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File: 1547935025320.png (290.02 KB, 1280x848, 1142620__safe_artist-colon….png)

90f91 No.85095[Last 50 Posts]

Six years after season 6, Occupied Equestria presents an alternative history where Chrysalis chose a different approach to her second attack on Equestria. The Changelings have conquered half of Equestria, while a former Equestrian colony - soured to Princess Twilight's notion of harmony with all creatures thank to their dealing with griffins - Invaded and took the other half. In Baltimare and the Equestrian Southeast, the magic of friendship has weakened, as Communists, Changeling infiltrators, Fascists, gangs, and corrupt creepy politicians threaten the city. This role play is based in large part upon the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron 4, and uses D&d 3.5e mechanics.

The party now takes on the task of breaking, entering, and investigating the house of Social Democrat politician Comte "Cheese" Burgher, who is alleged to have 'purchased' two young foals. They have already distracted the guards around the gated community and explored most of the property. Now, Ash tries out her role as a 'dog whisperer,' Dark Star contemplates the evidence he has already collected, Silver shifts between stealing jewelry from innocent third parties and talking about the joyful smell of wingpit sweat, Iron harasses guards by talking to them about queer theory while Onyx acts as his his homosexual partner, Brie tries to get the guards drinking on the job, and Spark follows around the group in the attic.

82a34 No.85097

File: 1547935242615-0.png (922.17 KB, 1225x744, 1623671__safe_artist-colon….png)

Druids ftw

370b4 No.85098

I mean, Silver did return the jewelry…

84b9e No.85099

Bards are cool

82a34 No.85100

Sister Ash steps back non-threateningly as she inquires this about the dog.

90f91 No.85101

"THIS ONE here started off demanding to be let in. I thought, no real issue, we have a lot of stallions who think they are important and want to be let in, so I just shut it off. Then he tried to claim that he is someone, so I thought that maybe he is a guest of one of the residents who is coming back from a party or bar drunk, so I tried to get his ID. And then… That's when the ketamine, or whever he is on kicked in. He started talking to me about all of this weird sexual shit like stallions who think they are mares or something. And I thought, well, we do get a lot of weird ponies coming through here. But THEN he started hitting on me like a weird pre-vert and tried putting his hoof under the glass trying to touch me. But he broke through the glass. At that point, I thought 'OH HELL NO" and I pulled my gun on him. And I called these other two here while this guy is still hanging around the gate."

>"I am a one dog army!"

In retrospect I should have just said 'it is so,' and then later after Blue Skies reads the police report and finds out that the party - silver included - has robbed a coin collection, cut pictures out of frames, and stolen a mare's jewelry, she would have told Silver something like 'you can never again criticize my government. If you think we Blackhooves are thieves who break in to hearth and home under cover of night, you are nothing better' and basically would have said something like 'clean your room' to Silver anytime he got onto her about the supposed moral superiority of Equestrians

82a34 No.85102

>"You're only here watching the pool?"

84b9e No.85103

Iron's an intimidating boi, that's for sure.

370b4 No.85104

Well, it happened, so nothing more can be done. Congratulations on being the first person to guilt trip me in a long ass time, especially about something as silly as pinching a mare's jewelry in a game.

90f91 No.85105

>"I am the guardian of the pool house, and all of the property. Open this door so I can bite your leg off!"

82a34 No.85106

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

This is about the time I should be able to roll Wild Empathy, to see if I can influence the dog's attitude towards me.
>"If I open the door, will you promise to be a good boi?"

82a34 No.85107

A 15 would normally be good enough to make a domestic Animal friendly, unless this boi has a particularly bad disposition…

bf122 No.85108

Brie nods uncomprehendingly. "Sounds like I should probably clear the area then. Am I intruding?"

90f91 No.85109

>"I am a good boy! I am the guardian of the pool house!"

He stares at the queer pony
"Not… particularly"

82a34 No.85110

Dice rollRolled 18 + 5

Rolling Sense Motive, to see if my check succeeded (what his attitude towards me has become).

90f91 No.85111

Warmer, but he is still a protective animal, and does not want to stop doing his job as one quite yet

82a34 No.85112

So, indifferent, or friendly?.
This may determine whether or not I open the door?

90f91 No.85113

Probably best to try a little more to warm him up first

82a34 No.85114

>"Would you like to come outside? It must be lonely in there."

84b9e No.85115

Iron waves at the scared guard. "You will confess your true identity sooner than later."

90f91 No.85116

>"I AM… …."
*sad doggy*

82a34 No.85117

>"Then why don't you come out with us for a bit? Being kooped up inside can't be good for you."
Sister Ash commands Caleb to 'stay' beside her as she telekinetically opens the door.

90f91 No.85118

"Fuck off, queer"

The door is locked
>"You… you shall not harm the poolhouse!"

82a34 No.85119

>"Why would I want to harm the pool house? I'm only looking for somepony."
She produces her photograph
>"Have you seen this foal?"

90f91 No.85120

Now here is the question I want to ask Ash: which foal?

84b9e No.85121

Iron does not relent "If you keep dodging the question, you will not have a happy life. Are you sure that you are not a mare pretending to be a stallion? Mares are usually more stubborn than stallions, and you are acting quite stubborn."

82a34 No.85122

Fuck, I thought she knew which foal had been bought by this guy.
Correction, she produces all three of her photos, and shows them to the doggo.

90f91 No.85123

>"I… think I've seen them?"

82a34 No.85124

>"I'm looking for a foal that may have been lost
or hiding here. Would you mind if I looked around?"

90f91 No.85125

>"What do you really intend, Dragon!"

82a34 No.85126

>"I'm looking for a foal. A lost foal. A foal that doesn't belong here."
She says genuinely

90f91 No.85127

>"If there was a foal that did not belong here in the poolhouse, I would know"

82a34 No.85128

She leans in
>"Are you absolutely sure? There's nowhere here a pony could hide?"

82a34 No.85129

Is there a third building?

90f91 No.85130


>"No pony can hide from me!"

82a34 No.85131

Well fuck. I must have missed something. Either me or this dog.

>"Did you happen to notice any strange foal that may have come by lately? A new foal, one that didn't smell like the rest?"

90f91 No.85132

>"Foals come by on occasion"

82a34 No.85133

>"Did you notice any new ones lately? Stangers?"

90f91 No.85134

>"Strangers come by often. Master brings in Stallions and mares all the time, every week"

82a34 No.85135

I g2g to dinner.


90f91 No.85136

Off topic, but just read the entry for "What Lies Beneath." Cozy Glow is definitely getting appointed as a Black Hooves governor

84b9e No.85137

Good to know. A little meta question. Are bards proficient with ranged weapons in this world?

82a34 No.85138

Bards are proffient in all simple weapons, and with short bows.
They're profficient in light and heavy crossbows.

bf122 No.85139

So are either of the idiots tied up?

84b9e No.85140

I'll pretend light and heavy crossbows are pistols and rifles respectively. Any good bard traits from vanilla D&D in particular?

84b9e No.85141

Lol no, they would get punchedif they tried.

82a34 No.85142

I sense that you're anticipating the death of a character.

From vanilla? Idk actually.

bf122 No.85143

Do they all have machine guns?

84b9e No.85144

Not really. Just creating a suitable replacement if Iron kicks the bucket from bad rolls.
Nope. Booth guard who you're talking to has a shotty, the second guard uses a baton and the third one may or may not have a concealed pistol.

67212 No.85145

Good idea with our luck

84b9e No.85146

Glad you agree.

bf122 No.85147

"So what are you gonna do with them? Have them arrested?". Brie asks his drinking partner

84b9e No.85148

I'll be AFK for a bit. 30 minutes max

8cf43 No.85149

“We could, or just see if they get bored and go away on their own. So long as they don’t try to touch me or go past the gate”

bf122 No.85150

"Wait, they're free to go?"

82a34 No.85151

Sister Ash steps inside slowly
>"That's odd.. I had thought that the pony I was looking for would be somewhere around here."
- she beams sadly

8cf43 No.85152

“They are free to go. What they are not free to do is come any closer. Or stay here”

>”Which pony?”

bf122 No.85153

"Ah, well then.". Then to the idiots. "You hear that? Be good lads and fuck off?"

82a34 No.85154

>"A young pony. One that wasn't a member of the family here."

8cf43 No.85156

>”There have been some of those”

“Indeed these weirdos ought to fuck off”

67212 No.85157

"I haven't said shit captain, what did I miss?"

82a34 No.85158

Sister Ash seems interested in this
>"Really? Do you remember anything odd about them?"

8cf43 No.85160

>”quieter. Did not interact with the children who live in the house”

82a34 No.85161

Sister Ash's ears visibly perk beneath her shawl
>"That sounds like the foal I was looking for.."
-she beams
>"Did that pony stay in the house?"
-she inquires

bf122 No.85162

"Apparently nothing and no one is holding you here, so if you wanted to not get shot or arrested, maybe think of GTfO."

84b9e No.85163

Iron shrugs. "Well, if he wants to live a life full of misery and regret, I suppose I cannot stop the pony." He motions Onyx to follow.
"I will tell you later, when we are out of this mare-in-denial's hearing."

84b9e No.85164

*"If she or 'he' wants to

8cf43 No.85166

>”There were several odd ones. They stayed in the pool house. They never left”

“Yeah, right on out of here, weirdo”

67212 No.85167

Onyx bolts like a batpony out of Tartarus

82a34 No.85168

>Never left
Now sister Ash seems very curious
>"So, they're still here?"
-she asks, her spirits visibly lifted

8cf43 No.85169

>”They are, with a couple odd ones”

370b4 No.85170


82a34 No.85171

Sister Ash's eyes go wide as she realizes she's found what she's looking for.
>"May I… See them..?"

84b9e No.85172

He chuckles at the guard's insistence. "Well, I could, but let me check if I am not forgetting something." He walks to any remaining shard of the booth window still in its original position and proceeds to 'comb' his hair while looking at its reflection. Just in case they need more time.

82a34 No.85173

Wait, fuck. Did he just imply that the Burhger's kids are also still here?

f33e9 No.85174

"As for me, my wife is probably going to give me an Eeee-ful after how long I've been gone. Sorry to keep you.". Brie offers, exiting nonchalantly at a casual pace.

8cf43 No.85175

“You can go now”

>”You may not. I am the Guardian of the Pool House”

Only if they are in the pool house

“Farewell. And good luck in Baltimare!”

84b9e No.85176

After checking his current body, he finally nods. "Yes. I am not forgetting anything. Well, good luck on your whole 'mare-disguising-as-a-stallion' business." He walks out of the scene deliberately slowly, just to add a little salt to the guard's pride. He decides to wait inside one of the nearby buildings, specially if they're social buildings.

82a34 No.85177

>"Are you gaurding the pool, or the foals?"

c3439 No.85178

"We should leave. i think we have searched all the rooms."

8cf43 No.85179

“Yeah, go fuck yourself”

To Iron’s surprise, there are no low-class drinking areas immediately adjacent to high-end residential zones


370b4 No.85180

Silver nods. "All that is left is poolhouse. And there is dog guarding it. Makes me think there is something hidden there."

84b9e No.85181

Iron furrows his brow. Where could a stallion like him spend his time near this residential zone while the others do their thing?

82a34 No.85182

Dice rollRolled 5 + 9

Sister Ash prostrates herself in a begging position
>"…. Please..?"

82a34 No.85183

Fuck my luck

8cf43 No.85184

Must be a few blocks further south


82a34 No.85185

*Wags tail*

c3439 No.85186

"lets go check it out."

370b4 No.85187

Silver nods once again, and makes his way back out the way they came in to head for the poolhouse.

84b9e No.85188

Iron decides to walk some more blocks south to see the building options to stay in. Hopefully he can listen well enough to hear any trouble if something bad happens.

c3439 No.85189

"Need some help getting out the window?"

8680b No.85190

I get done searching the room and head back to the window to meet up with Silver and Dark Star.

370b4 No.85191

"I…do not think so?"

8cf43 No.85192


A terrier barks at them

Indeed, it seems that there are some establishments of medium repute further south

82a34 No.85193

*Whimers pleadingly*

370b4 No.85194

"Calm down, boy, we are leaving."

84b9e No.85195

Iron decides to go to a random establishment, not really knowing what it is. Hopefully it's a nice place.

c3439 No.85196

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

"hey, i found some interesting stuff."
dark Star uses wild empathy to calm the dog down

82a34 No.85197

Should have said hello first.

8680b No.85198

"Cool. You should tell me all about it when we escape that dog and this place."

8cf43 No.85199

>”But But”

“Ruff! Ruff!”

Roll a d20


84b9e No.85200

Dice rollRolled 20

I knew it was tempting for you to do that.

84b9e No.85201

Holee fuk. Gimme the two remaining children now.

82a34 No.85202

>"Come ~oooon.."
She pleads, still on the floor
>"I won't make a mess."

370b4 No.85203

"Come. Do not try to provoke dog further." Silver turns to leave the way he came in.
INB4: strip club

82a34 No.85204

c3439 No.85205

Dice rollRolled 11 + 7

"calm Down boy i dont want to hurt you im a good pony."
i overlooked the part where it said i add my ranger levels

f33e9 No.85206

Once out of obvious range, Brie takes flight for the closest liquor store he can find, purchases a bottle of their most potent (and preferrably cheapest) booze, a box of matches, and returns to the scene, this time from a rather high approach (like, almost hard to see the house, high)

84b9e No.85207

Could you not set things on fire, please? We don't want police panicking over arson.

8cf43 No.85208

I’m not even sure how to interpret that. He sure as shit finds drinks

>”….. okay”


Which scene?

f33e9 No.85209

Ever seen Donnie Darko?

370b4 No.85210

"Is he calmed?"

82a34 No.85211

[Happy dragon noises]
Sister Ash enters the building and furtively looks for the children.

84b9e No.85212

>native unfamiliar with drinks
Uh, can I ask for something other than drinks? At most, he'll drink some water just to pass time.
Uh, no.

c3439 No.85213

"yea he is."
"whos a good boy? whos a good boy? you are!"

84b9e No.85214

>inb4 hoof bitten off.

370b4 No.85215

"Then we should move to poolhouse as soon as we are able. Unless you believe you need to stay to ensure he stays calm."

f33e9 No.85216

You're in for a treat then

f33e9 No.85217

The one at the docks obviously

82a34 No.85219

Do I need to roll for this?

82a34 No.85223

[Kirin noises]

8cf43 No.85224

Is he going to the house or to the guards?

*eager barking*


Except that the door is still locked

82a34 No.85225

The door to the pool room, or the door to the children?

370b4 No.85226

With Star handling the dog, Silver heads out through the living room window.

8cf43 No.85227

What children? The door to enter the pool house is locked

8cf43 No.85228

He can see that Ash is over by the pool house, and the dog has stopped barking

82a34 No.85229

The children the the dog just told her about.

Sister Ash uses her telekinesis to unlock the door from the inside, through the glass.

370b4 No.85230

Silver trots over to Ash. "Find anything?"

82a34 No.85231

"I'm not sure yet."

84b9e No.85232

Iron decides to sit at an presumably empty table, glass of water in tow. He wonders if this place hosts a bunch of changelings to make contact with, although he'd be fucked out of luck if he had to identify that they are, the slippery bunch that they are.

370b4 No.85233

"Well, I would like to assist, if I could. I have found some evidence we could use, if we find anything substantial to bring case against Comte."

f33e9 No.85234

High above the house

82a34 No.85235

Sister Ash is magically reaching through a glass door.
"I'm just looking for the children. I want to find them asap."

82a34 No.85236

*The child

8cf43 No.85237

It is so

It is so. A waiter approaches

The door unlocks

370b4 No.85238

Silver assumes she's trying to unlock the door. "Please, be careful of dog."

82a34 No.85239

Sister Ash enters the room and begins furtively searching for where the foal may be hiding.

370b4 No.85240

Silver peaks his head into the unlocked poolhouse to see if the dog guarding it inside reacts negatively.

c3439 No.85241

Dark Star playfully pets the dog.
"i have to go boy."

f33e9 No.85242

Calmly, and with an almost nihilistic casualness, Brie opens the bottle of booz, stuffs a napkin into the mouth of the bottle with a trail of cloth/paper sticking out. He swishes the bottle around a bit to allow the napkin to absorb some of the liquid, before pulling out a match, striking it, and lighting the napkin.

82a34 No.85243

>Not asking the dog for permission

84b9e No.85244

Iron notices the incoming waiter. "Good afternoon." He makes a mental note of the waiter's appearance.

8cf43 No.85245

Most of what is visible from inside is visible from outside as well. It hosts yet another bar, and couches that have their backs to some of the windows. There is a dog bowl on the floor, and refrigeratir in the back, as well as a closet that appears to hold more wine


“Good afternoon”

Unicorn, grey

82a34 No.85246

Sister Ash seems confused
>"…So.. Where are the foals..?"

84b9e No.85247

Iron nods. "Do you have anything interesting to offer at this hour? I am basically new to these kinds of places."

370b4 No.85248

Silver looks at the dog in the poolhouse as he takes a step inside. "Easy, boy. Easy. I do not mean you harm."

c3439 No.85249

Dark Star grabs spark and climbs out the window after saying good bye to his friend the doggo

8cf43 No.85250

“What are you looking for?” She says with a smile. “Food? Drinks?”


>”inside here I think”

370b4 No.85251

"Easy, boy." He takes another step forward.
"Ash…mind helping me here and telling dog I am not threat?"

84b9e No.85252

"I suppose I can go with some food and some water." Iron scratches his chin. "What is there to choose?"

82a34 No.85253

Dice rollRolled 12 + 5

Rolling a Search check for Sister Ash.

Sister Ash takes a move action to direct Caleb to perform the 'Seek' trick, several minutes to sniff out any creature in the vincinity.

82a34 No.85254

Dice rollRolled 17 + 5

"In a minute, Sir."
"He's a guard dog, and it wasn't easy yo convince him to let me in."

(FYI, the check to influence an animal takes a whole minute.)

8cf43 No.85255

is feeling seriously tempted to just take a picture of a menu at the bar I’m at

No obvious passages, but the door is locked to the closet

82a34 No.85256

Sister Ash inspects the door, and taps on it to see how deep the chamber behind it goes.

8cf43 No.85257

Room seems small from the echo

f33e9 No.85258

Dice rollRolled 10 + 6

"Three!" Brie silently Eeee's to himself as he lines up the bottle and drops it as accurately as possible toward the house. (attack roll, if needed)

84b9e No.85259

Ask Silver to break the lock or Star to open it with some other ability he has.
"Eh, I will take whatever you think I would like. I do not know what to pick anyway."
Arson is Ash's job, not yours.

8cf43 No.85260

Dice rollRolled 6

Fucking high area bombing
although to be honest, I would have preferred dive bombing

82a34 No.85261


If there were any option to burn the place down, I would have done it already.
For all we know, there might still be children in there.

82a34 No.85262

While Silver has the dog's attention, Sister Ash tries to melt the lock.

370b4 No.85263

Silver starts to wonder if he's the only pony here who doesn't immediately resort to arson as a solution to a problem.

84b9e No.85264

I also don't conisder arson as the first option

82a34 No.85265

Sister Ash only resorts to arson when she's angry, bored, frustrated, scared, surrounded by unfamiliar artificial structures or cold.

c3439 No.85266

to be fair, i havent set any fires.

f33e9 No.85267

This isn't arson, this is something else disguised as arson

82a34 No.85268

Yeah, but kids live here.
And there are still pets in that house…

f33e9 No.85269

Don't worry, a concerned passerby will notify the authorities

8cf43 No.85270

The bottle hits the top of the roof a little towards the left, breaking open on the roof top. I am presuming this alcohol is something like a 100 proof vodka, meaning that it catches fire where most shaken by the crash, but as it is still as much water as ethanol, not all of it lights. A pretty yellow light is spread across the roof tile going down

Heated, yes. But nirik fire can’t melt steal beams

84b9e No.85271

This. Hope you can prove us wrong though since you already dropped the molotov cocktails already

84b9e No.85272

You better not be selling the others out for some ill advised reason.
Ash, use Silver's above average strength and greatsword already

82a34 No.85273

>Can't melt steel
Can she just sear a hole around the lock?
Yeah, but if the house catches fire, the smoke will alert authorities, and idk if I'll be able to find the kids in time before that.

f33e9 No.85274

I would have hoped they'd have some 151, pr some 120 proof, but eh.
Brie makes a rapid descent in a trajectory that allows him to "happen to be strolling back by this area of the neighborhood", but at a 'conceivably' rapid pace because he's a concerned citizen and there's a fire. He returns to the guards. "Sorry to bother, but is that building on fire?"

