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File: 1571511074853.png (104.27 KB, 1173x857, kissu kissu.png)

3dd40 No.117506

Who wants to play Stardew Valley? I've got someone on right now, but eventually we'll set up the remaining 2+ cabins for multiple players. I'm up for turning this into some kind of group project like the minecraft server.

EF7M91SZT4J is the invite code.

3dd40 No.117516

File: 1571514817606.png (963.89 KB, 1915x1078, progress.png)

Pic related is our progress on day 7. Things are going well, don't know how long it'll be till we get cabins made but things are generally going well.

92224 No.117518

I got Stardew a while back, but I never played it. Just never found time. I don't suppose you would mind me dropping by with no idea what I am doing?

3dd40 No.117561

Shit, didn't see your post. We're already on day 20 and by now we're turning in for the time being. As for skill level, I don't personally mind. The two of us were novices too, it took me until day 10 or so to realize that the income is shared and not paid separately.

Tomorrow, same time sound good? If the other person is not online I'll have room, otherwise I'll have to get a cabin. Shouldn't be too long though, since we're already around 10k gold and lots of resources.

92224 No.117562

Sounds good. I’ll try to make it.

92224 No.117758

Is OP hosting again today?

f8847 No.117759

yeah at 4pm pst

3dd40 No.117766

Yup. Two hours, then we'll do our virtual homesteading session.

92224 No.117774

I’m ready whenever you are.

3dd40 No.117775

Slot's filled at the moment, sorry. In one more hour the spot will be free. I should have expected an immediate response and just put four cabins in, but I wanted to grow my proppity outward..

3dd40 No.117794

Alright, sorry for the delays. I'm open now, the invite code is still EF7M91SZT4J.

f8847 No.117799

File: 1571619332267.gif (Spoiler Image, 399.67 KB, 488x519, doom coffee.gif)

don't you fucking dare touch my luna bodypillow, i mean it, don't you fucking do it

92224 No.117800

No problem.
Don’t worry. She will be in good company with me.

92224 No.117801

Unfortunately I tried to connect 3 consecutive times, each with a failed to connect message. I will continue to try, but perhaps my internet is not going to cooperate tonight.

3dd40 No.117802

Fuck, the instant you start joining my granny housemate begs me to change like ten separate lightbulbs. I'm on now.

92224 No.117803

I’m still not able to connect. I’ll try restarting the game and trying again.

92224 No.117804

No luck.

3dd40 No.117805

Fucking- I set it to invite just in case maybe friends mode restricted it to Steam friends only. I don't know what the problem is then.

92224 No.117806

It doesn’t appear to be letting me. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll try a couple more times just to be sure.

3dd40 No.117811

That's genuinely disappointing. I just built a second cabin and stuff while passing the time, at least, so there won't be any problems with space..

WAIT, I think I get it. Maybe the first visitor to a server "owns" the first cabin, and THAT'S why you're not in! Try joining now.

92224 No.117813

I tried it a few more times. It didn’t go through. For all I know, the problem is on my end.

3dd40 No.117816

File: 1571621899110.jpg (19.57 KB, 419x449, 1542563425263.jpg)

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