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File: 1505187603352.jpg (108.22 KB, 683x739, GIGGA NIGGA.jpg)




do i get cummies






File: 1505187650022.png (309.98 KB, 627x816, 1KNPil5.png)


I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website. Yeah, we made racist jokes sometimes, but it was all fun, right? At the end of the day, we all voted for Obama, we all supported gay marriage, and we all opposed racist conservative christians. But now? Our entire fucking site is subverted because of fucking nazis.

The internet is OUR platform. the LIBERAL platform. Racism, sexism, misogyny, were all confirmed to be left in the past because millenials are the most left-wing generation of all time. So why in the FUCK, do we still have to deal with nazis IN TWENTY-FUCKING-SEVENTEEN? Despite how much you wanna cry about how it's just a conspiracy and a boogeyman, Russian hackers ARE real, and this site is proof. We went from one of the most liberal sites in the world to supporting Orange Fucking Hitler? Nah, that's not normal progression because people only get more liberal with age, just like how you get smarter with age.


You have stopped the Gigga Nigga


File: 1505187700419.png (659.96 KB, 1129x721, blacked.png)



File: 1505187703901.png (170.44 KB, 400x443, If I Had Fingers.png)



Well, that was short…


yo i did what i had to gigga nigga scares me and my family


bigabenis :DDDDDDDDD


File: 1505188026851.png (605.38 KB, 488x1200, 73210_00039-Star-Original-….png)



Hmmm, Ultra Gigga Nigga has already been destroyed. However, that olive oil attack caused him to lay a posthumous egg. The embryo inside the egg is likely a ghost as a result.

What combination of digits will stop Ultra Gigga Nigga's ghostly offspring?


nah nigga i killed it befor dubs so no new giga nigga

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