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Only White Sharia can save civilization.
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The Constitution and our civilization have no greater enemies than liberal white suburban women who've never had a real job, real responsibility, or faced one moment of real hardship in their lives. They put feelz over realz and plot our downfall on social media. "The government should ban that!" "Everybody's supposed to help!" "Someone should do something!" "I don't CARE about the Constitution or your rights! This is about my feelings! I have a right to feel safe!" These cunts are the main force responsible for Clown World.

This hysterical behavior is the norm in women and it's why they all turn into Elena Ceaucescu the instant they're allowed to wield any kind of power.

See, we all know that the human condition is, objectively speaking, kind of a dump. We're all doomed to die, and that's kind of unsatisfactory. Life is unfair and not under our control. Any of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow. The planet could be hit by a giant meteor tomorrow and wiped clean of life. The sun could go nova and vaporize everything inside the orbit of Jupiter. Et cetera. Women know these things and it drives them hysterically bugfuck. Seeking control over others, especially control over men who are able to cope with living under these circumstances, is modern "womyn's" main coping mechanism. It gives them the temporary illusion of having some control, but they know it's all bullshit, it's all lies, it doesn't matter in the end, so they are compelled to seek more and more and more, and the more they have, the more miserable and neurotic they become.

The ancient Greeks knew all about hysteria--they weren't sure where it came from in the body but they could have told you pretty goddamned well who was prone to it and how they behaved.

Everyone was better off, including cunts, when cunts were legally talking livestock. And when Clown World finishes collapsing in a few more years, and we face the task of starting over from first principles, it's going to have to become illegal for them to vote, own property, hold public office, work outside the home, or learn to read or write.

Centuries of "labor saving" home gadgets are going to have to be banned, in order to facilitate cunts being kept barefoot, pregnant, and too busy doing chores for their men to start reading Marx and gossiping with the neighbor women about their "feelz." White Sharia is the only answer to the feminist cancer. Change my mind.
You may want to read:

>6 Signs That A Woman Is In Rebellion
>Most women you meet are in a state of rebellion. They have rejected the natural order and God, along with the notion of biological sex roles. While in rebellion, a woman will not respect the authority of a man or submit to him for long. Such a woman will be the source of great misfortune and heartache. Below are the most common signs that a woman is in rebellion.
Thanks mate.
The Jew tells women they want to surpass and dominate men. But that doesn't make them happy.
I hate that white women were so easily turned against the west by promises of greater treats and privileges.
> And when Clown World finishes collapsing in a few more years, and we face the task of starting over from first principles
Nationalists have been clinging to this idea for thirty years or more. Have things changed yet? Are things not bad in many areas? No and yes, right? People will rationalize till they die. We alone are the only once capable of changing anything. Nothing will change of itself. I don't know if that's what you meant but do not assume victory before it has happened. We might never win.

Mm, yes. But the real danger are men. Woman go where men go. It's the men that actually believe in all this garbage that are the real problem. Normal white men that say, "Oh, I don't care about immigration so long as they work for themselves and aren't criminals," that causes this. Woman will betray this system as fast and locally it will go even faster if these men just were to say, "No," to all this. These are the guys we should focus our message on. They are the key to all of this.
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I hope by "White Sharia" you mean just the laws about women, and not the extra baggage that comes with it, such as laws for forced child marriages, anti free speech, complete banning of alcohol, etc.
Of course, but we should keep the anti-gay portions.
I don't like having to defend a large section of people that make the world worse off.
So the root problems with gays is that they spread diseases, actually touch children, and have other compounded issues (those spread out to other causing more misery in the world).

Dealing anything with blanket measures is a good way to isolate the few good upstanding people. While the percentage of the total population may be small, and those numbers that are both good people, and have the capability to take vengeance is even smaller. A few people working against the best interest of the world will find those that hold the same grudge.

I'm not saying this shouldn't be implemented, but it is a serious concern to know of. It is a potential major step (of many different solutions) in stopping subversion at large.

From my perspective it boils down to having an even playing field in laws, child care, and for marriage. Removing the public indoctrination that all cunts ought to be believed and supported no matter what is a key stone. (Damned biological impulses to further support this.)
Adding actual support pillars for men is just as important if not more so to combat the whole clusterfuck . Having a society that does actually care about the well being of everyone. Especially and including men.

Lemmings, and NPCs are pretty big problems. The biggest are the traitors, and the ones that strike from the shadows.
Men have changed the world, yes, but one thing to see is the people that will move the mountains that have the leadership to bring Lemmings, NPCs, and competent people together are hidden gems that have to be polished. (One must have the leader, then the first core followers, the secondary followers, only then the masses will join. Meritocracy to make everything work better to do the most with what is available.)
>Normal white men that say, "Oh, I don't care about immigration so long as they work for themselves and aren't criminals," that causes this.
There are two parts. One, they don't understand Why it's a problem in the present or future. Two, they don't care, we've seen this across history and in various generations. (The "It's not MY problem" apathetic, "It won't be MY problem" disregard for the future, and "Is it a problem? No, it must be the newfangled hip crisis." bias that dictates what ought to be thought of.)
>So the root problems with gays is that they spread diseases, actually touch children, and have other compounded issues (those spread out to other causing more misery in the world)
The main problem is that they seek obsessively to corrupt and defile others and that's unacceptable.

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>White sharia

>Girl From “Niggers” TikTok Video Cucks Out, Blames Her “Racist Boyfriend” For Everything
>lack of integrity
Yes, that's a disgusting betrayal but
>unfunny video
>showing your face
That's a low IQ move right there. If you're going to post "le edgy maymay" on something like TikTok then 1) don't film yourself in the bathroom, 2) conceal your identity, 3) get a sense of humor. Amazing that there are retards who don't understand backlash happens from revealing power level. Also, it does sound like she isn't very enthusiastic about it.
Gays are worse than furries. There's a "Bugchasing" community where the sick bastards get sexually aroused by infecting themselves with HIV/Intestinal Parasites and then intentionally infecting others.
>Gays are worse than furries.
Half of all furries are gay