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File: 1519277868010.png (8.4 KB, 184x149, weekly-website-albino-blac….png)


Post some of your favorite sites from the earlier days of the internet. Anyone remember albino blacksheep? Used to love that shit when I was younger.


It was not the most exciting site, but I miss AltaVista and Bablefish. Machine translation felt so magical back then.
But mainly I remember how popular animated gif, midi music playing in the background and marquee text scrolling over the screen was.


File: 1519323373210.jpg (14.81 KB, 200x200, 200px-Newgrounds.jpg)

I'll probably get shit for this, but I used to like newgrounds.


File: 1519428943346.jpg (21.6 KB, 280x210, korn.jpg)

this is good thread, Remember Rocktoons.com. that was a huge highlight for me on the internet when I was a kid. The site is long dead, and the images and art that was submitted is no bigger than a thumbnail sadly, good times. 1998 - 2016


File: 1519429300974.gif (7.44 KB, 327x114, logo_5_04.gif)

Heres another classic, don't worry those goosebumps will go away.


File: 1519460624871.gif (40.53 KB, 360x216, Totse.gif)

Did anyone here use totse?


File: 1519602399973.png (79.49 KB, 250x238, 1508365765243.png)

holy fucking shit sombody knows that site here, I had a buddy that was a regular user there, was mostly into the markets if you catch my drift.


Totse is part of internet history.


Why was newgrounds always hated, besides garbage being posted there often?


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