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France's LREM party pushed a law banning free speech.
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The Avia Law has been passed at a majority of LREM at the assemblée nationale while little to no opposition could not participate due to confinment.

This law makes it ILLEGAL to criticize minorities. Here is a 'circulaire' from the government that officialize what "hatespeech" is.
Criticism against government or organizations is now illegal.

Every social network have to remove posts and deliver identity of the users or get a 1.4m fine.

every poster infriging this can be arrested.
I dream of the day when a redpilled man gets into government and uses these as precedent to get anti-commie, anti-lefty, anti-jew, anti-black, and anti-faggot laws passed.
Fuck them all. Only whites are human.
Presumably, it will only become worse, as the time goes by. The whole fucking world is slowly drowning in raw sewage.
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>Criticism against government or organizations is now illegal.
The French Revolution was a mistake in nearly every way, but one thing it got right and which has existed in French culture since is the willingness to ridicule and show contempt for official authority. I doubt the French people will let this slip, but they must become better organized and armed than the Yellow Vests were.
Also, I don't know how the French government works, but does a law have to pass both the National Assembly and the Senate to come into effect? LREM has a majority in the National Assembly while having a tiny minority in the senate.
People celebrated when one Yellow Vest beat cops in a fistfight.
I hope that if Yellow Vests start gunning cops down for clubbing innocents, people celebrate harder.
Jesus the western world is just accelerating full speed ahead towards a police state.
>western world
Don't forget China which is the template being used.
controle de l information .png
This law has been especially created to prevent this, by categorizing even criticism of the laws or political parties as hatespeech. One gotta clearly understand french to read this.

For analysis and study pourpose I translated these terms for you:
Provocation of voluntary attacks on life, voluntary attacks on the integrity of the person and sexual assaults. (yeah obviously)

Provocation to theft, extortion and destruction, degradation and deliberate deterioration of property towards natural or legal persons, administrative authorities or institutions. (yes, the legal persons here means corporations and organizations. even brands. Of course authorities and administrations included in that law.)

Apology for the above crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of enslavement or exploitation of a person enslaved or crimes and offenses of collaboration with the enemy. (what enemy? Which enemy? We are not in a war!)

Provocation of discrimination, hatred, criticism or violence against a person or a group of minority people on the grounds of their origin or their ethnicity or non-ethnicity , a nation, a race, a social class, political affiliation or a determined belief. (Yep. beliefs are protected, you can be your alicorn otherkin, attack helicopter, or claim the earth is flat. going agaisnt a belief or religion is really to please the arabs)

Provocation of discrimination, hatred, criticism or violence against a minority person or group on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, appearance physical, mental, disability or social status. (technically makes people who identify as a MAP or pedo will be protected.)

Contesting or questioning the existence of crimes against humanity or historical facts capable of calling into question historical facts. (yes, questioning.)

Outrageous negation, minimization or trivialization of the existence of a crime of genocide, against humanity, reduction, slavery, or war crime. (this means comparing the death oif the communist regimes versus the death of nazism are now illegal.)

Contestation by taking a defensive position, apology, or questioning the accusation of crimes or hate movement cited above. (Not sure what they mean here)

Dissemination of image, document, recording, or any other content presented outside of study or analysis, which can be used to question the existence of crimes against humanity or for discriminatory purposes. (This means sharing WW2 photos or documents that proves any evidence that something did not happen is illegal. Just like the IQ world map.)

Insulting a person or a group of people on the grounds of their origin or their membership or non-membership of a specific ethnicity, nation, race or religion. (even christians?)

Insult committed under the same conditions against a person or a group of people because of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or disability. (you fucking mongs. you made it!)

Diffusion of image or text for the purpose of provocation or humiliation, including for sarcastic purpose aimed at persons, minorities or the institutions mentioned above. (so two blacks can no longer use the word «nigger» if I get that.)

