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File: 1559279525725.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

a3b67 No.101286

Had a few of these happen.
>Be me, little autistic kid
>Not technically autistic, but sure as hell had something wrong with my fucking head.
>Still do.
>Sitting in the back of classroom during snack time eating some good snacks.
>Had recently been shown a magic trick by a kindly old man in an ice cream shop.
>The way the trick worked was that you hid a tissue in your hand, ripped another tissue in half, and then pushed the ruined tissue through your hand and pushed out the pristine one, thus making your hands appear to have magical tissue healing properties.
>I'm sitting down at the table, sperging out and eating my snacks alone.
>I was always alone, but not important.
>Start pushing paper towels through my hand after ripping them up.
>Didn't do the second part where you put a whole one in because I wanted to see if I was magick.
>I feed a ripped one in, and it fucking comes out the other side whole again.
Anybody else feel like they wasted their one shot at being a reality-bender?

8176e No.101612

Yea i Got one for you
>Be Me
>Be 8 Years old
>Be in Bed
>Watching T.V
>Eating Food
>Mom Sitting on Edge of Bed
>Look At Door
>Mom Walks in
>Look Back at edge of Bed
>No Mom

1db4a No.103242

God damn, that's pretty freaky. Most I've ever had is auditory hallucinations upon waking of my mom being there when she left hours ago for work.
Alright, here again because fuck it. I have a few more and I haven't been able to sleep for hours, not to mention no greentext ideas for the filly thread.
>Encounter best friend at Sunday school.
>Begin to talk to him.
>Answers my questions in strange ways, seems confused.
>Says that he is in fact many years older than I am at the time.
>Insists his name is not my friend's name.
I had written off this incident as it just being another kid that looked like him until I recently realized that 1. I never saw the same kid at Sunday school again, and 2. Playing off the first point, he looked exactly like my friend. I might be a sperg, but I'm not legitimately autistic (parents had me checked when I was young and I was determined not to be.) so I generally am not terrible at recognizing faces.

98374 No.103570


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