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File: 1503103973442.png (206.26 KB, 1008x1024, headpat.png)

bb176 No.798

I just got a flash cartridge for my gameboy sp so I can play translated roms of dragon warrior 3 caravan heart and Summon Night Sword Craft Monogatri on the actual hand held. Can I get some recommendations for gameboy, color, and advance games? I like RPGs but anything fun is good

c8ba7 No.799

My favorite gameboy games, hands down, were the Tony Hawk's proskater series. I could play those for hours, and every game in the series offered something.

bb176 No.800


they had those on gameboy? I got the gba jetsetradio

a3c47 No.802

File: 1503128363889-0.png (587.34 KB, 615x347, advance_wars.png)

File: 1503128363889-1.png (617.85 KB, 758x426, advance_wars_battlefield.png)

Advance Wars is one of my favorite gameboy games.

It's a turn based strategy wargame with a fun cast.

I wish that they'd revive the series :(

The final title, Days of Ruin for the DS, shook up the formula too much. I liked it, and mechanically it was fun, but the darker theme and completely new cast didn't click well with fans of the series.

599e7 No.803

the Advance Wars series is one of my personal favs

For GBA, get Donkey Kong Country, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Zelda Link to the Past, Zelda Minish Cap, and Eragon

e09c1 No.806

File: 1503214773410.png (146 KB, 256x229, RevengeoftheGator_frontcov….png)

Pinball: Revenge of the Gator is pretty good. It's pinball. With gators. And balls.

a9de0 No.816

The fandom made a BRILLIANT hard-levels hack for that game.

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