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The United States Has Lost The Technology To Build Icebreaker Ships
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Our failing infrastructure and erosion of professional engineering society is threatening to implode our country's engineering capabilities to the point of national security risks.
This is how civilizations collapse.

What do you think will be the next industry/technology to go to hell due to malpractice, apathy and corruption?
>due to malpractice, apathy and corruption?
Outsourcing jobs had a lot to do with it as well, which was basically the fault of unions.
Exactly. It's what we get for offshoring all of our manufacturing. We currently have 1%-2% of global ship building capacity. China has 50%. There are arguments to be made about quality control, but with that vast gap, it doesn't matter.
When technology is phased out or neglected, expertise and infrastructure required to produce, repair, or redesign it atrophies.
Aircraft manufacturing is already cratering. You may have noticed stories about a number of factory fresh Boeing airliners undergoing spontaneous disassembly in midair. It seems like at Boeing ESG scores and DEI trump people not dying, so they're hiring illiterate IQ-55 crackhead niggers straight out of prison cells and then making the surprised Pikachu face when Dayshawn and Rastus show up high and drill the holes in the wrong places, causing doors to fall off, engines to burst into flames, and worse. No one's died yet. Airline passengers and crew probably aren't going to stay this lucky forever. And when this causes several hundred people to get turned into lumpy red applesauce some morning, I can assure you that nobody from Boeing's C-suite is going to get arrested for manslaughter, self-evident depraved indifference to human life notwithstanding.