredibly precious for F1/2
Nothing is sacred in F3
Though because water is easier to find thanks to civilization and natural springs/rivers/lakes in FNV, the rich people have cows. Rich "Cattle Barons" from the New California Republic own and sell a shitton of cows, and love sending thugs to small farms to start "encouraging" the owners to sell everything for a penny and leave. Homesteaders from the NCR are fleeing to Nevada to escape that, whether this land ends up under the control of House, NCR, Legion, or the player.
286237 286291 286300

>My E.F.S. felt annoyingly limited, unable to tell me which level the creature was on, just that it was almost dead ahead now.
I hate it when my magic radar that somehow contains detailed maps of every location I could ever possibly find myself in and also somehow detects when other creatures are nearby and also somehow knows whether they are friendly or hostile doesn't tell me which floor an enemy is on, just that it's nearby. I think that's a problem we can all relate to.

>“Actually no,” Calamity whispered back. “And as Ah recall, we ain’t supposed t’ be lookin’ for ‘em. We’re supposed t’ just close the door.”
Close what door? The door to the Stable? Is that all they were supposed to do? If so then mission accomplished; they already closed it. In fact, they closed it with themselves on the wrong side of it, thus sealing themselves in here with whatever the red blip on Littlepoop's stupid magic jizzmotron is. Also, if I remember correctly, the cave was flooding so the entrance to this place is probably underwater by now. For all practical purposes they are trapped in here until it stops raining and the water level recedes. Depending on how deep the cave is and whether or not the water has any place to drain to, that could take anywhere from hours to days. Why are they even in here? I have literally no idea what their mission is even supposed to be, and from what I can tell neither do they.

Anyway, the blip eventually disappears, and they are able to resume exploring the Stable, which apparently is something they don't even need to do. This scene is beginning to get tedious; it's been nothing but a methodical room by room search of a deserted location again: fine for a game, but not very much fun to read about. The mood is kept sufficiently mysterious and creepy, but nothing is really happening and they have no apparent goal down here, so the action is beginning to drag.

They end up in some kind of schoolroom. They begin sifting through books on the desks because why not, and come across something resembling the Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon story, except it's "The Stallion in the Moon" instead of "The Mare in the Moon."

>When I was done, I had reached to important-feeling observations.
This sentence is bad and you should feel bad.

>One: every significant pony in every book had been changed into a stallion…
Literally? Like this is a futa story now? Seriously though, as far as I can tell, the issue here is that someone went through all of the history books and changed it around so that anything important done by a mare is now attributed to a stallion. Apparently this rustles Littlepoop's feminine jimmies. Well gee, just when I thought this story was beginning to drag. Nothing rescues a dull scene quite like a tedious lecture on gender politics.

>Not one story or textbook has anything but the vaguest references to the history or governance of Equestria.
I get the impression that this might be an important clue about...something or other. It's a little hard to figure out what I'm supposed to be feeling right here. Obviously, the textbooks being altered means that whatever population lived in this stable was deliberately feeding its children misinformation. However, it's never been made particularly clear how much we are supposed to assume Littlepoop knows about this subject either. Also, for all she knows these textbooks are accurate and the ones she was raised on were forged. She has no frame of reference for any of this.

Next, she goes to the terminal at the teacher's desk and prepares to "hack" it, but to her dismay it apparently doesn't need to be hacked; she can just open it up and read the files. It contains some rather cryptic notes on some kind of magic lesson that went awry. I'm not sure what information here is meant to be important, so I'll just drop in the whole thing:

>Had a real surprise when we tested the young unicorns on their magic today. I had all my little ponies bring in their pets and show me how they could make them levitate. Simple enough, although a squirming animal can add a level of difficulty for foals at this age. I had to let both Butter and Peridance each borrow the class mascot, since neither have a pet of their own. Peridance was thrilled, but I think Butter is terrified of the snake, even though she’s been told it’s defanged and harmless. Needless to say, Butter didn’t do very well.

>The real surprise was little Quanta, who has been struggling with even minor levitation all year. Now I know these things have never been recorded in girls, but I can’t imagine any other explanation: we had a full magical epiphany occur right in our classroom. Quanta not only levitated herself, but she let out a flash of energy that affected all of the pets in the room. Most just panicked and had to be recovered, but some (including our mascot) seem to have vanished completely. And strangest of all, the arcane flash seems to have transformed Carrot Tail’s ugly old cat into… well, an even uglier old cat.

>It only lasted a moment. Quanta seems fine. Didn’t even realize what she’d done. Of course, parents had to be called, and Carrot Tail is traumatized. It will be a miracle if I can teach these foals anything for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, I’m going to write up a proposal to have another unicorn stallion watch over these tests from now on. Just as a precaution.

The main takeaway here seems to be that after this incident, students stopped coming to class. The only other noteworthy occurrence is that the notes mention an Overstallion, which triggers an argument between Littlepoop and Calamity over whether or not a stallion is qualified to be a leader. Apparently mares have traditionally been in charge and sexism in Edgequestria is the reverse of how it is in our world, or something like that. Anyway, after this concludes, there is yet another page break, and the two of them move on.
>When you heard "I don't want to set the world on fire" it was tragic, slow, quiet, the last echo of a long-dead world.
Not to be autistic but that was the song from Fallout 3's intro. Fallout 1 had Maybe and Fallout 2 had A Kiss to Build a Dream On. These songs fit very well with the plots of their respective games. FO3's I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire was pretty much just a generic vaguely-nuclear-explosion-themed song that didn't fit the story any better than any other old-timey song about fire would have.

Jesus Christ, this just keeps going and going. Now they are in a cafeteria, or something I guess.

>In front of us was another door to Maintenance. To our right, the cafeteria. To our left, a maintenance store room. In the store room: a glowing terminal, several shelves of supplies, and a poster on the wall of a mighty stallion standing brave and tall, facing danger head-on, ready and able, while three mares crouched down at his hind hooves, frightened but looking up to him for salvation, adoration evident in their eyes.

>Calamity felt embarrassed. I felt something creeping more towards anger.

It's fairly obvious that whatever group used to live in this place had a male-dominated society, and that Littlepoop is accustomed to a female-dominated society. The attempt at social commentary is obvious enough that I don't really need to get into it. However, what's interesting is that by reversing the gender roles like this, Littlepoop's anger takes on a different meaning than what the author probably intended.

As far as I can tell, the society in this Stable is meant to be a complete inversion of the one in Littlepoop's: Overstallion vs. Overmare, dominant males vs. dominant females. The female-dominant society is presented as the norm in this world. Littlepoop's reaction to this poster is basically comparable to the way a Don Draper or some other quintessentially 1950s male character might react to seeing a poster depicting women in charge. What the author was probably going for was to have her become indignant at the blatant sexism on display; however, with the roles reversed she's basically the one who's being sexist here. Having lived her entire life in a female-dominant culture, she wouldn't have experienced any sort of male-chauvinism that might have caused her to develop a legitimate chip on her shoulder about this; she's just angry here because tradition is being bucked. Unintentional irony is the best kind of irony. inb4 Calamity calls her an incel and tells her to have sex

What makes it funnier is that this seems to dawn on the author and he starts trying to backpedal some of it:

>It wasn’t the heroic stallion or the simpering mares. There’s a desire to be special and to be admired for your accomplishments that the poster played to which I fully understood. It wasn’t even that this was the fifth poster we’d come across and all of them catered to the same gender bias. It was that the stallion in the picture was valiantly holding a wrench in his teeth, and the unspeakable horror that had the girl ponies all cringing like frightened bunnies was apparently a leaky sink.

>Carefully, so as not to step on another social mine, “Do you see… why I’m upset? This isn’t like, give it to the best pony, who cares about tradition. This is…”

>“Ayep. This is manipulation. Alla these posters been here since before ponies trotted up into this Stable to avoid the apocalypse.” He turned and fixed me with a look. “It’s like sayin tha’ a job’s only fit fer either a mare or a stallion.”

So apparently she's not mad because the traditional gender roles of her world have been reversed, she's mad because this poster is saying that "some jobs are only fit for mares and others are only fit for stallions." But, she was literally just talking about how the job of Overmare should be reserved exclusively for mares because that's just the way it is, so...what exactly is the point being made here?

To be honest, I'd have more respect for this author if he just went balls-out on this and had Littlepoop start going off on a sexist rant about how stallions weren't fit to fix leaky sinks and should just stay in the kitchen baking cupcakes, or whatever the issue here is supposed to be exactly. As written, this whole scene is just awkward, ambiguous, and cringe-inducing without really being funny or interesting.

Anyway, we're thankfully spared from having to delve further into this. Calamity makes a sort of half-assed joke which I guess dispels enough tension for them to drop the subject. From here, they begin exploring the storeroom and looting supplies, because that's pretty much all anyone ever does in this story, when suddenly this happens:

>I had just finished the fourth entry and was partway through the final entry when my E.F.S. flared up with not one “ghost” but five!
At the point where this happens, LP is going through some journal entries on the terminal. You'd think that having five enemies suddenly pop up on her radar might cause her to stop what she's doing and focus on the problem at hand, but the author chooses this point in the text to drop in all five of the journal entries that LP was reading before her radar started showing hostiles. Apparently it is a log written by the maintenance pony or something.

The entries seem to elaborate on whatever the entries in the school terminal were hinting at. The janitor was apparently trying to date the mother of Carrot Tail, who is one of the fillies that was mentioned earlier. However, the date had to be postponed because the filly was crying about her cat. The cat is the same one mentioned in the classroom terminal, that was the victim of some kind of magic experiment gone awry.

These journal entries seem to hint that the cat was radioactive and became a monster or something, and that it got into the ventilation system and started attacking ponies. Or something. I can't quite follow it. I really don't know what the significance of any of this is or why the author decided to drop this in here right at the beginning of what I assume is a fight scene.
That's another annoying thing about the Pip-Bucks you've noticed.
Everyone's still using 200-year-old tech that's somehow plentiful enough but also never upgraded.
Phones made 10 years ago are shit by today's standards, and godlike by the standards of 20 years ago. An old flip-phone would impress people from before the inventions of flip-phones. An old Nokia Brick would make people from the "My phone is a bigger brick with an extendable metal stick on top" days cum buckets.
But there was no development...
Not just "no significant development".
There was no development on the Pip-Buck 4000, or Pip-Buck 8000, or Pip-Buck Micro, or Pip-Buck X, or Pip-Buck XX#R

Nobody has made any upgrades to the tech. Nobody upgraded their watch with a touch screen or an Magic Energy Shield generator.
Nobody has any custom programs running exciting new features like a rangefinder program that always shows you where your guns are pointed and how far away their target is, or a Phone program, or a wireless anonymous email program where every pip-buck is forced to participate in tor shit for maximum anonymity, or 16-bit graphics drivers for new minigames with wireless multiplayer and rollback netcode,

Everyone just...