370b4 No.85275

"Is everything okay, Sister Ash?"
Who of the party can see the fire?

82a34 No.85276

"Just trying to open this door."

f33e9 No.85277

The blackhooves want something incriminating on this guy yeah? What's better than a fucking nun saving kidnapped foals from being held prisoner from a building? The fire won't burn the house down given its landing and only partial efficacy in igniting, and just you wait, I have at least one more card to play

8cf43 No.85278

He’s intentionally trying to summon authorities. I think he wants to rob firefighters or something

Maybe if the door is wood then the entire door can burn? It’s not going to melt

“Oh shit, that does look like fire. Which one is it?”

84b9e No.85279

You know Dark Star has a camera, right? There is absolutely no need for you to do this.

370b4 No.85280

"Do you need assistance? I am not sure if this dog will let me pass, but I can try to help."

82a34 No.85281

"Sure.." she replies

82a34 No.85282

82a34 No.85283

370b4 No.85284

Silver carefully trots towards where Ash is, hoping the dog will not attack him.

f33e9 No.85285

File: 1547956123437.gif (58.02 KB, 200x200, fluff.gif)

"Not sure, but I'll go get help!" Brie retreats to a safe distance, ignoring any calls for him to wait.
>pic related

82a34 No.85286

Wait, are people coming now?

8cf43 No.85287

Well, that is so

f33e9 No.85288

From a distance, Brie tries to observe what the guards do

8cf43 No.85289

A pair of them set off in the automobile

370b4 No.85290

Well, here's hoping the dog doesn't try to kill Silver.
Silver takes a look at the closet Ash was trying to open, to see how the door opens and what kind of lock it uses.

84b9e No.85291

If this goes to shit because of you, I'll be severly dissapointed.
Specially since Iron was going for some grub when you decided to act dumb and they will be forced to kill if blows are exchanged unless they severly handicap themselves.

Also stop metagaming so explicitly, my guy
Remember to make Iron pick up distant sirens when the firefighters come.

8cf43 No.85292

It opens outwards. The lock is internal to the door, evidently with a key

f33e9 No.85293

Who stays?

84b9e No.85294

Hit the door already.

8cf43 No.85295

The individual in the booth. Essentially, the guys who had been in the automobile much earlier got back in it, while the guy at the gate remains

f33e9 No.85296

Its not meta, Brie is listening to the voices in his head

370b4 No.85297

A plan starts to formulate in his head.
"Ash, do you mind trying to get dog away from here, or make it so he can not hear what I am about to do?"

82a34 No.85298

"Just stick it in quickly and jam it open." She says

370b4 No.85299

He looks confused at her. "…Stick what in where, exactly?"

f33e9 No.85300

Dice rollRolled 3 + 11

Stealth approach the booth guard

8cf43 No.85301

File: 1547956944561.gif (429.32 KB, 320x206, 1DB184A6-06C0-4192-B2D9-94….gif)

>just stick it in quickly

82a34 No.85302

Okay, we need to find this foal NOW. Before the authorities get here.

c3439 No.85303

File: 1547957005320.jpg (41.34 KB, 660x350, _phrasing-quote-1.jpg)

82a34 No.85304

"Stick the sword into the doorframe, and pry it open." She says, a little frustrated

f33e9 No.85305

… maybe more bonuses cuz dark?

84b9e No.85306

I sure hope Brie knows what the fuck he's doing.

8cf43 No.85307

As the guy is inside a booth with walls on two sides…
“Hello again. We sent the other two to see the address so we know where to send the firefighters”

82a34 No.85308

I don't think he does, but my mission just got a few hours loppoed off of its time limit…

370b4 No.85309

Dice rollRolled 2 + 2

He sighs. "Right…"

Strength: Silver unsheathes his greatsword, and sticks it into the doorframe, trying to use it like a prybar.

c3439 No.85310

Dark Star and spark make their way over to the pool house
and is the house brie set on fire the same one we just came out of?

370b4 No.85311

Well, fuck you too.

82a34 No.85312

Dice rollRolled 19 + 1

"Let me try."
Sister Ash makes a check using her telekinesis.

84b9e No.85313

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on my sweater already. Mom's spaghetti.
Mare power at it again.

370b4 No.85314

Well, fuck you again, dice.

8cf43 No.85315

The thing bounces

Yes. Yes it is.

Welp, the breaks the lock the fuck out

370b4 No.85316

Silver stares in silent confusion and awe. "…Well, it turns out you did not need my help in first place." He sheathes his sword again.

82a34 No.85317

Sister Ash sticks her head into the chamber with her lightrock and peers inside.

f33e9 No.85318

The one you just came out of
If the guard goes for the phone, would he be able to see Brie approach?

84b9e No.85319

I'll suppose the afternoon meal is cancelled for now, seeing that Brie is currently doing some stupid shit. Here's hoping the waitress was a changeling to bond with

c3439 No.85320

Dark Star goes back over to the window and calls the pupper over to the window
"Boy The house is on fire come with me."

82a34 No.85321

Is there a fire extinguisher?

82a34 No.85322

Wait, has anyone seen the fire yet?

c3439 No.85323

None that i saw

370b4 No.85325

Silver hears Star's shout from the poolhouse. "…Did you hear that, Ash?"

82a34 No.85326

We have to do something about that smoke before anypony sees it.

82a34 No.85327

"No." She replies,her head stuck in the closet

370b4 No.85328

Silver heads for one of the poolhouse windows to see what the commotion is about.

8cf43 No.85329

More wine bottles. Some cans of food

The phone is within reach of the guard, and presumably he is looking out through the door of the booth waiting for the other two to return with the address


c3439 No.85330

I dont have any spells for this. or any way to put it out. i should really fucking invest in a fire extinguisher if you firebugsbats are going to keep burning shit.

c3439 No.85331

"Calm Down boy, come here you'll be ok."
Dark Star reaches his hooves inside to grab the doggo

82a34 No.85332

>Nothing in the closet
Are there any other possible signs of where a child could be hidden? Any unusual smells?

Also can she see the fire?
Don't forget the pet tarantula. He's in there too.

f33e9 No.85333

"I'm gonna go and see if there's anyone that needs help."
He stashes the bottle (the one he and the guard were drinking from) as near as he can to the booth without being obvious, and then runs toward the house.

c3439 No.85334

i dont think Star saw it

82a34 No.85335

Poor little guy…

c3439 No.85336

unless silver says something about him,he is gonna get roasted

82a34 No.85337

Poor spooder

f33e9 No.85338

I think you guys are seriously overestimating the size of the fire, and underestimating the responsiveness of the fire department

82a34 No.85339

Fire departments arrive in minutes, and we still haven't found our foal.

90f91 No.85340


Alright, it is so

She is looking the opposite direction of the fire, and also I have it on the opposite side of the house. She could look more closely, but it appears to be a sort of pantry


f33e9 No.85341

Go in the house

90f91 No.85342

May I ask whether he only runs (versus flying up 30 feet over houses) and whether he tries to enter from the ground level or the window on the roof?

f33e9 No.85343

Flies, since you're giving me a chance to amend, and ground level.

82a34 No.85344

Gosh darn it…!

Sister Ash ramsacks for a bit more before she looks for anywhere else the foal could be.

By now, what places haven't been searched?

90f91 No.85345

He can fly over a set of houses, and thus arrive before the car drives by the house. On the way over he thinks he sees ponies by the pool house in the back, but no obvious lights on. The front door to the house is locked

Well, she hasn't done a search roll on the pantry

82a34 No.85346

Dice rollRolled 6 + 5

Dice rollRolled 9 + 5

Rolling Search for both her and Caleb

f33e9 No.85347

He decides to see what the ponies by the pool-house are about

370b4 No.85348

Dice rollRolled 10 - 1

Search: Silver tries to help Ash search.

90f91 No.85349

It looks like there are no lights on over there. There seems to be at least three of them inside of there, with two dogs that are not barking

It looks as if there is a very large movable cover on the floor of the pantry, covering almost the entire floor. Would you believe that it is locked?

82a34 No.85350

Dice rollRolled 17 + 1

Rolling to pry it open like before

370b4 No.85351

"Think you can work your lock-breaking magic again, Ash?"

90f91 No.85352

The prying is able to cause the part of the cover that attaches to the lock to break off. Moving it aside reveals a stair case going down, away from the house. Wooden steps

82a34 No.85353

"I'm trying..!"

82a34 No.85354

Sister Ash proceeds down the stairs with the light orb levitated ahead of her.

f33e9 No.85355

Brie picks a dark corner nearby to keep an eye on the scene.

370b4 No.85356

"Nice work, Sister Ash!" Silver follows, keeping his horn lit to provide additional light.

c3439 No.85357

90f91 No.85358

In the front yard, the car approaches, and slows down for a short moment

Doggy is grabbed

What they see when they enter is a room with green painted walls probably at least 20 feet by 20 feet. There is a matress on the ground, and several chairs. A couch. A film projector and a screen.. An open door to what appears to be a small bathroom. A small pile of papers over by a chair in the corner. A closed door at the other side of the room

90f91 No.85359

Dice rollRolled 2

370b4 No.85360

Silver looks at the scene more closely, not very enthused about any of it. "Well, this explains how he made film…" He goes for the door, trying to open it.

82a34 No.85361

Dice rollRolled 12 + 1

Not seeing any children, Sister Ash makes a b-line towards the closed door.
Then she tries it open, because i'm pretty sure it's locked.

82a34 No.85362

Sister Ash looks a bit agitated.
"Let's just find what we're looking for and leave."

90f91 No.85363

The door - would you be surprised - is locked. Forgot to mention a refrigerator in the room

Smart cookie. Close, but not quite

82a34 No.85364

Dice rollRolled 16 + 1

She doesn't give up.
Try again

90f91 No.85365

Lock breaks

370b4 No.85366

Might as well try, you know.
"With what else we have found? I already have very bad feeling about what took place down here."

82a34 No.85367

Sister Ash hurls the door aside and looks into the room.

c3439 No.85368

Dark Star ushers himself and Spark Towards the pool house

8680b No.85369

Is ushered. Apparently.

82a34 No.85370

Pls try to put out this fire before the cops arrive…

8680b No.85371

Only got fire magic. Sorry.

c3439 No.85372

i dont know what you want me to do dude, i dont have anything to put it out with.

82a34 No.85373

Darn it.
I can put it out with Create Water, but my character isn't there.
>Nervousness intensifies

90f91 No.85374


The room smells… unpleasant

Another room, smaller. Unlike every single other room they have been in, this room has a light on in it. To the left periphery is a bed, and past that is a lamp that is on. On the far end is a bed. On that one bed, is not one, but two foals. Both have thick collars with thick leather chains around them, attached to the wall where their is a sturdy metal base.

One is a light green unicorn. Colt, younger, blank flank. Blue eyes cast a very deep sense of despair and sadness, looking towards the door, as his ears droop and he lay on the bed, head close to it. The second foal is a white earth pony colt, also young and a blank flank. He sits up close to the wall, back against it. He does not make eye contact with those entering the room, although he is clearly aware of them. His drooped ears and cowering appearance suggests a sense of intense dread. In the center of the room, on the far side, is a veil that hangs between the left half where the foals are, and the right half of the room. It must serve to keep what exists on each side from having constant line of sight with what is on the other

On the right side of the room, on the side opposite the entrance, are two cages, each not very large. Inside of each are creatures that probably neither Ash nor Dark Star (or even Spark, if he be present) have ever seen in this form alive. Two small undisguised Changelings. At least that must be what they are. They are black with coats more chitinous than furry, big blue eyes with no whites or very distinct pupils, severed tubular ears, translucent green barrels, dragonfly-like wings with green sheaths, and giant holes in their legs. Both of them are drones. They are too small to be adults. They must be in some formative stage of development - that race's equivalence of pre-adolescence. Both are also fitted with leather collars, though these attach to their cages.

One of them hisses at the creatures in the doorway, and its hiss is the one and only sign of a resisting will in the room, as is bares its fangs at the intruders and lowers its tube-like ears. Even it does not come as close as its leash or cage will allow. The other is quiet, and stays at the back of its cage. It too seems to convey a sort of fear in the way it cowers towards the back of its cage

c3439 No.85375

Dark Star quickly takes pictures of the scene

c3439 No.85376

"Hush, we are here to free you young ones."

82a34 No.85377

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is all too much to handle quietly before the freaking cops show up!

Sister Ash is taken aback, but remains steadfast. The approaches the nearest foal and removes his collar.
"Are you alright..?" She asks in a soft voice, despite the fact that he obviously isn't
"Can you walk?" She asks
When did he get here?

90f91 No.85378

Quite picturesque, indeed


No creature responds, although the changeling on the far right hisses at the flash photography

8680b No.85379

If Dark Star is there, then so would Spark.
I go help ash and calm down the foals.

c3439 No.85380

He was heading to the pool house
Dark Star turns around so where he is standing in the stair well and takes a picture of the house
he turns back around to the foals and walks over to the white earth pony "im gonna get you outta here, the bad pony wont hurt you anymore."

90f91 No.85381

No pony responds, all remain cowing in fear save the one changeling. The green unicorn seems to stare far past Ash and Dark Star

370b4 No.85382

"…Oh, sweet Celestia…" Silver looks between the foals and the drones. A desire to see Comte burn in Tartarus slowly rises to the surface.
Seeing Ash take care of the foals, Silver slowly attempts to approach the drones. He hasn't had many good encounters with changelings, but this…no one, pony or changeling, should have to be in a position like this. His voice assumes a natural paternal tone, trying to sound calming to the drones. "Young ones…are you okay? Are you hurt?"

82a34 No.85383

Holy shit. Can anypony do something to stop the Safety Squads from showing up?
Wtf are we supposed to do in this time? Reeeeeee.
I'm probably going to need a long time to get these foals ready for transportation, and a bit to plan how to sneak them all out.
Sister Ash proceeds to remove all of their collars.

90f91 No.85384

The Earthpony lets out a whimper, and his right ear twitches, but he does not respond

The right Changeling charges his cage and hisses

90f91 No.85385

You probably got like 4 minutes or so probably maybe

Now how is she going to do that? They are clearly made to not be easily removed by telekinesis

82a34 No.85386

She pulls out her divination blade and attempts to cut through the leather, carefully.

370b4 No.85387

He instead turns to the changeling on the left, the one cowering. He takes a closer look at the drone.

82a34 No.85388

>4 minutes
That doesn't sound like it's enough.

How far away are we from the orphanage?

90f91 No.85389

This one has signs of multiple physical injuries. They don't bruise per se, but the way its body is colored suggests at least beatings, possibly electrocution

15 minutes probably

c3439 No.85390

Dice rollRolled 1 + 7

Dark Star pets him non threatnigly
Diplomacy to get him to trust me
"its okay i promise im with the good guys we are here to save you all. we arent going to hurt you."

82a34 No.85391

Dammit, Star!

90f91 No.85392

Loud damned whimpering from that foal and the other one. The white earth pony collapses down in fear

370b4 No.85393

"О богини…" Silver turns to both changelings, looking sympathetically at them. His voice continues in its paternal tone. "I promise, to both of you, we will find pony who did this. And he will pay. Now, let us see if we can not get you freed."

Silver takes a look at how the cages open, and if there's something in the room that will let him open them.

c3439 No.85394

File: 1547963368805.gif (1.09 MB, 304x336, _Angry horse sounds.gif)

"W-What are you okay?? stay with me."

82a34 No.85395

I'm going to have to sleep soon. This time limit is stressing me out though.

90f91 No.85396

Simple locks on each cage

Now, the drone responds and talks to Silver, with an unnatural voice, and nothing less than a deep despair. He is monotone, and stares past the other Changeling
"Das schlechte Pferd hielt uns fest. Es gibt keine Liebe von diesem Pferd. Einfach nur Lust."

He talks aloud to the other:
"Es gibt keinen Grund, Bruder. Unten bleiben."

He responds finally
"I don't want to go to the bed" he cries

82a34 No.85397

Sister Ash removes his collar.
"We're leaving. Can you run?" She asks softly

90f91 No.85398

Of the earth pony or the green unicorn?

f33e9 No.85399

"Well this is taking far longer than I had expected,…" Brie Eeeee's to himself.

82a34 No.85400

Both of them.

c3439 No.85401

Dice rollRolled 9 + 7

"shhh, shhh its ok. i promise you no one will hurt you. my names dark star. and im here to help you, and the rest of your friends down here. what's your name my friend?"
Dark Star undoes the collar on the white earth pony

370b4 No.85402

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2

He can not understand the changelings words. But he understands what they mean. "Do not worry, young ones. He is not here right now. I am."

Strength: Silver grabs his railroadmare's hammer, and tries to break the locks on the cages.

82a34 No.85403

How many foals are there here?

c3439 No.85404

@ and the chanlings

c3439 No.85405

82a34 No.85406

If they're blankflsnks, I can probably pick them up.

The Changelings can go fuck themselves. My priorities have shifted now that It on a 4 minute timer.

c3439 No.85407

ill carry the earth pony out

f33e9 No.85408

Brie goes into the pool-house and follows the 'trail' downstairs to the cell rooms.
"You might consider hurrying." He says entering the room.

82a34 No.85409

No, you need to gather evidence of these atrocities before the cops show up.
Sister Ash will take these two and try to get back to the orphanage without being seen.
"Who's that?"

c3439 No.85410

"Brie! good to see you. what are you doing here?"

90f91 No.85411

The green unicorn cowers, but is submissive enough to obey orders. The white earth pony remains cowering on the bed, and non-responsive

"I am… White Orchid" responds the colt, still very afraid

The simple lock breaks, allowing the door to open slightly. The other drone is scared by this, and backs down. He stops hissing. The drone in the cage Silver opened, however, won't shut up

"Wir hungern. Das Pferd würde uns dazu bringen, Bilder anzusehen und uns in viele verschiedene junge Pferde zu verwandeln. Seine Freunde würden ihre Sachen in uns stecken und uns berühren. Sie hatten keine Liebe zum Essen, und wenn wir versuchten zu füttern, würden sie uns einen Stromschlag geben"

82a34 No.85412

Sister Ash pets him softly with a telekinetic tendril.
"It's going to be alright…" She whispers
"But we have to hurry."

c3439 No.85413

"okay well, the nice nun is gonna get you to safety alright? everything is going to be ok now. your nightmare is over. you have to be a tough colt can you do that for me?"

f33e9 No.85414

Dice rollRolled 3 + 11

Brie stares at both of them like they're missing something. And without responding gets to work picking any/all of the other locks.

82a34 No.85415

Sister Ash stares back for a moment
"… Who.. are you..?"

90f91 No.85416

"… okay…" he says, very submissively

He does not respond, only complies.

Only one more lock. The lock on the cage of the changeling that was hissing

f33e9 No.85417

Dice rollRolled 9 + 11

That one then

90f91 No.85418

The door opens right up

370b4 No.85419

Silver doesn't seem to hear him, or doesn't care much about it.

Silver understands this much, as well. "They did not let you feed. You are hungry…" He thinks for a moment. "Here, if you still can feed…"

He brings a memory to mind. A loving memory, of him and Storm and their foals together. Storm and Silver, sitting together on the front porch of their cabin out near Manehattan, watching as their foals play out in the front yard. He remembers the joy from watching his offspring try to tag each other, the worry when one of them faceplants into the dirt, the relief when they get back up, smiling and laughing. But most of all, the love from just being there, and being able to enjoy being with his loving family in such a beautiful yet simple moment like that.

He is unsure how much love the changelings can get from this small memory, but he hopes it's enough to get them going.

c3439 No.85420

"… he helped us at the docks. we met him at the tavern remember? it doesnt matter. get them out of here NOW."

82a34 No.85421

Sister Ash picks them both up and places them on her back.
Then she turns to leave.

"I'll let the two of you take care if this for now.," She says, as she leaves through the threshold

c3439 No.85422

"silver do you know what i- he is saying?"

f33e9 No.85423

Brie says to the hissy changeling. "Guten tag. Wir gehen aus."

