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3fc78 No.6584

It's a game about ponies getting lost in the woods. And you have to learn and develop skills to survive, build a shelter; grow plants, etc… and it's really good. Just not really fancy but addicting for a web browser game.

It's some kind of MMORPG, Minecraft, chess game all in one, and it's got a quite deep gameplay with minimalist pixel art graphics. You build a character, and you make your pony explore a huge map, and try not to get in trouble with other ponies.

Like, destroying or stealing while you think no one is watching.


b1e98 No.6585

Looks like fun. I'll try it out when I get off work.

cf100 No.6587

>fucked up my character
>Teleported to the area that said "don't teleport here"
>I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to delet my avatar and start over…
It does look like fun though. Look like it has a lot more group potential than ponytown.

2e5f0 No.6592

Looks fun. should i do it?

cf100 No.6595

I'm stuck….

3fc78 No.6625

forgot some commends you have to enter in the dialog box by pressing enter

/spawn sends you back to the center of the map.
/where gives your current location coordinates.
/sethome sets your home location
/home sends you to your home location independently from /spawn
/permit [username] allow an user or someone you trust to get on your property, secured by a ward.

you need to find one crystal and one stick to build a magic ward that will define yourself a 32x32 area for yourself to build your stuff eventually or keep yourself a garden… you can move it later if you want.

cf100 No.6627

Thank you. That's really helpful

9e5fc No.110729

Uh, yeah. I just got on and there's just a dev server, no resources but rocks and wood, and none of the commands work. What happened?

10c28 No.114397

Looks like it's down

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