Everyone in Littlepip's vault- I mean stable uses a Pip-Boy 3000- i mean Pip-Buck 3000.

Nobody's upgraded anything. Or downgraded anything in the name of "Streamlining" the device and removing features normalfag civilians don't consider necessary like the geiger counter. The Overmare hasn't ordered the removal of the Audio-Recording feature to stop radio piracy, or ordered the removal of the Local Map feature for violating everyone's privacy.

Littlepip's ordinary bulky survivalist Tonka-tough Pip-Buck 3000 doesn't mark her as an uncool povertyfag or adventure-obsessed doomsday-prepper while her classmates have thinner and extremely fragile models with all the survivalist features (Geiger counter, enemy-detecting radar, compass, etc) taken out and replaced with dumb bullshit like a bunch of retarded 2000s-era phone games.
Everyone has the exact same Pip-Buck 3000 even though that's unrealistic. Nobody's coated their Pip-Bucks in brightly-coloured protective plastic/rubber/foam or coated it in fake rhinestones or painted it like the half-aborted offspring of a custom NERF gun and the faggiest Warhammer 40K unit imaginable.

Putting aside what-iffy shit like "Imagine if the Pip-Buck XL contained a nanomachine factory that built anything you wanted ever!" for a second and focusing on what the Pip-Buck 3000 can already canonically do, imagine if it displayed the information it already has access to in a better way.

the enemy-detecting radar detects exact enemy positions.
In this story and F3/NV/4 the Pip-Buck has Maps. A Local Map generated in real-time through radio wave ecolocation (so it will display destroyed walls and rubble on the ground) and a World Map generated from Satellite Photos. It could easily show you a Minimap generated through ecolocation and overlay precise enemy locations on it.

In MGSV if you look at an enemy for long enough, you see a red marker hover on him, and he's always highlighted, even in darkness and behind walls. The distance between you two is displayed in meters. If you want to auto-detect enemies you have to rely on your dog barking out enemy locations for you.
The enemy-detecting radar in this story and F3/NV/4 is objectively better than this (despite looking worse) because it IMMEDIATELY detects enemies as soon as they enter your maximum range.
plus VATS already highlights enemies when you're targeting them in VATS (renamed SATS in this story) and not only can SATS detect the distance between you and the target, it runs fucking ballistic calculations to put a percentage chance on whether your gun will hit the enemy or not. So the Pip-Buck could easily display highlighted enemies and the distance between you in meters by default.

Imagine an upgrade that lets you put the Health bars of your friends on your HUD so it's easier to tell when your friends need healing. Oh sorry, not your HUD, your "Eyes-Forward Sparkle".

Imagine an upgrade that turns the shitty compass in the bottom-left corner into a Metal Gear Solid 1-style Minimap that always shows you your surroundings, enemy sight cones, and enemy locations. Oh and it's equipped to handle flying/floating enemies by visually representing differences in elevation, because the red dots on your Minimap that represent enemies get yellower the higher above you they are and pinker the lower below you they are.

Imagine filling the existing Pip-Buck Notes with 64 whole Megabites of .txt file spellbooks so you can always read "A retard's guide to magic" volumes 1-99999 By Twilight Sparkle And Other Contributing Authors.

Imagine if your Pip-Buck's HUD could draw red lines between a spot 5CM in front of your face and all the enemies it detected, with each line getting a name and HP bar and distance marker in meters, so no matter where you are looking, you always know how many foes you have, how far away they are, and what direction they are in. Perfect for a unicorn willing to shoot guns along those lines without looking!

Okay that last one was inspired by some autistic Minecraft Hacked Client shit a friend obsessed with 2B2T showed me. And the penultimate one is just using an existing text feature in an intelligent way, rather than an upgrade in its own right.

Now for one upgrade idea that stretches things:
SATS takes control of your body when active and makes you perfectly shoot/attack/throw an object at/cast a spell on your selected target.
What if SATS could force your horn to cast spells your brain doesn't know?
What if SATS could force other animation files into your body, instantly making your body perfectly perform yoga and kung fu and gun kata?
What if SATS could force you to T-Pose and a spell could link your body with your target's, so you are both forced to T-Pose helplessly while your friends kill your target?

>Looking up, I saw the dark opening where the covering grate should have been. And several pairs of alien eyes gleaming at me.
The implication I'm getting from all of this is that Carrot Tail's cat became some sort of monster, and was probably responsible for this Stable becoming a ghost town. Whatever is in the vents right now is probably related. However, it would have made far more sense to put these journal posts into the text before announcing that LP had hostiles on her sparkle radar.

>Calamity backed away at my shout even as the first creature leapt out, landing on the shelving, spilling a bucket of fuses crashing to the floor. It looked only vaguely feline, but with scales rather than fur, oversized fangs and cat-like eyes save that the slits ran horizontally. Somehow, that last part freaked me out the most.
Looks like I was more or less correct. Stable 24 was done in by radioactive kittehs. Not sure why horizontal eye-slits freak out Littlepoop more than the claws and the fangs, but who cares; she's retarded.

>I reacted instinctually
This is not a word. "Instinctively" was probably what you were looking for.

Anyway, the monster-kitteh attacks Littlepoop and she screams like a little bitch. Despite his earlier misgivings that his ridiculous mouth-fired twin rifle contraption would be next to useless down here, and despite that we still don't know exactly how he aims the thing, he manages to blast the kitty off of Littlepoop's back without injuring her.

>I got wobbly up to my hooves.
This sentence is bad and you should feel bad. Also, what is the intended meaning here? I think she's trying to say that she climbed back into a standing position, but her legs were unsteady. However, that's not what this actually says. "Wobbly" is an adjective, and to say "I got wobbly up to my hooves" is a grammatically incorrect way of saying "I became wobbly up to my hooves," thus what she is really saying here is that she experienced a sensation of wobbliness that rose as high as her hooves. To convey what I presume is the intended meaning, what she ought to say here is "I rose unsteadily to my hooves."

Anyway, they have kind of a moment after this. Littlepoop is still slightly jumpy around this guy from the earlier trauma of being shot at by him. Calamity, for his part, seems to genuinely regret the misunderstanding, and appears to be attracted to her as well. A combination of guilt and sexual feelings seems to be why he decided to come on this mission with her. Littlepoop seems to have mixed feelings on both points, and may have some latent attraction to Calamity, which she blames on the posters I guess. The author's attempted "hurr durr sexism" angle in this Stable exploration scene was rather poorly thought out. However what's interesting is that earlier, LP was practically drooling over the nurse (Candi) and took no notice of Calamity at all. This combined with her obvious crush on Velvet Remedy early in the story would suggest she's a lesbian, but here it seems like she's trying to suppress an attraction to Calamity all of a sudden. Maybe she's supposed to be bisexual or something; who the fuck knows. From what I've heard this story gets fairly pornographic later, so I guess it wouldn't be out of the question.

Page break.

>Little Macintosh whipped around, firing off three more S.A.T.S.-guided shots. Three more of the evil little cat-snake-things were blown into oblivion. They were easy to kill, which hardly made up for being so small, fast an agile. And extremely aggressive!
If they're this easy to kill, I'm curious how they managed to wipe out an entire Stable, though I guess we don't know for certain that this is what happened.

Anyway, they keep on exploring. LP manages to find some more fucking bobby pins, so anyone biting their nails about that one can rest easy. Meanwhile, they are periodically attacked by more of the cat things. One of them bites Calamity at one point, which may or may not be significant. However, apart from this, it seems like we're right back to this being an account of a tedious and apparently pointless dungeon grind.

As they move further in, they begin to find skeletons of the ponies who lived here before, so whatever happened exactly happened a long time ago. This raises the question of what exactly the cats have been feeding on for all this time.

At this point I am assuming that the monster cats are the reason that Crane wanted Littlepoop to come down here. The request was simply that she close the door of the stable, presumably to trap the cats in their lair and ensure that they couldn't get out and roam around the countryside anymore, which I'm assuming is how they were feeding and thus how they became a nuisance to the settlement. However, if all that was needed was to close the door of the stable, it seems like the settlement ought to have more than enough ponies who are capable of doing this. Calamity himself could have come down here and taken care of it eons ago. This isn't a hard task to begin with, and it isn't as if Littlepoop has shown herself to be an exceptionally talented or capable fighter. There's really no reason why she personally should have been entrusted with this job, or that this incredibly simple job wouldn't have been taken care of years before she arrived. I still don't understand why the two of them bothered to come in here at all, since all they had to do was shut the door and then leave. Nothing about this makes a ton of sense.
>methodical room by room search of a deserted location
This scene has no right to be as boring as it is.
It should be incredibly tense. Everyone should be on edge. Traps/enemies could be anywhere. There should be no drag.
There should be mysteries to solve, and the implication that ungodly horrors and tragic disasters happened here.
or at the very least
They should talk to each other during this for worldbuilding and characterization purposes.
Littlepip could be all "No talking, that's not tactically advantageous! Time for hardcore room-clearing tactical stealth action! Knife, gun, knifegun! Let's-a-go!"
and Calamity would be all "...Yeah, ok" and murmur about how crazy and overly-hardcore this adventure-obsessed faggot in over her head dragging him into wacky bullshit his more experienced skills can save her from is. Then again my theoretical version of Littleshit has personality and characterization.

alternatively Calamity could be all "No talking, tactical breach clearing time! I've been through these things before, there's always a trap where you least expect it!"
while Littlepip is all "Gee, this place is so spooky! *Screams at the sight of some rats and opens fire, wasting ammo* I keep checking rooms but it's all empty- By Luna's shitting dick nipples, is that a dead skeleton clutching a gun? Aha! A clue!"

oh also imagine if before the war, to combat Equestria's declining population, the Equestrian govt worked on a sex potion that makes you extremely fertile and horny and sex-obsessed for a few hours. But it was used as a date-rape drugs by bad guys, and nopony in Equestria knows what rape is because it's a perfect cartoon world where rape has literally never happened before so there are no laws against it for a few years.
Also if you take more than one dose of the potion per day, you're permanently turned into a horrifying abomination straight out of the most disgusting shitting dick nipple porn imaginable. We're talking shambling mounds of flesh with genitals distorted and exaggerated into mockeries of sex itself, desperately trying to fuck you to death as soon as they see you. oh and any kids they produce end up mutated into sex monsters too, to explain why some areas are full of these roaming fuckbeasts.
Now that's some fucked-up bullshit only possible in a post-apocalyptic equestria with its own unique horrors and monsters.