82a34 No.85424

She leaves

90f91 No.85425

The small and deformed bee pony rises to its hole-filled feet, and seems actually happy
"Kann ich mich von dir ernähren? Danke vielmals!"
There is still the leather restraint tying it down, but it moves forward as close as it can get to Silver, at the very end of its leash. It then opens its mouth, exposing its small fangs and thin tounge, and bites, as if it found something in the air. A green and purple energy is even visible flowing from the air to the small drone

Roll a fortitude save

It seems a bit confused. Note that it is still restrained by a leather bind

Small foals, but strength check anyways

82a34 No.85426

Dice rollRolled 15 + 1

Rolling with telekinesis.

370b4 No.85427

Dice rollRolled 15 + 8


f33e9 No.85428

As in needing to be cut, or undone? I thought for certain that was Germane he spoke

c3439 No.85429

Dark Star walks over to the cages and thinks bout how much he loves blue
yea hes giving some of it to the most malnourished one.

90f91 No.85430

Good enough

As it draws away magic from the Silver, he feels different at first, it is a lack of happiness. A lack of joy. The memory loses its color, going from color to black and white. He feels his body become suddenly cold, almost violently cold. The same as he felt after raising his wet fur into the winter air after jumping into the pool. It is as if the very will to live is slowly being drained from him, and he is slowly feeling the despair that the foals on the other side of the veil feel right now. But Silver is not there yet, as his magic is strong and he holds steady. The little vampire wants more

Yes, cut or undone
All of the foals are non-responsive at first

The one on the left is sucking from Silver. the one on the right, near Brie, could use some love

c3439 No.85431

he walks over to that one

82a34 No.85432

Wait, are there any more foals in the room?

If not, she leaves the way she came, and gets ready to to flee the scene as fast as she can.

f33e9 No.85433

Brie begins undoing them in sequence, starting with the pissy one.

c3439 No.85434

"Can you talk to them?"

f33e9 No.85435

"Apparently not. I thought I caught a few of the words they were speaking, but it might be a different dialect of Scandaneighvian. Oh well, they'll figure it out."

90f91 No.85436

The Drone stays in the back of his cage for a moment. Unlike his companion, he is not talkative, and says nothing to Dark Star. But Brie has undone both the lock and his restraint. He bolts out of his cage, and lunges at the air itself in front of Dark Star - bypassing the physically closer Brie in the process. It pulls a green and purple energy from Dark Star, and towards its open mouth.

Roll a fortitude save

c3439 No.85437

"Buck, i was gonna get you to ask it about a blonde haied changling."

c3439 No.85438

Dice rollRolled 5 + 4


370b4 No.85440

He pushes onwards, a singular goal of making sure these changelings get out of here in his mind. He opens the cage and levitates a small, simple survival knife out of his bags. He uses it to cut the restraints off of the changeling. His voice still retains the paternal tone he used. "…this feeling…it is draining…" He looks at the changeling, bringing another memory to mind, for its sake. Him and Storm, out in a field. He looks deep into her yellow eyes. She offers to show him a trick. And suddenly, she takes off, soaring through the air. He sees her zoom across the sky, doing twists and twirls in the air for him, a trail of lightning following her. Suddenly, she makes a sudden turn in midair, right next to the air. A bolt of lightning appears to blow up a nearby cloud, creating possibly the most beautiful rainbow he has ever seen.

He is unsure how much more he can go on, or how much damage this will do to him, but he will push on, if it means he can get these two out of here.

370b4 No.85441

*right next to a cloud.

82a34 No.85442

Why'd you guys take them out of the cage ffs? You could have just taken the cages with you.

82a34 No.85443

Sister Ash leaves the building, and then promptly leaves the community.
She proceeds towards the orphanage in a hurry.

It's nightfall by now, right?

8680b No.85444

Spark stares at this scene, more than a little disturbed.

90f91 No.85445

File: 1547967673063.gif (29.88 MB, 1414x854, just_a_taste_by_misteraibo….gif)

When it first sinks into him, Dark Star feels cold. Perhaps the last time he felt significantly cold was waking up, naked and no cover on, alone in Blue Skies' bed in the Grand Baltimare Hotel. They must have neglected to keep the heat on. But this is not the same as simply awaking in a cold room. This is true cold, with almost a fear behind it. His euphoric warmth for Blue Skies… starts to drain and to fade. Even the image in his mind seems to fade. Not so much fade as drain of all color. All happiness starts to fade, all joy. Then a feeling of the very will for life itself slowly fading away. He starts feeling tired. Hopeless

Dark Star collapses to the floor. The drone automatically stops extracting

The vampire's eyes glow. It looks as if Silver has brought joy to this insect as it draws away his memories, his magic - his life essence.

Roll one more fortitude save

Did you cut the restraint on the one eating Silver?

90f91 No.85446

Oh dear. Now how is she going to leave the community? Remember, it is walled

The drone - the one that was hissing earlier - is still hungry after causing Dark Star to collapse to the floor

82a34 No.85447

How did she get in in the first place? (I was asleep)

I thought she'd leave the way she came.

370b4 No.85448

Dice rollRolled 7 + 8


8680b No.85449

I glare at the changeling.
"You stay put."
I then drag Dark Star away from it and guard the door so they don't blast out and become the next quest.

c3439 No.85450

"this..is what empathy gets you…. i told her emotions were a weak…ness"
Dark Star pulls out his revolver and aims it at his temple
"N…o ho….pe"

8680b No.85451

Dice rollRolled 16

I quick yank the gun away from Dark Star.

82a34 No.85452

Pull the trigger, pussy

8680b No.85453

Forgot -1

f33e9 No.85454

Dice rollRolled 1 + 3

Brie sighs and grapples the loose changeling.

c3439 No.85455

ill fukken do it scale back

82a34 No.85456

No u wouldn't. Ur 2 pussy

90f91 No.85457

A hole in the fencing some hundreds of feet away from the gate

The pegasi still twists and twirls across the skies of Silver's mind… but it's getting harder to focus. Harder to concentrate. The images in his mind bleed color, then become like static, then he can scarcely think at all. There is this sort of feeling of a lack of purpose. A lack of hope. Like Storm is forever lost. But Silver remains standing, he remains awake, and though he definitely has less energy, he's defintely felt worse

Silver's little incubus friend, for his part, voluntarily stops. It would not be fair to say that he is 'sated.' The hunger is still visible in his eyes. But what is fair to say, is that the desperation is gone, He is no longer like a child fallen through a frozen lake, trapped under ice and desperate for air. He looks… grateful

"Vielen Dank!"

But he has one more request, looking over to the other changeling that has just knocked Brie on the ground

"Könnten Sie meinen Bruder füttern?"

he falls to the ground, prone

He is weak. He is not suicidal yet. That would require even more

>Block the open doorway
Very good answer

82a34 No.85459

She goes for the hole, Caleb beside her.

c3439 No.85460


f33e9 No.85461

Dice rollRolled 12 + 3

Eeeeeeeing internally, Brie gets up and tries again as fast as possible.

8680b No.85462

"You will see her soon. Just hold on my friend."

90f91 No.85463

Dice rollRolled 8 - 1


He can see her, the color blinking in and out. The image in his mind gives him that smile

The white Earth pony foal -White Orchid - either falls off, or jumps off

c3439 No.85464

"there she is…everything is so du….ll."

82a34 No.85465

She stops and catches him with her telekinesis.
"Are you alright?"

90f91 No.85466

Strength check
"Let me go!"

Brie captures the insect, who tries to flap his wings and buzz away, but fails

He feels weak. Is he ready to try to feed the drone again?

8680b No.85467

"Focus on her. She loves you. She needs you. You need to go to her."

82a34 No.85468

Dice rollRolled 7 + 5

Sister Ash seems confused
"..Do you… Want to go back..?"

90f91 No.85469

He doesn't respond. for a moment. Then he tears up
"I want to go back to mom"

Probably captured

c3439 No.85470

dark Star is reaching his hooves out forward

370b4 No.85471

Silver focuses on the joy in the changeling's eyes. Even with himself feeling hopeless, even with the joy having been sucked from his life, he managed to help this changeling when they were in need. It's a calling he has strived for his entire life, helping those in need, and it fills him with a renewed sense of joy, of purpose, in his heart. Even when all around him goes dark, when he himself is joyless, he can still give joy to others, still give light to those who do not have it.

He looks at the changeling as best as he can. It's clear he's having difficulty focusing, but there's resolve in his eyes, now, that wasn't there before. "…You…you want me to feed him…I…I will try…"

Silver turns to Brie and the changeling he's grappling with. His legs are shaking, but he stays strong. "…Let…him go."

f33e9 No.85472

Dice rollRolled 19

He attempts to pick up the bug.

82a34 No.85473

Dice rollRolled 16 + 5

"What's your mother's name? I could take you there." She asks, still moving towards the exit

f33e9 No.85474

"Yes, yes, we'll get to that." He then proceeds to exit the underground post haste.

370b4 No.85475

Did he take the changeling with him, or did he leave the changeling behind?

90f91 No.85476

Bug is still picked up. that doesn't stop him from Vampirizing off of Dark Star and Silver

Roll fortitude saves

I think he's taking the changeling with him, but I am still going to let it parasitize the ponies

"…. Rose Glass"

370b4 No.85477

Dice rollRolled 2 + 8


8680b No.85478

Darn bat ponies phasing through ponies in their way.

82a34 No.85479

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5

"Very well. I'll do what I can to find a her."
She offers her hoof
"Can you trust me for now?" She asks, pleadingly

82a34 No.85480

Didn't mean to roll

90f91 No.85481

Oh yeah, Shimmer is at the exit

The image goes from black and white to static. He can feel the great church of Saint Petershoof destroyed. He can feel Storm Warning killed before his very eyes. He can feel the thousand year empire of Hamrony destroyed. These are not thoughts called to mind nor images nor memories… They are feelings. It were as if every other feeling he had. Every other positive thought and memory has been pulled away. Vacuumed, if you will, leaving behind only the unpleasant, the evil, and the despairing. He now feels weak, and collapses.

"Es tut mir so leid" says his little incubus friend. As he falls down, he can tell that both changelings had been feeding on him at that moment, the changeling he sought to help and the changeling he thought had taken enough

f33e9 No.85482

"I don't suppose I could squeek by?" somewhere in the background there's a drum tap.

370b4 No.85483

Seriously, GM? Can't even leave it on a good note?

82a34 No.85484

I'm about to pass out soon, willingly or not.

Is Sister Ash able to make it back to the orphanage?

8680b No.85485

"You are about to carry a changeling outside, where it can fly away and do Celestia knows what. No, not until we secure them. Help me get the others up."

90f91 No.85486

Which part?

82a34 No.85487

It's 3:00 AM

370b4 No.85488

You know exactly what part I'm talking about. I'm actually a little pissed off that's the direction you took with it.

8680b No.85489

I think he made the direction it went based on the outcome of your roll.

90f91 No.85490

Eventually, yes. Just keep the foals tight

Honestly, I may have to rewrite the scene if Dark Star never offers to feed the second changeling

82a34 No.85491

Sure thing.

Night, Anons.

f33e9 No.85492

"Luna no, I'm going to go get caught with it."

370b4 No.85493

That is no excuse, and you know it.

f33e9 No.85494

"I'd wager the authorities are going to be far more worried about a changeling or two, and he emphasizes aggressively since we're all just bystanders responding for calls for help because of the fire, we should have an easy time explaining why we're here."

8680b No.85495

"Then for certain you are not leaving with it. The public unrest alone will be enormous, not to mention blowing any cover we might have in this town."
Actually it is an excuse and you should know it. I have done my fair share of complaining to the GM about how he has handled my character. At the end of the day, it is his story being played out. You have to adapt to it as we go. It may be fucking irritating as all hell, but it makes the whole story a bit more interesting.
"You aren't going to risk the city with on of those things. Get the others up and then we will talk."

90f91 No.85496

"Ist ein Wechselbalg!" interjects Silver's incubus friend

Alright, first off, when you wrote that thing about silver still feeling warm and fuzzy for helping the changeling - those emotions are blood in the water for hungry sharks. I though that both Dark Star and Silver would be feeding the second changeling, which was actually more than was necessary, so I decided to say 'you cut your palm in front of the hungry vampire and the logical happened,' so the first one was feeding too. I had intended to write that the first one looked apologetic, and if you translate the German, he is saying something like "I am so very sorry"

f33e9 No.85497

Dice rollRolled 9

Attempting to overrun SS

90f91 No.85498

Changeling? What Changeling? Brie is holing a Blue unicorn foal.

8680b No.85499

Dice rollRolled 6 - 1


90f91 No.85500

Brie, unicorn foal in hoof, manages to knock over Spark and escape the room

370b4 No.85501

I know you tried to make him seem apologetic, but that doesn't change the fact that you made him do it in the first place, and that you could have more than easily decided to actually make us care a little for the changelings.

I would also argue that Star is in no better shape now to feed a changeling than he was after the changeling fed the first time, but that's besides the point.

8680b No.85502

What are you talking about? This is the most sympathetic I have seen the changelings outside of bad fanfics and the skittlebugs. So the bug couldn't fight off the temptation to get more food? I don't see the major problem here.

90f91 No.85503

If Changelings are too nice, then it just makes everyone who doesn't trust them look like racist assholes who are flat out wrong and nothing more. But if the poor little bee couldn't help himself after being starved for so long… Have some understanding and some patience. It's not an adult and shouldn't be expected to have the same level of self-control. Also Dark Star has vanished, so yes, that scene will probably need to be rewritten anyways

370b4 No.85504

The first good thing Silver does after the GM expresses his disappointment at him stealing a couple pieces of jewelry, and he gets betrayed for it, because he decided to put aside his own prejudices and help out members of a species he fought against in the Great War, and that everypony and their mother says can't be trusted, and he did this just because he saw those in need and saw how he could help, even if it hurt him. I don't care what excuses you have, it doesn't change what it is: Silver is getting punished for performing a good deed.

I'm gonna go cool off for a bit. I'm fucking pissed.

8680b No.85505

The sorcerer is knocked over by the extremely foolish bat. I grumble at this and swear under my breath how he will wind up getting somepony killed because of this.
"Damn it, Silver! Can you hear me? Can you move?"
I get up and go over to silver and drag him away from the changeling.

8680b No.85506

Ok man. But if you think about it, that's life. You don't automatically get rewards for good deeds. You can get rewarded later on, but you can't expect all the things you do that are good to rake in profits with the snap of your fingers. But take a little break if you need to.

f33e9 No.85507

I will take this opportunity to remind that Brie >7 Wis

90f91 No.85508

1. Fuck you
2. Go fuck yourself
3. Did you watch the show? In the episode where they try to redeem changelings and show them as not really an Always Chaotic Evil race, one of them does exactly what just fucking happened here. Thorax is nice to Spike, and is just fine around ponies in his disguise as he is brought along as Spike's friend… and then he passes by the love emanating from Flurry Heart. He couldn't control himself, he lost over to instinct, and even let down his disguise, causing himself to get caught. And the first thing he does after that is hiss and behave like a monster. All of this after he had been so nice to spike, and because he lost control over his instinct to look for love. Actually, when we first meet Thorax, the first thing he does is hiss at spike. This drone has not done even that. The other drone hissed at Silver, this one cowered in the corner because he's been fucking traumatized by being used as a sex toy, being electrocuted, and being starved for a month or however long. This changeling, thus far, has been nicer to Silver than Thorax was. The fucking pony show did exactly what you are bitching about, and they still went the "Changelings are actually super good" route, even changing their biology
4. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, the reason that everypony and their mother says that Changelings can't be trusted is because they fucking can't. Maybe, just maybe, the millennia of wisdom that teaches that changelings cannot be trusted has a basis in reality. Not every bit of dislike of Changelings needs to be nothing but "Hate, Fear, and Xenophobia." Changelings are not 'Muslims in America' or 'Black People in America" or whatever oppressed minorities. People who do not trust them actually have some reason to do so. Maybe, just maybe, not all good deeds are rewarded. Maybe that old adage of the farmer and the viper wasn't just a racist xenophobic homophobic transphobic sexist white male being oppressive. Maybe good payed unto evil is wasted.
5. For the fourth fucking time, the only reason I wrote that scene like that is because we didn't need two ponies for only one drone. If I had known Dark Star would die after that, I wouldn't have written it that way

370b4 No.85509

Cooled down a bit, had something to eat, realized I was being unreasonable. Apologies, everyone. Just been in a generally pissy mood today and it rubbed me the wrong the way, and I acted like an ass because of it.

8680b No.85510

It's ok Silver's player. We all have our moments like that. You may want to apologize to the GM especially. He has been having it tough with all of our complaints.

370b4 No.85511

Sorry for giving you shit, GM. I should have taken a step back and thought more on it, but I didn't and acted like a fool because of it. I know it's hard putting up with us, and it's mostly thankless work, but I am genuinely grateful you do so.

90f91 No.85512

File: 1547976212706.jpg (7.33 KB, 229x220, download.jpg)

I don't know, I just don't like it when I am looking forward to a scene, and then it seems to come together and materialize… and then it doesn't, and fails

370b4 No.85513

No, it worked, it's just me making a mess of things, as per usual. It was a great scene, I'm just sorry I ruined it for you by being a stupid boi.

90f91 No.85514

File: 1547976821348.png (146.58 KB, 451x427, 1229773__safe_screencap_th….png)

I don't know, I just hope it can continue and end well

370b4 No.85515

It will, provided we can GTFO from the scene before the authorities Brie called on us arrive.
What is it with our missions and fire?

8680b No.85516

We should be well know enough to call ourselves the Firefront Gang now.

90f91 No.85517

The good news: the three foals have been removed from the basement

The bad news: time is damned low, and all three characters in the basement have been knocked down on the ground, two of them with negative levels

370b4 No.85518

Nah. We're the Firefighters.
If they can get away, I imagine they could try to go to a religious institution to remove the levels, or see a hospital since I imagine they've had to deal with these sorts of cases before, so I'm not too worried about the negative levels in and of themselves. It's just a question of if they can get away.

370b4 No.85519

Before I head to bed (as I assume you have already done so), I'm gonna ask a question for you when you get back to the thread tomorrow: where exactly could changeling-inflicted negative levels be cured at?

Anyways, off to bed with me.

84b9e No.85520

If negative levels are something akin to succubi kiss. The negative level damage will dissappear after a good night's sleep. I don't think there is another way to do so.
Fuck, Iron wishes he were there.

370b4 No.85521

>tfw can't sleep
As far as I've read? They require a spell like Restoration to be dispelled. If it doesn't get cured within 24 hours, we have to make a Fortitude save to avoid losing a level. Could be the GM has made special rules for negative levels inflicted by changelings, in which case it's whatever he says, but if it's just from the SRD, then we need to find a pony who can cast the spell.

84b9e No.85522

Taken from http://dungeons.wikia.com/wiki/SRD:Energy_Drain,_Negative_Levels,_and_Level_Loss
"Negative levels remain until 24 hours have passed or until they are removed with a spell, such as restoration. If a negative level is not removed before 24 hours have passed, the affected creature must attempt a fortitude save… On a success, the negative level goes away with no harm to the creature. On a failure, the negative level goes away, but the creature's level is also reduced by one."
In other words, you can just wait it out and roll a fortitude save to dispel negative levels but there's a chance that it will drain one level from you. So, you better use restoration on Silver, since he seems to have terrible rolls as of late. Iron should have smaller problems with it. Here's hoping that endurance can help with energy drain.

82a34 No.85523

>unicorn foal in hoof
Motherfucker. Did I miss one?!

f33e9 No.85524

Funny thing, apparently the changelings are smart enough to realize that we're getting them out of there and are putting on a disguise that prevents further scrutiny.
I'm rather starting to like them.

84b9e No.85525

*Gasp* GM was replaced with changeling!

f33e9 No.85526

What if I told you that GM has always been a changeling?

84b9e No.85527

N-no. Inconceivable! Y-you're lying, aren't you? Tell me it's not the truth.

f33e9 No.85528

Of course not, thats absurd

84b9e No.85529

I-I can't trust you. You are lying to me! I know you are. Liar! All you do is lie! Why should I trust you?!

f33e9 No.85530

Whoever said you should?

82a34 No.85531

Just don't let it get away.
It'll be hard to find again if you lose it.

