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Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention
>A French court has ordered Google, Cloudflare, and Cisco to poison their DNS resolvers to prevent circumvention of blocking measures, targeting around 117 pirate sports streaming domains. The move is another anti-piracy escalation for broadcaster Canal+, which also has permission to completely deindex the sites from search engine results.
Fucking European bullshit laws, dragging us all down because corporations appeal to the lowest common denominator.
>Fucking European bullshit laws
It's just the french. They are the Western Europe of Western Europe
"Piracy is a result of bad service." "By focusing on the customer and doing useful things for the customer piracy really becomes a non-issue for us." - GabeN.
Ahoy me swashbuckling horsefuckering saltybasket weaving fellows, they dun did fuck up.
As a regular viewer of fuck ups around the world, this is a nail in the coffin. By making their shit even worse they're seeding the failure of a soon harvest.
Like any venturing capitalist who can tell shit from shiny treasures they dun made an opening.
A legal way to overtake hon hon hon land with market strategies and branding!
Extract the resources from freenet and spin a new ship called Pon-Enet, a pi here and there, a hard or soft connection bridging wide areas a tiny dash of math and suddenly you're almost a mega corporation on a shoe string budget.
It's almost highway robbery with the opportunity they've dropped.
Though they've taken a side in a nigh mounting civil tensions for they'll do more than just remove illegal operations.
They've forgotten the human part of humanity, they've blinded themselves with their own so called intelligence and intelligences that once long ago there were balloons, and streamers, and parties.
Why does she have hidden balls for ball related emergencies?
Pinkaponk in either knowing or not had them in either case.
Arrrrg, Riddle me this which letter is pirate Pinkie's favorite.
Delivered. Yar this sentence is space filing measures to reduce inferences.