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File: 1532306797027.png (196.04 KB, 800x606, 1532227731228.png)

a2253 No.66436

I've been making a Pokemon fangame for 4 months. I told everyone I gave up on it 2 months ago. But I am actually likely to finish it some time between now and 2019.

It will have one big region, multiple endings, enjoyable sidequests to encourage exploration, with rewards, and 100 new Pokemon on top of the 800 or whatever SM gave us.

Post a name and 1-5 pokemon in this thread if you want some random route's trainer to have that name and trainer.
Yes, you can pick Aryanne and six Mudkips, I don't give a fuck. No nicknames for enemy trainers, tho. Engine limitation.

cd4bd No.66457

Trainer: Edge Lord
1. Honedge
2. Doublade
3. Absol
Located inside a dark cave.
"Think you can handle my blade?"
>Defeat him
"Psssh, N-Nothin personnel, right?"

d1f84 No.66458

I am oblivious to pokemon, but sounds awesome, so here is some random pick, and I have no idea about any of the pokemons I've picked (looking at list with pictures)
Trainer: ChooChoo Train
1. Furret
2. Combee
3. Roggenrola
4. Swirlix

a2253 No.66468

Great, your cameo can go in the Edge Room, the area with the 12 other guys who made that joke.

febce No.66469

G1 only

a2253 No.66470

So Starmie and Arcanine and shit? ok, pick some G1 mons.

c464e No.66471

1: Machamp
2: Charizard
3: Buzzwole (if you'll allow it, otherwise use Scizor)

cd4bd No.66472

And your game can go in the trash with the rest of the fangames.
Why the fuck would you spend at least 4 months of your live working on something like this?

709d8 No.66477

trainer: Thrackerzod
1 Lucario
2 Volcarona
3 Aegislash
4 Celesteela
5 pinkie pie

1f93f No.66479

Because nobody in the fandom has an IQ above 100. I make an actually-decent game, and boom, I'm loved by this fandom. Forever. Faggy youtubers with obnoxious voices will play my game more than they played Pokemon Clover, and all of their fans will become my fans, as well.

b5308 No.66491

Trainer: (You)
1. Ditto.
2. Ditto.
3. Ditto.
4. Ditto.
5. Ditto.

4ce53 No.66493

Trainer Name: Uck You
Intro: You might win this, but is it worth it?
Def: I live to waste your life in battle!

cd4bd No.66494

But what do you gain other than the love of retards? Doesn't seem like a solid game plan.

86308 No.67301

>trainer name


1. Silver "Pound my Pony Pooper" Star
2. Silver "Goat Fellator" Star
3. Silver "The Colt Molester" Star
4. Silver "The Pony of Sodomy" Star
5. Silver "Don't Stop Until You Reach the Back of My Teeth" Star

91273 No.67305

I dunno, gaining the love of retards worked out pretty well for Nintendo.
Can you believe people seriously unironically defend Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee?

86308 No.67307

File: 1536417842201.jpg (80.2 KB, 540x960, 1536216420701.jpg)

6a78b No.67333

Literally my mom's trainer

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