84b9e No.85532

Small update. I'll be unavailable for a long time, maybe 5 to 6 hours, maybe 9 maximum. If you had something planned for Iron, let it wait until I come back.
[spiiler]Listen to Ash. I want to snuggle the bug.

f33e9 No.85533

TBH, I hadn't expected it to adopt a disguise, that makes GTFO alot easier. But no, I'm not going to let it get away.
Where's Chris Hanson when you need him?

84b9e No.85534

I never said which bug it was. R00d.

82a34 No.85535

What did you intend to do with it?

f33e9 No.85537

That depends on what happens if/when we can develop an effective method of communication. A pair of changelings might make for some right and proper burglars.

82a34 No.85538

So.. you're going to keep them..?

84b9e No.85539

>Not trying to give back the hatchlings to establish contact with more experienced burglars from a hive.
What good is it for when you cannot feed them properly and don't understand their biology to see if they are well fed?

f33e9 No.85540

There are alot of options on the table right now. I really hadn't planned on determining what to do with them until everyone was clear of the property and hopefully back at a/the base.
That will also be an option. I'm not taking anything off the table at this point.
We could always ask the other one

b36cd No.85541

I'm really looking forward to somewhat peaceful changeling interactions and how will Iron react to it all.
Besides the whole succubus thing

82a34 No.85542

I guess the war has to end somehow.

b36cd No.85544

You don't sound so sure

90f91 No.85545

Alright, I'm trying to understand where, precisely, the characters are.

Iron obviously is at a bar or restaurant. Onyx is MIA. I had Ash have a foal try to escape right before she went through the broken fence, although she caught it and I believe she went through. Dark Star and Silver have both collapsed to the ground inside the basement room. Spark has been knocked on the floor at the entrance door of the same.

Now Brie… Yes, I know he left out of the basement of the pool house carrying a unicorn foal as his prize, but where precisely is he? And how is he doing it?

b36cd No.85546

Just the person I was looking for. I am unavailable for quite a long time. Refer to >>85532

f33e9 No.85547

At the time we adjourned, Brie would be exiting the poolhouse and assessing the situation topside.
Succubi aren't a problem for sociopathic bats

82a34 No.85548

Tbh, the end of the war seems oddly far-fetcged, from what I understand from this setting.. the world is really big and complicated. Waging Peace was really the character goal I had in mind though.

I still wanna progress things to get to the point where we can free the Show's cast though. For that though, I need levels.

f33e9 No.85549

Waging peace a/the-only way of ending the war, but it depends on where Chrissy's head is at,… though freeing 2 kids from 'what was going on down there' is a good start

82a34 No.85550

Eh, I'm starting to wish that Knowledge Geography/History we're a class skill for me.. First I need to figure out how exactly this world works, as well as it's politics/history. It seems to be like five times bigger than the show's world.
Ending a single war is one thing, but future wars can't be prevented unless the countries themselves are remade. Every race needs it's own territory.

f33e9 No.85551

I personally have no bones about war or no war, I'm just saying that IF an end to the war is possible, doing the changelings a solid is a good start.

82a34 No.85552

Also, from what I've heard, there's not just one Changeling hive, but dozens of them.

f33e9 No.85553

I hadn't heard that. That begs all sorts of questions, such as do they all have regional queens/governesses? Are all the leaders female? Are their differences of opinion among the/any leaders, and/or are some of them more reasonable and open to parlay, or are they all pissy like Chrissy?

90f91 No.85554


The little colt in Brie's grasp struggles against him

Roll opposed Grapple

f33e9 No.85555

Dice rollRolled 7

"Eeeeeeeee!" he responds

90f91 No.85556

Dice rollRolled 12 - 1

And the foal

90f91 No.85557

The foal falls to the ground, and starts running. With a flash of green light, he changes into a terrier dog

82a34 No.85558

What other objective could the story have other than to free the show's cast and restore Equestria to what it was?
It'd feel weird to just do whatever when all the ponies in the show are imprisoned or dying.
Idk. I don't even know what creature Subtype they count as yet (Monstrous Humanoids, Vermin, Fey?), so I can't roll any knowledge checks. If it's not a class skill for me, I have to assume my chart has only common knowledge: checks with a DC of 10. If they were Monstrous Humanoids, Vermin, Magical Beasts, or Fey, I could learn more about them as I gained ranks in knowedge (nature). If they're Abberations, then they'd apply under Dungeoneering, but only Rangers, Wizards and Bards have that skill.

90f91 No.85560

Dice rollRolled 2

f33e9 No.85561

"Oh you little… EEEEEEE!" Full chase

82a34 No.85562

*my character has only common knowledge

370b4 No.85563

Good to know nothing went on while I was passed out.

So, GM, about >>85519

The easiest way to think of the Changeling Lands/Changeling Hegemony is to think of the German Empire. It's a single country made up of numerous formerly-independent counties and states. There are many different hives, but they all swear fealty to a single Queen/King. In-game, the only way to stop the Changelings from trying to declare war again is to beat them in a war, and either puppet them or annex them. As New Mareland is fascist like Chrysalis, they'll likely try annexing them if they win. If Equestria is released from New Mareland's occupation as a Harmonist, Communist, or Non-Aligned country, then they'll try puppeting the Hives under the ideology of their choice. In the event of a Harmonist Equestria puppeting the Changeling Lands, Thorax becomes King of the Free Changeling Hives.

90f91 No.85564

The Changeling is heading to an area behind the house that has greenery and a small stream - a sort of common area used to separate lots. Brie is faster than the foal, so he may roll opposed grapple

If I said "fey" I am sure that would have all sorts of ramifications that are not desirable for gameplay. So think of them as humanoids, maybe like drow elves or something. But realistically speaking, they are a mix of Vampires, Succubi, Irish Changelings fairies, and the Soviet Union in the immediate aftermath of WW2. Closer to soviets in terms of difficulty to find and kill

I only spoil things when I am pissed off and there is no other way, or when something is completely over. Figuring out how to do with Changeling vampirism is all a part of the fun

f33e9 No.85565

Dice rollRolled 5


90f91 No.85566

Dice rollRolled 5 - 1


90f91 No.85567

Brie has caught the dog. He shall eat well tonight

370b4 No.85568

Well, I guess I'll go with my gut and hope Silver and Star don't lose a level in the process.

f33e9 No.85569

Since the changeling doesn't seem to speak Ponish, Brie gives him a quick pep talk in Bat.
"Eeeee! E eeee eee'ee eeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eee eee eeee EE eeee eee eee eeee E ee, eee eeee eeee eeee! E'e eee eeeee ee eeee eee, ee EEEEE eee eeeee ee EEEEE eeeee ee'ee ee e eeee eeeeeee eeee!"
Listen! I know you're probably freaked out and you have NO idea who the fuck I am, but calm your tits! I'm not going to hurt you, so PLEASE sit tight at LEAST until we're in a less obvious area!

82a34 No.85570

>the only way to stop the Changelings from trying to declare war again is to beat them in a war
That makes no sense. Changlings are made to infiltrate and interconnect with other groups of creatures. To say that they'd stop being agressive just because you tried to crush them doesn't make sense when you think if how it worked in the show.
That's not friendship….
Also, wtf is New Mareland, and wtf are they in power? I sense subtle notes of Fascism, only without all if the traditionalist factors that make fascism worth supporting.

Humanoid is split into several different groups. Are they a group of their own?
What do they fall under as Favored Enemy targets?

82a34 No.85571

Tbh, I thought Changelings would be something similar to Dromites.

f33e9 No.85572

Now that he has the 'dog' back in hand, are there any adjacent buildings that aren't part of the house in question?

90f91 No.85573

The changeling recoils a little, and seems to submit. He speaks for the first time

"Töte mich nicht… Ich werde mich benehmen"

>wtf are they
They are a settler colony of Equestria. If Equestria is Great Britain or America, New Mareland is Australia

>No traditionalism

They are in their homeland, where their version of the same religion is a little different. T hink of how Protestant christian Americans used to be mistrustful of Catholics for the specific reason that they thought Catholics may be more loyal to the Pope than to their own country. You might have noticed that unlike the Communists, they are not Atheist and they are not Anti-clerical, nor do they actively try to destroy religion. They are also not the sorts of people to write about "The Psychology of Sex" and what have you

Changelings are their own creature. You can specify "Changelings" as a favored enemy

Yes and no. This property only has the Pool house and the House. They are adjacent properties with their own buildings

82a34 No.85574

>their version of the same religion
How exactly does religion work in this game?
How many religions are there, and how many are legitimate?

82a34 No.85576

Moreso, how does it differ from Equestria?

370b4 No.85577

When you find something that doesn't quite make sense in regards to what we saw in the show, remember that all of this comes from a game mod, so there's going to be some difference to compensate that.

New Mareland is essentially a combination between Australia and America. At the start of the game, New Mareland starts as a Harmonist Dominion underneath the indirect control of Equestria, in the middle of a Great Depression and with numerous Griffon minorities, AND surrounded by the griffon nations of Aquilia to its north, the griffon nation of Talouse to its northeast, the griffon nation of Wingbardy to its southeast, and the Sun Sea to its west and south. There are a few different paths New Mareland can take to try to fix the state the country starts out in, and in this particular instance, New Mareland took the path of independence and electing the Fascist Duke Haygle as their leader, with the goal of defending their nation against the expanding and increasingly aggressive griffon nations at their borders, at all costs.

82a34 No.85578

Well, should I approach this with the values of the show, or the game saga?
I'm familiar with the show. I'd have to read about the game if I want to understand the thematics behind conflict resolution and peace.

f33e9 No.85579

"Probably too risky to try commandeering a neighbor's building," he Eeeee's to himself, "… probably best to keep moving."
Tightening his grip on the 'dog', Brie takes flight, setting a course for his hideout (since he doesn't know where the meeting point or wherever is).

90f91 No.85580

If only there were NPCs whom Ash could ask that were experts on theology, religion, and global politics

Be advised that three more are inside of the Poolhouse. There are some bushes and trees with cover by the stream, which seems to be where the terrier was running for

82a34 No.85581

I have other priorities right now.
Sister Ash is also supposed to be an apolitical figure. She wouldn't ask things like that unless she had a specific reason.

Does she make it back to the orphanage?

90f91 No.85582

Well, unless another foal tries to escape, I wouldn't imagine her having any difficulties

82a34 No.85583


What time is it by now?

f33e9 No.85584

Noted. I'm hoping that between the 3 of them they can come up with a reasonable solution for carting out a friendlyier changeling. If this guy hadn't tried to run off, Brie might have tried going back to assist them depending on where the authorities are at, but he's thinking that will be improbable.

370b4 No.85585

Go with a mix of both, I would say. Try for peace, but prepare for war. That, and just ask those in-game who would have more knowledge than Ash.

It would be helpful for Ash at this point, I would imagine, if she knew of the existence of underground Harmonist enclaves in Baltimare, but I get the feeling there aren't any.

From what I understand, Ash is trying to get a better understanding of the cultures, customs, and religious practices of Equestria. I would figure learning about the history of the region, both distant and recent, as well as the political situation in the region would be ways to succeed in this endeavor, even if she remains apolitical and refuses to take a side.

90f91 No.85586

Alright, be advised that the damned town home is a little to the East, and so a number of minutes by flight

f33e9 No.85588

High-altitude approach then, avoiding contact with anypony, if possible.

90f91 No.85589

I'm wondering if it's fair to have brie Advance so far when none of the other characters have responded after falling to the ground

82a34 No.85590

I'd prefer to resolve issues as the characters of the show would, but that's just my preference.
Even in a war game, there's gotta be a way to attain world peace by the end of it so everpony can live happily ever after.
Sister Ash isn't aligned with any particular religious association. Druids are technically all part of the same sect, and the concept of that is that the Will Of The World supercedes artificial political boundaries and alignments.
She's only staying at this abbey because she considers it to be a good place for her to do volunteer work. If it weren't for the children, she'd just go innawoods, and never come out unless the Earth spoke to her again.

370b4 No.85591

I'm just waiting for Dark Star and Spark to get back so all three of us can continue.

Did the other changeling stick around with us three, or did he flee into the night?

82a34 No.85592

By that, I mean time in game.

f33e9 No.85593

The 'nice' changeling still has its collar on, and is with the 3 downstairs

90f91 No.85594

When she leaves, probably 8 or 9 PMish. When she arrives, that plus like 20 minutes

>there's gotta be a way to attain world peace by the end of it so everpony can live happily ever after.
You understand that that is damned difficult even in the pony show right?

What >>85593 said. He never had his chain removed. He retreated to the back of his cage in a cowering position, similar to the way he was when they came in

370b4 No.85595

I thought Silver cut his restraints off.

90f91 No.85596

Can you point to the post? I know he opened the cage

8680b No.85597

Ok, I'm back now.
I thought it was just the one the bat knocked me over for.

f33e9 No.85598

Possibly, but I don't recall. GM?

90f91 No.85599

I don't know. Maybe he did in one of the long posts before feeding the thing

82a34 No.85600

In FiM, Equestria is a pretty peaceful place overall. There's not very much threat of large-scale violence, mostly just cookey individuals.
Anyway. That's just me daydreaming. I just thought that "beating the game" entails stopping wars, and eliminating the imminent threat of foreseeable future wars.

370b4 No.85602

Unless I misread something that makes the "cutting off the restraints" part null and void…

Well, I guess we just gotta wait for Dark Star, now.

90f91 No.85603

File: 1548020965871.gif (562.91 KB, 504x504, 539.gif)

I went and re-read the entire thing, and Silver did break the lock on the cage, as well as Brie unlocking the other cage and cutting the leash on the other one, but this changeling never had his leash cut

So he lays there at the far end of his cage, ears down

82a34 No.85604

Is there anypony left in the room?

82a34 No.85605

Also, what happens once Sister Ash gets back?

She knocks on the door of the orphanage.

370b4 No.85606

Dammit. Well, I guess Silver has one more thing to do when Spark helps him back on his hooves.

c3439 No.85607

Dice rollRolled 15 + 7


370b4 No.85608

Silver lets out a long, low groan. When he speaks, he sounds rather emotionless, and is so quiet Spark can only barely hear him. "…help me up…"

8680b No.85609

I assume I don't need a listen check for that.
"Why are you feeding the changelings before we get them out of here?"
I help him up.
"Are you able to stand on your own?"

370b4 No.85610

His voice continues its monotonous, emotionless tone. "They were not going to be able to escape without it." His legs seem weak, barely able to hold up his own weight plus the weight of his equipment, but he manages to stand.

He reaches into his bags once more for his survival knife, this time using his mouth to hold it, and approaches the remaining changeling, knife in mouth.

8680b No.85611

"You going to be ok? You can lean against me if you need to."

c3439 No.85612

so your a fucking red?

82a34 No.85613

A what?

08059 No.85614

File: 1548023191010.png (49.02 KB, 250x142, 208A2E2C-7ADA-421C-93AA-3B….png)

The insect in Brie’s arms addresses him, as surely as it does Silver, and a green and purple stream flows from Dark Star and Silver into its mouth. And he can feel the image of blue in his mind going cold, flickering, then a mild headache, and she grows more distant. Joy leaves, as does all pleasure. At the end of all of it, he feels weak and tired - but not much weaker nor more than he was when the second session began. Silver, for his part, falls to the ground. Then the Changeling turns into a dark blue foal, as Brie knocks over Spark

The Changeling’s ears droop, and it rushes to the back of the cage, now cornered. It knows what is coming
“Es tut mir leid, Es tut mir leid Ich werde es nicht nochmal tun!”

If silver wishes to cut the restraint, rather than slit its throat, Silver could go around the cage to the back where it is tied, so he doesn’t have to move his leg past the saber-like fangs of a scared and cornered animal

82a34 No.85615

Does anypony respond to Sister Ash at the door of the orphanage?

08059 No.85616

Although pulling it out of the cage before holding the knife could work as well

82a34 No.85617

Does anypony respond to Sister Ash at the door of the orphanage?

90f91 No.85618

Yes. A sister opens the door, starts to say "Hello there Ash, and when she sees the foals, her mouth drops open and she is left speechless, at least long enough for Ash to make another action

82a34 No.85619

Does anypony respond to Sister Ash at the door of the orphanage?

370b4 No.85620

He mumbles around the knife in his teeth. "I 'ill be fine. 'e 'ill 'eal 'ith it 'fter 'is."
"I will be fine. We will deal with it after this."
Silver trots around to the back of the cage, and cuts the leash with his knife, though the effects of excessive changeling feeding mean he can't put much effort or emotion into the action. He puts the knife back in his bags. "You are freed."

82a34 No.85621

Sister Ash enters the house with the two ponies under her arms.
"I'll explain later. Shut the door." She says, as she enters the building.

8680b No.85622

I proceed to see if Dark Star can be helped up.

90f91 No.85623

The changeling looks at Silver through the bars, but has not yet moved from its position

She abides
"You brought home more… I thought I'd never see them again"

82a34 No.85624

Her face is grim.
"..These two.. have been through quite a bit…" She mutters darkly

370b4 No.85625

He looks right at the changeling back. From this position, he can more clearly see the negative effects the feeding have had on Silver. "Go, if it pleases you. I would not stay here if I were you. As matter of fact, we will not be staying for much longer."

90f91 No.85626

The two colts do not speak. The sister contemplates the meaning of Ash's statement

It looks at him, then out of the cage, and then slowly walks out of the cage

c914e No.85627

Brie shakes his head from deja vu and makes his way out of the poolhouse, tightening his grip on the changeling omenously

8680b No.85628

I interrupt him.
"Umm… we need to take him with us. We can't let them run around out there. I only hope the bat has not unleashed that other on the city. Somepony… or changeling… will be a causality if that happens."

c3439 No.85629

gommununist, that spoiler sounded red to me.
Dark Star stands there with a blank look on his face.

370b4 No.85630

Silver gives him another emotionless look. "He is likely to seek out his hive and his brother, if he leaves. I do not know what we can do, but if you think that is for best, then fine."

c3439 No.85631

90f91 No.85632

The Changeling, for his part, walks around Silver, staying relatively close to Silver, and trying to lose line of sight to Spark, and if possible, Star


8680b No.85633

"Well, they ended up here on their own. We will figure out the best course of action when we get to safety."
"Come on Dark Star. I'll get the changeling and you need to help me and Silver get out of here. Blue Skies is waiting for you."
"Or… Silver, if you have the strength, the changeling seems to trust you more. Think you can help him out of here?"

82a34 No.85634

Sister Ash seems stressed and tired.
"..Ummm.. Let's get these two something warm to drink.." she says, with a bit of a stutter
"And blankets.. two blankets.." she says, asshe walks deeper into the building

Caleb similarly let's himself in, stopping to nod at the Sister as he passes her

c3439 No.85635

Dark Star says with no emotion in his voice
"emotions are a weakness i was right. i told her."

370b4 No.85636

"I will try. Get Dark Star up and to hospital. He needs to see doctor for cure for this effect feeding had on him. I will join you once this changeling is secured."
"Come, young one. I will try to see you out." Silver turns for the exit to this horrible place.

90f91 No.85637

Fluffy quilts or soft but simple blankets? The orphanage has a variety, from simple cotton fabric with some fluff to it, to quilts showing the pony tribes of the old Equestria

"Alright. I'll heat them up some milk" assuming ponies drink milk, and if not… whatever kids like

You should probably link to Silver to say that, rather than to me

90f91 No.85638

File: 1548024667786.png (1.33 MB, 6400x8462, 1379759__safe_artist-colon….png)

"Sind Sie wütend auf mich?"

8680b No.85639

"Snap out of it. I need you right now and she needs you more. Help us get back."
"You are coming with us. You were hit by them too."

370b4 No.85640

"I will seek medical attention as soon as I am able, which will be once I see changeling is made safe."
He still seems emotionless, but either way, his statement would accurately reflect the truth. "No, young one, I am not mad. Right now my biggest concern is ensuring you are safe."

82a34 No.85641

Give them hot cocoa.

Sister Ash takes whichever blankets look the most comfortable.
The foals of the orphanage have already gone to bed by now, right?

c3439 No.85642

"back? Theres no going back.. she will know. im going to the city hall, a certain bad horse is going to pay now."

