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a1453 No.47559

What do you guys think about cod ww2?

4ca7b No.47560

It's a Cod game so it's shit. Last good COD was WaW. As for Cod WW2 I hate how they had to add in the holocaust OY VEY GOY GOTTA REMEMBA!

a1453 No.47562

WaW was a good cod

627db No.47564

Played it. It's pretty shit. The multiplayer was boring and filled with less players than when I played a Call of Duty game years ago when I hated it less. Throughout the entire time, my head was basically filled with the thought that this tried too hard to compete with Battlefield 1 and failed spectacularly at that. Which says something because it ramps up the political agenda crap way higher than its competitor. It follows the line of the current Wolfenstein level annoying, just less enjoying to play. So, that's a win if it was setting itself up for worst propaganda of current while being a loss for anyone with taste. I haven't played campaign yet, I can't tell you about that. I have played the only worthwhile feature in modern COD, Zombies, but it's terrible compared to the previous renditions. There's some fun it, some. The rest of the game is a big disappoi- Nevermind. I never had expectations for this game at all.

4ca7b No.47566

Man as a Kid I used to play the SHIT out of WaW. I remember I would boot it up and start playing and then while playing I would be like "Why am I playing this" and, "I am bored", just to look at the clock and see 8 hours have passed! The game was fantastic and I guess it's why I hate the modern ones so much is they just feel like a reskin of each other with an addition here and there and when they try to do something new it's stupid like dancing or skins for the guns just dumb stuff that adds little to nothing to the game.

a1453 No.47567

And the campaign was fantastic

4ca7b No.47570

Yeah it really was I loved the US one Hated the USSR one even as a Kid I felt I was fighting on the wrong side when it came to the Russian campaign.

a1453 No.47575

I liked the USSR more than US one because of the characters and better missions

4aff8 No.58464

“Hey that’s someone’s son”
-allied soldier when someone mocked a burning pile of German soldier corpses

Want to know how I know you didn’t play it very long?

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