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File: 1499815343700.jpg (7.31 MB, 2000x3000, 1499808152449(2).jpg)

0062f No.406

It's a nice game, huh, /vx/? It has ghosts, curses, all the good stuff!

46b66 No.407

File: 1499816788939.jpg (1.15 MB, 1000x1460, __darth_vader_dark_souls_s….jpg)

good game, second best Fantasy series to Dark Souls for me now. Needs uncensored sex scenes though.

0062f No.408

Look for this in nexus mods. I think they've got that covered.

048dd No.409

I got the chance to play this game once. I haven't played that many games, but this one was my favorite by far.
I'd like to play it again, and not accidentally skip a bunch of sidequests this time.

9895e No.410

Never played it. Is it actually good, or is that jus a meme?

6430a No.411

Same. I would like to know too

0062f No.413

File: 1499820958404.jpg (81.11 KB, 996x802, 6876976867.jpg)

Of course it is. Plus the Dev appealing to fans is simply the best. And DLCs are ACTUAL DLCs not some 1 hour shit for one time only.
GOTY edition with both DLCs is for 40$ on GOG.com and it is 100 if not 200+ hours of fun, as you can finish the game with different endings, multiple times. Buy it now fams!

46b66 No.414

File: 1499829286980.png (2.15 MB, 1044x2032, witcher letho of gulet.png)


if you are a souls crackhead there is a good chance you wont like it at all. the combat is…underwhelming to say the least. plays like a slower version of a arkham batman game. Your character gets so overpowered later your barely ever have to heal because certain skills and mechanics are OP. Not in a good way, though. the difficulty is pretty inconsistent. At the start of the game you will struggle to defeat hard enemies and get even a scrape of money.

All that said and done, if you want to play a really great RPG game and dont mind doing mass of sidequests, you will like it. Great game with greta polish, will easyly push you over 100 hours playtime. has a tendency to get somewhat boring after that though.

I recommend you buy Witcher 2 for testing purposes next time a seasonal or weekend sale is around, those are cheap for about 2,50 Dollars. Should be enough for you to judge if you like the combat system.

a87d7 No.72893


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