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File: 1519277868010.png (8.4 KB, 184x149, weekly-website-albino-blac….png)


Post some of your favorite sites from the earlier days of the internet. Anyone remember albino blacksheep? Used to love that shit when I was younger.


It was not the most exciting site, but I miss AltaVista and Bablefish. Machine translation felt so magical back then.
But mainly I remember how popular animated gif, midi music playing in the background and marquee text scrolling over the screen was.


File: 1519323373210.jpg (14.81 KB, 200x200, 200px-Newgrounds.jpg)

I'll probably get shit for this, but I used to like newgrounds.


File: 1519428943346.jpg (21.6 KB, 280x210, korn.jpg)

this is good thread, Remember Rocktoons.com. that was a huge highlight for me on the internet when I was a kid. The site is long dead, and the images and art that was submitted is no bigger than a thumbnail sadly, good times. 1998 - 2016


File: 1519429300974.gif (7.44 KB, 327x114, logo_5_04.gif)

Heres another classic, don't worry those goosebumps will go away.


File: 1519460624871.gif (40.53 KB, 360x216, Totse.gif)

Did anyone here use totse?


File: 1519602399973.png (79.49 KB, 250x238, 1508365765243.png)

holy fucking shit sombody knows that site here, I had a buddy that was a regular user there, was mostly into the markets if you catch my drift.


Totse is part of internet history.


Why was newgrounds always hated, besides garbage being posted there often?



File: 1557929152528.png (131.69 KB, 1188x509, Vimm.PNG)


This website is as old as I am and I've been using for so long I cannot remember a time when I didn't use it (I think I started using it at around age 4, I can't remember)

Anyways, Emulators Galore, tons of roms, the perfect resource for building a "Non-Productivity Suite" that you can bring to work on an external drive or some shit like that.

10/10, would recommend.


A nice site with collection of those good old textfiles.




File: 1563802159934.txt (373.62 KB, all chans.txt)

Enjoy the time travel. And pay hommage to your fathers.


File: 1563805479390.jpg (698.84 KB, 2400x3380, 1286906218197.jpg)

Dude, I'm in your debt. So much lost texts and also a mine for some metaphysics too.
If that's your hoard you deserve a medal. If it's just a bookmark you still have earnt a beer.

If you have something you're unable to find just shout me a /r/.


This still makes me laugh after all this time

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