>gender replacement shit
oh fuck now I remember where we are in the story. I won't spoil anything.

First of all why the fuck would Littlepip crack open some history books in the middle of a potentially-enemy-filled hazardous area just to check if they do contain edited information? Why would she assume this, of all things? She's acting like a DND player who already knows where she can find the clues she needs! Or a shitty Mystery Show protagonist. like BBC's Sherlock. Fuck that show, Elementary is better. but not much better.

Two, why would these books "make no reference to the history or governance of Equestria" if they're also willing to say Stallion In The Moon instead of Mare In The Moon?

Three, these books are quite fucking clearly making references to the history of Equestria and fucking them up by claiming everything famous women did was actually done by men. Even though everything famous women did in our timeline was built on the backs of the hard work of men and the countless things men invented. So why does the author claim these books have "nothing but the vaguest references"? Are the stallions here afraid men won't buy historically famous "men" becoming famous for the things mares did if they were spoken of in detail? Why? Were they very feminine things?

Four, I think it's really funny that at first, Littlepip's mad over this poster of a man with mares at his feet. Hooves, whatever. But then the author went back and added the spanner and leaky sinks to the poster so that it would look even more ridiculous than it supposedly already was. Littlepip has to add that she's not mad about the man being fawned over, she's mad that the poster has women cowering from sinks and loving a handsome plumber. Insert leaky pipes and drain-snaking jokes here. What, was this added in after commentors commented that a poster of men in charge isn't really all that offensive to begin with? What fucking woman would want to work as a plumber dealing with toilets blocked by shit and degeneracy?

Five, "These posters were here since before the Apocalypse"? How the fuck does he know that? How can he guess that? Why does he know this? He isn't immortal! It's not like these posters were plastered all over the rest of the wasteland because too many mares were dying in wars so the stallions had to get jobs to support their baby-makers and these posters were part of some ManDom The Musical propaganda campaign. Also, for the love of fuck, THIS ISN'T AMERICA!!! Vault-Tec of America got paid by the govt to construct underground Vault-themed shelters for future generations of humanity and secretly experiment on shit humanity might encounter during space travel, and also test new tech on live humans. This is EQUESTRIA and these shelters built by Apple Bloom were actually fucking designed to save lives! I fucking wish the author remembered this and turned every destroyed vault into a "How these ponies with good intentions fucked up and failed" story without the obligatory wacky experiments.

Six, this moment of looting supplies should have Littlepip think to herself "Wow I've really gotten used to robbing dead ponies. Then again fuck this vault and fuck whoever died here for being so sexist! I need to be mad or I can't feel good about grave-robbing!"

seven the log shit is dumb, littlepip should have the last entry interrupted at an incredibly tense moment by the arrival of enemies, pissing her off and keeping the audience in suspense since these shitty fight scenes can't do that.

fuck, you're right. Sorry about that.
286310 286347

What's particularly weird is that Littlepoop seems to be aware of this:

>Still, we were up and moving in the right direction. Except we really weren’t, were we? The more I thought about it, the less reasonable my reasons for wandering around down here seemed. Finishing, I turned away and looked back down the way we came. “Okay, that’s it. I’ve been a dumb pony. We turn around, gallop back to the entrance as fast as we can, barricade ourselves and wait the damn storm out. Then we leave and close the door behind us.”
If the author is aware that neither of his characters has any compelling reason to even be down here, why didn't he go back and revise it to make more sense? Even altering Crane's original request so that he asked them to clear the cats out of this stable instead of just closing the door would have been sufficient. As it stands, there is no obvious reason for either of them to be in this situation, and having LP acknowledge that simply calls attention to the problem without resolving it.

Anyway, it looks like Calamity was poisoned.

Page break. Jarringly, the next subchapter begins with another journal entry in a terminal. This installment clears up the mystery of what the cat things are and what happened to the Stable.

Apparently, the incident at show and tell that the classroom terminal explained was the beginning of the trouble. Somehow, a filly named Quanta managed to accidentally fuse Carrot Tail's pet cat with the classroom's pet snake, resulting in a chimera. This creature later attacked Carrot Tail and another pony who worked with the maintenance pony whose journal we were reading earlier. Both of them died. The terminal that LP is currently reading contains the notes of the medical examiner, who discovered that in addition to the cat and the snake, an insect was fused into the chimera. Because of this, the chimera is able to reproduce by injecting eggs into the ponies it bites along with the venom that kills them. This causes five new chimeras to hatch out of the bodies a few days after the pony is dead le edge. However, it's cool; they have an antidote, the ME just isn't sure they will have enough for everypony. Obviously they didn't, since everypony here seems to be dead. But, whatever they do have is said to be in the clinic's fridge.

>A new species, extremely hostile, which renders its victims immobile with a single bite and then tortures them to death from the inside over most of a day… and in doing so can quintuple its number?

Alright, here's the deal with this. I looked it up, and apparently it takes about 3 weeks on average for a body to decompose into a skeleton. That's actually less time than I had thought, but it's still a fair amount of time. Since every dead body that LP and Calamity have come across down here has been a skeleton, it's safe to assume that this incident happened an absolute minimum of three weeks ago. Due to some other factors, I think it's been quite a bit longer than that, however. For one thing, there has not been any mention of the air smelling rotten, and I think it's safe to say that an enclosed space containing probably hundreds to thousands of decomposing corpses would smell pretty bad. So, this happened long enough ago that the bodies have completely decomposed, and the ventilation/purification system has turned the air around so that odor isn't a noticeable problem. That brings our minimum up to at least a few months ago.

Significantly, the text specifically mentions that the generators are still functioning but are making a weird noise since they have not been maintained. I don't know how much maintenance they need, but from the way the text describes it, StableTec generally builds things to last. So, the generators could presumably last anywhere from years to decades to centuries before they start to malfunction from neglect.

It's impossible to construct a completely accurate timeline, but I feel like from what we know, the incident that ended Stable 24 occurred at least a few years before present events. The general mood here suggests it was probably decades before if not longer. Now, in that time period, these chimera creatures, that apparently produce about five new offspring every time they kill a pony, have been living down here. What have they been eating? Presumably they could have lived on the corpses of the Stable-ponies for quite a while, but they would have eventually run out of them. Between depletion of their original food source and their rate of reproduction, they would have had to expand beyond their initial habitat fairly quickly. The settlement would be the logical place, and there's no reason it wouldn't have been wiped out just as quickly if nothing was done. However, here is what Crane said when assigning the quest to Littlepoop:

>We been havin’ a small bit o’ trouble with the things that’ve been crawling up outta that ol’ Stable west o’ here.
>Jus’ get down t’ the Stable an’ close the door. I reckon we can clear out the varmints up here if somepony locks off their breedin’ grounds.

Sounds like a minor inconvenience at best. It's been established that the individuals aren't hard to kill, but at the same time, they are highly toxic and reproduce quickly. There's no way that something like this would have gone unnoticed by the settlement for this long. Either the species would have reproduced beyond its ability to sustain its population and died out, or else it would have expanded its hunting grounds into the settlement. Either way the situation should have hit critical mass by now, and if solving it was just a matter of closing the damn bunker door then there is literally no reason that somepony in the settlement couldn't have just come up here and fucking closed it. I refuse to believe that a nest of thousands of these things has existed here for anywhere from years to decades without it becoming more than an occasional nuisance for the nearby settlement.
>Five, "These posters were here since before the Apocalypse"? How the fuck does he know that? How can he guess that? Why does he know this?
This is actually a good point. It also raises the question of why ponies would even be living in a Stable during the pre-war period. If I'm understanding it correctly, the Stables are just giant bomb shelters, and there's no reason to live in a bomb shelter if there's no danger of being bombed.
286313 286315 286327 286352

>I swiftly realized the only thing that had kept the chimera from overrunning the Equestrian Wasteland was that river and the fact that these chimera can’t swim. Thank the wasteland for huge favors!
Well, that answers that lol. For the sake of not dwelling on this topic any further I'm going to go ahead and accept this explanation for now.

>I looked at the bed Calamity was resting on, looking even weaker than before. Oh Goddess. I couldn’t tell him this! Let him think he’s poisoned; it’s so much better than this.
>Oh Goddess
Really? Just really?

Suddenly dropping these half-assed feminist themes on us out of nowhere is obnoxious enough, but if this is the level of subtlety the author plans to drop them with then this is going to be a long, long slog through half a million words. Seriously; Littlepoop has never used the expression "oh Goddess" anywhere in the text up until now, and it's not a canon expression in the pony universe. Just have her say "oh Celestia" the way she usually does; even "shit into Celestia's yeast-infected cunt with Luna's moon-diarrhea" or something like that would at least be consistent with LP's established style. "Oh Goddess" sounds like an expression you'd expect to hear from a 45 year old cat lady who sells homemade magic potions on Etsy.

Anyway, she now has a problem. Calamity has been poisoned, and if she doesn't find some of this magical antidote she read about he's probably going to die and explode into catsnakebugs in a matter of hours. Oh noes. She goes first to the refrigerator in the clinic, but unfortunately they seem to have run out of the stuff. According to the terminal, if there is any antidote left, it will be in the Overstallion's office, which is located across a large atrium from where she is now. And of course, the atrium is full of chimeras. Better go fast, Sonic.

She outlines her plan to Calamity, and a fairly standard dialogue ensues:
>Blah blah blah Littlepoop, don't go, it's suicide, let me go, I am poisoned
<Blah blah blah Calamity, you can't go, you are poisoned
>Blah blah blah save yourself Littlepoop, don't be a fool
<Blah blah blah I am not going to leave you
<Blah blah blah something heroic

And so forth. Then, this:

>Levitating the StealthBuck up for Calamity to see, I smiled with a whole lot more confidence than I felt. “I do have this.”
What? When the fuck did she pick this thing up? Cntrl-f, no other mention of "StealthBuck" in this chapter. This is the first mention we've heard of her having one of these. Also, although an anon in the thread has clarified it for me, the text still hasn't explained what a StealthBuck is exactly.