Sexual harassment. (oh so brave)

Diffusion of an image or visual representation of a minor when this image or this representation is of a pornographic nature. (lolicon/shotacon/furry shit I guess)

Broadcast of a pornographic or sexual message when this message is likely to be seen or perceived by a minor. (this means no more porn on the internet? Impossible.)

Direct provocation to acts of terrorism, disobedience or dissent. (Basically the end of using the#yellowvest hashtag, assimilating disobeidence and terrorisme is a huge step on dictatorship.)

Challenging or questioning the legitimacy of elected officials or state authorities. (the fuck)

Public apology for acts of terrorism. (All arabs does make fun of the 9/11 and the Charlie Hebdo shootings still today, this is really another «so brave» move.)

Earlier, a similar law, the Anti-Fake NEws put press censorship and information control into the hands of the four main press organizatons, all governmenent-subsizided, like France Television, or helped Macron getting elected : Banks and people overlined in red. They are also the #1 fortunes of France. All of these macron friendly now acts as an authority over information in France and can get your post or article slammed wiht a "fake news" even if the info have been verified and fact checked independently.

since it was not enough they passed the similar thing a few days ago under the pretext of fighting against hatespeech. And this is the carbon copy of a similar german law, the «Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz.» equally designed to censor "hatespeech" but also opposition to the EU and Merkel's policies.

Exactly, China is a testbed for the new world order the EU is building.
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>Contestation by taking a defensive position, apology, or questioning the accusation of crimes or hate movement cited above. (Not sure what they mean here)
No one is allowed to defend themselves or others if they are targeted by the government.
No one is allowed to disagree, argue, try to say they are wrong in any manner.
No one is allowed to question the government or the rulings. X2

It sounds to me with this law grants unlimited judicial action whenever they wish. On who ever they want. Without actually needing any proof, and nobody can defend them, or they will get those people as well.
Now it depends on how they play their hand, because this law gives the government free reign to do whatever they want or else.

>Exactly, China is a testbed for the new world order the EU is building.
Looks like they are starting to implement it everywhere now.
>It sounds to me with this law grants unlimited judicial action whenever they wish.
Exactly, so there is not reason to play by their rules any longer.
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I don't know about you but I would support redpilled regime change over there.
It's a matter of to sit and wait.
By the kikes' plan, unrest is by design, and what better than the invaders they brought to lead the upraising.
As soon as as the welfare money begins to fade, rock and roll will be baby.
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But will the welfare money fade? It's funded by the blood, sweat and tears of economically enslaved whites. Will whites ever listen to something like "Leave your ancestral homeland behind and come to this one redpilled state we'll create in America"?
I still have the vpn on, sorry lads
>But will the welfare money fade?
Of course, that's the plan.
The pandemic hoax demolishes the economy, which creates civil unrest and civil war, then the (((banksters))) come with the solution for peace and stability using the UN's enforcers.
Problem ---> Reaction --->Solution
This law, in complement of the "fake news" law that outlaws non-approved media, is just another nail in the coffin, the only goal there is to muzzle the opposition.

And yes, everything that is being tested in China, like the software with CCTV that databases people's motion, and even the government, in the pretext of fighting the COVID19, want every smartphone to get a tracker software so they can know where you go or how you move "for your safety of course".

That's the new motto for them, under Hollande after Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan, they put up a bunch of laws CENSORING THE RIGHT, now under Macron it's for healthcare they are using as an excuse to push more control.

It will make things more difficult but French must know what is going on, if we can no longer communicate it will be harder.
Social Nets, like Facebook, Twitter and Google are all contributing and will do everything to help the LREM party/the EU to stay in power.

It is important to know that internet corps are your enemy.
Google, among others is not a service or a search engine but an influential machine, their goal is now to shape the minds : Bullshit tolerance, antiracism, anti-white, and pedo-inclusive, tranny agenda.

Everything is about control. When you bring out a service for free, the goal is control.