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File: 1565199948345.png (598.32 KB, 2518x1024, 1556304071403.png)

c6975 No.107780

Lefties want games censored because anyone can make a game.
Let's collectively design a redpilled game.

53740 No.107781

it should be an fps.

4ffdf No.107782

Short Arcade like game.
Frame it as Doom. Demons, and monsters are everywhere doing terrible actions.
As you go shooting, looting, and finding secrets they start to look more 'human'.
The 'human' appearance is related to how many horrible deeds you see them do.
Revealing the truth.

For a long form game. Harvest moon type game, and/or Papers Please.
To maximize the impact there should be a build up.

First intro is seeing the relationship in action. Normie McNormalPerson finds himself a plot of land (or a job). He works to make ends meet.
Gradually outside forces make it harder, and more difficult to work.
Eventually he is pushed so that the job/work/lifestyle just isn't sustainable at all anymore, because of their actions.
The world gets vastly more dangerous unless some preventative measures were taken earlier in the game.

4ffdf No.107783

There could also be any kind of games depicting what a real communist society looks like.

Survival horror in a cannibal island.
Stealth for escaping or infiltrating.
Tower Defense to stop prisoners from escaping.
Slenderman esk running from gustapo.

465c8 No.107870

File: 1565221254560.png (358.63 KB, 440x553, _murdoch chan naz.png)

It should Have Meme Characters like the Angry Goy games. Like Sam Hyde or The Mrdochs.

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