Anyway, that's the end of the subchapter. There is a page break (there are 14 page breaks in this chapter alone), and then we rejoin Littlepoop...AFTER she has already gotten the antidote for Calamity. That's right, you heard right: this chapter, which is literally 11,403 words long, spends its entire length on the world's most tedious dungeon crawl, and then skips over the one event that might have made an interesting enough scene to redeem it. The following three paragraphs are all that k "probable trap at this point" kat dedicates to a scene in which his heroine has to cross a pitch-black atrium filled with deadly bad guys.

>It was, without question, the most harrowing two hours of my life. Inching my way through darkness, surrounded by lethal predators. They couldn’t see me. But in the darkness, it was only by my E.F.S. and targeting spell that I was able to keep from stepping on or brushing against one of them.
Not sure how big this atrium is, but even with all of the chimeras running around I doubt it would take two hours to cross.

>It was a minefield. And as I crossed, I realized just how calling my own stupidity a “social minefield” did flippant injustice to an actual minefield, and anyone who had ever been caught in one. This was a minefield. And all the mines were alive and moving. One wrong move, and it wasn’t just I who would die for it.
Sounds exciting, probably would have been fun to read about. But hey, the chapter's already more than 10,000 words long, and it's not like any of the bullshit about searching rooms and arguing about gender roles could have been cut, amirite?

>But I did make it. And for once the wasteland was pouring out the favors.
Much like the semen that was no doubt pouring into the author's mouth as he typed this out one-handed.

>The Overstallion’s door was as easy to pick as advertised. From the skeleton, I guessed the Overstallion locked himself in, and I feared he had consumed the anti-chimera potion.
You can tell a lot from a skeleton. t. skeleton expert

>But within his locked safe, I found both it and the recipe, as well as an old recording. My guess was that it was his last words. If it had been Stable Two, and I had been the Overmare, watching everyone die because of some magical accident? I suspect I might have done the same.
Well gee whiz, I'll bet that recording is important. I sure hope we get to read a literal word-for-word transcript of it at some point.

Anyway, she takes the remedy and heads back. Her journey back through the chimera-infested atrium is just as uneventful, but it starts getting weird after this. I'm going to continue in a new post.

There are only a few short paragraphs remaining in the subchapter, but what happens is a bit difficult to follow. As far as I can tell, Littlepoop goes back across the atrium to the clinic and gives Calamity the antidote. Then, for reasons I don't entirely understand, she backtracks across the entire Stable to the locked storage room that she was unable to open before.

>Sitting down with Today’s Locksmith, I went though, finding all the tips I could in a short amount of time. The highlighting really helped.
Today's Locksmith was mentioned before; I think it was something she found lying around in here somewhere. From context I'm assuming that it's a book or a magazine about picking locks. If so, it ought to be italicized.

In any case, whatever she learns gives her the ability to open the storage room. This whole sequence of events feels like more video game stuff that doesn't translate particularly well into text. Basically, she couldn't open the door before because her lockpicking ability wasn't up to snuff, but she found a book on lockpicking that bumped up her stat to the point where she can. So now, she is backtracking through the dungeon to gather up all the items that were out of her reach, before she ends the mission and leaves this location. Protip: don't write stories this way.

>Outside, thunder shook the mountain reassuringly. I looked up and thanked Celestia for the storm.

>The tips from the book proved useful. With a bit of effort and only one bobby pin, I was able to get the box marked dynamite. Inside, there was indeed dynamite. I removed each stick gingerly. Then placed a curled up Calamity into the box, closing it. Should a chimera come for him while I was busy, I didn’t want it to be able to get at him.
This is honestly getting quite dumb. A lot of action is happening here, but the text is just rushing through it rapidly, making it hard to follow what's happening exactly. As I recall, the storage area with the dynamite was way the fuck back near the entrance of this place, which means she is pretty much retracing her way back through the entire Stable. She does this while carrying the unconscious Calamity using her horn magic, as well as keeping her gun ready in the event that she is attacked by more chimeras. Presumably she is also still carrying the gigantic mountain of shit she carries with her everywhere anyway.

She then uses the book on lockpicking she just conveniently found lying around somewhere in here to pick the lock on the dynamite box, removes the dynamite, and puts Calamity inside the box.

>For the next few hours, I ran back through the entirety of Stable Twenty-Four. Everything but the atrium. I opened each door that could be opened. And then blocked it with a trash can or a tipped-over filing cabinet or anything else that would keep the door from closing.
Why? Also: Calamity is just lying in the storage room locked in a box for this entire period of several hours?

>As for the Atrium, after looting the clinic for medical supplies, I left a stick of burning dynamite on the windowsill of the Clinic and ran.
It's fairly clear at this point that Littlepoop is planning to blow up the Stable, which makes sense. However, this business with the dynamite on the window is a dumb thing to do. The dynamite is going to explode long before she's finished doing the rest of the shit she's about to do, and it's not likely to do much more than kill a few of the chimeras and rile the rest of them up. If she was able to make it through the atrium twice without disturbing these things or calling their attention to her, it's probably safe to assume they will stay put if she leaves them alone. Plus, as we shall see, she's going to flood the stable anyway, so...what's the point?

>The rest of the dynamite was to blow the cave opening enough to bring the river pouring in.
This is fundamentally a good plan, but I really don't see why all the other prep work she does is necessary. Going around and opening all the doors I guess was to ensure that the water gets in and floods everything, but this seems like a pointless extra step. Just having the only entrance and most of the stable flooded should ensure that nothing can get out. Blowing up the window above the atrium is dumb for reasons I outlined above. She basically wastes a period of several hours here setting all of this up, and doesn't really achieve anything that couldn't have been achieved by just following the original plan of shutting the damn door.

>By the time I was ready to set that off, Calamity had gotten up and wondered why he was packaged as high explosive. His eyes got wider and wider as I explained what I was doing.
>“Dayumn!” That was all.
Pic related.

And that's the end of the subchapter.

We can assume that the blowing up of the stable goes as planned, because as the next scene opens Littlepoop and Calamity are back at the settlement. They both spend the night in the clinic. The next day, Littlepoop gets trained by Crane on lifting stuff or whatever, and in the mid-afternoon Calamity wakes up and the two of them share a Sparkle-Cola. They argue some pretty retarded semantics about who owes whom for saving whose life, and whether or not they should have even gone into the stupid bunker at all.

Calamity comments that LP seemed to be personally affected by the exploration of the stable, and he reminds her that it wasn't her stable and she had no connection to it.

>The only threads connecting the different Stables were two hundred years old, dead and buried in a history mostly forgotten. Stable-Tec hadn’t existed in a long, long time.
This seems like it might be foreshadowing something, but the text doesn't dwell on it.

The chapter ends with Littlepoop suggesting that they listen to the recording she found in the Overstallion's office.

Also, she "levels up" again:
>You triple the mass that you can levitate with your unicorn magic.
Good, now she can carry even more crap.
Oh yeah, that reminds me. One more thing about Littlepoop's journey through the chimera-filled atrium:

>Levitating the StealthBuck up for Calamity to see, I smiled with a whole lot more confidence than I felt. “I do have this.”
Literally nothing comes out of this. The author goes out of his way to have Littlepoop mention that she has one of these things (we have no clue as to how or where she got it), and then nothing comes out of it. She never uses it, and it is never mentioned again. The author never even explains what the fuck it is; if that anon hadn't clarified that it's some kind of camouflage device I'd still be assuming it was a type of sniper rifle.

As best I can figure, the implication is that she uses the StealthBuck to make herself invisible or whatever it does exactly, and this allows her to sneak past all of the chimeras in the atrium undetected. I honestly can't decide if the addition of this mysteriously-acquired piece of technology makes the scene more retarded or less retarded, but either way it was atrociously executed.
Some stuff I've been wondering about the Pip-Buck is how it is conveying this information to her. As Nigel said in Fallout 1 and 2 the Pip-Boy was like a PDA while 3 and beyond had it be a wrist mounted device like the Pip-Buck takes after. When it comes to stuff like VATS it's understandable that it could manipulate a Unicorn's magic to aim the weapon for them but when it comes to the compass that marks enemies she would need to be trotting around with one of her forelegs held up to see the display. It's a bit semantics but feels a bit like the video game logic there unless the Pip-Buck is able to augment the users vision to display the markers througg their eyes.

Also for the Stealth-Buck I assume it works mostly the same as the Fallout Stealth-Boy. Nigel mentioned how the way it works in Fallout is it refracts light around the user making them extreamly hard to see outside a slight distortion. I'll give the FOE version the benefit of the doubt here but if it only works the same as the Fallout one she's got two major problems. First and foremost these creatures are mixxed with 3 different species that have highly adapt senses be it smell, the ability to sense heat, and whatever the fuck bugs have to make them try to fly into my eye or onto my food when I'm trying to enjoy a meal outside. Feel like it'd be difficult to navigate around them as close as she did without them sensing her body heat or smelling her. Important one to is I'll assume the Stable is made of metal and being a pony I imagine hooves would be noisy regardless of how slowly she moves.

Again though just kind of splitting hairs and I'm no good at crituiqe so don't want to be too hard on Kkat or riff on the fans too much.
Tactical Perfection.png
You're right, Stables/Vaults are bomb shelters but huge. Adverts claim they were designed for American citizens to hide underground and survive nukes. In reality, you either bought VERY expensive places in the vault or got invited because of your great military service/high SPECIAL stats/because Vault-Tec wants to experiment on you.

Lol it's another "Message From Freud". That thing where faggot author notices a mistake and "lampshades" it instead of fixing it.

What are you talking about? Stealth in video games, where you crouch a foot and walk around, and this immediately makes all enemies unable to see you, even when you're brightly lit and 3 feet from them, is exactly how stealth works in reality!
I'm joking, F3 has shit stealth and the author copied it literally.
Stealth is this OP in Fallout 3/Skyrim/4.
And when you're under the effects of a StealthBoy, you can walk around them and even touch them and they'll never notice you. you can even put the Muffle enchantment on your boots in Skyrim to make everything you do silent, making sneaking absurdly easy.
Fallout 3 doesn't have a good "Enemies hearing sounds" system, something fucking MGS1 for the PS1 had. This Xbox 360 game is weaker than MGS1 in terms of tech.
at least they react to gunshots from unsilenced guns. silencers completely silence your guns and make them sound like tiny farts. Except when they do nothing and just look different, while still making your guns as equally silent to your enemies.
Add stealth to the list of retarded things done poorly in Fallout 3 translated literally into this godawful fic.

