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/cyb/ - Cyberpunk Fiction and Fact

Cyberpunk is the idea that technology will condemn us to a future of totalitarian nightmares here you can discuss recent events and how technology has been used to facilitate greater control by the elites, or works of fiction
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I fear that the end of the internet is neigh and that us thought-criminals may soon find ourselves without a home. We need an alternative, but what else is there? Danknet? Meshnets? Packet Radios? Is there anything we can use?


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Thanks a lot for making this thread for me. I was supposed to post my own yesterday.

I can’t promise amazingly comprehensive post but I will try to contribue to this topic. I think there are quite a few alternatives to platforms which (they) control. Like, there are a lot of alternatives. I got most of my information from here: https://privacytoolsio.github.io/privacytools.io/ - this one seem to be updated since last time I visited.
And here: https://prism-break.org/en/
More then enough options, if you ask me. But there is much to learn how to use these services and a lot of deciding on which should we choose.
Which services even need alternatives? I would think we need web browser, social media, email, IRC or platform like discord(I heard discord is datamining), alternative to google doc colab. Software, file and media sharing, search engine, pluggins to evade adds, tracking scripts and such.
Thats the basic toolkit at least. Of course, you will want VPNs and proxies for fun/anonymity reasons.
We can go deeper with this but what is the endgame? I doubt anyone here would really consider looking for safe hardware for their PCs/phones. I mean, how do you even know the hardware is safe?

There is certainly much to discuss. I will try to share more of what I know. From what I gathered, our users aren’t amazingly skilled in using these alternatives but we can help each other I guess.

How about I make another thread related to this?


- a Search Engine
Great encryption, only search engine with European seal of privacy, can view search results via build in proxy(sometimes website gets error, I think its because it automatically turns off javascript), supposedly doesn't do cookies and other datamining practices, sadly doesn't seem to host alternative to google maps.

- social media & messaging services
-social media
https://gab.ai/ Used it briefly when pizzagate was very popular. I believe it was from there where I got most info comps on pizzagate. It has pretty good community. Redpilled about reddit and T_D menace.
There are several other alternatives but I haven't any experience with them. https://prism-break.org/en/categories/windows/ see social networks part

-messaging services
https://discordapp.com/?! We could use a technical thread on it. I heard its doing datamining. Its anonymity potentional is rather limited. To this day I can't symphatize with people who use it over mlpol.net

I personally prefer https://about.riot.im/ I heard IRC is pretty good for anonimity and this is the only thing I found close being close to IRC and simple to get into. I haven't yet figured out how to use IRCs.
Of course, there are many other alternatives

- E-Mail services
Notice how these two smell of leftism and communism? I was thinking about making a thread about autismtici but the premise is just mindboggling. Look at the autism-mail wtf is that even? They haven't done much in the matter of transparency either.
paid services

Could really use some email accounts to access with fake identity and use them to make accounts on mainstream social networks.

-email alternative
These look ok but I got no experience with them. Retroshare handles more than just emails.

No clue how Riot is email alternative. Guess I haven't learned enough about it.

The things I care about most with emailing is anonymity and ability to get past mainstream social networks echo chamber shield. This together with VPNs and proxies are very much needed if we want to cause some considerable impact with normies.

I prefer dropping VPN and proxy service info before the raid, preferably off mlpol.net or with expirable links.

- Messageboards
You mean internet forums? There's gotta be tens of thousands of those.
Talking in term with most popular though, here is a list according to kikepedia:
Apparently chans are pretty popular. Chans are about only forums I visit often.

Another thing I want to mention, apparently there is new player in darknet market around. https://geti2p.net/en/ Its internet network inside the one we usually use. Limited access outside, less secure than with Tor but internal security is incredible. If I wanted to hole up and act as resistance in some dystopian near future internet, it would be there.


I forgot to mention that I2P can suffer from slow connection. No idea if it improves the longer you use it like with FreeNet.

Speaking of freenet, some cops caugh paedophile there. Really lowers your confidence in it. I guess that filthy childfucker got careless and it may not be fault of Freenet but still. I would rather avoid it now even though it looks better than I2P.



Looks good but harder to use then other darknet networks.


But you don't need an ISP to use it. That is an entire extra layer of protection. They wouldn't be able to silence you.


Yeah but you can jam radio waves, right?
Not to sound like a downer, I think your idea is incredible. I am just thinking that getting darknet browser to work is easier to start with.


They could jam it and it would be easier to trace, but they could be jamming a lot of people indiscriminately if decided to go that route. Even if they do jam the signal in one area you could just move somewhere else.


Not sure if the dank web will be an option. Tor just came out against "white supremacists".


is it possible for /ourguy/s to set up our own DNS?


Not sure, wouldn't that cost money.



I don't know, if we had our own servers or something it might mitigate the cost


how about this https://zeronet.io/?


Could ISPs block access to it?


Some information on HAM radios here.


Maybe one of /ourguy/s could launch a microsatellite. I hear they are getting cheaper to launch. Or maybe we could use balloons to set up an internet alternative. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loon_(company)

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