8680b No.85643

"Just don't let it go. Find the bat and get them back together and tell him to hold onto them until we can make sure they are safe to leave. it is very important that you don't let them go on their own."
I help both drained ponies get out of the basement.
"Not until you are better. We are going to the hospital. Once you are there, I will get the others so we can take him out together."

c3439 No.85644

"ask it about a blond haired changling that appeared in a dream i had."

c3439 No.85645


90f91 No.85646

The changeling drone comes closer to Silver. he is noticeably shorter than Silver. A green light, almost like a fire, goes from one end of the drone's body to the other. As it recedes, the Changeling assumes the appearance of a sad, droopy eared yellow lab

They have been taken upstairs. The sister returns with hot chocolate

8680b No.85647

"You don't have a choice in the matter. You are going to the hospital and I will personally see to it that Blue Skies helps you recover if I have to."
I drag him along.

c3439 No.85648


82a34 No.85649

Sister Ash whispers to the other Sister a quick rundown bon the situation, leaving out most details, but expressing the morbid gravity of the situation.
"… -And after that I ran here as quickly as I could.."

370b4 No.85650

"I do not know where bat is. I will take him to my room at Tavern, he can stay there until I am made better. Then we can find this bat and reunite them."
Silver is most definitely not in a state of mind to ask a question like that right now.
"Come, then. I will see you safely." Silver leaves this terrible place, heading topside with the changeling dog (hopefully) in tow.

90f91 No.85651

If he leaves now, he can catch the bat while he is still looking at the fire and assessing the situation

Her eyes grow wide
"What horrible ponies there are in this world! It is a very good thing you saved them"

8680b No.85652

"Star! It is in times like these when your hope is gone that you choose what to do. Will you fight me or will you heed my advice and stand a chance to fight the true enemy?"
"Good plan. I will head to your room once Dark Star is secure in the hospital to keep him from leaving out of fear of being alone again."

82a34 No.85653

Dice rollRolled 10 + 3

"… Yes.. yes it is.."
She turns to the two colts.

Rolling Sense Motive to determine how they're feeling rn.

90f91 No.85654

Joyed, but shocked. So very shocked

c3439 No.85655

"Spark let me go i dont want to hurt you. he has to pay now."

370b4 No.85656

Silver does so.
Silver catches up to Brie as he exits the poolhouse, looking visibly weakened and emotionless, but still standing. "You, bat. Let changeling go. I will get them to safety."

82a34 No.85657

Sister Ash slowly approaches the colt who tried to get away earlier, and she speaks softly
"Your mother.. do you know where she lives?"

c914e No.85658

"You can't carry two, especially not with a spirited one like this, and I can fly. Where do I meet you guys at?" He says taking flight.

8680b No.85659

"He pays when you have the back up needed to guarantee he doesn't escape the law this time. One pony isn't enough to take down such a public figure. Plus, when you start feeling again, you can enjoy him going down."

370b4 No.85660

Silver nods. "I have room at Eastside Tavern. Ask Glass for Silver's room, tell him he sent you. Take him there, I will be there shortly."
Silver takes a look at the changeling dog with him to make sure he's still following.

c3439 No.85661

"the law? hes going to wish the law had him."

c3439 No.85662

What has the actual terrier been doing?

90f91 No.85663

Little White Orchid's head droops
"Westwood Green"

Still following

c914e No.85664

"Eeee," and without another word, Brie takes flight as fast as possible, attempting a discrete route to the Tavern Isn't that the one he worked at?

90f91 No.85665

It walked away, but has been spotted on the opposite side of the pool


8680b No.85666

"Come on Star. I can't let anything happen to you. Please go with me. We need you."

82a34 No.85667

Sister Ash realizes that she doesn't know where that is
"… Is that near here?" She asks the sister

90f91 No.85668

Distant sirens can be heard

b36cd No.85669

>All this story progression Iron has to catch up with
Great. I hope the food is good. I can try to reach the same timeline now, if you want to.

90f91 No.85670

"Oh, that's just South"

Indeed it is. And you may, should you try

370b4 No.85671

"Come, then, unless you want me to carry you." Silver heads for the way he came in, through the hole he made in the fence. He pays very little attention to the fact that Comte's house is on fire.
Silver pays little attention to them as well, as he's just trying to make his way back out of the area.
Gotta leave here in a few minutes. I'll try to stay for as long as I can, but once I leave, I'll likely be gone for two hours or so again.

c3439 No.85672

"your master rapes foals boys."
He says to the terrier and the griffin shepard

c914e No.85673

Its not really all that much to explain

b36cd No.85674

Anything in particular to signal Iron the deed is done? I'll suppose the sirens could be something to panic enough to rush to the scene or the abbey, if I can justify it.

8680b No.85675

*dragging along Dark Star intensifies*
I help Dark Star to the hole in the fence and guide him to the hospital.

90f91 No.85676

I don't… think so?

A fire truck is the first to come by, going along while they are still walking along the road

c914e No.85677

However long it takes to fly from the scene to the tavern

82a34 No.85678

Sister Ash nods.
Then she turns to the colt
"We're going to try to get you to your mother as soon as possible." She says reassuringly

c3439 No.85679

"blue's gonna know. what happend when i act strange around her."

c3439 No.85680

c3439 No.85681

the dogs dont say anything to me about what i just said to them?

370b4 No.85682

Silver tries as much as he can to look his part: a very tired pony with his dog.

He speaks to the dog as he continues towards the hole in the fence. "It is not much farther, then we can head for safety, reunite you with your brother."

90f91 No.85683

The only dogs that talk don't speak ponish, and both left before Dark Star came out

8680b No.85684

"Yeah, but it will be ok. Nopony expected changelings. We will work it out with her when the time comes. For now, just focus on not being caught by the cops."

370b4 No.85685

Okay, definitely have to leave now. Should be back in a couple hours, if my ride doesn't suddenly crash because of bad weather and worse roads.

8680b No.85686

Yikes. Be careful anon. We will see you soon.

90f91 No.85687

"Wo ist mein Bruder?"
Says the lab
"Wo bringst du mich hin?"

Preemptive F

c914e No.85688

In flight, Brie addresses the 'dog'. "Kinder. Tu vehrstehen mich?"

c3439 No.85689

"i dont think it will."
Be safe

90f91 No.85690

The dog has been restless thus far, moving about in Brie's hooves. Finally, it speaks "Ja…"

8680b No.85691

"I bet she gives you a kiss once she sees you."
I nudge him slightly.

82a34 No.85692

Who else is present at the scene right now?

67212 No.85693

Onyx looks around, attempting to gain some kind of bearings

90f91 No.85694

I was about to say "no one"

Then Onyx joined

Onyx can see Spark, Silver, and Dark Star going through a hole in the fence and coming out onto the street. Spark and Star are talking, while Silver is walking ahead with a yellow lab

b36cd No.85695

Welp, let's continue the dinner scene then.
Iron said he'd order anything the waitress recommends for food and some water.

82a34 No.85696

Is he at the orphanage?

c3439 No.85697

"you realize i dont feel anything right?"

c3439 No.85698

Before they leave Dark Star calls the terrier

8680b No.85699

"What better way to get to feeling again than with your marefriend?"
I wave to Onyx.

c3439 No.85700

"thats not how it works."

90f91 No.85701


Dude, he only lost one fortitude save. Not like three of them. It would take more soul-sucking for Dark Star to lose all emotions for a very long and sustained period of time

Onyx? No

It is so

c914e No.85702

"Great." he Eeee's to himself.
"Mein deutsch ist sehr schrect. Wir spreche,… uhm,… soon."

b36cd No.85703

Iron eats it with gusto, not using the utensils provided on the table. He checks the time of day through a possible window.

8680b No.85704

"We will see. Something tell me you will be singing a different tune when you see her."
I chuckle.

82a34 No.85705

Who's awake in the abbey right now?

90f91 No.85706

Like 8ish or 9ish

Should be most of the sisters. Probably many of the older foals as well, although they are in bed quarters

"Wo bringst du mich hin?"
The insect asks. And then, he says the following, in a firm tone, almost as if he were in a position to negotiate terms or make demands:
"Ich werde deinen schwanz nicht saugen, wenn du mich nicht liebst"

c3439 No.85707

'if you say so."

b36cd No.85708

What was the time at the start of the heist?

90f91 No.85709

7:15, maybe? Something like that

c914e No.85710

"Shit!" he Eeeeee's to himself
"Uhm, Ich verstehen nicht, halt ein minute"

82a34 No.85711

>Older foals
Ooh.. How old?

Also, did any of the Sisters have anything to say after Sister Ash gave them the explanation?

90f91 No.85712

The equivalent of preteens and teenagers. Probably alos even Abby should that be of interest

>other sisters

I thought only one spoke to Ash about that?

The bug isn't going anywhere. Or if he is, he's not revealing his plans to Brie

b36cd No.85713

Iron thinks he waited enough for the others to do their thing. It should have been a quick in and out to grab incriminating evidence. He pays what is due, plus 30 extra bits for the unicorn mare. "Thank you. It was a good meal you recommended." He stands up and starts his trek back to the Eastside Tavern to see if everybody else is already there

c914e No.85714

"Uhm,… shit wir arriven?… we'll be there soon. You'll be safe and unharmed. Tu wehrstehen?"

90f91 No.85715

The insect reads the tone of his voice, and understands that Brie is not trying to be assertive back. At least he isn't forcefully refusing

"Ja…" he says, uncertainly.
He says to brie,
"Wenn ich bei dir bleibe, kann ich nicht versprechen, nicht zu beißen"

67212 No.85716

Onyx shakes his head and falls in line

c914e No.85717


82a34 No.85718

She would be speaking this whole time while the foals are calming down.

90f91 No.85719

It is so

Dark Star is going through some kind of emotional breakdown or something, and Spark is trying to talk him out of pulling a Jack Ruby

"Du wirst mich nicht zur Polizei bringen? Die Polizei wird mich töten."

b36cd No.85720

Iron enters the tavern, eager to see the results of the operation.

67212 No.85721

Onyx joins spark
"Can I help?"

c914e No.85722

"Nein. Ich bin polizei nicht. Ich bin dei fleidermaus."

8680b No.85723

"Yes. We need to get Dark Star to the hospital. We ran into little changelings. I'll explain on the way."

67212 No.85724

Dice rollRolled 12 + 4

Strength to pick up Dark

c914e No.85725

"Mein namae ist Brie. Brie Achtzig-Sechs" (actual name)

82a34 No.85726

Sister Ash gives the Sisters a quick rundown as the colts drink their hot cocoa.

c3439 No.85727


67212 No.85728

"Come on big guy, we're getting your ass to a hospital"

90f91 No.85729

They are utterly alarmed to say the least. Does she give them the name of the politician?

He is silent for a moment. Then he responds
"Ich bin ein Wechselbalg. Ich heiße Kerr"

Alright, where are you all going so I can set the scene?

8680b No.85730


7ecc7 No.85731

Well, roads were indeed icy, but I lived.
"Bat is taking him where I am taking you. To my home." He thinks a bit on what to say. A little emotion is coming back to him, but he still can't feel quite like he did before letting the changelings feed. "I understand if you are worried, but I tell you I will not hurt you. It is only place I know that would be safe for you two, and away from police. There you can rest, gather your strength. In morning, once we are rested, we will help you get to your family safely." Him and the lab reach the hole in the fence Silver made earlier.

c914e No.85732

"Hallo Kerr." is all he can think to offer.
Internal dialogue
"A fat lot of good you lot did me!" he Eeeees.
"You got his name didn't you, and at least he's not trying to escape."
"That was messed up."
"Are any of you going to explain exactly what you're doing inside my head and how you got there?!" he Eeee's internally.

84b9e No.85733

Finally at the computer.
Iron does not see any of the people he's agreed to work with here. Iron shakes his head. Great. Well, he should equip his armor and shield while he's at it, maybe they'll come after he puts on his armor pieces. Should take a long time by himself, so feel free to recall Iron when 10 to 12 minutes have passed.

82a34 No.85734

If they asked for it, she would tell them.
Otherwise, she'd keep details to a minimum.

90f91 No.85736

He nods

Is Silver going with the others to the hospital?

Does Dark Star agree?

He asks almost apprehensively
Wenn ich beiße, wirst du mich verletzen?"
But he immediately adds as essential explanation

"Ich würde dich nicht bald beißen. Ich habe die Seelen von Earth Pony und Unicorn gegessen. du warst gut"

Alright, although really he should probably take that long anyways

Whelp, they are horrified to say the least

8680b No.85737

He is being carried by Onyx who did agree, so he is coming. And he was walking with me before hand, so I assume.

7ecc7 No.85738

After he makes sure the changeling with him is safe in his room at the tavern, yeah.

Silver squeezes through the opening just as he did last time, and waits for the changeling to follow. "What is your name, young one?"

82a34 No.85739

Horrified as in disgusted that this could happen, or horrified as in afraid?

c914e No.85740

"Uhhhh, ja das Unicorn und Pony gegessen ist gut. Du brauche?"

c3439 No.85741

90f91 No.85742

"Ich verstehe nicht"


"Nicht jetzt nein. Aber ich kann nicht versprechen, nicht zu beißen"


7ecc7 No.85743

"Uhhh…" He thinks back to when he saw Changeling records and reports during the Great War, and what little of the language he managed to pick up from them. After a few seconds of trying to remember, he speaks in a difficult to understand accent, and butchers the language in the process, but he manages to speak it all the same. "…Dein Name. Was ist es?"

c914e No.85744

"Well, anything?" he Eeeee's impatiently.
"He talks funny."
"Its unlike any language I'm familiar, don't ask me."
"Baka! He say he no hungry now!"
"… there's more?" he Eeee's apprehensively.
"You have no idea."

"Das ist gut. Wir spreche en das kopfkevarten," he says, hoping that came out right.

82a34 No.85745

As sister Ash finishes explaining, she stops to breath
"It was absolutely sickening.. I grabbed these two and left as soon as I could.. I'd like to find this one's mother as soon as possible; she must be worried sick."

90f91 No.85746

He looks up with cute Labrador eyes
"Oh… Ja. Ich heiße… 'Wesley.'"

One of the more incensed sisters replies "I would imagine! What evil!"

Another calmer one says
"Ash… that Colt's mother is dead. That's why she's at the orphanage and not living with her mother"

90f91 No.85748

He looks a little confused for a moment, but then answers "Sehr gut."

I take it you wish to arrive nowish to soon?

7ecc7 No.85749

Silver puts a hoof to his own chest. "Ich heiße 'Silver'." He continues to struggle with the language, making it very clear this isn't a language he can actually speak. "Komm durch Loch, wir müssen zu mir nach Hause gehen."

Can I just say that it's interesting looking at which members of the party tried to help the changelings?

c914e No.85750

Well I'm about at my limit for german, and hopefully getting the two of them back together will aid a bit in translation and morale,….

82a34 No.85751

Sister Ash's eyes grow wide and then darken at the sound of the second Sisters words
(I got mixed up. I though Compt bought one and kidnapped the other)
"… O-Oh…." She says somberly

90f91 No.85752

"Sher gut… Du bist nett"
He obeys and follows

I was most surprised by Dark Star. that and I didn't think you all would be okay with earning negative levels

It should

"She died six months ago of fever. She is buried in the Westwood Green Cemetary. I know, because she was a practitioner at the local church"

No, two purchased. I was contemplating having at least one more non-pony to indicate exploitation of immigrants

82a34 No.85753

84b9e No.85754

You ain't seen nothing yet. I'll sate that little shapeshifting boi's need for love for a week.

82a34 No.85755

Wait, so how many ponies are missing still missing then. I thought there were only three left, including the one haybuger bought.
Fuck. Now I regret telling this colt I'd take him to see his mom…

84b9e No.85756

Big F for Ash's feelings

7ecc7 No.85757

"Vielen Dank. Du bist auch nett." Silver leads the way to the tavern.

I absolutely did not expect Dark Star to be willing to help. He definitely got good boi points from Silver for that. I wouldn't say we're okay with earning negative levels, but it's not as if they're impossible to remove, and 24 hours is still a fairly generous amount of time to have them removed.

I'm more surprised at how Ash did absolutely nothing for the changelings, not even acknowledging they existed.

84b9e No.85758

Well, she did say she would retrieve the foals lost to the abbey first. I'm sure she was too preoccupied with the foals And a certain bat that torched the damn house, forcing her to move out and decided the foals she said she would save are more important

82a34 No.85759

I decided that Dark Star and Silver were enough to handle them. That, and I was too tired to give a fuck at the time, and it leaked into my gameplay. I made her take what she cane for, because I didn't want to handle the authorities.

90f91 No.85760

12 taken. 6 at the Warehouse, 1 escaped, 2 sold to comte, 2 given to made mares to act as apprentices, 1 adopted by a couple in Manehattan

Male changelings try to avoid sucking cock if they have an alternative

As Silver walks, the Labrador is a bit surprised by this statement, and initially unsure how to respond. He finally says "Es ist gut zu sehen, dass nicht alle Ponys böse sind"

I honestly thought that Dark Star would shoot them, or at least, say 'leave them there.'

The player controlling ash takes a laser focus interpretation to motivation. "I am here for this, and I do not care at all for anything besides this very specific purpose"

c914e No.85761

Yeah, that surprised me too. That's part of what inspired Brie to take a more active role

84b9e No.85762

Kek, I didn't mean that particularly. They seem too underdeveloped to be considered of legal age, so Iron's not going to believe that they can fit his length anywhere. I was thinking raw love from happy memories, like Silver did.

7ecc7 No.85763

Silver's sense of laugher seems to have returned somewhat, as he chuckles at the changeling's statements. "Es ist lustig. Das sagen einige Ponys über das Wechseln."

82a34 No.85764

So, 3 foals remaining to be found?
Adoptions don't cost as much as a (medieval) house. I'm very suspicious about the couple that took that foal; in fact, i'm even more suspicious of them than I was of Comte.

Sister Ash rubs her temple.
"By the earth.. it's been such a long day…"

7ecc7 No.85765

It was probably a gay couple. Sounds like the most reasonable explanation to me.
Like I said, Dark Star got some good boi points from that. I can see where having laser focus to missions would be useful, but when I see something I can do, I tend to try to do it.

c914e No.85766

But what of the 2 changelings? WTF did they come from? It was like Tom Cruise's house in there.

c914e No.85767

Landing eventually finally at the Tavern, Brie sets Kerr down.
"Vorsicht," he says looking around cautiously. "Wir ist nicht aus das wald." and starts inside, waving for him to follow.

84b9e No.85768

Be aware that Iron is at Silver's room putting his armor on

82a34 No.85769

Idk. I didn't have the time or energy to think about it.

c914e No.85770

Noted, that's where he's headed anyway.

84b9e No.85771

Ah, peeping a stallion's room already? You should ask for Silver's permission before entering.
I don't cuz my armor was in there.

c914e No.85772

He's gonna stop by and talk to the clerk, he doesn't even know what room it is yet

84b9e No.85773

I read it like you were clenching hard on your teeth for some reason. Italics do that.
Still, ask for Silver's permission. He should be close behind you from what I read

90f91 No.85774

For the ninety-second fucking time, the amount in question is NOT as much as a house. It's about the same amount of money as in 2019 America would buy a new car. That's how much foals cost. A new car, or slightly more

"Well I would imagine. These poor foals. It will take them a very long time to get over it"

I wouldn't judge Dark Star for killing dangerous monsters.

A cool breeze blows through the winter night, a bit unpleasant on Silver's still-wet fur

"Du bist das erste Pony, das mich füttert. Die anderen werden mich schlagen, wenn sie mich erwischen. Ich versuche zu nibbeln, damit sie es nicht merken, aber sie begannen, uns mit einem elektrischen Schlag zu überfallen"

Kerr looks around. Then, he flashes into a blue unicorn foal again. He looks uncertain, but follows

c914e No.85775

More one of those irritated and dry expressions. Ordinarily I emote them as e_e

c914e No.85776

Brie walks up to the clerk at the desk. "Good evening, I'm supposed to meet Silver at his room. Could you direct me?"

84b9e No.85777

Iron huffs in annoyance. Armor equipping sure is hard to do by your lonesome. He decides to stop his equipping and just hang out on Silver's room, laying on the floor in boredom.

90f91 No.85778

Glistening Glass remains the only attendant at the moment. "Well, Silver isn't here yet."