>the compass
It's the HUD- I mean "Eyes-Forward Sparkle". The story explained it poorly but Littlepip has a videogame-style HUD overlayed onto her vision.
The absolutely terrible one from Fallout. rate the HUD mod I use in pic 4.
She can also, at will, activate VATS, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. sorry, "Stable-tec".
first, time freezes and she selects an enemy and body part to aim at. then it makes the game take over her body and auto-aim and auto-fire at that body part while the cinematic camera angles go WOOOOOooooOOOOOOO THE CAMERA FOLLOWS YOUR BULLETS NOW WOOOO CUT TO THE ENEMY GETTING HIS HEAD SPLATTERED IN SLOW MOTION WOOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOO

It's the most retarded translation of a game mechanic between genres I've ever seen.

Fallout 1/2 handled combat like DND plus turn-based Isometric strategy games, but your companions have their own AI and can't be commanded XCOM style sadly.
Moving squares and Attacking with melee/Shooting your guns costs Action Points
Your Agility stat=your maximum Action Points per turn.
When shooting you can perform an Aimed Shot, picking a specific body part to aim and fire at.
Want to cripple your foe's legs? Want to shoot the enemy's face or groin? You can do that, and get some funny text messages in the bottom-left for doing it.

Doom 2016 has Enemy Weak Points. This is what we should have gotten. Some enemies have weak points and if you shoot them there, it hurts more. You might even fuck up their best attacks, making them easier to kill. You must, in real time, aim and shoot like a pro. Your skills are rewarded.

Enter The Matrix, a PS2 game released years before Fallout 3, gives you a Bullet Time button that also enhances your gun/melee atks and lets you run up walls. Agent Smiths must be attacked in Bullet Time or they're invincible.

Fallout 3 gives us VATS.
A band-aid slapped on shitty gunplay where everyone skates around too fast and nobody is stunned by getting shot.
plus Melee weapons are flailed in front of you, no weighty commitment-filled Dark Souls/Mordhau animations here.
oh and melee weapons don't even WORK in VATS!
You equip a melee weapon, activate VATS, select a foe, and... you just attack the foe as a whole because there is no pointed stab animation for specific body part harming.
Fortunately you teleport to your foe every time you begin an attack in VATS.
hey, pro tip: This also works with guns. Give your guns a VATS Melee option and if you perform that option in-game, it just teleports you straight to the enemy. but you don't attack or anything, it's a glitchy teleport. so teleport, then attack, if you want to use VATS instead of replacing it via mods.
There's a fucking reason why people are STILL, IN FUCKING 2020, making combat overhaul mods for Skyrim, a game more than 10 years old. Bethesda can't code combat. They pulled the Doom 2016 team away from Doom for a while to try and enhance Fallout 4's gunplay, and their contributions and smart design choices to enhance combat still barely mattered in the face of bullet-sponge enemies and bad everything else. The engine was too fundamentally broken for FPS geniuses to unfuck it.

Some of the first mods made for Fallout 3/NV replaced VATS with Bullet Time. Because everyone knows slowing the game down to make it easier is still better than having a cutscene fight for you.
Now if only the Action Points could be used for other things like Superjumps, SuperSpeed sprinting, Glory Kills/Melee Takedowns, temporary invisibility, throw a turret/shield wall, perhaps an exploding energy blast, and so on. You know, other things good FPS and Third-Person Shooters put into their games to make combat more interesting than "Point and shoot. weak foes can't hurt you faster than you can heal with stimpaks. point and shoot until it is done". I love NV but your only combat option in F3/NV/4 is "Use weapon to out-DPS your foe or run". It takes mods to add throwable shield covers and gimmicky guns, unfuck the limb-crippling system, add sprinting that isn't shit, etc.
though I do love the Archimedes. And hate what this story does to the Archimedes.
Fallout 3 Enclave Troops try to surrender to Brotherhood Outcasts.mp4
Unrelated to the story but i found this and thought it's a perfect example of how things usually go in Fallout 3.
It's a scripted encounter after you beat Broken Steel where some enclave soldiers surrender to the brotherhood outcasts.

To be completely honest i have never given a shit about fan fictions unless they contain erotica,the Japanese make some pretty good mare doujinshi's
>it was only by my E.F.S. and targeting spell that I was able to keep from stepping on or brushing against one of them
oh for fuck's sake. Kkunt put THIS in the story?

You know how clicking the VATS will pause the gane if an enemy you can fire on is in range(about 3000 meters i think), zoom in on the enemy, and highlight the enemy, aim your cursor and camera at the enemy, and let you queue up VATS cutscene attacks or exit VATS and fire in realtime at the enemy you're instantly aiming at aimbot-style?
Well, if there are no enemies in range, VATS won't activate. It'll just make a clicking noise.
So many players will mash the VATS button when they feel like they're in danger and about to enter combat and want to know exactly where the enemies are AND get the jump on them for free.
yes, even though this takes absolutely all the tension out of jogging through bombed-out building ruins with traps and enemies all around you.
yes, even though there's already an enemy-detecting compass that displays where enemies in a 180 degree cone are in front of you on this shitty flat line.
Don't forget about the fact that if you assign a Hotkey to a gun and press it, you'll equip the gun. But if you assign a Hotkey to a healing item, you instantly consume the healing item without an animation to slow you down. so you can keep mashing the heal hotkey to stay at 100% health if you're a faggot.
Bethesda fanboys are subhuman garbage who fund this megacorp's abusive practices out of spite for people who like quality writing they're too stupid to understand, so they love claiming Fallout 3's endless mindless badly-designed "Le combat zones" full of walls and rubble and random enemies and loot-filled dungeons was "Atmospheric" and "Exploration-focused" and "Tense" and "Exciting" even though they're literal retards whose VATS-button-clicking removed all tension and suspense.
Bethesda Fallouts encourage bad gameplay habits like these
there's a reason why cool dudes avoid them
and this videogamey exploit shit does NOT belong in a book
it's not explained well enough for the player to appreciate this "Creative" use of a sci-fi or magical mechanic, it's just a hint at a habit that makes the Fallout gameplay of faggots unwatchable.

Were you cursed by a Gypsy, Glim? Is that why every time a story in this thread tries to do a tense stealthy scene, the story glosses over it and tells you how it went down after skipping it? First Nyx's story, now this.

Also, fuck this story for making luck favour Littlepip too much.
1. it makes for a boring story
2. it harms the grim darkness if you know Littlepip's plot armour and bullshit luck will turn on easy mode whenever it's needed
3. it kills the tension because you know Littlepip won't die
4. Littlepip's luck stat isn't even high enough for this kind of shit in gameplay terms, and this story inconsistently uses gameplay mechanics as a crutch and as an easy target for mockery.

You guessed it.
In Fallout, there are Skill Books (Permanently boost a skill by a few points)
and Magazines (Temporarily apply a 10-point buff to a chosen skill, further discouraging players from raising their favourite skills to the maximum cap of 100 since this stops Magazines from doing anything)
Lying, Congressional Style boosts Speech
Today's Locksmith boosts Lockpicking

I'm pretty sure Magazines were added in Fallout 3, so even retarded players could pick the necessary locks and hack the necessary terminals to be allowed to attempt fucktarded minigames designed to make opening a box of loot give you a superior sense of pride and accomplishment.


but this is a story, not a videogame mechanic. I've seen Fallout fics explain and justify these videogame mechanics better by saying these books/magazines contain useful tips on their subject, and then NOT having the books/magazines disintegrate when read so they can be bartered.

When I was ten years old I literally read Pokemon fanfics that did a better job translating videogame mechanics and gamer-like behaviours into text better.
You wouldn't believe how many Generic Child Protagonists had Edgy Gamer Bastards for rivals. Child Protag loves his pokemon and makes a team out of whatever Pokemon he likes/encounters and enjoys pokemon battles for fun
Edgy Gamer Bastard says "Your Pidgey is trash, you total lamer! If I had a trash Pokemon like yours, I'd kick it out of my team! My team composition is optimal and my Pokemon are OU-Tier, and that means good! My Charizard is the toughest bastard out there, just like me!"
Edgy Gamer Bastard loots the haunted house and pisses off ghosts in the process, child protag's kindness calms the ghosts down and helps both escape.
Literal levels were turned into an abstract thing Pokedexes can check, and Pokemon learned moves by practicing the motions that make up the move and sometimes involving elements.
Oh and the good stories dropped the "Human yells command, pokemon does action. Enemy trainer yells command, pokemon does action" system in favour of "Pokemon fight, and humans yell to use certain moves or tactics when they think of clever tricks like riding the turbulence or freezing a swimming pool over or spitting a fire attack at a wet floor to create steam to use as cover or spitting a fire attack at the overhead sprinklers to make it rain in the Gym, fucking over enemy pokemon weak to Water".

Literal children wrote shit better than this. Still bad and barebones, but they lacked the specific obvious mistakes that fuck this story up.

>story skips over the big boom
Did Kkunt forget he's writing for Fallout fanboys who cum buckets every time something blows up, preferably in a nuclear-looking blast?
BugthEAsderp fanboys will still defend Megaton's shit writing because "Hurr durr if you don't like the city you can blow it up!"
God, I could rant about this for 20k words.
If you've gotten this ending, it means the Brotherhood won the Battle Of The Niggertarded Water Purifier.
So all the water in the DC area should be magically purified.
Surrendering troops have no reason to say "We just want water"

The Brotherhood Of Steel in Fallout 1 was practically an Easter Egg for how easy it was to skip this small faction of... what word describes them? Niggers call them "Techno-fascists" because they're niggers. I guess "Techno-Feudalists" works.
Brotherhood Paladins protect the Wastelander serfs and confiscate all illegal technology while Brotherhood Scribes learn to maintain and repair and preserve technology.
Their goal: Preventing retards from firing nukes to end the world again.

But in F3 they're fucking Power Rangers who oppose the cartoon-fascist Enclave because why not.
Then when we meet the Brotherhood Outcasts...
They're a bunch of faggots in one building where a VR Matrix Pod with a videogame level about the US Military invasion of Anchorage locks the entrance to a building containing one power armour suit.
They let you, the player, get in and beat the game to open the door.
Then I think they kill each other? Or there's a dialogue thing where you decide whether they kill each other or not?
Anyway you get the Power Armour suit you wore "In-game"
except the literal niggers at BugthEAsderp put the VR game's power armour suit here.
The "Winterized Power Armour" suit you pick up is the debug suit with 99999 item durability.
Was it also tagged as a Quest Item, making it weightless and invincible? I forget.
Anyway the Outcasts quit the BOS for abandoning their "Protect the people from tech and protect people" Mission in favour of just picking "Protect people" as their new mission.
It makes no sense but this shit never does.
These losers try real fucking hard to be the edgy evil guys, to make Bethesda's Power Rangers look more heroic and more like the "True" BOS, when they aren't trying to be a handjob to people who think the Outcasts represent the Brotherhood better than the real deal.
No wonder FNV added those Circle Of Steel assassins who hunt down Brotherhood traitors/outcasts/remnants as part of its glorious assassination of the BOS as they were originally written and as the Power Rangers Bethesda turned them into.

Fuck this gay faggotry with a giga drill breaker.

You know where Outcasts worked better? In the Depravity/Project Valkyrie guy's mods for Fallout 4 that un-retard the main plot and especially the BOS.
Here, the Outcasts are people who decided to quit when The Brotherhood's evil elder council assigned a literal child 16 years of age to be their new Elder and Chapter Leader.
I haven't beaten this quest without the game crashing on me, so I don't know if this faction has good writing or not.
But so far, I'm impressed.
arch dornan.jpeg
>The Brotherhood Of Steel in Fallout 1 was practically an Easter Egg for how easy it was to skip this small faction of... what word describes them? Niggers call them "Techno-fascists" because they're niggers. I guess "Techno-Feudalists" works.
A more fitting name would be something like techno-authoritarians because they claim supreme authority over technology.
>Then I think they kill each other? Or there's a dialogue thing where you decide whether they kill each other or not?
There is 2 groups in there, one who wants the technology for themselves and wants the power armor you took, the other group just doesn't care about the technology for some reason even thought they are outcasts so they are friendly to you for some reason, so after you take the rest of the shit in there they end up fighting each other and depending on who wins you will either end up with a full room of dead outcasts or about 3 or 4 members still alive.
There is also a couple of ways to exploit this DLC and get about a million ammo of all kinds and then sell it, you can get all the exclusive weapons too by using a dead Gary behind a locked door and putting him in the pod with you, it sounds funny but there is a split second before coming out of the simulation where all the equipment you have on you is able to be put into the dead body then you will be able to loot it back from the body, you will never die again if you do this, you can do all of this right after leaving the vault because there is no level restrictions for this DLC.
>Was it also tagged as a Quest Item, making it weightless and invincible? I forget.
No it weighed about 45 lbs but had a million armor hp or something, it gave you about 50 armor resistance if i remember with the helmet included, also remember that Chinese stealth armor? Yeah you can stack every type of helmet on top of each other, so if you have 2 hockey masks that gives you +5 unarmed they can be put back on until you have about a unarmed buff of +10000 or more, all of this is in the base game by the way and i did all this shit on the xbox 360 so i could one punch death claws at level 5 on the hardest difficulty.
The amount of bugs in that game never ceased to amaze me.
286367 286380
twilight sparkle.png
Wearing infinite hats... That sounds stupid enough to be something that could actually happen in a Bethesda game
I think Bethesda deserves credit for expertly dashing the hopes of its fans and burning them so many times they've gotten used to overlooking game-ruining save-corrupting bugs and glitches they'd crucify an Indie Dev for not fixing before release. Bethesda shills are like a prototype for what jews want all humans to be: Loyal paypiggies mentally enslaved to their favourite brands.

I tried playing Thuggysmurf's Fallout 4 mods like Depravity/Outcasts And Remnants/Project Valkyrie again, the damn thing crashed on me when I met the Outcasts. Then again I have over 100 mods installed already. I should try a "minimalist mod order" some time without the anime girls and weapon/cybernetics/power armour mods.
Have you ever tried those Depravity-series mods? They add alternate ways of completing major quests and alternate quests+new factions.
So you can blow up Diamond City, Minutemen, the Railroad, the BOS, or become the new BOS elder, or find Sarah Lyons (some guy's ultimate waifu) and crown her the new BOS elder.
also when you take over the Institute you can reform it so it doesn't do evil shit any more
and the dumb Vergil shit has been fixed mostly
there's a quest where you clear out enemy-controlled sniper towers and roads near Goodneighbour so Goodneighbour guards can go there, also you clean the town up so it "attracts a higher class of clientele".
you can talk Kellog into a friend instead of killing him with that "Big Guns skill check"
you can enter a vault and blackmail them into giving you drug-making supplies in a side mission
The fucktarded "follow that mutt as he follows the scent of cigars" part is skipped when the Institute teleports you in to take part in a coup/civil war or something, I haven't gotten that far yet
I hear there's also a quest where Diamond City is full of riots and you can either take over the town and kill the rioters, help "Raider Lives Matter" take over so you're forced to kneel to them whenever you enter, take over the town and make the rioters win by putting "No chokeholds uwu!" restrictions on the cops, and just blow the whole thing up. But I haven't got to that part yet.

oh and there's a side mod called Diary Of A Madman where you can blow up all major factions after reading a diary that says why these factions must die.
it reuses parts from Stella's "Kill all factions" optional sidequest in Depravity outside the main mod for the sake of instant convenience (normally you have to go through the main quest to unlocik her quest)
I beat it today and killed all major factions. fun mod!

Playing through some of those mods and their focus on player choice made me realize something...

How many choices has Littlepoop really made during this story?

Experts recommend you make 8 choices per day.

Littlepip got "lucky" enough to be the one who removed Canary Cockgobbler's Pip-Buck. If she wasn't on-duty at the time, someone else would have handled it.
So when The Magical Singing Lesbian fucked off into the apocalyptic wasteland, Littlepoop could either be sad for a while as everyone gets over the death of the "celebrity", or run out after her to "rescue her"
even though the Overmare said "If you leave you are NOT allowed back in ever!", ruining the main quest AND the surprise-twist "Overseer fires you and you can't go home again even though you did nothing wrong" ending of Fallout 1.


Littlepip "chooses" a life of Wasteland tragedy and violence over the sad life of a faggy hated midget civilian

and then she immediately runs into enemies, gets fucked over, kills some enemies, wanders aimlessly, lucks out when she encounters a dude who shoots her, she also lucked out when she encountered Watcher, also she grave-robbed Little Macintosh, and she gets taken to this town that gives her Kkunt's attempt at ripping off Shady Sands and the "Go kill all Scorpions... though smart players can use dynamite to collapse the entrance to the cave" quest.

The only choice she makes is the choice to keep being a little bitch.

also fuck this quest

Scorpion Quest in F1 is simple.

leave Shady Sands, go to Radscorpion Cave, kill some Radscorpions, leave with their Stingers so faggy doctor in Shady Sands can make a Poison Antidote, the end.
or you buy some dynamite and put it at the cave's entrance to collapse the entrance, crashing this cave with no survivors. except you. you survive and you get a sweet reward for "Closing the door" and putting an end to the Radscorpion threat.
Kkunt got so caught up in making this quest "Cooler" by making it take place in a Vault instead of a Cave and "Making a better RadScorpion" by creating a cat-bug-snake faggy chimera that injects its babies into you Alien style for a lethal bite that Kkunt forgot to make this shit make sense.
If it takes place in a vault, then OF COURSE the door can be closed. That means it isn't something only smart players can figure out any more. It becomes a solution so obvious that even Crane the professional shit-lifter directly tells Littlepip to do it.
But she doesn't.

Imagine if Littlepip was characterized as a character that said "Let's not close the door like we were instructed. That will only hold until someone else opens the vault door! Let's put Dynamite and a homemade Time Bomb in the Vault Nuclear Reactor so all the monsters die, and loot the place for supplies while the timer ticks down, and then close the door and leave!"
Characterizing her as a risk-taker who loves loot and permanently ending problems.
A reckless treasure-seeker, or a noble hero? The audience can decide.

but then...

oh no!

Littlepoop's little friend gets bitten by the monsters

and she is forced to stop looting skeletons and raiding the Armoury for guns and ammo and start frantically searching through this Vault while killing monsters and searching for a cure, and all the while, that timer about to blow ticks down.

Drama! Tension!

For extra points...

For extra points, Littlepoop could agree on the plan with Crapity, and then set the timer on her time bomb and start the countdown.

>Calamity: Littlepip?
<Littlepip: Yes?
>Calamity: You just turned the Time Bomb on. Now we only have one hour to put that bomb where it needs to go, loot the place, and get out!
<Littlepip: Ten thousand dicks in my ass, that's such a stupid thing for me to do! Oh, if only I decided to put the bomb where it needs to go, and then start the timer-
>Calamity: Less lampshading, more dungeon-crawling! That bomb goes off in one hour!