82a34 No.85779

Foals don't have a real market price: they're illrgal and immoral to buy, and have no definite cost to produce/acquire. Those are ransom numbers, determined only by how much people are willing to pay on an individual basis.
Also, by that pricing, a suit of full plate also costs as much as a car: d&d prices aren't exactly consistent.
I'd get it if land should cost more though, because of population growth.

Sister Ash nods in agreement.
"… I'm sure they will…" She replies, trailing off.
".. Now what to do…" She wonders, to nopony in particular

84b9e No.85780

Tbh, it's a meta move to ease the changeling into not running away in fear. It's not indirect shit talk.

90f91 No.85781

Well, the foals are still traumatized, and since they will never get therapy or medication, they could use something

7ecc7 No.85782

Silver shivers a bit at the feeling of the wind against him. He looks with sadness at the changeling-turned-dog. His speech slowly becomes more understandable to the changeling, from the practice he's getting by speaking to him. It's still in a fairly broken state, however. "Es ist schmerzlich, das zu hören. Es tut mir leid, was meine Freundin Ihnen und Ihrem Bruder angetan hat. Nicht alle von uns sind gute Ponys, soviel weiß ich. Aber ich verspreche Ihnen, wir werden dafür sorgen, dass er für das bezahlt, was er getan hat.

"Ich möchte, dass Sie sich von mir ernähren. Sie können nicht helfen, und Sie müssen es tun, um zu leben. Es war klar, dass Sie verhungerten, und ich wusste, dass ich auf diese Weise helfen konnte."

82a34 No.85783

Sister Ash walks up to the two of them.
"Are you two alright? Does anything hurt?"

c914e No.85784

Is this the same guy who Brie worked for for a day?
"… right, he should be here shortly." He sees the writing on the wall. "Can you give me an idea of which floor he's on, so that I'm not just waiting here in the foyer?"

90f91 No.85785

"Through the door to my left, your right, up the stairs one floor. His is the second room"

The green unicorn says
"My pastern hurts" He raises his left foreleg

"Das ist okay. Ich habe nur Angst vor Hunger"
He comes closer to Silver, looks around, and then, in a flash of green, transforms into a young pegasus colt

The guy he stole from? Yes

c914e No.85786

He didn't steal it! He bartered it, in exchange for having never been paid! You weren't online for that, I was going to run it by you,… but it was fair!

82a34 No.85787

Dice rollRolled 14 + 12

Sister Ash inspects the ponies hoof to assess the damage.
Rolling survival to identify if it's just physical injury, or infection.

7ecc7 No.85788

What does this disguise look like?
He smiles, and picks the changeling-colt up. Silver sets him on his back as he continues to walk, like a father giving their foal a ponyback ride. "Die meisten von uns sind es. Nur…wenn Sie füttern, füttern Sie bitte nicht zu viel. Ich bin immer noch schwach von früher."

c914e No.85789

Brie motions for Kerr to follow, and then leads up the stairs to the room Glass indicated, and then knocks lightly on the door.

84b9e No.85790

Iron hears the knocking. "Who is it?" he shouts at the noise.

c914e No.85791

"Eeeeee,… <ahem> Brie."

84b9e No.85792

Iron cocks his eyebrow. Brie? He sounded familiar. "Who?" Brie can hear heavy hoofsteps going towards the door.

90f91 No.85793

"Wer zur Hölle ist das? Sie sagten mir nicht, dass es ein anderes Pony geben würde"

c914e No.85794

"Brie. Silver said to meet him here"
Brie shrugs. "I don't really recognize the voice, but this is apparently the place."

84b9e No.85795

Iron opens the door to Silver's room, revealing a grey coat, mostly greyed dark-green mane and brown eyes with a slight tint of red in it. "Oh, it is you. Thought you died back at the docks." He looks to the foal. "Well, I was not expecting such results." He moves aside to let Brie and the foal in. "Come on in. Silver should not take long."

90f91 No.85796

I was going to make him look like one of Silver's colts so that way the changeling's disguise would be kind of creepy and subtly imply that the changeling had accessed silver's memories, and was using them to try to imitate one of them (probably Silver Rain) but extensive searching through old threads failed to find any descriptions of coat colors. So… I don't know. I feel like one of them was pink for some reason

"Okay…" He rides on the back of the old stallion. Silver can feel a looming dread

No exterior damage. It looks as if the issue with the leg is the foal sitting, laying, or kneeling in a way that is awkward for excessive periods of time, placing too much strain on that joint

The foal is a dark blue unicorn with white and streaked mane. It looks in around the room, and seems kind of uncertain

c914e No.85797

"Wait, weren't you just at the guard post outside the house? Nevermind. Yes, the extraction had,… complications." he looks to Kerr.
"Herr ist gut. Ish."

ac605 No.85798

Sister casts Cure Minor Wounds to alleviate pain and mend all physical damage.
Then she takes 10 on a Heal check (has a mod that'd give her 17), to help quicjen the foals recovery overnight.

Would that be enough to help him?

90f91 No.85799

He nods with an expression that says "If you say so," and very cautiously enters the room

Yes, and maybe heal other bruises as well

84b9e No.85800

Iron cocks his head. "What did you say? Did you two have a secret code language set up already?" He watches the foal and Brie enter the room. "I think you can use the bed if you want to. Silver is a pretty heavy pony and you do seem like light ponies."

84b9e No.85801

*Do you two have

7ecc7 No.85802

Silver Rain had a grey coat and a light grey mane, Spectral Streak had a light grey coat and a dark grey mane with a yellow streak running through it, and White Light had both a light grey coat and a light grey mane. Both Silver Rain and Spectral Streak have the same dark grey dorsal stripe that Silver himself has. Not sure if Silver would be too worried about the changeling taking the form of one of his foals. I think he'd find it a bit endearing.

He figures it's a product of the changeling feeding. As long as he keeps it at such a level, he can withstand this. Silver keeps heading for the Tavern.

How much farther until Silver reaches the Tavern?

ac605 No.85803

Does he still have bruises? I'll heal them if he does.

c914e No.85804

"I'm fine, I sleep during the day."
He looks to Kerr. "Shlafen sie bitte?"
And then back to Iron. "Its complicated, but this is the only language he speaks. His name is Kerr."
He starts to look back to Kerr but stops.
"Uhm,… what was your name? We've never been officially introduced."

84b9e No.85805

Iron shakes his head. "Right. We never really spoke to eachother back then either. My name is Iron." he pokes his chin. "How come a pony foal speaks such a strange language?"

c914e No.85806

First looking at Kerr, Brie says "Herr ist namen Iron"
Then looks back to Iron. "Yeah, about that. He's not from around here."

84b9e No.85807

Iron does not buy it. "Yeah, right. I am also not from around here and I can speak with you right now."

90f91 No.85808

His form is of a Pegasus with light grey coat, Dark grey mane. Generally to a passerby he would look like one of Silver's grandchildren, albeit of pegasus race. The little foal seems happy to be riding on his back, and when a chill that runs through Silver is clearly more than just the winter wind, he can be sure the hungry little demon has taken Silver up on his offer

A tear in the jaw muscle, a bruise on the back

The foal goes over to an area away from Iron, and away from the bed, with an untrusting eye

c914e No.85809

Brie sighs, unsure how Iron is going to take this since they've never really spoken.
"Don't forget, I helped you out with those guards earlier so if you're going to be alarmed, just know that I've got his back."

"He's a changeling."

7ecc7 No.85810

Another slightly uncomfortable shiver runs through Silver's body. He whispers to the changeling-colt on his back, so no other passerbys can hear him. "Denken Sie daran, nicht zu viel zu füttern."

84b9e No.85811

Iron rolls his eyes at the foal's untrusting attitude. "What is with foals and being scared of me?"
Iron raises his eyebrows in surprise. "Wait, really? Are you serious? How did you get your hooves on one of the stealhiest species on this world?" He looks to the small foal and back at Brie. "I am going to try something. Would you mind closing the door?"

90f91 No.85812

He pays attention to Iron's eyes

"Oh, Entschuldigung"

c914e No.85813

>didn't realize the door was still open
Brie closes the door. "Again its complicated,… but go ahead."

82a34 No.85814

Sister Ash casts Regenerate Light Wounds, to slowly recover 15 hit points worth of damage (1 per round).

90f91 No.85815

Kerr is incensed
"Was zum Teufel ist das? Du hast mich reingelegt!"

c914e No.85816

"Herr ist ein freund. Herr ist here goes ungefarlight."

84b9e No.85817

Iron nods. He then lays down and tries to think up something nice about his childhood, like small games that he, his brother and sister would play. The kind where he was the bad pony who kidnapped the princess while his brother acted the role of a hero saving her.

7ecc7 No.85818

Silver chuckles. "Es ist in Ordnung." He looks a bit more at the color palette of the changeling's disguise, noticing similarities to a pony's he knows. "Du erinnerst mich ein bisschen an eines meiner Fohlen. Er war auch ein Pegasus mit gleichem Fell und Mähne. Er hatte jedoch einen gelben Streifen durch seine Mähne. Sein Name war 'Spectral Streak'."

c914e No.85819

Brie squats down near Kerr.
"Its not ideal, but it will have to do for now. Your brother - Ihr bruder - will be here soon. I don't speak your language. The only reason I can speak it at all is cuz,… nevermind that. Relax a bit, its been a stressful day for me, so I can only imagine how its been for you."

90f91 No.85820

He responds
"Das ist schön, Väter zu haben. Wir haben nicht wirklich Väter. Wir werden von Arbeitern aufgezogen"

Kerr doesn't quite seem to understand what is going on, but seems reassured by Iron lying on the floor, and Brie's words. He walks up to Iron slowly

c914e No.85821

"You were cut off. What were you going to say?"

84b9e No.85822

Iron does not react to Kerr reaching his laying form. He can almost visualize it. How he would laugh handsomely while having her sister on his back. 'Muahaha. You will never defeat me!' he would say to his brother, which would then be replied with his own retort. Iron would then lay down her sister on the floor and have a fight, where he usually let his little brother win. It was a nice memory for him.

90f91 No.85823

The little foal seems uncertain, but comes closer. He licks his lips, and then opens his jaw to bite the air in front of Iron. It almost looks as if he is biting into the hindquarters of some great beast. A green and purple energy starts to flow from Iron into the foal's mouth.

Roll for fortitude save

7ecc7 No.85824

Silver smiles at this. "Ja, ich habe gehört, wie deine Bienenstöcke funktionieren. Es unterscheidet sich stark von Ponyfamilien, aber ich denke, das ist es, was so toll ist. Obwohl sie so verschieden sind, obwohl wir so verschieden sind, sind sie für uns beide Familien.

"Also, deine Familie, deine Königin und die Arbeiter, hast du gute Geschichten über sie? Ich würde gerne hören."

84b9e No.85825

Dice rollRolled 15 + 5


c914e No.85826

As Iron lays there, Brie briefly recounts… some… of the conditions he found Kerr, his brother, and the others in.
"It was unthinkable. I can't imagine what he must have gone through, and I got there late. The others were….
"Oh shit, not this again. Uhm! Uhm!" he flails his hooves a bit, unsure how to respond to this development.

82a34 No.85827

"Does that feel better?"

c914e No.85828

I know you didn't mean me

82a34 No.85829

Didn't mean to reply to you.

90f91 No.85830

"Y-yes" answers the little colt

Iron's little brother becomes fuzzy. Then his sister. Then the whole image… bleeds, of color, slowly. It becomes sad. Unpleasant, joyless. At first it's just this sense of of the same scene, but in rote. Like it has no more meaning. Then, a memory comes up. Ash. Ash fairly pretty and calm and helping ponies. Then this to becomes grey, and there is a sort of shock to the whole scene. Not shock in the sense of surprise, a feeling almost of electric shock. Like somepony were intentionally trying to incentive him to stay away. As all of this happens, Iron feels a cold over coming him. At first, it could be an open window. Then it is something more. It feels kind of like how he felt a few nights ago, jumping into the water, and then walking out into the January night. That kind of cold.

After some time of this, the colt closes his mouth, and the feeling subsides. He does not feel any weaker, nor does he think he will have lasting headaches.

The little colt sits and draws energy from Iron for some number of seconds. If you aren't going to burn the Changeling with cold iron, you may as well be glad he is well fed and not in the mood for Bat

82a34 No.85831

Sister Ash gives the foal a deep, long hug
"..Just breath.. you're alright now.."

c914e No.85832

>cold iron
Don't have it even if I knew to use it,… which I didn't/don't,….
"Shit! I seriously hope this doesn't kill anyone." Brie Eeeeee's softly to himself.

84b9e No.85833

Iron is very surprised, even scared at what is happening to his memories. He pants for a bit, not really grasping what is going on, the cold and electricity making him involuntarily shiver. When the colt finishes up his feeding, he tries to remember the same scenes that were recently greyed out.

7ecc7 No.85834

Well, I can only imagine what would give that foal a torn jaw muscle. Poor colt…

8680b No.85835

So… assuming Spark, Onyx, and Dark Star with them made it to the hospital…

I try to get Dark Star set up with a hospital room.

c914e No.85836

"Yeah, I wouldn't get sentimental around him too often. The same thing happened to Dark when we were… down there."

82a34 No.85837

Now I have to figure out how to explain how I can't bring him to his mom. Fuck…

90f91 No.85838

Wesley starts talking to Silver
"Ich wurde im Bienenstock in Vraks geboren. Meine Mutter war Lacinia. Ich hatte viele Brüder und Schwestern, einschließlich des anderen Wechslbalg, mit dem Sie mich gefunden haben, Kerr. Ich wurde später in eine Kolonie versetzt, um … wie heißt es …" He seems to be searching for words "'Reichskommissariat Tall Tales.'"

He has no problem retreading the memories. What is more questionable is the quality of the memories. They still seem to be black and white. As time passes, they become more colored

It is so if they ever show up

84b9e No.85839

"I see. *pant* Gods. What happened?"
Iron feels relieved by knowing the effect is temporary. He decides to test something else. He starts approaching the changeling foal himself.

c914e No.85840

Brie shrugs. "I'm not exactly sure, it looked like some sort of energy exchange. Like, this glowing aura came off you and went directly into his mouth."

7ecc7 No.85841

Silver reflects on this. Kerr and Wesley. The names of the changelings they rescued. "Tall Tales? Ich glaube nicht, dass ich vor dem Krieg jemals dort war. Es klang jedoch nach einem schönen Ort. Hat es dir dort gefallen?"

90f91 No.85842

The foal looks at Iron, an starts to back away slowly. He can't speak, obviously, but he has a 'what are you doing?" kind of look to him

He starts to cry. This is good, because these two colts had been almost entirely free of emotion before. He starts focusing his eyes on objects that are actually within the room

84b9e No.85843

Iron tries to pick up the foal and nuzzle him, seeing if this also can feed him without sacrificing his memories. He is such a cute foal, after all.

c914e No.85844

Brie walks irritatedly to the window and glances outside before slowly pacing in acorner of the room.

82a34 No.85845

Sister Ash pulls them both into a group hug.

90f91 No.85846

A wagon going down the street, I don't think anypony is approaching

This frightens the hell out of the foal. The snoot of the foal feels real. Very real. Exactly as he would expect it to be. He doesn't really feel anything that he would not expect, except for the awkward and frightened look in the foal's eyes

"Was macht er hier?" Asks Kerr, startled

"Mir hat es nicht so gut gefallen. Die Gebäude waren seltsam. Wir waren meistens in der Changeling-Kolonie. Es gab eine Sache. Es gab Ponys. Sie könnten zu ihnen gehen und sich von ihnen ernähren, und Sie mussten nicht befürchten, getötet zu werden, weil eine Soldatendrohne mit einer Waffe zuschauen würde und das Pony schlagen würde, wenn sie kämpfen würden"

This gets them to emote more

c3439 No.85847

c914e No.85848

"Nothing, I'm just getting impatient waiting on silver and your brother is all."

84b9e No.85849

Iron now strokes his mane, see how soft this cute little foal is. Will it compare to the magestic mane that is Ash?

90f91 No.85850

Oh, the joys of Socialized medicine. After some time in the waiting room, a nurse asks the nature of the injury

Soft. Very

7ecc7 No.85851

Silver seems saddened by the last part, visibly so to Wesley.

c3439 No.85853

"I've seemed to have encountered a changling without knowing."

82a34 No.85854

Sister Ash holds them in her weakened arms for several minutes as she speaks with the other Sisters and fills them in with details about what she experienced, apologizing again for disappearing unnannounced.
"…-And as soon as I saw them, I took them and left.."
No mere transfiguration can ever hope to match Sister Ash's natural softness

84b9e No.85855

Finally, Iron decides to gently put Kerr on the bed and pats his head for a bit. He then starts gesturing. "Did the petting," he strokes the air in a horizontal motion. "give you," he points to him, "love like when I," he points to himself, "gave to you with memories?" He strikes a pose where he puts his hoof on his chin.
That's why Ash's mane is the best.

90f91 No.85856

"Alright. I'm guessing it drained you?"

Wesley looks a little awkward
"Habe ich zu viel gebissen?"

He can feel a winter wind blow through on his wet coat, making him cold. And there is no way he could know if the feeling is really the result of the wind and water, or the parasite on his back

"That's terrible! You should take that all to the police"

Bitch please. They evolved specifically to have lovable disguises.

He seems to understand Iron's meaning
"Ich habe genug von den Seelen dreier Ponys gegessen"

84b9e No.85857

Iron, opposite to Kerr, does not understand a bit. He turns to Brie. "I need some translation. Would you please do that?"

c914e No.85858

"He said "I have something of the something something Ponies love", and I'm not sure about that last one."

c3439 No.85859


84b9e No.85860

Iron furrows his brow. "That does not help much, but thank you."
Iron decides to go for more risky stuff against Kerr, now moving to light tickling of the foal.

c914e No.85861

"Welcome to my world."

90f91 No.85862

The nurse sends him to an Orange Unicorn
"So it says here that you got drained by a Changeling. He looks at the paper, and then pulls a hoof to his mouth. Then he fails to hide a laugh, then he starts laughing
"Let me guess, you picked up a girl at the bar?"

"Hiss!" sayeth the foal

82a34 No.85863

I refuse to believe that transfiguration could ever be as good as the real thing.

Sister Ash seems unsure
"… Are you sure..? I wasn't the only one there, so he won't get away with it.. I had hoped to avoid needless contact with the local authorities.. I'm not really very familiar with how ponies manage things here.."

c914e No.85864

His wavering and distracted attention drawn by the hissing.
"Eww! Whoa! What the fuck are you doing?!" Instinctively his hoof draws a knife.
"Take your hooves and,… everything off of him!"

84b9e No.85865

Iron chuckles at the little one's hiss. He seems like a good colt. He stops from further tickling him, still snickering. "Did that give you," points at him, "love?"
"Oh please, like I would want to abuse a foal. I prefer something that can actually fit my length." Iron waves off Brie's outburst.

c3439 No.85866

"no,i was helping what i thought was a foal."
Dark Star says Flatly

c914e No.85867

"Hooves… off."

7ecc7 No.85868

"Nein, Junge. Es ist nicht das…" He sighs, trying to find the right words to describe it.

"Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie wären Pony. Sie haben viele Jahre in Equestria gelebt. Du warst dort glücklich. Du hattest Freunde, Familie und dein Land, um dich zu schützen, um dich glücklich zu halten. Dann kommt eines Tages eine Invasionsarmee durch. Sie fordern Sie auf, die Gesetze eines anderen Landes einzuhalten. Diese Ponys, auf die Sie sich zu verlassen hatten, um Sie zu schützen, waren jetzt wegen der Armee verschwunden. Sie sagen Ihnen, dass, wenn ein Changeling sich von Ihnen ernähren will, Sie sie lassen müssen. Und es ist ein Entleerungsprozess. Wenn das Wechseln nicht vorsichtig ist, kann es weh tun, es kann dir das Gefühl geben, dass es keine Hoffnung in der Welt gibt, keine Liebe, nichts, außer Traurigkeit, und manchmal hast du nicht einmal diese. Und wenn du das nicht willst, wenn du dich nicht auf diese Weise fühlen willst, kannst du nicht nein sagen oder zurückschlagen, wenn sie immer noch versuchen, dich zu ernähren, oder sogar von Soldaten getötet. Es würde dich nicht gut fühlen oder glücklich machen. Es würde Sie traurig machen, Angst, allein.

"Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich Sinn habe. Ich kann diese Sprache kaum sprechen, nicht wie kyrillisch oder sogar ponisch. Aber ich hoffe du kannst es verstehen. Ich möchte nicht, dass sich jemand auf diese Weise befindet, ob Pony oder Veränderer."

84b9e No.85869

"My hooves are off of him already. Learn to watch the scene in front of you." Iron rolls his eyes.
What's with this advanced german that I'm seeing? Is Silver a damn multilingual pony or what?

82a34 No.85870

I still don't know what languages there are to choose from in this setting, but I hope to finalize my character at level 6.

7ecc7 No.85871

He picked up Changeling-speak not sure of the in-universe word for the language during the war by reading intelligence reports and documents he stole from the Changelings, and he's put it all together to try to at least speak some passable form of the language. He's not very good at it, but he can at least muddle through it. Actually getting a chance to speak it with Wesley is helping. Just don't ask him to read anything particularly advanced.

c914e No.85872

Dice rollRolled 3 + 9

84b9e No.85873

Plausible. Silver is indeed old.

82a34 No.85874

Most creatures of the same Subtype speak one language, except for Humanoids, who may be divided by race.

90f91 No.85875

Dice rollRolled 11 + 2

"Dein Schwanz ist klein. Ich habe größere Schwänze als deine genommen"


84b9e No.85876

You better not be thinking of attacking Iron when he is not holding Kerr. I'm warning you. Iron has a better punch than yours.

c914e No.85877

Keep your hooves to yourself and we won't have a problem

84b9e No.85878

"Brie, I need more translation. What is the little foal saying?"

90f91 No.85879

File: 1548049838967.png (816.6 KB, 1280x720, Thorax_hissing_at_Princess….png)

"Needless? Is stopping a child molester who keeps colts in a sex dungeon 'needless?"

With the knife drawn, the Changeling turns his back so that Iron and Brie are to either side. He then entirely drops the disguise, reverting to Changeling form. The hatchling already has a ray on its back, which is stood up in a display of what must be assertion

He does not look pleased, and transforms to his changeling form. Big blue eyes with no whites, a red ray for a mane. Little tube like ears that are 'cut' in two places. Large fangs, two inches long even as a child and a long, narrow, snake-like tongue. Wing covers of a greenish color over dragonfly-like wings. A translucent blue green belly that looks a little full. A short cut tail that has holes in it. A horn on the head of the same solid black as the rest of his chitinous body. And of course, the famous holes in the legs.

c914e No.85880

"Dunno." Brie replies coldly, without taking his eyes off Iron.

82a34 No.85881

"No, I meant rather that it's already been reported by now.." she replies.

84b9e No.85882

"Do not worry, little one. Brie is just a dumb bat who does not understand how to defuse a situation." He pats the now undisguised changeling. "Brie," points at the batponnt, "dumb."

84b9e No.85883

*the batpony

c914e No.85884

"Says the good-for-nothing colt who didn't even have the sense to disengage when there were guns trained on him, and then when I finally do bail his ass out, he wanders to a tavern. Meanwhile, THIS little guy was trapped in the worst sex-dungeon I've ever seen. But go on. Tell him how I'm dumb, having pulled him out of there and brought him back here, apparently just in time to be molested."

7ecc7 No.85885

Well, Ash already knows Ponish (what you would probably call in DnD "Common") and whatever the other language she can speak is. The Celestialist religious workers as well as ponies and griffons from the Arcturian Order speak Latin. Blue speaks the pony version of Greek, which they speak in Nimbusia, and might even be able to speak another language I didn't immediately recognize. Silver can speak Cyrillic, which is spoken in Severyana. Changelings speak whatever this universe's version of German is. Griffons in the Griffonian continent speak this universe's versions of French, Italian, or German, depending on the country they're from. Ponies from the River Republic in Griffonia speak this universe's version of Polish. Not sure how many others there are.

8680b No.85886

Is silver there with the other changeling yet? He kind of needs to diffuse this situation.

82a34 No.85887

I was hoping to learn Celestial for Communicating with Good-aligned outsiders and magical beasts.
Wait, ponies have different languages? How many?
And why do changelings speak German? They're nothing like germans. Besides, they need to speak other creatures languages to feed, and they mostly seem to feed off of ponies.

84b9e No.85888

"Judging by the changeling's reaction to your impulsive action of threatening me with a knife, the changeling is more scared by that than mere tickling. Besides, I am trying to see what other methods a changeling can use to extract love, and no, I am not going the sex route. Like I said, he is too small for me." Iron deadpans at Brie. "Stop trying to act like a hero and sheathe the knife."

c914e No.85889

"Thinking about it."

90f91 No.85890

"I see. Well, these foals don't have mothers or fathers to help them through this"

Kerr reads Bries eyes, and seems to understand, changing his stance more towards Iron

It's not letting a hoof near the top of its head

If Silver thought that arguing politics with Blue Skies was bad….

Wesley responds with a slight air of offense
"Denken Sie, wir wissen das nicht? Deshalb müssen wir entweder betrügen oder mit Gewalt gewinnen. Das Pony wird immer widerstehen. Sie werden uns Monster nennen und uns jagen. Sie werden in unsere Bienenstöcke eindringen und unsere Königinnen töten. In Vraks bekamen wir den süßen Honig der Arbeiter. Es gab nie genug und viele meiner Brüder und Schwestern fielen zu Staub. Glücklicherweise hat unser großartiger Reiseführer einen Weg gefunden, uns alle zu ernähren."

>Speak german
Because I wanted them to speak a language that was foreign, but not entirely alien. Now shut up. If you need more reason, it's because in the mod they are a reskin of Nazi Germany under Hitler. If that is not a good enough reason I don't give a shit, I like having intelligent creatures that are capable of speech yet can't speak directly with most of the characters, and I always love throwing in bonuses to players who bother to google translate foreign phrases.

"Du bist zu klein für mich, winzig!"

82a34 No.85891

What languages are there available to pick from?
I still haven't picked mine.

84b9e No.85892

Iron massages his temple. Great, now he feels threatened. Even then, he does not even understand his comment. He decides to go to a corner and try to remain passive. Here's hoping Silver comes already. What a bust.

82a34 No.85893

>"I see. Well, these foals don't have mothers or fathers to help them through this"
"… It's rather unfortunate indeed…" She says, her voice low as she tries to rock either child to sleep.

82a34 No.85894

>"I see. Well, these foals don't have mothers or fathers to help them through this"
"… It's rather unfortunate indeed…" She says, her voice low as she tries to rock either child to sleep.

90f91 No.85895

Hmmm… die rolls

Kerr calms down, and with a flash of green, goes back to being a blue unicorn foal


82a34 No.85896

Are there any religious or extraplanar languages that might be of interest?

c914e No.85897

Brie makes a show of putting his knife away.

8680b No.85898

Can I assume Dark Star will now be taken care of so I can fetch Blue Skies, fill her in, and head to the tavern to make sure everything is going smoothly?

84b9e No.85899

Iron huffs in annoyance.
"You could have told me that he was abused when you brought him here, you know?" he massages his temple. "Not when I am stroking his mane, nuzzling him and all that. Why did you not react to those two previous acts?"

90f91 No.85900

Uh, let me think about it

He can try

Kerr takes interest


7ecc7 No.85902

I have no idea how many, but it's a fair assumption to say there's a pony equivalent to most of the major languages we have here on Earth. That's just how many I've seen from the mod and from this particular game.
I imagine German is the language taught to Changelings from the moment they're hatched, and over time, they pick up the languages of nearby countries so they can better blend in. Since Chrysalis has united the changelings under the idea that they don't have to hide among ponies to obtain love, I imagine most changelings being born around this time won't even bother with trying to learn other languages, and will stick with their own native one.

"Und Sie glauben nicht, dass das die Dinge für unsere beiden Leute noch schlimmer macht? Ponys fürchten sich natürlich vor dem, was sie nicht verstehen, und die meisten Ponys haben niemals die Möglichkeit, Veränderungen zu verstehen. Wenn Sie ihnen beigebracht haben, dass Sie nicht die Monster sind, von denen Sie glauben, dass Sie sie sind, würden sie nicht negativ reagieren. Sie begrüßen Sie vielleicht nicht immer, aber Sie würden Sie auch nicht hassen. Diese? Was macht Chrysalis? Es lässt die Ponys denken, dass du die Monster aus ihren Geschichten bist. Sie fürchten dich nicht mehr, weil sie dich nicht verstehen, sie fürchten dich jetzt, weil sie denken, dass sie dich verstehen. Und wenn sie sich entschließen, sich zu wehren, wird es für eines unserer Leute nicht gut enden. Viele werden wegen zu vieler Missverständnisse sterben."

After a couple seconds, he realizes he's arguing with the changeling equivalent of a teenager. "Ich weiß, ich kann Sie nicht anders überzeugen, aber stellen Sie sich eine Welt vor, in der sich keiner unserer Völker vor einander fürchtet. Wo wir lernen, einander zu verstehen und zu respektieren, und diese Unterschiede zwischen uns. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das Essen, das man von Ponys in dieser Welt bekommen würde, viel erfüllender wäre als das Essen von Ponys, die um ihr Leben fürchten."

Silver shrugs as best as he can with a changeling on his back. "Ich weiß es nicht, nur zum Nachdenken."

c3439 No.85903

82a34 No.85904

I'm not going to bother finalizing details until level 6.

Also, with a technicallity here: is Sister Ash, at 6 Strength, physically capable of cradling both foals while sitting?

8680b No.85905

Worth a shot.
I head to that base, hoping I don't get shot for just approaching. I look for guards that don't look like they want to shoot me today.

c914e No.85906

"Pardon me for being distracted and not wanting to go into detail. I was glad enough to get out of there with him when I did, but waiting on the others has left me thinking."

84b9e No.85907

Iron rolls his eyes at the bug's sudden 180. He did not complain when nuzzling, mane stroking and love consumption were involved.
"Sure, whatever you say."

90f91 No.85908

I really thought I responded to that one…. Hmmm. Anyways

The unicorn says "Let me guess, the foal had a very cute mother?" He stops laughing
"Anyways, this isn't that uncommon. What you have here is a dearth of Harmony magic. The magic that is love and friendship at its essence, and makes up the life force of beings. This is no physical problem." He waves an instrument of some kind over Dark Star

"Alright, it doesn't look like she got you too bad" he holds back a laugh. "You are not at the point that you cannot regenerate harmony. Don't worry, the life force they take should come back on its own. Chocolate and sugar can help the process, as can being around friends and those you love. But expect to feel weakened at least the next 12 hours. Rest can help as well. And try to stay away from certain cute mares. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

It would take a while, but the Grand Baltimare hotel is available. There are no guards outside of the building."

Dude, quit being a dick

While sitting? Yes

90f91 No.85909

He adds "Let me get you a tonic that should help in the magical healing process"

8680b No.85910

Good help is hard to find these days.
I approach the door. I assume that they allow you to enter the building if they don't have a guard outside. I enter and look for somepony to address the situation to.

c914e No.85911

A chill and (depending on temperment) uncomfortable silence echoes through the room. Brie has a casual stance, but he's visibly on edge, and his eyes never waver from Iron.

c3439 No.85912

"thanks doc."

84b9e No.85913

I'm venting a bit. Iron just has the worst luck when dealing with traumatized foals. Fuck's sakes. I tried being nice to the little foal, attempting to find an easier way to help the changeling to feed which judging from the genome reference, it doesn't matter and I get a hiss and a knife pointed at me. Sure, Iron has touched the foal but he never complained until the tickling and he does a hiss of discontent and Brie decides to be a hero without informing Iron that, hey, this changeling has been abused physically so no touching until Iron touches him. No, Iron was not informed how was the changeling found or what state he was in, just something ominous like 'ooh, he has bad stuff happen to him'. Man,
that stuff is frustrating, specially since I knew OOC but could not act on it.

Iron lays on the floor in the corner, not wanting to disturb the changeling any further. His expression is still frustrated, but not really threatening. He starts doing a light tap on the floor to keep him occupied.

82a34 No.85914

Since it's about 8 o'clock, Sister Ash would try to get ready to put both foals to bed when she's sufficiently calmed them down, and then she'd go to bed herself, since she's had a terribly rough day.

Also it's 2:00 am where I am, I I think I'm going to call it a day as well.

c914e No.85915

FWIW, you're right.

90f91 No.85917

"Ich habe den letzten Monat in einem Käfig verbracht. Ich wurde erst herausgenommen, als sie mir Fotos von Fohlen zeigten. Die Hengste würden mich zu diesen jungen Fohlen machen und Sex mit mir haben. Die meisten dieser Ponys hatten keine Liebe, als sie dies taten. Ich musste stärker beißen. Aber als ich das tat, schockten sie mich mit einer Batterie. Sie würden mich schlagen, wenn ich nicht folgte. Ich lebte unter Chrysalis und ich lebte unter Ponys. Ich bevorzuge Chrysalis. Ich weiß nicht, wie man ein angstfreies Pony macht…."
*sad changeling noises*

As soon as he goes through, there is a guard
"Can I help you?"

The tonic is handed over. it seems to be natural and plant based

It is skeptical of being touched. Hush and stop being an asshole

The little foals are compliant, though still mostly not talkative. Ash can tuck them into their respective beds

90f91 No.85918

>Genome reference

7ecc7 No.85919

"Aber er ist nicht alle Ponys, ja? Er ist schlecht, ja schlimmer als schlecht, aber es gibt auch gute Ponys. Gute Ponys, die Ihnen helfen möchten und sicherstellen möchten, dass schlechte Ponys wie er gestoppt werden."

8680b No.85920

"Yes sir. I need to relay a message to one of your officers. Is there a process I need to go through in order to do so? It is a rather important message from one of your own recruits."

84b9e No.85922

I think I calmed down a bit.
Iron is slightly less frustrated. I guess Marey was right in this situation. 'No touching' seems to be a good rule of frog.
Whoopsie. Guessed a word wrong. I'm trying not to google translate, since I think it's cheating for Iron's situation.
"Tell me a bit more about the heist. I was supposed to act as a distraction at the gate and missed all of the action."

c3439 No.85923

Dark Star Drinks it

90f91 No.85924

Not the best tasting. Seems to be based on seaweed or something. Not really terrible either though. If it has an effect it isn't instant

90f91 No.85925

"To whom do you need to deliver it?"

c914e No.85926

Brie sighs.
"Not much to it really. I was in and out of the house before anyone even knew I was there. I picked up a few things from the main house - still haven't looked them over yet - and came back to run interference. Thats when I came across you and Onyx at the guard booth. I had planned on getting the guard drunk and then blaming a bunch of shenanigens on him later, but that didn't pan out. After you left, I set fire to the house and then alerted the guards to the fire so that I could go in and out of the scene without being discrete. I saw the others entering the pool house, and so I kept watch outside. I expected them to come out quickly, but they took their time so I went inside." He goes quiet after that. "When I entered," he says finally, "there was a secret room. With a bed. With chains all around it. Beyond that room was a room with cages. In it were Kerr, his brother, and a pair of foals that priestess retreated with. The stench was unpony, and the sight,… I've seen some shit in my day, but that shook me."

90f91 No.85927

"Könnte sein. Ich weiß nur, dass es keine guten Drohnen mit Waffen gibt, die mich jetzt schützen, und ich bin machtlos"
The little grey foal's ear's droop
Shouldn't he arrive eventually?

8680b No.85928

"Blue Skies. The recruit is in the hospital and requested me to give her a message."

90f91 No.85929

"Uh, I'll go ask who that is, and see who is her handler. Can you leave the message with me to relay or must it be communicated directly?"

c3439 No.85930

"Not too bad,Doc. It Didn't have anything weird in it, did it?"

84b9e No.85931

Here comes the comments
>set the house on fire to enter and leave the scene
"Why did you choose the one house the others were in? You took a big risk for practically nothing from what you said."
>secret room
Iron feels similarly disgusted. "That Comte guy sure is weak if he has to use foals as sex toys to satisfy his sexual urges. Ugh. I bet he cannot even please an actual mare."

8680b No.85932

"I think it best if communicated directly. See if it can't be done."

7ecc7 No.85933

TBH I was waiting on you for that, but if you were waiting on me…
"Dann werde ich dich beschützen. Und wenn es möglich ist, werde ich Sie zu Ihrem Bienenstock nach Hause sehen." Silver and Wesley see the Tavern come into view. "Wir sind fast da. Ihr Bruder sollte dort sein, und Sie zwei können sich ausruhen, während ich einen Arzt aufsuche."

c914e No.85934

"It was a small fire, incapable of compromising the building, little more than lighting a bit of cologne on a brick on fire. But it gave me free access as 'a good samaritan' to engage the scene. And with any luck, the authorities have found his little secret and are putting the pieces together themselves."

90f91 No.85935

He goes through a door. When he comes out, he says
"She is out working at the moment. You can write down a message, or maybe have it communicated over radio if necessary"

"Das ist gut"
The little foal leans down, and hugs the back of Silver's neck

He should be through the front door now

84b9e No.85936

"But 'his little secret' is missing the one thing that makes it bad, which is the foals." Iron pokes his chin. "Besides, Star was carrying something important for the exact purpose to collect evidence of wrongdoing. It was a small rectangular box if I remember correctly." He ponders. "Apart from that, did you not stop and consider how the others got in the house themselves?"

90f91 No.85937

"No manticore toenails or hippogriff droppings if that is what you are asking. I can't really say though. I don't make these things."

8680b No.85938

"I don't suppose the radio would be secure would it? If not, I suppose a written message will have to do."

90f91 No.85940

"It should be fine. You can leave a written message and we'll have a flyer send it"

c914e No.85941

"I've pulled dozens of jobs like that, maybe hundreds. A little B&E, a little bit of misdirection, smoke and mirrors, in, out, done. I'd never actually seen a changeling before either. I thought they'd be ferocious. I thought my first encounter with a changeling would be terrifying. Well it was, but for all the wrong reasons."
"I don't know about all that. All I knew is one of my sources said there was a job, help people get in and get out and the pay was on-site acquisition. It was a rich neighborhood, so I took him up on it."

7ecc7 No.85942

Silver uses a foreleg to return the hug before he enters.

Silver smiles as he sees that Iron, Brie, and Kerr has arrived. "Ah, good! You have arrived! I assume this pony with you two is Kerr?"

c914e No.85943

Brie starts at the sudden entrance (from his perspective) but only slightly.
"Finally. You brought his brother?"

84b9e No.85944

"Hello, Silver. I may have caused a bit of distrust of the foal on me. That is why he will be a bit jumpy." Iron is lying down on a corner. He looks at the other foal. "It seems there are two of them." He checks from his current position on how hungry the changeling entering the scene is.
Iron is a bit annoyed by his lack of information but cannot blame him. He wasn't at the planning.

8680b No.85945

"Alright then."
I write down the following:
Evidence collected. Dungeon in pool house. Foals rescued/secure. Dark Star injured, recovering. Slight complication of the fire type. New development. Meet back with us for more details.
I then fold up the message and hand it over.
"Thank you for your help sir."

90f91 No.85946

"Das graue Pferd kennt meinen Namen"

Changeling? What Changeling? There is a small grey pegasus colt on Silver's back, with darker grey mane

"We'll have it sent out" says the guard

8680b No.85947

"Have a good day sir."
I then take my leave and head for the tavern.

7ecc7 No.85948

"Yes. Excuse me, but I do not believe we have had proper introduction, yet, even though you appeared out of nowhere to lend us aid. I am Silver."

"Yes, there were two. Brothers." He seems a bit worried about Iron's statement about causing distrust, especially knowing what that changeling has been through. "What exactly did you do that would cause distrust in this one?"

Silver turns to Kerr, his voice returning to its paternal tone, even if he's not sure if it's having a positive effect on his voice. "Hallo Kerr. Ich habe deinen Bruder zu dir zurückgebracht." As he says this, he helps Wesley off his back and onto the floor.

c3439 No.85949

"Thanks for the potion."
Dark Star Stands up and reaches his hoof out towards the doctor

c914e No.85950

"Ich vehrstehen 'Das', 'meinen', und 'Namen'."
Then to Silver and Iron, "I've been able to pick apart their dialect a bit, but the longer I hear it the more bewildered I get."
"Yes, of course. The name is Brie, Brie Achtzig-Sechs." Then "How can you, I can't even,… nevermind."