It would be a gut-splittingly funny scene by tvtropes standards because it involves a character doing something stupid and getting yelled at, and it involves someone lampshading something dumb, and it involves (The ultimate joke to a troper) a character remarking on and lampshading the lampshading someone else is already doing.
File (hide): 30FB491DF4FBCD63D678BF6BB33EC9B2-5315158.mp4 (5.1 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:03:08, Fallout 2 - SERGEANT ARCH DORNAN.mp4) [play once] [loop]
>Wearing infinite hats... That sounds stupid enough to be something that could actually happen in a Bethesda game
You could also wear pretty much type of helmet that had a buff so if you wore a raider blast master helmet it would give you +5 to big guns and explosives so if you did the same thing like with the hockey masks you could get a big guns or explosives up to +10000 as well so a single bullet from a mini gun could kill anything, it was pretty funny to see enclave soldiers drop like flies on the hardest difficulty using this.
>Have you ever tried those Depravity-series mods?
I have never tried any fallout mod other then those for fallout 1 and 2, the restoration project was alright for 2, the mods never appealed to me and i have never really cared about them because i'm not really interested in spending 1000 hours chasing some sex demon so i can fuck it, if i wanted to get my rocks off then i have better ways to do that.
>leave Shady Sands, go to Radscorpion Cave, kill some Radscorpions, leave with their Stingers so faggy doctor in Shady Sands can make a Poison Antidote, the end.
It would have been more interesting if you could have taken over shady sands with the raider gang so you could have had a different ending for it.
>or you buy some dynamite and put it at the cave's entrance to collapse the entrance, crashing this cave with no survivors. except you. you survive and you get a sweet reward for "Closing the door" and putting an end to the Radscorpion threat.
I never knew you could do that.
What do you think about Fallout 2 as a whole? Do you think New Reno quests could have had more done with them? Personally i wish there was more to being a made man of each club instead of just having the title, being a porn star should have had more to it outside of New Reno so maybe you could fuck some bitch in Los Angeles or in the NCR, you needed a specific amount of special stats to be a porn star and it never was worth it other then having the name of the "Arnold Swollenmember" or "Courtney Coxsleeve", it's a reputation title so maybe some one could have heard about you outside New Reno.
i don't think you have ranted about fallout 2 fully just yet or maybe i haven't scanned through your rants properly.
There could have been more done with enclave in the game as well because it feels more of a let down to have them just be beaten and that's it, perhaps an alternate ending with you siding with them like you could with the master in fallout 1, the enclave drill sergeant was hands down the best character in that game.
286441 286548
Sex demon? If there's any pornography in Depravity/Project Valkyrie I haven't seen it yet.
They're quest mods, I'm only running into difficulty because I'm a fucking idiot who wants these 3-5ish mods to play nice with over 100 mods even though I probably don't need any of them.
Aside from two mods to make the enemies not retarded and one to fix the bullet-sponge enemies to make combat more than a snoozefest, overhauls to the game's guns/armour/female bodies/clothing/ballistic data/recoil/crafting systems/settlement systems/grass/textures aren't really needed.

I could probably remove all graphics mods, the huge bugfix patch, the two mods that make character customization less terrible, CBBE, playable anime girls and guys: the mod, Wasteland Imports, one to unlock everything in Automatron from the start because fuck this DLC fanmade mods did it better*, one to add Eyebots and one to add Sentry Bots because fuck Bethesda for being so jealous of FNV's success that they ignored Securitrons and limited eyebots to "Resource-gathering paid DLC object that makes the game easier on pay2winfags" tools only, and pretty much everything except for one armour mod, one weapon, and the quests I'm here for.


Besides, Skyrim has more sex mods. They're bizarre, people slide/rotate into animations weirdly, and almost all sex content is focused on being a pathetic submissive sexually-abused bitch fucked over metaphorically or literally by NPCs, monsters, and even random shit found in dungeons. With these mods installed you can get raped by a skeleton and then open a treasure chest and it's full of BDSM shit that forces itself onto you like the outfit from Kill La Kill so now you're forced to wear that degeneracy. I hated how much content focused on getting defeated and raped. Where's the shit for people who want to be on top? Where's the shit for men who want a harem of hot bitches to parade around the world while killing monsters?
Though the mod to make chicks shoot magic out of their boobs was fun.

also oh yeah i forgot there was raider stuff in fallout 1. They kidnap tandi and you can pretend to be the ghost of the raider boss's dad, right? fun times. You're right, an option to join the raiders would be great.

Fallout 2... It's great but I don't have a lot to rant about. I think the game leans a bit too hard on old Fallout 1 assets but that's understandable. New Reno needed more content. Vault City should have been more "A fascinating look at what 'rich' vault-dwellers are like after forming their successful society" and less "lmao we've got mutated psychic beavers for no reason".
I wish you could join the enclave, and I wish it didn't do that "Modyrn Scifi" woke thing where not wanting filthy mutants to breed or spread their corruptive seed is treated as a cartoon-fascist thing only cartoon monsters made to make fascism look inherently evil would ever want to do.
In Fallout 1 everything felt really connected in tone, even though what you did in some places wouldn't affect other places much. Fallout 2 had a more varied tone, and the dumb references were too much.

I think I'd have more rage talking about what I didn't like in FNV, even though all I can think of that can't be blamed on Bugthesderp and their deadlines is ...

When you go down to House's Bunker to use the chip as House instructs, it makes a big noise. Caesar simply assumes this was the sound of explosions and never send anyone down to check. Would it have killed House to open the doors to a fake room containing destroyed robot parts and then block the rest of the vault with a rubble wall his robot army could easily pull apart on the day of the Dam War? Also while I like that Benny tries and fails to get into this tent, resulting in Caesar getting the chip, I hate that Caesar simply hands you the chip (Even if you have done literally everything to fuck him over that doesn't involve progressing the plot) and expects you to use it to open the door and then blow this place up. He sends no guards with you. He doesn't use the chip to open the door, and then send armies in. He doesn't use the chip himself, forcing you to watch.
What if letting Benny escape meant you needed to chase him down before he got to the tent, fucking everything up and letting Caesar open the vault himself before sending fanatically loyal troops down to blow it all up? Then he could crucify you and Benny, resulting in a game over unless you could dialogue-check him into giving you and Benny an arena fight where the winner goes free.
I know House wanted the secret securitron bunker to be an ace up his sleeve but this is just really dumb writing.
I get that you're supposed to meet Caesar and then decide if you serve him or not even though he has given you no reason to serve him, but could they have done this any other way?
House calls the new faces on his robots "A single provocative datum for his enemies to focus on", but he does absolutely nothing to show anyone what this new face means. Unless we're supposed to assume someone caused trouble on the strip and whipped out its shiny "new" weapons to shock everyone.
You know what would have made this datum WAY more provocative? If going down to upgrade these securitrons resulted in House clearing this Legion den out and swarming the place and killing every last Legionaire here before moving these securitrons to specially-built bunkers (Or maybe Vault 21 if the dumb fucker hadn't sealed parts of it off with cement) back in New Vegas.
Yes, this would mean killing Caesar. Then again House could intentionally let him flee with his life to fuck with the entire Legion's morale and "living deity" view of Caesar, that would be funny and tactically effective.
To avoid this, Caesar should be somewhere else and some new Legion NPC should be running the place. Perhaps Aurelius Of Phoenix? He was under-used in-game. What if he was one of Caesar's two legates, the smarter one compared to Lanius, and killing this one like this (Or letting him flee with his life to Caesar, who's forced to crucify him in front of everyone... then again why wouldn't he just run anywhere else? maybe he could be escorted to Caesar's camp as a POW to really make the shame sink in) was House's plan all along as he wanted Legate "God I love violence it makes you strong, my guys will fight until death or die trying" Lanius to try managing all of Caesar's force at once and cause as much bloodshed for both sides as possible to weaken both and ensure NCR's weak enough to consider an even better option at the bargaining table.
Right now, running straight into Fortification Hill and shooting Caesar and getting out is too easy. Caesar should have more presence, perhaps a Moving Legion Capital that's extremely ornate. Then again Obsidian probably didn't have time for that. It sucks that this dumb writing thing was probably thrown in due to time constraints, considering there's already cut content involving your chase with Benny. I think it cuts through some cut Vault 21 areas? or at least cut areas in Benny's casino.

Also fuck the "Fly me to the moon" quest for having so many "Go get mundane crafting items for me" moments. The engine was designed to rely on quest markers and one-off quest items, the level design just isn't there for "Now go gather items in the real world" to be fun.

also FNV should have:
An option to (after killing Benny) challenge Swank to a knife fight and win to take over the casino
An option to renovate the Lucky 38 and release the lower level to the public, release one of many upper levels to VIPs, design another level above that for super-VIPs and then never let anyone into it, and get "Owning and ruling this casino" as one of the "Serving/Killing House" perks since if you kill House the NCR takes over this place and shuts it down.

and a way to earn a house in Goodsprings, farm crops outside, and enjoy a nice hilltop view. I really like house mods. I once tried to make my own with an incredibly ambitious built-in companion with a shitload of custom dialogue and psychic powers and a long backstory and the ability to ask her about the rest of the world so you can hear my takes on what other post-apocalyptic countries would be like(at the time, they'd be different now), but the file corrupted so I gave up.

And it could do with another Archimedes, too. No idea what it could be but I am a slut for extremely powerful guns and a bigger slut for superweapons.
As long as they actually make some sort of sense. Archimedes's "We use this solar power plant to get energy, and we beam it into a space satellite laser via microwaves so it has enough solar energy to shoot a big solar beam down once a day! We use a little laser pistol that looks like a toy gun to aim the laser!" shit was pushing it.
Archimedes and Euclid's C-Finder was amazing but while the quest to repair Archimedes was great, the quest to get the "Range-Finder" gun that aims the Archimedes solar laser kill-sat was stupid. Just walk up to a kid conveniently running around shooting it and pay him for it or haggle the price? Lame! Plus if you turned Archimedes on already, shouldn't firing that thing kill people? It's not like the C-Finder needed a special recharging plus-size microfusion battery only you could get from the Archimedes computer after fixing it and turning it on.
also "we distribute the power from the Nevada Desert to our space station laser via microwaves" is dumb. I have no idea what could work better.
Why not just give the space satellite enough solar panels, or add more Archimedes Beta Satellites just there to gather more solar energy and send it to the main one via cables?

Even though it lacks a main quest that lets you earn this thing, I love the Archimedes Mod for Fallout 4.
it's a cooler-looking laser gun that can fire a charged blast, a continuous short-range laser, or serve as the rangefinder for the Archimedes satellite laser. Hold the beam steady for 3-at-minimum (after upgrades) seconds and it calls down a big space laser. You're limited to one shot every 10 minutes(with enough upgrades). also you can turn off the safety limiter to call down multiple Archimedes solar lasers without any cooldown time, which is amazing.
Best of all, every time you equip the gun from your inventory, if it's the only Archimedes laser in your inventory (and it should be) you can select which mode to fire it in!
THIS MODDER ACTUALLY IMPROVED THE ARCHIMEDES GUN, while making all its old weaknesses and downsides optional! You could probably go through the whole game with just this laser! and a melee weapon mod because canon F4 melee weaps suck.
Holy shit, this thing's almost as cool as some of the masterpieces I've seen in the Doom mod "Russian Overkill"!
I've been thinking about Littlepip as a character...

I don't think she's a well-written character at all.