84b9e No.85951

"I have gone as far as doing some tickling to see if I can produce a substitute to using up memories to feed a changeling. So far it is unsuccessful. Now Kerr is untrusting again. I could try to put some memories to surface again but I dislike the feeling."

90f91 No.85952

The two little foals walk towards each other, mostly Kerr going closer to Wesley

The doctor has a 'what are you doing?' look, but lets him

"Die Hölle? Sie sprechen Wechselbalg?"

"… Ich vehrstehen"

c914e No.85953

"What the fuck" Brie whispers indirectly.

7ecc7 No.85954

"It is nice to meet you, Brie." He seems amused at how Brie reacts to Silver speaking Changeling. "What, ponies can learn more than just Ponish. Я говорю на одном из этих языков прямо сейчас."

"Yes, it is feeling of him feeding on your inner Harmony and life force. Also emotion, but that is tied to Harmony. It is meant to be unpleasant." He sighs. "Just…try not to tickle him any more, okay?"

He rotates his hoof around. "Ehhhhhhhh…Ein bisschen."

7ecc7 No.85955

So, what exactly are we calling the Changeling language? Changelisch?

84b9e No.85956

Iron deadpans at Silver. "A little too late for that. Pretty sure he wants me to be a one pony's length right now." He huffs. "Sorry, I am a bit angry at my predicament." He continues laying on the floor.
I was thinking Changish tbh
Iron decides to surface some other happy thoughts like when his brother was born. He swore to him that he would protect him against everything after that. Now he does not need his protection anymore. He chuckles.

c3439 No.85957

"What are you too good to shake hooves?"

c914e No.85958

"I need some air," he glances at Kerr. "Ich returnen." And then to the others "Keep an eye on them, but try not to get feelsy around them."

84b9e No.85959


7ecc7 No.85960

Well, that's one option.
Silver cocks his head, one ear falling to the side. He seems confused at the phrase Iron used. "What is 'one pony's length' in this instance?"

"I was there, I know what you mean. It was nice meeting you, Brie. Thank you for your assistance."

c914e No.85961

He nods to Iron.
"Oh, I'll be back. Ask them how mad I am." he says grimly, and then leaves.

84b9e No.85962

"Basically, just imagine you standing between me and Kerr. That is what I mean."

c3439 No.85963


c914e No.85964


7ecc7 No.85965

He looks at where he just left. "…Ask them how mad…?"
"Ah, that is what you mean. It is like how Wesley was back at poolhouse when we rescued him, putting me in between himself, and Star and Spark…so, what did Brie mean, when he said 'Ask them how mad I am'?"

84b9e No.85966

Iron shrugs. "It may be the injustices the foals have to suffer against this Comte bastard. If that is not it, then I do not know what it is."

90f91 No.85967

Sure, "Wechselbalg"

"Mein Bruder ist aggressiver und paranoider als ich. Ich bin überrascht, dass er ihn so ruhig fand"
>Was hätte ich machen sollen? Sollte ich dort geblieben sein? Getötet werden?
<Nein, ich dachte einfach nicht, dass du ihnen vertrauen würdest
>Und mich nicht. Ich werde kämpfen oder rennen, wenn sie versuchen, mich zu verletzen. Bis dahin schmecken sie gut
<Sie schmecken gut. Aber sie werden dich nicht verletzen. Dieses Pony ist nett. Er ließ mich füttern und ein anderes Pony ließ Sie füttern
>Das ist wahr. Diese Ponys waren ungewöhnlich nett
<Glaubst du, sie könnten uns in ein falsches Sicherheitsgefühl verführen? Sie könnten uns später vergewaltigen oder essen
>Glaubst du, sie könnten uns in ein falsches Sicherheitsgefühl verführen? Sie könnten uns später vergewaltigen oder essen
Wesley is frightened
<Nein, dieses Pony schmeckt süß. ich vertraue ihm
>Du vertraust zu viel. Vertraust du auch all seinen Freunden?
<So oder so haben wir jetzt Essen. Ich denke er wird mich beschützen
>Wahr. Ich habe noch nie so viel gegessen. Ich glaube, ich mag das fliegende Pony, auch wenn es nicht gut schmeckt

The foal is yapping away in his weird speak, but Iron does catch his interest. He stares at Iron while talking, like a dog looking at food

"No" He shakes hooves

It is so

90f91 No.85968

Wesley says this remark to Silver about his brother Kerr
"Mein Bruder ist aggressiver und paranoider als ich. Ich bin überrascht, dass er ihn so ruhig fand"

But Kerr responds
>Was hätte ich machen sollen? Sollte ich dort geblieben sein? Getötet werden?
So Wesly says
Nein, ich dachte einfach nicht, dass du ihnen vertrauen würdest
>Und mich nicht. Ich werde kämpfen oder rennen, wenn sie versuchen, mich zu verletzen. Bis dahin schmecken sie gut
Sie schmecken gut. Aber sie werden dich nicht verletzen. Dieses Pony ist nett. Er ließ mich füttern und ein anderes Pony ließ Sie füttern
>Das ist wahr. Diese Ponys waren ungewöhnlich nett
Glaubst du, sie könnten uns in ein falsches Sicherheitsgefühl verführen? Sie könnten uns später vergewaltigen oder essen[
>Glaubst du, sie könnten uns in ein falsches Sicherheitsgefühl verführen? Sie könnten uns später vergewaltigen oder essen
Wesley is frightened
Nein, dieses Pony schmeckt süß. ich vertraue ihm
>Du vertraust zu viel. Vertraust du auch all seinen Freunden?
So oder so haben wir jetzt Essen. Ich denke er wird mich beschützen
>Wahr. Ich habe noch nie so viel gegessen. Ich glaube, ich mag das fliegende Pony, auch wenn es nicht gut schmeckt
Dann lass uns hier bleiben
>Oh, alles klar

Both disguised drones seem content

8680b No.85969

I'm not exactly sure when you would want to time my arrival.

c3439 No.85970

Dark Star Smiles at him
"I'll be back if my friends or i get into more trouble."
Then Dark Star turns around and walks towards the door

7ecc7 No.85971

"Perhaps. What we found I would count among worst sights I have seen."

Wechselbalg it is.

Silver smiles, even if he could barely keep up with the conversation. "Es freut mich das zu hören. Jetzt muss ich ins Krankenhaus gehen, um sicherzustellen, dass die Belastung meines Körpers nicht zu groß ist. Wenn du diesem Pony, Iron, vertrauen kannst, um dich zu überwachen, während ich weg bin, werde ich zurückkehren, sobald ich kann."

Silver then turns to Iron. "More importantly: can I trust you to look over them while I am gone? Their feeding has taken its toll, and I wish to make sure it has not left any lasting effects on me."

90f91 No.85972

He smiles
"Stay away from loose mares and you won't need to come back"


>Oh Scheiße, er kann alles verstehen, was wir sagen!
"Oh… alles klar

c3439 No.85973

Dark Star Laughs

90f91 No.85974

And he is now free. Not cured quite yet… but on track

7ecc7 No.85975

He lets out a playful bit of evil laughter. "Muahahahahaha! Nun wird nichts, was Sie sagen, vor mir verborgen! Muahahahahahahahaaaaaa!"

After the laugh subsides, he genuinely smiles at the two disguised changelings. "Im Ernst, ich komme bald wieder. Dann können wir darüber reden, ob wir Sie möglicherweise nach Hause bringen könnten."

>tfw waiting

c3439 No.85976

Dark Star walks to the headquarters

90f91 No.85978

Arrive… Now

It is so. When he arrives, what do?

Kerr recoils slightly at the thought, pulling up one leg and sticking out his tongue
Iron is kill I bet

c3439 No.85979

He walks in and goes to the front desk

8680b No.85980

I arrive at the tavern, go to Silver's room, and knock on the door.
"Hello? Silver?"

90f91 No.85981

Sea breeze is not there at 9 PM. But another agent is

7ecc7 No.85982

Silver sticks out his tongue right back at Kerr before answering the door.
Most likely. I'll just assume he'll watch the changelings.

Silver answers through the door. "Yes, yes, just one moment." He opens the door, smiling when he sees Spark. "Ah, there you are. I assume you saw Star to hospital?"

90f91 No.85983


8680b No.85984

I thought you had left, that's why I directed that at Iron. Sorry.
"Yes. He should make a fast enough recovery. Now you need to head over."

c3439 No.85985

"hey,is blue skies around?"

7ecc7 No.85986

Silver gets a slight chuckle out of this.

Nope, still here.
Silver nods. "I was just about to do that." He looks around to make she nopony is listening in on them, and he whispers to Spark. "Changelings we rescued are here. Mind helping Iron watch them while I am gone?"

90f91 No.85987

He responds
"Just one moment" And picks up a telephone. In less than a minute, Blue Skies comes prancing through a door straight ahead and to Dark Star's right. This is the first time she has come from this direction. She approaches Dark Star

8680b No.85988

"Of course. I'll do my best… but don't take too long, just in case."
I step inside.

90f91 No.85989

There are no changelings, just Iron If he is alive, a grey pegasus colt, and a blue unicorn colt. And maybe Brie? I am not sure

c3439 No.85990

"Hello miss Skies."

c3439 No.85991

i think brie said he went outside.

7ecc7 No.85992

"I will try not to." He welcomes Spark into his room. Before heading out for the hospital, he removes his equipment, and the evidence he gathered from Comte's house, leaving him with only his clothes and a very-much lightened saddlebag. "Also keep close eye on evidence. We will need it if we are to destroy Comte."

90f91 No.85993

She looks sweet as always, Azure white feathers and Sky Blue mane
"Hello. I got the message.
She takes him somewhere a little more private
"It said there was a 'new development' and you have the foals? I just came back from the scene. It turns out we didn't need a warrant, there was a 'fire.' We implanted an agent with the Batlimare PD on the scene"

8680b No.85994

I sit down in the room.
"Right. And these are the changelings I assume. I didn't expect them to be hiding like that, but I guess it wouldn't hurt in case somepony comes in here unannounced."

90f91 No.85995

The pegasus and the unicorn colts look at Spark, with big, bulging eyes

7ecc7 No.85996

"It could be. In either case, I will be back shortly."

Silver leaves his room at the Tavern and heads for the hospital.

8680b No.85997

Cute bulging eyes?
Spark just sits there in the awkward silence, unsure of what to do.

90f91 No.85998

Maybe not bulging, but cutish.
The pegasus approaches a little closer, walking almost like a dog with slow steps

It is so

8680b No.85999

I sit still to not scare them.

7ecc7 No.86000

Not sure if I should just go ahead and have him get there, or if I should wait for you to say when he arrives.

90f91 No.86001

The little pegasaus inches closer

>wasting millennial posts. Sure, I guess

c3439 No.86002

"It was…Bad." Dark Star looks Distraught "i have the evidence here."
Dark Star hoofs over all the pictures and items he retrieved from the house.Except the pictures he took in the pool house basement.

8680b No.86003

I remain calm… as best as I can. I don't try to interrupt it.

90f91 No.86004

She smiles deviously
"Excellent. This will go lovely with evidence gathered on the scene. We might be able to find out more about subversive activity. So tell me, you rescued the foals, yes? They were there?"
How is he going to separate out the pictures? Aren't they all on the same film roll?

It comes even closelier

8680b No.86005

I still refuse to move.

90f91 No.86006

The foal's ears twitch, but it is not detered. It comes close, so close. Then it extends a hoof and…

Touch. It has touched Spark's foreleg

8680b No.86008

I smile at how cute this is, but I don't do anything else.

90f91 No.86009

It pokes again

>Berühre das nicht! Es ist gefährlich!

Says the unicorn

8680b No.86010

Still unmoving, but finding this extremely cute for deadly vampire bugs.

c3439 No.86011

Oh i was thinking it was like a polaroid
"Yes, they were…" Dark Star's Distraught look grows more substantial "Chained up in a basement in the pool house. the sick buck… was in fact Doing Things to them But his deviancy didnt stop there he had changling hatchlings in cages down there as well. they were malnourished and i felt bad for them so i fed one. the doctor says i need to be around loved ones and eat lots of chocolate and sugar."

90f91 No.86012

At that first part, she smiles grandly, and almost laughs in joy
"This is glorious! It will be on every paper in East Equestria"
On the Changelings
"Well, that kind of makes sense. Shapeshifting is useful for sex fantasies"
On feeding the Changeling
"What you knowingly let a Changeling eat part of your soul?"

It moves up and… is it about to pet Spark?

8680b No.86013

I keep holding still, holding back from commenting on how adorable the death insects are being.

c3439 No.86014

"My Emotions overwhelmed me, i dont know why i did it. i just did. i acted without thinking. and the doctor said it would grow back."

c3439 No.86015

i just visualized spark sitting there awkwardly while a hatchling pokes him. its adorable tbh.

90f91 No.86016

"Yes, that should happen in all but the most severe cases"

It starts to pet Spark

90f91 No.86017

Alright, I need to sleep

7ecc7 No.86018

Sleep well, GM. See you tomorrow.

c3439 No.86019

Dark Star Hugs Blue

c3439 No.86020

Good night.

84b9e No.86022

"I guess? I am unsure if they would trust me unless I feed them some more, which I am baiting out at the moment." Iron shrugs
Iron now thinks of how his sister was conceived. Mother always said that she looked just like her. She had her eyes, that is for sure. A slightly slender looking Earth Pony with green coat and even greener mane. He wonders how she is doing. His siblings are his best friends after all.

84b9e No.86023

I am posting now so I don't have to take away the Last 50 posts thing.
Also sorry, passed out. Again.

c3439 No.86024

its fine.

c914e No.86027

No need to thank me

84b9e No.86028

"Oh, hey Spark. I did not notice you there." He waves at Spark being 'attacked' by the other foal that assumes is not Kerr.

8680b No.86029

“Hello. How are you doing?”
It takes every bit of strength to not move from the cuteness.

84b9e No.86030

"A bit bummed out, but physically fine." He pokes his chin. "Is the little one Kerr or his 'brother'? I cannot tell from here."

8680b No.86031

“Kerr? I wasn’t told their names.”

84b9e No.86032

Iron nods. "One of them is Kerr. The other is Wesley, if I recall what Silver said correctly." A pause, followed by some light hoof tapping on the floor. "You should know which one is which if you try to force one of them to approach me. Kerr should probably hiss at me and try to break free from your grasp. The other would be more cautious but not as fearful to be near me."

8680b No.86033

I then to the changeling.
“Are you Wesley?” I say as calmly as I can, for a creature that kind of sent my friends to the hospital now petting me.

8680b No.86034

Autocorrect is not playing nice today.
*turn to the changeling

90f91 No.86035

The unicorn looks over, though perhaps not as interested as in the previous image

The little grey pegasus colt keeps his hoof extended out, reaching forward, so much so that he has to lean and raise his right rear hoof to keep balance

And after a moment, skittishly, "Ich bin Wesley"

84b9e No.86036

Iron is surprised. He then thinks back to his first actual fight with his brother. He has grown and learned so much. His unarmed technique has far surpassed Iron's, even with his lower strength. He knew how to dodge and weave through his punches with such grace. It was the first time he lost for real against him, and he felt damn proud of him. He was going to be a great stallion one day.

90f91 No.86037

The little colt inches forwards, eyes on Iron

84b9e No.86038

Iron does not react again. It should be a nice apology to give him some more love.
After the fight, his brother helped him out and shook hooves in mutual respect. Iron remembers hugging him and congratulating him for a good fight. His brother hugged back, a tender embrace between two brothers. It was an honor to be beaten by him. A pat on the back and they both left off to celebrate with the family. The lunch he tasted was one of the best he has ever eaten. Father congratulated them on a good fight, mother hugged us both and tended to our wounds and sister simply nodded in understanding. It was one of the best days Iron had in his past.

90f91 No.86039


The little colt breaks his disguise, and in a flash of green light is a drone once more, he extends his tongue and quickly lunges forward, his fangs sticking the air

Roll for fortitude save

84b9e No.86040

Dice rollRolled 8 + 5


8680b No.86041

90f91 No.86042

A stream of green and purple goes from Iron into the small drone's mouth

The taste of the food in the memory becomes duller dull, then almost like the taste of eating dirt. Pride becomes lesser, then numb. The hugs become cold. Senses of fear and apprehension that had always been present in the memory now stand out, as there is no other feeling to drown it. He feels physical pain. It is the same physical pain as he experienced in the memory, but whereas before its presence was easy to ignore, it is now at the forefront. What else is there to feel when nothing but pain, sadness, and fear remain?

For all of this, it does not leave his mind, and he still feels he could stand if he wanted to. The little drone stops, and sits. It's belly is large, with a little blue light past the translucent blue hide

8680b No.86043

"Are… you ok Iron?"

84b9e No.86044

Does that mean I failed the fortitude save and have to act a bit emotionless now?

84b9e No.86045

Iron is a bit dazed, but understands what must be done in order to take care of changelings. "I… think so. It will pass away soon, I would think." He shivers uncomfortably, feeling the pain and fear of losing against him, hurting his own pride. "He just needed some love, that is all." He does not change his prone position.
"I hope that counts as an apology, Kerr." he smiles weakly.

90f91 No.86046

I had had the DC at about a 15, which means that Iron's combined 13 wouldn't be good enough. But then again, I think Iron has a couple points from constitution that if added, would reach 15. Also these are children, not full grown Incubi drones, so they maybe should have a lower DC of like 12\
The little bug licks his lips. He appears sated

c914e No.86047

A quiet knock sounds at the door, and Brie pokes his head in, before entering fully.
"I need some information. What can you tell me about Comte?"

08059 No.86048

As he opens the door, he can see a flash of green light, then Spark, Iron, the Pegasus and the unicorn

84b9e No.86049

If the endurance feat counts, then it would have passed.
Iron lays there, a bit happy about the changeling's sated status.
"Comte is a politician. A 'stallion for the ponies' kind of guy. He is part of the Social Democrat Party if I am not mistaken, leading figure being some other stallion who is the mayor. I do not remember his name right now."

c914e No.86050

"The mayor you say? Interesting. I wonder if he has any connection to that one mare who was floating around the tavern. Can't think of her name at the moment."

84b9e No.86051

"What mare floating around?"

08059 No.86052

Ms. Prancer

84b9e No.86053

Iron stands up slowly. "Spark, I need your help. Could you help me put my armor on? I should go to the abbey to check Ash's status. She may be interested that these two little ones are safe and sated." He then walks over to his armor and lazily starts the process.

08059 No.86054

Does he need armor to go to a group of children and nuns?

84b9e No.86055

Well, he does not want to leave his possessions on other ponies' rooms. He can always carry them on his back, can he?

7ecc7 No.86056

Silver finally makes it to the hospital.

c914e No.86057

"Prancer, I think her name was. I've got her address written down. I'm thinking it might be time I look around her property." He says with a wink.

84b9e No.86058

Iron chuckles. "You are aiming for high-class, Brie. Hope it pays off."

c914e No.86059

"Not at all. Word is she travels in high circles. Like Comte, or the Mayor, but she has no official position in Baltimare."

84b9e No.86060

Iron nods. "You seem to know her a bit. Have you entered her property already? I mean the actual house, not her flanks." He snickers.

08059 No.86061



A nurse asks him
“Hello, what is the nature of your ailment?”

c914e No.86063

"I cased her a bit when she was at the bar, and I've seen the outside of her house, but I haven't made a job out of it yet. I was waiting for a good opportunity and then I got caught up with you ponies in the dock mission. I haven't had a chance to get back to it, but in light of these two (indicating the changelings) I have to wonder if she might not be caught up in it. Not being a public official would give her leeway for interacting with unsavory individuals in business dealings without extensive media scrutiny. Its just a hunch, but worth looking into I think." He's silent for a moment, then turns to the changelings. "Hallo Kerr, hallo Wesley. Wie geht es ihnen?"

7ecc7 No.86064

He goes straight to the point. "Changeling feeding."

84b9e No.86065

Iron nods. "I understand. Be sure to keep these foals safe for now. I will be back after checking up on Ash." He finally puts all of his armor pieces and shield on his back. "Forget about the whole 'help me with equipping my armor' thing, Spark." With that, Iron exits the room. Destination: The Abbey.

8680b No.86066

Damn it. I leave for just 30 minutes…

84b9e No.86067