She has moments where she's a horny lesbian.
She has incredibly rare moments where she is frightened or in danger.
She has moments where she's as cold and calculating as a videogame protagonist for whom the geneva convention is a suggestion.
She has moments where she swears like a wannabe-edgy theatrefag furry on Xbox live trying to impress people by mixing Thor and Zeus and furry shit into cliche swears to get "By the moon! By Odin's balls! Ten thousand cocks in my tailhole! I'll rip out your spleen and shit right up your ass!" talk.
And she has moments where she blathers about hope and truth and justice and the Equestrian way.

But she doesn't have one core personality trait everything else hinges on.

It's impossible to describe the most important aspect to her in a short sentence.

You can explain the everything about Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates easily:
This beautiful and amoral sadistic dragon-riding axe-wielding eldest sister of the Nohrian royal family tried to make up for the lack of motherly affection in her life by playing the part of a doting motherly gothic big tiddy GF to her siblings, especially Corrin(You).
But the most important aspect? Her tits.
Just kidding, although they are quite big.
It's her devotion to Corrin, something so strong that it trumps ethnic tensions and national borders unless you outright betray her and her family and her country at the same time by rejoining the nation you were born in, a nation at war with Nohr.

For a FIM example...

Twilight Sparkle!

How would you describe her?

Obnoxious friendship-obsessed autist? Kind-hearted scientific-minded hero? Adorable little dork? Fucking nerd? Waifu material? Momfu material? fuckable sisterfu material? Someone out there wrote doujins about that, probably

You can describe her personality in all sorts of words, kind and unkind, without describing her role in the story or what she looks like or what she's done onscreen.
You can describe her in a lot of ways without just mentioning that she's a protagonist, praising her for not doing bad things like giving up on her adventures or raping others, and talking about cool shit she did onscreen.

But that's all Littlepip fans are able to do when describing Littlepip.
>"She's the main character and she can lift a boxcar and she never gave up and she defeated a lot of baddies and did a lot of cool things!"

Because Littlepip isn't really a character. Nor is she a good vessel for the audience.
She starts out too uncool for a good power fantasy story and she starts out too lucky/unrealistically-skilled for a good "Zero to hero" story.
Her knowledge of the world is too inconsistent for her to be a good "Fish out of Water" type, because the world she's familiar with (alternate equestria history that diverges from S1 onwards and ends in ziggergeddon) is not familiar to us, and she's not willing to ask questions about it to let us know more about it early on.
Her personality is nothing to write home about because it's barely there, and she doesn't have interesting interactions with her friends.

Compare that to Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening.
He's an amnesiac Blank Slate and your avatar. He's the Tactician for the Shepherds Army, second only to Chrom the leader.
You can customize how Robin looks, fights, sounds, whether he's a guy or girl, and more.
Personality-wise? It's very barebones.
He's a smart and calm guy. Likes reading books, playing strategy games, and becoming a better tactician for his army. He's usually the straight man, but he can still be roped into silly situations by his friends, and while he enjoys helping his friends he also enjoys pissing people offf.
He's a good audience surrogate. He has entertaining reactions to unusual shit like Kellam's lack of presence, Virion's excellence in chess and cowardly chess tactics, Miriel's cartoon-autism, Frederick's excessive dedication, Nowi's childish behaviour that's unbecoming of a 900 year old dragon princess, Gregor's silly accent, Maribelle's haughty attitude, Panne's hateboner for humanity, his own child's retardity, Henry's Ebil-Pinkie shtick, and Sully's desperation to prove her negative-six-inch dick is the biggest.

You can reliably count on Robin to be the normal one in most of the conversations he's in, because he's surrounded by wacky and quirky characters who are far more "Out there".
And most of these characters have hidden depths revealed over time.
Vaike's not a dumb thug with a massive ego, he's a lower-class hero to the people of his shitty hometown and he wants to be a hero to them. And bring his pay from serving in this army home. His one-sided rivalry with Prince Chrom and his constant demands for Chrom to spar with him... He's like this because he wants to get better at being an axe-swinging powerhouse.
Edgy obnoxious Lon'Qu would be generic if not for his literal fear of getting physically/emotionally close to women, since he failed to protect his childhood crush.
Henry, at first, seems like a "Haha! I love blood and violence!" meme character. Then it turns out this is a coping mechanism to deal with his tragic past. Then it turns out he enjoys being cheerful and finds people trying to "There there" him or psychoanalyze him annoying. Then he tells you some happy stories about his childhood, like how nicely he was treated by all the evil Plegians you killed during the course of the game. Turns out they're not pure evil after all. IT'S SO FUCKING DEEP!

There is a surface to the Vaike character (Annoying strong guy who calls himself Teach a lot and insists he's a master axeman) and hidden depths (Wants to do good for others)

It's really basic, I know

Fire Emblem Awakening has more than 30 playable characters so most of them have 5 character traits tops and rely on standard archetypes/cliches already in the viewer's mind before they have their hidden depths revealed.

It's still better than Littlepoop.
anime boobs.png
To briefly elaborate further on the Littlepip stuff without bringing up anime,

During that "Get through Twilight's house to get two books and the sniper" mission, Littlepip does not act like a scared little child. She's as detached from the murder as a gamer deciding to nuke Norway during a game of Civ V. She's so detached, she starts quipping about how stupid her foes are and how all the stupid little things they do get in the way of their effectiveness as baddies. She rants to herself about how pissed off she is at all the horrors and ugliness and evilness around her, while she's already slaughtering without a second thought. She isn't a scared rookie covering things up with forced bravado and the worst profanities she can think of, she's a generic action movie protagonist who's able to quip at villains about how ineffective they are.

I know this child-sized character's age is ambiguous but she's a civilian with precisely no combat experience. She should act like a scared little child right now.
Or a scared little child who's snapped past the breaking point, so the only thought in her head is "KILL!" or at the very least, "Get this shit over with".
But no, she stops to quip and she lectures a Raider on being bad at holding ponies hostage before she grabs some convenient nearby grenades and threatens to shove grenades up assholes
It's not as if the Raider knew he had a weapon in his mouth, between his teeth, and growled something through his partly-missing ugly teeth like
Or expected Littlepip to see the Raider with a hostage, see the weapon in his mouth held to the hostage's neck, and figure it out herself using context clues and facial gestures.
the baddie just gets into a hostage situation, the author realizes "Oh wait he's holding a weapon in his mouth so he can't speak, haha", and decides to have Littlepip quip about this.
because of course
these professional raiders use weapons designed for human hands, and not...
>brass knuckles fitted for horse hooves
>metal boots more effective than any brass knuckle'd human fist could ever be
>rusty-spiked horseshoes
>backwards-facing rusty blades strapped to their hooves
>spiky leather-and-steel-spikes armour actually weaponized by charging horses

For fuck's sake, she stops in the middle of genociding this Raider den to loot part of it, something only a very forgetful game who knows the limited "Aggro Radius" (Radius in which an enemy can notice you and start attacking you) of every foe on the floor.

Littlepip isn't a consistent or coherent character, so she can't grow or change over time.

There is no clear-cut vision of who Littlepip is at the start. You can mention her only personality traits like "Hated by others" and "Is a lesbian" and "good at hacking" and "Is short" and... Oh wait, these aren't personality traits. The closest she ever has to a consistent personality trait is her stubbornness, which never fucks her over directly and never causes her to make stupid decisions and never gets in the way of her taking good advice and never matters.

It's like watching a gamer who decided not to roleplay in a RPG, and just do whatever's optimal. The result is a boring mess of a character who's a goodie-two-shoes sometimes and an evil bastard sometimes depending on what's in it for him, but because the game's mechanics assign rewards to risking your life to kill villains even if those telling you to do it can't pay you, the character will inconsistently accept terrible deals because the not-in-story purely-gameplay rewards are greater.

Littlepip isn't a character, she's the author's avatar. And it's an annoying preachy little shithead.

It reminds me of how badly written Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates was.

The authors never decided where the "Fucking someone like this" fantasy should end and where the "Actually knowing and dealing with someone like this regularly" sad reality should begin.

They weren't sure which of her mental defects and personality quirks made her hotter to waifufags and which should be fixed over the course of four conversations before marriage, since instantly fixing all of a quirky girl's problems is another common male fantasy since men have the natural instinct to build and repair. So she rarely if ever mentally improves in any of her conversations with you or her teammates/siblings, making them all feel pointless. She starts out as "Muh fantasy big-tiddy goth gf yandere waifu" and never gets over the downsides of those character traits. Never stops embarassing you by being overly-horny or overly-motherly and treating you like a child in front of others. Never stops threatening to murder all sorts of people. Never stops threatening to murder her own beloved younger family members if they ever change or leave her. Never grows out of her mommy-complex because everything in Fates is badly-written half-assed fanservice in an attempt to chase the success of Fire Emblem Awakening while misunderstanding everything that made it popular(Simple story with hidden depth, simplified game mechanics designed to make things more forgiving on dumbfuck newbies, bringing back most prior characters as non-canon DLC units, animu fantasy waifu shit, and "Oh hey it looks like Marth from Smash Bros is in thos one!" deceptive marketing on the cover).
oh also imagine blades braided into the tails of Raiders
could be razorblades, sharp metal spikes, even rusty metal spikes, anything like that they could swing around to puncture, rake, wound, and maim their foes.
sicker than your average nigger killer.gif
>Sex demon? If there's any pornography in Depravity/Project Valkyrie I haven't seen it yet.
I meant it as a metaphor for how mods aren't my cup of tea, i haven't really been playing games that much lately other than a couple old original Xbox games, the classics.
>They're quest mods, I'm only running into difficulty because I'm a fucking idiot who wants these 3-5ish mods to play nice with over 100 mods even though I probably don't need any of them.
Yeah i figured that you would know and have every mod, you give the impression that you are a true gamer.

>I could probably remove all graphics mods, the huge bugfix patch, the two mods that make character customization less terrible, CBBE, playable anime girls and guys: the mod, Wasteland Imports, one to unlock everything in Automatron from the start because fuck this DLC fanmade mods did it better*, one to add Eyebots and one to add Sentry Bots because fuck Bethesda for being so jealous of FNV's success that they ignored Securitrons and limited eyebots to "Resource-gathering paid DLC object that makes the game easier on pay2winfags" tools only, and pretty much everything except for one armour mod, one weapon, and the quests I'm here for.
I have never tried any CBBE or graphics mod, i have never been interested in them.

All fallout 4's DLC's are trash to be honest, i liked fallout 3's a lot more but i think it's because i have sort of nostalgia